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•pailli (et,egrapt.
Wednesday Afternoon, March V, 1861.
Senator Sherman.
We hail with pleasure the election of
John Sherman as United States Senator
from Ohio, to succeed Gov. Chase. Not
but that other excellent selections might
have been made—for all candidates were
worthy—but Mr. Sherman was best
known to the country at large, and his
qualifications peculiarly fit him for the
Senate at this time. Though not qUite
thirty-eight years old, Mr. Sherman has
served three terms in the lower House of
Congress with marked ability. His ea.
oieney on the famous Kansas Investigat
ing Committee first drew public attention
to him, which was fixed by his subse-
quently displayed skill as a parlimentary
tactition. -Oa the assembling of the
I Thirty-Sixth Congress he was selected
With great unanimity as the Republican
candidate for Speaker. But the peculiar
composition of the House rendered the
nonsensical hue and cry of "Helperism"
sufficient to cause the withdrawal of Mr.
Shernian, and the substitution of Mr.
Pennington in his place with better suc
cess. But, like the fabled giant of old,
Mr. Sherman touched the ground only to
gain strength, and we have no doubt that
it was mainly owing to the intrepidity,
tact and untiring energy, with which, as
Chairman of the Committee of Ways and
;Vleans, he drove through the business of
the. House, that he has now been promot
ed to the United States Senate.
He will take his seat at an opportune
period. The withdrawal of three such
men as Seward, Chase and Cameron—
each signally effective within his own
ephere—leaves a void which it concerns
the country and the Republican party to
limit as much as possible- And we think
the Republicans of Ohio have done their
duty in the premises. The administra
• tion will have in Mr. Sherman, a skillful
and effective champion in debate, and the
country will have a wise, liberal-minded
and hard workin'g public servant, whose
, Inture cannot but be brilliant and benefi
Hon. Geo. W. Scranton, member of Con-
Vess from the 12th district in this State
ara on Sunday, at his residence in Scran
ton, Luzerne county. He had been ill
-Ifor. some time, with an affectian of the
Jiver, and during the latter part of the sea.
sion of Congress, was unable to appear in
the House. • Mr. Scranton was a native
of Conneticut. He left that State for
'Warren county, New Jeesey, where he
:engaged in the iron manufacturing busi
*ess. Thence he went to Luzerne coun
ty, in this State, and commenced business
:at a place in the heart of the coal and
.iron region, where a large town has grown
'up, which will perpetuate his honored
iline. The development of the Lexica.
anna coal region is in a great measure
due to Mr. Scranton's l energetic and in
elligent action. In 1858 Mr. Scranton
Iponeented to run as the People's candidate
, 'for Congress, and in a district always
'teavily Democratic, he was elected by a
arge majority. He was a faithful and
luseful member, and a devoted friend of
.Pennsylvania interests. In October last
le was re-elected, notwithstanding the
most strenuous efforts to defeat him. By
ibis death Pennsylvania loses a most valua
le citizen, one who was respected and
'honored in every walk of life.
WEATHER ON THE HunsoN.—For the
part week, the weather at different points
on the Hudson river, New York, was al
most as severe as it was in January. The
weather, too, was bitter cold and must
have as low as hero. For several
dais past, there has been a constant storm
of wind blowing from the North, and this
has caused the water in the river to be
very low, so much so that in many places
the bed of the river, at the sides, is more
exposed than for some years past. The
extreme cold, snow storms and north
winds have filled the river with ice, caus
ing also serious detention to the boats.
The river in many places between Al
bany, and Hudson was frozen over tight,
and at Albany, and above that point, the
ice was sheet from shore to shore, when
the ferry boats crossing at the different
sections set the mass in motion, and came
floating down with the tide. Ffoating ice
extends between Rhinebeck and Albany,
siNistance of about sixty miles. All the
itrems, creeks and standing water are
frozen over, of (Eat Iwo or three
Whoa- thick. '
Prunovlrattia Maitv Zelegraph, tUebneobap 'Afternoon, iftlard) 27, 1861.
Census Returns,
We are indebted to Superintendent
Kennedy, of the Census Bureau, for the
following table, showing the population
of the United States and Territories, ac
cording to the Eighth Census (1860,) , al
so, the Representation for the Thiry-
Eighth Congress, and the loses and gains
in the Several States:
CONS OF 18f0.
on ‘ 7
7., c 7 1,9
BUTES. ' FREE. STAVES. 107.61.. e. ); - ,„ r.•••
or ?'
-.---. ....-. -...... --•••-•••• -.-- -
Alabama..... 629,164 435,132 964,296 61 ..
Arkansas.... 324,323 111,104 435.427 8.. 1
California .. - 380,015...... ... 380,01 3.. 1
Connecticut... 460,151 460,151 4.. ..
Delaware.... 110,420 1,790 112,218 1.. '..
Florida 78,686 61,753 140,489 1.. ..
Georgia 695,097 461,230 1,057,327 '1 1..
Illinois 1,711,753 1,711,753 13 .. 4
Indiana 1,350,479 1,350,479 11 .. ..
lowa 674,946 _ , 674,998 5.. 6
Kansas 107,110 107,110 1.. ..
