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in the TELP_IG et!, must invariably
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Saturday Etrun n ur,, May 2, 1863
AT A PUBLIC MEETING held ß ty the colored cit
izens of Harrisburg, in the .ihel church, April
29th, Rev. Wm. Jones presided in the chair,
and the meeting was opened with prayer. The
meeting was for the pm pose of I ornioating a
board of truster s for -the Harris Free ceme
tery, to le elected for the term of two years , .
The election will take place on Monday next,
May 4th, at 2 o'clock P. M. at the Wrsleyan.
church, corner of South street and Tanners alley.
The object of this meeting was ably discussed
by a number of gentlemen.
Resolved, That we nominate seven trustees,
two for each church, and three to represent the
people in general. I hope the people will not
fail to turn cut unanimously and vote the
whole ticket.
The following is a lib( of the trustees : Curly
Taylor, Gaily Robert, Rev. Edward. Bennett,
Mr. Dorsey, Zechariah Johnson, Samuel Ben
nett, James People. J. H. DICKERSON,
Tu. Max TEEM cf . the Court of Common Plugs
wilt convene on Monday next.
.. , —a11...,....
TRH SITPREME Coma of Pennsylvania will be
convened in the capitol on Tuesday next.
loaded with mercbandise, was sunk in the ca
nal, yesterday, about two milts below this city.
The boat was almost immediately after raised,
and the cargo at once removed.
lon CREAM. —Mr. Joseph Huffman has re
opened bis Ice Cream saloon cdrner of Dewber
ry alley and Market street, where he is prepared
to furnish the best quality of cream in large or
small quantities. Persons desiring the pure
article will do well to call on Mr. Hoffman.
THE COMMAND me CAMP Omani, daring the time
that it will be occupied by the nine months' men,
will devolve ,upon Capt. Tarbutton, who was
heretofore in the same position. He id an offi
cer of fine ability, experience and decision,
who will faithfully discharge all the duty
which such a command imposes.
THE Fray REGIMENT of nine months' men is
expected here to-day. Large trains were dis
patched South on the Northern Central railroad
yesterday to convey these men to the State Cap
ital, where we may expect them during the
evening. We are not able to report which of the
nine months' regiments it is that is expected
thus to day.
DISTRICT A.TIORNBY "ERR again vindiiated the
sfiiiiity for which he is so justly reputed, by the
earnestness and promptness with which he
pushed forward the business of the Court of
'Quarter Sessions. Few attorneys in the Com
monwealth, holding similar official position,
have been more successful in their professional
career. He has won the public confidence and
esteem by his devotion to the public interest.
Such men are the standard by which to measure
honorable success.
ALL THE BUILDINGS used for, hospital purposes,
in this city and vicinity, with the exception of
the post hospital at Camp Curtin, have been
turned over to the Quartermaster's Department,
lg. S. A , for the purpose of being entirely re
linquished for Governmental uses, and of being
returned to the possession of their proprietors.
All the public school buildings heretofore used
for military hospitals, have been abaitdoned by
the Medical Department, and are ni4i , being re
:devoted to their original educational purposes.
The small-pox hospital at Camp Curtin has
been thoroughly cleaned and renovated, so that
there is no danger of contagion in that quarter.
EMIIENTLY TRIM .-A clergyman in , these
times, says the Presbyterian, who refuses to pray
for the success of our arms, cin offer no com
fort to the sick and wounded soldier from the
justness of onr cause. He cannot tell the bur
dened widow that her martyred son has died
for a noble object —he cannot thank God for
any victory. Knowing he 'will be forever de
spised if ,our cause triumphs, he has the moat
, powerful temptation •by intilgue, whispering
and pretended lamentations over the horrors of
war, to compass, if possible, the defeat of our
arms. Such a man is dangerous in any corn
-tunny. *
A fIOOD WORD.—Gen. Hooker, in his testi
-2330ny ix -Nigro the Congressional Ceminittee of
the war, s: ates that no cfunpaiginin the world
. ore gallant advance than Hua i :
ever saw a re
fade t the Frederioksb.rrr'g
phreys' division ni
remembered that this clivi
'battle. It wilt be
131st Veninylvania &O
nion, in which is the
ich charged nearest to
merit, was the one wh.
4nd it must a'io be
the rebel entrenchments.
remembered that Col. P. H: Allabaeh led that
charge in person, and that he vv,'' ) F the'Pe;lienni
commendation of Gen. IR:mph:67B on, the
battle field. •
Tirs Conan - Paoli Housz.—The report *4l the'
Grand Jury, made and printed yesterday, L .. "'
t a i ne d Some ref erence to the County Poor Hons. %
the perusal of which has created an hnine i nse,
sensation in hurnane and intelligent c cliels& in
this city. The details thus entered into, 'are
shocking alike to decency and Christianity.
