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11l be charged 24.00, •
The Tictuaraszt fs else 0111311shea tivieb a *cog - during
ens session of' the Legislature, and•weekly during the re
mainder of the year, and furnished, to subscribers at the
of lowing rates, viz:
Single Sotecribere per year..
Never "
- -
I subscriberti order the discontinuance of their news
lApera, the tinblisher may, continuo to send them until
arrearages are paid.
It subscribers- neglect or retuse to take their aewspa•
- mrs from the office to which they are directed, they are
P 61p:wale until they hey - tottied ibe nine and ordered
Mani discontinued
,Peuusylvania Legislature
. taronx, Fehruaryl-, 1881.
• The , Senatelvas called to order. at 1.1 o'clock
A. M., the SPF.ATIRR in the Chair, •
The Journal . of yesterday. was partly read,
On motion of Mr. FINNEY, the further
reading of the same.wasliiiist)erlied with.
Lachr_or Album.
Ms. 'BENSO:risked•leave of absence for Mr.
J iirivisi.,pan*sietant Doorkeeper, for a few
days front to4ay. '
Leave might/anted:
NEF..dONSELL. I have beew entrusted, by
a Committee of thirty-three gentlemen, ap
pointed at a mass meeting of the workingmen
of Philadelphia, with the duty of presenting the
memorial and resolutions adopted at the said
meeting. .
Speaking froth pqrs?nitiV ,kre;qvlisdge of a
large number of -the persons composing this
Committee, I do not hesitate to say to you that
they are men of , deservedweiglit and influence
in the community in Which they Hie, men
whose patrietism and ardent attachment to our
oommon country no-one 'who-:knows them can
ever 'doubt. Amongst them are men to whose
energy and OhterPrise Philadelphia is largely
indebted. , They were. selected at a great meet
ing of their fellow workmen, recently held in
Independence . Square,' to lay before Congress
and'the Legislaturn of this State, the memorial
and resolutions which :I now have the honor to
At a time of general alarm; when confidence
between man and man is weakened, when panic
prevails, when business flags, when manufac
turers stop, when workmen by thousands. are
discharged and seek in vain for employment,
When property is sacrificed under the sheriff 's
harrimer, and the hbme of many a family is
tom from them, these men come to us and ex
press "their hopes and fears" in - the present
They seek to avert all these calamities ; aye
more, they patriotically seek to prevent &thou
sand fold worse .I .
Sir, I know the workingmen of Philadelphia
in whose name they come I Stout of heart and
strong of arm though they be, these bold, brave
men sicken at the thought of the contest with
which we are threatened. Show them the
armed foes of our common country, I care not
on what distant shore, and 'they will rush by
thousands with ardor and invincible enthusiasm
to the fight. But from the sad necessity of a
war with brothers, they shrink back aghast at the
unhappy thought. What though in such a
conflict. we should prove the victors, our success,
however entire and overwhelming, would' be
our great and horrible catastrophe. Surveying
"the wide spread scene of once fertile plains
ravaged by the bloody demon of war, of devas
fated cities and smoking towns, would -it not
be too late to say with .Phyrus ' as he beheld the
Boman Legions retiring from• the hard.fought
fields : "Another such victory and we are un-
done 1 Ah, yes sir. ! Even then our overthrow
would already be acconiplished, and the victors
and the vanquished share alike one common
Mr. Speaker, I . ask: for the reading of the
memorial and resolutions, and that they be
published in the , IaIGISLATIVE RECORD.
The reading of the resolutions was then or
dered; and they were directed to be publishain
Mr. WELSH. Before the resolutions contain-
ed in the Memorial are read, I desire, with the
leaVe of the Senate, to express my sincere ad
miration for the dignified and appropriate man
ner in which the gentlemen composing-- this
committee of thirty-three have discharged the"
important duties of their mission. A few days
ago these gentlemen left their hemes, their
firesides, their work-shops, and proceeded to
the Capital of our Nation, and returning, have
now reached the Capital of their Common
wealth. They 'came here, Mr. Speaker, igno
ring all party feelings, leaving,behind them all
party predilections, and bringing With them
a single and simple desire to express their de
termination to stand by the Union, and to aid,
as far as they could, in the preServation of our.
common bond and our common ;brotherhood.
I- read, sir, with a -great, deal of • pleasure, the
proceedings, of the meeting which-clothed them
with the authmity of the Mission that has
brought them here ; and I feel- prond, , as a citi
zen of Pennsylvania, of that grand demoristra
tfon of the bone and sinew of Philadelphia, is-
Wiag. frOM a city that contains that Bell of In
dependence which proclaimed liberty through
ott, the land-to all the inhabitants thereof.
desire, sir, that these - gentlemen "should ,be ni
cely:ea with more than ordinary respect and at
tention. > I desire not only that they shduld be
received perionally by us In that manner; but
I hope that their , prayers may be answered ;
that their wishes may be gratified .:and,
as far as my humble efforts Will go,' I
pledgn th'em here to-day to, be used in behalf of
their wishes, to aid them is fax anl can in car
rying% Out the object and intent of their mis
The Memorial was then read, as follows
Zkatt..&natelf : the State of Psnnsykaiva
a mass - meeting of the Mechanics and
Workingmen of Philadelphia, • without distinc
tion of party, held in Independence Square on
Saturday evening; January 26th, 1881, the fol.