Kentucky.... 930,223 225,490 1,155,713 8 2.,
Louisiana.... 876 918 332,520 709,433 5.. 1
Maine,.628,276 ...... 628,276 61 _
Maryland..,.. _ .
599,898 87,188 687,034 5 1.,
Mass'tta 1,231 085 __ . 1,231,065 01 1..
Mississippi._ 354,699 436,696 791,395 6..
Missouri 1,058,352 114,965 1,173,317 9.. 2
Michigan _ _ 749,112 , ...... _ 749,112 6.. 2
Minnesota... 162,022 182,022 11 _
NewHam'ire. 326,072 ~, .... „ „ 326,072 3.. , .
New Jersey.. 672,081 - 672,031 5.. _
New York.... 3,887,642 3,887,542 37 2,.
Nerth Caro'na - 661,586 331,081 992,667 7 1..
0hi0... 2,339,699 . ...... _ 2,839,599 18 3 _
Oregon 52 464 ....... „...' 62,469 1 .
Pollen 2 ,006,870 2,906,370 28 2.,
Rhode Island. • • 174,621 ... _ „,.... 174,621 11 , .
South Caro'na 301,271 402,541 708,812 42 „
Tennessee .... 834,063 275,789 1,109,847 85.
Texas .. ..... 420,651 180,388 601,039 4..
Virginia._ _ 1,105,198 490,887 1,696,088 11 2, .
vermont 315,116 - 315,116 21 ~
Wisconsin.... 775,873 .... .. ..... 775,878 6.. 3
27,185,109 3,919,557 31,134,666 233 29 19
Colorado 34,197 34,197 ..'.. .. -
Dakotah. .... 4,839 4,839 .... - -
Nebraska.... 28,832 10 28,842 _ „ _
Nevada 6,857 6,857 .... _ _
New Mexico. 93,517 24 93,541 .... _ „
Utah 40,266 29 40,295 .... _ „ ,
Washington.. • 11,578 _ 11,578 .... .. -
Dist. of Col._' 71,895 348: 75,076 .... .. _
,27, 477, 090 3,952,801 31,429,891 '.... .. ..
1 111MbP" -^".ntatiVeB
The whole number of representath
is by law fixed at two hundred and thirty
three, who are apportioned among the
States respectively, by dividing the num
ber of the free population of the States,
to which, in slave-holding States, three
'fifths of the slaves is added, by the num
ber two hundred and thirty three, and
the produot of such division.(rejecting all
fractions of a unit) shall be the ratio of
representation of the several States; but
as the number and amount of the frac
tions among so many dividends would, of
course, in the aggregate, be sufficient to
reduce the number of representatives be
low the number specified, it was provided
that the whole number should be suppli
ed by assigning to so many States having
the largest fractions, until the number
of two hundred and thirty-three members
should be assigned to the several States.
gusta (Ga.) Sentinel thinks the determina
tion of the Southern Congress to discon
tinue some of the little Post Offices is
wise, if not carried too far. Some of
them, it says, are merely Post Offices in
name. For instance, we find that for the
year ending September 30,1859, the nett
proceeds of each of five offices in Florida
was under ten cents, Three of them re
ceived four cents each, and one of them
three cents. Certainly these offices
could be lopped off without any great
ington States thus hits off the warklike
dispatches which the secession members
have been in the habit of, sending South
this winter :
"It is said that after an exciting debate in
tke Senate, Wigfall was understood to have
asked Seward privately fur a chew of tobacco,
and that Seward replied that he had none but
Union twist; whereupon Wigfall telegraphed to
the Southern States that they must prepare for
war, as the Republicans would not yield.
The name of Camp Floyd in Utah has
been changed to Camp Crittenden.
TION.-It has been fully decided that
the National exhibition held in England
in 1851 shall be repeated in 1862. The
Commissioners appointed by the English
Government have come to a resolution as
to the precise character of the building.
The Bank of England has offered to ad
vance the required funds, and a contract
will at once be made with two eminent
firms who sent in the lowest tender, and
who have jointly agreed to execute the
work. - '
, THE anniversary of the birth-days of
three former Presidents of the United
States occur this month, viz Andrew
Jackson, born March 15th, 1767; James
Madison, born March 16th,, 1731; and
John Tyler, born March 20th, 1760.
Thomas Jefferson was born April 2d,
1743, and James Monroe, April 2d,
THE Mississippians are already experi
encing the benefits of secession. There
is already a special tax levied of 50 per
cent. and if they get through their career,
says a Louisiana paper, without having
their taxes increased more than 500 per
cent, they will come out well indeed.
Extra Session of the Senate.
The Senate met at 11 o'clock this morning.
The Chair laid before the Senate the following
Message from tho . President
"To the Senate of the United States :—I. have re
ceived a copy of a resolution of the Senate
passed on the 26th inst., requesthig me, if in
my opinion not incompatible with the public
interests to communicate to the Senate the
dispatches of Major Robert Anderson, to the
War Department daring the time he has been
in command at Fort Sumter. On examination
of the corresponence thus called for I have,
with the highest respect for the Senate, come
to the conclusion that at the present moment
the publication of it would be inexpedient.
Mr. BRECILBI3RIDGB, (Ky.,) moved to take up
the resolution introduced by him yesterday,
advising the withdrawal of the federal troops
from the seceded States: He did not intend
making any remarks as he had already express
ed his views on that subject. He'desired the
vote on his motion to be regarded as a test
I question.