They exhibila reckless disregard for the/com
fort of the poor, which is at once revolting and
outrageous, if not a disgrace to the Ch r i s ti a n.
community in which these wrongs exist 'and
dispense their humiliating influence.
We trust that no time will be lost to rem.
edy the evils alluded to by the' Grand Jury as
existing in the County Poor House. If another
year is alloWed to pass without the reform Which
is urged in this report, great censure will bb due
those having the authority to remedy the evil.
The people, in their lilier.dity andjustice, will'
approve any expense which May ammo from
such a measure. Let this reform then commence
at once.
THE Rev. E S. JOHNSON, of the Second Lu
theran C. urcb, will preach in the hall of the
Senate to morrow morning at ten o'clock,
anal also in the evening at a quartet before
six o'clock.
THE. CITY was filled with rumors, to-day, as
to the intention of the Governor to call out the
militia. No such disposittoo was manifested in
official circles, and of course the reports were
after yesterday, all postages due on unpaid let
ters received from foreign countries in the mails,
dispatched to this country from Greet Britain,
Ireland, France, Prussia, Hamburg, firemen
and Belgium, will be collected in gold or silver
Roue ENG A Caunom —Some sacriligeous scam p
broke iatothe Old School Presbyterian church
last nighkand •forced open the doors of the_desk
in the pastor's duty. His object doubtless was
to secure the valuable communion service . of
the church, but in this he was disappointed.
The fellow might have reuse enoughlo know
that it would not ba kept there.
DOMESTIC . Itleinurr. —The market, this morn
ing, was wellattended farmers and:hucksters,
and '-thts supply of produce waS!erlarke. The
prices ranged as follows:
Bitter - 20@28 cents per pound.;
14 cents per dozen ; Fish—!atii:9. ield7accorling
to size, st,priees ranging fropis;?& tii:so cents,
with the market well stocked. Rock and perch
were offered at 26a40' cents per string. Vege
stables —potatoes'sl 00 per bushel ; rhtibath, 10
cents per bunch ; radishes, do.
THE Swam Draseroas of Dauphin county
will meet in'the Court House in this citv,"on
Monday at 1 o'clock, for the purpose of elect
ing a County Superintendent, to serve for the
ensuing three years. As many of the directors
as possible should be in attendance. It is ierir,
erally expected by the friends : of education that
- khe preerat'§uperintencitut will be re=elected,:
aitele without daubt, the-ableit4nan for the
position in the county.
Tae Sexier &norm Sortomas belonging to
the •Locust street M. E. Church, attended a
grand exhibition :of the magic lantern, at the
Insane asylum, last evening. The lantern Is
one of the most extensive ever manufactured,
and supplied with plates represenling views of
scenery, cities, remains' of cities, castles and
monuments, in every part of the civilized and
savage world. The exhibition was given un
der the auspices of Dr. Curwen, and was partici
pated in by the teachers and scholars with great
pleasure and profit.
Northumberland county understand how , to
treat copperheads, if we may judge from an
incident related by the Miltonian. That paper
slys that at a reoent copperhead meeting
in Lower Augusta township, while asap-headed
lawyer ffom Danville was sporiting sugar-coated
treason, a Democratic farmer -arose and declared
he would not hear such> stuff—and , brought
down a fist whicli:sblvered a desii 'upon which
it landed I Another old farmer'sald be wanted
Jeff. Davis condemned at least as much as 'the
President of our Union ! "About this time"
the copperheads blew out the lights,..and ad
this morning, engaged in decrying the injustice
of" the commutation clause in th'iaw proftriding
for the increase of , the army. He was very vio
lent,..but made no impression upons these who
listened r uuless it was to convince-thqm of the
appatent fact that he Wee a trattbrai 'cleep - dyed
as are those whose hands are imbrued be.'the
blood of loyal men. 11.the,ant 'contained no
commutation clause, what-'better- would •it be
for the "poor man?" "'rich" would still
he able tQ pay fOr substitutes; while the "poor
Nail" would find the price running so high that
'Would be precluded from the posaibility of
procuring asubstitute. By permitting the Sec
retary of. War to regulate the iaubstitute boun
the-law carefully guards the interests of
the, poor man, by preventing such'excessive
rattis:es would cut off all but the "rich`' from es
caping personal service.
