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    Vnunenbarot aittercl.
Th l -z 2 4 0 =43-e*teneber,•24,l4
r e3t't c.l viers are'lleiicefortir
witb;l?ible-..1' 1-y the Afiti3.4v,ati
ble Stkiety. •• •
0) - `.N a is A Louisiana minis
,ter says be won't change his .shirt until
,this Bea;her business is settled.
togt.P...T.Barniim, the
.4loweiaa, was
married Wednesday morning, to a_daagll
- of :John Somhpo4, England;
• MEsAion. A. IL Moteler of W. Va. will
deliver the annual address before. the
Washington ,Ceunty, 11id., Agricultural
6ociety,nest month.
,'Rev. Thomas Guard, of Baltimore'
distinguighed Irish „Orator, 'has be
some, entirely blind, by the bursting of a
.blood vessel connected with the eye nerves.
.So says an exchange.
a Single comity 37erniont
,:ther,e are _ninety-five farms vacant, and
Quo hundred and
,thirty-six ahandoned
houses. Tiack,of .railroad facilities
is the
.cause assigned for this wholesale
exodus of fanners.
The Baltimore Ame Pimp, declares
:that it has retired from the field disgus
ted, and : resolved
,gyp have nothing more
,to do with party affairs, and that those
who workel to build up the Republican
Tarty in Maryland have no more influ
ence at Washington than a .procession of
newsboys and boetblacki.
..)nthe 2d inst.,
,at Syeamore,Wy
_,andot. (foanty,,Olio,4birteen leadin7
Alies of the village went into the only, sa
loon there, :earriefl out all the liquors,
li s neeked in the heads of easis, poured
contents on the_ground, and warned the
proprietor that.if he soldany more to 11:11-
Amrs or drunkards they would tar and
feather him.
.im.MOulton and -Tilton take it turn
* about in hashing up fresh details of the
- Brooklyrr;scAnd:;—'fbe—laUer—on---Fri--
day issued another long manifesto against'
Peecher, utterly unfit for publication.—
Miss Proctor meanwhile has .brought suit
„against Moulton for libel in alleging crimi
nul intercourse between her and needier,
..Despatches from Rock Island, Il
pois,Davenpqrt and Dubuque, lowa, re.
port great 'damages to property iin the
vicinity of those cities during the storm of
lasfyeek. A freight train on the Illinois
Central Railroad ran :!utp.a bank caused
,by the flood. The engine was compltely
.wrecked, and the brakeman was,killed,
and the engineer and fireman were fatally
AS.In many of the.,Western States, po
iitical parties are wonderfully cut up and
divided aud . ..:sub-divided into rings and
factions. In Obio,lndiana,
3licltigan, Kansas and Wisconsin, etc.
besides the regular Republican and Dem
ocratieepartice, there are Grauger and In-
Aependent nominations, Liberal Pepubli
cans and Reform Democrats, Prohil,itory
License laws ancl People's Party men.—
Amoag,such a mass of political conglom
eration it is very . ; diffLuilt to tell what
.will be the result in November.
-A correspondent of the Baltimore Sun,
writing from Upperville, Va., September
9th, gives the followingtacconutef a dis
ipstrous stroke of lightning :
During a thunder storm yesterday eve
piny Colonel R. B. Bulling had thirteen
horses killed instantly by lightning—
nine colts „and four horses—none of them
under two years old, and some of the fin.
est stock in the country. The most re
markable part of it was the position of
,the horses. I saw them just as they had
fallen, within a rpace of ft itef n feet square,
nearly all touching each other. There
were in the• field twenty-two horses, but
whether all were together it could not be
ascertained ; the probability is.that they
were not., as the others did not appear to
be affected. There were no trees where
the horses stood, but each one stolid With
its head in the same direction, evidently
gathered together in consequence of the
'hail that fell during the storm.
fitEirThey are still talking about the
Prince of Wale's extravagances. The
last story is that the three principal civil
'Ators of the Prince are the Duke of Su ther
•sland, Air. Poole, the tailor, and Mr. Law
eou, the principal proprietor of the Daily
Telegraph, The Vince had about £l,OOO,
900 i..esed - up for him when he attained
his majority. Ho ha 3 ever since had an
income of about £129,000 a year. His
'wife is not extravagant. But snow lie is
in 'debt to the tune of £1,000,000, and it
is a great mystery where the money has
gone to. ; In about twelve years he has
nrinaged to,s,pend more than three and a
quarter millions sterling, or nearly 811,-
. 00,000. This is the insignificant lo At.
iug youth who w over here hot many
years ago.
