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Friday Afternoon, August 23, 1661.1
9 1. coo, V I',.nintittee of the People's party ,
mitt at the oort lions° in Harrisburg, on
oe,ly. In' du ay of August instant, at 1.1
o'clock p. In -
P. WWI'S, Chairman
(' Yot SG, Salutary.
11.011,1ffirg. Aug. 0, 1661
—There are now about thirty
col 'woks of ol wavers in Camp Curtin, ready
formed into regiments, and receive march-
l't WEI'S
casposi D Chit f of Police Radabaugh is
confined to his house by a severe attack
(11 ihilatitatory Rheumatism.
li:a11.110:1D A PPOLNTIMT. —TIIOIIIIIS A, Scott,
Esq , late Superintendent of the military routes
of the government, having been appointed As
sistant Suervtary of War, E. F. Morley, Esq ,
late of the Allegheny Valley Railroad, has been
selected to till his place. lie left last night for
Washington City to assume his dutieS.
Coot) lituotoN —The Rev. Peter Cartwright,
the Meth°.list plower preacher of the West,
who our reader, will recollect delivered several
leetitris in tld , city, s, no , time ago, in a recent
leth.r to a 6.1140 v ri,nifier iu filhsouri, speaks
his seothnents ie the fullon•iug intelligible and
and pitriutic sontahls :
..! h o p• Gcneral Lyon will catch Tory Jack
son, and hang him on the first tree he comes to.
Union volt ought to arm themselves from head
to heel, :Ind shoot down every traitor they come
to If (id will have mercy on me, l would
lather die than that this glorious government
should 1,0 overthrown. If we must be destroyed
I hope du , Lord will do it, nod not give us into
the pe,mer of tories, If the Union men of Mis-
Hn i need help to kill traitors, call on Illinois.
we can sand you twenty thousand good men
3,1,1 true. Rivers of blood will flow, but this
fleet must stand though the heavens fall."
titioch:lNG RAILROAD ACCIDENT.—A shocking
t ident. occurred near Newport, on the Penn
lrania Railroad the other night. It appears
ti ~it a man, evidently a soldier, got on the
keeper of one of the cars of the stock train, and
taLing off in some way, an approaching train
011 the other track ran over him, killing him
iastintly. His body lay upon the track for
~aue time, when another train came along, and
lassing over it literally cut it in two. The re
mains of the unfortunate man were subsequent
ly boxed up and taken to Newport, where an
ilaptest was held and a verdict of accidental
Icatli rendered.
Anviarrisixo RULE.— Barnum, who has ex
i•ende,l as much money for newspaper advertis
ing as any other man, and reaped as much pro
fit dein that source, lays it down as a rule, in
his vklebno«l hook on "The Art of Making
Mency," lhat "the proper time to advertise ju
diciously is f , hort otk rs dmPt. ' Barnum is mani
(esti) right on that point, and we commend his
tuft tome. latAriess men generally, who just
now ,cent to think they can dispense with ad
vertising. In these dull times, whatever trade
dew is going, will surely fall into the hands of
these who let the people know that they are
alive. If you have anything to sell, advertise
and acquaint the whole world with the fact.
On the subject of continuous advertising, a
French editor has remarked, that the first time
a man sees an advertisannet in his newspaper
he takes no notice of it ; the second time he
looks at Ihe name; the third time he looks at
the price ; the fourth time he reads it ; the
fifth time he sp,aks of it to his wife ; the sixth
time lie buys.
THE AN [MASON ZOCAV ES.—Mis splendid regi
ownt from New York city arrived here last
evening in thirty -Otte cars over the Lebanon
Valley _Railroad, en route to swell the grand
army of the Union, and to defend that flag of
America, which has been ruthlessly assailed by
those who desire to overthrow the government.
They are commanded by Col. J. Lafayette Ri
ker, a gentleman of experience in military
rs, and a better other could not be selected
fur a military force.
The Advance Guard are dressed in regular
French 'Amave style loose red pantaloons,
black jacket, trimmed with red, fez cap, am!
armed with the Springfield musket, carrying by
1 1 1
their sides the heavy French sabre. The hal
fume of the regiment are uniformed in black
jacket, trimmed with red, light blue pants with
white sttipes, leggings, and red fez with fatigue.
'1 heir overcoats are of the United States regula
They number 1,04 d men.
The following is a list of the officers :
Colonel, J. Lafayette Biker : Lieutenant Col
Wm S. 'Tisdale ; Major, Oscar V. Dayton;
Adjutoit, J. Norris McLean ; Quartermaster,
J. J. Yates; Assistant Quartermaster, James A.
Stevenson; Acting Surgeon, G. B. F. Simpson ;
Assistant Surgeon, W. Wallace Bitilack; Colo
nel's Secretary and Lieutenant, Geo. L. Elder ;
Qtrittermaster s Sergeant, Samuel B. Rice.
