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Punusgin mum . TurinamOrMioc*Ric
By 'W. Bto.l*- --
TERMS Two Dollars per'Annunfir paid
within theyear; Two Dolla and
Fifty cents after the expiration
• of &clear. • •
ADVERTiSthEENTS---One Fiiitiare!(lo
lines) three insertimis,sl,so ; for
each subsequent itcrertion,"Thir
five Cents per Sqliare. ,"A
discount' made to yearly adver-:
tisere. •
4.oC.t.l.S.—BusinesaLocals Ten Centsper
line for ttie first insertion, Seven
Cents fur subsequent insertions.
lapsidari . 0111 age *ford.
Thursday, August 31, 11371,
MrThe State Pair will' be - held at
Scranton on 19th, 20th, 21et and 22d of
September: - • . • '
*Mahe entire Ilnited States five per
cent. loan of $200,00,066 has been taken
—seventy-five millions in Europe and
the remainder in this country.;
se.,The contest between Shepherdstown
and Charlestown, West Virginia, to be
county seats is settled by the Supreme
Court of that State in favor of Charles
town. '
Millerites have ciphered out
this time that according to the propheci
es of Daniel the world will come to an
end, and we shall have "the second ad
vent" about the . 3d of September.
.Twenty years ago a man entered a
. farm eight miles sqUare in Livingston
County, 111., at $1,25 per acre. It is
now divided into thirty-two farms of 1,-
280 acres each, and is valued at $2,000,-
116.0n1y twenty-five houses • remain
standing in the village of St. Cloud, near
Paris. On the first of July, 1870 there•
were 625 houses in the place, exclusive of
the famous palace, which had been utter
ly destroyed.
xmOn Thursday the steamship Leo
don's between New York and Florida, was
*reeked about seventy-five miles from St.
Auguitine. Fla. Twenty persons were
SEPThe Sunday nigkt a week a fire broke
out in a stable at Williamtport, Pa., and
hte wind blowing a gale, the flames
spread rapidly, and soon forty buildings
were consumed, including the Waverly
House, the residence of the late Gov.
Packer, a church, and many stores and
private dwellings. The loss *is about
SEIPA fire in Virginia City, Nevada, on
Sunday morning a week, spread quickly
and destroyed fifty buildings. Loss $150,-
- 000. A young man named Helzsbogrer
has been arrested, charged with being the
Die John Hopkins, a Maryland Quak
er, began life in Baltimore as a small gro
cer and, by industry, has brought himself
to be the richest man south of Mason and
Dikon's line. He is now the largest stock
holder in the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road, worth $8,000,000, much of which
he has . given to endow the John Hopkins
University, on the outskirts of Baltimore
City. Mr. Hopkins is a plain, aged gen
tleman, still diligent and daily in business,
and was one of the projectors and endow
ers of the line of iron steamships between
Baltimore and Bremen.
One of the most terrible railroad
accidents on record occured at Revere, a
few miles from Boston on Saturday night.
The Bangor express train ran into the
rear end of another passenger train while
running at high speed, and a fearful
scene of death ensued. The rear car of
the forward train was crowded with pas
sengev, very few of whom escaped death
or injury, those who were unharmed by
collision suffering from the escaping steam
from the engine of the express
Tweuty-four persons were killed and ma
ny more ;rounded, some of whom will
die. The details of as reported by Tele- .
graph, make the disaster no less horrible
than the New Hamburg slaughter on the
Hudson River Railroad. The raspon'si
bility of the affair is thrown upon the con
ductor and engineer of the express train.
At Westport; Pa., on Saturday there was
a collision by which six persons were kil
Yet another steamboat explosion !
This time the boiler of the Ocean 'Wave, an
.excursion steamer at Mobile,Ala.,has burst,
with two hundred souls on board. The
disaster occarod on Saturday evening.—
So far, the 'bodies of nineteen dead and
twenty-eight-wounded have been recover
ed, hut jt is yet impossible to
„give a .eor
rect estimate of the total loss of life. By
:some it is believed that thirty or fortyper
.solls are still burial in the debris of the
, wreck or at the bottom of Mobile bay.—
The scene is discribed as appalling, and
has east a gloom over the whole city.—
The Mobile Register says 'the - Ocean Wave
has for some time been considered an un
safe boat, and the boiler was so rotten as
to literally tear open. Had it been stron;-
•er, so as to explode with greater violence,
* the distraction would have been greater:
"The Register trays "a criminal responsibil
ity rests somewhere, and it should be visi
ted upon those to whose recklessness and
incapacity the caastroplie is attributable."
ts6The pitato blight has developed to
on alarming exfent iu lrelandi- and it, is
.41nr2d tith crop is almost rained.
til4 ni.:::'*n d :o[) . ',li*:4't r g:.
