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    Pailg Ettegrapt.
Saturday Atter/loon, August 21, 1561•
lbe County Committee of the People's party
will meet at the Court House in Harrisburg, on
Tuesday, the 27th day of August instant, at
o'clock p•
If WIN, Chairman
J. C. YOI:NG, Secretary.
Harrisburg, Aug. 19, 1861
EN-Rours. — (ten. Robert Anderson of Fort
Sumter fame, was among the passengers in the
Baltimore train yesterday. He was en-route to
Kentucky, to take command of the military de
partment there
Tue REOULAR session of the court of quarter
sessions, o) er and terminer, and common pleas,
commences in this city next Monday. The trial
lists are unusually large, and many of the cases
are of an important character.
CAP MEETING.—A large number of
zensintend visiting the colored camp meeting
near Iligbspire tumorrow. The special trains
on the Pennsylvania Railroad will leave here
at 7.30 a. and 1.30 p. m. Returning, leave
Higlapire at 11.00 a. m., and 6.00. p.
'The artillery regiment recruited in this city by
Charlie Campbell, and recently sent to the Capi
tal, com p r i s ing eight perfect batteries, fully
manned and equipped, is reported by the Chief
of Ordnance in Washington, to be one of the
most efficient auxiliaries yet sent to to the field.
A Ctrs® OF CONISCIFINOF., — The General Superin
tendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad acknowl
edges the receipt, at the hands of the Reverend
John Twiggy, of ten dollars—that amount hav
ing been placed in his hands to be returned to
the company as money rightfully belonging
to It
Ter mu= scuoms tor boys and girls under
the control of Mr. R. M'Elwee and sisters, will
open on the first Monday in September. The
schools of this lady and gentleman since their
establishment, have met with entire success, as
their mode of teaching and general management
hes received the approbation of all who have
participated in its advantages.
young man named Huston Poorman, residing
In Spring township, Centre county, was brutal
ly murdered on the Nittany mountain, Centre
co., last week, The alleged murderers are Ed
ward Lipton anal Wm. R. Hays, both of Miles
burg, who have been arrested and held to an
swer. All the parties are respectably connected.
As AIMING set-to occurred yesterday in the
White Ball hotel, between two well known
habitutes of that establishment. The bystanders
christened the combatants Beauregard and Jeff.
Davis, and it is said they done some excellent
shoulder-hitting. The " round" lasted several
minutes, when it was drawn, and the parties
adjusted the difficulty at the bar.
Throworrout IN THE CITY.—The work of rais
ing recruits progresses smoothly, and though
the same enthusiasm is not manifested that was
displayed earlier in the work, still the recruit
ing officers are doing a fair business, and quite
a number of men are being enrolled. There is
plenty of material for soldiers yet in the city,
and we have no doubt whatever but that two
of the regiments now in process of organization
here, may be filled with proper exertion on the
part of their officers.
Sous Paws ought to take the hand-organ
men under their supervision. If these peripa
tie murder, of music are not,' nuisances" we
should like to know what is. Besides, the fel
lows are dangerous to public health—their hor
rible grinding tending directly to produce irri
tation of the nerves, and febrile symptoms in
some organizations. It would be a good idea
to organize them into a company, and place
them as an advance guard in the next big bat
tle. A hundred or so of their infernal machines,
all grinding out different tunes, would infalli
bly put to flight a legion of rebels.
Potunt—Before the Mayor.—Patrick Mullen, a
very rubicond looking individual, was arraigned
for drunkeness. Patrick was a picture for a
temperance society; he had sowed the seeds of
dissipation uutil they came up in a magnificent
crop of grog blossoms all over his countenance,
and his nose shone like a crimson port-fire, a
beacon to warn his fellow man of the dangers
that beset those who navigate in strong waters.
Patrick was remanded for a further hearing.
John Lee, a mahogany-hued negro, who is
said to have a strong penchant for picking up
trifles lying around loose, was arraigned for
the larceny of a silver watch from Mr. John
Midlem. Sent across the way to answer.
An ImPOßoa.—There is no doubt but at the
present time, many a worthy person is going
about the city asking alms, but it is also known
that they are many that are not worthy of alms
being bestowed upon them. A man has re
cently visited several of our prominent citizens
soliciting money for the purpose, as he stated,
of collecting a sufficient amount to bury his
brother, who was accidentally tilled on the rail
road. He related his story in such a pitiful
manner, that his story was believed, and a con
siderable amount of money given to him. To
more easily victimize the unwary, he obtained
the name of an acquaintance, and calling upon
them, say that he had been sent there by hi e
friend. Day before yesterday, a gentleman who
had assisted him, was surprised to see hire quietly
seated in a saloon, eating switzer cheese
and drinking lager beer. Upon inquiry, it was
ascertained that the brother represented to have
been accidentally killed was still living, and in
the enjoyment of good health. The rascal had
adopted this ruse to get money to enjoy a big
See Professor Wood's advertisement in anoth
er column.
generally known that acceptances of regiments
and companies by the Secretary of War, as well
as the authority given to colonels and captains
to raise such within thirty days, are given with
the distinct understanding that the right is reserv
ed to revoke the commissions of all officers
found to be incompetent.
