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Tuesday Afternoon, August 23, '59.
Ks= Woe®, Harrisburg, August 28, '59.
l o A, N. 4, A. 11. 7, s:u. LI, 1100 N 2, T. IL
`----.-..- ----- --
68 , 58 62 75 77
BAROVICIRR at 7 o'closk a pc 29.938 2 o'clock r. It. 29.900
STA/04011RX 2 Bede.—According to our agricul
tural exchanges, the present month is a good
thne to make new bode of strawberries. The
ground should be rich, finely pulverised, and
the plants set out before or after a shower, or
in the evening, and in that case, watered.
PAINTING THI CAPITOL Doms.—We are inform
ed that the contract for painting the dome of
the capitol has been awarded to Mr. John
Cruilishank, and that his bid wthl„flae dollars higher
than that of Mr. George Davie.' If this be true,
there are circumstances connected with the
awarding of the contract highly discreditable
to the Superintendent.
log will be held, God willing, by, and under
the direction of the ministers and people of the
Church of God, a few miles above Mechanicsburg,
Cumberland county, Pa., commencing on Thurs•
day, the 25th inst., and to continue about one
week. Ministers and people of all denomina
tions are invited to attend. The Cumberland,
Valley Railroad, it is expected, will issue ex
cursion tickets, and run exaursion trains on
Saturday and Sabbath, If not longer. The near
est point on the railroad,is the Kingston station.
Auxormo.-=A correspondent calls our atten
tion to the constant annoyance of the residents
ill Market Square—first, from the unearthly
noises made by loafers around the melon stands
the eve before market, which is kept up the
Natole night; secondly, by the butcher boys,
who seem to take especial delight in having a
'• set-to" with their fierce whelps and every
t ray cur that comes near the market house. To
I d medy the former, our policemen must attend
t.. the rowdies—as regards the latter, strychnine
tbucid be administered to all the dogs, wheth•
cr butchers' or not.
CORSSOrIO24.—We published a squib in our
Saturday's issue, to the effect that a Telegraphic
operator lately ".vamosed" from Newport, Per
ry county, and in his haste forgetting to liqui
date his board bill. The young man alluded
to is a son of M , . Bartow, of our borough, who
assures mrshat the publication is a vile false
hood and slander, &drat* Merton and family
gross injustice. The young man had commit
ted no real offence, but was frightened away
by threats of the Superintendent of the Tele
graph line, that he should be fined for, some
imaginary offence; As to his board - 'bill= beings
left unpaid, his father settled that for him, and
if not fully paid, he is responsible for it. Oar
information on the subject was obtahted from a
Newport paper, and we regret that we unwit
tingly contributed to the circulation of the
false report.
TROUT PlBlLlNG.—CoaasenoN.—A.correepond
ent draws our attention to a mistake which oc
curred some time ago, in stating•that a law had
been passed at the late session of the Leglila
tare, prohibiting fishing for trout in Dauphin
county between the first days of August and
April. lle is correct—it was a mistake.. The
law refers only to the counties of Lycoming,
Clinton and Sullivan. There is no law prohib
iting fishing of any kind in Dauphin county.—
Appropos to the point. It may be well enough
to call attention to the fact of the existence of
this law as relating to the counties .named.—
We doubt whether it is known to any consid
erable portion of the citizens of those counties,
or of the State, and is daily violated. If we
mistake, not it has escaped thelmemorrof the
Governor himself, for we are credibly informed
that he is now, or has been within a few days,
himself on a trouting expedition to one of these
very counties. We don't believe in the propri
ety of passing laws on every trivial subject, such
ns fishing, gaining, &c.; but at the same time,
when such laws are enacted, they ought to be
observed. It wo ou%ie a queer airc:Ttantie,
indeed, if the Govern Blarette:th iskt'lnan
to be mulct into a tint for the violation of this
law, which he himself approved and enacted.