COMPANY A—Carilin, Anderson ; First
Lieutenant, Joe -ph Knight; Second Lieutenant,
Wm, Baker.
COMPANY ll—Captain, Wilson Hubbell; First
Lieutenant, John F. Bishle; Second Lieutenant,
Geo. J.
COMPANY ( 'ltptitill, Wm. Hathaway ; First
Lieutenant, Wm. U. 1.108 , A; Second Lieutenant,
Horace W. Pratt,
COMPANY D—Captain, David I. Kevin ; First
Lieutenant, Joseph Weeks; Second Lieutenant,
Wm. Davies.
COMPANY E— Captain, 91. L. Riggs; First
Lieutenant, Jlll3. Magee; Sc.:on(' Lieutenant,
L. S. Clarke.
COMPANY IF—Captain, Geo. H. Mouser; First
Lieutenant, Wm. Ackerman; Second Lieuten
ant, Lewis Grimm.
COMPANY G—Captain, A. V. Meeks; First
Lieutenant, Edward Davis ; Second Lieutenant,
Johns Spring.
eumrANY ii—Captain, Jacob Duryee ; First
Lieutenant, Wm. A. Boyd ; Second Lieutenant,
J. F. Holmes.
COMPANY K Captain, A. Johnson ; First
Lieutenant 0. F. J. Lewis; Second Lieutenant,
James Poole.
/kat-mice Guard (French company)—Captain,
( lades C. Li Mita; First Lieutenant, Charles
Baillet; Second Lieutenant, Geo. B. Beloti.
Lieutenant Charles R. Stirling is detailed to
clearterteau3ter's department " '
In his charge to the grand jury on the opening
of the Lebanon county Court this week, Judge
Pearson, speaking on our present national con
flict, and the laws relating to the duties of the
citizens concerning the same, instructed them
in substance as follows :
You are well aware, gentlemen, that the gov
ernment of the country is now engaged in a
great struggle with rebellion. A very consid
erable portion of the States of this Union have
risen against the laws, endeavored to throw off
their allegiance, and are now in open arms,
with a view of subverting and destroying the
Constitution and government of the United
States. This is no mere party contest, such as
has frequently agitated our country, to be ulti
mately settled at the ballot box, but a great
struggle for national existence, to be determin
ed by force of arms alone. It is scarcely neces
sary for me to remind a true and loyal people,
like those of Lebanon county, of their duty as
citizens in such a contest, and to say that they
are bound by their allegiance and interest not
only to do no act and utter no word or senti
ment calculated to embarrass the government
in its action, but to render all the assistance in
their power to aid it in carrying on the war, so
unjustly forced upon it. To levy war against
the United States or adhere to the enemy in
time of war, giving them aid and comfort, is
high treason, but this crime can be tried only
in the Federal courts.. Treason may also be
committed against the State of Pennsylvania by
the same acts or any endeavor to subvert and
overturn the government? and over that of
fence you and we have jurisdiction. But thb
law to which I particularly wish to direct your
attention as having a more practical bearing on
the action of the people in the present exigency,
was passed at the last session of the Legislature,
and should be known and understood by all,
lest any might transgress unwittingly. The act
punishes with great severity the aiding or abet
ting the enemy now at war with the United
States, by joining their armies, or procuring
any one so to do, or furnishing them any arti
cle for their aid and comfort, carrying on a cor
respondence with them, or giving them any in
telligence whatever. It also prohibits under
like penalty, every endeavor to dissuade per
sons from entering the service of this State or
of the United States or from joining any volun
teer company or association, about being mus
tered into service ; or being mustered into ser
vice, to induce or endeavor to persuade them
to abandon or withdraw from the same.
Every resident of Pennsylvania, who is pro
tected by its laws, must abstain from uttering,
writing or printing anything with the view and
purpose, or which may have the effect of pre
venting others from entering the armies of the
State or nation, or may blame others already
entered to desert their colors and abandon the
service. We all most highly prize the liberty
of speech and freedom of the press, yet at a
time like this, when great calamities may be
impending over the nation, the rules of morali
ty, our allegiance and duty alike require that
we shall abstain from doing any act or uttering
any word or sentiment calculated to show that
our councils are divided, whereby the hand of
the enemy is strengthened and that of the gov
ernment weakened. and such act is well calcu
lated to give aid and comfort to the enemy ;
and writing, printing or advised speaking be
fore the people against the action of the na
tional government, directly tends to induce
those in the service to leave it, and those about
to enter to change their intentions. Persons
violating these plain duties may readily bring
themselves within the penalty of the law ; anti
if the Grand Jury, or any one of them, know
of this statute having been transgressed, it is
your bounden duty to present the trangressors,
so that they may receive punishment accord
ing to their demerits.
The Grand Jury, before its adjournment,
adopted the following commendatory resolu
Resolved, That the Grand Jury unanimously
do approve of the suggestions and instructions
contained in the charge of Judge Pearson on
the subject of the duty and loyalty which the
people owe to the instituted authorities of the
State and the nation, and that we commend it,
in its length and breadth, to our fellow citizens
for their instruction and obedience.
