Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, August 22, 1861, Image 1

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i;,- GEOI - 1 CI- E BERGNER.
10,1 Y cc cabicribers in the
per sulncribers will be
\‘ .. Z• TZLEGgAPH.
i,ll+ he I hviU a week during
Ehry dur,, unl weekly during the
,r, ,0J furnished to cubieribers el
r bees I er year-
o nto. the discontinuance of their LIOW8•
the oltdi her may count' k/0 to send them until
are laud
”egl.,,t or rclu4e to tiO:e their newp.t.
to? olneo. to which hill are reced, they
J.cble until they have settley di
d the bills t and orde od
,b.cud need.
New Witatisments.
CallaßAL ORDER NO. 1.
HaErrßisburg, august Ist, 1861.
lAn:c. OV ERN 011 has learned with deep mor
-1 teleation that one Lieutenant and a num
brl el the pi irate° and non-commissioned ofti
vi is of the beyond Regiment of Infantry,
unsylveuie Reserve Corps, on being called on,
in accadence with their oaths, to enter the ser
vicJ of the United States, have refused to du
ile therelure hereby dismisses them from the
service of the State, and directs their names to
be published, that Pennsylvania may know her
derelict sons, and may not again be defrauded
by those who, after partaking her bounty, in
the moment of peril desert her.
Alt mustering officers arc directed to prevent
their re-enlistment in any of the gallant and
loyal regiments now forming for the defense of
our country. We do not need their services,
nor will we risk our cause in their hands.
By order or Andrew G. Curtin, Governor, and
Commander. in-Chief
'ird Sageant—Chambers, Geo. W., drug.
gist, Philadelphia.
second Corporal —M Dougal, James, tailor,
hird Corporal—klanlon, John C., driver,
Fourth Corporal—llawly, Michael, laborer,
Armstrong, Michael, laborer, Philadelphia.
Burns, William, baker, Philadelphia.
Baruholt, Henry, baker, Philadelphia.
Cunningham, John, cordwainer, Philadel-
Coyne, Bernard, bricklayer, Philadelphia.
Coke, James, laborer, Philadelphia.
Drain, Isaac, carpenter, Philadelphia.
Ksher, Timms, sailor, Philadelphia.
Uraham, Patrick, hatter, Philadelphia.
Herbert, William, laborer, Philadelphia.
[hello, James, blacksmith, Philadelphia.
Irwin, Joseph, hatter, Philadelphia.
Koons, Cornelius, carpenter, Philadelphia.
Kemper, John, cot spinner, Philadelphia.
Moon:, Charles, driver, Philadelphia.
Moore, Jeremiah, labor, Philadelphia.
McCreight, James, weaver, Philadelphia.
IleConaughy, Patrick, brickmaker
Nelson, John, brickmaker, Philadelphia.
evens, Thomas, butcher, Philadelphia.
wphenson, Richard, machinist, Philadel
Taylor, George, surgeon, Philadelphia.
her, Charles, moulder, Philadelphia.
White, Edward, laborer, Philadelphia.
First Sergeant—Watson, C. 0., gesfitter, 36
At•pen street.
:,4xotn.l Sergeant—Myers, Dennis, clerk, 738
S. Fourth street.
Third Sergeant—Laird, Cieorge 8., Plumber,
515 Washington street.
Fourth Sergeant—Duffy, Thomas, waterman,
215 Union street.
Fifth Sergeant—Bickerton, Charles, wheel
wright, 126 Almond street.
First Corporal—Cromie, William, waterman,
Hall street.
Second Corporal—little, John H., caulker,
749 S. Front street.
Third Corporal—Edgar, B. F., Jr., tobacco
nist, 762 S. Front street.
Fourt'a Corporal—Wright, William, dealer,
611 S. 'third street.
Fifth Corporal—Ervin, Jacob—waterman,
Second and Greenwich streets,
Andrews, Gibson, waterman, Camden.
Allen, John, firmer, Doylestown, Pa.
Bonder, John F., clerk, 779, S. Front street.
Bowen, Alexander, waterman, 16 Annapolis
Bowers, Nicholas, shoemaker, Moyamensing.
Blair, John, plumber, 1130 Rodman street.
Beowlt, Wm , waterman, 762 S. Front street.
Blackburn, Frederick, cordwainer, Spafford
and Sixth streets.
Cassiner, Wm. G., clerk, Fourth and Chris
tian streets.
Carroll, Cornelius, waterman, 762 S. Front st.
Conover, John, waterman, Second and Mas
ter streets.
Crow, William, carpenter, 743 S. Front st.
Donnelly, Francis, cooper, South and Chris
tian streets.
Dennis, halide:, hostler.
Diehl, John, cooper, 18 Perham street.
Stephen, plasterer, Gordon and
Gill streets.
Epler, John It., Waterman, Camden, N. J.