A Harems,=Alive MAN.—The Wheeling in
alligescer, in a late heather, gives a description
of a character which is frequently met with
also in this and all other localities in the coun
try. It is a traveling two. The one referred
to, the edit'. r says, he met in the streets of that
city a day before, and that "he has probably
seen more of this world, cut more hotel bills,
and enjoyed life better, in the twenty-tour
summers that have passed over his head, than
any other man of his years in the profession.
He has been in every State In the Union, and
has worked on three hundred and thirteen dif
ferent newspapers. He once traveled from De
troit, Michigan, to Bortgor, Maine, on two dol
lars and a half, and never walked a step or
missed D. meal. Owing to his peculiar habits he
is much subject to drouth, and is one of those
who prefer to
--let their livers wi wine,
Than their hearts cool with haat
nwt th
ifying groans."
Whatever his condition financially or gastro
nomically, none of the infectious troupe of pale
distempers and foes to life, are ever permitted
to cross his path. Always gay spirited and kind
hearted, he has accustomed himself to the con
soling notion that there is nothing nuarally
wrong In the act of swindling a landloild, or
"closing the eye" of a steamboatxuan. He has,
~.course, been the hero of many odd incidents 1.
Hal adventures, and is as full of pleasant anec-
CAB as a hired jester. With some few excep.._
to his character, he is a representative
omitaking things as he finds them, and always
► upon the often delusive hope that 'some
ilinetter will turn up.' He had but fifteen
t g t u c i4 save his soul, and when the idea of
as it is is suggested to him, he turned on his
Ngar atErklown heel in disgust. Fortune, plea
-I=4ll:mg life be with the careless represen
a. He thinks he will be among the
4 Anal ending, and w hope he may.'
The Court of Quarter Sessions and Oyer and
Terminer of Dauphin -county, commenced yes
terday morning at 10 o'clock, before their honors
Judge Pearson, (President) and Mester and
Nisley, associates.
The constables of the several wards and town
ships of the county submitted returns flout
their respective bailiwicks, which, generally,
exhibited a very encouraging state of affairs,
The list of Grand Jurors for the - present term
was then called over and twenty-one answered
to their names. The absentees were Messrs.
Leonard Moyer and Moses Nutt.
His honor Judge Pearson:then proceeded to
charge the grand *jury in his usual clear and
lucid style. The offences upon which they
would be exiled to ea, as enumerated by him
were burglary, larceny, passing counterfeit bills,
forgery, spiriting away witnesses, keeping
bawdy houses, adultery, disorderly houses, riot,
assault and battery, assaults, assault and bat
tery with intent to kill, selling liquor to minors,
selling liquor on Sunday, malicious mischief,
and hawking and peddling, the law in reference
to all of which war properly explained. The
charge occupied nearly an hour's time in its
delivery, and was listened to throughout with
marked attention. At its conclusion the Dis
trict Attorney provided the foreman with a
number of bills, and the jury then proceeded to
their chamber to commence their labors.
On motion of J. Adams Fisher, Esq., Jno. F.
Huston was admitted to practice in the several
courts of Dauphin county.
Several applicants applied for, and received
natialisation papers.
Affr some few unimportant legal motions
the court .Adjonrued.
The flint case that received the attention of
the Court at the afternoon session was that of
Fanny Gish, indicted several Months ago for
keeping a disreputable house in the northern
part of our borough. Fanny, by some means
or other, has been playing "bo-peep" with °fir
judicial tribunal for the last two or three &m
-elons, and it was not until the present occasion
that she was finallrcaptivated into the intri
cate meihes of the lair,. and made to snuff the
odoriferous attrephere that lingers around our
temple of justice. A charming looking defen
dant was Fanny 'Her akin was of dazzling
whiteness ; her forehead lofty and
,pearless ;
her lips like an opening rose-bud, and her
cheeks vied with the fair hue of a Summer sun
set. Her hair,' black as midnight, bung in
cork-screw, clusters on either aide of a face
full:of vivacity, archness and 'piquancy, and
added much to, the natural language of 'her
heed. Her form was mull daVelopett, end ele
gantly and.fiabienabirattired in alt•thepomp
of silks, sallne,laces, and brooches. She evinced
little, or no, concern with tha dry and .mo
notonotui legal proceedings in which she was so
intimately interested, and sat throughout the
trial fanning herself with as much complacency
and dignity as a queen receiving the homage of
her subjects.