Vier PanstolLlT \Arms= was - observed
among the attendants at the Universalist
Cbnventieu in New York, and being call
ed to the platform declared that though
not of the Universalist faith he was iu
sympathy with the Assembly as with any
association of men who might be striving
to do good and;advauee the world. '
Slight irort 9u Wednesday morning.
'Nev' Orleans last week was of a most start
ling character. There had been a trottble
sortie state of affairs there fora couple of
years, two parties .: claiming the o ffi ce of
Governor, Kellogg and DicEnery, but the
President decided, in favor cf the Kellogg
administration: A mass meeting of White
Leaguers was bold on Monday and busi
ness iu the city generally suspended. A
denmnd was ramie on Gov. Kellogg to re
sign his office which ho reftmed. Arrnol
-bodies assembled, .and fighting began.
The polite force under Gen. Longstreet
were put to flight, six or eight citizens
and about as many police being killed. On
Tuesday morning the entire Kellogg for
ces surrendered, K.elloggind Longstreet
,taking refuge in the Custom House.. D.B.
Penn, the Lt. Gov. on the McEuery tick
et assumed,* reins.of_authority, and iss
no:larders, prods mations,.&c. The Pres
lawever, being notified, promptly
.issued his proclamation giving ibektisur
gents five days to disperse or tab the
consequences; and with this mataestn,ac
cerding to latest accounts, they have com
plied and the Kellogg administration is
again in,authority;
re - Governor Kellogg has resumed the
office from which be Was driven by force
a week since,' and is re-establishing the
authority of,the,State Government as best
ho can. Two thousand United States.
.troops have already arrived, and more
are on their way, so that there need be no
apprehension of another outbreak in New
Orleans, although there may trouble in
some of the country parishes if the Whit
League officials, who made baste to take
ossession of .the offices from which the
rfghtful incumbents had been expelled,
refuse to surrender the same. .A commit
, tee representing the leading men of both
had u conference on Saturday for
the purpose of arriving at some satisfticto
ry solution of existing difficulties. The
White Leaguers pretend that the registra
r Lion law gives the Kellogg party an un
fair advantage in the pend in,g elcetion,aud
Governor Kellogg Prefesses a, willingness
to Make any reasonable concessions to sat
isfy them that no fraud is contemplated.
On the other baud, MeEnery and his
friends are asked to ;top the proscription
and violence to which Republicans; white
and black, are subjected.
fliirA most heart-rending catastrophe
occurred at Fall River, Massachusetts,on
Saturday. A large cotton factory, called
"Granite Mill, No. 1," took fire from tLe
machinery used in on of the upper rooms,
and owing to the combustible nature of
the oiled floor the flames were communi
cited to the main stairway in an instant,
randering it impossible for the operatives
on the upper floors to pass down. Some
of them rushed to the elevator, but 't,
would not work. These that had suffic
ient presence of mind then ran to the fire
escape ladders, and descended in safety ;
but many of the girls mid children threw
themselves from the upper windows and
were dashed to pieces by . the fall. Some
were let down by ropes, others jump d
on =tresses hastily collected, from the
dwellings near the mill, and were saved.
When the firemen arrived and put up
their ladders, a great . many clambered
down and thus eszaped a terrible death.
It has not been definitely ascertained how
many perished, some accounts placing-the
number as high as seventy-five. The fac- ,
tory was only partially destroyed. This
dreadful disaster will, no doubt, lead to
a careful inquiry into the manner of con
structing large cotton mills, and the
means provided fur the escape of the in
mates in case of fire. In this instance
the appliances seem to hay.; been entirely
'Mrs. Iscac A. Appleton of 'Sok- .
burg, Mich., met with a. sad fate. Notic
ing a squirrel on the gate post, site took
her husband's double-barreled shot gun
docked both barrels stood in the doorway,
fired one barrel and killed .the squirrel.—
While putting the gnu down the other
barrel accidentally discharged. The con
tents passed through her heart. The hus
band Witnessed the sheoting Of the squir
rel, and started for the house to congrat
ulate her on her markmeuship. He Ards
met at the door by hfs wife, who exclaimed
with uplifted hands, "I'm sl o; I'm shot.. "
She fell dead at his feet.
ter Moulton has made another state
ment. lie gees into a lengthy argu
ment to disprove• Beecher's black-mailing
charge, and winds up with what he gives
as a confession by Beecher of having cola
mitted adultry with another woman be
sides Mrs. Tilton.
