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Friday Afternoon, May 24, 1801.
r.NION ENVELOPES, Note Paper amd Badges
can be had at Bergner's Book Store.
Tat Svii Com of Pennsylvania, Middle
District, met in this city last Monday, and re•
maimed in Bastion three or four days.
ISOM!' OF TIIIi PSKOE.-A personal difficulty
occurred between Maly Faley and Mary Bane,
which culminated in the prdiecution awl ar
rest of the former, who was bound over to keep
the peace towards the prosecutrix In particular
and the community in general.
Rev. Da. BARTINE, the former popular pastor
of the Locust street Methodist church in this
city, is announced to deliver an address at Al
lentown next Wednesday, on the occasion of
raising the "star spangled banner" over the
Methodist church edifice. We predict that the
address will be creditable to the bead and heart
of the eloquent and patriotic Divine, and wor
thy of the occasion.
THE CHESTER VALLEY Tips.—This newspaper
has lately changed hands, by the withdrawal
of Mr. Gen, and is now edited with considera
ble ability by Messrs. Henderson and Stevens.
The last nacmd gentleman was engaged in this
office the greater portion of the past winter in
the capacity of compositor. We greet brother
Stevens welcome into the ranks editorial, and
wi.h him the success he deserves.
FEMURS IN TUE Welt. No profession has
shown more loyalty to the stars and stripes,
since the call was first issued for volunteers,
thau ihe knights of the "stick and rule." Al
most every office in the State has furnished its
recruits. The army contains no more patriot
ic or chivalrous men, none who will acquit
themselves more gallantly or reap more laurels,
than these printer-soldiers.
late Act of Assembly, is two companies. One,
the Cameron Infantry of Middletown, has al
ready been accepted and is now in camp. Ten
ders of service have been made by the Gratz
town Cavalry, and the Kepner Foacibles of this
city, but the Governor has not yet decided
which of the two to accept. The members of
these companies are exceedingly anxious to be
enlisted in the "war for the Union," and we
hope both will be accepted.
Two BANDS OF Mum, one from Reading and
the other from Phceeixville, arrived here last
evening, having been engaged as Regimental
Bands. The former goes to Washington to be
connected with the fifth regiment, and the
latter to Camp Scott. The Reading City Band,
Capt. Ermentrout, which is a very excellent
one, serenaded several of our citizens last night,
among the number the editor of the Tzutasszn,
and played a number of -popular aim in their
usual inimitable style. The music was properly
appreciated by the gentlemen thus compli
Damn FRUIT, such as apples, peaches, &c., if
served out as pat of the rations, even in small
quantities, for the troops, would proinote their
health. Constant eating of meat and bread
causes costiveness, with which some of the
men are already affected. Ihen will come pills
—calomel doses, in some shape—to afford tem
porary relief, but to do more ultimate injury
than bullets or bayonets. We pray, fur the men's
sake, that thrre may be some care to provide
fruit, if possible. Anything but pills. Coffee
is also bad—tending to billions complaints
Cneeee is also recommended as part of the ra
GOING Holm—The Potter Rifles, a company
of fine-looking, able-bodied and intelligent
men, who arrived here some three weeks ago,
and have remained in Camp Curtin this
time in a ragged and starving condition, yes
terday disbanded owing to their non-accept
ance by the Governor, and about fifty of them
determined to return home. We print in an
other column a well-written and patriotic card
from the Rifles, explanatory of their action,
and descriptive of nth life in Camp, will h
Epraks for itself. It is to be regretted that the
country has, by the injudicious course of the
" powers that be," lost the services of a body
of, men who are not surpassed in gallantry
or patriotism by any troops in the volunteer
INDEPENDENCE DAL-It is proposed by some
of our exchanges that a glorious old fashioned
celebration of the Fourth of July be held at
the county seat of every county in the loyal
States. What say the people of Dauphin? We
can, if we will, have a grand military and civic
demonstration, worthy of the occasion and
.Creditable to the Capital City of the old Kir
stooe State. There will be a number of mili
tary companies in camp here at that time,
and no doubt the various fire companies, lodges
of Free Masons and Odd Fellows, United
American Mechanics, etc., In this city, would
participate in the patriotic demonstratton. If
.ever there was a time in the history of the
cauntry, when Independence Day should be
appropriately observed and honored by our
loyal citizens, that time Is now, when the tem
ple of Liberty is shaken to its centre by the as
saults of armed rebels and traitors. Let us,
then, prepare to welcome the coming anniver
sary of the birth-day of freedom with the flog
leg of bells, the roar of cannon, the blazing of
boofile.., the flaunting of gay flags and banners,
the eouuds of martial music, and the joyous
shouts of fieemen who appreciate the blessings
of civil and religious liberty :
Let music swell he breeze,
And ring nom .11 the lives
Ea ee. Freedom's e•dig•
Let moral tongues awaKe ;
Let al, that tin mho Not ;
Let reek. their :flew: break—
The scuud proione.
