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The State SenatejinAocked
Private dispatches from Indiana and Arm-
strong counties announce the triumphant
election of Dr. Thomas... St. Clair, the Union
candidate for Senator to fill the vacancy created
by the resignation , of Major White, by a ma
jority of twelve hundred. • The vote polled
,as very small; but the . majority much
larger than was expected, coniidering, the num
ber of loyal men from that district in the array.
—This is the last act in the, jiroCeedings to
end the dead lock in the' Senate; and put a
stop to the machinations of the treasonumpa-
Lhizers in that body.
An Important Work for. the. People
Since it has been fairly-tiseettairied that the
i;reat masses of the peciPle . - are unalterably
J fixed in their resolution ;to-re-elect : 4113raltafn
:iiincoln, the politicians -who have heretofore
arrogated to therriselves the legitiniate right
to control such affairs, have entnrekt
Vinations to defeatthe wishes_ of the people
on this subject: .
So far: as our own ef
forts will go, therefore, we intend to labor
for the,`frtistratice of the, Schemes .. Of: the
politicians ; ; as events Aevelepe . ; the
plesperation. of the schenies-coneeetedbyieVery
aspiring politician in the land, to defeat the
people, we are 'resolved that. the people
shall know their friends, and hence-we are
determined to expose these . demagognes, to
the just indignatien of masses';':Trithe
meantime we earnestly enunsel, the
„peep% in
every district' in the State,, to; indicate the
rnen who are to represent-them in a National
Convention ; and after the delegates have
been thus fixed upon let it be' diStinCtly nn
derstood that no alternate delegates hp:aPpoint
ed. If two sets of delegates are appointed to
a National Convention, the - politicians- Will
cheat the people. This isn'very important fact,
Let the people in every county in the State
give it their most careful consideration. Let
the people henceforth rule in .every assem=
binge that has any connection with the safety
and the parity of the Govermnent. , Lei Amin
rise in their might, and crush beneath their
heels, the cabals which corrupt politicians
are now forming. By such a,course, alone,
can the-people hope to rule.
The Indiana Seikoloi•ial Election,
The election for Senator in the ludiainiiind.
Armstrong district, was all that was necessary
'to fix the stigma of eternal condemnation on
the minority in the Senate,. will - be recol
lected that the leaders of that minority ex
hausted their cunning in devising obstacles
to frustrate the organization of the Senate.
When those demago goes discovered that
their parliamentary subterfuges, were about to
fail•them, and that an election for Senator to
fill the vacancy created by the resignation of
Senator White, would take place, the leaders
of the minority insisted that such an election
could not be held, that the Speaker of the Senate
had no right to issnea warrant for its holding,
and that it would b e 'illegal if held. This Was the
last dodge. 'But hew did *the people of the
district act, who claim tobe' , DemoCiatsi and
who are supposed - to'• :follow the ;read
of Clymer, Laxaberton , d Co. ? The
Democracy of'-and: lArmstrong
cduntieS•recOgnized the legaliti , Of the proceed
ings in the Senate, made necessary to the
ordering of this' eledtion; by nominating a
candidate and contesting at the polls for his
election. Thus, the organization of the Senate
was recognized by the people'of , -both partiei•
and tinis the most withering :rebuke eVer ;ad
-nainistered to a corrupt faction,. was out
to the demagogues of the minorityln the State
Senate. . , • • • •
..=-This recognition, by the people - Of :
parties, establishes the precedent bf.i . the or
gaiiization of the Senate. It will now leave
the majority with a high Warrant to proceed
at once to the discharge of the regular legis- -
lative business. The present organization o f
the Senate, is the legal, Constittztional. -..e9ir
struetion of that body, prdpared imreeditttely
for the transaction of business. This is a fit-
tinttermination of the struggle ;between the
. friends of law and order, -and the faction-which
has been' able so long te,delaY legitdaAolixt It
is a compensation, too, almost,eufficientforAli
j ihe evils we hare suffered froth the treasonable
course of the faction led .by .Clymer, Laud:ix
ton St Co. •
The elintax.
A few months since, we asserted that the
climax, or rather the result of rebellion, would
be infidelity. We desired t 9 he understood by
this assertion' to mean that the failiire of ;the
slave-holders to destioy a, free government,.
would be the signal for the allies of the slave
holders to attempt the destrtiction *of afiee
religion. The foe which made the effort in
the South to overthrow the Anierican Union,
is the ally of infidelity. Slavery imearifi delity
are twin sisters—both the prolific -bree.ders
of rebellion, anarchy and bloOdslied.
where one fails, the other is ready -with a
brood of, evils to, plague mankind. • This,, is
verified by the movements of the sympathizers
with the slave-holders' rebellion in the State
of "Ohio, who now propose to organiye anew
church in opposition to the church of the drily
true and living God. The Tory OTan a day
or two'sauce, alluded to this movement; by de
claring it to be the undertaking of the people_
to get rid of political preachers; bdt since the
announcement we have seen: a copy of the
Western Christian Advocate,. from which we
learn that the movement, had :its . oiikin with
:such men as Dr. Olds and VirefArrShaw:;.of ,
Lancaster, Ohio, both of whom are notations
treason syMpattliger% as well as..avqwpd,i7l,-
la,cable infidels! - .