Faurr MOVES. —Fruit thieves and garden
rangers should remember that by an act passe d
by the last Legislature, they are subject to a
fine not exceeding $5O, and imprisonment in
the county jail not exceeding sixty days. Some
of the loafing rascals who have been in the hab
it of stripping fruit trees, grape vines, &c., will
now pay dearly for their indulgence, when
Isransenso ro DEssarzes.—Hereafter all de
serters from the army are to be arrestei by the
police or citizens, taken to Governor's Island,
and tried by court martial. In case a citizen
captures a deserter, he will receive the sum of
thirty dollars, which will be deducted from the
pay of the soldier. Every soldier who loses his
gun, whether in cowardly throwing it away on
the field of battle, or through neglect, is to
have $l2, the price of the gun, deducted from
his pay. This will show the men that guns are
nut toys, to be thrown away whenever it is in
convenient to carry them.
ST. BARTHOLOWEVS DAT. —To-day is known in
church circles as St. Bartholomew's day, and is
observed by the Church of England as a great
holiday. St. Bartholomew was an Apostle, but
there is no scriptural account of his labors or
death. The legend of the Romish Church repre
sent him as preaching in the Indies, and con
cluding his life by being flayed alive by order of
a brother of the King of Armenia. In memory
of his death, it was customary at our monastic
institutions, in the middle ages, to distribute
small knives amongst the people. The day was
a horrrible celebrity in connection with the mas
sacre of the Protestants at Paris in 1572.
How To litsrmoursir MB RANK or Cartons.
By observing the shoulder straps worn by offi
cers of the army their rank can be readily ewer
tabled. A Major General is distinguished by
two silver stars on his shoulder straps; a Briga
dier General has but one star ; a Colonel has a
silver embroidered spread eagle ; a Lieutenant
Colonel has a silver embroidered leaf; a Captain
is known by two embroidered bars ; a First
Lieutenant has but one gold bar on the strap; a
Second Lieutenant none at all. The cloth of
the straps is as fc:ll3ws : Staff officers dark blue;
artillery scarlet ; infantry light (or sky) blue ;
riflemen medium (or emerald) green ; cavalry
orange color,
homes Geom.—The time to take on health
and vigor is during the next two months, when
the nights and mornings are cool, and the bills
of mosquitos are settled . for the season. Weath
er like yesterday renders country trips superflu
ous, and make the city quite as enjoyable.
Now is the time for invalids to take gentle ex
ercise. An early morning walk on such a morn
ing as yesterday, in a bracing air, imparts a
keener appetite than a pint of wine bitters or a
kennell full of bark. As shoe-leather is cheap
er than pills or syrups, let everybody take notice
and act acebrdingly. The people before whose
doors we never see a doctor's sulky, are the
people who breathe the open air and indulge in
healthful exercise.
London Standard reports in full the proceedings
of a meeting lately convened in that city by a
Duchess, at the desire of Queen Victoria, to
which only the creme de la creme of fashionable
female society were admitted, for the purpose of
presenting a proposition to her Majesty to aban
don hoops on the ground of their danger and the
number of deaths which they had caused. Of
course the idea was generally received with con
sternation. Some very aristocratic ladies could
remember no person of rank who had suffered
from wearing them, and couldn't'ee why they
should relinquish hoops because common people,
to whom they were an inconvenience, presumed
to copy their modes. A vigorous discussion
ensued, and a proposition was finally carried,
which declared for the abolition of all steel hoops
and springs in skirts. What is to be offered as
a substitute is not yet known.
WHAT 18 to become of love-making ? Does
anybody make love in these times? Are these
heavenly evenings to be thrown away in bitter
or fierce discussions about the war? Must the
god-Cupid put on a bob-tailed coat and shoulder
a musket? Are we to resign our pleasant chats
under delightful trees with "one fair daughter
and no more?" May we not again sit in the
shadow of the moonlight, and whisper never
to-be-forgotten words? May we not walk and
dream, and muse again, as of yore? Must all
the sweet sounds of love, as they float on the
air, be quenched rudely by "right shoulder,
shift arms," "right Sank by right face," "four
files into line, march?" Shall not her dear
head rest upon onr shoulder ? Shall not her
little hand repose in ours ? Must all our
thoughts be given up to "rations," and uni
forms and battles
Lovers, where are you
There are sad faces in the street to-night, and
to-night means every night. Darling girls in
couples are walking up and down through the
quiet streets, striving to look happy and cheer
ful, but ready to gush with grief at a moment's
notice. What shall be done for them?