Taos &Ars= TORIES who have long been
disgusting loyal communities bYthe r manner in
w)iich they have been assailing, the Govern
ment through the columne of , jiiurnals which
they happen to control, are begiehing to experi
ence the oiefedielining disgrace which they
have earned. As in instance of 'this fact, the
editor of the Lswisburg Argus has made hitheelf
so odious to the loyal citizens of that'boroitghs
that even he himself` Rites in , his fait lesileithal
theOitlity.,vfideh good,btsfedirig'guaranteis to
anything in the image of a living man'has been
withheld from him. So should every rasa be
treated who denounces men and measures for
the gappressitp of tVeribegliolt)
Bad* ve Tabnefa e2l,' e
confession in the .2bry Organ. In fact thateliA4
is alreadydeaphafrby ,e majority of senstget
men in this co' raniunity,isatli t e tamale fast ap
proaching when it will be regarded with ahhor
rence lily the whiote dc(nituurilt3r., qu A ik i e the fate
ancliblAnd of ankriligrs. , They ate not only de
spised by the men whom they would betray} but
are generally scorned by the wretches whota
they,woyldlienre. • Weread,thatlhen Jpnedipt
iirnoidAtfterihe - Revolutionary WO., 4timpted,
Is gain an entrance into the decent society of
London, he ,was met at the threshhold otriany
a gallant Eugliehmarie house, spit upon by
the servants, and - then - lticked
.from.. the ;door.
Ti L ms, tog, will it be with the traitor syrnit-
Li z ,l , rs Nortir -*hell this' rebellion has
been crushed. t The people of, this country will
have long forgotten any heart burnings Which.
may:grow out of this conflict with the govern
ment,. when they - Will - turn to the memories of
the copperhead DeMocrate with- •item% 1 and
Mans Scoen.—This article, the peculiar
product of the pineries of New 'fork and penn
aylvania, is now offered for sale in our market
in large quantities. Yeste • lday we noticed
boat load, which had Bien &vied fronp the'
'hind - Inters of the NortharanchoLdhe Suhaus
ballot. It.,'readily sold at . 22 26itiii)er itrind,
which' "mole than ' double: . at what it usually
aold alew Years.agch * I
tJ` i.
I , ,•Vir ;1,11
THAT ÜBIQu trot kat ii:thsre, ' t,., .
loquacious biped known as the live Yankee,
now swarms in Harrisburg in localities where
there is the sound of a violin, the taste of
apple jack or the sight of a "putty gal."
lie is here on his usual mission to dispose of
boards, shingles, scantling and maple sugar.
Of these the stock's not as large as in former sea
sons, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up
in price. The influx of the Yankees is always
a source of macantile profit to the towns al. ng
the river where rafts are " tied up." Spending
the best part of their lives in the dreary p'ne
fdrests of the north, they are entitle; to a li
cense in pleasure when they float the products
of their toil to market ; and hen e the Yan
kee who cannot boast of at least a dozen fights,
and as many victories, while "down the river,"
is regarded when he returns home, as a poor
shingle or worse than the last of a pile of " cul
len boards."
A COPPEREINAD thwatani.--While the branch
train on the Holidaysburg railroad was convey
ing a load of passengers to court in that place
according to the Hollidaysburg 'Whig, -a rich
incident occurred. In the front partiof the car
several rebel sympathizers were busily engaged
discussing our . 'National affainabristag-in un
measured terms - Olt efforts of the Government,
to put dawn: the rebellion, a4din such loud
tones as,, to be heard all
.through - :the car. A
gentleman who had 'beery listening to the, con
venation watt forward and/read to the party a
ptiragraph from a morning paper, as follows :
"You are promised liberty by the leaders of
your affairs, but is there an individusl in the
eojoympt of it, saving your oppressors? Who
among you dare speak or write what be thinks
against the tyrattny, which has robbed you of
your property, imprisonedyour sons, drags you
to4 the field of battle,. and is daily, deluging
your country with your blood !"
"Them's my eentimentt exactly," exclaimed one
of ihe syrups thizers. -
"Sir," said the gentlethan, "That is the lan
ourge of Benedict Arnold in his pryxlamation to the
citizens mod radiant of the United States appealing to ,
them to , turn agajnst George - WashinYlon."
Thisexideci ended. the convireation. '
I. Court Prootteiliugs
Li the case of the Com. vs. Mary Snyder,
charging her with hscvieg caused the death of
her child, - the jurf returned - a "ve - rdict 'of not
guilty. • -
COM. vs. Anson H. Phelps. Fornication and
Bastardy, on oath of C. Kramer. No true bill
and prosecutor ordered to pay costa.
. ,
The following cases conclude conclude; tabula of the
Grand Jury. on the bills laid before them:
Cora. vs. John Bradfor.d. Aseault and bat
tery, on oath of Itottert Humphreys. No true
bill and prosecutor ordered to pay costs.
Com. vs. J. H. Hancock. False pretence, on
oath of ScOtt Coyle'. No true bill found arid'
prosecutor ordered to pay coats.
Com. ve. Jacob Cowan. , `Aesault and battery,
on oath of William Groff. No true bill and
prosecutor to pay costs.
Cora. vs. Antos Cowan. Assault antlbattery,
.on oath of Elizabeth Cowan: - No true bill and
prosecutor to pay costs.
