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    7364neslore' Ogiailt,Strord.
Thursday, PeoeUkber:,
ligirPay of all your` small ‘'debni, l thes
first of January, and see bow Much bat
ter it will be for all financially.
'Wens trotting hem {lnners died
Jung fever in San Premise° a few days
since. Re had a record of 216 f,
_and is
said to have cost his owner $21,500.
• eir Governor Hartranft hes 'signed • a
warrant for the execution of Samuel
Ileighicy, 'Westmoreland county, on the
20th of the January next, for the murder
of Joseph Kerr.
Wk.:Alexander Cabot 'Wright died at
Ban Francisco last week, leaving $1,500,-
000 to he divided equally among seven
teen heirs. One,of the fortunate ones is
poor tailliner , girl in Dayton, Ohio.
see,-In the Beecher case ,there is one
thing that the public will'neither fail to
understand - while it is going on nor forgot
after it is over : - Any - compromise' or ar
ran (anent ol , :aritteineitit
_through a
' - that IL
;r n court, if cucenfecsion „awry
Word" Beecher is a guilty
Sir Mr. Frederick Narr, proprietor of
a lager beer brewery at Westernport, Al.
legacy county, died suddenly on Ekturday
rkight, week while sitting at a table with
some friends . drinking beer, and in the act
of holding the glass to his mouth ho fell
from his chair to the floor and died ;unite
diately. -
ittiirlt 15 conceded that die coming
Legislature will be strongly in fsvcir of
the repeal of the Local Option law, and
that a bill to repeal• it will certau►ly pass.
Most of the counties in the western and
central part of the 'State, •whom license
was toted down, hare elected mentbers in
favor of re • cal. •
Usik-Areong the perseine pardoned out
of the New Jersey State Prison, on Satur
day, was Lewis Hartz, who had served
fourteen years. He was convicted of mur
der at New Brunswick, and sentenced to
be hung. Influential friends obtained a
commutation to imprisonment for life.—
He was seventeen years of sge. His good
conduct. for fourteen years end hie long
imprisonment hove led labia release. •
DePA distreesing theory has been set
tipin regard to little Charlie Rose—Mat
ho was drowned in New York bay, by
Mosher when the° detectives were close on
his track. The only.,basia for the suppo
sitionTs that the_ body Oa boy was found
some few weeks ago in thalrater by a fish
erman, bet. the latter declares that the
f attires did not resemble those of Charlie
Ito 4, as shown to him in the photograph.
Otherwise there is no new 'in regird to
ti .e h for the boy, although the ioco.
lice are reported to be pressing it eagerly
and with hopes of success.
. min a drinking saloon in Baltimore,
on Wednesday. night of last week, a col
ored man named William Henry Wheel
er, undertook to drink, as mtioh' vile whis
key as a colored companion would pay
ftir. William Henry but himeelfouteide
of ten glasses of whiskey in the 8003 of
twenty-five minutes, dud between each
drink he ate luliafnl of salt.
Hie friend, refusing to pay for any more,
Henry started home, and when
entering the door of his residence' fell in.
sensible to the floor. He never recovered
cqusciousntA and died the following al
ferllooll.. •
- -END "OF 'ik •LIIIEL SUIT.—The libel suit
brought by Edna De in Proctor a
gainst Francis D. Moulton for $lOO,OOO
damages; growing out of, the Beecher-Til
ton abb., Was settled•by the arbitration
of counsel last week. Moulton agreed to
fay thut he knew nothing against the
Character ofMiss Proctor, and that what
he pnidished was upon • hearsay evidence.
He also expressokl a willingness to apolo
gize to Itlibu. Proctor for the wrong he
had done her, and to pay all'her costs of
the unit (whioh amount to $1,375) Difim
rrectoraeceptiod these terms.. • .
It is stated that Moultop's own costs in
the case, when added to that of Miss. Pro
ctor, will scarcely be less than $lO.l/00. A
ltiW little sum to pay for telling a lie.
tra..The points of the "financial bill a
greed upon by the Republican Senatorial
Caucus are as follows :—lt provides for
the resumption of specie payments on the
Ist of January, 1879,, for free banking,
and for the retiring of greenbacks to the
extent of 80 per cent. of the amount of
new national bank notes issued, and also
repires the forty-six millions of fraction
al currency to be gradually withdrawn,
and Silver coins of the denominations of
from five to fifty cents issued in its place.
