Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, September 18, 1861, Image 1

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1)lt. JOHNS!
No hieresary or Noxious Drugs.
Two DAY 8.154
weaKuuds in the Back or Limbs, Strictures, Pains to
the Lsius,leolOUS IN Um Kidneys and Bladder, Urgank
Weak tioss, borvous Decay of theYllyinsi fog
ere, fly Nicosia, Languor, Low Spirits, Confusion ei
Volt itatoiu Upalsort,'Lmiiility, Trembling; Duman
ot Sight or Gitichutera, Disease of the Stomach, Affectiont
of me Elead, 'Christ, Picso or slim—those terrible dolor.
dare &vistas from the indouretniu or Solitary Habits el
Toutli—thorn droofful and destructive practises wttich
produce cambim/um debility, render marriage lispisti
cud destrouy Odin body and fraud.
ymeig 13/cll especially Who have become the victims in
80 1 0 „ ry hot drumlin! and destructive habit which
bwopp to &LI untimely gqitve ,theusande
, lieu of the most exalted talent and brlllfattL intel
lect,wee might otherwise gave entranced listening
Senates with the thunders of eluetienet, or waked to no-
Wily the liVing lyre, may call with full confidence.
Married persons, or those contemplating marriag#4,bcw
lig aware or physical weaknese t should ltnmeallitely eon.
Dr, J., end be restored to perfect health:
hnosedfatay cured and fitif viyor restored.
lie who places himself under the care of •1./r. J., may
renoeuely contlde in his honor as a gentleman, and eon.
ruiently rely upon his skill as a phyticlane •
prOtlice No. 7 South Frederick street, Baltimore,
DLI the left hand aide going frona Baltimore Memel, 1
lure Crum the corner. Be particular In observing the
alittllt Or number, or you will mistake the place. Be par
ticuler fur ig n orant , reg./Lipp .Mreacbe, with false Dau m ,
Jr Paltry mobs, rtrificatet, attracted by the repine.
eon al Ur. Johnson, l urk near.
,ill letters must contain a Postage Stamp, to use on tht
Dr. Johnsen member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
Loudon, graduate from one of the meet eminent Colleges
of the United slaw, and the greatest part of whose lift
bail horn spent in the idospitals of Loudon, Paris, Phila.
delphis and elsewhere, has ellected some of the most ma
whaling cures that were over known. Many troublec
with ringing in the ears cad bead when asleep, great her•
ensures, being alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulness,
with froqueut blushing,attelnied sometimes with derange
ment of mind were Cured tilllnedittielY.
lit. j . ...breams all these who having Injured them
wham by borate and imrropsa indelgencles, that morel
and solitary babit wide& rains both body and mind,
fitting them for Wilber business or society.
The,, are some of the sad and melancholy en, cm pro
duced by early habits of youth, viz; Weakness of the
Back and Limbs, rains ID the Head, Dimness of bight,
Lass of Muscular Power, Palpitation of the 'Heart, Dys
pepsia, Nor Veils Irritability, Derangement of the Digestive
Fuostiaus, General Debility, Symptoms of Coneump.
lien, ha.
gIIVIALLIr, the fearful effects on the mind are mush to
be dreaded :—.Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, De•
pression of Bpirits, Evil Forebodings, Aversion tonocie
ty, self•distrust, Love of Solitude, Tiunday, kn., are some
et the evil effects.
Thowiande of pereous of all ages, can now judge what
Is the cause of their decline In health, losing choir vigor,
becoming weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, have a
singular appearance about the eyes, cough, and
me of consumption.
who have Injured themselves by a certain practice, In
delved In when alone—a habit frequently learned from
edl.;ompanione,or at school, the effects of which are
sightly felt, even when asleep, and If not cured, renders
marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and body,
should apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the elopes of hie dun.
try, the darling of his parents, should be snatched iron.
all prospects and eemments of life by the consequencet
of deviating from the path of nature, and indulging in a
Gargalli Beare& habit. do sh persona must, before COntem.
effect that a sound mind and body are the most Beeman
requisites to promote connubial happiness. Indeed
without these, the journey through life becomes a weary
pilgrimage; the prospect hourly darkens to the view; tht
mind becomes abadewed with despair, and tilled with the
melancholy reflection that the happiness of another be•
conies blighted with our own
By this great and important remedy, Weakness of the
Organs are speedily cured, and full vigor restored:
khousands of the most nervous and debilitated mkt
had lost ail hope, have 1300E1 immediately relMved. Ali
Impediments to Marriage, Physical or Mental Disqust il!•
cattail, Nervous, Trembling, Weakness or Exhaustion or
the most fearful kind, speedily anted.