It is said that Beecher will take im
mediate legal proceedings against Moul
ton for libel.
The Legislature to ho elected the ensu
ing fall will be the first under the new
Constitution, and will consist of double.
the number of members that composed the
Legislature heretofore.
tta..A. total eclipse of the moon will
take place on the 24th and 23th of Octo
ber. It will commence at 11.43 P. M.
on the 24th, and end at 4.48 A. M on
the 25th,
tiNt.A. man to be known must keep his
name before the pcepte. Ife must la
them know where he is, and what he is
Preparations fur wictter wilt soon be i n
_--This,is th© that ,day .of' Autumn,.
—Xeste4uy (bye and nights were
, _
—Chinquapins are again in Inatket.—
The boy.turill find them at lienneherger's.
—The Alms House.ia this county con =
taiusl.lB paupers. ' ' •
Bm.Be careful low you sit out doors
thee cool evenin,ge. The venture is dan
net-A. - nu - Mber of citizens left this morn
ing to attend the • Presbyterian Reunion
at the Oakville XII. Camp ground.
earßev. Dr. Guard of ljaltitnore is an
nounced to lecture in Greencastle on Mnn
day evening 28tli. Subject: "Life and its
DEcEptp.—Capt. Ames Krialer a
well-known citizen died at Hagerstown
on 'Wednesday of last week in the. 76th
,of l,is age.
.DECEASED.-M 4 Andrew Straley died'
.rather suddenly •in this place yesterday
morning at an advanced age. Ile had
been-complaining - for sometime bUt was
about up`to the evening before his death.
nXiatlarence D. Rockafellow, butform
erly connected with the Mechanicsburg
Journal, is charged with committing an
outrage on a young German girl at a ho
tel in Chicago.
rmOn Thursday last the Democratic
Conferees of this District (18th) nomina
ted W. S.Stenger, Esq. of the Valley Spir
it for Congress. Gen. Longhorn NVister,
of Perry county, is the Republican candi
date. •
Es„.o. W. Good of this vicinity who has
been dealing in horses for some time pass
ed our office on Monday with one of the
finest looking animals we have yet noticed
on our greets. Mr. G. confines his oper
a t ons_ to -first-class stock. —Persons- want
ing a good riding or driving horse will
not go amiss to give him a call.
im„,The Favillion recently erected at
Blue Ridge Station, on the W. M. R. R.,
by Hon. J. L. Chapman, was opened with
a pie nic on Monday last and ended with
a cotillion party in the evening. The at
tendance we learn was large, persons being
present from Balthnore,Wcstrninster,Em
mitkburg, Hagerstown and and other
points along the line of the road. The
Band of the 6th Maryland Regiment was
in attendance, and the music fit ruished is
represented as having been grand.
GONE Sorrn.—J. W. Jameson *ell
known to many of our citizens who has
been sijourning at Muuktoy, Md. for
sometime, encloses $5 and requests that
his paper be forwarded to Ilustotwille,
Lincoln Co., Kentuckey, where he expects
to spend the and coming winter season
at saddling business. During the last thir
ty years Mr. J. spent a considerable por
tion of his time in our town. At his par
ticular branch of business he is excelled
by, few if any workmen, and is withal!, a
e:ever and intelligent gentleman.
Bust.Ness CoLixcE.—We are pleased
to learn that Prof. A. M. Trimmer, of
the "Dickinson Inland Chain of Busi
ness Colleges," has decided upon Chain
bcrsburg as a permanent location for one
of his Institutions. This College we un
derstand will be first class hi all its de
partments, including. a regular Telegraph
Institute, supplied with circuit of mire
and instruments. Open Oct. Ist, 1874.
For cirulars giving particulars, write
enclosing green postage stamp. Addiess :
A. M. Trimmer, Charubersburg, Pa,
StromG.—Tbe farmers in this section
of the county are more tardy than hereto
fure about seeding their ground. The
work has not been commenced here yet.
