The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, February 18, 1914, Image 1

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Tans, II.OO! Year, Mrletly la AJium.
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will be taken of anonymous communica
tions. Alwaya give your name.
$1.00 PER ANNUM.
Burgess. 8. D. Irwin.
Justices u( the Peace C. A. Randall, D.
W. Clark.
Councumen. J.W, Landers, Q. B. Rob
inson, R. J. Hopkins, Q. P. Watson, Q.
W. Uoleman, J. B. Mane, Cbarlea Clark,
Constable L. L. Zuver.
Collector W. H. Hood.
School Director W. C. Imel, J. R.
Clark, 8. M Henry, Q. Jainleson, D. H.
Member of Congress W. J. Hullngs,
Member of Senate J. IC. P. Hall.
Assembly k, K. MecblinK.
President Judge W. D. Hinckley.
tAssooutte Judgetf-Havaaei Aul, Joseph
M. Morgan.
Prothonotary.Jtegisterd Recorder, te.
8. R. Maxwell.
' Hkeriff Wm. H. Hood,
i Treasurer W. H. Brazee.
Commissioners -W tn . H. Harrison, J.
O. Soowden, H. H. McClellan.
District Attorney-M. A. Carringer.
Jury Commissioners J. B. Eden, A.M.
- Coroner Dr. M.O Kerr.
County 4udttor -George H. Warden,
A. C. Gregg and 8. V. Shields.
County Surveyor Roy H, Braden.
County Superintendent J, O. Careon,
v Beaslar Terms mt ).
Third Monday of February.
Third Monday of May.
Third Monday of September.
Third Monday of November.
Regular Meetings of County Commis
sioners 1st and 8d Taesdaya of month.
i Chares ass Habbath Nefcsol.
Presbyterian 8abbath School at 9:45 a.
tn. t M. E. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. nr.
Preaching in M. E. Church every Bab
bath evening by Rev. H. L. Dunlavey.
Preaching In the F. M. Church every
Sabbath evening at the UBual hour. Rev.
M. E. Wolcott, Pastor.
Preaching in the Presbyterian chnrob
every Sabbath at 11:00 a. in. and 7:30 p.
m. Rev. U. A. bailey, Pastor.
The regular meetings of the W. C. T.
C. are held at the headquarters on the
seoonrt and fourth Tuesdays of each
mi -nth.
pi- N ESTA LODGE, No. 869, 1.O.O. F.
1 to nttts every Tuesday evening, in Odd
Fellows' Hall, Partridge building.
G. A. R. Meets 1st Tuesday after
noon of each inoutb at 3 o'clock.
137, W. R. C, meets flrst and third
Wednesday evening of each month.
Tionesta, Pa.
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
Office over Forest County National
Bank Building, TIONESTA, PA.
Warren, Pa.
Practice in Forest Co.
Office In Arner Building, Cor. Elm
and Bridge St., Tionesta, Pa.
RANK 8. HUNTER, D. D. S. . ,
Rooms over Citizens Nat. Bank,
i Physician A Surgeon,
Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted.
Physician and Surgeon,
8. E. PIERCE, Proprietor.
Modern and np to-daie in all Its ap
pointments. Every convenience and
oomfort provided for the traveling publio
R. A FULTON, Proprietor.
Tionsela, Pa. This is the most centrally
located hotel in the place, and has all the
modern Improvements. No pains will
be spared to make it a pleasant stopping
place for the traveling publio.
Shop over R. L. Haslet's grocery store
on Elm street. Is prepared to do all
cinds of custom work from the Quest to
the coarsest and guarantees bia work to
give perfect satisfaction. Prompt atten
tion given to mending, and prices rea
sonable. successfully used
for 34 years-
4246 Fifth AvlPittsburoh.Pa.
llAMONI JtUAM PILL, for tffr
vein known m Best, Safest, Always ReliiMt '
Copyright 4e.