Ewell, Solomon, waterman, 126 Catharine
Fogarty, John, waterman, Wheat street, ab.
Grigg, Mark, cooper, 6 Bassitt Place.
Googler, Thomas, clerk, 329 Monroe street.
Gallop, William, waterman, Shippen and
Penn streets.
Holt, Samuel, waterman, 106 Catharine st.
Holt, Jacob, dealer, 133 Catharine street.
Hopper, Samuel, dealer, 138 Catharine st.
Higgin, James, waterman, 1339 Rye at.
Liarycy, John, Waterman, Perham at.
Hughes, Patrick, wheelwright, 1149 South
Sixteenth st.
King, Adam, waterman, 773 Sansom st.
Lyons, Michael, waterman, 238 Shippen st.
Louden, George, cordwainer, 910 Altherton
Medery, John, blacksmith, 1223 Saveryst.
John, laborer, 762 S. Front st.
Myers, Daniel, moulder, 1036 Franklin st.
&Dermot, John P., butcher, 614 Christian
McMath, James, c ordwainer, 732 Bedford at,
Mcßride, John, Waterman, 762 S. Front at.
McAleer, John P., dealer, 438 Germantown.
Mooney, Timothy, laborer, 743 S. Front at.
Jahn, Waterman, liankiyunk.
Marron, James, Waterman, Farkpatrkk's
Court, Sixth and Shippen.
McNaulty, Joseph, laborer, Sixth at. below
MeNanity, John, laborer, Bedford and Sixth.
Marron, Patriot, cordwainer, Eight and Ship.
Morris, Daniel, carpenter, 1300 Eforstman n
Mcßride, Daniel, waterman, Second and
Perkins, Edward, waterman, 66 Norfolk st.
-P almer, Clinton, carver, 505 S. Second st.
Reed, 'Thomas, waterman, 5 Nesbitt place.
Rooney, William, waterman, 131 Mead st.
Stevenson, Charles, cooper, 813 South Front
Stanton, Patrick,
Spence, James, waterman, 1219 Kimball at.
Stanton, Thomas, laborer; "
Spence, George, tvaterman Id
S Pelace, Peter, cordwainer,' " If
tunsViti au *
it eg.}
$2 00
12. DO
15 00
Nun '2lbritrtuuments
Steinmyer, Frederick, waterman, Swansom
and Catharine.
Tehan, Michael, waterman, Penn and South
Tully, Henry, laborer, Spring Garden st.
Ward, Patrick, laborer, 17 Mead et.
Weiss, Jesse, blacksmith, 1021 Germantown
Wertzell, Watson, farmer.
West, Joel, cordwainer, Bedford st.
Huddleston, John, hirmer,Lehigh county, Pa.
Young, John, carpenter, 779 S. Front at.
Cusic, John, confectioner, Philadelphia.
Thornton, Thomas, waterman, Philadelphia.
Fourth Sergeant—Cole, Frederick W., book
binder, 444 Magnolia street.
Second Corporal—Smith, John T., Clerk, 823
Barclay street.
Third , Corporal—O'Donnell, John, Hatter, 4
Shield's court.
Musician-I%er, David H., Drummer, 2289
Sharswood street.
Armstrong, Chas., Tinsmith, 20th between
Market and Chestnut.
Bennett, William, Varnisher, 1633 Marshall
Blizzard, George 8., Tinsmith, Wheat above
Brown, Charles R., Jeweler, 45 Dock street.
Burns, James, tailor, 612 Fitzwater street.
Boyle, John, clerk, 2 Bay Tree Place.
Carroll, Thomas J., machinist, 1026 Shippen
Crenshaw, John, chairmaker, 113 Shipp en
Crush, William, clerk, 1726 South street.
Carr, James, tavemkeeper, 314 South street.
Carrigan, Daniel, news dealer, Philadelphia.
Connelly, William, clerk,
Cassiday, Barney, puddler,
Carroll, James, clerk,
Duckett, Richard, batter, 21 Filbert street.
Devine, John, carpenter, Philadelphia.
Fryburg, John, farmer, Singsessing.
Green, Thomas, 8., painter, 909 Catharine St.
Grular, John C. salesman, Philadelphia.
Kougar, William IL, farmer, 10 Jefferson St.
Lindsay, .ug. 1., cordwainer, 637 Race St.
Lewes, William, cooper, Delaware county, f's.
Maginnia, Thomas, printer, 909 Purcer street.
McMenamin, Daniel, carter, 4 Shield's Court.
McConaghue, P. clerk, 1107 Division street.
McCann, Archibald, spinner,Centre street.
Mcßride,John, laborer, Phiadelphia.
Mack, Robert, printer, 18 Letitia street.
Mack, John, bar tender, Philadelphia.
Maginnes, George,
Martin, Purcell, farmer,
Powers, Martin, cooper, 403 Prune street.