:LAST NCITICg.- I There are quite
nuinVer Of air pats ons 'who. are largely
in arrears for subscription. We made
our purchase of a new press and material
—an item of over .sl,ooo—with the ex
pectation that this class would show their
appreciation of our efforts to furnish a
more acceptable faMily paper, by calling
mid settling their accounts, but we have
been disappointed. Six weeks have pass
ed since the first number was isined, and
our cash receipts have been at:creasing in=
stead of increasing. Under these circum
stances, to furnish paper, ink and labor,
and continue the paper to a class of per
sons.'who have not paid . us a dollar for
years, is more than our circumstances
will justify. We have therefore no other
alternative left us but to drop from our
list the names of such patrons, which we
This done, we will make an effort to se
cure in a laWful manner the amount of
ese arrearages an w ere we
deal with the parties as we have hereto
fore dealt with others, in no very compli-
mentary manner•
Set-The Elephantis coming.
Board will sell the Eastern School House
on Tuesday . next. See Business Locals;
Mier A reply to "Bu"siness" by "Citizen"
was handed in too late for this issue. It
will appear next week.
AlrarrED -- H - T - Johnstoiri-gurrsmithT
is on hand with another lot of Pen-Ktdve
lifib - The readers of the Record are ask-.
ed to excuse tho crowed state of its adver
tising columns for the present. The cir
cus and "sale season" will soon pass by.
LAND SALE.—Mr. Daniel Brewer, re
siding near Upton, sold hii farm, contain
ing 234 acres, to Mr. Mpsses Gingrich, for,
$17.000. '
of valuable Real Estate will be found in
our advertising columns to-day to which
we call special attention.
ton and Morison will sell at public File a
large number of vehicles on 23d of Sep
tember. See advt. '
m.The United Brethren Camp Meet
ing near runkstown, in this county, clos
es to-morrow. The attendance on Sunday
last is represented• as having been unus
ually large. Between forty and fifty tents
are on the ground.
CCERDIONT ACADEMY.-It will be seen
by reference to our advertising columns
that a School is to be opened at the Cler
mont House (Miller's) on the South Moun
tain, in Which the higher branches are to
be taught, of which JoNATHAx EMMERT,
A. 8., is to be Principal. Mr. E. is high
ly recommended as a gentleman and
scholar. The location is u delightful one
for such an'institution. We trust it may
be so patronized as to prove successful.
Man.—Dr. Samuel D. Barrick, for
merly of this place, died at his residence
in Sabillasville, Frederick county, Md.,
on the 22d inst, aged 46 years and 6 mos.
Dr. Barrick (says the Dlechanicotown
Clarion) resided in Harbaugh's Valley, a
bout twenty-two -years, and during this,
time engaged wholly in the practice of
medicine. The people had great confi
dence in his skill in the medicine art. His
name has become a household word, and
will live in the Memory of his patrons
He leaves a wife, two daughters and three
sons to mourn his loss.. A large concourse
of people, far and near, attended his fun
eral. Rev. Mr. Gilds preached the funer
al discourse. •
Snow Comtwo.—lt will be seen by refer
ing to our advertising columns, that Han
denburg & Co.,'s Mammoth Menagerie
and Circus will exhibit in this place, On
Saturday the , 9th dayof September, after
noon and evning. This time • our read
ers can look out for a "big show". An
exchange says: We do not wonder at the
partronage this establishment has received
here, for it is,in reality, an attractive Show
with a Menagerie much better and larger
than we have ever seen, while the perfor
mance of the company, the horses, the pc••
nies anti elephantmake up a varied and
well arranged piegramme. We .rather
.admire the style of the interior arrange
ments, the zoological and ore itholigical
departments being Aeparate - from the Cir
cus so that those who do not wish to me'
the latter .con inspect the former without
interference from the"spots and spangles."
Messrs. Handenburg.& Co: are to be con
gratulated upon the excellence of their con
cern •
fifirThe former Pastor, Rev. J. W.
