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TERNS.—lbwma EM=mxozi.
The Duvr latauaara It served w eubocribere In the
Borough at 6X Gents per week. Yearly subscriber,
will be charged - -
The Timenksidi is also published twice a week during
‘tie session of the Legislatare, old weekly during the re
mainder of the year, and fort/Wide to aubsertbera at the
following rates viz :
gle Suloorlbers per year
even (I
12 subscribers order the dlscontinuanciuf their news
papers,arrarag the pu es are blisher map continue to send them until
all paid. •
If subleribers neglect or refuse to take their newspa,
viers from the office to which they are directed, they are
responsible until they ber'settilla the bills and ordered
them discontinued • -
UtD cal.
fias discovered the most certain, speedy
sod elfootnalreinedy in the world for
No Mercury atiVeriout Drugs. _
Coax Wane emp , ON NO QUEUE, IN neat ETifa TO
Two DAYS liEfik
Weakness of the Back or Limbs,. Strictures, Pains in
the Loins, Affections of the Kidneys and; Bladderi - Organlik
Weakness, Herta= liability, Decayof the PhysleaPPOw-'
era, Dyspepsia Languor, Low Spirits, Confnsion of Ideas
palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, Tremblings;Dimness 01
Eght or Giddineray Disease of the Stomach Affections oi
the Head, Throat, Lode or . Skin—those terrible disorders
arising from the indiscretion or Solitary Habits of Youth—
those dreadful anddestructive practices which produce
aCtistitntloual debility, render marriage, Impossible, and
destroy both body and mind, -
Young mon especially who have become the victims of
solitary Vice, that dreadful. and destructive- habit which
annually Morena 0 an untimely grave thousands oilcans:
men of the most claiteditalent andinilliarit intellect, why
might otherwise have entranced listening Senates with the
thunders of eloquence, or wakedto ecstasy thelivlng lyre,
may call with full confidence.
marrieallersons, or thosecontemplatingmarriage,belny•
aware" of:physical.Weakness, Sheuld'innnediatedy stanza
Dr. and be perfect • '--
Immediately Cured andfuS Viper Anima
Be who places himself under the care of Dr..). may
religiously confide in his honor as a geatleMan, and confi
dently rely upon his skill as a physician:
agr Office No 7 South Prederickstreet; Baltintore, • 0.;
on the left hand aide going from Baltimore street, 7 d re
from the corner. Be particular in observing the na e
and number or you will mistake the place. Be particular, for knmrunt: Trifling Quacks, with false names, or Petal
Humbug CM...Orates, attracted by the reputation of Dr.
Johnston, lurk near.
All letters must contain a Postage stamp, to use on the
ep ly.
Da. JOHNBTOK member of the Royal College of Surgeon
Londtuaraduate from one of the moat eminent colleges°
tne L. Statea, and the greater part of whose life his been
qem. in the Hospitals of London, Paris, Philadelphia and
ektewhere, has effected some of the moat astmdahing cures
that were ever known. Many troubled with rlngmg In the
ears and head when asleep, great nervousness, being
alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulness, with frequent
blushing, attended sometimes with derangement of mind
were cured Immediately
Dr. J. addresses all those who having iniareathem
selves by private and Improper indulgences, that seers
and solitary habit which ruins both body and mind; un
fitting them for either business or society.
These ire some of the sad and melancholy - effects pre
dated by,early habits of youth, viz : Weakness of lbw
Hack anti Limbs, Pains In the Hesd, Dimness of Sight,
Less of Motivator Power, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspep
tax, Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Digestive
faucticas General De bility; Symptoms of Con sump
ton, he.
Mentalip p .thelearfaellitta.oulhimind are mactAer. be
dreaded ;—Losa of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Myrm
idon of Splrite, Evil Forebodings, Aversion to Society, Self
distrust, Love of t3olitode, Timidity, ace., are some arta cc
Thooslinde of persons of all ages, can nowiudge %shells,
the cause Ot Weir declining health, losing their vigon t be
Oenung,'Weak, pate, nervous and emaciated, have a Bingo.
lar ammasance about the eyes, cough, and symptoms of
COnsumntion. • . •
who have injured themselves by a certain practice, in
&aged in when alone—a habit frequently learned troth
evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are
nightly felt, even when'asleep, and if not cured; renders
Marriage impossible and destroys both mind and tedy
h onid apply immediately.. , •
What a pity that a young roan, the hdpe of his Country ' ,
the darling of , his parents, should be snatched:front ad
prospects and enjoyments of life by the consequences of
deviating from the path of nature, and indulging in •
certain 110111431, habit. Such peracms must, before oontem
effect that a sound mind and bedy are the most , nuca',
airy requisites to promote connubial happiness: Indeed
without these(' thejourney thrmfgh fife becomesa weary,
pilgrimage the prospect hourly darkens to the view;
the mind btaames shadowed with despair, and tined with
the melancholy reflection that the happiness of another
becomes blighted with our own.: ' •
By this great and Important remedy, Weakness of the
Organs are speedily cured, and fun vigor redered.
Thousands or the most nervous and debilitated who
had lost all hope, have been immediately relieved. Al
Impedimenta to . arriage, Physical or Mental Disqualill
cation Nervous "'rambling, Weakness or Eshauetton of
the most fearful kind, speedily cured.
. . ,
The many thousands cured at this Institution Within the'
last twelve years, and the numerous important Surgica
Operations performed by Dr. J., witnessed by the re
porters of the papers, and many other persons, nbtices
which have appeared again and again - before theinsbite,'
besides kis standing as a gentleman of character and fti.-
sponsibility, is a suffidentkuarantee to the afflicted
DIELLIE OF IMPRUDENCE.--When the misguided and
imprudent votary of pleasure Ands he has imbibed the
seeds of this painful disease, it too often happens that an
ihdimed sense of shame or dread of discovery deters him
Trom applying .10 those, who, from eilutatleif
Spectabilityr clans siblitiLbefriend aim,- delaying- tliFthi
constiutimuil symptoms of this horrid disease make that;
appearsace, allbcting the head, throat,' nose, side, Ike.;
progressing on with frightful rapidity, till death puts a
period r r his dreadful sufferings by sending him to 6 %41
bourne from whence no traveller returns." It is a maim.
oholy fast that thousands fall viotima to this terrible dis•
ease, owing to the unskilfulness of ignorant pretenders,
Who, by the sae of that deadlypoison, mercury' ruin the
constitution and make the residue of life miserable
To strangest —The Deafen Diplomas hang in his office.
air Letters mind contain a Stamp to us on the reply.
