Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, July 15, 1861, Image 1

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- --- - ,2a in 1 ' I. ! 1 •TELEGRAPH.
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. J 011. N SOIN
- L ocK HosprrAL.
AS discovered the most certain, speed.)
and eflectual remedy in the world for
No Mercury or Noxious Drugs.
gis.t GUMS WASXAMID, Oil NO Cadlol/1, IS /ROM 052 TO
Two Ders. - 64
4,1 an. Elack. or Limbs, Strictures, Pains In
ttc 1%.1%•601/1 1 of the Kidneys and Bladder , s Organic
noes, vote , liability, Decay of the rhyme , Yea •
LoWSplrilS,Goultintou o. deal,
I'3l, it the uesrt, bluidity, Tretablings, Dwaine
of id or kiiildinc , a, Disease of the Stomach, Affection
o , Head, Throat, Ni se or Rill—Hume terrible (HIM ,
do, .tming from the indiscretion or Solitary Habits' 01
yo u th—lho-ti dreadful and destructive practises which
p 1.013811
tutainal debility, rainier marriage 'repos-
Di and destroy both body and mind,
,„ „ 8 ,06 1 111 y who have become the victims ol
yV is c , that dreadful and destructive habit which
e 0011 to on mitunely grave thousands of
It most exalted talent and brilliant Intel
r..l, !.t othervriaa have entranced listening
, .h he thunders of eloquence, or waked to Be
• .nr. lyre, may call whit full confidence.
persous, or those contemplating marriage, be
, physical weakness, should immediately cos
. 1 and be restored to perfect health.
Lamediately cured and full vigor restored.
,t, ;.1) places himself under the care of Dr. J. gnu)
coolide in his honor as a gentleman, and coo,
,y upon Me skill as a phystisian.
,a, , e No. 7 :Muth F, adore* street, Baltimoir,
!alt hand side going from Baltimore street, 7
, the enrage. Be par Sealer in observing the
oniber, or you will mistake the place. Be par
..r ignorant, 21-tging Quacks, with false names,
'I, Humbug Certificates, attracted by the repute
, or..l , •boson, lurk near
must contain a Postage Stamp, to use on the
.Ie!..AOCI member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
..ii, graduate from one of too must eminent Colloges
r,e t ailed des, and the greatest part of whose his
0.. :e spent in the Hospitals of London, Paris, Phila.
and elsewhere, has ellectod some et the moat as.
owes that wore ever known. Many troubled
r lognig in the ears aa d head wbeu asleep, great nor
r.. being alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulneint,
a 1 frequent bluetting,attended sometimes with derange
of mind were cured immediately,
0r..1. addresses all those who having Injured them
Oyez by private sad Imeroper tridulgencies, that secret
ot solitary habit which ruins belt body and mind, un
,t,.tius them fur either Minmenisor society.
. no- are seine of the sad and melancholy nit i ts pn
by early habits of youth, via: Weakness of the
:, and Limbs Palos in the Read, Dimness of Sight,
01 Masashi; Power, Palpitation of the Heart,
Nervous Irritability, Derangement or tne ink mama
hid. tianu, thinentl Debility, Symptoms of I.4nutump ,
lion, km
, ItvrALLY, the fearful effects on the mind are muse to
oicki :.=Loos of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, D.-
a of Bplnte, Evil Forebodings, Aversion LO:WCIV
ti,.. Love or sat ado, • apaylity,atc., are some
a.„;amls fa mama 01 all ages, oan DOW judge wlia,
their donlino in health, lusting choir vigor,
io oming wool, pale, uervoue and emaciated, have •
oi Lir trance about the eyes, Dough, and arms , •
a, of coma
iulve injured themselves by a certain practice, in
i.../ 111 %AMU alone--a habit frequently learned tram
• „ o t a t atutous, or at school, the elects of which are
• telt, even when auleop, and if not cured, renders
~1 ; Age impusalble, and destroys both mind and body,
'a'd apply immediately.
o I,m a pity that a young man, the hopes of his coun
t, ,vin darting at hie parents, should be sualched iron
1.. onpects and enjoyments oi life by tbs consequences
• y utuag tram hat path di nature, and Ithillightg In a
h. • , hAtht. pursuits must, before contcm
e, A sound o:'ud and body are the most hee01131177
ike t.) promote coeuutnal happiness. Indeed
tiase, thejouruoy through life becomes a weary
prospect hourly darkens to theview;tht
shadowed with despair, and ailed With the
wt) react:nun that the happiness of mother he•
with our own.