lowing.preamble and resolutions were adopted
The workingmen, citizens of, Philadelphia,
without :• distinction of party, deeply impressed
by the solemnity and peril of the present state
of, public, affairs, and' with a desire lo,preserve
every. right :guaranteed or reserved under the
Constitution of the United States, as well as to
perpetuate the religious, - social and political
blessings of the Union, in a general mass meet
ing. affierabled,:deem it icibe an
noun% to their fellow citizens of the, fultlott
their ,deliberate 'judgment, their hizos, their
intentions in the preSent crisis f -anci.
to give expression to the feelings of safety and
protection which .the Union has bitherto - sectire'd
to ns, atad c es we believe that Union alone can
Ptrlt??Aiint_iliatire to - US in future.-
e Meet-as workingmen and cittzens , of a
artist- and glorious nation to proclaim that the
of - these States is omsecrated in our stf-;
fec+ions, by fila:iriestimable_benefits secured to
ns ))y the history •and traditions of the past, and
by patriotie recollections that can never fade
awayy Standing near thesacred edifice in Which
the Union was consummated, and conscious that
nowhere in the vast domain -which the Union
protects has it been more resolutely sustained,
than in Pennsylvania. We therefore look at
any: attempt to dissolve the Union with unaf
featatterrw and alarm.
the'osotelthe djsuni owQ f the l stoeso i o
eortAlyitiwerteotild restore us to the same
nifiadstlary social and political, thatiie'now
occupy. Therefore, we counsel and will sup-
.•-, • - ,
~, • • ,
. .
t . ill J -/-
~ , chiiii,r4,.._>- - p ieui ft w
. , • 7 ' iir,voc - - - - ----•
- IA •-- ---- -'" " - . . .
~ . .
.. ts
. .
....., ~ :.
' 4
.. . .
, :•• t . .4. n$D . att
rj .,::„..-,.,:.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,‘„,,,,,-,,,,,..,,,,,:„.,,,,,,,_,„..,. i0. ,..
. t , /I. _ t _ a _....
r .....
. . ,
... •
. .
• • .
.. 0 , ),,?4,- s , •••,..--, '"-- - - 4 i '
. „
~ ...`_, .-.- • •. . • ..'..../'.' 9, .
, .
$ 2.00
Pori concert of action on the part of all woi*-
ingmen of every city, county and State,in our
land, to aid in maintaingthe government as it
now exists under the Constitution, and to adopt
all necessary _and,proper amendments to the
C.Gia'stitntiom_as" may 'iszicreqUired for the corn:
plete proteettim- •04 1 1iiikhts of every citizen,
North or South, l East or West..
We moreover parneetly„urge our Senators and
Representatives in, the Legislature of Pennsyl
vania, to unite their,efforts to repeal all laws
obnoxious to the citizens of any portions-of the
Union and conflicting with any proVisiens of
the Constitution -or laws of the. General Gov
-14eadved, That - we-respectfully and .eaxnestly.
recommend; o Mfr Renators and Representatives
in Congress assembled, to adopt the resolutions
proposed by Senator- Crittenden. of Kentucky,
or to paaenti=Act allowing a vote of the people
to be taken_tlierecin. -
Resolved,. That at the present. Cougress refuse
to adopt any measure that will reconcile the ex
isting differerms- between the Sections of our
Country, „that, the members be requested to re-
Sign their, seats in order that the people may
have an opportunity to adjust the difficulty and
elect 'others in their. places
fflisolvid, That we deprecate ell warlike or hos
tile collision betareenthe military forces of the
General Government and the. - States, believing
that a peaceable arrangement is possible when
honorably and justly, sought for. Civil war
would be amend to all hopes of reconciliation
between different portions of the'country. '
Re:solvect'Uitl if after all fair and honorable,
means have been exhausted without effecting
the desired object so ardently cherished by all
thlionloVirigtitizens we, _as workingmen; will
sustain the Federal Government in all just and
legal measures to enforce the laws of our land
and nation. - • • .
• -Rat'ed, - That this meeting authorize the
Comniittee of Arrangements .to appoint two
Delegates from each Congressional distriet of
this city, to meet in Convention in Philadel
phia, on the 22d of February, 1861, as recom
mended :brthe - meoharricalmndzworkingnien l of
Louisville, Kentucky.
Resolved, That the Crutitin of ,thiCommit
tee of Arrangements appoint a Committee of
thirty-three to convey copies, of the foregoing
resolutions to;our senators and Representatives
in Congress, and to our Senators and Repre
sentatives in the Legitlature'ofPennsylvaidai
J. 'W. VAIiTIOUTEN, President:
JO= 16.10 Y; R: 4 J. NAG EL iSecretaries.
srsAlant's TABLE.
- The SPEMMlcreferred House bffie, as fel
lows i
Bill:No. 94 entitled an Act extending the
liinits - . - of the 13orot!gh. .ullnstou7l, ,and pro
-vidineforAe cdllection of fates theOln and
other purpines.
Referred-td the - Gonunitteei cßtr3 , ;,,
; Bill'NO 38; entitled'"ah Act for the = payment
of the Conimittee in the contested election
case of Lewis Pughe.
