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    -amptsborii*tiillage 'Aittord.
Thursday, January 15,1874.
adr r itere *re now-, about 34,000. , poet
offices in the'United Sintei.
Ittiir Governer Hartranft has issued his
procrannation. sillpottnriNg that :the New
Constitution is now the law of the State.
ieL.Brigham Young has ordered all
his . missionaries iu Europe to send over
no more dolemaidr,oas they are unprofita
fa - Henry Clews it, Co., of New York,
'resumed their s banking business last week,
announcing the fact with a circular in
which 'they warmly thank their creditors
for their: forbearance, and declare their
readiness to pay all obligations in full.
cadr•Mr. James, Marshall, of Hagers
town, Washington county, Md., who
claims to be 70 years old, was preSented
with a Christmas gift in the shape of
twins by his wife, who'is about 60 years
of age.
- PEeSinee the death of John Hopkins,
tho honor of being called the wealthiest
3 , 11 tn in'lialtimore is believed to rest be
tween Ross Winans, Thomas Winans
:Ind A. S. Abell, proprietor of the Sun
the separate and individual- wealth of
each being estimated at from eight to ten
millions of dollars.
- terThe -- 7 - Rev.lrirrikeuurrvife — of•
Lima, Ohio, have just died from pois
oning. They were preparing to papet a
xootn in their horse, and in tearing down
the old paper, which was of a deep green
color, a dust was created which was in
haled by them. and they wera poisoned
by it. 'hey died within* a short time of
each other, and were hurried on the same
d a v.
itEniqatnes Raymond, of Brooklyn,
.N Y., was bitten in the hand by a cat six
months ago. No serious effects followed
the wound until a few days ago, when
symptoms of hydrophobia began to mani
fest themselves. Notwithstanding the
treatment of several physicians the symp
toms continued to grow worse until the
young man finally died while suffering
all the agonies of the disease.
'CS - Attorney General Williams has
written a letter to 'the President, with
drawing his name for the nomination of
chief justice. Since his recommendation
for the office by the President, he says
that the floodgates of calumny in all di
rections have been opened against him
and as a public opinion has been created
against him, he asked to be withdrawn.--:-
The President has acceded to his wishes.
Op Friday he nominated Caleb Cushing.
This occasioned some surprise, Cushing
only recently having been appointed
Sickle's successor as Minister to Mad
'The Scientific American publishes a
full description of the proposed great town
er to be erected in Philadelphia at the
Centennial. As to height, any thing, of
previous device sinks into insignificant e
beside it. The tower of Babelxas a com
mon affair, in all probability, and the St.
Peter's at Rome, St. Paul's London, an d
the Pyramids of Egypt, will "look like
pigmies." The tower is to be one thou
sand feet in the air, of circular iron ; one
hundred and fifty„feet at the base, and
thirty at the top, with a spiral stair case
for the use of any one who is foolish e
nough to attempt to walk up, and an ele•
vator for those who are willing to risk a
iteV'The rascality of the Post Office
Department is exposed by the Postmaster-
General in his report. He says:
"During 'the year, 802 persons were
arrested for various offences against laws
and regulations._ Of these, 93 have been
convicted, and, of course, sent for longer
or shorter periods to state Prtmas and
pen iteutiari, and have thus had their
characters among men ruined, and all
iheir prospects blighted. Twenty have
been acquitted, 198 are awaiting trial, 95
giave 'been discharged for want of proof
imfricient to insure. conviction." -The num.
her of missing letters for the past year is
605, of which 3,980 were unregistered,
2,185 registered. The former contained
lxmds currency-, etc., to the amount of
$309,123.50. The latter, $70.421.90,
Thus about four hundred thousand dol
lars were hist in letters.
tro..Att applicant tor a tavern license
in York county sent Judge Fisher a fine
large binnae turkey, as a Christmas gift.
'he York papers have procured a eopy
of the judge's answer, omitting the name
of the donor. Perhaps it may he well for
the public to know the views of the writer
on the subject of receiving gifts:
• Youv. Dec. 17,1873.