Resolved, That we thank Judge Pearson for so
promptly and efficiently discharging his whole
duty in the premises, and we earnestly invoke
the cooperation of all our people, and civil
authorities, in sustaining the cause of law and
order, and by so doing maintain the integrity
of the Republic, and the honor of the national
FOLIOS—BEFORE ME Msvou.--,Tom. Noland
again paid his respects to his honor the Mayor.
Tom has grown grey in the service of Captain
Whisky, and seems to have enlisted for life.
In consideration of his age, and a faithful
promise to leave the city, he was discharged.
A stout, burley looking "bould soger boy"
went ing the uniform of the New York Anderson
Zouave regiment, was arraigned charged with
being drunk and disorderly. He had accident
ly been left behind by his regiment which pass
ed through here last evening, and concluded
to put in time by putting in whisky. He evi
dently didn't like the accommodations of the
"lock-up," and impudently remarked that if
he had known where he was going to, the of
ficers wouldn't have put him in. "They
couldn't put him in again, no sires." A word
from the Mayor and the Zouave was conducted
back to the lock-up as cool and calm as a Jersey
cucumber. He will be held until he can be
sent to join his regiment.
Wm. Brown, a stranger, hailing from Carlisle,
was up for drunkenness. Discharged on a
promise to leave the city.
Henry Davis, another "drunk," fined one
dollar and costs, and discharged.
Jno. Freezeler, a vagrant of twenty years or
thereabouts, looking for all the world as if he
was ready to fall to pieces, received marching
orders to leave the city.
Tea Tamarrms from the intense heat of last
week, to the Autumn-like coolness of the last
few days, has been too sudden to be agreeable
or healthful. A week ago and we were swelt
ering and panting beneath the penetrating rays
of an August sun which, with a cloudless sky
above, a parched earth beneath, and a heated
atmosphere around, combined to render it even
more insupportable. Now there is a striking
contrast, the steady, penetrating, reviving, and
grateful rains which fell during the early part
of last week, have cooled the atmosphere, re
vived the drooping vegetation, and animated
the heart of the husbandman with fresh hopes
fo r the welfare of the growing corn crop. The
atmosphere begins to assume the peculiar hazi
ness indicative of approaching Autumn, and the
evenings a certain degree of chilliness rendering
coal fires and winter clothing by no means un
Fon THE SEAT OP Wan.—An immense num:
ber of cattle has passed through the city during
the last week en route for the army at Wash
iptunsvinftnia IDa li -01etc9raph Afribap Mternoou august 23, 1861
Mora MILITARY. —The first detachment of
Col. Rowley's regiment of 'volunteers from
Pittsburg arrived here last night.
To Youso Nati rnowtus et:lmam. Gamest
is over and the crisis of war is at hand. Now
is the time to enlist. Government at this mo
ment stands in greater need of troops than at
any time heretofore. Those who intend to go to
war should not stand upon the order of going,
but go at once.
Bur, Gams, a negro desperado, well known
to the magistrates of our city, was arrested at
the depot at noon today by officers Wickert
and Cole, and conducted to prison. The officers
have been on the look-out for Bill for a long
time, but somehow or other he always manag
ed to evade their vigilence. To day, however,
they received reliable information that he had
been ruralizing somewhere near llighspire, and
that he would return to the city in the noon
train of cars from the east. The officers were
promptly on lipid at the depot, and when the
train arrived Bill was arrested. He is charged
with various crimes.
Tn CANAIS. —We have information from
bead quarters that the acquaduct of the Penn
sylvania canal over Chiques creek, near Colum
bia, which was damaged by the late flood, has
been repaired, and navigation on the canal re
sumed. The business has been quite brisk this
The breaches on the Juniata and Susquehan•
na canals have also been repaired, and naviga
tion resumed.
All the canals, therefore, east of the Alleghe
ny mountains, communicating with the coal
fields and lumber regions, which were injured
during the late floods are now open and in suc
cessful operation.
The western division of the Pennsylvania
canal is now in course of repair, and will short
ly be in navigable condition.
SHERIFF'S Serss.—The following property was
disposed of yesterday,at public sale by the Sheriff:
A lot of ground in Middletown, with a two
story house, &c., sold to Edward Stover for
$1,871 ; sold as the property of Anna Miesse.
A lot of ground, in Middletown, sold to Ed
ward Stover for $212 ; sold as the property of
Anna Miesse. A lot of ground, in the borough
of Middletown, sold to Edward Stover for
$396 ; sold as the property of Anna Meisse.
A certain two-story house and lot of ground, in
the borough of Middletown, sold to Edward
Stover for $370; sold as the property of Anna
Miesse. A certain two-story frame house
and lot of ground, in the borough of Middle
town, sold to Edward Svover for $235 ;
sold as the property of Anna Miesse.
