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    I;4.ailp Eeitgrapb,
, . .
Ifirieveri that mat standard sheet I .
• Where breat hes the foe but falLs before WI
VflatiS,Freedomla sell beneath our feet, .
• And Freedom's banner *irritating o'er. its
WednOldity kpriiipe,
,Beptember 4, 1864.
The government is proceeding with a vigor,
and promptness in its action towards the rebels,
hi h have . heretoicrre been entirely neglected .
PeOplit begin to understand, that the rebels
-are to betreated as such, that they are to be
'lll6ocl - or allot instead of sitorn to allegiance;
and that their prOperti . .when Selz. d 'is to be
confiscated to the uses of the natbm, with a brief
process of the law and as littledelay as possible.
and" sword` On the territory of rebellion have
both been' too long Postponed, and the leniency
which dictated so many oaths of allegiance
where a speedy sentence and a short prayer
were both imperatively demanded, begins to
understand that when authority is compelled to
Ocitterid.with rebellion, the only manner in
which it can be maintained, is to give it full and
Amtestdetetreway,lo make it's terror where it
will not be received pith respect, and to sus
. ,tArk It. ‘ et all hazards, and sacrifices wherever. it
bait been proclaimed The treatment of rebel
h~coen must be, e the surgical operation fer dis
gin: 'The knife must be applied at the outside,
and the disease follovied from the circumfemme
to itabentre, and then probed to its utmost
depths uiitil' the seat of the polste is reached
'and'reinoved. .In this Manner we must treat: li
iebeliiiM. We mutt hiave no opportunity or
place neglected to give it a blow. If a traitor
'OW hiteself in our midst, we must seize, con
'and if needs be Punish him to the fullest
extent of the law. If rebel ptoperty is found in.
'otis Worts or Seen on our iraten; it must be cap
tured and conflicated. This is dealing - With re
belliOniand by such rigormas meatittres alone
ettnithe conquered and foreVer entailed.
MIMI IS AS exhibition of the . troth of that
public opinion which our grate and reverend
emiglibore :of the traitor, organ, have been. serving
'4)W - their &added readeria, on a subject on
wbqh_ their ingratitude has nmle. them mad:
It the Pittsbilrg Dispatch, of t 2d instant,
that administers the rebuke to the Patriot's pre
stimiltion indl43:Presentations :
• " .
Th 4 Patriot eni Union Is uditaken in ascribing
te'ns ) oldictiierice in its opinion of Mr.' Camef
rotet mouse :as Secretary of War. We :freely
atittrit.thstwe. opposed his appointment to that,
pettier?, and believed it a bad step, but as free- .
4 1 .1iicestii, as we have done before, that'.We
hate been - agreeably disapipointedthat he his
seemed: to 'be nu efficient Secretary of :War—and
that we have seen no 'evidence in support of the
allegittions of unfaithfulness 'or complicity
fraildulent 'eentracts, .tilthough sneh reports
• here been freely circulated. • Furthermore, the
New York Tribune, which also .bitterly opposed
~4041pciintakent tn.tkuLt.positiont_hatunagnani
mouldy admitted Mr. Cameron's efficiency. and
expressed the belief that he is not amenable to
the charges made. We need not add that-we
will of 'be ellent when Such charges shall be
broiakht bottle to him or mai bietaber of the
cabinet, but this is not the time to quarrel
about the past, nor to indulge in fault-finding.
, Oda* arfived iti !pa atatp,capital tee
.lll A 6l 4 ll Ag, ' Ild Ofordip4 41ibiii lie"
had beere‘iebt . tiftdikting fk .r a6veial diiylE --- 1:11s
health seems to have been partially restored ;
but hesiill exhibits the nuuir.S:ot . the care and
labor attending the military organization in the
atite:ditling the last summer,-; Fee; Men b 2 the.
' bounVyiurre devoted t,henuielvei4 r4ore . - eior
ougbly to the interests - of the nation, during
the fetuAl crisisthatie just now being mastered
I T our brave troops ;and when the records Of
tile -.' ' , ll„o4Te „to be Otheied;tfketefihe
a .f .f Pennsylvania will stand its fitir an'
examination as any of the other rulers of the
re linteioo.-:--The City Councils: of
Chin,- 93i t ave,paseal an.ordivance, calling upon
all ili'&WtitlliiiiitlicChiciago who - 'are not wil
ling to Atittitioir fOrallegiance to the
Union and the Constitution, to leave that city,
and making it the duty of the Union Defense
-P9 1 :90 to ascertain , the names , of at, such
:J•94.11 , ,,i14raz0M, end have, them published. in .
papers. The Mayor has issued his-proclama
lirottlingly, the Union Defense -,Com
half-resolved itielf into a I t figilarthef
mittee for the proper observance of the Ordi
lid/L. Da DWI iioi, who was-reported to
'hay's boon seriously ill at his reeidence in To
wand*, writes as folloWs to E. Reed lifyers,
Surveyor. otthe Port of. Philadelphia, under
data August nth: "rani innah better than.
_when J..came Utile. rain improving very
greatly, and hope wen to be well again." This
~will, be cheering news to his numerous friends
An Pennsylvania and the Union.
T*. GRAND Juni- of Centre county presentedz
,the,„Aernocratic WateAman, the organ of the:
Breckinridge Democracy of that county, ail
in the practice of encouraging the rebels
now ilO. arms against, the government, by et - r
pressing qmpat)iyfor and agreement with them.
