Wyoming democrat. (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa.) 1867-1940, October 07, 1868, Image 4

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    Local and Personal;
„ vrrat C maowreikthnra Intended lor this
:iro postponed on account ol'spaie.
. vituralisation Couit will be held at
art 'on Thursday and Friday of this week
inl yih inst.) AU who hare not attanded to
it,. r id i'f nrio-r their final naturalization
' ( w -iioi.-i old Violins can now t e h*d „ p,,w
-tore Scranton, i'a.
mm I'lx.V.tTa'i fir.i'oit Buttling,
w■- lormaliy dedicated on TtiU'.sday
;is MOW i ..logout it> da
" " ' i-iition labia already eoiumod ous Ho
. ~ b . like the main building, ofbiluk.
Assort uion I'ur litis( Wyoming)
"[ , t'if'r.ow holding its annual session at thi~ j
whhh wo understand will be protracted until
, IW , Thursday, tiuite a large number ol j
-iULi rs are in town.
. ... iiiiu|>kii's,
i ;.n Feiker, ol Meshoppcn, brought to our
,v,, q-citr.fii Pumpkins of his raising, one oi
i; , ?uremcnt we found to fee 5 feet i inch
... umiirenee. Mr. V. assures us that he also
, urd rate crop of corn on the same ground
. .i. -o monsters were grown; and that the
tiN.t region, also supports an unusually large
,1 pernor rats, this season.
ggi! on tur new Railroad will prolxi
the Hock, at this place, by to-tuorrow.
r week will be sulflclent in which to balast
v, 1 ut. the track for tlie running of train-to
.... Then, good bye to staging it to the He.
,in :n easily carpet-hag it, or take Foot and
falker'* liue to that point.
i.iit or sdolcn.--
• tirsli. open. Wyoming Co. Pa., on Sunday, the
a light Sorrel mare, sis years old, blind in
; l lt (je—with white hind feet and white stripe
,1 ad. Twenty dollars reward will be paid for
,• i; y< f the marc and thief, or either, to the
1.-1 riber, at Mi shoppen.
fiiree wav >ns heavily laden with ehees". neatly
lint, large wooden boxes used in marketing
.aii.it passed through town the oth'T day. We
nt.d ' i y were from the establishment t*
As\ Packer, in Springville, and consigned to
kk-sbarre. This is probably the tirst cnetalimcnt
, luihle productions of that region, which
i hereafter tind its way to market over the new
, K. in which the Judge is so deeply interested.—
i both tiie cheese and li ail road coiue.
•1 .inks ! IS'.iaks ! ! Blank* it!
> e keep on hand, for sale, at this otfieo, Blanks
Deeds, I-easeJ,
'iarriage t'ertilieates. Inventories.
IY-.1-her's Contracts, Warrants-,
'. ! Col's Bonus, Subpanats,
whool Trea'rs Bonds, Summonses.
Kit n(ion. Constable's Heturns,
at. i> c i iter s Bonds, Constable's Sales,
urliiri's lionds. J. P's. Attaehm'ls Rules
air in'-' Petitions, and Interrogatories,
audi uii;table's Fee-liillg,
Damages'. License Petitions, and
• r's Letters, Bonds,
Judgment Notes, he., he.,
to order. Township OS" T'! and School
•i . .• 110 lcs and Blanks ui every Hescrip
>v. ,ii Ton ! I'roj re.
m! 'themost reliable eitizens ol this and |
: Co unties are actively and earnestly j
•Tg the question of the building of a brain h ;
:n this place through Springville Town ,
i or Montrose and thence to intersect the,
v Eric 11. R.. at Hinghamton, It i said that I '
' K-k'T—whose word iu such matters is as !
i :s bond—has git u assurances that if th
i the-' i ouinits and along the proposed
' - ib-crilio -t'o-k enough to grade the road ,
-. r. and lulling stock will he furnished by j
■ other outside parti, s. 't here is no doubt
i tide, feasible route for such a road
r f Ju-ige Packer's is ail that could be
-. than could reasonably be expected
....uS to h ' 'cell what the [people of this place,
- along the proposed new Toad, who would
Ity it to a degree beyond any present
. w;!l do for themselves in the matter. —
.- proi'ibiy iillc, unused means enough among
id tanners living within a stone's throw of
' grade the road and take Judge Packer i
r. Wiil the taruiers of these Counties j
n their I onds, greenbacks, and their moth
irr-legs, stuffed with the coin of other
ln.l. grade for one of these modern
■ -I 1; wuulu be found a much better outlet
valuable productions of their farms, than the ■
a ... ji.iths which invariably led. over the
' piuacics of the hiH*.
£ arrie cl Q
' N"f.l ' —1:1 I-I.TNOS—Oct 4ih, l-o-, by Rev.
1. •rt , Jlr. V. N. Reynold-. to Ali-s I'.lla.
-"•NT "I i-.x-SUcrKi, Z.lci Billing , both ol
'' I'm.
''HI.I.—GOODWIN— At the residence of
\<lum. in FWkston, October a, IH'W. by A. '
.. i.. |. Hi, Audr. v. Wanda 1,0 l Mehoop
■ii.-" Kiueliuu Goodwill, of Wiuuliam, Pa.
ILL—WOOLCOT--At '.be risidenoe of A.
in Forkston, itctober 4lh, by A. I*.
. 1 ■ ;. Hr. Burton llausal, to Jti.-s Alary
cot. Icth <>f Forkston. i'a.
e;iv c uiplc.—who are aged to and hi '
• i .. Li—long live to enjoy the felicity ot
c. and may their honeytuoon be us sweet
- _<i >wn as it is in its rising.
• hl.I s UTH— At the residence of the i
.1 -. l'r.ink C. Bunnell, of Tunklnin- b
1' . ' do- Aiartiia 11. Smith, of Strouds- '
. i.i tii' above —though we can hardly |
Ik:., . h - at 1 >.-t "gone and went au.l done j
i 1r: k c iild not l.ave found a ''cont*' u
. r:i a rtuioiig th' filr l>:tuchteis oi'W .o- '
(tie strange. Of all the places out )
'*aing County, lor good wives, we feel
''ownty must IK; the la -:. The mew
. tl .st i - gion arc almost Invariably
t. .. moriliy, physically—politically,
do not tccl like quarrelling with
ee- rtaln that li" and hbs fair Bride, i
lone the man who utter.id It, will
:r nntrimonial maxims, the sentiment '
■ have peace." i
>• -. .e or Eiack Itulc.
■ ptcple of this conn'rv can i
r _ • rnnl by m wroes, unless they
> - ;<> tli.niselvt , And vet they are
}. ' ■ .' ur that sort of rule than
. [> lii.rbiv, bv.Hie of. The whites •
;■' 'v. very eve nly divided. There
: ' v y aii (iift'jrence of votes be
. in the hist Presidential cite- !
' rt. (ii'uro'tj B. Mc</h'llau. tiie
I'.uiihdate for the Presidency, '
• '. nl Lv f >;.r hundred tirons— !
■ 'C.i -. ii.e ni gro vote in tin: South ;
r than tint. IKnce the ijucslioti is,
' u/.C" iotas in Itic Noitli over- 1
iodr thousand negro ha dot a in
i- i r Lot t| )e white men in this
' J bf tie c iuntiy getllo that question
■■elves. They will deede against
1 lot: ■if they vote th ■ liad.oai |
•h'.ieh j 5 tLe negro ticket, lhe I
'l iistion of litis jne-erit Prcsi- I
' d; is.- is, whether this country
■nl' . hy negroes or by white |>eo- '
. .a the nice division of white
votes of three or four thousand j
'■he Southern States shall not on
r:; " the contest, but, what is far j
ri-.Ruk us n question ol social
i'd <■' omuny, whether several
1 < f ignorant negroes in the South
'. utui r the cuntrol of ltadteai f
•'ciiiis, u.l j.raciicaliy nuiiify the
■ uty o id luillions o! while voters
rt hi.e ecuulry ? '1 his is Iho issue,
"• die white tileu iioie cust their bl- I
'' <iJ Wj il the problem be solved.—JUx, t
Carl Schorg, tefror [r,.li !ni in j
GermaryiJwdaraw that the Dutch are no
i tnore tun i!ici ut than the negroes, because
they men. to v.i'e f r Seyui .ur nn<l l'lair
A ''.sling i.r.'i hisl.ionahle voting widow
I soys -he thinks of seeing sortie f> I w f r
j brt'.v-i . | HI ,>. ibe w"i 111 ay
iUn w ':•< -■ , i •i, ~(. mark. .
f,?ffial llotirßs.
ftl !!>li i<> A! tltltlA*; {'•„
Y"U>ig Mr .'j Luijc in II
jug .1 Felicity. n ,.',i,, (! ( ,| Pnt
rhjricuni, oa tfcs Strut and AWrec inekicat Is
loulh .n.l Ijr:> Manhiud. - in . j Liter en
v-lcjes. free din ..... Addrrw OOD AKB AS'gn.