This is owing to the partial and in some
instances comrlete failure of the early sow
ing !bribe past few years ny the ravages
of the fly.
According to the last Mechaniesto►►n
Claeion, the Frederick county farmers
would seem to be ou the otl e: extreme.
The Clarion says :
Some of the wheat sown in A.ugnst and
ht of September is up and looking
e 1 I . Some have expressed their fears if
warm weather prevails, it will be sullied,
to the ravages of the fly. A few farmers
are not yet dune sowing, prefering a later
day to an earlier one.
PrE3111731 Aw.vrtoEn.—We are , grati
lied to be able to announce that at the
State Fair recently held at Cincinnati,
Ohio, the first premium was awarded to
Messrs. Frick S: Co. of this place for I heir
Steam Engine, '•Eclipse," over all com
petitors. We understand there were some
forty engines on .exhibition. Iu conse
quence of late improvements added their
sales have been largely increased, and
this last flattering testimonial will doubt
less have the effect to still further extend
their sales.
The fact that this premium was award
ed among Strangers and over the great en
gine builders of the west speaks fi►vonably
tin. Messrs. Frick - & Company's Steam
Engine Works.
fie-A resident of the Cumberland Val
ley has predicted a flood before the first
of October, and one so terrible that it
will not have had an equal in the history
of central Pzunsylvault.
T.D.FrenelmifNicks. Itossabduction : case, which has
!burg, liss„ is now on a brief visit to his Caused so much talk and so profuse a
,frieLds in this place. In:a day or two he waste-of public sympathy,,is at last .ap
:expects to return to the South with his proaching the conclusion which shrewd
. •
On Sunday lost, communion occasion,
the Pastor of the Presbyterian -Church,
was assisted by his uncle, Rev. 0. 0. Mc-
Clean, D. D. of Lewistown. During his
stay the Bev. gentleman favored the con
gregation with several very able and in
structive discourses. • -
The'sale of Henry Reed's farm in Qu;n
cy township has been postponed until Fri
day the 9th day Of October, at 2, P. M.
John A. Sheeler, administrator of Je
rome Beaver, deed, was in town on Tues
day and Wednesday.
Our clever neighbor, Mr. John Russell,
the' other, morning surprised us with a
mesa of very fine eels as a present.
Messrs. W. S. Amberson and Joseph
Price of this place are ,delegates to the
State Convention of the Young Metes
Christian Association,:whieb meets at Ger
mantown to-day.
Our young friend, Mr. P. O. Good, of
the Litllestount News,visited town last week
remaining over till Monday. Pres. gets
out a-neat paper; and we are pleased to
learn that his liusiness prospects for a new
h'eg4mer are so encouraging.
RELlcaotTs.—Services in the Presbyte
rian Church, (Rev. It. F. McClean, Pas
tor,',next Sabbath —preaching in the mor
ning and quarterly review of the S. S. les-.
sous by the sclmol in the evening,.
Sabbath-school at o'clock, P. M.
Union Prayer Meeting at the M. E.
Church, at 3 o'clock, P. M.
Regular services in St. Paul's Reformed
Chapel (Rev. Wm. C. Schaeffer, Pastor)
next Sunday morning. Iu the evening
the Sunday-School, connected with this
congregation, will celebrate its first anni
versary. A cordial invitation is extend
ed to all persons to attend these anuiver
tary exercises.
the sth inst., Mr. NATE/AN/EL CLARY,
aged GS years.
. + , .,- , Meeki-Arlart-Ints—recently be
come prostrated and unable to work, has
succeeded in getting four of his children
into the Soldiers' Orphans' Home, at Get
tysburg, Fa., thus relieving hhu very nma•
terially of their support.
Messrs. Welty and Adams have pur
chased of Mr. Harvey Bucket, his 'house
and lot, situated at the rail road, on Main
Street, for thi purpose of cr,cting a ware
house and general produce house.
SAJ,E or Famm.—The undMded half
of the farm belonging to the estate of Eliz.
Miller, deceased, in Guilibrd town-ship,
was sold on the sth inst., by John Arm
strong, Administrator, to Solemn Miller
for $81.20 per acre. The farm contains
100 acres. '
The faim of Samuel Grossman, deceas
ed, in Guilford township, was sold on the
Bth inst., to James D. Scott fur $B5 per
acre. Acres iu farm, 106.
