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Friday Afternoon, November 1, 101.
To COnaggrONDENT4.—If " Vindex will f
nish us with his proper name, not for pub
n" but as a guarantee of the truth his
representations, we will cheerfully publish of
ommunication; otherwise we shall treat it like
ire do all other anonymous communications—
consign it to the stove.
FIRS AT TON "UPPP It END. " —A correspon
dent 'writing from Fisherville in the upper end
of this county, says that last Sunday evening
the home of Jacob Powel, situated about five
wiles from that town took fire and burned to
the ground, The origin of the fire IS Dot known,
the family all having been from home at the
time. There was no insurance on either the
house or the property.
BULLET PROFF.—There is a man named Schrei
ner, from the upper end of this county now a
volunteer in one of the companies stationed at
Camp Cameron, who was accidentally shot
about a year since, the ball, wadding and iron
ramrod of the musket having passed in his
body just below the naval and came out at the
small of his back. So says a correspondent of
the Middletown Journal.
tiANFORDANIA.— SAGAMI ' S Ethiopian Troupe
fairly look our play-going community by storm
at Brant's gall last night. The house was a
perf idm and of course the performances
were jom-up , A new programme is up for to
night, tilled with choice songs, laughable ea
travagantu3, and capital hits at the times, so
that if any of our readers are troubled with the
Mks, or indigestion, let them step around to the
hall sad laugh and grow fat.
Poucs,--Before the Mayor—Johnny O'Donnel,
and Margaret his wife—regular "trampers"
who take to lock-ups and other municipal ac
commodations as naturally as ducks take to
water—wore the only parties who paid their
respects to his honor this morning. They were
dikdir.ed with an injunction to extend their
patronage elsewhere.
Adore Alderman Kline.—An Irish Biddy, with
cheeks like Newton pippins, was arraigned for
thankeuees. Sent to prison to sober-up.
lteosker has been appointed by the Governor
Chaplain to the 96th (Col. Goslin's) regiment,
now under marching orders for the seat of war.
Rev ll'Cosker is the pastor of the Catholic
church at Elizabethtown, Lancaster county, and
distinguished alike for his piety, ability and
Mildness of heart, virtues that will render him
a favorite with the men of his regiment, and
go far to improve their moral and religious
condition. Shortly after his appointment he
was the recipient of a handsome chaplain's
sword and belt, presented to him by Mr. James
Young, of Middletown, this county, as a slight
token of the loner's regard for the many esti
mated qualities possessed by the Reverend gen
New RAILROAD Tgasasus.—The Pennsylvania
Railroad Company have now about two hundred
men at work upon their improvements at the
foot of Washington street, Philadelphia, where
an elevator is in course of erection. The eleva
tor is to be of iron. The front, on Washington
street, will be sustained by ten massive iron
columns, which have already been put up, and
the area enclosed will be sufficient to accommo
date a very large business. The pier will be
oue of the longest on the Delaware, the extreme
end being eight hundred feet distant from Swan
eon street. At least twenty-six feet of water
will be obtained by the use of dredging ma
chines, two of which are now in active opera
tion. The work is expected to be completed
by the first of January.
vate Jno. Bentley, of Middletown, attached to
the Colder Fencibles, Capt. Detwiler, of the
Thus. A, Scott regiment met with an accident
last Friday night which resulted in his death.
This company is stationed at Bee Tree Station
on the Northern Central Railroad, On Satur
day morning about 3 o'clock, Bentley lit his
. pipe, and walked to the railroad, a short distance
from his tent, and sat down upon a railroad tie.
A few moments afterwards he was informed
that a train of cars were approaching, and he
made an effort to get away, but was unfortu- '
nately seized with the cramp, and before assis
tance could be rendered, the cars struck him a
fatal blow, His back and three ribs were bro
ken, and he also received a severe cut on his
head. The wounded man was taken to his
friends in Middletown at 2 o'clock last Sunday
morning, where he lingered in great pain until
the following Tuesday at noon, when death put
an end to his sufferings. He was about 40 years
of age, and leaves a wife, and one child to
mourn his untimely and sad fate.
