Wyoming democrat. (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa.) 1867-1940, October 07, 1868, Image 3

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    Local and Pci'Monal.
, pral C':immrn>f'catimis Intended for this
ire p.-tponed on account of space.
Naturalization Cotnt will be held at
; .k, d-nrr- on Thursday uud Friday of tbi neck
>i au l '.'lii inst.) All who hare not attended to
witter of procuring their final naturalization
~ rs should attend.
OSiT 1 •'!: -.
\ 1,-n choice old \ iolins con iiorr ! e b->l * P--w
--. Muie Store Sernnton, Pa.
Nto lnv!)>|er :oi FMurh Hol ding,
wax formally dedicated bit Thu;sday
E-t wish.
A. A. I - ' - ' "V. i-ggiug out the l-iutla
, oi addition to hi* already t-outuiod -JUS Ho
lt i- to bo, like the main building, of bifok.
jlit iloptixt tiimi lr this (Wy cm Ins)
ui-irc tis now holding its annua! session at thi-"
... which nc understand will be protrac-teu until
u. rn-w, Thursday. Quite a large number ol
-.rauuers arc in town.
Puiop*i s
,ib-orge ] elker, of Meshoppen, brought to our
■ two specimen Pumpkins of his raising, one ot
„ i !; on measurement we found to be 5 feet 6 inch
cucumierenee. Mr. 1". assures us that he also
- ,-cd a lir-t rate crop of corn on the same ground
■ ; r :hc>c monsters were grown; and that the
; in that region, also supports nn unusually large
. r oj> of Democrats, this season.
ihi,' liaiN on our >-e\v Railroad will pmbo
..ii.'i to the Lock, at this place, by to-iuorrow.
:!, r week will be sulfieient in which to balast
..vci up the track for the running of trains to
... j.i;;cr. Then, good bye to staging it to the lie.
One can easily carpet-bag it, or take Foot anil
.Talker's liuo to that point.
hod or Stolen.—
\T M--li<>ppen, Wyoming Co. Pa., on Sunday, the
. a light Sorrel mare, sis years old, blind in
■ hit eye—with white hind feet and white stripe
: chead. Twenty dollars reward will be paid for
:■ ivcry of the marc and thief, or either, to the
xiil.M-riber, at Meshoppen.
. liccx, ,
Tar e wac :i. heavily lad'*n with cheese. neatly
■.••■ l in tic large wooden lioxcs used in marketing
• aitich passed through town the other day. We
■n that ley were from the establishment c*
!..■■ J-1 Packer, in Springville, and consigned t"
iikesbarre. This is probably the first cnsiallmciit
v iluable productions of that resrtn-n, which
. hereafter hud its way to market over the new
. It. in which the Judge is so deeply interested.—
i botli the eheeso and Railroad come.
iauks J R'anks!i Blanks!!!
'.Ve keep on hand, lor sale, at this office, lilanks
follow* :
Deeds, I.eases,
•iarriage Certificates. Inventories,
Teacher's Contracts, AVarrant-*,
- '.- 1 Col's Bonds, Subpovuaes,
• i,.il Trea'rs Bonds, Summonses.
ution, Constable's Returns,
•>ns'p Officer's Bonds, t 'onstable'e Sales,
nrdian's Bonds, J. l' s. Attaclim'is Rulex
uardlan's Petitions, and Interrogatories,
-Tier's and Constable's Fee-Bills,
Damages, Li-enso Petitions, and
r's Letters, Bonds,
Judgment Notes, tie., tie ,
print to order, Township Officer's and School
- Order 80-.ks and Blanks oi every Deserip
• tv "aiii oad I'rojrc'.
•ril r f the most reliable citizens ol this and ;
in Counties arc actively and earnestly !
ding the question of the building of a branch;
' froxa this place through Springville Town ,
> near Montrose and thence to intersect the '
V & Erie 11. R .at Bintrhatnt--;!, It i said that i
I'icker—whose word in such matters is as !
I • his boil I—has given assurauces that if the
- i;t these Counties ami along the proposed
' -üb.-erilie stoek enonsrh to grade the road j
. rails and rolling stock will be furnished by
IT. Tli r outside parties. There is nocoubt
-•eii atde, feasible route for such a road
r. !.! a ._e Packer's is all that could be
1 :t . <re than could reasonably be expected
.; ,ji to h -cen what the j*oplo of this place,
U. - a ing Iho proiiosed new road, who would
•it! i I y if to a degree beyond any present
ate, will do for themselves in the matter.— ,
■ probably idle, unused means enough among ,
- ;>l tanner-living within a stone's throw of,
grade the road and take Judge Packer
eller. Will the farmers of these Counties I
. lb their t n:ds, greenbacks, nnd their moth
: ne legs, stuffed with the coin of other
T mat'a grade for one of these modern
•a..- i li would be found H much better outlet
■ valuable product ions of their farms, than the .
i war paths which invariably led. over the
•" pioaeies of the hills.
- - "• i.a. -, -a, .ear,- ->—-3*OT.arwaaH
IM'i.i —BILLTNOS—Oct lib, IMN, by liev.
i! >',-rt , sir. \V. N. R-yn-- d-. to Mi-a i'.lla.
r ..| Mx-Slierfii, Zilr.v Billing-', both oi
1 - n, J'a.
\ii\[.[._OOOi)WlX-Al the re-ld-nro of
t V'iaTns. in forks ton. Oetoljer a, 1808. by A.
durg.'sj F-i. All. Andrew Wimdrill.of Mehooj.- !
aiss Bmeliue Goodwin, of Windham, I'a.
VLL—WOOLCOT--At The residence of A.
in Forkston, October 4th, ly A. I*.
I. Mr. Burton lla'i-#!, to Miss Alary
.--a, i.th of Forkston, I'a.
u-.-.diy - lupic,—who are ase<l 80 and hi 1
■; -p- t .ciy—long live to en joy the felicity ot j
.- . :-.i -l may their honeymoon be as sweet ,
- -ilia down as it is in its rising.
■ Nr.LI .SMITH—At the residency of the i
■ • .1- ... Frank •' Bunnell,f Tunkhan- r
1' ,t -li- Martha IF Smith, of Strouds- [
n ; i th- above—though we can hardly I
r t-\ —.hat our jsipuiar townsman and
I talis, h; - at last "gone and Weal aud done j
I 1r; k e >uld not have found a '■roup- n :
r. id n among the fair Daughters of Wyo- '
little strange, ofalitlie places out j
ti ; -., tiuit r< gioii are almost Invarialdy
■r i,morally, phy-ically—politically. |
. do nut i-el like quarrelling with |
I V. la re certain that h" and lit® fair Rrlde. !
H : i .'nl use the man who uttered it. will ;
t.' ir matrimonial maxims, the sentiment i
■ 'us have peace."
VvlutG or Black Utile.
I ite ptcpig of this coon'rv can;
I r governed by m-oroes, unless tliey ;
■ ;o ih mselves. And yet tliev are
H a, eii he i(t that -ort of rule than
. pioiiabiy, i.vvHie of. The whiles j
ti- it!y, viry evenly divided. There !
I : a veiy s.i ail difference of votes he- '
. in the i.ist Presidential eleC- 1
'.•en r.tl Georgtt B. McUlellaß, the
. .. e.uididutc lor tlie Presidency, 1
:•! hul bv four hundred thon<- I
I- :• -. ij. (• in jiro \idi in th;' South ;
11l nee tbl ijiii'sl; >n is, J
■ u/.i'" voters in the .Noith over—'
■■i: ■ inur thousand negro bado's in
s 'ftli ? Let tlie white men in this
I'd of i: e country settle that question
i --elves. They will dec tie against
fac if they vote the liadical !
• wi.iJi j s the negro ticket. The i
• ' ! question of this present Presi- '•
c-invist.il, whether this cuiititry i
ml' •; by nigroes or by white peo
!■; . in the nice division of white
'•tvotes el' liiree or four tbo'tsjind '
Southern State. 3 shall not on
r --i the contest, but. what is far .
"•tere sting ;is a question of social ;
. d e-annuuv, whether ttviral
'■l <-f igimrant riegiofs in the SontL
"i uini r the control of liadicnd j
!i: id pincTcally builify the
'hiny o-id millions ot while voters
*k".e c-untry ? 'i Ins is iho issue,
* a s the white uieu hole cast their b%l- 1
'•'j wid ti l(j problem be lolved, —Ex, |
| t ;
Carl Schurg, fefrcr- •ininprni; Indiana in.
