Der Centre Berichter. (Millheim, Pa.) 1867-1876, January 22, 1875, Image 3

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~The Gentre Beporter,
po En
i —
Ay Reporter
DematratieZ County Committee Meeting.
Standing Committee, in‘pursuance
of a call of the Charman, met in the
‘While in Aaronsburg last Satur-
day we dropped in at Thomas Year-
ick’s Variety Store, and found quite
a Variety of Goods and all of the
name heads this notice, departed
this life.
Death of Hon. S. 8. Wolf.
On New Year's day, he whose
He had been ill for about
Executors’ Notice.
Hstate of Daniel Kurtz, dec'd, late of Haines
Township, Centre Co., Pa.
LL PERSONSindebted to said Estate are
requested tomake immediate payment,
I [over 1S SCARCE,
But if you buy your
~~ @.W.I00TE, Rditer and Publisher.
‘Grand Jury Room, January 16, 1875.
Letters were read from P. E. Sel-
lers, of Patton townshio, and Joseph
Gililland, of Potter township, stating
and those having legal claims against the
same will present them, without delay, in
proper order for settlement.
Drugs,Chemicals, Dye Stuffs,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes.
three weeks and during the last few
days of his earthly existence, his suf-
fering was terrible. His . disease
was congestion of the brain, accom.
best quality. Mr. Yearick keeps
nothing but good stock and sell at
fair prices. Me keeps Notions, Con- First MoRYQAGE Peexivx Boxp,
, ap.’ that sickness. prevented th ttend- : 3 i 1x6 past
Hiliheim, Friday ’ Jan. 22, ance, the fo offered DS. Meek fo ctionery, Toheeo Bud Segars, panied by general prostration of the Sn 2 me
= | Aes ean a aa aannennens AS Substitute and the latter David Call and see him. system, which gradually ripened in- | ADMINISTRATORS’ NOTICE. | PERFUMERY, Brusurs, Coxss, or Tin
i. 1.25 Per Annu Gililland. On motion the substitutes | 2 SGA Amomene ed to typhoid fever. He received all | pysqe of Sarah M. Holloway, late of - ou
orma—81. er Annum. . were admitted. ; Spring Mills Shavings. the care and medical treatment that | 77 ines Tie p,, Centre Co., Pa., dec’d. %D ; x
| The NN. Y. Industrial Ezhibition Ce.
loving hands and medical skill eould
bestow, but despite all human efforts
to save him, he was called to his fi-
nal account at five aelock in the
evening of January 1st. The fune-
LL persons indebted to sald Estate are 2
requested to make immediite pasmant,
and those having legal claims against the
same, will present them, without delay, im
proper order for settlement, to
H. A. MINGLE, Administrator,
The Chairman, Capt. Morrison,
stated the object of the calling of the
Committee was to determine whether
- the old Convention should be assem-
bled or a new one elected, to make a
Parties arethe rage now, two and
three every week. Meer griegen fiel
More snow on Monday.
Bale Bills neatly printed at this
the Masonic Fraternity of which he in tiie City of New York, so be used for a
was a member. The funeral sermon
was preached by Rev. Hamill, of
Boalshburg, after which the officers
and members of Bellefonte lodge
A. Y. M.. took eharge of the hody,
conveyed it to the Centre Hall Cem-
eatery and parformed{ the last sad
rites to his memory.f Thus ended
the earthly career off one who had
lived a brief, busy ahd useful life.
At the time of his deAth he was aged
34 years, 3 months and 29 days.
Deceased was born and raised in
Brush Valley, this.county. He at-
tended the free schools of the neigh-
borhood for several years, after
which he entered the Aaronshurg
office. : Join iin for pe Yacancy caused The time decided on for holding Tal tok place agen ol Yom 48x50-61] Aaronsburg, Ps. AT
. . oi i al ! n. SS. S. 0 * * . > . a . 3 : . 4 : Een = = a " 3 at th i" ?
Township Election Tuesday, The decision of the Committe will (1 Convention at this place, is the | Baljefonte was present, including | FREE Samples to Agents. Ladies Gom- EISENHUTH'S prt Bonds areimusd Jor he Purpasef
mos. Send stamp. F. P. GLUCK, New Bed-
ford, Mass.
” a
HURST, 75 and 77
WANTED for the fastest seiling
Agents boek ever published. Send for
specimen pages and our extra termsto Agents
Nationad Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
' be found in the Resolutions which latter part of February.
February 16. :
ot are published in calls of Major Wood- |
Do not forget?the Convention
Madisonburg next week.