The many thousands cured at this Instlution within tee
last twelve years, and the numerous Important riergica
operations mibrmed by Dr, J., witnessed by the re
porters of the papers, and many other portions, notices of
which have appeared again and agffin before the public,
Wicks his standing as a gentleman of character and re.
sponsibitirv, is a sufficient auarantee to the ethnic&
and imprudent votary of pleasure dads he has imbibed
the seeds of this painful dieel3e, it tee often happens Liam
an 111-timed sense or shame or dread of discovery deters
him from applying to those woo, from mini:anon and re.
speetabllity elm alone befriend him, delaying till the
'Motional symptoms or this horrid disease make their
appearance, affecting the in -ad, rnroet, nese, skin, auu.,
progressinion With frldillal rapidity, till dawn puts a
period to his dreadful auderiuge by sending tom to utakt
braille from whence co traveler returns." It le a mei.
midi* Mot that thousands fall victims to tins terrible
disease, owing to the uusallfuluese et ignorant pretend
ers, who, by the 088 of that deadly riniscvn, mercury, rum
the constitution and make the residue ol tile minerable-
To Sutanasits.—The Doctor's Diplomas hang In hill
Sr Letters must contain a Stamp to us on the reply.
Air Remedies aunt by Mail.
gpg-No. 7 liouth Frederick street, Baltimore.
Field ' Camp, and Hospital Practice,
lhay 2 4
(Near the Harrisburg Bridge.)
- 1.2§• Mills a lot ol flue COMMERCIAL NOTE:
APIS ,K wtm we will sell at 51.25 per ream.
the latest mid per Teem for NOTE PAtElt, decorated CIE mottos very handsome emblems cad' patrlohe
63.50 for 1000 WHITE vFLOPEBorith ruiticemand .
prosiotio embiems, penta 111 two colors.
11124 give us a call. MK ~ F.SCHNIfnit,
3111. ID. rosit
. • '
D. W. GROSS & CO.,
DR-tj'a a T
i Srrio n
NO, --18
We are daily adding to our assortment of
goods all each articles as are desirable, and
would respectfully call: your atention to the
largest and best selected stock in this city, of
varnishes and Mines,
Dye:Stuffs, Glass and ratty,
A.rtlat Colors and TOO%
Pure Ground Splos',
Burning Fluid and Alcohol,
Lard, Sperm and Pine 01
Bottles, Vials and Lamp Globes,
Castile Soap, Sponges and Corks,
&a , &c., &c.
With a general variety of
, .
selected from the best manufacturers amr:Fer 7
turners of Europe and this •oonntry.
Being very large dealem in
LiNsEEr?' OE, vemuszas,
c:,...\,=1:1/4:0-;..:-,-:...:" M..
Cd P I "
t a,..!,.,A0 . La
:: . --!•-i.....:•••' ' ,
We respeetfully invite a call, feeling, confi
dent that we can supply the wants of all on
terms to their satisfaction.
Of all kinds, direct from the Proprietors.
Saponifier and - COnoentrated Lye
Wholesale Agents for Saponifier, which we sell
as low as it can be purchased in the cities.
Being large purchasers in these Oils, we can
offer inducements to close bUiers. Coal 01 1
Lamps .of the most- Improved' pattarmi, very
cheap. All kinds of lamps changed to burn
Coal Oil.
one of you who have not given our HORSE
.kND CATTLE POWDERS a trial know sot
their superiority, and
,the advantage they are
in keeping Horses 'and Cattle healthy and in
g ,od condition.
Thorwands can testify to the profit they have
derived from the use of our Cattle Powders by
the increasing quantity and quality of milk,
besides improving the general health and ap.
pearance of their Cattle.
Onr long ex perience in the business gives us
the advantage of a thorough knowledge of the
trade, and our arrangements in the cities are
such that we caa in a very short time furnish
anything appertaining to our business, on the
beat of terms.
Thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed
on our house, we hope by strict attention to
business, a careful selection tof •
at fair *foes, and the destre%to 'pleas:44l4o
motft a,tontinnanee of the Id*,
Wing public.
New 2tOtitrtterittras
IigAIRSUAN't to an act of the. General As
sembly of the Commonwealth. of Pennsylvania, en
titled An Act , relating to Elections in this Common
weal-0;13 tikiroved the 2d day of 'July, A. D., one thou
sand eight hundred and thlrty-nine, 1, JACOB D. BOAS,
Sheriff of the county of Dauphin, Pennsy.vania, do here
by make known and give notice to the electors at-the
%%My aforesaid, that an election will be held in the said
county. of Dauphin, ON THE SECOND TOISDAY ON
DUMBER, A. D., 1861, (being the Bth day of u3tobel,)
atmhieh time the State end County Officers, as ioliows,
art) to be eke ed, to wit :
One person kir Prosideut Julie of the several Cowls
of Dauphin >nd t efianon onn les for the 12th judo. dis-
Two persons for Associate Judges of tha soveraLcourts
of Dauphin county.