Ifir Remedies sent by Mail.
eer No. 7 south Frederick street, Itsithitore
a Wholesale end Retail Drug end Proscription Btdre,
e Irth Frout No. 128 Market street, lately
°scolded by Mr. thy, veins can be found amentirt nes
Moak of, Fresh and Pure brass, Perfumery, tiva • Olin.
OIL, COAL 'OIL LAMPd, Buouiug Fluid , Alo obol Patent
M0.3011/114; Stationery, Fancy articles, &0., arn. We
have the agen, y for the sale of Kline's Celebrated Arti
skim Tooth, W 44ott;.3se would invite the attention of
Dentists. -,
By strict attention to business, and deelre to Please,
we respectfully ask a share of Pnbtio Patronage.
N. B.—Prime Havana Bogart and Tobsoco cussmu y
on hand. - • Lt)
rtui.N.K. A. haIURRALY,
. .
Vuccasor to Wm. Parialo
. -.: , .• ..,
THIRD STREET BELOW mmuott.i,e.:.
4 A VIN G. purchased the intereeti4
Q Arms in the establishment, tuulliiiiiiditlkate'.
att cons to the stook the undersigned is'
" 3'
escommodate the public with Summit ROMS tors
or carriage purpoaes,and with every variety cif VEHICLE
or the latest and most approved styles, on reasonable
PLEIASUREPARTM will be accommodated with Omni-
tonged at short notiee
MPS will be furnished, .aosompanied by oarefulaad
Obliging drivers.
He invites an inspection of his Stock, satisfied thatit Is
rally equal to that of any other establishment sf the kiwi
la town. 'HANK A. stURRAT. •..
, -
The undersigned has opened a brooch of ,his . A‘EIVARIt
SIutBE:CIiAIreE,STAME," in the bilildings. Weir °Wa
led by A. R. Barr, hi Fourth street awaits thoyfiethat, , :
hero he - is prepared to accommodate the public - with
ORM and VEHICLES, at all thaws, on reasonable, terms,
I 9 Nook is large and_varled, and will re commend knit
8411-rdseit/2 SUNK A. MURRATJ
------- _
t 1 11
i... - '
',-; • ''' _ \ \ A- i t 4 ' 7 /1,1116.1
... 1 611rJ..• '
' f ', 4 17 ;;;
• 1
.-;• ii , a
, .. ,\,„,, _
_ n ,
,„,, „L..... ‘ .
. .____....
. 4
1 . . .
, ... •
S 2.00
HEIMERHXOIB , BriCHTY for the Bladder.
HELMESOLDtS BUCHU tor the Kidneyit..
H IN.BOLD'S BO for 'the Gravel. '
HELM BOLD'S Etucau . for 14 ervonsisem. '
BELMItuLD'S SCrettl7 for' lees aide mu 7. •
HRUIROLD's BUCHU for Dininein ut Viuo
IiEt.II4BuLTY3 .BUCHU tor buult Bitataing. •
RELEIBOLLAI.BUCEW for Wealr Nerves.'
HELDS.BoLD , S 1311cHU for General Debility
RaLMBOLD'd BUCHU for Universal I.amitude.
EIELMSOLLOS ntieliU for Horror off Ise
H.F.L.I4SOLD'S BUCHU for Night. Sweats.
HELMESOLD'S HEIChU fur Wakeluiness.
HELHBOLD'S BUCHU mr*Drynesser the Sidi.
IiELMBULD'S BUCHU for Eruptions.
HELIUM/LH BUCHU for Pain • ;
11111212011/ 4 SI3I:7CLIU for Heaviness Mahe Dyads, with
_ Temporary Suffusion d of Sight.
BELidBuLD'S, BUCHU'; ton Mobilitk- and Reitlessness,
With 'WPM, ofAttention and Horror of Society.
EELM.eOLIPS Want for Obstructions.
}tELMBOI;Ii'B' BUCHU for ircesses , arising fram
' eretion, and all diseases of -
T.4.1f8 O Ato.RE PILL,V7' ;
,OF .1110 AVAIL.
r Use ERrallri.444 3 Fk//tSCTL;UP4I3 IbraUco,4ll-tkite
;7* No'Acearliii3K, Sheath/tile. Wiltbontiti
TARE NO MORE AI LSAM.orritjuriowl and Unpleasant
Medicine lor Unpleasaut and Dangerous Diseases.
arising irum habits indeigect in
Iranian and Old. •
And ler dleeaset arising faun Habits of Dissipation. It re.
=urea all'uniirolier diselistrges, and will restore the pa.
. dent In a 'Wert time . to a state or Health and Turley. •
Uri HEWS BIND'S' EXUACT BUDEW for Di 6131101 and
.Affectiot s or the most Distressing charscter.
Use DE1,1411, LD'SEXTRACT BUCHU for all Agitations
Viand ciseases of the
Urinirk flrigaika,
Male or Female
from whatever came originating, and no matter of
How Long Standing. _
All of the above dloOtecellid of the
same treatment, and inay : orlgininato o
uzialise LuT 11,Lau , Is safe," and pleasant taste
and odor, but Immediate in Its action. ,
Personally appeareo. before me, en Alderman of the
- City of Plidadelthle, If. T. Ilelmbuld, Cnemist, who be
ing dory metro, dues say, uat his preparation contains
no Narmllei Mercury, or itjurious orug, but Is purCl y
:Vegetable. . H. T.-8.111-MeOD,
..::‘,§teorn and subscribed befbreme,' U its 21d day of No
li:ember, 1854. WM. P. .111.13BA1..1?, alderman.