OIATIOX, Box. P T.,:i . p„
\\ hereas, letters of Administration to the estate
of Han i Kun-muii, late of Tuukhannoek ti., dee'd
have been granted to the -ul.s iii.er. All pe'rsons in
debted to the said estate are requested to iu ike im
mediate payment, and those having claims .. r de
mands agaiust the e-, ate ol the said decedent, will
make known tin same duly autbenticated without
.. JjKVI M.ATK, Adm'r.
iiiihl Mount, Luz. ( 0.. Pa. Sep. lm, -6^-üb.
•ij. A rri icji.T T 7 f
The un.iersigh" | having purchased, by bill of sale
of licnry W iliiams. ol I\iciiol.son tp. in "the County
ol \\ yoiinnjc, the lolluw iuj; named artieli , to vii •
1 Sorrel Mare, 1 Khoan llorsc, 1 set t.am harness", 1
lumber wagon, 2 s. I - log trucks, l cutting 1...\, ••
chains, 1 set gr<u. hooks umi uhains, g bob-letls, 1
brown cow. 1 briudk' fmr, l vvtiite and red cow' 1
shovel, ulK<ut 10 tons hay, together with beds and
bedding and other household lurniture ; which l.roii
eiij 1 liave ledt on the premises now occupied by the
said Henry U illiams. All ja rsons are forbid to mo
lest or laterlere wnh the sunt property, as thev will
do so *tdheir peril. G li WILLIAMS
-scp. 16th, 1-w,. njftw:
| N " IHK Hlsri.'H p t ill RT (IK THE INITED
I MAI fc> lor the \\ < -t.-lit District ot ft un a.
in the math roj Jerome J. Lord,a Uankrunt, in linnk
To irnn::i it mc'y Concern : The undersigned hereby
gives notice ot Uu appointment as Assignee of Je
rome J. Lord, ol Nieaoiaon, fn tho t ounry of \Vvo
iniiigaud r-mte of Peunsy ivgnia, within saidfie -
triet, who has been adjudged a Bankrupt upon ins
own petition by the lhstnet ('ourt oi -aid iiistriet
... , , „ TUOs. J.i-HASE, Assignee. '
Nicholson, I'a., Jsep23d, 1808.-nB-aw.
To all trhom it may concern :
it appears that ihcrow.is a übseription gotten up
tor no- in the beginning of July 1 t.-t. It is'tiuw ;-ep
tela l .'tend I have not yet re--un d anything given
by the sul srrlbt rt to Air. Jar d Marey, v.*ho eirenla
led it in the neighborhood. Ihose wtio contributed
will please call on Air. Alarey and '"get tlo ir money
I back.' Ido not wish the jieople to gue luiii any
more money on my account, they should be i !ialik
ed lor helping him. who says he -was ordained by
thin tu D'eaeh, und is led by tlio spirit in all
txetr, Sep. 21, 186S—u>w2-
LIME! LI Hi] ! ! LIM® ! !
The nn iersigned has recently clcptcil a perma
nent Lime Killer, and has on hand a large stock of
W ate) 100 lime, which 1; wil i sell as cheap as can tie
liought at any point on the line ol canal bom I'itt
ston to Eluiira.
Orders will be promptly tilled, end tinw shlpp d to
all points by canal. HAN II) BROWN.
Browntown, Bradford Co. I'a.
PR OL! I. A 31 AT ION,
\\ yomiug < u.ity. --, . in llu Coart 'f t'liiiitn di
Henry Bought vs. . Pleas, of NV yoming County
Laura Bought. ) So. 22, Jan. term ly.A.
To J.aura Bought.
Whereas n suhjaen.! in Hiv "re.' wa- issu'd t-i Jan
uary lerin, 'w.ileh iva - duly returned nori r t
i:ci ,il it a ud th t,- -n an alia.- -übp idut .was u-.uT
in - i.d case retuinab.e to April 'term !tx< bik-II t.ie
return of wt.ieii pro.it vn made th*; the shifl f.un.a
Bought cmild not !■. found in my bailiwick.
This notice is th-refore to require you to appear
tsdore the juilgi sol the i lid Court on'lhc third .Holi
day in November next, to answer said complaint.
ad. \> . li.WlTl, .--io n't.
bhciilt'so c, Tank. Sept. no, l*ai.
ADM i X Ik'l'K \ rtiP3 >Oi iI G .
B'.h ivas, I.- lets it a !iuii..s r.i'iow o tic csbue of
IM :. !' ■ *t, late ot the Hwn . p •; P . ■ .. •! sew-
I, h .vc been gr :U'i itoto : suljegl :b :. id
n i to .•• -ii • est lie a e I e qnestisi to :u.k
Hum T ..!■ ; yi..ci.t, and Luvii.g ucioaii'i
•g.iitiet the estate ot the deei 1 'eu*. tri !m>k. hC'.wn
the game duiy authemieate i, without delay.
Auin.iiist rat.r.
F rksiuu Sept. S.h IB<>3 vB-oC-6*
. I) 3i I I S i' it Vl'OiCS N'O TK I',.
let tel.- of aimlr.istriti n . the cs-
* t ttt i t iJehaid Aln pis tie e i.-e I, !de of the
'owuship of Fork.-ton, hive leen graui l to the
suhser iier. AT persons i aiehte l to the said estate
are rrqu-sted to BW' c immedi.ita | ivi.un', and
those haVlag claims ir ilen/unlssf iln-t tho est*'®' f
lie mid dlowJtbi wi.i pr.-s ki tni m duly authentic •
lei to the sub.'.'i ioer, witiiout delay.
At SIIN P. Administrator.
Foikstoo, Scj't. 15, la' -.-Ot-fl.
By ■. irtuo of an order issued out of tho Orphan's
i 'oart of Wyoming County, there wiß bo exposed to
pul.li • vendue or outcry, at the house of 11. W.
li.wdnoy, in the village of Loecyvflie, in the i'owu
-iiipol braintrim, in the County of Wyoming, Pa.,
at two o'clock in the afternoon, the following de
scribed real estate, late the estate of T. I). Spring, to*
wit : all that certain pieces, parcels and two tracts
.1 land situate jn the township of Braintrim, Coun
! ty ot V> yoming, Penn'a, beginning at the center of
ine 1 u uarora creek road, ou the corner of land of
1.. Bunnell and running sfouth Fißy three degrees
aud one half West aloug said erccg rood, twenty
rods to a corner, thence North twenty degrees West
on* hundred and elgly two rods to a corner on inmt
i ot Nancy Baker, thoueo East twenty nnt*nn i three
lourth rods along the lanI of said Baker l >a eoru'r.
thence Jsouth twenty degrees East ou lino ol bind
formerly owned by Mrs. Mercy Gregory and j; Bun
nell, one hundred and twenty rods to the plaoe of
U'ginning, containing Tun ty two Acres ocuf in,
I pi rctiei be the same lu .re or less. A L:-,u one oilier
pie, or tract * i land sitnato. ir. the ton nT.ip of
, Brafntrlm, Ccrußtv 1 Wyokti. g, I'eun'a, and bound
ed as iollows : Beginning at a stone h. . in trie ili
i vision line of L. 1). Sturderant's' land thirty two
IKirchcs Irom the creek, thence North twenty one
| degrees ,\'i ou. if uilrodand thirty-eight rela-
I to a i'St in line <*f the Satnual Bell tract, thence,
[ East I oriy aud syveu lent],.- j.oreles t*. a |K)St and
I and st'itn s, theivt; South twuuty-two degrees !'.a<t
one humin d and sc.enie. n perches to a p.,-! and
stones, thence south sixty d grce- U i-; ioriy and
live tenth- p. reiies to th* place of beginning, <op
taming tlnri.j-or./t c.rir c :<t to, ty-oit per. id-, oe th
-ami: ui'rc or le s all uuimpi-ovcd, witfi the atiptirt* -
I nances.