A Sr
Highlands at the birth of a childTßlß., it is said that
the nurse takes a branch of the ash tree, one
end of which she puts into the fire, and while
it is burning receives into a spoon the sap which
00z,.s from the other end ; this she gives to the
6 , 1111, to be mingled with its food. It is sup
to impart wonderful virtues. In King's
..,,ulity, Ireland, near Benetry Church, is a fa
ash, the trunk of which is now twenty
ut ten inches in circumference. When a
I "'" 'al of one of the peasan
the try Passes by this
procession pauses, the body is laid
for a few words of prayer. Then ea c h
caste a stone to increase the heap which
accumulated over its roots. This is
Lr,hl t„ benefit both the dead and the liv
liere is an ancient saying that "a ser
f,,,, Or •',l rather creep into the fire than over
"f trea." Cowley, enumentt
,.„ '''lrodigies, says :
safe try With ,g l ash 's top, with bats and owls,
yit, ominous, and baleful fowls,
P , oran e d
dc,,,,,1,1L; while the screeching of the
at i d
It is gilt , Olated all the graves./
creep int, met ,many of such follies will
8 t'sn . d.
krrgsnow, Zoutassl—A meeting of the First
City Zouaves will be held at their armory at ii
o'clock this evening. Punctual attendance is
WAsnmcrroal Rosa.—A stated meeting of the
Washington Hose Company will be held at the
hose house this (Friday) evening at 7 o'clock.
Punctual attendance is required.
BALD Hams.—lt was not long ago that a
French writer announced and proved the dc.
minion of the "bald-headed men" in France,
and showed them to be really the ruling spirit
in every department of life —in politics, finance,
1-oetry, art, science, and even in gallantry ! In
all of these there was a bald-headed man at
"the head of the head;" and the young fellows
with flowing locks and "Hyperion's curls"
were quite thrown in the shade by the middle
aged gentlemen, whose nobs were as bare and
smooth as billiard-balls. Quilp, who, by the
bye, is getting a little bald himself, says the
same thing is true in all civilized countries,
whatever the fact may be among savages ; and
the reason lies, not certainly in the superior
beauty of the bare poll—though a bald head
may still be a very handsome one—but in the
fact that a man rarely comes into the perfec
tion of his manhood before the period at which
baldness ordinarily begins. Accordingly, as a
general rule, the lees hair the more brains
and vice-versa. "Kit North,"--a competent
judge of the cases—wrote in Blackwood, that
"No strong-bodied, strong-minded, strong-hear
ted man reaches his true prime until he is turn
ed of forty ; and he keeps on till he is sixty ;
being probably at seventy threatened with a
small family by a second or a third wife."
Form Onurmax Buren TO DEATH. —On Mon
day evening, the 21st instant, a short time af
ter dark, a most distressing accident occurred
in Ferguson township, Clearfield county. It
appears that Mr. Nicholas Tubbs and his wife
went to preaching at a school house a short dis
tance from their home, taking with them their
youngeit child and leaving the four older ones
at home. Some time after their arrival at the
school house, the alarm was given that their
house was on fire. On reaching the scene of
conflagration, the rafters and other timbers were
already falling in ; and to their utter horror
they discovered that the four children they had
left at home were in the burning building. The
youngest was three years of age and the oldest
eleven—two boys and two girls. The remains
of the children were afterwards taken from the
burning embers—two of which were entirely
consumed except a few of the larger bones ;
whilst, of the other two, the limbs were only
burnt off, leaving their bodies a shapeless mass
of crisp human flesh, horrible to behold. There
was no fire in the house when the parents left
it, except a burning candle. The origin of the
fire is mere conjecture, as it had so far advanced
when it was discovered that no one could tell
in what part of the building it did commence ;
but it is presumed that the children had gone
to bed, and whilst they were asleep, the fire
originated from the burning candle by some
"SOLDDIIRS' COMFORT OLI7/36." —A patriotic lady
in Philadelphia, who has been indefatigable in
her Lahore for the soakmauggor3l23 snalassoci
dons might easily and with little expense be
formed in all our cities, towns and villages, to
provide some small matters which contribute
greatly to the comfort of the men, and which
the Government cannot be expected to furnish.
This lady writes—
"I seldom think of anything in these days
but the war, and what can be done to help those
who are so nobly helping us ; and I know there
are thousands of women who feel as I do. Let
such form themselves into clubs, and let each
club devote itself to one particular regiment.—
Let one lady be appointed to write to the Colo
nel of the regiment selected, and inquire what
comforts of this kind are most needed by his
men. Let the men be told by him that it is to
the sympathy and industry of these ladies that
these comforts are due, and it will cheer and
encourage them to bear their hardships more
bravely when they realize that they are remem
bered at home with affectionate interest. These
ladies will feel a double interest in watching the
conduct and success of what they will soon
learn to regard as their own regiment. By ex
exercising this living bond of interest some
thing the old feeling of chivalry will be reviv
ed—a chivalry modified and enlightened by
Although we know the ladles of this •city
have been and still are laboring nobly for the
comfort of our soldiers, they may gather some
hints from the above suggestion which may be
of practical utility to them. From what we
can learn, a large number of articles for our
volunteers' comfort could be obtained during
the ensuing long winter evenings, if a systema
tio and comprehensive organization was formed
to operate in the county as well as in the city.
number of years ago we read in an old congres
sional document an explanation of the colors
and symbolical meaning of the stars and stripes
of our national banner, written by a member of
the committee of the Continental Congress, to
whom was referred the duty of selecting a flag
for the then infant confederacy. Since then we
have frequently desired to republish the ex
planation, ass mattes of interest to our readers,
but were never able to find it until this morn
ing we diecoved it ificorporated in a sketch of
the battle of Saratoga read before the New York
Historical Society by A. B. Street, Feq.
