Wyoming democrat. (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa.) 1867-1940, May 20, 1868, Image 3

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    Local and Personal.
Quarterly Meeting.—Quarterly meeting will
held in the M E. Church in Tunkhannock, May
-"h aDl j 31st. Services at 2 o'clock P. M. on Sat
urday Love feast at 9 and preaching at 10J o'clock
° >l, on Sunday, dtev. I). W. C. Olmstead, P. E.,
jill officiate.
\ Request.—The man who borrowed a short
handled square pointed dirt shovel from G. D. Will
inn's shop—where it had been left for repairs, a few
v) since—is requested to call and settle Mr. W.'s
liH for fixing it- The . wner thinks he ought to be
, s ueJ from doing so, as he has never bad an op
' portunity of examining the job.
VB. H the borrower thinks he can't afford to
fceep the shovel on these conditions, he may return
j t; as it will be taken in part payment, at least, of
the bill- *
ll.izleton Railroad Company.—A meeting
c ' the stockholders of the Hazleton Railroad Compa
ny is called to meet at Wiike*-Barre on Friday, May
■r for the purpose of considering and actitig upon
>u agreement fur consolidating the said company
aitii the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company.
The 1/ehigh Valley.—A correspondent speaks
ef the Lehigh Valley as the great iron producing re
gion of Pennsylvania. The following is frout his
"The total product of the iron furnaces, right on
the hne of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, exceeds a
cissrter of a million of tons. More than half of the
furnaces and rolling mills in the valley have been
tail: since the opeoine of the railroad —a result due
tcUc n'-ouragement which the management of the
road, guided by the wisdom and ioresigbt of Asa
i-a-ker gave to the ownors of the existing furnaces
projectors of new ones."
Sewing Mat-blues. —Persons wishing to pur
ehate sewing machines with the greatest capacity for
wwk. will do well to exauoce before purchasing else
where the " Combination Machine " Manufactured
Vy the " Aamerican button hole over seaming and
•tiling Machine Company." An entirely new ma
chine aDd hy good judges regarded as superior to all
others. It is really a combination machine. Be
lules hemming, felling, tucking, gathering, over
selling. embroidering braiding, and doing more
lends of sewing than all other machines combined
it makes button holes in the most perfect aud sub
s'.n'Ul manner and with marvelous rapidity, fh'i
machine with specimens of work and working can bo
icn ut all times by calling on Mrs. Betijumin New- I
man and Mrs. Geo. S. Tution at this place—these
ladies b iving accepted the agency f or the sale . f
Importance of Newspapers—An exchange
truthfully says that .he newspapers of a town or city f
are it# corner-st-me, its very lite-blood. Without
them it cannot prosper. The better they are sup
ports! at home, the more powerful will their influ
ence be abroad. The newspapers have done more
to aid the building up of towns in which they are
published and to mat* their business than uli tho ,
merchant# together. To the merchants they are in- j
iisjenjab'e, as these who have used them as a medi
um through which to reach the public well kuw.— ■
And they contribute largely to the prosperity of ev
try citizen, for their ii.flueuce is fell in a thousand
uilsrent directions.
Hotel Licenses.—At the recent se.-siun of ud
j umed Court licenses were granted to all appli.-aot# '
except three, in one of which the application was j
wdh Irawn hy applicant.
The luiluwing rules to be observed in future appli- J
cations were established by the Court. Hotel-keep)- i
ersan l others interested should m ike a note of them
tr the C >urt will hold applicant# and objectors to a
"trie! compliance with them :
Ordered that applications for Tavern I.icen*## ;
must, hir> alter, be copies ateil by an attorney whose
erne u ust be endorsed Uj-n toe Petition- other- ]
..< such application will nut be considered by the
Keict.nstranees specifying objections to gran'ing a ;
L :eu-e most be filed on or before Monday afternoon
pre.-e.ting the time appoint ed fur grunting Liccn-es.
Tuts lay afternoon is 'be time appointed for crant
inj Licenses; hearing applications ant object >ns ; I
ru. in ;untested cases the Court may fix ufuture djy !
f r suit hearing. Upon filing objections .to granting
I mnse, signed by ci'izens of 'he district for which a :
• I -tn-e •> asked, subpoena- may lie granted tor wit- '
lasses. New buues must, in all cases, be shown by :
[■ruuf tu be necessary for the accommodation of the
[uti le an i the entertainment of stringers and trav.
fieri, and also that the applicant by bis buildings, j
ie, is well provided lor that purpose,
May 1-lth, l?o3.
N'on-Arceptlng Srhool Districts.—The fol- i
irwing Act ot the Legislature, passed i its last ses
iian, will oe foun d i ijor ant to those in non accept
:og school districts who now wish to avail themsehe j
the provisions of the school law. I'noer ihe tir-t
te tun of the bill, those district# which have accept
ef the school law since 1360, will draw state appro
trillions from 1860 up to the time of their aeccpt
itv.e, besides the aj proprtatioDS for the present year.
There are two districts in ttis Cuu.ity enticl d to
•,-pr jpriations under the first section of the Act, viz :
Fails. 84'i7.62 and Lemon. >267 20. These amounts
will be pud aj soon after the first Monday in June
s "it as the names and address*# of the proper officers
•re made known to the Department. This does not
ireiule the sum for the current gchool y i.ir.
Tb >e districts which open common schools accord
ing U> law during the school year commencing June
cut will receive State appropriations from 1860 the
tuuie as though their schools had been in operation
tfewh .ie time, together with the appropriations of
'.he current year, whi h will he nearly twice as much
us tuat uf [.receding years. The districts in this
Ciut'y which come within this previa
: nof the Act are Tuokhnanock town.-hip, $651.69,
•si Washington, Jobi.fiJ. These sums do not in
r'ltile appropriations for the current school year
"be following is the Act:
Suction 1 Re it enacted by the Senate
end liaise of Representatives of the Com
vumvealth of Pennsylvania in General As
>- nl/ly met. and it is hereby enacted by the
clua ity of the same That all school iti.
