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i. C. WINK.
Editor ft Phokictok
1914 APRIL 1914
mT tTwTtTfTs
Election of County Superintendent.
T the NoIiik.1 Director of ForoHl County
Notion Is hsrebj glveu lust the School
Directors of Forent Cmmiy will meet at
tbe Court House, In Tioneitla, on Tues
day, tbe 5tb tiny of May, 1!H, at 1:30
o'clock, Post Meridian, for the purpose ol
electing a legal ly qualitied person aa
County Superintendent of Publlo Schools
for tbe ensuing term.
J. O. Carson,
Superintendent of Public School.
Tionesta, Pa., March 30, 1HH.
We are authorizml to announce J. O.
Carson aa a candidate for Superintendent
of tbe Public Schools of rore-t County,
aubject to Ibe decision of the Hchiml 1)1
rectors in Convention, May 5tb, I'.iU.
Ki. Rki'uhlican: -At the urgent so.
llcitallnn of friends throughout tbe
county, I bave consented to again be a
candidate for tbe Republican nomina
tion for Assembly from Forest County at
tbe Primaries, May 111, ll'U.
A. K. Mkchlinq.
Clarington, Pa., Marcb 31, M4.
When a yellow dog barks at you on
tbe street, make bltn stand on his hind
legs and salute. If be demurs, call out
tbe Boat Club.-Oil City Blizzard.
Tbe fact that the present counselor for
tbe Department of State waa formerly at
torney in Washington for tbe Huerta gov
ernment is not without ita advantages,
lie may be able to tell Secretary Bryan
how to get next to Huerta'a curves.
War With Mexico.
Tbe Mexican city of Vera Cruz baa
been captured by American marines and
is now In the bands of American forces.
Four marines were killed and 20 wound
ed In the fighting. The Mexican loss ia
not known, but it la reported to have
been 200.
Warmly Endorse Mr. Brumbaugh
nr. Martin G. P-umbaugh, the Re
publican candidate for Governor, is a
native of Huntingdon county. The edl
tor cf tha Huntingdon Globe speak!
i'!' hirr. In a recent article as follows:
"Tit cli'zcns of Huntingdon county,
reuariiless of political affiliations, are
excfjdins'.y tejoiced over the an
DO'inceniflTit that or.? ol her most (lis
tiimuishc-u sons. Or. Mc.rtUi (Ircvr;
Irnih,,s'.. avc;!i ta tttr re
qtippt of :ho 'llon.e r'o'.kx,' loj;(tUsr
with (..Hoy tlumsar.ils i-f other frirr.iio,
r.nrt nr.immiccil I'.in.Jril as a Republi
can (v.ti.iidiife J'.'" Gove'iior of Tent
PhiXo It Uutcki-.nxt
"It our pclttl',7,1 experience, cover
ing a period of over thirty years, we
have never witnessed a move epottv
Sicous and universal call for the pub
lic service of any man than in the
ci.e of Dr. Brumbaugh. It is on a par
with that great uprising of the people
In favor tt Major McKiniey for Presi
dent in )?!, when every other candi
date, i,o matter how worthy, was but
u drop cf water In that stupendous
avalanche viilch swept the 'l.itile Na
potftoc' from Ohio to Washington.
"At the out-Kit of this campaign we
aiiUfiiii that, having known Dr. Brum
iivish I nun his boyhood days, we have
hocu nch a constant witness of his
integrity, ability and truthfulness, as
well as his confidant in fo many of
the noble purposes and high Ideals
vhlrh invest his character, that we
cheerfully commend him without say
equivocation or reservation to the
j.eople of the commonwealth who want
the services of a great and good man.
"He born in Huntingdon county,
at the foot hills of the Alleghenies,
fifty-two years ago. He Is in the prime
or life, a giant in stature anil intellect,
a teacher, a preacher, a lecturer, a
disciplinarian, an executive, and a man
of such pure life and unassailable
character that singles him out from
among the seven millions of Pennsyl
vanians as the one man who glorious
ly meets the emergency ol the hour,
as it has in many epochs of our stale
and nation's history heretofore.
"He is a farmer's son. He waa a
schoolteacher at sixteen, a college
graduate at nineteen, our county su
perintendent of school' at twenty-two,
and president of Juniata college, his
alma mater, at twenty-seven. That waa
T'lfk'nz erat ptrids, but it was od!v
the bild'lins; of the. Rrlendirl raieer ol
. man who subsequently became the
irst commissioner of public education
of Porto Rico, the head of the depart
ment of pedagogy in the University
of Pennsylvania, now the superintend
ent of the public school system o!
Philadelphia with Its 5uno teachers
and 200,000 pupils, and an educator of
national renown.
"Dr. Brumbaugh has filled every
post with distinction. He Is absolutely
void of guile and subterfuge. He has
the con rape of his convictions and Is
no man's in anything. We at home
who know hlra best unreservedly
vouch for that. Dr. Brumbaugh has
further ambitions. It Is to be the gov
ernor of his native state. It Is a laud
able Ambition. He is worthy of It. He
hag the brains, the moral courage and
the purpose to do right. A man ol
prodigious energy and strong Intel
lectuality, coupled with genius as an
executive, he is the undoubted Man
ot the Hour.
