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Thursday,llloob. 14, "7,2.
to... There were 118 deaths flint
pox in Philadelphia lust weekt
CEirThe income of Wm. 'B. Astor is
$5.000 per day, and he owns six hundreit
teens total loss by; the burning of
Dr. Jayne's granite building iq,•l?hiladel•
phia, is nearly a million of
Itls - Black or spotted fever ;hits mode
its appearanco in Scranton• in sack a form
that the public schools lie been dosed.
Stfinwo hundred' and fifty canary
birds, formely the. property of James
sad. at auctioa last week,,
bringing sa,ooo
Itgt.Barnum , advertises for 309. tuna to
travel with. his 'great moral show, He
says that they must abstain from the,use
of spiritous liquors and profane language.
terNew Hampshire elected her Gov
ernor and State Legislature on Tuesday.—
Thn Republicans, this Democrats, the La
bor Reformers and the Prohibitionists
'had a ticket in. the field.
ffirThe death penalty is abolished in
KILBSDS, the lower House or the Legisla
ture having passed the bill, (Nhieh had
previously passed the Senate) regulating
the punishment of convited murderers.=
imprisonment for life is the severest pen,
silty under the new Law,
CS-On Monday a neelL a large bundle of
vouchers Were stolen from the Court House
-affair it turns out that York has a Tam
any Ring, and that it has made away
'with $310,000 belonging to the taxpay
m.A man narrowly escaped being
burried alive at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
near Tarrytown. N. Y. As the eoffut was
about to be lowered into the grave a noise
proceeded from it, causing the interment
to be delayed long enough, to. dlacoNer
that the man was alive,
- : la -Resolutions have beep. introduced
tho California Legislature asking Cons
gress to repeal the act giving the raonoply
• of the fur business in Alaska to one firm.
Last year the importation of raw fur
_from Alaska to. California aggregated
two millions of dollars, one steamer alone .
bringing $BOO,OOO worth,
tar The case of Dr. Lluston of Balti
more was last week before the Conference
of 81. E. Church South, at Warrenton,.
Va. Of course the Rev. gentleman plead
martyrdom. The disgraceful affair was.
referred hack to the Presiding Elder of
the East Baltimore Conference for imme
diate investigation. I
via.. The present winter has written a
tale of unparalelled horror on the pages of
Western history. As yet however not
half the story of suffering from terrible .
frosts, and damage from blinding snow
storms, has met the public eye. Snow
has been piled house high in many local
ities, and men, women and children frozen
while endeavoring to obtain food and fuel.
In some cases, parties were overtaken in
the open air and killed by the blight ing ern
brace of the North wind; in others, whole
families died by their own fireless hearth
stone, cold hungry and alone. These aro
some of the incidents which have mark
ed the winter of 1872 in the West.
vm.The facts of the immense frauds per
petrated on the treasury of New York by
the Tammany Ring have been known for
so many months that they are almost an
old story, but the practical workings of
the thievery were not perfectly illustrated
until Andy Garver returned from his ex
ile and turned State's evidence against
the rest of the robbers. In the trial of
Mayor Hall of last week Garver was plac
ed on the stand as a witness for the pros
ecution and told the whole story of his
own rascality in the presenting of a fraud
ulent bill to the city for 5395,600 for plas
tering pretended to have been done on the
Court House. He was paid thirty-five per
cent. of the olaim, of which he kept $5O,
000 for himself, gave Tweed the same a
mount, and the remainder was distribu
ted among the other thieves. There was
nothing directly implicating Hall in the
affair, except that the warrant for pay
for labor never performed must have pas
sed through his hands and been audited
by him. Ex-Comptroller Connolly has
tied from New York on account of the
threats of his former confederates of the
Ring, that if' lie came into court to testi
fy against them, they would produce evi
dence that lie had been convicted of crime
in Philadelphia and been pardoned out of
prison by the Governor of Pennsylvania.
sts-The eases of the Southern Pennsyl
,vania railroad company against a num
ber of citizens in the vicinity of Mercers
burg, which were to have been tried in
the court of Common Pleas of Perry coun
ty have been settled and the suits with
Dr. Jacob Thomas, a Frederick, who
was arrested some months ago, on the
charge of killing a Mr, Belt near Buck
eystow•n, and who was indicted by the
Grand Jury of that county a few days
J3inco, haS xiiiaoved his trial to Rage*
The Telegraph (ace is now next door
to the Waynezboro Hotel.
