The Waynesboro' village record. (Waynesboro', Pa.) 1871-1900, June 29, 1871, Image 2

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    4,ii . i . 0.0*.:: . 01ite . :11:404 -
. - 4/40/1 MnlntztAi . prennat,rjn
:Clement L. Vall4digiiinn.'nceideuta y
'shot himsilf on `Friday - night the 16th
ti-..44,14eban0n; fie ,was
,„ there
(lint pi of Thoia
-6 Meyers. - He wag in a meth' with ex
Lieutenant' Governor M.Cl3iirney;, 2 'his as;
,sista* co)riaci; ttyirigtO explain how the
Mau 141eye'rslinigbtAii&e taken — his own
life",accidet4ly.,.inspead, ag'heen,
killed by their 11,193urney,' had
expresied - doubts'iti to this rtheory, when
Mr. Valkuadighato. - picked ,1 up the pistol
.from the table, saying he Would show him .
inialf asecond:.. .Ts olAtols - were on the
table,one_utdoided, and be, by mistake )
took' uP the loaded Otie,`Prit it' in' ` mistake,
et, and, withdrew -it, „keeping the -muzzle
next his body. Just us it wais,- leaving
his body it was diseharol, it is said; at
nearly the part of the body where Meyers
, -as-shot-L-41e-ejtiettl , 're ' a i "
and said he had.taken the wrong
While the examination .was going on he.
watched'the surgeons with eager eyes, and
• even'aiSiat4 them in - searching for , the
hall, which could not be found. The
_ ,
v,:ound proved fatal, and he soonbegan.
to After - 3' o'clock on Saturday
morning he Went down very rapidly, , and
atlB-minutes before 10_o'clock_on— Sathr, ,
comer •
to the last. During Friday night his on
ly son, Charley, "in COMPany with Dr.
• Reeve‘hiS family physician, arrived at
bedside.eThe'.interview between fit
son was brief but of the most sad
and affeeting:character. There weresev
eral spectators, - and every °fleshed tears.
Mr: Vallandigham patted Charley affec
tionately oii the head and said, "My son,
my son." His vdicewas husky, but die-
tire, in its utterance. A few more words
, from the father's lips and the sori was de
sired by Dr. ReeiTes to 'io to bed. Mrs.
Vallandigham had left Ohio on Friday'
for Maryland, to "attend the funeral of her
brother, John V. I...McMahon, and was
in Cumberland when the distressing an
nouncement of the sad - °everted& was
conveyed to her. kr. Vallandigham was
Urn in New Lisbon, l ohio, in 1822, and
, was consequently, only 49 years of age.—
.He graduated at Jeffeinen - College, Penn
sylvania,' , and afterwards spent two years
in Maryland,the Principal ofan Academy
.s,tl3now Hill; Worcester county. It wag
during hi 3 residence in Maryland that he
married Miss McMahon.
The, funeral of Mr. Vallandigham took
place in Dayton on Tuesday. The ,pro
cession was WO miles long, and was sprn-
Need . of persons of all political . parties
ProfesSions. Business in many parts
ofthe city was suspended, and the county
• city, and many private buildings were
(Imp* in mourning.
Friday - , :-.: :da • which will long be re,
raera b er ed i l i ,„-. L . That portion of
the Orman armies .. .ed from the war
; .in France made thei ( triumphal-entry in
to Berlin; and in the : ti, , :-:ion id : Meng
tr iln
the routaisho edtothetho v. ... who had
' -
assembled from partsof the Fatherland
' the numberless phieethey had gained
from their ancient enemy. Theis was u.n
-i bounded enthusiasm, and when any , well
kiown regiment, or one that had - distin
' guished itself specially the campaigat
passed ; the People broke into -the . ranks
and crowned the soldiers with wreaths
and overwhelmed them with flowers. Af
ter the procession came the unveiling of
the statue of 134,1 g William the Third, the
father of the present Emperor, which was
done in the presence of all the dignitaries
of the Empire, victorious Generale, the
members of the German , Parliment, the
. . army and Count* number. of spiseta,
tat , ' litat to clo9e; cirap
.the ceremonies
of conferring:honors on: 'the victorious
coMmanders. =General Von' Moltke was
made Field MarOal of the Itapericl A.r;
niy, and General Von Boon: . recei ed the
title of CoUnt ofthe :Empire., _ Let it be
hoped that the sword is now sheathed. for
a long time-0 wine, aid, in thalangasice
.of the Emperor, when'nnveriling his' ftb
.-ther's statue, "May 'the':peace: so dearly
__achieved be a lasting one ,
ttrThe natural imstincta of wotaanh!
are *ging to tell on theittormon • •
al the young women uterly refuse tom :
the Scinta. They have witnessed the .
reflation of their mothers, and decline a
similae•expeziescc. As a
geatilebuslands*in active dernand,*.nd
the supply is *430.-,6he liberal, es se
of the moseprodUctlie mines ,in the West
have been found in Utah, followed by the
usual rush of miners, , :Path political par
ties have united. in. an egreentatet to elect
no one to the Legiel*re4llo Lis polygi 7
mist, or of thatleitig andit will not; take
many yearatorao - t o 134410 and his
followers. With otdoge, gold inthemoun
tains, an , in-rolling : tide- of unbelievers,
raw arrayed in open opposition; and
schism brilie..eixurch, the latter days of
the Latter-Day Saints 'ere near at hand.
