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    lira l +l E,ekgrapb,
Saturday Afternoon, Novemberl%, 1860
SiA inlvertkernenl of "'Phu World" in an
.iner column.
MN. F. HODGSON, D. D., former pastor of the
cast Street Methodist church, will preach in
I West Harrisburg Chipel tomorrow after
,./I1 rit quarter past three o'clock
Li cxy.—Two gunner' of this city visited the
tt, Ida and woods in search of game, yesterday,
~%d bagged dotty-one partridges, one english
at.d two rabbits.. Not a bad day's work.
A Srm an MEETING of Friendship Fire Compa
-1.,' No. 1 will be held on Monday evening at
- yen o'clock. attendance is desired, as
rangements will be made to order the steam
gine. Aux. W. Batmernassza, &dry.
'frit Loci-UP contained a solitary lodger last
I,.ght, one Frederick nickel, a tramper from
I, ...ailing city. He was out of money and had
it where to lay his head. The Mayor pr d
him with sleeping eibcolltmOdatiimm,
turned him loose this morning.
Frederick Shader, of this city, arrested hers for
stealing hams from a farmer in the lorier end
of Cumberland county, was tried at Carlisle
this week. He was convicted, and Bente:wed
to the State Penitentiary for a term of two
years and six months.
BuouaN►t Ran, in a poem describing a poet's
"Memory of Nightfall," gives us one of the
most exquisite similitudes we ever met with :
"1 eaw in the Wont afternoon
The overland sun go down,
While in the opposing sky, the moon,
Between the sleepers of the town,
Went upward liken golden scale
Outweighed by that wltioh sank beyond."
DROWNID.—As the canal boat "Elisabeth,"
of Newton Hamilton, was on its way with
other boats in the tow of a steamer, round
from Baltimore to Havre de Grace, a few days
ago, Captain, Jeese Bice was missed, and it is
supposed he fell from the boat into the Bay
and was drowned. He had in his possession
the freight received by him in Baltimore, for
his down load, supposed to bo about $2OO,
betides' sundry papers belonging to the boat
ing business.
The STATE Cenral. Gomm meet at their wig
wam this evening for drill. This company is
to be a permanent organization, and will as
semble regularly once a week for political die
mission and drill exercise. TioOs and newspa
pers will be provided for the benefit of mem
bers who may wish to spend their leisure even
ing hours in the club room. ,The "Guard" in
tend to make a public parade sometime during
the present month—probably on _ Thanksgiving
evening. The proposition to visit Washington
next March will be acted upon,te-nlakt.
in giving her views of the preaching of a min
ister to whum she had listened several times,
s.tid, "I thought it was the business of the
minister to feed the sheep. This man does not
feed us. He throws only clubs and stones at
us and sends us bleating and hungry home."
Many a preacher might gather a useful hint
from this as to the proper mode of dealing with
kis flock. Harshness, meaty and fault.tiud
,g accomplish but little good in the family,
the church, or the world.
POISONING Hoses.—A few nights ago Some
malicious person administered poison to a val
u ibla horse owned by Mr. Levi Jackson, re•
siding in Cumberland county, a few miles west
of the Harrisburg bridge. The new penal code
inflicts a fine not exceeding five hundred dol
lars, and solitary confinement at labor not ex
ceeding three years, for wilfully and maliciously
poisoning horses and other domestic animals.
Suspicion attaches to a man in the neighbor
hood, between whom and Mr. Jackson a fend
has existed for some months, but no arrest has
ytt been made.
in Hellam township, York county, by which a
young man, named Michael Strickler, lost his
life. He went out gunning, and was standing
on a stone-heap, with his two-barreled gun be
side him, the butt resting on the stones, when
by some means they gave way, the gun slipped
down and the stones came in contact with the
triggers, and both barrels were discharged, the
contents entering his hand and abdomen, car
rying away the ball of his hand and passing
across his abdomen, tearing the flesh so that
when met he was holding his bowels in with
hie hand. Mr. S. leaves a young wife to mourn
melancholy fate.
A STEAM ENOIXI.—There is a good prospect of
having the much•talked of steam engine is our
midst before long. A considerable sum has al
ready been raised towards the purchase of the
machine, and the Friendship company, at their
meeting this evening, will probably make ar
rangements to order it forthwith. The necessity
for a steamer in our large and populous city is
generally admitted. We doubtnot that-irrthe
hands of the "Friendy Boys" itwill do effective
service in times of conflagration, and prove
equal to at least two or three of the old-style
band engines.