Mr. FEBBENDEN, (Me.,) supposed there would
be no objection to that, butbe reminded the
Senator that no quorum was present.
On motion of Air. HAVE, (N, H.) the Senate
went into Executive session.
The Rebel Constitution Adopted
Biemstosro, March 27
The debate on the motion of Mr. Hall, of
Weitzel, to substitute the Constitution of the
Confederate States for the report of the Com
mittee of Federal Relations was continued till a
late.hour last evening. It was finally rejected,
the vote standing nays 78, ayes none.
A Steamship in Custody.
Nov Youx, March 27.
The steamship Bienville is still in the custo
dy of the Custom House authorities, and the
matter has been referred - to the Secretary of the
Steamship Sailed.
NEW Yoax, March 27
The steamship Arabia, for Liverpool, sailed
at nine o'clock this morning with forty-three
Nen Muertiseineuts.
mar27-Iwd* JOHN H. BRAAT
Nb. 109, Market Street Harrisburg Pa.
HE UNDERSIGNED is pePmanently
lonated at the above place where he keeps constant
ly to hand, and in prepared to manufacture all kinds of
Htfiat Afierfassans.
Elmnon CArtsFr Eltssecan,
Cams, Commas, -
Louisan, &0.,
Bram Bofronts.
All of which will be sold either wb.olesale or retail at
the Very' lowan Aston foroaeh. - '
tOfAS, LOUNGES; CHAIRS and -11ATRIMRst-nittales
be repaired at the shortest - notice and on the most reason
able terms. [mar27-2ind] J. T. BARN ITZ.
O EVENING, March 23d,
it,./ at Brant's City Hill, a FITCH FUR TIPPET. The
tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at
THE SUBSCRIBER - has removed his
street to Fourth street above Market, opposite the Bethel
church. Thankful for past patronage, he hopes, by strict
attention to business, to merit a continuance of it.
ruar2s-Btud WM. PARKHILL.
THE UNDEESIGNED is prepared to dig,
take up, . excavate construct and erect sewers,
drains and ditchos of every description within the city
limits upm the shortest.notice, and on reasonable terms.
Second Street near Chestnut,
m26.3t Harrisburg', Va. •
THE FIRST OF APRIL is fast approach
ing,, and many business men and citizens generally
will be making changes in their business, which win re
quire them to procure new Blank Books. In view of
these changes the subscriber would respectfully inform
,hem and the public at large, that besiaee a very large
stock on hand—the largest and beet selected 'lot in the
Call and examine stock and prices before procuring
your Blank Books elsewhere.
mar 26 61 Market street, Harrisburg, Pa.
PRACTICAL Tuner and Repairer of
Pianos, Melodeons, Arc., Am., will receive orders In
future at WM. KNOCHE'S Music Store, 92 Market street
All orders left at the above named place, or at the Buehler
House, will meet with promnt attentlon.
Fleet class PIANOS. for sale. seplB -dly
ELSIE VERNER : A romance of destiny
By Oliver Wendell Holmes.
GUADALOUPE : A tale of Love and War.
By a Military gentleman of Philadelphia.
COUSIN WILLIAM : A tale pf fashionable
life. •
ULt MISSISSIPPI, by the Rev.-Wilburn.
JACK HOPETON ; or the adventures of a
SONGS OF IRELAND, by Samuel Lover.
by Grace and Philip Wharton.
All the new books of the day for sale as soon as pith
Books not on hand, will be procured in a short time at
publishers prices, without additionol prices. at
mar 9 . 51Market street.
The old stock of cars being disposed of,
tile undersigned has broke out in a new, place and es.
tablished a daily freight line between Philadelphia, New
York, Harrisburg and all points on the Northern Central,
Sunbury & Erie and LackalVana & Bloomeburgrailroads.
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore extended
he hopes, by promptness in delivery, to retain all his old
customers and patrons; 911 goods intended for the line
must - be delivered at the depot of the Philadelphia and
Reading railroad, Broad and Callowhill streetsehiladel
phia. All goods delivered at the depot up to . Aye o'clock,
P. M., will reach Harrisburg next morning.
J. WALLOWER, Jr., General Agt:
• Reading Depot, Harrisburg.
Comprising a numbef of new styles GYMS' and LA
DIES' Money Purses and . Wallets. fine assortment
aet received and tbr sale at -
• • : , • (4118410P.Sreet.•
Nit» ',a, bratistments
- - -
/LIND FOR OTHER PURPOSES . —Szarbs 1 Be it ordained
by the Common Council of the City of Harrisburg, That
no person or persons shall erect or maintain any hogaty
adjoining any street, land or alley, or adjoiniug the pri
vate property of any individual or society, within the in
habited parte of sal city, under the penally of five dol
lars for each and every violation of toe above provision,
and the expense of removing the same by the supervisor
of the district or ward in which said nuisance may be
erected or maintained.
Sae, 2. And be ft further ordained by the authority afore
said, That any person or persons who shall erect or
maintain any hog-sty in the interior of his her or their
lot or lots in the city a'oresaid, he, she or they shall keep
the same so clean that the smell thereof shall not be offen
sive to his, her ortheir neighbor or neighhors,or other citi
zens of the said city; and any person offending against
this section, and being thereof duly convicted, shall for
feit and pay the sum of two dollars for every such of
fence and costs of prosecution.
