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11 Allll I S UR(I , PA
Tuesday Morning, October S,
Tv.e POWER Passisss, old Adams' Patent.
T i t, IRON HAND PRESSE ,, , one nearly DCW,
',d a large amount of sec nd band Printing
atei fill, will he sold at exceedingly low prices,
twill or approved paper. All these mitten
. aie in a cod condition, and would answer
w untry office. They must be sold to make
new and noire extensive machinery.
it this office immediately.
EN I %ORDINARY exertions will be made in the
est , in States this fall to manufacture sugar
of •,,rglitusi -partially with the object of
, adirr, the prospective heavy duties on im
.11,1 -agar, and to supply the deficiency
y the loss of the crop in Louisiana.
Odd Fellows' hall was dedicated at
eti-town this county, last Saturday. The
,ruity was largely represented. A brass
d pre, , int, and the ceremonies altogeth
ss being. of a very interesting
ire Col. A. J. Herr, of this city, delivered
Id' •is on the °evasion.
VANT DICKAIIP, of the first Penna. artil
ampliell's) regiment, who was arrested in
ty sisse time ago, charged with disobe
of or d, rt , , and taken to Washington, was
21 0,10 martial, found guilty, and ze
ro tie ranks, in which capacity he
ca performing double guard duty for the
E vit ty s t•mt—Since the arrest and con
t tti• the soldier Risue last Saturday,
with having purloined a box of coins
r. laila's store in Second street, his
1,. Ilse has been searched and a num-
Ades found on the premises, which
.1 has identified as his property. We
,et,thild that he has confessed to the robbery
Ins, and the person to whom they were
to. but it is hardly possible that they can
be rctovered.
CV eCuTS or Corros.—lt is well known that
rgr quantity of cotton has arrived in New
rk the Eastern States recently, for
pthrl.t to Europe. It now appears that
. brol,rs have been engaged in sending our
staples abroad, receiving in return, for
.Itract me into heavy goods, the India cot
, freat England. The steamship Persia, on
ter, at trip brought two hundred and forty
this cotton. The sample is much short
.oL American cotton, but the fibres are said
t• yite as fine as ours.
s:tifc2; trial of the Friendship company's
at fin . etigh,e took place in Market Square
Satunlay afternoon, which was witnessed
. large concourse of our citizens. The
act. of t this occasion threw a one and one
,. th ,treain of water a distance of two hun-
and nincieen feet, which is considerably
than its previous performance at the canal.
: it ii said is owing to the fact that the fire
. arc inadequate to supply a sufficient vol
e of water to meet the suction powers of the
et. The trial, however, gave general sat
tion, and impressed the spectators very fa
bly with the superiority of steam over
.4TII OS ROBERT J. Ross, ESQ.—WO deeply
• t to announce the death of R. J. Ross, Esq.,
ich took place at his residence in this city
day afternoon. Mr. Ross was well known
social circles throughout the State as the
ler of the Dauphin Deposit Bank, and for a
g time as one of an eminent banking firm in
• dclphia. His demise was the result of a
lytic stroke experienced some time last
, omer, while attending to his duties in the
Since then be bas been confined to his
, so powerless as to be almost unable to move
thout assistance. Several times, indeed, he
to be regaining in strength, and strong
•s were entertained of his ultimate recovery,
least so far as to enable him to move about
attend to his official labors ; but these
• ed delusive, and the spark which at these
were only fanned by affection into a
hter glow, has now, alas ! been quenched
, • er. In the death of Mr. Ross, we have
one of our most valued citizens—the needy
destitute a generous friend ; and his family
'devoted husband and fond and indulgent
Story Originated. —The friends of Col. Joseph
, Ki p will be glad to learn that the telegraphic
patch from Washington published in last
tday' s TELsomken, relative to the murderous
ttonipt upon his life, turns out to be false.
Its a lie received a letter and a telegraph dis
latch from him on Sunday, in both of
?hid. :Illusion is made to the rumor as
eNailin,g even in the camp at Darns-
.Wll, but which he pronounces to be an entire
bri.•ation, and so far from being shot, he
on the Contrary, in the enjoyment of most
cellent health, and anxious for a brush with
e enemy. 'Fla; report of his shooting is said
have originated from the arrest, in Baltimore
• .t Friday, of a girl in male attire, who repre
nted that she was the son of Col. Knipe, and
'at he with herself had been shot by the half
-1 rotle•r of Lanaham, who shot Major Lewis.