Land woere our fuenere died,
Land of the pd tri We pride ,
From every mountain aide
lac Freedom ring.
ANOTHER CAMP.-It is stated that Governor
Curtin contemplates establishing a military
camp somewhere between Chambersburg and
Pittsburg, and that Blairsville is one of the
points under consideration.
THE NEW MILITARY CosPs, originated by
members of the Citizen Fire Company, will
meet in the hall of the engine house this even
ing to perfect an orginizttion, elect officers,
and adopt a name and style of uniform. The
"boys" connected with this new and spirited
corps have already made rapid progress in the
acquisition of military knowledge under the
effective instruction of Dr. Seller and other ex
perienced drill officers.
SnraTs LOB Tan SOLDIENS.—SeveraI ladies of
this city have raised, by contribution, money
for the purchase of two or three webs of mus
lin, which they intend making up into shirts
and presenting to soldiers in Camp Curtin who
are in a tagged condition, and destitute of the
means to procure under-clothing. Heaven will
reward the we men who are nobly aiding the
cause of the Union by ministering to the wants
cud promoting the comfort of our gallant vol
KEPNER FENCIBLRL—The ranks of this com
pany are now filled and a tender of services
has been made to the Governor. Our friend
Mr. Samuel Wilt, an old Mexican campaigner,
is Captain of the company, and a better selec
tion could not have been made. He has mili
tary experience, and possesses in an eminent
degree all the qualities requisite to make a
popular and successful commanding officer. A
meeting of the Fencibles will be held at Ex
change Hall this evening, when the subordin
ate officers will be elected and a permanent or
ganisation effected, with a view to enter the
service immediately, in the event of their ac
same population in the State has turned out as
many volunteer soldiers, in response to the
the call ofPresident, as the city of Harrisburg.
We have now four cornpanies in service—the
Cameron Guard, State Capital Guard, Verbeke
Rifles and Lochiel Greys. A fifth company,
just organized, have tendered their services
and will probably be accepted; and one or two
more are in process of organization. The
Capitolians are patriotic people, and will do
their full share in aidibg tkie government to
crush out rebellion and treason, preserve the
Union, maintain the Constitution and enforce
the laws.
TAP GROWING CROPS are said to look very fine
not only in Dauphin county, but throughout
the State. The grass crop will be heavy, ow
ing to the recent rains. The fields of wheat
and rye look healthy and promising—here and
there may be found a bare spot where the grain
froze out, but those patches are rare and will
notseriously affect the crop. Considerable corn
is in the ground, and some of it already
The fruit is not as much injured as was antici
pated a few weeks ago. Altogether, there is no
reason to complain. The farmers are as busy
as bees. They feel that they can serve their
country best by cultivating their broad Holds
and thus furnishing supplies to our troops, and
they will do it.
/marvel, or lilanaar.—This morning a com
pany of Flying Artillery, under command of
Capt. Charles Campbell, of Hexicau-war fame,
arrived here from York, which place they left
about midnight, and proceeded directly to
quarters in Camp Curtin. The company num
bered about eighty fine looking men, a number
of them mounted, with six brass field pieces
drawn by horses, truck and baggage wagons,
etc. We noticed in the ranks our friend David
Chambers, Esq., formerly an apprentice in the
Inman office, and late District Attorney of
Juniata county, who has abandoned alucrative
practice in the legal profession to fight his
country's battles. Whether the company is to
rernala at Camp Curtin or proceed to some
other point, we have not been able to ascertain.
composed principally of young men between
eighteen and twenty one-years of age, under
the command of Capt. D. B. Keim, made a
moonlight parade last evening, and acquitted
themselves quite creditably, considering the
short time they have been drilling. They went
through a variety of difficult movements
with a degree of accuracy and skill that
would have done credit to older and more ex
perienced soldiers. The permanent organize.
tion of the company will be competed to-night
The military enthusiasm now prevalent in this
city is likely to result in the the formation of
several permanent companies, so that in the
event of additional requisitions being made by
the President, our "boys" will be prepared to
enter the service as well drilled soldiers.