The Secretary of .the Treasury is author
ized to use the surplus coin in the Treas.
ury on and after the day fixed for resump
tion to redeem ~the legal tenders, rind if
necessary to sell bonds for. the same pur
pose; if tho,amount of specie is not suffi
cient. There are confident anticipations
that it will pass Congress .and undoubted
,ly receive the Presidential sanction. It
accords with. both the President's and Sec
retary Bristow's views, and it will be seen
thatibe Government is already accumu
lating coin of small denominations - with
st view of 'substituting it for fractional
cur-run cy;
Tau "Caanun Ross" C.&sn.—The po-
Hee breve been hard,at work in their ef
forts to make the best of the new devel
opments, but up to this time they haVe
been baffled at. every point, and have been
Unable to discover the whereabouts of the
lest child. The natural:a' opposition was
that:the Wife of Mosher ' would be in her
husband's SeectitAitethhi:Liti-lurried out
otherwise. In answer to Superintendent
Walling sheiaritll I wish I had hire I
how quickly he would be In your hinds."
So it appears that the death of the kid
nappers involves the ease in deeper mys
tery instend.orcleating it. Still-the de
tectives cling to the , -hope-that-as there is
no motive fur the further concealmeut of
the child Le will soon be returned. They
profese to be confident . that he is still alive
but among other detectives the opinion is
gaining ground that ,the child is dead.—
Their search is now directed to finding
the friends of Alm dead burglars and tra
cing- their —nrovements—fer—thli—pt—Cst—dit
months. Little Charley's brother, Wal
ter, identified the robbers as being the per
sons who were in the carriage and enticed
Charley away. Indeed, there can now ye
nodoubt upon the trutkof :their . being
the real abductorA: The Rose family are
hopeful, and expect, to hear of the recov
ery of their boy. Maythey, be gratified
is the prayer of *thenation.
LYIWHINCI ur lowA.---At an early hour
last Tuesday morning a body of about
150 men, disg'uhied, entered the jail at
Des Moineei, lowa, knocked down the
jailer, bound him bind and foot, took the
, keys to the cells from his pocket,. over
powered the guard, and the cell where
Chas. Howard, the murderer of Johson,
who was the day before sentenced to ini
prtsonment-for,lifis was confined. How
ard's wife, whci was sleeping with him,
clung to him uttering horrible shrieks and
it was all that a half dozen men could do
to' drag him from his bed: A. rope Was
. .laCed-about—Lis-neolr i -aud-he-w; •
dragged through halls and courtbouae
yard to a lamp-poet and hung. 'AU the
men had their faces blackened, and:were
divided into squads, each doing its allotted
work withAut a, ward being spoken. At
ter 'reward A bad been fastened to the post
the mob db3persadis silently as they came.
It is supposed • tTe work; was done by
members of the vigilance committee in
that county.
im.George Peters, the landlord of a
hotel near Lebanon, Pa., has voluntarily
confessed the commission of an unsuspect
ed murder by him sixteen years ago.—
At that time he had been married, and
between him and his wife's brother there
was a bitter fooling. The brother-in-law
came to his house on a visit, and, against
his wishes. Mrs. Peters insisted upon af
fording hospitable entertainment. She
went to the barn to catch a fowl which
she intended to cook for dinner. The hus
band angrily followed, and ordered her to
go back to the house., She refaied,and he
struck her with a club, crushing her skull
and killing her. She fell under a horse,
a and nobody but the guilty husband knew
that the animal bad not kicked her to
death. He says that be was so stricken
with remorse that he twice took ineffectu
al doses of 'poison. Eight year's ago he
resolved to confess, but lacked the cour
age. He has now surrendered himself to
the Sheriff, and as there is no indication
of insanity; his story is believed.
Moasart, the well-known
watch inventor, has just been taken to the
'Wane asylum at Kalamitsoo, Mich.. He
bus been for yearn at work on a watch
which, without being larger than usual,
was' to show quarter seconds, minutes,
hours, days of the week, days of the mos'
and months of the year, and every fifth
time it was opened was to wind
He had completed it and had received
a large offer from persons in New York
for the right to mapufactuce it. A short
time ago he took the model apazi, to fix,
and ,being tunable to put it together again
some part having probably been lost, the
intense mental application upon the diffi
culty has deranged his mind.
iteirThe Albany Penitentiary will make
a clear profit this year of abouts3o,ooo.
Prisoners from many of the interior coun
ties, and some United States convicts, are
sent there, and the paymeht of their board
curers the cost of feeding shrewd
management of their labor makes the in
stitution a good investment for the tax
payers of Albany county.
Itee,,,Wlntet is now fairly upon us,
and the teams are hastening to the lum
ber woods in various parts of the country.
Our advice to every man who goers to the
woods, be he captain, cook, teamster, or
any other man, is to take along a good
stock of Jamie* Anodyne Liniment and
Parsons' Pnryative Pills. Many months
of labor . (in the itggregate) may be saved
by this precaution.