to girl wore one of her hands in a sling, and
she was known to have come from Dart:la
wn. her story seems to have impressed the
'lip„, authorities with its plausibility, and they
Ole gulled into its belief. Of course, these
41,,itous gentlemen of the press, , , ydept re
tt,•rs, were on hand and made an item of the
. aWcvlars of the examination, which, in due
Inns, : of time, found its way to Washington,
nd from there, curtailed in dimensions, was
ranswitted over the telegraphic wires to the
associated press. In the mean time, the girl
1 30 told the story in Baltimore was remanded
to wison for a further hearing, where her real
sex was accidentally revealed, and she herself,
fliseetered to be a rebel spy, which of ammo
/ : " 4 tha falsity of her statements':
Selma —A middle aged man named D. Wat
son, formerly a broker of New Castle, Lawrence
county, committed suicide at the Jones' House
in this city, about half past 11 o'clock Sunday
morning. Watson, as evidenced by the hotel
register, arrived here on the 23d of last month
for the purpose, it is said, of obtainingsome po
sition in the army ; but not succeeding in this,
he unfortunately permitted a natural failing to
get the better of his good judgment, and sought
to forget his disappointment in the temporary
pleasures of the glass, This course of dißsipa
tion resulted last Saturday night in an attack
of deliriem tremens, which, however, does not ap
pear to have been vary violent, as we did not
learn that any physician was summone 1, and
he retired to bed as upon ordinary occasions.
Yesterday morning he rose at the usual hour ,
and excepting a visible tremor in his nervous
system, arrising from his previous excesses,
there was nothing in his general appearance to
indicate that his mental faculties were in the
least disturbed. To a remark made by him
"that he would like to have a drink of brandy"
an acquaintance replied that he "had better get
a prescription from a Doctor."
He shortly afterwards went to Williams' bar
ber shop, under the hotel, and got shaved, after
which he proceeded to Wyeth's drug store, and
what followed is fully detailed in the subjgined
testimony of Mr. Lewis Wyeth, before the cor
oners inquest, which we publish In full in or
der to correct some misstatements which inad
vertently crept into the account of the affair,
published in yesterday morning's TELSGRAPM
LAMS Warts, sworn. I keep a drug
store on the corner of Market square ; a
boy named Jeffries attends the store ; between
11 and 12 o'clock to-clay (Sunday) I was out of
the store, and he called to me, and told me a
gentleman was in who wanted some strychnine;
I asked hlm whether he had an order from a
physician ; he said that he himself was a physi
cian, and that he wanted a drachm of strych
nine ; I told him that I had not that quantity
in the store ; I told him this because I did not
wish to give it to a stranger even if he was a
physician. To show him that I did not have
that quantity, I took down a bottle containing
probably the twelfth part of a drachm and
showed it to him ; 'while I was getting this bot
tle he stepped behind the counter and picked up
another bottle containing some strychnine and
stood it on the counter. He said, "I'll take
what is here but have no change with me, but
will pay you to-morrow," and then grabbed both
of the bottles containing about 16 grains, and
started out ; I thought his conduct very angu
lar, and called to him ; when I got to the door
he was going into the Jones' House ; I ran
across the street, and met Coverly in the hotel,
and stated the circumstances to him, describing
the man, and told him that be (Watson) had
told me that he was a physician ; Coverly re
plied that he was not a physician ; while I was
talking to Coverly, Watson came down stairs
and started down Second street; I follow
' ed him and caught up to him at Kelker's
corner ; I told him that Coverly said that "you
are not a physician, and I must have
the strychnine back ; he said it was up
in his room, No. 33, in the Jonis' House ; I
told him he must go along vrlth me and get it ;
and I caught him by the arm ; he threw my
arm off and drew back to strike me ; I jumped
aside and went down to the hotel for help,
when I met Mr. AVCalla and Mr. Duncan; and
told them to take care of the man while I went
and searched his room ; I then went and made
a thorough search of his room, but could find
neithar atryrthnina or bottle; 1. Watson escaped
out of sight of those gentlemen, and we all
started in search of him ; Duncan and I started
in search of him down Mulberry street and up
Chestnut and Second, and found him lying on
the corner of the Square with a crowd around
him ; this was probably as much as twenty
minutes after I left him ; he was lying on the
pavement and was still living when I came up;
I sent for Dr. Reily ; he was - removed to the
hotel at the request of Dr. Belly ; he died in a
few minutes after his body was removed to the
The coroner's jury returned a verdict in ac- .
cordance with the above facts, and the remains
of the deceased were put in a coffin, and this
morning forwarded to his family at New Castle.
Remo( or HENRY S. MLGBAW.—Henry S.
Magraw, formerly State Treasurer, but now a
resident of Lancaster city, who was arrested a
few days after the battle of Bull Run while on
an errand to Manassas to -rescue the body of
Col. Cameron, returned to his home mad Friday.
The commission appointed to examine into the
character of the charges of the State prisoners
at Richmond reported favorably in Mr. Ma
graw's case some four or five weeks ago, but
I through a misunderstanding the report was not
confirmed by the rebel cabinet until the latter
pirt of last week. Upon Mr. Magraw's release
he was taken to Norfolk, and from thence to
Fortress Monroe under a flag of truce, and from
thence came directly home. Mr. HILITIEI who
was captured at the same time was also released,
but preferred remaining in- &wed& lie is a
Kentuckian and his loyalty has been under sus
picion ever since the breaking out of. the war.
Mr. Magraw, though closely confined, has been'
kindly traded during his sojourn in Richmond.