Iwo persona to county._
the County, of Dauphin in
ihelisioseof-Repiceentatives. - •
:Ahab iieraon Rir4.lreddedlauteryi and tderlh of Commot
Pleas and Quarter r --, •
, one para•ol for County Treasurer.'
(he ~oleos for Regi•ter Willa.
One person .or County - Commissioner:
one parson for Director: of the poor and .1101148 , 0 f eta-
P lo 9 l ineul, ' : r;: :
One person for County Auditor,.
that the pluceacd 'holding thei - afOreliald general tad:akin
in the several :wards, boroughs, districts and townships
within the county : of Dauphin, are as follows , td wit•:,
Tue clecatin for the Furst Ward in the City of itarris4
burg, shalt-be held at its - Pdbllc School 'llotoci, at"toe
corner of Guy's alley and Front street.-
The election W at i Second Wardianall beheld•st the
weetoi n w.ndovrof lieres Hotel 9a Mar. et strata
'The ehatiou fir trio Third Wiod, shall : be held at 'the
School House in Wainut 'strUet, beivrsen :Second and
Front street. • r. ,
The election. ler the Fourlb Ward, shall be held ,at•the
Public bah , ef in , stata,strata, betweee.beeeed and
Third eireeib. ' • .
• The election .for the Fifth Ward, shill bit het:: at the
home beleng:to•General John Forster, on the State rose
eating from tee reservoir
.grouudsio the Peansylvaela
'State Lunstio HoSpital.
Toe ele,itiou to the Sixth • Ward, 'trial] be held At' the
.School House It wettaartisburgi- . • . '„
I For the township of Skqeonantia, at Idillerls(now His.
ley's) school boum. . „
For the towiiihip Of Lower Sivatara at the school hone e
.10: 1, in ' • • • ' •
For the townsbstiip of Swataraatithe Locust Grove Inn.
' , Or the borough of Middletown, at the ; Brick Robot,'
'house, street, in said bsiough.
L P& the township of Londonderry, at the Public Hones
of Joiteph Keiper,ln said township \.• • •• •
For the township of West Londonderry, at, he house of
Christian Neff, la said township
For the totriiship'of Conewago, erected out of parts of
the townships of Londonderry and Derry, at the house of
Christian Foltz, (now 4119. S. Foltz,) in said township.
For the township of Derryott tot, public house of Dan
iel Baum, In Elunimelstdwn, in said township. , •
Fot the township of South EfanoVer, at the #tiblio hdusti
of George Hooker, in said township. -•• , • •
For the township of Fastllanover at the public house
of Maj. shell's, (now Buyer's,,, in said township.
• For the toWnahiP Watt H g
anoveat,thesduibllis house
or 'Jabobledy . ,'(tiow itublee;) tiltiirtn*Othli:
For the townehifof LimerJ'aiton, at the public house
of Robert Gilottriet,"(mew Swelgiiit's,) in said township.
For the township of Middle Paxton, at the pub Rehouse
•of Joseph Coakley, in said township, ,t
Far the tollithip`of RUsb, at &Ilse — belonging to
the estate of the late,Jolii u McAllister, dewed now occupied
by David Rineal in said township.
For the township of Jefferson, at the house of Christian
Hoffnutn, in stud,township. 'i •
For'tlie of `3llcl seta , the hottie now --
. coca
plod by John Bizter, at Miler's mill, In said township.
For the township of Halifax, at the North Ward School
House, In the town Of Halifax.
For the:township of awl.; at the new Bohool _House on
'Duncan's Island, in said township.
Foi the borough of Millersburg, at Frain() School House, on the banjr. of the' Wlcotdactik creek, ist the liar. ugh aforessud, st
_ _
b'or.the township of , Upper Paxton, at. the house of
Jacob Buck, now occupied, by Samuel Book, in, said
township. •
For the iownship of MSIDin , at the publib house bf Mi
chael Enterhne, (now Benj. Bordner,). in Borrysburg, in
For the township of Whstdligton at the public : house
now occupiedb¢Matilda Wingert, in said tOWnship. .
For the township of Lykens, at the publio house of Sol
oinohLoudenslagur, (now iftiser) in the borough of Grata
For the borough of Grats, at the, public house of Solo
mon Loudeoslager, (now heiser,) in said borough.