.--Here, then, is the new church whiCh the
leaders of modern democracy are about to or
ganize—a church, with slavery for its corner, ,
and infidelity for its cap, stone. We 'have
been looking for just such a knovement the
last y4r. As the slave-holderstfail in their
effort to destrojr freedom; the infidels
will begin their' work of putlFing an end, if
possible, to man'sreligious liberty. And - such
is the movement'whicii the Tory Organ desires'
to see commenced in this region. Of course
that sheet is prepared to advocate and defend
infidelitywith the . same , zeldwith whiehAt has
devoted itself to the advocacy and defence of
slavery !
Wa,hington's Birthday.
The approaching •enniversary, of the birth
of the. Father .of his. Country remise:lElllE4 so
far as our knowledge extends, that there have
bedn nopreparationt made by, the ;citizens of
Harrisburg: for its Proper Observance. . There
never was a time when the' 22d of Febrimry
deserved such honor, as its redurrence in , a
few days will demand. Well has a eptempo
rary writerren Piked, that since the, firing of
the last . gun - which announced an acknowl
edgement of, our :independence, there never
`has been a period when there was so much
actual neceisity, and so, much real ,cause to
deinonstrate . oui-. loyalty to the - Union as at
the present time. The failing spirit of the re
bellion would thereloi, .be made to feel and
know that in the North there was still an
abiding•Confiderice in the righteousness of the
war iii wl3Lch we are engaged; and further,
that in heart - we, are enlisted for the perpetu
ation of the War until no such thing as Rebel-
lion is known from the lakes t 9 the Gulf-of
Moxipo.' The remains of the, sire ,of Mt: Ver
are still within the : bomidaries of -the
Union, rand the birth-day-of. the great hero is
certainly deseivirig aprofie tiibute from those
who enjoy' ,' great;tiefisinga
.. .for, which hEi
-.fought through, the-slarkest.period ever known
to a young but energetic.nation:
Relative to the reasons why there 'should be
an unusual celebratiOn.of the coming 22d in
our city, we might chronicle an almost
less enumeration. Beyond the display of our
militia forces, it - i . rOnld 4ferd an opportunity
in which we fuldin, parade the war worn vete
rans who 'hare. come back from the camp and
.the lettle-field, and are dwelling temporarily
ih our midst until they shall he called again
to face the storm of leaden hail on the plains
still held by those in arms against the. Gene
ral Govern-went.
It would have also a good :effect upon the
regiments themselves: . 1- The men have neVer
lied an opportunity of arb, ,,.- g themselves in
the pride of their military : Organization, 'with
the battle-torn-flags and, the trophies won by
them in many gallantly fought fieldlt. Nor
have they ever ezperienned the public enthn
sieMn and the gratitude whipe are felt for their
services inthe field. they have come quietly
into our midst unheralded by the -4 sounds at-,
tendant on an enthusiastic reception; they
have; quietly settled down among their friends,
and, with the exception that ihey can be seen
singly or in squads in our streets, we would
scarcely - know that•they had for a time retired
from the soldier's life. SuCh a celebration
would - give them renewed determination on
their return to service, and the acknowledged
appreCiation of their services which it would
aftord would cheer them in many an arduous
march and in many an hour of peril.
New ita,tee. and Territories.
Mr. Disturnell,giies-tbe following table of
the approximate areas -oF those' - states
Td.ritoties of the Unitea states whose 'exact
Spp4rfkcei cannot Y 4 :be determined, by rea
son of the absence ornri.nished - state of the
United •States - land and Other instrumental
41 iiii"*. ° : •
Stateland Terrilorfri.
... .. .. ..
Colorado Territory
Dakota Territory:.::::::.:„
-IdahO Territory ...
„Indian Territory
Minnesota ......„
:Nebraska Teiritorr • -
Nevada Territory
41tith 'Territory .... .......'
. .
I , .Zors—Estimate area of the whole United States; 3,250,-
The above areas were computed by a 'com
petent person in the General Land Office, at
Washington, and may be relied upon for their
general accuracy, althotigh.in, some instances
materially varying from printed - anthorities
'f9lind in atlases 'and gnzetteerS.