A certain two-story brick house and lot of
ground, in Middletown, sold to Samuel Kiefer
for $2,100 ; sold as the property of Anna Miesse.
The interest of Anna Miesse in a certain plan
tation in Lower Swam township, containing
199 acres and 33 perches, sold to Solomon
Landis for $3OO. Five acres of land sold to
Solomon Landis for $6.00; sold as Anna Miesse's
interest. Sixty acres and sixty-one perches,
sold to Solomon Landis for $6.00 ; sold as Anna
Miesse's interest. The interest of J. S Reily in
a certain piece or tract of land containing about
three acres, in the city of Harrisburg, sold to
E. F. Rally for $5O. The interest of Henry
Coble, in Derry township, Dauphin county, in
180 acres of land, etc., sold to Waterman, Young
& Co. for $4O. The interest of Joseph Galla
gher in a house and lot, in the town of
Dauphin, sold to Wm. J. Robinson for $165.
The interest of Jacob Deitz in a tract of land, in
Lykens township, sold to Michael Diets for
$6O. Thirty-eight *acres of land, in Halifax
township, sold to Henry Cornitz for $250 ;
sold as the property of John L. Long. A house
and lot, in Verbecktown, sold as the property
of John Foltz, to C. Foltz, for $650. A house
and lot, in Linglestown, sold as the property
of Wm. Bishop ; sold to Daniel Metzger for
$l6O. A house and lot, in Millersburg, sold
as the property of David Brindle and Sarah
Brindle ; sold to John S. Musser for $lO2O. A
two story brick house, &c., in Chestnut street
in the city of Harrisburg, sold to George Kin
ter for $1,875 ; sold as the property of John
Hoare /IND rrs CONFORIS. —Toil physical and
labor mental is the birth-right of mankind, and
how many are over-tasked in providing the or
dinary wants of their wives and little ones ?
But it is a glorious reflection to the industrious
and honest man that these tasks and trials are
ordered by a wise dispensation. Much of the
gloom that will at times cloud our brows,
is dissipated by the kind welcome we know
awaits us at home after the toil and labor of the
week is ended. The smile of our wife is still
more dear should our earnings permit us to drop
in at Urich & Bowman, and purchase any lit
tle dry good wants for the family. aug22-2t.
Haws() returned from the city I now have on
hand a full assortment of all kinds of Dry
Goods : 200 pieces of new Calicos ; 200 dozen
of Stockings ; a splendid lot of Black Alapacha;
a large lot of Hoop Skirts; 1,000 yards of Crash
for Toweling. All kinds of Summer Dress
Goods at great reduction. S. Law;
t Rhoads' Old Corner.
See Professor Wood's advertisement in anoth
er column.
Atorrev's Lvi Puri AND Pam= aerrame.—
tree from aU Misteiral Poiterat.—in CninN3 of Scrofula.
Ulcers, Scurvy, or Eruptions of the Skin, the operation
of the Life Medicines is truly astonishing, often removing
to a few days, every veetige of these loathempe diseases
b 3 their purifying effects on the blood. Billions Fevers,
Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, Dropsy, Piles, and to short,
most ail dieeases soon yield to their curative properties
No family should be without them, as by their tamely
use mush suffering cud expense may tie saved.
Prepared by NM. B. MOFFAT, V. D., New Yore, and
tate'cy di Dr is:. novOw-ly
RHEA, or dentinal Weakners, Sexual Debility, !Eery one
ness, InTolubbtrif Emissions sad Impotency, resulting
[rein Se-abuse, &G. By Bola. J. Calverwell, M.
Sent under seal, is a plain envelope, to any address, pest
oald, on receipt at two stain" by Dr. CHAS J C.
KLINE, 127 Bowery, New Yort. Poet palm Box, No
''IIHE vast amount of property destroyed
1. annually by Lightning ought to be a warning to
property holders to 1166111111 their buildings. AU order'
far Lightning Reda left at the anode* store of W. WM,
will be attended to. Beds pas up in the beset intairovec
yte and warranted. A 34
.....,— e l o D.—......
TO coNsuarrnvEs
Tan itDVIIITISZR, having been restored to
health ii a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
having -um.rid ss.vetAl years with a severe lung affect
lon, and +hat dread disease, Consumption—l. anxious to
make known to his lallow.sidierer, the mean of cure.
To all who desire It, be Will send a copy of the pre
scription used (free of charge), with the directious for
preparing and using the same, which they and s
sure cure tbr Consumption, Asthma, 13 , oticiiitis, hc. Th
only object of the advertiser In sending the Prescription
is to booth the afflicted, and spread Infbrcustion which
he en:melees to be ovaluable, and be hopes every sul
trier will try his remedy, as it will coat them nothing,
and may prove a blessing.