~ Rev. J. W. Leckie isholding a
protracted meeting at Centre Hall. | | and talk.
- = . » : : of 2, # | 5%
ie ah : . At a meeting of th Democratic | Mr. 110
he :Demoeratic..County Conve.n §< =:- 5 11 ALG UL UIE LEI iG. 1 Ys
oy will meet-on Tues Ey Conve Standing Committee, eld in Belle
21 ~ | fonte, on Saturday,
ATA iran | following resolution was adopted :
1e ro 1} + | Resolved, That the Chairman of the Stand-
The Ice crop is being harvested: |, Be d, T tthe C ima f the st nd
: Ce p VY. 3 1 { i Committee be rected to reques 1€
The yield is Gi both as to k e ident of of the last Democratic County ;
i i a { Convention to re-assemble the Convention
: quality and quantity. : i which met in August 1874, for the purpose of
; 4 : * placing in nomination a candidate to fill the
The Northumberland Car Work FC 8 tC C0 he death of Hon. 8.8. Wolf
| Some people around here are so
‘exceedingly pious, that they not
only ‘‘watch and pray’ but watch
ward and Capt. Morrison. FOR YOU.—Send stamp
and get it. Address F. D.
Nassau Street, New York.
Perpetual World's Fair,
Re-Assembling of the Democrat- D R UG : ir ’
© ‘ic County Convention.
‘ > |
you will save at least FIFTY PER CENT., as
the Store has just been filledéwith a full stock
of everything pertaining to ithe Drug busi-
ness. eo |
& permanent home, where every manufas-
turer ean exhibit and sel] his goods, and ev-
ery patentee can show his invention; a cen-
tre of industry which will prove a vast bene-
fit to the whele country.
For this purpose, the Legislature of the
State of New York has granted achartertoa
number of our most Weaithy and respectable
merchants, and these gentiemen have pur-
ehased no less than eigiit blocks of the moss
valuable land in the City of New York. The
building to be erected will be seven stories
high (150 feet in height), surmounted by a
‘magnificent dome, and wiil cover a space of
22 acres. It will be constructed of Iron, Brick
: ) Photographer from
) - ‘Madisonburg, is stationed at Penn
lh inst., the TIall, f
Put up only in BLUE Boxes.
A TRIED and SURE Remedy.
satisfaction." ALSO
Business is brisk since the snow :
fell, ‘especially at night. - The boys
hitch up 2.40 (not the Penn Hall one,
A fulland complete assortment of
3 iff for. . allowing the people to re-instruct their dele- . . : ‘ L : : Glan Tire. af /
xe, so o> the f§neeiff for-811,000 [era desire. - - ‘that one is ous ge sphielt) get their | Academy. then Widenthe ik of |" Sold by all Prugzists CANDIES, TOYS, and | fia and made fire proof TL Aa
e ,000. Li | In compliance with the abov al in, tnck the robes around her, | Rev. J. R. Dimm. He was after- S first mortgage on the laud and building, and
+ In compliance with the above, the g v kb i ¢ y : SAMPLES EM P LOYME NT. for the purpose of making them popular, the
wards prepared for College at Un-!| And a Complete
ion Seminary, Union County, and | OUTFIT We Sant ksnianie POESon in ov.
y) : : +, | Sent Free. erry neighborhoed to take orders
shortly after went to Pennsylvania | 314" qeliver goeds for our C. O. DD. SALES of
College, at Gettysburg. At the | staple and family goods of all kinds in con-
close of his sophomore year he re- Slant use and WRF: Theoidest ox i) honte
® : in America. Sales over half a million in 1874.
turned home, and enlisted in the Large Cash Pay to the right person. A real
fall of ’62 in Company A. 148 Regt. | ehance for all, male or female, at your homes
Pa. Vol., commanded by Col. James
A. Beaver. He followed the for-
directors have decided to have quarterly
drawings of $150.000 each : this money being
‘the interest on the amount of the whole loan.
Every bondholder must Jreceive “at least
$21.00, and he may receive
ni —————
Millheim has the latest Edition of delegates to the County Convention = and “g’lang there now.”
the Bible. | John ©. ‘wears a very - “which met in August, 1874, are | They came very near having a fire
“pleasant smile since Sunday night. | hereby notified to re-assemble inthe‘; penn Hall, last week. Some
: : Heaboy. “a as ag out House In Deliefite, on Tues ‘ashes were left standing in a half
] s Hon. Wm. A. Wallace, received | day the 2ud day of February next, . bushel measure, in the shop of Mr.
the caucus nomination for U.
