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DARR I s BuitG:
Thursday Morning, September 19, la6l.
Two Powmc Passers, old Adamone s',
TWO iIION Henn Pawns, nearly
and a large amount of semild hand Printing
material, will be sold at exceedingly low prides,
for cash or apptovecl paper. All tlieWilderi
als ace in a good condition, anct.ioideZ, =slier
for a country office. They must be sold to make
room for new and more extensive machinery.
Apply at this office immediately.
received at Keller's.
II ra EN 'AL.—Bliss Elizabeth Erford was joined
iu bonds of matrimony with Mr. John Myers„
by Alderman Kline on Wednesday. Both of the
parties reside in Cumberland county.
Timis ivas a "full house" in the city lock
up night before last, consisting of vags, drunks
and disorderlies, all of whom were trotted. 'be
fore the Mayor next morning, who, disposed. of
.them according to their deserts. • •
A FREE FIGHT occurred at the depoty r es!erilay
morning between a party of Irish sOldiers fre
New York and a number of our citizens, in w ch
,several of the participants were"badlY ent nnd
bruised. One of the party, said Viehe an ciffi
:r, was arrested by the police, And inside to!do
-mince in the city lock-up for hit 'shun pte
tninsaction. We could not learn how , the
cnity originated. _
THERE was quite an excitement in , west nottii
street at noon yesterday, caused by servingi of
a writ of ejectment upon &colored. woriutn- oc
cupying a house in that _street, : near, ildecoitd.
Tie woman was the mother of, some halta•do4en
bildren, and : as she he,d made no arrangements
t ,, leave the premises, the constable very kind
ly the execution of the, writ and gave
hcr until noon to-morrow to hunt up lodgings
„ . .
II Lined Susannah Edkstein l ivits Prilled yester ay
morning by officer Radabaugh, charged th
kvtping a disorderly beer house. '. Mrs.
stem bangs out her sign somewhere -ießsco
street, and from all accounts her establishment
ha, long been the resort of low rowdies and I &
tli4ate women, who made it the scene of t eir
drunken orgies, to the grotkfuMoyance .of he
neighborhood. ThaM ., default of bliii,
committed her to prison to answer. 111
ToMATOFS FOR CHELDRIEN: —There is no better
remedy for derangement of the bowels in 0144 1
ren, while teethhaq,thm ste t wpii..Aquatues fed
to them plentifully 'care; Se tabil to keep
the child's extremities warm. Be careful: to
cover its neck and arms, especially of an err
ing; give it crushed ice to assuage , thirst if
sible, rather than give it 'lrlter; &Void Cordials,
as they only produce fever. The tomat..
ought to be ripe and fresh, tho' the vegetables
preserved in cans has been used with great
success. • • •
TEM 'HARRISBURG BANIC. has just issued the
notes under the denomination of five dollars,
ones and twos; ordered by tlieitiet• of the kitties
si.,n of the Legislature As thitrbank is one of
the most popular and reliable in the State these
notes will have a circulation equal to the other
issues of that institution, if not greater "as
a handy and light medium of paper currency.
A description of the notes is as follows
;Principal vignette of the one's, is a large shied
portrait of Genl. Scott. The issue of these
notes was delayed several weeks to enable the
engraver to get out surnething superior jp,any
thing yet engraved of the old hero, and he has .
succeeded admirably in this instance, and the
the figure of history inscribes on her scroll the
appropriate motto "the Union and the Constitu
tion." 'the other figures symbolize pow and
The two's—centre vignette--army and navy,
with fort and navy yard in the background, and
other war fixings to snit. This vignette is a
very superior one. The right hand figure has
on her scroll the three great national wars of
1776, 1812 and 1861. The reaper on the left
symbolizes also "peace and plenty," which are
bound to come after the war.
BRUTAL Connuor.—We were witness Wednesday
night of an act performed by the landlord of
one of our cheap taverns, which struck us . as
being unexempted in the annals of brutality.
A poor soldier, partially intoxicated, presented
himself at the bar, and wished to purchase a
drink of whisky, which the landlord in an inso
lent tone refused to sell, at the same time Or
dering him to leave the house. • The itldier
made some indistinct reply, when the inhunpul
publican struck him on the head with his flat
to the floor with a force that might have felled
an ox, and then quietly putting his hands' in
his pocket he marched behind the counter With
a smile and pompous strut, as if to impress the
spectators with a proper respect for his pugiliatic
acquirements. The victirnot hiArntality laylfor
several moments on the floor stunned by the
blow, and had not some of his comrades kindly
picked him up and led him away, it is not at all
improbable that the landlord would havecapped
the climax of his barbarity by hustling his un
conscious form into the street. There were .a
number of persons who 'witnessed the whole
transaction, all of whom concur in pronouncing
the conduct of the landlord as brutal in the ex
treme, and deserving of the severest censure.
No person Wilt iirid6rtake h) 'deny that he had
a Perfect right to refuse giving whisky to the
soldier, or that he evert had a right of putting
him out of his house if hen* behaved himself.