Pert es wishing the prescription will please address
ge Vnlll , t4. New Vent
TAR. IDOMAS U FOX, of Derry town
_ll_, ship, offers himself as a candidate fur the STAER
LIXil-1 Al VRE at the enduing wee. ton, subj at to to ar.
lion of tbe Ptopie's County Cooventon. he promisee if
elected to discharge the unties of the office with fidelity
ABRAHAM R. BO ER, of East Hano-
Ter, offers himself as a candidata 14 ltrGlaTE.t at
the calming election, subject to tl.e action of the People's
County Ornymnioo, He promises, If elected to di charge
the duties of the office with itt
Ty B. ECHKEINER, of Gram. .offero
Akio himself es a candidate for the 8t• .TRI.EGISLA
TottlC at the•ensiling election, subject to the action of
the People's County Convention. He prt mi tea, If elec
ted to di-oluge the duties of the office with fidelity.
n A. S. SYSTOI offers himself as a
• aloPi d ate fir the (Acme nom NoTAay, ac.,
at the autism eie.dtoti, and pledges his rcpatstiou for
attentiou 10 business as a Buarautee to• .he to tbful per
formance of lie duties,. if elected.
Harrisburg, August 21, 186 4,
WILLIAM ALLEN, of Weat Haw.) ver
township, will be a catuttdute tor the STATE
LI4,BLATUR subject to the s, °minutiae' by the ttepub-
Boas tbove.tiou W Val/plan county.
augRA aulatwo
IiBNJ. BUFFINGTON, Esq., of Wash
ington to casino, otters himself its a candidate for
CORI. Y C iialtialtit at the ensuing election, sue-
Jett to the action of the People's County Convention. lie
promises if elezte.l to ditcbarge we duties f 1113 Milne
with fidelity aug2l-d It wit
ENJAMIN BUCK, of flarristriirg, of
jui fere blot:air as a t anoldete for COU • TY THEASU
1311 at the e ening election, stibteet to the action of the
Peopled County Cttovelpien lid promises. if elected to
disebente the ;laths of the oUlce with fidelity.
SAMIIEL MARQUAIiT, of Harrisburg
off re himself as a °Am:Liao Po' Rffsil,fhtt at tor
ensuing clsotion, tubieet to the action of the F., opt..
County CoLoeutiou. lie p• oat tees. if electe-i to discharge
the dales of (be kffiee with fidelity.
FELLOW CI : h offer myself as
a oarelidate for County Tresouror at the ensuing
election, aukteot to ,he action of tict C 'may's Con.
samba, t.hoind Ibe s .lortueate so be clewed 1 ,•ledge
myself to discharge the duties of 14.1i1 ern e with fidelity.
14Aaid NAXE.
Dauphin, , Aug• 12 18111.-Ics,
JC YOUNG, offers himself as a caudi
adste for the office of Prothonotary hc., of Dauphin
county at the en.ulun election He cog les if elected to
perform the duties of the office with Ugeilty.
F°"' WOITIZENS—I offer myself as
a Union Independent e tudklate for the On.lo of Re.
gaiter or Willa of Peephole county. Should Ibe so lor
tue.ate as to be elect- ti, I promise to discharge the duties
of top office with fidelity. B.
tlueumelalowo 3 July 11, 11861elltawto.
0014. JAS. FRSEL tND, of Halifax town-
N./ Bali), offers Moen as a Stritallate r ;E MN
at the ensul geh own, ,stOeut to tue act ou of the l'eo
ple's County tbav ution. He promises, i• eta. ted to dis-
Charge the duties at the Gam with fidelity.
Ncw Atlvertistments
WANTMD—To rent a house suitable
fora B11:1101 lamlly. Possessis .to be ghee Octo
ber ist, Is6l. Address or apply to A. e , WATSON,
Third attest or J. J. R , Box 105, Harrisburg, Pa
tbe undersigned Committee or Council on or before
t e2d day of September 1861, f..r the delivery and curt ad
lug of 150 or 600 perch or .-tone for re Macadamizing
Market Square between Market street and Blackberry
alley. rie stone not to be larger to pas though a 2%
inch ring. .
t4E w. H. MILL,
Harrisburg, Aug. 19, 1861.
BY DIRECTION of the President of the
United States, all volunteer regiments or
parts of Regiments accepted directly by the
War Department from Pennsylvania, either with
or without arms, equipments or uniforms, are
to be forwarded at once to Washington. Their
commanders will therefore immediately report
to these headquarters, stating the number of
men and the station m which they are to be
taken, that transportation may be furnished
them without delay. By order of
Governor and Commander-in Chief.
CRAIG BEDDLI, A. C. D. aug2o
Post OFF/Cil,
Harrisburg, Fa.
T HE Pad Office Department having issued
of all denominations, viz:—Ors, Trams, Frvx,
Tarr, Twitva, Twx2r4-Youn, Trtuar and Nmnrr
cent, notice is hereby given that an exchange of
the old for the new stamps will be made at this
office for a period of
from this date, after which time the old Stamps
will not be received in payment of postage on
letters sent from this office.
Smaller offices in this vicinity can exchange
their stamps at this office.