'ru 's iii thre Commonwealth previously non
zccep'tng, which have put in operation a sj s
'•m of corrn on schools aceotd'ng to law. at
'i) time bit.ee the year one thousand eight
died and sixty, are hereby declared enst
'led to Ihe sauie S ate appropriations for
.ol purposes which I hey would have re
cviHii had they Complied with the law in
teferi iC" to Common Schools during and
* net- that year, and the Superintendent nl
C itotn n Schools t authorised and required
fi pxy out of the Appropriation to common
f .r the year oae thousand eight hun
'I red ami sixty-nine, by warrants up .n the
State Treasury, all sums fund to be due to
such districts by the provisions of this act.
SEC. 2. Thai all school dt-iricts in tbi#
' nifn'nwealth now non accepting which
shall put m operation a system of cmtnon
tcf oiiis according to law on nr fiefore the
)ear one thousand eight hundred and seven
shaii he entitled to all the State appropM
a'|r >t! lug school purposes they would have
fiCeived during ami since the year one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty, antl the Su-
Mrintendent of Common Schools is author-
Ted and required to pay out of the appropri
ation to comtaon schools for the year follow
'"(? that during which any such district shall
fut the school system in operation, by hiR
"arrant upon the State Treasury in favor of
•uch disiiict, the whole aiuount to which it
*nuld be entitlctLu h.-reir provided.
A F.Tend In Need. Grace's Celebrated Suite
'• a friend indeed. Who has not found it such in
curing cu's, burns, bruises, scalds, folocs, boils, and
*'• en tho must obstinate old ub ers and other sores,
h it a wonderful conqiound, suited alike to the skin
*>' the child tad of the adult.
My Portrait Gallery.
llow many of us are the owners of galleriel more
precious to us than the costliest productions of the
old world masters — they can be bought with gold—
ours can only be taken from us by the master-band
that painted them, The most practical man of bus
iness, who roads these lines, will confess to himself
that there are pictures in his galiery before which he
stands with bowed head and beating heart j but of
which his most intimate friend never drosmed the
existence. The world calls him stern and cold per
haps, and yet tbero are moments when he gazes with
a wistful tenderness upon some portrait in that gal
lery. It may be that of the fund mother who pil
lowed his childish head upon her breast; or the fa
vorite sister whose early loss taught the first sad les
son of death ; or the fair young maiden whose face
bloom* on memory's canvass in perpetual beauty;
or, sadder still, the idolized wife and mother, above
whose true heart the graveyard sods ar- lying, that
be lis down on him with the love-light never dim in
her gen tie ej \
tVc cons'eOtly m.-ko accessions t. the number of
our p itni.ts; but the old ones are never defaeed or
crowded out. Dust and cobwebs may hide their lin
eaments for awhile ; but there are times when mem
ory with relentless hand sweeps away the obscurities
and they stand forth with wonted clearness
Most pictures need a stiong light to bring out
their peculiar lieauties ; but these seem to put on
their most vivid coloring on a day like this.—Back
ground, a dull, leaden gray sky—lowering and sul
len clouds drifting heavily with the wind—fore
ground, leafless trees, moodily swinging their gaunt
Mrms in the " wild March weather," and tho rain
falling with a ceaseless drip on the already sodden
earth. Ou such a day memory leads me through
the gallery when her hand is ever busy upon tho
| Before one portrait I stop with streaming eyes and
| a sadly acbir.g heart. The picture is that of a be-
I loved friend, Mrs. Eliza Fossett Si'klcr, and tho
: light that glorifies every feature, shiues through the
open portals of tne New Jerusalem, where she has
gone to join the celestial hand that throngs its golden
streets. The human flower upon her maternal breast
has been transplant*..! by the Lord of Paradise to
blossom in immortal loveliness in the gardens of the
Ah ! can it be thai there remains to me but the
portrait and that the coffin lid has forever shut out
from mortal eyes the dear lace of the original!—
Why could not death have chosen, as his victim, one
less endeared by every sweet, womanly virtue to the
hearts where hi-i image is tberished ? In very truth
"he loves a shining mark "
Hers was a nolle < h\r.o-ter—atern only in judging
herself, she was ever ready tu throw the white mar.
tie of charity over other's failings. A devoted daugh
ter, affectionate si.-ter, loving wife, fond mother and
faithful friend -in every relation of life a good and
pure christian woman. Firm in her allegiance to
th Right, she was yielJing where the only sacrifice
required war hcrs< If licr noble intellect and fine
conversational powers were embellished by a refined
delicacy of feeling and a gentle courtesy o: manner.
In November 1666, she went from her father's
house and from a pleasant family circle in Forkston,
Wyoming County, a happy bride, with one every
way worthy her love and truit. Bhe left her por
trait in tho galiery of each member of that home
land, yet jhe sadness of that parting v.as sweetened
by the hope of many future meetings. She went to
her new Louie in Mouroe, which had lacked only the
sunsh ne of her presence. IJow happy was their
wedded life—bow -he ui tdo ihxt home an earthly
paradise to the one she loved—is it not written in
fadeless characters uj on the heart in which her im
age is enshrined ?
lu Stq teuxber 1-67 their cup of happiness was
filled to the brim by a tiny hand that o[nel the
flood-gates of parental love. No " Iloly Mother and
Child" ever pointed by the hand of Murillo or a
Guido, could ever be so worshipped by art-lovers, as
are the [orttaits of tuat mother and child by the
now bereaved bu-band nl father.
The parent st ra withcrel ia perfecting tho blos
som. Cousump ion laid its icy hand upon the springs
of life and the "silver cord was loisad and the gol
den howl bruk -n." The hues of health never re
turned to tbe check where Death had set his signet in
a fatal hectic. Everything wis done that devoted
affection could suggest; but all in rain. Ob ! who tau
pictuic that husband's angui.-h as he sew that gentle
being fade from his side day hy day 1 Bhe suffered
no paiu ; and Jmuary 25th, 1369, without a single
complaining wotd, and seemingly without the shad
ow of a fear, she went down into " the valley of the
,-hidow ..I death" and across the River to tho Fath
r's In.us*-, ti I. made with bunds ; but eternal in
i.-.tile 1! ward, th" b'by-boy, lingered about two
months longer and then *. Nt to join hi* mother,
leaving tbe sorrowing father doubly desolate. Side
by side they rest in the churchyard of her native
place. Her departure has cast an added gloom over
the household mourning the loss of another beloved
daughter and sinter—a lovely young wife and moth
er—who left them last June for her heavenly home.