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botes, tealnl with liluo RlMmo. V
Take no other. Itiiy of your "
llrufrtrl.t. Akfl IM.rirKW.TERS
IfcA. AT
f mi
County Auditors' Report, 1013
W H, Brazee, Treasurer of Forest Coun
ty, in account with the Liquor Lioenses foi
the yeas ending Jan nary 6, 1914.
To amount ree'd of L. W. . Dana. J 1 00 00
Amount ree'd J. J , Young . 100 00
Amount ree'd Jos. Pierce 200 00
Amount ree'd H. 8. Canfleld 100 00
Amount ree'd R. A. Fulton 200 00
$700 00
By atn't transfered to State acot..$ 16 26
4 per cent commission on 8173 00 8 75
Ain't, transfered to Count; acct.. ' 105 00
Paid Harmony Twp. treasurer... BO 00
Paid Jenks Twp. treasurer - 120 00
Paid Tionesta Boro treasurer 240 00
700 00
V. II. Brazee, Treasarer of Forest Coun
ty, in aocoant wltb tbe State of Pennsylva
nia, for tbe year ending January 5, 1U14.
: Dr.
To balance January 4, 19I3.. $
Amount of liquor license ...M
Retail mercantile tax, 1913
35 80
175 fO
02 93
State personal tax, 1913 1
,804 59
Wholesale mercantile tax, mid..
Brokers license
Restaurant license
Billiard license ,
Hunters license, non-resident....-
ti 8S
20 00
10 60
160 00
40 00
3,182 83
By State Treasurers reoAlpta S 2,938 16
Printing bills allowed..'. 100 6'i
Postage 6 82
Uucollectable mercantile tax . 18 92
1 per cent com on 81,804 69 18 ('5
5 per cent com. on 91,285.46 64 26
Hunters license, non resident 40 00
. 1 ; 13.182 83
W. H. Brazee. Treasurer of Forest Coun
ty, in account with tbe Dog Fund, for tbe
year ending January 5, 1914.
Tobalance Januaiy 4,1913....,....9 896 83
Dog tax, 1913 701 00
91,597 83
( 41 00
1 64
By sheep orders redeemed ......... J
4 per ceut commission
Paid Barnetl Twp school treas...
74 44
84 9i
68 SI
97 22
132 25
62 21
46 42
5 69
38 54
26 80
106 75
751 61
Harmony Twp. acbool ..treas
Hickory Twp school treas
Howe Twp. school treas
Jenks Twp. school treas
Kingsley Twp. school treas
Green Twp. school treas
Tionesta Twp. acbool treas
Tiones'a Boro sobool treas
4 per cent commiasion on $t07.03
Exonerations, 19LL, VZ, '19
: $1,597 83
To balance. Jan. 0, 1915 .'.....9 751 61
W H. Brazee. Treasurer ot Forest Cun
ty, In account with tbe Redemption Fund,
for the year eodiug January 6, 1914.
To balance January 4, 1913 9 315 73
Kecelved or ueo Kosenniat a m
Received of Q. W. Buhl 23 44
Received of O. W. Robinson 13 65
Received of Q W. Buhl 40 62
Received of G. W Koblnson 33 86
Received of J. W. Baxter 12 69
Received of A. E Daniels 41 51
Received E E Norton 29 30
Received F. B. Barnard - 27 93
9547 69
By paid 8. M. Henry 9 23 44
M. A. Carringer !
J T. Brennau 58 61
Dallbousen 29 30
O. W Proper 27 93
w. N.JIagee . n iz
S M. Heury 40 62
H. W. Tracy J w)
J F. Proper. 23 75
N. P. V heeler n
W. N. Magee 34 70
4 per cent com. on 9450 77 18 C3
By balance :. 78
9517 69
To balance, January 5, 1913 9 78 89
W. H. Brazee, Treasurer of Forest Coun
ty, in account with said County for the
year ending January 5, 1914.