Cleveland:.fferald saYs that a Mr..,Chase, who
left Idwa Soms't , fro years on a tour through
the land of, l gold, has returned. .apent a
mouth in Idaho, leaving-sonie tiineballoVem- .
ber. He gives - r‘iliOdther side of the story"
—statesthat4hil'isiiiiii of California are much
richer than those of .Idaho-that in the latter
country they occupy ayery . huntedspace, and
are very3poor at that:. It 7its:estiniated that
30000nien" in Idaho were out ofthEi employ-,
ment, and 'everything exorbitantly high.,. The
climate is cold, and they have ice there 'in Au
gust. It is nothing uncommon to ,have.four
or five feet of snow, `which lasts' all through
Winter'. Rather a dieCoUragiiag picture
out the usual gold Setting....
A StaAwc...444l , Ater, p - CONNECTION WITS ..
PPP,I7TATPDA.Dnring the :last sixty years;
.while -the populationiof 'France has increased
but thirty-seven per cent:, and that of Eng
land tWenty-one per:ce4;i'inisiainerea:3ing
• . ..... •• ... . .
seventy-nine per.cent., An forty-five yaws,. the
increase in the United • States lies been five
hundred and ninety-three per cent. No won
der the aristocracy of England say the Union
lis not, desirable, because it is building up a
nation too strong and wealthy for the rest of
the world. - . '''''''''
R.E.NTIIO/4-414 . familiars with affairsin their
own State predict that the leading Kentucky,
officials will soon be more willing for „negro .
i- 13 1* 111 'Sate, of if 'l,3 t, at least,
find their opposition fruitless. • 't
Will the: War Department Remove the
We submit it to the candid judgment of
those who are now suffering from the nuk
ance, and to the fair , decision of those who
are apprehensive for the success of our mili
tary operations, whether the recruiting
service ever was in a more deplorable condi
tion, so far as the influence which Col. Bum
ford holds, in the State of Pennsylvania.
Committees are here from all parts of the
Commonwealth, urging and fretting for deci
sions which this officer is either too ignorant
or too timid to make, and which come di-
rectly within his scope of duty. Every case
submitted to Bamford, is at once referred to
thp Department at Washington, when it was
reserved - for him, (Bumford,) at the time of
his 'appointment, to lea with such cases
promptly himself. In this , manner, a ruinous,
wasteful and harrassing delay is inipcited upon
recruiting officers, districts and individuals. We
have been supplying recruiting officers and
agents with blanks, which should have been
issued by the Superintendent of the Recruit
iiitg Service, but the utter want of system in
the transaction of busineasjmder the Bumf ord
administration, thus results in the neglect of
the simplest as well as the most important de
tails of his department. If a draft is made ne
cessary, in paany portions of Pennsylvania, the
people may either thank Bamford, 'or give the
credit to the War Departinent in refusing to
remove him and detail a man of brains and
energy to conduct the public business. Why
this change has not been made long since, we
are at a' great loss to divine. - Perhaps when
the full force of the` evil thus being daily
wrought, bursts like a thunder clap on Mr.
Stanton, he will see the necessity of ordering
a change. But then; alas, it will be too late
to effect any good. In the , meantime, we leave
the resrionsibility of the' irritation - worked by
the imbecile administration. of affairs at this
recruiting post, to the responsibility of the
Secretary of War. He can remove the evil, if
he chooses; and -if he does not choose, he
must take the responsibility.
THE NATION.U. CO:OMT= appointed by the
Chicago Convention, will meet at Willard's
Hotel, in Washington, on Monday, the 22nd
init., under call of ex-Governor (now Sena
tor) Morgan, to fix the time and place of the
meeting of, the National Union Convention.
Five vacancies will be filled by loyal members
of Congrem If the cOirouittee fairly take
into consideration the adirantages of every
locality;ihey cannot fail to fix upon . Harris
burg AS the place for. holding the coming Na
tional Union • Convention.
WiCAT "WILL wz ‘ po "with the emancipated
negro ? is reviving' its solution in Maryland.
The Frederick Examiner says that negro la
borers have become so scarce in that State
that the agriculturists may entertain reasona
ble apprehensions about obtaining labor to
secure the growing crops, unless a timely abo
lition of slavery in Maryland shall offer its
attaactions le the humigatiou of free labor
in the meanwhile.
Rum:rap:Ka °plums, and those who have
way thought of walisting, should remember
that the Nitea•States-bounty of $3OO to new
recruits and $400; to veterans, will cease on the
Ist of March: Those, therefore, who desire
to avail themselves of that bounty must act
promptly or lose it
IFhen Area in
sq. Miles. •
. .
. .
1861850 1
1 6 03 , ,475 :1. 9000
1861 182,500
1883 ' 883,000
.Unctrgani 83 zed. 71,000
1861 000
1857 .83,500
1854 ' 63 , 200
_,_lBBl .138,000
isisp . 121,000
1850 lOO,OOO
2850 100,000
J3O Tcrenrctp6.
144.ter from Europe.
Her yes,, Feb. 20.
The .royal mail steamer Africa, from Liverpoo
on the 6th . hag, arrived here.