Weightman and Rev. A. Buhrman, preach
ed is tome on Sunday, the former in the
Presbyterian and latter in 4the 'Lutheran
litar-Henry Ritter, a noted lame thief,
escaped from the York .county jail on
the night of the 24th inst, by :digging
through the,vall. He is five feet seven
inches high, dark complected. A .reward
of one hundred dollars i offered by- they
Sheriff far Ifs arrest.
~14.4ne.roas. S*lfoki, I 114.; If`
"•,- 4 Augnat PI:187.1.: -;
4,01 - itissitit, of Saguia 17ficlAcle
myattinftion.Asiiiilla to ag_ - article
theremiiig* "Citizen" beaded "The Rail
road Qieetion," towhich in_a , few brief
wOrds, would, , not
eat preparea to answer in mu at,
the matter
as it deserves, but on, my return,home I
will in detail do sO. At , •presen only ,
wish to say this, the statements put forth
by so called "Citizen", are base fabric
dons from begining to end. recog
nize the author to be onelargelY identified
and connected with the Miramar R. R.
Its attacks are Made without ihilealt*
semblance of truth. We Were not , . aware
that we had-competition , in the, field, and
did net-desirain the engage in
any warfare of Words—butsince this out
rageous 'Misrepresentation has- appeared
we are determined to 'reply to it :and set
-the plain facts of the case.truthfolly and
properly before the people of your Coun
ty. 'We are now having our survey, made.
and will by this-week - have reached as 'far
as the Caledonian Estate, soon' as
completed we will then be prepared, to
lay the entire facts of estimates, distances,
costs, etc. before the, people, and - -ask the
matter be decided' according to' the merits
and advantages offered' y either contend
ing company.We are also having a
'thorough geological- survey-made-from . 1
Pine Grove to Waynesboro', 'and we ex
pect to be able,to show more ore andmia
erds on each and • every mile between the
two above named'points than the Mira
mar company can in any ten .miles- of
their entire route.- Until then' we only
ask a cessation of untruthful and base re
ports such as contained in, your issue of
the 17th inst. Promising at an early date
to.prove by facts the superiority of our
route over all other competitors.
Very Respectfully, '
J C. FULLER, Prest.
South Mountain Iron Co.
On the Ist day of August 1871 Samuel
:al --- Tir - ;Stirt, . - of - Frunkhnixamty-hel4
examination. In the Village lif-QtdPRY-
Mr. J. W. Brown, B. E., having . taught
there 8 months previously his class of pu
pils joined the class of teachers—in alll6
in number. The pupils of Mr. Brown
passed a very credible examination—some
mere boys yet-rand received better 'certi
ficates than some of those who have been,
leaching for years. Mr Brown-is a grad
uate of the XeystoneStateNormalSchOld;
this shows the value of our Normal School
System. President, John Heonninger,
lonnelrly of Cumberland Co. Pa. would
not concept -on the employment day of
teachers for Quincy to have schools taught
hereafter by a poorer teacher than Mr.
8., and Kr, knowing that low wages would
result in poor training in the school, he
preferred rather to have no school at all.
He was determined in spite of all that Mr.
----could say against liberal salary,
not let Mr. -Brown leave the scho o 1
at any figures: Mr. B. asked $6O per
month, they wished to "jewn him, but he
could not be bought at a lower figure.—
So, at last, it was decided that a Peima.,,
State Normal Diploma is worth $6O per
month to the patrons and tax payers of the •
district. This is the dawn of a new era
in Quincy which is certainly ahead in
Franklin county so far as heard from.—
Let other districts all over the State go
and do likewise and the hum-drum teach
ing will pass into history or obliirion.—
Three cheers for Quincy. How much
will Waynesboro' and Washington town
ship value the man's services, who la
berg to give brain a development enabl
ing people to prosper more and better ?
BE CAREFUL.—In these days, when
tight hats , hot air, and sedentary occupa
tions, cause the hair to fall out, it is, a
matter of no little importance to know
which of the hair-preparations are of any
value. The majority, as has , been fro
quently proved' by the first dermatologists,
or hair-doctors, possess little or, no merit.
Such being the fact, it is -Consoling to
those who are afflicted to know. there is
really 'one good artieli; which is recom
mended and used by the first medical au
thority, and has stood every test, many
years. This preparation is Hairs VEG
ER.—a truely scientific compound, which
is unquestionably the best preparation- of
the kind now before the American public.