Messrs. Alleman and Shell conducted the
defence, and Herr attended to the interests of
the Commonwealth. •
The case was submitted without argument*:
and the jury, alter a brief deliberation, re
turned a verdict of " not guilty" and-county
for costs.; whereupon the bewitching . IParmy
floated from the court-room like an Aurora
steeped cloud in an autumn sky.
Tke %multitude of counsellors" was aug
mented by admitting to practice at t,he bar of
the several courts of the county, Messrs Jno.
P. Penny of Pittsburg, Jno. T. Houiton, form
erly of Columbia, and Daniel M. Rank, late of
Lycoming county, now residing in Millersburg.
- Jeremiah Gritmer—a rough-looking, mastless
customer with features and head that would
form an admirable yigenetteAto some " yellow
livered literature " in the highwayman line--
stood charged with permitting about $BO in
in gold to stick to his fingers. It was evident
ly & bad ease; and Jerey to make the most of
it, plead guilty ; and, of come, will get the
bad habit soriptoad .frow - his fingers b the
" sword•of . juinice." '
man= mumenomr.
Joseph Shipley—a jolly sort of a chap, with
a face as (unlit good humor as it was of 'bad
whisky, which :latter fairly owed out of his akin
like moisture from a pitohei of ice•water in
dog.days—was ,next called upon to ."pay the
Piper" for riotous behaviour, disorderly con
&uot and drunken musk generally; furnished
without solicitation - to the geed , eitkiegiee .of
Halifax and vicinity. When called within the
bar he aceraed to regard the whole matter as a
relnuks . b l V o o4l9keomd we seriously thought
at ens time he would manifest`his high apps
elation of it by ordering drinks for all hands—
including-be:kb and jury.
Messrs. Hales and Bbell furnished him con
sul.; but his ease was not submitted to a jury
t=his Honor summarily disposing of it by order
ing the defendant to give security in $BOO for
beheidoer .fOr six months, and pay the
oasts of prosecution.
James 14'Clester, James M'Mannwl, Colum
ineeWietsiill and Lewea Able—all young men—
stood charged with riotous behaviour and coin
k-11$isso, brutal assault and battery on Mr.
Chides Fleck, in front of Hugh's tavern, Canal
nset, on the evening of last 4th of July. The
.partionlers of the case have already been pub
• hed in Hie 'lltuottaPit,
Robert Muench. Esq , appeared as counsel for
defendants, and Moans. Herr and Schell for the
At the conclusion of the Commonwealth's
testimony, which, failed to. Alioinnte Towle
Able, Mr. Mullet' asked that the - case of the
prisoner be Immediately sent to the jury. for
acquittal, in order to , qualify him as a 'witness
for thidefende which was done accordingly.
_ The *O PE the .tootallitgiltfiree of. he defen
dants wit stikttatted to the jury at 7 o'clock;
when Ow °OW . . Adjourned.
Pennopluattict artlegrapt), gueobati 'Mattoon; 2tugnot 23, 1859.
The jury in the case of James M'Cleester,
James M'Mannus and- Columbus Weitzel,
charged with committing an assault and bat
tery on Chas. Fleck returned a verdict of guilty.
i 4enjamin Buffington; an elderlyigent!.eman
with hair fast silvering by Time's relentless
baud, Was arraigned for selling liquor to minors,
and persons of known intemperate habits. The
indictment reprtienfs the defendant as`a store
keeper-and Justioe of the Peace, residing la the
village of Fisherville, Washington township.
Mr. Kunkle condueted - the defence. The case
was submitted to-the jury abouk o'clock A.
