The agitator. (Wellsborough, Tioga County, Pa.) 1854-1865, September 21, 1854, Image 1

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    From the National Era, \
? rO SP n *
oiSSwJfe™ f bv*fc i»«
TOeter/bffewCfi* &5 -' :> *• fi'Mrfdt.M
ti^Sil^\uki , 'i'''' !
The simple heart lhal &s*ly uk» .V,w!-a
f! *l'>! tMh»
FoKmM tfaaf lW(ifeiti«lpJtfJ« 'v.j ,»■!<■
Tbe ftwcpselil ai^i^^elrtJfß^’ i - Jt ft n-.til
And all Ole , tWKfjfft;,-,, £ > -j, . y Kr
. s , |t , ~
And mo3t,»V|»jet pf|l<m)j n , ~ ,
Which, wprldlesf, ln4eedi,
And wearies Heaved fpi haiighviwvi
diiroifdriiin nieds. ', •’' i l> r^y~ r ' <'•■ J 11 ’■' l
Alone, tlia'TVbaid a ""
At noo&ll&h o'ef’ti»6 siCreiJ'WWiM*
Wtw Uah ttf£el ori fiend; «' 'r vj!
Whose voice he heard?
Ilbrdke’lhb desert'* Ha*h ! dTaWit ■' ' ' 1 •
A finnnoiuioninoejJweeliMndnmn ~i :»
Ahd. looking pjv Hi? hpnnil «*y.
little child.-
A child, with wonder-wifleneAcyCß
O’erawed and troubled bj the sight,
Of hoi, reel »nd» and brazen «hie»
And anchorite.
« What dost than here,poor man ?
Of cool, green downs, hof ,gr«<«t not well.
No corn nor vines."' The hCrminiiilfl'
i • with God I dwoU,”
» Alone wilt, him in thfe‘grba?fcdt4S', !l
1 live not by the bntwerd : eehsbt ■ '
Hlv Nile his love, my sbeltaring .paint
His Providence.',
The child gazed round him. “ Does God IrSfc
Here only i —where tho desert’s rim.
}g green with corn,at morn end eve,
U t pray to him.
11 My brother tills beside the itile
His little field; beneath the leave*,
J(y listers sit and spin the while
Mv mother weaves.
“And when the millet’s ripe heads fall,
And all the bcan.fields hang lb pod,
My mother smiles, and says that all
Are gifts from God.
■' And when to share out cveninr meal,
Sbe calls the stranger at the door,
Stic says God fills the bands that deal
Food to the poor."
Adown the hermit’s wasted cheeks
Glistened the flow of human tears’.
"Detr Lord!" he said, “Thy aqgel speaks,
Thy servant hears."
Within his arms the child he took,
And thought of home and life with men;
And all his pilgrim feet forsook
Returned again.
The palmy shadows cool and long,
The eye that .smiled through lavish leeks,
llume's cradle hymn and harvest OODg,
And hloalof flocks,
11 0, child!" he said, " thou teaches! the
There is no place where Gdd is noli -
Thai love will flod.wbcreo'r it. pc,
A holy spot.
lie rose from,off the desert sand.
And, leaning on Ills staff of thorn,
Went with the young child, hand in hand.
Like Night and Morn.
Thcv crossed the desert’s dreary line.
And heard the palm-tree’s nestling tan,.
The A lie.bird’s cry, the low of kine,'
And voice of man.
Unquestioning, his childish guide
Hn fallowed,,as a small led,
To where k woman, gentte-cyedT 1 “
ijer dittlaff il*d-
Sho/roae and clasped her truant boy,
She thanked ihc ulranto with her eye*:
The hermit gated in doubt and joy
And dumb surprise., ‘
And lo! —will) sudden warquh and light
A sudden memory thrilled hjaTrame ;
New-born, the world-lost anchorite
A man became 1
“ (). Mbter of El Zara’tf race.
Behold me !—had we not ono mother?”
She gated into the (ace:
“ Thou art my brother 1"
u Taught by thy child, whom God hath sent,
Thai love is more than fast or prayer,
i come, toil, care and pain, content
Wnh thee lo share.”
Lven as bis foot thy threshold crossed,
'The hermit better life begun,
In holiest saint the Tliebaid lost,
And found a man!
Coming it Over the Old Maw. — “ My
son, take ihe jug and fetch me some beer.”
. ’■ Give me eome money, then, father.” *
“My son, lo get the beer with money,
snvtiody cun do ihut ; but to gel it without
money, ihai's a trick.”
So ihe boy look the jug, and out he goes.
Shortly he returns, and places the jug before
Ins fn'her.
’• Drink,” said (he son. j
11 lIoW can I drink, when there is no beer
in the jug,” said the father.
’•To drink beer out of a jug,?’ said the
sor. “ when 'here is beer, anybody can do
In n ; but to drink beer out o( a jug, whan
tncrc is no beer, that’s a trick !'*
W anted in Arkansas. —Under this head
at. Arkansas newspaper advertises for 600,
DUO unod industrious farmers, .to till thedpnd
inn: is now lying waste all over the Stale.