Payne, George C., printer, 909 Walnut street.
Quirk, James, clerk, Philadelphia.
Ryan, John J. , moulder, Carl above Hunting.
Ryan John, painter, 288 Spruce street.
Bedding, Michael, sugar refiner, 15 Ledger
Rodebaugh, John, sc. sawyer, Ninth above
Rohn, Park, printer, Controller street.
Roarke, Jeremiah, laborer, Philadelphia.
Robertson,Win., coal poi'r.,
SharplessChas. 8., commission merchant,
251 N. Third street.
Skinner, John, painter, St. John above Pop
Scott, David S., teamster, 1107 Master street.
(Jaher,Wm. B.,cigar maker, Darby road above
Über, Wm. L., paper hanger, Sharsfrood St.
Waters, Michael, carver, Front street.
Head, Edwards, bar tender, Bedford, below
Third Corporal—Lehman Samuel, bricklayer
New Market street.
Arbuckle, Sami. W., last maker, 104 Green
Bacon, John, driver, Pink above Heater.
Baird, John ~ druggist, Girard avenue above
Barler, Henry D., watchman, Philadelphia.
Blaker Charles watermark Green below 2d
Brew, Frederick, carpenter, Ann street W
Campbell, Henry, butcher, Charles above
Carbrey, Edward, shoemaker, One bel. Care.
Covert, Isaac C., Printer,l2l6 Temple street.
Craig, David, seaman, Ibd i ger's court.
Craig, John, waterman, ' "
Dailey, Wm. A., driver, 981 N Front street.
Evans, Chad., clerk, 814 N Fourth street.
Fortner ' George W., ship carpenter, 162 Wil
mer street.
Guyant, Edward, waterman 631 N Front st.
Garman, Thomii W., bricklayer, Apple and
Morris streets.
Rummell, Jacob, barber, Everett street.
Holly, Jacob, gardener, Philadelphia
Hartranit, Henry, forgeman, Perks co., Pa.
Jones Thomas, gas fitter; 2 Decatur street.
Kalaver, Charles, waterman, Glenwood at.
Relaxer, Philip, 6S SI
McKenna, John, glass blower,Boston, Mass.
Mcßride, pipe maker, 640 N ateenth st.
McMann, John waterman 9 Beach street.
Whartothud, Charles H., plasterer, Wheat below
Reynolds, Joseph, bricklayer, Fifth and Dia
mond streets.
Sands, William, stocking maker, Wissa
Sharp, John, forgeman, Lancaster, Pa.
Sherer,Henry, carpenter, 140 Pegg st.
Williams, James, cordwainer, 1218 Hamilton
Waynes, William, waterman, above
Third Sergeant—Wylie, Alexander, beamer,
Chase street, Fairmount.
Musician--Agnew, Daniel S., shoemaker,lBth
and William streets.
Blackmore, Chas., engineer, 1788 Moravian
Carlon, Charles, laborer, Wil mington, Del.
Clark, Francis, master mason, 1010 Jefferson
Droblen, Hugh, tailor, 16th and Ridge ay.
Donald, R,ibert, mechanic, 1889 Harrison at.
Greinor, Dennis, gardner, 1888 Bbippen at.
Leech, Thomas N., painter. 618 S Fifth at.
Murray, Heorge, laborer, Hestonville.
and .1
Myers3th ,
streets. Hugh, paint er , F u lt on, bet w e e n 12th
',fifty, Robert, plumber, 622 S Broad at.
McCrossin, D. (Ist), pedlar, 1416 Bangor st.
itceromba, D. (2d), laborer, , s a a
amett = Pinter, / 2 21 Sidman st
maw - der, carpner, 1482 Shippen
lictu abvertiontents
McNeil, John, brickmaker, 1432 Shippen at
Markey, Thomas, laborer, 3 Factory st.
Patterson,John, p. stainer, 13th bel. Catharine
Towson, Thomas, boatmaker, 918 S 15th at.
Twaddle, A., hatter, 624 8 Broad st.
Newton, Joseph, spinner, Lind st.
First Sergeant —K4813, Christian, sawyer,
1128 Elm street.
Third Sergeant —Penning, Mark, cordwainer,
934 Marlborough street.
Fourth Sergeant—Dougherty, Robert, sad
dler, Columbia avenue.
First Corporal—Maleer, James, mechanic,
Oak street.
Second Corporal--Simmons, John, plumber,
Girard avenue.
Third Corporal—Ely, Daniel, cigar maker,
1333 Frankford road.
Musician—Bowie, Henry, drummer, Clinton
Aitkins, James, chairmakee 1832 North at.
Allen, Jacob, sailmaker, Ross street.
Bell, James, mechanic, 1106 Marlborough at.
Bronson, Charles, chairmaker l 14 Wheat st.