;nu. gi cat and Importaut remedy, Weakness of tN
.. .a are speeddy cured, and full vigor restored.
of lhu moat nervous and debilitated wad
all b..po, have been Immediately relieved. Ali
iimutits ur Marriage l'hyeical ur Mental Disquadifi.
.1, Nervous, Tre:ubliuk, Weskuess or Ex!nestles or
N.nriul kind, speedily cured.
.., many thousands cured at this Inallutlon within tot
.wcIV,• years, and the IMMOrOIIe imigetanl burgic44
ttit.U6 1 , , rtormed by Dr. J., wivaeseed by the re.
k,r- ~,•• papers, and many other persona, ounces
1111:iV,2 , slipuared agalu Sod again belore the public s
, es his s: uelinu as a gentleman of character and re.
6 a nulllciout guarallt4)o to the tanned.
OF IiaKtUDENCE.—Wbun thu misguirten
au i unia.n.abt votary 01 pleasure Iliada ho has tailmaea
tie, sees. oi 1010 painful disease, it too °I lea happens sus
00 tante :. cobs of sham, or dread of dtsuovery deters
from ol.plyiug to those who, from education udd re•
t. 40 !wine befriend him, delaying till tue con.
st dional mpionis of this horrid disease mike tile:
niq mrauee, alleelaig the head, throat, 110.813, Otto , oc.,
Wail frightful rapidity, till deitta puts
101 :.od tv It, dr,ttl ill Ettlleritig3 by sending he to "that
,u• rue ho traveler returns." It is a Me:,
ULU tuuusands Still /KUM to this terrible
our, ow:ag to the unsolliuluess of ignorant pretend
who, n j tne nee ul lOULteadly poison, mercury, rtun
, :ametuu>ani and more the reslaue of Ille 'miserable.
i..iiitozeinwt.—The Doctor's Diplomas hang to kill
4-I,et ro must contain a Stamp tow ou Me reply
eirltere,ll, a soot by Stull.
Frederick street, Baltimore.
rl.. Jry ly
„ , Iml One to Five Hundred Dollars
oiVATY UU:411% Bnqu•ro of
U. U. /. 11 11111:1L11AN, •
No. 18 indth44l.): l street.
_ _
BEE?. has removed his
Pi 1. 3. , .1);(1 AND [IAA:33 FOUNDRY from Market
nir•Lot to mott o -trod above 1, onpufito the Dottie
riolrell. I liauk aV, tor iktat plaroulago, oo hopes, by strict
tan ion to buslutiad, to merit et continuance of It.
r ziUIiSe,'RIBER would respootfully
and Br
ialorm the pubic that he ha, rolnwed his plum b
use hounthog eshilsishowot to No. 22 you th
Btreet below Herra Botet• nucikfo i pastpat
, , Ag
e, he hopes by Stria attuatiou ,u buotuok. to m
.41coaLoe of it.
.3._ sTAIAANT in Brant's City Rill Building, Barris
, Ci.y, 'a. Apply to JOHN H. BRANT,
On the premises.
LA . "
__l; el Mk 11 l--Strictly pure, spark
meet—Las received a dliver Medal or Di.
f'""" v,ry Stain Aer.cultural Fidr since AA For
10.141 WM, DOCK AL CO.
holders of the atlantic and Ohio Telegraph Com.
p ,ny tor the election ot threaten", mid the transaction of
their usual buraneto, will be bald at the Telegraph ofllee
of !aid Cora:. auy in Harrisburg on Thursday the 18th
day of Jaly, 18al. SHILLINGFORD.