Itie land is excellent, health good. The
lana will produce cotton, corn, wheat, rye,
oils, barley, potatoes, and every other veg
etable that grows in the United Slates. The
lands aro now open, ready and wailing.
High Puicb of La bob xn Obegon.—
Ine Portland Times says the demand for la*
wr m that territory exceeds the supply.—
'-arpenters receive front.(our .to five dollars
pet oay, blacksmiths the same, day. laborers
irom.iwo to ihree dollars, and farmers aye
pay mo as high as three dollars, per day for
Hands lo harvest.
Know Nothings.—A Washington corres
pondent of the Baltimore Patriot says i—Du
ring mv short stay indhts city I huvdbeen
inrormed upon authority,' which Satisfies rtiy 1
mind of jig truth, that on'e-fhird of the Unld
led States Senators, and about eighty of the'
Representatives of the loWtr house Are hbtv
members pf the Order of “ Know Nothings;* 1
Thb longer we live in this world- o'P roses
and thorns', 'the more wo learn to reveta those
Philanthropic AhXtoms 5 “Boar and;Fdrbear;"
“ Live ana lePliveend in reverence a faith
Hote Christian founder has made it a condi
,,r‘ n of hafing ourtrwpiwses forgiven that we
should forgive the freeptistes agamiitus.
Veh» LlSKts.—L is.conjectured that the
term ‘t grass widows,” arises from the, fatsl!
'hi', their husbands are roving hlaies.
- iug
;'aav twat iMV ixi!
,1 Iwjl I
' !=.'■•
itwaaai ife'W.Sfi
lion,’- uhter ‘
K&vT ’Hh feba r?' '
i h'6n" rajffiSftV ■* a\
spdiji, "’drevtf riea}
iij^lfoWn'iVoHi, f
eVeplng."' hh'e ,! rm
coakij , !K “' ! '.
ascertained' the
ders lo keep tl
deck; that he ‘tfii
than probable’itn,. ...» wpu pass u «...
seeing 11. He ihen a's did ftfokt'
of idlers," arid the" s i a fbo» r <jP watch. ‘
At'a duartelr past 'hjhki. Pi ; M./lhe, ahip
headed/wekt byco m pksk,%he nt hriqa I('o f—
‘Ligjri hof was h?ar4"! ft'6itj The foreldpsall
<l Where away I” 1 askeft 'the officer df the
deck. , ’
“ Three points lo tHef lee"how,” replied the
lookout nian, which the'ubpibressibriai' reader
will understand lo meeta faearly straight
ahead. ’• c "' 11
<t- / n
' At (his moment ihe eajlfljin appeared,and
took the trumpet. i. : ‘ ’ !
“ Call all hands!" was!his iipfnediaie or
der. , ,_ ’
“ AH hands I”
'the long. shrill summbnsVfjijn'iffa/to the e'ty’s
of all xvhb' have beefiih a maft-bf-wiif.’
“ All hands !’’ the .boativi'etiti’s’
male, and ere the echo dfeo away, all 6ut the"
sick were on deck, ' ' ,
ship was slaggerihgTh'rqtlgh a. heavy'
swell from the Bay 'of Biscay *ihe gald,
which had’ been ' blowing'several duVaj hatj'
increased to'a severity that was'ndl ’|6 be
made light of. The brcnJt cr , w Ije rp £H r
Cloudesly Shovel and his fleet were destroyed
i in (he days of Queen Apt), sang their ftong
of death ,befofe, and the .Dead
replied in hoarser notes us, To go
ahead—sidnyed.lo be .death,..'arid to go about'
. wps.surb desltnbifpri;:;,
The first thing ihnl caught (he eye of the
captain was' (He furled maitjsnil, which fie'
liijd ordered to be carried throughout I hit ovc,.
ning—that hauling up of which, contrary to
Ibn last order he had given on leaving the
deck, bad caused ihe ship to fait off'id
ward two mvd had jfiu's led her Jpipj
a position on a ‘ Tce shore,’ upon which i
strong gale, was blowing Her, in,
chance pf safely appeared lo j the smulesi
nerves almost, hopeless. That sole chance
consisted in sianding on, fo carry us 'through
Itje breakers of Scilly or by'a close graze'
along their nuldr ledger. Was this destiny*
lo be the end of jhc, gallant old ship, copse;
crated by many” a prayer and blessing ttonf
the heart of a nalm.n ? ■ .... v ,
“ Why is the rnqinsail up, when I ordered’
it set ?" cried the. captain, a tremendous
voice. _ ,
“ Finding that she pitched her bows under,
I look it in, und«;r„your general order, sir,
that the officer of the deck should carfy sail
according lo bis discretion,’.’ replied the lieu
tenant in command.
“ Heave the log,” vfns the prompt com
mand to the master's mate.
Tlje log was thrown, .
“ How fast doijs she go ?”
•f Fve knots hnlf, sir,”
“ Board the .main tack, sir.”
“She will not bear it, sir,” said the officer
of the deck.
, “ Board the main tack!” thundered the
cppl-iin ; keep her foil and bye, (juarter-rtjaS:
ter !’’ ,
“ Aye, aye, sir."