The appeal in the case of the ship Alexan
dria was heard, on Saturday. The court was
to 'give judgment on Monday,.
The" steamer Scotia arrived at Queenstown
on the sth.
There had been no additional fighting in
Schleswig. A snow storm on the sth pre
vailed. There was no conflict, but slight skir
mishing between the. two armies. •
LriTaPoOL, Feb. s.—The sales of cotton for
the Week amounted to thirty-six thousand
bake. - The market is irregular and id lower,
closing firmer; the sales to-clay are taireated
at 60500 bales, at ThursileY's rates. Riddling
Orleans, 27d.; Upland, 26id. Breadstuffs
&ill. Flour steady. Wheat 2d®4d. lciwer,
but the quotations are the same as those of
Tuesday. Corn fiat and Gd lower. Provisions
are firm and unchanged. London Consols on
Friday closed at 901®,901 for money.
. ,
The Danes have evacuated, Schleswig and
the Darmerwerk, to•Fletalshiirg.
The Germans are, in pursuit. •
Limn Peon PsowsioNs.—Pork has advine
ed-ld for'eastern; beefis steady; bacon quick
-63.'dIendin g 'downwards; butter quiet and
Steady; lard quiet and unchanged.
A dispatch from. Hamburg on
of the 6th saykithat no late news had, been
received from the theatre of War; it was believed
that the Prussia= prevent its transmissiOn—
that severe fighting: was going on, as numbers
of wounded were, being constantly brought
into Reudsbiirg.
A dispatch from Hamburg, dated on the
6th, reports that the' town of Schleswig had
been evacuated by the Danes and occupied
by the Allies. 'This - is said to be authentic.
Nothing is known as to the capture of NiVis
Lortporz.—Ameri r can securities---5-20's 62®
63; lifessachiisetts fives 85; Erie sharea 60®
62; 'New York Central 76; Illinois Central 25
I ®23 per cent. discount.
LtvtaPoor, Feb. 6.—The cotton market on
Sabiiday cloaca fain and Ifolders demand an
advance; sales of 6,000 bales; breadstnits ire
dull and unchangad axcept for wheat, which
is film; provisions are quiet but steady.
Los - pcor, Feb: 6th—Console closed at .90i
(poi . , and after, official hours was, quoted at
4arxr Barrenq.—Both . houses of Parliament
adopted an address in reply to the Queen's
message without amendment.
qrleal Fire in Kangas.
LEAvnt+'woßTU, Feb. 19.
A „fire-occtured in Delaware street., between
Second and Third, this morning, destroyhas
n i ne b u ilding& The loss is, about $150,009,
partly, insured. Most of the goods were
. -
The principal fosses by the fire this.rnorn-
ing are Stetsuer,dc Broihors' dry goods store,
loss $22,000; insured for $17,000. A. Lorna,
Rods, loss $6,000; no insurance. B. S.
ich loss $3,000; no insurance. F. R.
Work, loss $12,500, insurance $2,500.
'Belles, jeweller, loss $4,000. Hint:Wield &
Mitchell, loss $16,000; insurance $6,000.-
- Voss* Co., loss $7,500; insurance $2;500.
Dr. Park, loss $5,000; insurance $2,000. Dr.
D. S. Cohen,dry goods, lost everything. B.
Levy lost heavily; amount not ascertained.
Completion of the Nashline tad. Fatorville
.Bishop Polk Ogtgenei:4M, ed.
CirxrmwooaL, Feb. 19
Adjutant General Thonitis and staff have rc
turned here from Knoxville. Oftlasra:4 , the
party report that Longstreet retrtiat be
yond the. French Broad , river, to avoid a move
ment of our greatly superior forces.
Nashville and Knoxville are connected by
railroad, with the exception of seven hundred
yards at London, and passenger trains are
running. The bridge. atlapidon will be fin
ished before a week. Johnston has concen
trated his forces at Dalton, and advanced his
picket line to Ringgold; but "is fearful of an
attack, and cannot spare reinforcements for
The Mobile News says that Polk has been
shamefully` ottigeneralled by Sherman, who
' had advanced beyond Meridian between the
Bishop and Montgomery; and the Marietta
Rebel has rumors of a hard fightinMiumistippi,
on the 13th inst.
A tide of veteran iolunteers is being sent to
the front, every car on the Nashville :and
Chattanooga railroad "being waated' for tlieir
transportation. Everythilig is quiet. here, al
though we are in a condition to move imme
Departmentof the South.
Wasinworox Feb 19.
The following dispatches" have been reeei,
ed at the headquarters of the army: '
. BALDWIN, Florida, Feb. 9.
Major Goi. H. *. liack:, General-in Chilf,
U. S. A., Washington, .D C:
GENEIUL I have the - honor ito report that a
portion of my commad, . under Brig. Gen.