For'the township of WiCOniSCO, at the School House No',
5, in said.townstup. '
I also, for the information of the electors of the county
of Dauphin, publish the following sections of acts of the
General ASSembly, enacted during the' sestlon of 1.855.
to wit:
Also. sections 1 and 8, page 104, pamphletlaws, w.
proved the 18th day of:l4arch, 1867, viz::—"That the citi
zens of the township of Londonderry, in the county 01
Dauphin, formerly enassood In , the Portsmouth election
district, together with such other citizens of said town
ship residing west or , the. public road leading from Port
Royal to in said townssip„ahall hereafter
hold their general and special elections at the house or
Christian Ned; in said township."
Sao. 8. That said district shall hereafter :be known as
West Londonderry election district.
RUSH TOWNSHIP—PIace of Election.
Whereas the place or hosMig.tne eloctiona in the town
M , ayer Rush, Dauphin countyoras by law at School House
number three in said township: And whereas; there is
no such School house, therefore—Section 1. Be tramcar
by Ike Senate and Howe of Bepreeentegieo kat the China:sn
ivel:Lao/ Penneybaniain General l iaserit4tad" and it is
hereby - enacted by the authority the' Same, That tbe
general and township elections of Rush Township, DanpMn
County, shall be held at the house belompitg to the etnate
of the late John McAllister, deceased,;now occupied by
David Rind. Page 88 pamphlet laws, 1868.
I also make known and give notice, Re in and by, the
18th section of the afbresaid act I am directed, " that
every person, excepting justices of the peace, who' shill'
hold any office or aPponinnent of profit or trust under Qui
government of the United abates, or of this StateorAny
city or incorporated district, whether a commissioned or-.
doer or otherwise, a subordinate officer or' agent, who la
or shall be employed udder the legislative, - juditibuy,' or,
executive department of this State or the United States,- or:
of any city or incorporated district, and also, that .every
'member of Congress and the State legislature of thn
'Select and common council of any city, conmdsidoinne
ally incorporated district, is by law incapable of holding'
or exercising at the same time the office or appointment!
of judge, inspector or clerk Of any election .or this Com.:
monwealth, and that do inspector or judge, or other oft.
der of any such eitaition,nhall be eligible' to any Mike .
then to be voted for." ' .
Also, that in the fourth section of the act of. Assembly,
entitled uAn Act relating to exhciitiOns,and, for other
pintxnes," approved April it. 1840, it ie enacted that
aforesaid lath section shall not be' so construed' as to
prevent, any inindsetlicer or borough officer. from .nerv
lug as judge, instiector or clerk at any general or, spooial
election in this ComindtOreahli:"
ASSN that in the elst section - of said act, his enacted;
that every general and special elections shall be Opened
between the hours of eight and ten , in the forenoon, and
shah continue without interruption Of adjourment UMW
seven o'clock in the evening, when the polls shall' be
The special election - Sisal be lield and conducted by the
inspectors and judgia elected is nfirrissaid,!and by , clerks
appounbil es hereinafter proilded.
No person shall be-permitted to vote at the election,
as aforesaid, but a white freeman ofthe age oft.twent2-
one, years OF more, who shall hive resided in this State
at least one; year, and in the eleition district where lie
offers to vote at least ' ten-days immediately preceding
such Sachem. and within two : years paid a state or county
tax, which stall have been assessed at least ten days be
fore the election. But a citizen Of the United Stites who
has previously been a qualified voter of this State and re
moved therefrom and returned, and who shall have re
sided in the election.district and paid taxes as aforesaid,
shall be entitled to vote after residing in this State six.
months : Provided. That the white freemen, citizens of
the United States, between the ages of 21 and 22 years,
and have resided in the election district ten days, as
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vete,' although they shall
not have paid taxes. -
"No person sball be admitted to Vote whose • mama
not contained in the DA of taxable , inhabitants furnished
by the cormnissioneni, unless: First, he produces a receipt
for the payment within two years, of a state or :county
tax, assessed agreeably to the constitution , and givks 0'129-
feettory evidence, either, on his own oath or alflrniatlen, or
the oath or affir mation of another, that he has paid • smith
a tax, or on failure to produce a receipt; shall make Oath
of the payment thereof ; or, Second, if he debit a vote by
being an elector between the ages of 21 and '22 years, he
shall depose an oath , or ailirnmties that he ipis reaided in
the State ai : least ppe year hefore his application, itut,9l.lo,Lo
such proof of his residence in the all Peedlia
by this act, and that he dead verily from
s otadheleitet the age itiba
uch othefha;2ehtAa.,_..ftstriVjttidxwwww
the Dube 0
led to the alphabetical list by the Inspectors and a note
~ >New. asinvettstmentviu ,l ' 1
...... .-. ....;......,..,... ..............„,..,.....,...:-.4...2.....
ent h ujEptilite thereto hy writing "the word " 'tax,' if 'Oe•
s adulated to vhttkhy reason,ofthaving Raid fax Air
the ' 'age,' if he shatibeitumitded to - Vote by reasois
of each age, and shall be called out to the cleric*, trial
ahallmake the like notes in the list of voters kept by thent.