The explanation reads as follows :
The stars of the new flag represents the new
constellation of States rising in the West. The
idea was taken from the constellation Lyra,
which in the hand of Orpheus signifies harmony.
The blue in the field was taken from the edges
of the Covenanter's banner in Scotland, signifi
cant of the league covenant of the United Colo
nies against oppression, incidentally involving
the virtues of vigilance, perseverance and jus
tice. The stars were disposed of in a circle,
symbolizing the perpetuity of the Union : the
ring, like the circling serpent of the Egyptians,
signifying eternity. The thirteen stripes show
ed, vith the stars the number of the United
Colonies, and denoted the subordination of the
States to the Union, as well as equally among
themselves. The whole was the blending of
the various flags previous to the Union flag—
viz : the red flags of the army and the white
ones of the floating batteries. The red color,
otes in Roman days was the signal of defiance,
den daring ; and the white, purity.
What eloquence do the stars breathe when
their full significance is known. A new Con
stellation I Union I Perpetuity A covenant
against oppreadon 1 Justice, equality, subordi
nation, courage and purity.
Pennsylvania Malty gelegraph, tribal, 'Afternoon, Novetnber 1, MR
ON holm OIIARD.—It was night, the cold
whistling wind howled its marches on the sol
diers dreary midnight beat, and ever and anon
his watchful fancy seemed to hear the distant
footfall of the lurking foe. With gun in hand
and bayonet fixed he paces to and fro. " Who
goes there?" " A friend." The word, all fear
dispelled, he thinks of home, mother, father,
sister, his dear Kate, and perhaps the many
winter comforts in dry goods that is always to
be had at the cheap store corner of Front and
Market streets of Urich & Bowman.
A CmuJANGE Hamanc—portable, in brick or
as a fireplace beater; the most powerful beaters
known for warming several apartments with
pure hot air, and by only one fire, suited for
by the agent, Lyman GILBERT, Market street.
Send to him for a book, cintaining full descrip
tion, and an overwhelming mass of testimony.
Oct. 26t.
Ta® Gmerisr BARCIAINS 'Rom Ninir Your.
AUCTION I The Cheapest Goods Recemed Yet !
60 pieces of 6-4 bleached Pillow Case Muslin,
12} cents.
100 dozen of woolen Socks damaged by water,
8 cents a pair.
26 pieces of dark heavy Pant Stuff, 18, 25 and
87 cents.
50 pieces Canton Flannel, 121 cents.
100 of black and grey Cloaks, from $2.50 up.
12 dozen of ladies' woolen Sontss,very cheap.
40 dozen of grey and white merino Undershirts
and Drawers, 76 cents.
50 pairs white woolen Blankets, at all prices.
100 dozen of ladies' and children's wool Stock
ings, 12 to 87 cents.
50 pieces of white, red and yellow Flannel, at
all pnces.
Country merchants we would invite to call,
as we have a large stock of all kinds of Goods,
and are daily receiving Goods from New York
Auction, which we will sell at. wholesale at City
JUST Published in a Sealed Envelope;
Price 8 eta : A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment,
and radical Cure or Spermaterrhrea or seminal Weak
nese, Involuntary Emissions, Benue! Debility, and Imped
imenta to Marriage generally, Nervoesness, CoilatimptiOn,
Epilepsy and Fits: deattl and Physical Incapacity, re
suldng front self Abuse &a.—By HOBT• J. CULVB
WELL, D., Author of Oran Book do. "A Boon
to Thousands of Sufferers," sent under seal; in a plain
envelope, to any• address, pat/ paid, on receipt of six
cents, or two postage stamps, by Dr. CH. J. C. KLINE,
127 B nvery, New York, Post Cffia, 110x415811.
h•ee front aI4 Ahura/ Poitons.—ln caws of Scrota's
Gleam, Scurvy, or Eruptions of the Skin, tbe operation
of the Life Stedleinaa is truly astonishing, ones removing
in a few days, every vestige of these loathsome diseases
by their purifying effects on the blood. Billions revers,
rover and Ague, Dyspepsia '
Dropsy, Mee and to sho'rt,
most a ll diseases soon yield to their curative properties
So family should be without them, en by their timely
um mush suffering cad expense may be saved.