It is a barbarism t6t;ilszutoi, survive eiv
ilitailon. Themorld will sooiiihear Young's
. ,
~. ~,,. „„......t.,,cit.e.r. ofp4die,,,Liier
, ~.. ~,•,
hire se 44.1.c0 , ntritnited , ,, .*tile --r sick* a . be
, -',' , ;-ticeen ilitii • place and , Frederick nearly.
: - ;: t - ' 8611,066. - . The Frederick Herald says
't r "liietity:Tusand dollars
. morti' :is
,4:• • : . ,';' :: •4. '', ' . 4 . • :r,k 7 1' .0 .,.fi k 'tj. 7nrk -of grs4ation
~.,:tE..-',l7:fiff!'" i•,6 l 7 e iiithio 4, ......
$ 3l
, . .
,•-. ''''..,• . ,••7•T. , -•-•:•= ,, , , ,, , ,,,,- .- -,.., •
1 .„.1. • F 441..,,,,... ., • ~„,.., ...• , •
.;•, . r' , . : ' ''. . .
Tilt School 11labx,•LAW:-The bill to
"prverOl'equeiltehattges in school boohs"
1111sed both , honks efs,ilie State teglich!..l
tu o . purisaielotihe law is eertair.o
a Ood one. I4s-,43tiiiimied that durini
4,441qat ddeade e of the 'state;
hive been taxed at them of two millions
and 1 --- i - half dollars Per (mut in the pur
'clime of' School- Wm Mende
hurdei.wa;put-ipcin them through yen
itytctr w kness Of directors and comity
perintendents; who ordered changes in
books fronyeai to year. This • bill will
relieve_the_pc*e_from an expense that is
at thesame tinie'onerous and useless. It
SEcnox 1. That hereafter the. Board of
Directors of any district," the controllers
in,cities and boroughs or any School su
perintendent, shall not, order or direct or
make any changes in the school books or
series. of text, books used . ivany _school un
der, his or their superintendance, ;direction
or control more than once in three years
and any laws,or parts oflaw incon*tent
herewith be and the same are hereby re
pealed. ', • -
spec. -2. Any school director, .controller
or snperintendant, who shall violate -the
, .
ty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviCtion
thereof-shall he•sentencedlby the court•'to
pay a fine not exceeding two hundred dol
lars and be deprived of his office. •
lteN„,cinTtaptlay last Dr:H. H. Bean;
of Chart's epunty,,in a high .state. of ex
eitement," seized a shot gun and shot an
ard 'colored man named, Proctor; "Zits': .
ally tearing off
rendered that the deceased came to his
death "at the hands of H. H. Bean while
laboring . under a temporary fit of insani
ty," and the murderer was released 011
• .
ch is the name of the
Had the poor "nig" done the deed the
verdict would doubtless have 'been 'differ
ear 'No* this is really fearful: ' Hobert
Toombs, who didn't call his slave roll on
Bunker Hill, made a speech at Augusta,
Ga., recently, in which he said.. "When
you can tear the live thunder from its
home in the burning ether, and bind it a
captive at the footstool of tyranny, then,
and not-till-then, -will-I-except the situal.
tion." Will not some humane individual
have , an eye on Te'onal"' lest in an • un
guarded, inornent 'he should do - himself
some irreparable injury ?
, tegt.Dr, Sel4pkis still petitioning for
a pardon, and' clairas the promise of, an.
interview with the Governor.. Probably
no sentence involving the death penalty,
has ever occasaioned an Executive so
much trouble as has that of Dr. Paul
Schceppe. , His council in a. letter, says,
"Dr. Schosppe was never legally ixmvict,
ed, and I do not hesitate for a moment to
say that he is innocent."
trLal. young lady of , Cleveland, Ohio;
received a letter.= the eve •O s t,ber wed-,
ding saying that her lover hatra wife and
two children in a neighboring town-- The
poor girl reatlie letter through, turned
her face towards her mother, Who,;vas in
the . room, and exclaiming, "Oh, , ma,"
dropped dead upon the floor.
'VaThe amount spent last year in this
country for, ministers, churches, and mis
sions, home and foreign, was about eight
millions of dollars ;axid that for artificial
sowcr~ - which vanity-r-fifteon
Siii - There is a' young lady in Camden
New jersey, studying Latin. She has a
beau... He asked her what eic transit
mundi meat. •Shelrauslated it : "Come
and see me on Monday • He went
and had a good time: The old , folks,
were out. • , N. •
- se - A Poor colored woman in New
Haven recently In'queathed between $2,.
000 and s3,ooo—money,she had saved by
life of toil in washing • and scrubbing--
to - educate any poor ixilored student who
might enter Yale Divinity Scliool to ,be.
comes preacher ; and if no colored - stu
dent is presented, then the money may be
applied for the benefit of a white student
~n9IA recent London lettareays:Thoa
. , .de of well.dressed inteligentymang men
• , h woman are leaving the peen of Dub.