The last three or four weeks of his captivity he
was confined in the Court House., HiB health
does not seem to have suffered much from his
confinement, as he looks as robust, aw hearty
as he 'did before leaving home.
of Col. Hambright's regiment, Capt. Kendrick's
and Capt. Mcßride's from Lancaster, arrived
here on Sunday, en route for the west. The re- .
mainder of the regiment will follow this
week. The .arpress says that the scene at the
depot in Lancaster when the companies took
the ears was of the most inspiring character.
The depot, the surrounding streets; the adralows
and balconies of the adjoining hotels and houses..
were filled with people, who congregated to bid
adieu to the brave fellows on their way to de
fend the glorious stars and stripes. The cars
pushed off amid the most, enthushuttic applause
of the assembled throng, while the tears -of
mothers, wives and sweethearts attested only
too truly how strong a hold many of them had
upon the affections of those remaining behind.
Is the item referring to the railroad acciden
at Rinzer's Station in last Saturday's TELEGRAM
several errors occurred. The child killed was
a son of Mr. Edwin Elopton, aged- two years,
and not a daughter of Mrs. liopkiria Beni:N*4
We obtained the particulars from the Lancaster
Express, a suinequent issue of which make* the
abevo correction.
Ramaious Rrarria..—A protracted sui*lng r
attended with Very gratifying reaulto, is now
progressing in the Vine Street M. R.
,chts74 2 , l
Them i elogrika will continue every; eveeiNK.W,
week. t.l
piiiivolituagiadopft --- gisl444 - 04;4**4p - igotttiq, .00b-tii't,:,;:;.:::lA4,.)-i
Rsv. J. C. GBAGIG of Bainbridge, will preach
this evening, in thewest Harrisburg M.E. church,
at 7i o'clock.
DEAD. —An obituary notice in last Saturday's
Philadelphia papers, notices the death in that
city, of George P. Crap. The deceased was well
known in this city as the publisher of the Bor
ough Item.
THE Comatox Coma held a stated meeting in
their room at the Court House last Saturday
A petition was received from Mx. Thompson,
keeper of the City Hotel, asking permission of
Council to build a vault under Market street,
near Meadow Lane. Refused on account of
want of power to give any such authority.
The Paxton Hose company petitioned Coun
cil to give them the old Friendship engine.—
The engine not, having been given back by the
company, Council refused to act.
The following additional petitions were re
ceived :
From Chief of Police, asking for an increase
of salary. Referred.
From Mount Vernon Hook and Ladder Com
pany tor the erection of a house. Referred,
with instructions to report.
From Daniel Rhoads, former Clerk of Market,
requesting exoneration for sum of five dollars.
From Friendship Fire company, asking for
260 feet 10-inch hose ; also, from Good Will
company, asking for same length of hose. Re
From citizens in Walnut street to widen the
pavement on the south side of said street, from
Second street to Jail alley, at the. expense of
the owners of said property, was granted.
Alderman Kline sent in a complaint that , his
sewer contained water, with a request that a
sewer would ,be:made in Walnut street from
Third street, to Jail alley. Referred.
On motion, Daniel Carrichner was appointed
a special policeman, without salary.
On motion, the •market ordinance refailAting
the hours of market was so amended that from
the Ist of October to the Ist of May the market
opens at 6 o'clock and closes at 8 o'clock ; from
the Ist of May to the let of October, from 41-
o'clock to 8 o'clock—to go into immediate ef
A communication was read from the Mayor,
returning, with his objections, the ordinance in
reference to the manner of issuing the city
bonds. The veto of the Mayor was sustained,
and a new ordinance was forthwith adopted. ,
Foot-walks were directed to be laid at Third
and North and at High and State.streets ; also,
a.pavement in front of the Good Will engine
The council then adjourned.
Tns FASIIIONS.-A fashion writer for a New
York paper says that this fall the " Garibaldi
Jacket" will assert itself a favorite with all
economical ladies, as it has the advantage of
being suitable to wear with skirts whose asso
ciate body has become a thing of the past. It
is made or red, white and blue flannel, and is
gathered full into a band at the neck as well
as at the waist, which will make it a redeeming
feature to many a lean form, while to plump
shoulders it will be de-tiop. The neck is finish
ed with a small colar, and the sleeve closed in
to a band or left open with 4„ reversed cuff.,
About the waist or across the shoulders, at op
tion of the wearer, belongs a scarf one-eighth
of a yard in width and about two yards long
made, of similar material with the jacket.
In bonnets the enlarged front is an accepta
ble change, but the masses of trimming piled
up within and above the arch is stupendous.
Plumes which once waved to the breeze only
upon the outer works and were considered no
company for many hued exotics, now fall gloom
ily over the brow of beauty, were not the
shadow brightened by saucy knots of gay blos
soms—all sorts of colors mixed up—for it seems
the "red, white and blue" has reconciled our
eyes to forbidden contrasts.