Cantiffe, Jno. storemak. 1434 Frankford r'd.
Eizenover, G. W., slater, Lehigh county, Pa.
Fabling, William, shoemaker, Oxford street.
Fordney, Taylor, saw maker, 1237 Hope at.
Gamble, Rob' t, mor. dress. Wilmington, Del.
Gibson, Edward, weaver, 1419 North 2d st.
Germon, William, saddler, Cherry street.
Gribler. Henry, gas fitter, 905 Beach street.
Hain.a, Jacob, shovel maker, Holmesburg.
Jackaway, Wm. ' plasterer, 1229 Sarah at.
Jackaway, Jos., boot maker, 1229 Sarah at-
Johnson, Thomas, cigar maker, Gaul street.
Jones, L. William, fisherman, 8 Rlclunond at
Kerr, John, mor. dress., Shackamaxon st.
Lucas James, laborer, Fall street, Philadel.
Lunny, John, fisherman, Howard street.
Maloney, Wm., cab. maker, Stoy's court.
Myer, David, boil. maker, Crease st., Phila.
McKinney, Thos., laborer, Coral street.
Merril, William, carpenter, Marlborough st.
McCallister, Robert, blacksmith, St. John st.
McCalvey, Jas., bricklayer, 968 Frankford r'd.
McKinley, Arch'd., fisher'an,l223 Howard at.
McKinley, Henry, roller iron, Front street.
Miller, Wm., chair maker, 6th bel. Brown at.
Paul, Geo. S. brickmak. 661 Germantown r'd,
Peak, Edward, ship carpenter, Mulberry st.
Peacock, Henry, mor. dress., Cherry street.
Plait, George, stove maker, 1077 Peach at.
Read, John, chair maker, 1212 Hope street.
Rothermill, Wm. saw aker, 1046 Sarah at.
Taylor, George, driver ' 1024 Frankford road.
Schaffer, Martin, mor. dress., 1004 Sarah st.
Shultz, William, boiler maker, 16 Lehigh. at.
Strawser, Lewis, Fuller, Haydock street.
Sendinger, Howard, druggist, 1020 Boss st.
Shepherd, Wm., saw maker, Otter street.
shoemaker, Dan. boat maker, 3d bel. Girard.
Vanosten, Thom., coach maker, Holmeaburg.
Vanosten, A. 8., machinist, Holmesburg.
Yoke, William, carpenter, 1221 Hope street.
Winterbottom, Ed., saw maker, Second at.
Welsh, Morris, dyer, Salmon street.
Bowers, Henry, plumber, Philadelphia.
Halderson, Jonathan, iron work., Balt., Md.
Doll, Geo. W., sail maker, Philadelphia.
Grey, Joseph, plumber, 1337 N. 2d st Phila
Lord, William, boot fitter, Savory street.
Madden, Henry, chair maker, Frankford r'd.
Mulhollnd, Win., wheelwright, Dunton at.
Nichols, Theodore, butcher, Philadelphia.
Reeves, Leonard, galvanizer, 1887 Hope st.
Reighter, G. W., driv., Amber bel. Thom'n
Sands, Robert, weaver, Philadephia.
Kensey, Jno , builder, Frankford ab. Colum
First Sergeant—Richardson, Nab K., cutter,
Third Sergeant—Green, William, Blacksmith,
First Corporal—Lilly, Edward James, boot
fitter, Philadelphia.
Second Corporal—Wood, William, pattern
maker, Philadelphia.
Third Corporal—McConaghy, W. C., boat
man, Philadelphia.
Fourth Corporal—Blair, Lilly, blacksmith,
Musician—White, Andrew, driver, Philadel
Atkinson, Phineas, shoemaker, Philadelphia,
Anderson, Geo. L., carpenter, "
Black, William, moulder, "
Bechtel, Geo. F., carpenter, ..
Brooks, Thomas, driver, g,
Beam, Jacob S., tailor, ~
Butland, Charles, farmer, it
Conylile, David, bricklayer, SI
Curry, Wm. H., farmer, t 4
Ernst, Joseph S., tailor, II
Emmons, Reading, coachman, gi
Farley, Wm. S., coachman, I,
Foster, Samuel, bridge builder, "
Forman, Jackson, laborer, Id
Franklin, Henry, wheelwright, "
Hines, Eleazor, shoemaker, "
Hanes, Thomas, bookbinder,
Hill, John W., moulder, di
Kunkel, David M,, waiter, id
Kin e, James, r ail road, 11
Kelly, John, boatman, a
Kline, Geo. W., plumber, 11
Kimball, F. wood carver, a
Lilly, Samuel W., factory,
Lindsay, James, carpenter, a
Lechland, William, printer, 44
Lanisson, Edward, moulder, 11
Loan, John, printer, 41
McCue, Joseph, cart driver,
Moody, Wm. H., shoemaker, a
McMullen, Isaac L., clerk, li
McHugh, E. F., farmer, 11
McCormick, 'l%, driver, 41
IdcGagon, Michael, boatman, a
McFarland, John P., boatman, "
Nicholas, Thos., carpenter, a
Nagle, John, farmer, 14
O'Neill, Edward, driver, 14
Wm.,silversmith, a
Perkins, Freerick, driver, II
Rose, Wm. ER cartes, 11
Rogers, Charles, carter, di
Ramesey, Wm. farmer,
Scrubehall, Geo., shoemaker,
Shaw, Zechariah, laborer, "
Toland, Andrew, blacksmith, 11
Wilson, Joseph, blacksmith, it
Walters, Thos. F.,
student, dd
Strain, Hugh J., driver,
Carey, Andrew W., dentist, 11
First Sergeant—Johnson, James, gas fitter,
Fourth Sergesit—Capill, Thomas, stone cut
ter, Philadelphia.