He was not handsome, that bold soldier boy,
who went on with the l9oth regiment. Indeed,
he was a very ordinary looking person. What
a large nose he had—how awkward in his gen
eral appearance and manners. She was fre
quently ashamed of him. He was weak, too,
sold timid, and bashful, and nobody ever
thought he would come to much. But he had
one good quality that made him dearer to her
than all the world besides. He loved as a lover
, should love, faithufily, sincerely, eternally.
Hy love may not be worth much," he used to
say to her, "but its all I have in the world, and
I give it to you whether you value it or not."
This he would say to her as he was bidding her
good-night, with a sigh. Well, he is gone now,
and she hugs and kisses his photograph ugly as
it is.
ATTENTION ! LOCHIEL Gra,vs.—A meeting of
the Greys is desired this (Saturday) evening,
August 24th, at 7 o'clock in the Senate Chem -
ber. A full attendance is requested, as busi
ness of importance will be transacted.
nies of volunteers, numbering in the aggregate
about eleven hundred men, now stationed at
Camp Wilkens near Pittsburg, are expected to
pass through this city for Washington next
Tim 'rims secessionists wrested in this city
last Wednesday, are now confined in the debtors
apartment of the Moyamensing prison, Phila
delphia, and were to have had a hearing before
U. S. Commissioner Beazlett, of that city, at
12 o'clock to-day.
Aaarver, OF Nsw YORK Taoors.—The Second
Fire Zouaves of New York oity, arrived here
this morning en route for Washington. The
regiment numbers seven hundred and odd men,
all of whom are wiry, hard knit fellows. Their
uniforms are very picturesque, and on the whole
they pussess a good front. They are pretty
much all tried firemen, and therefore ought to
be better able to stand "fire." The regiment
forms a part' of Sickle's "Excelsior Brigade."
The following is the list of officers so far as could
be ascertained ;
Colonel, James Fairman; Lieutenant Colonel,
J. D. Moriarty ; Major, George LeFort ; Adju
tant, —; Quartermaster '
Company A—Captain Michael Burns, of
Hose 21.
Company B—Captain Thomas Smith, Hose 56.
Company C—Captain Archibald Gibson, Hook
and Ladder No.
Company D—Captain Daniel Crowley, Fore
man of Engine 20.
Company E—Captain William M. Fisk, late
of Bunker Hill Engine 82.
Company F—Captain —, Foreman of En
gine 17.
Company G—Captain Feeney, Rose 60.
Company H—Captain William McCauley,
Engine 40.
Comottly I—Captain Charles Elliott.
Company —Captain Michael Puttell, Engine
EDITOR "Tsmortapn."—Permit me to name
Paws lawnv, Esq., of Middletown, as a candi
date for Assembly. Mr. lawny was Chairman of
the County Committee of the People's party
during the last Gubernatorial and Presidential
campaigns, and to his 'vigorous efforts is mainly
to be attributed the unprecedented majorities of
Curtin and Liucoln. He is an active business
man, well acqaulnted with the wants of the
people, and if elected, he would make an able
and faithful representative. He is also sound to
the core on the Union question, and would spare
no efforts to drive out the heresy of secession
from our State and nation. LOMB. Ern).
Aug. 23, 1861.
RAVING returned from the city I now have on
hand a full assortment of all kinds of Dry
Goods : 200 pieces of new Calicos ; 200 dozen
of Stockings ; a splendid lot of Black Alapacha;
a large lot of Hoop Skirts; 1,000 yards of Crash
for Toweling. All kinds of Slimmer Dress
Goods at great reduction. S. Law;
Rhoads' Old Corner.
Free /Mr^ all Mineral Poisom.—lu caste of -erofulp
!Acura, Scurvy, or liruptions of the Sine the operaboo
of the Lae itediciteas it truly MISLOCILIbIad, °llea reatovlegr
to a few days, every vestige of these loathsome dilatator
by their purifying edema ou the blood. Unities Fe.forat,
Fever and Agee, Oyspepem, Dropsy, Pile., and in abort,
mat all diseases sOott yield at their curative precentor
la fatally Arnold be without Mem, Ls by their timely
ale mitab ,•ulleruig cud expense may be saved.
Preoar o 3 411. B. t4OFFAT, Y It lieW Yuri, was
RHEA, or &anus' WoeSuess, :levied Ddbtllty, N arsons
brfrguntary Emilia - 10UB dud luipoteaoy, resulting
trout Seanbuse, &C By Rohl. J. Calverwoli, M. 11,
Sent under seal, iu a Anti envelope, to any address, poet
uald, reimpt 01 twu sLimps, by Dr. CHAS .7 C.