Cloaks will in all cases reach far down over
the dress skirt ; some will envelop the figure
entirely. The circular, in various modifica
tions, will prevail. The trimming will be vel
vet, in different widths, heavy boa plating of
the same material, and embroidery in silk or
Dsomisful Cants.—ln conversation the other
day with our worthy chief of police, Mr. Bade
baugh, we asked the condition of busintss in.his
depattment. Dull, very dull, no burglaries or
thefts, he remarked. We suggested that per
haps that kind of profeesionable men had aban
doned their evil ways on account of the strong
inducements to be honest, held out by Union &
Bolivar in the very low prices at which they
are selling dry goods at the south-east corner of
Front and Market streets. oc7-2t
' 11 , Wice.—Numerous complaints having been
made to the proper authorities, that a large
num of the stop•cocks extend several-inches
aboy ' the level of the pa vements throughout
the ty, which is annoying and dangerous to
pedestrians, especially at night time.
nn day's naiads therefore hereby given,that
Section 15 of an ordinance- passed by Council
March 22, 1841, *ill' be rigidly enforced at the
expiration of that time against all persons who
fail to comply with said drdiriarice.
Misr Re_oartauci,
octB-Bt] Chief Police.
MU/ 174,14 OF NIW GiNipth Lain Assossnacrr I
—We have now on hand one of the best select
ed and largest stock ofgoals in the city. Hay
ing'enlarged cur store,`wn are now-enabled to
keepia full line of all kind of goods.
100 plates of new fall 'NU/nes.
25 pc. of plaid Poplins.
26 pc. splendid figured all wool DeLaines.
16 pc. black Alapacas from= auction.
100 proche and wool Shawls.
26 Pc. of plain French Mosilitoi, all colors.
200 dts. of ladies' men's and children's stock
-76 pc. of heavy:brown Muslin. -
100 pc. of bleached Muslin, all prices.
Large lot of Shirt Breasts, Hoop Skirts, in
fants' Bodies, Collars, white Cambric's.
50 pc. Canton Flanels and Crash.
Thankful for-paatfavors E weraost respeotfaßy
invits the public. to Aall, and weprozaise pot to.
`be outsold by any one. ' S. LIKIr
sept24-dtf • , Rhoadts. old stand.
• • _ COAL, .
Trrmulercirin'd 'would r
reepeotfully in.
• 4 - . 4 . the elthserestot ifirrisbarg thkt be ffsprerared
to oliftmVl 1 4 14tYr:Lefees:V•4 0 3 , . 1 i e re rr
tot aid Wilkarre'Cold ae_aat ether dealers)h :
ti t*.
Remaly -7
f • 4.1 Harrisburg,
ti correcting, regulating, and remo - rtig a
Onetructiona,' front whatever! cause, awl I-
ways successful is 5' preys')
rive ;
rlllkiEtiE PILLS RAVE BEEN 06.1111.) B'
the doctors for many years; bath In frame anti
America, with unparalleled sewage-1w every case ; anc
be is urged by many Wousum ladktswho used them, h
make the Pills public for the Wieviatleowlebose aufferini
from •iwy irregubuities WhatevercAs Prevent
an lumen of. fachlly where halltliqedlietoh pencil& it.—
Female@ particularly situateit r or theamsriPPciamirthello
seivea so, are cautioned molest UNA Pills while In that
condition u they are surAtio .ustleoeNaleoutiageocie
the proprietor assumes no relipcstidbliitt afteribla mime.
anion, although their hallthietto would , an Wis..
ewes + to bealth—otherwietPcbee.PlWArtr. recommended:.
Full and explicit directioureitillt box. Prior ,
Al 00 per be:. Sold uholcasieWadlt '•'• • +
No: it,TOrliniEttbligirrAlioftfil; OW"
"radios? by tending • hin4l•oo tw She Hainitang,
Part (Moe, can have the Piltinteittlreealf. obearmitlotate
any part of the country (ondallettib4irree=
lager. by malt. sold *NW Wit. • IX'
Jouncing, lauwarav t Cloninnur , PhDodeliihisi
mon, Lebanon, DelinnOliCasoirao,, Lanonteri J.' -A.
Wow, 'Wrightsville r R. T.- Ilintarti.*YOrk ~_-, 4 lAd:, h y' our
druids' irr - every city nisd villegninibe. Union, and by
S. D owe, ole proprietor, -New York: •
N. B.—Look ma for ocatoterfenst. Be** no (Olden Ms
of any kind ulna every box w eignbd.V. 1:4: Rowe. Ak,
utbere are if base imposition and unsafe; theraftire,lll3
you value your tiros and health; ‘(to ay
ng humbugged out of your otoney,) 'buy oldrOf.ahoeir
who show the signature of d. D. Howe , On every..thog,
wldchrtiaa recently •uldffi nu recount' of .abb4fin
being counterimta ,, tatt-Awairwly.
Prepared by Cornelius L. Claeeseman, M.