The tack wasbsarded,
• 11 Haul aft the .main sheet!” shouted;the
captain j. and aft it. wem,4ike the spreading
of a sea-bird's wing,giving the huge
lhe gale. ~ ,
“ Give her the lee helm when she goes into
(ho sea l".cri<td the pppiaio.,
“ Ay e > aye, sir! sfia has' it,” growled out
the old sea-dog binnacle.
“ Right your helm, keep her full and }>ye. fi
“ A>e, ayei,sir,,full and bye she is," was
the prompt answer .from the helm.
“ How fast does she go 1”
“ Nine knots and a half, sir.”
“How hears,iheJighil"^
“ Nearly-abesm, sir,”
“ Keep her away half a ppipt,”
“ H«w. fast does sha-.go i"
“ Woe i |<DO)B v Ai{.'., l ‘.. „
“ Steady so I" returned. ttys.captain..,
“ Sieadyl!’ answered ihehelmsman, andjall
was silent , aa \hat profiled
deck, except i)ie jjjdiw|ing of
space qf time ihht.peemed to the’ inwgipatfon
almost, an age. .
,Ii was a trying Hour lons.; unieiiwedould
carry sail 3o as ( V, t ?S
knots .art
dbon'iSeilly ; antji.wpo } ever touched (ipbn
t£oisqrocj^aand ll', /',
’’i'he sea ran very high,‘(fie* rairi'
sjieets* ,WS(° n « b>)ijk : c r Uf/s>n, Htumj
natetf.oply h *V*?. B •C'pM'K
our t|eljyerjinpWprswjnd {9 o'>r,
W: Wj£ 4 "%’r!
h'nft-rttpaine inWflTs. ihfit,flatiened,i
and rnadeiOMt'old, frigate, peitteib
cracky ,tni ( o,,etocea,,, $1 this.mnrttentjfhe
fu/e^hrdu4;hadinLp., o';.- '■
“ Get oh the iuffi, afaJ set them oh all the
. ,_J—L. . . i/.v _ I'V. t.
■*' , ugimyir JKiKimiJ it m iVH. yr.iwm!.
Uli AUVU *l*} f fJfIJIR
.’- '■ .. _. : AAitv'im _.ljQj jlaf>rt-j)>yjW
iiafeußji adlij JuTR
“"Ullj.O if.
xfwm «®.<sNfe telra.
.sM-riw W W* «*,”
were theferders of the captain.
■'/i TtefwffattKWtt eean,ipuJ;upoff-ihe;«e«thß»
ehrbudfe, whiohofcoifrsbtelrevda theselihWs
fiari rife i'TJtiv feyef i^as
Wj?lS n |fe» lhe and uponJh S
maala depended ■K i B«Jew 9L l M'Mf
with one foot of canvass , less she could not
«MB:ihiajS9jfij^oX.g{piy^3Ji» ft JbaA;Wnsftlj
itedlOi# vqa
Wow-.«erfti ■
designed; fiMJheifrjgaie
Cumberland, a? much.' larger,
readyto jump out of'her..■■. » ■•■■•. ~ ,t
» And: npiv,; while all iwasapprehensioDj an,
other bolt drew^~and'ihen at
lastonrwholesiay wosplaced upon * single
belt' lees thin a man’s wrißP in circumferehce;
Sdll the > iron : clbng‘’to f the“Si>(id ; woOd,-and
bore' us - alongside the'breakers, though I 'in a
ritfet fright ft rproximiiy'to ihert.Thwthrillw
ing Shdidenl'hqs nevci, I betieve, :j bedn ndtlcJ
bd irf {lublicj’liutitfelhe liiefelTact—which
i' triakc’ncrt <()| slightest' at tempj tp^emhpl I iah.
As’we]gitlibpei compare our
vease I’a ibbothingbiae—t he rdeki
Seemed’ very :n6a’r "us.'’ ‘ 'Dark 1 is Was the
bight, Ihe wtilip foam Scowled aroi)jid_,'tiieir
bfqcli heada, while the spray (ell d’er its 1 , and
life thunder oolite ingfeufge aoubded
trice i(ie‘ awful knell' tW theocea'ii wassinz
■■■•.. v:'r .f .VE'.'s!? !
ing.jcrrihe victims tt yypp, eoger-to engu.lph.
'At lengltv lhe light bore upon our quarter,
and tl» bold Atlerilic rolled-iis white caps ‘be
fprCai. tfeHn^ihiaiiirneill'Avasßileniicac^
fe&i SB
ing and countenance pfabe capfeln .seemed;
to • give- encouragement ■to everyperson'ton
board. -< With bund bare possibility of’ Bavin«
(he ship and thdse Ori twardiherelied ori’hisi
nautical''skill 'end 'coUrrtgej'Bbd by carrying
thd : mßfnsajl,'whicfy in any other _ situation
Would have* been'ahincidut' act, he wealh l
ere’d the ’ lee shore, dtid ’saved thd Gonstitu-'
lioh-!”. "" ; 1 |" "• J '" *
11 Tbd | oVainSail wad now hauled np, by light
Hbnrlß' hnd alrong htinds, lhe"iib nnd Vp&riker
fiilten Intend' fro id 'the' limbi' of Scjlly, t|te
ghilanf'Vesseh tib’ddf cldse r reeled (obsoits‘and
'V-'i.r -v.' i, ~1...' nB ■ V j , ',
i«m Ay%qMde.9,
merrily over the deep towards the ilnites
“ Pipe dOwri I” said the Captain to the’firsl
lieutenant,.“ and splice the mam brace?’