This is an authority accOrded by the law of the
land ; but in exercising it the landlord is by no
means justified in making a brute of himself as
in the present instance. We understand that
this is only one of a number of instancesi
which this landlord has exhibited , hie bridal
Propensities when' dealing With the titildibia who
are unwary enough to patronise hie 'bar i 1 4 114
think it about time that his dion uot ' should'„
Qin the attention of the Katie u
sou ect
Bishop Sinipson,. of 'the 'Methodist Episcopal
Church, recentWalvered a sermon on °urns
tional crisis jn Chicago. It is described as ;be
ing the most elitttent and overwhelming effort
ever made by the iahop. Thousands heard it,
and were effected beyond all precedent. No
language can describe the grandeur and emo
tions of the occasion. At one point in the ser
mon, and as the fitting close of a most impas
sionated paragraph . the following noble senti
ment was uttered :- " We will take our glorious
flag—the 134 of our country— and nail it Jul
bekte , the cross ! Thetis high enough ! There
let it wave as it waved of old. Around it let
uslather : "First Christ's, then our Coun
TAB NAMIONAL Fssr.—The last Thursday of
this month, recommended by the President of
the United States as fi'a dew of Public Humil
iation, Prayer atik Fasting," promises to t be
generally observed in' city. The public,of
fices, tanks, stores and manufacturing estitb
lishmenb3 will be closed, and the post office ob
serve Sunday hours, while Divine worship will
be held in all the churches—in some bothmoni
ing and evening, We are glad to see this dis
position on the part of our citizens to carry out
the recommendation of tbe President in a proper
manner ; for never within the history of Our
'beloved country have we as a people more need
of humbling ourselves beforethe Supreme Euler
of the Universe and pray for His mercy— 'fto
pray, that we may be spared further punislunent
though justly deserved; that our army maybe
blegsed and pmdßeffecttud for the , re-establish
ment pd law, order and peace throughout our
country, and that the inestimable boon of civil
libeity; earnedunder His guidance
and itlespirxby the labors as suffering o& our
katliers,' may be restored in 1;11. its . Originka - ex
. •
understand that two or three individuals in our
city, are in the constant habit of smuggling
widikey into Camp Curtin and trading it to the
soldiers either for money or any other valuable
which they are willing to disfrose Of. The
whiskey Is carried in small fhwinti, which the
traders conceal beneath their dress until an op
portunity is presented to "drive a bargain."—
The abolishment of the ' "pass" system to citi
zens visiting the camp, serves in a greatmrnsure
to facilitate the operations of this illicit traffic,
yet with a little shrewdness on the part of the
sentinels at the gate when admitting visitors,
and, especially frequent visitors; they may he
able to detect the guilty parties. If necessary
let eVery auspicious looking, candidate for nd
tootheatntp be strictly searched, and. it
foUnd with th e i `contrit*nd"tn,m3 possessin „
let him beinstantly.arresteitand severely Pun•
bled. Selling liquor to our- brave volunteSre
at any time is in imkoperliiiiiinese, but pedling
' it under these °lran:pater:ices is the very quint,
escence of meanness. The following extract fr?ne
a soldier's letter, dated at Cauip • Sprague, near
Washington, PA_ qv!' *d 6 'of treating
erent whisky pedlars in that neighborholi:l,
which might be welt to follow here':
"All at once the rogue's march was playerkin
the camp of the 28d Pennsylvania Volunteers,
within a few rods of Ours and a general. rush
was made , to see why. "It teems'that an un
principled scoundrel had been engaged in buy
ing the cast off citisens-clothes from the "troops
and paying them - in' tanglefoot whisky. The
first time he was caught , at it he pretended to
be' sorry and wait let off, but this being the
second offence the soldiers cat a hole in the
bottom of a barrel, large enough to put his
head through, inverting it; slipped it over him
so his head appeared
,tbkoirglt, .Aire hole, and
thus marched him thronghith, a camp. .The
next time he is detected roertainly be
treated to a coat of tar and featly, with a free
ride on wren thrown in, or Jude lip by the
Escasynorr.—Recreation is one of the beat
abused words in the English. language. Llipw
absurd the applications that are made of it I As
he who has been crooked like, an interrogation
point, over some heavy book:or other, gibes
solemnly out and , cuts a quarter of a cord" of
wood with a dull saw-Lstraightenbig up like a
note :of 'exclamation, he returns to his affec
tionate friends, and announces that he has
been indulged in "roxmation I" That is, he has
been making himself over;,incl Mrs the sweet
assurance that he ia'another and better man; in
the name and by virtue of—sawing wood I .rust
as if fire evil spirit* dalliness; would go, 010 of
a man into a saw or a growing woodpile ; :jitat
as if he could sunder the thread of his thought
with the Small ronrid Oinks' he' cuts in two.
Those who break awity, now and then, from
. ,
long I.o:ts 1 4 1 - 4 - 44,, -- #lLlgithig, do notaiways get
precisely what they go for, but .the .4lieirfOnelas,
the, life,.the; u+elltill elltettPktYPl. V.. a.9 111a b a ck
with, are worthy more than the power .they
waste. A real tired ache , is sometimes! a
luxury ; it gives a new value to mirk and puts.
MOM -than one feather into 'ti hard pillow,
Some men's heads• irli"..full of acute angle!d
ideas, every man af them: "'a . fretful porna
pine" with one qaill. - l'oka.,,**t such a Mau
on a high trotting burgs, ix fox, or, if nothing
nobler, a prairie wolf, in:the distance, and ten
miles to catch him in, .and those ugly angles
will be so tossed about and iritniatird; that you
can handle any one of his idesawithout glo es.
I A goixtshaking baa been known to rattle ut
an :Alain of knowledge that rolled away w
~ ' -
i l °
heti itfir iliektriiikifiriiiiiiMiriditie nor
ner 'of a men's mind; *Ma l held .been given 'up
for.loriti We believe it was Torn" . Moore, whose
verse;- t ameto th Nr ia Yf 1 -ill„ for 'IV 1 # a
Word: . X rude Soke in a thol'Ongh:gaiii vehicle
&a: l th** olianog flyilabli ant 'into' th 4 ' light,
Mid BO the encamped verse folded .rip its tent
and moved musically on. "Exercise" issoine
thinikinore *thin work ; ,it is working out ; and
ttat Wet t u k t il*. l l.u.tiftESTM;xiajta an
atintrt; 94 - 01 - Nhet?,.. yilyt - of the old
rowid'of a Maks* is 4i4-ont
of the mental
straight jacket':-= out - of the shell of self "Anl .
usements, "diversion," ' elation," any
, respectable dictionary will tell you conitek. and
l t
to ad b e mir4lY" th, ‘ eliii66, - ~ d ., s3airia ; a ' If , L au
L recreated, arta he 'i•nran new/ • ran
away fro m rand' ; be . a fugitive - frOM '..