- Roam Arrositsori, the hero, of Fort -
Stinitiri', heti now assumed command of the .De
triii Gen. She ..
of Ohio will be second in command.
Appeal to the People lithe Vetted Math
WASHINGTON, Sept. I.—The full Owing patrio
tio appeal for-the national loan has just been
issued; bySecretary Chase to the Citizens of the
United Statee
. _.
Your National GovernMent, iroinpelled by a
. -.-
guilty conspiracy culminating In causeless in
surrection, is engaged in a war for the security
and liberty, for the supremacy of the law, for
the - defence - of - the ljulorq - amt - forthemtaintet
nance of popular institutions. For the means
to defray the necessary expenses of bile war,
your Congress has directed that an appeal-be
made to you by_opening a subscription to a na
'tional loan of ozwhiaMied' era fifty 'ririllibila , V
dollars. ,•,, ,r, ~.,,.- -,
.... . I
Already thersialightentid and patriotic capi
talists of the great-cities of New York, Phila
delphia and Boon have manifested their clear
sense both of duty and interest, by a subscrip
tion of $60,000,000'; COngress, under which
this subscription was 'received, wisely provides,
however, that:: the. advantages' as well as the
patriotic satisfaction of a participation in this
loan, shall- be offered; not' to' the •capitalista of
the:great cities only, but to the people of the
whole country: ' ''' . i
, ,
In order to secure a substantial' reward ' for
their public spirit 'to r those whose 'patriotism
prOmpte them' in this hour of place their
means at the disposal' of the a oVernment; 0b4 3 -
uteri has that an interest of 7 8 10t
per centurri' NO paid' on the' several"amounts,
i e
subscribed, an 'interest not liable to State `-
don, but constituting '" for asubscribers'revers
not way tortatriin reeeipt, but greater ' in fll3lOll t
than cen he'expeeted'fron any 'ordinary invest-
And,' in 'order: to afford all citizens equal op
portutritia of particitation in these a {vantages,
Congress 'has fOrther, directed that 'silbectiPtions
be retelVed'fer Biliriii r ke'smag itB $6O, is welt as
large amounts;' that should the subscrip
tions exdeed the Whole BUM desired, ihe smaller
be preferred in Ibi'distribrition. Each subsdriber, ,
on payinent Of hiti'EnbrieriptiCkr, will lie entitled
to receive Treasury notes; equal in amount,' in
such denbinihatititis as he' may prefer; whether
of $54,'5 . 100 'ssoo; '
.sl,ooo' or $5,000. The in
terest, are? B:l'.oths , per , autumn, will , be,, on the
mites of ` $6O, One cent; On $lO6 two cents, on
$5OO ten ceAts; on' $1 000 twenty bents and on
$5,000 one , tibilirJ each day. ' All' the Treastry
notes 'lamed Will' beer dates on' the 19th of
August-1, 1 881; and will carry interest front' that
date. -Bach , note will have' coupons attached
eripressirigihe 'Several amounts 4.f 'iresni4uanu4l
interest, whichCouptirrs' Mug be detaelieCfrOrn
the mites arid preeented for' iirryinetit Separately.
Each; sibs6riber Atitiy" pay Ilui Whole 'amount
sUbscribed at, theini tinto of subscription; - or,,if he ,
prefers io - do seity 'pay One : tenth at ' &fit
tithe - and ono:third , every twentieth' day ' there-.
At eadh •isjinent , the aceruediihteinit en the
'amount trOin thit'l9th of, linguist' tti the - date of
ptynrnt nalnit'ale&Yellaid; 'end the anioniii of
tannest ithut Odd dill ba reipibutteil in the pay-
Meat' of the- gouppn: .LcirdSrlo 'seenre
,the 'pnootnid 104rnient df
the interest' and the giadual reduction of the
,Co,ngtolit hat preirided
annuartovinue- amply: suffieit-nti 'not` :only fdi
these puipOses, bitt for the prompt 'Apnea of
all 'demands en account of extraordinary ekperi
(linnet. ". 'a - *- •' • *
, ,
It will•be seen at a tlanee that not'only Lithe
whfle PrOperty‘of; the. Country pledged-'for the
interest and final' , reinibtraernent of the loan,
but thetati•adegnate arid specific-.proportion
or the tumnfikprOdirctiOn is set 'apart by taxation
for theredereptiOrYol this'pledge:'.Prtiropt
ment' beyond a Ricifitiogendy* thusinauredi—
Nor Can- this'ration , bethought great when
Conipared-livittilheniligidludfi , bf thtt - oldeata `cif
the widest; Or'withstheiiintaint of properly, and
production: : •• ;
The 'objects are Unin o , • Perm anent pea&
security at' home 'respect abroad which are
impetilledhy - that; unproVelie'd rehelifon: - 'The
intelligence•of-lhe people , ttabprenclnt once
their megnitude?: 'They rise above' pirtyttleir
betoken:l ho'kdrairdatiationu-theY concern the.
Whole • oountrr during all time; 'under every
Administrition, and' 'in every relation, both
foreign'or domestic. And the means for the
attainment'Of these great objects can be read*,
Supplied him•itte littos - pebitY atidiprodtiotiorta,of
'the comity' The taxi Valuee in
the United States reach tlie , v6o3,•iskregiite 'Of,
$16,000,000; ti 00; arid , in tlie!Stateii no* itiyalth •
the 'Union thi- aggregate ie $1:4000,000;006:.