TERMS OF SALE: .<U per cent of one fourth of
1 the purchase money shall be p:ij at the Hiking
, down oi the properly, one fourth tcsathc ton per
! cent at the continuation Ahaoiute and the remaiu
mg three tourth- in one year t bore after with ir.ter
c.-t Irom day of -#le, to Is: seeur. I by bond.
Guardian of the minor children of T. H. Spring
dee'd. ' vSn93w.
For doin ; a family washing In the test and cheap
eft manner. Guaranteed tqaa! to mi yin tho world
ll, is all the (Length oi ld rosin soap with the mild
mi I lathering qualities of genuino (Jnstilo. Try tins
, pi in li I Soap. Sold by tiio aLHEN CHEMICAL
WORKS, 4 : North Front Street, Philadelphia.
v6-b5 Ijr.
•L o W A N" H A A G B I C U L T 1' It A L
Bnrr srem^,
! C; 1 '* " > •' '
To Dealers in
We offer a
The a! ovo arc fiom the best
We have the Ii nail anil Narrow tiuage. :
! ff* MILL PICKS in id an ldiesvcd.
W. T IHSHOP, Sopcrinten iant.
" 3JC. .MKKCI'R, f'Tsiaeut. * ■ •
vSnlly Towania, July 2. legS,
jTt&i 3^tn'tisciiiiiis
Dr. Kane's (iieat Pictoiial Work,
| Are*ic Exploral ions,
;An i! cyan >• i ■ r.i >i >m .• ■. | .wins
j :■ hud ft;!* 't 'i t' i ,-t i-' !. c■ '• i,
TfITT Joo itr.VFflFtT, 5
• 'iG 1 i! • t e..-it .f re \'u *
Ex'-iu-ive terri on -ve ■ 1 ! go coiumirsi-us
] For * iren!ar an I ajjtat j I.- ,-s .• I'ltlbLhrrs,
BLI-S i CO, N. nark, v" J.
f ■ ' ' ' l/ii.
Agents vV aateo
For Matthew Halo Smith's New J'ook,
S *.y J/J* Yh t' S lid IJO if .It//* 1 oi'A
\6l Wt*n to'lhmw Lir !'■ r'uh • .c
m ide and lot io a day ; iiuw 'd'oun
tiytuen" ore -win iled by Sharpen* ;
Uota.iiaiiivlrtig iaiUSM and LoUe.u - are icudu ned.
ami tw-erytii;g ot tnlere-t relsiirg )o I'ron.ineht
Men T.d important pia es 11' New York, Read 1
Read ! Read !
S I K S I! I S K and S 11 A D O W in KE W YOIIK-
A large (i. tarn Volume, over 700 page?. Cnolv ll
lu-trated. We want ngents, .Male cr Feiuate, in
every city and town, to Canvass lor t:. L.cryliody
wants 11 sucir all ahoui New York. N*> Ls-k ever
publish tl that sells so rapidly, I aitvns'-ers rejvnt
iuiiuenso s .' -■
IVe i a |!. _\ i.o Gene ral Ag' nts ar.d offr t'lk lari'•
etl commi-nion. Send for cur oe page eirctibir -
Full 11■,i*i u',,.rs and tcini* io . grids s r.: iiev ou
l'p!i. i::u to J. H. IIUBR C 0., FublUh
t'is, layt 1101(1 teue,
Clergymen, Toaeheft nrd Snperinfcndeal - rfs.ii."
b.itb S L-oln, nn*l other* tt. ie* ■■ agents far the
HOMI<: i'.ooh OF noMitm
A wotk o! neat interest fully illustrated ; also fir
in tw-> voluiue.r, eonta.iuieg nearly 15 'J pigeo. e<>m
[ rising t!.a 01-i aw.l New iVstauictK.- i:h 1 .Heal
exp -1 ti oas- anf (Kpfani-try n* ■ by in Wn.-
A lew otthe Hiauy Ueconiiaent ions,
F.oni th: 'Ob: R r. Joel H iwe. i#. H., P .*'■ rot
(lie Fir.-r i£j. -reg stiocal Church, Ilartlord, i i I
ku w•f i 4 e>, .iu..uUry sot-heap that vont.u.i-o
grt it an iiuiott. t ef valuable luatfcr."
Fi a i'av. ?> H Kggitstoh, 1). D., l'w.-for oi
Piyi, ■ Ii Church. Chicago, 111 - "I cheerfully re
e n ui' ii , it as tho BtsT ecuiuieutßrr tu the -crip
tu for g nerl"Use." For.tuima.gn J lirciiluis. ad
A. Tyb .laritord, Conri
Audit i,r t'icy /,r< d, Fought and Diet: Jar th
ltd ,i ri/'i Scents and Incidents in <-Hd
Rt /.ii;.'!.,' It 'Olite.DfOtrr ICO ft 0 he.... \ a
in 1 a'-d i age.;, at: lif the spicuft 111].1 oho .* car
I • T Price only "s?.?•♦ Pr eoj . • i i
L.r eir i and ne our terms, aml foil de -rip l ' n
•f Il.e work. Andrew JONES Bl'.oTII IBSi on
I'l.i:.'. hMpeca, Pa. , Cincinnati, Ohi * ; t'rtvag. !...,
"■. St. Louis, Mo.
•- - '
Or 1C ir. t n
ONE fatge Olirpluuef /•' iJ/ JT idri'e I
Ore agent bis soil GO e.< in 5 'i .
Hjenigmt huf .ilvi 15 days.
Cue agent (4 ! 'J: ) ha- -..! 1 IO e* j i--- .u 1$
We craj! yro g-ncr 1 agents ..nt ofT-i CXTIIA in
iMtissßti to ( luvareere Ssti fee >i. ■ ir! -.r MM I
team ■ur !••>•:.•< to * genu l.e'nre :".g . h' re.
J. B- BI Bit ob. Futij-'c 't. Ilirtf r<l,Ctmn
AG: NT-' V.'.iN • ftf , ft tilt
ll- t. -.}**- ■, * r he-i* I. I i ;.t ' . - 'n.
BY li_id- ALEAU2 ... SiEr.AMo.
mi- i.d , mat c r the i s) ■u* - i lo >k ei i r
publNhod. One agent in F■u r* !' .j, .r' i i
-uh* ribeis in three ■>-■. Acather i ! -i a. 10!
sub- ribi'rs'itt f air-daya
Send for.circular! and see our term*, and lull
des-iiption *,f i c work." Address NATIONAL
PI BUSKING CO, lhihidcipfaia, IM.
I / v I I I k Agtntu tv.ir.te i in all put* •!' !i:e 1 .
111 111
1 \J V./ \J HiUO diifcrei t i! i k" Uhiej an i i'iu.-
I'.gtuph Albums- Every fau !y n inN semetl iog
from 11 Catalogue.* fiiruLhaJ tree on npp'i -ii u.
and bo ll* -cqt p* st-pai Ito any ai !. i •:• reeeij t
of plica Cn vs :ng b'Xtffs ■ ntiiiorcg I'.*' Ik- uli
juice-, tg:hc! with liian': sheet* and printed It- td
!i:gs for eiliuiiing i li-t i ! (mule.*, sou: fiee l*. any
>'ie on receipt ,; f o .tiiyfo.lv can - ii i.** to
1000 of these books iii mot any wa.-r:. Jfuu tmus to
aoei.ls any other it. ruutirn . 1 ir<-1 J t. P'lifl.R
& t'o , fil l ACI7 5 iniiii - , f ii.tdclj.Ui.,i'.*
The Praise Offeriins?
J)y t! u hei cu jo.- r, V. C. TAVfsUii, <n
bit SM"i'T Iv Mflfl- I*ri • *5! .'J. •, ii ui
amgt'S 8-3 i. Ire** <ll ajij . c \l'u,w Li •; ) -sunt to
the r. J - }
I--LI Cc GO., Deis 21cmet,Iowa.