KLINE, 127 %wary NA, vort I'94 • Wee Boa, No
4.68 e m2o.Bwolas
Dtt. utt b.:F.,SMAN'S PILLS,
Prepared uy Comahue L. Ohneseman, M. D.
T HEoutribiuuttou of ingredients iv ulnae
Pith , are the result of a long and extensive practice.
They are mild in their operation, and certain in correcting
all irreguinritice, Palatal bienstrtiations, removing all ob
struauons, whether from add or otherwise, headache,
pain lu the side, palpitation of the heart, whil es , all eel ,
sous allertmus, hysterics, tatigue, pain to the bank and
limbs, Ste , disturbal sleep, which arise from interruption
of nature
Dr. Cheeseman . e Pills are invaluable, as .tey will bring
on the monthly period with regularity. Lutes who have
been disappointed in the use of t Pills Pills MI plate the
utoloat confidence in Dr. ChOOBIMISIVIS Pills doing all that
they reprment to do.
There is one condtition of the /mak spoon a, which the
Pills moue be raktsa retthout aroducenp a PECI/Lidit
BROM. The oondition au rai to u PEISONANOY—
the result, MISCA RRIA6 I Snek it the trreestate
tendency tf the medicine to reuore he wen tel function' to a
normal condition, due swot the reproductive papa el
nature cannel ream it.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free (rem anything
Ii Exnlicit direction., widen should be read, ac
company each box. Price ST. Sent by mail on enclosing
it to Dtt Centime L Oneannuss, Sax 4,441, Post Office,
Kew Torii aty.
Sold by 09ft l stlgtat to every man in the United States
General arta for the United dtetee,
14 Broadway, New Tors
To woos. alt a heksale orders should be addr
4old in 11trribbant by C. d. fluerrier
n ate dew ty
eatable ri correcung, rageatiag, arid remaTins a
obstructions, trona whatever cause, and {-
ways successful as a proven-
s ee
the doctoral for many years, both in Prance
erica, with unparalleled success In every case ; and
he is urged by many tnousand ladies who used them, to
make the Pills public for the alleviation of those suffering
from any irregularities whatever as well as to prevent
an increase of family where health will not permit lt.—
Females particularly situated, or these supposing them.
selves so, are cautioned against these Pills while ln that
condition as they are cur. to produce miscarriage, and
the proprietor assumes no responsibility after this admo
ninon, although their mildness would prevent any nds
tibial to healtb—Otherwise the Pills are recommended.
Pell and explicit directions accompany each box. Prise
Si 00 per box. Sold wholesale and retail by
No. 9 Jones Row, Harrisburg, Pa.
"Ladies," by eending him $1 00 to the Harrisburg
Post Oflioe, can have the lilts sent tree of observation to
any part ol the country (oordidentially) and "free of pos
tage. by mall. Sold also by 8. 8. ,[watts, . Re,
JOILMIXIS, HatioWav I ODWDZII, Philadalph lll 4 L. LEW
idnualai_Lebanon, Damn. 11. ilsimino, Lancaster; J. A.
Hots, Wrightsville ; B. T. Maass, York a n d by one
t in every city mid Tillage in the and by
Bdl.l4.irowa, Ma proprietor, New York
N. g,,—Look oar for counterfeits. Be) no Hidden Pills
of any kind unless every box to signed S. D. Howe. At,
others are a base imposition and nos ale; Bonaire, as
you 'slue year ilvei and health, (to say nothing of be
ikg humbugged Out of your money ) buy only of Woo
who show the stordtire of S. D. Howe oil ever
the y box,
whka has reiently been added an acomint of plhe
Wig ootuderatiod dolkivauwly.
DANIEL KENDIG, of Middletown, of
fal% himself as a candidate for the SPATE L4 - 01.S.
LATIIRK at the en.uing ekction, subject to the action:4r
We People's County Convention. And pledges hitneelt
to discharge the duties of the office lion 1-tty and faith
DR. THOMAS G. FOX, of Derry town
ship, offers himself es a candidate Mr the SUM
I.MiI.LATURE at the ensuing elect I subj et to th a--
tlou the People's County Convention he promise. It
elected to Mechttrge the duties of the office With fidelity
A BRAHAAI B. BO 1 ER, of Eaet
li vrr, oilers binn.elf as a candfrate for He QIaTBY at
the eestung election. subject to tie action of the People's
County Convention. fin promis. s, if elected to di charge
the duties of the office with II i lity.
aug22 dtc
HB. SCHREINER, of Graz. offers
• hintselt a, a candidate for the Sr TK 1.E6151.e
lUtte at the ensuing election, sublect to she action of
the People's County Convention. He pr mi yea , io
!ed to di•clunge the dutlea of the office with fidelity.
DA. S. EYSTLR offers himself as a
oanoidste for the Lilco ofPhOCH .NtiTANY, &c.,
at the enamel/ ele.alon, and pleCer his reputation lor
attention 10 business as a guarantee fo. .he faithful per
formance of Us duties, if elected .