Com. ye. John Stouffer and Jane Bostgan
mlEchief, on oath of Leahl, Ferree
No true bill and prosecutor to pay 00{It8.
Com, va. Fo3ter. Disorderly house,
&c., on oath of Rudolph leidurtrie. No true
bill and,prosecntor to-pay coots.
Corn. vs. JacOb Dennison. False pretence, on
oath of R. Omit. True bill. Continued to
August sessions. - •
Com. vs. John B.•lcane and G. M. Brayton:
Conspiracy, on oath Of Sullivan S. Child.
Continued. . ,
Com. vs. William Still. Desturbing public
worship. By'pertnission of Court the Distant
Attorney entiiredit.Noll Pros
Com. vs. facotiC,Ftelyn. False pretence, on
oath of Jacob D. Efoftman. District Attorney
mitered a Ncil: gop; •
Cora. ve. O'Brien. LirbenY, on oath
of Thomas Touts. _ No true bill ; same day re
cognizance of p‘rosocutor lorfeited.
Com. vs. MargaretTiary. Downie; on oath
of Hester Brieon. }To true bill ; recognizance
of proaecutor forfeited, •
Com. va. Bell`Starry. Larceny, on oath of
Bildartrie. Na true bill and recogni
zitice of proef..cutdr, forfeited.
Com. vs_ William Hartnet. Selling liquor
on Sunday. Trne bill: Same day evicts weltid
ed for defendant. •
Coia..Fa. Margarik,4lllen. Larceny,-on oath
of EF.q. McVarian& No true till. Same' day
'iicogoiranCe.tif-:lprOsetintor forfeits&
trortrig.!. rJ:
R. Kaye., No true bill. 4
t EdwardX: CatiolliJohniElrAtuire,
Barney O'Brien and Edward Maglang4% ;
Larceny, on oath of Joeeph Varnish: No Ttrne
blil- , r . .;
:corn. va Casper 6.m.,ny; on
.path-of Chriatlan Kranna.: No true Ipill.
Cora. vs. E. C. Shaffar. larceny, on oath of
MitryLFAldover. No true bill.
Coilii 4 +4:' Stepiten-birkedii4 i‘ - ult. r , and
'battery,, on eatii . iif' 41111 Al4iNkfi'. 4l- 1&{1 ct At
enters a NofFscs.,*
Com. vs. Alfred Davis. Assault alidtat ry,.
on oatiliftlartigfiQt l Llons. District Attorney s
enters Nol Pox.' - •
C 91 1" vB• ‘Da 'A d lf il g l o4l4!l l4 , lllL and
'bat - tory, on oath of Margitrotz..loansp District
-Attorney enters a 11O1PriaL , - , • •
CC4l;'lii:jl‘6lll"3 # ll3l. .11111b lI V.
tory, on ; oath - tittigaret 1.4:401f.: District
Attorney enters a NW—Pros... : ; • •
Com. vs. Henry &whore; Aeesiult andi bat
teiy, on oath Of John Maglaughlin. 'Distrlat
Attorney enters kliol,l*.,
eouL vs.. JohnDH.44' tY,
divoath of Henry Kore: District AttOrne env
tars a Nol Pros. ' '
'Com.. vs. Qeorge Hermodsttitte . 7uietnce,
on oath of A. J. Wie4rert. piTearne
Com. va. Wm. O. ‘116.3 1 Ditinrderlt house,
on ()nth 'of Henry` itryAn; and
iza f AsidlAd
il:C 3 °F i ace o P r 2P 3 92, 1 :
Cam. vs. Wm. Jack,inn Ti .inglerrYsin.n oathl
of Robert Vaughn: '. , Tide bill. -Continued.
41:4bAthlif Joli 4
TiPAOL '''gßia**;l-7
Com. vb. the proprietors of Gaiety Halite
Presented as atonimon nuisanoti-by the Gran.
Chin. vs proprietors of the Opera'; Roue.
Com.. vs. John Manning. Fornication and
bastardy, on oath of Leah Kline.
Com. ye. Samuel Tennis. Fornication and
bastardy, on oath of Sarah Sworne.
CALL AT WARD'S MOHO STORE and get ''Johnny
Schmoker," the amusing and celtbrated new
de3cliptive chorus sing by the "Old Folks"
and "Peak Family" with immense applause.
"Johnny Schmoker, Johnny Schmoker,
Ich knee spielen ;
Ich liana spiel mein klein drummel ;
Rub adub, adub, das let mein drummel ;
Billy, willy, wink, das ist mein fife," &c.
GOSPEL Tanra.—Rev. E. M. Long, the celebra
ted children's preacher, will .deliver two lec
tures in the Fourth street Bethel church, in
this city, Toesday and Wednesday evenings,
sth and 6th of May, for the benefit of the
Fourth street Bethel Sabbath School. The
truths presented will be illustrated by many
large oil paintings, which form a beautiful
panorama. Price of admission 10 cents. Four
thousand persons were present in Bev. H. W.