ASSAULTED A WOMAN.-A poet says, 'the man
who lays bis hand upon a woman, save in the
way of Madness, is a wretch whom 'twere
base ft tttery to calla coward." Every communi •
ty is cursed with " wretches" of this descrip
tion, and one of them turned up yesterday
in Alderman Maglaughlin's office—a fellow
named Fishinger—arrested for committing an
assault and battery upon Mary Weller. He
was bound over to answer the charge at the
next Court. We know nothing of the origin
of the aff dr, but we hold that under no clr
cumstances Is a man justifiable in laying vio
lent hands upon a female, no matter what her
character or condition in life. Almost daily
individuals are arraigned before the Mayor and
Aldermen on complaint of whipping their
wives. Such men are a disgrace to their sex,
and libels upon humanity.
Marx= Tun Smut, Boxs.—ltr. Albert J.
F +ger, who has considerable experience in mill
tart' tactics, designs regularly drilling the
largest boys who attend the north ward schools.
The movement is a good one, and should be
Inaugurated by all our public school teachers.
The dill ing of the boys two or three times a
week will ben. fit them physically, and teachers
will in this way train up an army of well drilled
soldiers to fight the future battles of the coun
try, should an emergency arise to demand their
peunspluania Malin Zelegrapti, fribmj 'Afternoon, iitlap 24, 1561
Tux WAR Nims caused intense sensation in
the city this afternoon. Groups of excited
men were congregated at the various street cor
ners engaged in earnest discussion of the tele
graphic intelligence, and our Ear ctum was los
sieAed by crowds of people anxiously awaiting
the issue of the TELEGRAPH The war is the
absorbing topic in all circles. The assassination
of the gallant Ellsworth is universally regret
ted, and curses loud and deep are heaped upon
the cowardly traitor by whose hand be fell.
We look for stirring news to-night, and shall
Issue a large extra edition of the MORNING
TELEGRAPH, containing all the intelligence re
ceived up to midnight.
DEATH Or AN OLD CITIZEN.-It 15 our melan
choly duty to chronicle the death of another
venerable and respected citizen of Dauphin
county, BENJAMIN JORDAN, Esq., whu departed
this life at his residence at Walnut Hill this
morning. The deceased had been closely iden
tified with the history of this county for many
years, filled several important public trusts, and
served in both branches of the Legislature with
great credit to himself and acceptability to the
people. He had an extensive acquaintance
throughout the county, and shared largely in
the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens.
He was a scientific and successful agricultutist,
an energetic busioss man, upright and honora
ble in all his dealings with his neight,brs, "one
of God's noblest works an honest man," poe
sessed a kindly and generous heart, and was a
true cluistian. He died full of years and hon
ors, and with a blessed hope of a blissful im
mortality. Peace to his ashes
—" He is not dead, he doth not sleep,—
He hate aw_kened rum the dream of dta;—
'TI3 We, who, lost id ,tormy 'Mow, ...eel.)
With yliantOtos an uoprod,hb.e
EVERY family should possess a Stereoscope
NO oil paintiu4.executed by the must renowned
artists of Italy is able to convey such a trae
representation as that wonderiut instrument,
the greatest invention of our age. There is re
ality, nature itself. You have before you the
remotest countries with their edifices and scene
ries with an astonishing periection. You see
the Imperial Courts, the interior of palaces,
B .11 scenes, Pic Nics, and you behold your own
public buildings and streets of Harris
burg. You'gaze upon the marble statues of
all nations—snaking that instrument a source
of amusement and recreation in every house
hold. Mr. Franklin, the optician on third
street, has the finest assortment of the kind
ever brought to our city.
AMID the general prostration which now per
vades almost every department or avenue of
our indnsttial and commercial interests, it is
gratifying to find that there are some exceptions
to the rule. Pasbiag along by the corner of
Front and Market streets yesterday, our atten
tion was called to the large number of persons
going in and out of the corner Dry Goods
Store. Upon inquiry we found it was owing to
the large and cheap stock of goods just received
from New York by MUCH & BOWfdAN.
dm23 214
SPLENDID LOT OF Baoca Border for Shawls,
7-4 wide Slack Merino for Shawls. Large lot
of remnants of Liwns and Calicos, half price.