“at two o’clock p. m., for the purpose or traveling. No risk. If y ‘or
1 C Lr . , : . sk. you go to work we
8. ! Moy ely there happened to be some will send you EREE and POST-PAID a line of
mentioned in the resolution. By re- In short, the display has never been equaled
< ator: He 1 100 votes out of A X¢ : gah fire among them, and when discov- ; : samples and a complete outfit. Address at HE
: Setaior pe bay 00 “questof J.H . WOODWARD. Ted hn OE d through the thon tunes of his regiment. for over a | once and secure Sly territory. H.J.HALL in this Section. The uy oS A oclug
a 3 = om fry : pr Prest. Dem. Co. Con. y a y 8 RY | Year and rose to the 1st Lieutenancy | & CO. 6 N. HowardStreet, Ba timore, Md. This vicinity. Call and see the goods and be | OT $35.00, or $10,000, or §5,000, or $3,000, &e.
FR sure and through the work-bench. | of his company. After the battle of convinced that it is to your advantage buy at |
Short Postponement—Day Fixed—
Full Distribution.
Firat Grand Gift Oonoert.
Among the pleasant things of
«Christmas Day- was the presenta-
tion, by the Band, to Prof, Feehrer,
~~ Chairman Standing Com.
Chancellorville, he was seriously af-
flicted with epthalmia, that for
months he was unable to use his
eyes and it was feared that he would
As the floor was covered with sha-
vings, Mr. Moyer can congratulate
himself on the narrow escape.
: : oat. ~f Callof an Blection for Re-instruc- : “lett HE
| - of a handsome Overe f Ee a 2b JACK PLANE. [Jose the use of them entirely, Un. | BORD Sie: Jemtle Soars: isstinting. MILLHEIM, PA. EVERY BOND
he fourth Quarterly Meeting o : HRT leh : ; Sidi : der the circumstances; he was com- exandria, ; ;
Tei ting will be Ab = moeling of the: Democratic i Ye i se we to Conrect he pelled to tender his resignation MARCH 2 , 1878. ) ». purehased before January éth, will partiei-
! She ye Millheim "on Saturday and | Standing Committee, held on Satur- item in Jack Plane’s Shavings, In | which was aceepted with relu tance. Sd OTS . pate in tie
Ml Son Bia a | day Jan. 16, 1875, the following reso- | 'égard to a gentleman visiting Jim’s | Returning home he engae in the LIST OF GIFTH. ° FOR BO A413,
Sundoy, Jan, Bead oth iy ation was adopted : Sy ane house and sitting down on the dish Jargangile business J Pentre Mills, One Grand Cash Git 3 TRIED SERIES DRAWING,
For #leigh Bells, Robes, Lap | Resolved, further, Thatthe present Commit. | cloth. The lad came into Jim’s County Treasurer. Aft Pig a : Oise Gand Cash at a nck 20a SHOES & RUB BERS, Held Honda. J; Ath 3
Robes and Blankets, call at the Mill- Se tach sionllon Dregne hereby | house to loaf. The dish cloth was | ration of his term of o fice, he re- | 13€ash Gifts, 51000 cach 75.000 Ts onday, January 4th, 1875.