Referred Finance.
. ,
IAWERINGE I mova that , the Com
saittee be died/mated "from the cOrieideration:' of
that bill.
-Mr AMMON.- -The bill-contemplates- the
outlay of4.fdorfaidltiitbli3":caurci=7 tit AtioneYl.; 'I
therefore suggesklhat the Qommitted-netued
be allowed to consider the bill.
Mr. LAWRENCE then withdrew his motion.
Bill No. 139; entitled "an Act to pay Dyer
L. Chapin."
Referred to Committee on Finance.
Bill' No. 140, r entitled "an Act to prevent the
catching of trout during certain seasons of the
year in Schuylkill county."
Referred to the Committee on Agriculture.
PETrrioNs, antoksraucrs Ann matoarms pRE-
Mr. SMITH presented a remonstrasice ,, from
citizens of Philadelphia against the incorpora
,tion of the,Continental Brush company.
Referred to the :" Committee on Corporations.
. th
Mr. SERRILL, the memorial of the yearly
meeting of. the Progressive Friends, of Chester
county, asking that the right of suffrage may,
be conferred 'upon women. -
Referred to the Corainittee oil Abeltidiaary
Dirr.pwrist.B...„ petition.from - : citizens of
Reading, 'pm . ying for the 'repeal Of the '9sth
96th sections of the revised Penal Code, so far
as relates to.fugitives- from labor.
Referred to,the Couunittee on the Judiciary
the.petition of citizens of Berke and
Lebanon counties, .praying:' that a State, road
may be laid out in'said coUntics. -
Referred. to the Committee on Roads and
Bridges. . . • -
Mr. PALMER, a memorial of severity-five
citizens of. Schuylkill county, asking for the"re-
Teal of the 95th and 96th sections of 'the :Penal
Code so far as relates to-fugitives-from labor..
Referred to the Committee on -the -Judiciary..
Also, the-petition of 'citizens of Schuylkill and
Columbhi. counties,: asking that a State road
may be laid out from -Centreville, Columbia
county, to Ashland/in Schuylkill. county. •
Referred to the Committee on Roads •• and
Bridges. - -
-Also, two remonstrances from citizens of
North Manheiro township, Schuylkill couniTt
against any change in the laws relative to su
pervisors in said township.
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Also, a remonstrance from citizens of Schuyl
kill county
_against thepaesage of an Act to in
corporate an Agricultural and Mechanical Asso
°lett= in Said county. • --_
Referred to the Committee on Corporations.
Mr. GREGG, three remonstrances from citi
zens of Willbunspart against the "re-annexing
of a portion of Brad? township; Lycoming coun
ty, to Union county.
Referred to the Committee on New Counties
and County Seats.'.
Also, the petition of S Monison of Lye°-
ming county, asking g thattheproceedsofthe Ton
nage Tax may be appropriated to -common
school purposes.
Referred to the Committee on Finan •
Mr. CRAWFORD_ presented the petition of
citizens of Juniata minty, Praying for the re of the ,95th and 96th sections of the Revised
Penal Code, ; and for, the - restoration of certain
provisions of the la* of 1780.
Referred to-the:Committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. HIESTAND, a petition frOm - citizens of
I East Heinpfield - township, Lancaster county, in
favor of the repeal of the 96th and 96th sections
"of ed - Penal Code.
Referred to the Committee
.on_the Judiciary.
Mr. WHARTON, the remonstrance of citizens
of Huntingdoncounty again' st the annexation
of parts of Springfield and Dublin townships, in
Said county,. to Fulton county:
Referred tithe Committee on New Counties
arid County Seats:. -
Mr. LAInExCE, ;the petition of, citizens of
Smith township, Washington county, in, favor
of the repeal:of laws prohibiting' the issuing of
notes of a smaller denomination than five dol-
Referred to - Conmitteo on thegudictiry
Mr. IRISH, the remonstrance of Janies
;Wright and other citizens of Pennsylvania,'
against the repeal of any - law for the protection
of free colored people. •- •
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Also, a , petition of fifty-seven citizens of
Peonsylvania, asking for a, law to secure to
'married Women the control of their earnings,
and that they may be .appointed guard/ 20S
children, the same as men.
Referred to the. Comnattee on the Judiciary.
Also, a petition of forty-nine citizens,' of Rim
import. • • •
. Referred to the'sane Committee.
, .
Mr. BLQQD, a petition. of citizens :of; Perry
:township,'Clarion 'county, asking for an Act to
exempt-the - Presbyterian church of Concord,
from .taxation.
Referred to the Committee: on Finanee. m
Also, several petitions. of _citizens of Elk
county, asking for the repeal. of tlie-96th and
96th sections of the Revised, Penal Code, and '
the restoration of certaii4rovisizins_of the Act
of 1780.
Referred to the Committee, on thetJudiciary.
Mr. moTT, five petitions- of citizens of Car
bon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne.counties, of Eimi
tar import.
. . .
Referred to the 'earrid Committee.
moms OF Bidigthim CONCIEMENS
Mr. :BENSON, from the ciasimittee on anc(),
reported as amended, .T.OMt ..Reaohitioi to pay
W. McCalla, for cleaning, repairing anszl
Winding the dome'clock, and, others.