A 5. lUiLsns & C), X Y.; H. KI.KB. : .. BIG.
Q1 Vi'V i A VI ' !f 1 '• 1
o 1 eOXJyJ ftac .utile Sewing Machine*.
Eu!l particularsJrcr. Ex it, n duaamcn'.- i i o.:-
pbdeneeh Agents- Cjl) up *r 1i i- ■ W. ft. -
nGX & CO., Clevehtr.!, H; B 'i
Louis, Mo.
i>f. iiffi m Kmrai
n.IILitUAH CIi'JPA Y -. ■ .en jcrcnt
1Y ■'*' Mi -"nge ' • F i.iry and August
t ir-. 'i ha sm nti -f*"( ( e* IiCt*)d roS'. t,<
l'ii :i> u.env<V' : re th o. th ' i: tore on
ootire mi ■ • pro-e-xij of tlies. C'.'U le or- j
ai>: : • ai.c a . tv. ry.d x-, Ovku f- Vb : hf
hive i't- a id i a iu juopcr-y tud i.*'. ot::
t'Cit.CTO of is.n*!: i* tfed Rtos lir. nn eoi ntly
iaen aeipj trudi ■ (t'cvirjing on,. Tv-Pi the ; a pact •
of eontTolling nil the travel froin Pt."L 'li< to r'uo
Sootbeia Spates, ensiuys au.enoxofotti sevuDUe, I k:e
Directors oflt.-t 8 It) of tha sto it lor isv: six* or, an i
arc inter sted to enrieb the p'.oper'.v .s Will in to |
ecunuiuiso its txp nf'-'.a
ALLEN, i ii -i .ei.', . t. Funis, -Mo.
M'e, tiw uudfofigned, cordially rv jnim-.nd thts-e :
seten per eent. moitgagc hoods, ot t!is Bt. Louis and
Iron Mountain B iilrx i, as :t g>J i security, Tho
revenue -1 tlio road wit! bo larg", ani iln a iininu
tiatiou ol ilia affairs o: the company is in capable
and exparienceti hinds, and :s cutitloi to tiio great
est eouGlcti cof the pit' lie
JAMES 3. TIIQ.MAS Mayor of St. Louis
JOHN J. ROE Pres't M-Louis Chiiuhor of Cota
E V.'/J oX. Pr s't ,-tf. L'-ui- Board of Trade
J. H. lIRfTI'OX, I'ro.-'t Xaf. 8.i.1t of too Ftate of !
Win. L. EWiN'G, i'.vs't of t!u -M r. X. I!. ol'.St.
i Louis.
GEO. 11. LEA, Pres't Second Nat. Biuk of St. :
J.\S. B KADd, Chi if Enr St Louis A Hi. Bri lge
- Co.
GEO. W. TAYLOR, lWt Pa-i.H Rail rod (of Mo.)
\YM -dAoSIG, Pres't Iraiar-' tfrnk. St. Louis.
JOHN K. 7,10.x LI-ivUER, Pr< s. T. Ilair!:, 8t
ADOLPUIbS MEIER, Vice-Pres't V. Puciso limit- i
way. - i
ROBEB'f P>ARTFi Pres't German s'svh:gs In. tiSu- ,
Coupons pay th!o in tiio city of New Y.ji k. A
limited nunihqr of the above named Bonis lorsilc;
at Eighty-five. Parties iivinr out of the city can ,
remit.by draft (trespass, nci tho bond- will lie re- i
turnc Iby express fn oof chargrs We invite the
at.tutiai ot cajiilsilrtF aud athi.s to ttieio as, in our
opinion a very desirable iuvi.s uien', dcdiue l to rank
*s a Grst-ela.-i security. Des-rij.tive Pompblotr, ,
-Maps and iu i/rinatiaa eat hu Lad o i application Io ,
TOWXBEND, WUELEX A C0.,-No iib'J Walnut!
st, l'uiladclpi'.i s Agents o> tho St. Louis nul iren j
M'.ur.Uia R R. C<>. - . ;
i'hiia hdpui.i references :—CAk-tuiA Iro.h to. ; j
O t'v, Bacon & Co.; 'iHos. A l>iDi*Lti Si Co
• \ I-I* ,v . employment cauhavoa goml bu-i- ,
Xlirtss by adircssing DAVID A Buo. 722 Snni.m
St.. P&ii adelphia
O'T E EV yd
:- j C'livuTnr vs • :' 1 . o temper over the wholo plate.
- | Mul.iy, JI It. <)■ -i ..nl Gang. i" |'i:l to any
auule in the it r! KT r Salu bv till d' i.-ro aft i the
'• I ib-.hew, IjmNCt/Tr* BRAKE WELL, Piits
rt( 1 furg. Pa
f- ! 1 iVI,!)."mV, employ .i m<iJ, roH.-. j!c Man
|_ i 0 liny . ,i.;y to ;;.Uulueo ItiU H'iill '■ ill
~ I'"-' V oriel.•" ' . i pr-lUiiblu an I peruunont
; j A-tdrcse-J C. Ti I/I ON', Pittsburgh, I'.t.
t ! QOAf |?Vr M.nth guaranteed, Sure pay. Agent*
n.'i 4 in.mi-lintely everywhere ! • fell
~ ur I'atcut Everlasting IVbite Wiro Clothes UMI>
.j ■ •:! j i ir, ,io GiKABD Willi! MILLS,
u Philadelphia, P.
! v ivi cii I-'U: u-$tM Ktitnti every lit* isnn
! -v *!;■ .ill: i i inn, an i lion*
j Man basfaess, jii.t"..' * ■ ' a I;y. gift enter*
J pr!.i> . hmi. . Aii i It. Moment KINKHV,
. Pittsburgh, I'.-
Slave You Seen Sit
i lit; 31 \C :i id Tie POCK. IST
: M-Wm lis COMPASS
| 'jj'iii.- i.-r-ily ail :u tittle TIME KEEPER. it got
I 1 np :n annnliia]tcase ...:ii aEs- shade, stent
t ; .in i met it wot , white cnamelod dill, noil is of or*
t tliuary w -. .i -•.. m! mi I servt -ea i-. Warrant*
I til in ttwl ■ . f. "i i tine. Sent by null t'#r 91 ; 3
'M fur 32, til D BEUNUASI, L 11.-k Lux p.
'XevUrgh. X .
• ' i .!•. in ' u gr-.-it Ziti iri Hitters
uw '■ tew 1 mprn IIMCSM both eeili an I ebron*
til: 1..,./! Mr:- ' it:: ■i i the known World. It
hascan i I bolora, the n -t forms if Fevers, Pneu
monia, iwr an It • ...• i- . C..r r.i • liiarrbu-1,
Dyettejislft. Rheftm rtisra, si k neiducl j, and will
J care any disease arising ft a a disordered state f
the b! • ; '•> • o i.a. ljol by Gegernors of
States, M till-- r- • T Congrc s, [iftii ee
, fin 1 j hvs -i :*t. .11 tb I' ■" or can .-h iw more
sworn eeii'lii tier u. can th in .toy other Hitters
mn. i i-'ti :■ i .n . ■ ;:e.il for a ireula.', and
i r..: llho in Sold bv Iruggt •• •an I dealers generally
i Bun i. . • i . .v 11.., v.-.a j, .mi
•|. •! A; . VI'I ..in ..• i?o, 1.1. l-V
; RAIJTI.B ' ' 1'....,-., - '. V. . ■ P- .
1 Philad. i.
—CI'H r)S
Catarrh, Bronchitis,
Coasaaiption, Ast h -
iisa, and Scrofula.