Harrisburg, August 21, 180 *
WILLI.4M ALLEN, of West Han •ver
togrwas.,, will be a .-andidate ior ihe dram
paistkinns sableeL to the .ombiatien by the nepub-
Haan uouve , use et Dauphin county
aug2o Sum ws
ENJ. 13OFFENGTUNI, Esq., of Wash.
s iogtno to iitothip, oilers Licata" es a eeniltdate for
I'OUN Y C et the ensuieg etc.:lion, flou
ter.' to th • action of the reoplee County Convention. tie
premiens if elated to di-chance the duties of 'ht office
wtb 9delity aug2l-d tt w L
BENJAMIN BUCK, of Harrisburg,
fers Glat.olt - ■e a t tumid ato for COU •TY CREASE! h.
e at the e ser; election, seuieet 10 the action of the
People's eaglets (inteenden He promises. if elected to
discharge the Make or the ofßco with adelity.
SAMIIEL MA RQUART, of Harrisburg
off r Wolfe)t aq a f lit( at tue
elpottoo. aab ret to the action of tbe Pi °tile's
Cu. ty CO . mutton. lie p (wises, if elected to discharge
the d ides of the. glee rtill fidelity.
au .17-da•te
FELLOW CI I'IZEN6 : I offer myeell as
• pLudidate for County Treasurer at we ensuing
emotion. subject to be action of be People Gmety's Con
venikm. ehouid Ibe Li onauate to ton of owed I ledge
myself w discharge Um duties of said oill e with B,lelity.
ItiAst; Nit.elt%
Dauphin, Aug 12 1981.-tea
JC. YOUNG, offers himself as a °midi
iodate for tht office of Prothonotsry &c., of Dauphin
county et the emulate election. fie eneges if elected to
perform the duties of the canoe with del:atty.
POLL% W UITIZENS—I offer myself as
a Union Indeveodent candidata for the office of Re.
gutter or Wills of I auphln county. Should Ibe so tor
innate as to be sleet- o p t promise to discharge the defies
of the office with fidelity. ilSdh B. HOMMEL
Sommelstown, July 31, 1861-oltawto
COL. JAS. FREEL AND, of Halifax town
ship, offers himself as a atadidata fur ASAE slitLY
at the ellattieg election, tebjeat to the actlin of the Pen
pie's County Cony. ntion. He promises, If elefted to dis
charge the duties al the effi,:e with fidelity.
etu imertistments
A U'rEIORITY having been given to the
.(11 undersigned by the Secretary of War to raise a Re
giment of Cavalry, to serve for brae years or during the
war, the attention of all those who desire to enter 1116
branch or the military service is dlmeted to the oppor
tunity thus crest Mod to them.
The Regiment will consist of ten compsmes, and will
be untiornod, armed, and mounted in the came m unser
as cavalry of the regular army. A camp of Instruction
will be establbbed in a short lime at. Harrisburg, wh u
the Regiment wit be trained to a collation of efficiency
that will render it competent to do good service for the
The pay of the rank and file per month is as follows :
Sergeant Major. ........ ....... ... .923
Quartermaster iergeant ....... ......... 28
Chief Barer 28
First Sergeant 22
soraeant..... ...... ..... 19
Corporal le
Bugler. .......... ....... .......... 15
Farrier and Blacksmith..... t 7
Priv/ate.. ..... ........... ...... . . 14
Companies desiring to torivin the degiment will report
I nmediately to the Colossi, when all information requir
ed will be furnished them. As the country requires de
fenders, it Is desired that the Regiment !m ready bar
service in as short a period of time as possible.
GEC. C. WYNKOI IP, Colonel.
WM. B. SIPES, Lt. Colonel.
RsantsirrAt HasuquArrive,
In the room formerly occupied by the Poet Office.
rket street, Harrisburg,
Near the Adams Rapreas Office.
August 22, 1881. St-Tu.Th.a.
the undersigned Committee of Council on or before
the 2d day of September 1861, for the delivery and sure tid
ing of 150 or 800 perch of stone for re-Macadamiztog
Market Square between Market street and Blackberry
alley. Tee stone not to be larger to pass though a 23
Inch ring.
GE.I. H. Mill.,
.1.60.313 F BratHNIAN, Committee let District,
Harrisburg, Aug. 19, 1861.
BY DIRECTION of the President of the
United States, all volunteer regiments or
parts of Regiments accepted directly by the
War Department from Pennsylvania, either with
or without arms, equipments or uniforms, are
to be forwarded at once to Washington. Their
commanders will therefore immediately report
to these headquarters,
stating the number of
men and the station from which they are to be
taken, that transportation may be furnished
them without delay. By order of
Governor and Commander-in Chief.