T'ric;e $1 per bottle, or six for tb, dellvured to any ad-
ot rial Coate but a Dolltant-rpry
41344 be convinced of its ("fleecy. And it is accompanied
by?rellable and tespenaldle certitudes irom Probation
of !digital Colleges, Llergy men and others.
Prepared by H. T
Practicid and Analytical Chemist,
104 south Tenth kitrect, thlew Chumplb w __
-- Mr. - -4b - ctiWt unprincipled Dealers 111
to palm offabotber article, which payea better pro& anu
tie werthleut -
Sold . by D. W. Gross k and all .Droggisjs every.
wince. ' ' • •
Cut tbls oub.nend or call 'fox; it; and 'atiolevipositie
end imposition. = aull.dawism
►r..HESE MEDICINES have now been be
1. fore the public I*.r period of THIRIY YEAM, and
dor ing - lhertluic have maintain. d aligh character in al.
moat every part of the:Globe, for their extraordinary'
and 'inoculate power of-restoring perfect hit:v.lo'W per
sone' aufferibg under nearly every ; kind, -of Octane to
, •which the human frame le liable;
The following nzeanxong tip warming wicty or hu
man diseases in which the
Are well be Infallible:
DYnPIsIPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the first and
second stomachs, and creating a flow of, pure, healthy,
hlle '
; Instead •C the stale and acrid kine L PLATIC
bEIIII3I, Lose of Appetite, Heratbarti, headache, Best
'haleness, 111-Temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy,
Which are the general symptoms of ,Dyspipsitt, will van
ish, ds a'naturtil Cmniequenco of its cure.
tcOb , MIITEMESS, by cleansing tne'whole length' of
the intestines with a solvent process, and without VW
:lei:tee' all ilolett purges leave the bowels costive within
two days.
1 1 111VMRS of all kinds, by restorinuthe blood to a
regular oirchation, throukh the process of respirabon In
such;cases and the thorough solution of all iniestlual Ob
struction in otters.
the LIFE MEDICINES have ,beetti known to Sure
RIELEIIIIIATLiAI. permanently in three weeks and .
GUM P; in half that Mink by fettering ictalinflaiximatlo4
from tbe muscles and ligameas of the joints: •
DitoPetibls of alt kinds, by treeing and strengthen
ing the kidneys and bladder; they operate moat delight.
'Cully on these linportttat organs, and bence have ever
"liar! , found a nertaiM. remedy 10T . the 'worst CMOs Of
Also WOBniS, by dislodging from the tun/imp 01
the bowels the slimy matter to which these creatures
SOitus, by the perfect levity which these LIFE MEDI.
Cll4.lki give to the blood. and all the humors..__..
lOY.S, by their alteiale effete upon the littids:that teed
the skin, and the morbid state of which occasions all
eruptive"complaints„ sallow; Oloodyj-and °thin:, disagree
able ConMlexiena.
ikAhe use of these Pills for .iierylshort time will e
an entire cure or SALM. Rkski,Ulkt, and 'a etrikingiro
provement in the Cleirotteref the gkin. 'COMMON
COLDS and INFLUENZA van always be cured by
one dose, or. by, two mills woratosses.
original proprietor of these. medicines,
was cured - of Pilea;.ot _ 3s.yearsstanding hy the use of the
. .
'N'lnVidlt AND ADVIBFor, this scourge or we
Western Octutry, those hiediclaes will 'Gei •fouud a tale;
sperray, and oerudn remedy. • Other Medicines Imue the.
system sobJect to a return urine cliseasti—s. dare by,theat
Moines • Is' pa manent..TßY THEM, BE BATMFLED,
FLSIIIITS.-4nantrAL DITSCLIIT, Lona us Artivrin, and
la iuisios Ls Flita/...—the liteuicLues hairizi. been used
with , thO 'host behsilcial reaultSin citsni of ails &Scrip ;
Hun is-fillip Evil and its worst forins,yields
tO, them ad yet p ow er f ul acilon'of these remarkable Ikea
does: Night • Sweats, Norio= bobility, Nervous Coro.
plaints of all lawn', Palp.tation of the Heart, Painters'
Colic, are ipeeittlyoured. , , - •
.1311 EASIES-Persons whose
coustitu loom have become impaired by the injudicious
maa of mercury, will Bud thise'wedismea a perfect one,
as they /lever fsil to , eraukate lrom the system, all the
etfol a of tsercury,lnnattoly, wooer - Haan the timospower
ftd erosrstionts etBmrsaliurllla -
`Prep tared and . 6014 - br - r - W.`, Di MOFFAT, •
• • ass /ay; New York.
19:114i0 by, all Drug g i s t s , ,
bi 3 O 'ME Flan ARRIVAL ,
LYBEN YAL E7r 89 OVg C?A•ty $ 2 , 4 0 Per ton. •
. . NUT SPS.O I IO .
Also constantly on hand;
EGG, ' •
Willt/iSEIABBE Shush N s - , •
.• - N0..8 and 4, -
Blacksmith, CoaL-Allealterty - and Broad Toll. Aldo
Dickory, oak' &wiring Wood: E. BytELS.
4 • •`*- 4 • ' P . ; Cher rrr
EVERY', of Iron orVbbii
htacidiani in £he hest manna at the
Penna. R. Road, oho, e State street.
Ratidsbord aprtl.22 3869,—.11„y.
iiyspepsia)tiemedy ,
This Medicine ha, been used by the pahlic for six:years,
mitts - increasing favor. it is recommended to Cure
Dyspoinia,. twvseeu,S artßurn, adicPeeins,-.
Wind in he atomic*, or Ed*: in the .Sowe .
Rem:lade, Ihmosineu,
paints,. Lew Sprits iirtUrn;
Treocens, Intemakrance. •
il i a A. MEDICINE it is quickt; . nd effects=
al, curing inn most aggravating ease' o :14spepala, ,
(oy Onniplaints, and all Ether derange ent of the'
Stomach and Bowels, in a sgeed_Y-3Wqinvr,.
