The Waynesboro' village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1871-1900, December 03, 1874, Image 2

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    • itilaontsboro',l3iititgi_ gaud;
Tiinratlayi -1,14;7:
'The York.
Pow hobi.: . eixteen .miilioa's of dollars u
hove the legal - •
terEveq, - -ont' of
_the empioyefs of the
NeW Jsnefeefittal—Railpa&;Comimoy
svas girTcctyturkej aniliantegiving
itik.Ex-GovOrnor Curtin is suggested
nethe Deni - Ocratie:Crindidate for GOvern::
or in thontentof 11375.: , •
sen The "oldest inhabitant" of gitroudr
burg, .Pa., died on Saturday. George
ibar Wm-the i 'woe of the venerable man,
and ;bis' age . was 113 years.
1 Hon . John M. Read, ex-Justice of
the Stipreme_Court of Fenn.sylvania. died
____haildiadelphia on Suqay, nged seventy
eight years.
ROD..The Citizens' Oil Refinery,of Pitts
his suspend e d_ payment. The lia
bilities are about $300,000. The assets
neon t yet be given.
-ills-Five colored men have been elected
to . thinext Congress, all new man. Two
are from SOuth Ca.rolina,7 s ene from Ala-
Inman. and one from Louisiana.
rThe National Life and Trust Com
I)any of New _Haven; Conn.,-iCin an em
bairassud condition; its assets , fall - ing'short
•of its liabilities, by over ' qual ter of a
million dollars. - - •
1t The writ of habeas corpus is again
invoked in behalf of Wm. M. Tweed.—
petition.raises the old point on Which
his counsel exhausted themselves during
his trial, namely, that the Court in which
lie was convicted had no jurisdiction in
his case:.
119. The recent mild weather has hatch
ed out the grasehoplier . eggs in the Weit,
and the fields swarm with young insects.—
The farmers in many places exult in the
thimght that the winter will kill them,
and they wilLbeiree_from_the:pest ,next
Writ appears.that the appeal taken
by Mr. Beecher's.counsel from the ruling
of the Brooklyn City Court denying the
motion for a bill of particulars, will not
materially delay the pending suit: The
Court of. Appeals will consider the matter
immediately, and give a decision on De
cember Bth.
rar The iron bridge on the Northern
Central Railrood, near Baltimore, and
North of the Relay House,. about 5 o'-
clock on Monday-evening - gave way, pre
eipitating two paisenger trains into Swan
Lake,• killing, one passenger, mortally
wounding a second, and seriously injure
ing many others.
NYWheat is cheaper in England just
now than at any other thus within the
memory of living "men. The average
price is forty-four shillings per quarter of
vight bushels. England will consume
/ . 30'000,000 bushels more that she produ
fees, the deficiency will be supplied from
California, the Atlantic slope of. the Uni
ted States and France and Russia.
Mr - Two hundred and forty-two Mm
nnnites arrived in Philadelphia on Satur
day by the steamer Vedul. They are in
charge of the Mennonite Executive Aid
Society, and will be forwarded to Safe
Harbor, Lancaster county, where they
will be sheltered in about one hundred
houses belonging to the Phosnix Iron
Company. There,they will remain dar
ing; the winter, and in the meantime loca-
Cops for 'a settlement will be selected in
tho Western States and Territories.
itrl:The hundred and fifty-eight thou
nand acres of land in Kansas that in the
nummer promised bountiful crops became
a barren Waste before the season was over.
Only., grasshoppers went over that vast
tract`—'that cns all, but that was enough.
Not a green thing was left And now
the people of seventeen enUntles are not
- able to get through the winter without
443istance. Dearly eighteen thousand per
sons is the number-needing relief.
ite,..A special to the New York Times
from Wilmington, Delaware, November
21, says,: "The usual lan whipping took
place at New 'angle Saturday, eight per
sons being punished in that manner.—
&men were colored men, one tvbite.—
Their offens wens larceny of various
grades, from a horse to a bae of corn,ansl
they varied in age from. Clayton Earle,
an old man of eixty five yearn, to Shad
rock Trusty, a little negro lad. The pun
ishment was inflicted by a sheriff, sworn
into office a fe 7 W.l:lays ago and, was wit
nessed by severalliundred persons,among
them some women."