To balance January 4, 1913.........$14,58fl 29
Transfered from liquor license.... luo uu
Sixty day lit, 1013......... 10 60
Seated tax, 1913 13,256 33
Unseated tax, 1913 1,553 07
State personal tax, 1913 1,339 90
Jury fees 4 00
Commonwealth costs 15 00
Forfeited bond C. Thomas 490 00
Tax of W H. Hood 20
Atioruey fees 12 00
Stove sold 5 00
O'd plauk sold 2 88
Hunters lioense, non-resident 40 00
Seated land tax from County 14 01
Kingsley township road 2 50
Credit on Poor and Twp. acct 430 00
: 932,000 68
By orders redeemed ,.. ..$17,329 79
Notifying taxable 5 08
4 per cent commission 693 40
Vital statistb-a 73 25
4 per cent commission 2 93
Countv institute, 1912 '13 302 99
4 percent cominisaion 12 12
School directors convention '12 '13 2.'' 67
4 per cent commisnion.. 10 26
Exon. rations County 191112 13.. 118 40
Exonerations Swe 1911 12 13 28 58
6 per cent oolleeior's abatement... 632 94
2 and 5 per ceut collectors com 484 87
4 per cent com bunters license 160
Error in asssessment 74
Lands ret'd 1912 credit collectors 126 04
By balance 12,020 72
32,0k0 58
To balance January 5, 1914 $12,0 JO 72
W H. Brazee, Treasurer of Forest Coun
ty, in account with tbe Poor Funds, for tbe
year ending Jauuary 5, 1914.
To balance January 4, 1913
Seated tax 1913
Unseated tax 1913
Seated lands from County
V Fbizerald acct. J. Black
E. Rudolph acot. Son
A. C. Urey acct. Mrs Urey
Account Mary Cropp
Account J. Hinder
Hoarding men
Boarding borse
Coal sold
Hay sold
Oil sold
Cows sold
Pigs sold
Cbickenr sold
Beef sold
Butter sold
Mileage refunded
Jefferson county
Team work
Tax missed on duplicate. ... ..
,9 4.707 74
7,954 96
928 06
82 22
140 79
25 00
4 S 00
25 00
5 00
, 21 25
43 TO
40 73
147 73
54 39
60 00
.... .... 10 60
10 75
23 65
2 85
18 74
1 00
2 00
5 86
. $14,357 42
By orders redeemed
4 per cent commission. ...
Interest on bonds ,
4 per cent commission...,
....-..$ 6,883 98
275 30
400 00
......... 18 00
Exonerations 1911-12-13 61 05
6 per cent collectors abatement... 319 77
2 and 6 per cent collectors com... 290 93
Charged to County account 42 40
Error in aasemment 52
Lands ret'd 1912 oredit to Col 75 52
Uy balance 5,991 89
914 357 42
To balance January 5, 1914 .......9 5,991 89
S. R Maxwell, Prothonotary, etc., of
Forest County, in account wltb said Coun
ty, for the year ending January 6, 1914.
To orders drawn 9 242 00
Cr. i
By fees allowed..... 9 242 00
W H Hood, Sheriff of Forest County, in
account with said Couuty, for the year end
ing January 5, 1914.
Dr. ;
To orders drawn 9 374 44
By fees allowed 9 74 41
Jailors salary 300 00
$374 44
M. A. Carringer, District Attorney of
Forest Connty, Id aocoant with said Coun
ty, for the year endiug January 1914
To orders drawn $ 400 00
By salary M $ 400 00
Tbe Connty Commissioners of Forest
County, in account with said County, for
tbe year ending January 5, 1914.
W. H. Harrison, orders drawn 9 800 00
J. C. Scowden. orders drawn 800 00
H. H. McClellan orders drawn... 8C0 00
$2,400 00
W. H. Harrison, by salary $ 800 00
J. C. Scowden, by salary 800 00
H. H. McClellan, by salary. 8-0 00
$2,400 00
County and Poor Tax In bands of Col
lectors uncollected January 5, 1914
Rarnett township, 1913 $ 99 81
Green " 19U 12o 28
" " 1912 1)5 80
" 1913 972 47
H.rrnony " 1913 324 98
Hickory " 1905 45 70
" 19U2 3 64
" " 1913 188 68
Howe " 1913 828 4'
Jenks " 1912 151 67
' 1913 161 09
Kingsley " I9l0 829 95
" " DBS .