Beecher'schurch at the Bev. 'Long's lectures
-1500 last gabbath in New •York city—crowded
houses every night. _ 2t
Wz have taken.over on. the let of April the
balance of goods bought of Mr. Boger, to our
owb'stdre, where we will' continue to sell' the
balaticeleft at very low= prices, until the whole
are sold. Among thine goods are
,I„ooo, 4 yar4a remnanta,dclaine and calico, 16,
lEranii 20 6cfs:
600 yards remnants, lawns and other dress
goods, 16, 18 and 20 cents?' •
200 yards of barege and 108tre,,20 and 26 cents:
1,000 yards of linen crash, 16, 18 and '2O
1004ards of brown and grey clotb , for sum
mer coats.
1,000 yards of linen ; cotton and wool pants
stuff, cheap.
SOO dozen of the; very !vat - spool cotton, white
1,(00 papers of the very best of Smiths'
needles 'cts. a paper; also stockings,
pocket !handkerchiefs, hoop skirts, allltiods of
combs, patent thread, tapes, Acks, either 'by
the dozetror piece. _We have also on hand yet
about 10 pieces of CARPET, which we will sell
at.7b'cents per yard. ;
20 Pieces of straw matting, cheap.
20 pieces of splendid figured window curtains
S. Le,w
They pin*, etyengittend iniigorate.
They oreste a haMthy apatite.
T,hey are an antidote to change of water and diet. ,
They overeoine dilate of dissipation and late hears
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
They prevent miasmatic and Intermittent levers.
They purify the breath and acidity ,o 1 the . mornach.
They aura PpMali!. and Constipation.
They cure dlairlica Cholera, and Cholera iforbus.
!Tiny cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache.
They are the best bitters in the world. They make
the weak man strong, and are exhausted nature's great
restorer. They are made' of pure St. Orcir Ram, the
celebrated Calls aya Bark, roots and herbs, and are taken
with tie pleasure of a beverage, without regard to age
or time of Cay. Particularly reconimextded to delicate
persons !squiring a, gentle stlinulant.. Sold by all
Groe ere, Druggists, Hotels and %IMAM. P. H. Drake
a ,Co., l 2 rqudway New York. •
Hope for the Affnoted.
From•the frequent promptings of iv friends
and those who have need Mrs."ffestherChrt's-
Gentian Vegetable Medicines, and the testi-
Moriy of our most respectable citizens, of the
.Virtue and merit of those manufactured by my
eelf, I have been induced to call special atten
tion -to these invaluable Medicines by those
afflicted :with. Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Liver
and Kidney, Coughs, Fever and all diseases
arising from Impurity of, the, blood. Also
Salves for Sore Byes, Frozen Feet and. Piles
Drawing and Healing Plasters, all of which can
be purchased at moderate prices at the residence'
of the subscriber, No. 27 South Pine Street,
131strrisburg, Pa. L. BALL.
Now is the time for all, old and young, to have
the b)ood purified, the stenaach cleansed and
atiengtheried, the whole `systitin"pat into a
healthy, active condition. This alone is the Only
sure preventative foe all coxiksgions 'diseases,
which are now very prevalent. &would say to
ell who have no great desire to be sick, or a very
great one to get' well, just try the German
Vegetable Medicines always, on hand at Nd. 27
South Pine street. KW. BALL.
WALTER PATON, Golaarnavier. •
rICHE GREAT EASTERN-mill letiveLl'i7l :
1 POOL on her first trip daring the preseAt
and. will, continue to
lact;iregtdatrifduring the eeelon. Early, notice
will bo:gfy,on.,of.4=kfoil of dep a rtu i e.
.J - RATES 01t4RA9SAGErir
Firettabin 'from.... . ..?,:$95,t0 $136
Second cabin ' 1 57 . 0
E I Z C 4rB IO7 A , V G1 K t4 V: 94 4 1 R04 5 050 4 . - thel l ti ar
# l O- K4k ItP l kbriP 9, 1 Y, a f i rec u' d i a4 - 1 4 f :
Third cabinir. 4• 4 4: 4573 I
Stearn!). sBo
Ail 1'144101e in -Gold' ,46r e ats egnivrifertt
in 11. S. currenoy.
,•!.= Lis
- "-"At the Office, 26 Broadway; NeW
For freight 4 ppplylo t ,
SbwaAxn & ABPINIVALL, Agents,
nitlBttltje9] - A Sorttle.et.,lNOW York.,
BOSTON (111101r3jtist.keeeixedtark for
"gab* MO X. 0% IstMemq,,
27ukr 'Mr:7mA idinfittleet streets.