German,-hrciiirt* that tin- Dtpch are no
more i-it die, nt than the negroes, because
' they met:, to v,'e f r Seymour aa-1 Blair
A t:-s!-iiip -r.-t f-ist ionable vonng widow
, says st.e iliinks of sia-n g some f- I w f r
, breach 1 1 m ,s, ihe w-i i nay
, Un vv HA •• I' t HI LIE ma-lo- .
&mh\ lloliffs.
J v-uny Mr .'.x On-.,.- i,H j. • \;,.r. li-J Coa
jug il le.ii-iiy. 'ifi- i-:,n • \, , j i- . ,oieilt
i'bysi i.trs, . a the Fri-.ix and .'.bus s iinio-at to
\--ulli • I Early Man:i->o-i. -■ nt in s-- ; letter en
rdeML free Aim, Ad drew HOH ALB A'.-isO
''IATION, B ix. I' rhihiuolphia, I'.
Ai>llflISTRATOItSi'9 SDTftF.. *
Whereas, letters of Administration to the estate
of Dan'l Kunsman, tale of Tunkhanuoek to., Uee'd,
have been granted to the subscriber. All jiersoiis in
debted lo tlie said estate are requested to in ike im
mediate payment, and those having vlainis or de
mand* against the e.->ale of the said decedent, will
make known the .sumo duly authenticated without
delay to LEVI SLATE, Adm'r.
Bald Mount, Luz. Go., Pa, Sep. 18, 'tis-ns.
G -Mf'iHTtt.vr : r
The undi rsigtiej having purehascil, by hill i f sale,
of llenry \V illiams, of Nicholson tp. in the ounty
ot \\ y outing, the following named articles, to v. it :
1 Sorrel .Mare, 1 ifhoan llorse, 1 set team harness 1
lumber w agon, 2 sets log truek--. 1 cutting lmx, 2 log
I'll.litis, 1 set gmli hieis.s ILIKI chains, 2 boh-sleds, 1
brown i-iif, 1 lanmile e-.w, 1 white and red eow, 1
suovel, alieuit lo tons hay, together with l,cd.- and
bedding and other household i urn it ure ; which pro|i
erty 1 have left on the premise* now oeeujiied by the
said Henry Williams. Ail persons are forbid to mo
lest or iuicriere with the sanl {trouernL a.x thev will
Uo so at their peril. U.li WiLLtAMh.
Sep. 16th, Pee. ugtiw.
STATES lbr the Western District ot Penu'a.
in the matter of Jerome J. Lord,a bankrupt in bank
To trnom it may Concern : The undersigned hereby
gives notice of in* appointment as Assignee of Je
rome J. Lord, i Nicholson, in the ( ounty of (Vyo
mitigiiud slate oi pcuu*} lvania, within said fits
trie*t, who lias been adjueiged a iiauki tipt upon his
own petition by the lostrn t ( ourt o! sai-1 I-.strict
I'HttS. .1. CHASE, Assignee.
Nicholson, Pa., Sep 2U i, 18C8.-nB-3w.
To nil ichom it may concern :
It appears that ihero was a u I -script ion gotten up
forme in the beginning of July last. It is now sep
lent! .-uini I have not yet recton -I anything given
t-y i.'-C aul srrttxi* lo .Mr. .Lan d Alar. v. vuo eirenia
te-1 ii in lite neighborhood. Those wtio contributeil
will please call on Air. Alarey and "gel th- ir money
back."' ido not wish the jteople to give iriitt any
more money on my aeeouut. l'hey should la- lliank
e-d lor helping him, who says he "was ordained by
God to preach, and is led by tiro spirit in alt
Exetr, Sep. 21, lßfi>—asw 2-
iaIME ! LIME! : J.IaIE ! 1 |
The tin iersigne-1 has rceentty elected a perma
nent Lime Killer. at:d has on hand a large stock of
Wateiloo lime, whieit he wil i sell as cheap as can lie
bought nt any point on the line ol canal Irout i'itt
stou to Eluiira.
( ir-b rs w ill be promptlv lilloi!. rr.-l Hm-- sltli-i-" 1 to
all jioints by canal. i>A VID BID>M N.
Browntown,"Bradford Co. Pa.
Wyoming ('ounty. s-, J In the <' - irt t.i Conn n
llenry ii-uig! t v--. fleas, of Wyoming < ounty
Laura Bought. S No. 22. Jan. term Istis.
To Laura Bought.
Whereas a sul-jurm) in Divorce was i.-m*d to Jan
i uary Term, 1 y>-. which wa- duly returneil non ft
l r.nntus. and th r- on an ivlio.- -uiip niv was issued
I in - iid case re'uinal .e u- Ai ril term I8(s U)s-n live
! r-'tt:nr of-wtilditprool Was made tltat tlie w;i| ta-n.'S
: Bought could not be- found in my bailiwick.
| This notice is there-lore to require you to appear
I 1.-.-foro th ■ judgi x ol the tai l (Vurt on the third -iioti
day in Novenitier n- \t, to answer said eoinplaint.
at. V, . 1 leV, 11 1, mi- ritf.
MtotitfsO. e, luak. Si ptrTiO, I*4.
ADM i SIT'H A I'DtPS SO ni l:.
TF.h-n-as, Iciltis i f aotuiios rali -<: i tie t. :n eof
' J.n- . F.i -t, l-it - - t i i • ioivi, . i .i -I :r -a
I, !. ve been gr -u'; i t -to ■ .-u'jSel b •:*. Id ;)e®.j.
| i'le ito too sal a -Stile are to tii.sk
'ue i te i-;yu.tnt, ati-j 'l.o. .4.1 vi i. g eem.t: T
-g.'.ifist Ino st ii it- ot lie- derc i '-of. wiit'tii-ike tc-.wn
the £ una duly au'.henli-ate ;, wirhout -iel iv.
Aum.nisl rat-ir.
1 ti.'-T-M Sept. SIH IS-)S \B-UC wli-
\ 17"liEREAS. ii't. i of nduiir-i-tr in n . the ca
' I ate - t l.ii hnrd A L-pus de e i.-u.I, l .teof the
'ownsaip of FoTk.-toa, have Icen grnn: i to the
xubscrii-er. Ail person* i-.iiehte-l to tit- said es'ate
are reqtfs'ed to ma'e immediate | ivi.un', an-A
those t...v, ig eiaims or (leßniiiis sg iio-t thn est* I .* - f
lie Mid d'-redr-i w::t pres ra tV o dulj authentic s
l te-J to '.he subscriber, without delay.
At SI IN i'. ii-' 111 il'! Administrator.
Foikstou. Sept. 15, lo'r?.-(it-pl.
- *
I!v virtue of an order issued out or tho Orphan's
('ourt -if Wyoming County, there will be exposed to
public vendue or outcry, at the house or 11. W.
iiowdnoy, in the village of Laceyviile, in the 'l'own
-Uipol Braintnm, in the County of Wyoming, Pa.,
c >N SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st 1868,
at two o'cloek in the afternoon, the following de
- riU-.l real estate, late the estate of T. D. .Spring, to"
wit : all that certain pieces, parcels and two tracts
ot laud situate ;n the township of llraintrim, Coun-
I ty oi v- yoming, Pcnn'a, beginning at tiie center of
nit 1 u-earora creek road, ou the corner of land of
I- Bunnell and running South Fifty three degrees
and one half West along said erceu roud, twenty
rods to a corner, thence North twenty ilogrees West
one hundred and cigty two rods to a corner on land
ot N.i to Baker, thence East twenty wn'and • hroo
! lourih rods along the land of said Baker to a eom r.
thence south twenty degretu Li -t on lir-u ot lanit
formerly owned by if is. .Mercy (ircgory tiinl j;. Hun
! mil. one hundred and twentv rod.- to tlie playe of
| heginning, i-oiitotaing Twt ity tu o Aerct **<f ten
ipi n hes Im the same more or 1- ,-s. A L:-.t i otig oiiic-r
f" pi ecu or trait inland situate in tiu- towu-liii- -w'
i Hi'.itntrim, CoUOtv < ! V.'yuiniig, Pcun'a, an I bound
ed as l-diows: Heginning at a stone in an in tu -di
vision lino of L. li. sinrilevatit's land thirty two
pore he.- Imm ti. e.-eik, thence North twenty on.
j degree- Wcs. - n. it - uurodami ttiiriy-c lulit t--r.-in -
j to ap- st in line of the Samuot Bell triu-t, then--.-.