1r6.13ad enough to look and fee! bad
yourself; buino excuse for haying your
horse look and fed bxdly. when for a
small sum you can buy Sheridan's Cav
ell?' Condition, Po i irders, which given in
grain two or three times a week, will make
him look and feel well.
DeP•Mr. Henry C. 'Rohrer, of Sharps
burg, Washington county, died at Har
per's Ferry on Thursday a week,of cramp
colic, after an illness of onlysix hours.—
He Was about 48 years of age dud lesies
a fam ily.
S and';'.ujiyvards.pad.
at this office before the
Ist January, 1875; a de
will be: : fir - A*.; - :-.4ft4t3hat
date etikt*-10;11'*.iii4ed
sons. .
,tli first of Janu
ary the new postage law, passed by Con
gress:file:234 of June last, goes into op
eration, which will inquirelhe pre-pay
ment of postage on every copy of Ree
onAseut.out of the county. This pre-pay
ment must be made by publishers, other
_wise the paper veillnot be forwarded. To
avoid difficulty in regard to this new reg
ulation we make' subscribers this proposi
tion: To all who shall have, on the first
'day of January, paid their tiubScriptions
in ADVANCE, the paper will be sent free
of poetaio.. Those failing to make advance
payMents will be charged with the postage
writ would be well for those desiring
seats at Dr. Guard's lecture to call and
make selection as they are being rapidly
CHRISTMAS FseilvAL.—The Lutheran
Sunday School will hold their Christmas
festival to-morrow (Thursday) evening.—
The public are cordially invited tube pres
..Services in' St. Paul's Reformed
Chapel on Christmas morning at 10
o'clock. Sundipfichool Festival in the
evening.tCommunion on Sunday morn
ing, and services preparatory to Commun
ion on Saturday afternoon at 2 O'cloalt-
Frick of this vicinity, who keeps a first
class •Dairy, and . supplies our citizens reg
ularly with milk and cream, slaughtered
a number of fine hogs, the largest of which
cleaned jive hundred and twenty-ii.z pawls
As far as heard from Mr. F. is ahead.
We acknowledge . receipt of. Vick'i3
Floral Guide for January 1875. It con
tains 500 engravings, and descriptions of
more than 500 of our best flowers and
vegetables, with directions for culture.—
Colored plates etc. Published quarterly
at 25 ets., for the year. Address, James
Vick, Rochester, N. Y.
MORE SNOW.—At an early hour on
gullibly morning last a snow storm pre
vailed in this region, continuing up to
noon, and covering the; ground to the depth
of seven or eight inches, since which time
sleigh-riding has been indulged in by the
young folks generally. The roads are in
fine order and among this class floe times
are anticipated.
Ephraim Dull, of Quincy town
ship, killal on the 17th inst., three large
hogs weighing 1522 pounds. Firet,hog
weighed 579 pounds; second beg weighed
4811 pounds; third bog weighed 4611
pounds; aggregate, 1522 pounds.
Mr. E. Knepper killed two hogs on
. the
15th inst., weighing 893 pourids. First
hog weighed 460 pounds ; second hog weigh.
ed 433 ; aggregate, 893.
Quincy township' in this particular in
squarely entitled to the "belt."
DECEASED.--Miss Henrietta Miller; Who
had charge of Fairview • School near this
piste% expired at the residence of her fath
er, Rev. - Henry Miller, of this place, yes
terday morning, after a brief illness. Miss
M. was an accomplished teachett. and or
ganist at Trinity Reformed Church. She
was. tuineedutable lady and her loss will be
seriously felt by the family and the church.
Funeral 'services on Sunday morning at
10t o'clock, in Trinity Reformed church
AarThe authorities .of Williamsport,
Md. are more enterprising than those of
some neighboring villages. The last Pi-
AO says they have purchased the ! Fountain
Gas Lamps and were putting them in po
sition. Our'eounctt it seems are not wil
ling to make so necessary investment with
out a petition from property .holders, and"
many of our tax-payers want several
weeks to consider the propriety of thus
lighting our streets before signing the pe
titim. This much desired improvement,
if accomplished at'all, need not , therefore,
be looked for speedily.