“ Pipe down!!’-echoed the first lieutenant
to Ihe-boolswniu.
Pipedowh I”.whistled the. boetswain to
ihenmew* and “/pipe-down,” it was..
- M How near the rucks did wagol’k- said I.
to one of the master's mates, the [nest morn
ing. - ■ .
He made no reply, but taking' down a
chart, showed mu a pencil - line .between: the
outside shodl and the Light House Island,
which .must, have been a'small .Strait- fur, a
fisherman to run his smack. through io good
weather by-day-light.--. • --
For the noble end dear old frigt
ale preserved-.! ; - -<
1 went upon deck : the sea was calm, a
gentlo breeze was swelling our .canvas from
our mainsail to royal, the isles of Scilly had
sunk- in the eastern waters, and the clouds of
the dying storm were rolling off in broken
masses to the northward, and westward, like
the flying coli mns of a beatrp army. -
1 have been in. many a gale of wind, and
hove passed through scenes of great danger,
but never before nor since, have I experi
enced an hour so terrible as that when the
Constitution was laboring,.with the lives of
five hundred men- hanging on a single small
iron bolt, to weather Scilly, on the night of
the 11 ih of May, 18,35.- ,
During the gait-, Mrs; Livingston inquired
of the captain if-we we're in great danger, to
which he replied, as soon as we had passed
Scilly, “ You-are as safe as you would ba in
theaiste'of theoburch.’-’'
[( is singular that the frigate Boston, Cap!.
McNe'al, abnuinhe cluse Of the revolution,
escaped e similar dangerwhile employedin
carrying out to France, Chancellor Livings.
Ion; a* relative of Edward’s and also Minister
td tho Court of St. Cloud. ■ He likewise'had
hiswifeon board,-and while.the vessel wuS
weatheringa tee shore, Mrs. Livingston ask*
the Captain—a rough, but gallant old'fire,
eater —if they were not in-'great danger; to
which he replied—“ You had better,''madam
getdown on your knees and pray God to for.
give your numerous sins, for if we do not
carry by this point, we shall all be down in
five minutes.”
, -A.Goqp Sell.—“Haveyou heard, Bill,
that there vvas.a. telegraphic tiiapatco from
New ..York tp-nighl lhat Sir John ,l?rapjtlip
Jim.bfen,found r . , ,
“No! .la.jji.i.ruel*’ ~ „• . ,
“ Certainly, ,-Gr ip net’s ship found him.”
■ “Above' the channel,- of^alur**-, I '- 1 ’ ~*’
/ Whntwas he dnlngt'V ’' -
■ '“-Leaning against the noriVp«d«,Mind try;
ing to gei dp steam tothaw-hlmself oAi !>
ThobiCwHo lnge noihirtg" when ,lhey lode
all} are ihe mo»tdFplorableoftnoriaUr : and
ihosa'whoi'gttiir'nolhing whdn they pain the
most, deserqgl the greatest, (mrlionbf pity;**
■r>f ' ■ if 11..'» .. "kij '■ , ij;
passable,beamy jwih.a preity-nrm
ppriina,Pt j,h<it; powdef, ppmiponly,
! known pj»dp»U* ~ ''■ is*-- a.-nt.-O■ ->,v. r -;
sake, they will never Hayp il
preaching. Nonsense w think ofhbfmso’. ~
<&U- imdmnrinba&i
IT 1
• ‘■' !! n' u 'W.iljT :ryn. m ;-ub : iw-i.
t. Stone* pf-muld. animals, tpiy .hgyeapi.ed
the infgntai-aecidetfc
.(ally or purposely exposed, are ftHbb : mei
with in every part'drih'e world, and among
rB^A ; Wf ,^g'l rt^[ , i'ifd/fr "HBilhii" fihar*%r.
li wa'i'a' (hWitb'liigrihtWiy origin Trip tt'gfeat
hero, the jiadbH' :! tlr J ftP i aft ! %Hfl
pire.’ ThS'XKß.'llte bfeB‘f,' ! ine d6g.ari& mhny
dlWifi 1 in "tfifese'' the
mp¥r, v 'aWThV", (3ql(.
rrWupdt^io.^e‘rnet Wh£f Iruth, thw
may,be o’f Romulus'we’sfiail
ni)t attempt io v ' ‘Some refilt^’Kbw:
m* aa%/m
haye, Jj.
ierp^ii® ; .D^iiJni t /pt/9 i 6g!^ptrp i PB ,'in
Ko'rlh?r(i, ,,'jvvfeich‘; mi y',b%’,worth,Jiq
nold. bjs,,,a, distih.l
gulshedi: Indianrofficer,-whosq,,nan)e, «;erp
we at>liberiy,to men ijon- it,, wppld. ba a it. apt*
pie guarantee fonheir truth,and ; ,jt(!puriJcy-<-7
one- 100, .who has possessed ppusuttl opportu
nities.'for- obtaining information frojn the
wilder and fess-known -pans of -.tjhe county.