M., who after deliberating about one bent, re
turned a verdict of guilty on both oduntd.
Richard . Snowden and RObert Parkec—botb
descendents of Africa—the former tall and
sinewy limbed, with s pate Covered over with
a growth of wool as rugged as a stubble-freld,
add a must - aim of fthrurious funnel*, surairinnt
lug lips as plump and red as beef kidneys; and
the 'latter; thin and gawky, With two or three
citricised gashes in the neighborhood of his
stomach ventilater that were frightful to look
upon—entered the , laws appertain arena in cross
action for assault and battery, committed on
AqtbSY about the 2oth of April last, on the
bridge leading to ex-Governor Porter's furnace.
Mr. Mt:tench annulled Snowden itnerlar. Alle
man . attendee to the interests of Robert. The
jury convicted Snowden of assault and battery;
and Parker plead guilty and submitted.
, .
A BLEssina IH Disouns.—Many and oft
did we hear cothplaints, repinings and gloomy
predictions last spring, as to the effects of the
late frosts upon vegetation. The croakers
everylibern -were loud in lamentatfona over
the loss of their fruit and other crops, and the
most gloomy. forebedings were lavishly in
dulged. Yet see the reauftp-The very thing
that was so foolishly complained of, has
turned out to have 'been a benefit' instead of
an injury—a blessing rather than a curse.---
This ideair vett. beautifully exprediettin an
article going the minds of the papers by a
writer Wbom we do not know, or we would
give him credit for it. lin says ecAn all.
wise Providence some 11108 sees St to do
good to man in away that, to our finite vision,
seems an injury. Who, save a few thinkers
and inquirers inte ;attire; thori,ght, ormwed to
think, when the frosts were chilling -the air in
the latter "part of April last, thai, :they were•
wisely regulated by the All -seeing E
Le small MU
occasioned, by the injury to fruit, vegetables,
&c., was' far more than' compensated by the
immense destruction of animal life, in the .
shape of worms, caterpillars;* et id ottrrii.
which then • Never, ignoek -my .ret
collection, have both town and country been
so free from these ,nox.ious pests , as at this
season; and it will be years, if ever, before
they recover from: the blow, stricken by His
hand, this spring. Who, for the last ten
years; htut teen our beentinfl - lindent and ma
ples in as hill foliage as at present ? Have
they not heretofore been stripped' to "bare
poles" by the Ist of July, then to put out a
sickly supply of leaves, ready for the second
crop of worms, that has always been hatched
and ready - for attack' by the Ist of August ?
.Now a worm is a ruity, and all owing to that
“blessing in disguise," a "late frost." Never
repine, bit look to the °idol' •
Trim Scnoons.—The schools of the South Ward
of Harrisburg re-open on Monde) , next, and
those of the North Ward' on Biondeil• of the
week following. This is sad news for the juve
niles, we 'know. ; Nevertheless, much as we
may dislike to give them pain; it is`one of those
stern truths that must be uttered, and one= of
those distasteful facts of which they must be
reminded. Adieu then, boys and girls, to the
halcyon, joyful holidays, and prepare for your
books and-the birch: Apply' yourselves iiidus
trionaly to rhe former, and the application of
the latter will be 'unnecessary.' So it 'will not
be hard after all. Cultivate a thirst forknowl
edge, and determine to•be men and women.,
The closer you apply yourselves, the more
pleasant and interesting wilistucly ‘ hecOme, and
histeiuf °Os* irkiOniti,Will prove
a solace and sidelight. -
lletilesaitrems.--litir tilotiii-Bllf-Of.:Fareivx
this evening to Sanders' White Hall. Among
his luxuries will be found fine fiesh oysters—
fried, roasted, - stewed -or'raw ; fresh orabbs„
squab pigeons ; spring chickens ; corn end conk
soup ; vegetables of every variety ; and some
thing palatable to wash them down. TheTrince
of Caterers is Sanders ! He says he woe in
formed Ude morning that "Ids friend is nofmt
dead." 4 :i'''* -- ' -- : - '' t
--.liots-r---,., .
