Pennsylvania daily telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1857-1862, May 27, 1861, Image 1

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    ftfint larinting Offur.
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~,vlny. procured Steam power Preeses, WO AN
rep Le,•,l to execute JOB node,,ol( PRINTING of every
.. -..,...[10n, cheaper that it; be dove at any other ea
,I,:hmantin the eenetr3
~, ,;, ~ s ntt I 131.. , ( 0.
'Four 'tr., ,r is: Con41,(1110 Ow. halt , 1 ILI .re 1 Ig
to 0 or t11)3 , .• iban 10,1 r poi:Ounce a square
Flail ... ,, qo Ir , "t: • dap...... . .,....... ....„ .5.,..
. a .t 07 , 301.11 ~ . .... , 8.. ~ ..
,:l. , :o . • • ..... .
• <.: months ...... ...„., ...... „„ .3
Co .
~, year..... .......... , ~:m•:
one 0 ova 0.,0 day 6o
2 00
000 week.....,.. ...............
coo month . 3 M
~ three months 500
..ell mouths..., . ..... , ....... .... 8 oo—'
.. one year ........................ .10 Oo
.:4—R,:ranosa notkee Inserted In the Lecni ....... up
pet,. Nlarriages and I,Peath4, FIVE CENTS PER LINN
or Piet ilertlOD.
g i r.larriagen and Deaths to be charged u regular
°MOB of Asur CLoritiNG Atm EQuiMitt,
idelphia, Hay 2U, 18dl,
bEATAD PROPOSALS are Invited end wid
be r.e.leed ~t 'hie uillue, uutil 12 u'clotk,
un 11uuday the thild thy of June next, tor fur-
Itishidlt by contract the f .Ilowiug At my sup
pales dud tuatettals, de iVertb e at the Udited
Sates Clothing and Egiiivage D-pot, (ticbuyi.
kill Arsenal,) iu qUalliideS tt9 rdcrdied, viz :
/0,000 garde Cloth, 4144 blur, (indigo wool
dyed ) for cap!, 54 inches wide, t‘
weigh ab tut 14 ounces prr yard.
100 : 000 yards Cloth, dark blue, (ludeu wool
Uyerl ) twilled, 64 inches wide, to
wti:h 21 ounces per yard.
130,000 yard, Th.-rdev, dark blue, ( ucl , go wool
dyed,) 54 inches wide, to weigh 22
ount•ee per yard.
175,000 yards riAtit4e, ray blue, (indigo wool
dyed,) 54 inched wide, to weigh 22
01/1:1Uld p r yard.
),000 Army 61 ukete, wool, grey, (with the
le. t ere IL C. lb IA tat, 4 Lours 1 .ue.
lu the centre,) to bo 7 lout long.
and 5 feet 6 banned wide, to
pounds ellen.
X00,0)0 yards Flannel, dark blue, (indlio
w.s)l dyed,) 64 inches wide, to weigt
10 ounces per 3 ard.
/00,00 yards Pismo I. cotton and wool, dtrk
blue, (:ndigo dyed, (to weigh
mimes per yaril.
400,000 yards Fiatiod, white, cotton and wool,
81 inches wide, to weigh si r ounce:
per yard.
440 000 yai de Canton Flannel, 27 inches wide,
to weigh 7. ounces per yard.
000,003 yards Ctttun Drilling, unbleached
27 inches wide, to weigh e} ounces
p r y rd.
100,000 yards Cotton Dri'llog, unbleached, 86
inches wide, to weigh 8 ouuces per
200,000 pairs half. Stockings, gray, 8 share,
properly made of goad fleece wool.
with double and twisted yarn, to
weigh 8 pounds per dozen pairs.
60,000 yards Russia, Sheeting, 42 inches wide,
best quality.
10,000 yards Brown holland, 86 inches wide,
best qu
60,000 yards Cotton Muslin, unbleached, 86
inches wide.
20,000 yards Black Silesia, best quality, 36
inches wide.
4,000 yards Buckram, best quality, 40 inches
wide <r•
S,OOO shouts Wadding, cotton.