"These lines voice the sentiment o!
everybody at home. They are unvar
nished truths, and hence Huntingdon
county presents with confidence to
the people of this Imperial common
wealth the name of Martin G. Brum
baugh for the office of governor, with
le full guarantee that he will sua-
aln his splendid, exalted character,
tot make good In the great office to
. h ssplres."
Recent Deaths.
Daniel Douovan, of President twp Ve
nango county, Pa., died suddenly at tbe
borne of bis sister, Mr. Elian O'Hara,
near Stewart's run at 3:30 p. m. A pril lit,
1014, from a paxlytlcstroke. Mr. Dono
van suffered a similar stroke some six
yeara ago, since wblcb time be bss been
in failing health. He waa born In County
Cork, Marcb 21, 18!tt When ten yeara of
age be emigrated to America, first living
at Eagle, Mock, Pa., with bia brother, tbe
late Patrick Donovan, a prominent citi
zen of President township for many year
and who waa employed in building tbe
Warren it Franklin railroad now a part
of the P. K. R. system, up tbe Allegheny
valley. Later be moved on the farm In
President twp, with bia brother Patrick,
where be baa made bis borne since.
He is suivlved by three brothers, Wil
liam, of Kansas City, Mo.; Jnbn, of
Franklin, and James, of Parkersburg,
W. Va., and by one alster, Mra, Klltn
O'Hara, of Stewart's run, Pa. Tbe de
ceased wss single, and after the death of
his brother resided on tbe D inovan
homestead with bis nephew, Patrick
Donovan, Jr. He waa held in general es
teem In tbe section in which be lived and
by all who knew biui. Tbe funeral
services were held at the Catholic church,
Tionesta, on Saturday morning at 0
o'cIock, conducted by Rev. Father An
drew Wiersbinskl, of Tidioute, after
which tbe body was conveyed to Oil City,
where interment was in St, Joseph's
cemetery at that place.
Wm. U. H. Adams, father of our
townsman, J. A. Adams, died at the
borne of his daughter, in BostoD, Mass.,
at 4:15 o'clock Monday, April 20, 1914.
He bad been in declluing health for
two or three years, and ta one time within
the past year bis children were sum
moned to bia bedside believing that tbe
end was near, but be rallied from tbe at
tack and bad been able t J be about again.
Mr. Adama waa born near Slippery Rock,
Butler couoty, Pa., Deo. 4, 1840. In tbe
year IStiO bs was united in marriage with
Miss Mary A. Armstrong, who survives
him. Most of bis married life was spent
in tbe vicinity of New Castle, Pa., where
he owned a tine farm. Not long after
disposing of his property in that locality
be and bis wife broke up housekeeping
and made their home with their children,
Mr. Adama spending a year with bis son
in Tionesta, during which period be
made many friends by bis quiet unas
suming roauner, all of whom will bear
of hia passing away with genuine regret.
Mr. Adams was a true christian gentle
man, and from early manhood was a
member of the Presbyterian church.
Besides his widow five children survive,
namely, Eli D. Adama of Butte, Moot.;
Mrs. A. Oifford of Boston, Mass.; Mrs.
M. D. Allen and George W, Adams of
New Castle, Pa., and J. A. Adama of
Tionesta. Tbe body will be taken to
New Castle for Interment, where tbe
funeral will be held, tbe date and hour
not having been determined at this
Jacob D. Dingle, one of Kellettvllle's
well known and very highly esteemed
citizens, died at bis home in that place
Monday morning, April 20, 1914, of urae
uiic poisouing after a short illness. He
wss born in Ohio Nov. 23, 1865. Twenty-
four years ago be waa united in man lege
with Miss Elizabeth Williams of Orwell,
Ohio, who, with six children, survives,
namely, Mrs. Forest Beck of Meadvllle,
Pa; Vivian Dingle of Ashtabulab, Ohio;
Lena, Paul, Helen and Lois Dingle, at
borne. Two grand children, and tbe fol
lowing brothers and sisters, all living at
Union City, also survive: John, George,
William, Arthur and Joseph Dingle, Mra.
Nellie Rouse, Mrs.Catheriue Prlsket, Mrs.
Lizzie Coe, Miss Emma Dingle, Thede-
ceaaod was a carpenter by trade, and bad
lived successively at Union City, Clougbs
Mills, Buck Mills, and less than a year
ago bad moved with his family to Kel
loltvllle, where bis employment bad been
for several years past. lu all of these
places he bad left his impress as a model
citizen, a true friend and a cleau, upright
man in all tbe walks of life, and bis circle
of friendships was limited only by the
number of bis acquaintances. His pass
ing away in tbe prime of life Is a distinct
loss to the community from which he will
be greatly missed. Mr. Dingle was a
member of the Odd Fellows fraternity
under wbose ausplcea tbe funeral will be
held at Union City, today.
In this connection tbe stricken wifeand
children desire to express their thanks to
the neighbors and friends who bave so
kindly ministered to them in this hour of
their great aflliction.
Nothing So Good for a Cough or Cold.