Boa maimit—Ta our ad' sot.
minus , will be &and atßorou* - Ordiiimme
imposing a foie on maiket•people for Sylifetheir
horses to trees, Ac. in Market and Second streets
on market days, to which we inidtedttentiOn. 7
Much injury is sometimes dons tri Property by
tbiestmotice, and the Town Counsil is right in
abating it.
A Lrvreto READ ON A DEAD Boni.--Mr.
Archibald Campbell, a respectable farmer in
the township of Camden East, while engaged
in finishing a dwelling.: on his premises, the
scaffold gave way, and he was precipitated,
head foremost to the ground, and dislocated .
his neck; but very fortunately and mysta.
rionsly did not kill him. When his head was
brought to its proper position, the vortibrie
ofthe neck i°turned to their place with a dull
but distinct snap. The whole body is para
lyzed and dead from the neck downwards.—
He is not capable of moving a muscle or ex.
periencing„thp, slightest pain. Fortunately
the nerves supplying the muscles used in
spiration, were not paralyzed, and he can,
losnthe and live;, had the injury of the spjual
a little' higher, he would liiivbllled*
Immodiggl,y4 l 'Zile, sense el l sight, hearing,
smelling, Mc.; normal, ° and his intellect is
unbnpaited. When last heard from, ilerrever,
there Were some indications of a return of
sensation anti the power of 4noticiatounitlt is
just possible that Mr. Campbell may partially ° I
Court met at eight o'clock A. M.
08.083 ACTION.
.GE.ANDVISIV, lowa, March 19, 1859.
Mr. W. J. B
Deer Sir:—As I am just about fitting out for
au expedition to , the Emific Ocean, and as I
am very -near, oeitain that.this is gOing to' be
"'Yarn Patch's dad leap," I am anxious to hear
once more from the good old town Dauphin ;
so I thought to weary your patience a little in
giving me the late particulars about my old
stumping ground : also, whether any of our
old accitiaintanoeihiiie lately gone the Way of
all the Mirth, &c., &c., &c.
Christian came home in October last, and he
says it is, no manner of use for folks to live in
such a thundering cold climate as this is ; so
he has got us all in the notion to go. Louisa
was the first one that consented toga, and you
may,belleve me that she is just as mnch t of a
"Wasukn4 old Andy dare to be.
We are going to start on the 10th of April,
or sooner if grass' is sufficient for cattle and
mules to feed. We , have good teams, and
plenty of provisions, which you knoW are very
important- matters for such a journey. My out
fit cost me nearly twelve hundred dollars; but
,oile/causels,sirtileit are very high, kere. tOniaa
and Emma will travel in a mule carriage, but
the oxen must draw the provision wagon, and
under that arrangement . there is_ not ; much
Winger of tiie miles making more headway in
a day that the cattle can. We take 18 head
of cows for the purpose of raising stock. The
cattle an graze all Winter without putting up
feed for them, which you know comes very
handy to a lazy fellow.
However, if I get through I will give you a
history of a- for , month throtigh an
uninhabited country.
Onrlstian'hatta.liitter froM 'ids mining com
pany, stating that one of the claims was pay
ing $2O .per daY,'and this increases his anxiety
to get off. He has made some money, at win
ing, but tali Much as ha miculateit to make
when he left home. Yet he has done better
than be Wouldleve doitelere. Bnfyon could
to getlim to jiv,e ,In ,any, country except on
the Pacific' "coital; In the tionili inirt of Oregon.
.fmgOno!, a Paradise after.all the fuss.