10 dozen linen Shirt Breasts, 18t, 25, 31 cents.
New lot of Calicus and Muslins, very cheap.
Slack Shawls, with Broche Border, cheap.-
200 Parasols, latest style, at all prices. A very
largo lot of White Cambric, Jaccunetts, Nan
s,;oks, Swiss Muslims, and Cambric Banks and
Edging. Baltimore money taken at par ;
Maryland and Virginia notes taken at a dis
count for dry goods, at S. Lain".
Free from all Mineral Poisons.—ln CISCO of Scrofula
Ulcers, Scurvy, or Eruptions of the Skin. the operation
of the Life Medicines is truly astonishing, often removing
ID a few days, every vestige or these loathsome diseases
by their purifyiust effects on the blood. Billions Fevers,
Fever and ague, Dyspepsia '
Dropsy, Piles, and in short,
most ail diseases soon yield to their Curative properties
No family should be without them, as by their timely
use mush suffering and expense may be saved.
Prepared by Wit. B. MOFFAT, M. D., New York, and
sale by all Druggists
fpLIIS superior REFRIGERATOR, to
gather with several caner ooeapar styles, may be
found at the mauufettiry, at ex •eed.ngly low prices.
also a great variety of WA ER COULgta, of supe
rior fl ash _ _
BREA, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debility, Nervous.
nese, Involuntary Emissions and Impotency, resuming
crow Sed-abuse, acc. By Robt. J. Cuiverwed, M. D.—
Sent under seal, In a plain envelope, to any address, pest
said, on receipt of two stamps, by Dr. effas. J. C.
KLINE, 127 Bowery, New York. Poet Office Box, No
4,586. m2O-rendaw
The Confessions and Experience of
an Invalid.
PUBLISHED for the benefit and as a warning
and a caution to youug men who suffer from Nervou:,
Debility, Premature Decay, etc., supplying at the same
time, the moans of Self Cure, by one who cue' himself,
after being put to great expecee through medical imvosi..
don and quackery. single copies may be had of the au
thor, NATRA24I/1, MAYFAIR, Esq., Bedford, Kings county.
N. Y., by enolo.iing a postpaid addressed envelope.
Couons.—The sudden changes of our climate
are sources of Pulmbnary, Bronchial and Asthmatic At
fections. Experience having proved that simple reme
dies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the
early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be
had to •Browy's Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Cough, or irritation of the Throat be ever so
Bight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may
oe warded off. Public Speasers and Singers will find
them effectual for clearing ands trengtherang the voice.
dee advertisement. de 10-d -swa aim
Prepared from a Prescription of Sir J. Clarke, M. 13.,
Physician Extraordinary to the Queen.
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
those painful and dangerous diseases to which the female
constitution is subject. It moderates all excess and re
moves all obstructions, and a speedy cure may be
retied on.
It is peculiarly suited. It will In a short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity.
Bach bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Government
Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent countertens.
These Pitts shouts not be taken by females during the
FIRST THREE MONTH9of Pregnancy. as they are JUT!
to brim on Miscarriage, but at any other time they are
In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, Pain in
the hack and Limbs, Fatigue on slight exertion, Paipita
non of the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, hese Pills wil
:item a cure when all other means have. failed ; and al
though a powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel,
antimony, or any thing hurtful to the constitution.
Full directions in the pamphlet around each package
which should be carefully preserved.
N. 8.-41.00 and 0 postage stamps enclosedto any au
thorised Agent, will insure a bottle, containing SO Pills,
by return mail.
tar gabby C. A. BaIOPTAIT,
E S. PARSON & 0 ).
Cor- Dock and Pear streets, reiladelphis.
Active Hostilities Commenced
March of Six to Ten Thousand
Federal Troops into Virginia.
Virginia Picket Driven in by the
Advance Guard.
Occupation of .
Alexandria by
Federal Troops.
Col. Ellsworth Assassinated while
Pulling Down the Secession Flag.
Railroad Taken Possession of by United
States Troops.
✓lrrival of Additional Regiments at
The Stara Stara and Stripes Floating in Tri
umph Over the City.
Wagons with Camp Equipage en 'route
for the Troops in Virginia.