ESVile now have a real, live Ring on
Armorials soil, Ralakana, monarch of
Enniwich Islands, arrived at Sari Fran
visco on 'Saturday evening in the steam
ship Benicia, and was formally received
any the, municipal authorities on Sunday-
Its royal Highness and suite are now
quartered at the Grand Hotel. In a .few
days they will arrrive at Washington,and
sifter icvikio President Grant, will make
the tour florogh the principal cities of
• . .
the: geet:- , ' • ,
gSrThefe are over 24;63tildiots in the
United 'gates, acknowledged as such; be:
pidni the 'rellotini that haiig around.: ntir
Church dome cui.cohl Melts.
A attrxt 'Fannin:— Our exchanges
have given an account of a most destruct
ive storm Which occurred on Monday a
week extending
_Over the entire country
'East of the - Mississippi. -The wind in
some places wits so\strong that it amount
ed to a hurricane Inthe North-western
portion of the city ~of Baltimore-,about
one hundred -building
a greater or less' ,extent, the loss.amount
logltoAxemt.-.01.18:4,z st!fr_
fering various Keyser; W.
Va., a railroad buildiniwas wrecked,two
men killed and several injured. lAt
cambia; Alabama,-one-third of the resi
'dencei were destroyed' ; twelve persons
e:l and Many,others
_injured. A.t Phila
delphia,Trenton and Camden, N.J., build
ing were .unroofed , and. fences - and trees
prostrated. COvington and 'NeWport,
Ky.,- were damaged 'slightly, the storm_
passing from there acrosithe Ohio up , the
Little Miami Valley,with abated strength
unroofing only . a Poi houses and prostrat.:
ing fences. _ Iu Westminster, Md. the
new School House in course' of erection
was blown down and the buildings on the
Carroll Co. Agricultural Fair Grounds.
were considerably injured.
lerThe Pyrenologi6l Joitiniqfor De
cember is an admirable closing number
for the,present -year ; it abounds in profit
able suggestions and pleasant reading.—
There are portraits and sketches ef Mr.
John S. Bender of Indiana, and 'of Fred
erick the Great, Prince Eugene, Gust a-
Adelphus, Wullenstein, and the Old
'Dsauer (Also, good hits at Modern Pro
gress in the Advancing and Retreating
Races, and National Types—both illus
trated. Character Three-fold ; a ' scien
tific exposition of mental phonomena.—
spiritual Evoluthin, an excellent essay
on the growth of moral thought: Sex in
Education, put in klight,•aa logical' as
humorous, some of the main points in
this great controversy. Only Trifles Of
fers admonition of general application.—
The Labor Problem is an encouraging
view of that great paradox. Agriculture
as_related_to Civilization is true: Liter
ary Sharks shows up the plagiarists in a
strong lig h t. Several good' Poeins are
sandwiched among the prose articles.—
Jerome Pringle's Pay-day is also worth
mention, as a lively,. social story. The
Mentorial Department is unusually full,
and the whole number creditable to the
publisher. Price ao cents. Subscriptions
for 1875 are now in order, at $3,00.
Vg..ti clergyman in a communication
to the New York Tribune inches the fol
lowing very just and appropriate sugges
tion. He says :
"i believe that I express the judgment
of the great mass of the clergy of this
country, and most certainly the judgment
of all with wl:om I have conversed upon
this subject, in saying that Mr. Beecher
should either interpose no bar to an im
mediate trial, or else abstain from preach
ing until after trial and acquittal. For
Mr. Beecher, in view of the terrible nature
of the charges against him, to refrain from
demanding an an ecclesiastical trial, to
postpone by appeal a civil trial, and at
the same time to continue to preach is au
outrage upon decency.
Air The infant and only child of Allan
Goss, of Preemansburg, Pa., was stolen
during Wednesday right. , Some person
or persons entered the dwelling, which
is a one-and-half story front, situated on
the borough line, and took the little in•
fant out of the cradle, which stood beside
the bed in which lay the mother, uncon
scious of the abduction of her baby. The
excitement is great, and many are the
theories, but the:case is a mystery, and
baffles the skill of the police:and others,
who have been unremitting in the search
for the Inisising one.
A body was discovered in the Lehigh
River on Thursday,.which was recognized
as that of the missing child. The evidence
went to show that the mother threw it in.
She was placed in Easton jnil.