=`l- have M.Ot - ipso° lo.'give you - thealightesi
idea of the derangement
,of financial affairs in
our *eatern country. Confittenee is lost be
tween man and man, and suspicion and distrust
'relit' , supreme. 'lndeed the' wheel of fate has
made a revolution, and the dark side of the
picture has 'turned up. I have seen several
pressures in my lifetime, but none to match
this. The one attributed to Jackson's veto was
tiOpfiAi:tio ibis. twill try to give you some
little insight of matters here to let you-aee
how people to do get rid of debt 'biborrnwing
a ga in. Lest . Ammertia farmers and business
sera districts in our State held a
meeting and appointed a Mr. C. .L Clawson., of
Mitchell county, to go to New York and see
what he - could dO in the way of borrowing one
million of dollars on Western Real Estate se
cora'''. But the "fat Kw" of Wall Street smelt
arrat^ - •
However; Mr..otawson said, that every man
he opened his case to seemed to sympathize
with him, but at winding up they would let
him know that they would sooner loan their
money at home at three per cent. than loan it
on, western property at twenty per cent. Now
heretou see the innocent lihve to suffer with
the guilty. No doubt Mr. Clawson and his
party are sincere and upright men, and wanted
this: money to save their property from the
bantmer, but owing to the fraud and rascality
committed by others they could not get a loan.
Borrowing money to get out of:debt, is to my
Way of thinking, like getting more hair from
the same dog to cure the bite.
I know man here that loaned money three ,
years ago at .from . twenty to forty per cent. in- ,
terest, who would be verb glad to get the prin
cipal now, and Sity.nothiug about interest; for
_ .
if they go to crowding they may pay the Shei
tiff's execution themselves.
If my opinion is Worth anything to the peo
ple of lowa, I Would. advise them to keep down
the credit system, now while it is down ; for
thish, what carried'people beyond the mark, as
John Gilpin's mare took him beyond his stop.
ping place.
There aresemefew men here who are borrow
money out_ : of the shaving shops at twenty
per cent., butthey have no idea of ever paying
it back again,, If the banker can get anything
from the-property well and good, but that is
ail he Will get.
To make a long story short, if matters go on
thush for a year or two more, and times do not
get better, then western real estate will not pay
twentycente on the dollar invested.
Sind - thradinflinea and let us hear from the
,of.the Susquehanna, before we enter the
borders of the red men. Yours , truly .
P. K.,
CD/CIN27/71, Ohio, July 4,1857,
Gams:—Having used, and witnessed the beneficial ef
fects of Pairs , Dan' Pain Killer, I take great pleasure
in recommending it to the as the TOri bast family
manatee with which I ant acquainted.. In this establish
utent are employed, nearly 100 persons, and your Pain
Killer has been used with the moot astonishing reaults. , --
ForAdus immanot a single severe case of cholla, sum
mer COMplaitit, or dysentery,tbut has yielded like magic
to the curative powers of the a Killer and for cut:,
braises, etc., it is in almost daily use, and with like good
offbeat. - - JOILV TANNER,
Fortnum of Wrighteen's fit Co's Printing Establishment
The stain on linen, from the use of the Pale Hiller, is
easily removed by washing in alcohoL
Sold by ta:aggists, grooms and medicine dealers
&Aileron/1 - • ausiti-daw2w
Select Schools for Boys and Girls.
911111 Fall term of ROBERT M'ELWEE'S
somairer boys, will open on the last Monday In
August. Th 4 room te_we)l, ventilated, comfortably fur
niched, Mid in every respect well adapted for 60001.
CATHARThig M'ELWRIFS School for girls, located in
theisime heading; will open for the fall term st the same
time. ' The room arts beamelegantly tithed up during the
vacation, promote the health and comfort of scholars.
augmett ' • , ,
E 4 X.HIBITION,—The Ninth-Annual Ex
hibition of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural
ow, will be held arliswelton., Philadelphia, on Toes
day,tWennesday, Thursday and Friday, the 27th, 28th,
29th and 80th days of September next — On the Ist Sep
tember. the Secretary-trill remove to the Rooms of tho
' PhiledelptiM Society for the promotion of Agricultbre,
Ep, - 626 Chestnitt: steel, Philadelphia, where Boolse,of
Entry-for the Exhibition will be opeued,
Lettere addressed it the Secretary; at Harrbibtrit,fir,
ilharlpsy.. Engle, It atleton, will meet- with attention' till
12 4 8 9 1 0 - • ;:
WA -
for EthitillApiceirtigiti*PlEtin
in the State, to ilia tieS, moot
(Successor to Wm. Parkin,)
HAVING purchased the interest of J.