Second Corporal—Scott, James, grainer,
Third Corporal—McCarter, Wm., tin worker,
Piaui:aphis.. •.
" ire) 0 11 0911Pral---AKthin, Hamm, umbre ll a ,
New 2bvertisuntuts
Musicians—Parr, Charles, morrocco dresser,
Money, Edward, clerk, Philadelphia.
Aspen, Clinton, painter,Philadelphia.
Bradley, Patrick, brickayer, Pottsville.
Brannan, Philip, stone cutter, Philadelphia.
Cunningham, Jas., painter, Philadelphia.
Cunningharnltobt. painter, Philadelphia.
Condy, Joseph, moulder, Philadelphia.
Cahill, Patrick, driver, Philadelphia.
Dougherty, Wm., laborer, Philadelphia.
Dannelly, George, laborer, Philadelphia.
Dobbin, Robert, bricklayer, Philadelphia.
Develingi Edward, stone cutter, Philadelphia
Desert, Robert, gardener, Philadelphia.
Deaisly, William, gilder, Philadelphia.
Frasier, What . , seamen,"Philadelphia.
Farley, Edward, ironworker, Philadelphia.
Farley, James, brass founder, Philadelphia.
Grandlee, Thos. Carpenter, Philadelphia.
Hughes, Patrick, laborer, Philadelphia.
Hanby; Charles, gas fitter, Philadelphia.
Hogan, Michael, bricklayer, Philadelphia.
Johnson, William, moulder, Philadelphia.
Johnston, Thomas, shoemaker, Philadelphia.
Kane, Edward, cooper, Philadelphia.
Kimbell; Thomas, harnessinaker, Philadel
Long, John, laborer, Philadelphia.
Long, George, bricklayer, Philadelphia.
Lynch, Andrew, stonecutter, Philadelphia,
Laycock, Nathaniel, stonecutter, Philadel
Mackin, Edward, sailor, Philadelphia.
Miller, William F., salesman, Philadelphia.
Mealy, Edward, laborer, Philadelphia.
Murray, John, baker, Philadelphia.
McCabe, James A., stonecutter, Philadelphia.
McCann, John, gas fitter, Philadelphia.
Mcßride, Dennis, laborer, Philadelphia.
Patten, John, heddlemaker, Philadelphia.
Short, Charles J., carpenter, Philadelphia.
Thompson, Samuel, grainer, Philadelphia.
Ulmer, George, butcher, Philadelphia.
Piney, Frederick, moulder, Philadelphia.
Yates, William .H., painter, Philadelphia.
Hemphill, Wm., moulder, Philadelphia .
Harty, Michael, shoemaker, Boston.
McCracken, John, blacksmith, Philadelphia.
McComb, Alexander, tinsmith, Philadelphia.
Tague, James, laborer, Philadelphia.
First Sergeant —David Chidester, oordwainer,
Sword Sergeant—Joseph Fisher, stevedore,
Thie:ll3ergeant—George McNally, mor. fin
isher, Philadelphia.
Fatah figgeautt—W. W. Vanvalkbeg, bar
keeper, Philadelphia.
