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nosy Afternoon, Ju.6o Ty 1861.
~leDoe .—A mad dog was shot in the vi
cinity of ituoiroelstown a few d this ay way.s ago. Keep
on the look-out for them up
two: Arromrsn.—iir. Henry Ufa, of o
siu,do, has been appointed to a clerkship in
the Auditor General's office. the papers of
tlia place endorse him as well fitted for the
orzeftD AATILLEN.T.--Capain Campbell has
cued a recruiting office in this city for the
rise of enlisting eighty-six men to form a
of mounted artillery to serve for three
t, up; in the Pennsylvania reserve corps.
11.1tATING AN ORDINANOIL—CompIaint has
hien wade to the Mayor against Mr. Christian
Ott% a huckster, for cresting a nuisance in the
place. A hearing of the case will take
ibis evening at seven o'clock.
•• •••11...• .•••••
\ Sou -cuing. —The summer sch
effect on
th.• l'entuylvania Railroad goes
',lntay nest. Some important changes have
made in the arrivals and departures of
Ile, voinns trains. The time table will be
t another column.
AMBRIC.O FLAG Will be raised over
l b. public school house in Walnut street be
to Front and Second, this evening after the
dilitieed of the schools. We presume arrange
',lite have been made for appropriate care
on the occasion.
fne Lwleso7 isionarovis have manufac
,,, d and forwarded to the Cameron Infantry,
;,;;; in comp Curtin, a sufficient number of
11.,velix1;" cap covers to supply the whole
mony, Cannot the ladies of Harrisburg do
n itch for our companies now in service? We
1 .,;; ;.; 6 , rn reply.
Tr.Airea AltlESTED.—Yeaterday Charles
eau of Rev. Dr. Cole of Baltimore, was
.'Ol by the military stationed along the
lieru Central Railway, sent to Baltimore
thfcce to Fort McHenry. He is charged
Iwnig concerned in the burning of the
r e 4 00 the above road in April last, and
committing tretoon against the gen
; ,1 vorornment.
tie Citruses PATtuarro.—lt was not to be
• • tut that the military spirit which per
..! 1 the community would spare the juveniles
visitations, who are ever disposed to iD2I
- doings of their elders. Accordingly
Lily meet with miniature soldiers parading
•-rksvre with music and banners, whose cap
imie the word of command with all the
,ity and energy of full grown officers.
:ET VACCINATID.—We again urge upon our
tcer soldiers the necessity of bring vaccin-
I before entering into service. If this is at
.• u , l:d to in every ease a world of sickness and
wanly valuable lives may .be spared for our
misc. When ordered off, there is no knowing
with what the troops may come in contact,
;nr I :ill precautionary measures to avoid disease
uld be adopted. By all means, then, let the
...Mina be vaccinated.
.. eddy of the New School Presbyterian
, has recommended Friday, June 28th,
observed as a day of fasting and prayer
t!,e country. The General Assembly of the
1 hoot Presbyterian Church has ream-
Monday, the Ist of July, to be obeerv
r tilt. same purpose. Thursday, the 18th
appointed to be observed in like
, ler in the seceded States.
srAwasmuzs.—The largest and finest
s we have seen this season were
upull the Keystone farm near our city.
.;:rtlitly excel in size and flavor the stale
;..1 insipid berries brought here from the
; and for their superior quality, as well
1, I.n the patriotic reasons given by a correspon
i.t yertertlay, they are preferred by all lovers
thin &lie:tolls fruit. Mr. ?dish will have a
1.11 , ,;e supply In market to-morrow morning.
COUNTERFEIT MOM.--A soldier nem.
—1 John Templin, belonging to the Wayne
was arrested at camp yesterday by °IS
] ole, for passing a counterfeit five dollar
upoll Mr. Wm. Morris of this city. The
, strited float lie wasignoraut of the note being
itcripit, and promptly offered to redeem it.
o g so the officer released him. from
zidy There is a considerable quantity of
• 11ritorf,it bills and bogus coin afloat just now
11 LI ( Amenity, some of it so well executed
I 1 (1 , 06 r 0 the best judges of money.