Mr. Andrew L. Coyle'died in this place,af
ter a long and severe illness, on Saturday
morning, the 19th inst., at 5 o'clock.—
Mr. Coyle was born in jckesburg, Perry
county, in this state, and was at the time
of his death seventy-two yearg of age.—
About . twenty-five years ago he removed
to liercersburg from Newville, where he
opened a hard -ware store. Eight years
ngti ne clime to Chambersburg, where he
has since been engaged in the same busi
ness. Tie was a quiet, much-respected cit
izen, and an elder in the Presbyterian
church. His loss will be felt in this com
munity, and especially in the congrega
ticru to which ho belonged.— Opinion.
ne),..The - remains of J. W. Davis, ex
ecuted at Westminster, Carroll couuty,for
the murder of Abraham Lynn, have been
removed from hisinother's lot, where they
were originally interred, to the burying
ground of the Baptist German Brethren,
of Beaverdam.
CURISTMAS.-3ust-to think of it ! Christ
inarisAhnost , Soinehow we do
,hotlbak forward to :It with as much an ,
iicifation and glee 4 . wiisl4l when **ore
nehOrt jacket andCarrifid a honk bench'
Then Ohristmae meant a help. It Vas a
whole week's 'relief from the monotony of
the school room, and a plentiful supply of
the' gOod things - Vitiloh boys _so much de
light in. Christmas .to us was a , joyful
ijckfi4\4ilktlt*A.motith - of:the year I
pass awaYrll ll ol..::vi, 3 •Segan - to - c° ll Pt the.
mooths'andihi - weekOthat,mast'pass away
before its return. '-'.But reader,it is differ
ent with those whe.havolaid . aside-tkatoye
of boyhood and have grappled the weap
ons of life in earnest. ; Christmas means
something different-from what it did then-
It means that*are getting rider; ;life's
responsibilities twain ereaSing ; new-Viatica
to be fought; new straggles against'the
pressure' of often outward cireunii*ces-
To many, it means' poverty and. Oa'
less want;'to manyit means : no money—
no work—no,bread but what charity, brings.
Oh, reader, for, the sake of -the hallowed
and gleaming feeellections that hoVer -a
round us on thiiir neeniod; let wit Inark it
with - dreaslhainrierortky of giod'r stew
ards.. Be,taercifhl4p.the poor;.-help the
struggling,sens Of aulefortune ; you will be
the better aniLkappier -fer it. This' 'nay
be our last Chrii,itinia-=:matileavenmake
it oar best: -;;.• '
STarcsrair Holmium:l.—Last wee* the
Cumberland' - recorded the
death of an interesting lad, Hugh Gordon,
aged 12 years, soiriflT. H. Gordo4:Esq.,
of that city, native of our 441 1 11 k.. "Of
Mr. GOrdon'ti children thii makee the kind'
death in hi® being. left_ out, of
eleven. The .44fianion says :-- , Lese than
twe montbiatinceAhe family consigned to
the grave
,ti*i#ltly and interesting pt.
tle daughter,' theii- leaving in what had
been an unuaual*large domestic circle
but threa -ctildiaici;?:death having
ne-loy-orve t ,intintlears,that-are-go
eight 4' and Sisters. And
now, cOntrulitty i kis distressing fatality,
cornea thus last poignait stroke, with its
lacemtion . cfleelipgs, its crushing out of
hopes, its renewarkf Sorrowing. Conclud
ing a series of afflictive dispensations it is
inexpressibly Sad; . Stirring the sensibilities
of the community at large and inspiring
widespread - sympathetic, condolence for
titti dismembered and deeply afflicted fam
ily. •
• LEcruns.--Rev. Dr. Guard,one of the
greatait Oratere of thong% has been en
gaged to, delii;er a lecture in the Metho
dist Church of.Waynesboro', some eve
ning inJanuary . next. Subject—" Mental
activities of:Os*: stud the Bible."
This lecture• has been prononnced by
competent judges to be a wonderful pro
ductionoid Atu i ltelivery a grand , ,display
of the almost:. matchless • powers of .this
A diagram f tie church can be seen,'
and seats , engaged, by calling on Jamei
P. Wolff,- AliO'Waynant, or B. A. Her
Reserved e'eatClso ' Families tak•
ing more than three nate, 40 opts—Un
reserved. seats 25 mods. .
Persons wishing Insecure reserved seats
should engage they sre •likely to
bo taken very rapidly.
As the„(kte.sf.the lecture can
be definately fined, it will be, announced.
• Lontr.—Tsiiiithiel - Fur Cape on Main,
ptrfiSt;j3npdaY! , aFaiiitlga 29th. nie,
tinder ivilllphiase %kayo it 'at this Office. • '
—Fresh:.Piih's'and City Swoet Potatoes
expected at' M.' Gxistax's Store. dec24 St
FOR SALE.-.-A good Basket Sleigh
and Bella.. Enquire• at this Office._ dec24tf
The person . hp.ving my TorchlLieit
Lamp and• Two Handle Baskets} will. please
return them: • [deett St] 'M. Games. 7.