Prepaeod by Wit. p WW T, M. D., New York, and
or •ale by All Drakeirm
Tun ADVICRTISER ; having been restored to
health in a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
having sollbred seven,' years with a severe mug &tract
ion, and that dread disease, Consamialeu—is &radon to
make known to his teliow.suifererA the means of cure.
lb all who desire It, he will send a copy of the pre
scription used (free of charge), with the directions tbr
preparing and using the eame, which they will and a
sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, eic. Tho
only object of the advertiser In sending the Prescription
is to benefit the &filleted, and spread Information which
he conceives to be nvalaable, and he hopes every suf
ferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing,
and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the preeorlption will pleeaeaddrese
•tinge meaty, New York
00131-wly •
Wm. A. Hatch°lees Hair Dye !
The only Harmless and Reliable Die Known 1
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided
if you wish to escape ridicule.
GREY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Bison, without the least
Injury to Hair or Skin. -
ded to WM. A. Bwrcerunt 1n dlB 9, and over 200,000
applications have been made t, the hair of the patrons
of his famous Dye.
Wx. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a color
not to be dlathiguishoa from nature and is waasnarran
not to injure in the least, however long it mty be wenn.
ned, and the ill . recta of bad Dreg remedied. The hair
is invigorated for life by this splendid Dye, which Is prop
erly applied at No. 18 Bond Street New York.
Sold i t all the cites slid towns of the United States, by
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers
The Genuine has the name ~ William A. Batchelor,""
and address upon a steel plate engraving, on the four
rides of cacti box.
Prepared by Cornelius L. Cheesernan, M. D.,
MITE combination or ingredients m these
j_ Pills are the result of a long and extensive practice.
They are mild in their operation, and certain in correcting
all Irregularities, Painful Menstruation , removing all ob
structions, whether from cold or otherwise, headache,
pain in the side, palpitation of the heart, whites, all ner
vous aMcdons, hysterics, fatigue pain in the back and
limbs, &c., disturbed sleep, which aries from o interrup
tion of nature. •
Dr. Cheeseman's Pills are invaluable, as they will bring
on the monthly period with regularity. Indies who have
been disappo nted in the Use of other Pills can place the
utmost confidence in Dr. Cheeseman's Plus doing all that
they represent to do.
Dore is one cendifieos of the female system' in which t he
Pub cannot be taken without producing a PAWL/AR
RESULT. The condition reared to is PILEGITANO Y—
the result mrsaoutsuaz Such is the irresistible ten•
dan of the medicine to restore the stmt functions to a
normal condition s that CMS the reproductive power of na
ture cannot resist it.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free from anything
injurious. Explicit directions, which should be road, ac
company each box. Price $l. Sent by mall on enclos
ing $1 to DE. COBNIILIUS L. Otlltaatkall, Box 4,631, Post
Office, New York City.
bold by one Druggla tin every town In the United States.
General Agent, for the United States.
14 Broadway, New York,
To whom'all wholesale orders ehould t beaddreesed.
Sold in Harrisburg oy C. A. Rum=
cfilllble n cerreeting, regulating, and renurriog
obstructions, from whatever Caere, and I
way' eueceaeftd at a prevent
the doctors for many years, both In !ranee and
erica, with unparalleled somas In very cue ; and
he Is urged by many thonsana ladies who maid them, to
make the Pi ll s public for the a ll eviation of those entliiiing
from any irregularities whatever, ea well as Or prevent
an inereane of family where health irffi not permit it—
Females particularly situated, or these supposmg them.
selves so, are cautioned against these Pills while in that
condition, as they are ourr to produce miscarriage, and
the proprietor asthma no responsibility after this admo
nition, although their mildness would prevent any mix
chief to health—otherwise the Pills are recommended.
Full and explicit directions accompany each bet. Prise
$l. 00 per box. Sold olesale and retail by
No. 2 Jones Row, H Zi : itrm Pa.
"Ladles,. by sending him 00 to the Harrisburg
Post peke, can have the Pills sent free of obeervatlonto
any part of the country (oonildenthdlyLa i n i L' a free B4 :lf da
rage" by mail. Sold also by 8. 8.
JOHNSON, HOLLOWA vatsWD PhiladelphiaA L. A.
Lebanon„ H. Harm, Lancaster J. A.
Writs, rightaville ; B. T. MILLI; York ; and C
every oity and village In the Unica, y
B. dr L I M; ale proprietor, New York
N. B.—Look out for counterfeits. Boy no Golden Pills
of any kind unless every box is signed kD. Howe. Al,
others are a base kapontion and unsafe; therelbre, as
yea value your lives and health, (to say nothing of to
ng humbued out of your money ' ) buy only of those
o showy
signature of 8. D. we onevery box,
Which:Mei nommthr bees added m account of the Pills
beteg otamdrwilited defidvrenwly.