The assignees of Jae Oh Stouffer sold on
Friday last, the following properties :
The Miller, farm containing 102 acres,
sold to Mr. A, Henry, at $57.75 per acre.
The mill property and 18 acres of land,
sold to Wm. Wallace, for $16,050.
The "Vance" farm containing 121 a
cres, was purchased by Mr. E, W. Curri
den, at $100:10 per acre.
Mr. John Waver, 75 acres of mountain
FAIR. T li e annual exposition of the
Washington County Agricultural and
Mechanical Association will take place on
the 13th, 14th, 15th; and 16th . of October,
and it promises to be the best that has oc
curred fbr many years. The officers of the
association seem .to be sparing no expense
to make it a success, and several new feat
ures will be introduced. The permiurus
have been increased in nearly all depart
ments, and the grounds are being put in a
condition that will make visitors comfor
table. Every provision will be made to
exhibitots for the accommodation of their
stock, machinery, products, goods, &c.—
General Grant, and Cabinet have been in
vited, as well as other prominent mqnof
the country the most of whom;iniveyenti ,
stinted to,be present. A lafie'filtepdance_
is expeCted, and should ithu'.wtiitlitier[4e.,
favorable it is thoughoi:_t!).ll*
lead in county fairs pii-Oiliti'l3*:*tlie
present .seas.oa.
, ..• r
Monday last the: : lranoliei:*nd:A.*
Short Line RailoltdcoavOyi**** ,- 4:
the controlling itit4Oiti'lOr ; tert'ift3l* , ,..
stock in the LitttOink(i.lo : 4l4 l oZikiX :
000. This road cOttneetitykie4A#4**,*:
and York ShortAllifkairoia 'at anpver,
and extends to ilaji:.*:;yliii4 , lll4,. : l,l4l*.
it connects with''#4 l yrederink : sgoitc . .*: - ,
Line Railroad. „.::31'1e,silentir:et:;-:..Diitti4":
Railroad Compatit, ,,t o*
shares in the Littl6ll4n,
RELIC.-W I iSt atriilbi
top, a few days ago, Sta. c'ta,
found a goldwatch. 11 iluot;'ifi~sturbii g`:
some leaves exposed it to irte*:;:!:, , 4:4o - :*
'Geneva "railroad time-keeper' etins'Ader4
ably blackened, and was doubtless lost
during the battle, in July, 1863. Com
Jos. Price of the firm of Price Hoof
lich is uow in the city purchasing a first
supply of fall and winter goods. Ad ver
tit,ement nest week.
observers believed it would come,itud that.
is that there has been no abduction at all.
The,Germautown Telegraph, which should
be good authority concerning a matter oc.
curring so immediately in its own vicini
ty, contained the following in its last is :
sue: "lii the Ross abduction case, which
for,months luts excited this, community
so much and occupied so wide space in
the newspapers, it is now generally be
lieved—And assts by, many at the begin
ning—that no thieves or sharpers, for the
sake of ranson, luid any hand in it at all;
in a word, thttk, no crime was committed,
and that the boy is not harmed or likely
to be. If such is the fact then somebody
has incurred a respousiblity to the com
munity which will not easily be got rid
of." The Reading Eagle has also publish
ed a letter from Germantown, which pur
ported to have been written by a neigh
bor of the "stricken" family, and to rep
resent the opinions of 'the neighborhood
generally upon the• so- called kidnapping
case. The writer states that about ten
years ago the father of the missing child
married a rich Western lady, and that
during their happy days, the two boys,
Walter and Charlie, were born to them.
A few years ago, he says, the parents seas-'
ed to live amicably together, and finally
Mrs. Ross returned to her family in the
West. Subsequently another person was
brought iu to fill the place vacated by
her, and still occupies it. After narrating
substantially what is stated above, the
snare writer continues thus: "The follow
ing is the theory of those who know the
family, end who are acquainted with Ross
personally: Some months before the kid
napping Mr. Ross received letters from his
first and only wife asking and demandi k , g
the children. It trill be recollected that
even up to this time he bad refused to
show any of the letters be received, with
the exception of the blackmailing note,
and it will be also borne in mind that the
attempt was made to, steal both the chil
dren. It was not until three days after
the kidnapping that the fact was made
public, and at that time the child was
safely in the bands of its mother or her
friends in the West."