Sin: I understand that last evening
.a remarkably fine bronze turkey was left
st my house by your orders as a Christ
mas gift. As I was sick in my chamber,
I knew nothing About it, or I would not
barcatliowed it to be :eft. I consider it
b;gltly improper for a Judge to receive
presents from any person, although they
le of the smallest value, and particularly
if .the party has It suit in court or is, an
applicant for license. The court cannot be
propitiated or -their good favor obtained
Tor such purpose by suck' means. I request
yen to send for Ilia turkey immediately,
.811. i if not sent 14 I will direct it to be
fti von to the .Orphans' Home, for their
be vest.
Youra rearerthll7,.
Eum:RT .5. 171,:inim
SES.In . the United, States Senate on
Monday,, memorials were presented ask
ling the passage orthe Civil Rights bill
and for a modification of the Bankrupt
,Act. Mrs. Stanton and Miss Antheuy
handed. in, through Mr. Sargent, their
petition that the women should have the
same rights with colored men. Mr. West
presented the resolutions of the Louisiana
Legislature, certifying to the good charac
ter of Pinch back, the colored Senator,
and asking for his immediate admission.
Mr. Cameron submitted a memorial from
forty thousand Russian Mennonites; who
ask as a condition of their settlement in
this country that they shall not be inter
fered with upon any public lands that
they may take up. The Senate then took
up the Salaiy bill, and after wrestling
with it for the remainder of the day, final
ly passed a total repeal of the grab act of.
March last. All salaries, compensations
and allowances are reduced to precisely
the figures they were previous to March,
except the salaries of the President and
Judges of the Supreme Court, which re
main as then increased. It is also provid
ed • that no mileage shall be paid for this
session of Congress, and that all of the
increased back pay that has not been i,
drawn or that has been returned by mem
bers shall be covered in the Treasury.—
kre — bill — rrow - goes — ba - ck — to - th - e — Hmss - e7
where it will probably have a hard strug
gle for its life.
NEW YORE.—The spiritual excitement
or revival in the neighborhood of Roches•
ter, N. Y., seem to have culminated in
the case of Miss Eleanor Bonney, an a
dopted daughter of Mr. Preston, living in
or near the village of Avon. The story
in regard to this young woman is that
she had, since the beginning of last Au
tumn, constantly asserted that she would
soon leave her body and be absent sever
al weeks, returning finally to communi
eate_such news of the epiritnal world as
had never yet been given to man. This
prediction was renewed and dwelt upon
until her friends grew weary of the sub
ject. Finally, on the 11th of November,
she informed them the time had now come
and after some preparations with great
cheerfulness and composure, lay calmly
down, her breath growing shorter and
fainter until at 2 A. Ist., life appeared,en
tirely extinct: .
Six weeks have passed since then, and
still the body lies in Mr. Preston's house,
guarded and watched over by the little
circle of believers who still wait for the
re-animating spirit to return. In spite of
their 'care, the matter has now become
public, the coroner has been called, and
physicians have insisted on inspecting the
body. The ghastly description given
would seem conclusive as to its being
really a corpse, but still in deference to
title intente desires of the friends, further
proceeding have been postponed, and they
are still watching for the re-animating
body to rise again. Finally the Coroner
ordered a medical post mortem examina
tion, which after. some opposition on the
part of the friends, was completed, reveal.