Vir - Wm. Ogle Key, a native of Mary
land. but for the last fifteen years a citi
zen of Alabama, was found dead in his
roam at the Rennert House in Baltimore
Monday morning. The testimony taken
at the Coroner's inquest clearly shows
that he committed suicide by taking a
poisonous dose of morphia. He was a
cousin to the author of the "Star Span
gled Banner." For some years he was
proprietor of the St. Charles Hotel at
New Orleans. He was at one time a
man of great wealth, but the war swept
away greater part of his property. Pe
cuniary troubles brought on depression of
spirits and intemperate habits which cul
minated in suicide.
A FortrunE sl2s,ooo.—The Har
risburg Patriot of the 24th inst., contains
the following : Yesterday the wife of Ja
cob Wellielm, a nailer employed at the
Chesapeake works, in the lower cud of
the city, received the sad intelligence that
her father had died in California. with
the information, however, was the an.:
nouncement that, he had left her a fortune
itiirlf your horse is lame, sore ar gall
ed, you should use .Tohnson'a Anodyne
Liniment: wash the part with eastile soap
and warm water, rub dry, with a clean
cloth, then apply the Liniment, rub in
well with the hand.
—Cabbage are high in the Ease. Look
.out for a - rite in cigars.
--Three ryeekBlioin Friday me* t uuil
Christinas. . - • • •
FOrglruan,Druggist, is now
East making purchases for the .lEioHasp.
a ftT-
--71).. la moie 'refipeitiai;to—wiwkjir
ball' wages; tTiaA loaf tor -nothing.'
—The squeal of thelly big ,Vorker,*
breaks upon the learning air::-
.1 • -
—The latest. ladies' hats .tire called
Chimney ,-• „ .
e Niers: A - tuber:ion, 11eneclict &
Co. w)11 receive Itseemlici supply of new
'goods nest week. „ - .• ,
The ereditors'Cif Gee. Lech-ins'cini
call on 11. M. gibbet end receive their 'div
id rids.
.. . ,
. taiLOAtr "black list" is approaching
completion aed presents a rather Impos
ing appearance. A' Pikesville district de
linquenticads the van.
. . .
PUBLIC SALE.—We call special atten
tion to the house and lot-near Pikesville,
advertised at public sale in to-day's paper
by Mr. Geo. Middour. •
ifirDon't throw" away your money on
Christmas presents
,after December
11, which date is definitely fixed for the
end of the world by the "Adventists" of
Maine. -
FAIZMSOLD.—On Saturday last 'Messrs.
Simon Lecron Wand •J. 0. Besore @old the
farm near this place belonging to the es
tate of Henry Besore, dee'd, for the sum
of $41,00 per.acre. Purchaser, Rev. Geo.
B. Rtissell, Pittsburg, Pa.
CHRISTMAS "FtsrtvAL.—The Sunday
School connected with Trinity Reformed
Church of ,this place wilt hold its Festi
val on Christmas the inten
tion to make this the most interesting En
tertainment ever given by them in Way
nesboro'. The public are cordially - invi
tel to attend these exercises.
_BUSINESS OPENING.-. 11 Will ; . be seen
by reference to a business local in this is-;
sue that Mr. W. A. Reid is closing out
his stock of groceries, etc, at cost. This
is the oldest or first established grocery in
our town and may be regarded as a first
class opening for some enterprising man
wishing to embark in business.
FLNF HOGS.—On the 24th ult. Mr. H.
C. Miller near Ringgold, slaughtered two
Chester White hogs 14 months old, pur
chased of Mr. Mathias Hoffman when 6
weeks old. One netted 448 pounds, the
other 381 pounds. Lewis L. Bechtel,
slaughtered two of the same litter, one
weighing 381 and the other 386 pounds.
These stock specimens entitle Ringgold to
a front rank in the pig line at least.
FINE SATs•..—The public sale of per
sonal property of John B. Hamilton, ad
ministrator of Alex. Hamilton dec'd, on
Friday last was perhaps more numerous
ly attended than any similar sale ever
held in our Borough. The bidding was
spirited from the commencement to the
closing of the hale, and the result highly
creditable to the good management of Mr.
H. and the efficiency of his auctioneer,
Mr. Mong.
TirA xxsorvisa.—Thanksgi ving day
was observed as usual in our town by a
general sessat ion. of business. In the morn
ing Union services were held in the M.E.
Church, at which the several town minis
ters were in attendance. The sermon ou
the occasion, a very able and appropriate
one, was delivered by Rev. W. C. Schaef
fer of St. Paul's Reformed Chapel. In
the evening the anniversary services of
the Y. M. C. A. was held at the same
In the morning appropriate religious
services were also held in the German
Baptist Church of this place. Sernicii by
Rev. Jacob Snider.