80,000 pieces Tape (6 yards) white, f and
inches wide.
—Silk—red, white, yellow, green and blue,
for flags, per yard.
—Silk twist and Sowing Bilk, beet quality,
per pound.
6,000 Linen thread W. 8., No, 86 and 40,
per pound.
8,000 Linen thread, blue, No. 80, 85 and 40,
per pound.
1,000 Linen thread, assorted colors, No. 85
and 40 per lb.
3 000 dosen spools Cotton.
1,000 pieces Webbing t (12 yards,) 1 and
412.000 yards Cotton Duck, 80 inches wide, to
weigh 22} ounces per yard.
15 000 yards Cotton Duck, 20 inches wide, to
weigh 15i ounces per yard.
4'00,000 yarle Cotton Duck, 281 inches wide,
to weigh lb ounces per yard.
160.000 yards Cotton Duck, 281 inches wide,
t , . w.igh 10 ounces per yard.
40 GOO yards Cotton Duck, 24 inches wide, to
weigh 14 ounces per yard.
0.10 yards Crtiou Duck, 83 Inches wide, to
weigh 10 ounces per yard.
80.030 yards Cotton Duck, 22 inches wide, to
weigh 9 ounces per yard.
9' , ~ 0 )atria Canvas Padding.
CPJ 0 ga,de Bunting,—red, white and blue.
6a) Colds and Tassels, for trumpets and
bugle, rted colors.
aids 7 inch Sitk Lice, assorted colors.
.L , ,uuo pada i anti iiinch Worsted Lace,
ass,,rt, d Lairs.
t,,CO hat cord, worst.d, assorted colors.
8 le inch &Kean, with a tassel at
each end, two tomes bung.
40.0J0 Bla k Pelt flats, best quality, made of
&utcb and Eugliatt coney and Ruse
1,000 Bla k Ostrich Feathers, 12 inches
1,000 8.8471 Eagles. 6,000 brass crossed
,000 Blass Bugles. 6,000 brass crossed
8 three.
200 Brass Gavels. 2 000 Trumpets.
60 ouo d, .s.lllipikCk trglaLling sets, brass
2LO du Sp arts and Ferrules, for gurtLaue
and col re.
2,000 gross Buckles, Iran roller, 1 and
mow, be,t quality.
601) gr But.klee, we neck stocks.
40J pairs 51. U. b. Brass Sautes end 100 pairs
}trot se.
200 pisS ~s eant's brass, and 600 pair
Br sized 5 ales.
0 CO) C .rputalle and Privates' brass, and
Buo pair Buna LI swat,
i t 1 g B mous, best quality.
gro,* 17,14 Battoris, du.
"t' Ka. sr. Shirt Bartow, do.
..110 groie Suspender Buttons, best quality
4uo Bu,lee , wrth extta mouth picots.
2uo Frump ta, do. do.
1.0 u Fires, B and C, each kind.
100 Ennuis, complete, artillery.
70t1 do. do. infantry.
SWO du. beads, batter.
4,100 d do. sna re .
2 0011 do. *hates, 808.
4 0,9 do. Sticks , p dr,
Uud do. Curds, of Italian limp 84 feet
1,000 Drum Slings.
lu do. Stick Carriages.
Els) Fl.lbpital tent poles.
8 uou Wall Taut Poled, acts.
15 uuu cmnmon do. do.
'MO Fl.epital Tent Pius, small and large
20 ow Wall do. large.
000 Common do.
til.lo Teut Buttons, (woo d,) large and Small.
~ 000 Tent Slips, do do
600 Garrison Flag Halliards of Italian
hemp, 220 feet long.
1 000 B...cruiting Flag Halliards of Italian
hemp 47 feet long.
),0(0 pounds Cotton Sewing Twine, 6 and 8
1,000 pounds IlanillaTent Cord, large me
dium and small, beet quality.
600 pounds Bolt Rope.
8,000, do, Rope.
MI do Flax. Twine.