S. Lzwz,
John Rhoads' old stand
Wholesale Factory, 81 Bitola? St.,
Late 233 Broadway, New York
.iql E T P 74 1
Wan Muer ttsementi
Adams, L M'Orain, N
Adams W M'Kocke, T
Abel, A M'Laughlin, J F
Anderson, N M'Alliater, C 8
Bartelle, M'AUlister, T
I Border, N M'Hanghey, 8
Bates, 8 A Miller, J H.
Beard, N Mason, W
Beard, M A 2 Mahan, M
Bell, N Miller, V
Bennett, J Michland, E F
Beater, A Menely, E
Blake, 8 • Miller, 8"
Bowers, E Mullen l B
Beltan, F 0 Murray, M.
Bower, 8 Nissley, E
Brown, A Neeley, N J 2
Brown, J Norton, C
Brown, L A Owens,H A
Brobeck, B Olmsted, E It
Brown, if 2 Ottys, 8
Brubaker, L . Pancake, I
Brady, H Payne, E
Breekbaum, E Parker, 8
Brookes, H Parker, 8 .2
Brenan, N Paul, M A
Bryson, S D Differ, N
Carter, C . Pifer, M.
Cambell, M Pindergast, N
Canbanth, N Pallowel, B.
Carter. M Pritchard, hi
Cash, hi T Eaudibaugh, X 0
Carson, Riley, J
Cowens, N Riley, M X
Creamer, X 0 Rider, A
Deffenbangh, 1 Roberts, J L . 2
Dean, J Roberts, J L
Denis, E Rost, A
Enders, A Rumich, B
Eloman, E Roberson, S
Fisher, B Rose, R
Fessler, M A Ronch, S
Fisher, X Shissly, A
Frantz, L Stott, hi
Garman, C Shiasly, S
Griffith, hi Sharp, 8 J
Gratnon, N Simonton, F B
Green, C Simmers, X
Hasler, K . Solomon, 8
Hartman, E J Snowden, D
Hammon, hi A . Solomon, L hi
Heyser, M - Sypher, X A 2
flatten, M Stills, E
Ham, A Stewart, F
Hetrich, 8 A Steckle, K
Highly, 8 &Mier, 8 J
Householder, K shanberger, M D
Hover, M J Wayne, S
Irvin, W B Wagner F
Jones, A Waltman, J
Johnston, W Ward, X
Johnson, E Waler, M
Johnson, C Weary, M
Jones, M A Wenrich, J E
Johnson, B W ' Whitne y' A
Keener, M J White, M
Kline, K , Williams, E W
Kenck, C Wiler, X A •
Kline, Williams, L
Lee, N Wilder, X A
Littleton, C Williams, E
Leger, E Willis a, M
Leib. A Wilson, I 8
Laird , A M Wise, It
Leon, A Wilson, M E
Lackey, E Wica, M
LcKiM A Young; A
, A
Zook $ K
Gicarms.mminsi , s LIST.
Arnold, RCrouse, H
Asbenshade, V Cunningham, J A
Adams, J Derlin, B
Aron, L Davis, J A
Alexander, J W Deffingbangh, J
Althaus, B Denniston, J 2
Adams, W Dewing, F 8 2
Ammons,..A. Davis, J
Abel, J Dean, H
Armstrong, A. Dasher, D W
Atwater, W Derick, G,,,,
Avdley, D Derrah,W
Abbey, A L Dickerson, W 0 2
Alter, D G Diener, F
Armstrong, G Duey, 8 P 2
Barbera, J B Doran, J
Baird, A H 2 Doehne, G
Baker, 0 Dunlap, H
Bartlett, D A Erder, B
Barkley, E D Meer, J .
Baldy, P Evans, C
Baldwin, J W Evans, T
Ball, T J Eiger, J
Baird, F W Everhart, A T
Baldwin, J D Bwods, H
Bender, DII 2 Erbangh, F
Benin; IV Fisher, H W
Beck, J . Feldman,
Bell, R F Filling, L
Bechtel, P P 2 Fordyce, J 2
Fisher, 3
Finch, A
Bender I)
Bernesaerfer, J
Billinure, J Fahnestock, E A
Binjiman, J 3 Fleming, J
Beta, P Foreman, G W
Blurnenstein, H 2 Forney, J
Blair, B H Foncht, J B
Bishop, W Fogarty, P
Boell, J 8 Forney, W
Berens, T J Frazier, W
Bowers, A 2 Fuller, 8
Bowman, B C Pullman ; P B
Bailie, W Frame, R
Boyer, 7,1 Fuller, A •
Boslyshell, C Frey, A B
Bathe, D Fry, W H
Boyle, T Guile, 3 11
Bogee, E Geisenberg, X
Bowman, P Geyer, .11
Bordner, E Gamm, .7 A
Brown, W H 7 Gilzenlichter, A
Brown, G D Gibson, J
1 Brooke S B Glalden, G 8
Brown, 31 G Gardner, C F
Brown, G W Gill, T
Brooks, J S Gould, 0
Bright., S Green, P 2
1 Brisben. W X Greggar, H
Brown, W Griffith, T D
Brisben, J Griffiths, B
Brenner, J Grace, D
Brighte, J D Godley, 0 2
Buchanan, E Y Grafts, A
Butler, L Gnisal, 8
Buckley, J . 11 Greer, W H
Brink, H H Gorham, S
Burke, J F Gribbene, H .