First Corperal--43leorge Chidester, seaman,
Musician-,-John Fl Keller, currier, Philadel
phia. '
.. ,
Barret,' 'Jones, lithographer, Philadelphia
Berliners, George, butcher, tt
Bishop, David, cordwainer, it
Blair, John, book-keeper; It
Bookhammer C.,F., moulder, n
Bowen, Zadoc k" W., It ft
Black, William H., plasterer, n
Bower, John., moulder, II
Brown, George, brickmaker, ~
Brown, James, • "
Clark, Thomas, machinist,
Deininger, Jacob, laborer,
Desher, Edward, carpenter, "
Devenny, James, brickmaker, 41
f t
Donahue, Thomas, butcher,
Dreher, Lewis, cigarmaker, n
Ewing, James, brlckmaker, It
Fry, Charles, butcher,
Galloway, Joe. D. gas fitter, 64
Geiger, John machinist, tt
Goodwin,Theca, shoemaker,
Goss, Jon, clerk, ••• II
Graham, George, wheelright, 4 t
Hindman, Isaac, carpenter, it
Wash., fisherman, ft
Hoffner, George, carpenter, f 1
Hogan Daniel, operator,
Larrisina, Wm. E., teamster, •If
Leisenring, Daniel, brickmaker, "
Leonard, Win. A., cigarmaker, "
Lewis, Geo. C., seaman,
Lincoln; Francis H., plumber, "
Lugar Wm ., gentleman It
Maddin, George, gardener, It
Martin, George, Hatter, I 6
Maginnis, Dennis, lithographer, "
McCully, James S., mor. finer, . "
Miller, John E., upholsterer, /I
Nicholas, Aaron, machinist, "
Prayrey, James, bricklayer, It
Rees, Robert, brickmaker, II
Rooney, Wm. J., painter, II
RO,yel, john C., paperhanger, t 4
Ryan, W 132. A., b. founder, ti
Shay, Win. H., glassblower,
Sherrick, Geo. W., conductor, It
Shaw, Frank P., clerk, 44
Slaughter, Chas. C., p. stainer, "
Sloan, Robert, weaver, It
Steerer, Joseph, accountant, CP
Squibb, And. 3., mor. dresser, "
Stretch, Win. W.,
cordwainer, 1..1
Thompson, Richard, officer, "
Turney, James, wheelvrrjght, "
Verdy, Mark 8., dealer, II
Wenzel, John, moulder, 61
Woodrow, Benj. H., grider, n
White, Isaac C., carpenter,
White, John 1., carpenter, t 4
White, Robert J., mor. dr'er., "
Asher, Asher, compositor, 620 South street.
Brown, Wi lliam J. clerk, 826 South Tenth st.
Coster, Geo. G. lithographer, 487 Belroae st.
Crespimi, Geo., carpenter, 2181 Jefferson at.
Dix, Rob. W., blacksmith, Front & Senate at.
Dolde, Fred., upholsterer, S. W. 4th & Jeffer.
Fell, Charles G., clerk, 821 Marriott street.
Finn, Maurice, gardener, Montgomery & 20th.
Hardy, Geo., Waterman, Union at. bel.Front.
Hamer* Chia, cigar maker, 832, N. 4th at.
Hurst, Elwood, clerk, 581 York avenue.
Johnson, George N. -
Kimble, Chaa., laborer, Sixth ab. Poplar.
Berpex, Joe., K., macidnist, 10th-ab. Master.
Lapp, Oliver T., clerk, Stiarsviood beL Ridge.
Lelarge, Henry, blacksmith, 126 Mead at.
McLaughlin, John, farmer, Mariott & 4th at.
Morgan, Jos., Jr., cigar maker, 17168111 es at.
Peiffer, Charles W., gunsmith, 220 N. 2d at.
Rolph, Wm. S., laborer, 806 Emmet street.
Smith, Charles, &spun:4 Meroott street.
Wallingtory Geo., putter, 619 Washing. ay.
ALADRfrom chotoe 4:4
Enthw3iaatio Reception of the Presi
dent and Gen. ITOlellan.
Newspaper atriotoxes on Members
of the Cabinet.
The Subjeot Attracts Attentionat Wash
This has been an interesting day among the
military in the neighborhood of the capital. A
distinguished party, consisting of the President
of the United States, Secretaries Cameron, Sew
ard and Chase, together with Major Gen. Mc-
Clellan and staff, have been visiting the various
camps on both sides of the Potomac. The
weather was clear and remarkably pleasant after
the recent heavy rains.
The appearance and movements of the several
brigades were in a high degree creditable. The
yonng General was everywhere greeted with oft
repeated cheers and with an enthusiasm un
bounded. The customary salutes 'awe fired
both for him and the President.
The severe newspaper strictures upon mem
bers of the Cabinet are regarded here as attacks
on the country, and those who make them are
now accused of being interested with the seces
sionists. The subject has attracted attention
at Washington, as well as the oonduct of those,
who, failing in their plundering purposes, are
endeavoring to. obtain control of the Govern
ment, and to detract from its efforts to save the
country from ruin and the designs of the
An order was to-day issued from the Adju
tant General's office, by which the body of vol
unteers at Fortress Monroe, known as the Union
Boat Guard, will be formed into a regiment.
Major A. B. Barry, Chief efAitifiery in Gen.
McClellan's staff, was today appointed Briga
dier General of volunteers.
The feeling among the military people here
is intense against the the representations of Mr.
Russell, of the London 7rones, in his Bull Run
letters. They assert that some of his statements
are false.