Aug. 19, 1861.-6td
Institution chartered with full col
day the 4th Septem
l. *pate powers, will ber. open Its Fall Term on Wednes
The attention of Parents having daughters to educate
la respeodully Invited to this lostitntlon For catalogues
address. L. 0 MARL .IT,
augls-2ird President
A QUANTITY of Bags, Checks and Ging*
DM. hints for sale by the dozen and piece, caw t'"
°a at OUUNTY MBA. my ttarn
Books for the Military 1
BOOKSTORE, No. 61 Market street.
Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, for the exer
cise and manteuvres of Troops when acting as
Light Infantry or Riflemen. Prepared under
the direction of the War Department. By Bre
vet Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. HARDEE, 11. S.
Vol. I.—Schools of the Soldier and Company ;
Instructions for Skirmishers. Vol. IL—School
of the Battalion.
Prepared by a Board of Artillery Officers.—
One vol. Svo. $2.50.
COL. S. Coons, Adjt.-Gen. U. S. A.
Sir :—The Light Artillery Board assembled
by Special Orders No. 184, of 18,56, and Special
Orders No. 116, of 1868, has the honor to sub
mit a revised system of Light Artillery Tactics
and Regulations recommended for that arm.
WM. H. FRENCH, Bt. Maj. Capt. First Artil
'MUT A ld F. BARRY, Captain First Artillery.
HENRY J. HUNT, Bt. Maj. Capt. Second Ar
Published by order of the War Department.
First Part—School of the Trooper • of the Pla
toon and of the Squadron Dismount ed. Second
Part—of the Platoon and of the Squadron
Mounted Third Part—Evolutions of a Regi
Three vole. 18mo. $a.75
February 10, 1841.
The system of Cavalry Tactics adapted to the
organisation of Dragoon regiments, having
been approved by the President of the United
States, is now published for the government of
the said service.
Accordingly, instruction in the same will be
given after the method pointed out therein;
and all additions to, or departures from the ex
ercises and manoeuvres laid down in this system
are positively forbidden.
POLNSETP, Secretary of War.
Manual of Bayonet Exercises. Prepared for
the use of the Army of the United States. By
GEORGE B. M'CLELLAN, Capt. First Regi
ment Cavalry, 11. S. A. Printed by order of
the War Department.
One vol. 12mo. $1.25.
WASHINGTON, D. C. Dec. 81, 1851.
Hon. C. M. CONRAD, Secretary of War.
Sir :—Herewith I have the honor to submit
a system of Bayonet Exercise translated from
French by Captain Geo. B. Corps,
Engineers, U. S. Army.
I strongly recommend its being printed for
distribution to the Army ; and that it made, by
regulation, a part of the "System of Instruc
The inclosed extracts from reports of the In
spector General, etc., show the value.
I have the honor to be, sir, with high respect,
your most obedient servant,
Approved. C. M. CONRAD, Secretary of War,
January 2, 1852.
R JONES, Adjutant General.
Any of the above works forwarded by mail,
free of postage, on the receipt of the published
price. Remittance can be made in gold dollars
and postage stamps. Address
GEO. BERGNER, Harrisburg, Pa.
On application to the General Post office the
undersigned has received the following order
viz :
POST OPFIOR DErwaysuoir,
Appointment Office, July 23, 1861.
The following order has been made by the
Post Office Department, for the execution of
the new law p.specting soldiers' letters :
Postmasters at or near any camp or point oc
cupied by the United States forces, will mail,
without prepayment of postage, any lettter
written by a soldier in the service the United
States, and certified to be such by the Major or
Acting Major of the regiment to which the
water is attached. The envelope should have
plainly stamped or written on its face the cer
tificate "Soldier's Letter," signed in writing by
the Major or Acting Major of the regiment,
describing his regiment by its number and its
State. The postage due on such letters will be
collected at the office of delivery.
The certificate and address may be in the
following form :
"Soldier's Letter.
A. 8., Major 10th Beg't,
N. Y. Volunteers.
Mr. John Jones,
Utica, N. Y."
Commissioned officers will prepay their post
age as heretofore. JOHN A. EAMON,
First Assistant P. N. G.
POST Orrice ORDKIL—The Post Office Depart
ment has issued the . following :
Postmasters will take notice that all pre-paid
letters to soldiers in any regiment in the service
of the United States, and directed to them at a
point where they have been stationed, may be
,orwarded, whenever practible, to any other
point to which they may have been ordered
without further charge thereon for fowarding.
First Assistant P. H. General.
Soldiers at the different camps in or near this
city will please comply strictly with the above
rule and their letters will reach their destina
tion without bauble.
Between Philadelphia
Nownniansauittp, OMB; TRZTOKTON,
Guntanows, Luitarecows, ituace
The Philadelphia Depot being centrally located the
Drayage will be at the lowest rates. A Conductor goes
through with each train to attend to the safe delivery of
all goods entrusted to the line, Goods delivered at the
Depot of
FRED, WARD & FREED, No. 811 Mark et Sleet, Phila
delphia, by 5 o'clock P. 11., will bet .fivered in
Harrisburg the neat moroin4
Freight (always) as low as, by any other ne.