J ilrnsa' r. r -MHVR OKVOKNIMKI' Alii INSII
- r: i • -
Ci'itM : IX' I HAVi'
4 ¥, f"• J"i I ' \T I 1
\ /1' ih ii v i'•
..' \ ij i J A6; i J i \ I it
(!i*-. i'. \. !\ i !■".!' ?- '' ' i
aFi i'. T ::• " .'i
Pii' So Ai;jsit>;4 %
IiIiVUj;I lt it.. i
i i.... n the wn . j*.,-t t>r. VPntTritn, onfi
deotisl physician, CO A*r. Ch ulr* *t,: !. Louis, Mo
; s'.ai. N i re-eminently above all • -t!> r< in bi- ipeetsK- 1
tv. Xi. m:i'i!T who f'.i'eJ *! i' • ymr cue. Pa- |
tients trc.ite I mo'.l i i every Stiie.
t '"-<?■ l 4' V I
("lOLL a ! c 'vcr Wit chr, S"wir * iehir.o.,Silk
JTii,.- - Puttertu. t'ar| ptii.u". Dudcifo Sjtdi, Ac.
ii ||ir .i'.'n r ten iMT-i.-.n' am !es Which wo
t>l4t i. 11l in l : in nt "i.ire l t-. a - i nemtin* us I
r-tu 1 . AM •* I.AbO.NjTE - '..iLilllT,
HI. - i lutiry client, L ' . W .•!
n'-v-i'.- r-j e ' i'l'R'lT' " !
tLilitln ii bl,i '-• iVUilst/ii
(i ifi iJ <> a> pan y !
C*-h till": f tiie uinour-t of i'-.!.>U,OU. ;
EVER TiC' -.T DRAWS A P:. r.
i SC.: Li SiAOG'J
1 i " .vf'OO
■ -a I 000 1
'49 - - 500 j
O; I) I UK) !
: 3T:) " " 50;
4 .7 1 • " :
! 600 " . ' 25
;;o rii I', no K>'h 5., i 0 o £SOO
; 75 130
1 ,vi ■' „ir, ' i Ail." ' t" ii'
' Alus ; ii llox ' " 25 -' 0 •
;jt''i l iti.t t: : i w '■■■■ -• ' ; ;
V . • i.,;; , --nt !'..i ,:o 1 Li "-..ver
!W i Ph to ,W ir-ii-. aii-5 i i n-.p ■ nrtuient I
:o! Fine Hull Jew ry, in VJIO ■ 1 -it si "■> 'I
A• n ■l > n v nv ■■ , I'm nbov,i !: by ■
uuiebastn :■■■-■ tic i TiAct '"ir it ft * 'ii- ;."N |
I4i . r..i:i - each '.'..rear.- i it .it- v. KiivtLip - an i
• th.,r nghly i lit! I* On w ipt el 25 eta. a num ;
i TICKET VI '•. •'• ..! V " ! ' I. • ■ I.:I i\ ••rt T
!at our i: e, or ia.nl la nay .i i i i !?o .
I prize ti iias lup i*i it will be delivere ! to t u c.iitet- ,
; bolder an nlyin ■' of One P iilar. i'r. -s i. r.t be
immediately sent t any address, as re'[U-stvil, by i
• exi>r, 3 or retain la ;ii.
Von will kin -v v. it your I'tiz-i is :• IM y a pay
I far if. At... I'i'izo may i,. exihongei f,r n ..licrof
I the siiiio value. X > laanK- 1 .
\V" Or patrons in dwend n folf dealing.
lfi.t-EitKNi ■ We 'e. t the l-w following u line?
ixuin the many who have lat '.y ' drawn valuable
Prizes an I kindly J • rmi (ted IM to paMi-h them :
,-s. T. \V . LUM Luh i, N, V , I,ouo ; X!i-s Annio
Monr ,e, t'i.i ,u, 111., . .alio, value iat wood ; itobt.
I Jackson, L'u'.aa, Ipwa, Gold Watch, isi .11 s—[5 —[
; Philip M C ir lv . L.-talsviiie, Ky , i'iamei. i Ciaster
i lling. 9600 ; if A Pattefoon, Sew BclfurJ, M ,-?.,
i Silver Tea 9175 ; IHn Emma Walwi rth, MB
, v.inker, Wis., Plain. £3OO ; Lev. £h W, Pitt, t lcve- )
I Inn I, 1 hi 1, .Mt'.. i on, bldj.
X—' Wo 1 ui/lisli in names without periui-.ion. .
Upiuions 01 tbo 1 roes.—'-i'hey aro doing tno larg- ,
jest business ; tin- Lr 11 i rcli.il.h-, an 1 tit servo their
j ftuciH- s-" Wetk'.y Tribune, T b 8, tiirj.
'■We have examined tbeir system, an-i know tbcm :
to 11" ft t!r dealing li.ai "—A. j. Her-• ' F 'O4. |
••Last wftek a tiifud of ours drew SSOO prize, ;
whieb w is promp'.ly r • eivr I."— Vnit'j Ncxcs, Mar, j
} 3, 1664.
j Sen I for cirtuiar giving many more references
and lavofftb'.e notices from tin pro's Libera! in- |
itneeiaen's to 1 genis. Sitisfii'tiun guar'ntcod
Every package of Sealed l-invelopes contains osr. 1
CASH :t*T. Tiek'ils for t-1 : 13 for 92 ; 33 for |
63: 110 lor 615.
All iettcrs should be addre'sad 11
173 Bmartway, N. Y. '
Ji. l/bC/, 01 .iU'A 'jt'. 'l'f>e oniy work ,
I which settles, by ii uuier.t uy evidence, what bns
) been -aid. wiiiten, t ought or done, bv
i oga .yj.x r -j A/:x//)j;„vr,
;is A. I. FUCK-.ftowix'H Por.-oml History of l T S.
t (irttat. TIIO K- j iilican d'ni, 1(' nniaittec nt Wash
ingt -a, ictotai.o fii cniaerti Ay sa l u . ,i us nn
nuth'-iitvi iinsr fr <fi| mof it lar that purpose.
| The reel* jelSers.Uly discard nil others. We
. itttut Agents for it in this county Send for Circu
nrs, tsrrns, 4c., to ULIdS 4UO , Newark, N, J
! Ids aVI It*.- ! i i I .SO3.
" Onrs'-.rk <• ris s : fei rrviri-ty-d'
. DiiY AM) i ',x( <;o;>!*.
•:. >: > ■.) n'jnLa
• Sll.\ .•: > i.vv au A
n (iw,
! wouiit-:.* 112. -n t .\i;ii;nx<;s
STit V3Y 31 VT ITNtLS, and
i:io:o.M< \in AfiitUMs,
i. ' is of our • •>■..! import i lion, or purchased directly
v ' from the Manufacturers in targe quantities.
0 : IVt were (he first to commence tiie
" ! suie oi g.io.ls oa the popular plan of
i'or(helat twelve months have
> bet-it about one million dollars.
' ft* .Our buaitust ht:s teen decided by Ihr Court sof
tlits State and tnj ttie l.'nittd Slates authorities not to be
, a CottenjjOr a Ci/t enterprise, but a rcyvlar legiti
mate business.
Terms of* iln . Clui- I 65, :i selection of one of
1 the tui.a-.v.iig arttclus 2UyJ*. Brown or Bleached
• Sheeting, superior quality. Poplin or Alpaca Dress
- pattern. W.-ol Square Shawl. 2| yards D c-kin,
i An Jiiy Clock, ih 'ihoima* ni-tke. i pr. gent's
Calf 800 l White Marseilles Quilt. Silver ptafad
C'li.i.-r i i r with (i bottles. A Morrocco Pti- to
graphic Atbnm, 100 pietnrea 3 yards g-l Wool
CSo it. >il.'. r jiKtc 1 Cako 15,i.-kct 58 yards Brown
r Blanche 1 thee ting notation qaality. Also, print*
jed no'icei 6) artii |*for .-.il et SI for each ur
i. le, comprising a variety of articles nsnaliy sold at
rot i:l pr: cs lroiu 51.50 ti S3 for each article.