6 ,000 pull Cotton Webbing,l an
`\ s , \\Alb' /A •
, s k. Ili, .. C 14.111101
•,...:'''s ;V k Tgifiss, • ,---___---=-- --
• .:z---:—._;--------r.
: ----------
It ~..1, , i"-...1..
rt• "Te :''' ''
. I
;fikazuccualf:---177-1 '-'
.. 1
60,000 Tiu Canteens with cork stoprers. 8
pints, to weigh 11i out.ces without
the stopper.
800 Iron Pots with b tils.
26 000 Mess Pane, sile:t iron, weicht 2 pounds.
10,000 CAW as•tlees, do. Pr sizes, in Eisele,
181 poui,ds.
6 000 Picsux-s, 2 sis.s, to weigh ei and 7
10,1)00 Frili• g Axei, cast steel, beet quality,
41 6 and Ei pounds.
10,000 CAtup Haicuttd, do. do. 18
oupc, 8 .
10.000 Pa k-axe Handles, best quality.
10 UOO Felling axe do. do.
16.000 0 .t.up,iet liandLA best quality.
6 WO Spaktes, two iizes, do do.
1 000 Stoves for Sibley tents.
15 000 fur Sibley tents, sits.
All ttie ab .ve m-utioned articles must con
firm in ail respects to the sealed staudard pat
terns iu cola ut ee, where they can be examin
ed, and any additional info] maiion in regard
o them will be lat 'Ashy(' S tutple patterts of
the Woolen and C moo Clothswill be sent _ b
mail to buttons. It is desirable that the arti-
Acts be of dam-stlu m inufecture.
t'r , p0:1114 wi 1 he received for any one of the
articles separately, and for any portL n of each,
.ot less lea. than inc mirth of the number or
quantity ally, rtised f
The ege is ri served by the United States
of decrea-inz the quiniaty one-fourth on the
aucepranie it the pruposat., and t f increasing
it of to escectl doub a the quantity at any
tme prior to the completion of the contrail,
ny giving the contractor thirty days notice of
such d sired tucreitee ; and of r j cting any
proposal which may be considered exciavagant.
The manufacturers' eetablishmeut or dealers
place of bu•ieesa must be distinctly stated in
the proposal, tJgetber with the names, address
and r spuusibiiity of two parsons proposed as
sureties. The sureties will guarantee that a
nintrect shall be entered into within ten days
after the acceptittice of said bid or proposal.
Bids from manufacturers will be preferred,
or from regular dealers iu thearticles, and con
tracts will ba awarded to the lowest responsi
ble bidders who shall furnish the required se
curities for the faithful performance thereof.
Deliveries to commence within twenty days
after the accept.toce of the proposals, and
one-fourth of the quantity contracted for must
be delivered in equal monthly proportions
within two mouths from said date of accept
ance, and the remainder within three months
thereafter in monthly or greater proportions.
It is to be distinctly understood that con
tracts are not transferable without the oonsent
of the proper authority, and that any sale, as
signment or transfer, (except under a process
of law,) will be regarded as an abandonment
of the contract; and the contractor and his
or their securities will be held reponsible for all
loss or damage to the United States which may
arise therefrom:
Paymente will be made on each delivery
should Congress have made an appropri
ation to meet them, or as soon thereafter as an
appropriation shall be made for that purpose.
Ten per cent. of the amount of each delivery
will be retsiued until the contract shall be
completed, which will be forfeited to the
United States in case of defalcation on the
part of the coutractor in fultil/ing the con
Forma or proposals and gunranty will be
furnish d upon application to this office, and
none will be considered that do not conform
Proposals will be endorsed—" Proposals for
Furnishit.g Army Supplies and Materials," and
be addressed,
m}23.Btawdt Asst. Q. M. Genl., U. B. Army.
Toe o•unmander-in-CLief P. ?ff., directs the
Edlowkg circular tone different Railroad corn•
pAuiet , iu Lim State of Penueylvatda, to he pub
hetied for the intninAtion of all pe.rtiee con
Harieburic, Mx ) 15, 1861.