BLACK LIST:—The following indi
viduals have swindled us out of the sums
annexed to their names, or,so far, at least,
have refused to settle any part of their ac
counts, and in order that they may not
successfully play the part of "dead beats"
in other localities, we give the public the it
names, and will continue to add "a few
more of the same sort week to week,
and as they appear their names will be
dropped from our list as subscribers:
HENRY L. BROWN, $30,00
JOIIN D. BARR, 10.50
S. A. FOUTZ 10.00
A. N. STALEY, 5.00
.J. M. LEESE& CO. 30,00
BENJ. F. FITZ, 0,00
11. M. JONES, 8,00
Gip). W. CRAMER, 5,00
C. A. S. WOLF,
M.The Harrisburg and Potomac Rail
road Company has just placed a large and
handsome new engine on the road. It is
named "Col. Daniel V. ALP' in honor of
the energetic President and prOjector of
the road.
I:*„The most astonishing cure of chron
ic diarrhoea we ever heard of is that or
\Vm. Clark, nankfort Mills, Waldo Co:,
'Maine; the facts nre attested by Ezra
riatt, Upton Treat and M. A. Merrill,'
"eitiliOrof whom might be addressed for
IrsittcOu•s. Mr. Clark was cured by
Jahisiloies'Anodgite Liniment.
Z. pa. , ,,joserh Farewell, Mayor
Bragg, of
,I ii, i,,;ti,, n
i. a,„,.,,
,7.,.rs • Po
e Bros, Al
;le . , „ ltaber , merAints, fully endorsed the
‘OiaiA7 ;. 44diton Powlers, and
ovot,o46,T4'_9letors liberty to use
TB:.O.BOOEAS*Ti - ..0
hp"Fitiplicough is the herald
;#o,ll.#Oristgallition. To check the
rqiitl47l*r r i . t . sej,!ffilici*# royer, prompt and
4itisiv*,:iitettstieek.siktitbe re3to red to. A
T r, Cher-'
rjr.,44A00160114.; tisk* when the cough
:,i,,,,K ,4110)*itxt,iiii:13n;10 afford immediate
- 0114..iiiit . .,4**i.1,1(X0ect a thorough cure.
40r ; i*Iiii":4* . keirgly beneficial in all
ftiritiikif%Oiiii:antlittitg disorders. In eases
~r ,gri:4:itls4l. . mgtimable value. Call at
t Ao,,Tbitt. FORTIIMAN, and inquire
about 10trsoy furnish you with a sam
ple bottle. sept 24-101 v
. iarNew Fall Millinery, just received
at Mrs KESTER'S. sop 24
te'Beaded Nett, Lice, Fringe and
pimp, at Mrs. KtlsTca's. sep24
tsp.:lf the Druggist .Offers Any kind
of herb-flavored alcohol fortlyspepsia, bili
ousness, or any other ailment, tell him that
you want medicine, not a Lar-room.
TERS, the best regulating preparation known,
and which you knom is free from "Satan's
.Ikject all the firey "Tonics" and
`Appetizers," it and cling to that remedy.-- - -
There is no medicine that compares with it.
sep 24.
vS.Go to Mrs. KES - TER'S for the latest
in Beaded Veils, very handsome. sep24
call - -the attention of our trade
to the huge supply of Calico Remnants
just received. They are going rapidly.
. scp2l Pnccfi &Ho:wizen.
M.Township 'rights for sale in Frank
lin County. or good agents employed to can
vass each township, for the King Fluting,
Glossing. Band and Smoothing Iron. Call
on or address L. C. Bit &C.KBILL, Gen. Agent,
Waynosboro', Pa. - sep
Ate" First arrival of Fall Style hats for
Men & Boys' at the town hill Store.
.sept 17
.853-A fine lot of Men & Boys' Heavy
Boots. cheap at the town Hall Store.
sept 17
KerA nice line of Gents' Neck wear, at
the town Hall Store.
sept 17
Bsr.Aferts', Ladies',-&; Misses Rubber
Shoes, at the own Hall Store.
sept 17
Boons AND SHOES.---AllOther. . Supply
just received at Snider's Store., Ocilig build
sept 17 - -
Jun On:N.—Another lot Foxed Gait
ers for Ladies' wear, at SNIDER'S Store.
sept 17
HATS AND CAPS just opened for the
Fall trade at JACOB S:s:IDER'S Hat Cap, Boot
and Shoe Store, Oellig building, corner of
sept 17 •
VINE Boo : rs.—J. Snider is in receipt of
another lot far gentlemen's wear. Call and
examine his NEW STOCIi,
sept. 17.