1110 E-combination of ingredients in-ibese
A. Pills are the re-lilted a long and-extensive oracalca
'Choy are mild In their operation, and certain In correcting
all Irregularities, Painfultitetwirtnitiontr removintall ob
structions, whethertrom (told or otherwise, headache,
pstn in the elle. palpitation of ttwheart, whites, ali,nera
vuua affections, hysterics; fidgee,••paht in the back and
limbs; ho , disturbed sleep, seek& arises from interrup
tion of nature.
Dr Ctieeseman's Pills are Invaluable, as they will bring.
on the monthly period with iegularity. - Isubsßwho have
been thump° nted in the ascot other hue can place the,
utmost coutlelenoe to Dr. Ohieseman's Ms doing all that
they represent to no.
• N OVIC N.! • • ' • •
There is one condition of the Amok system in which the
Pick cannot be taken without producing a PRODGUi It
RESULT. The Condition reitived to it PIIIIGMANOY—
the result JUSCAtitileOE.. Such is the ,irresittib le ten
dency Of the medicine to snook the sexual fitteetione to a
cornea condition, that even the reproductive power of na
ture cannot te e n .
Waerauted purely vegetable, And from anything
Injurious. Burnett direction/, which should be road an
ooml any each box. Price 11. •Sent by mail on eneke
hig $1 to DO. CONSIZLIIIB L. CHUSIMAN, Box 4,01, Post
OffioeNew York City. • • •
bold by one Drusgl.t in every town in the United Statel.
- • - • • HU r081N08,.. •
aetierai Agent fpir the United .
• = h ..1.4-Broadway, 'York,"
To whom aillwtolessie orderiishouldibeaddiessed.
bold hi Harrisburg uy C. A. Elsttrawr.
uor29-ilswly • =•
Wm., A.
,Batclielor's Hair Dye 1
The only Harmless and Reliable Dye Known !
Ali °Mara:are mere imitittons, and should be avoided
Wpm wish to escape ri Acute. •
GREY. RED OR Rusty HAIR dyed instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or lilacs, without the least
injury to Hair Or Winn, • t . . • .
FIFTEEN Ms DA! S AND DIPLOMAS have been awar
ded -to Wir. A. BATOHZLOR Birine 18 9, and over 200,000.
applicatkuut have been made to the hair of • the patrons
of tdslatoous Dye. •
Wm. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYR produces a color.
not to be distinguished from nature and is WARIUMMID
1101 104011* in the least, however longit may be coutin
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arty applind at No. 10 soad Street New York: . .
Sold in all the cites end towns of thernded States, by
Druggisis.and Fancy Goods Dealers
llM.Genutne has- the name " William A. Batchelor, rr
and address upon a steel plate engraving, on the four
Sides of each box. •
Wholo3alo Factory, 81 Barclay'St.,
Late 288 Broadway, New York
. _ ,
TITS Arivwwratow;' having 'betel. restored • to
health flew weolohtiyhtvery simple ranintlyolter
bovine thißliied acieFat years' ivithh severe - lung aro&
tin, and that drefuLdhaiman.Consamptans anxious, to
maim knewithkhis tellovriufferars the menus of cure..
To all who daiiie It, he will send a copy of the pro* :
soriptim-used.(froe of obargo), with the directimis for
prepatieg and using tab same, which. they will Iliad a
sure *re for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, &a. The
only object of the advertiser in sendingthe Prescription
w to benefit the alllietediand - -spread inflantation - which
he emiceives to be nvainable, and, he hopes every suf
ferer Will try his remedy, as It will cost them nothing,
and niay prove a blessing.- - - •
Parties wishing the prescription will.gdeaseaddgews
' Willhonstihrgh,
. Kings county, New York.
• MANHOOD. - - • -
TUST Pabliahed in a Sealed Envelope ;
Pyles 6 ate :'A LeMure on the Nature, Treatment,
and radical Cure of Spermaiorrhaut Or seminal Weak
ness, Involuntary Ennesions, Sexual Debility, and Imped
imenta to Marriage generally, Nervousness, Lonsumption,
Epllepby and Fits: tiental and !Vaud* Incapacity, re
sulting from .self Abuse, kw.—By . BoBT: J. VCR
WELL., M. D; Anther Of the' Gran Book cgc. "A Boon .
Thousands of buff/rani," Beat under seal, in a plain
envelOpis;-to- any address, pail paid, on receipt of ..six
centsoor two postage stamps,: by ;:Dr. CH: J. C. KLINE,
1 127 Bowery, New Ilork,'Post Office, 80i4686.