Particular attention paid b„f tbis line u, ~-ompt and
speedy delivery of all Harrisbur ••nods.
The undersigned thankful for past patro.: a hopes by
strict attention to buslmos to merit a con u rice of the
same. T. REIM ,
Philadelphia and &wile; •
de17416m Peon of Market S'lrle -I •r: nerg
TH' 'mMISSIONERS appointed under
the act of incorporation of the ally of Harrisburg
having made a plot or draft of said city, designating the
streets, lanes and alleys now entitles and °peeing, and
IMO where avenue, streets, lanes and alleys shall here
after be opeued, and also devigoaung within the limits
of said city a plot or piece of ground. containing not 10F11
0101 twonty acres, for the use of the public and of said
city, tor the purposes and uses mentioned in said act ;
and having submitted their draft end report to the Court
of Quarter sessions, of intunnin county, for the approval
of said Court ; the said draft and report have been tiled
ty order of said Court in the office of the Clerk of Quer
ter sessions rf said county for public inspection ; and ee
1, e veeptioes are Bled thereto by parties interested in
said city, Lb same will be approved at the August term
of said Court. By order of the Court.
myl-dtw Wll. HITGIELELI. Cleric
P _
PER HANGER, Front street, second
door abuse Walnut street. All orders pnertunhy
attended to.
.11140 r Paper hung tor lb
cents par roll or piesk
wink trampled. nty94ttg
Universal Confidence & Patronage
Lathes and Gentlemen m all parts of the world tenth) .0
the afileacy of Prot. 0 J Wood's Bair Regtoname and
gentlemen of the Presa are unanimotta in its pr. 103. A
few testimonials only can be bare given ; see circular or
more, and it will be 'moot aible for you to doubt,
47 Wall Street, New York, Dec. 20th, 1868.
Gatenastra : Your note o' the lash inat. ' bas been re.
clewed, t•ay log th at you bed beard that 1 bad been bene
fited by the use of Weoes [lair Hestoratice, and request
ing my certificate of the h.ct if I b '.biection In
give it.
I award it to you cheerful y, o, Caosel tt•i k i duo
My age is about AO 5 ear. ; the ro'or lii oli I aw,uea,
and i. coned to curl some five or uc ) shire it e
gen to torn pray.. nd th • scalp on the rmtvo of my be d
to lose its n•iutluy and dandruff° lolauto
o• 1 these oisagreeabdith s Increased who. tome, and aboot
four memba since a fourth was added to them, by hair
falling of the top of my bead and threatening to make
me bald.
In this unpleasant predicament, I wd. Induced to try
Wood's Hair Itest ,, ,atlvr, maltth to arrest the telling
uhf of my hair, fort had real , y no expectation that gray
hair could ever be restored to Its original color excep
from dl es. I was, however, greatly aurpris d to dad
(her the use , f two 1 o des oily, the. not only was the
failing oft arrested, but the color was reap rep to the gray
hair. and sensibilty to .he scalp, and daDdred cealted to
form on my bead, very much to the gretificalon of my
wi , e, at wins e solicitation I was induced to try It
For this, smut g ibe many obligetloom I owe to her eel,
I strong y recOn.mend all hn lin& who v lue ih,t it.
miration of their w.v a to IT tit by my exsmpte. and
use t if growing gray or getting batik.
very, repectitt I g, It-N LA VEVnica.
T o p .1 Wood & CO., 444 Brosdway New York
py !Amoy are absent 7... m the cdy, en.. I am no long
er at No 11 thrrol place.
Siamaiduu, Ala , July 20111,1869
To PR”7. OuD : ear Sir : Your "Hair R...etore
thre"lw done my b it so much gond rioce I commenced
the use 0! it, that f wish to make mown to the ÜBI,IO
he etre. is on the hair, which ar. great. 4 WWI ur wo
man nay be newly deprived of hair, and by a re:ort to
your "Hair Retiorattve," the hair will return more
his utiful than ever ;at lea t this is my xparieuce
Believe it all I Yours truly,
P can pubilsb the shove If you like. By pub
lishing in our Southern pal era you wil , get more patron
ag south. I are sever.) or your certificates 11 the Mo
bile Amory a strong Southern taper
PROF 0. J. WOOD : tar flavmg had the miKfor
tnoe to ice 0 the best port on of my Emir, from the ffects
of the yellow fever, in Now Orleans In 1851, 1 was in
duced to make a trial of your I/rev...ranee, and found it
U. &miser its e very thine needed My insir is now
thkk and and on w rds cab eapreae in. °mugs,
lions to you lo giving .0 the afflicted such a u-eAoure.
t be kimturatiso Is put up In bottles of three mass, viz
loge mi diem, and small ; the t mall holds h dr a plot,
pti retails for line emit •r per bottle ; the medium bold,
at team meaty per cent mere in proportion twits •he
retails Mr two dollars p r bottle ; the large hods
&quart, 4 , 1 per c • Tit. more in proportion, and rettlls for
0. J. WOOll h Ca. , Prop ietnrs, 444 Protetwaq, New
York, and 114 blor.,t trevt, St. Lowe, No.