LAWYta POLIT/dIANS.—Young lawyers gener
ally like to mingle in politics, that thus they
way become known ; but older members of the
rrefession generally dislike matters that lead
them away from the business of their line, and
they do not desire to run for office, except it is
for such judicial or legal stations asseem within
the purview of their professional career, The
good lawyer who has a paying practice does not
generally theirs even judicial promotion, ainoe
holmow. that this involves a pecuniary nod
west compensated by tenure of Oflliss - oraegal
reputation. The rock upon Which many Young
Irryeis make shipwreck is, having more than
moron in the Are at a thus.
Augurs Waxran.—The attention of persons
in want of employment, is directed to an ad
vertisement in another column, for canvassers
for Township and Local Laws of this State.
phis Police officers passed through this city
from (Jhambersburg, yesterday, having two
men in custody, charged with theft They re
covered a considerable quantity of stolen goods
Wilms]) His Wm.—One John Harris got
drunk, behaved in a disorderly manner, and
whipped his wife. For these offences he was
arrested and taken before Alderman Kline, who
sent him to 'prison for twenty-four hours.—
" The way of the transgressor is hard." Hope
John will resolve to do better for the future.
Comr.—The November term of Court will
commence on Monday morning next at ten
o'clock. The District Attorney informs us that
about one hundred indictments will be submit
ted to the Grand Jury for their action. It is
probable that the criminal business will occupy
an entire week.
~ . .., 4 4.1....
TOWNSHIP AND LOOM. Laws —We are under
obligations to the publisher of a volume bear
ng the above title. It is a compilation of the
laws -relatlncto the duties of Justices of the
'face, Constaillas, Supervisor* of. zoads, &c., a
knowledge of which is of importance to every
• 10. addition it contains a number of
blank forms for instruments of writing, mo
in use. The volume is a valuable one, an
should Alin the , hands of every man. We
have no *Kit Will find a large demand. It
was complied by Wilma( T. Hams, a mem
ber of the Chester County Bar. Theo. F.
Scheffer has the book for sale.
Staters or no PBACS.—The other day Augus
tus Liebtrue, whose name has frequently figur
ed in our police and Court reports,..was before
Alderman idaglanchlin, for abusing and threat
ing personal violence to Mrs. Hutton, who oc
cupies a portion of his house at the corner of
Second and Pine streets. From all we can
learn Liebtrue's conduct on the occasion was
unwarranted and ungentlemanly. He is under
bail to appear at Court and answer the charge.
Subsequently Liebtrue's wife went before Al
derman Kline and made complaint against Mrs.
Hutton for assault and battery, alleged-to have
been committed on two different occasions.—
Mrs. Hutton entered bail fother rippers - awe at
Court. We presume both cases will be dieipoe
ed of next week. .
Oust Sum Sonoma are among the "very
worst institutions of the present age. Passing
along Market street last evening we could not
avoid noticing the large attendance, and the
remarkable proficiency, of the pupils. Scores
of boys were there—apt, smart, ready to learn.
The school book makers who give us Preach
and German, Spanish and Italian, without a
master, might gather a profitable hint from
our street schools, where blackguardism and
rowdyism, obscenity and profanity, are taught
" without a master," free of charge. Parent I
would you have your boy a drunkard ? Let
him frequss*ths! street school, and your wishes
will be realised." Want htin a ruffian, do you ?
Let him run in the streets and he'll make one.
You wish him to learn the languages? In this
seminary he will acquire the grammar and
rhetoric, with all the dialectic niceties of lewd
ness and blasphemy. A home—a fixed home
is desirable for him. Let him run in the streets
night by night, and if he does not get a fixed
home in prison, it will not be because be has
not deserved it.
A FIYALI Stave STRALRlL—Yeaterday the
Mayor of this city received a telegraphic dis
patch from Chambersburg, directing him to ar
rest a white woman and black man, who would
reach here on the Cumberland Valley train.