In the following notice- we shall use his pam
phlet largely-and-twiihout scruple,’ since;
from iti" having] been .published in a provin
cial tbwn,-if 'has.scarcely 'attracted the notice
du|pibu»subject deserve*; 1
The wolf itrindia islookedupon.asit foN
merly was In-Nonhertv Europe, as-a' -sftcVed
animal;- ' Alrnost all Hindoos - have a super-
Stltibua dredd' bf destroying "or even injur
fng it arid'it' village ’community within' the
bdaridafy rif 1 whose'lSVids 'a "drop of wolf’s
bldod has fallen, itself doomed lb
destruction'.'' J Wu):al‘ cdtiscauence ia,
that Tn 'dislrJqis J Jeijst' frequented by EUrope
dhs, these ammbla'lare' V[6ry' niitriprouVadd
desirucuve/and crept' numbers’ of 1 children,
'Mi’oJdf '"tmiwiruiuPl* I, *v v^: >ri 1
ary constapjjy cprned o|i by, thertrs. Only
dpp cjass ,op,!?®- pepulation/the, y e ry. lowest
Ipading u’ yagr.ant life,.' and, bivouacking ip
the JppkjMb juifl attempt’ .lq kil( dr, "catch
ibetjt. . ’hey
bave nq, fea,r of ihe, .wolf, and
q£p,aTw,ajBjajjpd to be well acquainted . with
ittqauaf .de^T pt),d,.hunts., vpry. pejdom attempt
its,.capture,-—in. all probability, from. 1%
profit they .tftqlte.of the gold and silver brace,
let* pn.doW«*hi»s..«iMli
whom .the- wolves have epr'ned io, theii:, deus,
aodwhose remains a re,left at ;iho entrance.
In all parts of India, it, -appears,, numbers of
children arerdaily-murdered for the -sakeof
these dangerous, ornaments. . |
' ■ The Wolf,/ howefver, is-aomelimea. kinder
than man. In the neighborhood -of Sultan,
poor, and antong the ravines that intersect
the banks oflhe-Gonnnee river,-this animal
abounds ; and'oui - first instance of a < •“•wolf
nurse” occurs in that district. A trooper
passingalong the river hank nerir-Ghandour,
saw a large female wolf leave her Hen, fof.
lotved -by'three Whelpsaridalible boy; The
boy went on’all foiirs’ apparently on the •best'
possible terms' with’ hiS- fierce companions,
and Ihe Volf pfoiected’himwiih’ hs'mtirh
card os'if he KktJ ‘ Been ' brie v of her own
whelps. All wdnf down fb 'lh ! and
drank, wilhbul nblioing'thßlfdbper, who, as
they wero' rißqul to turn ba'clt," pushed oh in
order to cut q(T arid secure . the boy. But
the ground was uneven, and his” horse could
not overtake them. All re-entered the den,
and 'he trooper then assembled' some people
from, Chandour, with pickaxes, who dug inlp
the den for about six or eight feet, when ' the
old wolf boiled followed by her three cubs
pnd the boy. The trooper, accompanied ,by
the /let.test young mep of ihe.parly, mourned
and. pursued ; and having last headed
them, he turned ifie whelps and the bpy (who
ran quite as fasi),-bhpk, upon the men on
foot. They secured the hoy and allowe'd-lhe
others to escape. .
. The boy thus taken.was apparently about
nine or ten yearsold, and had all the habits
bf a wild animal; "On his way fo Chatidouij
he struggled hard to rush into every hole nil
den he passed. The -sight’ of -a - grown-up
person alarmed him; and he-tried : lo 'steal
away, but he rushed at 8 child : wiih a fidroe
snarl, like that of a.dtig, and’lried-to bile it.