' East Foriv and > .'KEU t-niths JMOCIK-X t'. ajiostttit-i
I ami -t--u >, theivc S-mtti tivfcty-iwn degrees Fad
one hundred and so'.ente. n perches to a post and
' stones, thence South sixty degrci - We-t pijrty an I
tive tenths perelie* to tin pl.-.-e of lgintii:ig. eon
jta tiling thirty-one cer- > c Ot/octy-on .-r, ui , -ic th
samt m ire UJ le s till unimproved, with thtfaprtbrfc-
I nances'.
r HUMS OF SALE eu per cent (-t one fourth of
t tlie jiurrhiisc money shtrll Id: j-:eU tit the striking
i dowu of the property, one f-mrth ltsatt.o ton per
! cent at th" confirmation absolute and the remain
ling three t.-urths in one year thereafter with inter
est Irom day of *#le, to be secured by bond.
Guardian of tiie minor chli.lren of T. D. spring
j dee'd. ' vSnD.iw.
' For -loin ;a f imily washing !n the best at: 1 cho.ap-
I e*t u inner. Guaranteed equal loarj in 'ho world
( lias all the strength ot old rosin soap with the mii-l
'un 1 lathering qualities of genuine Castile. Try this
' fpleoii I y-.ap. Sold by the aLDEN C'tlEMivAL
WORKS,-Id North Front Street, PhUfwielfhta.
vB-uo Jjr.
_• _
j 'J' 0 W A N D A A G R r C U LTI'RAL
TO WAN DA, i'EiVS'A.-/
To Dealers in
IF* cjfer a
The above ure ftom the bes-'
Wc have lite U osid and Narrow Guagf,
MILL i'it-'KS oi nt.- an I Justed.
W. T BISHOP, Snperinten iant.
j ~ c. MKKCUR, Pi Kitten:. *
vgnliy Towmis, July 2. lege.
rTIrS)! 3©crrti.S£niiif.s
Dr. Kane's Gieat Pictuia] Work,
Arc (i c Exp io ra iIo u s,
! An e'o.un i - , .ic.i. -i in- -1
f? '• eld t-1 t- : t4. ' !. e ' rs,
TYITT TOO iiUAI rti-T'L i vf.ilAV-
I GG ;j i ■ f I- il .f :fc'- Aid'-e.-
Ex- iuxi.c tetr'i u . '.e-- • : I i coinniissi-us ;
i For •ir ii ar •11 -jjf... i I p.-,* , • put. i-bei i. ;
IJLI.x.s A CO, N'xvurk, V* J.
g | T r | II i /iiMn/Jl
Agents v aaioa
F*(• r Matllio'.v HdcSmitiTs now j'ti k,
SU~. \ 'GJr'J, Vft N'Z/.-f '/JO h.le tc I 'or*
M-r WIH lo know i-w I' r'i:n >.c
made nn-l le.xt in :i day ; How ' I'OlJll
tiytuen" are -win h-l by Sharper- ;
1i0.v.-.ml*•-eg lui-tscn .iti-1 Lo'-le.ii•• are < oudu u-d.
ami bvcTytlihitr ol interei-t rets ting *o Pro'!. inct:l
Mi n Mi.-i important pin-C- if New York*, Read'.
Read ! Read !
SIS S Ii I S E and S II A D 0 W in SEW YORK-
A large (i. faro Yoltin e. ever 700 page.-, finely II-
InstraieiJ. We want agents, .Male cr Female, in
every city and tomato Cai.vass lor t; ...a.y- ily
wants to anew nil about New Y'erk. No Lx-ic ever
publf*iu9t that set!* f" rapidly, I *tivns-er.x report
immcn-e .- ties
We cat |!• \ t.o General Ag- nls and olf sr !it larp
eel commission. send for cur il juige circular -
Full p-nil ui -rs un-J teini-'(o . gent* S 't-I Lie on
ap; ii- nut- J. li. li-Uitß A CO., Pi>!)lh!l.
(•is, Is.utioid C'cnn.
if A N T K D .
Clcrgyrp.n. Teachers, and .*rrperir.tcnd:;it- rf S i'."
hirh 5-' ami others ns agents f-r the
A work i-I great intcre.-t fully illn.-t. iu ! ; : ' - I i
in tv - n-luiiic.-, con'.aitiii-g nearly ij-.-if pages, com
j-ri.-ing tho Old ami New TsstxaiejU* with p. ittiwl
e.vj itio;:-' nri Kf-Inn axis r.'; •■*, bv in Wit,-
A lew ot'tbe many Ueconuuent ions,
F-oin th- '#:3 Rev. Joel liav.- * D. P., P-rb-rot
the Fir.-'*-iQungreg .tioral Church, 11-■ rtturJ. t - 'I ;
kn w .!' r.riat, -k.-uUry mi eheap that gont.u.-- --
great a.i oi-toa. t of v.iiuublo matter."
i i . l av. N H Eggifs t. a, D. D., i'a-tor ol
Piyii '. It Church. Chicago. Hi "I cheerfully re
co n ui-1 it as the BtcsT u-mmecfary en the Sorip
tu l--r g-nerai use." SorjUrnuLJtnd. t-irenbu*. #d-
A. I.RATV rm, .Yartl'.-rd, C.m-
Antlhnt t'icj Liecttj Fought em:' Pitt: fur Hu
Uni it with Scenes , and Ineiflei. 's in ' - Gri d
' R /id it i outain* over ICO fno E ;; . : .i
and Ii * t -iges, at ! is the spienst nnJ che j-e-l ear
bo-'k-pul-i:. he !. Price only ff?."'* y■ r eoj . s: i
fur cir a! r- art fee our terms, an I full de
ftl c c.-rK. A aires* JONES BR'H H 1-R5 I ' • s
Pl.i:.-. ioegnrx , Pa. , Cincinnati, Otii - : Ci icig.
or St. Lout*, Md
-- i'-tfc- - -- -
/7**2s_ -p-o #-—> •"*>
OX"' Jjc.tge Qct'irpVo'u f F'.aJ-t }' t-'-t'e I
Di e sgent it s fo'i HO -c* in •"! a-->>.
Oj e Wgent hm al-t OO d-l ada IJ onyx.
Cat- agent t-i ' -dy) ha J £,.! ITO c- pi--.- la '2 \
IV E (t..J! -y ro I Agents .nt i !F-i :si I:A in
iHmnti 11 '-' *>*■ n i to" ctieilA unAf
ieuru our t-r-nx i-i i g-1 - I e'nre --;y ■' g■' - h-1 -. j
.1. B. t Btl 7 CO.. Fal't T- r*. !!-;t i.' n
A'Jl NT - ' -'.i'.' : ftl . :! I 'AE
It- t. lix ?, I I-'.l'l'. t • I ;.t ' .- 1 X.
BY liLiJ. ALEAMD .:... £ i£r..LML.
mix- iot-, muto it the !- >t .-it- - i ~i.! ever
pu'-11-h-vi. One azeftt ta K;:t- r !' . - -j. -r's 'id
-ulj- ribers at three .-\- Atiothcr i . ' .-' <a, i'J.
,-u'i- ril -r.-'in f -ur:ia.yi
Send for. circulars and. see our tenjis, a:,! -t full
-les-option of i e work.* Addre*-; NATIONAL
PI'BI.ISHING CO , i bil i-tclphia, Pa.
I I\l \( 1 cntf! waate t i;t all patfx • f the 1 .
I I II II I-" 5 -foil nur iinwuiis® It-d'of t arty
| yj c ' ' J iPdd dilTcrei t IS i k< B'bies and i'ln
logniph Albums. Every f.iiadv :nr-i semetl in? -
-from it Catalogues funu.-Ued trca oa npplic -:. u.
an-i txiok* ;nt t- st j.ai Ito any ait. * - rctoipt
of ptica C tarn rng b-joi:*.- nfair.irg li.e lis with
price-, togotli *i with bltn-t shoals ami priole-l le xd
mgs fur email;: g : li-t i f Itniiu-r, real Uee l-> any
one on r-cetj tot 5d .taybo fv c.tn s II I - it.i
1000 of t!i :0 books ; tost QJ .4.,- rt. Ii -r trltus to
agent* other 11 .i-noatiot! 11 :ro>sd fc l*)ii Fl.ll
& CO , Ib.j's, til 1 AC 17 S.i in tu - . P!;ii.i-tct|.hia,P
081 • Iri:; BEST :
The Praise Offering!