The yearly, tug earnings 0,. oy
pie are ' estimated by Intolkiart rierSonticon
verSent GAO, investigations, et more than
t400,000;00, 'White the well .aonsidered!.sai-.
men't of Militaiy Men of the. highest. rank and
repute, warrant the confident 'expeetation that
the we fe . ..t , tOoc*d4# l l. energy, 'Ow*,
and oini, it may bicuglit It termini 3n
nUfOre'-the Claffebf:th6 - erisiiipg ripring to which
ovent,ilikettsti4brid:tliereVeittie Will hardly
exceed the ati outtt of, $250,000,M , loan
authorise 1. by qU'ukreis, and with a dip econo-,
myih SA:tibia:4*s 'of , thts public service, tint
more than the to al' eipenditureeOf Great Brit
ain or Franco in ,years Pf:POlioP• • -
And it le-nat. .unreassonable to hope that ;the
auspicious result 4:if peace • may be hastened by
the reflection of the, citizens of the *etas,
siirreetion-,that ; they review' their action,
.weighAeir.b:wie welfare, :consider,the , d4prid--
tion of the people ; of the, whole .countfy y , to re
nog!** 'till -their constitutional rights,. and- tb
allow, thcla.tliel-r-fgll Philtre 'the benefits Of
.the cbmraonCtovernment, and renew their.ille
havce n t4tlie. •_w yr an evil hour they
e thiqiF.
Will not reflect that the'wer into' which
the Gov.ernibent has been , Constrained is 'not' a
, war forAheiu lubjuguticin.; 1 but . a :mar for na
ticinal-existence, andlthet an autipicions. result
to the Unioivivill benefit as largely -, !the • States
in insurrection as the Statenyvhicli have, rev:WU- .
ed loyal. However this may be; theJduty of
the National Govermiteek lhe--constithtion
ally constituted-agent of - theypeople; - • adiatts' tif
no quelationy:
The liar Madeatecesiaryly the insurrection,
arelrehicfaritly accepted by the': goirernment,
must-be plosecutectivith - all possible-Vigor until
the - restoratiowof '..the. just - authority. 'of •the
Union.shallinsure pen:aimed peace. , The seine
&Col Prie - ridence Which conducted our ifathers
throrigi.the difficulties andlianzerti- which-he
: Iheformation of the." Unforn has tgraclouslY
strengthened our hands for the work of itsprul-
. _
The croris of. t,he year aidaniple;the graiunies
anidobarnix are everrchere full. - • The•capitalWta
of the donntryoome cheerfully forward to:inki
taimthe credit, of the :government ;. alreadY,
and:overrinadvance of this appealonin of1:41
066:patrons seek th shade the himors• and !ad
vantages'of the loare:l—' • ;' •
:Neier, , exceirtibecause :of the tithrsirary de
pression caused- Aty:. tlie rdiebelliorc and titer cle
rangement'-:of - butittes&rr ()Canal:riled •b3i it; -Were ,
the people of theMnited:Sinfes m :tchetierom . -
dition to suatain &Treat cimtastlhannoti
. Under these , favoring .dirguiruitances - Jind'•-for
ese;granrLobjebta,q , aha3l inTpursnanclPob the
act of.:Co*rese, catisabraiks of Subsdiption- to
tbe )opctrust-es' speedily ittr.:practicabler-invthir
isnreialmitietrand-principat -towns - of- , thettnited
Statett, , irs7 =der that all :Citizens: wilco desirri .tb
Ascribe:to - the loan.ntaylitve tife . 6l:Torb; . uniti
tif:doingsrx • ' V 7.1
Ifeavitilibi those who preferihat counter:an
remit any sum which they may wishdrittivka
Inc thin .to atinnAlrersuary- or vier - gait e d
fEsat; of ilerisefol
nbiTissemseturapflustpapsNawiltork or
i dehdde, cur AlitErLOnkleassikr ltlona)epcsiil' ar*ak,
7 ' ' • tedifiissterrwillhatittithstite
holders to Treaanry Notes on the terms already
pennopluania Mailp Celegrapty . Ipanttiban AOiling, etptanber 4, 1861.
stated. The patriotism of the people, it is not
to be doubted, will promptly respond to the
liberal wisdom of their representatives.
(Signed) S. P. Cruse,
Secretary of the Treasury.
Official Roll of Officers and Men Surren
dered at Fort Hatteras.
Commodore Samuel Barron, Confederate States
Navy flag officer. ' '
Colonel Wm. F. Martin, Seventh Regiment
North Carolina Volunteers.
Lieutenant G: WA JoirruiM, Seventh Regiment
North Carolina Volunteers.
Major -Henry H. Gilliam, Seventb Regiment
North Caiolina Volunfeeta.
Major W.-8,, Andrews, of Artillery, North
Adjutant. ..1.. .Poole, Seventh Regiment
North Catalina' Volunteers.
Captain L.'J. Johnson, COMpany H, Seventh
Regiment North Carolina Volunteers.
geutenaut William Sharp, Confederate States
Lientenant Thomas H. Alien, Engineers,and
finrgebn W. M.Prnwn- . •
Assistant Surgeon, Wm. g. Poole.
ColOnel tiadforgaieutenant Laaell, Sevent
Regiment NOrth'o4l`o/#l.a . Volunteers.
J. CAOaWaY, Oidnauee an*.
Roemer)/ GuAun,' Rsorkuurr.,—Cs
tam John Lamb, Second Lieutefith
Biggs,' non-commissioned officers 'and privates,
98. Total, 190.
WaskusaroN Gaars. ; --C'aptaht Sparrow, Lieu
tenanti Shaw, Whitaker and'Thomas, non-com
missioned officers and. privates, b 4.. T0ta1,,68.