SEC. 8- it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That If any person or persons shall ride on
horseback, or shall drive any carriage or sleigh through
or along any of the streets,- lanes er alleys or the said
city, faster than at a common traveling saft,or shalt drive
his, her or their wagon or cart through or along the same
faster than a common trot or pace, he, she or they so
offending. and being thereof convicted, shall forfeit and
pay the sam of ten dollars for every such offence and
costs of prosecuton.
SEC. 4. And be it further ordained by the authorityafore.
said, 1 hat if any person or persons shall hereafter make
and set int; or elute to be made and setup, any bulk, jut
window or incumbranee whatsoever, whereby any pan.
rage of any street., Prot-way, lane or alley shall ho obe
etruated, or stall pl ice or cause to be placed, any spout
or gutter, whereby the passage of any street, lane er al
ley shall be incommoded; every person so offending shall
forfeit and pay tor every. such offence the sum of five
dollars; and shall, moreover, remove the said 111113211013,
or cause the same to be removed; and. on the failure
thereof, after notice to him, her or them, given by order
after notice to him, her or them, given by order of the
Mayor, then, in that case, the supervisor shall remove
the same, or cause the same to be removed, and the
costs and expenses attending such removal shall be paid
by the party or parties so offending.
Sec. 5. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That of any individual or society, holding lota
within the city of Harrisburg, shall suffer water or other
offensive matter to stand upon said lots, -o as to become
putril and offensive to any of the citizens of the 13 . , Id city,
the same shall be deemed a nuisance ; and upon infer
motion being given of the existence - of such nuisance to
the Mayor or any of the Aldermen of said city, he shall
issue his warrant to the regulators, requiring them to re
gulate and point out the manner in which such water or
offensive matter may be drained off or removed; and al
so shall give notice to the owner or owners of such lot or
lots ' requiring him, her or them forthwith to have the
said water or offensive matter drained off or removed
from said lot or lots, or filled up with earth, according to
the directien of tha said regulators; and, if the said own
er or owners shall neglect or refuse to have their said
lot or lots drained or filled up as, aforesaid, or the said
offensive matter removed, for the space of six days after
having born notified as aforesaid, he, she or they so of
fending, shall forfeit and pay a line of twenty dollars for
refusing or neglecting to remove said nuisance, agreea
bly to the. provisions of this ordinance, to be recovered
before the Mayor or any of the Aldermen of said city, as
other tines under the City Charter are by law recovers
See 6. And be it further ordained by tie authority
aforesaid, That if any person or persons, after the due
promulgation hereof, shall cast or lay, or cause to be
cast orlaid, any shavings, mud, straw, ashes, stones
brick-bats, dung, or the heads, entrails or other offal of
fish, or any dead carcass, excrement or other filth or an
noyance Whatever, on any pavement, foot-walk, street,
lane or alley within the said city, he, she or they so of
fending, anti being thereof convicted before the Mayor
or any of the Aldermen of said city, shall forfeitand pay
the sum of five dollars for every such offence; and shall,
moreover, pay the expense of removing snob nuisanee
or nuisences.
Sac. 7. And be it farther ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That if any - person or persons, whomsoever,
shall cast, carry, draw' out or lay anyidead carcass, or
excrement, or filth, from vaults, privies or neeessiry
houses, and shall leave such dead carcass, excrement or
111th any place within the limits of the said city, and out
of the inhabited parts thereofoir shall cane the same to
be done, 'without burying the same a sufficient depth to
prevent any disagreeable smell arising therefrom ; every
person or persons so offending, and being thereof con
victed to the manner aforesaid, shall foi felt and pay the
um of five dollars for every such : offence ; and shall,
moreover, pay the expense of removing each nuisance
or nuisances.
tea. 8. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That if any distiller, soap-boiler or tallow
chandler within the said city shall discharge any foul
or nauseous; liquor from any still-house or work-shop,
so that such liquor shall pass into or along any of the
said streets, lanes, or alleys . ; or if auk soap-boiler or
tallow-chandler shall keep, collect or use t or cause to be
kept, collected or used, in any of the said mhabited parts
of the soidoity r argystalo, pniA4 or stinking fat.. grease
or other matter ; or if any butcher shall keep at or neer
his slaughter.houso any blood, garbage , . entrails, ofiati
or 81th whatsoever, so as to annoy any of the inhabi ants
of the said city, or any other person, ho, she or they so
offending, and being thereof convicted ia the manner
aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay for every. such offence the
sum of five dollars.
.Sao. 9. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall willfully
stop or obstruct the passage of the waters of any com
mon sewer, made or to be made within the said city, or
shall in any manner injure or damage such sewer or
sewers, he, she or they so offending, and being thereof
convicted in the manner aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay
the sum of five dollars for every such offence.