Bryson, J Bartley, J G
Carrier, S J Hamilton, B
Campbell, J Halley, J . X C
Campbell, I) Hoyt, J 11
Campbell, D A Hamilton, W .1
Chamberlan, 0 D Hartaran, Col.
Canner, E Harris, J
Cassel, D E Harper, S C
Cassiday, B Hall, G C
Coyle, W Herman & Co. L
Clark, F . Renick, N W
Covent, H D
~. Heistand, B 8
Collum, W Herron, J J
Couplea, W Heughea, H
Coglizer, G 8 Hench, le
Cochran, X Hedges, J B
Cable, B E , , grillogis, c g . 2
Crawford e G Riney, H
Crotia, W 8 MU, HI
Ouriyi TX ' "*, • Hoffman, W
Ntw 20vicrtistments
Hoffman, B Pearson, J
Hillenbaugh, W E Pague, P D
Howard, C Pemberton, W
Hoon, H Peters, E
Hoffman, D R Palmer, W 2
Homer, G Piesley, C B
Hogeland, D B Price, J
Hailer, J Reel, G
Hall, B R Rippe, J B
Irvin, G W S Rechert, H
Irvon, 0 Rauch ; B
Jervis, J H Badle, J
Johnson, F Raphael, J
Junes, G W Reitssel, H
Jackman, D K Reed, W
Jenkin, J Repline, D
Jay, J Bayeer, H
Jenkins, D Bank, D W 2
Johnston, W Bambe, J B
Johnson, C Reynolds, W
Kendrick, J K Richard, 0 G
Kain, T Riley, J
Keyes, J L Ritz, J
Keester, G Richmond, 11
Karr, J B Rippman, C A
Kemerth, M Richardson, A
Kenner, P Rife, A
Kauffman, G Roberts, D K
Kennedy, T Rcsiger,• G
Kenerst, M %play, J
Kreity, W Bailey, J H
Kuvler, J Robins,
King, 8 J Rudolph, J
Klinger, E Roeder, J
Kringsberry, E Rudy, J
King, W Rhoads, A -
Kinports, A Raner, G
Krum, Rosen, J B •
Kohr, J ' Robinson, 8
Knox, G W Rosskam, '3
Kilbourne, j M Savage, H A
Limiter, R ' aro; S S
Lamim, P Sarver, J
Landes, I Scarfause, J H
Lady, A J Schaffner, M.
L— Schumacher, G 2
Levis, J C Saler, G W •
Levingaton, J . Sanlinier, N
Levering, Scott, 8 T
Lewis, C Salads, J
Lawrence, 8 M 2 Sigler, A
Lion, J Sheaham, M
Lynch, J Blamer, J
Lyter, L Shaffner, J
Lyter, C . Snyder, J
Loyd, 0 W Sides, A
Logan, W ' - Smith, IC 14
Long, H Smith, J L
Long, J P Snyder, H A
McGinley, J Shingledecker, W
McAfee, J - Snoddy, 1
McVey, M Stenger, J A
McCasling, W H 8 Shingle, L
McCune, R Smith, B
McCarty, L Solwell, 11,
McConnell, J Stehlen, G F
McChesney, T Stream, Y
McDonald, Summer, A
McClintock, I Stouffer, P
McClellan, J Steele, A F
McCune, A. Stoneroad, C
McGuire, J Stepson, J
McCarty, J Steward, T 0
McCardines, M Starks, R
Meyer, D B Summerton, J H
Markiffer, G Stephen, M
Ilencrean, J S Stiffey, D
Mais, F . Shearer, II W
Mayer, A Stephen, W
Marietta, W Swartz, J
Marshall, A Buten Al 3
Machen, 8 - Stewait, T C
Maher, II Steace, T
Moyer, A Sting, C H
Marring, Stanton, B W
Menich, W Stewart, S
Mason, W Stevenson, D
Martin, B P Stinson, S
Mather, H N Sweet, O Tr
Mayer, W Swartz, N
Maso W Swart, 0 F
Miller n, ,
Stair, 0 P
Middleton, A It Sweet, 0 F
Miller, J S Stanton, E W
Milihouse, J Terry, T
Miller, J A Thomas, D