Seymour, convoyed by the gunboat Norwich,
Capt. Mariam, ascended the St. John river on
the 7th inst., and landed at Jacksonville on
the afternoon of that date. The advance, un-.
der Col. Geo. V. Henry, comprising the 40th
Massachusetts infantry; the Independent bat
talion Massachusetts cavalry, and Maj. 'Ate
yens' and Blder's battery, Co. B, Ist artillery,
pushed forward into•the interior on.the.night
of the Bth, 'and passed by the enemy, drain
up in line-of-battle at Camp Vinegar, seven
miles from Jacksonville, surprised and captur
ed a battery three miles in the rear of the
camp about midnight, and reached this
place about sunrise this morning. At ,nur
approach the enemy absconded and sink
the steamer Bt. Mary's, and burned two
hundred and seventy bales' of cotton; a few
miles above Jacksonville. We have terra,
without the loss;
loss of, a man, alaoot,inia bundred
p - Moners, eight pieces of artillery, in service
able condition, and.well-snpplied withaMmu
nition, and other valuable property to a large
amount. ' ' Q. GILMORE -
Major General Commanding.
The Wel , In',-the thinthr.ent
REBELS Ltivnio 'Timms=• Alm otanou, BY
Keliable information from Southeast Ten
nessed says that refugees are leatins Tennes
see and Georgia by thousands, many of them
iu a starving condition,.
Large numbers of deierters from the rebel
army continue to arrive at Chattanooga daily.
The confedprate scrip is now worth only
five cents on the
The-steamer in the Government
service, was burned at the landing, at Colum
bus, Ky., to-day. The boat and cargo is a
total loss.
Cavalry Sconti' Western: Virginia
Capture of Prisoners and Guerrillas.
FTe is:
Maj. Gen. Hallack, General-in-chief:
Lieut Colonel Hall, commanding at Beverly,
reports the return of a scout from Webster
county with 17 yrisoners, among the =un
bar the notorious • guerrilla chief, Dan
Duskey; also, one from Poc4kontas county,
with live prisoners, of whom one is Major
Adams * , of the Forty-second Virginia rebel in
fantry. B. F. KELLEY, ' . Brig. Gen.
At Baltimore, on the the . loth Inst., by Ber. Dr. Hennessey,
at Ifount Hope 'chapel, First LieuteruMt Josses S. Horsat,
of the regular army, to Miss A t YNA E. Bowstsy, of Pehn-
FIRST-BATE Varnisher and Painter a
the - [feb2o-d3t] EAGLE WORKS. :
A BOX containing a builder's level came in
my possession some time since: The owner is re
quested to :dome forward, . duly prove property, pay
charges and take it away. W. P. HENRY,
Feb. 2dth, 1864.doaw8w
9EFLCE Or cIPMF QuArumanuarmt, •
Wasiterdrox 11C. Feb'. 19 1884.
WLIS/ be.sold .at Piiblie Auction, to the
• highest bidder, at.the places and dates named be
At Mifflin, Penna. , 300 Horses, Friday, 4th March.
At Williamsport,- Penna., 300 Homes, :Tuesday, Bth
. . .
Altoona, Poona., 300 Horses, Friday, llth. Mara-.
At New ',Brunswick, 300 Horses, Tiresday, 15th
' At Easton, Penna., SOO Horses , Friday,.lBth Marsh.
At NCTrark, N 3 300 Iforses, Titesday, 22d lia" ; roh.
At Letigrain, Penner., 300 Borses, Friday 25th Aliireh.
At Wilkesbarre, Penna.,: 300 Horses, Tuesday, 29th
4. eso Horses haVe been condemned as unlit for the
.Cavalry.service of the United :States Army.
For road and farm purposes many good bargains may
be had.
Horses will be sold sirigly.
Sales begin, at 10 a. A., and continue daily , till all are
Terms Cash, la United States Treasury Notes oßly.
JAMES'A. Exor, .
*,.Cavalry Bureau
feb2o-41 — t - m — i) Clu.'ef
itANGES! ,. ORA:IsTGEE3I ,- -A large lot of
atiparlorsOrangea, Miry and-Havana, for sale in any
quantitYit - 4 1 = 2 9 BOYER & ICOERPER.
VAVA.,Jamiles and Lai3myri Coffee,' at
V [no2B) W. DOCK, k CO
rirlllEaS . very popular Pipe has now been in
troduced into Allis commarthy. Its peculiar marl
tsarists in the use of two tuber, onefor the *woke abate, and
the other for the passage of the saliva and nicotine to the cup
at the bottorii 'Menet it is discharged. The smoke being
thus kept clear of contact with saliva is always delicious
and pure in its odor, and the collected matter which ren
ders all other Pipes offensive being e tirely removed, the
Pipe will always continue sweet and le. In the
cities of Baltimore and Washington where thousands have
tested its merits, amongst the Editorial notices are the
The Baltimore American sup:—This Pipe ha: many of
the qualities of the costly Turkish "chibouk," giving to
the smoker the pure exhalation of the tobacco, free from
its noxious nicotine.