Philadelphia, June 14th, /661. -td, SOCrelary.
From Western Virginia.
Detailed Account of the Victory a ,
Pennsylvania Regiments Med into Re
Retreat of the Rebels to be Cut Off.
Ten Thousand Rebels Driven Out.
The following dispatch irom Gen. ii4cLellink
was received today at army headquarters:
"Bsvmmv, July 12, 1861.
"Col. E. D. Ibirmsend, Washington, D. 0.: The
success of to-day is all that I could desire. We
captured six cannon, of which one is rifled; all
the camp equippage and transportation, even
to his cups. The number of tents will proba
bly reach two hundred, and more than sixty
wagons. Their killed and wounded will amount
to fully one hundred and fifty, with one hun
dred primers, and more coming in constantly.
I know already of ten officers killed and. pris
oners. 'lteir defeat ni:41,41,04....ru1t..—,
"I occupied Beverly by a rapid march. Gar
nett abandoned his camp early in the morning,
leaving much of his equippage. Ho came
within a few miles of Beverly, but ma rapid
march turned him back in great confusion, and
he is now retreating on the road to St. George.
I have ordered 0-en. Morris to follow him up
"I have telegraphed for the two Pennsylvania
regiments at Cumberland to join Gen: Hill at
Rowlesburg. The General is concentrating all
his troops at Rowlesburg and will cut off Gar
nett's retreat near West Union, or, if liossible,
at St. George.
"I may say that we have driven out some ten
thousand troops strongly entrenched with
the lose of eleven killed and thirty-five wound
ed. The provision returns here shovi Garnett's
force to have been ten thousand men. They
were Eastern Virginians,".Tennesseans, Georgi
ans and I think Carolinians.
"Tomorrow I can give full details as to
ers, &c. I trust that Gen. Cox has by this time
driven Wise out of the Banawba Valley. In
that case I shall have accomplished the object
of liberating Western Virginia.
"I hope the Gentsal-in-Chief will approve of
my operations. Signed,
G. B. McCrarzaw,
Maj. Gen. Com. Dep. of Ohio."
A Rebel Commander Surrenders Himself
with 800 Yen.
Much Buffering among the Rebels.
A special dispatch from Beverly says that
Gen. McLellan's advanced division is moving
rapidly to Cheat Mountain Pass. The rebels
burned the bridges at Huttonsville, and will
burn Cheat Mountain bridge. It cannot delay
us an hour.
At Rich Mountain one hundred ,anl,thirty
one dead rebels were found. Oui woundedare
doing well. Ten commissioned rebel officers
killed and captured, including Capt. S. Sep
with of Powhattan ; Capt. D. B. 'Angell, late
United States army ; Capt. Irwin, of Brunswick
dangerously wounded. Dr. Tyler, late United
States army, and Dr. Walk, late United States
army, Prisoners. Some Georgians and South
Carolinians are among the dead, but the rebel's
dead were chiefly eastern Virginians.
.A This morning Col. Pegrant,'omniandez at
Rich Mountain, sent a letter to Gen. McClellan
offering to surrender himself and oimumad
hun4ed Aen. , The surrender vitiiiiccolidtt4
and prisoners will march in to-day. The pris
oner!' were much reduced by hunger.
O:KR:MAT; July 14.
Enemy Completely Routed.
Three Hundred Rebels Kidded—One Sun
dred and Fifty Prisoners.
LW.hole - BetiedMunp Evacuated and Im
plements of War leftwith McLellan.
Flight of the Bebele at Springfield
Moro Contraband 'Chattels in Camp:
Reported Capture of 1,000 Rebels by
Gen. XeLellan.
Yesterday morning Gen. McClellan ordered
four regiments the Eighth, Tenth and Thin
teenth Indiana and the Nineteenth Ohio to
proceed along the line of the hills southeast of
the enemy's entrenched' camp on the Beverly
road where it crosses Rick% mountain two
miles east of the enemy's position, with orders
tD advarice along the Beverly road and attack
the lest side of the works.