Sectfl pats.
SA.l,ll4tnawri&v:- , -Tlie public sales: of .
real; and. personal property advertised .
thronifil the columns of tin. Record eQn; t e
oftin tlie following order :
J. B. Secrist, personal property, March
Rev. D. Holsinger, personal property,
March 19.
Joseph Middower, personal property,
Friday, March 21
S. S. Bowdon, personal property, Mon
day, March 25.
Joseph 011 o r; personal property, March
GOlNG—the snow.
SLoxpli—Alle . roads,
WAXTE3S---a town school for boys,
etost•—:the first otApril'
10,Election dwy, to-morrow
GOING Down—a well in front Jimmy
Richardson's house,
REGISTER—your name% delinquents,
on our receipt list for March,
xm..REcolumENcEnt—work on the ziew
Sulinol Building.
ta.Coramunications on hand wall re-.
eeive attention from week tq week,
ETh& equinoctial storm is to come
of on or about the 29th..
JSerA groat flood this spring is predict
19...5n0iv fell here on Monday to, the
depth of three of four inches..
Stine,, the duich, Rag Peddler
was* town on Timidity,
Irm Lreg..--The hogs destroyed the
fodder we was to get, Has the ground
squirrels skeddaddled, with the wood ?. •
Vei - Ur„ Napoleon - Beard, .harness-rnak
er, by a slip of the knife, cut off the end of
one of his fingers or Tuesday, Poing
well at last accounts,
brEir FlRss..—M.. C. Crilly has associaA
ted -John-Irvin, Jr.-witb, him. in-the
eery business, Advertisement rteU. week,
11fo~ ~r~Y En .— persons having mou,
ear to put out on the first of April at a
reasonable per. cent. will fin.d an. applicant
by calling on the Printer..
ILL.—Mr.. John J. Irvin of thia place,
we regret to learn,is lying seriously ill, so
much so, that all hopes 'of his recoxery
have been abaudoued,
RnrovEr4 7 —Dr. John M. Ripple has
removed his office to the room formerly
occupied by Dr. John J.. Oellig, on the
Northeast corner of the Diamond..,--W. H., Brown, the Mt. }lore
Merchant, is now East laying in goods
for the Spring trade, He will he on
hand itua few days,
Fon. CONSTABLE.—WErt Gou►der re ,
quests us to announce that he is an hide.
pendent candidate for the office of con
in Washington township.
ne—Mr. E, S. SUNK has taken pos
session of • the Washington Home, on the
S. E, Cor. of Market and Second Ste.,
Chambershurg, having purchased the pro
perty sometime since, A clever landlord.
Don't forget him when you go that way.
FATAL ACCIPENT.—On Thursday 'of
last week Geo. Heiman, son of Michael
Heiman, of Guilford township, was thrown
from a horse and had one of his legs bro
ken, from the effects of which he died with
lock jaw on Friday last. Aged about 15
LARGE Rm.—Quincy township, so far
as big hog axe concerned, bats the coun
ty. On Friday last Mr. Samuel S. Win
gert, of Mt. Hope, slaughter a Chester
White hog which weighed six hundred
and fifty pounds, clean meat,
Gnanuarns.--Among those who grad
uated at Jefferson Medical College, Phil
adelphia, on Saturday last, we notice the
names of Drs. ANDREW S...ABONDRAICE,
Of this place, and JosEes M. EaratEßT,
of Washington county, Md. We congrat
ulate our young friends upon the credita
ble examination through which they have
paced, and wish them like success in their
profession in the future.