(inn Is OUR TRUST.—The pupils of the dig
-11..c tichnols in Cincinnati, numbering one
:,.11,11 children, called upon Maj. Anderson.
11,elt3jor entered the reception room the
le force street( up the Star Spangled Ban
''' Major Andereon in response to the song,
1 cell your• attention, children, to one ex
; ~ :sioa is the Bong you have just sung—'ln
;• ,, 1 IS 011 r trust•' To be successful in this life,
111118 t put our trust in God. If you will
1, ..y his commands, you will be good men,
.',),ki citizens, and good soldiers. At Fort
nailer, I placed rny trust in God, and through
ilim I obtained nay safe deliverance. Trust in
, ~,I, children, while you live."
1 Intuit's Uousr.--The "ollaboose" contained
'"' ° Qcul , auts last night, all of whom were
laigued before the Mayor this morning.—
' ~rge Woolick and Joseph Fisher, for creating
mum" la a lager beer shop, were sent to
1,1, 00
I A ielia for Fix days. Frank Weaver, John
tll, Francis Murphy, Michael Carter and
chistiau Sbentzer, all dilapidated specimens
or humanity, were discharged upon promise
t "" from the city immediately. Two
mahogany-colored females, named Catharine
Ilamilton and Fraelia Moore, found lying
around loose in a drunken condition are dis
turbing the public peace, were sent to the re
oratory institution over the way for thirty
days each.
Perim' advisee young ladies "to remember
that oranges are not apt to be prized after be
ing squeezed a few times."
Ammon! Emma Firsomus.—You will
meet at Exchange Hall this evening at seven
o'clock, for drill. Every member is expected
to be in attendance. The company will also
meet to-morrow morning at nine o'clock, to
march to Camp Curtin. There is still room for
a few more sober young men.
SAM= WILT, Captain.
Goon APPOINTIMIT.—We learn that Colonel
Charles Stewart, son of Hon. Andrew Stewart,
of Uniontown—popularly known as "old Tariff
Andy"—has been commissioned as a . member
of Governor Curtin's Staff with the rank of
Lieut. Colonel. He is a West Pointer, and will
no doubt make a brave and efficient officer
when called into active service.
....- .w,41.----.
Tax SILT= Comm BAND of Williamsport,
which accompanied the German Legion to this
city, honored the Governor and several other
citizens with serenades last night, discoursing
most eloquent music This Is one of the best
bands in the interior of the State, and the
members are all gentlemen and patriots. They
left for home this afternoon.
Tres Cairns °mos, a fine looking company
from Bellefonte, arrived here at, two o!olock
this morning, and quartered at one of the ho
tels in the vicinity of the depot. This forenoon
they marched, to Camp Curtin under the
escort of the Williamsport Silver Cornet Band.
The Guards will be mastered into the State re
serve corps for three years.
141018LATIV1 GUARD.—Several theimembers of
of this company are now in the city. We pre
sume they have come to make preparations for
going into camp. Some persons, who have not
a proper appreciation of the patriotism of our
legislators, express the opinion that Oapt. Da
vis will not be able to muster a "cfirporal's
guard" of his company on the 16th. We
shall sea I
._.~•• .= k a tr ~. ~ .i Y.
Limarx is very singular, says the
Chicago Times, that in this most unlucky war,
every prominent movement has ialreii Place on
the most unlucky day—Friday. The bom
bardment of Sumter was commenced on Friday;
the troubles in Baltimore took place on Friday;
the first and bloodiest riot in St. Louis occur
red on Friday ; the attack on Sewell's Point
was made on Friday ; Col. Ellsworth was shot
on Friday, and the batteries at Acquia Creek
were attacked on Friday. It has been all a
"Friday" business.