MOIL ET SOAP; white andAdottled Castile,
Windsor; and other brands, for sAle by
OorilFtiint andiMarket-etreete.:
. ,
di 27'
are pow offering tor naie, very low, a lot of
elioicenyinpa. 'Call 'and admit& at
.4 , 14 ,q9r. Front apir:ltipiVet trait;
ADIEEP! = , Ton know whete,yon:eah.getfine
Jaiktotii Papei; 'Enveloped, Visiting and Wed.
(Ott Cards, •
IALIOIXXIRD - foxils63, for sale at
p... Amu= sib= OF
ter sale at Senianlaga o i, 9 RE.
1 as a comm 1,
Special Notices.
nov4 mda w dOnat BWo
Mtn) alwatistmtnto.
At suiߧV.r.,
..r1:1 - ,.
a 4..
Ntul abuertistments.
!wl the (Land
r PRE PUBLIC sue cautioned against the
..L SPURIOUS articles of LYE for making
SOAP, &c., now offered for sale. The only
GENUINE and PATENTED Lye is that made
TURING COMPANY, their trademark for it
LYE." The great SUCCE'S of this article has
led UNPRINCIPLED PAR CIES to endeavor to
IMITATE it, in violation of the CoMpany's
LERS of these SPURIOUS Lyes, are hereby
NOTIFIED that the COMPANY have employed
as their A ITOENEYS, •
GEORGE HARDING, ESQ., of Phike, and
WILLIAM. BAXEWELL, lag , of: .Pittiburst.
And that all MANUFACTURERS, USERS, 013
SELLE3I - 3 of Lie, feviolation of the rights of
the Company, will be PROSECUTED at ouce-,
LYE, is for rale, by all Danaorsm, Gaomma and
B . atrrr VOVILT Werterll
District of Pennsylvania, lio.r-t of' liay , Term,
in 1852, in snit oft THEaPENNSYLVANIA
THOS.. G: CHASE, &dread to the Company, on
November 16, 1862,:the .EXCLUSIVE right
wanted by a patent .:owned- by them for the
SAPONIFIER. Patent dated October 2.14866.
Perpetual injunction awardeth,„
.tALttitiikUntitlitii6 torirkilY•
127 Walnut, Street, 'Pkiiadelphia.
Pitt and Duquesne' Wavy Pittsbuig.
- ap2s IlSra -8p
A RE invited until the 4th day of,ktayi 1868,
11. for supplying the United States Subsisr:
tence Department at Harrisburg, tomnsylvania,
with fresh beef., •
The first delivery of beef to be made on the
6th of May, LB6B, or, as soon thereafter as the
undersigned may direct.
A-bond with good and sufficient security, will
be required.
No bid will, be entertained w'. , n put in by
contractors who have previous
,) coil
ply with their contract in any De, n 1... r. t of
the Government, or *ere the bidder is u t knit
to respond to his bid.
The names of firms should be stated in full
with the precise address of,,each member of the
firm. Proposals from disl oyal parties will not
be considered, and an oath of ; allegiance muse
accompany each protiositiOn.„
All bids must bo accompanied by two. ileum!
aoteee. - Bide to be directed to Capt. W. 11.
Bell, C s., u. S. A.,liarriabUrg, Pa., and en-,
domed "proposals for furoishiag fresh beef."
---,,,0f the county of -----
---, do hereby guarantee that
is able to fulfil a contract in accord
none with the terms.-of his proposition, and
that should his proposition be accepted, he will
at once enter into 'a contract in accordance
therewith. Should the contract be awarded
him, we are prepared to become his. securities.
(This guarantee must be :appended to each
bid.) . .;..,
and State
The responsibility of•thagmtrautors must he
shown bythe 47(ga-certificate of ...the. clerk of
• ::nearest district court, or the United States
dial - fief attorney._
;Proposals to haTicipened'at2l2 on 4th 'day
ot May, 1868, at - office on Third street above
Racket. It. H. BEELLi
apr.2B-dtd Capt. U. S., U. 8: A.
353 - RIJBIA KILLS. 355
858'aila 355 Ww4dngtcin. s treet New
York% City,
UT up in tin foil pound myna, a
box, and in bulk., Oar prices range &Ina
7. to 80 cants. We put up the following
We believe our Coffee to be better , than any
ground Coffee now in-use. All orders • addrea ,
aid kiwi ' or to our -agents , Messrs. Puna &
Yonne 162 Chambeis Street, corner Washing-.
tonlitLet, New York City, will receive prompt
attention. •
The retail trade supplied by firstcause' jobbing
homes hi thir‘vutfoba' cities. -•
1 1 4 BE gitt ktrAflE.
irml,7?mkaaa.,- ORAL PUOI.
