Evening telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1863-1864, December 26, 1862, Image 3

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    , 4ital now in • , .k.l vie, belonging to Ulu Good Will
Ow Conti an ) , Witt , 111111dt• yehterday, in front of
the t`Apitul engine wAs fully manned
of i 111.111 a 111:t. 111111 • .I,ZZIt• with two hundred
.101 hi 11'0 threw water completely
. 1 to, con] 1014 were assisted
V 'oiniaLLN. of the Provost
(lard TI It . tit 11,1)' t vrry Salid
Aciory, s,e cenuetns the getieral working
1p tell V of the Clip
FRAM lAN CtitlNTY_-unTne!daymerulug lust
young:v:4 daughter of MIS. Mc
.augliteii, while in Mr_ Clark ' s school room,
NI creel shorg, wits hn llp Lurued by her clothes
It foie, the stove, at which sheifir
• tirruitii , le Fly t anus nil tale side of her
; e setfeied most sr,verciy. Nvery eflort was
',lade 10 save lair, partial I,l!ce, ss obtained.
-üb.rieiiiient applications have greatly reduced
her The most ,urptising thing in the
act bleu, ,hat her Hulks and body almost en
tirely ape,l but uing.
iiIMEN/RD Leutz, of the!
Ibit(lbull, by a sudden spring of a
:iorsi, aI i li driving iine day last week,
was pri it iitur l kola his buggy and so badly
injured tis to cliiih.tilte his fare lor
eon tilt., .sidetravk and Wild
~ I.
, -, BtELI :
,y a coalkin, cowing cluivz.l grade, and
\ ' y.'. ,, ipitateducath the ',WI'S 741.1(1 'HOt: Wi
' •t, k It, - silty the hue° at
_ _ t,l tilt! 0t14.1. at
is an lit,.._.
...., ; , lino:,Q /1i Of Mt, cl'illt, Wt: can iltttql
r4 AL
1 Bffiri,,,bli.kl::(/[ll-//;/14.;,rg1.{pility.1.,
..1,1i01), ein the"
4'4.51.u) . 11 ' 1 ' 14pf., , ' , 1 . 1 '' '; 1 " .4 "- n
) rha ; 11, `I 1
ifbei,,ll,l ;-• xt,,,cd '''4lllil.l4
6 . 1 "g•1
oi•, isvld 1, ii''4ll '"" u l
, a 10•41,,iirto .111 W 1..1
t•C''''' LC' t '. I
ti,i'',ll,lll:l:::,Li/ ;Jill irerht,l7,:igttit.ll'..,::::(''''
1,144 • ' "- , ini,, i „ :' '''' ' 64, -LY rift.
~,, • yti"l' % ,, •'11•1 l•f• • , iiiih,A/
is:J.,O, h,l• .,1 the ,iili l'ililM
t,),.,,i Pit 111,,1 I,,,ltiltV wi,
(4,!1,.,!, 1,,. (i.,,,,,,j0,„ 1 1,1. t,4,, r .
4.,"1: i f
i :
~ .1 ;i:,,,1:: (I
.:.1:,''1::: ::::: o ' u; •-li trqh'itij P:t
I ,
Ito , ~ •,: 111, rol, .I,li, not,ltll.l,
eptihi„„ ' I 11'
1 1,, ( J,i, 1,4 i .11 .1, , ~,1.,1,,-;,•
has ( 0 1 04 ' .( 0 1 .. 1 Wsi 114
01131 11 Of Chi'
W 11,4 Ul6rl in
1.1fi% Mot religious
!tk, I:te4ot it•H an d of hot' places of os.too.iv ,
:10 , 4i in and shout our city Laing closed at
an early hour, filet eby affording their employees
111.1 OCCilSioo fur Met ritneut and pleflfillro. Our
friends iu Ow retail gilt trial., especially those
iu the conlectionery business, were overrun
with CU M.Olll and, per consequence in deference
to their many juvenile pftrous, could not think
of shut iing up. During the day, the str< ets
were replete with beauty and. fashion ; and
'Death the genial influence of a clear Decem
bet sky, the pi omenaders looked gay and happy,
The Nlityol' SI-M.IIIM was unattended Wel
morning by any considerable audience, and
i the'
lock-up disgorged tally two victims of the :
t o icatitig Poll—a good evidence of a pre-exi n
jug rational state of things.
The lawny greetings and social reunions of,
the day wets unlimited in Dual Ih.r and hilarity;'
our benevolent ladies in charge of the 110.-pitals ,
contributing, as usual, their full share toward
the uni% ersat enjoyment of all. The rooms of
the various hospitals were transmogrified into
winter garde us of charming freshness and ver
dure ; the bare walls I_,,ing literally obscured
by the rich profusion o f patriotic inscr
eau iptions,
•ad exquisitely btif&
. .
ishea, the greater part of those still retnaini,
being convalesoont.
lut ALLEiliturn ANS.--'Phis coil
troupe have left for Lewistown. During Owl
brio erijoniu among I.IA, the Allegiainiaiv hale
been blessed with good houses. Tb,
tormances bavo given general eatitifacti,n.