A si:\V I'lli RCll MI SIC BOOK,
By l! . .-;i'.;gi iied ooi r, C. TAY LOR, on
k-s !*; !• "* I • it Stdft- -5! SO. eimea
JP-'S'" --tu- I.- e i'u application* i.i >ei tl dis-xiunt to
the .t.i-da :••-!■. ;
I-aLLd & GO., Des SlcmeA.Towa.
AS. BAM AS A Co., X V.; it. Sunts A 880.,
Ol 2/IG -V VE \it Y- ig-nts "I I
O i -i-ydsf sfr .*• ■•-tile S- tcitig >!iii liii.i s.
FtiU particularsJ're-. Evrn l-jascuion'.- t > o.c
--i/ rienad Ag-ii*. '..ti! -tier ii i • V. it. . ...
BOX & CO., Clevehitrl, (' ; U M -
Louis, Mo.
sr. IKB % V ii
11 AILItOAD < *fl*A -V- ven pert
! Y >st M* ''age V • ' F y ami Aug it.-:
f -i - Y lie earn* p* "l * r- :p!cted r-:,?-. t-i
Pi!. ' K ' nyw more th*;. th" ittere-' on the
entire r .* i■ • '■ - pr-'fc-xis the*: '.-tilxar- i
vi-t-'.v-. t.i. v - .-u-., - er--ry.it OVKU i- > r 0
hivjl " ,i .-petit I:i ill iaupcr. , sud i.-t -v r SI.-
t'Oli 'OO of lend ts.-ifeil thus It:. 1 t-r ri.* ! v
iuer i.-iug truO: (f carrying uitr, with Lie , j-pect t
of ooaWbitiog oil the tr-tve! from S't.L.'i: ta the'
Southern States, cn-ui\ an cn-;.-:uuu* tcv-.-nue, The ,
Directors eov;: S 10 oftha Mo a tor tsvi srst- %r, and
are inter- .-te Ito iiirt -h tk* p: ,-er v ~= w: li a- to |
cconumi.su its exp- nse*
'1 U0 ALLEN, ii .e..', Ft. Louis, Mo.
We, t!v tmdfrrigned, rordia'.ly re- -mm- n-! these •
seven percent, mmtgago bouds, ot t'is St. I.oui* and ;
li.,n Mountain lUili-x I, as u gold St utity. Tho;
revenue •-f the rottd n't! I o large, and the a !:rtinis
tiation of tlie affuirs ot tho company Is in capable
and cvparieoced bands, an i :s cutitjol to tha gicat
e-f c infi leii- e of the pit' ho
JAMES f>. THOMAS Major of St. L ail
JOHN J. P,OE pie.-'t St-Loui) Chambor of Com
E V, .-J i)X, i': '!. St- Lwiis Board of Tiade
BARTON BATES, lWt North Mifeouti Railroad.
J. il. BRftTOX, i'ra.-'t Nat. Hank of Ufa Fia'c of I
Wm. L. EW iNG, Pres't of tha Mar. N B. of St.
GEO. 11. EE.A, Pre.-'t Soconl Nat. 1! mk of Nt.
J.'iS. B EADi, Chi ,-f E: g St Louis it Hi. Bri tgo .
- C-. I
GEO. W. TAYLOR, Pros't Pa-fSe Rail rod („f Mo.)
WM. ,'JANC-IG, Pres't Irqler*' Bank, St. Louis.
JOHN R. T.IONBEiyiEU, Pre*. T. N. Bank, St j
ADOLPUI iS MEIER, Yiee-Pre-'t U. PaciSe Rait- i
wn F' . . .
ROBERT RAIITJI. Pres't German Savings Inrtilu- j
C'oupm* jay :K) in t!io city of New Yolk. A >
limited nuobar of the shore mimed Bonis for silo;
at Eighty-five! Parties living nut of the city can ,
remit.by draft or express, and the bonds wilt be re- -
tarne Iby express free of charges We invite the
■it.villi-; iot capital!t* aoi it.tics t> theiß as. tn our
C-tiiutou a Very desirablo inccsinout, decline 1 tuiank
as a fii.-t-cli;x security. Dcacrij-tive l'om; blot*,
Maps and inloTL atij.i cut bu lr-td oi app.icalion to
-t , PhEadvApi-i v, Agents o. 11. • -M. I-ouw no 1 in-a
Mountain II R. to, -.
I'hila Iciplila it fori nut-s :—CAii.tttiA IKON CO.;;
flov, BAUI.N & Co.; 'I HOS. A BIDULI: A Co
\ I.li JT.vt.tiDg cmpit-yuient cB hate i good bu-i- |
xxuet* by addressing DAVID A Bito. 722 Snngoiu
it.. Philadelphia i
jjfc Mm'tisriufiifs.
<. S-TEV- ,/V ■
jj| v - * W W •■£ ■ -- •"
! Circular Sans of •■ <1 t.n!ifwr 01of Ihe wholo plate.
| Malay. MJ. Ore •- i not Urn?. ) ;'ial to any
' duhK in the w !KT .r g.tio bv all d* >l.?rw af! J the
i ch.'.er.-, UI'I'INCOIT k BIUKKWELL, Pi'tx
turg. Pa*
| \\JA\TL.D.-To employ .1 ?iJ r reKablo man
a Wiry to : Uoduuo I lie '-lYond;. til'
i tile World. 4 ' :ti. i pr >!Uub!e an I permanent
i Address-J C.TiLTON, Pittsburgh, l'a.
C'Ok / '|P. r M. ulli guirin ! zod,Sure j \. Agent*
7V/win'i I iintni* ■ nl: ly every wh r- : > -ell
•ur l'ai'.nl I" veil." Mug White Wire Clothes Lines.
• 'all : t <„■ j.i ii.,.0 UJiwVili' WiUi MILES,
Phil . Iclj.Mh, l'a
I \ iv ~ iLU i Ul. i, -gino gr u.i to eiaiy lii u laan
' * *.wh-> i . /cat ia <> IK< , .ig'ui an 1 1. >n
oreble ! 'irln* , pay'" '*■ 1 • -l:y No gift enter
j pri'a. , hnml Ad'u-rs 11. MONRO:; KKSKUV,
| Pittsburgh, i'a.
Slave You Seen 11/
iUM '.c.-•' I;TI DOCKET
'i'iit.- ..-pity u'ciiii little TIME KI.Ei'ER is got
I 1 Ipit a ftandoome caso with gl ,a- (bade, steel
i iiii 1 mat il tvor , wli ai n nuel • I'li il, aa tis ui or-
I iliaary :i<! act I serva-eft IWarrant
! cl in tii-. mi • . . t time. • . by mail for 81 ;a I
jf ir A-i iiv- !' Ll'liNllAM, 1. ..-k Box 5, j
vli e iia a <he gr-i' Zlii .ysri Hitlers |
um u. I'lmj upre dimmer*, both a.-u'e urf chron- |
ia. tiioe • i••• • IMle i . the knows v.i-rM. It :
. has eo i i bolora, the u>t forms of Fevers, I'neu- j
iioi.ii, .. i ■/1 - 1 an I i i -ca ,l, r.i ■ biarrha-i, '
lv!iaji:a. KhcOtn ilifm. .v-k Me la '>. aii'J will !
cure any Ji--.- im arising from a disordered stale of i
t!. • blood. iy is ."J i.o. ij.'l by Mov,i:, of]
Btates, >|- ftittere . f Conrjrc Mmgdi&tl Rviu ce ]
i.nl f'hysi •' '■'• . f t'-.a i . a- van eh or mora I
aivnr.. en tiliaa:. 'a.i ar lb.in a. .y Olil.r BtUftrr 1
in :i.a 11 : • in ! v .: alt"' . ireuluaYand |
r.-• 1 the . Sold Irugg! an ! derdera generally 1
Im i . A Co., w.u li iln licjUf-r ri aler-. I
file Agi-nt, or Wotrn i-.-r. Phi ago, iI. V. .