N. 8.- 7 --Trtale.l'xice Vet Lfuyidebed upon ap
plication. _ declB dBm-rdmrBB
- - Meant Weekly to LiyerpooL i •
,916.11a:i0d4t:Atqatikkiev0,:,(9441[..... _
J_i a no.a..) : 1 ,11u3 : veil :known .. Steamers ..pf, the
' tAr/hc.A.Reite:X o ,l l k - and_ 0 11 4dapbra teeom
ship emapikay, artliitelrided to 011 as folloWsu
Edinburg, Saturday, , . 144 ;; 'ttlrygrav, Sat
orday,;o4Y OilAtliigAlttulaPV 16: i -""
•.iW 4 WF g. At .A 1 4..t,:, - 1
i..tisiiii it #9,I•Rs c% * 1 1 1 . 1 , 12 MA-4iNT Pt, OR
1J.1ii.,.1 . N..;• s..i .- , istiM ' - ':.... .
0044 : tad Al tgAlwaiiil • $ B 2 60
xTo-to Londortiri-- uo-to-Londosi r 36 so,
dote-Paris; , . 2 . -9640 do til.filis; - t ;46 60
datoßainbnrg; 901 do.to. .• 1 / 4 !&ridmlrit; .87.60.
- -Paitiiige!rtuditiforwaided to /larva Bremen, EottoMigim;'Antuiarp'Ac...., at equidly t low rates.
Fezea from ,Liverpool or Queenstown :i let
,910 t ni Ilk 18 k; 8 /0 5 •,- - 441 1 ,613ef ° ,
'" 'Liver
pool, From QueerieritowE, .I: 'Those
Vim airish , tdiefid tor theirftlenOakkbuy iick-
eta here at these ratea..,,
For fgrtUer info_p*4l(x apply at the Comps.
ny'2,(XMll;. •
,44;ept, -15 Y
'Jf2~BdlyQ DALE,
Va 114131,0 ThOixtici Proyerty- fot Sale
or to Bent..
ersige'ecl will sell or rent -Chester
" Amaze situate, in Cromwell townalklo
Huntingdonoonnty, The Stack.is weltgilici
tobstantially, also Ten Bank
usealn tolerable nwelr • there is Sat , abun
tlanceor good'wood thatcan' be foreboded at
frem l6tti 25tenteper Cord, (woodlea , myWith-
In two'tnileir of the stack, and abundance of
ore can beget from ene'to two and-eihalf
miles, it reasonable price. The turria4e
twitaiiek.froiii linion statiok, T. It.
13,4 with itgood public road leading t,witt,
: particulars,. address*
, SOLT= W.U.SO4a
Spruce Creek, P. 0., Huntingdon county, Pa.
•'.. :
SOMMatharAND suivinnwens-RAnsoA ß• bo., -,
~ .., v ' , 45 1 Onion, -227.S:tikoninst Smont
Phslisiidphis, April
triiii ANNUAL IRETING of the Stockhold-
A ere of this 4:konlianxiriond anelection foe
PFklaef kt iw 4 d!4 - k.riPig - Mt will talte - planeiii"
i oe o , , r jcAllier_ Onipiagiy, - on lionditiy; t,tnV 4 W
day. , T.te#, - *ltti'dobk Ime. '''"
• o it , : :` , i , W. IL WEBB, Seiltily.
(Kilown as Geri.Tem Thumb,)aud his little wife,
HAVING deferred their visit to Europe, un
til the season is more favorable for crossing
the Atlantic, accede to urgent solicitations, abd
will have the honor to hold IWO GRAND
SATURDAY, MAY 2d 1863.
Hours of Exhibition- 3 to 4i, and 8 to 9i,
DOOM open half au honr in advance.
G-n. Tom Thumb's wife is juttly styled THE
QUEEN OF BEAUTY, the,. smallest mature
lady in the knowo world, 21 Years OH.
only 32 Inches High, and 'Weighs but YU
Pounds, with an exquisite 15421, model form,
and winning address. Indeed, what nature bad
denied her in size it has made up in elepuct,
and grace, and fitting hatter the admiration of
all eyes. Thus are seen together a fully (devel
op< d, intelligent and b, autifnl id AN and WIFE,
whose nutted weight is but a trifle more than
The, rich, rare and elegant BRIDAL PILE.
SENT'S . will be on public exhibition at each
Levee, int - lading the magnificent curbeille ex
hibited on their wedding•day at the reception.
Mr. and Mrs. GEN. TOM THUMB will ap
pear in a variety of Perform races, Songs, Dances,
Characteristic Costumes, %c. Mrs. Stratton's snmp.
thous and costly Wardrobe is available for
three different dresses at each Levee. At each
morning representation the General and hi::
Lady will gratify their visitors by wearing the
identical wedding costume they wore at Grace
Church on their marriage day.