—Patronize home industry by getting
your Fine Boote;mado to order at MILLER
8108. deal 3t
—Go to MILLER , BROS. Ihr Ladies,
Misses and ChildTen'S Shoes and Gaiters
of all kinds whick they offer at greatly re-
dated prices. .'i'•
—Get yOur.Untier Overshoes at MIL-
Lvit BROS:. • 'dec24 Bt,
.--r-MILLER tl4 . sl::: , httio afresh assort
menk of raqati',iiivy" Boots, which they
are.selliag siclOyer figures than' i3ver 'be
fore offered. Beraemberihe place., .
dec24 3t
.Li, 'tit - Baba., P.O.
' —To the Mikiiro - Wayhesboko Lodge,
.21 4 6.•219, LO. 0. F.: ". • •
It will be to your interest to attend our
next regular meeting on DeeenHiber 29th.
JOSH B. BustuaLL, E3ftfy.
—lf yeti wish •to present your wife' or
friend with a line Christmas Gift, purchase
one of the King Irons. Call utour residence
on Church Eitreetwhere the Iron can be fur-.
niched. - • RRAMBILL a; RIPPLE;
Fon SALE-42 , Shpats, 4 large and 8
gnu " #l4lX:Pk"llO.y. GILBERT, Buena
Vista. detl7.
All the Wince ,of! County, State, Borough
and School Taxes remaining unpaid in the
Borough and To*Uship utter January Ist,
1875, will positively be collected as . the law
directs with execution and. costi added.—
Call and pay aslonger indulgence cannot
be given. V. F. HORNER, Col.
decl7 tf•
• —A choice article of New Crop N. Q.
Molasses, 'just received.'
Jet 4 ANoss PR49,-200 Bushels per A
vie—,Solnefilinp New !-Farmers and Gard
ners .ffeaS Thee!-Appeals JVanted /-These
peas Wive recently• been btought te• this::
country fiolu4apanl4nd prove to be the ,
finest knowp for table. or.for Stock--
They grow 'blithe fOrm of a bush. 'from'
'three to five feet high and do not require.
sticking. • They yield from 1 quart to a
gallim of Peas per bush. A package that
will ptoduce from 'five to' ten bushels of
,Peas ..with - circulats giving terms to A
-gents.and full directions. as „tO.-_fitne- and
manner of planting e Will•be,sent, prepald,
any one,desiring to' act as Agent on re.
CeiptOf fifty cents. ''The'seed 'Leifer' are
Frtsa - and GENUINE, this year's pro
daction-• 'Now. is the.-time to- - order, so
you, may," be r prepared. for. early planting.
Address, QSMENT, Cleveland,
Tenn. • ' ' ,
Testimanitits—WObaVecultivatixi the
Japan* Pei the Pnetifeleori • on 'a small
scale,:'nnd'iii are' coniineed ;they are a
Verfeet success. Their yield wasimormeus.
For the table and"fhe stock, they are un
anY other_ pas. .They groW
well On thin land and are bound to be a
No 1 fertiliser.. A. J. WHITE, Trustee,
Bradley Co.: H. MIX. A. Ei BLUNT,
Postmaster; Cleveland; Tenn. dec24 at.
• L
A Maw ., irr Bunss.-9ne of the sad
dest spectacles in the world: is a human
being shattered and broken down by the
use of ardent spirits. 'But he damage
maybe repaired; the ruin restoftxl to per
fect. sounduesa,by a course of that most
powerful of all invigomnts, Da. WALK
pee VINEaAR Thyme,. • Beware of those
tonia3",of which an element.—
They aggravate disease and promote de
cay.. dec3 4t
lie... That dry hacking cough is theherald
of approaching consuu9tion. To cheek the
swift progress of the destroyer,' prompt and
decisive measures must be restored to. A
dose of Dr;Morris Syrup of Tar, Wild Cher
ry and Horehound, taken when the cough
ing spells come on, ivikaifcird immediate
relief and eventually Oftiol`alhorongh cure.
It will he found equall*Aditefichil in all
forms of throat ana lung aiseideis: In cases
of croup it is of inestimable value. Callat
the, drag store of F. FOBTAMAN, and inquire
' •Pt-itrthe44 - far# lBll- 3"00 r
:;. ,s(!pt 24-lOw
FOR SAL Hay, Corn ein4 Apples_in
large' and small quantles. . •
dec3 tf - Z. B. Marmon..
At the U. B. Parsonage in Boonsboro'
on the Bth inst., by Rey. J. W. Kiracofe,
Mr. Lewis E. Fahrney to Miss Lizzie Mol
ter, both of that county.