The cold stream that has borne away the desolate
husband's dearest earthly hopes, can never be re
crossed by his loved ones ; yet a little longer endur
ance of Life's weary burdens and he shall go to join
them on the shining heights beyond the River of
" They await him in that sun-bright clime
Unstained by sorrow— unhurt by time;
'Tts where the song of the seraph swells,
Where the radiant Lord of brightness dwells.
There are rivers of waters gushing there
'Mid blossoms of beauty strangely rare ;
And a thousand wings are hovering o'er
The dazzling wave and the golden shore.
There their angel forms are arrayed in white,
Detnjs of beauty clothed in light ;
They dwell in Heaven's immortal bowers.
'Mid the f.iuelevt hues of countless flowers,
Ear hath not hesrd nor eye hath seen.
Their swelling songs and changeless sheen ;
For their vests of light and harps of gold,
And CTOWIIS of glory wax not old
In that sun bright clime."
Important Musical News. —In consequence
of the tax on manufactures being removed, and oth
er expenses somewhat lessoned, L. B. Powell, of
Scran ton, has reduced the prices of the celebrated
Decker Bros. Pianos ten per cent. Now is the time
to secure one of these beautiful instruments, every
one of which h.s their patent plate rendering the
tone perfect, even and pure throughout the whole
cnmj>ass of the piano. Send to Mr. Powell for a
circu'ar ar.d price list. n4ow2.
" They made her a grave too cold and damp
For a soul so honest and true."
If they had been wise, the dire necessity of open
ing the grave for one so lovely might have been
averted. Plantation Bitters, if timely used, are sure
to rescue the yeung and lovely, the middle-aged and
the ailing, from confirmed sickness.
Almost all diseases have their beginning in some
slight difficulty of the Stomach, which would eventu
ate in Dyi] ep-la. Headache. Liver Complaints, Night
Sweats, Consumption, Death. Plantation Bitters will
preveDt these premonitory symptoms, keep tbe blood
pure and the health good.
While tbey invigorate the system tbey enliven the
Magnolia Water.—A delightful toilet article
- superior to Cologne and at half the price
FELKF.R—DREIIER—At the revidenee of the
bride's father in Stmudsbnrg. May 15tb, by Rev
B 3. Everritt, Geo. Felker, of Meshoppeo, and
Miss Sallie A., daughter of Hon. M. Dreher, of
btruwlsburg, JJoaroe Co- P%
Concerning Pressure.
A thousand noobles in Kansas headed
by one Anthony ( not unfitly baptized,
since St. Anthony is the patron, we be
lieve, of pig-drivers,) were good enough
to inform Senator Moss bv telegraph that
" Kansas had heard the evidence, and re
" quested lioss to find the President guil
ty." This is the sort of thing which the
Radicals glorify as a " Drcssure of the peo
Now " New York " heard the evidence
as well as " Kansas." If New York had
telegraphed her verdict to Morgan and
Conkiing, New York by a voice of a Con
[ servative majority of 5U,000 votes, would
have requested those Senators to vote the
President " acquitted." Connecticut, too,
# heard the evidence." What sort of a
" request " would the Democratic majority
of that Stat- hava telegraphed to Senator
Ferry ?
T vast mttjirlry .! the Northern peo
ple in litis in ittcr were arid hi a against
the impeac.hers. Bat the vast majority
abide the law, and they have respected
the sacred functions of Senators sitting as
a court, even where they see reason to
doubt the intellectual or moral capacity of
those Senators. The noisy and passion
ate minority, on the contrary, have roared
themselves hoarse in the attempt to turn
a court into a caucus, and to make per
jury a political machine. — Wrtrld.
A large eagle, supposed to be of the
bald or white headed species was shot at
Irondale, on Friday last, by Joseph Witts.
It measured seven feet three inches from
tip to tip. A bird of this size is a rarity
and is worthy tite attention cf ornitholo
gists.— Columbian.
Columbia County lias now iu the East
tern Penitentiary, Thomas Stod i, Isaac
Bird and Abraham I'ealer; and the bill
received a few days ago hy the County
Commissioners, to be paid on their account
is $271,40 — Columbian.
OnoniFEßxUf.— A large number of
" colo'd gemmen " have been selected as
delegates to the Chicago Convention.
The Cir.ccs and Menagsiue is
coming! so all the boys say. We expect
to set* a large ciowd of sight-secrs in town
to mor:ow. Tnnhhannock always gives
full houses to Circuses and Menageries.
GAY —ln Meahoppen, M.iy 2, I%S, of hrtirt disease,
Mrs. Elizabeth Gay, wife cf Ex-Bheriff Gay, aged
15 years, 3 months and 23 days
Her maiden nam* was Elizabeth Wylie. She
was jniaed in marriage to her surviving husband,
Nov. 4th 1843. Hence, nineteen years were spent
by thein together, in the fortunes of life. She was a
help-mate indeed, aud was permitted to see h*r hus
band rise to posts of trust, aud honor.
In 1339, uuior the labours of the Rev. King El
well, she with inany others, gave her heart to God.
and her band to the Church, with it she lived, and
within lis pile she died". Ijer last Sabbath pn earth
found her in the house of God, when the following
fell from her lips, •' I wish to iive each day, as if it
were my last." lltr death was sud len, but found
bcr ready. The large congregation at tho funeral
clearly bespoke the high esteem io which the de
parted was held, us a neighbor, friend, end chris
tin, Also the deep sympathy that each felt, for
the afflicted family. Miy grace sustain, and bless
them, f<r in their loss, wife, and mother, LBS gained
Special lloticrs.
5000 Yards Best Prints, for
12| cts per yard, at C. DETRICK'S.
3000 Yds. DELAINES for 15 cts.
per yard, at C. DKTRICK'S.
WALL PAPER.-A lartre quan
tity at xery low prices, at C. DETRICK'S.
Eery one .11 11100* fee necessity of some
lb'! < t TONE ii" Tin. -t -TR.M depressed by mental
or ho-iily extia 1 tiuu. At su.-h ti.ne s it t every one
instead of taking alcoholic or medicinal STIMULANTS.
which afford only a temporary rel cf, reiuvigorate
his dooilitate 1 system i>y the natural tonic ele
ments of the PERUVIAN SYRUP, or Pro
tected Solution of the Protoxide of Iron, which vi
talizes and enriches the blood by supplying it with
WW. C. STERLING, Esq., of Puughkeepsie,
N. Y, says :
"Since taking the Peruvian Syrup, I feel better,
my strength i 3 improved, tny bowels are regular, my
appetite first rate.