Tea Itiveal3ovs.-4.4eutenants M. T. Mose,
'G. M. a
`p'nier, non-commiSsioned officers and
privatgs,i 8. Total 70. ,
11 - 04. ts Gnerms.2-First Lieutenants G. W.
Grimes, Lieutenants, T. PlOrris,, 'Johnson, non
commissioned offiepp and, privates, W. Total
Lasout.Bas.vss.--Cs,ptain Stutton, Lieuten
ants Kinmi,Eir,ell, nork-corrunissioned • officers
andP4viitOS, 66.
~,Total 08.
_, . • • . '
INDEPENDENT GREYS.— Caplan!. Con.port i Lieri
tlellaßA Hoz, 'Paters, non-commissioned officers
'and privates, .54, 67. _
„ .
niattecen 1.19,irr 144fTRY,7—QaPtaill Sharp,
Lieutenants WiPso, .3100 re, . non-commissioned
offiesis and privates, 64. Total 67.
Sonsinoto Gpipi-064#Ain; Duke, Lieuten
'an'ts Bell, 'Lamb' and Taylor, non-commissioned
officers and privatst),:4s,, Total 69.
HAMILTON Guardia -Laaptain L. L
ents, LidtrientiritsAnduStdil Whitely and driffire,
'officers andprivates, 60.
Total 68.' '”' " • " • ' ,
Lulte, l l,lcoinarltif , 'Shkoirion - tutd - NOah; n mt.
obnitalasitoria officer' inisre,tois,'66. Total
69. Grand total , 691'.' " ' '
~..Brig-14Onah..Auttrs .
Sa•.!** l , for
sdme hOrthern pOrt,,captured, hy . steamer Coffee
with.a t eargo. of paglasses t ; June 2,4; ~.The brig
was,in,phargeata.lefferal sailingnmetesi :
' Bark Linwood, from Rio, for Baltimore, wag
wrecked,with.a.ovgo,ef-009,13agtcot coffee.
Schooner Lydia French, • Camphell master
from,,bjeur, Orteans, wesr.,y7ecked., • The . prison
ersof-these fwo ,Wcre,,y,essehi•Sent, to ..Newbern.
Pf: l ,%6l,4lAtis. nao
it'ufses, JirlY . 26. '
Anonknown r brig. frn4F,ld_rida,..,iridert with
machinery, She was run-. .ashore to
PrevelA;ccaPtuqt, •
An unknown brig.
Schookter . ,Gtffehv, for, Thihnlelphia,
Loeirriood,' With fruit, Mily r 24, wns,sent toWil
liamston orlsTewhan.,--,
' SChooner Priscilla, froni hiantannas for Balt
ca tared steamer land; • with
iiitundredhusheli,Stit;.:Auguit •2, Sent to
olvicsma• • • '
'A brig, iinknown,i_ter -Cirr;l,c;oa; with sugar
:and molasses,: _August ; .
"Two unknown schooners,, captured: by steam.-
r:ner Gordon, August .2..• These two were-on the
_unknown; bithe,gariner, , August
Bag Itiiicer, captured, by. ,the . . steamer Wiwi
vith.j.%),hogshe molasses ; August 4.. t
Vrettry.:_*ati,for.rhiladel,p,hia, taken
by steamer Gordon, - with nnikipony ; &c., Au
,gust A. . .
-Schooner' Sen, .Witch,forseW-Yrrk, taken b'
the dOnlini,`With fintt,AtinS 4,- Crew sent
inyinirio# Ann •• einiskediVessionza • • AT ronls
%sea sip
the le il
tte o*inslag -n,yat toniin ett Irrecien" Fort Eratterap
ce : • ,
b 4: Descrip et9 tion. .C.alibxe„ , getai ol
, .
BiO 4,7
64 _Pivot : . 044 6,211
68 . rSirbette . s ' • • 32 . " • 6,211
.261_ Bnrlkette, ..32 " 6,202
'76 .13.4.ibettO 82 !` 6,220
8Q Bsrloptte. 02; ." , ' • . 6,220
225 . . Siilp•„, - . :, . : .121 ' 5,721
814. Pfvot`' ' 32
39 0, 81 4.. • • . •
614 . Mite '' 32 • "
2 .Barl.?o,to . . .. "
264,, do 'dot, mounted, 32_ 87;
BA•bette,,, 32
322: Barbette;:: - :: "
232. Barteite'. : . ,:. 32 " •
46,.Parkette. • .. .82 r
1:58 . : .": . . . g2-'
623. Pivot ....... . ....82 ‘f
e 4 1 4 11 5 114 not
mounted`, with a plvok - 60#1k.e for t4e same.