heim Hardware Store and buy the.! who shall meet at the usual piace of Da a handkerchief. He fell asleep and | sumed the mercantile business in 50 Cash Gifus, 1,000 each 50,000 isc - &
gi} 5 elections on Saturday preceeding ilie the ae tent : ¢ v3 ) 18 Cash itis, ® {sath Ban So { t 1 P i 100 000
BEST article at the lowest price. sembiing of the Convention, fpr the purpose | ON Waking found it wet, and he pro- | Centre Hall. Last fall he was nomi- | 0c Cash Gifts, 100 each ~ 100,000 apiial fremium, $ yuyu,
$n tl : | ofholding an election to re instruct the dele- | nounced it a dish cloth to save his | "ated by the Democratic party aud sagen Sun Sis, 20 each. 30,00 ; J. FISENHUTH'S -
~ The Dedication of the new Town gates, between the hours of 2and 5 o'clock p. 3 . elected, with Hon. S. T. Shugert, to | ash Gifts, # 20 eash + 400, UT These Diawings tke lack overs Funan
ae or Ee miyof said day. the Committeéman being the | credit ande«turn the joke. the State Legislature. Such in 2178 Cael Gitis. a tet. on : : AOS or yer aay
Hall, at Madisonburg, was a success Chairman of said Board. ~~ =... v Prats Jade Toil ene th LC LA Toa rok | ig gio 1,000, | participate in them. :
as to the number in attendance, but | In compliance with the above reso- : ago, he went to rie A or a= oa PEs, 200/000. nTTie 33/3 TT 5
not quite so successful financially. ° | lution, I hereby give notice that an EL eo gaged rooms for himself and col- | $yhole Tickets. $0 00 SHOE : S | ORI Address, for Bonds and full information,
i of Sunbury. con. | €lection will take place dn Saturday, | Creek Splinter. league, during the sitting of the | j{alves : 10 00 | IVER. L “4
David Shoop, of | unbury, con- the 30th day of Jan. , 1875, for 416 pur. Oh! OL nt Jig iar Legislature ; but, alas,¥or the plans re “ ; %% gids Morganthawu, Bruno & Co.,
victed of larceny on eleven counts, |“ IE a Ji. Oly! but It was cold. of weak humanity, on the day he Eighths, or each Coupon, 8 80
was sentenced to the Eastern Peni- | Pose of Teinstructing thie delegates
Sonigied to the Laster Tonk: Lio: fhe Convertir toa
Financial Agents,
* tentiary for 13 years and 6 monthg. | to tie Convention tc Toa
ntiary for 13 y nd 6 monthg dag, Febr dary 2 atm |
Pile naive Hele fg. i:
| After a long silence, I come
Where you will ind S{IOES for
| aga. : -
Bn Park Row, “New York.
tol to enter upon his duties, he was | * Tie Montpelier Female Humane Assosts
called to the judgment bar of God. | tion, ehartered by the Legi win
; ture of
It is sad, indeed, to co] jend ws a tout Grange 0
had decided to go to the state capi- | 51 tickets tor 10
aplate the. os
+ Hard labor and solitary confinement. N. The holidays are over, and all ti A ost 01
3 “FEET AT FEEL oT CIE Ten BeTRtIe | Crees NII ran. 6 -LoH( ays are Over, an bre death of one 80 young so“usetul, 80 | and endow a * Home for the Old Satish. W "OMEN AND CIL DRE N, Pon Otte Pravwer
: RE Sond ws Y warden eo pip MES schools. in operation again. } : itions. - H an Virginia.’ at’ . Wo SAV aio vb LLY, : 3
" County C it last Sat a : hd OP 1onestly ambitious.: He was a man : destitute Ladies of Virginia,” at Montpelier, TENT Hee AF ; Ly
% ounty omimitiee, on las aur rbd A ERE TL » oF A : . | of excellent natural endowments : | the former residence of President Maison. : ff. awh Remit by Draft on N. Y. City Banks, Reg-
day, it was decided to call the old |. . Mercury down to een Sunday | Our Gim the Bldk Smit has re- to these he added a firm. will. an ex. | &orgrnor's Ofice, Richmond, July 8, 1874, | of every deseriprion Asie makes this ad: frfererLitinr or P. 0, Mongy Grder
i , istri : ing, in these parts; a 2at tur 3 lear ‘ 5 To Lop Fe NY afior pleasu: say that n wel. | Partment of the business a Specialty, he is| ~~ el Lhyeany nay
= Convention and allow each district | MOrNIng, in these par : and 12at| turned from Clearfield, safe and cellent education, and a genial, aor IS Diensure ifn wa coniident that the Ladies can be better suit-
uf i o desire. | Miflinburg. © ~ Rac sound. | wholesouled disposition. * He was | cers of the Montpelier Female Humane Assal | ©d With Shoes for themselves and children, |
to re-instruct if the people so de .
: yo REE ee Sabino a a ; i larl jonabl d acrea. | ciation, weo reside in the vicinity of my ho than at any other establishment. both as to
Riveral bars of ‘Band and 1 Lk : singularly companionable, and agree TT oer ty ; yoimy Quality of (oods and prices thereof
Rev. G. H. Reiter. will. preach |. /Bevers ‘members of the Band an The merry deer feel somewhat re- | . bls in his int ith qn. | dnd Lattest their intelligence and their wo RT 2
ev. (. WH. Reiter, will p | gal CAT be : ccd able 11 Nis Intercourse wilh men. | ang high reputation as gentlemen, as well as ca
next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock | some young ladies froz# their ears | leased, since we commenced writing | For a number of years. he was a i the public confidence, influence and substan | The Beecher-Tilton Scanda POSTPONEMEN
at the Saint Jolin’s Church, in the | coming from Woodward on Satur- | Anno Domini, 1875. rE he Pres a ah, | al a Sistas Le. ga PRINENES
2 dav nil Ce air. i and at the time of bis death, was : : ? foe. di i 7 ers : :
oc s day night. : # n aa WL anc a 2 bit ra 2 wdria. V 4% * _ | is the general topie of conversation at pres- Z .
“afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Salem y nig i ~The R. R. presents a different ap- | superintendent of the Union Sunday | alexandria, SG TUITE, 1874 = ria Tity, | ent, but people who wish to save meney, ge | Impossible under this plan.
> Churchand in the evening inGeorge’s | If you want to see Clark Musser | pearance, since the late meeting of school of Centre Hall. = His record and fully entitled to ths confidence of the to the 49-3m ;
Valley ile, just ask him about the lat teri : in every department of social, busi- | public. R. W. HUGHES, = “ {pin .
. Smile, just ask him .about the late | the directors of the same. ness and professional life was. on U. 8. Judge East’n Dist. of Ya. | ¢¢ RS STO » KINGSFORD S
: . ival at their h Ti 2D ! 1 ; . y Further references by permission: His F ARME S ) RE 1
& eis arrival at their house. The young : 1 death han gr ’ OSWEGO
The Commissioners have made the Sl Mr. Ertle, is getting in a goodly | unblemished one, and in his death | Excellency Gilbert C. Walker, Ex-Gorernor i
’ : a loss has been sustained that long : of Va.; Hoa. Robt. E. Withers, Lieut.-Gov, of PURE AND
layd is growing finely. WOODWARD ip t
« Losi,
Va. and U. S, Senator elec,; Senators and
Members of Congress from Va.
Remittances for tickets may be made by
express prepeid, post-office money-order oa
Washington, I. C., or by registered letter.
For full particulars, testtmanials, &e., send
for Circular. Address
Prés’t M, F. H. A., Alexandria, Ve.
Peliaale agents wanted everywhere.
number of saw-logs. Ditto, the
following appointments for the en-
Zerby’s, further up the creek.
suing year: Clerk, Maj, Harry Fors- | Rev. C. H. Reiter, will preach at
ter, Attorney, Adam Hoy. Mer- the Saint Paul’s Church to-morrow
~~ cantile Appraiser, Emanuel Noll, | evening, and on Sunday mornin
= + All .good appointments. 110 o’clock, and m the afternot
o'clock at Aaronsburg. =
Silver Gloss STARCH.
For the Laundry.
Its great excellence has merited the sommen.
dation of Eurepe for American manufactases
will be felt.— Bellefonte Republican.
Old Pap Musser, cannot be beat, | ..2). 20.2 AT re Er
1 the th a i N —The Vendne Notes
Er 4 of a sled eit her one or NOTICE. of the undersigned
~~ Competition is defied. have been placed in the hands of J. P. Co-
28 burn, at Astoushurs for collection, to Whom
3 ’s pisti i in | allconcernsd will please make payment as
W. Stover’s pistillery is again | all concerned w Wit. K. FORSTER.
afion. S. O. McCurdy and
Where they find the largest and best assors-
ment of Goods to be found in Penn’s Valley,
and at prices that defy competiton.
Try §
Te : We owe our readers an apology
for issuing no paper last week,but !
©. we are compelled to put the blame
on the paper Mill again, i :
The excellent Teacher of
heim “Cornet Band Prof. J. I
' Feehrer, returned to his home on
Mohday of last week, afer spending
7 =
CHRISTIAN, a large. live family paper
full of stories and good readlng. No
sectarianism, politics, pills, puifs nor
advertisements. Only 65 ets. a year.
Send 10 cents for 3 specimens before you for-
January 22,185.56 0000
x per day. Agenis wanted. All
$5 to $20 classes of working of both sex-
es, young and old, nxake more money at work i
a Yo
shut down. [ repa pairs... We’ ai Ye a Bl aia Xe for us, in their own localities, during their | get it! Splendid Map Premium. Agents %
oy . pi gin oy ; a little more than two weeks with | Ue Stover, who is holding forth Zpars moments, or. ay Jae tims, han iv Yravied TRIOS ig Sommissions aid: GROCERIES, H ATS, C APS, by ey Jor ood Nasa Jroperiy mide is
; ap de ¥o A . : : i ’ i Yeriwrd . 5€. ) y . L. HASTINGS, yashi St. : . : oe 8, sser ‘es 2
i Ee Hi BR ; ‘ “the Boys.” Prof. Feehrer is un- | In s township this winter, hus pay handsomely for every hour's work. Full Mar i Pia 208 on : For Sale by all First-Class Grocers. . [41 Tug
{ 3 a 1 . ‘ . i . A v Le Tr 2 5 : . +1113 'S, - ry g 2 x 2 2) 3 » th.