COURT.—The following persons have
been selected as jurors from Washington
and Quincy townships for court, comMenc
lug April Bth 1872:
Grand Jurors.—John 01ler, Geo. She
ffer. Traverse Jurors—Jeremiah Small,
W. J. Bickle, Win. H. Brown, John Be
misderfer, John Duey, Levi Kepner Da
vid Rider, D. B. Reah, Geo. W. Sarbatigh,
Chas. West,
..An act to prevent e sale of in.
toxicating liguor on election days has pass.
ed the State Senate. It allows no spiritu
ous or malt liquors to be sold, furnished
or given away on election days, during
the hours of voting. Violation of this
law is punished by one hundred days im.
prisonment and five hundred dollars fine.
Constables are to enforce the law • under
the same penalty.
Vir Leaeock township, Lancaster Co.
boasts the largest steer in th© world.—
Stock dealers say he will weigh 4,000
19EX&e Carpe,t arlvertiscracrit, L II
lirrt M Cirecneattle.
THE R. R. Sunratr.—Our Railroad
Committee have secured the services of
Joseph S. Gitt, Eaq,,, Civil. Engineer, to
run, a couple of experimental lines to as
certain in which direction thli sborteSt and
most feasible route for.thß pleposecibranch
road to Connect with the Western Mary
land road lies. The time appointed to
commence the work was this morning.—
A couple of weeks will elapse we are in
formed before Mr. Gitt's report will be
completed, when we hope to be able to
give something mote definite as to the pro
bable enema-of-the-project.
If a line that is practicable and satis
factory can be found our railroad men
should lose no time in completing the ne
cessary arrangements to make its success a
reality and insure an early commencement
of work this spring, If the connection can
be had in six or seven miles, a few months,
after a commencement, should suffice for
the completion of the road. .If we aro to
get this outlet to Baltimore the sooner the
better.. For this want our community has.
too long suffered pecuniary loss and in
convenience. Our business men and far
mers can therefore well afford to act with
promptness and liberality in behalf. of a
public Qnterprise, so vitally important to.
their best interests, For want of a_ rail
road enough money bas already been lost
to build a half dozen branch roads,
Y. M. C. A.—.We are glad to learn that
our Young Men's Christian Association
--is-growing-and-under-the-blessing - o,f - GEod
prospering., At a meeting of the Aaso-.
citation held on Monday eyening it was
agreed to rent the Hall aboye 13eaver's
store room for a reading room.. Ono or
-the-members-kindly-offering - tofurnislrthe
room at his own charge and the Associa
tion to repay him as it is able.. The ob
jects and purposes of the Association are
good and it deserves the help of all per
sons.. The regular prayer meetingof the
Association will be held in the Methodist
Church on Sunday Afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Let there be a, full tu.rr% out,
DruocnAnc TrexEr.—The Democrats
on Saturday nominated the following town-.
ship ticket to he supported at the election
Judge, Simon Lecron ;: Inspector, Ilen- I
- ry - Walter;SuporvisursTAamold - ReAgersT
Samuel Lecron,Jona.Hefne4Samuel Shef
ler ; School Directors, Wm. Fennel, Da
vid R. Miller, Samuel Nichodemus ; As,
sessor, John llarhaugh Jr. ; Constahle,
Daniel. Johnston ; Auditor„ Wm. Popp.
For the Borough the ticket is—Assessor,
L. C. prackbill ; School Directors, W. L.
Hamilton, Ferdinand Farthman ; Consta.
ble, Wm. F. Hp.ner.
PAVEDIVNTS.—Many of the pavements
in our town are sadly out of joint at pre
sent and should, he relaid or repaired. In
their arrangements for spring work pro
perty holders should not forget this im
portant item.. In front of a dwelling house
nothing looks more untidy than a ragged
pavement, which•may be put down as a
fair index to its occupants' inside surroun
dings. If you would not then be regarded
by passers by as untidy or niggardly„ or
both, order material for the work;
DIED SLIDDENIS t -Nr. John Scott an
old and well-known citizen died at his
residence near Park 11111 on Saturday
last after only a few hours illness. His
remains on Monday were conveyed to SA
lem burying,ground for interment.