SiNGING CLASS.—Prof. D. R. Knight
will meet those who have subscribed their
names to a paper f►r the purpose of be
coming members of a class in Vocal Mu:
sic at Miller's Hall, Friday evening, this
week,.at 7 o'clock. P. M. A general in
vitation is extended to all interested in
Vocal Music, present, when an op
portnnity will be given for those to join
the class who may wish to do so:
It is a fact generally admitted that the
young folks of our town are very deficient
as to a knowledge of vocal music. Prof.
Knight comes to us highly recommended
'as a teacher; and we trust this class of de
community will not let this opportunity
pass, unimproved.
RAILROAD ConottnATtox.—We learn
from the Herald that the stockholders of
the Hanover Branch Railroad Company
held a meeting at the company's office.on
Thursday. The object was to obtain the
sense of the stockholders on-the proposed
consolidation of this company and the
Susquehanna, Gettysburg and Potomac
Railroad company. The whole number
of votes cast was 2093, out of a total cap
ital of 2337 shares: Only 17 votes were
cast against the consolidation,making the
decision in its favor nearly unanimous.—
The name decided upon for the new corn
.putty is "The Hanover. Junction, Hano
ver and Gettysburg Railroad Company."
—Congress trims on Monday nest.
:L i puT.'77-70n . • Friday.
t r y E. 9,:g4TExt;exilibited
, n - thci;s.orner of a pe Pia.:
s unusually brilliant; and
was ItiOh
or Illis-Turpose . we under-
e - vening?ast - 41t
this new light:
mOud, which iv
_us , * strbet 14
our citizens.
' veryienerally .intradue:.
e4 r being,now' - it:_toejdliarrisburg,.Car,
.Ville and:: oilier*iiis....l4agerstown Teoice
4. Week prononnees it therbestaszwelins
;oleapest.street light now. in Use. :We un
-derstami the members of our Council are
favorable to Otis lighting the town and.
ifilie - cilizens - Will - give.their assent by pe-.
litlon they will at, oncoS t p rocure a couple
dozen lamps, which are said to cost $lOO
per dozen.,,,,,The cost of fluid per hour is
about of scent. :We trust citizens will
see the importance of this' much needed
-want - inour 'town and, ati — accordinglf.- 7 -
The present.rate of taxation, five mills,,
being the limit,the eipense thus iricurred•
cannot increasethe WO. Ina few dajs
a petition will be presented for their sig
:natures. All who are favorable to hav
ing our streets beautifully lit up of dark
evenings will of - tours° sign it. •
A FATAL AccfnOr..-012 . Tuesday,
the 17th an accident :occurred in
the .barn .
on tle farm belonging to the
late lames G: Rhoads, in Montgomery
Township, by which a young man nam
ed John A. Wolford lost his life. The;
particulars, as we have been able to learn
them, are about as ,follows : The deceased,
in company with Mr. Clem. Rhoads, were
unloading some corn-fodder from off a
wagon. Mr. Rhoads was on the mow and
the deceased on the wagon ; cverhead was
a moveable joke, and the. two were en
deavoring to move it to the one side so as
to give them more room in the handling
of the - fodder: 77 ,wbesi it slipped from the
frame•upon Which . it- rested. Mr. Wol
ford was precVitated from :the wagon to
the barn floor; the heavy stick striking
him on the head, crushing the skull ; it
was also found:upon examination that his
neck was broken this is supposed; to
hatre,occurred in ilia fall from off the wag-,
'on:. *Death enspedalmost instantly. The
deceased was a young man, and leaves a
wife and one child' to mourn his untimely
Darn) work has been dono on •the
_York springs Railroad for some months,
but we understand that there is a pros
pect of work being resumed - next spring
and of its being pressed to completion.—
The Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad
Company, which. -.undertook to build the
road, has felt the:-effects of the panic, in
common with other railroad companies.—
This Company, however, is now arranging
for the sale of Bends, and expects to rea
lize on them the money necessary to com
plete their enterprise. A mortgage has
been executed in favor of the Provident
Life and Trust\ Com pa ny of Philadelphia
in trust for $1,00,000 bonds, to be issued
iti sums of sloo i ;and $l.OOO, to run thir
years, (from 1474 to 1904,) and bear sev
en per cent. itiercst, free of all taxes,pay
able sew iannaally. The mortgage in•
eludes the Harisburg and Potorime rail
road, its roliiug i sloek, corporate franchis
es, real estate, and all other property now
owned or hereafter to be acquired by it ;
also alien constructed "a branch road
from a point at or near Littlestown, pa.,
via Mk Epris gs to intersect the main
line leading froth the• Susquehanna river
or White Hall to Waynesboro-the mort
gage to be recordbitin Camberland,York,
Adams and natant counties.—Gettysburg
Star. -'
ITArtn Trams.-7-We give a receipt for
keeping the times hard. Let' everybody
talk .depressiugly. When anyone fails
in business, put• it in all the papers. Let
business men keep, up ptrpet ua I:complaint
Let us have occasional editorials inciting
breadr•iots, and political speeches on the
wrongs of the lal)oring tliss. Let eve
rybody prophesy a hard winter, an awful
hard winter. Let us ^all talk down in
stead of up. Let us take no account of
the fact that flour is cheap, and that the
harvests are large, and God is good. We
shall in this way he able to take another
fagot front the poor man's hearth and
knock :Mother patio of glass out of his
window, and hinder ,the manufacturers
from employing him., All together now
—ministers, editors capitalists and labor
ers—let us give a long, deep groan, and
keep it going till next spring, and the
times will be as hard as we could reason
ably expect.— Talmage.