:7:e7la,,tLetTijifth4y, ottrefrtoo°nilazysaerto leap etud : -Yl ; .- " - lull
Pell' :
otrofemsz Wood's adverkiseme*
.1 •
r ...4 13r
••••J• , •• ..• t • . •
t 4sti
DOlOO C Co t
4ATIC o pipiNTION_ rue _
the Court House at' &Wen erolt*Te - yesUrd .
and was presided Tovtiriby Mr. George J. Eiltoo"
maker, of this city. There was a - default in the
representation of some townships at the upper
end of the county, and in order to afford time
for belated delegates to make their appearalice,
the Convention, after receiving the credentials
of the delegates present, and the appointment of
a committee on resolutions, took a recess until
2 o'clock p. m., at which hour, the. Convention
re-assembled, when Mr. Auchmoody, Chairrnan
of the committee,reported a series of resolutions
devoted exclusively to the condition of our
country, and taking ground in favor of com
promise and peace. They were unanimously
adopted, after which, on motion of Mr. Atoh
moody Eon. John J. Pearson was nominated
by acclamation as the candidate for rresident
Judge of this Judicialnisbict:. The Convention
then proceedK , to,select the. candidates for the
remaining:county officers. - :The ifitowing woro,
chogen to to 'the time'f Closing our report
Salmi Lawns; Halifax.
T. ALM( lluayrox, Harrisburg
Ds: DWI ' S BECK, kiiusquatuuma.
Da P4N7D ril*"; V*/tanker
Dit, Imp* *me; **kin.
Dsma, DRILL. —lire notice thirpapers, tkat
the' ounals of itilladelphia have reconuneruied
to the business men of _that city. to' close their
places of burdnese et 4 o'clock-every aftemopn
to give clerks aud others an opportimity to drill
ancluccustom tilemselvestotlke.rise of the mlit .
ket. In eincinnall., this i la done, now, and re
see no reason. wily we of i. ,. :C! .. tirigiurg should act
profit by the exampl e , Are believe_ our b4d
floss men rollAc4erlftgy c heir stores
'worksbOpef, - a - y`i - 14;m: - Eoar'LViirl'in the af r
noon for this2Vitie: One or two that e -
OirtliC•islibiect - approved of sit,
and erpressed a wish thatikeilliaaien - worddibe
taken in Ake mdtt r..• ` 'I•'lioltiiide'ef no one TII
suffer if the thing is properly carried out, end
no one, we presume, would befOoilsh enough,
toquestion.the propriety of a move of the kifui
at this time. Should the war continue, the
government will neat more strong arms to 4e
fend it from the assaults made upon it by trai t or
hands, and it is not nacersary for us to say tat
one company of well drilled men is worth
most ten times that number i of raw troops Ilia
know no, 160'0* tttiqawkdti*.tlielniort•
ments of an army tbaU . :aplg knoir s about knit
ting. Shall we have 'dilly i
,T1t01:11441 4T 4 rikI:NWON. 991.11X)11,7 , 4 1 - 1.4.RHD1-
.. f t 7igliTlq 4
1761 . 11[7:W '.. rr 4 111ii, - 17. I
Ilitterin - the Newark' Mereury;: *Our Princeton
College; New Jersey.,; thus alludes to a eiroun.-
- 041/I Pf l V - 6 4 1 :0 3r8 / 4 f e q! it i t al i f i f t r.
tkin: -- ` The %Aw l it 'bailey; mentioned' iiii • pie_
letter is `a son - of Hon. biota - Casey;
. . .., _ , -
city, who *vies with h i s father",,lii 140
.a.eal 1313
loyalty and attachment to our glorious *lfni ;
"There has been for the last- three days can
unusual excitement in-the college at Prineettin.
The demon of secession has disteirbadthe al' c
stream. Princeton Ste" iontlis ago under t
au expurgation which. we hoped .wouldibe - ‘-.
plete: One - hundred Valiant ' sontheners ' ' ett
the country for, Vie emnitry's•goed.' . Theponi
ent session .liegaiiiicene' four - week s; sines;
accession of students from the northern stem
was unusually , and the college, "
standing the serious loss in .nuniberii, - began a'
new year witl:Qiuotitl encour aging prospec . i
They were, ; however, hardly settled in the y'
'routine before it biu*AO' uninistalUld t
tilitt.thO 91.**ig:Of ,the previous ;,
t s
not by ..any means,; --- •- :- .: ,
' "The returning: Marylanders, 'with lt . , w
hertOiabli.'elbeptlons; we fennel:to; be deei . ed
traitors, and ~we are sorry .to, Sit that.. We.. - : ve
been ' obliged to- rank in the same : . . L : .. ui
category seme'ef• l isiir.c . own - felleVeiltglirri :a.
The ma jority of ,them maintained` a!: tikid st
Silence but . few.: - cit. - t hem 'soon bailing) ..
- •. n
obnoxious because of their open L . d
undisguised sympathy with the south and L . air
hatred of ' the. nation al 'go eminent.' `titre' - , -
clignation arid4fiest which some7thee . .
been brewing anibrig their-classmates and. ~ .W:
Mu - dente TOWard them, upon; last Thursday' ... .;
initiated in: dedded ,L aoffon.- 1 ; -, A party of • : ve,
or fifteen visited the rooms of two•ii:lf them -- th
the intention of 'pumping'thes4i .. Their • ' " es
are Francis Dubois; Jr.,J :of.: new;York city •.d•
Alexander FnlliatondX, of itilladelphia. I; L
of these gentlemery,Mi. , Thilerlon, .. : . . : : .1 to
evade them, arid t04. - rOfpgaiii theAusta, tit
the:other was .not so fortunate, indraiai,.- ~....•
pelted to undergo a most thoroughlr:. , : . • • .•: '
sielehlOgfrObi the college pump. ~ •-•'...' .
"On the following the faculty dficii*efed
41E464 tliti *tit* e n gaged Aid &aided to
pend them from thebastitntlon. This action tof
the _authorities , caused intense excitem 't:
among :the itadelits;lind arwhidislielre n'
was seriously advocated by quitee number.
Saturday morning the,President gave noti to
, the thieedetecteiroiros that tine, /mist. gii to
their homes until. perMittoilliy . .-the.leitreilty A?
return 1;!'. thifiditttlis . '' '''"' " . ' , , .:.
...."He. Wrufdetermined upon. the subject and
• -'ef- •
1 f.t.t . TWas pp priding,..)
Who trail* 7 ,
of ini4lovernot - Betide*: at Eistainl iisaffig !
. t...,.._: -
4,l iser of tarrishtleffi'and'fikususKtlxkueY,
' Fhiladeliihisk Previous td their- departure -- e .
.members otitiii .fiollege.'nriibuted . .*:leater .