" ' 1912 419 50
1913 141 78
Tionesta " l13....r. 204 79
Tiouesla Borough, 1903 90 67
lau ion o
1913 .T 371 94
$5 906 98
Dog fund $ 751 61
Couuty fund ... 12.020 92
Poor fun 1 5 991 89
Scbool fund 2 337 40
Baildius fund 16o 05
Cash fuud 1,458 00
Boud fund 44
Road fuud 2 52
$22,814 73
State of Pennsylvania, .
County of Forest. )
We, tbe undersigned Auditors in and for
said County do hereby certify that we met
at the Court House, In Tionesta Borough,
in said Couuiy, according to law, aud did
audit aud adjust the several accounts of the
Treasurer, Proluouotary, Bberiff, District
Attorney and Couuty Cummis-inners, of
said County, for tbe year 4 D 1913, aod
Bud them as se forth la tbe foregoing re
port In witness whereof we have here
uuio set our bands aud seals this 22nd day
ot Jauuary, 1914.
G. H. WARDEN, IsbalJ County
A. C. GltEGG. 8BALJ $ Auditors
Attest-D. W. CLARK, Cleik
Commissioners' statement of expendi
tuies of Forest Countv lor tbe year eud
nig January 5ih. 1914:
J uolices of the Peace t 276 00
Constables .-. 204 35
Witnesses .'. 153 66
Hheriff 74 44
Prothonotary, etc 242 02
District Attorney 400 00
Stenographer 313 56
Telephone aud telegrapn 62 97
Relundlug orders 334 79
Soldiers' burial and beadaiones... 195 00
Livery 27 00
Road View- 194 69
Count Superintendent 7 7.)
Cointiils-lotiHrs' trav. expense ... 114 77
Election expense 717 27
Weeteru i'eiiltentiary 115 00
Reform School 168 811
Coroner's inqiien'ln 5 43
H aril of prisoners 10 00
Medioal attendance (jail) 3 50
Fuel, light aud water 425 69
Commissioners - books, slallou-
ery. eto 239 63
Protboiiotary book, sta. em 93 75
Treasurer -hooka, etsiioiierj.eto 50 00
SberiH hooks, stationery, etc 2 00
Court House and Jail lepaira
sod supplies 144 49
Bridge repairs 2.3i8 72
Jury CoiiiiuixHioiiera 63 30
G'sud Jurors 455 24
Travers-JunnH 1 102 94
Tip-tavex and four Crier 153 00
AssesMiira 1,406 63
OoiiiuilHioiir ' aiHiiee 2 400 Oil
Com iilHoiier' Clnik aisry MOO 00
udiior and t let k.. 124 48
Insurance 193 UO
Jauitor 540 00
Court Audit i 10 00
Prliilinu 501 60
September prima ie 748 92
Solicitor lot) 00
Grand Aruiy ul tbe Repuiiliu 46 00
Repairing lime l'uk Treasurer's
office 15 00
Exoress and dra nil 24 21
f orest Urea 8 93
Donatiou lo Children's Houie 10 00
Boiiuiies on noxious hiiIiiihIh 777 IH)
Estimating limber 192 18
Attorney's expense to Harris-,
burg meetiua' with water com. ..- 67 98
Dues to Commissioners' con ' 10 00
Law library 248 22
School Directors' Convention slid
Teachers' Institute 1912 1913 659 66
Vnal statistics 73 25
Seated laud returns lor 1912, cred
ited to collectors 126 04
Notify Inn taxahles 6 08
Treas.' com. aud exonerations ... 808 03
Collectors' com. aod abatements 1.017 81
$19,979 66
Amount lu Treasurer's hands,
unoolleoted. iaxes, eto $12,020 72
Amount due" trotn Townships
aud individuals 28 03
Auiouut due Iroiu Stale, Sep
tember primaries. 748 92
Amount due from Stale, boun
ties paid 777 00
Bridge plank lu stock 700 00
Sealed lauds returned for 1912..: 126 04
114.398 71
Liabilities None
Commissioners' statement of expendi
tures of tbe Forest Comity Poor Diamot
for tbe yesr ending January 6th, 1914:
Salaries, wages aud labor f 1.603 71
Provisions and supplies 656 21
fuel and light 458 81
Clotbiug and shoes 63 96
Furniture, bedding, dry goods, AO 52 12
Medicine and medical supplies... 86 60
Repairs 97 04