It' will instantly revive th most nipanc i ly and
drooping spirita;and radoie the Weak;afervoiis si d sick
ly to health, strength and vigor.
PersonS +mho, front titelidudieious use of liquors, have,
become dejected, and their nervous Osten:is; rihatteredit
conatitettioirs brOken dew% and
,anhJpct to thatherrlble,
curie to humanity; the Ihuutima lltiat:is, almeat ,
lintnediately, fel') the happy and healthy inviginitting
enleacy of Lr.
IT I WILL DO: r r;,
n wine glass u as often as necessary
One cloak will-ream% e all Sid Spirits:
One dose will sure.Hearr.burn.,., , • ..
Thrt 'doneii
.' One dose will give.youi a Good APPrilite. • -
One dime will stup.the distressing:mains of Dyspepsia.
One dmie remove.the eistressisganci cli.agreeable
effects of Wind'ili'Fiatutence, - and as sobn alt the stoiriaCti
reckvert the In, igorating Spirit, the distressing load and
.811 *rani feelings willho removed. • -
One dose will remove the mosedistresisingpalite efeadic;
either in the stomach or bowels.
AI few doses wW remove all obstructions in the Kidney,
Bladder or Urinary Orgatii.
YOIBOLIB who are, seriously afflicted :.with; any Kidney
Complaints are assured speedy relief by a dose or two,
.and .a radical cure by the use of one or two boytles..
Persons who, Iron: diteipating too much over night, and .
feeltthe evtleffectii of poisonous ilquors,in violent head;, `
ach i ts,ittniftpiett stomadb, weakness ,.. giddiness' ; &Or*
wil fatd onOlotte Will ieniciio j ,
I stiles df Wetilfatid shouliltake the
Inv orating Spirit three limes a da); it will make them
strong, healthy and happy, remove all obstructionannd.
irregularities Irons the menstrual organs, and restore the
bloom of bealth evil beauty Abe cafewortrfabe:
During pregnancy It wilt be found an invalyablemedi,
cineMo remove disagreeable - sentatiOns at the stomach.
AS-the proprietor asks is a trial, and'to induce this, he
has put up the Invigorating Spirit in pint , bottles; at 50
cent., gnarls El.
lieneral Depot, 48 Water street, N. Y.
Wholesale Agent, Philadelobia, 1). YOTT, & CO. and.
fortle in C. A. I3annvart, D: W. Grose &
Co. dC. K. Keller, and by all Druggints everywbere.'
. .
zrave now Open a large or MOURNING
D126a8 GOODS;
zeg, s,. T o
Aii L atier g oods desirable f9r.n . ll.'aildWintetfivtar.
. 1 .. .
~ - . ho. l4.brartitt ekityxo,-.
312 ~: I : . NAzi t io.theliatriabufg Bsuik.
No; 28 South Second St., Hanisburg.
Bor 4,000 Illarrietrurg•Bonds. •
80, Shares of garriiburg:-Briqgl Company,
70 " . • _ Jaaa • - •
40 - 4i .
' . JII D
Mountain - Herb-lls.
rraE,invwator apaln*Vattaitet of "Jud-
Son'a - Mountain Herb Pills,'? hati anent the greater
part of his ire:Veiling, having visited nearly every.
country He omit over six years 'anon
the ROcky.lifountains-and of - Mexico, and it waktims that
the "Mouterent them. gr4s". were diswvered. A yery
interesting account , of-hixiadventures there, - yodisdll find
In anti Almanac. and Pamphlet.. • - s t a - •
•It La an estahlished factithat all !distattais.. - arise from; . •
• .1 ILDIPtittE BCOUlit
The blood is the lire I and when ahy -, forelgu or un
healthy matter gets raged with it, it. titmice distrpnted to
every orgairof the body. lilvelyiierve feels , the pobrani
and all thh vital organs quickly complain.- The stomach
will not digest the food perfectly. The liver ceases to
secrete a sufficiency of bile.. The action of thetheartis
weakened, and swthe circulation is feeble. 'The lungs be
_come ',clogged with, the.eole@nolis Pat-tinlF;Thence" ecough
-aod all a "slight imparity_of the , fountain-head of
Ble—the Blood I As if you had 'thrown' shme earth, for
Instance, in a pure spring,. from whicUrin a tiny riirulet
in. a 'Um minutes the whole course orthe stream te, ,
comes disturbed sad discolored. .as effilikly does linpure
blood' fly to every .part; atd leave its ating- behind. All
the passages.become obstructed, and unless the obstruc
;Bowie remoyed, the lamp oi life soon dies out.
"These pillff not only purify.the blood, hut regenerate sil
the secretions of the body, they are:therefore, unrivalled
Liver, Complaint, Sick Headache, ate. , Thhi
expels from the blood Atte bidden seeds et die.
eate, and render§ all the guide and aecretion.s pure and
fleent;el64int and 'resuscitating tbe
Pleasustklufted,.ia.k Ui us, that we-are-able.... to place
your.reach, methelne like.the , f , l4ormrata Bann
&lap that *willmumdireeny to ace afeicteaWris,...rdugh
1110 blood Wad fluids of the body, and cause the . b uireter
to brighten *lathe ail or beauty and'health. •
judion's .Pl/ Is ate the Best - Baited rn exist
enee forth"f l low?. g Cc
Complidnts, Inward lirealuiesii,
• Coughs ' ', - • Fever and.ilgue, Liver 'COMPlakitos
Female Cumplaivts,LowneasotDplrlts,
Chest Diseases, Headaches, Piles,
..lostiveness, - Indigesuonp!hogs sad Graved,
:Dyspepsia, iultuenits 'l 4 cuitktarr A/YIN? .
Diarrhtes, InfLuiunatlen, - toms.