There is an old Physician in this city (older than
I am,) who has been in the Drug business for 40
years, who has used the Syrup for three months,and
gives it as his decided opinion, that it is the best
Alternative Tonic Medicine he ever knew."
For Dyspepsia. Debility, and Female Weaknesses
the Peruvian Syrup is a specific. A32 page pam
phlet sent free. The genuine has "PERUVIAN SYRUP"
blown in the glass.
J. P. DINSMORE, Proprietor, No 36 Dey St.,
New York. Sold by all Druggists.
Scrofula Cured after Seven Years' Suffering,
J W, Hornor, Esq., a prominent lawyer of Par
keisburg. W. Va , says: "I had 37 RUNNING
ULCERS when I commence J taking Dr Anders'
lodine Water. My Breast Throat and Face was
one continuous sore- lam now a well man, and
am sati fied the lodine Water saved my lite
Circulars in regard to this remedy will be sent
free. „ _
J. P, DINSMORE, Proprietor, 3<j Dey St , N. T.
Fur sale by Druggists generally.
Is the best article known to preserve the hair. It
will positively restore
It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combin
ing many of the most powerful and restorative agents
in the vegetable kingdom.
It makes the Hair smooth and glossy, and does not
stain the skin !
R P. HALL A Co . Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors
For sale Ivy all Druggists. Price SI.OO
"errors of youth.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from Netvous
Debility, Premature decay, and all the effects of
youthful inciseretion, will, for the sake of suffering
humanity, send free to all who need it the recipy
and directions for making the simple remedy be
which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by
the advertiser's experience, can do so by addressing
in perfect confidence,
JOHN B. OGDON, 43 Cedar Street, New York.
Choice Seed Potatoes.
For sale at reasonable rates, by
Tuokhatyeek, May 12, 1863—n4ttw3
The greatest hnoivn remedies for
Liver Complaint,
Nervous Debility,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and .11 Diseases .rising from . Dis
ordered Liver, Stomach, or
Read the following symptoms, and if you find that
your system is affected by any of them, you may rest
assured that disease has emnmeiiced its attack on the
most important organs of your body, and unless soon
checked by the use of powerful remedies, a miserable
Ifc, soon terminating in death, will be the result.
Constipation, Flatulence, Inward Piles,
Fulness of Blood to the flead, Acidity
of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness
or Weight in the Stomach,
Sour Eructations. Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Pit
of the Stomach, Swimming of
the Head, Hurried or Difficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when
in a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision,
Dots or Webs before the Sight,
Dull Pain in the Head, Defi
ciency of Perspiralion. Yel
lowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pain in the Side,
Back, Chest, Limbs, etc., Sud
den Flushes of Heat, Burning in
the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of
Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits,
AU these indicate disease of the Liver or Digestive
Organs, combined iciih impure blood.
{jooflanb'a ©crman fritters
la-entlrely vegetable, and contains no
liquor. It is a compound of Klutd Ex
tracts. The ltoots, llcrhs, and llnrka
from which these extracts arr made
are gathered In Germany. All the
luedlctual virtues are extracted from
thein by a sclt 11 title chemist. These
extracts are then forwarded to this
country to he used expressly for the
manufacture of t liese Kilters. There
is no alcoholic substance 01' any hind
used in compounding the Hitters,
hence it is the only Hitters that can
be used In cases where alcoholic stim
ulants are not advisable,
HjoofluniJ's ©crmati (tonic
it a cnmbinnti<n of all the it: wlimts nf the Jlit'rrs.
vtiUi PURE Santa (bur litem. Orange, etc. It is usnl for
the same disrate* as the IJdt-n*, t.i casus where finu
pure alcoht'lic stimulus is required. fou will hear in
mind thai the*' remedies are entirely lifTereilt from
any others adwrtistd for the cure of the. diseases
named, these h*ivg scientific preparation* of medicinal
extracts, while Vie others mere deration* of run%
in some form. The T >\IC is drridedl y one of the most
pleasant arui agreeable remedts ever off,red to the
public. lis taste is exquisite. It is a pleasure to take
It, while its life-giving, exhilarating, and medicinal
qualities have caused it to be known as the greatest of
aU tonics.
Thousands nf cases, when the pa
tient supposed he was Hflkltd with
this terrible disease, cured
by the use of these remedies. Kxlreiue
emaciation, debility, and cough are
the usual attendants upon severe
cases of dyspepsia or disease of the
digestive organs. Even In cases of
genuine Consumption, these remedies
will be found of the greatest benefit,
strengthening and invigorating.
There is no medicine equal to ITi>ofia*i/?$ Crrman
Sitters "T Tonic \n cases of Debility. Tiny impart a
tone and vigor to the whole system, strengthen the ap
petite, cause an enjoyment of the food, enable the
stomach to digest it, purify the blood, give a good,
sound, healthy complexion, rradi'nte the yellow tings
from the eye, impart a bloom to the cheeks, and change
the patient from a short-breathed, emaciated. weak,
and nervous invalid, to a full-faced, stout, and vigor
ous parson.
Weak and Delicate Children
are made strong by using the Kilters
or Tonic. In fact, they are Family
Medicines, They can be administered
with perfect safety to a child three
months old, the most dcllealc female,
or a man of ninety.
Thett Remedies are Vie best
lJlood Purifiers
teer knaicv, and will cur, all diseases resulting from
bad blood.
Keep your blood pure; keep your Liver t order;
keep uow digestive organs in a sound, healthy condi
tion, by th* use of these rcuui ies, and no disease wiU
aver assail you.
Ladles who wish a fair skin and
ffood complexion, free from a yellow
th tinge and all ot her disflguremeiit,
should use these remedies occasion
ally. The Liver In perfect order, and
the blood pure, will result In spark
ling eyes and blooming cheeks,
TTo>,Hand's German Remedies are counterfeited.
The genuine hare the si;/nature 'f I'. -I/. .Dickson
em the front of th' outside wrapper if each bottle, and
the name of the article blown in each bottle. AU others
are counterfeit.