Sze. 10. -And , be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That If any person or persons, corporation or
corporations, except. in such cases as are hereinafter ex
cepted,xliall place or cause to be placed, anylogs, scant
ling, boards, stone, brick, lumber,. firewood, stone-coal,
cars or locomotives, wagons, carts, stages, carriages, or
any other obstruction whatever, in any part of the pub
lic streets, lanes, alleys or footways within the said city,
and shall permit the same or any part thereof to remain
after notice by the supervisor to remove the same forth
with from said street, line, alley or footway, every such
offender or offenders, either neglecting or refusing to re
move said obstructions, shall forfeit and pay for the use
of the said city a sum net-exceeding ten nor less - than
three dollars and costs, upon conviction thereof - before the
Mayor or any Alderman of said city, and also the expense
or removing said obstruction : Provided, That in the
case of firewood and stone-coal, er other fuel intended
for household purposes, the owner or owners thereof
shall have one day after notice ny the supervisors to re
move the same.
Sac. ii. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, Mat all And every person or persons who now
have brought, or may hereafter bring, materials into
any public street, lane or alley in Said city, for the purl
pose of building, shall not occupy more than one-third
of any of the streets, and in the lanes and alleys not
more than six feet on one side, and such materials not to
remain longer than six months, under the penalty of
five dollars per week, upon notice and conviction there-
5i0.12. And be it further ordained by the auTharity
aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall ride or
drive any horse, mare or gelding,' or shall drive any
wagon, cart or other wheel carriage, along or over any
foot-pavement in any of the streets in said city, he or she
so offending shall, on conviction teereof, forfeit and pay
the sum or one dollar for every such offence : Provided,
That nothing herein contained shall prevent any person
from riding, driving or leading across any of the foot
ways any carriage, cart or other vehicle or horse or
beast of burden into or out of any lot, stable or tene
ment by pirmitsion of the owner of such lot or tenet
ment. ' ,
Sic. 13. And be it further ordained by the aulhortly
aforetaid, That if any store-keeperonechanic or other
person shall lay or cause to be laid on his, her or their
pavement or foot-way any , boxes, hogsheads, barrels,
wood or other annoyance, more than dye feet from the
front of his, her or their house, on the pavement or foot
way on Front, Second, Market, State and Broad streets,
and more than three feet on any other pavement or foot
way in any other street within thetity, he, sheor they so
offending shall, on conviCtion /thereof, forfeit and pay
the sum of three dollars for'every such offence.
Sac. 14. Ind be it further ordained by the, authority
aforesaid, That any store keeper, mechanic Or Other per.
son may set up boxes or barrels on the outer edge of
their pavements, for the purpose of exposing to view
their goods, &c.„ from sunrise to sunset : Provided, That
not more than four feet of the outer edge of the pave
ment be occupied. along Front, Second, Market, - State and
Broad streets, and not more than three feet of the outer
edge of the pavements be taken up thereby along the
pavement in any of the other streets of the city : And
provided also, That the said boxes, he., be removed at or
before sundown of each day; and if any person shall oc
mpy any greater space than is hereby allowed or shall
' not remove their boxes or barrels as herein specified, he,
she or they, on conviction thereof, shall forfeit and pay
a sum not exceeding three dollaas, nor less than one dol
-1 lar, for the use of the city, for each offence.
s ec . 35. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That no locomotive engine, wilts, or without
Cars attached thereto, shall be suffered by the engineer
or conductor; to run at a groter speed than five miles
to the hoer within the limits of the city ; and any en
gineer or other persons guilty of a 'violation of the pro
visions of this section shall, on conviction thereof, be
fined in the sum of five dollars for each offence, to be
levied and collected for the use of the city.
Si e. 16. And be it further ordnined l s tie author,*
aforcsa - d. That it shall not be lawful for any person or
persons to erect any wooden awning or sign across the
pavement or foot-way of any of the streets within the
city under the penalty of ten dollars, to be recovered
for the use of the city as other fines are by law recover-
Sic 17. -end be it Jurlher, ordained by the authoris
aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall ere*,
ma intain or keep any old privy, vault or sink in thrrin
erior of his, her or their lots in the cityof Harrisburg,
so that the' filth or other
matter coming or proceeding
from said privy, or old privy vault;or suit, shall bh so
offensive as to annoy any of the in habitants of said' city
or shall suffer the contents of said privy, old privy , vault
or sink, to overflow or leak through thosides ther fso
as to run upon anykof thdstreets r • lattes or alloys, r up.
on his, her or their lots or any adjoining lots, or f any
wise be an annoyance to hie, her sr their neigh ors or
be a afillfhllee to the citizens generally,. dual, poncen-
New `Zbrertisements
v:ctlon thereof before the Mayor or any Alderman of
said city, forfeit and pay a fine of not less than Ave nor
more than ten dollars and costs for the use of the city
aforesaid; and, upon conviction as aforesaid, the said
Mayor or Alderman shall forthwith WEIN his warrant to
the supervisor or the ward or district wherein the nui
sance exists to remove the said nuisance or annoyance
complained of at the expense of the defendant.
Sac 18. Anl be 11 further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That it shah be the duty of tot holders, within
the inhabited parts of the city, within twenty-four hours
alter the fall a snow, to have the same removed from
their pavements and gutters into the street In front of
their dwedinga or lots, under the peualty of one dol ar
for each offence, to be recovered tor the Use of the city
as other fines are by law recoverable.