On the Bth inst., byllev. J. W. Santee,
at the house of •the bride's father, Mr.
John N. Rowe, to Miss Lizzie Martin,
both of Washington Co., Md.
On the 10th inst,, by Rev. C. Stutz
.man, at the house of • the bride's father—
Kr. Robert M. Small and Mies Florence
V. Cooley,' all of Clearspring, Md. .
At the Lutheran Parsonage;on the 17th
inst., by Rev. C. L. Keedy, Mr. Wm. H.
King, to Miss Mary C. Tharp, both of this
county. • -
On the Ist inst., by Rev. L G.. Brown,
Mr. Edward Hays. to Miss Susan A. Stef
fa, both of Church Hill.
In Upp er Horse Valley, on the 15th
inst., by Rev. Wtn. Qutgly, Mr. A. F.
Jones and Miss Priscella McCoy, both of
this county. •
At Mt. Parnel, this county, on the 17th
inst., by Rev. R. Lewis McCune, Mr. Ben
jamin P. Huber, to Miss Maggie C. Gil
lan, daughter of Chas. Gillan, Fag.
On the 14th inst., at the U. B. Parson
age, Chatnbersbunr, by Rev. B. G. Huber,
Mr. W. Scott McFadden, and Miss Sarah
C. George, all-of Chambersburg. •
On they 15th inst., at the same
the same, Mr. Abraham - H. Brechbill,and
Miss Sarah E. Eyer,.all of this county.
On the 17th inst., ,at the same
the same, Mr. John Edward Poe,and Miss
Annie Coler, all of this county.
At 'Alto Dale, oii thel3ot init., Mr.
Peter Cook, aged 80 years; 7 months and
15 dairs.'
In N'ewiille, on the 16th inst., Jacob
son of Mr. John Wagner, aged 22
years On the 4th inst., at: Church. Hill. Mrs.
Markaret E. Kuhn, aged, 83 years, 3 mos.
and 9 days.
On the Bth inst., nearMereersburg,Mrs.
.Margaret Stenger, agibd 69 years, 3 mos.
and 26 days.
In Chanbersburg, December.loth, Mr.
Geo. A. Stitzell, in the 42d year of his
On the 9th inst., near Qlaylick, Mts.
Margaret, wife of Henry Walters, aged
72 years.
dec24 3t
Baltimore, December 21, 1874.
FLOUR—Western Super at. $4,4X1,
and do. Family at $5,50; Howard Street
Super at $4®4,50 ; Common to Fair• Ex.
$4,75®5 ; Good,l2@s,2s;
Family at 85,50@6,50.-
WHEA.T.—Fancy amber at 136 cents ;
Prime amber at130@132 cents, and good
tb prime red 'at 1256128 cents. .
CORN.—Prime white at 86 cents; fair
to good do. at 82 @ 85 cents ; damp
78@80 cents;prime yellow at 87 cents;
;igood do. at 85@86 cents, and, fair do. , at
82@84' cents: -- •
OATS.—Southern at 65®66 cents ;
mixed Wpstern nt 64 cents, and bright
Western at 65_ cents.
RYR—Good Rye sold at 98 cents, and
we• note the market verp quiet. •
•frHE annnal election for Twelve Direc
t tors of the Waynesboro' Mutual Fire
Insurance Company gill be held in their
office in Waynesboro', Pa., on Monday the
11th dog of January, 1875, between the hours
of 1 and 4 o'clock, P. M.
- - SIMON LECRON, Prest.
Jos., Sec'r3-.
deck 3w
Price & floeflich
HAMS •..... ....
EGG 5........
• lie
APPLES—DniEo.. 05
APPLVZ—Catsam .»b0
irrltE subscriber, Administrator of Alex.
f Hamilton, dec'd, will offer at Public
Sale in front of his office in Waynesboro',
Ta.,.the following, stocks :
of the Capital 'Stoeh ofEIRSTJYATION
AL BANK of WayneELboro'.
20. SIT....A.RES
of the Cligt_O_Stock of the (EMBER MAN
'of the Capital Stock of the Waynesboro,
Greencastle and Mereeraburg Turnpike Road.
• 4 SMT-ii.B.,"E;
of the Capital Stock of the Waynesboro' and
Maryland Stak.Line Turnpike Road Co.
of Stock of the Cumberland Valley Camp
Meeting Association of the Methodist .Episco
pal Church,
Sale will commence at 1 o'clock, when
terms will be made known by
J. B. HAMILTON, Adm'r.
Geo. Mong Auct. •
dec!4 to
• v oS. 'l3
111.011 Lit:
POE 1875.