tas.Last Saturday morning a week a
man named Piudell, a carpender, who
hail been for several weeks at work on
the firm of Gen. Thos. J. licKaig, be
tween Hagerstown and Sharpsbure, Wash
ingtori.county, went into Nancy Bowers'
saloon on the canal, near Bakcrsville,and
called for a pint of whiskey. He drank
the whole pint, and was in the act of pay
ing for it when he dropped dead. •
iterA Washington , dispatch states ne
gotiations have resulted in the transfer of
the controlling interest in Forney's Phila.
Press to Col. A. K. McClure. The price
paid by Col. McClure is - 8250,000, and
this comprises only one *Share more than
half the stock, Col. Forney retaining the
The Baltimore American says the .a
bove announcement is a canard.
VWNext fall Pennsylvania votes for
Governor. Gov. Hartranft will doubt
less be zenomirated by the republicans.
Rev. F. A. Smeltz, State Superin
tendent of Maryland Sabbath School Un
itin, called a State . Convention at. Freder
crick city,'Md. on the 17th. of November
which continued in session for three days.
It was-presided-over-by Dr. C. . H;Lease
:of BaitiMore city. . The sessione.weieye
7-interest:jugend instructive,-werelarge,
ly t ' delegates from most of-the
Counties - of the State and by the citizens
of Frederick city and adjoi fling 'districts.
Many interesting topics relative to the
Sunday School :work were discussed dur
ing the business sessions. Among the dis
tinguished persons who addressed the
large audiences at the night sessions were
Drs. Barclayand Grammar,R,ev. Latrobe
and others of Baltimore city. The dele-
gates attending the ConVention were very
pleasantly entertained at, comfortable
Ironies- among the citizens, provided for
them by the . Comtaltteeaf Arrangerner q
The convention in a body visited . the Fe
male Seminary and the Deaf and Dumb
Asylum, located in that city ; at the lat they had the pleasure of Witness
ing an examination of the pupils of the
institution which Was very interestingand
at the same time veryaffeeting: Among
the exercises were the recital _in_Pa. I
mime by a little'irl ofeight years,the lit;
tle S. S. hymn; "I want to be an Angel ;"
a larger girl sang the Missionary hymn,
"From Greenland's Icy Mountains ;"
others the history of Abraham offering
Isaac, and Christ stilling the Tempest;
a small boy described his experience in
fishing, an amusing scene. The most won
derful part of the exhibition was learning
the mutes to articulate sounds. One boy
of about 14 years of age read in an
ble and distinct voice the 23d Psalm and
part of the 14th Chap. of St. John. The
Asylum isik Stet institution supported
and maintained by the . State and is free
to all within its limits. The buildings
are large and commodious, ecursisting,-of
the main edifice and two large - wings four
stones in height. The rooms are all ele
gantly furnished. including Parlors, Dor
mitories, Dining Hall, Ste. Wotkmen
are engaged in beautifying the grounds,
which already present a . very attractive
appearance. J. W.* B.
ms.Benjaniin Prather, a Washington
Butcher, died on the 17th inst., from
burns inflictedly the explosion of a coal
oil lamp a few days previous. He blew
into the lamp to extinguish the flame;
when the explosion took place.
oar Have the readers of the Record
ever used any of Parsons' Purgative Pi lls?
if not, why not ? they are the best family
physic, besides being the greatest anti
bilious remedy there is in this country.