" Ift all cases where the name 'tithe person chthonic - 03
vote Afoot found on the list furnished by the commissibe
ins AIM • assessor, or' his right to Vote, whethiSriell •
LI , K am So ja r AM, is objected to by any qualified citizen, t
the duty of the inspectors to , examine Subh pe
son th as to its qualifications, and if he °kith" tb :
have resided within the Suite for one year. or more his
oath will be sufficient proof thereof, but shill'inithe prodf
by at Meat one competent witness, who shall be a (Malt
fled elector., that he has resided within the Muria far
more then t5O days.,neM, immediately preceding ,graiir
election., tuittshill Wee 'himself swear that WO 'beast fide
residence In Plususinotrof his lawful (Shingle 'within this
distend; and that he di d, move into said district' rot
I ni hr"?°°rrw.ile - ,i. ~.......,
y ill,tihltittl aforesaid , and who ,shall
lee '''..2;ft' ' alas red , deltetifid p i yr r
meet of taxes as afbreesid, I be admitted' hi 'Vete ha
the towhship, ward,or district:in which he shall reside. '..
"If any person shall preveht,,or attempt-to prevent
any officer of any election under this act from holding sue 6
election, or use or threaten any violence to any Stich Oft
Cer, or shall interrupter. improperly ihterfere • with Mei
on the execution of his. duty, or shall: block up the win;
dow or avenue to any window where the same may be
holding, or shall rimously,disturb the peace at such' elect,
lion, Or 'Mill use on practitie InUmidating th reats, force or
Adolence,• with &design !to-influence unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him from voting; or to restrain
the freedom of choice, such a person, on conviction, aoall
be fined-In sidy gird not- eiCeeding five huildr&t lioness,*
and imprisoned Dr any time not hes than ' one month nor
more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown to the
Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that
the person so offending was net a resident of the city,
ward, or district, or township where the tedd Offence wait
committed, and not entitled to vote therein, theh, on emu
viction, heelball he :sentenced to pay et lthe of not less
than one hundred dollars or more than one thousanitdoll
hire; and be imprisoned hot lets than six Months or more
than two years.
" in case UM person who shall have recelvhd the second
highest number of votes for inspector -Shall not attend 0 0
the, day of election, then the person who. shall have red
attired the next highest number of votes :DV' judge at the
spring election shall act as inspector In 'his .Mace--i.
:And in cafe the person '
who shall have received the high'
est nuplier of motes, fir, inspector shall not attend, the
'person elected Judge shall appoint an insitector in bli
place. and in case the person elected shall not attend, then
-the inspector Who received the highest . number of 'voted
shall appoint a judge in his place, or 11 any, ,vacancy shall
continue in the,board Mr. the space of one hour attar, the
time flied by' law ihr the opening of the, election ~the
rqualifitel • votere Orlin tealiship;' ward, or district for
which sabtofflaerahall have been elected, present at - thie
place of election,' shall select one 40? their, number to. All
stich"vacancy. f
"IC shall-tie the duty of the Several Msessors; reepec4
tbiely to attend at the place of holding every general;
,special or township election, duringthe time, said. alecUon
is kept open, fair the purpose of giving information th,thd
'ihspectdoirand',JudgerwliedealleCon, in i'elliiton to the
right of any' person . assessed by them to vote - at' nimbi
nieellots, erauch.other Matters' in relation! to' the iambi,
meta of voters, es the meld Inspectors, 'or either of. them)
'Shill from time to time require." - 1 -, ~ , ~ 1
` loam .o wear oak mom : .., I
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 76th section
of the act first aforesaid, the Judges of the aforesaid ills ;'
trict shah respee, tively Udie,charge, of the certificate on
returtitifihWelecthei .of their .r•tspeeibte distAoti, , arid
produce them at a meeting of one judge from each dbe
trict, at the borough Or Harrisburg, on the third day
' after the day of the, election, being FRIDAY the 11th of
Limo ,ber then and there to do and performthe.dutieti,
'required by law' of said Judges. ' • ' ' • = .
Also, that where apidge by sicimeas or unairoldahle tic.!