' . ,
I riL
, Cork, and Waterford for the
u tt it e „l tee. The Inman li ne of steam
bra 'n i s i_ • cream' during the month of
a 7 bytiuk t rechase of two ocean steam ,
r d . * e
i rs t o increased demand for paa-
, .
d Sum oErr tram.—nrs. Snyder, wife
of Solomon Sayder,anddiughter of Chria•
Negley, Esq., died very suddenly at. her
=dilemma the. Western Tanspike, a abort
distance fruia Uageratews• ( *AV
night a week front an attack of Itaatt.dior
eia„;The peiarJ neive 33 Mg r tod that
there is'grest distress is Paris, too lieu=
droll and forty thOnsand people being deo
pendent ca charity forfood.
le&-tt petition to,the Prisident, doted
by persons irrespective of parties, ie in
culation, asking the pardon of C. C. Sew
en, recently oonVietedofhigszny
me-Tho motion, for's writ of error and
stay of proceedings in the-Street Car mur
der in New York has been refused by the
Mir Send to R. P. Hall & Co., Nashua,
N. Proprietors of Hairs Vegetable
Sicilian Hatßenelyer, for a copy of their
Treatise Eite , Hair.. A vihiable little
book, free to all.
g,oliv ii.;:aii.:.4.,4 : ,' i,i'
,;4 . :11' ....# -ri,:::;.F.
~ , : oti. , 4 ..
. 1.u5 ,,, ,.6 -'- rm. :: : :. .4 .: 1 4 1 i _, ,% : i r., 31 ‘ be i l, . o , f
oiii paPer'comm "aricetifs. ne7 , olinne irti':',a
rni ,_., f-. ' • ~:1"- pies --, '
tlpyt_dF.63s we send co , p ersons' who
Sierra now ants cribers, ' i e have never
songht `to force' the RECORD :where it
was not wanted; nor do 'We' 7 .Clesign ' doing
so now. ''.'Whilst:the"Tne4oyears .ago' ,
and agents for- other , papers have since
canvassed the: aunty .t. - subscribers, we
hive the first '''',- t i:-' • " Id-into our 'own.
.'.0% i 0 ,5,.. , .
or adjoining townships,' igl, havei:afgU,
ourself splicited a subacriber. If therefore
those, to whom wesend a copy of- this is
sue feel disposed' to patronize . - iis for, one
year or even six months, we will be , phased
io add their names to our list- At theeipir
atiOn o£ ten days from this datethe nazm
es of such perions - will be entered upon
books as subscribers imiess.thepaper is re::
• I
turned , in the' meantime. ' ' • '
O UR ATRCNB.-I T z 1:‘: I 1 , •
present' the .Recoretto its patrons in a new
driis and enlarged . form—an addition - of
about four columns. Twenty-four - years
ago . lasi-March the paper was established
by Dr. D. 9...81air (late of Illinois, dec'd).
and ourself With the exception of about
two years; dUring, which time it was pub
lished by our deceased pnrhier, we have
had control of its cOltEts
interval. o time many c anges
wrought* in. society and among our county
entemporaries. Of the, latter who' haVe
been' 'gathered home, memory recalls a
Crooks, Sniith, Boyd, Rine, Mish, Merk
• *,, , ; , " ir,-Sprickleri*nd-the-gifted-and
lamented, Bonner. Of the publishdis of
that early tithe, and' later dates, in our
e'ounti, , we are alone. • Those who sur
vive have removed beyond our borders
or engaged in other pursuits.
Of course we have not,. though Provi
dentially, spared• to enjoy good health,
been exempt from the usual obtacles and
trials which beset ,the pathway of most,
if not all, who engage in public enterpris-
es. These at times have crowded upon us
heavily, , and though the viCtim of rogues
here and rogues there, our good paying,
patrons have enabled us to keep with the
tide. Through them we have been ens
bled to withstand financial,pressuies, re
lentless and Most unjustifiable
flown Rebel, raids to the pillaging and
pieing of our office; the intrigues of ene
mies who
,'sought our ' pecuniary destruc
tion; but thanks to PriAridence and these
friends, we have so far, in all, cases, been
equal to the emergendy,,without co pro:
raising our manhood, an ', e same
agendes trust to ' ' e'-tO continue so in
the future. At the ince'ounf . the Re=
hellion, though publishing paper neutral
in , Polities, in our humble , pacitY we',es
pousixl. the "side of our Gav rnment, refus
ing for the Sake of pelf to ecupY a ire&
tral,ground between its rig dully consti
tuted authorities and th who . were
seeking its oVerthrow and 1 -
Osiing to, this cause we inci
pleasure and r forfeited th't:,
many who
. luui:. been frien u
since regained more than
and today the Recprd appea
an enlarged fain, but in a mo
condition thiM at any former
history. Apart from some i
journals, 'it ranks among the
aging ' mediums 'in our Solidi
. But ,to cl4u2ge ourr . subject,
"financial mixture," which se
widespread, makes it rather
business men to incur, withem,
capital, np . at a anindebtOni
we have ventured to do .with.
capital in the:tun:Oa of our patrol
on their promptness and gene ; ;:ity
ventured the purchase of a new' press;
fundture and Material,' believiii; that; if
an enlarged and more creditable,Sheet in
appearance was presented to them they
would not-fail-to come to our hclphy as
early iettleliatitofion s fiitauding acteeuiti
and more prompt payments in the'rutUre.