In the-smaller patt¢h6ll.4olilt u atil:oo Clark ?
fine thirty44o,.i6iLriciett, - weight fifty Leven
hiquirm.r#o, e,4eh, W, 1 8 P; . 411 spiked:
,Uses 51?t,P,04;1 6 5 nettlL,ll,,m : L. the beach—
Ifinffq. ON.EIP.F.:TA.(INP4T 4tutiL o 44.• _
Oneithotsarui stuid.ofvfxrmi3gonristands MO
me.ntid.:ccdorsg five hundred -inekapsaelui; 'ten
strong tents, ten drums. In the late* undef
coot rvf the , :gitiThatitoli'ort Ilattircui;.'were found
as follows : One sloop, _laden TwitlivrovlsionS
and,doifee,; zniefbrig,dadenlwitlrcottorrnieVig
sorted cargo ; two UnitedStatesjight boats, in.
good - grddiw. - tine:litiridred•and`iftibags.df e6fr
fee,7alxintfifti:bags ingoiscl order.
itatAT,Okizarditi. _
FiffeeriMfidied and -seven
eight-cartridges; 'ten-loaded -Waded tiii44Wo pounder
shells, four thousand musket caps,. eight - barreiti
cannon" ptiNinri?"ti4fity;limi---lege riO'ghteeli
kegs' FF", , kegs ITY; fifej , kegs F
on board"-NbuSel:rWei , lfghtlioat. - -The .cannon
,powder in magazine and in lightli(iakCivith the
ffxed. 7131aliti.*::tiTenif eight
rounds for thirteen guns, exclusive of fifty kegs
FFF - - -
N. 11= Ille = ftekt,tiliiiminiit,fina . at- port are selr4atyr-ett hVetirfride*
cartridge..4t-IFifAVV,i,hlifiti are fourteen eight
The t -ra p e ister - hasnot-been-tak en
account, nor ammunition for six - pounder field
plea II
WAtiONEe FOR Comma.- - The New Hampshire
Stiatelm*EXlMFA that one of , Gen:Nrenannt's aids
visited Concord- last weeh, to,provide for tl4
construction of aflitfga lord Wagons arranged
for cobliing,the food for'anyArMy on-tliEays h;
Several of these wagons have been constructed
—the ldeoltietiv49:lFotilionit elindO, and t h 4
cooking apparatus at the Amockeag - y e Me c ki u '
Shop, in Manchester.
VIU)Zia gAIT,I:7M) BX,Min -PRM''Mg}lB
_~ a_ ..:IF.~r
of the Telegraph.]
WASHINGTON ' Sept. 2, 1861.
Our city • greatly inflated 'with enthusiasm
to-day over he infinitely gratifying intelligence
from the fl t which left Fortress Monroe some
days since n a secret mission, commanded by
Gen. Butl , Corn. Stringham, and Capt. Hag
gerty. e
y have achieved a great victory, and
gained a int which i. of vast importance to
the Gov went. They have won laurels which
more thin counterbalance our disaster at Bull
Bun ;d have opened it,,c,hannel throughwhich,
troops nbe thrown into the principal cities of
North . arolina,. South Carolina, Georgia, and.
Tent:ex:see, and tilt's afford an opportunity to
the loyal people of those States to flock to the
standard of their love. Besides the position
gained, and the forts retaken, we have captured
715 pri-onera, among whom are several officers
who resigned from the United States Army and
Navy, and who received military educations at
the expense of the Government, 35 guns of va
rious calibre, 1,000 stand of arms, four vessels
laien wiih coffee, and other articles, for tl2g.
44 inner man," which were`Stolen - by privateer?"'
and a conniderable quantity of ammunition.
The officers in command of the fleet arrived in
this city last night. for the purpose, no doubt,
of submitting official report to the proper de
partment, . ' I appear in; print. shortly.
t. • stated", - the - bombarding of the forte
' 'our vela' rusted two days, -and the Are
as returned., the enemy, but owing to the
ort range of,thrglins, he was compelled to
'render.' mire . were about twenty killed and
fifty wt.! .ded on this itibeltdde, and "nobody
li e- - : , :,, are en SO
' :
: ;_ 7 . l4iiseThefristiners . W
4 rl ayette; where they will not likely
be treated so leniently as their comrades hit*e
heretofore been. The fleet has other projects
in contemplation,l opine, and their future op
orations will spek for themselves. It is sup
posed also that one of the objects of the errand
to this city of the commanders in the successful
expedition, is to urge on the Government .the
importance of forwarding large reinforcements
to Cape Hatteras, which will no doubt be in
stantly complied with. • You , may expect to
hear of startling news from the river shortly.
We are ready now tolissume the offensive ; rend
will, at an early day, carry terror into the millet
of the enemy. Gen. McClellan is making-e x- tensive - preparations for a grand fall campaign,
l and when he puts his column in motion-let
those who oppose him beware, for he will in
carnardine and.irrigate the sacred' soil of. 'gir
-1 ginia with blood. He will ; -when- he starts,
1 strike down ell the rebels -which . confront him,
and plant-the stars and stripes on the`jdome of
the Capitolin Richmond. - Mark- it! not-many
months will pass by before the-American eagle
will flap its -wings - and perch in the most
obnnbilate 'regions ' of: the extreme South.
The Government is in- earnest, and-will carry
out its policy and purpose fearlessly. It. has
not resorted to very extreme- measures as Yet ;
but df - the Union cannot be. pnienved in any
other way than•to abolish slavery-in the'rebel
lious States; the universal :santiment of the
Union people of this district isto extinguirth <ft
at once.' :The Union. must be preserved at all
hazards; if it cannot be done by- fair means let
it be done. by foul. . Such -is the , feeling-here
and the peace men in the North should profit by.
the example. - The- course of Gen. Fremont in approved of also-in this-city, so fat
as rean. hear; and nota.fewauggest-that Mary;
laud .put under .martiailaw. • The
Government is at last 'awakened% to a, sense of
diity_in. this metropolis, and the enemies -to t.liti
country are meeting with their just-rewards.--j
Everybody who are known to sympathise With
the rebels are -being daily twested r and placed
in dureacefoesafety until the supremacyof-thel
GoVernment is duly acknowledged. - Few-will
escape,:a mazimis ad- minimir the searching - eyes
ottheauthorities. , ,. ThearristofMayar &Trek;
_whose _affiliation . with traitorrelasaong -been
suspected, shows to his minions that the Go*:
len:intent is-determined :to-clear . the-capital:of
the :scourge which .haa effected it for-an bacon
siderable period, and ere many days .roll by,
many, very many, who have been harping over
our recent disaster, will have an opportunity to
vent.their.spleen in the gloomy cell of a prison.