Miller, II W Terry, T
Miller, T Trnmpe,J
Miller, G Unangat, T
Mills, G W Vankirk, J K
Miller, T Vansychel, il C
Moon, H Vasbnrgh, A
Moffey, S A Wallace, D H
Morstars, J H Wallace, 0 W
Montgomery, D ' B Wagner R
Moisten, J Wallies,
Moore, H M 1 Werra', H
Moor, J Warner, F D
Moore, I White, J H
W Welsh, T
Morris, J G Wells, Col
Musser, H R Weyo, T
Murray, 0 Weaver, J
Mumma, J West, A
Mull, D Withmoyer, S
Myers, A W Wilson, W
Mnisen, J Wilson, W W
Newlin, 0 Williams, S
Nennsen, N Worley, D A
Nissley, D H Wood, H B •
Nelson, Bogue &Co Walfert, F
Nagle, J Wormer, P
O'Leary, D Wolf, D A
Orbison, W • -youn g , T W
Oliver, G Young, W N
Overton,E 2 Zerle, L
Pagne,G Zimmerman, J
Paine, E Dees, A
Palmer, W
Altman, H Englert, X
Adams, B 0 Euereny, B X
Austin, J H Fink, J
Adams, J leleagl, Z
Anderson, pea Foster, D H
Bible, D P Franklield, F
Beisel, F Frymire, S
Boal, W H Fishele, W
Bryant, J Frambridge, J
Briggs, G P Fachrer, JJ.
Brady, J Fassett, A
Burgett, D A Fry, W
Bell, R L Fulkerson, E
Bland, L Qallegber, Capt
Binter, H Gregg, F
Butler, Z Groin, J A
Bordon, A Gilmore, Lient .
Bachtel, 8 R Gagely, G W
Boomly, G M • Grant, A
Baker, J S 13ofmium, J W - .2
Booking J
1 Hull, S
Bilode, 0 Hull, 3
BiPan, 3 Harner, S
Burkhart, J 2 Hymee, B 0
Burner, H S Hoene, J R
Boyer, G D Harbison, S
Carpenter, E P . Ingham, J S
Clement, B W Jones, H W
Collan, P Jones, J E
Campbell, D Jones, A
Coe, J Jacobs, A
C,ollaniore, J V King, S
Cole, J X Kilboum, J lit 8
Colter, D Kiardare, J
Chambers, H D Klingaman, J J
Donngh, A Salle, J
Dillie, J Kirkham, B
Deleon, J M Long, J T
Dobbins, W A Lapher, S X
Donavan, D Lupher, P
Dodge, R I Lady, A J
Edwards, W S Logan, T X
Edron, 0 C Liehty, B
English, el• 0 Little, S 13
Edgar, M Linton, W
Edwards, W J D 800 oslin, W H
EdMiston, F • Iddra4din, .1' ._
Elliot, ,H • McAllister, 'll
New 2Lbsertisments
McKean, A
McCarthy, D G
McDonald, E
Meet:Lllock, J J M
Mudge, S
Midleton, J M
Morrow, J
Maxwell, W C
Momel, W
Mathiot, J
Milliard, C F
Mesa, W
Madge, It G
Neely, J
Oakleaf, H
patties, F
Putnam, S
Scott, W T
Sheer, G B
Shorkley, G
Spear, J W
Shannon, J
Steeler, J
Scutt, A -
Springer, J S
Schreber, A
Stewart, J
Spangler, S
Shiester, JH
Sullinger, D
Stambanch, Col
Sanders, G
Scott, D
Sheriff, W
Seymore, H B
Shide, G
Smith, H
Srentz, M
Trowbridge, J
Tupper, B
Thayer, J L
Wheelock, A
Weaver, S D
Warner, J E
Webster, L A
Wilson, D B
Westarer, J F
Wyleme, L
Tohn, .1
Porter, I J
Peeler, 3 W
Plumer, IA A
?rail, J T
Peck, W
Porter, A B
Robinson, M t
Reschart, J
Raphill, W L
Reagel, J A
Etowlandron, H
Rode, J
Riddle, M
Rough, B
Rieheg, H
Persona eallteg for any of the above letters
will please say they are advertised. One cent
due on each.