We leave the 'matter with their conscien
ces ixasting4hat the result may: proVe
that we ventured.wisely.•• ‘, •
Goasurraa-pers are The lice and
itch of OcietY , and most communities are
infested by them.• To tell • all they do
would be almost impoesible. To tell all
they knovr, sad much more thap,',they.
know, is their chief - delight: - 'Thriy,ihave
an aptness in'gathering the history of ova
ry oecurrenos and 'person
and astosiishiner They never tell iusy
thing they know, saveito One of their kind,
and then only after an. Oath-of eternal se
crecY; they ask thavatb only to haveithic
pleasure of spreading the , pingo° tiOn•
selves, and are.very apt . to
any one who, violates the oath, e • •
- nevec know anything ;but what "they "
Thew liee are of all kinds, ages; isizes
ocinditkes, and are found *all the :=
of life, and vermin-like, "Wolf all
whom' they come in oentact'... They
the itch which constantly, keeps freicq
and communities active in investigating '
each others bUsineas and doings. Ati
blessing they are :-not desired, and as a
curse are the abhorred of all abhorrearesZ
FUNERAL.-A verylargo . funeral-pro-
cession, a:plating — of upwards of. fifty
carriages,, attended the funeral° of Mr.
Jacob Shoekey of Ringgold, who Was
buried 'tit Price's Church grave-yard on
Monday the 21st inst.
TaiMIRA.34R RAii.ROAD.= 7 -The Coin
riti;tee on the propased,,Mirarnar.Railrond
eXinSion have not yet *liable tei4l4,:e
1 if, f#ll report, but Wps . " understand thifs - in*
petite for theroad areili eneoura*g. gt.
,the amount of stock' required is tinliserill
the question of the road will besetiledand
that sPee, ( 4l7-; qP' l oete, 04 1 - I .t,ees _ are . '
Offered that the grildini_Withel fi nishe d
in fourjnoritlia,and the eorupytion-with 7
in tivelVe 'Asa 'Committee ex
peels to ohtain.these written guaranteesin
the.oonrse of,a . week secured by,_ amplebonds, then-vigorpus :action should he
had totake up the stock flulifieripgons tit
pace. The greaLiitlyantsgel.fifered by
this road in opening the immense re
sources—Of this region, and - the.' cominuni
cation with the coal and handier regions,
as well as the general-- avenues of trade
„and travel . ," are' yttond It
.therefore behooves ns to_Wake , up and not
:allow this gold_en opportunity,to slip thro'
our fingers. , _
FATAL 4cOti*7.:7-431#
, last :Friday
morning, Dr. Greo.,Ztaffman residing near :
Brown's , and ,Mrs., Mum*, a oun! •
married lady (couisin to tbe!doetor's wife
'from Harrisburg; started out riding •
n buggy. The. doctor stopped on' tit:-
way to see a patient, the lady chose to re
main in thebuggy:; thehorse was carefully
hitched, but inn. few minutes broke loose
and runaway. 4r. K. followed after as
fast 'as he could and found Mrs. M. in a
. outs-. uarter ots, mile 1 • in_ onthe road-
aide in a cl , in: condition. She htid receiv
ed a severe euten the head," supposed to
be from a broken tire of the buggy.. She
expired in less talihalf an hour. She
was the daughter of Holt A. II: Bell
of Harrisburg. I Her remains,*ere sent
to To-r •home on' Saturdi
.The funeral.of the deceased took place
at Harrisburg fm Monday. A large pro
cession of moarning relatives and friends
followed her remains to their last Testing
place in the cemetery. She was in her
twentieth year;
- Girtr.s.—Thc girls of theirinciple towns
in this country are noted tars follows :
Biltinicre, the handsothest. ,
New York, the'vticst cold, 'most expen
sive in &ex.
Washington, the most airy and super Philadelphia, the most refined and la
dy-like. . .
ChicagO, the-fastest and most dimipftt-
ToicAo, ttte . biggest feet: .
St. LoUis;the"lnost reckless.
Cincinnatti; the : greatest flirts.
Detroit, the wildest. •
Cleavelatti, the nost graceful, and en
Boston, the
Wheeling, for making thetest Wives.
.Wotieshoro', the greatest street walk
'KEP'YOUIt:BO I IB A.T N'tpirr.--It is
estoniphing fiii i ewhir a' large', number
Of small lioYe,ranginem eight to twelve
years, of age, are permitteil,to run atlarge
through the. street at night.' They rapid
ly acquire bad habits running
,around in
that way—ltahits that may hp the cause of
lauding : them imprison , for thl, commiss
ion of some crime.. Assents shcivid:remem
ber, that `in granting: such hcer to; 'their
boys, they are granting them ail injury
they will never efface. 13ad'hatlit's , fOrmed
in early youth are like first imprea
they always ,remain. What a fearful re
sponsibility, m!te,onthosewho,permitthair
children, to acquire bad habits in early
youth, by roaming about the streets at
night,,smoking, drinking and.cuising.
rrecl; the' ctis
; but have
tikus lost,'
not only in
P roB Pq 462 :
ptlnty seat'
est achiiir
wn tier of
I e present
ma. to ',be,
rilous for
' This
. Our TYPE..—The press 4nd material
upon which this number orthe Ree f brd is
printed was obtained frop the well-knON6.