The Doan Gazette, says:—lts economy and the greater
uxury it imparts while smoldng, recommend it favorably
o all lovers of the smell.
The Dn tiy Ogre arspz,—lt possesses meritsr,7•loOca be
fore obtained in • pest Theie is no. doubt bib' that in
short time it will be the only Pipe used.
For sale by the dealers generally in this city, and whole
sale at liberal rates, by "The Tobacco Pipe Company," at
their manufactory, No. 1 Granby street, opposite Pratt
Street Baltimore,Bridge hid.
P.8,-- , sl3Mtion: of Sutlers pct others is called
to this Pipe, ricar so popular throughout the army.
Co,AIR Feb. 19
H. ADDI.SON 9 M. D• 9
, • e
The" Cii4/ilbia' , Otterileat Examinver and
= - Hari b&tor, - '
OPhiladelphia, has arrived again in Har
risburg, Pa., for medical practice, and taken No. 8
mom at the.
Where he will remain a short time. The afflicted are in-
cited to call between the beams Of 9A. and Ir. is., and
from 2 toft P. .
And are peculiarly valuable, interesting and satisfactory,
owing to his perception to read and detect disease, of
whatever nature, and wherever located, without making
any enquiries of those w•ho call respecting their disease or
Has made chronic diseases, or lingering complaints of
whatever nature,. aspecinlity for nearly fifteen years, and
In that time, obtained a popularity for his skill in the
treatment of difficult and complicated forms of diseases
or disorders, equalled by few in this country • moreover,
within the last year or so, he has discovered means of
cure that is truly wonderful, from the fact that he has
cured' many complaints, hitherto thought impossible, and
were so under the old systems of treatment.
Those who aro suffering from the want of health, are
sincerely invited to a trial of Dr. A.'s new mode of treat
ment. Also those who cannot conveniently call at his
office can obtain treatment :by. writing. They are re
qntrixd to state their age, occupation, complexion, and as
near as possible the Datum Of their copeplaints. They
will receive treatnient by dxpress. feffil-dtt
TS PREPARED to tarnish and coat the ex
terior of Buildings with the MASTIC CEMENT, on a
new system. This material: is entirely dillbrent from all
other cements used , heretofore, and is the only reliable,
lmporishable_coating for ordWe.worio Mixed with pro
per proportioas,ot pure Linseed Oil. it.lbruin a solid, dine
• tie adhasivenele to Brick or stpue Walls,' making a beau
liful,litati water proof "surfsce and finish equal to Brown
Stone or any color desired.
Among others for whom I have applied the Mastic Ce
ment, I refer to the following gentlemen:
J. Bissell residence, Penn street, Pittsburg.
J. wd„„ ird, it
J. H. Shoenberger, residence, Lawrenceville.
A. lioeveler
James WCaiidlese,.. Allegheny city_
Calvet Adams, Third sue.; Pitothers.
Jetties Wood, owner St. Chutes Hotel, <
, Milliam.Vohel, (Haug Baum,
Barr & Moser, architects•Diapaltde Buildings,
John B. Cox, nisidenoe,Ercul.aneet, Harrisburg, Pa.
A. J. Jones, it •
Please address T. F. WATSON
P ; O. Box ),,SOO, Pittsburg, L,
or ,
Penni MOuse, - Harrisburg, Pa.
MICE undersigned will pay the above re-
Ward to'serlierson who la give such information
eb WM ladle the iletwition stod conviction of the Individ
ual orindteittualliWbo set Ste to the Oil Office belonging
to the Itairlibrag Parolee' :
T OTS for sale on Cumberland street, east
_IA aide of Ridge Avenue. WM. C. McFADDEN.
letl7-dbn •
- Htithittsturn, Feb 17th, lig*
PROP - 08AM will be received =tit 6 P.
of Monday,Yebruary2Bnd, 1864, for supplying this
Hospital with fresh and corned Beef durpiertheryeturlBB4.
The Beef to be delivered in the side, examined and then
cut up and weighed on the wiles at the. Hospital.
All propcisals to be sent to the undersigned.
(0 1 4141 t
No 232 Walnut Street, South Side, East of
Third Street.
PHILADELPHIA, January 12th, 1864.
ntr orw4lo.4re Drat Mot. oticity Froperty..s372,3oo 00.
. .