' I, . .i I ' ib of Sit', a ; tvxtion of one of the- follow-
I ing arttcl. - : 5 J yards iiroivn or Bleached Sheet
ing, superior quality Dress pattern, price SiU
v ..■•! J. :g shawl. Brocha L"ng N'hawl. 2 yards
> j i.tack t.ornian Broad Cloth. ffommon Sense Son
, ing a near, p:i u 613—(tbeso machines will hem,
I stitch, foil, tuck, quilt, cord, Mad, braid and em*
| broider, fat a Most superior manner.) Ueats' or La
dics M, liuniing O ,-.. Watch, now. 23 yards
| lic:up Carp ting 3yards Beavar Cloth, (it J' :ir 'ls
goo-l Dm.-k.n. oSMvcr pi ite l I.e Pitcher, fi yards •
J,i. ol t loth, dtu. ii, Ith. I pair superior Blankets. I
j 72 yards Brown or Bleached .-.hc'j'.ii.g.i-ouiuioa quul- I
| tty, nn I I "SO printed notices of articlos for sale at '
r | Si ca •i, c i npriai.ig a iariety of arliclsc usually j
s 11 nt r Mil fro:n $1.59 to 910 I r eu-h urtiele.
V |) Wo hereby iuf .riu the public that we |
it < ticiiuected mills any of the (lift
Eiitei piic .• Oia I-iilar Concerns in this city. Ail |
,i-c;,. . o I-ring Gi.t, Premium, or r.r,y urtiele
fr >•' • 'to .Vgenf, or to any one, are in liroct !
vnli . n i.f t'-o laws against, L dfcry. We have
iidorio-tion, f. an reliable an'hority, that fill (lift j
*.'••• i-i this Ci v will bo cl <c I up hy the State j
I P "' ; ' : i
Sen i n D-.il't, p. -til M n*y Or icr, or Begia'ered !
I Letter
Be sure an ! sir . t your Letters to
10fi tu ibury Street, Boston. Moss, i
Nor* —in reports anl letters reeoiv-'-l :
1 3",inr Axe i bound to be Tnn Am.
2. It \vi i cut 25 pr cent, better.
5. My i r th.'i' lost „ue arm iu the war, but with
; your Axe ho ■in out as well as any one the can. j
-1, 1 ! 1 n : get another, twenty-fivo (525)
dollars v.i.ul 1 i. t buy it.
5. It wid cut hoop-i'.oles better than any other
| Axe.
ti I w it!J r'.t !>e without it f-r anyth ng.
i ;• !e ■• v all i-:- .- .i-iide deafer*, and tho in ik
LIPPTN't rT .• Pittsburgh, Pa..
Sole o.v.i-i ; ■ f the Patents. j
Yorker, the Leading en I T.ar-ge.-t-Ciroulating l'.u-
I, !. "- -,rv ii 1 Family Newspaper, begin* a quar
; t, r net , in i ben * IVow is The Time, to Snbierfbe! :
Li t I : I- #,i*, ■ (>u.irto Pages, Illustrated, with :
or a : -rn 'M'irct Depaitiuctits, e veb ably can- !
-.'i ted, , . best Talent being employed! Electsen |
v.ill . 5o oivr, wli :i everybody, in bofb Town
~;i i' • ' v. v.'fl w nit the m>. t Progressive, Time- j
It. E iirg and I a-ful Weekly of its Class—
M ifinal. Tbo I f Naai'ters of this Quarter
(Oct. 1.1 j.a ) nt, On Trial, for Only Fifty Cent* '
Trv the i rial Trip .'
A 1 ir. • s D. D. T. MOORE,
41 Park I'. w, New York, or Rochester, N. Y
- '
t t a:nity It i- not a Ne* Thing. Symptom* ,
at:d 'J'roiittn i .t. A small volume profusely iflustra- |
to i- Sent bv mail nn receipt nf 25cts. Address
fi?2. N. V. Tic le so;.! !ii-! l.y AMERICAN NEWS |
CO., 117 Nassau St., N. Y. j
£■•()•; si.ibE.
L.-*. if - r-* f-r sale his HOESE and '
1 'T. - !"i t .i- '"inng'.i o! Tnnkhannnck.— S
'l '.ft lion s lain , undergone repair*, and has all !
tli" n:> Itrn i,nprovotniiits. The lit ism-ire than '
t■.vie-- ih': d/.e of any others iu the place, wi'h new
Barn, Seven G"o-l drafted Apple Tress, with Plum
an i P- 15) Sin eriber, wishing to remove,
wid sidi i-ir lc-s than the actual value.
* AI! • * .as Liiic'. e i to ine will please make j
im nciiiate - ttfrae t . WJL S. Kl'T2i I
Tunk. Sep- 21th oiltf.
>t.Pi'i.nMi:N r x 0,3 ro TIME Tir.r.B NO. 13. j
To take cSTect on .Monday i?ept. 7th, 18gfi
Down Train. Up Train. |
Ex. Er't. | B-ici! Eoeul j Ex. h'r't !
A M. 1' >l. P.M. A. M.
10.30 1.30 McKune'g 410 9-iO j
10.46 440 Buttermilk Kalis, 4t O 924
ll.Ofi 433 tlsrdeer's Kerry 3.4 2 904 j
11.30 5.20 L. 4. B. J. Leave ) 326 8,40
Autre > 10.30
12 00 5.20 l'ittston, 10 20 B.ofi
12 c 8 •"'•3.) Port driQiili 10.15 7.53 |
: 12 L; 540 l'lainsville, 13.10 7.7t '
12.3fi 560 Wilkes-Barre 10.00 7.30
I 'The "Expus* Freight" down Train, arrives at I
l Pittston an i Wiikes Bar.-e in time for the passeu- !
! jrer train for N. Y. A I'hil'a. The ''Local" leaves |
i Wilkes Burro A Pittston. for ''.McKune's anl other'
! stations north, after the arrival tf tbo N. Y. A
i Phil'a morning trains
Sup't Wyoming Division j
: OCi -o E. V.R,t*.o —Wyo. Div., }
| Wi'kes-Biirre Sept. 4, (jS. i
j Api'lication will be made ta the Legislature at its
ntxt scs.-'."ti for the incoiporation of a Savings Bunk
! to bo located in tbo Borough of Tunkh.innock , with
• privilege to ; ;::ui.c JojKisit* purchase and sell, Bond* j
an ! Sto -k< of the Unite I States, nn 1 of Ibis Com
monwealth an i other so-uriti.-s. to ho cal led "Tlio j
Wvoming County Saving Bunk." Capital Stock
930,00 ' with tbo privilege to increase the same to '
J. C. WitftiUT, DANLEi WiUGUr i
Tunk. June lfth 186.
FROM CF.KM.ISr. I.i 1835.
/ J
t'Uf.f I f . U, ,• |>
i'aicvuii-i-i >
I!" rn\lTl.i itii-u-f •• •:..ius i
Liver Complaint,
N'rvons Debilii..
Diseases of tae Kidney's,
' anil all Dieae arlting from a l)l.
ordered Liver, Momacli, or
im-uitiTY ♦>/■• nt 1: 01.001>.
j Hc.ul the follou.ini 7 x /i.ipiom*, ami if ,/mi find that
y.tir tvst'M is " hy any nf them, you may - t
, aisurrd that disease luit its ath>d: <.n t'.e
\ most important organs : J your body, and unless n.on
checked by the ... if pmoerful remedies, a vnsera'te
life, rit.n terminating in death, irill be the rexnl*
Constipation. Flatulence, Inward Piles,
Futnessofßlood to the Head, Acidity
of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn. Disgust lor Food, Fulness
; 1 or Weight in the Stomach,
Sour Eructations. Sink
ing or Fluttering nt tho Pit .
f of tho Stomach, Swimming r- *-
the Head. Hurried or Difficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Huil'ocaling Sensations when
in a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision,
Dots or Webs before the Sight,
I ; Dull Pain in the Head, Defi
ciency of Perspiration, X1-
lowness of the Skin and
Byes, Pain in the Side,
Back, Cheat, Licibs, etc., Hud-
I den Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the Flesh, Constant. Imaginings of
Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits,
II! Hi indicate di si as nf the Lirer or Itiyestir-
Organs, combined icilh impure tdiuul.
ijßoftind's ©crmau Bitters
Is entirely vegetable,mid contain, no
liquor. It Is a compound of Fluid ex
tracts. Tlic lloois, Herbs, mtd Barks
from xvlilctr these extracts are made
are gathered in Germany. All-ti.e
medicinal virtues are extracted from
tiicin by a scicntifte chemist. These
J extraris are then forwarded to tills
I country to be vised expressly for the
manufacture of these Bitters. There
is 110 alcoholic substance of an) kind
used in compounding the Bitters,
Uencc it is the only Bitters tiiat can
be used in rases where alcoholic stim
ulants are not avlvisable.
ijjoflauij's oermnu <£onic
it ti combination of all t/if inf/rrdirnts *f the JUl't /',
, with FC&it Shntai'ruz Hum, etc' It is used f r
the siime UU' set at 'he BiUern, in cj::is iohre tame
1 pure alcoholic $A ,n tdus *5 required. You trill b:ar in
mfnd tknt these reiiediet or-, entirely (liflTereut frost
ani/ others advertised for the cure of the diseases
mined, these heinrj scientific preparations of medicinal
| extracts, while the others are uterr dec* twns of rum
in iomsform. The T< 'NIC is decidedly me of the most
pleasaM and agreeable remedies ever offered to the
put Me. /'* taste ii exquisite. It is a pleasure to take
U, tofHU its hfe-giviaff, exhilarating, and medicinal
qualities have caused it to be known us the greatnl of
ail tonics.