Dropsy, . " L 'lst' •
. . ,
remelts whn vales- health, shimid. never be without
these Pills. They tardy the blood: - r4m(We'o4airlicLioasi
of all kinds, cleanse the skin of all Prinillee and Olotch , M,.
and bring the rich-color of health to, the pale cheek:
- Mr' Theirlints and Herbs of „min.& 'these ...Ms are
"madei were discovered in a very surprising way among
the Temecula, a tribe of Aborigines la Mexico. Get the
Almanac of oar Agent, and you will read with delight,
the very interesting account it contains of the "Galax
ifmnicetr , of the Aztecs.
ObaeirXe..: - -Tfilltoutala Herb-Inns. Are, ppat;upda a
Beautiful' Wrakter kaoli boxxoatabia 1 40 As; and Ito ,
tail at 25 seats per box. Ali genuine, have the alviaturo
of B. L.JODSON & 04 on each bo*i.
Sole Proprietors
No. 50 Leonard Street
War' &Rots a
wanted lways
rebtaiemtaw od 7 ,reas as above. lilt
r4l.osor q s , .73 uzADINGe LoniTIKBALtA
astamßEß OF LAktG.M.: 1 1ZED BUILD
-ING LOTS adjoining the Round Rouse and Work
ntoopa of the Penna. Railroad Company, will be mold
10* and on reasonable terma4tApply
anaig 6m JOIN W. UM.
' .filizteltautous.
SAES nowLawcz 00.31PAN7
. .
~ •
S. E. Corner of - Third:and Walnut Streets
.. , .
MARINE OD' . Vessels
11/31.„Cargei and Freight to all parts of the World:
Gutals: .
Lakes ihd Lind Carriages . to all parts of the Union.
1;13E INSURANCES on Merchandise generally, and on
Storm, Dwelling Houses, am. ' ' • -- '
AII..4ETS OF TEM . COMPANY, ,, November ad, AIMS_ .
5088,5047 p : .. . . - - - -- -
• :, f-• , - - - NoVember 10; ISIS..
The Board of Directors have this day declared a divi. =
dead of SIX PER CENT. in. Cash, on the Capital Stock ,
enidElX PER GENT. on the Scrip of-the Company, pay.:
ableot 'and after let the proximo. '
Tliey!hato ad , : declared &Scrip. Dividend otrwnly,
yIVE PER CENT. on the Original Stock, and on
tt the
Earrteat.Premimns for the: year:ending October Si, 1858,
iDerttfleafes for which will be issued to the,parties en•
titloilsof the elaile, oft:ind after the' first on. Decemifer. • :
„ sirl — Ptvantbre my/ Resolution adopted by the Board.
WH.110481 the means of Alia Company arhang -
fron-Drollts, and which will be derived from the In
crosOmi Capital Stock 'linden the; late amendments to the
,of Incorporation, render the further, continuance of.
the Gtorintee Gspital - onneeeseary; therefore ' be It- - ' '
Basolard, That the Guarantee 'Capital be discontinued,
and tho Natal . - representing. the. same be delivered up to •
the Makers thereofois soon as ,the Risks taken during ,the
eriod embraced in said Notes . sball have deterndned. '
William Malin, J.aines o.ditutd, s iWilllsmayii,Jr. :
Joseph U. Seal, . Theo.A*l4om, _ ' amm Tennant; ,:
Edsqusd'A. Semler; De. B. M. Huston, J. B.llPPerland, .
001E6 o.'DilVilii , - ' High Ors*, W 101.13. L 126916
SAMS IltirWili.! S. AVidvilnj , ' elnasa Hand;
oini R. Penrose ,:,
-.., harleeKelley,- . Joshris - P, , Eyre, -
George Gaielfier,; , likunnelib. Stokes, Jacob P.. Jones
Sdwarillarlington, Remy Moan, J.T.Logan,Pitt's
H. Tones Brooke, . James Tragtudr, 'D. T. Morgan,
J: F. Pm:Listen, .! . - : ' -,i I._. .. . ,•J. B. Semple,- ' -
~ . -, _›WILLIAM MARTEN, president:-
- '4" - i - ' THOMAS D. HAND, Vice President.
v HINDI' LYlBURN:,Secretery.
The ruidersignixi,AS :gentler the above ComPany,la
4itaparod to make insurances on all descriptions 'Of pre
'pety bn the moat liberal terms.
• ietil&dosily.' ' ' ' .:WILLIAM imEnLEE,
~ ::. , •.. . llarrisburg, Pa.
..121 CE, .A E' S
, .
- .
And 'the various, affections consequent upon a disordered
S I T °MAC O)Et „LIVER, - •
finch as Indigestion, Acidity of the. Stomach, Colicky
t , euralgic•Atiectioui, it has In numerOus
instances ritovi,d highly beneficial, end in lithe/13 effected
a dechied cure.. ' '
' a_ purely, vegetable, compound, prepared on -
atrictlyselentille princiPles, 'after the manner of the (tele,
'brated, ,klollend Profesior; -.Beet have • Its reputiatitm at:
home produced its introductidn here; the dtratu d corn
mennipg with those otthe F:athei latid smattered Otii3Pibp
face of Ibis' intihty country, many of whbm biought with
them audaaanded.dowtt the ,xrat.itiol . of its value_ t.jt
, poto t,l4.4liiitf ; the : Anti/icon knotting that itS hal
woralegnletedOlubbsirlues mint laracknotofedued.:::": • :
It is particularly reemareentid to those persons whose
:constitutions-may - hate ; peen. mpair:d:by, he cent:mous
`the of ardent spirits, or other forms of. ditjOpetion...Gen.
erally instantaneerostrreffect:lenddwits'wey ditectly to
the beatot wife, thrilling and
.quickentng .
raleing thri'droiiping spirit, and, In fact, infonng new
in.khenistem. - . . . •
biI);TICE:--whoever extents to find tills a beverage will
.be disappointed; but to:the Mott, weak and low spirited
It will prove a grateful arematle pe,ssessed of
of singoatrremeefai piopatiei.
,!1.)71 3{,EAD.CABERITLLY!
The Geputne.,ltlghly concentrated Bcerhave's Holland .