N. B.—Gen. Tom Thumb now conducts his
'business solely on his own account.
Admission, 25 cents. Children, under ten,
16 cents. ap2B 4t
20 000 LBS
of the -
following _rands
calved :
NIWBOLD'S, celebrated.
Nsw JERSEY, selected.
EVANS AND SWINT'S, superior.
Micstrica's Excursion, canvassed.
Thomann's Excnision, not cncanvassol.
IRON CITY , canvassed.
Ism CITY, not canvassed.
PLsnir He prime.
COUNTRY every fine.
Each barn sold will be guaranteed as repre
sented. WM. DOCK, Jr., & CO.
84 Wall Street, New York . I
The above six per cents., in denomination, of
$50,-$lOO, $5OO, $lOOO and $5OOO, are :lOW
ready for delivery-upon applicat.on at one OF-
Early application • should be made, as the
privilege of conversion at par will close on 'he
dist of July, 1868. These bonds bear 0 pert ent.
Interest, payable in coin on the let of May and
ilst of November, and have conponsattacht_d fin
20-tyears, but are payable at the pleasure of the
Qovernment (in coin) after five years. Orders
by mail accompanied by draft upon New York,
or current funds, will receive prompt attention.
We also execute orders for the purchase or
sablat the Brokers' Board, of all current secu -
rides, and have for sale constantly, all Govern
dentissues. lIVIIItSIOIIB, CL,BWB 3t CO.
apBdlm, Bankers.
I\TO CLOTHES WRINGER can htl durable
.11., without the cog-wheel regulators. No
Wringer has them but the Universal ,Clotbea
Wringer, which can also be adjcsted to any
thickness of clothes, and has no rubber prae-
Slue liandirto stretch and bacome loose, as time
wringers have. "Toe best fe shyer, the the
est' '
'Machines furnishedon trial by
alp. W. PARSOIik
110 Market
ve on hand a very superior.'isisThiothid
V T of WINES, BRANDIES and FL 34,1-
QUOBS, of every description.
BRANDING of the choicest brands and vin. ,
NUNES of ri#7 thequest
ST. cßuzligm: V*. • '...
Also, a NATIVE WINE, matitifficV, 14 tram
the domestic grape , , which is iipkM,, drticle,
and we know it to fmpure.
1414 WM. DOCE, & CO.
' Obesebromic& & Pearson,
P Re.QOV-1 SION ,D 4 /4.LEns,
1‘11.4 HOsith Water Stsvet, POPthiphits;
it RE iirepared to offer to their cUstomers their
Ili.. Celebrated Sugar Cured HUM , , Dried
Beef, Which are cured expressly for , , 1 y n4e,
and superior to'anything in - the nutrir4.
N. 13.—A1l talent by mail .prom_tie d
ed to.
t t
'` ' 'TO HIRE.
- T-4
Tdw ALCORN, Broad sixeet, iffetrt . ‘ll4,rris.
litli*,.lll prepared to furnish : < - `Ants
andiVagons to persons wishing haill done.
Digging .'of , Cellars personally atte .. ad to.
Hauling of any description promptly attendedto. An - order box for the accommodation ct
persons will be found to the TEIXOHAPIC Print
Lug Office, whereviters will be received.
aplB 3m . JOHN !LUX/RN.
AVE invite the 'attention of- the Public to our
V V large and well selected stock of Queens -
'are, recently purehased, and which we offer at
a very email advance on city prices. Call and
examine before
_purchasing elsewhere.
ap7 Corner Front and' Market Sts.
'WINDOW EIFIADIiB of linen, gilt-beidered;
V V and PAPER BLINDS of air endless var.
ety of designs and ornaments ; • alv, CURTAIN
FIXTtTRF and TASSELS at very , low prises.
Calla • ,
HAM& arge invoice of canvassed
unconvaaeki hams,. of every choice brand
in market. TeChhim warranted in good order.
For aide very low by' •
NlOllO.tS & 20 WIII&N,
_Corner grout and...ltrarketSte.
FlSH.—Anotier buga:lOL. a Mackerel and
Herring, in all sia,l3 of packages, barrels,
balyea, quarters and kits, fweale kw by
Cor. Fronkand.Market Streets.
liAllet, JIB AND LEMONS .— We har just O-reenrisl the largest and fu,i . #4,:a et 31_8-
ani &taiga offered this sesson.ui trat real be i.
1011-tard OXRll2ll:tet, at -
for: [►ruab9ad strivtg
. _
RANGES AND -, l43loNtiuotbar,lot of
Meg last reotived and
Catalog!, by NICHOLS & BOWMAN,
- Ewl4
t and Market. EttreetA..
• • .
0 -1 ;
,• r A g l • ;. P9 4/ A l l 91 grade
.piipis for Igile
2 1,4 -Is Wit. =IE, 441 ou.