Commissioners' trav. expense 49 98
Farm expense 554 46
Physician , 150 00
Commissioners' Clerk 120 00
Telephone aud telegraph 25 45
Solicitor 50 00
Livery 6 45
Buildings and Improvements 174 81
Insurance 10 78
Outside relief 702 09
Insane in State Hospital 1,810 25
Extraordinary expense 640 25
Bringing in paupers 2 00
Express 95
Juntioes ol tbe Peace 8 50
Burial of paupers 10 00
Tranaporting paupers 47 71
Feeble minded in Traiu. School.. 212 95
Treas,' com. and exonerations 852 93
To county account 42 40
Collectors' com. and abatements.. 610 70
Interest on bonds 400 00
Sealed lands returned for 1912,
or edited to Collectors 75 52
$8,365 63
From tbe above total deduct tbe follow
ing items which will show the net expen
ditures of the Poor District:
Amount of produce, etc, sold
from County Farm $ 417 65
Amount received for support of
patients, such amount having
been advanced by poor district 262 65
Collectors' com. and abatemeuts.. 610 70
Treas.' com, and exonerations 352 93
Interest on bonds 400 00
Seated Isnds returned fur 1912,
credited to Collectors 75 62
$2,119 45
Net cost of poor for year 1913 6,246 08
Amount In Treasurer's hands,
uncollected taxes, etc $5,991 89
Due from individuals 617 74
Liabilities 3,490 37
$10,000 00
Bonds outstanding $10,000 00
State of Pennsylvania,)
County of Forest, J
We, tbe undersigned Commissioners of
Forest County, and Forest County Poor
District, do hereby certify tbat the fore
going statement of receipts and expendi
tures and statement of assets and liabili
,lea are correct and true, to tbe best of
our knowledge and belief.
W. U. HARRISON, seal
J. C. SCOWDEN, hkal
H. H. MoCLELLAN, skal
Attest- County Commissioneis.
8. M. HENRY. Clerk.
J;T J. Kennedy of New York
Dies by Own Eland
cuts i::s moat with razor
Worries Over Ordeal of Quizzing at
Hands of District Attorney Whit
man During Graft Investigation.
John J. Kennedy, state treasurer
of New York, committed suicide at the
M.-.rkeen hotel, Buffalo. He was found
In a small lavatory off the hotel ball
rojiu with his throat cut and an open
razor lying on the floor beside him.
Hir jugular vein had been severed.
Temporary ' Insanity induced by
wony over his impending appearance
before a New York grand Jury where
D. strict Attorney. Charles S. .Whitman
li"t been conducting a John Doe graft
Inquiry, is said by his attorney, Mich
ael i' Dirnberger, Jr., to be the only
reason that can be assigned for Mr.
Kennedy's act.
In this statement Mr. Dirnbergfir
told of Mr. Kennedy's appearance be
fore Mr. Whitman on Jan. 29 at wlilc'i
time Mr. Kennedy signed a waiver of
Immunity. Later Mr. Whitman gave
ouf a statement to the effect that Mr.
Kennedy had Ignored an Invitation
from him to appear before the grand
Jurv so the state treasurer was buo
penaed. H. P. Burgard, Democratic state
committeeman and bnrpe canal con
tractor now residing at Fulton, N. Y.,
has been a life long friend of Ken
nedy's. Rumor had It that Mr. Bur
gard knew the renson why Kennedy
fil'rtilrl take his life, but on the tele-,i-
n y. TUirccard said:
"J'lin Kennedy must have been
"sty. I din't know of any reason
vhy he should crumlt suicide except
ho worrv caused by the John Doe
rorpe'J'T", and I don't know why
hrt should have worried him, al
'"urh Mr. Kennpdy was a very
p-v--i!s ii'iip. He v Hg in good financial
'i-fu-i'Rtnnccs and had property."