Thousands of letters have been re
ceived, testifying to the virtue of these
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
I find "TTooflasufs German Bitters" is not an intoss
ieating beverage, but is a good tonic, useful in disor
ders of the digestive organs, ai d of great benefit in
oases of debility and want of nervous action in the
system. Yours truly,
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
I consider " lioofin nil's German Hit
ters" a raliialile medicine in ease of at
tacks of Indigestion or Dysprpsia. I
cau certify this from my experience
oflt. Yours, v' lth respect,
Pastor of the Tenth Baptist Church, Philadelphia.
DR. JACKSON— DEAR SIR :— I hare been fr fluently re
quested to connect my name iciih recommcn lati<ms of
different kinds nf medicines, but regarding the practics
as out of my appropriate sphere, J have in all cases de
clined ; but with a clear proof in various instances, and
. particularly in my oton family, of the usefulness of Dr.
Hoofland's German Bitters. 1 depart for once from my
usual course, to ejrprrss my full conviction that for
general debility of tiie system, and especially for Liter
Complaint, it is u safe and valuable preparation. In
some cases it may fail; but usually, 1 doubt not, it will
be very beneficial to those, who stiff' r from the above
causes. " Yours, very respect fully,
Eighth, below Coates St.
Price of the Bittors, 41.00 per bottles
Or, a half dozen for $5.00.
Prioe of the Tonic, $1.50 per bottle;
i Or, a half dozen for $7.60.
The Tonic Is'put np in quart bottles.
Recollect that it is Dr. IT'irfiand's German Remedies
thai are so universally used and so highly recommend
ed ; and da not allow the Druggist <0 induce you to
take any thing else that he may 'say is just as good, be
cause he makes a larger profit cm it. These Remedies
wiU be sent by express to any locality upon application
to the
No. 631 ARCH STREET, rhiladelpliia.
CHAS. M. EVANS, Proprietor,
Formerly 0. M. JACKSON & CO.
These Remedies are for sale by
Druggists, Storekeepers, and Medi
cine Dealers everywhere.
Do not forget to examine well the article you buy, in
order to get the genuine
4LOOO Pieces.
A Large Variety
anil all at
greatly reduced prices.
F. C. A K. P. ROSS.
Tunkhaonock, April 16, '6o— 3g4.
sffr 31)i)fi1i5fU!fnb.
w ~ fU*
Circular, Mill, Mulay, Gang & Cross Cut
fj A W V 3 .
Every S iff tint leaves our Factory is Oil Temp-
I erel and I a'cnf Ground. perfectly true and i-icn,
j and made <>t unito.-i temper tiy our patent temper
; ing process
ZSZ. JIH *3 ,
I'omm in shape as go a I as t : >e b-st. The I! F.I)
i JACKET (CoP urn's Patent) AXE cannot be ex
! celled. We guarantee tbey will cut 25 per rent.
' uioie than common Axes, with kss labor to the
| chtpp-r.
Fend for circular and prices L> I,ll*l*l \ C'OTT
fi UVhi Wi11,!,. i'iUs'jni git. la., S de Mae
; f.ict're. lor sale by principal hardware Dealers.
To the Ladies.
AVe are selling Silk s. Shawls, Thy and Fancy I
: Goods, of every lescription, wNo, Silver wart. Far- ;
; niture, Ac. Valuable Presents, from 9I to s.>liO. i
•?nt free of charge to agents soioiing clubs of ten !
and upwards.
C'irriihrs son I lite to any address. i
AVVETii A < <.
J P-0. Box 29.11. 12 Uanover at., Buttse, Muss.
1 XI.( r rtilla' Mi l |CM.
XiOTI' , i-< hereby given 1 1.t l.c tters Tcstamen- |
i l A tary upon the mfit: of lUr.un Fari. |, e or'
funkh >cmoek township, dec. i-o I, li t\ been granted !
;to the sal ribci.l All pt 'eg in o-l.'e ito said rs- j
! : ite r:i; r--qne.-'<- 1 o rn.-ke t. inc.-hate payment, anl !
't>. s> having claims ng in: the same will present I
j th m duly auihenticat-i f>r settlement.
AV.AI .M. >r \i X, ) .. ,
GEO W. sTAIiK ) Ex rs
i Tunkhanno k. April 29, IQt;B—J.--g.l Q t;B—J.--g.
[ "TV! AT on the 2'h !iy of April A. I>. ISGB, a
I Warrant in 1; <• iirtij.i.y wot i -ae-j agniust tie
Estate of C M. Il uon, of the township of Niih
! ulson, in ;bo Umnfy" of Wyoming, nr.! SLate of
! Pennsylvania, who has been ridju ige.l Bankrupt en
liis own |>? iti nj fhat the payment of any Jvhts
ml delivery of :,nv pr i*rty belonging to such
Bankrupt, to him. or f.r his use and tha transfer of
any property bv him :re I .hi l<|, n by 1.,w ; that a
meeting of ilie Un dil irt of mi l llat krupt, to prove
I their debts, and to i-h0.,-0 one or iti-.re Assignees of
his Et:ite, will he h'-IJ at a Court of Bankruptcy.
! to be I: /I ten at ijl'v I.'iekananna Avenue. Seranton
; Pennsylvania, bet .re Kiward N. Wi'lard. Register,
! <iu tho 21 day ..f June A D. li:'b3 at'J o'clock
A M.
THO*. a ROWLEY, IT. 3, Marshal.
, 39wf v.- .Mes-tiißer, \l\.-tern Iris. Pa.
! STATE" tor the Western Disirict of Pinn'a.
In tin Tilt rof Erasfus !U. Burns, Bankrupt.
In IJaiihrapf'-y
To Whom it may Concern The nnlersign.d
; hereby gives 1 'i.-e of his a;.i.,intent as Assignee
!of l'ra- us W. Burnsoi hicholsuu in the eounry of
! Wyoming mi 1 - "O of Peun-vlv-inia, within StiJ
j Iri-iii -i till > ha- been a .judged 11 Bankrupt tijoti
! his own p.luiyU by the l'istriet Court of tail L'is
Dated Tunkhaunoek the 4th d.y <f May A. D.
{ is'ii. J. 1> RHODES Assignee.
| JL STATES for ihe Western District of Per.n'a
| In the Matter of Stephen D. Bacon, Bankrupt.