Cooked mfeal he would'- i not l dat, but ho seized
raw food with - CagerneSs, putting'it “on the
grob tid Opder his.Kiinda', it rid deVptjringit
wiih'evitient pldasure. rle growled - angrily
if'any one approached him whilst eating, bui
made do objeeiion to a dog coming‘ftea’r'prid
sbnVing his fond,- Thelirooper left; him in
charge of the Rajah of Husunpoor,'Vho saw
the, boy,immedialely hnerj lie ;was takeo,~
Very soon was i fienl, by, the
Rajah’s qider, jp Qnptain Spt
td.iipoor,; for although .pa rents are .sni dto
have him when firsf qnpluredd
they pbapdonfid bint ,on.finding that nedisj
played the wolfs than of bitmap
nature. ~,i. ■;
He .lived intho .chaise pf Captain. Nichr
oleit’a servnma oearly lhree yeara j very in
offensive, except when- tensed, but s'ill a
eora|iloie animal. He could neveribe. induced
to keep on noy kind-of clothing even in .the
coldest'father, hnd-fmoneoeuasiontore.lo
pk«e» : a tJt»ilt»Muired'wiih*oottoß,’ and ! «t»t*
portliw of ii. cbirhnißntUftll.'eveT.v day, with
hie bread. When hia foOd waa 'placM at a
distance from him, Ke ran to it on alNfoura,
like a jprnlf}''>nd;ii'<ti{iia'Only'
me* he alwaya iihunShd, and' hWe¥; u w!lfofs
ly;yprnmnetef neef(■ Vfierij 7 Ke cbhtri'tyji he
seethed fond of drfe* ahdinf’jackais, and’lfc
itratf BlTowed s 'ifiiJra
loiked with him., ,rid wa'9 >
jaqgh or smile. aiid wn* defer hekjrd'tp'speifk
tfll'-wtthln a - few raiiiuieg.of his dbaiK, , When
he put his hands to hiVhWJ'ifflU'sftid if dfched,
[y/;,Wo!fii .'b;
■ ... -i»«—« m WMK U'm-n'j m mj tiiun
died, lived he
it more inielieQtranddQtelHgepqsvftbut almost
every jdlianp^ae^SSftqsrQHP teSEi ppftplet
ly .the tWMß>,n??4R, ia , : f & ,he '
cultivator whfiifveif alGhojira,-About twenty
miles eaSt , of'^ultan^lwh 1 ■& cut bis
hc !
had only from a severe
scald on-iheJed lthee T As the’ father wits
reaping; a'wfllf‘’suddenly rushed' -uponithe
i»y, ! Jsaadfit hlm-lip; a’nd "made off■ with 1 him
Id'Warßsthd’reminds. '’/Thepeopleof-tfio’vil
fageVahtdVhe’aid of'the'pa rents, butthey
soon lost sight of the Wolf arfd’hisprey, l
«i About-six Jepm,aflerwafdB,, iaa,iwo/.Sipa
Chupraii wefo.watehiog.for hogs, on,the: bd*.t
derofthe.jungle, which extended, down,to
the Khobae riviet,.tbew.saw:three* wolf cubs
and .a boycoraeOutuom the jungle, and go
ddjvn'id Gririk'at the' stream'j rilr four' thfen
ran’towarfo 1 n deri Irf the vSvfhes'J ’ ’ ‘The
Sjjmhees followed,’ ; but ,thb cubs ‘held already'
entered'and"the boy' was half fray in, when
one or’tKe'men catfghrhim by'the leg'and
dreW him'back. 'He ' was very’ angry and
sa Vece,’ bit at the men, and - seizing in his
teeth,|he barrel .of one,of their guns; shook
it fiercely,, however, secured
him, brought home, app him lor
twenty,, days,,-during which ..he. wpuld eat
nothing bupraw.flesh, and was fed according,
ly with bares.,and birds.. His, captors than,
found iiidiffipult.lo. provide him with sufij
ciem food, apd. took him to lhe;bnzaar, in. ;he
viliagoof Koeleepoor. to be supported by the
charirable,people.of tne, place, umil.hemight
become more humanized. .While here 'his
raiserable-condition-elieited-lhe -sympathies of
a woman of the neighborhood, who thought 1
he might - be reclaimed- by' care and alien
film/ I ’anil''perchance “his ’lffaVcnt4' : Would at
so'md TuVdfe timd'recognize him. "■ I-
Site look htirr homo’lo’ her
Kb still remains; but, ns in the forniet cash,
his bnman'intellect sebms to have all hut dis
appeared.'"’The front of his knees and el
bowS had become hardened, from bis going
on all fours With the wolves, and although he
wapdfe'rs abooTihd'yilfage’during the’dayi'-Ke
always stetilsibafck'lo the'jungle at hightfall.
Hq, is'unableko speak; nor can he articulate
nrifrimiriH -dfshncr!/. - 'in drinking; ha 1 ’dips
his' (ace Trifo'thb Water; but does not lap'if up,
like p Wolf.’ He'still prefers raw 'flesh, ftnd
whert a''biil|oc!k dies and the skin is removed,
healtacksand 1 eats the body, in company
(yilh the village dogs.
I, Pn3sifi</ : 'by'a number of Sithilar'slOries; we
come 10' one'Which'Ts'in many; respects the
mpst remarkable." 'About seven years since;
A troopef'ip attendance uprth Rajrth Hurdut
Singh; ofUondee, 'On the' left bank of the
GhaWre river,'in the district of Bahracih, in
passing hear h small'strAam; sdW thCrd two 1
/wolf cups ahd a boy,'Wftb seemed to be about
ten yep re ol(I, but was so wild and fierce that
he ■threijiß'froh'peris clothes and bit him se
verely in several,pltjceßj .The Rqjah at first
had him tied his artillery g&n-shed, and
fed him with’ raw meat, but he was afterwards
allowed to wander freely about the Bondee
bazaar. He there one. day ran off with a
joint of meat.from a butcher’s shop, and an
other of the bazaar keepers let fly an arrow
Bt him; which penetrated his thigh. A lad,
named Jsnoo, servant (0 a Cashmere mer
chant, then at' Bondee, took compassion on
the poor boy, extracted (ho arrow from- hts
thigh, arid prepared a ted for him under a
mango tree where he himddlf lodged.' fibre
he kept him fastened to a teht-pin. Up to
this' time be had eaten nothing but raw flesh,
but Jiiftoo gradually brought him to eat balls
of rice and pulse. , "
In about six weeks after he had been tied
up under lhe’tree, after much rubbing of his
joints with oil, be .was made to. stand and
walk upright. Hitherto he had gone on all
fours. ,In about four months he un
derstand and.obey.signs. In,this maunerbe
was,taught to prepare the hpokafi, putli gbi.