The following Rules 4te tstablished to radii
Otte the pettd g of accounts tit. Tr mapurtaldun
over )our huAl, Ituups and liluuitiuus of
Find —The State will not be responsible fur
the c a t ul 'fra-seuriai ,, a of any Troops or
Iluultious. of War, unless your. Cotelptny.
,nrougl, its agents, bee be,.11 instructed to past.
vosm, Or the . liic•r iLI command produces au
leg I aphic dispatch to be considered
, uthurity,) frow tne (Jur. [Out, directing such
raustaata i qt. ur u pus num the Governor be
produc, d an I banded over.
Sand —11:1 tt the grope; Agents of your
Roue to iustiuct.•d to iequirs the signatures of
hn otlimr in counhau , i to a certitteate, a copy
of which ie auhrx d, copes of which will be
fuiniehe d you, criiityiug to amouut of ertviCrs
prit, rimed ; to which bluest titt aulerard the
eider outer which the troops rho% ed, or au
orier to your agtuts to handset the transpor
t-al, n.
Third.—These certificates, and orders attach
win be cktoi,Jered by the proper Auditing
Depertmeurs. whet' aAnoved by the. GOVtil Elk r,
as v , uchers it' the del Llemeut of sour accouutb.
Fourth.—thn»owunt for the ; Era env .t onion
of troops Wllet be vioducrri and puttied to end
include he lust day of enth month, or as (hotly
in ea h buecteditig mouth as p
- This uldrr tikes etf CI on the first
day oi June, one thoutaud eight hundred and
By order of the Governor nad Commander
Jam A. %mar,
Aid-de Camp
/ certify, that dui
Railro hereby
ad Company has furnished transportation
Officers and Men
.Field Pieces.
From. ............. to
By order of
which order is herewith attached.
.1861.} ...............
N. B. The number of Soldiers, Horses and
weight of Field Pieces and AnUtinnition =nit
be written it length.
Ida. EDI ros is s lid that at Washington
the Penus t ivania troops are beet known as
" Tue ltagged-b,ckel Penneyl Val ian9. "
know that a number of volueteenr now sta
tion, d in Merylaild, guaruing to lroeds, al
though furnished with new uniforms, are
obliged to wear their long overcoats as substi
tutes; fur pantaluves. As far as I know they
have plenty to eat, and of good quality.
Much has lately been eat(' in pubic prints
on this shameful imposition on our soldiers,
and it is quite possible teat some men in en
thorny are blemed eho do nut really decent .
it. Div oljett is now to state to the public
what I know snout the treatthent of at least
our c ut,peny now at Camp Curtin.
About five weeks ago the 'deli Infantry of
Munich Chunk,—Capt. Dennis McGee—receivers
orders to march iuto Camp, which order was
promptly obeyed. The men comptaiug said
tympany expect* d, es they had a right to ex
pect after re ,cluing the camp, that they vreut-1
be furnished—within a reesunable time—ii
nut with unifolms, at least such at tides as are
intlispeneible. They waited paii.ntly fr. m
day to day, and from week to week, receiving
very go d food end plenty of it, but not a rehoe,
slob is or pair of pantaluone or any other a. tic! -
iu that ti,e 801118 of them had no change or
shit tf r five weeks Darin.: the extra eessiou
of the Legislature I frequently visited the com
pany, and felt called upon to give them the as
surance almr at daily that "tee pewees 'hit be"
would, iu a very snort time, attend to tht it
wants. Isucceseled in satisfying some of tnem
at lea-t, that this delay, or apparent neglect
was unavoidable and they wee wiling, most
; heinfolly, to cuff r a little ionuer. Yesterdey
I ...gain visi ted this neglected, p etient and truly
patriotic company Some trine or ten were en
drill entirely barefoot, d. Several could trot ap
pear in the ranks at all for want of pantaluone,
ehilet others were in the ranks with shirts cm
their backs for five we, ks without change!