:and elegant barouche-Arld• decorated: kt::. y '
tastily with American fags i 'lb this thateit
tached a long„,-repe, and placing t 46: - tid:
o the
citizens, *Ley. eirewithern-through the village
. tO,
the depot"ll:66fetwo l lefiiiiiiif Itudents held:
the rope,' and- Were , ~preceded ;by • .titiiiiiekiinTrie
match' through the town ras . :Eiat" l i i 4l ; .,..
"At the depot an immense :firOsaii ..101 fa . ,::,
and studentw.wieuessed. then'. •ilepeutural iI pi t
President' says the matter 'shalt 'OW efid 'h UN
but Pesmiees'. 7 44.: 114 0f:iin5 7 :.40g5gek.. 1 4 Ahe.
proceedipe•abeil - eider.- . Thus. -law .m4ter
triltl;l' CAMS I-A. noyelty ! Call at Kell s,
91 Market street, Wherelou,willfind aritedki.
assortment o 4 !gig C4F)I4.
" A,Pkerin
will be held on . Monday next, at ihiehulo
woods for. the benefitof the Paxton TYibe. fit.
HATMO.retornedfrom the olty,l.nowlumi on
hand -full assortment of all kinds. of. Dry
AlticALL..2o AM' ..Of Any' Alicau . d.
of Stockings.; a splencil4 ,. .of pl_ f t.lapaelus;
a birge L lot &WV . Warts; ',OW ym*. of Ch!ash
for Toweling. .A.O ot l 13Miinier . Ppm
affros ki at gres4 redizotionkis t
q. pER 1-1 1 - ' VIREGIIVIII ' - '1
VE-from choice 4 eotedAppliee,
14, 0.....
~ • ..r,:iir. - 1 , .. , :.zi - ..: 181 ?1, ~,iiiiZtalm.
1* OBTAIY r TO iltiiier.up.' -
p - 64.E,§silmAN a PILLS
litlepayagi hinietui t'birdeamitinl, X. D.,
- -
. in
1 1
of ingredients theS4
Pills are the resulted a lons and extensive , lamellae:
ey are mild*, their operation, and certain in correcting ,
all irregularities, Painful Menstruatious, feminism all ob
structions, whether from cold or otherwise, lisadacha s
psis In the We, palpitation of the Mout, whitei l all ner
vous &Inches's, hysterics, fatigue s pale to - the back and
limbs, ke , disturbed sleep, which arises from litcrrup •
lion of nature.
Dr. Chesesman's Pills are Invaluable, se Me , will bring
on the monthly Period with regularity. Ladiet who hire
been dlsipio rated' hi the ilia M other Pills Mut ptioe' the
utmost confidence in Dr. Onceeeman'a Pdle doing all that
UrrSW I VI.„ I I. I9 , 1'1152
There is owe creduicts.qf the fatale system in which Oa
/has cannot be What without prednew a PEONL.T.A.
Irssm: ~,-Tftgoan g ion ottee=lll=oZ.,,
the heart KINVAStias ON: "4
deaq maheitte to restore the sexual' fusaians td a
eanditioti; l at Sirs tke reproductive power oritti-
Warrameapieisly • vegetable; and' free from anything
inJorions., kronen directions; which should be road an
oom; any each tea.. Price Snit by mail on endow
wir DR. CONTRIIS 01111119 . 41 f, WI, /Nei
. h4ty on. Drug gistineyery town le,the,United States.
Geuerair4Ont for the United States.
I.lolreitinly, New York,; .•
To whom all wholesale ordess shoals be addressed.
Sok* Harrisburg. orilf Ai. Samar.
V e it> "re u r i r *
iTxxxiodUl lik preVO: '
LtheKl: i ti . E PILLS . HAVE BEEN USED "sl*.
dostore for away . yours, both in France inc
with unparalleled. suceasa-in-every-case ; tind
be is urged b aunty Unittamint ladiem who used them; to
.., p . hait:alliptiiiint, to of tboao re py
l ga fr om
.. Au **Tin ,ott well le nto i.,
a pt tik f ravel, bpi will not it .
Female. particularly situated, or these aupposukg *
selves so, are cautioned against these rills while in that
rendition, ma they are Bur a to produce iniscswriage, ano
the proWatOr Magmas no responsibility aftcr is adrinti
üb ottlon,22 ... iftillit.? ., , . _ e nd s =
anfilit el rittalp=hlo=tyt4 -- tom= F r
u 00 par
,box. tiold wholesale any retail by , „ „ . • ' gaitallihh.illitNhiVikroDradstatv , , L.
No. 2 Jones Row, Harrisburg, Pai .„ 1,
••Latitast i n by imiltding,)4l4l3l 00ao. the Beffieherß
Post Oillos, oan have the Pills sent free of ebaerva by
any part tit the cosntry VioulltleuthOlyi and,"VN of .
Lige by' mail. Boht also by S. S. Mein, Byd
ionninsk, Hottywar it DOWD% PhilaOsi .1. L. llo;
eatiostitflimbi t a, -batik NI-Unwaio ) . ' •Unotiaar; J. '
lirour..Wrigh le ;N. T. Kumla, York i . and by thi. ,
in every city and village In the mar
4 1 . 1ri nts, 011 e proprietor , New: York :, , ,rt
N. n e ...Leint, ont, for countertelts. -ace remi,
of any kind anise, every box 4‘stiptp•A p,,Howe.,, Ci,: .
,Were area base impoldtion and aka ate ; therefore, to.
you value yap! ilvo eactikesith,„,(to say nothing of ' ,
eg bumbuggia fitifrof YouthloneY) buy only of Unica .
ebe dhow , Aiti di .1., D. Hope on.,„,evecy bus ,
diliAii ban
.t l P4PZi na ! er i ai k - :48,AWdiiiiiii
. -
.. ..;00•Tefp4Tiet,
t rim .Cfsentaat's OFFI
Kept.: 14, 1861.
ICALKD proposals will be received at thislof-•
, floe until 2,-ecieek P.' MI 'on , tdonchiy,.6opt.