M .
r. GREGG, from the same, OtiinMittee,'6
committed, an Act for the relief of Jacob HunV
zinger ' late Treasurer of SchiaYlltill,conritY. •
Mr. SMITII, frora the sameCoMinittee,•with.
a negative recommendation, House bill No , , 87,
entitled Joint Resolutions relative to togers'
Geological Survey. . • - ;
Mr. CONNELL, from the ,COnimitti4i, on Ac-
"counte r "made a report which was read asfol
Senate of Pennsylvania, .
To GnononV. Perak n, M.; Dr,
Vor postage during the lost sessii.m.
from 'the Slit of March to ;the 86
of April,
For post4ge during recess,
Forpostag,e on letters and.doeintenth
sent and received from JanuarY
1861, to - January 31st, inolusiye
Letters received
Documents seat. .
Documents received
By amount approfiriated 200.015
P-airiOisicai-Harrisb. e ar:4" ,
January 81st, 18 1. -
, . .
The Coraraittea on. AWN:au:its' hat:iSxnxinad ,
the foregoing account of Gebrga*: Porter ; Post
Blaaterlt -Harrisburg,• and balia,Ve‘it-lb be Cor
rect, and therefore offer -the• following resolu,
'Lion, viz:
That the Speaker., draw his warrant on the
'Slate Treasurer in favor Of George W. Porter,
Postmaster at Harrisburg, for $2;48 35, in
fall payment of the said account.
The resolution was twiarread, considered and
agreed to.
Mr. SMITH, from the Committee on Corpo
'Arms, as committed, House bill No. 29; entl
tied an Act to change ..the name of, the Harrno
nia Sacred Musical Society of 'PhilkulelPhitc...
Also, from same Committee, as -committed,
Senate bill entitled a further Supplement to an
Act to incorporate the - Greensburg gas and
Water company.
Also,-froni same Committee, as corromitted,
House bill No. 47, entitled an Act to incorbo
rate t,lte-PhiladelphiaSkating Club arid Humane
Association. - • .
Also, from same •Committee, as committed,
Senate bill; entitled "an'Act to incorporate the
[Kittanning Water ComPany."
Also, from same Committee,-as comraitted, .f‘a
I supplement to an Act to ineckparate-the'St.
Mary's Cemetery Company,. Of Alreghent
- Mr. HAMILTON from the,sine'Coramtttee
as committed, " an Act fixing the boundaries
Of the borough of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland
Also, from same .Committee,, as committed,
"an Act to incorporate the Forest laaproriment
Company, of Potter County,' • -
Also, from same - Committee,. as cOmmitted,
il;"Supp . lement to - 'an Actto incorporate the
Allentown Water company.',', •
from same Committe, as committed, a
further ‘‘suppplerheritto -"the Act - l'O'inbaipO 7
rate the City of Philadelphia!! •
Also, from same Coinmittee, as - pormiiitted,
a tupplement - to an Act to [ineoditirate the
American Steaml 3 low , and•Manufacturing Opm,
pany, of Lancastercciunty."
Mr. ItOBINSON;;front the[..itatne..o3mtnittee,
as committed, Househill,. Nol"-81,. an" Act to' in
corporate the Masonic Hall Association of'East
Liberty, Allegheni s bonnly. • • • •
Also, from the same Committee, as [ ciorninit:
ted, House bill No. 42, "an Ad to -incorporate
the ChesnOt Hill seideiny - of`PidladelPhie' -
' Alio, • froin the same , Committee;-aw 66mi:flit
ted, an Act-relatii-e-tolifinere-Ledge - No. 20 L
0. of 0. F., of the'State of. Vaiinaylvaidm - "
Also, from the saineCcionnittee, as'Commit: ,
led, an Act to inborporate . the Central Market
company of Philadelphia. ,
Also, from the same Committee, as cOmmiti
ted, an Act"to' incorporate` the Lubesco oil cora-
Mr. CONNELL, from the same Committee;
as committed, a supplement to an Act to moor'
porate the German iioman Catholic St. Jo
seph Orphan Asylum of - All'egheny county.
Also, fromthe same Cormnitteti, sonunit
ted, s,.supplement to an Adt to incooorate the
Scranton gas and water company, passed March
16, 1864.,
Also, from the same ,Conimittee, as, ceitamit
ted an Act to incorporate the Ohio and"./Essis
sippisteant packet company.
Also, from the same Committee, ,commit
ted, n :further-supplement to : the Act;to ineor=
porate the city of .Philadelphia. •
Mr. MEREDITH, from the Committee on
Agyieulture, as committed, an Act for the
protection of speckled trout in the lakes,
streams and ponds . of Pike county.
Mr. BOUND, from the- Corandttee to Com
pare Bills, made a report, whirl i was read.
Mr. 110 IT raid in place an Act granting dis
cretion to Courts under the first and secoicd,
sentences of a certain Act passed inn 1854.
Referred,to the Judfclarj Committee..
Mr PENNEY, an Act relative to Allegtiettt
Referrelto the Judiciary Coixonittee.
Mr. SLOOP, an Act to exempt the Talk-
- . 1;290 00
s2,B , gi . 86
$2 10 ;3
11124.4 READ PUB
,terian church. of Conbor4:l, Terry township,
Clarion county,"frOm taxation.