They appealed to me, as their friend, whether
this is tbe kind tre etrueut Arne.lean soldiers
must put up with! They keew that the Legie
laturo promptly voted =Mobs to organize,
clothe, feed and equip the soldiere, and yet
some of them were almost entirely baked! I
pledged my word that something would be
done for them without further delay. With
another friend of the company I visited the
Quarter Master's department, in the camp, and
stated the case. I was told that, as the com
pany was 'not yet ilirmally mustered into ser
vice, they could do nothing for them without
an order from Quarter Master General Hale. We
immediately allied on him' at his department
and stated the case to him. His reply was,
"Can't do anything for them, sir." I re
minded him of the fact that they are men and
soldiers, but naked, and insisted that they
must have something to wear. He_again re
plied that as they are not formally mustered
into service, it would be a violation of the
rules and regulations to give them clothing.—
I then appealed to hint to give me an order for
about a dozen pairs of shoes, pants and shirts.
to supply those who are really almost naked,
at the same time offering to deposite into
his hands a sufficient amount of money
to indemnify him, and thus make myself
'responsible, the money to be refunded to me af
ter the company shall have been formally mus
tered in. This he also declined, because it
would be "against their regulation," and com
plicate tbeir accounts I Satisfied that the Quer
termiester General bad no inclination to do any
thing for these poor but brave mu n, I withdrew
from his august presence and proceeded down
town, where I bought thirteen pairs of shoes,
ten pairs of pants and ten shirts. These few
articles soon found their way to the company,
and were properly distributed by Captain
M'Gee among the. most needy. lam as
eared that some of the Harrisburg ladle,
are about furnishing this company with ad
ditional articles of clothing. If they do I
know that they will recieve many beauty "Goo
bless you ye's" from lung neglected suf
fwinz tellow-men.
Now, Mr. Editor, who is most responFib'e
for the saatplatious condition of our v.
According to my expeii7nce and observation,
it is this Q tarter Master General With
a pi aAieat busiuree wan at the head of the de
-I,artweut, it does seem to me much might b,
done to supply tht wants of the sol tiers. But,
according to his int reretation of rules ano
ragu attune, Acueliahtu citizens who volunteer
to lay down thrir lives li neces.-aty, in defence
of the freedom we all enjoy, must go naked,
and, I suppose. as far as the stme tuuctioa.arl
is pohdel ua 41, starve, until some other function
ary may think lit to pronouuce them " formal
ly mUStcred into service."
Such treatment of our volunteers is, to say
the le.ast, disgracoful. Acc ,, raieng to my j edit
rneht the fault is iu the Department 01 the
Quarter Mister General H. H. Barrett.
EXPLANATION. —Thetuiluwing card from Capt.
Campbell, of the Ligot Artillery, was h4nded
to us last evening. The item in the TRLIGRAPH,
to which he takes exception, was based upon
the statement of two members of hie company,
made in presence of several respectable chi-
A CONTRADICTION.—The report that my men
were without ratio , a at Camp Currie is false ;
their regular amount of redone was lamed to
them proi.erly, and of the heat quality. Sorue
new court I tiutd of nut having enough, but it
was owing to the huptoper dietributivn of the
amount received.
Tux vent-rabbi ax tiuiernur Otveley. of Ken
tneky, said the (Abel- day, ID the moat em
phatic manner : " I will be the Imt man iu
Kentucky to leave the Union, en,l when every
other man has dote so, I will scuts toil Hag of
my country and claim it for my uwo "
Ern plAuter, recently arrived from Europe, a
man of standing and of extent.ive information.
ray s, as per a letter Plat received flora a friend
in New York
"Mr - says that England will not lend
the South a duller, and France cannot if she
would. He says we have no idea of the ever
gy with which England is prosecuting the cul
tivation of cotton in India and Australia. In
ladia twenty-six millions of acres are under
cultivation for this purpose. As a planter he
felt interested in investigating the subject.
He says that in much less than ten yt are she
will need no cotton from America. Why will
not the South i•ee thief
Tito mutaber of regatta and volunteer troops
accepts:ld, , and soon to be mustered into the ger
vice of the United Stake, togetbe with the old
fous;;ltiover tali - hundred and thirty tlichisend.