WANTED.--A Second-handed Riding
Saddle. Enquire of the Printer.
sepl7 tf
& WOLFF have just received a full line of
Carpets and Oil Cloths which they will sell
at prices to suit the times. Ladies are invi
ted to call and examine their new styles
before purchasing elsewhere. sep 17
vs,.Large lot Men and .Boys' Prime
Heavy Hoots, at astonishing low prices, at
MUER BROS' Boot and Shoe Store. .
SO - Ladies, Misses and Obildrens' Shoe
wear of all kinds, that will compare favor
ably with any in town, in quality and price,
at MILLER BROS., P. 0. Building. scpl.o
ite..Ladies, Misses and Men's _Rubber
Over Shoos, cheap, at MILLER BROS. •
sep 10
—Persons wishing the King Iron, four
s complete in one, for glossing, fluting, band
and smoothing, by leaving their orders with
Stover & Wolff, can be supplied.
sep 3 General Agent.
Near Shady Grove, on the llth inst., Su.
snx lioca„ aged 73 years, 1 month and 24
Her sufferings ended with the day,
Yet lived she at its clo:e,
And breathed the long, long night away,
Instable like repose.
But when the sun in all its state,
Illumined the eastern s tries,
She passed through glOry:s morning gate
And walked in paradise.
(couaEcrED WEEKLY.) •
BACON. 101
11 AMS 3 °
BUTTER . ..... .
APPLES- . —DrunD. '0
APPLES—Gums 30
HARD SOAP ...... 5
FLOUR.—City Mills Fine at $3.75 ;
Super and do. Family on private terms;
Western Extra at $5@5.15, aud-do. Fam
ily at 85.371®5.75 per bbl.
WIIEST.—SaIes of Southern amber
at 1.35@137 cents; do. good to prime red
at 1250 - ) 133 cents, and do. fair white and
red at 120@123 cents.
CORN.--Mary land white at 102@105
cents; do. yellow at 100®105 cents.
OATS.—Bright Western at 63 cents,
mixed 58@60 ten's.
RYE:— We quote good at 96 cents.
O KA z / „
The oldest and best appointed Institution
for obtaining a Business Educati4p.
For circulars, address
sep24 3m e o Pittsburg, Pa.
The undersigned, administrator of Je
rome deeeaged, u ill be at the Bow
den House, in Waynesboro', on Tuesday
and Wednesday, 2211 and 23d day Septem
ber. All persons indebted to said deceas-•
ed will please call and settle, and those
having claims are requested to present them
sep.l7 it JOHN A. SHEARER.
THE subscriber announces to his
ers and the public that he still occupies
the Basement of the Waynesboro' I lotel
building as a Restaurant. The finest oys
ters the market will afford served fried,
roasted or stewed (luring day time and eve
nings. Also Bologna Sausage, Tripe, Eggs,
etc. A genuine article of cider always on
on hand. lie will keep the best of every
thing in his line and expects to be able to
give sati.faction to all who will favor him
with their patronage.
Fresh oysters this evening.
sep 6tf • PETER CORBETT.
33A11 1 115..
BA vrtmouu, Sept.2l, 1874.
IMIHE subscriber, administrator of Henry
,Hennicle, deed, will. °Mr at Public Sale,
on the premiseS,
On Saturday the 3d day. of Oetober,lB74,
the; ,following deicribedlteal 'Estate, sibulr
ted abinit one-quarter of a mile from 11(re
well Mills, on the Mentzer Gap Road, viz:
containing 10 ACRES, more or less, with a
story and a half
AUNT, (weatherbOarded) smoke house,
frame stable, hog pen, and other necessary
out-buildiugs thereon. There are also on
the premises • • -
Of choice fruit trees and a well' of aarsr
failing water. At the same time will be of
fered an unimproved Lot Ground, contain
adjoining lands of Dr. Ben. Frantz, Henry
Bonbrake, and others. This tract will ho
divided or sold together to suit purchasers:
Sale to commence ,at 1 o'clock on said
day when terms will be made known by
• sep 17 ts] G. O V. Mong, anat.