Gen. lerClellan being prepared to assault the
wed Side as soon as the firing should announce
the commencement of the attack.
The Capture of a courier who mistook the
road through the enemy's camp for the route
of our troops placed . : the enemy in possession
of the movement when Gen. Rosecrans reached
the Beverly road.
At two o'clock, after a moat exhausting
march over the mountains, we found the enemy
posted on the opposite side of the road, about
800 strong, with two cannons, holding a strong
position, partially fortified. An engagement
with the enemy took place and continued
three-quarters of an hour, when the rebels were
totally routed, with a loss of three hundred,
including ten officers and both cannon. About
75 of the killed and 75 wounded are in our
hands, besides 150 prisoners.
The road was between two hills our troops
dAerAudir44 , a steep declivity and were greatly
exposed to the rebels who occupied the opposite
upon them.
C.len., Mika column. remained at the
Are of the engagement during the night.
Gen. 1160killarierrastinposition with his whole
forde during the afternoon ready to make the
assault but hear' nothing from the other col.
umn except distant firing early in the morning.
He was proceeding to plant his cannon upon
an eminence commanding a portion of the rebel
camp and preparing to attack the whole nest
in front, when it was ascertained that the ene
my had evacuated the place during the night,
moving towards Laurel Hill, leaving a few men
with their sick and their cannon, camp equipage,
and transportation.
A'rapid mnrch was then made by Genl. Mc-
Clellan to Beverly, passing Gen. Rosencran's
command in the road with instructions to fol
low linickly.
At Beverly it was ascertained late in the day
that the rebel forces at Laurel Hill had.retreat
ed, moving towards Romney. Our total low is
not mop than 11 killed and 36 wounded. The
foreg,oing report has been approved by Gen.
I hear from Alexandria that the troops from
that place took possession of Springfield yester
day. The rebels retreated without showing
fight. There were no batteries erected at this
Orders have been sent from the War Depart
ment to Gen. McLelland for the disposition of
the prisoners taken at Beverly.
There are now at the camp of the sixteenth
New York regiment the slaves of a whole plan
tation, who came there as fugitives.
It is reported that Gen. McLellan captured
one thousand rebeli in aims in his march on
Naw Yons, July 14
The stetungdp Columbia from Havana on the
10th arrived to-day. Sugars weit active but
steady at 707 i reels for No. 12 molasses.
Freights in kw demand; Exchange on London
118, on New York 10E4105.
The privateer Sumter arrived at Leienfuegas
on the etli, bringing in as prizes the brigs
Cdba, Machias, Naiad, Albert Adams, Ben.
Dunning said the harks Wait Wind and Louisa
She also fell in with the ship Golden Rocket
off the isle of Pines which was set fire to and
turned after taking off the officers and crew.
Capt. 'Simmons of the Sumter sent an officer
ashore with a letter to the Governor of the
town who telegraphed to the Capt. General at
litivana for instrnctions. ,
. .
The .steamer left next day having received &
supply of coal and water. All the vessels were ,
taken a short distance'frorrethe shore.
•5 ,; Waszatibacur, July 14. - •
*Con lea PUttOiisint to 90. ?if;
JuViibe&kaAsoi.' aillt r el4o4.
to be published, but it is favorable to the friends
of the Cloternmeet.
Imperfect Report from the fluttery
A - Member of Congress to be Expelled;
The following dispatch from Gen. MClellan
to Gen. Scott dated Beverly, July 13, has just
been received :
"Have received from Gen. Pegram propoEi
tions for surrender with his officers and rem
nant of his command, say six hundred men.
They are said to be extremely penitent and de
termined never again to take arms against the
General Government. I shall have nearly nine
hundred or a thousand prisoners to take care
of when Pegram comes in. The latest accounts
make the loss of the rebels killed some hun
dred and fifty."