The parties came from the vicinity of Hagers
town, Maryland, and had through tickets from
that point to Philadelphia. The dispatch, al
though from an authentic source, made no spe
cific charge, and the supposition here was that
the woman had abducted the negro. The
Mayor and Chief of Police proceeded to the
depot, and on the arrival of the train recognis
ed the woman and her dusky companion. The
whole appearance of •the latter unmistakably
indicated his slave origin. There being no
Slave Commissioner in this city, and the Mayor
[ fearing that the arrest of the parties would be
forcibly resisted by the crowd of colored peo
ple congregated at the depot, and give rise to
a scene of disorder and violence, very properly
directed the Chief to accompany the pair' to
Philadelphia and make the arrest there. In
the meantime the Mayor telegraphed to the
Chief of Police in that city to beat the Railroad
depot on the arrival of the evening train from
Harrisburg. When the cars reached Philadel
phia Chief Waterbury took the fugitives in cus
tody, and with the assistance of some officers
who were in waiting, conveyed them to a sta
tion house, where they were locked-up.
Since writing the above we have learned
some further particulars relative to this dark
affair. This forenoon the father of the woman
arrived here and called upon the Mayor. He
states that she is married., and left a husband
and forr childrm, who reside near Hagerstown.
She married modest the wishes of her parenti,
and lived very unhappily with her husband,
whom she deserted a short • time ago and went
to her father's house. He refused to receive
her, and she was obliged to return home. A
few days ago she packed •up such articles of
wearing appareland household furniture as she
could clandestinely take with her, and secured
the services of a, a slave belong
ing to one of her relatives, who stole a horse
and wagon, with which he conveyed her and
the goods to Hagerstown, where the woman
purchased two through ticketi to Philadelphia,
and induced the eleve to accompany her to
that city. The father left in the roon train to
day for Philadelphia, with the intention of
taking his daughter back to her home. He
seemed to be much distressed, and keenly felt
i the disgrace brought upon the Wally by the
indiscretion of his child.. •The parties are in
good circumstances and highly - respected in the
neighborhood where they reside. We presume
the fugitive slave, who aided and accompanied
the Woman in her flight, will ba IrestiUroi to
. is trbier ininer.
ptnnovluantalll irelegrapb, eatuttap &rum NaVault& 17, 1660.
Cot. S. S. Armszrox, the Republican Senator
from the Huntingdon district, was in this city
today, en route for home from Philadelphia,
where he has been spending several days. The
Colonel is a gentleman of fine personal appear
ance, agreeable manners and excellent social
qualities. He will make an Industrious and
useful legislator.
STILL A BOUT. —The shovers of bogus coin
continue to operate in our market. This morn
ing several country people were victimised.—
A lady of this city received from one of these,
in change, a counterfeit half dollar, but was not
aware of the fact until she returned home.—
Some effort should be made to detect and cap
ture the fellows who have so long and success
fully swindled the country people who attend
our markets.
ORIGIN or TnAssaarviso.—The goad old
yankee custom of deioting one day hrtlis t year
to the Almighty in thanks for the many Benefits
which, as a people and Individuals, 1110' enjoy at
His hands, is one that we hope will never be
come obsolete. Probably some of our
= readers
do not know how the custom originated. It
was in one of the early colonies of New En
gland. One year they had not-sifted enough
-to live upon, and unless help sittudetiome We.
the mothatomiglitay,Briglend, gley must perish.
It was a sorrowful time, and they. apiNtlotect a
day of fasting and prayer, that Brod might send
them relief. The day before that so appointed,
a ship laden with provisioni arrived, and the
fast day was changed to a thanksgiving day,
and it was thereafter commemorated yearly.—
Would you not have been truly thankful at
au& a time f But is there not reason to be
more thankful to the laud Providence that has
given the snnibbre and rain, the favoring seed
time and the bountiful harvest, and thus pre
, vented our being reduced to danger of starving f
When:the day comes sit down in the morning .
and endeavor to write out how many kindness- -
ea you have received during the previous year,
and you will eoon find that there is cause
enough to be grateful to-the Giver of all good.