Foundry of Messrs. i tc. Johnson' & Co.,
&mom Street, Philadelphithe-first
American Type Foundry, baving, — Seen
established as far back as 1796. The
firm .at present is,-;lllacKellar, Siniths
Jordan.• ' Our dealings for more than
twenty- years have been with thic.:estab.
fishrnent. 'We therefore commend these;
gentlemen to our 'editorial frienda
prompt and strictly, fair-dealing -business.,
SU.O S.rnop.. 7 -The heatod term is here,
the security against Sun Stroke' is ,t, --- Thae .
the head coal . - Wehaven have better advice'
togive on thit'subjeci, thin' this Go to
UPdei rali l s 4 21 ,
of their Sumner Style's of Efits and ifyou
are contlielied to go in :the sun buy ette'of
their: - Buirthubrellas,_tbey care just the
thiug far Protection fret's the Sun; Aug ULU.'
thibg better for ram 114itria.
teirY 4PP:0 43 Washingica!# o kW, , /likgers -
4ve ) 01 0e4 ,
antegal alimlderMe' Ads yearn rspberries
Lairs been field streeterfor several
- dap!. Vilottleberries made their first ap
pearanee in tba a for le
ranch wilier ; ' " 1/' 4
:daily. , s upplied Om .
kWh' meaticeedTat; very. modevate .priors.
1//1141ii3 bur:MCnintOn la-41m' :Thad
iire'tew other towns whir* haVe fruit
latialght,'io the , doors Ogart4li
teare4leriCkWeckler, lini4in pretty
eaft„erisiFely yeitis - ngO,„ as a *gloye dealer,
is isbont : llyiig of 63013*.t0 at Boons
boro', Md.
• SiirTerms, Home-markets, &e., next
week.' -
Rxiipp Gupta:lL—Mr. E. W. li.karrit,
forperly of tbis place, ancl,fo?*ini yearsj,
Et u q ol )4a i l3 44o.hi'MPorctiiivr*:l l 4*(4 2l 2
hiSltglie,CarthiigeOfo. e f , ' . t 4 ,''.:,
lPesa.4sl; 4 iVelave,l4 - f1a1141,.. ."
aG` uk4,..AliNs orthr• :' LI, %
Four years ago the population was., . _
, 2 , 5 , qtf,',A 3 . I .;I II . I ,XASA9A-Rge-.*5..;:1 0 g ,,,
rige-fietiky,papel - r-liutO4,-b - - reNvei*,_fiThur...,
o h!Felie=?. o 44 I!. , tkik.O.W.-,44 o . o A:liktzitese:l l
Carthage must be a .liye plaee surely
with, a population awake to the cause - of 1
. .
- PErporrAL;.-44 . 151 sucic-of-the-Mer•-•
one day last' gets out a
neat -and,apicy : paper, .and deserves well
at , the lands of ,flaoodeitmena
cersbarg and country surrounding it. ' ' He
acquired first 14ioNidedge of t:titho art
preservative of all ante.. lb...this. ofri.Ceyitind
A-enaaihe ,pormiiied:to , take :his ; boy=
hood as , a criterion, , fiAaore lionorablO or
trustivoithy young publisher .be'
haid - tir findin'o46'degendate
Writ was, a mend belief 'among the
• _ridians obtained 'their
:s pplies of kaolin the South t Mouiltain
evitere -in the vicinity. gf Royer's
ing. The Indians used to go in that
diiection for lead ,nxid . return with the
much coveted metal, and would allow
noite of the-whites to accompanY them on
any consideration. -Severe attempts were
made by the "pale faces" to. ferret out the
_place_butiOn'o _purpose,
Geary . at the R.'R. meeting in this place
al'eW weeks ago, wia: phonographically
reported by our young Mend D. D. Fabi-,
ney. It • was published in : the
.examined it, a correct verbatim report of
what was said. has justly "earned
the name of being a correct - phonographic
reporter. -
farniers generally have
finished harvesting, and we are pleased to
learn that their expetationw have been
more than realized. The wheat crop
pecially is said by many to be the finest
harvested in this section for twenty years:
We,now want good prices. to malt* tnoney
more, plenty and times better., This:state
of-things, so ninth coveted; we trust may
not be far distant.
• A FrxE tailtovE3xEut—Mr. l'Adnm
Forney is now re-moddling the dwelling'
'house adjoining that of his, father, forier
ly the Smith propertY.' *He has added, an,
additional ' story, , making, the btlilding
three stories high. Otherwise it' is being
finished according to the latcst style• of
architecture., , When completed tt 'will'
contribute -mach to the p.ripeztrax
tillage in tbatquarter of,onk 'town, nt•,, f
MOVING OFF.-4iVEGT Jl2ol7lillg' for
sometime-past we have :Titneagain •train
,of Grain Separators from the well-known
ManufaidtFing'Es' tabliightiaent of the'Gel;
ger 'tilaniifaCit#ing
, .
town for the itailroact either, at Greencsit
; tie or Hagerstown. .o •gratified to
learn that the Orders so far for this ma
chine are largely in. e#l . ti-s , of 'O9 and '70,1.