830.19. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That it shall be the duty of the supervisors
of the city or the Chief of Police Constable to see that
the several provisions of this ordinance be carried into
effect ; to keep the streets, lanes, alleys, highways and
cross walks, within the city, clear, free open and in good
repair ; to remove of cause to be removed therefrom
any dead carcass or other nuisance, or obstruction or
impediment, in the why of citizens passing or re-passing
along the same and to take care that no water he ant
fered to remain upon any of the said streets, lanes, al
leys or,highways so as to become offensive to any of the
inhabitants, under the penalty of four dollars for every
neglect of duty hereby imposed, to be recovered cn con
viction before the Mayor or any Alderman as other fines
by law are recoverable.
&c. 20. final be it further 'Ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That no person or persons shall be allowed to
open and exhibit any menagerie or collection of ani
mals, or circus, within the limits of the city, until be,
she or they shall have first obtained from the City Trea
surer a license for that purpose, for which license he,
she or they shall pay to said Treasurer the gam of twen
ty dollars; and if any such person or persons shall be
guilty of making or causing such exhibition within said
limits at any time without first having ohtliaed such
license, he., she or they shall forfeit and pay for the use
of said city the sum of forty dollars, to bo recovered be
fore the Mayor or any ot the Aldermen as other fines are
by law recoverable.
Bro. 21. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That na person or persons shall hereafter
build or erect any privy, vault or sink in the interior of
his, her or their lot or lots, within this city, nearer to
the line of the adjoining lot of his neighbor than eighteen
inches, under the penalty of twenty dollars for any vie
lation of this section; and in any case of conviction ander
this motion before the Mayor or any Alderman of this
city, it is hereby made his duty to Issue his warrant to
the supervisor of the respective ward to hays the evil or
nuisance complained of removed at the expense of the
offender or offenders, as the case may be : Provided,
That this section shalt net apply to any case where the
privy is connected with a sewer.
Sac. 22 And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, Tnat all cross-walks within the city are to be
kept and reserved free and clear from any sleighs, wa
gon , carts or carriages of any kind being placed thereon
except so far a e may be necessary in crossing the same,
without continuing thereon any longer; and the owner or
driver of any sleigh, wagon, cart or other carriages of
any kind offending against the provisions of this section,
shall be fined in any sum not exceeding three dollars
and costs for each and every offence.
SEC. 23. And be it further ordained by the authorry
aforesaid, That no person or persona shalt hereafter re
move, or cause or permit to be removed, or snail aid or
assist in removing any building into, along or across any
street in the city of Ilarrisburg, without permission from
the Common Council or Mayer, and under such restrict
ions, limitations and conditions as they may deem neces
sary to impose fir the public good, under the penalty of
twenty dollars, to be recovered as provided by the City
Sec. 24. And be it farther ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That hereafter no person or persons shall be
permitted to saw wood on the pavements or foot-walks
in this city; and any person or persons offending against
this provision, on conviction thereof before the Mayor or
any Alderman of the city, shall be fined oce doilfr
and costs for each and every offence.
Sao. 25. And be it further ordaided ha the authority
aforesaid, That it shall not be lawful for - may person. or
persons to back any wagon, cart or other wheel carriages
upon, over or along any foot-pavement or side-walks,
within this city for the parpose of unloading coal, goods
or other material therefrom on the said pavements or
side-walks, or throwing the same into any cellar through
the window or door thereof ; and any person or persons,
their alders and abettors, or any one who shall assist' or
advise the same to be done, or the owner of any wagon,
carter other Wheel carriage, as aforesaid, who shall aid,
assist or permit any violation of this section by those in
his employ with any of his vehicles, as aforesaid, he, she
or they so offending,and being thereof duly cOnvicted be.
fore the Mayor or any 'Alderman of skid city, shall be
fined in the sum of five dollars for eaoh and every of
Sea. 26. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That-It shall not be lawful for any person or
pet sons hereafter to push or pull any hand cart or other
wheel carriage, or any wheelbarrow, with swill, slop or
mortar thereon along and over any of the footpavemente
or side-walks, or any of the cross-walks, within: the
timusortheaant city of Harrisburg ; and any persoil or
persons - who shall bOguilty of a violation or ibis section,'
or any one who shall aid or assist in any way in the
same, including the employer of any hand cart, wheel
barrow or other wheel carriage, as aforesaid, and being
thereof duly convicted, as provided in the foregoing sec
tion, shall be fined in any Bum not exceeding three dol
lars for each and every offence : Provided, That bread
carts shall be allowed to pass over the pavements until
10 o'clock, a. m., bf each and every day, and on Faint ,
day from 2 o'cloek p. nr, until sundown ; And provided
further, That this section shall not be construed to in
clude any carriages for the exercise or amusement of
children. • '
Samoa 27. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That it is hereby made the duty of the super
visors of the respective wards, in all cases, where any
individual or individuals have been convicted before the
Mayor or any Alderman of this city of keeping or main
tamping, or having erected, kept or maintained, in any of
the streets, lanes or alleys of this city, or in the interior
• of his, her or their lot or lots of ground any nuisance or
other thing prohibited by this ordinance, or any other
• ordinance adopted by the Common Council of said city,
forthwith to remove or abate the said nuisance or pro
hibited thing upon the order of the Mayor or any Alder
man of said city, to him or them directed for that pur
pose, at the costs or expense of the party keeping, erect
ing or maintaining the same.