The National Republican of to-day has a lead
ing article attacking Gen. Scott. It creates
some excitement, especially as some of the
charges in the article are said to be untrue.
Less anxiety exists than his been felt during
the past few days, respecting a rebel attack on
Everything in the city appears quiet.
The navigation of the Potomac is unimpeded.
Steamers constantly arrive here.
Hon. A. R. l3oteler, late Member of Congress
from Virginia, whose recent arrest has been no
ticed, will, it is reported, be sent to Fort La
fayette, to join the motley assortment of trai
tors and spies there Confined.
Colonel Einstein of Philadelphia has been ar
rested by order of General McDowell. Not
however on any serious charge.
The court martial in case of Colonel McCann
is closed.
All is quiet on the Virginia side.
It has been ascertained that the largect seces
sion force between Manama and our lines is in
the vicinity of Fairfax Court House.
Water-Spout in New Hampshire.
We generally think of tornadoes and water
spouts, in connection with the torrid zone, but
better experience has taught the possibility of
the former in our own country, and the Man
chester Mirror gives a description of one of the
latter in New Hampshire, on Massabesic pond
JULY 12, 1861.—Yesterday about, five Y. M.,
as a thunder shower was about leaving the pond,
the water commenced rising from near the Is
land Pond House, and very soon it formed a
spout estimated to be at least one thousand feet
high. The spout was funnel-shaped, tapering
very gradually ;from the water surface, until
reaching about eight hundred feet elevation;
then it spread out into the shape of an umbrella,
top, extending hundreds of feet in diameter,
and, in contrast with the black clouds beyond,
presented one of nature's most beautiful scenes.
It remained stationery about ten minutes, and
then moved toward Johnson's beach, where a
pie -nit, party were in the nick of time to get a
ducking and see and feel the spouting.
As it approached the beach, and while pass
ing, it carried off all the boats along shore, and
also twisted off branches of trees three or four
inches through, and in about the twinkling of
an eye took all the dishes used for the table and
cooking, that bad been hastily thrown on the
table as the shower came up, and sent them in
all directions through the woods. Some one
sang out, " Lie down on your faces," and it was
well we did so, for as the whirl passed, the trees
were actually bent down to the ground, touch
ing the backs of the prostrate persons. The
spout coming in contact with some woods near
the shore, got "aired," and broke with the
noise of distant cannon, and then far and near
the air•was filled with branches of trees, leaves,
sticks, etc. The whole Performance, I should
judge, lasted, fifteen minutes. -
The water-spout tore the fences down, tipped,
over the bath-house, and mob clean morkin
-its mime, jud east of- the OVA .P.,9 3 442/RS
finittely did not reach the holm. It
`-finiiiTenific—feightful to all who ale it fait'
NO. 96
Amiutumar.e., Aug. 2L
ittam tinting gla.
Raring procured Steam Power Preens, we are prepar
ed to execute JOB add B':011 PRINTING °revery deacrtp
tioo, cheaper tbao it can b e done at soy other eitablieb
mtat in the country.
RA !RS tfiß
ar Four lines orlyts constitute one-half square. Eight
linos or more than roar coustintea square.
Half square, one day $0 26
one week 1 00
one mouth 2 00
" three months 3 00
~ di. mantas ........... .....• • • • • 6 00
t, one year
One +`9 ,are, one day ........... 600
. ...
.• one week.... 2 00
f 4 one mouth
~t hree months ..... .... .......... 5 00
,• six months 10 00
~ 16 00
R? Business notices inserted In the Loch Odious, or
twttore lilarriges and Deaths, 11YE CaNTS PER LINT for
each Insertion.
Jailrilarriges and Deaths to be charged as r , •gular ad
Attempt to Induce Officers to Join
the Rebels.
We learn from the Philadelphia Bulletin of
last evening that a man named August Doug
lass, who had been stopping at the St. Limb
Hotel for two ur three days past was arrested at
a late hour on Tuesday night.
Douglass represents himself as coming from
Baltimore. The affidavit upon which be was
arrested, was made yesterday atternoon before
Alderman Beitler by Augustus Hain, Adjutmt
of the Washington Legion. 061 . 7 - Harvey. The
Adjutant testified that he had a conversation
with Douglass at thu hotel yesterday afternoon. ,
he had frequently seen Douglass before, and had
been In his room at the hotel.
In the conventation Douglass hasalluded to the
South, spoke of the superiority of the Southern
army, and remarked that as the Aujutaut was
a gentleman he ought to - seek society with gen
tlemen. Yesterday afternoon be became Vert
bold, and submitted a proposition to the Alijn
cant to go. South,..trdering to provide him• fettliA;
as much money as he desired, and anurifig hiss
of a higher position,in the Southern army as
the deponent supposes.