Sir Some , little; erlailfront town who
hadlieen,;',Ookryik ,Oti l e day last week,
net with an aOold4it on. their return from
Mr. A. S. Moues. A., holt camel out. ,ox
the shaft of the wagon in , which they - were
'riding; the horse run oft: upsetting the
wapon, . throwing , out 'the.';gixls and the
drivor. Thei got off With a few: scratches
and bruises.. . I ,
Supp.miD.r.wrg. 77 Mr. Thomas More
head 'was fpurtd Alead **bed :in this,
place on-• 'Monday, morning. the 19th inet.•
Mr. M.‘ was the mainsupport of a.widoW
-0.1 sister and two orphan children, who
are thus Calk to., mourn t4lckse of' a
kind filel4 and 'benefactor: He Waki aged
FpnivAL.- 7 , The good Templar's
F . estaiveJ, .which was ele'sed . rit the, •Town
HalL.on ',Mouldy evening of last week
pioved‘ gtito a. sixecess, yielding , tlieni
in•o#t ,o'f',O;ek. $lO6. The roetnl4s•Of the
soc id*Vill . *§4,le .c * "oirt-f;k44.o'r, press
ent I le ; a .in k rge ; plegnFkk Pound pligep.!
lefLrn &At .N r ..
Jrabn , la,XoeYitr, a;Wq47 l 6 1 014 13 ,
respected citizen;ktulerly cfithis4icinity,
coilimittedSuicideati;4iidoit on' Sittirdiy
nicirnit% ",by' hanging. • ' La
ct _intervals foritsrf l or twelve 'yee : rs. ;He
was upw , ards , ot6o -years. • I .
, Str,Datx
the wife of MrAnlotruni Say.:
okeiitid4ig tiit: ilia • :Wcaiiiin Turngke;
t9,14er. , 44"vAi7 ae *AO, qa
usual. on Suiday.nigt4 in apparel)* good
Nowirseg with her luial)and
aslate al; P " " •
OaTei-The , retreithing sliotfanic.4ith
tegiett hail' been :ftiiNkia
co*, ,We s not 4 1 kve*fcill
eteri; but Itt fanlike is ant' of the cpteetien..
„ • n ' :: • , s.l
r, We have ; taken posecesion of s ya#,,s'
of oirneighborßeininger'efroom, bet the•
elfbitsalti tenni mity:be•tolted at hie host:
The preeeziee Ofi s the (onr)'`beitil,notii,VJ J
ing.Oriven him away. .
",good fhp:tir
evaded in bringing acre* goodW,Jot
squirrels. • „
- IGH - Pirvesting has made our town du]
alit : tag the past week.
_,..,,,,c0up.„ ~,,. Taw':
ncy*,,l3ET it: tf t ;.. 6 , ;-',e ' ~:,• In L t ,, o)tr re!'
Cei4g)i, 5ii4,,, - ,, . ~! I kN; ~, 1i ; *Wes '
fralplittgli.i , :t '..',,- i:'" I ittUother
me ,
d '•' ~ i;! - --'-nit ? - ',4k'. We
,lAin'atin at ''cale;:4: . '. l. ';ol , 4a.Piige . nt. ilo
'Cincinnati, 040, he's kW, dt.o.ttcr• 'sevintiff
I ,
AVIIMPA.O-101 4 . 69440 . 4404 1
1. $J -,; r 4 '3,- r or Piiiitnaa:" ' Oti",-'7';;;',
:theyinuk9ne wholesale., ageiai r now they
have about twenty. A year ago , ' -they
had one two-horse fancy, wagon, Itilsr trey.
have fiye. Dr. Farhney's Panacesr,
comes a standard bgood medicine where- -
:tha14r1 41 4 41-1-i iii 4 A ls; s 4 4* -4 4
nine 1 74 1 m e -Y. illPßaii!On.theNlo4ftirm.•
It should be tried , by the :afflicted`: e"
where and-kept-in 'fill'fiit‘
ventive. lila Wariantedf*, "
"." BARN i rdesdnY evenfrii
last the . laiie • Banit Bata belong~na, to.
Geo. l‘ict'heran; sen., abont milenorth
of Funkstown in this . county ..was • de
stroyea by fkre;:with about twenty:tops • ` of
hay, two iiagonS, His losS trill pert*
reach $2,909. No pnrticnlars, as to ,:the
canse of the ire
laia7llrb.Sialanei : Garve.v, of 'Green town :
shrri, , and ',I: W. Douglass,• - Esq., 'of Chata-a
-berab,tirg,'hasie been ,appointed Coniinis
siOnere. to go ;through' another faree:eat
adjudicating the &dins for , 'sus
tained by the citizena' Franklin county,
dtirbag the war., ' • •
Sorrel Geldinl , that so • a uentl ,*-Itrotted
• urion the Fair Grout' • nowown7 7 97=r.
Willison, •of Cumberland; took a . purge of
$1,250 at the late races in Baltimore % trot?
,ting mile heats hest three in five .to -har
ness, and heating White , Stonirtain. , and
'Ellen Davis.,--Hagerstdion Irma.
"Seztoggnis".ifori — Tr - 1 - e - rly belonged', to pop.
eal:ig l 4, of Carlisle: '
m,,Rev.l3enten Blair, it rebel chaplain
nho was in.eset'#, With M'Cinslind's'ineeii - -
diaries when Chainhersbarg,. was linyne4,
died last week 'at • his father's residence,
near Shippensburg.'.• Na relation..