ing the internal organs far gone into de
composition, but leaving the cause of
death still a mystery. Since then a spir
itualist medium has published a commu
nication; purporting to come from the
deceased girl, stating that at any time
during the six weeks she could have re
returned to the body, but delaying to a
longer time, she found herself unable to
re-animate the decaying frame. With
this explanation the believers appear to
be satisfied. Dear, dear
fried Kuhule, a German baker of Phila
delphia, was murdered on Wednesday
morning of last week, in the bakehonse,
by a German in his employ. The mur
derer robbed the house of fifty-five dollars
and attempted to kill Kuhule's wife in
her bed. He then fled, but has since been
captured by the police in a neighboring
lager beer saloon. The murderer was an
apprentice, known only as Fritz. Ku
hole was killed with a blow of a shovel
while engaged in leaning into a barrel of
Fleur, causing his death instantly. Fritz
then went into the room of his wife and
attempted to strangle her, but she awoke
and a struggle ensued. He heat and hit
her, and at* ockpowering her pushed
her under the bed, believing her to be un
conscious. He then robbed the bureau
of all the money it contained, and chang
ed his clothes in an upper room. The
murderer, who was captured calls him
self Frederick Heidenblut, and confesses
the crime. The money was found on
LEGISLATURE.—The Legislature of this
State was organized on Tuesday a week,
with Butler B. Strang as Speaker of the
Senate, Russell Errett Chief' Clerk, and
Messrs. McAfee and Cochran Assistant
Clerks. Henry H. McCormick, of Alle-
gheny, was elected Speaker of the House,
and Wm. C. Shurlock, Chief Clerk.
The Governor's Message was delivered
on Wednesday. It is an able state pa
per, but our limited space does not admit
of its publication.
In referecne to the recent panic the
GOv. says ho will co-operate in any -mea
sure in which the legislatum may attempt
to alleviate the troubles of the working
men. He reports the public State debt
to be $25,798,821,94 on the first of No
vember, and the receipts for 1873 $8,5,59.
Sala' Stato.
—Thailap are lengthoning, percepts
iThe new Court House in, Hagers
town is finished, or so nearly so that it is
-teirThoma.4 McAfee, of Mercersburg,
recently shot a wild turkey that weighed
28 pounds.
Apartost.—Mrs. K. G. Stovar val. have
auction on Friday evening, the 23d inst.,
at 6 o'clock.
Smaurn3.—A light 'fall of snow on
Monday night afforded tolerable good
sleighing on Tuesday morning, the first
of the season.
PARADE.—We understand the novel
spectacle of a Calico Paradeis to be wit
nessed in our town this (Thursday) even
ing. The Police should be on duty.
itm..The "champion hog" of the State
is claimed for Lancaster county. It was
Slaughtered by a Mr. Moyer, and dressed
900 pounds.
, :M.The new Constitution makes women
eligible for the office of school director.
We should have at least two in our board
for the next year. Whom shall we run?
The Walker & Nill Store House,
in Hagerstown was sold by the Trustees
on Tuesday a week to Dr. J. P. Smith
for-the_su m-of-$9,300
A CALL.—Rev. Dr. Keiffer, of Green.
castle, has received a call to the churches
of the Reformed charge at Gettysburg,
LUTHERAN SYNOD.—We are requested
to announce that this religous body will
convene in this place on Monday the 26th
inst., and continue its sessions for several
BROOM FACTORY.—ittention is dine
ted to the advertisement of Mr. D. B.
Resh. Mr. R. has acquired quite a repu
tation for the style of brooms he manufac
some very prompt paying Western sub
scribers as well as some that are not so
prompt. Checks or P. 0. Orders from
the latter would prove very acceptable
just now.
Those patrons who had the courage
to risk a settlement of their accounts dur
ing the past couple of weeks, are entitled
to our special thanks. May we not hope
that others may become equally courag
eous and dare to perform similar feats.
FINE FURNITURE.-It will be seen by
reference to our advertising colums that
Mr. Jos. H. Crebs of this place has made
large additions to his furniture rooms.—
He claims to have the largest stock of
furniture ever before exhibited in our
town, enbracing all styles and prices.—
The public is envited to call and examine
his stock.
CALLED AwAv.—We failed to notice
last week that Mr. David Patterson had
been called to Pittston on acount of busi
ness engagements, and that his son Wm.
Patterson, had taken his place. The lat
ter will continue during the absence of
his father to pay the highest market price
for wheat. When not at the Mill he cau
be found at the Bowden House. .
THE WEATHER.—The spring-like weath
er noticed in • our last issue, suddenly
changed on Monday. Snow now covers
the ground to tho depth of several inches ;
the creeks and smaller channels are ice
bound,'and the angry howl of old Boreas
is beard without. This state of things is
calculated to shaken faith in all prophe
sies favoring an open winter. Weather
prophets will have look to their laurels.