11:1 d sold by all !mod I•ruggu la sad Fancy Goods
Lva lora. 15,134.twe0w
vvII EiIEAS, the Honorable JOHN J.
Pea Mang, Preatilent Of the Court of Corn ,•00 plena
in the Twelfth Judicial District. conabhug of the oountivs
of Lebanon and ..auplam, an 1 the lion. H. tl. Blia...reat
and Hon. faux Nissurt, as , oci.,te Judges in Dauphin
county, having- tanned t•.eir precef.t, hv,ring date the
fourth day of J .ne 1881, to tue directed, f o r holdin g
a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deli very
and Quarter Sessions of the Pave at dtr 'share, for the
comity ill Dauphin, and to 00(nOlenee ON ran 4TH Mom.
nay or AMNIA' Nun, being the 'Aril DAY or AUGVIIT lA6I,
and in continue two weeks
Notice ti uteregore bereoy given to the Coroner, Jus
ucea of the ea.", nhlorin ..nd um34.btud o. the said
couuty of Dauphin, that they be then and there to their
proper tsnsons, at le o , tilock forenoon 01 eald day.
with their rec rds, lugoleitions, eintotnations, and Uttar
own remembrances. to cm the-e ithugs which to their
0W.,. appertatus to by done, and the.e who are booed
In reenAntsuicee to p °gentile against the prtsoueri th.l
are or shall be in the Jail et ',motto' sauouty, be then
tad there to prosecute against them 43 Ouill be JU t.
(liven under my hand, at liarroilturg, the Slat day of
tuts, in the year of our Lord, 1881, and in the eighty-
Attu year of the independence of the United mates.
J. D BOAS, Sheriff.
Snentar's OTIOOI
IlarriabUi g, July al. 1881. }
All Work Promised in One Week
1. 0 5L .
LO4 Market street between 4th ana sth,
A - HERE every description of Ladies'
and °calumet's' 44anntuds, Piece Goode, &c., are
.yed, 0611111101:11 and finished It the beet ma pp er and rt
s.4hprtn•t notice. 114)11141C & Ca,
8011EFFB LI'S BOOK ST( t, 111 1
(Near the Harrisburg Bridge.)
51 . 25 . JUST Io R t
O. N: : 1 4 17 .0 U m
si n s
it t o r
l O A M L the
PaPIIIN, which we will sell at $1.26 per ream.
$4.0 , 0 per ream fur NOTE Pa - en, decor Lied with
thu latest and very handsome emblems and paving.:
$3.50 for 1000 WHIT... ENTFLOPIES, with national and
patriotic emblems, printed is two colors.
Please give us a call. THEO F SCHKFFER,
J 0 22-4 Harrisburg.
ETERS bis services to the citizens o
Harrisburg and Its ricinity. He solicits a share o
the public patronage, and gives assurance tba. blia beet
endeavor% elicit be raven to render satisfaction in bit pro
Betug au old, well tried dentist, he reels axle In
nvlting the public generally to call on him, assuring
bem that they will not be dissathdled with hit services,
Office No. 128 Market street, in the house horny:wry .10-
4111lield by Jacob N. Itibv, near the United Mauls Hotel.
FlaiTlihtlrg, Fa myB.4lv
1 is solicited to our very large assortmeal or
UNDIBRUTRTEI Ann ()uman of every else and quality.
Oma' Jouvum Km °Lovas, heat article miumfactarad.
All the different kinds of WINflUt GLOVI&
Largest assortment of Hostsav in the city.
tNisvArs, Scansions, fiasotrnancrs, Hardy Hemmed
And everything in Gents' wear. at
Na tho ffsirr.ialmtv poe t
Rua, Gum;
Howenr, Somme Coma,
81.1. rt Pim% Beim,
Wilma PUB, &0., ♦rC.
Just received sod for tale at the ;owlet Oise rowel
Libl6 wm. molt JR. & CO.
best defining and pronouncing Die.
tionary of the English language ; Also, Worseempr's
School m umm i e s. Webster's IPietortsl Quartos and
School Dlettoneries for sale at
SCHEFFEIVI3 sofficeronx
smart Near the Harrlebturit IBritiee.
THE SUBSCRIBER has removed hie
street to Fourth street above Market, opposite the Bea te
church. Thankful for past patronage, he hopes, by shim
alteotiOn to badness, to merit a continuance o f
mar264tind WM. PA 'taint.
Nittooil deem, LLITICit PAPE* with view of
ot iliarrieltOrg, printed tout tor WO I*
40 1
that Uwe Hastiabarg Bruise.
w H. Kenedi.