'side*, is unable to attend such meeting of. Judges, theli
the certlhcate or return albresaid shall be taken cha i se
of by one of the WOWS= or clerks of the election to(
sald'illstrlct, who shall do and perform the duttenrekulieut
of ,said judges unable to attend. , '
NlToa,aereia 'R UM "? 1 :4 1 W WPM AND Liremort
11M Return Judges appointed`to Meet altrifiti Jridgei
from the County of Lebanon relative to thb attrition oil
?resident Judge will meet at the °court House in the bor-,
ough of Lebanon on TUESDAY the 11th day of Ort.berl
'it eleven trOcleet; A. H. 'The — folloideg section of the)
Act approved the 15th day. of Apift, 1851, providing for.
the election of Judges of the several countbse prescribed
their re-pective duties viz :
Swum 6. That in the Oille'or the election of meet:
dent judge of any judicial district composed of twit oil
more Counties at the Meeting of the retell:l:judges In each:
of such conntiet, the clerks aforesaid' shall mate opt
eta: cu ent or all the h tve been a !
given at such elect:lmi within:the county for every gierceni
voted for as such prmidentjildge, wolott snarl lie,signed
by said fudges and , attested by , the clerks and one of l ,
said judges shalt take charge of such statement shithi
produce the "same at it meeting of onejedgo from 'each 6P
said oountles, which meeting shall bibeld on the seventh!
day 6(kr the pleretion at the court house, of one of Wei
counties, tribe flied by taking such 'Counties alternately
intheir alphabetical order:. • ' -
,Semort 7.. That thoudges of *Miami aconites hay
tng to' met shall oast up the several. county returns and.
make a sufficientnumber of copies of a general return
of all the yobs; glien for Sue% office in said cilarici, all of
which they -abed. earilfy;tini one . of which therm:tali
lodge forthwith in of the . Wirt of 'common
tleas of each of said counties, and one of which they
enclose, seal, and direct "tor the Secretary of the
onwealtb, in the =inner presorPed by the hth
section of this set. .
Given wider my hand, in my. office in Harrisburg, the
4th day,of uepiember, A. D., net.
JA. 08 D. Bias, Sheriff qf Daupins
Sexamtki 0/%702, Harriahnrg, September 4th; ISet.
sapia-dinne ' - , .
RAID Quart Tug, P. PL
' • Ilarristiurg..Aug. 19, 11161..
"DE' DIRECTION of the President of the
AO United States, all volunteer regiments or
parts of Regiments aocepted direCtly by the
War Department "from Priursylvstda, either . with
or without arms, equipments .or uniforms, are
to be forwarded at once to,,Washiugton. Their
commandert will theriforii immediately report
to these headquarters ' stating the number of
men and the station from winch they are to be
taken, that transportation" may be -furnished
them without delay. By order of • . .
. .
• A. G. CII=14;
• • , Governor 'and 'Conunander-inLChie
°BAWL IhDDLE, A.. C. D - ang2
fisniusanne, Sept. 8,4861: •
1. .No pardon will be gran:ed , until notice of
the application 'therefor Shell have 'been giVen
by publication once a:week for two consecutive
weeks:in a nemipaper printed in the county in
which.the conviction was had. :
2.' No pardon will be 'granted unless notice
of the application therefor shaLthave been giiien
to the District Attorney of the proper County.
8. No pardon will be granted without first
consulting the Judge who presided at the trial
Of the party. By order of ;the Governor.,
Sec'y of Com.
• lIRAD Queuvrats;
' Hwaustrao, Sept. 9, 1861:
A BOARD OF BURGEONS for the exahuna
jj Bon of Candidates for the pot3t of Singe&
and Surteon'S mate hi IhePennsylvania troops,
will assemble in Harrisburg, at the Hail of Re
presentatives, 'Wednesdal , Oct. 2d, 1881, at 9
a. m, when 'and , 'Wheie allldesiring appoint
merits 13111 present themselves. • -
By order of the Governor.
Belo-gum surgeon General, Penn*
• ,•
LEASANT 'apartmen:o, with use of
jL , heater, bath; gas &e, with goM board, can be ob,
wined by - a couple o{ 'gentlemen at No. 6: lootitt titre&
(Mum 'lately occupied by Gan. If dler,) near -the river.
„ceplti.d2yr-2tax.- '
Tat,2:lN Ong. embar k ed
leicoblogalotie ßigiN
0t 1 4104 1 4 PO* thwitd
nous bora&
Inay2o42ra PIM 10211211/121L
El Si
Tat vipil
Lger Washington.
The Proelatitatton of the Governor-Genet.-
al or Cuba Pronounced Spring.
The" Deinand Treasury Naas.
. • •
%ammo* 'Sept. 17.
Theis is authority for stating that the pro
'Claination of the Governor-General of Cuba, re
cognizing the rebel flag, is spurious. No such
proclamation has been made.
The Navy Department has canse.for congrat
`illation in the promptness and efficiency of the
c'ornmandante' of the several Navy Yards—all
orders'being obeyed with remarkable precision
'and expedition.