UtHTI.t! ' 1' ~. '. ') No r. at P' ,
I'hilad i i.
—1 I I.' bS
, Catarrh, Bronchitis,
Co!iS!l!23pt iO!i, Ast li
nia, and Scroiaia.
1", r! I ••' •- .. 1 iall 5 arti -utrs ■ '■< be ••' vour j
(jiifH " :•> t y -t liUIJCBISXi iUV!'.
\V 1 T P Y Y I 1
.. lij I j iiJ'i i \ C/
(ji\ J:.v. :.\ !'!•*!> i\*• ■ %
A pp11rT r" '•; N'C. " . .
| ft"*': M\N;:.u>W -
JiivU-'. iltr. i 7 i
pages O the wnol saibjret BR W%:TTIK, cuaS- J
itenioi', j.lij . .10, CL7 St. Chuiles't, •' Teiuß, M >
I stan Is i re-ewineaOjr ebore nil nth n in lit rpeciaH- i
X matter who fii'ai ( '.•.• y,ur cue. Pa- i
tie-Ills tie.lie I mail io c.erv St Ma.
;W'E ELL rOH ; C/N>: -' OLLAH
* . . .' |
(~101.1l ai t W.of ehe, aewtfg .*. iehiße.,Pilk
JTllie - I' Perr-a. Par] flitDwfcllKlflOndl, Ac.
CiitPili AbS eKN I i-'uK;:.
giv i'a/ full li. m. :i,i at. !i.. a i -t f..r One
i) !!ir. i!< .ib'h ten <1 •T■ i n* nrtf 0 < ir'ii.-li v,o.
oktsi roox-iiiiA -?.3rjua.oiz..
.!I. i i'.. I- • l. lore !to .-1 1 - l; : gu-
Clu' -- AMra- LABONi'H i iIHMTT,
No. 83 Smltstr Stmt, Boston, Mia 1
rx -• r i - r.t •;• l 7sii Tit> V J
Io at UIA • Ut# i it/O
ii ii i ousp:i ii y I
Cg-lt fiii'to 5.1 t iie UllldUl'.t ot Vi '511,1,00. :
F.Vcii TICKET DP. AAS A Ft ,i.
5P.t: Ii . '■■■ '< •>li>.uWJ ,
j ) - •' 5.000 .
20 ' 000 :
40 • " 500 i
200 ' 100 i
•) '
45 i ' " !
m -j
' I ■. (11l I'.na B'h t> 0 r") '
: ..■> 751, i*,o
lad ' giti' i .:-.e CO lo ij.i i
i 250 Alus-. ;S IJmx.s ■' T> '• 2- 0 |
.-ill') 1 ino lb. i 1 • f.-x.-' • 75 t , ,
IKge. Pb >io . . Wi' tia.,, an-i 11tmtat .
jof fine Midi J V. al-i •1 U SLK 1 0,000 j
A . i tee to a,v of Rw elwte prizes, by j
Duiebasing uSil - i Tidtet '">r e,o. 'ii i;"t->|
j fit xr.xii; o. .. rt* :.r atlltt I, ... Ln. via, - and ]
Ih -r :i ;'i y : '-a • ;.i-'. -> ■'' _ a > vi,i;i>
' TICKET Titt! I nr.Wil V I " •' U !T. l.ttlil M•' I
1 at our t or nin.il la fttiy a I :he ,
I j 'fi7. ■ n •:.is t uji ■> i' HI be d.-t• >* re I'• > t.ia ! ■ •let- ,
I bolder on nryin 'of One Iliilur. Prt/.-f i.rll he
immediately* sent to any ad ires:', as re'ja- efvd, by !
exjirc i or : . ta:n U' 1-•
You will know what your Prize is b •rey .u pay
! for it. Atij Piizo may i.o ex lunge if >r nuo herof
i tiift same value X > Blank-'
r -ff Ot.r pitrone < n depend on fair o'c ding.
( ill. r i:lo.s.- We gcleot the few following aamee
j fry in the many alio have lot-ly drawn valuable
! Prizes and ' i By | • "•milted IM In pu'ili.-h flieui :
! ff. T. Wii:,ins, Bub '. , N, Y., I,dot) ; Xfi-s Annio
Mi -it- t ;.i -,m, ill., . itififf. value I ..t ibod ; ilobt. :
Jackson, Bu'.-.tijlpwa, Gold Watch, •Satf}—l
; Phillip M'Tanby. I.onisvilie, Ky., liiamond Pinster
I llir.g, 9600 : ii 5. Putlufbun, Hew jßedforJ, M:.-s., ;
; Silver 'Pen Set, hi 7.5 ; iii-s Kmnta 11 •. I worth, Alii—
. waukee, Wis., i'lin t, ssl.li' ; ilev. I. il, Put, Cleve- j
I lanl, Ohio, ilelod on. Sl7j.
t , r Wo riHMi u i MOM* wlikcM permiwiea •
Opinions oi the jircrs. —'• r'hey are doing tno larg- ,
i est business ; the i,ru i* reliable, and dt serv.i their [
j sueee• a*" 1 Vstkly Tribune, T'-'J 8, 61.4.
"We tuvc examined their gystem. and hno-.v tbem
'to In: a f.dr dealing ltrm " —A r . i . Wtntld,Pei. 'G3.
i "I,art weok liiiud of our- Ire v r. 5509 prize, t
i whii h n.i prarn-o iy rv eire l." — Paily Nctcs, Mar, j
I 3,1868.
j Sen I for circular giving many more icfcriuces !
lan 1 l.tvornb'.a notice* from th-.* pro's Jabcral in
diiccmen'g to : yn's. Svti.'f tit ion guaranteed
Every peic-kaga of Sealed Envelopes contains OSE j
! CASH (tivT. rW '4'ic-k -ts for ft ; 13 for $2 ; 33 for ,
I S3 : IPi tor SI 5.
' All letters shoul dbe addressed I a
173 Broadway, ji. Y. |
JiJll'J.ri 1 U-A J.--T'he oniy work
which by dovUiucr.tii'y cviden o, whut has
been written, t or Uonc, by
OL Ji y. j.A S -J A'A S/ .OvY.Vy,
;is A D. RlCH vnimox'B Pi r-.mil lli.-tnry <4 l T S.
I lira it. Tiic i.- p- '.iticon I nii n Comtnitiee at Wash
ingt-m, icul|ti.:'a Its cniherti- ity and u .1 as an
autit :it t.-ztt>s iercrtj : wof it tor th.u purpose.
| 'f lie ; caoy Jtoiw r-dly dis -ar-l all oilier*. We
wuut Agents lor it in tuis county send for Circu
, are, tsruis, As,, to BLISn A (30 , Newark, N. J
I , i *' ~T
2>rlu nts.
Gnu: Dollar Broker
lis :>VI *i • 1 i-i i SGII.
Our-'••!{ .- -i- -• ' : r fev rr rtri-ly of
. DRY AMD j- '. vi ; <;{K1.
Y\;i u)£3 !
SI|,Y i-'.:; i i.p, /) tv \.; p:,
tii. i- D AP.
WIIOI.E . .5 111 11M tIIPETIXG' 4
STU.V \Y SIATriXG.-i. and |
|a of oor own imporUtioß, , r imrehacedl directly I
• | from tha Manufacturers in large quantities.
"* Wt were (lie first to commence the
! sale- oi'goods on the popular plan t
Ourtiales l'ortliela-t twelve monflis liave i
bet-n about one million dollars.
ft*. Our b ti'ti'ss hrs been divided by the Courts of I
this State i"ii! by the I nited States authorities not to be i
a hotter ijj or a Hi ft Enterprise, but a regular legiti-\
mate business.
Terms <-l" t-alo . (.Tib- ~f jj, n selection of one of !
the to, o'.vn.g uriioles : —kifyds. Brown or Bleached
.-'lieeting, -uperior quality. Poplin or Alpaca Dress
P ittern. Wo il Sipiara -haavl. 2J yarJs Doeskin.— I
Ail ■ .lav Clock, Seth Thomas' mukc. 1 pr. cent's I
| Calf Bo Whilo -Mur-ciHes Quilt. Silver plated i
C'hu ed ' i wit,*. 6 hollies. A Morrocco Ph' to
grapii • .Ml, ii, 100 pielurn. 3 yards g-4 Wool;
CI , ii. >il. ,y pbvtod Cake lla.-ket 1,8 yards Brown i
or llieui i;c 1 - heeling eotnuon quality. Also, print- ,
; notices of 60 articles, for sale at Si for otmb ar- j
ti, I--, couipii-ing a variety of articles u-ualiy sold at
• iet.:l priiex trom 51.50 to 63 fort-a,-h article.