the last (being built forty-two miles long) of a
continuous air line route of railroad between
Hew York and Baltimore via the New Jersey
eentral, the Allentown and Easton, Allentown
and Reading, then the Reading and Columbia,
there crossing the Susquehanna Bridge to
Wrightsville and York, and thence by the
Northern Central Railroad to Baltimore, being
the *Same gunge all the way. This line has
fewer obstacles and less delay than any other
route between those cities. The Reading and
Columbia Railroad is contracted for $79,000
lees thin the engineer's estimate for the gra
ding, masonry and bridging, and more than
halt the land damages have been relieved al
ready. It is now being located, and will be
commenced shortly, and probably completed
within the next 3 ear. This will be a desirable
route to travel, running nearly all the way
through the richest valleys, leas bridging, and
fewer embankments than any other road in this
stollen of the country. It traverses the trs
high, the Cob tiltakitnd the i lforkennutymelt4
thence along thnOtulorns. There are found4iier
in a limit of eight miles, on each side of the pro
posed railroad, two hundred and eighteen atores,
eighty three grist and merchant mills, fifty raw
mills, nineteen tanneries, sixteen distilleries,
seven breweries, four forges, three factories,
twenty-four lumber yards, one foundry, ten
furnaces, one planing mill, Ave ."forwarding
houses and four coal yards, besides miry which
do not pay a license. It willdistrWite two
hundred and fifty thousand tdinkof Ail, con.
earned along the line, in Umatilla county, and
an immense quantity of lumber, besides all the
through travel and trade from Baltimore to
New York and Philadelphia and the coal re
GREAT ARUXYAL of new and cheap goods ;
splendid and large assortment just opened.—
Beautiful styles of new De Laines ; 100 pieces
of new Colicos splendid colors 10 cents; 50
pieces Canton Flannel 10 and 11 cents; large
lot of black and brown Muslin ; 1000 yards.of
pant stuff for men and boys ware ; 80 dozen
'Undershirts and Drawers 65 and 76 cents ; 50
dozen Wool Socks 20 cents; Black Alapacka
Shawls, Cloaks, Cambric Bands, Flanels, Dry
Goods of all descriptions ;10 pieces black Cloth
for Cloaks. Please call and examine our large
assortment, S. Lzwr, at John Road's old stand.
MIIBIOAL.—New music from all the leading
publishing houses always received immediately
after publicition. Violins, Guitimi, Ifitl4 o9 s
Accordeons, etc.; all aorta of strings always
fresh on band, at Wm. Knomure Music store,
92 Market street.
Tim Fuer Wins AWA/EN —There has been a
paragraph going the rounds that Jason, of
whom we read in the books of Maccabees, was
the first Wide Awake. We suspect that the
author of the item is better aoquainted with the
apocryphal than the canonical books, or-he
would have known that the institution-:of Wide
Awakes is rather more than • 8,000 years old.--
Gideon was the first Wide Awake ; for although
the authorired version says he and his little
army of 800 tartlet' "lamps" in their pitchers,
the best translation is "torches?' Gideon lived
hundreds of years before Jason.
slavery journals are Milting much account of
the recent elopement of "a highly accomplish-.
ed young lady of Toledo," "a graduate of Ober
lin College," with a negro barber. .Of course
the Republican party is held responsible. They
omit to state the interesting fact that the
"lady" was of the'same race and'complexion of
the barber. This story will probably be copied
by .the Southern papers generally as one of the
many "grievances" inflicted upon s section
which contains four-fifths of all the mulattos,
quadroons and octoroons in the actuary.
TIMMENDOUS Fananta.—lt becomes our duty,
as faithful public journalists, to announce to our
readeris this morning, the total failure of the
great llemocraiic Spoils Company. It has , been in
a tottering condition for some years past, but
has been held together by the cohesive power
of public plunder, until Tuesday last, when the
concern exploded with a tremendous crash. A
powerful effort bad been made to procure an
extension of its creditors, but a conviction of
its rottenness induced them to peremptorily re
fuse. The failure is one of the worst onrecord.•
Extensive frauds are known to have been com
mitted, rnnn ng back through .a long series of
years. The concern will go at once into liqui
dation. Creditors will reatia hotbing what
ever on their claimi, the email consisting only
of broken platforms and ,bogus seinciples, all
of which are worthiess.+—Burinson Hawk Zys,
Novaribw 10th.
Special Nntitts
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calm the most harrassing cough, relieves the oppressed tl
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To quiet
The riot
Of worms—the vile scourges
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And, as sera es you Dye,
Thorn get their dlactutrges.