ARE pure vegetable extracts. They
11 cure eh bilious disorders of the human syMeat.—
They regulate and invigorate the liver and klndays.
they give tone to the digestive organs ; they regulate tie
secretions excretions and exhalations, equalize the circu
lation, and purify the blood. Thus all Wilms complaints
—some of which are Torpid Lver, Mob Headache, Dys
pepsia, Plies, Chills and Fevers, Oostlvertess or Loos r
neas—me entirely rentroled and cured by there reme
Removes the-morbid mid billions deposits item the stom
ach and howels,.regluates the liver and kidneys, remov
ing. every obstruodon, restores a natural and healthy as
in the vital organs. It is a superior
Much better than pals, and much easier to take
Is • superior tonic and diuretic ; excellent in cases of
loss of appetite, flatulently, female weakness, irreginari
this, pain, in the aide and bo sett, blind, protruding and
bleeding plies, and general debility.
Jas. L. Bromley, merchant, 184 Fulton street, New
York, writes, August 18, 1880: "I have been aillieteal
with piles, aocomp.nted with bleeding, the lut three
years ; I used
And now conaldec myaelr ICITIRILY MM."
Hon. Jean A. Oroea writes, "Brooklyn, March 16 1860.
In the spring of 1869 I took a eavere cold, whloh induc
ed a violent fever. I took Iwo doses of
It broke up my cold and fever at once. Previous to this
attics, I han been troubled with dyspepsia several
mouths I have lint nothing of it since."
Otis Studly, Seq., 128 Bast 28th Street, N. Y., unites :
"August 12, 1880-1 had a difficulty with Kidney Com
plaint three years with constant pain In the small of my
back. I had used moss all kinds el medloinca, bat ituand
no permanent relief until I used
I pawed °Wed blood by the urethra. I►m now en
tirely cured, and take pleasure le recommending thane
Mrs. 0. Tebow, 11 Ohtistopher Street, N. Y, writes :
"Feb to, 1860.—1 have been subject to attacks of Aath•
ma the bait twenty years. I have never found anything
eqnal to
Darling's Liver Regulator,
in affording Immediate relief. It in a thorough Liver sad
bilious remedy."
Mrs. Young, of Brooklyn, writes, "February 28, 800 .
In May mat I hada severe attack of Piles, which nonfo
od me to the house. I took one bottle of
sod was entirely cured. I have had no attack shine."
D. Westervelt, Esq., of South 6th, near 9th Street, Wil
liamsburg, L. 1., writes : "August 6,lB6o.—Raving bean
troubled with a difficulty In the Liver. and subjrst to bil
ious attacks, I was advised by a friend to try
I did so, and found Ti to operate admirably, removing . the
bile and arousing the liver to activity. I have also said
it as a
When our children aro out of Forte, we give them a
few drape and it sets them all right. I find It meets the
general wants of the stomach and bowels when disorder
ed."' •
BIADER, If you nerd either or both of these most ex
cellent Remedies, inquire for them at the stores ; if you
do not tind them, take no other, but Inclose One Dollar
In a letter, and on receipt of the money, the Remedy or
Remedies will be cent according to your d'reotlons, by
mail or express, postpaid. Address,
102 Nassau. street, New York.
Put up In 50 cent and $l-Botteln each.
THE undersigned having opened his
Manufactory of anis So., at N 0.12 Weet Market
street, Harrisburg, Ps , mos trimpectiblly solicits the
patronage and attention of the Ladies, gentlemen and
Merchants to the following assortment of goods all of
which are our own manufacture :
&c., Ast.,
Also the particular attention of the Ladles to our large
assortment of under garments La., (from the latest hn
proved London and Paris styles,) LINEN COLLARS,
OWN, MTh tta., in great varieties, all of which being
our own marmoreal:ire we will sell cheaper than can be
purchased elsewhere.
Persons desirous of furnishing their own materials, slut
have cutting, sewing Sc., of every variety done aceord
ing to order. Alt of the above named goods for Gents weer,
we will make to measure, guaranteeing to tit, and give
entire satisfaction to the purchaser for style. durability
and material. AU special orders will be promptly at
tended to upon the shortest notice and most reasonable
terms. Also Merchants supplied opus the most reason
able terms.
P. S. Ladies alining skirts or ander garments of any
discription, can halm them made to order by sending
maple or such kinds as may be desired.
No. LI, Market Street.
an29.4113m Hurtsbarg, Pa.
Rooms next door to Hummel is jrillingerta Gi rowy
frin ig. beat defining and pronouncing Die
uonary the RugllsS language ; Alto , Worcester's
sow' Dictionaries. Webster's Pictorial Quarts aid
ic hoot DloUonarles for sale at
aplS-W Near the Harrisburt Bridge.
ra Empty and prilour F, m Sugar and Wine Barrels of all d•
ti n
jayky FLOOR BARRELS in Waft sew
h., Ms
WM. Dollit Sit. 6 Cu,