BEVERLY, July 12th
The sanitary commission just closed its third
session in Washington, where its brat meeting
was held a month ago. The commission is
now thoroughly organized and working effect
ually. Its agents are busily at work in the
principal military encampments• They report
the results of their inquiries and labors daily
by mail to the head-quarters of the commission,
in the treasury buildings. Several of the
the commissioners and a considerable num
ber of agents are continually employed at the
seat of war. The results of inquiries thus
pursued at all of the encampments from Cairo
and Missouri to eastern Virginia have enabled
the commissioners to act definitely and effi
ciently upon a great variety of practical ques
tions that are of vital importance to the life and
health of the soldiers.
The following are among the leading ques
tions discussed and acted upon during the pre
sent session of the commission :
First—Payment of soldiers' wages by allot
ments or by treasury orders, for the benefit of
their families and themselves.
Second—The condition and wants of the
army in and near Washington, and a like re
port from the encampments at Fortress Monroe,
ments, visited by their prestige* - •
Third.--lpiumres for Impkritingtentp@ditt
d rAgimprital hygiene.
Fourth—Special reports, frem, varitaisinsriPt-,
leg egents of the commission.
fifth—lmprovement in regimental cenalire.,
Sixth. The dimintitioi'or preventiotuofein- , '
..temperanca-in the lump. I •
Seventh. The enlistment of competent cooks
every" regitnent;
Eighth. Nimilngiurd the 'better bare of
and wounded. Abstracts clfthe several reporta
;were ordered to be. published in document
ifOrrn; thef , are on press and will soon be fur
nished to the public. - •
• The Treasurer's report eihibiti a pleasing fact
- that thels.bprsofthiecominimionare appreciated
lirtheLifeoinsurance Company. ' A ainglebom
*y haying contributed one thousand -dollars
to thei Trease4. . •
iI , A - tx)4o of instruotionsito,the agent& of ' the
obil,atelksion wegsagreedlipon an& ordered. te. be
: S .
A concise:num:mai of advice to military offi
dere giving plain .directicms respecting camp
Veice, military hygene and rules for the sol
rii bealth, waa'presented by a ceinituittee:und
/Marge edition ordemi to be published surrgrat
inecully distributea in the army. =
The commission have opened a' dePut of re;'
3eption and aistribUtton of clotiiinkiicuicielica
p*,: for sick volunteers, and `luviciliiiirtriccted
their agents closely to follow uplheir inquiries
by such suggestions and efforts us may be ne
cessary to secure effectual reforMatiori of the
efects and evils they meet with.' After decid
ing upon the plan of efforts to be pursued
until the next meeting, the commission ad
jour4al trn Saturday afternoon, and those of
the members who could be spared from duty at
Washington proceeded to Fortress Monroe.
res*titoilw#MenVei r iFed. and w r it pro
. y in, introduced in the Rude ,
1 '
I g oonindtteetdf Election to inquire:
•-,'; report as to whether Hon. Henry May,
tative from Maryland, now in Mc
Mid, has been or is now holding treasonable
Correspondence with the enemy and whether
his seat shall not be declared vacant.
The House committee on commerce will take'
a favorable report on the bill for employment
of secret signals on dispatch and - other naval
Col. Lemon has resigned the Marshalship of
the District of Columbia. He has gone into
Virginia to take command of his regiment.
Hundreds of applications for appointments in
the army are daily received at the War Depart
ment, but they are tiled away in pigeon holes
by the clerks for the present.
It will be needless for further applications to
be made by military aspirants at present, and
they may as well save themselves and the War
Department further trouble.
It appears from calattions at the Pok Office
'pepartment, that the yearly income from post
#n in the seceded States amount t? t only
$900,000, while the of ; tramsportingiie
mails in the same States, ezceeded this gum
From Washington.
Wms=wrox, July 14
Mr. May has not yet appeared here this'
by $3,000,000, which is now saved to the Gov
ernment by their suspension in those States.