BASK Mimerms.—At an election held
on last Tuesday the following, persons
were elected to serve as directors for the
ensuing year, viz: Daniel Mickley, sen.,
Alex. Hamilton, John Philips, William
Hammett, Jas. H. Clayton, Daniel Tri
tle, Joseph Price, Henry Good and Dan.
iel Hollinger.
DEBATE.—The Grange question was
debated by the Pikesville Literary &Cie
ty on Monday evening last. The ques
tion was—" Resolved that Patrons of Hus
bandry should be encouraged." The
question was decided in the negative.—
This is supposed to have settled the ques
tion, so far at least as that section is con
OUT OF DEBT.—We understand the
entire indebtedness on Trinity Reformed
Church of this place was last week can
celed by the congregation. We further
learn that the builder, Mr. Elias Rothe,
of New Oxford, Adams county, on final
settlement, made a reduction on his con
tract of over $4OO. Such acts of gener
osity are not often met with among, con
COURT.—The following is a list of the
Jurors from Washington and Quincy
townships for Court, commencing on Mon
day next:
Grand. Jurors—Sol. Hertman, Lewis
Lecron, Frederick Speck. Traverse Ju
rors—John Brumbaugh, David S. Lesh
er, Jacob Moan, Wm. A. Reid, Henry
Walter, Clayton Frey, David Gilbert,
Alex. Johnston, JarlVes Knepper, J. A.
Niccxlemus, Gen. W. Stephey i Henry
Fit; J. H. Gordon, Wm. Harshman.
Samuel Hoeflich. Calvin T. Krone, D.
F. Rha, H. M. Sibbet.
Ax IsposrrioN.—There is perhaps no
religious society in our county . more im
posed upon by "tramps" or vagrants, than
the Seventh-day Baptists, near this place.
In a conversation the other day with Mr.
Samuel Snowberger, Manager of the'So-
ciety, he informed' us that they had lodg
ed and furnished meals during twenty
nine days of December and January , to
sixty-eight persons of this character. The
two days which would make out the
month he thought would increase the
number to upwards. of seventy. These
people are notectfor their hospitality, the
rules of the society, we believe, not allow
ing them to turn off any , person who may
apply to them for longing or meals. This
seems to be very generally understood a
mong the class to which we refer. Con
sequently they are repeatedly called up
on to entertain the most unwelcome visit
tom who are not at all worthy 'of charity.
Spring elections have heretofore been
held in March. Under the new Condi
tution they will be held on the third
Tuesday of February. Every male citi
zen twenty one years of age or over shall
be entitled to vote at elections if he pos
sesses the following qualifications :
First. He shall have been a citizen of
-the--United-States-at-least - one - mon .
Second. He shall have resided -in the
State one year (or if, previously having
been a qualified elector or native born
citizen of the State, he shall have remov
ed—therefrom and returned, then six
months) immediately preceeding the elec.
Third. He shall• have resided in the e
lection district where he shall offer to vote
at least two months immediately preced
ing the :election.
.Fourth., If twenty-one years of age or
upwards he shall have paid within two
years a State or county tax, which shall
have been assessed at least two months,
and paid at least one mouth before the
NEWSPAPER CRANGES.-7,-Thßt spright
ly little sheet, the-"Hagerstown Daily,"
published by Mr. M. W. Boyd, appears
now with the title of "Daily Free Jess."
'An improvement, so far as appearance
and contents are concerned,' are also no
ticeable. The young publisher has Aar
best wishes for the future success of his
The "Star of the Valley," 'published by
J: B. Morrow, Esq., at Newville, Cumber
land, Co., Pa., oue of our most valued ex
change, also made its appearance last
week enlarged to an eight page paper and
otherwise improved in appearance. The
times considered, we regard the outlay
thus incurred as quite a venture on the
part of our cotemporary.
PERSONAL.-Mr. John S. Harper, the
popular Manager of the "Mansion House
Hotel," Baltimore, spent a couple days
among his friends in this place last week.
Persons from this section visiting the city
will find Mr. H. a clever gentleman and
the Mansion House Hotel a pleasant stop
ping place. Don't forget Harper.