Published Quarterly.—January number
just issued, and contains over 100 Pages,soo
ngravings, descriptions of more than 500
of our best Flowers and Vegetables, with
Directions for• Culture, Colored Plate, etc.
—The most useful and elegant work of the
kind in the world.—Only 25 cents for the
year.—Published in English and German.
Address, Jamie Vwx,"Rochuster, N. 3r.
dee24 tf
regular annual meeting of the s oc
I holders of the First National Bank of ,
Waynesboro', will be held at the banking
house, on Tuesday the 12th of January, '75,
between the hours of one and three of said
day, for the election of nine directors to
rain— I ser ve th e jiriTyear.
dec24 St
The advertiser, having been permanently
cured of that dread disease, Consumption,
by a simple remedy, is. anxious to make
known to his fellow sufferers the means of
cure. To all who desire it, he will send a
copy of the prescription used,free of charge,
with the direetions for preparing and using
the same, which they will find a sure cure
for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, &c.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
address Rev. E. A. WILSON,
dec24 6m 194 Penn St., Williamsburg, N. Y
A gentleman who suffered for years from
nervous debility, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful indiscretion will, for
the sake of suffering humanity, send freo
to all who need it, the recipe and direction
for making the simple remedy by which he
was cured. finffereni wishing to profit by
the advertiser's experience can do so by ad
dressing in perfect confidence.
JOHN B. OGDEN, 42 Cedar St., N. Y.
dec24 6m
NEW '1 7 - OP
These Bonds are issued - for the Purpose
of raising funds for the ereetion'of's build=
ing in the City of New Tork,to be used fora
a permanent home, where every manufac
turer can exhibit and sell his goods, and
every patentee can show his invention; a
centre of industry which will prove a vast
benefit to the whole country.
For this purpose the Legislature of the
State of New York has granted a charter to
a number of our most wealthy and respec
table merchants, and these gentlemen have
purchased no less, than •eight blocks of the
most valuable - land in the• City of . N. York.
The building to be erected will• be seven
stories high( lrii) ft. in height), surmounted
by a naguificent dome, and will cover a
space of twenty-two acres. It will be con
structed of iron, Brick and Glass, and made
fire-proof. - The bonds, - which are all for
$2O each, are secured by afirst mortgage on
the land and building, and for the purpose
of making them popular,the directors have
decided to have quarterly drawino of $150,-
000 each ; - this money being tho interest on
the amount of the whole loan. •
J•.very bondholder must receive at least
$21,00, but he may receive
Or 125,000, 00,000, or $5.000, or $3,000,.§:c.
Every bond purchased before January 4,
1875, will participate in the
These drawings take place every three
months, and eventually every bond will
participate in .t hem.
Address, for bonds ant• full infOrmatian,
MORGENT}IAIT, BiiLYNG a - CO.,Financial
Agents, 23 Park, Row, New York.. ,
Post office Drawer 29. • ,
Remit by Draft on N. Y. City Danks,Reg
istered Letter or P. 0. Money Order.
Postponements Impossible under this plan.
decl7 3w
PIMA 0100 ii ai ail :OP iii kftl4l
Orr HE subscriber offers his services to the
I citizens of Waynesboro' and the public
generally as an Auctioneer. Having had
considerable experience at calling sales,
etc., ho hopes to able te,give general satis
faction to all who may be pleased to favor
him with atrial . Residence near' the Re
formed Church. 11. J: WOLF. '
declo 3m • - : •
Boots! Boots:
411113 subscribei has for sale a fine lot, of
.11. Ready-made 'Kip Boots Inannaitinred
- nine or ten months ago, Whielt he will dis..
pose of at reasonable prices:
'Ringgold, 411 d. .
decl7 3w
r„ 00 Musket 'Barrels in trade for anything
i4in my line of business. 7-shot Revolv
ers at from $1,50 to $9, and everything else
at reduced prices. 3. H. JOHNSTON.
decl7 tf
VANTED -1000 Bush. Clover Seed, for
which the highest csush price will be
dec3 3« Leitershurg,", Md.*
N PHILIPS, Cashier.
nux A
11[1117RSITI1 T to an order of the Orphans'
Court of - ' Franklin eptmty,. Pa., there
will be sold at Public Sale, ,
On-Saturday tho 26th day Debiunber, '74,
in front of Stoner's lintel; tirlot* ground,
with ' • '
thereon , erected, situated on west side of
Mechabie Street, in WaYnesbiwo', adjoin
ing lot of•lsaac Sprenkle, being the prop
erty of the estate of .I.ohn' , A. Strealy,; dec'd.