The proposed duty on sugar will be so fixed
in the bill to be brought up about the tariff, as
not to apply to sugars now in bond. '
The War Department did not make any con
tract about the burned steamer Cataline, Gen
eral Wool, it is stated, assumbig the entire re
sponsibility during the week that Washington
city was in peril, and cut off froin communica
tion with the North.
W. D. Shephard of this city, has obtained the
contract for furnishing stationary to the Inter
ior department. •
The rebellions Garibaldiazus lurve retained to
their regiment. •
A bill hail been introduced in the Seritite
creating the office of AssistantSecietarY of. the
The two Misses Scott, who seduced the gal
lant Connecticut soldier from the camp recent
ly, were arrested last night, and brought into
camp, but were released to-day, by order of the
President, as they asserted, "on their honor,"
they did not entice the soldier off, he going
A party of Zouaves and Maine scouts met
with a party of fifteen Alabama scouts twelve
mites out yesterday, and succeeded in capturing
three of them as well as a farmer, who acted as
a guide.
Two of the parties who kept up communica
tion between the Maryland and Virginia shores,
by rowing boats across at midnight, were cap
tured on Friday night by a party of company
E of Zouaues.
The reported withdrawal of secession forces
from Fairfax Court House was doubtless pre-.
XIXVIIth Congress—Extra Session,
&SAM—Several petitions were presented.
Mr, late introduced a bill providing that
the report of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy
be referred to the Committee on Naval Affairs.
A communication was received from the Post
master General in relation to having suspended
tharuails in.stut6ull States.. • • ered to be printed
,a4,4l,la4.a.maiiskiardikkeheoy : ' d:ram...LA
Oenator elecrfrom V'-
a, W.. 1.{91 •
inkistare•of Mama, arid John -:-Oatlisla itt 'Place
of Eruitir: I 0 caw 1.•
Mr. JOHNSON said .he lott i nipprk as &favors.,
hie omen, the reixtru l e. Dominic to
BAYARD pritatedagailist , the alibi/skin:
of these.geritlemen as.Senatbraht place of 'the. 1
tors whose, time had not axpired.o He 1
,thought a very grave question was iriVolved,
4 moved to iefer the 'credentials to Wel:Joni
."' titke on• theladtilmy;:before adminitifering
the oath. ' . 4.1
SAULSBURY Ga el:) , said. that the cre
ldentials stated that on the 9th . day Of ..Teix z
these gentlemen were 'elected Senstorl it place
`4 l ,:t Messrs. Mason andillunter 'but only.yester-z
day the Senate treated the said gentlemen° as
Senators, and when these new gentlemenffpre l
elected in the judgment of; Senate there Was
no vacancy; for the Senate treated MentriAtairin
and Hunter as such and expelled them.. -
For that reason he thought the credentials
should be refexred.
Afteiconsidenible discussion by Messrs. John
son (Tennl,) Sauhbusk, Trumbull, &yard, Ten
Eyck, Powell, Latham, Coltman and Doolittle.
Mr. Bayard's 'motion to refer j ciederstials•ofiqg
new Virginia:Senators tsitthe,Ctianinittee of , t r the,,l
Judiciary was lost. " •
Messrs. Carlisle and Willeyivere then 'Iwo&
The array increase bill wastthen• taken upi I
Mr. KM . offered as snamendment that with-_, l
in six months after the insurrection is suppress
sed, the army shall be restored td a number
proposed by the act of 1860. Agit' ea to.
Mr. NMEETES offered as an anietitlment that
no person be commissioned Major Generalc or
Brigadier General in the regular army unless
he has served ten years, and no person as CO--
one), Lieutentmt Colonel, or Major,. unless he
has served years. Disagreed to. '
Also, that if citizens be appointed officer in
the:army, they shall first pass examination "WI
fore a ,board of examiners.
Mr. Wfr.sax objected. A debate ensued and,
the proposition was disagreed to. '
Mr. Maw= moved to amenirthdbill so tha
the new enlistment be for five instead of three
years. Disagreed to, aed the 0:till wag then
reported to the Senate and" poised. After, .aie
executive stash% the Senate sAjOurned.