28, ,186:414.47thef011kiedng ;trait Sophes„.
liverableathrbefitate Military Saart,Harrieburg,
quantitiesaarequiretl.. , .Baid • proposals to be
publidy opened at the time and plata narked,
audAho ul :biddeie to be anneinneed, as
1 soontthereafter as convenien t - the right ::bejog
I reserved bythe State 10 1 -increase' or diminish
the number and,guentlti:Of said articles ;
Hoigittalr,Weitor Ida; Polo: Pinsi'
etc., .. complete. ; • •
Sixteen Hundred and fifty Doman:QUl* poles,
pins; : etc., complete.
Tiro. hundred - and .fifty. Wall Tents, with flies,
. poles, pins, etc., complete.
OnaihmdrQ , . Drunia, -Withliticks, slings, Car
riages, cases, etc., complete.
Two Hundred (200) Drum Heads—batter. •
pro Hundred (290) Drum Heads—snare.
- • :
and strapped, cotton.
Ten Thousand Haversacks, •arnly standard. :
Ten Thousand Haversacks, enameled cloth.
Ten Thousand 'ilialisacka,' Strips, etc.: tOm
plete,. army standard.. • , !
TeeTribiisekidt-Kiraptankir, 'Strips, :`etc ,
plate, enameled, clop..
Six Htmdred'ahro — velii. — •
Six rhindml.lllipadee: . . .
[Six Hundred Hatehets—handled.
six-Htintreds Axes—hinidlech
Six Hundred Pielni--lhandledi
Ten Thousand Tin Plates. - •
Ten Thousand pain Knives and Forks.
Ten Thou:Banff Tin Chps.
Three T l K , ueeo Mess Pans.
Grie`ThOusend GampKettles.
Ten Thousand Great Coats, Infantry.. ' '
Two.Thetwand Great Coats; for mounted men.
Ten - Thoiriaid Blimaes, liried. • •. - - i :'
Ten Thousand dark-blue Froc.k Coats. ''' • I
Gtid i tirmigoid - yirdiskylble tape for chevron.
Two Ilximiand Cavalry Jackets.
Two. Thousand Stable Frocks.
Ten Thousand pairs Trowsers, footmen, dOrkr,
blue komp. .-". , . , .-.-: ..• • ..:.. _
Two Thousand .dark-blue' rabifeirmil Trowsins,
for mounted men. --* '''' "- - ' i' . -' • ' 1
Tiviiiity timuland'irkita Deena j l 7enilet shitr'•
'Thousand' pairs Drawieni: ' ',
Twenty Thousand : pairs Stockings.: i
Two Thousand .pairs CrivalryßirtB. : * '
Ten - Thetis's& Pahl Boots — at' ,"' ,'• • i
Ten Thousand Forage Cans..`' • ' - ''.. . 1 r ' ' 1
Ten Thousand, sitaz_lnfantryAccoutremente.;
Twelve'Trousand Dbuble Minters. ;
Twelve. housand . .LetUrs, Ala .IC.' inclusive.; ---
One Rundre&anct-Thirty Sergentits'Aikwhesi i
Ten Thciiiiiiina - Blankets' seven l'edt'ly" ilv :
feet air .
t a e i n r e ilbne4hisrifooßlolmir*ai.
. 4- '
iebtrifaii bi P onay y gllingliyp*Mifs."
i hlmorie timba,i .; L.i b liJ V I
Two Thousand sets of Horse , iiiipmentsieee4
1 setconsisting of Saddlkoompiete "id Iliadills4
' - ', /3143 10 11 19#0 4 3:rif0i, Vil
;Bit a t
morith a n rb•itit ana.,Ourb rfalteri ,, svattetiPS,
Bridle and Sintiriglek ;.. - . '''.' = ''' " ' --, ; , ' 3 l
Two ThousataiKuelMags. , • ' ;",. ' ,'. 1
Tito, Triiiialla !Irmo and Straw - - '', ,
TWorfikniiita cavary lime BliinkOti.' , ': i
.. , ItA,dmirkble that all, the atter articles be
UirfomeetiC4ruirulaitere r ainiishen itny .ottipm.
irre , furaished by .the z United /- Stet* , the sam e
mast prifortikin all respedti ' to thelsealed.l3 '''.-
4pe,ttiiiiii4i - Ake i polo States Quarter- •iik,
ter's office and military store„Philadeiphisi
teTer 4 Per:4lo449l3l l o.smcgaakitAriksLeThieri I
;lie retained as a forfeiture - until the - contrail,
is camPleted.,...Contraatorsloistate in their Pio:
pods the time when the goodseantie.deliv4 . ol,.
alit the speedy delivery of such itrilefeires; ar e
nestled will, be; considered ip-awarding the ecW,
truCt: ' Succeisfullerlders togive &ads withtwo
approved loinsitkaadialaines of suretiel to
Every proposal to be . endoised,ProAssia` !-I"evr
Army Supplies, '4lWisf te r, P 6l - 1 a
All su pplie s couta* , for, under' these - pro
point; tole de li vered. , at Military ''Stor..,o7„
iiiinse in tbe city of • Banishing, unless otbifre
1..... .11 -r - . .. , . 1 - charger-for-freight,
'WU oiAjuldeitiMlets.frektbelet Ace 0 ,, .t . de'
livery is gpiittffAhauto,Mar,mbmg, in Ina
case thredffiliVer li N swe d,- All pack
age&scirlediveredloterMarkedron the outside
with /umber, andilsonintioir of articiest4T i e l in?
iiiid - Wmus e ty furreisilibresemiii, together
with'istitrititourifikortimwenelosed, embrac
la& '• ' . , , k.' .., tmjilimpt,.l 4 k i rg Ad
u: 4 7 ..- - 4 " :t . . 1, . if : jW ' cli.
Limbs ( 41445 'VA r 4 ' s , e11,1r....41 ...., 0 ~ .orsi.
;Ds tivece ,
,Etit ; A pt,* ,AR. i ~
- -Ditto
1311/RTSI I SHittTeI SHIRTS 111
TEM OM:4.PP:sr 11N`411 KAMM
, .
- ,
THE undersigned eying opene&theW
hi n ukc tory of Shirt& &o; Aaiun
street, Harrisburg, ,do moot respectfully
Pittildiage and attention of the Ladies,'Oentleinan loin
iferohlota to-tlitt followittrassortinetit •o t
which are our own manufacture.: • ; ;.