1e• Col. D. V. Ahl has stocked the
Yellow Breechers,at Boiling Springs, with
a large supply of fine black bass, received
from the Potomac.
—New Millinery Goods just received
at Mrs. Koster's. The latest in felt hats.—
Call- and examine her stock. dec3 3w
Pon SALM—Hay, Corn and Apples in
largo and small.quanties.
dee3 tf J. B. HAMILTON.
—A. fresh Jot of Storm Caps for men
and boys at the Town nail Store.
—A large lot of Ladies' Fitrs."eheap,"
just reeeived'at the Town Mill Store. •
—Wool-lined overshoes for ladies and
gentlemen at the Town'Hall Store.
—The highest market prices paid for
all kinds of raw furs, at the Town Hall
Store. •
—A fine assortment of Gents and Boy's
Hats, at the Town Hall Store. dec3 2w
has,arranged to have his fine boots manu
fitctured in Philadelphia. Persons prefer
ring this plan will be promptly furnished
by leaving their measures with him.
the Bout and Shoe Store of Jacob Snider,
cheaper than ever.
HATS AND CAPS.—A full line and new
assortment at Snider's Store, Ocilig Build-
at Snider's Store, Oellig Building.
ANOTITER LOT.—Boots and Shoes best
styles and material in market, at Snider's
cheap Boot and Shoe Store. Call and see
GAITERS.—Misses Kid-button Gaiters
us low as $1.40, at Snider's Store.
dec3 3w
Nonows.—Another supply, all kinds,
at Snider's Stoic, Oellig Building.
—Black Cashmeres; French Mennos,
Silk Poplins, Double Warp Alpacas, and all
the popular Dress Fabrics of the season in
great variety, just received at Price & Hoe-
—For the next thirty days, we will
sell a large stock of Knit Goods at and be
low cost. Now fur bargains at Price 4k, Hoe
—Another heavy invoice of 'Wool
Blanketf ,at. auction figures. Call and see
them at Trice 4S: Hoeflich's Store. - , '-, •
—Silk Laces, Gimps, Bugle Braids,
all the novelties, in Ladies' Dress Trim
mings, in full assortment at, Price 4f. Hoe
filch's. dge3 3w
Losr.—Was lost between Waynesboro'
and Ringgold;on Saturday. evening last a
Sable Fur Cape. The same kind of a Cape
was lost on Main street on Saturday even
ing. The finders will be rewarded by leav
ing them at this office. dec3 3 w
- A Max - Rulss.-- One of the sad
dest spectacles is the world is a human
being shattered and broken down by the
use of ardent spirits. But the damage
may be repaired, the ruin restored to per
fect 'Soundness, by a course of that most
powerful of all invigorants, DR. WALK
r.n.'s VINEGAR BrrTERs. Beware of those
"tonics" of ; which rum is an element.—
They aggravate disease and promote de
cay. dee3AL
r Connitunieated.'.
received a large lot of Ready-pade Cloth
ing, consisting of 'Overcoits and full snits:
Overcoats also low as VI; good heavy weight
suits as low as $B.
On hand the largest stock of Cloths,
Casdmeres, Vestings and Overcoatings to
be found in this part of the county. Goods
sold to be made up at home, cat free a
charge.-Call a lind-see-asi - will - not - be - under -
Merchant Tailor,
S. E. Cor. Square, Waynesboro.'
. "1,1 6- I go
out of business, I am now offerring a fine
Stock of Queensware, Glassware and' Surt 7
dries, in connection with my stock of Gro
ceries, at first cost, for CAM The public
are invited to call and examine goods and
prices. W. A.. REID.
dec 3 2w 41
—l5O pair-Ladies aud Misses Rubber
• .114x7 - for - sale - trt - R7ELnax's at 30 cents
per pair. nov26 3t
Itek..That dry hacking cough is the herald
of approaching consumption. To check the
swift progress of the destroyer, prompt and
decisive measures must be restored to. A
dose of Dr. Morris Syrup of Tar, Wild Cher
ry and Horehound, taken when the cough
ing spells come on, will afford immediate
relief and eventually effeda thorough cure.
It will be found equally beneficial in all
forms of throat and lung disorders. In cases
of croup it is of inestimable value. ' Call at
the drug store of F. FORTEMAX, and inquire
about it, they will furnish you with a sam
ple bottle. sept 24-10 w .