Mr. Abrm. Shockey, son of Isaac Shock
ey, Esq. of this vicinity, arrived on Satur
day evening from Elkhart City, 111., af
ter an absence of about five years, two
years of which time he passed in Califor
nia. Mr. S. gave us quite an interesting
account of his adventures in the Golden
We have added the Wayneeboro Vil
lage Record to our exchange list and give
it a most fraternal welcome. The Record
is published at Waynesboro Franklin
Co., Pa., and, under the management of
our old Mend Blair, is one of the spiciest
weeklies in Pennsylvania.
ligu.We give place to the above more
-than merited "complimentary" from the
Shenandoah, Democrat, published at Wood
stock, Va., of which a young friend, Mr:
W. G. Campbell, eldest son of Rev. J. F.
Campbell, is Local Editor. Mr. Cf will
be remembered as one of the school boys
of our town some eleven or twelve years
ago. Judging from the local department
of the Democrat this interval:of time in
his case has not been misapplied.
tkrWaynesboro' boasts some of the
prettiest ladies in the county, marriage&
ble years ago. Why this continued state
of "single blessedness ?" Are young men
and "spry bachelors" too timid to ven
ture so simple a proposition as that of
matrimony? In view of this state of things
which is not confined to any particular
locality, a tax on all bachelors over thir
ty years of age, the funds to be applied
for the relief of indigent old maids, would
certainly not be out of place. The effect
would be, we think, to diminish in num
ber this selfish class of society in all cm
raunities. At best, they are only half
way members of society. Let the deficien
cy then be made up through taxation.
FatEar/wt.—On Tuesday last an elec.
tion was held fka. Directors of the Waynes
boro' Mutual Fire Insurance Company
for the ensuing year. The following gen
tlemen were chosen :
Simon Lecrou, Jacob Hoover, David
R. Miller, Samuel Frantz, Geo. J. Ws.'
ley, Jacob J. Miller, B. F. Winger, F. B.
Shively, Jos. Doughlas, A. H. Strickler,
Samuel Hoe6ich, J. W. Miller.
A statement of the operations of the
company will shortly appear showing it
to be in a highly prosperous condition.
Beirl3enj. Grosh one day last week de
vided a water mellon with the editor of
the Williamsport, This was
certainly a streak of luck for mid• winter.
of which few editors can boost.
COMTE or LEcrunts.—The first lec
ture, for the benefit of Trinity Reformed
Church, will be delivered by the popular
and eloquent Rev. Thos. L. Poulson, of
Baltimore, 3141., on the 27th inst. We are
sure the course will be high-toned in
style. Rev. Poulson is an orator and
instructive. He lately lectured in Wash
fngton city. It is to be hoped he will
have a large and appreciative audience.
Single tickets 35 cents. Family tickets,
admitting lady and gentleman, 50 cents
His subject will be announced nest week
SUDDEN DEArs.—Mr. Daniel W.
Stouffer, one of the most respected citi
zens in the neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant,
died very suddenly of heart disease on the
31st ult. He was standing near his house
watching a team of horses that his son
had hitched up, and, apparently, in his
usual health. In an instant, without a
moments warning of the danger, he fell
dead, without making, as we are inform
ed, the least motion of a limb.. His fu
neral took place on Sunday last.—Boons
boro' Odd Fellow,
ita.,50,000 copies of Fowler's Sexual
science sold in a very, short time. If heed
ed its instructions will send blessings into
many families, and sate many from ruin.
_lt_contalus-930-pages:AEThe - instruction
on a few pages are worth the price of.the
bOok," says a prominent gentleman in
business in Waynesboro' Leading men
-subscribe-for-this work. D. D. Fahrney,
Teacher, is the regular and solo author
ized agent for Antrim, Guilford, Wash
ington and Quincy townships.