ed char coal on .the tobacco,, and bring it to
Jnnoo, or whomsoever he pointed:but..,ifie
was neven heard, however, to utter mqreMian
one articulate sound. ..This was*.“Aboodeen,’'
the'name of the-little-daughter .of a Cash,
mere miinic, or player who had once- treated
him with kindness. • Theodor from his body
whs very-offensive,.and Janoo had him rub
bed with mustard seed soaked- in water, in
the hope of removing it. This was done for
some-months, during 1 which he was-atill fed
on tieedn'd flour, but the, odour did not leave
him; ■ - " ■r - ■ ■
"One bight while the’boy was lying under
the'mango tree’, Jahoo saw tied wolves,preep
stealthily towards after smelling
Hirn/toiiclied him, arid he got up;’ Instead,
however; of being frightened, the’poof boy
pti’t his hands up'dn.ttfeir heads, anil they' be.
gan 10 play WilK}nm, cap6'ring about him.—
Ja/ujb tried to drivVihetfl off, biiV 'could' n6t j
and becoming’ much alarmed, hecailed'fp ih’e
sentry over the- guns, and (old him lhal Jhe
“(Cpntß 'oat
bufjijjKen jJanpdsji w .'rtjVni (s
play together, his fears sohsldej.'.and’he'cpn
tiqued i!o..^h,<lv l iit
sucqeedsd uiidjrty ing thfJtt (wfolj.Wr
mg night three wolves caiigjfc^ifqd.. o ( e W
%lghtB',aJ]i«rj Joutw-which rpjqwed .seyerHl
lime*.- Janoa.; thought ..which
fi rst ,oaraa*niwt : have been thecubgwjih.which
the boy ; WBB.fouftd,;flnd.they wnuld. j h*.vp,aei.
tcedhim hfid they.not recogpizfd hjnx-by. (he
«nell.-.> .They licked hisi face with : their
tong*in*,as he put hi«.handsJoiv.theit heads.
-~!Whßn Janoo’A master-returned loLudkoow,
ho was, after sonVe difficultyj-parsuadOd tad*
' -Cjy^V.
low Janoo to lake the boy with him. Accor
dingly,; Jaroo jedhiin j
tq 7 hf4<fib;^6dpUtabundl^bFclm
fftl Sjfef*bOtiHhetiighrolf.lh*; "■
Sgftfco*'', * )i *•-.«>?,>«.&»* .-t b&&/uipi-i& %a
About, two months after the boylhadtqjdnefl,
h’W6Vhrrt ! bT->'the' iJjßtik*
nBw;4itH ; a:le«er l frobfltfe Rkj«(h<orßdh<iaej>
sWtihji HKfit l eerf, ! wh'err fmir yeare?- ohff
ItV’S Wdirj dewaripthin; gltreoWf?
thtrbey Ja ddb‘ bsd'faken' Wit h him,ahsf
mdstfbeHh&s&fie. deticiibw,
;nfttK«’t^rl’^6b^in^' ; tt’ilh''lhds8 i Qn'Jbnoo’«>
l Boy - 1 somoeonW
i Sidert bfe-iiWe' ai‘Lufckddvr, 1 ndtrtfcea ctmldbej
rijnriirof'the boy ;and qt last returned to*
Bbndee. iv ' Ajl'theb'e hircums lances' were ;pro*‘
nfiollBh; Janoo’i'tna^te^a'ndfromJadodfhiat**
. Self,-birth Of wiiOmdeclared>ihdn> to W strict*'
ily (rub. : 'Th9 bdy rtuBl%Qvft .been'Wlili Ihd'
I wolf six or seven yeardj-during 'Which she
must h&ve had seVeijl litters of whelps. '
It is remarkable weirauthehllcatbd i
instance has beeniburid'o]* a Hill grown njatl
.bad'been'no a wiSlPs deh. !l ‘rPbA
w^fey J o‘rVh’ef|ja‘rHghle] mentions ari:6ld’ hteif
at' i i < tykn6V, : wKd"'Was^7Dund’3vhdn ; a led in’,,
the OtidpTarae, bylfie htitof fyrt
whcrhad'died there, v He is suppbked to haVd
Beep taken from the'wolvei by' ibis Hefiriitj
l and’iS , 'slill called' “'the' wild .man of-the'
woo'tH.” 1 ''"He wWoh?, day ~ ,!h ay» -the Wri*
ter, sent'to tnd at Jhy ' bequest;’ aridl fa Iked
.with'hirii; J Hidfealures.indicdtd'Wnvt^birof
tHeTharoo trjte, Who ate found only in'this 1 )
fotesf. ’1 asked him whether Hd had any repy
olledion of ever' hiving been 1 With 1 Wolyeif
[Hd'said, 11 the Wolf died (dng' before Ihe old 1
■ hermitl do not Teel at all
th’af'he lived with'wolves. •' '
■ *'tn-another instance, a lad cante “idtd'lhe
town of Hasanpobr, “ who had evidently,bCplrr
brought tip by wolires.” He’ was'apfWrdntly !