CRAIG BIDDLE, A. C. D. aug23
Pon 017108,
Harrisburg, Pa.
T HE Pcet Office Department having issued
of all denominations, viz:—On, Than, FLYS,
cent, notice is hereby given that an exchange of
the old for the new stamps will be made at this
office for a period of
from this date, after which time the old stamps
will not be received in payment of postage on
letters sent from this office.
Smaller offices in this vicinity can =Amigo
their stamps at this office.
Aug. 1% 1861.-661
Books for the Military 1
J'a 0 T O E R V E E E N I 0 A : E 1 B M E tE T t lEi ts t ' Se
Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, for the exer
cise and manoeuvres of Troops when acting as
Light Infantry or Riflemen. Prepared under
the direction of the War Department. By Bre
vet Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. HARDEE, U. S.
Vol. I.—Schools of the Soldier and Company ;
Instructions for Skirmishers. Vol. U.—School
of the Battalion.
Prepared by a Board of Artillery Officers.—
One vol. Bvo. $2.50.
COL. S. COOPEB., Adjt.-Gen. U. S. A.
Sir :—The Light Artillery Bard assembled
by Special Orders No. 134, of 1856, and Special
Orders No. 116, of 1858, has the honor to sub
mit a revised system of Light Artillery Tactics
and Regulations recommended for that arm.
WM. H. FRENCH, Bt. Maj. Capt. First Artil
WILLIAM F. BARRY, Captain First Artillery.
HENRY J. HUNT, Bt. Maj. Capt. Second Ar
Published by order of the War Department.
First Part—School of the Trooper ; of the Pla
toon and of the Squadron Dismounted. Second
Part—of the Platoon and of the Squadron
Mounted. Third Part—Evolutions of a Regi
Three vols. 18mo. $8.78
February 10, 1841.
The system of Cat.alry Tactics adapted to the
organization of Dragoon regiments, having
been approved by the President of the United
States, is now published for the government of
the said service.
Accordingly, instruction in the same will be
given after the method pointed out therein ;
and all additions to, or departures from the ex
ercises and manceuvres laid down in this sy,tem
are positively forbidden.
J. R. POINSETP, Secretary of War.
Manual of Bayonet Exercises. Prepared for
the use of the Army of the United States. By
GEORGE B. M'CLELLAN, Capt. First Regi
ment Cavalry, U. S. A. Printed by order of
the War Department.
One vol. 12mo. $1.25
11EADQuesTras OP TED ARMY, i
WastuNcrroN, D. C., Dec. 81, 1851.
Hon. C. M. Coraen, Secretary of War.
Sir :—Herewith I have the honor to submit
a system of Bayonet Exercise translated from
French by Captain Geo. B. M'Clellan, Corps,
Engineers, U. S. Army.
1 strongly recommend its being printed for
distribution to the Army ; and that it made, by
regulation, a part of the "System of Instruc
The inclosed extracts from reports of the In
spector General, etc., show the value.
I have the honor to be, sir, with high respect
your most obedient servant,
Approved. C. M. CONRA.D, Secretary of War
January 2, 1852.
R JONES, Adjutant• General.
Any of the above works forwarded by mail,
free of postage, on the receipt of the published
price. Remittance can be made in gold dollars
and postage stamps. Address
GEO. BERGNER, Harrisburg, Pa.
On application to the General Post office the
undersigned has received the following order
viz :
Poer Onus Dammam,
Appointment Office, July 23, 1861.
The following order has been made by the
Post Office Department, for the execution of
the new law respecting soldiers' letters :
Postmasters at or near any camp or point oc
cupied by the United States forces, will mail,
without prepayment of postage, any lettter
written by a soldier in the service the United
States, and certified to be such by the Major or
Acting Major of the regiment to which the
wilier is attached. The envelope should have
plainly stamped or written on its face the cer
tificate "Soldier's Letter," signed in writing by
the Major or Acting Major of the regiment,
describing his regiment by its number and its
State. The postage due on such letters will be
collected at the office of delivery.
The certificate and address may be in the
following form :
"Soldier's Letter.
A. 8., Major 10th Reek
N. Y. Volunteers.
Mr. John Jones,
Utica, N. Y."
Commissioned officers will prepay their post
age as heretofore. JOHN A. Kraal*
.Hrst Assistant P. NOG, .
cs,® arms OILDEL—The Post Office DeNart
raent has issued - tne toubwing
postmasters will take notice that all prey
letters to soldiers in any regiment in the e me tvi
of the - United States, and directed to them at a
point where they have been stationed, may be
forwarded, whenever practible, to any other
point to which they may have been ordered
without further charge thereon for fowarding.
Jouß A. Kessos,
First Assistant P. If. General.
Soldiers at the different camps in or near this
city will please comply strictly with the above
rule and their letters will reach their destina
tion without trouble.