M Kpnr-"'" hpd declared to Ills nt
Tficy as wll as to other personal
fiends that lie did not fear that there
was anything upon which Mr. Whit
man might indict him, but that the
ffn,',s of the state treasury office
vvpre so intrlrale that a shrewd lit
.orney might easily phre him in an
jnpleosant position before the public.
Loses Bride by Drinking.
CMled upon to decide between a
drunken lover and keeping a dowry
of S2.500, Katrina Hunlitz, a German
tyr'ilPii of New York city, chose the
latter alternative. Katrina camo to
Wilpen, Pa., to meet her sweetheart,
whom she found intoxicated, and she
rlcr lded to return to New York.
,- rl ?--rl Wife Seriously Burned.
At Mcadville, Pa.. Michael J. Ott, .in
': c nlr. !.d engineer, and his wife
.t-ere lnirned and Mrs. Ott may die.
Arr clothing iKliited from a stove. Be
f-n trying to save his wife and
..g the liuuse from being da
strove,' Ctt waa badly turned.
Senate Passes ; Bill Providing
For Raise in Grade
Senate's Action la History Making,
All Attempts Heretofore to Create
Vice Admiral Rank Haying Failed.
For the flrst time in the history of
the United states government a meas
ure creating the grade of vice admiral
In the navy passed the senate and the
likelihood Is that the house, too, will
Approve it.
The navy haB long been a sufferer
because of the failure of the govern
ment to raise the grade beyond a rear
admiral, but congress has never be
fore seen (It to relieve the situation
although often appealed to.
It has frequently . happened that
United States navy officers have been
embarrassed If not humiliated through
being outranked on International oc
casions by European officers.
Among those regarded as likely to
be raised to the new grade are Rear
Admirals Badger, Fletcher, Klske,
Winslow, Usher, Howard and Cowles.
The hill was Introduced by Senator
Bryan of Florida and provides that
four of the vice admirals shall be ap
pointed within a year of the passage
of the bill and the remainder as soon
thereafter as possible.
An amendment by Senator Bristow
was adopted raising the age for re
tirement from sixty-two years, as pro
vided by the bill In the form in which
It was Introduced, to sixty-five years.
Big Boost For Good Roads.
The watch dogs of the treasury took
to their heels as the house passed by
a vote of 282 to 42 the Shacklefonl
bill appropriating $25,000,000, which is
to be the annual charge on the rev
enues of the government for the im
provement of roads throughout the
United States.
Under the terms of the Shackleford
bill $25,000,000 is provided annually
for federal aid In the construction of
good roads. The money Is to be divid
ed among the Rtates, one half In the
proportion that the population of each
state bears to the combined popula
tion of all states and one half In pro
portion that the post roads of each
state bears to the total post roads
mileage in the states.
$18,000,000 to Be Spent on Ohio.
A total of $17,937,000 will soon be at
the disposal of the war department for
work on the Ohio river. The rivers
and harbors appropriation bill, to be
reported to the house Thursday next,
will carry a total of $40,000,000 fur
waterways improvement. The Ohio
river, accoruing to the almost unani
mous view of the committee, Is worthy
of substantial support. To hasten the
work of canalizing the river from
Pittsburg to Cairo, 111., and Insuring a
nine-foot stage twelve months in the
year the committee has voted $5,000,
000 and In addition $350,000 Is pro
vided for open channel work.
Armor Plant Will Be Authorized.
Authorization for a government
armor plate factory is to be made
by the house naval affairs committee
fn the forthcoming naval appropria
tion bill. The Rite for the factory Is
to be left to a special commission to
be appointed by the secretary of the
Barring of Hindus Assured.