, '• ,del lt , e to f rs err . ed to Finance Committee.`
Mr. CONNELL, .an. Act for the relief of,,
Also, an Act to confine the revised grade of
;regulations of a pcation of the second and third
divisions of Surveys and Regulations ito‘ the
district ,of; West Philadelphia.
Referred i to the Committee OR COrpOratiollB.
Mr. ITIEESTAND, a supplement to an. Act
to incorporate the' Marietta and mount Joy
• Turnpike Road company.
Referred to Committee on Corporations.
I Also, an Act for the better preservation of
game. .
Referred'to the Committee on Agriculture aid'
'‘Domestic Manufacture&
t Mr. SERRILL offered the following *saw.
"That when the Senate adjourns it sojourn
to meet on Monday, 'at three o'clock, P. M."
The•resolution was twice read; and on the
final pillage of the same,
1 The yeas, and nays were .required by Mr.
IBLOOD and Mr. SERRILL and were as kJ
viz : ' • -
1 Iliks.-Mersrs.'Robson; Boughter. Bound,
Olytadr, Connell,. Crawford, Finney,. Hamilton,
'Bubrie, Meredith, ;Nichols, Parker, Penney,
Schindel Serrill, Smith:Palmer, Speaker-17.
4 NAYS. Messrs: Brodel; -; Fillier, Gregg, Irish,
ILaingence, = Robinson, Thompson, Wharton,
Yardley--.-9. • ,
i .So the, question was determined in the aftlm
ative. • .
Mr.. F.IIIIsIEY offered the following resolu
ition Which was read '
That the .powispit* on.lianks are instructed
itrk inquire and report to the Senate_ what. bank's,
di any; in the' Commonwealth, have forfeited
their charters, by lesson of-non-coniplianeOwith
;the laws regulating banks and:bankinginstitu
ttlons, and that the, Committee have power to
',send for persons aid papers.
Mi:1..a11 1 711.F...NCE. I consider that resolution
Ito be very important, and it will inVolve a great
'deal of labor on, the part of the Committee,
*doh I presume the Committee are willing to
lasainne. If we ttre'to. judge from the - reports
rgiven by the banks of the State; we'would tm-'
.clude'that all of them have forfeited : their char
But I presume the Senator froro.Crawford
Means something more than his resolution at
'dist sight indicate&
,Mr FINTNk.,Y. My object is to give the Corn
mitt& on Banks •full power to inquire 'whether
anybanksin the Cormr,Lonwetdth have forfeited
their charters; and, if necessary, to give them
; power to send for persons and paper&
217 66
248: •73.
Mr. SMITH. I would prefer that the Sena
tordrckm CraWford should- extend - his inquiries
!so!. tie .-tb embrace .other banks thrm those
,which.nre liable to a forfeiture of theirchartem.
maybe and probably was the case, that there.
Was-a necessity for the suspension of the banks
fat the time they! didgteMend, for business men
.who < were engaged in transactions connected
Withthe hanks might have, received those ac-;
those banks Which they had. ;
a right, to suppose they would receive on that
suspension. The nrodification-- of the .resolu
.tion which propose is, that the `Senate ;shall
inquire - also as to the line of ' discounts or. the
amount of discounts thirty days prior and thir
ty or sixty ,days subsequent to the suspension of
,specie payments. Such inforniation Will enable
‘us to know what banks availed themselves
of the advantage of ,such a suspension in or
ider to' afford relief to the community, and. What
.other banks contracted at the same time that
I they impended, thereby doing the public "a'
'double injury. If they, in their suspension,
'expanded their ; discounts ,and favors to the
business community, I"am, so far as I am, eon-,
'cerned--and I hesitate not . to say it-4411111g
to overlook; this violation- of the law, and am.
willing- to extend to .'them whatever may 7
eessaryin order to validate their transactions.
But, sir, if they - instead of being a benefit . to
the community by their suspension, have been
an injury and oppression to the business corn- -
munity,.l shall vote in such a way as to punish
them if not actually to repeal their charters,
Eu3k the' Senator from Crawford whether 'or
not he will.permit.a modifi.cation of his resolu
tion as I have suggested, .
Mr. FINNEY. i I Suppose this inquiry is made
sufficiently broad to cover all,that the Senator re
, recprire,s . ; and as an answer to the proposition of
the - chairman of the Committee on - Souks, (Mr.
LAWakVcr.,) I would say, that if= he gets So
-over Whelmed in this business as he supposes,
the Senate will, no doubt, call to his assistance
some other Committee. The object of - this re
soliition is to callthe attention of the Legislature
to certaln: facts in regard to the banks-of this
Commonwealth. - I do. not offer this resolution .
j )3 , spirit of opposition, defiance,. or anything'.
of that' kind, but rather to protect the "community
against:some banking institutions whieh I have
nci doubt onghtnot to exiit. Ido not want to .
make, art indiscriminate, slaughter, upon the
banks of .the ,Commonwealth, because of any,
MisfOrtune that . exists with regard to the
suspension of specie payment. h • have
no doubt. that there are .many banks -in this
State.which have availed. themselves , - .of this
suspension to cover up :their inefficiency to
properly - do the banking 'business, nit'. having
. the capital to do-it with, .and having not''had
any for perhaps - a considerable length of;time.