AVIATti .Lllll-Pilae ash Pftainrx - prMans:- -
Nee frost an Mineral •Poitanni=ln chum •Of• &WWII
Ulcer*, Scurvy, dr gripticinabf th e Skin, the 'operation
of thane Ale, dioftwo trolyAstoaishing, often removing ,
to Ow days, every , vestige of these ioatistome diassieeue
by their . purifying oftots on the blood. Billions Pevera,,
Veveriand Egue, Dyilpitpeia r Dropiy, PiLea, and in abort,
moat diseases. Woo yield to thclr curative properties
No fetidly should he with Out them, as by their lovely
ace m , eh suffering awl expence. may be eavud. •
Prepared by $4..-;#4 itoyrier, Al D., New; VOrtr, as d
toras/e by all prugcbta n0ve1...4y
New '2thrtrtistirtents
&warm Gamma 017101,
Mennissuna, Sept. 27, 1861. f
My opinion is requested by the Governor on
the following questions, viz :
d. ;What volunteers will be entitled to vote
at the approaching general election in their
camps ?
II Whether the volunteers so entitled to
vote, can vote for County officers ?
L Sam clearly of the opinion that no vol
=teem will be entitled to vote in their camps,
excePt each as are in actual military service in
1 conformity with law, viz : Such as are in ser
vice under the authOrity -of the Governor, on
the requisition of the president of the United
States. All the field officers of such regiments
will he commissioned -by the Governor, and the
'holding of such commissions by the field offi
cers will be a fair test of the right of the mgt.
ment to vote.
ILj The Act of Assembly provides that the
volunteers may exercise the right of suffrage;
of come they. have as much right to vote for
County officers as for an other.
• Attorne` y General.
. "Since writing the above an additional ques
tion flag been propounded tome, via: Where
inen from several counties are in. the same com
pany, what course should be pursued ? lam
of .opinion that in such cases there should be
separate ballot-boxes, tally lists &c.,•for each
county, and the votes should be returned, to
eachcounty, of the voters entitled to vote in
such county."
W.. , Efinucepar,•orney.Ge neraL
&pt. 28,.11.861. Sept. 28-d6t.. -
GuNß utk4ied itii notito nd ad other person;
91,11Pfed by ?PIM" upon the farts f tool
wilav=4l4,blyiux Bye ttrirnsa--Iy
/PR4rtwoz T 4 -I n Talla FINN.
Nein 10n .
50mET4w1,0,1. 1 410 plPir?,l l ti
orA NEGTeari 'E VERY HOtittgOLD
American Cement Glue
THs mr,QHGEST OWE *.Tfilll
12211 201dr artilq fAie I ' l ,l°7' itlreedAbidi :,
Save your broken Furnknre.
Ire_la r WAßPlAf r aaaßk
MendirrAliumiesal Sirs* Belts,
Save the pieces of that expensive Out Glass Bottle
Don't threw away ihat brolatt Ivory litin; it bi m 0): re
` - P li f el / 4 ,
ifija c a
_ E
Your broken chili Cepnenikeitnnotipl . l:l4 , barnacle le
That piece knocked out of your Marble Mantle oan be
.. • .1 44 Ogi aeilr9eca ,s lPr:,..
f tbs. k • COO btlt
nag, a Wiling saved le • gulling earned.
That costly Alabaster Vase is broken and you can't
match it, mend it, it will never show when put together.
will Mend Bone, Coral, Lava, , and in
fact,averylking.bnt *Gti4p3:
,Any article Oemented with 4YkRIOAN did** GLUE
will not show where it is mended.
"Every Honsehesperashotgd have a Duly of „Johns
St CrOl se.
ey's aitotintsita. Mmmt•Olue."/V. Yr-WNW.
it 91 convenient to have in to! hou"—N. Y.
"It 18 always ready-; this commends itself to every.
"We have tvi Sad findit. asmsefni in our homes ea
water."— ake'eit' gke AIWA
kdoip:O f ftr i t s WEALTH.
per year saved in every [amity by One Bottle
Price 26 Cents per Bottle.
Price 26 Cents per Bottle.
Price 26 Cents per Be#le,
Prize 26 , 6 e* F 4 4' Aoitia•
Price 25 Cents per pottle.
Price 26 bente per Bottle.
Very Liberal Reductions to irtide l sale littler&
For eale . by all Druggleta s aud,Storokeepers general
, Jy throughout theoountry.;
(e f t, man,rur,o*er9
Corner of Liberty Street.
Important to House Owners.
Important to Builders.
Important to Rail Road Companies.
Important to Farmers. •
21 + all whom this may ernelern, and it concerns every
CIME 15 T., Rp 0 ,F.. 1 GI
The cheapest ana Moiliiinzabi; - Rooting' in use.
can be applied to NEW and ma ROM Of all kinds,
meeker AAA Mid SO: . 8 1 / 09 / 4 1 44KTI, wit?iont
removing the Shingles.
The Cost Is only 'about One• Third that of Tin
411 "/ v I*TWICE 4s. LE.
Thleartiole has been thoroughly tested in New York
Illy and all other parte of the United States; Canada,
West ladles Central and Routh Amerim, on buildings of
all kindsi'sQchasraCtonnfl, 70W10),11WR.:0 • LA*
ROAD REPOTI, 01.1014 and on Puwo taniDiscir: rank.