As many more could be called into the field in
thirty days.
THE 801.1111171111 1N RAG'S
CommandinK At allay
Gen. Lutler has Captured Sewell's
S'eeond. Dispatch. Discrediting the
Above Report.
FromsooB to GOO Troops at Fort Monroe.
Skirmish, Between the Federal
Troops and Rebels at Ar
More Troops Moving into Virginia.
The steamer Yankee arrived here yesterday
from Fortress Monroe, bringing the following
impnrtantintelligence : General Butler yester
day captured Bewell's Point, with a loss of 84
killed and wounded.
The enemy lost between 800 end 400 killed
and wounded.
Many prisoners were taken, numbering near
ly 600.
On Thursday evening the enemy's pickets
near the fort were surprised, and 800 prisoners
brought to the fort. -
The War Department has Information to the
same effect.
The U. 8. mall steamship John A. Warner
arrived here at 11 o'clock last night hum
Fortress Monroe.
At 7 o'clock on Saturday morning, Captain
Cone entirely discredited the report of a battle
having taken place at Sewell's Poiut on Frid ty.
He passed the point soon after leaving the
fortress, and there was no apearance of au en
gagement having taken place there since that
of Saturday noon last, which he viewed float
hie steamer et the Fortress.
The steamer Live Ytukee, whose arrival was
reported at Watzhington, was lying' at o.d
Point whet, he left, and be d mitts Itt.r ability
to make the passage to Washington in so short
a time.
Capt. Cone paid a visit to gortress Monroe
ou Friday aftamoon and wituesed a dress pa
rade, in which all the troops participat,d,
There were from five to six thousand troops io
the Fortress, an incr, 133 of nearly three mon
sand over the previous week.
The arrivals or the week include two Massa
chuetta and one Vermont regiment. One of
the Vermont soldiers mimed twin Under
wood or Uuderville was burieQatl!'ortressMJa•
rue on Wentlesday.
'Capt. C. wa , .ierstood, from conversation with
Capt. Peudergras that a movement would
be made on Sewell's Point and toward , Nor
folk u soon as more reinforcements arrived.
As the sten=er John A. Waruer was passing
out of the bay else pisst-.41 just inside of the
capes of a large steamer coming in crowded
with trovs---some 1500 or more in number.
The steamer Kingston left for Fortress Mon
roe ou Friday with a large ship in tow, probs.-
ify one of tbo frigates, several of which were
takin daily by the blockading equAdron. Two or
three of the vessels - from Richmond to Balti
more which had been captured and had been
The Sag ship Minnesota. Commodore String
ham, bad her steam up when the 'Morgan left.
Ste would sail soon under sealed orders.
Captain Cone viewed the action which took
place at Sewell's Point on Sunday last, and says
that the Star dismounted five out of the eight
guns of the battery, but does not beleve any
lives were lost.
The Star Hied 109 shots, when her ammuni
tion gave out. Sub:evently a small prop, filer
came np and fired four shots at the battery and
then retired.
The captain is confident that he would have
also been an eye-witness of the engage nen
which la reported to havetaken place on Friday,
had it really occurred.
The remains of Colonel Ellsworth ariived
here fatly this morning, and were received by
a deputation of the fund committee and two
members from each company'of the fire de-
WASHINGTON, `May 28. I pattment.
There seems now to be no doubt that a skir
mish took plato,batweem federal and secession
troops near Atitogton. ,
Accounts from Alexandria, receivedlnim
sources, represent ail quiet :there during
last niglitto 'rho: troops gre,comfortably quer:
tared, and ready fur all emergencies.
That city i$ free from the alarm which yes
terday aftejtoon prevailed, to the eftept that
there were several District of Col , ,mbia rut
enteer companies proceedieg Iu the
of Alernindrid.
The Eighth New York• and Fifth liass-ichu
set's Regiments have moved into Vire
All orders for moving troops are rot
cheerfully, but anxiously obeye.l.
veterans are lavish in their praises of them.