Q. ADAMS in the establishment, 'and made large
additions to the stock, the undersigned Is prepared to
accommodate the public with Strrituoa_Hoasse for saddle
or carriage purposee,and with every variety of VESICLES
of the latest and most approved styles; on reasonable
PLEASURE PARTIE3 will be aecommodAted with °Mai
buses at short nodes -
SIONS will be Welshed, accompanied by careful and
obliging drivers.
Na Invites an inspection of his Stook, satisfied that it is
{ally equal to that of any other establishment at the kind
The undersigned bast opened a branch of his "LIVERY
and EXCHANGE STABLE," In the buildings lately occu
Fled by A. W. Barr, In Fourth street opposite the Bethel,
where be is prepared to accommodate the public with
HORSES and VEHICLES, at all times, on reasonable terms.
His stook Is large and varied, and will recommend itself.
ripllt co-partnership heretofore existing
1. between the undersigned, doing business under the
firm of Murray & Adams, was- this day dissolved by
tabbed consent The business will be continued by
FRANK A. IIUBMAY 2 who will settle the ISCCOUMB Or the
late firm. FRANK A. MURRAY,
augll-dtt J. Q.• ADAMS.
E CORIO/11110313 composing the 3d
2ilgade nth Div. Pa. V ,oL will meet lbr Battalion
Parade and Inspection, on FFiday, the WO day orSeptem
ber, 1859, st Fisherville, Dauphin county, Pa -
The Commanding °Meer of the Regiment will form the
line at 10 o'clock, A. M ;precisely.
Also, the unlforni , companies known as the ,Lykens
Valley Cavalry, AmericalL Guards, -Thilentown Infantry,
Grata Rifle and Washington Rifle, computing the First
Regiment; Shall at the same time and place as above
stated, elect one suitable person for Colonel, and one per
son for Maier of said Regiment, in place of 'Wm. H. Yobs
and Henry E. Walker. resigned. The American Guards
will elect one person for &coed Lieutenant, instead of
John L. Lone, resigned.
The Battalion %11l be reviewed by Brig. fien-
Williams and BUM
Brigade IDspector, 84 Bret fah Dlv. Pa. Vol
G •
ats, Aug. 18, 1859.—;tlawki.
, - COAL I •.
XOT owing p) the large quantity of Coal
on hand. bwto the continued and great deicuuil.
ve the'price Of Coal . -
Legg then sold heretofore, and will deliver it at short
notice to any part of the town. -We Lave on hand the
Lykone Nalley ... . .. ES 00 per toe.
44 Birg
, !11. 8 00 44
it 41 stone 250
Wllkesbarre Broken " 8 00- "
4e oni ola " 800
" Nut " 240."
I sell the real I k ykens Valley. Coil, and not,the Mort
Mountain forlyken's Valley, as is done in many instances.
All Coal from my Yard can be relied upon as being what
&Is sold for. " .E,.13`1528.
A Stiperioi article of LAGER BEER and
A minim always on hand. Lovers of these beverages
are respectfully Invited to call. itual.2-dtr
No. 92 Market Street.
SOLE AGENT for the sale of Soho/meeker
& CO's., celebrated Planes and Mason & Hamlln's
Nelcaleous and Organ Harmoniums, by speolal appoint
New Pianos and Melodeons always on hand. Ftecond •
band instrnmentalaken as part payment for new ones.
Sheet Music .of all :kinds o from a *Mug publishing
House In -
Citizens and, others desiring Instruments, Sheet or
Book rusio,are respectfully invited to call at Non 'Market
street, or they. will be waited upon by making their
wishes known to W KNOCHM.