SANFORD'S OPERA 11.0111-E —C7/Iden
font is the first manager, who has attciapt .1 to
prodce anything like a pantomime in the c , ! ?ital
of l'emnsylvania. It was a bold c tint, in N .,
alike uaniey and labor, but with hi: , 1“. .1i
energy, and the skill which has comi
his triumph in all his undertakings
has succeeded in his pantomime.
Cinderella, or the Glass Slipper, never w
" put on the stage." The het , lloly,
appointments, machinery, &c., are all
The pantomime may have been produr
larger corps of superuurue rariee iu oth•
meuts, but these are adjuncts olu
service to hide defects and mai
ciencies of real importance.
L . ,lc:it
tht• t•
11/, I
I I/ 1110
y social
The leading characters in the p
6uothiued by Sanford, Paul Kane.
F. Myers. San turd as Clown,
.tiowledge I 4 thoeu--sad i.
characters qtstairied in 61:11\
theatres ot thu country, V
force, more too and more t,
'tire by jr„„ ?,...,.
excels fiiiosolt —he is toor(
, e
istrel--aLd proves What h .
hight,,t-IV,lned for him ti
cif ‘ t ;.: l l.. i tio lll
tt ,, rhiyi
t a z, b . i : iiry w . ,
tiou,,,, wiiii:4l( ''Perlin/z/,
ifiz:iiikLi, hid' 4 vi'.l°4l
icrous arid rs
s -• (ft
"t 4
i f 1.1 1,,
1 i 1 Liii
Lit 1,
MU (I,
i l Lini
t "' t 1/, l
', 1.1.11/
tit all
about t ,
being to
the mat
found t
comb s.
deuced ef, having used but very little o
s i ng l e btle.
1 kih ke grey
the Asona Berne(
best o tll tnedich
p re ired by JO
t o n, on Dr sale h
a botib.
F i r de by C.
Nra met Areet, sol
A wait. EST-.
1 in profolllol3lB lal
W e of point wit
ot l' hu er ir. i f f 4 uF g u d b e stas6iir
hone tit
Sr, large
offilarket and
e aditable to the
Art of our city.
The building
levoted to the
I . in hi
LC to
1 ore, g. ay !Mitt'
• in.: ILc ap,•lary tube.
pan IA Lr age of disease. .11
1.11:0-t•ti rA lunar t 11,0,1 t;,
of the ha r, and ailind of the
:l titans,
oi 8 Initoi,al tP lowijug lIQt
to it , uotkoo! o , lor by an vla-y prfleb4
pr , ol-1, g it, growth, pr,V lite Ile nilan k
dandrull, and it •parts 1.0.1 th and phut.
head. It Foie r 'odd the h.gt of time, bola,
tad I ..1, r uE , avd ie ruhetonli.% oirreai
's, d by both g..htlemert aro ladies. It
dd., .1 , al.. ,or Cua be Irmo. ed by
OlUlliel . (11111 lig 1). S. 8..r0u8 t!tr2 tit o.
o eizrs, uU e .1. and it I.
to di-:.:
Take no more unpleased and unsafe Medic,
'ni tinpiehsaill anti dangf,rous dißeaStH, I.lBe
ch.., hu. ri•CriVHd tho cud,
1111111 ,
a bight 0
fOid Z ., liiW
gorgvolw a❑
m l
mum) in recommending
I 7 IN Awl'
Luxuriant Boa
nov4 ut APr;
- ' t i, t r ‘'''
Dy , Pe "'al
L0,,,n0t a•
1.,1, 1% Cita, :ti ‘itneorwittil
101,10hlea 6:ltte ..1 lOW K%-t. , ,In
11) i 101111! OW genuine, Olt dititi
ASK IA)R Ill:LVlli(lLD'ti. '1
tailti kilifittANTE
•+4 .
I. AUGU 3•11 P-3. BP.,
• fiN
...%. i-L , r i - d.
it. 1 I;A l' lIS ve , . °ticked iti Colors, In
l',4sto it, •''cle,t, 1111.C.1 Ordyon. in.
i,cie witnn,i, ti •,EL S 1 00 to $ . 2.5,
' ' ,Iniecti‘c I'Lotugraphii• or
:: : 11 : , r t : ): t ' i i ty : t. t i :; ' : : , ‘ ..s i0 1 , ' Is i 4t i i ju i t t it t l ' .t i t, l ' .1 1 ::;;::::;: y - ' 1 ; t1 , 11 : :: :1 1 1:1 , :...4;
Mt. h eck atte ' LL ' , l:-'ll ''v i :
tictll re.: o :
I L:
te Fu ll ±ITIS'"'
1(1' 1 ,....., • - 113 stow
_.V, Iv ,
1 1 . Lo ut c . -- mu— ale
..:-.4 Square.
more i,,,_,
L,,,,.,,,-I,_ Ai , ' the larg., , e.t a
~ ...' _.. , t. - Shoes that has ev
„TIM' city. Thti are all tit
,'''‘.ill be sold cheaper than y
inferior article elsewhere. Shut
and upward, men's bouts for $1.6
1 6 'l' MAS (11 14' Ts!
Iu ikbuudance tit
Lus ili,„