Between ten and eleven o'clock. this mon& p
the report cf a cannon near the C spitul occa
hit), ed much alarm which, however, anon sub
Ade l on Raining that a squad of the 2tl N. Y
.tegitnaint were practising with-field howitts-rti
taut being award at the thus• that drill' ir
.prohibited in'tne streets. The'sqmsti alterwarr
went thr..ugn their evailutione and passed along
Pen6s3 I shod avenue eh *lug much earn.
The First Fenno Ivani i r-giment, with whici
the Cameron. Guards of Harrisburg are con
nected, arrived here la-t, n•glit in excelleui
,ipitits, and were cumfortalily quartered.
'Latest from Ltageistown.
Railroad tracks torn Up
10,000 TROOPS AT 11A.P,
Provisions Soiree---Rebel Troops
Cipatesasßutto, MFiy 26
Advices from Hagerhtowu state that the rail.
road track has been torn up on both sides o
llarptr's Ferry by the acessloald to: It le re
portcd that not less than ID,OOO troops are at
that polut and la the neighborhood.- There
are no large guns stationed du the. Maryland
Although reinforcements had been expected
daily at Williamsp,rt, , they hAd not reached
there up to Friday evening.
Provisions Were scarce, and the troops were
without tents.
Desertions were numerous.
The Virginia troops are guarding all ferrys
between Harper's Ferry and Hancock.
This town is perfectly quiet, and but little
fear felt of an invasion. If it should occur
the havaders'will meet a warmetrecaption than
they expect.
We desire reiuforcetn• rue neither of artillery
dragoons, nor infantry' as soma mad in the
diet) t mites publish, d I n the morniug papers,
but sin prep tract to repel any iambi Jo of th..sui.
of Pennsylvania promptly Signal, Gen. E.
0. Williams, per Julia J. Patterson, eicl-cle
Arrival of Lieuts, Stemmer and Gil-
man at New York•
The Fleet Bsady to Co-operate With
Col. Brown.
110VE11ENTS OF THE SEE . .MER 11.1011 EWE
New Yosix liav 2C
The steamship Philad< lOLA. has arrived from
n -
Fort Pickens which she left on the 34th inst
coming home vi r Fortuges and Key We,t. Sbe
brought Lieut. Stemmer, L'eut.Gilman, and the
command of the former, with twelve w"tnen
and children, and twelve mechauice. Every•
thing tvai quiet at Fort Pickens.
Tne fleet was ready to co-operate with Col.
Bruwn, the COMIDIVI ter of the &tit, and were
intercepting all the inward bound r es-els. 7 be
dret consisted of the S 4bine, Brooklyn, Pow
batten arid Water Witch, while the Mohawk
was at the east end of Santa Rush Island to
prevent vessels of light draught entering by
the eastern c cannel.
Large Turn Out of Firemen,
111/111 PEOPLE.
Nu You, May 28
The remains were escorted to the Astor
H .use - add' placed in dhaige of the tacciiy of
the &ceased.Vete funeral e hseq.ii.s by the
Z Juaireir were obierved theta this alter neon,
ifterwhich the body lay in state for two Lours
in-lb'ellovernoYa room in the City ban. , The
thiiiii•bried* -- tu the' iteatrivi .
Francis likeddo, on which they left for Troy by
procession both large and inapreanve. The
The Darts Trtgoaare Is served to stlbsatibers to the
orough at ti cents per week. Yearly subscribers
ill be charged 14.00.
roe TitiIOILAPII to also clbbabvi twice a week during
to session of the Gegistatare, and weekly during the re•
'tinder of the year, and fUTIODbOII to subscribed' at the
ratee, iia :
Single Sabeeribers per year
Seven rt .4
t subscribers order the outoootluuseee of their news
avers, the puhhsher may couthrae to seal them Patti
1 trrearagee are paid.
If abet:slams megteet or Weft to take their newer..
era from the of to artdattlkittY aro dimaedt they are
+4. On.ibie uotil they hair set4oed the MIN and ordered
NO 22
E . iirepth, Fifty-firth, First and I hi 41 repair-lAA
w re in ppeension, thi tar., ',titer being tits
notinied. The eay.lry formed the escort, while
th firemen turned out in grail numbers.