.Thelkouse- is almost- niiiv. - atid.'witk good
'kited pleasant lOt attachad- v • •
Terms made, known on the day of sale
by • THOMAS J. FILBERT; After:
declo SW G. V. Mongliauct.
PUB - L - 1 C SALE:
WILL * be sold at Public Sale, in front of
Stoner's Hotel,
On Saturday; 26th of December, 1874,
a lot af, ground, eitnateon west side of Lei
tersinns Street in Waynesboro', adjoining
lot of Joseph Alden, with a very comforta
with 'a good Bailment, belonging asr4gh
ed estate of Noah Snider and wife. The
lot is well' stocked whir choice fruit trees
and the how* is well built and 'arranged
for two families.
Terms made known on the dnyof sale by
T. J. FILBERT Asengilee.
deelo 3w ' G. Mons', ',net.
C ifii
arS 1,50 4MihE
Unexcelled by any Weekly Literary Publi
cation, East or West.
The most liberal Premiums and Chib
Rates ever offered by any_ newspaper.—
Write for a circular containmg -full-infor
mation, etc. Specimen copies furnished on.
application. address
1011 YB i, BOR-4'
More than One Hundred -different styles
and colors of
to suit the old, the. middle-aged . and the
young—in goods better than the_ beet and
prices cheaper than I he cheapest, maintain
ing our repttation as leaders for all kinds
of Head (leer. The largest variety of
Cuffs. Bosoms, Shirt Studs and Sleeve But
tons, Gents Underwear in great variety,
and Stockings, Umbrellas, Canes, Satchels,
Pocket-books, &c. .
a- 1.., 0 V" Es--
our own manufacture of Buck, Sheep, liad,
Dog Kid and Custom Gloves to lit ail sorts,
sizes and shapes of hands.. .. •
For the Ladies,all 'the pt•pufai: styles of
Furs, Collars Boas iitUffs
and Fur Trimmings, of all 'descriptions.--
Our ladies $2 Dog Kid Gloves fit as neat—
look as well and will outwear a halt dozen
imported Kid, while ourdemeetie and mow
kids at $1.50 and $1,60 will outwear a half
dozen of the imported. dollar -kids. _
UPDEGRAFF'S Fiat ; Glove and Fur Fact'y
Opp. Washington House, Hagerstown.
Oct 22—tf:
THE subscriber announces to his numer
ous friends and the public generally
that he continues the ,Cabinet-malting bu
siness at the old furniture stand on East
Main Street, Waynssbore, Pa:. All articles
offered in his line of business will bo man
ufactured out of the best material and ac
cording to the latest styles: Ile also an
nounces thathe has. „ .
• •
lie will pay specialatAntion to the Unde
rtaking business, and is prepared to,furnish
Collins of all grades at very. moderate pri
ces.. He is also provided with a Freezer.
Ho hereby tenders his sincere thanks to
his friends• and the public generally for
past favors and asks a share of the same
in the future. , JACOB BENDER.
novl9 tf
HE subscriber announces to his eus
toment,, and the public that he has re
moved to a shop erected at his" residence
on the old Ilagerstown road, where he will
contirine.thebootand shoomakingbusiaess.
Poisons wanting' oets or iihota made to or
der, or repairing done, will at all times be
accommodated -at short notice and neon
reasonable terms. His prices are : Fine
Boots, VII Half-soling,-7 1 4 Cents.; Half-sol
ing and' Heeling, s t,oo Ladies',' wear wade
to order at stove prices.
Persons wanting repairing done can leave
such work at-tin shop of C. SI. Frey if they
prefer doing so.
novo tf •
• Administration Notice.
v - oncE is hereby given that letters of
./.‘ administration upon the estate of Jacob
Shankjate of Wash. twp., deed., have been
granted to the, undersigned. An persons
indebted to said estate are leficested to
make immediate payment and those hav
ing claims against the same to present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
dec3 at]
$26,00 REWARD
THE above mward will be paid for the
arrest and conviction of the person or
persona who broke %on and made an at
tempt to fire "Fairrielv School House, on
Sunday night, the oth inst.
•declo 3t] •
Stove for Sale.
- •
THE subscribe r o ff ers for sale a "Bforn
lug Glory Stove with oven attached, as
good as now, coal bucket, pipe, etc. Price
$lB,OO upon whielra reasonable credit will
be given. It can be seen at the residence
of Wm. Stewart in Ringo°, Id .
dee] 3t • l 3: STEW ART.
T HEUEBY notify the public that lhithew
Metcalf holds a note against Jacob Shill
with my name on that, I will not pay as it
was gotten on under false pretense'
de e 3 3w ' - PETER HOLTZER.