The prisoner w.qs taken to the Cents i
Station and searched Several letters. of
sinem character were fOund, but nothing _ to„hur
plicate him as being iu any way a repres, titagie
of the government. He expressed considerable
surprise at his arrest and was perfectly willing.
to have his effects at the hotel examined, lie,
was detained to await the action of thCD. S.
District Attorney.
Another man named David Reno was also ar
rested and handed to the United States
The circumstances which led to the arrettt, Were
as follows :--
Reno is a native of Befits county, andfbriner
ly resided near Sanwale. lie was engaged in
boating and bridge building. About eight
years since he lett Berke Loewy and went south,
when he became extensively engaged in bridge
building in North Carolina, South Carolina and
Tennessee. Last winter it became known in
Berks county that Reno had a son servinruin
the rebel army. Young Reuo frequently ,wrote
violent secession letters to correspondents ie
Reading. Early this Spring Reno, sr.; visited
Reading, and boasted loudly of his influence =in
the south, des baring that he was all right there.
At that time there was some talk oi having him
arrested, but he wad permitted to return to the
South, where his nuttily was residing.
Last Monday Reno again made his appearance
in Reading. lie had returned with his mother
in-law. His presence soon became noised about,
and his arrest was freely talked about, but be
ore it could be accomplished it was found that
the bird had flown, having taken , the
Philadelphia. One of the chigoes of Rending
then went to the depot, and wee about tele
graphiti~lßS this city, NwEAS.Ite feilYhed"
that Sergeant Davis, of our Sixth District Po
' lice, was on board the team. Davis was tele
graphed to at Phrenizville to arrest him, which
he did as soon as the train reached this city.
The prisoner was placed in a carriage, and,
taken to the Filbert street station house.
Reno had npou his person a nugget of pure
gold, weighing a pound and a half and two
ounces, and a small bag tilled with gold dust.,
valued at three or four hundred dollars. Around
his waist was a belt, containing one hundred
dollar notes of the Bank of Columbia, South
Carolina, and some other papers. He admits
being engaged in bridge building in the South;
and says that he came North to purchase iron.
He alleges that the gold was given to him by a
friend, to purchase opium,_ which he was told
there would be some difficulty in getting to
South Carolina.
The prisoner is a held and enterprising man.
He was held to await a hearing before the
United States Commissioner.
The news of the last crowning act of barba
rity seems to be confirmed. The quiet, nnof
fending old village, which even the British.
spared in the late war, has been converted 'into'
a heap of ashes by the Black Republican 'hin
ders. A more wanton, unprovoked and infer
nal piece of pure diabelisra was nevercommitted,
We copy the above from the Richmond (Va.;)
Dispotch, of August 9th, and considering the
fact that the rascals knew and now admit that
this "crowning act of barbarity" was done by
order of their own general, Magruder, it Is IC/
cool ! Lying and perju ry . must be learned as a
profession or business, m Secessia I
That our readers may see what a precious set
of scoundrels the secessionists are we copy the
following boasting account of the burning of
Hampton from the correspondent of the Peters.
burg (Va. ,) Ezprear--a most bitter secession pa
per. The letter is dated August 9th, from
"Camp Bartlett :
"On Wednesday evening it was decided by
Qen. Magruder to be expedient and proper to
burn Hampton. In furtherance of thissubject,
just after dark, the troops were removed from
iu sight of Hampton to another road which ap. •
proaches nearer to Newport News, and WA -fiur
from the town. The Old Dominion cavalry;
under command of Capt. Phillips, and the
M . F•rb lenburg cavalry, under command of Capt..:
T.F. 'Goode, and a command of infarttr3i, tinder
Col. Hoogea, were detailed for_ththazardoin- pur
pose of firing she sown. The cavalry companies
marched in front, and the Infantry behind.
"Just here I will state that an efficient forti
fication had been thrown acmes the main street ,
by the Yankees, but the. guns had all been re- -
moved. We marched to the fortifications, car -
nett_ our horses off from the street, and then
dismounted. Infantry were detailed to hold' •
our homes. while we were to execute the work: ,
We marched doWn the street, and while aim,
sultatioo was being held, a brisk fire
froni:the bridge upon us. They were 'sup
to be from forty to one hundred strong. ,-
order Was then issued for the reinforoemeattwf
the infantry, which was no, sooner given than Col. Hodges' joined with thm in double-quick
time and rushed to the spot. The 'me:lth) only
, fired once after the infantry made an 'attack •
upon them. They ran off as fast as their Cow
ardly.legs could carry them. No one on our
side was injured.
"Wt. Were now ordered to proceed with the burning,
and harder work a' set of fellows never did. We don
tinuedto ad fire to house after house, until.all were in
' , - within and below the fortification. A portion `
of the cavalry companies were then detailtd to
con 4ale the burning - above the fortification,
,whir r hathey did, and-then covered the retreat of
iintgAZY tO COMP,.abo
puallyti.three alio dis an tant.
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