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o.4ints, .Rsian Thu.—The following la an
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church to the "Jostling and biessemser.”Sincinnati,
tido, mad speaks volumes-in favor of that world-re
lumped medicine—Mrs; Winslow's Boothi ng Syrup NQ'
Children Teething : at tl
. 4 Wesee an advertisement in your eolume of Alias
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Teti Micary Hisnsn.—Let not dieease,
Its, Mtge, prey upon you, until the cold band o
hunt you to au untimely gra% e. Shake off the I
of despair sad hmelessnees, so liable to come utfitt& ti
invalid. The pl tot born of the Sun we place with lt nii.
reach of all. We coronet what may may be the
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Agnes its drl. hitroduction, the properties of the Oint
ment hay. twee tested In the most obstinate cases—rases
utterly delled the beet medical skill in the countris
and - upon which the most celebrated healing springs pro
duced no elect—and•iu every instance with every eno
otes. -
Sid in _Law Botaes-,Price 60 Cents.
• GERRIT NORTON; Chemist, Proplietor, New York.
pgainpvemengi AgEIGWER' O 2I •
': -- 1414paletruggiet,iirBest., •
15 0 4# 61 41. 1 .*Ws 1 4. 1 1 1 , MAW!.
Special Nolmo.
lb es4abliNned and standard remedy tor Cone', Cold.
In uer Oar, tVarseneas, and all iri Kittens of the MUCOUS
*HUM Gt !be t hroat, palate and nose, la entior,ed by
sirlans, and all who have used it, as a preparation
has no rival in the field. Price 25 cents. Sold by
go Bergner. jy2o
me American Baptist, Naw York, August 2,1819 .
MINIATURB wooden pigeda which we
ki . ig wme w
rot e ma ; : c:r o iv: h beena a:, vm x % si n
ut ir bi v ii e k e l l: . lle
ut success,
,u attention was called to Spalding's Prepared Glee, sold
a Plait Street. This we found to answer the purpose.
ptgoda appears uow to be strongly cemented, and
on seen by calling at the Mike of the Anierican
i'r kreinian Journal, New York, August 6,1659.
k• a o.Prepared Glue is such a simple aid cheap
reparation that it is a pity any house should be without
it., 1 I oct24-1m
T 1
Ws call the - atte Mama of our readers to an
ar de advertised in another column, called Smut) Foot)
It an entirely new discovery, and must not be cot found.
et with any of the numerous patent, meditrines of the
d . It is food for the blood, already prepared for ab
sgorion; pleasant to the WM nd naturatti action, and
r w t one gains he retains. L et all those, then, who are
a utra iittleg if u o e ni utt; v w .e ft ` NotFr clY,Ziod° 666 9; f
4;44 omit:00)1,
. - e of this FlOolD FOOD and, he restored * ** health. We
ii ce thatiour Dynasts*, have received a supply of this
e e, and also of the Esrox'S IN.
*nu: CODDLiI, which every mother should have. It
hal& to contain no paregoric or opiate of any kind
, te,
timer, and of canoe must beinvalmme for all thaw
' 0,019 - Islets. L it is also said that it wlit9ll pall,
a ia,parten, the rams is proeess of teeth ,an at the;
. dreitime retsublite the bowels. Let all medlars an;
n who have endured anxious days ', and sleepless
nig ts, procure a supply and be at once relieved;
rpieriiee advertisement. . atittfebB
fk'qr side by C. A. naturvart, sole agent, Harrisburg, Pa
isida aINP I.
:13 JI .t.
aid v 7
..t: ens
lo la
P. K.
hitutav Caste, Ma, July Bd, 1857.
used your Pole Killer Tor two years, 1 Bed It to be
thfilbest medicine for what tile recommended fbr that I
hgvp ever used. I feel thathful for the benefit I have
reoeived from it. I have been troubled with dyspepsia
"lit,:en years, and tried • * * *. to no benefit. But as
lion as I got to using your Pain Killer I found relict, and
hylthe use of 111 am entirely cured. For chills and fever
.4clmgestive chills, it Is the best medicine I have ever
A 4: I have used It for a great many di ff erent corn.
filaints. and it has never yet failed in giving immediate
l e rld by all druggists, grocers and medicine dealers
ittpoughout he United States and Canadas.