!., • 1:—.
' 4. 2 COLLittW,;
_ .
,; ~,aorre
• . MAW SR ra, .
/M. ,
meo.thir particular attention of ,
ib out large.
Assortment of onder wake*, iin.; grow the: Wait Itn
orovekamultde - rig* . 81 .3441) LlStia:comuts,
barN,NATU,Sio.; in great !Welles, all of, *hick being
'our. own thauntraetumeo\lol# 01, 19 0 r ti" can b e
purobabettiAlit re
ishe.• "
pesonsideiaitoohatfuraishiogitigliown onteiials b emi t
baultionsting, men" ; 4`tto7•-ynrift,Y.4ozio pet:ord..
Int to grant. e a .Avotib ovik 1/ 1 4010$t ;for qemil.woiri
ireirilltisks- to itiettintfe; wnitiatteellfg 'to fit, and" gin
ootbotaiLfiotiob or 00 vputtabLOOr 11)e- style..dttialinttik
And • soittettiLl spixtial 4rdell4M be too** IS , -
tended to upon the shor test ,notist most.owstabis
term.. Also Merchants stt,pPlitt upon the woOteagOted
IP. , B( . .lgatoswiabiajobtroi or•undoi gailnetits:et. sny
disor4tioni, gm have them made to. order by- seudink
sample if awl kinds 4 11 be 1, ,
'• • "-
No. 12, Market
sur2u-demz. • • Birilsburg, PA.
. I Y+ Ol /4' next door io IRMO* WingeArth'ecOr7
NOrei.• • -
GLi.J - M. - 'G OA:YDS
'mjiEl . , ,Wl:;:-S.l ,
Boao, - " ,Pilio'
' zagging, prokimr,Amb.4 , 6.
WM. iiir snamc
•. 41ILT FILM=
. .
b.iIaiNcERA.AI43 4211LDE4,,
siT •
- :
LooEng:Maas apt, lotare
02 ditE4l4lTr 'BIIMO,
" !..-' )14.tiiinutfdit0 -
'`• • 1.0 ,st
aquilqre sikadlAUry
• •.X 3 t,FiseP df-PvarirAsie4P4s ol l l .-. •
PRAliiii:RlCAllair MO- NEW.
, '.• • '.,
" '
NICELObab urtaTEF.l
„1i49141W4Y, 4"Pivv -z641 L
u00d. .7z-F.,,
Board, Red = ,, toiv , ]s29,D
; ; • iv
QINGE thel Openhig ; this vast arrive -.
JeTtnriviona Hotel, in 1834, it has been` the einali tr
deovur or the proprietors to ma's it nutmeat Burman ? •
tonvenleut and r,tiomrortable home ,, for the citizen Ind
streak - 4r WO this lc .We Atlantic - 44
..A.orti.jobatever has eeremed nicely . to edministoF -0 , he,
cbmairthr iiA extesb3 they Lavern, deavorrd, without vet'
glint to,iest, te,Rrovidd,Tentl to combine rh i no elenneite
of Individual and ecall enfryolicii• Which' modern nrt
has invented, and modern tan .e aporoved ; and, the
ona..e which it his comcklancietiAlltiug the pant edi . yeitce
lea gratifying proof.thaz thblr-ellints have been &pyre ,
Mated' - , • . .
To tateni - Oa.mlserialesck 0:* tunes, when all are re
ett nraettbe thirCatioat'rigin economy, the mint r.
sseeek,,"••• :•• •
Have .111tedueed :the - %Prlce - . or Board to ,
Two Dirthiu par .. r
Da.: ,
at the seine abating ininir Of the itzwirtab - -w h ich ! -
their Ishii hatbutherio:Seen cupped. -
• ,L. qB6t• TiLlipPWRI• 46,ll a & CO. s
3 New York, 2, '
VAN .-EISCiWN &8111r71) ER
- IfiIiCEOUTH NVoitd -Engraving
-124 tbliltutY, earreetnese emit litepetot. Original
-resigns latehthiet e lor Floe, !emit Venbat,
wishing outa; by the ' irDitifeerriPt4Po.
man have limps of 400114ek: .Bore Fro oa, •
Machines, Stoves, Patents, ehgra lateen on per
4anal. applleatlon. . , , '
Fancy linvelopea, tabehfiaill Max irk ill,
.plaiting, Ittnitneea and other Garde, 'term the
lithest, style of art, and at.',lte *meet pellooa
or spaoimioul of ene elevating, see the litestritedx
B: works of J. . LiPlahoott &Oa. 11:111, Hauer /sew p ..?t
tr, oafiaar 'rtup*:
. atreet,. a .few.;
kj. deers below nradWit Hotel, Harrisburg. Afire
hasr s litrollic " Rao .CoMni always oh band Itud
neetlillubdtiod to Order. . S4er' plates, Tetisit rec
PRq i tt-. ,0 , 1 . 0 13 . 8 0 8 4. * 1. ' He:Of, .
Select SohOols for - Boja and
PHEYAIt of Re t tat MvErmEgm,
Salmi ler -MY; will °Pea on Aria,,lkailiir in
sentalliber4.-r2ba rosesis.twelislyalnlHated,,;,gontlertihly
furnished, and in: every respeetmdained , frsehool nnei•
pink; . ' h.,' •••
CarIiARINK WELWHlPkgehool for girls, *Med Atk.
the tamebetldlnc, will oparforthe NMI term st the smut,
time.:The teem.has been elegantly fitted up to prontoW
the health and comfort of sohohtnt. auggitittd,,
. --f-,i,Pooili- 1 1
. ,
plitE utidertignedaivoniti respectfully iin
jeliiiin the oldster* Of "Thorifiburg that he is prepired
Iniutemsinravyvarrottbiraityttykerna Valley,-Trdsor.
esi lat
ton and Wilkes e Coal 10w...a .any other delvers. in
i ....
rir _ii k J. W '
r 4 a and g e a ary i
Aghtitil 1 ~,
f1:Ai..0111AN00.4..304. A ,AUG-Ani
, - (22,4 - it . of t weerii the en li l
ißlit‘ cek • tall 4i, late i ot ', /ii ii - 7,1 - a
ifi. a we IlLarkei:llo7 .