Bittere r -le pai'uti lit ball-pint' bottles on valid retailed at
•Ona Dom aaderbottini or SIX bottles for FITZ .IJOLLARS..,.:
The great for thiCtrulY celebrated Medicine bee
inducedjnany,,lulttationa, which the public eheald guard
againbe pureirdsorn - .' 4
Afirßew f areAllppotqlort..-, ! * that our name he on the
label of every battle you buy.
Sold by Drugsdsts t genehilly. mit :b e forwarded by
Express le mosrpoinfs. 1 "
• . , VDTs "PARiaBRILEIi o'n s ••• •
• mANtrtiottfitiiii '
• , Pharmaceutists` '. tilid''Ohoibists.
For' sale ilk the city of Harrisburg by D. W. GROSS' &
Co. ; • t,••
ESPECIALLY designed for the use of the
Medical`Profession awl the Fienttly, having super-
Booed' the so-called "nrnmsse," "Cordial,"
" Medicated." "Schnapps," etc., is bow endorsed by ull
of the prominent physicians, chemists and connoisseurs,
5,S posses.singsill :of those intihnic medic nal qualities
(,tout° NHL Ofiretio) which belong to an.= and PORN
'Gin.. Put up in quart hot. les cal sold by - all druggista,
grocers, eta. . . A. If 81N12413E8' & Cu. -
(Established in 1778.) • PolOProprieters.
. . No. 18 Broad Street, Ni Y.
For sale by W. W. & H. ench,. Richards &
Co.; and all of the prominent IV holenale Druggi-ts in
Philadelphia. ' . sen27..dawdm
AE•01:lOOL BOOK.--"01J1 - 3. GOVERN
YENT."—an explanatory Etatement .
or the sys
tem:or the gover n ment' of tbo country. By M. Milo
icy,. With proper historical noticni. The work gives
the, corstruebon of the Constitution of the Unit Ittttes,
and those of the.several Sates, as determined 4.y . Judi
cial authority or derived' tront•sutneai.' writers. accord
log to rererenees noted. .It is destined tor Colleges,
Academia and Echools; and has been so used .to a
conaidmitbte extent. It is recommended lor .this per
peee by Jurists, Presidents and Protease's of Colleges.
F . & bale, at SI. 00, by
~ /d. Id.',IELNNJSY, at Harrisburg,
Pa. ' sep29
• Constbutional Provisions, and Principles of Govern—
ment. in referenm to,ate political topics of the times are
-stated' and eiphdoed i from, awboriutra and correct
sources, to li'lilatuers «yUB GOVERNIIIBNV or CON.
QTruirloNAL MANUAL.. For sale, at $1 00. by M. SP.
KiNN kY. at EI rraburr, "Pa. 5029
- -
STATES.--It ctesign•-&-tcr.beread and under
;Aced by the people. ALitqatele!ge 04 , our (evil inseen
-tiOns, the only groped of true patrled*, b essential to
the pyythrymyin , end ,proper _reader-,expl.inat.on
'of the,provisipes of the Constitutio ,attd , of our : system
of . Gov.ernmerk e assoextded,en ~tedisdaTautherty and de
rived from standard authois,ii given, in a form adapted
to common. use. tbe work cradled "OUR GOVERN
Mulkey. For sale, at 51 00, by him, at Harrisburg, and
at the booluitorea watarally. seto
Haiel Makes Bargaaru3.
the follorring•Toodle-ish rigmarble; by Mrs.
Cieorge Washington Wyllie, " Life Illustrat
cd,", is, a 7ery i good. imitation of Doriglas Jer
rold's Caudle Lectures : _ •
, .
. .
There 7 ,-I've .blistered the soles of my feet,.
lieSideg ,, wearing a:hole- right through these
gaiters. Somebody hap etoleo my parasol. too,
.Or. else I've laid it down somewhere and forgot
ten it. If Mr.:Hazel apprecta' red alithe trouble
I take to-save a cent, or, two for , him it - would
be some comfOrt. What's the else, of being
economical in this'world? Is that you in- the
414 Hazel?. Do come inhere and !ea what a
:bargain Iye got to-day. Twenty yards of me
'fine at fifty cents a yard, and only this 'little
hole inthe middle of.
,every fold.- I' .. got, it
cheap, you se,' because it's damaged. What
do I want of-merino this hot summer Weather?
. Well, I suppose winter's coming. some day;
isOltit? and it "will he the very thing then.
- You :wish I wouldn't spend . my litho running
about after things , that are cheap, when there's
so much to' do at • home? 'Now, if I didn't
know how unresionableyou are Hazel, I should
take offense At that, very unkind ;speech, of
yours. However, I've got somethinghere that
will .please even you. Didn't you say some
tiiing. about warping a new straw hat, last
Right? Here's the very thing-and only a dol
lar. Whets the.matter with the brim, did you
ask ? Now,, Hazel, don't give it such a twitch
only raveled out a little, or I should nev
'er have got' it at that -price: • You: aren't wear
such a scarecrow? Of ,pourse not. That's
.right—break your poor - wife's heart when 'she
tries so, hard, to - economise for you. You'd a
gieat deal rather I'd mend your coat for you?
Haiel, you - don't mean to tell me that You've
wornithrotigh that coat already—that beautiful
cloth that I got so cheap? : . You guess it was
one °tiny cheap -bargains I Hazel, l'vialmost
-a mind to deelare,that I never will try to save
money for you again.
Well, Bridget, what's the nevi's in the kit
chen ? The baby has crawled against the bars
of the range and burned himselt. Mercy. upon
us I Blidget,' how can yon be so ctireless?—
The cat has knocked the tray down; with ill
theJ:lest china upon it, and some beggar • hap
contrived to get in and steal two of *the • silVer
spoons I Mr. listel's new Marseilles vest
scorched to a cinder in ironing—the preserves
mould4d, so that Son had to tin ow them away,.
the pies and cakes;orgotten is the oven—the
refr gerator out of order—there. Bridget,
don't tell meanythinginure, unless you want
to have me_go crazy at once.