It will restore to gray hair its original col ,
or, cleanse the head thoroughly, cure all
eruption of the scalp; and will always re
store the hair so long as any germs re
main, as they alqwet invariably do, until
extreme, old age has destroyed the roots.
The original article is made by R. P.
Hall & Co., Nashua, N. H.
• Forney's Press, Jan.. 25, 1868.
P.EnsoNAL.—We were pleased . to re
ceive call, during the past week, - from
Dr. AYER'S traveler, who was in our
town devoting his time and 'attention to
the preparations of the great niedicine
man. This call has become a pleasant
annual to us from the able and reliable
business character of the accomplished
gentleman whom this firm send out to
transact their business. No house is bet:
ter known or valued by the press for its
promptness in settlement than thewell
tablished and popular J., C. AYER & Co.,
Lowell, Mass., whose medicines have be
come a, household necessisity, and won
the confidence and praise of all. Our
own acquaintance with them has extended
over series of years, and we have inva
ribly found them, their tr avelers and
their medicines worthy or the eommenda-'
Lion - they everywhere recefice.— Jackson
(Tenn.) Tribune
, . us,..A. religious paper prints the folio-:
ing paragraph. The result will bed:in:47
icled is a sunbeam which will ApPear ,
the 3d Monday of oetober. • -It is asked of
all newspapers, desiring the spread of
truth Jand the destruCtion of error, that
they publish this request and pra;y AU Al
mighty Power, that on alb throe first, Sun
day nights in October, 1871, there shall
appear is the heayens a distinct light in
the .shape of a-great , cross; and furaer•
nkqre,„ all g,ood peiple are urgeii to pray
.eatucstly far this miragulouls sign-
Fit* Fn i 41/ Lutheran CAurOh of?Onr 7
he, hag weeived and:acaeptf4 a cal to:
thtauthe,ran congregntio# Williiniht=
sport, Penn. ,
n,-To aequire a healthy condition of
the bowelk drink 'a glassful- oftleold wa.
tern to which add a little salt, upon rising
'L-says an exchange:
.Bweet,Potatoa3 received onTridaist",
• W. A. REID%
BArat4Es 7 —A Tot ?.f4olaits4x! and taffeta for:sale
• * ' • Grocery.
Punuc-SALE.--The Waynesboro' School,
Board will offer the-Eastern School House
and Lot aißublie Silo on Tr:F.B(l4 vigtl;
at 2,o'cloCk, P. AL ; The House - and'pA'
will be sold, together or seperate.
Terms to be Made known on day oisale
o . pon-----The—residenceri"
the undersigned situated on Mechanic
Street is offered at private saki.
Is -Timothy Simi, Drain Drink, Cider
Mills, Chiver Hullers, Feed Cuttel;s, emit
Sheller, dr.c., at IL S. OluiEnT'S Agri
cultural and Seed Store, Chambersburg,
Pa. [Rug 24-2 w
15 TEACHERS WANiEn.—The Wash
ington School District board'will meet at
the Western School House in Waynesbo
ro', on Saturday the 2nd- of September,
at 2 o'clock, P. 11, , for the purpose of em
ploting fifteen teachers for the term of
five months. .
By order of the board.
PETER-RouzEit, See y.
Aug. 24-2 w.
On August 14th, at the Rid,,,as Avenue
M. E. Pars o nage, by Rev. J. Lindemuth,
Mr. Jon A. BARNES, of Birmingham, to
Mrs AMANDA WERTZEL, of Harrisburg.
RUTTER.' ...........
FLOUR.—There is no essential. change
to record in thkilour market. There is a
steady , home consumptive demand at full
,prices but shippers are not operatinttoia
ny extent ; fades of 600 barrels superfine
at $4. M)®4. 75per, , barrel, extra A' at
$4.75(05.25, Springfield wheat extra fam
ily at $6.50®7.25, the latter for good:
Minnesota and Pennsylvania do: do. at ,
$5.0:41®6.25, Indiana and Ohio do. do..
at $6:50®7; fancy brands ,at gr. 50®
8.75. .
GRAlN.—There is less doing in wheat
but prices are well maintained ; saki of
2,000 bushels Western red l'at) $l. 35®
1. 42, 'amber at 1. 36; and Michigan
white at 1, 60. Rye commands , ''s cents.