B'b'out'twplve years' dVd.was very dark; attd
Had,'hi'first, short hdir all over Til*' Uody, :
wliifch 1 gradually disappeared ns he became
accusforhed to eat sail with his food. r He nev
er ipoke, but was made to understahd~Higni‘.
well," It is not Shown what eventually be* !
came'of him, ’’ ' ,
are’doubtful bases; burin the form*
er instances there 1 sbemS no room for qubs*
iWmrtg the facts. “'Our -readers,' however,
rrulst judge Toi themselves. “ At all events,
the subject appears to us so curious and so
full'bf interesting sbgges'tions, (hat we hard*
ly thifik' they will quarrel with us for bringing
(l‘lhus‘bnHer iheir notice, '
t' From the W. Y. Weekly Leaitr,
Moris About V«;«tar.ianinu,
I have .a doubt whether ihevegetariaosi
don’t push their-programme a little too far id'
soma respects—whether they arenottooin*
tolerant and sectarian.. I have met with per*
sons who ore bigoted and dogmatical on the
subject,-and who have openly declared that
they could not love. me, could not associate
With me, or. .have any sympathies withme,
so long as I would eat meat I i would have
them explain some .discrepancies; I would
have-them detnarkalfe their propaganda a little
niora clearly. I would .like to .be .informed
whether butler and milk are proscribed
whether eggs are "unlawful; whether cheese
isccoiraband,; And what becomes of bonnie*
clabberT May • I drink -buttermilk, or eat
souance, or mush-and milk ? May I eat any*,
thittg made of.pggs and milk, or of which
they '(drra.nn .ingredient or ingredients* such
asipoundtcake, custard, puddings, jfec. ■ May
I Oat anything with butter in ill 1 What be*
cornea of fish? May-a man lawfully eat A
herring? May he eat a sardine? an eel? a
'crab ? n lobster ? Or, may lie eat an oyster 1
and is nn oyster animal or vegetable? May
be-awallow a clam? . May .he sup the tpttp
of a clam, or na.oyster ? May ho sraell one
at a distance?
■ I am wholly unable to say whether (jab*
oyster, clam, crab, lobster, and the whole
family of moilusca.are orthodox or not, {
suspect that pigeon, plover, lark, quail, flick*
er,' woodcock, &e., are heretical and obnox*
ions-; but what to make of the creatures that
operand shut,.such as the clam,oyster, lur*
tie torloisemnd terrapin, I cannot opine, ,1 am
pretty well satisfied that the whole pastry
business has gone by the board; buthow the
soup trade is affected is-a question. It has
been out of fashion, to be pure, since the laat
presidential election ; but that.may be owing
to the surfeit from the Aas/ymanoerjn.which
it was then swallowed. -
TRfenagain/there the lard and hatter-made
u«6 of in cooking,' How are they- to'bedis
pnsed of? May beets, and parsnepsf and on
ions, and garlic bo dished with butter without
compromising principle? May a-rice ,pufli
ding be flavored with buileri” May.a-mad
lawfully greaSe-Ifts- griddle with lard, wheir
ho goes- 16 bake flannel-cakes? ■ May he rub
a little' bacon skin on his pans wheq hd goes
(o' bake his -puddings ? These are . grave
questions, and onght to be definitely settled/
for the principle runs through them' all.
There ought to’'be a Schedule' made out—a
tariff of what-ia'contraband,-and what- ms'y
be lawfully imported. It onght to run from
the musiafd-seed to (lie pumpkin on 1 the one
aide, end- from-the oyster-to' the ox on -the
other? and pftim out olearly wharo thp divf*
ding line is; and what true vegetaiianlimj
and what is not, " 1 ' - .
On the moral iide of the question, that Mj
ag io the cruelty and inhumanity of taking
away the llfeof the Animal*; and .drinking
their hlobdi arid eatlng-lheir fleeh,
would like “to : . hove ir certified where the
crime begin*;/ Ifyou ate too ,hum»n*aml_,
tender-hearted fo 'e&i a'iheep, youvp)iMt>:to>
he, aUo t too humane' to rob it ofpiijt tb
wontajiM ydur back. ; - If-you *|pi»‘*4od
a/s Chri*ti(tn h lo oaf-a piece bf
fohe,i»lsd, ;
hide u(k& { f
or nnirfial , WbtiH'd«»nnr! my <UjPW
alive andweaVmy skim' ■ Ifyouwill nnt
a mutton ohdjt; whyldo yott weat the ahehp’a
nWoccot' 1* H nof otael to klO the tender -
lambs,’ “ the r preity, aheeß’e -bahiea,'*
and lake their skins to make gloydSj.^rc.J
V ., (V,,..