'FHB undersigned wild sell at Public Sale
on the premises, the property upon.
which he now resides, situated in Quincy
township, Franklin county, Pa., on the road
leading froth Quincy to Clianiber6burg, ono
and a half miles from the former place,
a tract of first-rate limestone land, contain,
u 8 1 ..,.. CS dia. C 7 .IEL 70 M ,
8 acres of which is excellent Timber Laud,
with a good
log and frame BARN,. wash house and all
necessary out-buildings. With a never flitt
ing well of water at the house a cistern and
snch as apples,peaches, pears, plums, cher
ries, grapes, &c.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock on said day
when terms will he linatle known by
sept 1 7.1 s
WILL be sold at Public Sale on the Preir
ises on
'ednesday, the 14th day of October,lB74,
the following described Real Estate, all
that valuable farm, containing
138 ACRES and 14 PERCHES,
_known as the Neil vaney-fartnTlocated-one
and Ei half miles west Waynesboro', on
the Greencastle an 111ercersburg, Turn
pike. bounded by nds of John Funk, Sr.,
Samuel ForemanJ. H. Gordon, Franklin
_Miller and Isatie IL Fox. This farm will be
offered in two tracts.—
No. 1, containing
124 ACRES and 14 PERCHES,
neat measure. The improvements are a
large -
Bank Barn, I ragori Shed and all the ndces
s.try out buildings; a spring of never failin,s
watt r in the basement of the house;
of choice fruit, about 15 acres of the tract is
covered with thriving oak timber, the bal
ance in a good state-of cultivation.
No. 2, a tract of land containing
situated on the South side of the Green-,
castle and Alercersburg Turnpike, adjoin
ing the Toll Gate property. There are fie
improvements on this tract.
The farm will be sold together or sepa
rate to suit purchasers.—
Persons wishing to view the premises
will please call ou the undersigned residi no.
in Wayneseoro', or James Abillcancy resid
ing on the farm.
Sale to commence at I (Meek, P. M.,
when the terms will be made known by
11. X STONER - ,
W. S. A 311 - 3 E
Sept. 10-ts
Clminbersburg Repository copy 4 times
and send bill to advertirier,s.
M. E. )3
TIIE undersigned intending to relinquish
farming, will oiler at public sale, on the
premises, situated along the turnpike lead
ing from Waynesboro' to Greencastle, three
milei west of the former place,
On Thursday the 24th Septernber, 1874,
the following personal property, to wit:
five of which are good work horses, two
colts i ising 2 yea's, one colt 5 months old;
3of which arc mitch cows, 3, heifers two
years old, 2 tine steers two years old, 1 two
yearling ball; G fine Ewes;
with lied; 1 two or three-horse Wagon, four
inch tread, 1 one-horse spring wagon, ono
falling-top buggy,
combined, 2 three-horse and 1 two-horse
barshear plOws, S single and double shove;
plows, single, double and treble trees, 2 sets
brecchbauds. 2 sets front gears, 3 sets plow
5 pair fly-nets, log chain, fifth-chain,
butt traces, middle rings, &c.; 3,000 try
Oak Lap Shingles,
Aboot 20,000 Oak Stays .and Heading;
also, 1 bureau, 1 Cupboard, 1 side-board, 2
bedsteads and bedding, 1 dining table. 1
parlor table, 2 sets chairs, 2 large rocking
chairs, about 50 yards carpeting, cook stove
doughtray, iron kettle, and many article
not enumerated.
,'ale to commence at 10 o'clock on said
day, when terms will be made knOwn by
G. V. Mong, auct,
sep 10 is
TIIE Heirs of George Wiles, deed. offer
their furin at Private Sale, which con
152 AC-124MS,
first quality of LIMESTONE LAND with
good improvements. If not sold the said
Firm will be for rent. For further informa
tion enquire of the undersigned livine on
the premises. JOHN WILES.
,anutl tf
Prime livees LtrioaTes.t)Poittrspfloyr
to sa le, (01-
A OR 5 Twior 'Yearling Colts,pod Virginia
stock, fur, szde.
sep 3 3t J.S. U. CLAYTON.