' In Bankruptcy
To 11':-i; it may Concern: Th? nndrisrgnel
hereby cue- u. ij.-o ot Lis a; p. 1 .tu 1 : as A signeo
lof Stephen Baton of iunkhaiuioek in :iie couniy
of Wu.il it : and 'c ot Eel n>_-h inia, within said
District, wI. , !.>s been .idju.lged a Bankrupt upon
his onn potiriua by tho District Court of said Dis
p i'o ! Tnnkhannoek ;ho I'.h Jay of May A. D.
. J. B RHODES. Assignee,
1)Y virtue •fa uri: of Venditioni Exponas to me
1J directed there "ill be exposed to public sale at
the Court House in Xuukaaanock, W\outing County.
I Pennsylvania,
' 0\ SATURDAY, MAY 23. '6°, at 1 o'clock P M.,
All the right, tirWk* and interest of tho defendant in
| an! to that certain piece, f areel or tract of laud sit
i unto an l beiug in 'he township of Monroe, Wyoming
1 County, Pa., bounded and described as follows, to
' wit: On .he North by land of Asher Parks, East by
land of Richard livuian an ! Wells Parks, South by
' land of Rich it I llviu.in, West by land ol Iliram
Froar, containing fy acres of land more or less,
1 thirty acre- therm! improved, with one trame house
1} stories high, one (1 nut bam. and an apple orch
i ard and other fruit trees thereon, with the appurte
i nances
! Seire 1 and taken in exeevtion at the suit of Aa
ron Brown vs. Andrew Ililbert.
! And will be sold for cash oiil liv
M. W. HEWITT Sheriff.
Tunk., April 29, '6onii3w4.
BY virtue oi writ of Venditioni Exponas to me
directed there will be exjsjsed to Public Sale
' at the Court House, iu TunkhannueU, AVyoiuing Co,,
| Pennsylvania.
j SATURDAY, MAY -3d '6B, at 1 o'clock P. M..
1 All tho right, titlo and in'eresl of the defendant in
j and to 1 hat certain piece, parcel or trait of land sit
uate iu the township of Northiuorcl.ini, Wyoming
i countv, l'a., hounded anl described as follows, to
wit • On the North by land of Christian I,after. Hast
i and South by land of Willi <m More, a;d West by
i land known as the Mini's lot. containing atiout 29
acres ol Isit I more < r less a'avat twenty thereof im
! pro Ted, with ot.e frame d a oiling house, one small
1 nam, one stable, one !ee house, one apple orchard,
I ..nl some other ituit trees thereon, with tho appur
: tenances.
i Seized and taken in exe-ution st the suit of Aa
| ron Brown vs. George F. Fox.
And will be sold tor cash only I y
M. W. HEWITT, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office. Tunk., April 29. 1868
BY virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Exponas
to ine directed, there will he exposed to public
sale at the Court llnu.-e ia Tunkbani.ock, Wyoming
County, Pennsylv ,ni,
SATURDAY, MAY 23j, '63, at 1 o'clock P. M.
All the right, title and interest of the defendant in
j and to that certain piece, parcel or tract of land
j situate Bud he ng in the-township of Nicholson,
Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, bounded and de
scribed as follows, to wit : On the North by l'u'lic
Highway, East by land of Arah Squires, South by
lands ot Tub as Miller, and IVest by loud of Frank
Miller, containing sixty-four acres more or less,
about twenty-five acres thereof improved, with one
frame dwelling house, one frame barn, and some
fruit trees thereon, with tho appurtenances.
Seized aDd tukcu in execution at tho suit ot I. V
| Lynch vs M. E. Sanford
I An l will be sold for cash onlv by
AI. W. DEWITT, Sheriff.
Sherirs Office, Tunk. May 5, 1863.-39*3
AU persons indebted to me, by note, or
book account, are requested to make payments im
mediately and save cost.
Tunk., May 13, 16|8.-n4O.
sffo pijntfsfiiiEnte.
—fn.m its discovery to the clo*6 of Andrew John
j sen's ndn>ii)itrniiim ;lu ore r"V" 1 oc'avo volume'if
i cOO pap a, :Ili'>rute-l t-j four hundred tnerarin r'.v
on wood ani hrtlre engrarinct on steel; entirely
, neif. I'.ir rpodtucn* nd term*. apply U> T. likL
' KNAP, 11 ;• r forl, Conn,, or BLISS A CO., 104 Broad
1 street. Neivurk, N. J.
A GFJITS WAST ED—For the per. n.il his
/i "ry of General Grant, by A. D. Richards'.n.
nuih.,r of ' field Dungeon and Escape ' and ■ IJe
i yond the Mississippi' Material gather-'i by th
i author at Head-quarters in lit Field, an J from
; channels op ems J by
General Grant
him elf. '25 full Contain? matter no
other work has or can get. Coutcut* prove it the
only authorized 'Life .it Grant : Don't offer an in
ferior work. ' (Jet the best' Send for circulars and
liarlford, Conn , or BLlas A CO , 19-1 Broad street
Newark, N. J.
\ GENTS WANTED for the Vunn OF THC
GHKFH. Tho greatest Book ever published.—
Its contents are deeply interesting and should he
fARKU'LLY HEAD iiy every one The immense
demand for this great work stamps it the most SUF'-
• Kd.-I'l J, RiitiK OCT. It is decided!v the BOOK
FOR TliE TIMKS. It fullv illustrates Old Ireland,
abounds in Romance, Incident and Wit, sh.wiu;
the Pa'riot ism and Dccolwn. the Truth .mi Fervor,
of that warm-hearted people, containing 400 pages
auu over 100 illustrations. hound in cloth green and
gold. Price S3. Agents wanted everywhere. Ex
clusive territory given. Send for circulars and sam
ple copy. \YM FEINT 2G So. 7th St., I'hii'a, Pa.
This is the only Full Anthen'ic and OFPCIAJ,
History of thc Li'e and Public Services of-the Great
Chieftain, and the only one that is endorsed by all
hi* lea ling Generals. Feud for Specimen pages and
Circulars with terms. Address NATMNAI. I'l UMSH
lao Co.. Phil'a, Pa.
C II'TIOX-—•The country is being flooded with
so-call d Li res of Grant, written hy Civilians and
Politicians, who never siw a battle. See that the
Book you buy iseudcrsed by all the leading Generals
X. JAMES PAKTOJI, the ''Prince ot Biographers,"
containing lives of distinguished persons i f ail age?
and countries women as well as men A handsome
octavo book of over fil'O pages, illustrated with 12
beautiful steel engraving?. No competition. Agents
say it sells faster than any hook they eccr sold.—
.Send f..r subscriptiori circular.