CAN SPECTACLES."-Mr. C. C. Fulton,
Editor of the Baltimore American, will
accept out thanks for a beautiful bound
volume of his travels through Europe, en
titled, "Europe viewed through American
Spectacles." It is one of the most enter
taining books of the kind we have ever
read. The price is only $1.75 bound, and
$1.25 in paper. It deserves to have a
large circulation, and is getting it. Ad
dress C. C. Fulton, Baltimore,
=-On Monday last, says the Opinion,
Samuel Knisley retired as Treasurer of
the county, and H. M. White, Esq., his
successor, was duly installed and entered
upon the duties of the office. Mr Knisley
filled the office with great credit to himself.
He was a capable, upright and accommo
dating office. The finances of the county
could have been placed in no Safer hands.
He goes out of office with the good opin
ion of all who had intercourse with him,
and the consciousness of having served
the county well.
Air The First Series of the Gettysburg
Building Association will close with next
Saturday night's payment of dues, being
exactly six years and eight months from
the time of starting. Annual. profits a
bout thirteen per cent., the entire mem
bership having an equal share in them.
The Second Series will run about six
years and ten months. - So says the Com
THE SEriz STEER.-A gentleman of
our acquaintance has been to see the big
steer owned by Tobias Seitz, near New
ville, and gives us the following dimen
sions: length, 10 feet, 6 inches; height, 6
feet, girth of front shOulder, 9 feet 6 inches.
The animal is six years old, and has not
been moved from his stable for over two
years and when this takes place a por
tion of the building will have to be remov
ed. The steer is valued at $BOO. The
owner has refused $7OO. One hundred
and ten persons called on his bovineship
on Christmas Day.—.Nezva.
broke . out in the jail on Tuesday night
of last week which originated fromia de
fective flue. When discovered some of
the partitions were burning, but with the
prompt arrival of the engines on the
ground, the flames were soon extinguish
ed. 'The loss will amount to several hun
dred dollars.—RepositOr9.
liar Oleomargarine is the name of the
artificial butter which, having had such
an extensive sale in London and Paris, is
now becoming popular in New. York and
Boston. There are two of these oleomar
garine factories in New York, one in
Fifth-sixth street and one in Twenty-ninth
street ; They produce daily: nineteen
thousand pounds, which, with' the pm
duet of other factories in the vicinity of
the metropolis, makes the yield more than
tWenty 7 three tons per day. The buttes
is made from the yellow, tasteless and
odorless oil that is obtained from beef
suet. This oil is placed in churns, with
one-fifth its weight of sour milk, and
churned until an emulsionis formed, an-.
atto being added to give it the required
color. It is then cooled and worked and
salted like common butter. It is estima
ted that four thousand tons (eight mil
lion pounds) of this artificial butter have
been consumed in this country during the
last eight months.
HAnBtSBURG, January 9.—The State
Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, closed its
session to-day to meet at Williamsport a
year hence. In the business transacted
was the adoption of a nkw constitution, in
which was defined thoSe eligible to mem
bership. A number nf additional depu
ties were appointed to. constitute subordi
nate grang es , and resolution were adopt
elzktuktcd to nrganic, thrrniu cvcrr
farmingcc-rnniunity in theConarnon wealth.
MASKED ROBBER9.-A robbery of most
daring and extraordinary character was
committed Tuesday 'night of last week,
at the house of Mr. Wm. K Soutter, in
West New Brighton, near Sailors' Snug
Harbor, Staten Island. Mr. Soutter is a
banker of New York city, and his house,
which is very handsomely furnished, had
been left for the winter in charge of ser
vants, much valuable property, including
silver ware, having been left on the premis
es. The New Yortc. Sun says:
"The house was broken into on Tues
day night, the servants bound and gagged,
and everything carried away. A party of
masked men entered the house and after
binding the servants, including the wait
ing man, three girls in the service of Mr.