: i .i (Bub of 810. a ■!■ tion of one of the follow
in.; ai"11 - ; 40 yard- Brown or Bleached sheot- |
in/, .-uperiur quality Dress pattern, price 610 ;
>1 !I, ug shawl. Bro;ha Long B'hawl. 2 yards I
Bluca fiorniaa llroid Cloth. Cuinai .n .Sense S'on
| lug ."-M ii. io, p i ! §18 —(these machines will hem. j
sti h, fell, to -k, quilt, cord, hiu l, braid nnl cm
r,i ir, ii: ain t superior manner.) Gents' or I.a- !
M, 1 SiR ; Hunting Case Watch, new. 23 yard* !
,It up (.'.,1; ting Jy i Is Beaver Cloth, (ii yards j
g i i D.k -,..n. ."skiver pi ited 1 0 Pitcher. Q yards ,
\i t'Ol i loth, dcu. Width. 1 pair superior Blankets. !
7 2 yards Brown or Blenched bheeting.cuuiinon qual
i ity, .it, i lW printed notices .f articlog for sale at !
§1 i-a. i, co.nprisiag a variety of article* usually (
sll a! r tail from 81 "0 to 810 | re i-h article.
|"• t j) Wo hereby in! am the public that we ;
; i v . ,}• ::i • • i cnuected with a.iv of tha Gift
T> V •
Lnter( ;it • Hue I-,i! tr Concetus in th a city. All |
Jotf-en. oUm ng Gi.t, Premium, or r.ny nrticlo
t free of l rat to .'i/>nt, or to any One, are in i irect |
viola ion if to laws against, Lottery. Wo have
iufonontion, f. ,in reliable authority, that all Gift;
• i-i this ("i 7 will ha close 1 up by the State 1
I t
FIMI Ol n 31 Cl LAll.
Sen I n Dr.il>, Po-t.il M ,ti"y Oricr, or Fvegis'ered |
I L*iter
Be sure and direct your Letters to
10,; buibury .Street, Bostan. Mass. .
N ■—! : .u> rcjNurts an 1 letters received :
; I s" our Axe is bound to he Tiik AAH.
2. It ni l cut 23 p-r cent, bettor.
3. iiy or th.-r lost une aria in the war, hut with
j your Axe ho m cut as well as any ono tlso can. ■
4. I 1 "dl n ; get another, twenty-fivo (625)
dollars wou! Int buy it.
5. It VM I cut hoop-poles better than any other
■ Ax.
ii I w -uld ro! be without it f-r anyth ng
i' ;• .- !o l,y all r.:-> .i-.ble dealers, and tha in,k-
I.ll''' - :T £ BAKEWELL, Pittsburgh, Pa., j
■Solo o.Yi.rr - tito Patents. j
Yorker, the Leading an I Bvrge.-t-Circulating P.u
--i .l, 1 •:> vry :n I I'.uuily Newgp.irier, begins a quar
iro • , and i,en;c EV OT is The Time to Subscribe!
Ei t ; D ,b.i ("uirlo Page-. Illustrated, with
<r a : ! -en di-"inct l>-v part meats, rich ably cn- !
■ a M-1, t It Talent being employed. Election
will . booivr, whan everybody, in l>otU Town
•in i < • v. v.'il w ant the m t Progressive, Time- ;
!v. il .ia .irjj and ! aeful Weekly of in Class—
M ilitr.il. The 13 X rubers of this Quarter
ii> t. to Jan ) ; ! I'll Trial, fir Only FKty Cents'
Trv l!>e i rod Trip 5'
Ad ir. -s D. D.T. iIOOUE,
41 1' A: 1! vr. New York, or I'ochester, N. Y
ti HAT li' IS, h.a.r it grew into a national cal- [
> > amity Ii i- u>t ;i Xcv Thing. Symptoms ,
:M A 'i'rcatin :.t. A small volume profusely iilustra- |
to i- San l hv i.:ail on rcc-ipf of 23c!s. Address .
M.tE' r.AN LIEN'I) Priil.l.SillNG CO. P.0.80x!
C 72. K. V. Tr ■lo guppiir Iby AMERICAN NEWS !
i •'.. il7 Nat* MI s>., N. Y.
The.- u-r if - * l-r sale h : • HOC.SE and '
I .OT. s iinl ,o i rotogli <>! Tnnkhannnek.— j
lbo boil.-- s lately mxlergtme repairs, and has all I
I,:- maderii i.npiovemi-i-ls. The lot is in-'re than '
t vir-: tli-; >ot nnv idbcrsin tha place, with new
Lbirn, Seven Mood Mr,met Appla Trees, with Plutn •
nil I*, -b. ih-j Subscriber, wishing to remove,
will sell i>,r h < than M e actual value.
.Ail i , i s iadi o.t to n.o will plonso make ,
imnetUafoc tfeme t . V.'il. 8. KCTZ j
Tunis. Sop- 24th n9tf.
si." IT I F.MKNT X 0.3 T" TPIH T.lflf.F. NO. 10. j
To tak j eff-.-ct on Monday TSepE 7th, 18(j8.
Down Trnlu. Cp Train. 1
Ex. l-'r't. | Jocil I.ncul j Ex. E'r't !
A M. P ?,!. P.M. A. M.
10 30 4.30 McKune's 410 9-40 j
10.48 440 Buttermilk I'alU, 4hO 1)24
II.0(j 458 Gardaer's Ferrv 3.42 004 j
i 11.30 5.20 L.&. D.J. Leave } 320 8,40
Airive J 10.30
1200 5.30 I'ittston, 10 20 B.(ip, '
1218 3.33 Port flriflith 10.15 7.53 i
1;.J 5.40 Piainsville, 18.10 7.
> 12.30 500 Wilkes -Barre 10.00 7.30
I The "Express Freight" down Train, arrives at \
! Pitleton an I Wilkes Barto in time fur the passeu- !
! ger train fur N. Y. A Phil'a. The 'Local" leaves |
I Wilkes llarro & Pittstou. fur ''.McKune's and other J
i stations north, after the arrival of the N. Y. A !
! Phil'a morning trains
Sup't Wyoming Division :
| Ofu-e L. Y.RiR.C Wyo. Div., }
Wilkes-Barre Nept. 4, 58. 1 ,
Application will be made to the Legisfaturo ut its 1 1
next session for the incoiproration of a Savings Bank
) to ho located in the Borough ol 'i'unkhannock , with
privilege to ; . :ci .0 deposits purchase and sell, Bond* j
and Sto-ks of the United States, and of this Com- j
tnonwe ibb .in l other ro "jtBL-s. to ho called "The j
Wvt m 11/ County Saving Lank." Capital Stock
850,00 I with tha privilege to increase the same to ' ;
, 811.0 020.
Tunk. June ISth 180°.
FROM 'GERMA XT', in 1835.
ft mi
PRV.I'iR ' II ' if • rs*
7he grruTtsl kiiOVJi > /
U v or Com pi aint,
N rvonr JJeb lir.
I/iseaies of the Kidneys,
*ail all Di*cae* uiltiiig from a Dl
ordrrcd Liver, Momach, or
ixt'uniTV OF mi: m.ooo.
Read the following symptoms, and ifyou find that
your system i. afected by any of them, you may re.a
assured thai disease luis tentuneneed its attack wi the
most important appasti f your body, and mssiUss HM ■
rheekrd by toe of pmverfut rem flies, a miserable
life, ne,n terminating in death, trill he the result.
Constipation. Flatulence, luward Piles,
Fulness of Blood to the Head, Acidity
of the Utomach, Nausea, Heart
burn, Disgust for Food. Fulness
or Weight in the Stomach,
Sour Eructations, Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Pit
of the Stomach, Swimming
the Head. Hurried or Difficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suli'ocaliug Sensations when i
la a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, i
Dots or Webs bctorn the Sight,
Dull Pain in the Head. Defi
ciency of Perspiration, Yel
lowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pain in the Side,
Back, Cheat, Limbs, etc., Sud
den Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of
Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits.