A.S HALE A Co., Publishers. Hartford, Ct.
Men of Onr Day ;
Or Biographies (■■!' over 50) of the most prominent
men of ihe nation, including Grant, Sherman, Col
fax, Sutuner. vtauton, Sheridan, Uraw, Kelly, Jay
Co ok Curtiu, Trumbull, Ftiitou, Buckingham, Wil
"ou, Greeley, Wade. Morton, Phillips, Farragut,
( base, Logan, Sit vers, Reedier, and others. Km
lieliishcd with over 4b' life-like Steel Portraits. GOO
Pages. Sold only bv Agents. Great inducement*.
Send for circulars ZErGLER, McCTKDY ACO ,
Gl4 Arch street. Phiia., Pa
Four Magnificently Illustrated Medical 80-ks,
contitir.iuff itnjwirt inr Physiolugic.il Information, for
men and Women, sent free on receipt of 25 nets . by
•Jdrcssiug Dr. dux Vandubi'ooi,, No. 3u Clinton
Place, N. Y. City.
Through Line to California,
New Arrangement,
S i .inr front Nriv York on ike
•5 I II * 20TII OF lA'BliY MOXTII,
Or the day before v; ben tin ,-e <la r • fill en Sunday
For iafornn. t:on ad lrcas L'. N. I AftKING?ON,Agt.,
I*l West Street. Sctf York.
W 11. WEBB, Pre* CHAS. DANA, Vi e Pres.
Office—sl Exchange Place. New York.
\ CERTAIN ir- serv tive i f E-.gs, Fruit, Meat,
Ae . for anv Icngtli of lime For sale by Drug
gists ami tinners
YY7ANTED- AGENTS in sett by maple • Com
* I itied . c qß .f, I.e.vcl a let Bevel Great in
lavements offered. County Bights for sale on most
liberal terms. For particulars address W. 3. Batch
cliier A Co , Pittsburg, Pa,
Uf ANTED —AGENTS—S2OU per month the year
round or a certainty of s.io to SIOOO per
month to those having a little capital. We guaran
tee the above monthly salary to good active agents
at their own homes. Every agent, tanner, gardner,
planter and fruit grower, North and South, should
send at once for pm tievtars. Please eull on or ad
dies* J. AHEAKN & CO., 63 Second street, Balti
more, Mi.
PEOPLE in want of, and Agents who are selling
all kinds ot Seu i:ig Machines, are requested
to address uie (with stamp) for greatly redu.vd pri
ces and terms. J. h. Pearsons, box 4, Ciwrlef
town, Mass.
Mil FOB mill IS IBE
a beautiful article for the assistance of ladiesin hand
-euing. not only pro tec ting the firmer from the uglv
prick of the needle, but, being pp-vi lei with a rib.
,the stitches are made with KXACT BEGL LAKi'J X .
and increased rapidity. X' also keeps the point <(
the needle in perfect condition. For a!i kinds of
embroidering and crotcbeting it is inraluable.
TlieGlTbE is elegantly silver-plated, and will
sell at sight to every lady. Sent to any address by
mail, on receipt of 25 cents., or solid silver, 75 cents
Agents wanted in every town Terms an 1 sample
for 25 i ts. Literal di-rount to the trade. Ail tre-s
ML lis MANI F'G CO., 55 Water St., Boston, Mass
W A> TUB. AGIiST#, 675 to 8200 per
V\ month, everywhere, male an I female, to in
chine will stitch hem, fell, tuck, quilt, cord, bind,
braid and embroider in a most superior manner,—
Price only 813. Fully warrants I lor five years.
We will pay ¥l')oU for any machine that will sew a
stronger, more beautiful, or more elastic seam than
ours. It makes the "r.la*tie Lock Stitch " Every
second stitch can he cut, and still the cloth cannot
be nulled apart without tearng it. We pay agents
from 875 to S2t'o per month and exponses, or a com
mission front which twi-e that amount can be made
Address SKOOMB A CO, PIT ISB FUG 11, Pa., or
CAUTION.--Do not he imposed upon by other
parties palming tf worthless cast ir in machines, un
der the same mi ne or otherwise. Ours is the only
genuine and really practical cheap machines manu
" Carbonized Meat."
Is a sure cure ! Ask your druggist for it. or send 81
tor a can, tJ SAM'L B. COLES A CO.
IgrSlO per doc, Lykcn, Pa
GOLD and Silver Watches, Sewing M ichines, Silk
Dress Patterns, Carpetings, Domestic Goods, Ac.
giviag full particulars, or ten checks sent for One
Dollar, describing ten different articles which we
will sell for
Splendid inducements offered to Agents sending us
Clubs. Address LABON'TE A BABBITI,
No, bd Sudburj su.nl, Boston, Mass,
Jlffo Abbfrtwnmits.
t C>
Greatest Curiosity of the lOth C,ntury t
WONDERFUL Electric Fish—ft pleases all !
By mail for 10 etg. and stamp ; 3 for 26 cents.
Address the inventor, NATHAN HALL. West Mill
bury, Mass Agents wanted in every part of
the |
MEDICINE A luxury to the palate, a pain
less cvaouant. a gentle stimulant to the cir
culation, a (ctrsniratory preparation, an anti
biltous no-tli.an-, a s'oinsc in. „ diuretic and
an ilinira hie gone til a I tefativCi Surti are
the uc.. n -wledged and daify pro en properties of
TARRANT'S Effervescent APERIENT. Sold by
a 1 Druggis s
MARRIED and Single Persons should .-end fof
Dr. S M L tti 'iA great licks: 'Key to Love,'
25 cts ; • Private Book/ teaching all about ' Sexual
and Marriage Physiology,' $1 ; <£ 10 ct*. for 'Ser
mon on Courtship and Marriage, including special
Circular of all his books. Sent on receipt of price
by return mail prepaid. Address " LaadU Publish
ing Society, N. W. cor. ldth sh A Girard avenue,
Ph ladelphia, l'i
How either sex may fascinate and gain the af.
fect : ons of any one they choose, insUintly ; also se
cure prosperity in 11 •ve or business Every one can
acquire this Singular power. This queer," exciting
book has been published by us ten years, the sale of
wht h has been eaonnong, and is the only book of
the kin! in the English language sent by mail for
25 cts , or fiie for one dollar, together with a guide
to the unmarried. Ad tires* T WILLIAM A CO.,
lb-ok Putdi-hers, Philadelphia.