Swortn ra ea Lear.—The wild-cat companies
have been sworn into service es part of the re
serve corps. They . compute ten companies
from what is knovin as the 41 wila-eatdislarici,"
and will probably be formed into a regiment*
themselves. No more intelligent or braver
men can be found anywhere than these sturdy
representatives of the pine region. We pre
dict that in the e'pnt of being called into
active service, they will do some "tall fight
;" end ifatitared, return from th,e,Joen
of conflict with "brows bound with victorious
SOLD'S& Plums Minutes. -- Among the
volunteers in Camp Curtin are a great many
ohristian men, under whose auspices prayer
meetings are held every night in the Quarter
master's department. These meetings are reg
ularly attended by large numbersof soldiers,
who seem to take great interest in the exercises,
and are no doubt profited thereby. In this
dark hour there is no thought more precious
to Christian hearts than that the battles of our
country are to be fought so largely by soldiers
of Christ—a ciao of men who make the very
best kind of soldiari. With a just and holy
cause, and such men to defend it, victory Is
sure to perch upon our national standard:
"Then conquer we must, for oar cense it is Pun—
ned this be our motto: pt Goo 15 mut mum"
Fame Duress AND DINITRIJOiIoN or Tams AND
Snacassay.—As the season is at band when
persons who have a sufficiently refined taste to
cultivate fruits of different kinds are likely to
be annoyed by marauding thieves who pluck
their fruit and mutilate their trees, we call at
tention to a provision in the penal code of this
State intended to meet such owes. It provides
that "If any person shall wilbilly or malicious
ly injure or destroy any fruit or ornamental
trees, shrub, plant or grape vines growing or
cultivated in any orchard, garden or close, or
upon any public street or square in this Com
monwealth, he shall be guilty of a misde
meanor, and on conviction, be tined not ex
ceeding one hundred dollars, and undergo an
imprisonment not exceeding six months, or
both, or either, at the discretion of the court."
It is the duty of every one to prosecute offences
•of this kind to the fullest extent of the law.
Fruit and flower stealing is just as criminal as
every other kind of stealing, and ought to be
punished. Some of the finest girdens in our
city have already been invaded and despoiled
of their choicest flowers; and if an example is
not made of the offenders, the work of vandal
ism will be continued.
Tui Sonmaa's Lira rEINIIMIR.—This morn
ing we were shown an article styledithe "Com
pound Aromatic Stomach Belt," which is re
commended by physicians as indispensable to
soldiers and others whose mode of life subjects
them to change of food and water and to irrega_
lathy of habits and exposure. We believe this
article will prove a God-send to our volunteers,
and their friends shonidlose no time in furnish
ing each with one. They are light, servicea
ble and agreeable to the wearer, and calculated
to exert a most happy influence in warding off
affections of the !stomach and bowels, soothing
pain and suffering, and promoting the cure of
those affections—the terror of a southern cli
mate—to be dreaded by those who, in going to
the south, experience a change of air, diet, and
particularly water. It is for such oases par
ticularly that the "Aromatic Stomach Belt" is
most adapted, by its protecting • the surface
over the bowels—and then, by the powerful ef
fects of the medicinal agents quilted between
the folds of flannel, acting in a peculiar manner
on those important organs, serving to keep them
in an active, natural and healthy state. We
adieu thole articles for,sale by D. W.' 04 &
Co., and advise every volunteer to preoup ans.
fleuttoiguattiet- Mailg telegraph, fribati afternoon, June 7, 1861
Tam Cum 0/ Poraca, Kr. liadabangb, Is again
confined to his room by a severe attack of in
flammatory rheumatism.. •
A &ATM MICIETIN6 of the Washington Hose
Company will be held at theliouse this (Friday)
evening at eight o'clock. Punctual attendance
is required.
Tna Irmon Paem MIMING will be held in
the Presbyterian church," corner of Market
Square, to-morrow afternoon, commencing at
fosuo'clook, as 12snal. •!.