. .
sloo,ooo.Phila.-City - Loan, six - per cents.... $lOO,OOO 00
100,000 State .Loan, five per cents ' 100,000 00
20,000 " six perch; noftaxable.. 20,000 00
50,000.17. - S. Gov. Loan,' 7 8-10 per cent.... 50,000 00
100,0008 rr 5 2Q .. 100,000 00
50,000 " tt 6 " 1881.. 50,000 00,
50,000 " on deposits sp. c... 50,000 00
25,000 Lehigh C. and N. C., Mort. loan, 7870 25,000 00
31,000 Del. and Raritan Canal co., and C. and
A. railroad and Transportation co.. 31,11 00
37,000 ChPmnp.P.ke and Del. Canal co. Loan,
1888.. 35,890 00
40,000 North: Penna. Railroad co. Bonds, 1884 37,200 00
3,390 North Penn:, Railroad co. Scrip 2,983 20
20000 Penna. Railroad. co's. ponds, First
4 1 bri8 8 8, /880. " 20,000 00
• 23,000 Cincinnati City BMWS 2:1,850 00
' 20,000 SchnylkillNar. co's. Loan, 1882.... 17,000, 00
1500010e1 CiMal co's. L0an,,1878.. 14,5q0 oo
10,000 Del. Railroad-co's_ ifortgage Loan,
(guaranteed,) ' 10,000 00
5,000 Union Canal co's. Mork Loan, 1883.. 1,250 00
218 Shares Phila., Wilmington and Bahl
. more Railroad company.
200 SharcaPhilsh, Germantown and Nor
ristown Railroad-company
, 100 Shares. Philadelphia
-. 100 Shares Lehigh .Coal and Nay. co..
03 Shares Lehigh Coal and Navigation
company, (Conditional Scrip)
63 Shares Ger. and Perkiomen Turnpike
1,575 00
35 Shares Chesapeake and Del. Canal co. 2,450 00
59 Shares Schuylkill Navigation com
pany, preferred, 1882
100 Shares North Penn. Railroad co
Sundry Steam Navigation and other
Stocks, Worth
Cash in Bank
Notes Receivable.
rollcies, the Premiums - of which are unsettled,
' ' and debts due, (all good) 95,744 89
Real Estate, Office of the Company, No. 132
Walnut street
By order of the Board,
• ARTHUR G. COFFIN., Preside g.
TED 1794.
DOOlii'DE L -
merine, Fire and; Inland TranspOrtation In-
• .• . .
•.• - DIRECTORS. •
. .
Anhui G. Cofiin,' ; S. Morris Walls
uel W, Job, JolMMa.:son,
TAM.A Brown, . George Trarrlatirs
Charlet(Tatler, • .Ftanaa B. 061 Pei
Ambrose , 'Edward 11. Trotter,
`Richard D. Wood S.
William Welsh,'William CumMings
William E. Bowen, T. Charlton Henry.
JantesN. • .•
ARTIUR G. COlitf, President.
CeThtr,H.Y Agent re r -pest i tsy : lrs ! tis.
lOrge-IfitinaVfigtr - Second l 'Harrisbieg,•
• •
gireTe4eeido3,t... bottles:fall bx, the pl.
' ^ Remy AUL DOCK, Jl.',llr 00
Tlantlll2l.Z - 041313E---Nteton „
byatal, at, raoin WY DOCK, 31.0110.
AATANTED Black Oak and ut Ma: k
v livered in Marristiurj.., Pa. . near
highest market price in cash paid for any RM. , 11 .. -
For information call on ,- Cll.l
Exchange Broker, 123 Market street. }Tarr -
0 9
000 WANTED arid: ..
a business man. ;
April, to use in the manufarturinc ar.:.
nein in Harrisburg, Pa. For making in....
pity is a rare one and safe. So compet.t,
oration enquire of S. L. M. [
Badinage Broker, 12S Market street. liar , .
Whighest cash bounties paid a ,
atered into the service.
Nan can enlist in any arm of the tierc., - 0 F
lass enqnire of EUGENE SNY
feblB-413t Attorney-at-law. Third street n, it
come wellsecommended, is wanted imm,
NO objection to color. Apply gt the PARKE El
feblb-tf Mark.
positors acquainted with JOB Won:.
neat situation and good salary. AdJaws
Market street, flarri..,!
WANTED -500 bbls. Fresh Daiiki.:r_
Root, by S. A. KUNKSL k BRO ,
Apothecaries, 119 Market st., ltarr,-I,urg
AGENTS wanted to sell the titatalard
tory or, the War. A rare chance to ukal.:e
Agents are cleating from $lOO to S'2oo per month.
volumes already sold. Send for circulars.
Publishers, Baltin,re,
.de 30
WARIELVOTOS P. C.. Fe b. nth,
be sold at tublie Auction to t
bidder, in
Beginning on the 26th day of February, ISG-1, and con
uing from day to day, until all are sold.
These horses hare been condemned as unfit ror I!
cavalry service of the United States Army.
For road and QUM purposes many px%l bm-eams
be had_
Horses will be sold singly.
Terms cash in U. S. Treasury notes.
JANiF2A 1-11:
fehlo-dt4l Chief Quarterma..ter Cavalry Bur.,
• • Grape Vines,
OF all the really valuable, hardy nati%
rietitut, for sale at the Keystone Nursery.