Rhe stain on linen room the use of the Pain Killer is
redly removed by washing In alcohol. 018-1 m
ryspared from a .. ..Prescription fzi Sir .T. Clarke, M. D.,
I ' Phisteian Estraordinary to the Queen,
1 ' This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
those painful and dangerius diseases to.which the female
Constitution is subject. It moderatss all OXCEI.3B and re •
rves all obstructions, and a speedy cure may be
elled on.
it is peculiarly suited. It will, In a abort time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity.
~I Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Government
tbiamp of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeits.
These Pills should tax be taken by females during the
'FIRST THREE .1110.1 4 7THSV Pntenauey, esti/ley are serf
1 10 bring en /lie:arrive, but at any other time they are
: In ail eases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, Pain In
itho Back and Limbs,. Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpita
tion at the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, these Pills will
effect a cure when all other means have railed and al
though a powerful remedy, do not contain Iron, calomel,
antimony, or any thing hurtful to the constitetion.
full dirocilons in the pamphlet around, each package,
tifilebAitadd be.e.irerally preoerved.
B.—St.oo and 6,o;intaguanignns cpchigud.tom
ritnedtncieltl turtle a - Mlle, containing 61
t return mail.
ridror Pair by C. A. A BANIVART
'ONLY $3.00 A YEAR.
4N independent DAILY 8 page newepa
per or imperial quarto Size, (same size as the "Her
a ..Pribune." limei,") published in Nev York; con
taining all thanews tram EVRRY QUARTER OF TEM GLOBE
AND ES IMRE DEPARTMENT OF HMO( licricny, will be
iteryed every day (at noon) to rest rents of our city at the
extremely low price of
$3.00 A YEAR,
ithis is certainly the LOWEST FIGURE at which any
..411y New York piper has EVER been °Eared to our citi-
Our, and only the anticipation Of large acceseiens of sub•
scribers to our lists induces us to make the very liberal
aster, and in which we hope to be sustained.
Rub: orlbers received for h and al/ other city Dilly end
Atnekly Papers. Blsgasines, kc . at LOWVIIT PRICES at
BsituNEws 11241VERSAL NEWS AGtxcy,
81 Market Street:
klarrtiburg, Nov. sth, '
L. ..Aarrtiburg, Nov.. ~, 1860.
1. ,. The Volunteers of the Filth D.vlsion P. T., will pa.
OilffelyAt. Harrliburg, on TOBSDAT, January 15, 1861, at 10
k kitk A. 81., toluangurate Governor Andrew G. Curtin.
1.11114.611 Voiunieers in the &ate and out of ltalacordlul.
Ay . dplrtled to potcipate. . _
Akkaegimzuts, Battalions and Companies will repirt
tilvitrigarUer General E. C. Williams, 2d Brigade bth
ecOlselit.nartisburg. By command or
Major General WlLLlail H. KEIIJ,
I , th Div. Y. V
1. T. "fa
dl fa Li
co, MINIM Faisis.vo, Aldo-de-Camp,
.12 -
sth V. ,
Div. P. Nov. 6th, 1560.
I. Agreeable to the orders of Major General Kelm, sth
vimptete V., the 54 Drigade Otit Division P. V. will pa
, tiadaygliarricburg on tuasnev,January 151h,1861, at 10
.einidokt4 , M., to prrticipate in tho Inauguration of Dover
151MtettchiteW G. Curtin.
t + wlLlfoljtaker, (it the let Regiment will report to Hai.
0 11, 11.'We,Brown, at Harrisburg, on or before the Ist of
,laneirig 1861.
1 f=.2134..E.Ti-LeAr.con' othreimfonireertL G l u OTh rd :t il • i lii r m e aly rt
~11014forofuriher orders. By order of
;..1' irsA B. C. WILLIAMS, Brigadier General
itiardiao - Sd Brigade 66111iviaion P. V.
Joesrivr. KNIPE, Aid•de-Camp. nov6
•.? • UNDERSIGNED will open a NIGH
• on Wednesday evening next Novembe
rrNiv lout Street building, opposite rikort street
g rAurfoqs a t: n tr as ous t f
ti a m T an udi d nE r ea m n L obtain the no
eiru* ' O. EDWARDS.
o, assortment of ALBUMS ever offered In this
• nflogrjekin price from 50 cents to $lO 00 each, bound
itna i wygm of fending, et
$1 Marto: Street.