Ml th indicaie disease of'he Hirer or Digestfre
Organs, combined iritk impure blood.
is entirely vegetable,and contains 110
liquor, li Is a compound of Fluid Kx
fructs. The Roots, Herbs, and Bail.,
front tvltlclt these extracts arc made
arc gathered iu Germany. All-the
medicinal virtues are extracted from
them by a scientific chemist. These
extracts are then forwarded to this
ronntry to be used expressly for the
mauufaclure of these Bitters. There
is no alcoholic substance of any kind
used ill compounding the Hitters,
hence it is tile only Bitters tiiat can
!>•- used til eases where alcoholic st itn
nlants are not advisable.
fjjoflimb's oermnu (tonic
in a combination of all th? ivqrrificnts of t'■ • V.i"-, \
with PU lit Cruz Hum, Orange, etc. It i.t used f. r
the mute tits- is-'t a 'ht Bittern, in easu i oJitre tame
pure alcoh Jtc stmuhu is required. You mil bear in
ftrthd Ait these rcritdiet or - entirely t lifter out frost
any others advertised fir Vie cure of the diseases
named, the if be ing scientific preparations of medicinal
extracts,chile the others are merr decoctions of rum
in s(tins form. The. T< \IC is decidedly one of the most
pleascmt arM agreeable remedies ever offered to the
put Me. I's taste is exquisite. It is a pleasure to take
it, its I'fe-giciug, exhilarating, aml medicinal
qualities have caused it to be known <<s the greatest of
ail tonics.
Thousands of cases, when the pa
tient supposed he was afflicted wltli
this terrible disease, have been cured
by the use of these remedies. Extreme
emaclaliou, debility, and eougli are
the usual attendants upon severe
cases of dyspepsia or disease of the
wWfestlve organs. Even iu cases of
gen nine Coiisnmpt ion, these remedies
Will be found of the greatest benefit.
Strengthening and invigorating.
There is no medicine equal to ITooJlind's German
B-Hers or Tmic in eases of !>•!,flity. They impart a ■ '
ton* ok.l c4r>or to she whole *y.-'cm, strengthen r/-e ap
petite, r,me uJI # .ry/tlieUf C'f t'f ffTnl, f.fli.U the
C' -nich t" au." 4 wrif'f the hfdi Kom a good,
• ' *<• ttofM Ht WSgt
from P< • r . kceke-andchaw
/•' f " ' cui iciaUd , ate a*',
ana .-mre# - a'id, if mj Ji fuccJ, stout, and rigor-
T?#rv ...
. .1 . .••• Iv •: I'Oi v-ll
ct re mr.t'.f -l %\ :t. '•* a • ' >*' .tare
Ol' 'foillr. t i:■ * 5 . ' i •:?>• '■
MtAiLhit- . : tiry%.*kh •inia Mil
ivith tferfrcl taiVly 10 u is
luoiitlknold* liir nU,
or n 111 mi of n&iit*3 .
. 1
These Remedies are the best
Itiood l'ttrilleris
ntr knovm, aiul icM curt all dic/STts resi.l fr.im
bad hloo.l, I
Kern your WOO/ pout; keep your J.inr IN order;
keep your di'trttirt etiyaus nt u Sfunul, hfjltby condi
tion, by fh ' are rf tb "■ r-r.n s. mul tin •■/ ii7/ :
ever assail you. ! ,
■Nu I,'mi WST —'m a, - W ass
I-adirs who xvish a fair skin and
good complexion, tree from a yellovs
tsh tinge a nd all other disfigurement,
should use these remedies occasion
ally. Tile Liver in iierfeet order, and.
the hloott pure, will result In spark
ling eyes anil blooming checks.
t: iA. L'TIOS.
itwi'- <: r."u Remedies ore c 'lu'rrftUtd.
The hare the signet ure of V. K JKrtMtll
'• the friiu of t/u mUsid wrupypr yf ifslidikSsA ,
Me n'oir of the oris U< to ti is ■ udt luti>. All "Html ; .
are. rounlmfeit. ! j
Thousands of letters have been re
eel ted, testify lug to the t lr tie of these
remedies. ,
Ciii' f .TusliVrt of tbeSapieme Court of lVniKyh siii i
-I'muiitiyiiu, M.iScu 16111. 1>17.
/find u JloofiantTs firm.ion Hi ' oi ' -
itoitoy bcrrra/fe, best is a yc.%l ; useful in I'l's >•-
drrs of the shsyegf lTlll fir tns, and >f fraal bftsrJU in
eases <f .d lolify a ! n'fiul of oerebsts notirSk IN th
iyslT.i. lours I rids.
FROM llu'v. J t'flis iiIOMPiOK,
Jndge cf tin-t.iprea:-. 3-i*tof l ,
PIIIL.tDEI.rBIt, .tIT.II. tlSJll, i
1 consider " lloofland's German Bit
ters" a rr tillable medicine in case of at
tacks of Indigestion or Dyspepsia. I
can certify this from m> experience ||
ofti. Yours, tvllli respect,
From RKY. JOSltPit if. KKNYtItH, !'.!>,
Pastor of tho Tc-ntli Il ipli-t Cimr.!', 1 l.i. i ii'lplii i. I '
Dr.JACESOU—Dear SIR: —//.,;,•■ eufr'u n-i./iyrr- j '
one'd lto runted . . . i r , a* "■ '• I
difierr..! kinds of -mttlidr.rr. I' ' , . • > I'
u.i out of my appropriate r, I hasr •••? <■ >.,r. ' j
clined; but icilba cUarpn iinvr-b sin- .ii.-rs.evl ( .
particularly iu myc-ip ■; fin, .• • >/.T IrntM i
Jlooflun<Vt German Vi'.Urr. i'lcpattf. ■ • r
usual course, to repress My/'■' . i . i' ffir |
gontM'al debility of laosystem, I r-ii'- i: y f :- laser
Complaint, it is n tafe ami valuable prepm ui . ,'u
some casts it may fail; but SUM iffy, .' toubl ■i I
be rery btntfirial to those tiho sr, " >■ f r ' .* 1
causes. Yourt.re>y rtspeeffiull
: J. It. KK\ .Mil'.
; , ■■■ . .it c
Prica of the Bitters, SI.OO per fcoMio;
Or, a half dozen for 35.00.
Price of the Tonic, 31.50 p-.v bottic;
Or, a half dozen for 37.50.
Tiie Tonic is pill up in ijnarl b.it!!•.
Recoiled that it is l>r. I! "finnb's : man I'm;. '
that are. so unicers-dly used and sn hiyldy r ■■ i nd
ed; and do not album the JJruyuisl '■> < i wo '
take any thing else thai be may * iy is iast a>■ p rl. be
cause he mahrs a larger profit .si i". The.a Id in" f
willbt sent by express bt uo'J loculi'.j ujr>n a;a.l\ n
to the
.V 0.631 ARCII STREET, I'ldtodetphi ~
C'HAS. M. EVANS, Proprietor,
formerly C. M. JACKSON & fO.
These Remedies are for sate by
Druggists, S tore keepers, ami .Medi
cine Dealers everywlicrc.
Do not forget to examine ve't the ar'i.l
order to get the genuine
Tho publio are hero by noticed that I have !eft !
with P, H. Poioer, of Lemon 'l'p. ono red cow, to bo
kept by him during my pleasure. All person- aro •
cautioned against ni'dosting or inten'ering with the I
same, and that they will do so at their peril.
Tank. Pa. Sey. 7th. 1 SALS.
f't)A 1' fAbAI'.
A DARK colored ,<A(tK COAT was loet, n Wed
nssiay, August 2fith, lielween I'unkli .ni.. ck !
and Auburn Corners, via Keiscrvillc, probably l>e
tween Keiservill* nd the 0 imp Groun i. Anyone
returning laid eo.it, or giving iaforiaatien where it
may be bund will be suitably rewarded
SWibatlML Sepb IS, 1668'-3t,
peculiar and irnportant relations which Ihey stu
tain, their pe niiar organ izatiou, and the office* they
perform, are subject to many sufferings. freedom
from these contribute in no small degree to their
happiness and we|f;n<> f. i not e can be Upf.jr who
nro ill. N ' I-BIT H I.t no rte f ibc< i.r ist
nt'ilo cotnpljii.t- fi to- g.. U.f r- t- I i .li.- nil with
out involving i" i . i ... ,i
and ere I ins p , . .
mature it'.n i . .HI ,
pliysiefan 'or - * ■ \,u , lK
feosfcns. arf i •- r -- r
will : true. • i - t HA
< h-nio as to •' • '■' i . s• • .
plscing alb -i, I- , ' .
found fcliic o U-C in li . log l-I . 111 !•; I . •! ,V •.
ry one of tb •n.a • . ...,
the wx.