Thousands of eases, when the pa
tient supposes! lie was afflicted with
this terrible disease, have been cured
by tivc use of tliese remedies. Extreme
emaciation, debility, and rough are
the usual attendants upon severe
cases of dyspepsia or disease of the
trtefrsllve organs. Even in cases of
genuine f onsumplioii, these remedies
rvlll be found of the greatest benefit,
j strengthening and invigorating.
T"-re is 110 rn'diane equal to llooJlatuXs German
BV<rs ■ ,r Tuiic. in r,t*rs of I>•hility. ' Th*y impart a
tone mi,l rioor to the whole fij/y' m, strengthen the op-
P ef*\ e-ttf-e tsit s. nyment t f t'r fotnl, rat' le. the
'ft 0- '.,• 4 ytt'-rifv • 'lO hf/x.f p ritv a good,
j o*m I9Jl 9 J v •• - u ■■■r ma frtUov mfc
js'if,. p f . .i .vi t■. cheeks, and change
■f f< f -it. si t . fu! i-.t\ emaciated, weak,
am i-ri't ♦ a hi, ft* a f dl-faced, Stout, 'mil rigor
lk(/-vA .... --- • i-.- •: . I lUuUI
are iiii-.tlc -1 v. ■ i. i- > :ivtv
| or Tool. . In vie i . .Jy
Mt . .. • > i .. fi .fii .1 . i cii
with periVit hiuTs} in it s :t p
iiioiiiliii oldt Ikic liiokl (IvliciHe it . ate,
or a in nit of liiutty*
There Remedies are the best
liJLooci Purilicw
ever kmncn, ami icill cure all diseases rcn.iiyg from
1 bad blomt.
Keep your Itloorl pure; keep your J.ircr in order;
j keep your digestive organ* m a c-uud, healthy condi
tion, by the true of th< "r>nn.- *. and o'i * t*s mill
ever assail you.
Ladies xvlio wish a fair skin and
good complexion, free from a yellow
ish tinge and ail ol her disfigurement,
should use vbese remedies occasion
-1 ally. Tile Liver in perfect order, and.
the lilood pure, will result in spark
ling eyes and blooming cheeks.
t: xT cr * o .
ll.ortni.iiV ti .'in /.' i.iiit-s ----- .■ ii'erfeited.
The genuine ir.-tie .- --'•-■ f*. .11. ./it r lici. u
• n the fm in . f the ett ... i- -•/ t nr nf . d-.'i l lil', an-'
fit mam efthe. tuii U I • i- ■ tgU isffhx Alt j
I ere. rntintri'feit.
Thousands of letters have been re
j cei veil, testifying to the vtrt we of these
Chief .TnsUra of tltcFiuiwrmi C-mrt -.-f I'--iiii<yhiv •
M .h-.ii lt'lli, DC.
j Ifiwl "JfonHunii'x Stmmu Hi i "II win i
( tontine, beverage, bu! ic a I tic, . f., 1 ,'n dltor
| dm of the die/atice <: r, , jn..r in
cases of debility a I canl nf actios - tot
iysteri. Yonrs truly.
two. if. 'YOOT> ll'. t un.
Judge i-f lb- tupreui- J >al of lVu-isvlvan! t.
I'IIILAL'I.LPIin, .vi-rui. -'qli, i -
I consider '• lloofland's German liii
ters*' a rut liable uteri ici n in case of at
tacks of Indigestion or Uyspepsia. i
can certify tlvis from iny ex|crleucc
of ii. ITours, with resuees,
From URT. JOSllPif 11. KJiNYAltil, !-.!>.
j Pastor of tlio Tenth I'aptlst Catir. li, 1 hiia-lo)|!ii i.
Pr. JACKSON—PeahSik: —-:i r r.---
qarete lin c onnimg Bumf , 4 r .. a - nl
differ';,! kino's of nieilioSeee.l - • .
, i.-f out of my appropriate sph. r , 1 '..ire ■, ■■■! c ''
ctined; but Willi a rlro.- pi fin t -it. s inch'a er, enid
particularlyiuviyr.ic■> fu-n v.. i ' • I^.
I lm—ri (71l wus fn'ffi ill [ lirey lit i ■ .' •
j usual course, to express fSjl frnlt . -... t ..- that
general ili-hility of tiie(ystein,M lesprcia \ f.rl.ivn-r
Comjilaiut, it Is n tafe ami valual-ie i-rej-iii-ii- i. Jn
Some eases it may fiil; hot i: . /' . -, j
be. very l-'iieficiat to tksseuAs tufer ft ■■■<
cans.-'. Yi.urt.myi rupee'fy'ly,
J. it. KrIXXA Vl'.
Finhl.'i, !,'■ •!■•< St. 1
Price of tho Bitters, SI.OO per bott !o;
Or, a half dozen for $5.03.
Price of the Tonic, $1.50 p.v bottle;
Or, a half dozen for $7.50.
The Tonic is ;-ut up in quart bottle.
Urcruifcl that it ii dr. Ibeifirtn'i's n --JI /.*•,. -.
that are so unirerpilly uscti and so highly r
ed; and do not allow the JJnujgisl ton << ;,->v
take any thing else that l.e may sig i, iu/t u .- 7- st. -
; cause, be makes a Inrri-r pr.fst nU i'. Theses;, ■, ' <
will be scut by express & a:y tnasii'.j upmn noph n
to the
.Vo. 831 AKCIT STREET, rhHadelphi,
CHAS. 11. EVANS, Proprietor.
I-'jrmerly C. M. JACKSOM & f 0.
I These Kemedies nre for sate- by
Druggists, Storekeepers, and Medi
cine Dealers everywhere.
Po not forget to examine well the 7 , .
order to get the genuine
- N'micl^
Tho public are hereby notified (hut I have left
i with P, 11. Folnor, of Lemon Tp. one red cow, to be
kept by him durinj* :ny pleasure. All persons arc
cautioned against molesting or intcviering with tho
tame, and that they will do so at their peril.
Tank. Pa. Se.ff. 7h. ISiR
COAT lAl^l'.
A DARK colored SACK COAT was lost, - n Wed.
neHay, August 2(kh, between I'm-kh--nr.cck
and Auburn Corners, via Kviservtlle, probably be
tween Keiservills and the C imp Gr-imid. Any one
1 returning said cost, or giving information whore it
may be found will be suitably rewarded
XW'iht|MLS*pt. IS. ISSS'-'Jt,
IMAI-M fiflSfi n TIE
peculiar and iraff-rtaut relation* which they tiu
tain, their peculiar organ izatiovi. and the offices lliev
perforin, are subject to many suffering?. Freedom
from these contribute in no small degree to their
hnpp'tiee* and welfare f i core can he hmy who
nro til. Ni-afy n.t n ., ~f tin-• i. i i - t.
nulla coppl tiliH . n to: f ■ rtlllfiir ' t > I UN WU||.
oat invuhin.* i' < i, , .<
and ere Iwt ; > - • .|. i..... , _
mature tier-n i ... ( ,
physician for • . • •>> . < K f
feoShuil. h'i : > ' . -
will tru-' • - • • .1 : • V. -.. . r
i hum :• to • is i . n.i t. r
plating -i; P'- i i- • a |'r .
l'uuud vliic n h-e :i: t ■ i•-u"i' •toi •_ I i : \
ry one of ' . - : ii • . . , .
the sex.