''''"4":". FOR SALE OR RENT,
ON very favorable terms, a commodious
brick house on Walnut street near Second. Posses
singkledrven on the is l l 3f ß. Afril. E3 kruleg e
oS.d . Second Sleet above Walnut.
s i ved a beautiful assortment of the very latest
;, ie rin :8, which they are telling at the very lowest.
1t,m46 .e very bast 103 i cent Calicos for 10 cents.
rbove reward will be given for the
li t:Wien from the store of the undersigned, in
, t
igx township, on Monday night November fan,
t bisrest of the thief.
- ‘ll6l-NAGERS of this Institution will
Ilatorti tickets, gaol catlike Ist or dord next,
ROWE L. 11.111ENCFI, Prost
r."-. 'image& we will pay the vary high
' ...'" 414 price ai Mate
yg dswly
FungePargrA, Dauphin C .untsr
IT is compounded entirely from Gums,
and has become an established fact, a Standard Medi.
dne, known and approved a ; by all that have tired It,
and is now resorted to i N4 with aocildence in all the
Omens for which it Is re- 0 commended.
It has cured thousands
who had given up all hopes
unsolicited certificates in
The dose must be adapt
tha Individual taking it,and
to act gently on the bowels.
Let the dictates of your
use or the link 111 1 71 G-
O Commaiarra, Biumus
ET Rona &mates, Harr-
CHOUDIA Masan, Cnoisau
successfully as an °EDINA
will cure SICK REAM% CHI
um at commencement cot
sat-Mix Water in the month with the In■
elgorator, anti swallow both together.
?RIO ou DOLLAR ? Born s
L 0
aptly° Cathartic which the
practice more than twenty
The constantly increas.
have long used the Mts.
all express in regard to
to place them within the
The Profession well know
on different portions of the
ference to this well estab
ded from a variety of th
which act alike on 'very
nal, and are good and We
thartio is needed, such to
Patti Pain s in f'ss!
Soreness over tee
or weight in the haul, ail
Worms in Children or Ad-
Purifier of the Blood, and
flesh is heir. too numerous
tmement. Don, 1 to 3.
P 4
E 4
ro are retailed by Druggists generally,and
sold wholesale by the Trade in all the large
S. T. W. SANFORD, M. D.,
Manufacturer and Proprietor,
je2o-dawyll 835 Broadway, New York.
11 For Diseases of the Bladder, Kidney, Gravel,
Dropsy, Be.
RELMBOLD'S Extract 'Dacha for Secret and Delicate
EtELIKBOLD'S Extract of Socha for Nervous sad De
bilitated eat erers.
HELIiIiOLD S Extract of Hoehn for Less of Memory,
Loss of Power, Dimness of Vision, Difficulty of Breathing,
Weak Nerves and Universal Lassitude of .the mussuair
BELMBOLD'S Extract of Buchu for all distressing all
ments—Obstructions, Irregularities, Excess in martial
life, or early indiscretions, kn., and all diseases of the
sexual organs, whether existing in Meteor Amain, from
whatever cause they may have originated, and no ISOM
ter of how long standing.
BIfLMBOLIYS EXTRACT BUMP° c is closeout In its
mete and odor, and immediate in its action. Price Si per
bottle, or six for $5. Delivered to any address, aneotn•
peeled by reEable certilleatea. Fold by all uruggtata.
au2l-3m Derrd 104 Tent. , Q. 1,1141....M.0•ta
Wane Wei ist
wane Fi e
svto- oes
To the Citizens of New Jersey and
Apothecarles, Druggists, Grocers and
Private Families
Wolfe's Pure Cognac Brandy.
Wolfea Pura Maderia, Shirry mad Port
Wolfe's Pure Jamaica and St. Croix Rum .
Woife's Pure Scotch and
_lrish Whisky.
ALL IN Born,Es.