Foor RAWL—Last evening two men under
took to see who could run the fastest. One
was a constable and the other a thief. The
letter proved entirely too "fast" for the short
winded official, and made his escape.
Fos Onamnsturenna.--This morning fifty or
tdity more camp wagons leit the. Government
depot in our city en route' for Chainbersbarg.
Almost one hundred were despatched to the
Entine point last week.
A Fumy Tnser.—A w , , mis,L,n named Hannah
Faliken was arthisliiffrning by officer
Cole, charged wiMeding sixtVdollars worth
of clothing from James Page , uOllll4l. . was com
mitted for trial.
Tnazarsanto ro+ — -Allured desperado,
named John Barton, was arrested to-day by
officer Wickert, for threatening to kill Joseph
Swartz, a huckster who attends our market.
We did not learn the origin of the difficulty.
Barton was committed for trial.
Ton SrAWBURY TaAus.---There is a super
abundance of strawberries in out market just
now, selling at prices which enable even the
poortht to i ndulge in the delicious and whole
some fruit. Our neighbor across the way, Mr.
Mader, daily. receives 'supplies of fresh berries
of a very fine quality.
Tax DooLaw.—The reason assigned for the
non-enforcernent of this law is, that our City
Fathers have ramie no arrangements for the
disposition of doge that may be captured or
In every instance, however', where Un
muzzled canines are found tuning at large, and
the names of the ' oiirreis can be ascertained,
they will be fined under the provisions of the
DISTIAROID.—The three secessionists recent
ly arrested on the line of the Northern.Oentral
Railroad, charged with having assistedin burn
ing the bridges and cutting the telegraph Ake%
have beed.disclunged. The fellows took-:the
oath of allegiance to the government, and
signed a paper pledging themselves not to take
up arms , against the tutted States, after which
they were let off.
Mona BoLining .Faetvio.-The ladies. of our
,city have been doing" the handbome thing"
for the Wayne Rifles. In behalf o? the conk
pany we return thanis to the faii. donors for a
bountiful supply of delicacies.whiciquoved very
tioceptable, We noticed another lot of " feed"
to,=.E.Atlortinotal l and presume
.sonci - of the other couipinfeß ( Rai
triously." A gentleman who has v
various State encampments 'informs us that
nowhere have the volunteers been treated wi '
more generous hospitality than at Ilarriliburgi
We note the fact as one high*. Creditable v.
our patriotic ladies.
• ~..,.....-.....- ,
Acounem— This iorenoon a N.
child or-Ilis,
Roberts was ran over by a vaicle on the vikiy i
to Camp Curtin. • The little one, fortnnatel
sustained no serious iujury, although the
dent will confine bar 'to the house for a vteeg
or two. We are informed tilit it was the re
snit of careless driving .orßhe part of the
hackman, who drove his cab so close to the
house that it was impossible for the child tem I
get out of the way. Since the grading of
Ridge Road we had thought that the thorough-'
fare was sufficiently' wide for travel, and reb,
excuse, therefore, can be made for each acci
dents as the above.
AN OLD-Pssmozsn VOMITS of JULY.—The
city authorities of Philadelphia are making ar
rangements for an imposing celebration of
coming anniversary of our National Inds
dance. Th e bells of all the churches will' _
rung at =rise, noon and sunset. Salutes wUI
be Bred, and a grand civic and military pr..--,.
sion will be made. A meeting will be hel, gh'
Independence Square, where a large floral,
will be thrown over the main walk
four little girls and the same .number of bays
appropriately dressed, will unite in singing the
Star Spangled Banner. In the afternoon then
will be a regatta on the Schuylkill..
evening, Independence Hall will be ill.
and pyroteohnic dig Ain m,. in upp e rthe
1 ,.
and lower parts of the `..,' ..' . lei old s : i
generally" r ay be antics ; - .: , the --,':
don will attract thousands' ~... ' ',.., , : . Phila
delphia from . ; ~ dr : to ~ , '.'ages.