All orders, by mail or otherwise will be promptly at
tested to. mare,dly-rd-Jun27
No. 93 Market Street, Harrisburg.
Instrup - tion Books.
:P,= .A. E\T 'CO ,
0. C. 8. . CARTER.
NEW Rag, ROBE ,8.017 TE
BY Lebanon Valley, East Pennsylvania,
Lehigh Valley and. Central New-Jersey-Ilan Roads.
Passing through Lebanon, Reading, Allentown, Bethle
hem, Easton and Ellsabethport.
Fare Through,.between Harrisburg and New York
ger . ONLY $4.90.11i0,
PAWING= TRAINS leave Harrisburg daily (Sundays
excepted) at 8 A. M., reach Reading at 10 A: N., leave at
12 noon, and arrive at New York 7'P. M.
A , •TERNOON TRAIN leaves Harrisburg at 2.45 P. 11.,
roaches Reading at SP, 14., lodges there, loaves next
Wonting at 64.,M., and arrivec at Hew York at 12 noon.
RETURNING; leaves New York at 11.45 noon, and
making clme connections with all the above Roads, rang
directly through to' Harrisburg, an lying there at 8.25
FOR THROUGH TICKETS, apply at the Depot of
Lebanon Valley-Ndl Road le Herriabarg.
(Sipiled) JA -
..,: ex • Supt, E Paine&
Office ifif Market Street,
from :the Pot
U,'S con LIVER
• •by the medical fr
Jais palatable,
etc., yfileb are...1310e
-ita-natural state.,
tam, it-1s Genie
vision and ay(
W E beg lealre to call the atten
tion of the .Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public,.
We refer to
Dr. Chas. IrLane's Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
For t ,expelling. Wopu.,,from the
humantaystem. hiralebeen
administered with the most satis,
factory results to various Animals
subject to. Worms.
For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS,
HEAD-ACHE, &C. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced . ' the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And. being de
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among tilt:
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
npr expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa.
P. Dealers and Physicians ordering from others
than Fleming Bros., will do well to write their orders
distinctly, and take none but Dr. 41PLanes, prepared by
Fleming Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa. To those wishing to We
them a trial, we will forward per mail. post paid, to any
part of the United States, one box of Pills for twelve
three-cent postage Stamm or one vial of Vermifuge* 100
fourteen threcktent stamps. All orders from Canada must
be 'accompanied by twenty cants extra.
r 0 4- gAig eV -ALL PRI apt dew
These medicines- or;
JACKSON & Co., No.
delphia, Pa.,. and,
dealers is medic"
per bottle. r;
will be on the;
In the '
you Ivy
Est died in the calmness
-JIB of thy childhood," murmur
..le self-accusing-rnothetr.
' 'Again, the father 4 kneltl-by the bedside
Of his 13011, and WS
voice or.ce more *Old,
up in prayer. "Whatsoever thou as
or witlitiobleat. enable us to earsiti st
cterel i j r .
" Tky wilt be done."-.....-
" Imen," clearly articulated the
and t he Augelot Death took thespt Oftlia_
liepeleat to the bar f-Grod.--Cluisfica Reg,
istet •
tiocK, Jik*
sk a s gine -11°'
I 1 1111 ' 7 ri "ri 1 I 1 I" rI •
The great standard medicines of .the present
age, have acquired their great popularity only
through years of trial. Unbounded satisfac
tion is rendered by them in all cases; and the
people have pronounced them worthy.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Nervous System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered
Jiver or weakness of the stomach and dio estive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured itg
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
partition extant. It will cure, wrrnour PAM,
the most severe and long-standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, 751*
Ihteinsa, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
and has performed the most astonishing cures
ever known of
A few *sea will also at
eure the most severe .
tv by au
s ovies
and contose ndiatorg
4'1146 4*4**%:rio's
• 040.4 010"ganik
lit. 1)11'000%1
• el:ffn(
unulged;" far sale by A. R.) MNEON & fai
cle Ada id