Sze. 28. And be ft farther ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That the assembling and collecting together
of men and boys or ether persons on the streets, at the
street corners, and en the crossings or on pavements
in said city, in such a manner as to block up and obstruct
the free passage of any of said streets, street corners,
cross-walls 0: pavements, (except when and whe e some
lawful public meeting of the citizens may be held,) Is
hereby declared to be a nuisance, and unlawful ; sod it
is further made the duty of the Chief Police Constable,
or any other Constable of •this city, to disperse any as
semblage or collection of into and boys or other. persona,
as aforendd; . and in every case where men, boys or
other persons, as atbresaid, shall refuse or neglect to
disperse forthwith upon being requested or notified so
to do by any
of the officers aforesaid, it shall be the duty
of the Chief Police Constable, or any other constable, as
aforesaid, to arrest or cause to be arrested any such per
son or persons to refusing or negleetbig to disperse, as
aforesaid, and to take him, her or - thent before the Mayor
or any Alderman of said city, who shall at once proceed
to hear the case, and if satisfied of the guilt of the per
son or persons, under the provisions of this section, the
said Mayer or Alderman, as Mores - aid, shall impose a
fine of one dollar and costs upon the person or persons
so found guilty; and in case the offender or offenders
shall refuse - or be unable to pay the fine, as al °resold. he
she or they shall be committed to the Dauphin County
prison for any period of time not exceeding twenty-four
hours, at the discretion of said Mayor or Alderman be
fore whom the case may be heard.
Beeriest 29. And be it further ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That the owner of every cart or other carriage
employed in removing or carrying any offensive wet
manure or filth of any description along or over any of
the streets, lanes or alleys of the city, shall have and
keep the same in such tight and secure condition that
such manure or filth shall not be scattered or suffered to
fall on any of the streets, lanei and alleys aforesaid, un
der the penalty of five dollars for each and every of
blesmois 30. And be itfurther ordained by the authority
aforesaid, That all Other ordinances heretofore minden
the subjects embraced within the provisions of the fore
going sections, so far as they may be inconsistent there
with or contrary thereto, be, and the same are hereby
Passed March 13, 1861.
President of Common W.
Attest : DAVID Mums, Clerk.
Approved March 22, 1861.
mart?-dlt WM. REP.
ER, Mayor
POKATION.--,Esonos I. 134 U ordained by the Common
anted/ 4;f the city iy Harrisburg, That any person or,
persons, vnless with the permission of the Mayor or Fire
Committee, who shall carry away for private,pnrposes,
or aid or cause the same to be done, any fire engine, lad
der, hooks, hose or any other property belonging to the
said city, from the place assigned by the antliorities
thereof for keeping the same, or shall, In any manner in
jure or abuse the same, or manse it to be done, except
when the same is in_publie use, or shall occupy and, use
the market houstivengine houses, or alai other property
of the said for any other purposes than such as are
strictly lawful within the said city, or shall wantonly is
jure au busstee same, shall, on conviction belore the
MaXar - or any Alderman of.satd city, be tined and corn-
Pfled to pay any sum not exceeding Way dollars for
VVery such offence. _
Passed March 13,1861
President of Common Council
Attest : Dem Remus, Clerk.
Approved March 22,1881.
mar2T•dlt WM. H. I{2PIVED, Mayor
The Ilnest assortment of ALBUMS eyer offered in this
city, ranging in price from 00 cents to 810 (*each, bound
In all styles ofßindmg at
szat immvs 13111 AP BOOKS'I'OIO4
..61*.ark Street,
New fabuertisementer
one third less than can be purchased elsewhere. Call e t ,
or address (stamp enclosed,) J. L. BAILEY,
mar.2s.Bmd No. 154 Court Street, Boston,
SOUCHONG TEA. This L 3 the best brand of Black
Tea imported. A small invoice just received and for sale
by (m2s] WM. DOCK JR. Jk CO.
WILL BE SOLD at public sale, al th e
residence of the subs.:riber in titurviebarca
township, Dauphin county, Pa., Updegrove's lock 5 Infes
above Harrisburg, on SATURDAY, APRIL 6th, IS6I, the
following property, to wit :
A fine One Horse Rockaway and Hams:. Trotting.
Sulky and Harness, Farm Cart and Harness. Stone
Truck, Stone Sled; Two Straw and Feed Cutters, One Cob
and Corn Grinder, ONE MULE, TWO Snell CoWS ' Int
of Harness, Locust Posta, One Ground Roller, Clod
Crasher, three Ploughs, Cultivator, Harrow, Wiothnitl,
Pinks, Shovels ant Hoes ; Three Iron Shot Ste is, cue
Sleigh, (ined one Light Two Horse Tongue, with Rigging
Wagon Break, Blacks and Tackel, Feed Foresee nisi I et:
of Pails for Fencing, two large Wire Cages, tot of empty
Whisky Barrels, Carpenter Tools, Two Wheel') trrows ,
Chairs, Old Iron, and a number of articl , s not enumera
ted. Also, Furniture, Clocks, one Piano, Side -while and
Bridle, one Large Easy Chair.