- ot: Ww. Biomater gives notice doubtedly the best Band Teacher in Det > ay um on a furlough during Sour are at rcs: Doi diy “Sows HAVF YOU TRIED BOOTS & SIIOLS, B. T. BABBIT'S
boil dat ig endue “are i State P ania. i 1days. ; the time. Don’t look fer work or business : : - ? fol
hy that his Vendao Notes are in the : the State of Pennayloay, and a ‘ 2 Bison | elsewhere until you have learned what we J U R v | hi short, everything ustallv.fognd in & well Pure Concentrated Potash,
x ‘hands of J 3. P. Coburn, Tsq. at pport of this assertion we refer to |. “It is no grert trofible to procure | Offer. G. STINSON & Co.. Portiand, Maine. U B E B A : regulated Country Store, and a great many OR LYE,
7 : i Ths . ry g p £ ¥ ! 3 ,
Aaronsburg, for collection,.and he the Millneim Band, which has been | hands to saw ice, if you set a bottle DVERTISING Cunar: Good: Systemat. ARE YHU articles or usually found in Country Stores, of De got any Stier
CC art]l 1 or ava ea sl : s : Cris Gp he 4 aT &) Ce. Ye . - . | ic.—All persvns who contemplate mak- : aye w e found at th DONS | stance.
- willbe very much obliged if all Inter.g organized a few than six | ,¢ something strong,” on the ice: fug contracts with newspapers for the inser- a Weak, Noivtsas ss Dabilitated ? i : I have recently erfected a Dew method o
§ tg Captai mon . rill te CO 4 elt ia oat tion of advertisments, should send 25 cents to re you so languid t any exerttom ) : racking my Potash, or Lye, and am now pac
ested will “step up to the Captain 3 ah t and J will to day com Are | where it is easily reached. Geo. P. Rowell & Co., 41 Park Row, New York. | quire mors of Ae than BY feel elon “FARMERS ETORE.” fae it only in Balls, the coating of which will
office and s . favorably .with ‘any two-year-old S | for their PAMPHLET-BOOK (nimety-seventh | of making. suponify, and does not injure the Soap. 1t ls
PY ia Ce Band in the State. Asan evidence | Since the school directors made | edition), containing fists of over 3000 news | Then try JURUSWSA. the wonderful fouls | acked in boxes containing 24 and 48 » one ®
: Th C t by the Millheim a BSAA I RTL divisi # the distri he « Pavers and estimates, showing the cost. Ad- | and invigorator, which acts sa beneficially : di Jalis, and in no other way. Directions ia
a e. Concert by the em. i the Band appreciate the efforts | new divisions of the districts, the vertisements taken ‘for leading papers in | ve screiive organs as 0 impart vigor to Englishand German for making hard and sc fs
Band, at Woodw. d. was a success ea aE DT schools are much more convenient many States at a tremenpous reduction from | she vital forces. The highest market prieo paid for soap with this Potash accompanying easha
] oof their Teacher we need only men- : : EH . | publishers’ yates. GET THE BOOX. [r49-21y | It iSno aleoholic appetizer, which stime : pachage. B.T. BABBI
than before, and most all are better | — y we | lates for a short time, only to let the sufferes GRAIN AND SEEDS 41-4m] 64 to 84 Washington $t N.Y.
-~ v 44 . -
5 ~ in every way, and the Members of + ,. = 41, I colina
a Set ey} ay, and ha tion that the most friendly feeling fall to a lower depth of missry, but itis a
the Band speak in glowing terms of o.;qy yatween Teacher and pupils.
IN ew Y ork Tribune.