/In a l l 14 14 S l l
nit r . 1 41310, 41 9 4:47 :A ', l ! be e :
~, . ,-;..) • 1:s -17-dkr. ,- D L •r.. 2 A 3 . -c - .
Tat. r e eppeo d tly
'4 l lsPog, Rtitputur.Omturior
krottiiithtgMals%Vddhrt o p d u i
third Street honor ELWIN Etna Thankful for past "
:pinkie; ha ham tlOniolutahraes to cult
ainputlnuance of It.'
IPI4 Xlll • J. .10144.,1
jOR BALE.-oriff Of • the best bust eea•
aging to the otty.ollC raison:bin terms, or lased
for hoses or five years sttlated mihirketitrifet
oqi I:lltrert,
tosetkatoi swift) gos o
Jv 9:du '.I:IANtr4
City Property for - Bale.
aid look grand,oo 0 0 6 1 64 4
ifilltw mos Al
ry'satiWafininiaop Avenue.
AlsoliVQ LARGE PMOB l o4 o4 xV,s?#ditkkn . es
neaf,ttane. Apart° 0
L . n '
No. 2a. *gib &bond ,r
AllUrgirliKBll7, Tp rot w c hie
' apply:fit iitti Sfire ' wal k Shit, jand
~ __._ Alt A E4IrA.
ati.'llBl4T.—The iaige wei
• --btablenow-ccompiect-brn er ilmeanneajr.- Egli, on
Third street near ilindtet, glib as office suitable for
attorney. PeeefeedioiliTen . do,for October next., bfi
quire At the-rl'irra
1011 GS:loW;s.onEet I
u".4 0C 11441 0,61 1 4:414' .
r.,l;trstr .
. - • - ----•- 11XEICLY
1..• ~,,...,,,
-,...--,--. -, ingilyin 111 W YOU r ' • '
, - - •
. .
. , , - Amu , iii Quatenown,or4l6loUrar
. . New . I erie and Philadelphia .6 Weenpmeip
. *iii .d. snatching their fell powered cerle;tridlA it=
dishing XIV tollbirs -: -
AF46/11610W, agerday SrmidelitberYt- - altt 441 PM
Amtm a our or, matiCiumaa, saturdo.,espilibbir
gi r oary OF,X4SPWraiLk Or Wm-, YOW . f i elnteirday
:embed S i t; and 415,L57 5111rday at
. 11k",, tro. no r
"mitttithlti.' - : '
IQ - C, i - i , -:. •, J'.'i - ; 1, -111111111 4 Cle rAbill4ll. •- - , • • '• •
WVA1ai . ..14.4.. i::ilia.4 l 3 . BIWERMINC.... gyp 00
:do . to LoOddle:”.480 , . d ° - 1° rd... E 00
..."_, , t4pirtir-- so. opt .77. do. 'tik. irte ... . 00
.e O :L. -, 101.6aithertr;,.166 , 00 !-- do to .- 16Ambori - . 06
.r6ansengto4 also ibrinitrild44o - 311erte;Btanten, •• phew_
dam, Antwerp, &e., et eephditiowirallea 1 , .: .:::,
Am Tl•ersons.wistaing au...pau1i,6610414...., . I tSbicen buy
if Vaili6re' 11661611'iiikii ritAtiOd Pi*: 1 : rroak
LAitipo6VOt'illedkittosil l ii l -I#looftritikildiadeslo6 .
A l Werilkge ither. 1 , 4.606011!•414100110.47461$66100 11 owa,
ltr L. ,- • i ~-, • , ,i ,:.,-, •-• • • il .•%•...; A lli taill. f
I, . di e " 0 1,1 *.oieit truer. .'eupedhar . . Or
•=ii:litittlairit itpeftencoceS6too6i: - are
11Water4igtil W 44560664, indlaitilegill Piro
LA1 1 0 1 414 , 0114..0n,b0irt,,, , . . -. . .is- ,A 1 , iii4i.v-'
Jett Cher infonwiOn apply in lAverpont toWAALANI
1r41116,w,' 4010,22 liraiel , Street ,} '- is . Mingo* in , INV.
744.111N;114. - -hone•ftuire ; is! Quieutminy*C...& R.
I , i airemouttw.CLl: ; In ;1,4;n - deal° 41174.11 , /MOT, 61
Bing William -St. ; In Pori. to • •ULVS-GROWN I 6 , - (hoe
• 4•44.80uni ; .
.in Ybiladielphla to .10fili G. D. 4.2, ill W.ildlitittititit, ;or at the Gonepany't dikes: - , -
.1.60:11. - DMZ; 'Aletit;
L 5 .Br cadwaiy,, , Nlor 'fat.
Or. Q.O. Zimmerman; stens.. 51, ar rspsmire
•'474:1112t; B. Ott%
LVfr 3. on Imnd 4,large citiaortmeut of
satis,"Atsttc.cs, &0., of lite very beat
Prlcpaidtitittt MOO O'OOK *AOC TO
0P.04k 01Abit.000. 4 218 by.silseriar workmen
IWPALOPO„fpoiliflabcirt opOce.
olOOS•da ; 41AV it. BEM Harriaburp
: .L.Togicii.ruitowszt,, it, A g t.
it till'int _COR.KAADJAG
:4., 1,,, :„...., ,:. . 1M 1 . 11 .1; t;'. :• . i',<; j , .-1 . 2- . ,
CohilitlSSlON•i - M8R01L4411%•
'fIOODS• A ND' MER.OHANDliiE'pecOptly
'‘jl l 4tiroded. by ' Prindati Atli eet iteittliketterWero
Central, Vamberland Valley sad Peasetyleaulatilaileesas
oat Canal., i
' . Ilstrilgir ill ORAItIi.N to t4no at , .Me
dititO die dilkiiiint'Roftroid depoui 'OM' be 0 'at the
Ow, iiiiirestolooV • .
F.0.A11m...4 removing. grill be pro .eanly asseeasa . la.
linters ,ell at, Breal's aursoess. Hotel, or Et the store
or It. it Witniiiii`,Arilf re ..eive pct it,ii iaaiition. . .CO 11-.
Iniottaketwi , of treagOt rekpoot r i olly•soltalted • ..' .