Speaker-laid beffirethegode
communication from -the Postmaster 'General,
I made in compliance with the law which re
quires him to state the reasons for discontinu
ing mails bathe so called seceded States. He
says the events - for this course on his
part are se well known as to render
a detailed statement unnecessary. It seemed
more necessary for him to= explain why the
transportation of the mails wascontinned there,
in so long it was for the purpose of disseminat
ing correct information in those States and dis
abusing the minds of those who had been de
ceived by the conspirators. _Hence he thought
truthful information would contribute to break
down the conspiracy, the p'dittal service afford
ing the best means to this, end. He had no
doubt the people south will, vindicate his course
the first opportunity after they shall be liberat
ed froin the despotism which now there prevails.
Mr. Blain offered a preamble, that,
Wanams, John B. Clark was electeda mem
ber of Congress on the fast Monday of August:
Whereas, Since that time said Clark has held a
commission in the State Guard of Missouri,
ender the rebel Governor of that State, and
took apart in the engagement at Booneville,
Resolved, That said Clark has forfeited his
right as a Representative of the thirty-seventh
Congress, and is hereby expelled and declared
to be no longer a member of this House.
Bum& said that Clark took. up arms
against the United Stathe, and this' wee sufficient:
hit The 'Third District of that
State is loyal; and is, , therefore,. 'end:Medto i t t
loyal representative. He demanded the pre
vious question.
Mr. BURNETT (Ky.) wanted Mr. Blair to with
draw the motion, in order that he might sub
mit one which was legitimate and proper,
namely :—that the resolution be refer - red to the
Committee on Elections. The gentlemantS love
of fairness should induce him to comply with
this request.
Mr. Buis refused to withdraw the mottos:
Mr. Rath (Mo.) said he had no knowledge of
Clark having been in arms against the Govern
ment. He had never heard of it except from
rumor. Perhaps, however,Mr. Blair had in
formation that he himself id not possess. He
would be glad if the subject could be referred
to a proper committee.
Mr. Brats repeated that the Third Congres
sional District should be represented by a loyal
man. He had made the statement on his own
responsibility with a full knowledge of the fact.
It was as notorious as that Mr. Clark was in
arms against the Gobernment at Booneville as
that Gov. Jackson and Gen. Price were there.
Mr. Burnett again interposed, and amid calls
of "order" from the Republican side, said some
thing about this being a Star Chamber Court.
The Speaker reminded him that he was out
of order.
Mr. Ettrasurr excused himself, by saying the
proposed court was so extraordinary that he did
not know in what proper terms to condemn it.
The main question was then ordered to be
put. When Mr. Cox'a name was called, he
said if he were satisfied that (len. Clark was in
arms against the Government he would vote to
expel him, but until a proper inquiry was made
he should vote nay.
The resolution was adopted, 94 to 46.
The President sent in a message, saying that
he had approved the bill for the payment of
the and volunteers to the 80th of June.
A memorial of Mr. Foster, of North Caro
line, claiming a seat in the House by virtue of
recent election, was referred to the Committee
on Elections.
Two resolutions were adopted, one asking the
Presideut to communicate the correspondence
with England, France and Spain, on the sub
ject of the blockade and the recognition of the
Southern Confederacy ; and the other, to au
thorize the appointment of a committee to re
port on a reduction of the expenses of the Gov
The House then went into committee of
whole on the bill to promote the efficiency of
the army, which was briefly debated, When the
committee rose and the bill passed.
A bill was also passed for the relief of the
soldiers and musicians who lost their property
in removing from Fort Moul trie to Port Sumpter.