• Ldesirft that those banks shall be closed up and,
thatour general 'Milking` law may be brought
intoptiblic notice, that persons desirous of avail
ing -themselves" of its provisions may deposit
securities- Sze., as required. If requires I
amendment I desire to call the attention of the I
banking eisnrimnity to such fact, and to allow
bankers generally to wire under it. I have no
doubt that Most of the banks .of -the Common
wealth are sound, but I know that many of
them are not. : •
LAWRENCE. I do not want the Sepater
frOircerawfoid to suPpose 'that the Chairman
*tithe Coromittee, or the. Committee on Banks
wish to avoid any :labor that may be imposed
upon them by. the Senate. I have, not been
surprised that the Senator from Crawford should
have seen proper to offer this' very resolution,
Imorase .myself have - received a number
of, letters , in .regard to : the subject from all
parts of the State. But I have never.
knew)" to great" a diVersity Of opinion in'
relation to any subject as that relativ:e:
to this :'one.- There are many men s'who .
believe,that these banks should be, cut , up by
the roots and,thatwe should change k peayste4 t .
agairi,' . there are many, men, sonLe allot&
have written to me,Who say thatliuch a mea
sure would.-bring• comnionanin and. disaster;
that many : business. men are -heavily indebted
to -these : coxporatiohs - and would 'be compelled
tO "pay atonce, and hence the conixdunityWould;
suffer. In order to ascertain =the standing and
condition of every bank, would be -al labor on
th) , part . of the -Committee . for six montheto.
presume !that is not the, intention of
,the Senator -from Crawford, but that it is iitere
ly to investigate the condition of those banks
NO. 26.
. .
which, from their reports, indicate to the
world that. they are not in a-healthy state: - It
is well • known totho...Senate = perimps to the
Speaker—that but four. or five banks in this
State have not; really stial3erided'and ire paying
specie. lam willing, ,so far•as•l, am concerned,
investigationto "go into . an of the condition of
those banks consideredY to be 'doubtful, and
which show such a doubt in: theirreports. I
believe, as the Senator from Crawford has said,
that there are banks in- this State not. worth
anything... Their ,money ought not to eirmilate,
for they are now in a condition Which'renders
them unable to meet their liabilities. I 'consid
er, that, this, subject iss at this. time one of the
Most in:Torte:id which we have had or which we
will havebefore us. • • •-• , • •
114...1)4NNEY. I suppose that the purpose of
the Senator from Crawford in offering this resol
Intim will ,be supported -by the Senate - general
ly. The terms of the resolution, however, as
the Senator from - Washington has inti mated
areJbroad enough tolvoltdre the Cortanittee . on
R yiks to. - investiate the, condition on every
bank tithe Commonwealth, - which is not pro
bably what:the Senator from. Crawford intends
by; his resolution. The zesolution might be
unobjectionable if it related to any bank or any
particular class of banks. .
Mr. SMITH.: The Mvestigation intended to
be Made by the passage of this re.soletiOn need
not occupy-five minutes in any case, so that the
condition of eyery Bankinthe State might be
investigate& if the parties were here, in a sin
gle day. So' far as the:t4Olation of- their char
ters by the Banks is concerned, it is only•ne
` cessitry'to prove that 'they' have suspended
specie paynients to determine the fact of said
violation. • ,
• Mr. LA.WBEYCE. I will inferta the -Sena
tor .froinfPbiladelpldathat there is a very, great
diversity of opinion in regard to that point. I
tmderstand that- yesterday a member of the
Housenf Bcpresentatlves read a bill in--place
authorizing the Attorney General to issue ,a
Ooliherranto.on-all tlalee Banks to show why
their charters should not be taken from them.
That would be a summary process, of course.
- Mr. - SMITH. • Such a course puts the ;bank,
in -a• court -of justice, on the defensive:-: But
' here by,art inirestigation-it is proposedto bring
' a .bank ! before a committee and submit-itenth
eeis to ••interrogatories, whether they •havenr
have-not violated their charters.- The firstand
only question that may %be -put • to - them is,
whether -the • bank has been in a state of sus-
pension Since the year 1267. If it has; thereis
j ail end to the matter as far as investigationis
concerned: .11Bitt thitt'ii not" what I want to
at • I propose inthe modification of the nesoht- ,
:ion; eel lia vesuggested;an inVestigationhato all
of the banks to "ascertain whetherthey have
'been Of •benelltto the' business community. If I
they have not they:ought to bewiped out, but
if they
_have violtited,their chartered: rig Ate bn
this oceaskin; and the public good =has been
'promoted thereby, such a violation could be i
'overlooked. - • • . .
Mr. IRISH. I think the design of the resolu
tion a very prciperene: I have beensurpTistid that
no moven/mit:of this ' kind has laben- anggested
sooner. -'it 'seems- to =me surprising that one
month of the session has been sufferedlo pass
without may allusion :whatever hating 'been
made to the "condition of our banki M the State.
In r l 857 - •when :the general' suspension - took
place, it was considered-of sulfrcient importance
to necessitate the calling of a special session of
the Legislature to consider: in relation thereto.
Now, sir, we have allowed this question to - lay
by untotrched, =thought of, arid =discussed.