Naw Goons r.i.. " ' , : Atomic-50
pieces of Grey s', - ' , 0 121 ehd 20 eta.
100 dozen Linen • . ' ' ::: , ,'. . ,lefs for 3,
6 and 6 eta. 10 pieces Lave 1 '',',. for 7 cts.
26 dozen Linen Pocket Han. 'y ."! efs for 12i,
worth 25 cts. Splendid ktoh. ..,, t its at 31 and
37 eta. 16 dozen towels at 12/ , b' . l" , ts a towel.—
Linen Sleeves and Collars at 25 cts. 60 dozen
Sun Umbrellas and Parasols cheap. 100 pieces
of the best Calla) ever sold for ot eta. 60
pieces Broche Bordering very cheap. A large
lot of bleached and unbleached Muelin, Now
is the time to buy bargains. Call at S. Irwi's,
Rhoad's old corner.
1110171T . E1 ars Pius AND Psalm Brrnals.—
Pree front ail Mineral Poisons.—ln oases of Scrofula
13 /c er st _Sourrh or Erupttong or the Skin, the . Operation
the LiTellfediainee Is truly antordablug, often removing
in a few days, vestige of thane loathsome diseases
by their p WeeP , on the blood. Billions levers,
Fever and ague, yapeptda, Dropsy, Piles, and hi shot%
most all diseases soon yiel4 tp_their Qurative properties
No family should be without them, as by their timely.
see mush sulibrtsg and may be saved.
Prepared by WY. B. NOITAT, Y. D., New York, and
Wile by all Dreiteletit bel9W-1,
TRH ATMENT AND Itelionioti. 00116 Or 8 PIIRMATOR.
11 / 30 1 ,0 r SeDliligNeekliselelietotei Debility, Nerve/be.
lwroblatin bassteramid , Impotent % retteting
13eli-ailitse, ettherligli M. a• --=
Sea wider i
.. blebtetvrelopt,,to. isytiddresectetst
• fliblitlekbyliblelitlilia. r"
Itetlieifolerellieew '
4 1 1, n-tr Aile rIVA,
14u: 34 - &cuME) ,1.0)-1
Clouons.—The sudden changes of our climate
are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Al.
fectlons. Experience baying proved that simple reme
dies often eel speedily and certainly when taken in the
early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be
bad to "Browo'a Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Cough or Irritation of the Throat be ever so
alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may
be warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will find
them effectnal fbr clearing and a treugthening the voice.
sea advertisement. delo-d-swaw6m
The Confessions and Experienoe of
an Invalid.
Puma-Raw for the benefit and as a warning
and a caution to young men who suffer from Nervous
Debility, Premature Decay, etc., supplying at the same
time, the means of Self Cure, by one who cural himaeh,
alter being put to great expense through medical Impost.
Con and quackery. Single copies may be had of the an.
their, Kamm= elernent, Esq., Bedford, rings county.
N. Y., by enclosing a postpaid addressed envelope.
Wm. A. Batchelor's Hair Bye !
The Original and Beat in the World
All others are mere imttations, and should be avoided
if you wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, RECO, OR RUSTY HAIR dyed in s tantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown and Black, without injury
to Hair or Skin.
FIFTEEN MEDALS and DIPLOMAS have been award
ed to Wm. A.. Batchelor since 1859 ant over 50,000 ap
plications have been made to the Hair of his pi roes of
his famous dye.
WM. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a color
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nod, and the ill °acts of Bad Dyes remedied ; the Hair
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Sold in all cities and towns of the United States, by
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ger The Genuine has the name and address upon a
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CHAS. BANHELOR, Proprietor.
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Gum' Joirmt Km tatovis, best article manufactured.
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largest assortment of Houma in the city.