Mr. Small, and aged citizen also ex
pired suddenly at his residence at Small's'
Mill, Quincy township, the same day.
" WHAT is IT ?"-.- This strange visitant
in animal form has another witness in the
person * of Mr. John Hoke of Park Hill.—
It, exhibited itself to him one dark night
last week in a field at the roadside near
Mr. Samuel Frantz's Mill. According to
our informant the animal presented eyes
about the size of a large apple and resem
bling balls of fire. John's nag is said to
have made her best time that night over
the turnpike. Enough—such a strange
sight—to scare any horse,
RESOLVED, '!That the Hope of Reward
prompts man more to action than the
fear of Punishment," is the subject for De
bate at the nest session of the Mt. Ver
non Literary Society, this (Thursday) ev
ening. The ladies are all invited to at
tend. The society is called to order at
7 o'clock and the doors aro permanently
closed at 8, after which hour none will be
18!.. A timid old bachelor at a tea par
ty thus gave vent to his "pent up keliags:"
Three long dreary years I have waited
for this
Now if you'll pop the question I'll surely
say yes.
To which a lady promptly responded
as follows:
The man without courage to do his own
May do his own washing, and baking,
and sewing,
Bar The Conference of the M. E. Church
which recently held it session in Balti
more, made the following among other ap
pointments for West Baltimore District
L, F. Morgan, Presiding Elder ; Meehan
icatown, Thos. J. Cross; Srnithsburg, Reu
ben Kolb; Frederick, Job A. Price ; Lib
erty, Emory Buhrman and William Mck.
Hammack ; Linganore, Wtn. M. Fergu
son ; Buckeystown, Durbin G. Miller and
J. B. Hall ; Middletown, E. E. Shipley ;
Union Bridge and Middleburg, C. D.
Smith ; 2,7ew Windsor, T. M. West and
Geo. E. Dorsey ; Hagerstown, J. Edwin
Amos; Westminster, C. H. Richardson.
Itsinas.—"Billy" Green, an old •pau.
per:die4 at the Poor House -last Friday
Morsdag, aged 93 years, lid• had been
blindifor thirty yea*..
14gh McDonnel 4uni Alex. 'niggle, di
edAt the same place tifew weeks ago, each
aged about 87 years.
...,., Mr. Be*min Huller, died near Becky
Spring on 2d inst. in his erglif- - ninthieiti:
:He was a member of the United • Breth
ren Church for 60 years. He had eight
children, fifty five grand-children and thir
ty one great-grand,ehildron.-.—Spirij.
Barnum the great Showman is com
pleting an aogements fora toor through the
United States next summer with a great
traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan,
Xt will have many-new -features it
.is said and promises to be one of the most
extensiv shows of the kind ever exhibit
ea in this country. •
*The Governor's veto of the Hagen.
town Court House bill was not sustained
in the Senate, and was passed, by a vote
of yeas 15, nays T. The veto was sus,
ta.inecl in the horse, 53 to 14.
DEAD-Pr. S, L, Swormstedt died in.
Westmirkster, Md. on Friday a week, irk
the 71st year of his ago,
On yesterday afternoon I was pleased
to. visit our School Room in Quincy, that
afternoon eing t e as o t ree quarters
taught b.y our worthy John W. Brown,
who stands second to none in the county
as a teacher and a scholar, His labors
have proved a success, as was practically
demonstrated on the afternoon of yestert.
ay, J was, ainazjirgly, astonisWKl — fffiY.
such a great number of bright scholars,
who. for all time during their existence
should ever bold cherished in their mem.