The House at 2 P. M. adjourned. •
Anaivet OF TROOPB.—The New York Thirty
sixth Regiment paasod through this City about
two o'clock yesterday morning, en route for'
Washington. The following is correct list of
the officers: _ • •
Colonel, Charlie H. limes ; Lieutenant' Colo
;Thomas J. Lord; Mettor. Nathantelgioeh ;
Adjutant, Wm. G. U. 01100Mul Quartermaster,
.James W.. Winter ; jaymaster. Samuel Osgood;
Soition; N. B. WWI , ; SUrgeon'iti Mate, Louis
P4l l,ol nekl , ; Cflhplain, Bet E. D. Winslow ;
i Sergeant-.MajorlGeLoge IL Moore ; QllarteiraaB- .
terliSergeant b ßwles H. Roberts ; Drum Major.
'Eugene L. ; Fife major, John Basei;Loch;
frosiiital Std*ard, Tanaes A. Christie ; Color
eneant,lobert Jones ; Right General , Gulde r
.Thhp, D. :Philips ; Left General Gaide,:George
Company A—Elthu J. Faxon, Captain; Leroy
H. Briggs, Ist Lieutenant ; Edward Armstrong,
2d Lieutenant,
Company B—James A. Raney, Captain ; Tim
Donoghue, Ist Lieutenant ; John Lewis, ,
2d fieutenant.
Company C—Wm. H. Bennett, Captain ;
Jiver.", Hostin, ;Ist - Lientenant ; Hdnry N. Mar
tin- 2d, Lieutehant
Co•mpany ,D—J., Townsend Daniel, Captain ;
Jaes Grant, lit: Lieutenant; Michael la' Elroy,
2dt 7; utenant.
mPanY EEd•win Quackenbos, Captain;
beat eV. S. Robinson, lat Lieutenant; Horace „
"2d Lieutenant. ,
Company Gustavus Diming, Captain ;
Charles Duliiimlin; First Lieutenant; •Thos„, : , •
H. Browning, Second lautenant.
Company G—rsrael Ativood, Caitl4l•J;l. t
Robert Jackson, First Lieutenant ; Robert,Br, „
Patterson, Second Lieutenant.
Company 11—Jobst Mason, Captain ; David u. . . .
W. Murphy, First Lieutenant; GeorgeW. Fan,
StilXind Lieutenant.
Companyl—Walter Darwent, Captain;, Abel
S. Campbell, First Lieutenant; Henry B.Efugh4„
Second tielitentint .
Company.ll-4, tinuiti B. Walsh, Captain; Al
fred J. Pi,gott,Tlist Lieutenant; Sohn Miles,
Semesd Lieutenant. ..
COI. Lines served. with distinction through •
the Mexican war, and'wikti the first to plant our
flag on the heights of Chap*epec..
TAeut. Ca:dill Lord is an ord officer of thit,',"
- 44E5i, army,. arA. is said to be a thoroughly
Ocient dfficero
. ,
Captain Walsh LS* Crimean officer, find sextr_.
~ •
tietlides in the Turkish and Indian campaign.
Captain Raney was in the Mexican ,
Daniel is of the English service t. +_-
wood was prominent in the desperate, 3a.
to seize the Canadian provinces in 'B7,,tmd 'BB,
he was then made a prilioner, but eousped
Capt. Darwent is an experienced British Officer;
Lients. Pickett, Armstrong, Finch and Chappel
have all seen active service, and "smelt
Arrival of the Maaachwetts Seventh Regiment.
The Seventh Massachusetts Regiment, ono
thousand and forty-six rank and file, under.
command of Colonel D. W. Couch, ax
rived here this morning about six o'clock, v*_
the•khiladelphia and Reading Railroad, arg.
immediately passed over the Northern Central
Railway to Washington. The ragiment hag
one hundred horses and twenty commimast
w , :ons.
Ma. Burma : You will please allow me spars
enough in your columns, on behalf of the Mc-
Clure Rifles, to express their sincere and heart 7
felt thanks to the lady who furnished us with &
sumptuous repast this morning while on guard
at the Arsenal. It indeed was a, rich, treat,
which we enjoyed, and . devoured. wlth double
quicltegeed involdngHeaven'ssichest-blessings
nNn the fair donor, hoping th4,hes,bfe
Fth - 4 of her family may be a happy one, and her
death peaceful. McCuntz Roue.