. ~. 1.. t. ..,. JoiliN 4VALL . ww.iiit „Hi _,Agt,
1113 S — -
a. 17'. 7ML CT El 4t..) 4 t3 - 1 -
rit.....v 440 0, 49,01. U P TH b
- - WiALLoW E lAN ri.
: 5 1rItg riPORT V10E4 1 4.0.1% it;
tub 414001sbnicos.nriktiou.', ad Ttepibnid oirry
treiefto4-4141*.a. h*T., , boutleon
Jraityto 98 , 111 istf#l.K.
Per _ k
kotlk !Op aii"vvaps . g i e
MAYLIIV • - I:l4lllsiditlboi "Orkilibil 4 041
- pa
0019.4firaLlSeirdistatiansiiikm c
gu if l NOW lailtedrr
, •
I •
m 463314 sab
Anti tb Narita Week , above 1111gbib, by 4 nAtriddieeW
will art i,43 tit aarriabors4 -rniwir= tor., dell wr7: ales Dem
; C
, • •
""- ITEW OF flo4t,'"
fir ti;s4loi4 ik4vpig . ediereci in
to thirOlUti; Mid/Mit would restmunfully
4 944,44 Pi#4 , 4 6 Yrodlr °AWOL d Win deep tit hood
gourilltwO 141tatt, Man tbe =wt. oelletwato4 and, apprdatti
liallWastkitt. Itad OeUvoroi to toy pin o r toe 'Aty.
4r•ldon*OL'AlettatatiOttalW xl Foal- Mem n
(aWitaNTIND., Km am& IT Mot 13Als
t=n l ° T tNWII , !-:Qul'ObsAtit • kV, dko *Ma
q, •• • • reieave 2,340 poeiubi (Ai e Tau:
. "0 t tldt 14' YOUWWVtareat,attdoOT *tor fr ont Miner
rjr.allkkjiltutliia.llier toned_ North eireeini
den lel let Other p millrroeive prompt ettoutioo.
an 41411, —" friPIV W. 1141.1 •r•nt
• .
.; ,•,
.p.moismirr t ifkuirialOprot, .
111-afutqw r i g li ttuse,
JUW44ll3liiVed roriade w Ilia lowa= Akio , MO*
4.1 ,vw.K.419911 4 1 1 , ,112 i
I tollioid lOrkia 4o i Rivlsi.enhdied. , . Dollars
Arstno of JIFFY. rowlsturaM.,
: • I ;;Haii"i * . !.- 4sll4lAittlit.l4l
iNalk 11 (Intßl .I.l,—Staldtly purAN, spark
1 1501 , 04 41100--bas reoeived,a SlttatiliKka_ar Di
. ev*27 itiftal9o l k 1860.:; !or
ALL„ "Oloitieloduroust7 - hirg•AssOrtinesit:ot , L.:
'•=7 lB ?",C o lv.Wkor *TIT 84a
, 121 cry= Km Via; tiest Amite' ofsnaatu re 4
MI the diftedaitiltiatta titithrizti Qwv.
Aims&olont flosinim, in the ear.
) P4Atratibli i1#111136.4.
sailiaiierithtili Weenie iftwaiti-41
•• • , . . . , L-1 '4,: ,-, •:, !,
, A
--, , ..,..„0„,...„,,,-.-..,-,
iisint 'isti44o . , 48 ietatoveir his
I . PLUMBINWIRM'Mk t " FOUNDRY treat Market
41 6 9NO cl .FolgAti 9 41 1 01 eb!erTi m MiMiellegetMeM4oi Bathe
elie* , :thar4krur s tri l t r illit he M irl°l
Atlettloa V 9 basin $ tnefit t ,
s m i l uku nd i ...... ... ...... . •e
-..1...:.../v...... liinAlui4ovi . .
• --"-• 0:0 1;k11411. r 's
*BUM rltialAtrittitY
: No: 69 :Market btrett- -two Ward
• i••• ;
itelahnithla 4.4 "
..1111,0 g
1214priOntp,Eitar'Uttlit .
' 'l"unisik
•-• 10~1 1 111atil thanelso heAny ot
• ..rnritiele:, 43ohntiry_inerekultoz m
Ortino •
I*kir ;t ODI .
• . ; .•
. E. .
4; ; OBIFTyaBUIia:J , kU,:
MER deriagnikr
• lttta titiAl a
uNacar iatco nniiennAefee.burlVehnneol.l l tait ine
Iso Vi ter cOlll. untie 4osehme lemma every
,eyeryitoeefta i rr eh,dAutrdes, verpoo every
other_ . r OhY • ke,..Uhelfmlo 4 4 o w".• u q kbur g.
Petirobortt end • ehitriraftroetii.o et re.hteiet +ties.
. TATIii.
A.HAtr-,OVIIII:(X)ATS FOIL 411&14.E.
ToNewii .Organized Regiments.
, ~.1
Ail° . 1 . 4, INe very best overeoglit e ,o 2 .4 6
joas ak i
. to' 0. army refgatol4, 141410 rig-
Lat equipf ' flei l ilen t , ''' ° r ° r ' 414 . 1 0 .1014 t
, I -1 1( 1 k€ki - bkeee ' 6 ek4 ~ %gib
huts: ',I , 4:`
__'___. _
.. ‘`• , I ";dl , - - 11 la
TEAVECK_ .. ......
ELEVEN SUM* 10 • • m:*. a are
wtinWtil ititritatiiik thiciel - 1 ."-"" ' glig"`' big
.kailtiaed. iniikliollitidi ...' • L imilidreas
Hiatt I P. 0., DiMiawl 00., p g .
I.ii .0, 44 47' . ' ...:f . l 1 . . - .4 I ,PWAWAMITt NefiregrY•
zintouw logo ior ialioo.;Buitsted
Wrkfit o "FiPteatritit :PflitAm-kitvivOLop , say
..„? . .! .91 ' 1 9511.11T - 11.41I'' ; G*1714114Niqt_
r:o • —• 7 r
• egWO(
, Sf
XV.rIS. tit - /ir) 11,1i1(0'1:4011041;ratt) trfir^
fili1 1 11.!:21/ 701 Ilia
--INl:et dim t emtL
Hatrrigbarg, Pa