CRAMS, BORPUDIBB, 11Agnizactnars, Ready Hemmed
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Each bottle, pricai One Dollar, beam the Goternmeirt
il - -r- t , -1 ,-,toAugnoti .
team show
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811411/01g MO ' as flesyhms sate
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t In ell cases of, Nerm i tl . B pkt i Allbn. tient, ?du in
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V0..%,7410bY.43. att,14.1464/111. , t- . dor9 dew)),
vtifißD -
D P; bup k°l4lB.
oNain citalaN,
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N. X1 i t.4,134VE - .BE ,A 118111) BY
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ca, with mnparaltel &mem in .irmat 4 Jam •
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' •
;No. 2 Jones' Itow, Harrisburg, Pa.
' "Laliletl." IV sending him $1 00 to the Harrisburg
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- . 2 Sere onecondition of thermals systems in Mint Ote
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company each box. Price $l. Smithy mail on enclosing
$1 to Ds Commass L. Onsuasolss, Box 4,031, Pest Mice,
New York My.
Bald by one I. Aggistin every town In the (hilted States
Ilenesal Arnt fbr the United States,
14 Broadway, New York,
do seises ail Wholesale Andra should be adcb , .sted.
geld billanisburg by RT. Babliroas.
74":41Vorr8tanit, Essies,'Airailms, Lace tuul
eAi c tleiaglrent 0
VW :` 'Moak:above Walnut Streets.
Nan 2bvertisenunts
HELD Quaaratts, P. M.
Harrisburg, May 19, 1861. f
Major General George A. M'Call is assigned
to the command of all the military forces of
Pennsylvania, raised or to be raised under the
provisions of an Act of the General Assembly
of the Commonwe filth of Pennsylvania, enti
tled " an Act to create a loan, and to provide
for the arming of the State."
He will, without delay, proceed to organize
these forces, according to the provisions of
said Act, and to select convenient locations for
suitable encamping grounds, for the instruction
of the troops.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
JOHN A. WIIIGHT, Aid-de-camp.
ERS of Dauphin county, in pursuance of an Aet of
the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, approved the 16th day of lfap, 1661, entitled
"An Act to authorize the Commissioners of Dauphin coun
ty to appropriate a certain sum of money for the sup
port of the families of Volunteers during the present
war," do hereby inform the public that they will make
a loan to the amount of a sum not exceeding ten thousand
dollars, for which bonds will be issued for a term not ex
ceeding ten years, with coupons attached, for the payment
or half yearly interest, payable at the County Treasury at
6 per cent. Said bonds are to be clear of all taxation. It
is therefore hoped that the said amount in bonds of sn ch
amounts as the lenders wilt desire, will be prompt
ly taken by the patriotic capitalists or others, without
rdsorting to special taxation at this time.
JOHN S. /41).%11R,
. JACOB BEEN, Commbellonere.
Attest—Joseeu kliraxa, Clerk. my29-d&w
Harrisburg, Pa., June 8, 1861. f
I. No officer, non-commissioned officer, mu;
sician or private of the ReserveVoltinteerCorps
at these Headquarters, or at Camp Curtin ; will
leave his station or camp without permission
from theAproppLanthority.
H. The COP of each Department will be
held responsible for the observance and enforce
ment of this order in his particular Depart
The Chiefs of Departments will report at the
office of the Assistant Adjutant General of the
Corps when their duties require their absence
from these Headquarters, the point to which
their duties call them, and the probable time of
their absence.
By order of
HINNY A. Swam,
Captain and Aid.<le-Camp.
Haan Quasseas, P. M.
Harraburg, May 27, 1861.
Quarter Master General R. C. Hale is ordered
to forward the clothing, as per requisitions
dated 28d May last, by Colonels Harhamft and
M'Dowell, of the Fourth and Fifth Regiments
Pennsylvania Volunteers, in place of sending
it as heretofore directed. The Fourth and
Fifth Regiments being now in actual service
and in great need of proper clothing.
By order of the Commander-in-chief,
my2B Aid-de-camp.
V HE SUBSCRIBER has removed his
street to Fourth threat above Marko! opposite the' Bathe
church. Thankful for past patroaage, he hopes, by atrial
attention to business, to merit a 000timm000 of it.
mar26.Bmd WM. PARK HILL .