. To-day .the Infirmaties.were.released of sever
al hundred of _their convalescent /Mgt eg, ;who
were conveyed-to Annapolis by a special-train;
.whatthe 'object is "deponent saith not." Per=
haps to make room fur others, or for the put;
pose: of _renovating- the buildings. All •these
Itiings.tend -to .bad.-one to. the opinion that
:something of .an important nature will occur
I shortly::. . - :
Guy Humphreys, well known in your city,
and who was attached to the "Lochiel Greys,"
b 1.73 Lieutenant ih Capt. Geary's Cavalry Com
pany, raised in Rano.
pAptured Rebels of gattwas Inlet,.
The tided States steam frigate Minnesota, Flag
Officer S. N. Strhighain commanding, arrived
at - New York yesterday morning from Hatter/ La
Inlet, bringing six hundred and seuentiloir
aners "who surrendered at Fort •Hatteras on
7114d n " n o
--11 e Miers ta left Hatteras Inlet, Sint day
morning, at which time the following- govern
ment vessels remained at that point : United
States ship Susquehanna, Sloop-of-war iwnee,
Gunboat Monticello.
, 5,72 f
6,71 f
• ~. 6,280
- 6,212
- 6,210
These vessels were all engaged in an attemPt
to get off the revenue cutter Harriet Lane,
Which grounded during the attack upon Fort
Hatteras. Commodore Stringharn lbinki:thet
With fatorable weather the Lane can - be got off
by throwing overboard her guns -and ammd-
The Minnesota now lies off the Battery, with
her prisoners all on board. They will be re
nioVed" to secure quarters as soon as Suitable
arrangements can be made for their sum:rano
dation. Among the number Are Commodbre
Samuel Barron, late of the United BMUS Ntivy;
but how holding the rank of " flagofficer of the
Confederate States. Navy," and forty-four other
officers of the enemy's forces. The folloWing
are the names of some of the officers : - 1
c-.lonel Andrewis, of the North Carolina In
Coked Bradford.
Colonel Martin.
Lieutenant Colonel Johnacin. •
' , Adajor - Gilliint, of the Seventh Regimentgn
North Carolina:Volunteers. -
Lieutenant Shaxp, late of the United States
Captain rrhomas'Farrall. _
Lientetant W. Shaw.
• Commodere Barron, the leading officer 'among
the . prisonen3, is , a native , of . and . en
toted the United States Navy on the •la- of
January; 1812. He resigned his commission
and entered the service of the enemy at the be-.
ginning of the rebellion.
The flag officer , Commodore Stringh, has,
given others to -al tun
admit no - person on board the
Minnesota until the prisoners are removed &Au;
the vessel. An officer has been sent to Fort
Lafayette to ascertain whether there are aeoem-:
moilafions there for the prisoners ; tuflua not,
yet returned, and it is uncertain whethei the,
prisoners will be sent there" % - or 'given into the
custody of the :United States Marshal. If they,
are sent. to Fort Lafayette the Minnesota — wilt
carry.them down this evening or to-morrow.
• . ,
- I)l4KKFtmr,
' •"" The' House. of Itepiesenta - tap' organizedrto-;
day, v . the *qt4oh.of 11. W r l3spiley,TOX §6614-i
- er IT. lEsunuele; Clerk ardJobix & medley
Siargesintsf-Arniir ~- (ltititienaie has hofflo'lrTtr•
BY Mig ,Pfl.
Appouithielbof M
' ayor ofWa shington
......... 1 1.
Prisoners from forts Hatteras an
11E 111VifellIEFF: 111AVINRECKED,
Wasartri ts, Sept. 3.
The- Mayor of Wayidtigton ,appointed
oteph H.. Bradlen Oorporationi AUmneY in
place of James-M. Carliali t iesigned:
O. 0. Howard, of, the ad Maine regiment, and
Col. James, of the. 2d Maine, have been ap
pointed Brigadier Generals.
• .
Majoraliziturn of the New York 87th, while
doing a little amateur scouting yesterday, saw
a General officer, surrounded by a large staff,
reconnoitering from Munson's Hill. Driven by
5 11 XmaktIliable firing
.of„bullets„from the road
trite a futrof corn, hisjor•idinturn retaliated by
a rifle shot, aimed at the wearer of the cocked
hat, who initattly' fell - Lent of his saddle. He
was immediately picked up and carried into a
schoolhouse. . Fifteen.adnutes afterward some
of the party struck the secession flag, as a token
'Of grief. - Major - Mirtture had killed their Gen
Our pickets remain within speaking distanch
°Fond another, 4ml:1 , cone of either::side 'Verb
shot last night. Two Michiganders got around.
a reel picketztuttdt andi t while Ahoy; Nem* *
house - thersibleilhiliitimplatttes; atill'ghtnff
During the week pastreporls have been pre
valent here and , elsewhere; based ..on alleged
private accounts, of disasters to General Rosen
cretin, but if troeitailhat the 'viar department
has no suchinfonisation....., ..,.., i
n i
When the news of the success of the Hatter
as expedition wheconiniunicated'to 'Gene
Scott, the teare.rolled depn kieVeke, and h
exclaimed, Gal be lhankeA. e 'Presiden .
shared-in thefgeneral delight, ...but tremarkedi
"Mar 'we they_brought all , this upon theml
selies ?"'"Thentniest chierfulnesipervades all
classes, and tbe;xictory, irk:looked on as equiv&-
len t to a reinforcement of twenty thousand meni
while the oorreipOndinr depresidon among the
Rebels is sually great.