" Recently Major General Fremont telegraphed
for a number of guns and gun i carriages, and
*Jelin less than day thereafter the depart
`ment wail informed that these war requisitions
were•already on theii way from Philadelphia,
Brooklyn and 'PortimbUth. there is as much
quiet around and abont 'the' department as' in
any of the ordinary government baits* yet
the amount of 'business transacted is very
:heavy and its itnportant results daily become
'more apparent. '
" By an order issued'from the War Department
to-day the 'commanding officei Of the United
States fonide at Hatteras Inlet,' Neorth OefOrMa,
li'anthorized tUxs3pt the services of f :such
loyal Northearolitdatv, not to exceed one reEli
inept; iglds:neighborhood may4ohinteer to
take up arms for the. United States, and to
designate a regular officer to muster them, into
service!,•f. . -
The recruits will be organized in the first in
stance into a batallion or regiment, according
to numbers. The mustering officer will make
timely requisitions for arms and other Remiss,
ry supplies, and 4w commanding.officer will, on
the recommendation, of the volunteers, -propose
such persons as he may deem suitable officer
the oompardes, batallions or regiments, that
may, if approved, be- commissioned by the
There is no truth in a ieport„published in
the. Baltimore papers to-day, that. three hun
dred of the enemy, fearing starvation, had
thrown down their arms and come within our
There is no news of any consequence from
the.other,side of the Potomac to-day, up to the
It is stated that our government has informa
tion that the proposition of the Administration
to accept the terms of the Paris,Conference, for
the abolition of privateering, has, been rejected
through the intervention of England.
The Poet,Olfice Department is in receipt of
the resumed overland mails., -
-The demand for Treasury Notes is so great
tin;t additional clerks, including some ladies,
have been employed to cut and fill theln• up.
Mr. Morgan, .the late:Minister to Portugal, is
here to tender his services to the government,
Prince Fstim-Sahn is appointed Colonel of the
regiment known es the Kentucky cavalry,'
chiefly composed of Vemisylvanians; and late
ly, commaodedly Col. Young.
Ex-Mayor Berret is here once more. .He re
signed his office before taking the oath of alle
giance. He has recovered his.youthful appear
ance, by the application of hair-dye, which was
not furnished to him in . Fott Lafayette.
Two soldiers of the New York twenty-first
regiment, died last night, of hydrophobia. •
4ever4.of the western ,Indian • tribes, that
have tairenarms against our Government, un
der the rebel flag, will loose the annulticallero i .
toff:ire to ,
"..Mrs. Ilpa, the fashiOnable spy of: =the
rebels, has not been sent to Virginia, as report-
ed in a dittiatch from Fortress "'Monroe. She
arid her daughters are still here under ex
. • htELAXIMPELLt, Sept. 17. •
Thefast greatnelebration of the adopticin of
the Federal Constitution took plaCe to-day, Com
prising st -, parade of the borne guards, 3,000 in
number, singing, speeches, an oration by Ex-
Minister Dallas at. Independence square, firing
of salutes and a general' suspension of business
during part of the day. A rain storm which
ecarunenced at noon interfered with, but did
not prevent, the carrying out of the entire pro
grankine. - The oration of ittF y "Pphai gain
hearty. ot ii, r i c ii to . the crushing out of the
lion against the Unionand Coustitutiton.
Tarmac Sept. 17.
'The llnital States-circuit court for the district.
of Neer - Jeitiey is now in kiltsioll. Several `trea
son cases and igerferanqp RP° ll 4 -
tion :,to?Aq l Aide:rig authority wilLcome before
thentN4Quaernial Orlon has lifertire*Wited4 to
fast as possible.
Skirmish near Sandy Hook Md.
The'Rebels DlsVersed +end a tieglitlive
or Six Killed.
NEAR SANDY HooK, itept. 17
On Monday whilst six men of the Ihweachu
setts Thirteenth were riding up the ithr.peth
en horseback, two miles above Harper's Perry,
they were fired upon by the rebar,. Vera the
Virginia side of the Potomac, and one man in
stantly killed.
It was soon ascertained that the rebels In
considerable force were concealed behind
large warehouse and other buildings in that
vicbdty, when Captain Shriber, of the Maim
chusetta Thirteenth, quickly run up a twelie
pounder rifled cannon, and fired a number of
shots into the buildings behind,which they lay
concealed, causing them to disperse with a
supposed loss of some five or , six men killed.
The young =4, Thomas gaper, Of Inez
vine, who was so severely_ wounded last Thurs
day, while on a canal boat opposite Shepherds
town, by the rebels, is lying in a v,ery critical
Great Union Meeting at Hartford, Ot.