ories the name of J. W. 8., who has la
bored with so. much zeal during his series
of terms at this Village, I dare say that
the minor portion of teachers in this count
try (by this I do not mean to speak dis
respectfully of other teachers. I merely
want to show the. advance they have Made
in education) would be able to solve such
difficult problems as were there solved yes
terday. The declamations, compositions,
dialogues, &c., were elegant (some a little
sidesplitting like) and extremely interest
ing, Almost any one would have suppos
_ethat_grahairs wore their author and
that no such intellects could ever exist in
heads of children of so few summers. The
days of fogyism and knownothingistn, arc
among those of the have-beens. They did
have their day, but thanks be to our learn •
ed teachers wherever they be for the out
rooting of: ignorance and the upbuilding
of knowledge. 'Tis an old adage, that we
live in an age of progression, and we sure
ly feel that the people of Quincy have
reaped the benefit of the adage. During
the last few years we have been paying
such wages for teachers as will induce the
rising generation, to.make themselves fit
subjects to teach those yet unborn what
they have obtained by attention to their
studies and having as tutors men and wo
men of knowledge.. I therefore feel that
it is the duty of the School Boards to em
ploy the best teachers of the land at such
wages as will secure their services (he that
what it will) even if it would treble our
present taxes. Only too many of us I am
afraid have been made to feel the want of
a more thorough education. We should
view the matter as suicidal to do anything
that won d prove detrimental to our chil
drn's interests, which could be otherwise
done by not grasping so tightly the Al
mighty dollar.
We had at the close of the afternoon
several very elegant addresses by 11tr.
Brown and - Jno. Hayman. The latter is
a member of the School Board,all of which
added very much to the afternoons enter
tainment. A great many fathers and mo
thers of pupils wero present as well as otht
er visitors from our 'Village, which tended
toomake the afternoon still wore pleasant
and profitable.
A WontAN MusDEnEn.—The Pitts
burg Commeicial says: The vicinity° of
Johnstown, Cambria county, is at present
startled by the discovery of one of the
most fiendish murders that has been com
mitted in this State for years: The body
that of a female, was first seen on Fri.
day morning by John Shriver a resident
of Johnstown, lying on the side of a moun
tain, on the lands of the Cambria Iron
Company. He, it appears in the evidence
had been out fox-hunting, when one of the
dogs he had with him got upon the track
of a man in the snow. The dog followed
it and Mr. Shriver continuing in the
course pursued by the dog came to the
dead body of a woman, evidently about
45 years old. It was some distance from
the place to the nearest house, and Mr.
Shriver at once proceeded to alarm the
people. During his absence from the bo
dy, some person, yet unknown, covered it
with brushwood and leaves and set them
on fire. When Mr. Shriver and some
persons to whom he bad communicated
his discovery, returned to the spot the fire
was stilt smouldering.
Mr. J. A. Harrold, the coroner of
Cambria county, was notified of the find
ing of the finding of the body, and empan
neled a jury for the purpose of holding an
inquest. Near where the remains were
found there was picked up a tuft of bloody
hair, a pair of spectacles, two combs, a
white handkerchief, and a full set of ar
tificial teeth. These articles are now in
possession of the coroner.
The coroner cut from tip victims' fleck
a piece of cord which was sunk into the
LATER, —From information obtained
at the inquest, it appears that the mu
ck:ad woman was a Mrs. Moore, and her
husband, Michael Moor; is now in custo
dy, on- the charge of committing the mur
To OpR PATRONS.--In addition to our
usual expenses 'during last year this of.