I beg Pave to call the attentim of tho citizens of th 3
United States to the above Worms and LIQUORS, import° 1
by Udolpho Wolfe, of New York, whore name is ram -
liar in every part of this county for tae purity of hit
dalennned SOMIDAtt Scas&pps. Mr. Wolfe, in Ws lettw
to mr, speaking of the purity able W/NSS and Isquents,
says: "I will stake my teputallon is a man, ray Stand
ing as a merchant of thirty years' res'dence in the (Sty
of New York, that all the BRANDY and WISIS Kbian
bottle are pure as Mar orted, and of the best quality, and
can be relied upon by every puechaser." Every bottle
has the proprittot'a name on the wax, and a lac simth
of his sigoature on the ct tte. Toe public are e •
spectrully invited to call and examine for themselves.—
For sale at Retail by all Apothecarits an I Grocers In
Philadelphia. GEORGE If. ASHTON,
No. 83t Market Phtlad, Irhi a.
Sole Agent for Philadelphia.
Read the following from the New York Case ler :
Ws aro happy to inform our ferew -citizens that there is
one place in our city where the physician, apothecary,
and country merchant, can go and purchase pure Wines
and Liquors, as pore as imported, and of the best quality.
, We do not intend to give an elaborate description of this
merchant's extensive business, although it will well re
pay any stranger or citizen to v sit ildolpho Wolfe's ex
tensive Warehouse, N 03.11. ';1:1 and 2Z Beaver .street,
and Nos. 17, 19 and, 21, mar- etfirld street. His stock of
Schnapps on band ready for shipment could not have
been less than thirty thousand eases; the Brandy, loins
ten thousand cases—Vintages of 1838 to 1888 ,• and ten
thousand cases of Madeira, Sherry and Port Wine,
Scotch and Irish Whisky, Jamit , ca and St. Croix Rum,
some very old and equal to any in this country, - He also
had three large cellars, filled with Brands-, Wine, &c., in
casks, under Custom House key, ready for bottling. Mr.
Wolfe's sales of Schnapps last year amounted to one
hundred and eighty thousand dozen, and we hope in lvs
than two years he may be equally Isuccessful with his
Brrndies and Wines.
His business merits the patronage of every lover of his
species. Private families who a ish pure Wines and
Liquors for medical use should send their orders direct
to Mr. Wolfe, until every Apothecary in the land mate
up their minds to discard the poisonous stns' from their
shelves, and replace it with Wife's pure, WINES and
. We understand Mr. Wolfe, for the accommodation of
small dealers in the country, puts up assorted ( area of
Wines and Diners. Such a man, and sea a merchant,
should be sustained against his tens of thousands of op
ponents in the United States, Who sell nothing but imita
tions, ruinous alike to health and human happiness.
C. K. Keller, 91 Market street, sole agent for this cit.
PRE UNDERSIGNED is prepared to fur
jOilitthe in - QC - with every' variety of RETMING,
COBB, and,CROS . AND STONE. Also a good article or
HICKORY AND OAK WO:)D, :it moderato prises. Apply
to J. B. COLE, corner of Broad and Third streets, in the
sixth ward. call-atr
CI — T I C E .—The undersigtied
opened an Beglish and Classical SehoOl for Boys In
the led ., r oom of what was formerly , called, the
"United Brethren. Church," Frorit; between Walnut
and Locust streets, is prepared to. receive pupEs and in •
strut[ them in the branches tt natty taught in schools of
that character. The number of pupkvis -bmiteil
twenty eve. ,
For information with regard to terms,: &o. apply .10
Per. Mr. Robinson and Rev. Ur, Cattail, or-perSocanmo
oct26•dtf .1.01E4 B.:KING.
SHOP P'.l Nl**,-B A qls
61 Market Street
within the last two Ceara
of relief, as the nun, rOtal
my possession show.
ed to the temperumtnt of
used in smut qUitlltiti , a as
Judgment guide you II) Ik e.
BATOR, and it will .ure
mama, Mus - nras, to or-
211:31023, and may be iced
(aa thousands can testily t
ORM= Tampowurne a sit
tYG_ their tad= olsr la Its
TIC PILL fa a gentle bn
proprietor hr t s used in We
. .
ins demarid from these who
and the satisfaction which
their use, has induced ma
roach of all.
that different Catbartlea sot
TIC PILL has, with doe re.
lisped fact, been compowa.
purest Vegetable IsYtracts,
part of the alimentary m
in all cases where a ea-
Derangements of Stomach,
Back and Loins, Costumiers
body,Rettlestacu, Headache
inglmssa wry Disease',
ults, Rheumatism, a great
many diseases to ditch
to mention in this • Ivor.