Shade Trees.
SILVER Maple, Norway Maple,
Ash, Mountain Ash, Horse Chestnut, Eurvv,:,
den, &a., for sale at Keystone Nursery.
febtf-bloc J MT-
Walnut Trees.
Wllrand Black Walnut Tree; for
ma*, by dozen or hundred, at
wry. tfebl7-41w]
NV-TTDutch and Red Dutch Cuhz
)rE m
sale by dozen or hundred, at KeyEtone
[febli-dlw] MISIf.
Evergreen Trees.
NORWAY Fir, Silver Fir, Scotch Fir, Arbor
Vine, &c., &c, for sale at Keystone Nursery.
febrf-dlir 3. MIST
NGLISH Yew, Irish Yew, Tree 13,,‘
)(shoat& Aquafolla, fie., &c., for sale at Key,t , :.
Nursery. Veb17413:51 J. MI-11
PRICE & nococir.
Alum call the attention of the Groct
TV Harrisburg to eur celebrated FRENCH
It is the best Coffee ever made. It is bland,
and nutritious. It has all the aroma and ta. , te
Coffee. The FRENCH COFFEE is healthy. It
for invade. It does not affect the nervous •• - t -t
all that use it pronounce it. the best Collec cc, r
Grocers of New York, Philadelphia, St.. Lou. -,
Baltimore and Washington, all pronounce it thol••
fee they ever sold,
The FRENCH COFFEE is good fordystwpb, • It
to the Grocers of Harrisbing that this Coffee is
Mall others. IL is made from Pare Coffee and
fee Malt: It is a wonderful discovery and is ma•t •
we say, go to the Grocers and get the French Coffee.
will find It all that we represent.
All orders promptly attended to. Apply to man.
Lunn. J. F. BROADBENT it: CO,
febl3•d2or+ 67 N. Calvert street, Baltimore
The Updegrove Lock property, Ave miles north or
Ashen, fronting east the Pennsylvania canal and relic
near the depot, west the turnpike, consisting of a
Grocery Store and a Hotel, is offered at private said::;. -
15th day of March, 1884. The canal grocery
best stand on the Pennsylvania canal—large and couii:-
diens stabling and hay houses, and stables arraiwod
lock each team separate ; warehouses for grain, col -
house, weigh-scales, sheds, ice house, and all other,
necessary for carrying on the business.
The Hotel (Rockville House) has a good rqn of tp.r,
road and canal custom, and is a desirable opportiili.i,
ed one
wishing an opening in a business already , ' •
The title to the property is perfect. Reason for
Is on account of ill health of the owner.
Apply on the promisee, or by letter, to
janlo.4lawtd Samnalmmo P. 0., Dauphin ea_
HOW delightful to look upon the featur.
of our departed loved ones! How pleasing to
mune with our absent friends. How instructive and int
eating to become acquainted with the countenance.;
great and good men and women. How charming to
mire the works of nature, the handiwork of hica,kik
and art.
10,900 00
.... 10,000 00
.. 10,000 00
.. .5,000 00
;024 00
All this pleasure you may obtain at a very small •
lay, by selecting CARTES DE VISITE or PIIOTOGRAV
CARDS, (made by the best artists in New York.) of u ,
mats, Eminent Persons, Statuary and fancy Picturt7. a.
at 10. Mem; anti when you have made a seleet...n.
serve them in a well bound
of which you will And an extensive assortment,
aomely hound with linen,goards or patent hinged ba , -
in every - style of binding quality, and at reasor..
prices at DEFER' 6' BOOKSTORE.
Sign of the "American Flag," - Harrisburg. !
fable - •
1,770 00
2,000 00
1,718 00
85,287 10
246,171 31.
SUGARS; of all qua li ties, suable for fan
or manufacturing uses, just received and Cur
fel • -, WM. DOCK, Jn,
22,000 00
$1,556,663 50
A LARGE lot of best quality of .11t
11 Potatoes just received and for sale I;y .
BOYER S; KOF.tti .
No. 3 Market S. t e t:
65 BOXES ORANGES, in prime order and
low, by [NW] W. DOCK. JR
00 S thi
LB . St. George Co 4.
190 sale at WM. DOCK, JR., .;
f eta
rpo LADIES. If you wish good
Paper, liinvelopees Ink, Penn, or anything el
stationery line, you will do well by calling al
JOHN WAIL'S, wholesale and roan.
MEILS--pnrehased diteet from the in
1 in bond, of all qualities and grades, just reo
or sale by • [fel] \VII. DOCK, J.
CHICEMMI.and Backgammon Boards, a fine
want, jest received at SCHEFFER'S BOOK 6 L )1'
A .J lll 4 Welyed'orte caskitne Cuba Honey, al
WM. DOCK. Jo.. .5.;
Cherry Currant.
Evergreen Shrubs.
To the Grocers of Harrisburg