Postal Arrangements Discontinued in
the Seceded States•
Mails for the South Stopped by Federal
WASHINGTON, May 24-8 o'clock A. M
Within a few hours past there have hien im
portant military movements. It was suspected
yesterday that orders had been given for the
advance of troops into Virginia, but these be
ing necessarily of a secret character, the ex
act truth could not at that time be reliably as
certained. The New York 2d, 12th, 7th
and 21st., regiments, the New Jersey and Mich
igan brigades, and Ccl. Ellsworth's Zouaves,
were, so far as is at present accertained, consti
tatted the forces to advance upon Virginia.
The Washington City National Rifles, Capt.
Snacio(l, at about too o'clock last night, passed
oveeLong Bridge, which is about. n mile_ in
length and connects Washington with the Vir
ginia shore, and remained at the latter terminus
until two o'clock this morning, acting as an
advance guard. 'These were followed by other
district volunteer companies acting in a similar
capacity. Subsequently the New York Second
and Twelfth regiments and the Michigan a nd
New Jersey brigades crossed the bridge, the
Virginia pickets having been driven in by the
advance guard.
One of the regiments took the road leading
to Fairfax Court House about twenty mile,.
from Washington ; while another one of the
New Jersey regiments stopped at the Forks,
a mile from Long Bridge. to await for orders,
Au advance into Virginia was also made
from another point, namely, the Potomac ac
gurduct, Gi eytown. The Seventh New Yoik
.ittegitnent was among those troops, and afte,
several hours march occupied a point between
the Bridge and Columbia Springs on the
Washington and Alexandria railro id.
It is understood that orders were issued yes.
terday for two Regiments to proceed to occupy
Alexandria, and it is stated at this time that
Col. Ellsworth's &waves have crossed over in
hosts; while it is equally certain that prepara
tions were made to seize Arlington Heights,
Which plainly - overlook I.Vashingiou ; and there
is but little doubt that ail these orders have
been executed.
It was at least two o'clock this morning be
fore all the troops reached their dtstination
The troops which did not repair to Alexandria
and Arlington Heights, were required to guard
important intermediate points between Wash
ington and Alexandria.
The District of Columbia military did not
return to Washington until half past six o'-
clock this morning.
From 6,000 to 10,000 troops were sent over
into Virginia at au early huur this morning.
Firing was heard, occasioned by the furciug of
Virginia pickets. The city is in a great state
of excitement owing to these proceeings, and
further events are looked for with intense so
WASHINGTON-9 o'clock A. M.
The New York Z maves, Fourteenth and
Sixty-ninth New York and New Jersey..regi
ments hold Alexandria, while Arlington Heights
are occupied by sevtral other regiments. The
entrance into Alexandria was attended by an
event which has cast the deepest gloom over
this community. Col. Ellsworth, who had
hauled down the secession flag from the Mar
shall House, was soon after shut by a concealed
foe. His dead body has been brought over to
the Navy Yard.
The accounts from Alexandria are somewhat
confused,but their is no doubt of the fact that a
men named Jackson, who shot Col. Ellsworth.
was instantly put to death, some say by both
bullets and bayonet.
When the Federal troops reached Alexandria
the Virginia troops fired at them and fled.
Visitors to that city say that the scenes were
intensely exciting. The United States vessels
were in the meantime before Alexandria. It
seems to be true that a body of Federal troops
has advanced to Fairfax Court House, to take
possession of the junction of the Orange &
Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroads, with
the view of intercepting the advance of the
Virginia troops towards Alexandria from Rich
mond and other points.
Nearly three thousands troops arrived here
yesterday, comprising some from Nr• NV York,
and the two Ohio regiments. A thirdCounect
cut regiment came in this morning.
It is reported that as the Virginia troops re
treated from Alexandria, one of them was
killed by a return shot from the Federal forces:
There is a prospect of capturing the fugitives.
Among the forces sent over into Virginia
were two batteries and two companies of Artil
lery; numerous wagons, with spades, picks and
other intrenching tools, also passed over into
that State. The proceedings attending the
ty9 lowly
movements of troops were conducted with the
beet possible order.
The news of the death of Col. Ellsworth was
not generally known throughout Washington
until 10 o'clock this morning. The excitement
was intense, ei.ineLially ainong toe military,
who expressed the greatest impatience and a
desire to be sent to Virginia.
From a spy glass view of Alexandria, the
• tals and stripes are prominently flying from
various quarters.