. Harrisburg Broom Idanufaotory.
Par mot. ....Jumper thaa haft BLewhere.—
Cal our stack. L.& PRICE Bc(X).'
conTOB-711110 STEM', (SUE us Row,y
Residence, Chestnut street near Fourth.
;DRENCH MUSTARD, L'aglish and do
a: mastic Plckles,, (by the dozen or hundred,) supe
rior :clad 011, Ketchup, atuces and Ondlmentz of every
desaripticni. my 24 WM. DOOK & CO.
tHE undersigned, DOCTOR OF DENT.AL
. SURDERY, has returned and rimmed his practice
h to street opposite the "Brady Rolath" where he
will De pleased 110 ithend . to ,all who rosy desire his se
aloes. iisip27l •B. K. GUDun, D. D. S.
A b.,
i defining and prononnaing.Dio
' tionarynt the Bnglish language ; Also, Woreeiter's
Dictionaries. Weisater's Pictorial Quarto and
oo! Dictionaries for sale at
' aplB-U Nati the Harrisburg Bridge.
_Li' Miss LAURA Lie SEIM, has takesi rooms at
T.HE.HERR HOUSE,intha City of Rarriab' urg,Pa.
Where she will troat diseases of the Eyes, on a system
which Is perfectly sate, alit which has never been known
to fail in remoyhig loLmnmation, either astute or chronic,
will remove tlims,o i tachles and all extraneous substances
from the eyee, wbhout the use of the knife. She pro
poses curia? ad who place themselves under her treatn:
ment; but It she does not cure the eyes, she chin"
nothing for time or mc.liclne. jel-tttivs
40,/ in store and for sale by
my3o ' 73 Market street.
taring Company having gained Au their suite at
law, with infringing manufacturers or Sewing Machines,
propose that the public should be benefftted thereby,
and have accordingly reduced the prices of their Sowing
Machines. After this date they will be sold at rates that
will pay a fair profit on the cost of manufacture, capital
invested, and expense of making Wee ; such prices s
Will enable them to make first clam machines, and, as
heretofore, guarantee them in every particular.
In accordance with the announcement above I will
sell their splendid Sewing Machines at prices from $45
to $9O for the fine full case machines. It 18 a well estab
lished fact that the
;Wheeler & Wilson Sewingllaohine
18 the best one in the market, the best made, most empie
and least liable to get out o f order, and they are now as
low as the inferior machines. WI and see them a
Third and Market.
del 6m W. 0. HICKOK, Agent
r 4 A. V ING, JUST aIETURNED from tho
• 4 Castem sWili ere we have selected with the
staresear assn , and hoznplete assortment or su
perior, goods which embrace vnything kept in the beer
CVO *lade& we respeothetly mid cordia ll y Invite the(
Pil 110 to Cal and =amine our Meek and norm On
FRESH 1111Tri - • •
OF 'every description in 041213 and jair,
gooh paqktig , e warninted.—
mar to DOCK JR. moo.
Proposals for a--------
Loan of $3,000,000
to the Commonwealth of Pennayl
In pursuance of the find section of an Act of
the General Assembly, entitled "an ActAn
create a loan and provide for arming the State?"