satisfied. Only a few excepted. etable tonic acting directly ou the liver am
% pea 1g wen d OR CHEAP HARNESS
13 5 i ’ ( 3" ye 2 : ; . 3 i Ne paper." 1 . X
i the supper at Miller's Hotel, after Sig oypected that several moreof | The fruits of Ol WSky"s Brie Law ea A rs. 21 *I¢ regulates the bowels, quieta ta SALT, COAL AND PLASTER K : @0 To
ir the Concert. It is certainly a good ,, = HN Vin i ‘ ga J The Best Advertising WI. | 5,14 gives such a hoalthey tons te the whol : } : 3
be ~. place to stop if you want a “square those popular Concerts will be given | tions in. instrumental MUSIC are L0 Dally $10 a year. Soai-Weokix $3. Weok!y $2 | system as to soon make the invalid feel Like a I de S, B E N D E R
= 3:00 PIBCY Stop, Lyougwanta “sq during the winter. fot sbe ‘or can be seen at Penns Creek, Pgstige Free tote iriver. Specimen | 8 Rew bersoun. Always on hand. oF
K ©. meal.” AE Suey ‘hi 2 eu : jeated among his over in dustrious pupils * Copies and Advertising ates; Free. Week- or 0 peration = Lot Yioleos, but Ia skaran YOUNG. WILSON 4 DIEHL Manufacturer and Dealer in
= eal A pretty well authenticated ru-| | ‘| i. Allies Taw Tumor Nv. "HE | peritced fo ShadE une, LS Marked To | gangm | Wisdwaid be. | Harness, Flynets, Collars,
teresa a
salts, but gradually his troubles
“Fold their tents, like the Arabg,
Ane silently steal away.”
This is no new and untried disoo 1s
has been long used with wounderful remedis
results, and is pronouneed by bighesd
mucical authorities, *‘the most powerfal tes
ic and alterative known. :
Ask your druggist for is. For sale by
Jouxgaw, Horooway Co,
Philadelphia, Pa.
A[peyy GOCDS.
Rev. Eberly “and wife received as mor. has reached every hple an 1 cor- Many a musical talent remains un-
Christmas and New Year’s presents, ner of the country to the effect that . cultivated in our vicinity.
y oat. bed spread. dress. ur Railroad is to be ¢o pleted the | :
»..y.8, Ane Clon Coat, bed spread, Ores, coming season. This is certamnly | It was reported sometime ago,
and other articles, amounting to cheering mews, for, besides giving ‘that cue of eur young mechanies of
over Fifty Dollars in value, the employment to many idle laborers, Penns Creek, had intended to teke Centre County a as Court of
Z 53 ing from Sugar, it will revive business of all kinds : . . allowance and confirmation, on Wednesday,
grester pai; coming from Sngen, all along the line, and, when cem- Unte himself a wife. but some sing fhe7h day of January, A.D. 1875 :
Valley. Mr. Eberly and wife re- : bl t de th tter tor it did not . 1. The account of H. H. Vandyke, admin-
: : A pleted, prove immensely profitable to must de the matter tor it did no ae cg 8
oe helt fica Sank B® te, the Company by reason of increased happentobdso. Maybeshewould’n | Vandvke, late Jf the Borough of Bullefonts,
rethren and Bisters of the U. B. e
i oI ship-+ e .
travel and largely augmented ship-* when be would. decopied, Go ;
Waips, Erc., Erc.,
EGISTER'S NOTICES.—The following
accounts have been examined and passe
! by me, and remain filed on record in this of-
fice for the inspection of heirs, legatees credi-
sors and all others in any way interested, and
will be presented to the Orphans’ Ceuit of
TJ rtaar & EHRHARD, a:
: AF Orders from a distance respestfully ses
licited and promptly attended to. <&9
Aa Repairing neatly done, =&a
The Ashland Combined Donble Cylinder
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Agricultural Implements,
8 Wolf, administrator
‘ . In corroboration ; 2 acco 2 ¥
Utiurel, amd Gls0 10 those Of Og the meri ATLAS, Ry Se Hostusale Cisgstud Mantaetured by ha
nations who - : 2 flor y HY : nto! Hor ; 3 . :
enomina part, ' President George F. Miller, whom ' TES uscless 10 attempt to clvaives sired P 8. The aecount of Jane Helter and Theodore MRS. SALLIE ALEXANDER IL and other Casings, Seoves, ap ASHLAND MACHINR co.
y ves 2 .
‘Van Scoyace, administrators of John Holter,
late of Boggs towuship, dec’d.
4. The first and final aceount of Thomas B.
This Machine is constructed of good, seats.
oned material, by skillfal mechanics of long
experience; not liable ot get out of repair;
very durable, and wilt thresk more s ina
day, do it better and work under a greater
variety of conditions of sead; than any Hukez-
in the market. : -
Any one intending to purchase a Cloves
Machine shoald examine the “ASHLAND,” as
it is the most complete machine now offered
to the farmimg community.
For a circular containing further informa -
tion, or to see the machine, eall on
48 1Txet] : Cantro MiMls, Conire Co., Pa.