ftee incurred a heavy indebtedness in the
procurement of a new, press and materi
al, the bulk of which indebtedness falls
upon us next spring, and the object of our,
present writing is to bring this fact clear
ly . -
before patrons in arrears, either to large
Or small amounts. For the outlay we ask
nothing but prompt payment,of what is,
due, the subscription and advertising rates
remaining the same as before the enlarge
ment. We therefore intend this as an ear
nest appeal for payment on the part ofALL
in arrears. It would be difficult for us in
the - midst of a - throng season to - draw off
the accounts of individual subscribers liv'
ng in distant parts of the country, They
have an idea is to the amount of their in ,
debtedness and can enclose the money, a
check or P. O. order through the mail;
where doubts exist as to the amount they
can give us the benefit of them by send
ing enough, which will be properly placed
to their credit, This notice, or their fail
ure to comply with it, will tell us who our
o .4ead heads" are,
ANTI-SWEARING AssociAllox.--The
Miners' Journal says : An anti•swearing
association has been formed at Harrisburg
by-the_erew-o.f-the_shifting_engijAe_Rich ,
mond, of the Philadelphia and - Reading
railroad. B.y the rules of the association,
a fine of ten cents is inflicted for every
oath uttered by a member.. We should
ed for the formation of several such socie
ties in this borough. In Newport, Ken
tucky, swearing on the streets costs a dol
lar an oath, We believe there is a law
in this State imposing a similar fine for
this offence, but who ever heard of it
ing enforced ? And yet, why should it n,
be ? Why should our statute books be E
led with laws which are thus permitted
become null and void. Far better rope;
than allow them to be thus repeatedly at
shamefully violated,
-- may_only be _a. concpit of_ ours,_bi
we are daily impressed with the idea thi
t ere is more s ame ess,copen profitnil
and blasphemy in cur streets and piste(
of business than ever before, at least with
in our recollection. It will not, perhaps
exercise any influence upon the minds
the profane to say what we propose doh
in the next sentence, but with the hoj
that it will possibly induce some yaw
man to pause and reflect for a moment
we will pen it : Profanity, whether on old
or young lips, is an abomination in the
sight of God. It has neither sense nor re:
son for its indulgence. It is the indelib:
evidence of a depraved and vulgar mini
and no one who aspires to the title of
gentleman has a right to inflict it ups
FoE RENT—Three Rooms. Enqui
at this office.
NoTicE.—Person indebted to A. K.
.13ranisholts, Dentist, are earnestly reques
ted to call and settle their accounts on
before the first day of April next
Feb. 29-3 t.
TAITEXq FOR SALE.—The subscriber o:
fers at private sale his extensive Li
n Waynesboro', consisting of horses,
W. H.
Fon RE:WT. 7 ,-A - store. room n,early 50,ft.
deep, with open flon,t and show windowf
in the bnsiness part of Main St. Al:
several pleasant rooms and private bow
for rent. Enquire at this office.
hides, 4e
Messrs. PRICE & I.l6Ercia take p 1(
uro in informing the public that tht
have just received direct from the man
facturers a large and elegant assortmei
of Glass and Queeusware at prices to su
all. Do not fail to call and examil
their stock and' make purchases from so
fine a selection,
Lug I.xsunexcz.—Young man or wo
man you can take out a policy payable
to yourself in five, ten or more years.—
Capitalists can make the best interest in
this way. Have you parents, sisters, wife
or children depending on your exertions ?
Then insure. Can any Christian neglect to
provide for-them of his own household ?
Persons now making application through
me need not pay any money before the
,of April. W. A. Rnrn,
SEW - Ladies' Furs at less than cost, 2 sets
Mink Sable, 1 setof German Litch, 2 sets
of White Ermine, 8 sets of childrens and
other Furs, the remnant of our Stock. In
tending to alter our Fur and Glove Room,
we are anxious to get these goods out of the
way and will close out at a sacrifice, for
that reason only—come and sec, at Upde
graff's Hat, Glove and Fur Factory, op
posite Washington House, Hagerstown. '
would respectfully announce to the citi•
zens of. Waynesboro' and vicinity that
we have opened in the room recently fit
ted op in the New Building of Mr. Adam
Forney, 3 doors East of the P. 0., a full
and complete assortment of goods usual
ly sold by Grocers and Produce Dealers,
which we will sell at fair prices for cash.