At the residence of the bride's mother,
Nov. 18th; '74, by the - Rey. J. F. Oiler,
Mr. - Jacob Burkst to Mrs. Lizzie MoDou
gle, all of Waynesboro', Pa.
At the residence of the brides parents,
on the 19th of Nov. '74; by the same, Mr.
Frank H. Unclesby, of Leitersburg, Md.,
to Miss. Cornelia Dowlin, of Pikesville Pa.
At the residence of the brides parents,
on tha 19th of Nov. '74, by the same, Mr.
Philip T. Click, of Etnmittsbutg, Md.,
to Miss -Ann Marie Fitz, near Waynes
boro', Pa.
On the 26th of Nov. '74, by the same,'
Mr. Cyrus Sites of Pikesvil le, Pa., to Miss
Kate Laugh, of Greensburg, Md.
On the Ist inst., at the house of the
bride's parents, by the Rev. D. F. G00d, ,,
Mr. Ezra M. Senseny, of Carroll Co.,
Md.,to Miss Clara E. Welty,eldest dreugh
ter of Samuel Welty,Esq., near this place.
On the 26th ultimo, in Mechanicstown,
by Rev. J. Summers, Mr. Thomas B.
Winters to Miss Mollie Ilammaker, all
from Washington county:
In Chaiubersburg Nov. 27th, Mrs. 141ar
tha Crosson,aged 81 years,and 6 months.
At the residence of her son, in Cham
hersburg, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Ev.e
Heefner, aged 82 years 8 months and 8
On the 23d of November, 1874, at her
residence, Double Pipe Creek, Mrs. Sar
ah Sayler, wife of Rev. D. P. Sayler, aged
75 years, 3 mouths and 2 days. -
BUTTER. ..: ....; .....
HARD 50AP....... ...
BAtatmonE, November 23, 1874.
- FLOUR.—Western extra at $4,75a5,-
25 ; Family at $5.50a6,25.
IVHEAT•-132 eents higher. Amber
at 135a137 ceuts ; good to prime red at
125a133 cents.
CORN.—Prime dry %dike at 80a82
cents; prime dry'vellow, at 80a81.
OATS.—Mixed Western at 63u64 ets.
RYE.-100 to 105 cents fur good to
30.—57n7,50 for extra State nntl Wes••
tern Steers. Sheep at $4a6,25. Hogs low
er; sales at $10a10,25.
WANTED -1000 Rush. Clover Seed, for
which the highest cash price will be
dec3 Erw, Leitersburg, Md.
.HEREBY notify the public that Mathew
Metcalf holds a note against Jacob Stull
with my name.on that I will not pay as it
was gotten on under falsepretense*
. dec3 3w PATER ROUZER..
Administration Notide.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of
administration upon the estate of Jane.).
Shank,late of Wash. twp., dee'd., have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
indebted to said estate are teguested to
make immediate payment, and those hav
ing claims against the same to present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
Adminiqtratorn. ,
dee3 at
?THE undersigned will offer at Public Sale
in Waynesboro',
On Saturday, 19th day December, 1874,
the following described Real Estate, viz:'
situated near Eikesville, now in the occu
pancy of Thos. J. Cunningham, with good
Stabling, Slaughter Rouse. and other ne
cessary out-buildings. - There is a, well of
good water in the yard.., On.the lot which
contains ansacre,moreor less,- there are a
variety-of choice-fruit trees. The house is
convenient and all in good repair.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock on said day
when the terms will be made known by
T will sell the Royer Faini, near Stouffer's
now occupied by JaeolrC: Stouffer.
The farm has goodiroprovements and con
tains 40 acres good land. For further' in
formation please view the nropetty.
_ISAAC.BLIOCKEY, As:iiiteee. •
G. V. nong, =w I
t. oct tf -
More than One flundred different 'etyles
and colors of
to suit the old, the middle-aged and the
young—in goods better than the test , And
prices cheaper than The cheapestAnitintaiii
ing our reputation as leaders WAIL Ainds
of Head Gear. The largest vatilelpit
Cuffs. Bosoms, Shirt Staclaaild,Sleeve Bitter.
tons, Gents Undetwearii*gee4
and Stockings, Umbrellas, Caiies,ASatifigi, -.