• NEWS P. Lowell "kill open
a , peists'depot'at thei Teleigiaph , OirEC:e. iti
. Place' in a' few days; I . 3kbere , all' the'
most pop at ; e1 ,eNo
can be had, atid,slso Danner's I'4t.Cloth
'es Dryei, the:best now in,use7
'4 •
nrrirOn last. n o and in
'the einplOy of the. S.P. 'R.-R;.t CO.; in pass-.
ing from Car to' a ; 1..0 . a eihistniction ,
`train. fell between two, cars. tirkd 44i, se
!badly - erneked by.the: Wheeli that it 'was
inot expected. be could -reccivar;
.lTifie',Barnes wtose...injurio frpro
. being thrown. out, of a, wagon Nye ailizomi&
coiti)fe. of weeks :EA
irecoveri4g froiii the of cts 'of t . aiii:"
• BeirThAd:otagolim "ehetTy; tiabi" lias
linen arridin giirrdepartng as itsuatfrona
~. 11
promixuutt c# 7 ..
izen .ofOiatiLlairiitsurg, expiteebni Thurs..:
'day lait.
Ser - The.regatlar meeting of the , Fnianck
-lirce,ounty'llediOal Sberkyh will bn . ' : ''held
in; , chambeniSiti:g on *esdity',inii 4th,
11* -- E. Elden has, receivedia fell stock
#f goods.. Cell 'Ana see•Ahem'and get the
prices." . • " "" •
••••! ' • •,•.1••••;:.• • ~;
It .is an uude.niable fact that nearly
all the dealers'( inliger beer :aid, portly
uiid rUhnit—Wafreibordnot . eiCeiteif:
zer-WednEeday, June 21st, was thelon
gest' day.of the ' •
Eau.—Vranii., Wunderlich, formerly
'oft = County; Idied , iccently llt Pit6tburg.
Oniaberlamil (41;1.) Ice Cm&
vender manufactures the article by Steam
far Thi- is the spits= for "gate•siork=
ingi! and:it is dottepretty,_oxienbroly.
.~l3Bj 19 hugjiwntb._ „
S. 3$4J Cp..:ars
the pioneen intr.Othicirimi - i First-Class'
Shuttle SeWing l'ulsbhine
and low Price;. — This 'has
,canied ''*any
6 1!4ipil
nies to spring up, and-also fOrned torgra
the .436*w:ties selling. the higher priced
bihchiiies to red* their 'ON.
foi:o 4 "* kder:fii,i) o 4o
tionithern;not tobuy nny ; sewing pactine
Without first obtaining a Writutivitmultk.
for five pars, - ch — retrfiiiiiii7t4:karingal.-
tiro 3o f:*: ll 44 ll o,
4 111 4,fii_
ing.,the' warranty,
warrant cair.inachinnafoiZoagif
. #veitiare;:.**4llo'it4iitt.cPgdarriritee
11 4 iff4.!°4o#;4ll-4 41 !iii i: ` , 40 1 ,4 1 :
onu*j l 44 o 4. o ,'44 l oifift*li 1444):'
--Tweekto44oo,l4ll44ie , fiTs:T
tiy , Old* ,
?a:* TK 1 4 1 49 1 (4, 1 *: 1 4 1 . AO* of people,.
,"0 ~.WasoviSpaxstarbt4izarxn
'EYert Pelt= the
POit'P CrOkini.B;aie:l7:-.tYlliPe4l)P.Vr.ra
: Rriees fa, follows :-7,31e.53 , . 044, 4.15;
/C0; , 6-,‘plairvetivOrgt.s6;l, ,,, •No.: 7, flctait
'ished pineittfester,'llss; tiohi't finished
cover silver, plated, pl; esilainet
Will sew (rani the finest Swigirto
four thicknesses of the - heaviest. ecfluroy
el er Cloth. A. E. Ways ANT,
vEST GOO,DS:--tPrinierNw.e °Hearts
slasses-atrolin sugars--white--
sugar, Pulverised doi; Very fine sfr4gin
ger. soda, spices ; all' 144: peas of fine
flavor, coffee, rice,,lemens,; dishes, spoons;
tumblers, glass jars; sagar , buckets;eheeso,
knives and forks; dessiftted' cocoanut'
which can be"usied iir,averY ;Way'ihat' . the
green, nut *- 00. il l y , - -
thing in my line enlist ",MeFicanillow. '
, . • , 11"...k REID.
SzEnr.oscOi*ANDVOws. - ---Ainiing the
stereoscopic:views just r'ec'eived at the Di
amond Gallery are. Valestie,
Mountain Trenton Falls ra Snm
mer and whiter; Yosemite Talley, Union
. •
Pacific Railroado&c.„, A lot of fine Chro--
mos are. also `On exhibition. •
PrioTOGRAPs.-7-45e:I'v,BEylti photographs,
the victoria, cabinet and card size, taken
at the Diamond : gallery, De not fail to
have your picttnv 'taken, at ~ onee, for life
uncertain, ,ii. j 'hildrens -pictures (new
style) taken in, fe l om,s to 10 seettids.