.Witat are you smiling for, Hegel? I don't
see anything-4o .laugh at.:-You:would, have
liked to know - hew much'l :have saved in my
bargains tri-daY I- Well.' let : the see—twenty
yards.merino-r--wet '. Seven del
• 1 -at least--and I hp. on, a re
ty good day's, work 4. on t you certain
ly:yen ao—oply since the damage io the ktteh
ene ark be leis'than forty altar's, and I for'ty is
greater thati,seven "Uy,,juSt thirtytthree, "you
•Ahiuk 1 would find it more economical 14-the
long run to stay ar Owe;rind mind your own
business. :Oki-Hazel, Hazel I 'that's just .the
view a man takes of things—as though I were
io.f.tlame for all these - accidents. - Well, I sup;
'poi's it is the duty:of : us poor _women to suffer
and be silent, But I must say it is sharper
thin any serpent's tooth I ever saw' to have a
thankless husband.
From the N. Y. Commereml Advertiser.
The Weex aiad Tear of Political Life.
As regularly as the forests Shed their leaves,
alresh-crop- of politicians' are dui flown and
conkigned to the quiet of the farm-yard or the
weriotop. Multitudes who, after, yenta, of
arduous labor and considerable expense, were
at last able to rise as-high as-town-constable or
ward clerk, perhaps even city alderman or
meta - her of asseinbly, tow - find the ladder of
promotion, suddenly, kicked frOni. under their
feet; and themeelves tossed prone on the the
relentless earth. A few have .worked - them
selves, it may be, into higher offices—have
represented districts in Congresii; have sat upon
the judicial bench; have presided over the des
tlies of States for a term,- or have occupied
responsible situations undeithe general govern
ment. Three months. agri .they.f.vrere full of
confidence, tugging and jerking with all their
might to influeuce that half-inerttiass known
as the popular mind favor'. It did
move at length; but, seven , out, of, every eight
aspirants were thrown on the ground and
trampled under the feet of more 'successful ri
val's—themselves in. turn to .be hopeful, labori
ous, disappointed -and. ridden - overby - others
who will probably. fare no better.
Last Spring five and. twenty prominent poll
iicians were more or Isis'confident of being
nominated for the Presidericythey had done
so Much for their party or, their,country; they
were so well qualified and-so favorably , knoivrt;
they could control , such andsnch influences at
the convention;' had hithertO been so sue
tesSinl, and their star was still- in the ascen
dant. Twenty-one of those. were -allowed .to
stay at home, and" three of the four who re
ceived nominations will' be .
obliged to follow,
all the worse for allowing •thereselies to be
dragged, towards such an elevation.. It is
probable mOt fiiveer than one hundred persona
were working for the Vice-Fresidency, of whom
ninety nine Will fail, to reach it, -
We - refer to this Merely a@ an
The same. expectations -:were formed, the same
plans laid, and the same mortification experi
enced in piirsuit of- exit,' dlieti within the gift
of the, people. The first., defeats befell-them at
the primary meetings and party oonven.tient;
somethe nextfoccarred in some States on Tl;tesdaY,
last; but the.great occasion.will bmon the sixth
of November next.. How many persons will
have reason to - complain of headache on the
day following ! • :
That quadruped known by the name of
"Pcpulus," is indeed exceedingly difficult to
break or -ride. When fairly started ; with a
favoriteon his-back; he:willontstriplhe wind
b u t n ine casein ontof ten he iaaptcto toss his
- riders on their heads; or else balt on thecourse,
though - the rowels should-be-plunged ever so
deeply into : his flanks- ...Alexander :the Great'
tamed the,alciOnsoßucephalits 'And- iode bim
afterwarils; , ltarey,id our Dian da.y,l has rendered
the worldgoolinervice, overcoming:the natural
tr acquired: depravity of a thousandreourser , ;
but no Alexander...or Rarey has appekrect who..
has been able to teach others the'great-Secret-
of rendering. Papules alvrays,trae;table;•and cer• '
lain to react thegoallo.r.trWice the length•of4bis
own hotly.: General:'liitructionsi-havepla.:l4
true, been given aufficitintircflil , :thellqukh-01
Despond; but thfte dd not apply totexiereinili-•
vidual case, and what is worse, they areseddont
carefully perused, much lees followed, most or
-those who mount preferring to sit and whip
and spur in'their own way.
f r ,tf a x _ ‘ 4 1t14441 .
Having , ; procured .Eleam Power Pr
Prepred to execute JOB and BOOK PBBUN
deecr a lption, cheaper that it can be done at any other
tablishmentin the coolltrY• '
. . .
gfirloor lines or test bOnstitute crie half Square. Slight
.liked or more than boar constitute a &gum • -
Half Square, one day . . ... . .... ........ ..
one week ..
1 00
one month.. 2 00
. • " three months • -
sir m unite oo
......... • • • .
one year.... •
One Square one
41 oay .. . ........... .......
ono week .... ........ . ....... 2 pp
one month.. . ................. 300
threemonths ...... 5 00
I" six mouths ..... . 800
ones ear . . ... OO •
Eap•Bushtess notices inverted in the Local alum,, m
before Marriages and Deaths, FIVE CENIS PER
thr each msertion.
sir marriages and Deaths to be charged as regular
NQ. 36.
Still the crowd of applicants - forta race press
forward as eager and txpt ctant as ever. No
sooner is the tact announced than' a- dozen are
clamorous to take a ride. If they ,have ever
been thrown or have fallen behind on a former
occ:asion, l their Misfortune does not' deter their
`from making a f e3tt a.ternpr. The animalls
buppored to be lebs vicious, or they are better
vktiledits to the methods of managing
In their dictionary there is no such word: es
tail, you know., Haven't ,they read the stcuy
of Robert" Bruce and the spider? "Does it not
encourage try again, even seven
if necessary ?