Soutter; and two others employed by
Commodore Osborne, who were spending
the evening with their 'friends, they ran
sacked the house, and being unable to
open the iron safe in' which the silver
ware was kept, blew it open with gun
powder. The stable was also visited and
the silver mountings removed from the
harness. They then took the gold heads
of two walking canes in the hall wan
tonly destroyed much property too cum
bersome to be removed, and quit the house
cautioning the servants not to make any
attemptto stir before daylight. Mr. &ut
ter carefully estimated * the total loss,
which he said is .upwards of $12,000.- 1
The pollee could give no clue, for the
servants could not describe the burglars,
and were uncertain as to the number;
some say there were eleven, others twelve.
ca...We were pleased to see, not long
since, in one of our exchanges, some pret
ty severe remarks addressed to several
persons who, during an interesting lee
ture by Rev. Jac). S. C. Abbott, kept up
a continuous-coughing; which prevented
many from hearing' People who can
not refrain from coughing, had better stay
away from such places, or else take a bot
tle of Johnston's Anodyne Liniment with
The importance of giving Sheridan%
Cavalry Condition Powders to horses thas
hare been out in the cold rain, stood in
cold, or drank cold water, cannot be over
estimated ; no man should be without
them who owns a horse.
LADIES' WEAR.—Jacob Snider, Oel
lig Building, Public Square, is selling La
dies' Shoe Wear at Panic Prices. Call and
see for yourselves. jan 8-3 t—Coarse home-made boots are
sold for $5.50 at Snider's Store, Oenig Build
ing, Public Square. jan S-3t
ON HAND.—A full stock .of boys Boots
and Shoes at Snider's Store. jan 8-3 t
„. Sfr
DiENDINEL—Boot and Shoe Mending
done pomptly and cheaply at Snider's Store,
Oel lig Building.
THE PLACE.--If yoU want a pair of
fine home-made boots for $3,50 go to the
cheap Boot and Shoe Store of J. Snider, Oel
lig Building, N. E. Cor. Public Square.
Taxes remaining in my hands, if not paid
without delay will be collected with costs,
as further indulgence cannot be given. Pay
up and savc costs. I mean what I say.
]an 1-St W. F. HORNER, COL.
teD - Call and examine their stock be-
fore buying elsewhere.
Fon RENT, in a good neighborhood, Saw
Mill and Grist Mill. One of the best water
powers on the Antietam. :No opposition
within three miles. A good hand with
small capital can make money. For par
ticulars call at this office.
dec. 25-3 w
Hoeflich call the attention of the trade to
their immense stock of new goods. Bought
at. Panic Prices, and to be sold at special
low figures, within the next sixty days.
dec 18-It
-CHAPPED HANDS, face, rough skin, pim
ples, ringworm, salt-rheum and other cu
taneous affections cured, and the skin made
soft and smooth, by using the JCNIPER TAn.
Svuttp, made by CAswnt.t.. HAZARD & Co.,
New York. Be certain to get the Juniper
Tar Soap, as there are many imitations
made with common tar which are worth
less. dec 4-4 w
rat... Make Money fast and honorably
$12,50 per day, or $75 per week by at
once applying for a territorial right, which
are given free to agents, to sell the best,
Sronget, most useful, and rapid selling
ewing Machine, and Patent Button Hole
"%Yorker ever used or recommended by
liunilies, or buy one ibr your own use, it
is only $5. Sent free by express. Ad
dress ter particulars Jerome 13. Hudson
& Co., Corner Greenwich & Cortlaudt
Sts.,. New York.
Near Greencastle, on the 10th inst. Mrs.
ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. Samuel speck,
and daughter of Mr. Henry Jacobs of Wash
ington township, dec'd, aged 33 years, 9
montlic and 5 days.
On the 3rd inst., near Mereersburg, MA
RIA, wife Robt. S. Robinson, aged 60 years,
10 months and 9days.
_ .
December 16th, near Clearspring,
DANIEL HELLER, aged 94 years, 3 mos.
and 9 days.
In Blur's Valley. Washington Cn.,
ER, aged 70 years, 6 months and 14 days.
• [Fos nu: nr.conD.
"Wee, winsome Willie," as this is your
I send you my love and a kiss;
And "many happy returns" I would wish ,
If such a bright day as this.
Dear lithe boy, how I wish I could' guile'
Over life's dark thorny way,
That never sorrow or care should betide.
And life be one long perfect day.
Dear little hands! how I wish I could light
The load that you maybe must bear;
Dear little heart! how I wish I could brigh
Your way through this world of sad care.