Ale iiiiipellei Herbed' his list iollitriig. /hiv
ing towed up for the " Yankees " a sloop cap.
tared • by a revenue• cutter a dayor.two:sinee,
The sloop htheavily laden with revolvers and
other arms,- ammunition, blankets, methane -el
surgical instruments; &o.; together with:albout
half a ton of percussion caps..all of.which were
on the way to the` 'rebel's`. Tt* a "rattn`were all
that were*Whottmt.r ,Ttlertore IWW,jII the cus
urdY,4l-11ag officer ClaVen.,.. .
A rehecitptifiltaxiniin tit Cafe of our pickets
withaavidterflag, andwaid he wanted to know
the truth of the story aboqtthe 0 1 14 g. qcgArt
Hatteras. - Oar picket toidlinrit^was trile,*and
the prieenersWer.4 l l 3 Weehington. 1 ifhtweemed
very much cast down, and thankin g the picket,
left. z
Commodore,.l)ltrtwt seemed:very much taken
aback. "I would not care so much," said he
to General Butler, "but to* taken by my own
ship, the Wabash, is humiliating." Some 01 4
them seemed h good spirits, Their first clues
tions were, 'iwhat will you, do with
you-hang us." They were assured thit they
would be cared for humanely. On being. given
a go6d supper, they kept continuallyremarkbig
about the treatment theTreceived.
They looked ..for bow immediately upon
their arrival, expecting to 'be hung in them.
When the first salutations were made between
the United States. officers and. Comtnodomßar
ron, he asked "how many were killed on the
fleet?" The answer: '"Notie" HOW
many were wounded?" "None,'! WM
ply. "Why," he' exclaimed, "you astonish
me. I thonghtrthat to capture these forts it
would cost a thousand lives"; and it would be
oheeP at. that-' • • • . -- ; • '
When Commodore Bron and his o ffi cers de
scended to the deck of Ws- flag ship. llinnesot4
where Conainodore Stihnhain *as stet:listed art
the quarter-deck to receive him, General Butler
presented Basrtutito the; galiaot- old Comnur•
dore, saying,' "Coramciddre Barron ! Commo r
dore Str.ingintra." The latter, otiviug, himself
up torldiftill heighth, looked the traitoistaght
in the eye and basely .inclining his_ head,
bolV.seeooo7 VEgTogbeforet't ".:
Barron, who has always prided himself On the
hauteur :nue* fairly whited under the 'whale
vohune of honest sarcasm contedjin that look
and sentence. It was a touching eight. On the
one Side stood the inkanly old , tar, whe i rill die
as he - bar - lived; Under that glorious flag that
has flung ,its crimson,_ , folds, over. his head on
every sea, *Siting to tread the shim and receive
the grateful plaudits and loving thanks of a
mighty nation. - Opposite' to - him stood the base
traitor,. who..deserted his,post in the,very
when his services were 'most needed by his
What must_ have teen the tumultuous emo:-
Vona in his - biatstl So:oitted by his former friend
of a life-time, the object of contempt and exe
cration to the humblest coal-passer on a ship
where once:his proud form and graceful' man
ner luid been followed by the devoticin of the
entire.ship's company.
: It _will be remembered
that . Barron sunk the obitruationa in Norfolk
harbor to prevent ' , ttce , "'egress :of the United
States sbips Wore Virgo* joined the rebels. And
yet Ids pitiful ideals thatrlai hid to go with his
State.. Did he have to steel iniq'Oes of'priPerti
from a nation that had fed and clothed him and
heaped honors upon him and to stead it befOre
his State had made a step towards leaving the
The 'Melo:bond - papers announce that the
priyateer.brig..Teff. Davis• has, hem. wrecked off
the `coast' of Flerida: The;Ter. Datil was forni r
erly known ati the brig Weshisoten, a Coast. Sur=
vey vessel, well known in. , the „waters . ,of the
Chesapeake, and was kelAld' last wihter atlrew
Orleans. - When ,she„was attached to the Coast
Suryey, in the year 1546, - Aliddiet Secretary of
the Navy, Fot,;wier:tcliidshipman on Ward of
her,. •
Thera hie been heavyfiling on like Virginia
side lids morning, bat thereperts are contradie
'Wry coneerfibik it.
RamP*P l 44,
The report that the Hon. David Wilmot_ was
hopelessly Mat Towanda is ilia:died. A - later
m hinx dateci,,AaAnst3o,.sap tliatakeis much
..:1149.4417,W13 FltOg FQII9M;
Bermxo Sept.