There iis less a& v ity in corn, aid;Only 4,-
000 bushels j3Old at 71 cents for , `y6llow,
and 69(0)70c for' Western mixed. Oats
areheld firmly * with sales of mixed at 42,
ig4B cents. .
• •.
/L A large lot iast received by
ang. 31-3 m. J. H. JOHNSTON.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of
Administration on the estate of. Lelris
S. Waddle, late of Washington township,
dee'd, have been ,granted to the under
signed, residing in said township. All per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
'ment, and those having claims will pre
sent them•for settlement to the undersign
ed, Or to his attorney, Joseph,Donglas,Esq„
Waynesboro': GEO. W. WADDLE, .
Administrator of LewisS. Waddle, dee'd.
August 31,-6w.
THE undersigned Will 'Sell at Public Salo
at their old stand, Mechanic Street,
ON SKPTEMB . K . I . 43iI AT 10 O'CLOCK:
a large and varied assortment of
• o'
Such as Shifting4ops; Falling and No-top
Buggies ; One 'and Two-horse Carriages,
Rockaways, Germantowne and Jenny Linds.
The above work is manufact - wd of the
very best material and for style , and finish
cannot be surpassed in the county.
TERMS . OF SALE :—A credit of Nine
Months will be given, purchasers to eve
their note? with approved security. Come
one, corrie'ull.
GEO. V. MO,NOi Alla.
aug, 311.—ts
Monterey Springs, Franklin County, Pa. ,
Institution will be opened October
This sth, 187 y
Employ Assistants, ansipreside-over the In-
stitution in all its interests,
For Recommendations of Principal, refer
to Faculty of Lafayette Cone , * Easton, Pa.:
Thomas Maddox, M. D., Faliplay, Wash
inn comity, Md. .
For further information address
Benevola, WaShington Co., Md.,
C. G. Solliddy, Hagerstown, Md., or David
Miller, Monterey, Franklin co., Pa.
aug. 31-1 m
M „
') . " •
. • •
lELE subscriber , Attorney for the heirs
of Elitabeth Barnhart, .dee'd will offer
at Public,,,Sele,.:
on Saturday the VA:dik4/04401 . 1871,
the folio'? lisexib,ed Real Estate situated
it Waiikin . ort,tarnSVAlnuiltlinty,
on the 'pub is roactlingloin Bea•'.
ver's'to the Maryland Lineiadjoining lands
of Christian. Beater, He Mtiller and Si
mon Lecroue, ' A wrfiet . of, bsetiqns,t 7
.fty:Likeeknotus-Landlpaeta#oo;ilf , ,,s
and 116 l'ereheir. The improvements" con;
inst - ociivood one , anda hall ;story
•dog HOUSE
with Basement, 23 by.26feet,aTenant HOnse
one and- a half stories high, a • •
' • 'FRAME: BARN 7
42 by .20,' carpenter Flop, Smoke ItOuse, Hog
ren, - ,
on th e premises containing 45 Apple , trees ,
50 P h trees, Tears, Cherriell, „Grapes,4c
Aiwell of water AIM door. .
e . to commence St - 2 T. ,
thopremises, on said day, when the terms
.will be made known by d
Atterney in fact for the Heirs`
Aug. 31—ts
BY order of the OrPhan's Cetuit ofFrank
lin Co., I will• expose to,Public Sale on
the premises, on SATURDAY, THE 3 0 TH
DY OF SE PTEMBER, 1871 the following
described Real Estate situated in 'Quincy
. township, •yix: The
td4sll.2llUniftiard I
of Geo„ Knepper, gen., dec'd, containing
Acres and 48 Perches, best quality of bone
stone Laud, in a high state of cultivation, 4
acres, more or less, of which are well: set
with thriving timber. The, improvements
(Weatherboarded) a Tenaut Log
Barn, Wagon Shed, Hog Pen, and all other
necessary out buildings.. There are also' on.
the premises CHOICE FRUIT TREES, such
as apple, peach, and' a Well of never
failing water. This is one among the best
grain-producing farms in the township, is
situated one mile North of 'the village 'of
Quincy, and bounded by, lands of Jas. A.
Cook, Dr. J. BurkhOlder, A.brm, Supper;
Alex. Hamilton, and others. Sale to coni.
menceat 10 o'clock on said day when terms
will be made know by
• 0.}.0. L. KNEPPER,
' Administrator of Geo. Knepper, dce',l.
august 31—ts J. R. Burnt Aunt.