GovveNXßArr ROEDDIGA. Ac , by the ,prinoipal Rudders,
Archlieots and others, duties. the;pee four years, and
nal proved to he the CHEAPBST and Roar DURABLE
ROWING in use; it Ii in ever y respect A, ME, %USK,
A KINDSand T/ME PROOt covering' for ROOFS' CIF
This, it the War tealerial rimmefaehsredin the .thsited
Males which combine the very .desirable uropert,tea of
Riastic{ity ast4.Disrabiliey, whit:44re universally eeknew,
'ledge& to be Poeseeeed by 8V21.A PBROHA AND
No Heat , is ietraired in making application.
The eajpease of applying -it la trifling, as anordinary roof
can be coveted and Alatithed the same . day.
- ,It can beAppli, ed by any one,
andiwhen fintitieitiortnit perfentlY - Pinalionoiti an irithi
with eh elaatie,body,, gbh* suntan , be Nunn& by Ham,
COLD Or SIORIDL L'HIONEING of 800, Boas* nor any en.
Write' action wh 'toyer.
431: A PEE.CHA
For Coating Metals of all Binds when exiiimed
to the Action of the Weather, and
Vik4iI: IIS :): 4 : 4 IOderAZIIO 9S P4gAII:VIIINIFA
ROOFS or *Lb liz#l:
Thla is the Only Composition known which will success
tally valet - extreme changes of all eilth WM, kir any
length of time, when applied to metals; to which it ad
heres tirnity, terming a Cody egael to emits of ordinary
paint,;coete much less and 'mill I.A/3r THRIN
and from its elasticity II net injured. by the
contraction and expansion of Tin and other metal Hoeft,
cow:rant upon sudden changes et the weather.
. .
w - sAgass,.4NO Jvz.r.j. NOT WASH 017.
Leaky Tin and otherlletal Roofs can be readily repair
ed with GOTTA PaIIGILA ChMRNT, and prevented from
further corrosion and leaking, thereby ensuring a per
fectly *Atm,: _for many. years. .. .
This Cement in pecniltrly adapted for the preservation
CULTURAL IRYLERRSTd, &c., abut, Per general mann
fectarers ,
• .
For preserving and repaing Tin and other,Neta Boots of
every {description, from its great elasticity, 'II no, injured
by the contraption and expauctid or 'Metals, and wiu not
crackp cold or rim* **lv !Napier.
Tbelse..materiso Pre .AniietsnactAix. CLEIIIIIII9 , and we
are prepared to supply orders from any part of the coun
try, at short „Alice, doll 61 4' , , 11.0¢Finli
rolls, {ready tweparcd. tor wish, J an a • `
-141013 A:
WM in bar rehr h with tell printed directions for appli
AGENit3 *ANiEtt.
We mill make liberal and satisfactory arrangements
with rpeponalble partMeWhcit waft* like to ettleblisti them,
&elven in a Incianve and permanent Inunneas.
We can give abundant .proof of all Me claim in favor
or out Improved Roofing h►ving applied them to several
tkonsane Roofs In lien York City and vicinity.
Wiplaiale Ware house 78 - Wil*a St.,
Corner of Mery
Rim deloriPtivi aragdals - .Uid Ih•lese will be fareiehed
as appileagioa.-
f Miltlltialt GAUNTLET&
EWiar, "Wat'restAgYet 4 , 4 1 0,AMik,
• uslitn'at ss , iwrikors° RTZIrI4
nIIRSITANT to instructions from the Secre
tary of the Treasury, a book will be opened
g o iIIEISBURG BANK for subscriptions for
lininid States treasury notes, to be issued under
the act of July 17, 1861. These notes will be
issued in sums of fifty dollars, one hundred dol
lars, five hundred dollars, one thousand dollars
=d r: five thousand dollars each, dated 19th Au
grist, 1861, payable three years after date to the
orderof the subscriber or as directed, and bear
ing interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent. per
annun, payable semi-annually ; such interest
being at the rate of two cents for each day on
every; hundred dollars. For the convenience of
the holder, each note will have coupons at
tached expressing the several amounts of semi
annual interest, which coupons may be de
taalitd and presented for payment separately
from the notes.
.. rti
Subscription for such treasury notes will be
received during fifteen days from the day of
opening the book as aforesaid. No supscrip•
tion for less than fifty dollars nor for any frac
tip of that sum can be received. Subscriptions
must be paid in lawful coin of the United
States or in Philadelphia or New York Ex
change at the time of subscribing.
Certificates will be graned in duplicate to
6W:scribers for the amounts so paid, the original
of which the subscriber will transmit by mail
to the Secretary of the Treasury, when treasu
ry notes, es aforesaid, will be issued thereon to
such subscriber, or his order, carrying interest
as expressed in such certificate; on payment the
subscriber will pay, in addition thereto, a sum
equal to the interest accrued thereon from the
18th of August to the date of payment, which
payments of interest will be reimbursed to the
subscriber in the payment of the first coupon.
The treasury notes issued upon such certifi
cates by the treasury will be sent to the sub
scribers by mail, or such other mode as may be
'indicated by them when they transmit their
original certificates. The duplicate certificates
may be retained by them for their own security.