Pocket-books, ac." •
G- 2-1 0 V' E S--
our own manufacture of Buck, Sheep, Kid,
Dog Kid and Custom Gloves - to tit siLsorts
sizes t - ib - a - Pes of Lauda. - ;
For the Ladies,.all thO popular, styles of
urs, Goadis, Boas, Muffs
and .1 - Atr Trimmings, of all descriptions.—
Our ladies $2 Dog•• Gloves fit as neat—
look as well and will outwear a half -dozen
imported Kid, while °lir domestic and mow
kids at $1.50 and $1,60 will, outwear a half
dozen of the imported dollar kids.
14PDEGRAFF'S Het; Glove titid'Fiiiract*y
Opp. Washington House, Hagerstown.
oct 2T—tf.
rrilE subscriber announces to his numer
oust hien& and the public generally
that he continues the, Cabinet-making bu-'
sinews at the old furniture stand on East
Main Street, Waynssboroi, Pa. All articles
offered in his line of business will be man
ufactured out of the best material and ac
cording to the latest' styles. Ile also an
nounces that he has .
He will pay special attention to the Under
taking business, and is prepared to furnish
Coffins of all grades at very moderate pri
ces. He is also provided with a Freezer. '
He hereby tenders his sincere thanks to
his friends and the public generally for
past favors. and asks a share of the same
in tlie future. .JACOB BENDXR.
A choice of Two )44aTirtm :Ptmihums.,
An Illustrated Portfolio o .. . Twelve Gems
by Hendschol, each BixlOrin., or the su
perb Chromo, "The twinsi' 22x28 in., after,
I.andseer. Price $3.25, including postage:
No extras of any kind. Without premium •
$3 per annum. ,
ATTENTION, !-Liberal commission
and exclusive territory. Samples •and cir
culars free. Send Postal Card at once to
HORATIO C. KING, Publisher,
nov2o tf Box 5105, New York.
T .
HE subscriber announces to his cu
tomers and the'public that he has r e.
moved to a shop erected at his residen ro
on the old Hagerstown road,yhere hem in
continue the boot and shoemaking busine go.
Persons wanting boots-or shoes made to or.
der, or repairing done, will at al: times 1 ,,
accommodated at short notice and u
- non
reasonable terms. His prices are : 1 ,.,...,-
Boots, $7 • Half 7 soling, 75 Cents; Hil -..„/"°
ing and 'Heeling, LOO; Ladies' wear lf- - '
to order at store rites.
Persons wahti g repairing done.can leave
such work at tin shop of C. M. Frey if they, -
prefer doing so.
nova - tf ~ -
AuDiroar 6 NOTICE.
r r FIE Auditor appointed by the Court of
"- Common Pleas of Franklin county, Pa.,
to distribute the balance in the hands of
John Wiles, assignee under deed of volun
tary assignment of Jacob Wiles and wife,
to and among the creditors of said assig
nors—will, for the purpose of appoint
ment, meet tbe parties interested on 1 hurs
day; NovembPr 12th, at his office in the
Repository Building in the Roronot o f
Chaznbersburg. tiEO. W. WELScI,
0r122 St Auditor.
..... .25
Manufactures every variety of
manufactured from
My stock is always new and fresh.
j uly3otf
THE undersigned, auditor, appointed by
J. the Common Pleas Court of Franklin
Co., Pa., to' distribute the balance in the
hands of D. B. Russell, assignee of Fred'k •
Lesber, hereby gives notice to• all that he
will sit for the purpoqe of his aPpointmeht
at Joseph bonging WIRT, in Waynesboro',
at 10 o'clock, A.. 111., on Tuesday the. Ist day, ;
of December, 1/374, when and where nfl in
terested can attend, have their claims pre
sented, or be debarred from share of the
fund in hand. E. J. BONDRAKB,
novs 4t - • Auditor.
MISS KATE STICKEL announces to her
lady customers that she hasjust re
turned from the East with a complete as
- sortment of the latest styles of •
Bonnets, Hats,
Velvets, Silks,
Satins, Laces,
Ribbons and .
Dowers, Braids,&c.
Thankful to the ladies for their past pa
tronage she invites them to "call and esam
ine her now winter selection of goods.
novl2 tf
Executors' Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters tes
tamentary on the estate of John Bench
hoof, late of Washington township, dec'd,
have been granted to the undersigned,
All persons knowing themselves Andebt
ed to said estate will please make payment,
and all having claims will preset t them
properly authenticated fir settleturnt.--
DAVID D. BuctwooF,
Farm at. Private Sale!