Li.Mibotn'.< ENTDA' r< i I cm ii.it. •-•is -nf
f-r on in till i c. n.l bun .:••!.■ M n:h-i, a j.plj v.iai
ty to drui-gist" an i :i toi . v.ho'tiilu r u„ :e!y :au
talito thoiu wit.i lha Lo|io <-l H , ure or apply rcuie
diis v.hich make them worse, i would not wish in
' assert anything t!ui! wool I do Injn-lice to the af
fltcied, but lum obliged t , say that although it
may be produ- t i from c.vees-ivo exhaustion of ibe
. powers of] lite, by laborijoa employment, unwhol
couie nir and teod. pmfo-e mens'rnation, the ue of
tea and coil'to, nui frequent ehilabirth, it i fur oft
ener caused by dued irritation, appked to the ma
cous momiirane o'" the vigina itsell.
When reviewing the cause* ot these distre-win
eomplnint , it is most paif.lul to contemplate the at
; ten tiir.t crils ecnseqoent upon them. It i- but aim
-1 pie justice to the subjovt to eoumernte a few of tho
many additional caoscs whkh ai largely ati'ec-t the
i life, health and Imppinei- of women iu a'i! classes ot
society, and which, coMeqwntly, affect liiore or le
, directly, the wellfaro of toe < ntirc Uuuiau family.
, i°® "ur.i i that exists lor precocious education an!
t.. rri.ige. causes the years-that nil are <;eHgt,ed for
1 c- ; j oral clcvelopcmcuis to bo wasted and perverted
■ in the rtf mints qfdrc?s the cirly eonfinement of
liooi, nnd especially iu tho unhealthy excitement
ot tho b. !i-room. iiiu-, with liio body half clothed
and the mind nnduly excited by pleasure, isirvert'-
nig iu ini ir.ight revel the hours designed bv nature
| for sleep and rest, the woik of destruction is halt
In CM sequence of this early strain ujion her sys
tern, unnecessary effort is r-quh 1 by iha de licate
votary to reiain her situation iu school nt winter
day, tutu aggravating the ceil. When one exeite
: 'nt is over, anoih-r :n ; s|.ective keeps the mind
j morbidly sensitiT* i„ lmpraaaum, whiie iu- now een
sDi.t restra ut ol i iriiion iblo dress, ab-oiutelr tor
old Lug the exercise in IL-pcnwble to the attaianent
M fCTctitton of organic health and slreri-'th •
txj , ure to night air ; the sudd, n change" often,.
1 'ure: the complete prostration produced by ex
j' -Mvcd lilting, most a necessity, produce their
~i '* '' ti ! l ' M 1 narriug, curd
; iHiHjij . aud like uiifoi fiinatc on©, hith
-it,, s, mt.ily n-ardlci- flhe plain ilieUitis and
I'emonstranees f.rr delicate nature, becomes at,
i ! v.lilu-.g -abject of :ucdie i treatment. This is
lit tiutl-ful pi, tore of the experience tf thousand*
of our young woi,u-n
L rg Uime the ability to oxerei e the functions
of he gciic-ative ~rp ,ns, they acquire an education
of tneir i e ul; r n-rv .ystera, c- mp e I of what
! ' y ' '• - '■>*•• *h o is, in ceunnoo with the
i '--i !at d lijs, evidently no ler the control
of MR 'it,! as Delations .-.| !in early p*.
liodof lite; alii, as wo si,all sub^equi-nliv -cc
the-- c: lis Wh. nev C.-.-..U-, lead, long 'b e for'
pw ty.to hi?. -S which sip lilt VI rv life of their
victims ere nature hn n lf-coirp!cted tiu-ir dcvl
for I . mule W,-knrs* aal Debility, Whites or
Leucorl.o .1 100 i'r-tu-c Mcr..-:iualfcn, Eslmustion.
iu" I. ng t .rutiutu u !r T'roltipsus nnl
Moating Down, ot li- : j.-us l leri, wo offer the most
poifoci epcc-itie kno E : JIKT.MB n.ti's Cojiroixn EX
TRA, r i I cer. Lireit-ons lor use, dic-t, and ad
vice, at • f !:i?.ar.y
l-cni lies in eic-ry peri., lof life, from infancy to
extr ia<; cl 1 age, wiit.lir.d it a remedy to ai 1 nature
iu tho oi.-ch.-iig• of its funetioi -. .Stronglh is the
glory of manhood and womanhood, IIELMB ILD'S
I Xii.AcT I'ti lit is liiore strengthening th in any of
the preparations of i.ar. or jp,u r infinitely safer
and more pirns mt. Hnvr,,.i.i s EXTRACT Ercm !
haying revt uc i :h<: init-irseinent of th- tr.-et promi
n' : " '' ' Fn'tf, : m w ,ffei-|
: " : ' r - ace.- .. , : |. o i„|.,.
1' A ' f. -h-ei.r.. i
i- I. diin i ,I j I'ht-i,- t
Urf"--.., • . . >!■..; . ,
p* v- • •' *m • • , a-i -. ;• * 1..."
P-"-'.' ' - ' ' , f-i.i dies*
f- ' ' a, tot. H I tU rf
s -V-a,..,.., i;etakifited stole trfdbe system. To
in ire the genuine, rut this cut. Ark for JIEI.V -
ti< 1 1> s. Take ro other. eiohi by druggists and
Dcaier- ci c-rvwhere price 31.25 per bottle, or six
~ c- :.,r h(j.uO. to any address. De
sertl-c symptoms in sill communications. Address
II i. I:fcL.MlSOI.lt, J>rog un 1 rhemical Ware
hou.-e, -i'.'l Broadway, X. Y.
Li etctl engraved wrapper, with facsimile of my
Chemical TV aich-Usc, iinj signod
In h. .ng tHlrution t., their CELEBRATED
MACHINE, beg leave to refer to it.- v - n lerful p.ip
ulntity us con, lu-ite , n of i t n great merit*
ihc ii -i ;,i s . - I't in.iii l tor this valuable
tnarb'-ne l is beer. TEN IT-LI) during the last seven
no illis OL' i dnst -,eur htlcre the j üblte.
t ■ and mrpii.-ing 6u. t.-s is uuprscedent
cl in Ihc ! i rv nt wing i.. ;chiov> :n 1 feel
ful.y i.ai r.-i.tcii in claiming the t
I'!' ii A s x() j-: q r \L ,
SS/XXK.G TTTiyrrr;
And fi'.fritislrallv t'te Cfscaprst.
f really two mi chines com- 'n-i! ia line, (by a
rim; !-> ■ . i eau.'itui tu. hnntenl arrangement.)
unikiiig b ail the Shutllo or Lock-Oitrh, und the
vur-.-ii!, "g and ISutUin-hoie c'i'.ch, with equal
rfectioo. It exeonlex in the iery
bc-t ma t.er ivtsy i riety of selling, such ; s, Heiii
mu.g, 1 ci.ing, Loiu'iu,;, , i-king, r-iitehmg. Brai l
ir.g i.:d Quilting, Gol g and sewing oil, (done
at '♦*..niuo ii- -a.) :i , i ii addition, Ovcrscauis,
E ,m ict-> ci t',a c •: d makes beautiful hut -
1# and Eye!. ; holes .! rab.ics.
1 i 1 mn-hi: i s wi-'i; tcimcn* of woik and
by c.tiling on tho undersigned, agents for the sale
of thorn in Wyoming C. unty.
For Sale at Mott's,
ot Lester A (Lob
best tu.ike
IvIP and CAI.F
Best u aki
A full stock of
La'dies' Shoes.
B.ilinornl. ('tingit--., Boots of Glove
Ivi i inil G a'. Also,
Button Uaiters.
Gci l' Kill Gf.OYE®,
Lined, I'nlined and Fnr-lincd,
I'or Sa^ 1 at Mott's
Tuokhaonockt Pa-rShUtf