The boat from Fortress X hot;Yet
There was a fight yesterday at B„ e c
House, Va., resulting in the tutal rou t uf ° , 4l ,
re bel & . Loos, 80 killed and a lar, ,„
wounded. Forty prisoners were a aC.
t4z , r , r,
None were killed on our side, totd -;,
wounded. Our men burned the tow',
BooneC,ourt Rouse is a small
the capial of Boone county, Vugit;ti It
situated on the Little Coal river, tw o h undr ;',
and forty-five miles din a direct line,
Richmond. The surrounding comm.\ it
sparsely settled. The county of .8 roue i s ;
one, or at least formed within a few v, ar ,
and is in the south-west part of Virgini a 7
bounded on the north-east by Coal riv-r,
affluent of the Kanawha, and alto ,114!„,,i Gv
Little Coal river and Laurel deck I t
forno,d out of Logan and K.ztuawh a
and named in honor of Daniel
nowned pioneer of the West.
How it is Regirded at St Lru,
ST. Loris, I
The rtbjoined extract from the lie,v
the leading democratic paper in this
fair expression of the feeling with L
proclamation of General Fremont i!;
by the citizens of Lt. Louis, many
have seen to-day, and all of whom d
the decided action of the cornmandi
is timely and right. The ReptiLllcari
"-The proclamation of klajoi-Gei.,:..
mont, which appeared yesterday, i, ;L. L .,.
important document which has yet upper:e.',.
the progress of the war. Let it '
.•e int st-Z,
careful consideration by every Ci i„
prompt visiting of the extremes[
martial law upon all rebels within t
lighal - military lines; the conftsen: Th
property of persons who shall take
against the government, and the &dal.
absolute freedom to the slaves of all
sour: ; the extreme penalties to be
bridge-burners, railroad and telegrain, d,,tr„r
era, treasonable correspondence and ld,!i• .
peace destroyers of all kinds, are
the most extraordinary stringency:
dom of their promulgation by the , 11p7..11.r
_Beer in the army of the West we are naadret
will be conceded by every just and ley ti
"There is no longer any raid,
room for traitors where the lawful
has sway. General Fremont strikes 14 , 1ilyaLj
- fearlessly. The consolidated patri.,ti,ai I
boundless resources of the great Sertir.r,e,
at his back. Let every faithful man, by
and dead, give aid and encouragement t tt.ti
grand movement for the re-establislan , i,L;
whole people."
Death of a Philanthropist
HALHAS.. Sept .
The roy al
_ mail steamship titan Liverpool of
August 24th, via Queenstchto on Sunday thc
25th, has arrived at this port.
Richard Ostler, the factoty philanthropist, it
Queen Victoria was most entlmsia,timily ro
ceived"at Dublin.
Cotton seed is being regularly shipped to LW',
from Sues.
-'lie protestants are to be allowed to 0T.6.
Saw& in France. A company of Italian tOl
fliers at Pontelandale while reireshir,: thou
`Selves were set upon by the people and a irmr.
her massacred.
The troops retaliated the nest day be 'rum :
ing tee whole town, during which on' hnndr,:
and fifty persons were killed.
ton on Saturday amounted to 20,00 i rlet. I:
cludlng 1%000 bales to speculator - 6 and ,21 , ,•...r
tars, the market closing firm, Mancix,:d al
vices are favorable.
LiviritPHoor q —Bneadstuffi market i= inatne
Provisions, there has been small Irt:,-a 1,01]:
since the weekly report. London ceuzolt ilO,l
for money at 9I ®9li.
. A dispatch has been received in
Rom Richmond via Louisville, aclutinciti4
death of President Davis. The c,nfederat:
flags near Washington were display , d it ht..'
mast yesterday, apparently contirruhi4 'lit
CEswirssAn. sePt
Hon. Andrew Johnson spoke to , 1- 1 1
Union meeting at Newport,K. v
, y cz ter,l4y
Strong 17nion resolutions adopted.
Ntm 2lbutrtiseniflits
NOTlCE.—Having returned fr
war and recovered irom a sorer,.
prepared to resume the pr-trice or my i
lame old place, (*.vein's Buitolog.)
where I can be fou.d at all Ulna :13 the Llt re ,
D r. LAO."
Pet t:rl
QFA Fl) PROPOSALS, ender:3i
► for Ratio w if
.s.f• • be received ty the tinder
until 12 m., me-ith
for elliPPfying complete army Ratiot
the York Pennsylvania Regiment of
Guards, in the service of the ti,ited ttattr.
Said rations to be delivered at sudi time,
the several stations of the Rezitueut
be designated by its commanding, etncer.r,cl,:
Ins inquisitions. Bids must state the roc :.
ration deliveted as above.
A contract, which must be execuL
bond for faithful performance) within
after notification of acceptance f 1..11
awarded to the lowest responsible D i kr
the ':period of six months, unless sooner tinnti
hided - by the United States Commissat (3,"6.,.,
The ruidersigned reserves the light to rer
an totrealsoimble bids
Captain and C. Sr
00.EL0 up the concern the entire
staelf-61111063, BOOTS, ha.,•liite of orver r!.. 1
aukPad/Weal. the,rooms the MArgetS.V.iset
beAtitifit gate sale at GOA% aud the 0,03
Teitied - ki the piirehtser if dAired. The Oral , ' 6 ' l! "'
made eBlB9, DAN'f. EWA' Ag e°.
tgoQd, sweet and freQll) in one
Pon rune, and fr,sh EGGS ia la fa -41.1 sa,a,
, ikkenAnll-titnea and cash paig 0 grocer!:
#1240: 'Regular market r. 4,5 ,orays
exit:l9 Wad. fe9 l ,
OPpeeke the Court titolo