Several explores having been made in Hamp
ton roads before the expiration of the fifty en,
days notice given by the Government, of the
Blockade, restitution has been ordered in such
Numerous wagons, with camp equipage, are
passiug thrnugh the slreets to-day to the Fed
eral troops in Virginia.
Nothing of pecu iar note has since been re
ceived up to this hour.
Post Master Gsneral Blair prepared an order
to-day discontinuing the transmission of the
United States mail in Virginia and other eeced•
tog States, and annulling all contracos for the
same. Tennessee is excepted from the opera
tion of the order, for the reason that that
State has not formally seceded. This course of
the Post Master General is under the act in re
lation to the subjAt passed at the last session
of Congress. Toe contractors will be imme
diately notified of tnis decision.
The mails for the South from Washington
were stopped at the crossing place by the Fed
eral troops, and were returned to the post office
Arrival of a California Steamer.
The New Granadian. Ports to be
Opened to British Commerce.
Triumph of the Government Party
in the Elections.
Three Hundred and Fifty-four Thousand Dollars in
Specie brought by the Champion.
The California mail steamer Champion has
arrived from Aspinwall with Panama papers of
15th inst. She brings treasure shipped from
an Francisco on the Ist inst.
Two small vessels of war belonging to the
Government had deserted from Aspinwall, and
it was rumored that vessels of war were fitting
out by the revolutionists at Cirthagena to con
vey 1,000 troops to Aspinwall to take posses
sion of the State of Panama. The final success
of the revolutionists is regarded as certain.
It is reported that thc British Admiral has de
clared his intention not to respect the paptr
hischades of new Grenadian ports, but to open
them to British commerce.
Advices from Chili report commercial matters
as not approved and failures aro occurring
among the wealthiest citizens of the country.
Ile Government party triumphed in the elec
The Champion brought $854,000 in specie.
The principal consignees are Welts, Fargo & Co.
$llB,OOO ; Metropolitan Bank, $34,000 ; How
;and & Aspinwall , 27,000 ; Baker & Morrill,
$`25,000; and F. Baker $20,000.
A Sentinel at Camp Slifer Captured
by the Rebels and taken to Har
per's Ferry.
Unsuccessful Attempt of the Virgin
ians to Seize a Ferry Boat.
The officers whorecently male a reconnuLanoe
as far as Harper's Ferry, report that they learn
ed there that a sentinel had been captured by
means of a lasiat, about a week before, from
the Camp here, and was carried to Harper's
Ferry, where he had been hung up twice to
force him to impart information to the rebels;
with what success was not known. It is cer
tain that a sentinel was missed and supposed
to have deserted, and this information con
vinced the officers that•the suspicion was un
On Wednesday night a party of Virginians
attempted to capture a ferry boat on the
near Clear Spring, Md. Notice was
given to the Union men of Clear Spring, three
miles distant, who turned out to guard the
boat. During the night the Virginians seized
the boat, but were fired upon by the guard, and
when midway across had to abandon the prize
and escape iu a skiff. It has been reliably as
certained that two of the Virginians were shot.
The Ferry boat was returned again to the
Maryland shore.
No reinforcements have reached Williams
port. All is quiet here.
Recent exposures made by the independent
portion of the Press of Pennsylvania, regard
ing the evident speculations in the Army sup
plies in this city by contractors and those in
power, have led to an investigation by the
United States Grand Jury. Two blankets were
taken berore them y estet day, one flimsy article,
weighing one pound six ounces, the same as
has generally been supplied to the Pennsylva
nia troops at a cos. cf $3,60.
The other was a Massachusetts' troop blanket,
thick, warm, and closely woven, weighing
seven pounds. So shameful bas been the treat
ment of many of the three month volunteers,
that most of them will certainly return home
as soon as their terms expire u less the State
authorities show a better disposition to protect
them from speculators, and fears are entertain
ed of their demoralization.
The sate of off tire is most deplorable, espe
cially from the fact that Pennsylvania has bteo
most liberal in war appropriations. It appears
from bills presented that cassinet pants are
supplied the volunteers, many of which wear
out in two days or a week. They cost the State
$5, and blouses made of shoddy, with pants,
$lO. As the subject has now been agitated,
and public feeling enlisted, there are prospects
of a speedy reform.
BALTimoa.a, May 28.
The Union. State Convention met in this city
to day.