Fresh Butter can be had daily ; Fresh
Fish and Oysters on Friday and Satur
day of each week. pressed Poultry ev
ery Saturday. Call and see us.
are a few of the reasons for the great pop
ularity of the Wilson Shuttle Sewing
Ist--itnplioity, has the fewest parts,
the least friction, the least wear, runs light
est, and is the easiest learned.
2d—Durability, has steel bearings for
ne• eT-Eiiirtiaeirery wearing part eith
er case-hardened or springtempered.
3d—Does a larger range of work, than
any other machine.
4th—Has self-adjusting shuttle tension:
t,25 - le — ss than any
other first class machine. Its manufac
turers and agents, on account of their e
normous sales, are content with a moder
ate profit, while others selling compare_
tively few machines exact an exorbitant
profit from - each purchaser.
Lastly, nobody is asked to believe these
assertions ;without investigation, or to buy
a - Wilson T,Jnderfeed unless satisfied — that
it is the nE,sx machine in the market.
A. E. Wayoant,; . Agt„
6, Cor, Diamond.
'NEW STORE,—Chromos, Wall Pockets,
Wall Brackets, Frames of all sizes and
latest styles, Stereoscopes and Views,
School Books, Hymn Books of the differ
ent denominations, Family Bibles, Pho
tographs, Al'bums. And a fine assort.
meat of the best Stationary, Pens, Pencils,
Ink, For sale cheap for cash, at the new
Store, under the Photograph Gallery.
. C. BE4CKB L _ e_llN_A_Xx=zl
Z.A.12 , R, , 1.A..0.7Z5.
At Pikesville, on the 12th inst. by Rev
H. Stonehouse, Mr, JEREMIAH LESHER
-to-Miss--Messy - arHcrync - both of this vi
At Williamsport, Md., on the 6th inst.,
by Rev. G. a Smith, Wk.l3, Dowl4:Y,
Esq„ editorof the Leesburg (Va.) Repub
lican, to Airs. KATE MOODY.
FLOUR.—We report the market still
very strong and buoyant, with an active
demand from buyers for local consump
tion. Sales to-slay add up about 2,200
bbls., and they include 1,500 bbls. City
Mills Extra, "Viaduct," taken fey home
consumption on private terms, and 700
bbls. Western and Howard Street, viz:
300 Super at 86.87t®7. 2.00 Extra at
87,50®7,75, and 200 FaMily at $8,75
per bbl.
WHEAT—May be written firm,
though.inactive under light supplies.—
Sales *day about 5,000 bushels, viz: 3,-
000 Pennsylvania red at 1,68@1,72 cents
800 do. white at 170 cents, 300 southern
white at 185 cents, and 'BOO Western do.
at 1901095 cents.
CORN. -4,000 bushels white at 64(70
66 cents, and 500 do. yellow at 65@66
RYE—Steady. Sales today 400 bush
els prime at 100 cents.
OATS—DuII. Some 5,000 bushels of
fered ou 'Change, but sales reported of
only 1.200 bushels at 51@54 cents.
SEEDS.—Choice _clover sold at $6,25
per bushel, and we quote it as ranging
from $5,75 to 6,75 per bushel for fair to
March, 11,—Beeves . in better demand
this week; sales 1,600 Pennsylvania and
Western Steers at %PS c. - fair to good 6
@a cents; common 4@& cents. Hogs
in demand; sales 32,000 at $7,5,0 to 88.
- DERSONS knowing themselves indebted
1. by book account to M. C. Crilly, are re
quested to call and settle their accounts
without delay. Owing to change of firm it
it necessary to close the old books.
The business will, be continued as hereto
fore by the undersigned.
March 14 —3t CRILLY
has just returned from New York and Phil
adelphia with the largest and best assort
ment of
in the County, Consisting of
• NeW Styles and Paterns,,
Extra super, superfine
and Cotton Chains, and
411 widths, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, 84, 10-4,
Oil and Linen
vriwrx7 - w . SILAJDMS,
Drugget and Crumb Cloth,
Rugs and Mats, China Matting,
Rope Matting, &c. eze,,
Rag Carpets, constantly on hand and made
to order
Selling lower than any other- house irr
the County, call and see my large stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as I am selling
at wholesale and retail".