Wheu you bave a cold you want the
best medicine nbtaiuablu so as to get rid
of it with tbe least possible delay. There
are many who consider Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy unsurpassed. Mrs. J.
lioroll, Elida, Ohio, says, "Ever since
mv daughter Ruth was cured of a sever
mid and cough by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy two yeara ago I bave felt kludly
disposed toward tbe manufacturers of
tbat preparation. I know of nothing so
'juli It to relievs a cough oi cine a told.''
foi tale by all dealeis.
for justice of the supreme
President Judge of Dauphin County.
The Judge in all state tax cases of the
the past ten years.
The Judge who upheld the constitu
tionality of the Full Crew Law sus
tained by the Supreme Court.
The Judge before whom the Capitol
Graft conspirators were convicted, re
sulting in nearly $2, 000, COO being recov
ered by the state.
The Supreme Court has sustained him
in nine out of every ten of his decisions
which have been appealed.
Six years as District Attorney six
years in the General Assembly ten
years on the Dauphin County Bench.
His absolute fairness as a Judge re
sulted in his re-election last year without
a vote against him.
Whether you are enrolled or not vou
can vote for him on the non-partisan bal
lot in this way:
ON MAY 19.
i Fruil Slore
H. I. Cohen, Proprietor.
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X To supply your wants in anything
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1 r 11 T T i l Ti r . . a
iwouuoia auovc xioiei wea- a
X ver, Tionesta. X
: :
Con iinuaf lun Notice.
' Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing accounts have been filed in my office
and will be presented at the next term of
Court, beginning on tbe Third Monday
of May, 1914, for confirmation :
Final account of J. C. Bowman, Guar
dian of Mabel E., Millard W. and Zorab
Vandermark, minor children of Simeon
Vandermark. deceased.
Final account of L. C. Austin, Guar
dian of John D. Austin, minor child of
W. J. Austin, late ol Jenks township,
Forest county, deceased.
First and final account of James G.
Carson snd C. A. Randall, Executors of
tbe estate of William Hood, late of Tio
nesta township, Forest countv, deceased.
Clerk of Orphans' Court.
Tionesta, Pa., Aprii 20, 1014.
Whkkkas, The Hon. W. D. Hinckley,
Presidont Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas and Quarter Sessions in and for
the county of F'orest, has issued bis pre
cept for holding a Court of Common Pleas,
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orphans'
Court, Oyer and Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, at Tionesta, for tbe
County of Forest, to commence on
the Third Monday of Msv, being
the 18ib day of May, 1914. No
tice is therefore given to tbe Cor
oner, Justices of the Peace and Con
stables of said county, that they be then
and therein their proper persons at ten
o'clock A. M., ot said day with their
records, inquisitions, examination, and
other remembrances, to do those things
which to their office appertain to be done,
and to those who are bound i n recogn izance
to prosecute against the prisoners that are
or shall be in tiiejaii of Forest County, that
they may lio thon and there to prosecute
against them as shall lie just, (liven un
der in v hand and seal this 2lh day of
April, A. 1. 1911.
W. H. HOOD, tub. Shoriff.
List of causes set down for trial in the
Court of Common Pleas of Forest County,
Pennsylvania, commencing on the
Third Monday of May, 1914:
1. Lewis R. Brenuaii v. T. D. Collins,
F. X. Kreitler, F K. Brown, No. fi,
September term, 191:1. Summons in
2. Alfred Sperry, surviving partnerof
I. ft. (Ngood v Company vs. j. I). Wiles,
No, 8, November term, 1913. Summons
in assumpsit.
3, F. R. Lansnn vs. Flora Landers,
Ella Walters, Kuretta Sproull, No. 9,
September term, 1913. Summons in
4. Warren Carll vs. Frank K. Brown,
No. 18, February lorm, 1914. .Summons
Hi trexpaKH.
f Lida M. Carimbaii vs. George H.
Lowe, No. 40, September term, 1913.
Summons in replevin.
o. (ieorve 11. Lowe vs. .1 nines M.
Cowan, No. 7, May term, 1914. Appeal
from J. 1.
7. Arthur Johnson va. T. D. Collins,
No. 3'-, February term, 1914. Summons
in assumpsit.
Attest, S. R. MAXWELL,
Ttoiixsta, Pa., April 20, l.tU.
UceiiNe Application.
Notice la hereby giveu that tbe follow
ing applications for license bave been
rili d In my olllce and will be presented
April 28, 1914, at the Court of Quarter
Sessions of F'orest County, Pa :
1. E in in a S. Pierce, Hotel Weaver,
Tionesta Borough, Pa.
2 Robert A. Fulton, Central House,
Tionesta Borough, Pa.
3 Hsrry S. Canlield, Globe Hntnl,
Weal Hickory, Harmony Townablp, Pa.
4. Joseph J. Young, New Marien Ho
tel, Marlenvllle. Jenks Township, Pa.
6. L. W. Dana, Keystone Hotel, Mar
lenvlllu, Jenks Township, Pa.
Certified from the rennrd.
S. R. Maxwkli, Clerk.
Tionesta, Pa., April 7, 1914.
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