U&RTFORD, Sept. 17
A large concourse of citizens from all parts, of
the State assembled here to-day, to listen to
the Ron. D. S. Dickenson and others. Major
General Pratt presided. All political parties of
ttie State were reprisented, and places Of bug
new were closed during the meeting.
Mr. Dickinson's speech was one of his best
efforts and had a povrerful effect. 'Senator
Latham, of California, sent a letter of apr.ofcg
for hisfabsence, full of patriotic
Asoirr "Dixas."—An elderly gentlenish,
writing to the New York Delia, gives the 161-
loWing statement in reference to the,yritere
&boils of Dixie's land : bo t
So common has become the error that this is
a Southern song, and relates to Southern, insti
tutions, that I must be pardoned if I bleak the
enchantment, and relate the fame abontik "14
Now, I do not wish to spoil a prettytillusioa,
but the real truth is, that Dixie is an inoigen
°Os' Northern ne,gro refrain, as common to the
writer as the lamp-posts in New York . city,
seventy or seventy-five ydars ago. •It was ogle
of the every day allusions of boys, at that time,
in all of their outdoor sports. And no one
ever heard of DLtie's land being other than
Manhattan Island, until recently, when it has
been erroneously supposed to rater to the Mouth,
from its connection with pathetic negro alle
When slavery existed in New York, one May
owned a large tract of land on kfardiattin
Island and a large number of slaves. Thalia
crease of the slaves and the increase of the
abolition sentiment caused an emigration of the
slaves to more thorough and Secure slave sec
tions, and the negroes who were thus sent off,
(many being born there,) naturally Ics.ked back
to their old homes, where they had lived in
clover, with feelings of 'egret, as they could
not imagine any plaoe like Dixy's. Bence it
become synonymous witn an ideal locality,
combining tuft, comfort, and material happi
ness of every , description.
In those days negro singing and minstrelsy
were in toeir ixtraney, arid any subject that
could be wrought into ti belied, was eager
picked up. This was the case with " Dixie
It originated in New York, and assumed the
proportions of a song there. In its travels ft
tors been enlarged, and has ".gathered mewl'
It has picked up a "note " here and there. AA
chorus has been added to it, and , from anhudie
tinet chant of two'or three notes, it hat berpais
an elabonde mektly. But the fact that it's
not a southern song, " commit be rubbed until
The fancy is so popular in toe couotry,_the“
have thus been at pains to state the real °dig
nal of it.
- -
RIMEL WOUND= sr timiuninmn.r-A.„comss
pondeut of the Missouri Democra6 iyr4es frum
Springfield as follows :' Our loss
,(of , wounded)
up to the present time is very much below the
rates of mortality of the opposite sibs, and
while we now and then lose a patient, and per
form the last sestrites of christian burial, they,
on the contrary, put 'there away at night in
shallow furrows, with scarce enough earth- to
cover their mortal renutins. I was told Ina
f s
private conversation with one of the surgeo
orthe rebel army, that their losses are from 7
teen to tweoty a day, and that ail their won't i -
ed.on the memorable day of the 10th Of August
will not fall much short of 1,6 0, while these
that were found on the battle ground, and thus"
that have since died of their wounds, Will
coed six hundred. These figures I trulibaleite
to be as near correct as possible at, the preitist
time to make them. For the lestfourdaya r .the
"secesh" have been busily occupied" o,py tloE d n ig
every horse and wagon for miles aroun dtp move
their wounded from this plice'to . lithitottville.
Arkansas, a town some miles dletant from the
State line, and hundreds, have left already ,fur
that point. Typhoid lever has made its appease.
ante in the hospitali, and large numbers are
succumbing to its dest;uctive ravages. As yet,
1 this dreadful malady has not appeared among
our troops, and, I trust, with cleanliness, ansl
good, nutritious diet, we shall be able toayat
off`this fatal destroyer.
- .
Werch of the schooner Mary Alice, - recesally ,
I captur ed - by a rebel privateer, and 'take t ilitto
southern port, from whence he • het'
way North by way of Richmond,
,thekee &s to ol ,
ment of the number of privateeru eowifitting
out at Charleston, and those alreiulyiOne fioni
there: They consist of the Ileauregard;'
Sibley, with- forty -men ;, the , - steamer , Bottdt
Carolina alias Bull . Run,: -Capt. °ozone; with
eighty men ; and a light ship meted from a
Rattletnake Shoals, with linty 'Men. Most of
the crew ()Moldier, lioiveiret;'Were inPriboh,
as theY had refused toservewfWhearingOttlis
111PX4 3 4F7:.1te lA;4e
..14017&-c-Cia .liaildaY, oldidl
some two yea:ls old, fell ,trom OW s i ta
window of a house in 'Ntilittri,
straw to say, escaped entirely unharmed.
t~ •taFs