March 14, IS7it
splendors and wretchedness; its high
id low life ; its marble palaces and, dark
.tns ;its attractions and dangers ; its RINGS
ND FRAUDS; its leading men and politicians;
:s adventurers ; its charities.; its myster-
Js and crimes.
Illustrated, with Nearly 250 Fine Engravings.
AGENTS WANTED.—Send for circulars
id see our terms and a full-description of
work. Address National Publishing Co.,
March 1.4-4 w..
. S. Detwiler, Pres't. I Robt. Crane.
/-I. Wilson Vice Prest. I Wm. Patton.
Herb'tThomas,Treas Jas. Schroeder..
J. F. Frueauff; Sec'}. I J. S. Strine.
J. B. Bachman. M. M. Strickler.
.Geo. Bogle.
• For Insurance or
A GENTS WANTED.—Agents make more
"money at work than at anything
else. Business light and permanent. Par
ticulars free. G. Stinson & Co., Fine Art
Puthliehers, Portland, Maine.
UQPiano Co.. N. Y. Ist class
. k_7. $290. No Agent. Names of pa
trons in 40 States in Circular.
Rev. 3os. Waugh, Prin.
mccessful, Thorough, Economical, Health
hl. •
The greatest illustrated Original Story Pa
per in America. Eight New Origina'. Sto
ries in that number. No literary treat e
qual to IL Agents and Cavassers wanted ,
in every town and city of the Union. $lO
a week easily realized by the sale of this
extraordinary Irish and American Journal.
Specimen copies free. For sale by all news
paper. Price, 6c. ; $2,50 per year. Address
M. J. O'LEARY 4-t: Co., P. O. Box G,074,. N. Y.
CAME? Organ
The MAsoN & HAMLIN ORGAN Co, respect
fully announce the introduction of improv
ments of much more than ordinary inter
est. These are • eed and Pipe Cabinet Or
gans, being the only successful combination
of Real Pipes with reeds ever made;
Day's Transposing '.ev-Board, which can
be instantly moved-0 the right or the left,
changing the pitch, or transposing the key..
For drawings and descriptions, see CircuT
lar new and Elegant Styles of Double Reed
Cabinet Organs, at $l4O, $132, and $125 each.
Considering C'ompacity,, Elegance,, and Thor
ough Excellency of Workmanship, these are
cheaper than any before offered.
The Mason & Hamlin. Organs are. ac-.
knowedged BEST, and from extraordinary
facilities for manufacture thisComPany can
afford, and now undertake to selL at prices
which render them, UNQUESTIONABLY,
Four Octave Organs $5O each ; Five Oc-.
tave Organs $lOO, $125 and upwards. With
three sets reeds $l5O and, upwards.. Forty•
styles, up to $l5OO each.
ew illustrated Catalogue and Testimoni--
al Circular, with opinions of More
Thusand Musicians, sent free.
Mason & Hamlin Organ. Co,,
154 Tremont St., Boston.
596 Broadway, N. Y• •
For the best Family Sewing Machine.
'lir X C) rla 0 R.
1227 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, Penna.
Profitable Employment.
For one or twoersons, male or female,
in every town in the United States b y
by which they may realize from $3OO to
$l,OOO per year, with but little interference
with ordinary occupation. 4,,the whole
time is devoted a much lam/ sun ,will be
realized, Boys and girls can make nearly
as much as grown people. Some making
from $7 to $l5 per week. For particulars,
address J. 3. FARDELL ik CO., 767 Broad
way, N.Y.
To Bell the Improved Florence Sewing Ma
For Beauty, Simplicity and Durability, is
without equal. Liberal terms. Salesroom,
No. 1123 Chestnut St., Phila.
R. T. Ryon.
gencies, address
.ec'y, Columbia, Pa