It was largely attended by the city delegates,
and most of the counties of the State were re
The proceedings were marked by a spirit of
great enthusiasm and harmony of action.
A series of resolutions were adopted in favor
of an unconditional Union, and denouncing
secession in the strongest terms, pledging the
State to sustain the Government in the exer
cise of all its constitutional powers, for a vigor
ous. active and successful crushing of the re
There were only two dissenting votes to these
Statement of the Daily Express Con
PIMADEMILL, May 24 —Col. 0. A. Oakfiltd,
in command of the 15th Pennsylvania Hegi
meat, gives the following explanation °Ulna
present condition of the 14th and 15th gi
roeuts now at Camp Johnson. He states ,Abat
the co.oplaints made by the Lancaster iikpraft
are not well touud.,d. These two regimeiLte,
while in Camp Curtin, were served with daily
rations of fresh beef end potatoes, but on their
removal "to Camp Johnson they were putt on
the regular army rations, which are two of
beef and five of pork per week. No potatoes
were issued, such not being provided by the
army rations.
The quality of the rations was good with. but
one except on, and that was a ration of pork
which was purchased at Lancaster. There is
no greater restiveness among the iroops than
is usual with fresh volunteers undergoing, the
transformation Item civil to military life.
The change to salt perk is absolutely neces
sary as a sanitary measure, before enteiing upon
the campaign, because if he change was made
in hot weaLner sr.u.rir of Washington, dysentery
would inevitably be the result, and be Lore
destructive of life than the bullets of the en•
The change of habits in the men and living
in open air greatly increases their appetites,
and this and the want of a knowledge of cook
ery and economy, which exists in toe regular
army, is the great cause of the complaint,' of
insufficient rations.
The Virginia Election.
Wilma*, Bhp 23.
This city to-day gave 2,595 vote* apiturt the
secession ordinance, and 89 for its ratification.
Nothing satisfactory can bi received to night
from the Western counties.
A few returns have been rtabived from West
ern Virginia.
A despatch from Grafton gives the following
se the vote in that town : Against seem-lon,
429 ; for secession, 1.
Taylor county will give about 700 majority
against secesbion.
Naw Yam, May 24
Harrison county about 1000, and Wood
county about 1600 majority against secession.
Martinsburg, in Berkley county, gives about
700 majority against secession.
The steamer Alabama sailed this morning
for Fortress Monroe with Col. Dorcas' regiment,
and the Star of the South will sail on Sunday,
with hay, straw, and small store, for Fort
Haw Yong, May 24.
The news of the death of Col. Eilaworth has
created the most Miens*, excitement in this
city. Regret at his loss is miogled with the
universal feeling that it must be avenged.
The flour market continues quiet at $5 504
562 for superfiue for export. The inspections
For the week Ra:ma to 14.162 tbly. Extras
Ar 1 1 at $5 75@6, and family at $6 2506 75.
Prime Wheat wanted at $1 86/01 87/ tor red,
and $1 45a1 56 for white. Corn firm ; 7,000
bushels yellow sold at 60,. 400 bags Rio cot
tee sold at 12/c. Whisky dull at 16(417.
NEW Yosit, May 23.
Flour heavy ; sales 9 600 bbl aat w decline
of 6c ;sales at $4,95Q5 05; Ohl ' $ 5 1 50 13 5 , -
60 ; southern steady at $4.8045,35. Wheat
firm • good common declined 1(42.1..1 Sides
176.0 ' 00 bus. ut $1153,118 for Blilwitukie club,
$1.00@1,16 for Chiotgo spring, —1,83 for red
western. Corn dtclit•ing ; sales of 85,000 - bus.
at 56c. for old and 80@,45 for new. Provi
-ions dull but unchang- d. Whiskey flan at
16i@161-. Beet-lilts—Hl...yr 17125 We. Wheat
197662 we. Corn 199964 bus.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free from anything
14jurjoulS. Explicit directions, wbich should be read, ac.
company each box. Price $l. Sent by mall on enclosing
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New York City,
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General Agent for the United States,
19 Broadway, New York,
Zo whom ail Wholesale orders should be addr--wyk
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nov29-d y
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the doctors for many years, both In Prance and
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bang counts:l4W
Explanatory Card from Col. Oakford.
Nzw Yosz, May 24
Plineastrtua., May 24
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&nibble n correcting, regulating, and remirling a.l
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Ways successful as a prey:a