Between Philadelnhia ,
thacerrowar, WeIIIONTOWS, 11172011, Licinasoso,
Gsoitogrowx, LrEcustown, larans-
BURG, HALE/11, 1417P111;
The Philadelphia Depot being centrally located the
Drayage will be at the lowest rates. A Duiductor goes
through with each train to attend to the s ifs delivery of
all goods entrusted to the hue. Goods delivered at the
Depot of
FREED, WARD & FRAZD, No. Sit Mart et Steel, Phila
delphia, by 5 o'clock P. 11., will be ...livered in
the nest mornin:
Freight (always) as low as by shy other •ne.
Particular attention raid Wings line to prompt and
speedy dehvery of ah Harrisbur i.oods.
The undersigned thankful for past pain,: a hopes by
Am attention to business to merit a con • .0 nee of the
acme. T. Pgle.l
Philadelphia and Ke.diu
Feet of Market lir ~
•'r burg.
11:1 OM appointed under
the Act of Incorporation of the city of Harrisburg
having made a plat or draft of said city, designating the
streets, lanes and alleys oow existing and opeoing, and
else where avenues, striuktl3. lanes dnd alleys isbsil here
after be opened, and also designating within the gmitu
of said city a plot or piece of ground. containing not lei 4
than meaty acres, for the use of the public and of said
city, ior the purposes and uses mentioned in said act;
and having submitted their draft and report to the Court
at Quarter sessions, of Dauphin county, for the approval
of said Court ; the said draft and report have been flied
by order of said Court to the office o f ttie Geri' of Quar
ter sessions of said county ter public Inspection ; and un
less exceptions are flied thereto by parties interested la
said city, the same will be approved at the August term
of raid Court. By order of the Coort
fl-dtw trif. sttrCHELL, Clerk.
HENRY U. 311 49.FFER,
PAPER BANGER, Frent street, second
.1_ door above Wislout street. All orders ponotwaly
sir Piper bang for 16 ants per ron or .idose,, ,
wort warranted. _
, .., 1"1"Gu:
Universal Confidence & Patronage.
Lades and Gentlemen, in All partsof the world testily to
the eft!aey of Prof. 0 .1 Wood'. Bair Re.torative and
gentlemen of the Pre".s are UvalkitU , ll. In its pr,iine. A
few teettmonjals only can be here given ; see circular or
more, and it will be impm tdble for pn to doubt.
47 Wall Street, New York, Dec. 20th, 1858
Gcrrunoix : Your note o) the lb b teat., has been re
cleaeo, raying that you had heard that 1 bad bees bene
fited by the use of Woot.t's Bair Restorative, and request
ing my certificate of the I ct if I btd uo •bjeruou
give it.
I award it to you cherrley, because I intuk h due
My age is about 60 tears ; the color el ~,t hair au ,uro,
and It aimed to curl Fome five or :la , ear, sieve it e
gad to turn Frey, end th- tcalp on the ,•rokyn 01 my be d
to lose its s , rbiteliby and dandruff - to ft:r.d •spe It Sac , '
tbeee otsagraeabditi, s tricreat•cd whip Lose, nod about
four m n.hs since a fourth was added to them, by hair
falling off the top of my bead abd threatentag to make
me bald.
In tots unpleasant predicament, I wa• induced to try
Wood' Hair Pe-toi main!. to arrest the fal log
off of my hair, fort had real y oo expectation that gray
hair could ever be restored to its original color creep
from dyes. I wss, however, really mitosis d to find
tier the use al two to ties oily, that not only was the
falthig off arrested, but the color wag reutoretl to the gray
bah- all sensibnity to the scalp, and datotrull ceased to
form on my head, very much to the gratification of my
wi 0, at whihe solicitation I wee induced to try it
for this, atom g the many "Wig Aitiiis I owe to her sex,
I strong y recommend all hu-bands who v .toe the d
miratiou 01 their wiv a to ; r lit by my example, and
use t it growing gray or getting bald.
Very retpectlaily, Bc N A. LAVENDER .
To 0 J. Wood k Co., 444 Broadway Sew Yo - it
Ay rawly are absent ram the city. and I um no long
er at No II Carrot place.
ttiamakatei, Ala , July 20th,
To Pit r. 0. J. $, ear =ir : Your "Hair th Aura
tire has done toy b tr so mum good rinse I commenced
the use o' it, that l wish to make Known to the $l3OllO
its effea to OD the hair, which arc great. k man or wo
may may be netrly Utprvert of hair, and by a resort to
your "Hair Beilorative," the hair will return more
ba.UIRUI than ever ; at lea t this IS i•xperienoe
Believe it all ! Yours truly,
P 3 —You can publish the above tr you like. By pub
Waling In our Southern pa, ere you ad get more Huron
•g south. I eve sever .1 of your certtlicAtes in the Yo
bits Mercury a alreug Southern paper
W B. Kenedy.