And I conceive-that this delay is occasioning
nn injury to the community. There is great
'hesitation, difficulty and uncertainty among
the sound banking institutions of .the State, at
the present time, as ta what ,•.. ,- .l`urse 'they ought
to pursue. ' It is- depressing 'to the interests . of
the bnsiness community, and I tun very glad
.that. some proposition has been submitted
which will induce prompt action in' this
:matter on the part 'of 'the Legislature.—
The banks want to know what , their fate
is to be, what kind of bill -we are tofpass,
in order that they may regulate their :dis
counts accordingly. I do. not now think that
it would be proper for the Committee , bn
Banks to wait until they= have investigated
the condition Of all banks which - are supposed
to be insolvent before reporting a bill such as I
believe they should have before reported, intend
ed to cover the case - and to lefthe sound banking
institutions of the State know; what their fate
is to tie. Afterwards, as a secondarY coosidera
tion, let theni consider' the eases of the sus
pie:ions:and insolvent banks, if there. are any...
r. FINNBY then altered his resolution to
read as folloWs'Eliatilie'Commaitteb on Banks
are instructed to inquire, and report• to..the
Senate, -what further legislation, if any, is ne
cessaryin regard to'. further„
e - present condition' of
the banks of-this Commonwealth;-acid that the
Committee brave power taSend for persons and
PENNEY.? • -The-cpiestion - as to the for
feiture of the-charter of a Bank is notone to be
'tried by-a'Committee of this Senate. The
Committee:can only report the facts, which, in
: their, opinion,, ought to . be sufficient to sustain a
judgment in that way. Suppose, for example,
the officers :of a bank Are brought -before the
'Committee and the qUestion is asked whether
the . bank to which they belong has suspended
specie payment, they would, reply theyhad not,
but the , people would say they had. The Com
mittee would; itisucha case, have to go into an
investigation of the facts. •• The deterMination
of the question of the, forfeiture of a bank
charter, it appears tome; is a legal one to be
submitted to the Attorney General. '
Mr. MINEY, All, of the banks - of. the
State are subject, to the acts of 'the ! Le
gislature. - Whenver_ they fail: to . comply ,
with the law the Legislaturehas the power, ax
bitrarily,to takeaway their charters.' It is only
necessary for this body toltiquire whethenthey
are ln a state of disobedience to the law.; and
such being found to be the imse;the Legislature
(AU repeal their charters. . • _ 1
Mr.. SMITH. I move to amend the resolu'
by adding the following - words: - "Aid
thatthey be further antitorized 'to ingldreiintO
s cans°. of the .recent; suspension. of ,specie
riayments' banki, and how far such sus
pension was juitifiabler. in relatibre to the busq
ness and commercial interests.of the citizens of
this Commonwealth:"
Mr. GREGG. rt•oni 'the course' the debate
hasetaken, I amiled to belie,vit thakthe zesobk ,
.tion is intended to meet the case of some pap
.ticular bank. It the 'Senator from 'Crawford
:knows of any particular- bank which is in an
'insolvent state, would, it not be ,better that .he
',Should name such'bank or banks. All of. our
:banks 'are not insolvent, and do not all need:
investigation. -
Mr. H.Rrra. I no particular - bartk:lit
ileac., but:-the whole Subject in view.' If ;any
.particular bank has been, oppressive and injuri,
(itiii,that fact willedruo Out :the - investigation:
I know of no bank that is unsound, but•l wish
that the people of Pennsylvania shall knowhow
ham ristin,g gam
Having procured Steam Power Presses we ate
prepared to execute JOB and BOOK PRINTIN4 of surety
description, cheaper that it oan be done at any other es
tattlistunentin thei country.
.O Pourmareour li
thnnn eoi l l o e u e : constitute mistitute
a square.
ene-haif sonars Sigh
Han ignore, one .. .
ono wee S ..
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one 1 110Litti •dr . • •
three mental • • ' •
." six months„ 4 0
011 e year.... • .6.00
-tin . Vie day ' fie
...... . . ...... S
- sl3ne, month . . SOO
' , .5 00
" 84'1130QU:is 8 410
one year ....... 10`00
rfirlhudness notices inserted in the Local coltaStri, Cr
before Marriages and'lleaths, FIVE croras PER Mil
lbi each insertion.
jar marriages and Deaths to he charged as regular
~dYertieem'ents., . .
far the recent suspension of specie payments on
the part of the banks was necessary; and I want
the , Legislature to know, if that necessity is ac
knowledged, how far that necessity was bene
ficial to the business and commercial interests
Of our Qomiimnwealth. They profess to have
been actuated by a desire , to expand in their
diecounfi busineis community. We can
learn wiie,thir they have done so or not, and be
able to judge how far they have been justifiable
in•their suspension. -
IRISH. I cannot understand. exactly
what is contemplated by the resolution saw:new:l
ed, whether - the eonunittee shall report a bill
with reference raw* taMin insolvent banks of
thir, State, enabilzrthe.m.ta,.reaurne : specie -pay
ments, or whether it is designed that an exam
inatibul shall be gone into of alLbanks which
have - violated the provision of . their char
ters. I think it should be stated what this
Committeels to do. • - •
Dir.-SaT4f. My of ject is that.the Commit
tee on Banks shall' have the daily statement of
banks air least-thirty diys -.pikir and thirty days
subsequent to the day of suspension. if they
will look at the clearing house lists it will be
very easy to ascertain there as 'to the creditor
or, debtor balance of each day. 'twill then be
ascertained how far the credit of the bank was
injiired•by a suspension - of payment. , The bal
ance Will show whether they have merely sus
pended or whether they have both' uspended
and contracted. - _ - •
,On motion of Kr. FINNEY, the further on
sideration of the subject was then poitiamed
until Monday. .