The eirtets through which the funeral pro.
cession re4,,l.ed were lined with people who,
by uncovered h .d other demonstrations
aspect, Pled heat tf it iribgte to the da,:eas
,ll. Iri the midst of the procossi u was the
Inner of the New Yolt Fire Departmoni
Aroutied in mourning. That igs all orrr the
city aro at at ball mast, and many are draped
in mourning.
BALTIM' HR , May 25.
A laree body of troupe came over the
Northern Ceuti al Rai road thin evening for
From our Sunday Edition.
The Report of an Engagement
near Arlington not Confirmed.
Cause of the Alarm.
The Seoessioniits put to Flight•
Imposing Military and Civio Pro-
The Captured Secession Flag
Borne by the Avenger of
The Artillery and Cavalry Marching
Preparations to Guard Against the
Approach of the Secessionists.
An account just T. GAYS,' Muni Vlrgialg,
which &team to be faithful, sari the amen of
the alarm was that, the F,cl,nti Picket Guards
at Little Falla Church, near A rhuicttu, were
driveu iu by thleiccemusiuubste. The latter wen
moue put to ght.
Oteng to the immense throng of au;irais
gazers at the retnaLat of C.latuel Elkwutth,
•he footrest cortege was delayed from moving
, r..m the executive moos'on till near one
ck this afielno n All along the liue of
Pennsylvetuia avenue the flags were displaytd
a halt mast. and duped iu 'twinning. Evrry
vai able p"iut, I..ciutliog the windnws, bal
conies and housetops sere thronged with sor
rowful g arra.
the various te=timintals of respect were paid
o the retnalue; beds tve.e tolled teed the lies&
f the soldiers end eitizens uncovoied. Several
com;Anies ef eitissn m.,icsry, followed by the
New York Sevei,t ) -flint regiment, a company
of markes acid the loco], e.tvalr y corps, formed
.he militsry escort, wi , b atms reversed and
(wimp) shrouded. Succeeoing the hearse follow
ed a detect:l/meet of the Z 'naves ; one of whom
B.ownell, the avenger of Elisaoith, carded
the identical secession 11 g tyro down by the
deceased. Then followed the President, ao—
cotntanied by Secreted, s Seward and Smith.
This evening some of the troops who nO
hastily crossed the Aver returned to the city
disappointed in their txprctations of meeting
the enemy. The proceeditige, however, de•
inonstrated the f.cility and expedition with
which tutees can be thrown tutu Virgiuia.
The New Yolk Regiment lett their Own
work at the entrenebrueuts, and are now drawn
up in a line on the brow of the hill.
The troops which hastily left the city this
afternoon, are halting within a miles distance.
The artillery and cavalry passed on in the
recdou of Alexandria.
The Pr, eidcut, while in the proceasiert ao
compAnying the remains of CSI. Eilaworthlo
the cars, was lammed by a cuurser of stilling
I)oStiiitit sou the Vn giuht t•idu. Gen. Mansfield
was similarly ad y ked, and this WWI the founds.-
tun of tte military wovemente bete to day,
A dense smoke was seen in the meanwhile
on the line of PI niugtort Heights end can
uonatiing heard. Tue latter, however, it now
int:ware, were funeral minute guns, and the
forma prob Ably arose from the camp flies.
The troops now here have been ordered to
hold theamelves in readiness to match at .a
moment's notice. lite utmost watchmlnees on
the part of Gm military authoiiti, s to gur.rd
cminst' the approecu of secession troops b
Imp* eivetyvihttre noinife:t.
The Lochiel Greys this afternoon received'
orders to march, and their destination is sap.
used to be sumo point in Virginia.
nit Ine.—StaniA zillkMittrl::KO
towards Alexandria.
WatsatNorm, Mir 25.
WmaiscroN, 114,7 25.
.S 2 00
. 12 00
. 10.00