approved May 16th, A. D. 1861, and the six*
section of the Act entitled " an Act to provide
for the payment of the members, officers and
contingent expenses of the Extra Session of the
Legislature," approved May 16th, A. D. 1861,
and by the authority of.he same,
NOTICE is hereby given that proposals will
be received at the office of the 13emetary of tht
Commonwealth, until three o'clock P. IG. of
Wednesday the fifth day of Jane next, for the
loaning to the Commonwealth the sum of
THREE irmums OF DOLIABS, for the pur
poses set forth in the before named Aoki of As
sembly. The said loan to bear an interest of
six per cent. per annum, payable send-ankirial
ly in Philadelphia, and the loan to be redeem
able in ten years from date; and for the PIP
went of the intermit and liquidation Of the
principal thereof a special tax of one-half mill
on the dollar has been directed to be levied.ou
all the property in the Commonwealth tax
able for State purposes. The certificates of
loan shall not be subject to taxation for say
purpose whatever; and all certificates of the
denomination of one hundred dollars or leis
shall have coupons attached ; those of a larger
denomination will be issued either as inscrip
tion or coupon bonds at the option of the bid
The proposals must state explicitly the
amount proposed to be taken and the •rateto be
paid. The State reserves the right to accept
the whole or any part of the amount offered to
be taken unless the proposer stipulates other
wise. No conditional proposals will be con
Upon the acceptance of any proposal at leas
ten per cent of the amount must be paid down,
the balance, if preferred by the bidder, in ttdr
ty and sixty days, when certificates shall ham
for the same, bearing interest from the time of
The proposals must be directed under seal to
the Secretary of the Commonwealth endorsed
for Loan."
The bids will be opened at 3 o'clock In the
afternoon of the day above named in the presence
of the Governor, State Treasurer and Auditor
General and such other persons as may see
proper to be present, when, after examination
of the same the Governor will award the loan
to the highest bidder or bidders.
By order of the Governor.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Office of the Secretary of the Common
Hanarasuact, May 17. 1861.
The time for receiving proposals and opening
bids for the above loan is hereby extended to
the 13th instant.
By order of the Governor.
Era Bum, Secretary
The Commander-in-Chief P. M., directs the
following circular to the different Railroad com
panies in the State of Pennsylvania, to be pub
lished for the information of all parties con
Joint A. Witmer,
Harrisburg, May 16, 1861.
eo ow ingini — are es established to -
11 •
Aide the settling of amounts for Transportation
kver your Road, of Troops and Monitions of
P ar :
Arn--The State will not be responsible for
the coast of Transportation of any Troops or
Munitions of War, unless your Company
through its Agents, has been instructed to pass
them, or the officer in , command produces au
thority, (a telegraphic dispatch to be considered
authority,) from the Governor, directing such
Transportation, or a pass from the Governor be
produced and banded over.
Second.—That the proper Agents of yOur
Bond be instructed to require the signatures of
the officer in command to a certificate, a copy
of which is annexed, copies of which will be
furnished you, certifying to amount of services
performed ; to which must be annexed the
order under which the,. troops moved, or an
Order to your agents to furnish the transpor
Third.—These certificates, and orders attach
ed, will be considered by the proper Auditing
Departments, when approved by the Governor,
as vouchers in the settlement of your accounts.
Fourth.—The account for the Transportation
of Troops must hit educed and settled to and
include the last day of each month, or as early
in each succeeding month as possible.
lift.h.—This order takes effect on theft
day of Tune, one thousand eight hundred and
By order of the Governor nad Commander-
Jo= A. Wawa;
I hereby certify, thai the
Railroad Company has furnished transportation
:Field Pieces.
By order of
which order is herewith attached.
..1861.1 .
N. B. The number of Soldiers, Itorsesrqlbt
weight of Field Pieces and Ammunition mtg.-
be written at length. t ; '
d-tf .
At Prices below the Cost of Importation.
theyB Next door to the Heerhiherg
We hereby give notice to all those who may
be contracting to furnish supplies M the:State,
under the recent appropriation of three mil
lion; that, having received the power under
that Act of appointing 'inspectors of all imp
plies, and other power also in reference to the
settlement of claims, whi not delegated
to us under the previous .131 nth, we
shall hold every contractor to .iaost rigid
accountability in the settlemeu of his claims,
and the inspection of his supplies must be of
that character which shall prevent, any huPO
- upon the State, and protect the volun
teem who have so nobly responded to its call ;
and no supplies will be paid for until they have
been Inspected b o who shall have been
duly appointed 4 .urpose.
State Treasurer.,
Auditor General.
ANficera and,%.
mat 62w