The man endowed with abilities of the Mgt;
est kind will, like the horse-tamers referred to;
study Closely the nature 'and habits :orthe
quadmped, withthe cause which have ren&r. ,
ed it vicious or easily frightened. He ,will de
vise new methods for approaching it, for win
ning and retliningits affections. He will know
when to ceresa and to what extent, when to
apply the reins, and 'alken to crack the whip.—
He will succeed, simply because he is endowed
with the genius of an Alexander or a Barry.—
But your mediocrity man should depend less
upon shining abilities than patient efforts, end
less upon these than .troth, incorruptible, in
tegrity and honor. In intelleatual power or
culture it may be impossible for him to take
the fronttrank; but in honesty, of purpose he
can be as strong as 5a13713011. The love oftruth,
the desire to promote the welfare of his cOun
trymen and of his species may glow as brightly
within him as in the hosom of genius. Here
is the source of his true strength. It Mai be•
that he wilt be longer in getting into the sad
dle; but once there his danger is infinitely less
than that of the man who has got possession
earlier, but without that moral purpose which
is necessary to retain public confidence.
And berewe would take occasion to remark
that it may justly be regarded as a sign of
sound health in the body politic, to see a large
number of candidates ready to miter the public
set vice,when it is not too liberally remunera.
fed, or when enrigtiteous means are not made
use of to obtain it. Office-seeking is only con
temptible, when persons neglect mere -useful
pursiiits to gonfter empty titles, or When-un
worthy means are made use of to same situa, of honor and trust, or when the duties
appertainfrig to them are likelY"to be neglect
ed. When the motives are good and the sub
atquent conduct would be faithful, the• more
applidatione the better. 11l the decay of Stool
it has been often:found that individrials Worthy
of trust could nut be °Veined tu lid the ifiltdia
offices: The uumber of seekers is not to he
reeretted so much as the means resorted tout
order to secure success,rernalicable that
our English Ovoid idiot is cleaved front a Greek
term signifying a pseson, who took no part in
nubile affairs, and hence presumed to be defect
ive in-intellect. '
. • ne - officemscirer: By-dint of ty,.
shrewd/leis, but which is often rather Contempti
,ble trititery, hti;iney succeed in &braining-5
no] ination and even an., eh. ction.
however, possessing a itrone: moral piirpOses. or
else extraordinary lie cannot ,sncceed
in retaining his hold upon the public. Believe
the coutttraty as he may, the people soon , see
through those who are elevated,by them, divl.
ning,tbeir motives and criticising their conduct.
No veil. Worn by a scOttodtel can long conceal
his features; on the other hand, the man of
worth will also soon be discovered.. Even if he
should for alime fail in his laudable efforts to
win the confidence ot his fellow-citizens, he may
still have the satisfaction of realizing the truth
of the lines: • .
wile honest heart that's free from all
Intended fraud or guile,
...However Fortune kink the ball,
tuts aye some cause to inute."
How a Lady PreserVed Webster'a
ply to Rayne•
The Taunton . (Massachusetts) Gazette
porates thefollowing interestiog reminiscence
in a notice of the aiticie on:'"The Ntai.17702
telligencer and its Editors," in the last Atlantte
"It will, he seen. from this interesting-Parra•
tive that there:Feria a time When - dosepli Gales
stood :alone. among Qongreseiorial 'reporters;
and to still further illustrate his position in.that
line we call to mind what we once heard an in,.
timate friand Mr.'.Webster airy .443 . owed to
him and his, wife.withregard to the,eolebrated'
reply to Mr. Hayne. Meeting the Martiachu
setts senator as he was - going to the Capitol 'en
that morning, Mr. Gales inquired of him how -
long he intended to 'speak. 'About inalf an ;
hour, was the reply.; The editor's dutigiat that
time were pressing.; but he ventured to take so
much tirne'from - them. Mr. Webster, howe.v.
er, directly after Mgt Judge Story, who said
that he though the time had come to givete -
the country' his views on the 'Constitution. '
, this proposition' he- assented. Mr. Gala's took
up his pencil unaware of this new arrangement,
and alike unconscious of the lapse' of' time ini•
der tire eneliaiiireent of the orator ; and come- •
quently he -Wrote on
_until : the .close of the
aPeecli. Some days 'Paseing 'away and the
'proof of the speech:not 'appealiOg, Mr-Wets,
later called on the reporter and made
I have the note's; said' Mr. Gales; and they are,
our service, as I shalt neverLfind time to
z y
at e, them out., This led to some remonstrance
an d . Peniliagon; but theover.tatkid edit& 'Steed
_Then Mrs.; Gales came to his-rescue by
myin i g that she thought she, coulddecipher,her .
husband's short hand, as she had bo;
- credonally done so. -Mr. (;tales doubted; seeing •
that it Was fi4ean years- ai.nete. she, had 4 1 -ad
-But Shaliad heard thO spAech, • and as the =
l e ss sweep' of its argument and the gorgeous
'and massive magnificence of its imagery were
yet vivid -In her Mind, shZ Persisted
del-taking% the ,difficUlt- weft. : In due -time
theresfier the fair manuscript carpe .to Mr;
',Webster'ir hands for final 'corrbetibre. Searee' ly -
a :Word needed;, to be esepanged; and soonA
fleet of diamonds; costing, a . thoOsend (lOWA
seeempanied-tbe doh -thanks of the 'eloquent •
stateeman.. -Thus was saved to literature the -
Most memorable. oration of the Atikerieoi Henn
Ilatauto OH IttluOiptc : =l3clloon, ahnald, fa" .
fitt-ilee tie Firdfeasor Ytl all the lelatiOns of life:
Whatever he _ . does, die should do itthe betttt
'for being a,Qhrldttati., should make ,
..ineCaibetteratud&rat, better iiivartt; abetter
better-rieseat,•_a-lbetter,iitii, a ImittOtt
respects . The . plotta bat .eceentt
ElcklaidHilf reciarked; "Tbat he *eat not
'give a farthing., :fotijiat; mau a n 4 1 ,4 Vag!
'cat ittid dug were cot thp better for it.
AT Bergner's Cheap Bookstore 61 Market
street; you can get Life of Lincoln for 10 vents,
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