May the Good Shepherd who loves little
Bless little Willie to-day ; •
Spare his young life to be useful and happy,
For this we trust Him and pray.
And when to manhood's estate he -has
May he be honored and wise,
Be a bright star in the pathway to glory
That glory that leads to the skies.
Or, if the shepherd in mercy should call
Ere the rough road has been trod,
Then we would know that our Willie. was
With the good angels and God.
CLEYELAXD, Onto, Jan. 4th, 1874.
At the residence of the bride's father, on
the 31st ult., by Elder Andrew Cost, My. B.
N EY, all of Washington comity, Md.
At the resh 'Race of_his sister„on-the-2.4th
tilt.. by the Rev. H. Baker, Mr. JACOB 0.
FREET, of Altoona, Pa., to Miss MARIA
E. MOYER, of Roaring Springs, Blair court
ty, Pa.
It -A one dollar "greenback" accompa
nied the above notice, for, which we make
special acknowledgment, and wish ou r
young friend and his fair bride a Mil com
pliment of matrimonial felicity ; and may
temporal bleFsings otherwise crown their
wedded lives.
MA-Zl5:. _A_R. , i'-:: 1 P., r.r S _
• (conitEci•ED wEcm.x.)
HARD 50AP.....
BALTIMORE, Jan. 12, 1874,
FLOUR.—The market continues ac
tive and firm, with an upward tendency.
Extra to $8.65@59. Howard Street $9.
WHEAT.—Western amber at 180
cents, do. good Pennsylvania red at 182
cents, do. Maryland white at 180@187
cents for fair to prime; do. amber at 190
@192 cents.' .
CORN.—White at 83 cents for damp
and 88 cents for dry, and do. yellow at
70 cents for blue-eyed, 82 for damp and
85 cents for drv.
OATS.-58 to GO cents.
RYE.—Market firm at 98@100 cents
per bushel.
12.—Cattle moderately active and firm;
sales 7@7i cents fcr extra State and Wes
tern Steers; 6@6i for cents for fair to
good; 3i®5 , 1 cents for common. Sheep
in fair demand; sales 5@7 cents. Hogs
firmly held; sales $8@8.37i.
LEE subscriber informs his customers
and the public generally that he has
greatly enlarged his business and has at
present the largest stock of FURNITURE
ever offered for sale in Waynesboro'. His
stock consists of
Dressing Bureaus,
of every description,
with or , without marble
tops; Wash and Parlor Stands
with marble tops, Plint, Tepoy, sin
gle and double Drawer Stands, Exten
sion Tables, ranging from six to fourteen ft.
in length ; six-kg Dining and four-leg
Breakfast and Between Tables ;
French Bedsteads, full and half
Jennie Lind, do., Cottage
Bedsteads of various
kinds and a large
stock of common Pop
lar Bedsteads; Wardrobes,
Walnut and Poplar Safes, dif
ferent styles and prices, Sinks, Hat
Racks, Brackets, Hanging Hat Racks,
different kinds, Chests, Doughtrays, Etc.
Full Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits, Lounges.
.Mattresses, &C., &C.
Cane Brace Arm Rocker.
Cane•back Arnt Rocker,
Large Cane-hack Rocker,
Ladies' Dining Chair,
Bent Rim Dining Chair,
Bent Rim Office Chair,
Douglas' Arm Chair.
English Parlor Brace Arm Chair,
Walnut and Imitation Marble-top,
Cottage Tables alai Stands, •
Round• Corner French, do.;
Parlor Chairs Tete-a-kW,
The Casket and Pittsburg Coffins always on
hand, besides a large stock of his own man
ufacture. Prompt attention will be given
to this particular branch of his business.
He returns thanks to the public for their
past liberal patronage anti invites one and
all to call and examine his stock and learn
his prices.
- Satisfaction guaranteed in all miser.
West Main Street,
Waynesboro', Pa.
FOB. SELitat.T..s
THE frilbscribPr ham for sale. Hay by the
ton and Apples by the bushel.
Jan .I.—tf ALE.X. HA3HLTON.