...... 20
antantee 8311:
THE undersigned, assignees of Henry
Oaks, will sell at public sale, on the prem
ises, on Tuesday the 12th - day of October
next, a valuable limestone‘ farm, situated at
Antietam junction, inWashingon Town '.
ship, Franklin County Fa., -It ilea south
of Waynesboro' m the turnpike leading to
Hagerstown, MC it contains
101 1-2 .I:I..CPAES
of land 4acres inTimber, fencing ingOod re
-pair, and • all in a'high ' state' of cultivation.
The mproaements are a large new
, ,
with •Cellar,' Baseinent, Kitchen and .milk
cellars with a line spring of water in h ; 41,
Wagon Shed, log pen, Blacksmith Shop,
Wagon maker shop, a good two story tenant .
House, all in good repair, a goodbearing or
chard of choice fruit. The Antietam runs
by the farm. There is a School Housewith
mile ofthe dwelling House, and a Church
within one mile. •This farm can be divided
to advantage and will be offered,altogether
or divide to suit purchasers. ,
Persons wishing to exatiiine the farm or
desiring information will call upon Henry
Oaks residing on the farm or upon the sub
scribers in Waynesboro",
W . S. A3II3ERSON / •
0; V. Moro, Anct.
Aug. 31—ts
THE subscriber, Trustee for the heirs of
David Unger,. deed offers dt Pthote
Sale ; the followitig'described Town Proper
ty, situated on lettersburg St., in Waynes
boro', to wit : A lot of gound with a story
and a half Log House, good Stable, Hog
Pen, and Oilier necessary out-buildings
thereon. There are also on the lot a' va
riety of choice fruit trees.
lithe above property is not sold private
ly before lirednes . day•the 18tAday of October
next, it will be offered at Public Sale on
that day' t 2 o'clock,, P.M.
wig. 31,7-ti
fiTHE co-partnership which heretofore ea
t fisted betweeare Rouser it Frantz, at
Pikesville; was dissolved•by mutual consent
on the Ist day ofMarch, 1871. The books
and accounts of the firm are in my hand&
All persons indebted are requested to call
and settle immediately.
P.01:10.1 ROtZER.
April 13th, 3m.
First tour of the*, Exhibitions ON. THE AMERICAN CONTINENT, '
and are not given'under • " : .
• , ,
But under one Mammoth Water-Proof Pavilion' 'capable :of seating 'MOO'
spectators, with seats so arranged as to give all an opportunity of witnessing
• • the exhibition„, without the annoyance of moving from tent to tent. '.
These establiShnieutinkrnottravel - breanal-or-railroad, , as.smalleromeeras..
do, but have
- Filled with the finest specimens ever brought to this country—all lately
imported ;no played-out stock, such as yon have seen perambulating over
the country for the lastlwenty years. V
Will be given, ,without tinsel or Claptrap on the morning of each day of'
exhibition, headed,by the .
and - followed by the Elephants, Camels,, Horses,:Ponies, Mules, Ar.c., , and the
line of Animal Dens. This establishment does not advertise • •
And show yeas, less number, but advertise . • , •
- •
,CAGES 2.- ..:‘
'tg =Thirty Dens;`
filled with the finest specimens . of the Brute Creatio n,equal
compared with those of other exhibitions. , . • ,
The attractions to these Exhibitionsare inside the Tent, and, noteflinnsted
,is a' Mock Auction Street Parade. Our pittrms-pfr.toAckalfirst-clatia•Anter-,,
tainment, with a profusion of new ideas and novel effreets. t'
G & CO's": 5:
,- !f , , ‘,,:t - ' , ..:,' , ',• ; ',';.:,• , =. ) -i,.!-zi: -1 ,, '.:••-, , ,.1 4 : , , , , , ',"::ti: , . , •;- I •>_ $!.
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The Mai with-the Iron Jaw.
gruiroo . SULTAN ,
And the, Great Perforining, Horse
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Will be introduced by Mr.-Charles Kenyon:, Mr. Thonias Haywood t-
THE GREATIRISFI• CLOWN, Haa justlwtieilOgedi his first appearance
in this country , and who receives theo,enoinuniii sa laTy of $250 IN GOLD.
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&nit added to these Establishments PROFESSOR CONKLIN'S DEN
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And will appear at the conclusion of each Performance in a
OF Via:
Waynesboro', September 9.
Mercersbuig, Septembei. 8.
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