AUTION.—I have this day loaned to
LUKE STIERS Two Horses, One Double
Set of Harness, with butt and i] chains,
One Two-Horse Wagon, One Pair Bob-Sleds,
with box, Two Fly Nets, Two Horse Blankets,
and One Pair Woed Ladders. Ail persons
are hereby cautioned not to meddle with the
above property in any way.
} asking to God to bountifully reward
their kindness. :
‘we know is solicitous for the early
completion of the Road, has in-
formed us that tha. unfinished por-
tion is to be put under contract very
soon. Let it be done and the people
who have long and justly complained
will readily award praise to whom- :
soever may merit it.—Miflinburg . Public
Teegraph. ® i =
It is to be hoped that the rumor The following sales are advertised
above mentioned is true. : But.we do in to day’s paper or by posters print-
not think that Hon. Geo. F. Miller ed at this office:
is entitled to any credit. Had he |& FEBRUARY.
done his part the Road might have jo yam Stock, utensils, &e. T.
been in successful operation three G. Ebrhard, 2 myjles East of
years ago. Still, we should not Aaronsburg.
blame him too much; he draws his 5 ; ;
salary regularly any way, and that 18—Farm Stock, utensils, &c. Sam-
while the fountain is impure. Dyspepsia,
Sambi3ints ef the fiver OF | Kidneys, SL Lona
of the skin, scrofula, headaches, and all dis- ic :
eases arising from impure blood, are at once Maoley: Execuior of Nicholas Decker, late
removed by Dr. Walker's California Vinegar “5 “Jhe account of Thomas Hosterman
Bitters, purifier of the blood ond renovator of Guardian of Mary Beaver, (late Gear ) Chris
she system. It kas never been known tofail. = tina Moyer, (late Geary) and David Geary,
mn Ag + three of the children and Heirs of Lydia
A . | Gerd) late of Haines township, dee’d.
Sale Register. i. 6. The last and finalaccont of Thomas Roop
: "acting Executor of Joseph Noregon, late of
Half Moon township, dec’d. : J
7. The account of John D. Leib, adminis-
trator of Elizabeth Perry, late of the Bore’
of Bellefonte, dec'd. “
8. The final acceunt of Peter Lauck and
Benjamin Corl, administrators of Samuel
Corl, late of Ferguson Twp., dec'd.
9. The account of Samuel Gramley, Execu-
has just returned from Philadelphia. and is MILLHEIM, PA.
now ready to accommodate ker customers
with the latest styles of
Straw, Silkk and Fancy
Velvets, Flowers, Crapes, Silk Goods,
fetter, ar. late of Miley Twp deca. ne | RIBBONS RUCHES, BRAIDS, IN OTICE~T baye applied to the Surveyor
10. "Tbe account of Wm. W. Shaw and Ed- | : ) ~
i mund Shaw, administrators of John Shaw, Oraaments, &e., | dred Yene a) OI Ly
late of the Boro’ of Philipsburg, dec’d. Haines Township, Centre County. Bounded
. 11. The AccountofJ ames-Dunlap, Executor on the East by Surveyed Laud, on the South
in the last will and testament of Jacob Shirk, by Brady's Surveys, on the West b George
late of Ferguson Twp., dec’d. Fowler and J. G. Meyer & Co.. and on the
A Musical Convention will be held
at Madisonburg, under the direction
of Messrs. G. W. Reber and D. K.
- © Miller, assisted by Miss Joanna Et-
~~ tinger and Miss A. E. Feidler. The
exercises to be varied by the excel-
~~ lent Music of the Brush Valley Cor-
"ent Band. Tickets for the Course
50 cts. Family Tickets $1.00. Bin-
AL gle session, 10 cts. Concert Ticket
for the Concert 25 cts. The Conven
tion will close on Saturday evening
"with a Grand Concert. As the pro-
swoeeds are to be devoted to freeing
We are prepared to do all kinds of
at FAIR PricaEs, and willallow allecustomers a
Discount of Ten Per. Cent
In short, a full line of all the latest st:i-s of
Millinery Goods, which will be sold at the
[4 the new Towg Hall from debt, we ig of more interest to him than the | uel Yearick, 24 miles. West of ir MARRiany | | Jowest prices. Call and see the Goods. TY
[5 : a ! gli : bs Register’s Office, - J. H. NORRISON, ; : Nqrth by J. G. Meyer & Co. ar J. G. MEYE
% rant it will he well patronized. Read or the pecplé. Madjsonburg. | Selermve. De. 2%, 1074. Bgtesir. | 1ycer store, gy oT LST Mme 0 the RG Tht. em] JAGR G. MEYER. | Anronsburg, Nev. 197. ik