Subscription Agent.
Sevens and Throe-Tenths Per Cant
No. 114 South Third Street,
Pursuant 0 inatructions from the Secretary of the
Treasury, the Subscription 1100 a to the NEW NATI 'NAL
LOAN Of Treagury Notes, bearing inter. at at the rate of
seven and three-tadthe Der cent per annum, will remain
open at my office,
until farther notice, from 8 A. M. 1111 5 p. id., and on
lkindais till 9P,
These notes will be of the denomination of FIFTY
DOLL 'RS, ONE HUM te it DoL Alto, FIVE 13. N.
FIVE THI IMAM) DOLLARS, and are all dated 19th of
&uguiti 1881, payablet In gold. in three years, or con.
vertible into a twenty . yearn' la per coot. loan, at the
option itf tbe holder. Each TreaSury NULL' hoe ma-rem.
coupons Dashed, which can be cut off and Nanette.] to
gold at the mint every ex mornh<, and at the rate if one
cent per day on each filly dollars,
Payments of subscript:to a may be mule In Gold or
becks; or Noke of any of the Phi ladelpia Banks.
PARIIIB AT A DIST,NOS can remit by their friends,
through the mall, or by express, or through Banks and
the Treasury Notes will be immediately delivered, or
sent to elan subscriber as they mar •evrrally dir. ct.
Parties remitting must add the interest nom 19th of
August, the ditto of alt the notes, to the day the remit
tance reaches Philadelphia, at the rate of use cent per
day on each filly dollars.
• 'Apply to ore dress
• Care of JAY COOKE & CO., Bankers,
°ea-di in No 114 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
VOR Rt NT.—A. large and convenient
brick boas° on Front street, two doors below Wash
ingtOri, avenue For information apply to
oe3-dtf JURN L UNG FAL
ceipt or a Commission for a Suttorship in a
matto.ent. Address "Sutler" at the TELIKIRAPH OTP:CI,
HarrLaburg, PA. ors.o3e•
THE undersigned having opened his
Miumfactory of Shirts &c., at N 0.12 West Market
street, Earrizbuqx, Pa , mos :respectfully solict the
pauonage and attention . of the Ladles, Gentlemen and
Marabouts to the following assortment of goods all of
width are our own manufacture :
&c., &c , Arc., &c.,
Also the particular attention of the Ladles to our large
assortment - of under garnientd'Accf;.(Proliftlyelfiggsgigh
primed Lierdon and Paris styles,) LlNlkkr OftuAgia,
CUFFS, SSW'S &0., in great varieties, alt of which being
our own maunufecture we will sell cheaper than can be
purchased elsewhere.
Persons deslrohs of furnishing their own materials, cm
have cutting, sewing he., of every variety done a,:eord
ing to eider. al, of the smove.naMeil aeons for Gents weir,
we will make to mea-ure, guaranteeing to fit, and give
enthe satisfaction to the purchaser for style durability
arid" *lariat. All Special orders will be promptly at
tended ;to upon the shortest notice and most reasonable
terms. Also Merchants supplied upon the most tattoo.
able terms.
S.'Ladies wishing skirts or under garnientoof soy
disTription, can have them mada to order by sending
sample of such kinds as may be desired: ' •
Nu. 12, Market:Area,
an29;d6m Elarrisbitrg;,Pa
Rooms next door to Hummel & 1111lInger's Urocery
Store. •
• -
S . . 11110110BRIN4'
StreetTtTE lex T h ird str eet, a few
dinbio wEid4t'irrilburgA,:.
now. Hearse feady 44 alway s on hand
neatly deithed to order. plants, no. Terms reit.
•-• --fan3o , 4r3nit) C. BAKER. .
——• = ,
to= hamlet; Twitery EBORM, WIII3.IA2PORT, lauscrr,
v monow y, Weireenxonii, Mum*, t.Lallissuno,
NeenitTelfeelAeD, AnininThiT,
AND i rtM a - p,Ariw A -,4.6.1 0 1. 40
orayz ww be if ow „ x•c„, ta d i at ar ..- goa a •
tbro with each tx* iii tt en d in the i„,A, delivery. of
all goods entrusted to h e Ilan.' 'dents de ll ioirett ht the
Depot Qt
FRB isap 7410? at non Na. BU. Market Meet, Phil
de pbla , by 6 otataaa P. Al., will be [:slivered In •
Unrylaburg tpq next mareing.
ht ( I.6 iiii) l 4tlOlt an by any - other tine.
Par culnir attended Om bytnis line to prompt Nad.
OW I / deillVeyy 4,111 flaxitsbnr--, eette.
dilrelgued't/inlifttfor past patrol tze bopee b y
aria iwintn . sm , t nal- it a aanN• a apes ptde ibe
: . 11diaitora lad oent
n 'Artifoi lattkei 'Eerie' ; SirKwbOrg.
New 121Dverfwements.