On motion of Mr. BENSON,' the Senate re
considered the vote hid upcin the final • passage
of bill entitled "a supplement to an Act to
erect the town of ' Jefferson; Canibria county,
into a borough, - tote-CalleA-Vrilmore:"
Mr. E. E. COOPER, Assistant Clerk elect, at
the request Of the Speaker,, appeared and was
duly sworn. • •
.0n motion of Mr. IRISH, the Senate Pre
' ceeded, to theconsideration of Senate bilVNo:
76, entitled "a; supplement . to an act for, the
better preservation of game." . The bill then
went through' its several readings; and the
rules being suspended, passed finally.
3Ir."I3ENSON moved that the Senate proceed
to the :consideration of Hours =bill N 0.17, a sup
plement to an. Act erecting parts of Elk, Potter,
McKean. and Clinton counties, into a county to
be called'Cameron.
Mr. BLOOD. I would state that I. have re
ceived letters from two eminent gentlemen of
Cameron countyasking that thisbill be postponed
until they produce certain documents bearing
upon the subject. Ido not want to be dis
courteous to the Senator fronrPotter, buts ask
the Senate that the bill may be postponed,
The bill was then laid over.
'Oil motion of Mr. MOTT, the Senate pro
ceeded to the, consideration of House bill, No.
128, entitled "'an Act to provide for the pre
servation of speckled trout in the Lakes,-streams
and ponds of Pike county.",
The bill then went through its several read
ings and passed finally. ,
The STEAMIER kid - before therßenate a com
munication from the State Trmeurer in revly - to
a re"sikution of the Senate dated January 28,
1881; which4aa read •by the Clerk.
On motion, of Mr. FINNEY the same wee
ordered to be printed in the Leg/I/alive Record, as
January 81, 1861.
Efox.' R. M. Paunnt, Speaker of the Senate.
DEAR SIR : In reply to a resolution of the
Senate dated January 28, 1861, requesting me
to inform the Senate as to the amount of mo
neys received from officers in Philadelphia on
account of Collateral Inheritance Tax and tax
on officers for the fiscal year 1859 and 1880,
I have the honor to submit the following state
ments, viz
By whom paid
859. George W. ill'Alahen, Begs.,
Philadelphia . $ 88,801 96
" • C..W,,Carrigan, late Register,
Philadelphia . 28,500 00
Henry - IL 'Philips, estate of
layman Gratz .. ... . .
1880. ctebrgeW.lll'ilahen, Register
Phlladelphht, ...
" C. W. Carrigan, late Register,
Philadelphia 1,986 88
By whonipatiri. Amount.
1869. A. D. Roileam, Rec. Phila.... $1,989:48
" Robert Tyler, Prot'y. Sup. Ct. 78%77
Jos.' Crocket, Clerk Sessioni. 2,140 47
Jno.-P. McFadden, Prot4D. C, 1,159 19
E. Wilcox,Notary Public.... 79 60
P C. Ellrnaker, Notary Public 1.6
1860. E. G.-Webb,late Prothonotary 427. 97
Geo. W. McMahen, Register. 610 60
" C. W. Carrigan, -late Register. 432 48
" A. D. Boileam, Recorder..... 2,600 00
Robt. Tyler, Prot'y. Sup. Ct.. 336 24
• JOB': °rocket, Clerk Sessions. . 2,699 42
• J. P. McFadden, Prot'Y Dt. Ct 1,244 12
• Edmund Wilcox, Notary Pub. 26 00
Very Respectfolln
HENRY D. . 1910011 E,
• State Treasurer,
na. Taos. ,NrcarasoN.
t'l:no.hour of. one o'clock having arrived tke
Senkte Adjourned.
rFAHIS• DICTIOnEtT is "i ac - Ictio:wl edggd. to
1 : be tbe.t tandard wherever. the English language is
:polren. It is-a tiork. 61-erinordinary merit, and value,
and. no scholar ahouldheavrthout it, as it 13 the best de-
I aninglictionary 14 thoEitglizir Language, and. a necessity
te exrmerlucaced B l at t . - .. ....,
The'...Y EDITION has rainy iniproventents over the
o .ld t _ . ,COntujningdieaddltion-to an previous editions, NINE
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!tures. contained no bAe l dic — tienery published, matting
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naalgatutee-quarto, boned in EMEEP, BUFF LEATHER,
!UNlS,:inciading ittl the atreamanofactured. Having re
,' • 6 oived a large invoke direct from the tubilsers, lam
Yociabledte titter 'them rut sma waauwittamv. &van, AT
Tana MICR% at - • - -
<ow • . 61Markatignak
L 00
1,370 00
76,185 81
$141,698 44
$14,246 27