Nnw this
summers '"Catch" received at , iimp!s G.tq.-
eery StereL . - . three s dellqrs a quarter
, •
Icr..—Pifsons 'wanting ide CEPI lave it
,clelivetodlit-their 4fgula,fl,,y :;every
'rooming, .or applybag to
,Boaeinake, druggist. • ,
TAILOR, WANTirkl---A -Jouitozman
;Tailor will flog Constaiit• tit
13o3rner: u :ilraynaat;:- -WaynaAxiid, at
Iliberal wage's: • • :' s• "
P.illiViS.--Par ties in need 4se paint
fti itn . large axalr fresh
,Stock at B.oriebrake'sdrug store. Call and
~:. )
ma-Corns, 'Bunions Ingroivhc . Nails
s rnd their attendantills, have beet on years
gone by, and, will, be In ,years• to • (come, a '
course numb discomfort and: unhappi
ness to those. wbware •annoyedi
By persistent elf its and , untiAing,'
verence, Dr.• J r riggs,gage the •suthilug •
,huniatkity 2 bis ,remedies--Alleviator- and
'CitrAtive.„ The..pow/A o..wiliektheiqutve,
gained; and the entire satis*tion. derived).
;from thutOna'e,.,ts Well.kidWa end can- be
attested by all Classes, who have withered
with Col7B,Bunions,ingrv4ngNatlSPhiE,
Wins' Bliataed
Y. 4 11 0*ta-
Exl.m.--took-400hOse,features aml..sce
•the siOtry - depieted! in.,lthe , face., , ,It, .Cannot:
be"." helped -while' ilui.,trOuble :,ttarmini.—
Thesurenngfrord pilesisofaverpaggkava-)
toldecription.- • You eabnot.wallt with , any
"cotafint;• you cannot, ride blpeao4”. You.cau-'
not sit, with ease,- and thelsuirering ,when.
attending to .natu i re iik•almostombearable,
and,causes.,suclsfeeling:of ,dread that is
put Watt greatikrifiee to Voulth and coin
fort, , in many instandesincreasingthe -
cultyto;artalarilegatent.l UseDt.•Briggs' •
..Pile:Nanetliesacomeg . to directions to:eurc.
internal,eatcfreal, itelungorbleedingpiles.
They,are..mild rind: reliable,:and wfuTan-
I ted as represented., .
Sold. by Drunists. - -.1 " •
• :14,Envors Difii:sig.- 1 4.1ciir'Many thous
andi of the most refined- ladies the land
afe slaves to nervoinsdisettakii iii" +axioms
ibling;livitching, find ;jerkhig'
- of the neiVeti, , l4ithiolke; hySteri* sudden
• ontburstihrteiiipgion tribal 'Occasions, '
•• tin' any unhealthy'
over the
nerveif et i entifigPiidibare.%nge'aila , ** .
hive cure : 861cf•i#1: A'biitirinikkf•-,/k.,hd
. f,,
......-,,,,;.,-.: .i..;. , i., ..,..""' .'' .!' : r •% 1- F'
. ,
wy!.,-.l lul l
......wigg . it,
~..._..., ~ •;,„i ti • . _,,-• •,. -
It IR4 t " - -Xi:9178 t- • . -
It is a perfect,igt we, artrc,e. es
baldnes& Maltee'liairtro - ..:'l, l 'hette.z. hair
&easing tliintr!iiiii; "011' f .idt"Irdmaturri."---
Softens traidg dry and, wiry hair- ihtO'bentl
tifilWairen treaselt :. Bp ty the, great,
•wundexletheptin_ditysithshich • itogitares'
piray liair. to its Otierial - Gobi'
-The ~shitivit. .. ', sorer , lookinS hair re
turnee its yo . .' .1 , h*itity hy its use." It
doeit not dye - the . 2 but the 4.3.5 t
and fine it with ties bleturd:coloritgmattet..
Ask for Balls , Sicilian, Hair ,Renewer,';. no
otherr article is at all like it in'effept. • '__ , •
. See that each 'bade :has our private Gov
eminent Stamp over thetog of the bottle.—
.4n others "arc imitations. =
R. P. HALL Itc CO., Nashua; N.:. , Pro:
prietors. For sale by' Pri=ists. ' ,
NEW Y011164-- - itei: OW s, or - tle
'' '''le v "i' . ' 1 . , I' ' iiiiif
'sonli 171, B , AtibA , came this
y.At? yr, i; 'woOkste*liet*tinuttuti.-
The,Oes - O ' ii4b+Ata V - Orfoet - stag- -
*tote, e '' Dr 64441 .- :iinde, , and
'intilkiiters It ,( 11 bberfic4,/,p-' AK with•heniy•
stocks on th'itr.linxi4, 'which they are;:vil.'
o,„(10k10.:91,* almost an
Atininatirli:iirl - iiire l tntiOkiiii-"
- heavily A therredi-
very heavily 'a. Ans • :ritcsoind are •
now prepared to eilerr l - at: prices far'
below-anything heard -of since sixty-ono.'
' Ten-eases of these goods have already
embrace every_inown_. ; fabric for
.. .*
Buffo tr4vin
- White Marseilles, Piques, &c:, besides
Poplins and Mohair goods,. suitable for
the fa . (1.,,. These poSitively be
sot* at Iss thanrimlf.thepriceessited else
where for* same materials:- !Cahlwell
& co., right by the :dourt
' , • ,
Efust.e.• P* 4 41:14G,
MGEit) 47 ,11 0141weirw4armtkorlot of
Ho7e Sewing 3fachines 1;40 additional
unprovementS.: ' he " neknowl- -
edged to be •Of the lending (Seising
ALlcht l3 o -1111 *,-atil/E . fro l , lll Y
rience opeiating; it ; ,alid4Aer ninchines
have no heitOon:4prououncingit • sec—
ond to none; and much•cheaperthan , the•
low class peddled
through the country:
' ;