Sale to commence punctually at 10 o'clock, AttELI
ante givenkod terms Made known by
TN PURSUANCE of an order 01 the Ot.
1_ phan's Court or Dauphin county, will he exposed to
sa , e, on TUESDAY EVENING, March 26, 1 4 61
, a' ,IRAN-r 7
Reg, a certain LOT OF GROUND, situ lie on South At
between Front and Second streets, in the city of Nara :
burg, It being 16 8 feet on South greet and exteadlu2
back 100 and lfeet to a public aliey 12 feet wile, on
which are erected a two-story r , :...
FRAME BACK BUILDING, containing , ,
six rooms, late the e : tits of CHARLES' , • . ,-
J. DORRIS, of the city of Harrisburg, __--,;..„—,,,--:
Sale to commence at 7 o'clock P M,, when atten
wil be given, and conditions ornate made known hr
ADELIA R. D0,R1t., , ,
Executrix of said Ber e a-rd,
vestment in FRUIT TREES. Also, GRAPE VI
and SMALL FRUITS of all kinds. Shade and Ornament
al TREES, PLANTS, dec., &c., will be sold at reducci
prices, to suit the times.
Specimens of the above can be seen in the Lower Mai
ket Rouse during market hours, where orders will be
taken, or at the Nurseries immediately below the city.
SENGERS at QUEENSTOWN, (Ireland.) The Liver.
pool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship company
intend despatching their fall powered Clyde-built !or
Steamships as follows :
VIGO, Saturday, 80th March ; CUP OP BALTIMORE:,
Saturday, Bth April; ICANGARK Saturday, 18th April.
and every Saturday, at Noon, from Pier 44, North .iiver .
do to London $BO 00 _do to London..s33 00
Steerage Return Tickets, geol. for Six Months •00 00
Passengers forwarded to Paris, Havre, Remake , g
Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ani., at reduced throuAti
Am-Persons wishing to bring out their friend's can buy
tickets here at the following ra es, to Now York : From
Liverpool or Queenstown; Ist Cabin, $76, $B5 and sirs.
Storage from Liverpool $4O 00. From Queenstown,
$3O 00. ^ •
These Steamers have superior accommodations f. ;r
paesengers, and wry experienced Surge Ons. They are
built in Water-tight Iron Sections, and have Patent Fire
Annihilators on board. For further information apply
at the Company's Offices. Jh'o. G. DALE. agent ,
m 25 41 15 Broadway, New boric.
Or 0.0. ZimMorman Agent, Harrisburg.
BUILDING STONE 'ea' Stone suitable
for turnplking purpores. will be delivered to avy
part of the city or its viciaityl Apply to
war2B WI% COLDER, JP..
111 Er — UNDERSIGNED having been
/ranted Letters Testamentary on the estate of WM.
COLDfiR, Sr., deo'd., late of the city of Harrisburg, he e•
by notify all persons indebted to said estate to make
payment without delay, and those having claims to pre.
sent them properly authenticated for settlement.
mar 22 fit JAMES (OLDeR.
MEE ROOM now in, the occupancy of
a. Alderman Kline, Third street, opposite 11313 of
floe. Enquire of [ml9-laol] R. J. FLEMING.
TO RENT.—The Two-Story Brick House
and premises situate on the corner of Dewberry al
ley and Chestnut street, now occupied by John Ruins.
Possession given first of April, 1861. For terms apply
to Alderman Peffer, city of Harriiborg, Pa.
NEW /'""
4th, with a full assortment
from the Philadelphia and New York most fashionable
establishments, to which, during the season, additions
of the latest novelties from those establishments will be
constantly received.
Formerly A. B. Carpenter, sign et the two Golden
Eagles, first bonnet store from the Harrisburg Bridge.
LETTERS of Administration have this
day issued upon the estate of DAVID 3IARCH, late
of Dauphin county, dec'd., to tho subscriber. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate are requested
to make payment immediately, and those baring claims
to present them for settlement.
mar23.6tw MADDALENA
T'ROM One to Five Hundred Dollars
worth of MY BONDS. Enquire rf
mat No. 28 South Second street.
Harrisburg, Pa.
ALWAYS on hand a large assortment Of
BOOTS, SHOW, GAITERS, &0., of the very best
aualittes 'for Indies, gentlemen, and childrens ,
Prices to suit the times. All kinds of WORK MADE TO
ORDER in the best style by superior Workmen
IMPAIRING done at short notice.
oetl6-dtt • JOHN B. SKIM Harrisburg.
taring Company having gained ALL their suits at
law, with infringjng manufacturers of Sewing Machine;
propose that the public should be benefltted thereby,
and have accordingly reduced the prices of their Sewing
Machines. After this date they will be sold at rates that
will pay a fair profit on the cost of manufacture, cartel'
invested, and expense or making sales ; such prices s
will enable them to make .first class machines, and, as
heretofore, guarantee them in every particular.
In accordance with the announcement above I will
sell their splendid Sewing Machines at prices from $45
10 $9O for the Anti Tull case machines. It is a well estab
lished fact that the
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine
Is the beat one In the market, the best made, most sup!!
and least liable to get out of order, and they are now a
low as the .inferior machines. to and see them a
Third and Market.
del4M w. HICKOK Aged.
530 00