PROP 0. J. WtiOD : tar : Having hod the
tune to too the neat port on of my bon., from the . ffecte
of the yellow fever, In New Widths In 1851, 1 w s in
dueed to make a trial of your prei..ratiol, and foetid It
to eosaer as t e very thing needed lly hal: it now
Melt and gloe.y, and no w rde coo exprete ms oblige
dune to lou h. giving .0 the aftlicted cur a ire snore.
be Neaturative le put up In bottles 01 three VIZ :
ttige medium end*.mall ; toe mall holds 11.11 a pi,t,
reloila lur nue ot•11 r per bottle , th. oteduan holds
at heat twenty p•r cent more In ion, ortn•n t an 'fie
retalte for two dollar, p r bottle ; the Lwge hl 114
scout ; 4u per c nt. more 10 proportloo, and retails for
$ 3 -
O. J. WO .111 k CO., Prop letors. 444 Nroutlway, New
York, auJ 114 Market Arevt, st. Louts, 14e.
d sold by al/ good I.ruggets and Fumy Goods
WliEligAS, the Honotable JOHN J.
PICANPON, eresidtment the Court ul Coin uon Pleas
in the Twelfth Judicial Diatrict, min ilating of the Counties
in Lebanon and auph,u, an I the tine. A. 0. 13111.-M
Alla Hon Faux NIESULT, As.ocidte Judged!. in Dauphin
county, having i,sued t air Ill'OCOrt, ba ,riug date the
fourth day of J 1.861, to me directed lug holding
Conn of Oyor and Terminer anti Llenerai Jail Delivery
and Quarter Sessions of the Peace at I.r tsburc for the
county of Dauphin, and to commence ON THE 4TH NON.
OAT OP AOGOsT Nast, being the •.:13TH Day of AUGUST 1881,
sod to continue two wee- s
Notice is there , ore homey given to the Coroner, Jut
aces of the coat, aid:ran .ud o. the
county of Dauphin, attar they be then and were in their
proper persons, at le u'eltacar au WI forenoon 01 said dal,
with their rec.rta, niquisanuns, exanitnattona, and Wear
own remembrances, too the, e th.ngs which to their
wilco appertains to be done, and those who are bound
tU ronognismices to p (weenie against the prisoners lb .t
are or 'halt be Iw the Jail of coealy, be thew
and there to proaeoute against them as shall be pi t.
Given under my hand, at Harrisburg, the .tat day ci
;UV, In the year of our Lord, 1881, and Ira the eighty
Mtn year of the Independence of the united mates,
J. D BoAS, fiber&
Salem 's Om=
Harrisburg, July 31. 1881.
, (Near the flarrigurg Bridge.)
e'z' t esei-,
._&" JUST RECEIVED Irom the
to wai a*.sitifit i malcomml&RClAL
,' Of truce be fur NOTE PA:Ett, - ileaiiitißrim.
$6, 4 , erp baudsome emblems and plidlioO,
=ottan i ,"
$3 5.1 4 -+V 1000 Warn: ENVFLOPFS, with willow
persioneeloblems, printed lu two colors.
Please give us 11l null. TlatO F SCSIFFFER,
je22-d Elarriebarg.
ETERS his services to the citizens o
V./ Harrisburg and its vicinity. He solicits a share o
the public patronage, and gyres eminence that his best
endeavors shall be given to reader satisfaction iu hie pro.
(elision. Being an old, well tried dentist, be feels safe to
smiting the public generally to call on him, assuring
hem that they will not be dissatisfied with bis services,
°dice No. 128 Market street, in the house formerly - copied by Jacob K. Rby, near the United States Hotel,
Mini...M. P. SVB dIV
I is solicited to our very large assortment of
UnnalLtnnelli Ann ORAWynn of every 811.0 find quality.
Gene' Jouvut Km (home. best article manufactured.
All the different lauds o f Winces °Loves.
Largest assortment of Roemer in the city.
And everything in Gents' wear, at
Hanover, Runs,
SAX!, Glum,
laamomr, *us= coax,
EMIT Bans;
Haagow far Buse,
Wiens Paae, ike , &t.
Rust reoetved and for sale at the tonnaSnell Mass
1.1)16 Wll. NAIR JR. & op.
THIS Irketitution chattered with full col
legiate powers, will open its Fall Term on Wednes
day the 4th of Septemher. ..-
The anent on of Parents baring dang t Vgici ednette
Is ,eopectfully invited to chlalnautudort or catalogues
address. d.O MaillplT,
angls-2wd PreindeaL
QFAISION oommemzea, September 2, 1861.
Terms, per liel3loll Of Ave months STS, ivoindlog Tu.
linßow li an*, Washing ha. Bead for a L 1 r r.
f 0
Msext to tho Hur,+hnre Hank