Our Agents are in iktug 8100 to £l5O pr month
Send for circulars IIAASIS A LI'BRECHT, Em
pire Map, Chart and Stationery Establishment, 107
Liberty street, New York.
A PRESENT OF $25 Value
OF your own selection, free of cost, for a few days'
service in any town or village. Particulars and
a gilt sent free, by addressing with stamp, N. B.
CL'JI DMAN A CO., 40 Hanover St., Boston, Mast.
MARb>H & C O-'S One Dollar Sale of Englith
and American Dry and Fancy Goods, Cutlery,
Jewelry, Ac. Agents receive their poods as art
equivalent for their labor fur procuring clubs. —
ceod 25 cts. for the names ol two articles which will
be sent on receipt of One Doliat each. Agents wan
ted. Full descriptions sent free by mail. Address
3 Treaiont P.crr, and 12 IlcwatJ St., Boston, Mass.
We are agents for over ONE HUNDRED Foreign
an 1 Dome tic M-inulacturers, and are prepared ts
furnish the whole country with DRY and FANCY
CHINE -5 , Ac. Ac., at tie uniform price of
One Dollar for Each Article.
Send your clubs of ten and upwards, for descriptive
checks, showing what article can be obtained tut
One Dollar, with 10 cents for each cheek.
Presents worth f-otn ltd to S3'JO sent free of charge
to agents sending clubs.
Agents wanted in Ever}' Town.
10 Arch Street, Boston, Mass.
2,500,000 Customers ill Four Yeats.
Having fhe largest capital, most experienced buy
ers, and exclusive tra.le of any concern in the Dol
lar Sale business, we
in every instance, and also the best selection of
Goods over off re 1 at
; Xo olhe.r concern has any show vhtrercr our
Agents are selling Our inotiu : " l'rompt and Re
liable" Male and female agents wanted in city uud
're particularly requested to try our populir club
svsteiti of selling all kinds 0 f J)ry and Fancy (_roods t
T>rr*< Patterns. Cotton Cloth. Castors Silrcr Pla
ted (woods, Watches, (Established 1804.) A
P:e:it Pen lount.iiu and a , lie. k describing anitr
ti do t., he sol i f„r a dollar, 10 c'?.; 20 tor §2 : 40
for SI ; gOforsfrt 100 for $10; sent by mail. Free
l're-i nts t" getf'-r up, worth 50 per cent, more than
those se it by any other concern i according to size of
club. Se..d us a tri •! club, or if not do not fail to
sen.' lor a circular
N. 1! —Our sale shoul > N"T be classed with New
5-rk dollar ' jeweity s-.ies or hocus Tea Compa
nies,'' as it is nothing of tire sort
f,5 Hanoier street, Boston, Mass.
L> AL DISEASES, Ac.—Send your address on
stamped envelope and ask for circular of " Patholo
gv." Direet AMERICAN NEWS CO., 121 Nassau
St., N. Y.
1 ma le Everybody, particularly FARMERS and
MINERS, send tor a free descaiptive circular and
ptice list to J A. WOODWARD, Williameport, Pa.
Great Distribution,
Cash Gifts to the Amount of 8230,000.
Every Ticket Draws a Prize.
5 Cash Gifts, Each SIO,OOO
10 ' " 5,000
20 " 1,000
40 " " 500
200 " " 100
300 " " 50
450 " * 25
6 00 " " 25
30 Elegant Ruse wool Pianos- • • • Each S3OO to SSOO
35 " " Melodeons ;l 75 to 150
150 dewing Machines " fi9 to 175
250 Musical Boxes •' 25 to 200
300 Fine Gold Watches " 75 to 300
750 Fine Silver Watches " 30 to 50
Fine Oil Paintings, Flamed Engravings, Silver
Ware, Photograph Alnunis, and a large assort
ment of Fine Gold Jewelry, in all
\allied at 8 1 ,000,000,
A dianre t > Draw any of the .Above Prl
7, s bv i urehusing a Sealed Ticket for 25 ets. Tick
ets describing em h Prize are seated in Envelopes
an 1 thoroughly mixed. On receipt of 25 cts a Seat
ed Ticket will be drawn without choice an.! deliver
ed at our office, or sent by mail to any address. The
prize oatned upon it will be delivered to the tiekot
h'dder on payment of otic dollar. Prizes will be
immediately sent to any address, as requested, by
express or r- turn mail.
You will know what your prize is before
you pay for it. Any prize may be exchanged for
another of the same ralue Xo 111 tliks.
*;jf*our patrons can depend on fair dealing.
References.--We select the few following names
from the many who have lately drawn valuable pri
zcs and kindly permitted us to publish ih'-rn :
S. T. \Vliking, Buffalo, N. V . S1,000; Miss Annie
Monroe, Chicago, 111 , Piano, valued at $650 : Robt.
Jackson, Dubuipie. lowa, Gold Watch, 8i>0; Phil
lip McCarthy. Louisville, Ivy., Diamond Cluster
King StiC'O ; It. A. Patterson. New Bedford. Mass.;
Silver Tea Set, 8175; Mis* Ktuma Walworth. Mil
waukee, Wis., Piano, 8500 ; Kev. T, 11 Pitt, Cleve
land Ohio, Melo Icon, Bilia.
f 'if We publish no names without permission.
Opinions of the Press.--They are doing the
largest business; the firm is reliable, and deserve
their success lYcckly Yribuiie l beb 8, 1569.
We have examined tl.eir rystem. and know them
to be a fair dealing firm.— lf Y. Herald, Feb. 28th.
Lost week a frierd of ours drew a 4500 prize,
which wis promptly received.— Daily Weirs, March
3'i, I<?6® . , . .
Seud for circular giving many more refcrenoes sua
favorable notices from the press. Liberal induce
ments to Agents Satisfaction guaranteed. Every
package of sealed envelopes contains one cadi gi/I.
Six Tickets for 81 ; 13 lor 82 ; 35 for 85 ; 110 for
815. „
All letters should bo addressed to HAHPEH,
WII.SON & l\>., 173 Uroadwa;, N, Y,