Lxi.nbolii'- r.\T;<Airt l:.nu if.-i- -cm.of
fer on in silt i <*, ; . -.un .11 ■ - IK- *. .;ppli v v.i,-
1y to druyg'-t an 1 ih to. . v.h .'ui.Vr u.ciely tan
taliie thorn wi'ii tiro !o| --I h t-uro or npplr retue
dies which wake tl.em worse, i tvould notwi.h to
assert anytbihg that wonid do inju-tice to the af
dieted, but X nip obliged to say that although it
may be produicd from excessive exhaustion of the
. powers _o(] lile, by laborirua employment, unwhol
*ame air and 100 I. profit-e menstruation, the use of
tea and coffco, and ircqaeut childbirth, it i fur oft
ener caused by direet irritation, appped to the mo
00us membrane o'' the vigina itsell.
\\ hen reviewing the causes oi these distressing
complaint -, it is most paii-.lul to contemplate the at"
temiiint evils consequent upon them. It is but sim
! pie justice to the subjoct to enumerate a few of tho
many addition tl causes wl-i.h *. largely abed the
t lite, health and happiness of women in a'll classes of
society, and which, consequently, affect more or loss
, :cc i>, the wcllfato of ti.e i ulirc hum all launiy.
; Toe niar.i i thet exists lor precocious education and
1 rri.igo. causes the years-that nature designed for
1 corporal deve!u,.cuic-fii.- io be wasted und perverted
: in the rtnrnints of dress the cvrly couliuemeut of
s b••nl, and especially in the unhealthy excitement
of ti.e b. 11-rootn. lnus, with tho body half clothed
and the mind unduly excited by pleasure, pervert -
ing Ui ire lni.;ht revel the hours designed liy nature
j for . sleep and rest, the noik of destruction is ball
In consequence of this early strain upon her syg
■ ten;, übnccc lary effort is required by ilio delicate
votary p. ri tin her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating Ihe ceil. When one excite
; ■ nt Is over, Mother in prospective k.-cp* the n.imi
. n.otb. by sensitive impression, while iue now eon
stain, rostra nt of I vrhior lble dress, iib t .!ut,-ly for
- bidding the exercise in-ii.-pcmalbe to ibe attainment
arid retention of organic health and strength - the
txpi-u-e to night air; the sudden change" of tem-
I 'Pi'-: tho complete prostration p:odu.-ed i. v ex
• '? t:ni-t, of necessity. proWthcir
1 1 ■*' * early marriage cuts
. .. ; < : initOiy, isii i iiio uiiiWiunatc ouc hitb
ttly regardless■ f the p!..in Ui.-tutis and
IVmoiißtrarveg I,or deli.-ato nature, becomes an
ut.r.i.i;t.g subject of mcUictl treatment. This is
• ut a trutl Jul pi, tuie of the exwHcncocf thousands
01 <ur woi,)en
t g ceo ic tii-j abiiity to excrei o the.functions
of rvt generative or, ns, they acquire an education
- f tneu leeuti.,, nervous system, m|i a | ~f w t, at
is c liwd the tiasae, whieh u, in eoiamno with the
fern Cii-t and lip-, evitkntly un i.-r the control
of MMwl emAftWM an I as-ocialioae tan , : „iy j*.
r.od id Jit : ; aud, as wo shall subsequently see,
thes- ce...ti:,iis whet. eu-cssU.-, lead, long "before
pubcrtc tnh.' -tub: , s.pthc vt ry life of their
victims cic Tintiiro xlf-cfiirp!cted their icv*l
f lor 1. tu ile V,, :; !,nf.s , : ,j • t ' iiir v, Whites or
LeucorU-a 100 I rimv Merslitulkn, Exhaustion,
100 l. ng t tiuiuiuol 1 triouJ, lor rrnlapsus ani
Hent.n-; .town or i't- . jsns I teii. wctffer the roost,
j-sifect r fscili.. kno in : ITi-mie i.i.'r Comi-ocsd Ex
, tract op 1 rciio. Direct-i-ns (or use, dk-t, and ad
vice, ae-y totally •
Ten: ileS in every peri. lof life, fr,, m infancy to
j extreme cid age, wilqiir.d it a remedy to ail t.n'ture
111 the t'tscharge of its functions. .Strength is the
| glory of manhood and womanhood. Helmbold's
j Exit: ACT Iftriiv i.-t more strenglber-ing than any of
, the preparations of iiark or Iron, it,finitely safer,
j and more pleas int. Hi Ivu t., s Extcact EfCHf!
; hayjug rectivci tho iml-irseinent < f the meet pro 111 i
; >'''• !'••• ' • 1 - ••• rnifcJ Mates. :. lIW „(r eIM ,,
toafo ..-11.. ... -,,, h0
• .. . 1 1 •OHO. t.. ... ■ a -rev.via. 1
!' a.'on - 11 | l'hv-iv 1
;1. c|'. •• • ; I .1 . .
; pffa-:.. ..- <• 1.. , a . - .. j.', ,1
' ; I ■ ■ )ti - r
>.& .vvil . :..| ii, -ulitnted stale of the systeaa. To
18. nil- .ne genuine, rut this out. Ask for llei.V
-p.M t.'s. Take rc other Sold by Jruggi.-ts and
! Hca.irs every where Price SI. 25 per bottle, or six
I o'tles fur 45,50. Cdivcred to any address, be
: serif-c symptom's in t:!l communications. Address
' H. T. Jifcl.AiLOl.il, Drug tin! Chemical Ware
hou-e. •: t'4 E road way, V.
jL i st-I'. engraved wrapper, vv : th fac-simile of my
Cbetuieal Waiehoitsc, and signod
I VS-ufi-gm.
lITTII ME IFiSffil 111
!•> i - iuifii!itm t. Heir CELEBRATED
- " v •T " ; id i Jo>. lH'i.E AND SEWiNU
• MAflilSE. beg leave to refer to it. w. n lerful pop.
uii tity 1 ..-lHiurire ;ri .it .1 il< great uiciit*
iiieit ■ i.i :, • tin.ml for this valuable
tna -iliac bis l eer, TPS ]'■'■!. D during the last seven
Ino .iii .if i - und year before the j trblie.
i : I't-J n:rj.ti.-:ng suc.-cis is uiipreeedent
lel in Hie ! i-t.-rv r.l -ning machines, und vie feel
fuby w.ti at: 11 in claiming thai
IT II S No !•: (f rA L ,
I . I\R VBeOI,UTEI.V Ills: I.Xxi
li'-VMiiiY 2wr^.cna;3:Txrij3
And Infrlnslcally the Cltcaprst,
' T' i. i'y two 111 ichinc- com' ino ! in one, (by a
: sun; • i.i .-eaittiful mvrlmnienl arrangement.)
. uiikn: b ,1 the Shuttle or I.- k-slit.di, itnd the
r""' - "g aa-i liuilou-hole uii'e'i, with equal
iff:.- Iky ani perfection. It executes in tiie veiy
lc>: tna ier c\ v li'icly of soiling, suafi us, ile-iu
• I i i'.ug, ' 011.1,:, x r king, .Stitching, Braid
| iny ...d Quilting, Ha • g and sewing 011, (done
at kc same it ie.) .1 i n addition, Ovcrsesuts.
\ Entbiui icta en i' J . 11 d makes beautifiil l!ut
j -"1 Ey-d i sii ! f.ihiics,
f here aNn hi neb wi i: tcimens of n-nik and
j Wtirkiug i e.m be seen a 0
. by < 1 iiug on the undersigned, agents for the sale
of th.eiu in Wyoming C unly.
j vTadCtf.
For sSale at Mott's,
ot Les'.er A t'o's
1 best make
Rest u akt •
| E ASTERN 800 Id?.
j A full sfock of
Ladies' Shoes.
' Balmoral. ('onfrrcss, l'o'ielt Boots of Glcrve
Kitl ami Goat. Also,
Button <> a iters.
1 nl MITTEN'S.
Utrh' Kill GLOVES,
Lined, Cnlined and Fur-lincd,
J'or Sak' at Mott'g
tOH.\EK srffKK,
Tunkhsnnock, Px.vSnUtt