Representative Burnett of Alabama,
chairman of the house committee on
Immigration, predicted that as a com
promise on the Pacific coast fight to
exclude Japanese and all other
Asiatics congress, at this session,
would enact legislation to bar out
Flood Prevention Urged on Wilson.
Appointment of a committee of btiHl
noss men from the country at large
to provide means for the prevention
of floods will be ureed on President
Wilson at a hearing Feb. 26.
Railrod Official Defies Commerce
The attitude of the Louisville and
Nashville oTlciuls waj denounced as
"railroad airgance and attempted de
fiance of constituted authority" by
Senator Jo! n Sharp Williams, chair
man of the committee on contingent
expenses, w ;ich .will report the Lea
resolution tr the senate. The resolu
tion provld.s for co-operation by a
senate committee and the Interstate
commerce commission In an Investi
gation of the railroad's affairs.
The open defiance by Wibcl T.
Mnpother, fcst vice president of the
LoulBVille and Nashville, brought
ibout this n.ove.
Chairman ('lurk of the commission
made public a report by Commissioner
Meyer on ti e conduct of Vice Presi
dent Mapother, charging tbat the rail
road olllcial forcibly ejected inter
state comnieice commission examiners
'rom the of.ce of the road in Louis
ville, Ky., v'..o were seeking to guard
'he records which Mr. Map ither had
lireat-nt'd to revise or destroy.
That Mr. Mapother In directing dell
nee of the governnifnt dg"iits de
nounced them ns "spies" and threat
ined to "llc't" them was :h;Jrged by
Conimlttlooer Meyer.
May Be One of Uncle Sam's
First Vice Admirals
Carranza Reported to Be Headed For
Juarez to Discipline Villa.
A story is in circulation in El Paso,
Tex., that the breach between Gen
eral Francisco Villa, leader of the
rebels in northern Mexico, and Veil
ustiano Carranza is irreparable and
that Villa's prolonged stay in Juarez
Is thus explained.
As the story goes it is Carranza's
plan to seize Juarez, and set up his
capital there. Villa prefers to remain
near the border until he knows more
delinitely about" the situation.
Men who have arrived here from
the west coast of Mexico, where Car
ranza was last heard from, declare
that Carranza is coming across the
mountains accompanied by several
thousand men, and that It Is his plan
to appear suddenly at Juarez and
force obedl nee and recognition from
Villa by for -e of numbers.
Carranza does not anticipate a bat
tle, it is said, but believes that by
being a superior force, Villa will
readily recognize him and that further
conflict will bo avoided.
It is also said that Villa knows lie
cannot take Torreou and ho tears his
own men whom he has sent south
will desert.
The Mexican bandit, Maximo Cas
tillo, and six of his followers wero
enptured and executed Monday near
Chocolate pass, about forty-live tulles
northeast of Pearson, Chihuahua, ac
cording to telegrams received by Gen
eral Francisco Villa in Juarez.
A detachment of rebel cavalry
under Major Juan Saiiuiniego sur
rounded Castillo's band near the pass,
it wus reported, and captured seven
of them, Including the chief and they
were executed at onci.
Business la Stimulated, Finds Trade
Dun's Review of Trade Bays this
"Distribution of seasonable merchan
dise has been stimulated by zero tem
peratures, which have accelerated the
movement of heavy weight apparel
and fuel. Recent stormy weather also
broadened the demand for footwear,
and the general business situation re
flects gradual betterment.
"It Is signilicant that the leading
Interest In Iron and steel reported a
considerable gain in unfilled tonnage
during January, following a year of
continuous losses. This obviously
means that tiie great basic industry
Is recovering from previous depres
sion, notwithstanding the fact that the
railroads still con line their purchases
to the closest possible limit."
No Other Living Creature Can Be Sent
Through Postoffice.
Babies are not mailable. The pnst
ofllce department so holds in an edict
barring them from the parcel post.
The question arose over a request by
the postmaster at Stratford, Okla., for
a ruling by the department as to
whether a patron of his ollice could
send a child aged two years by parcel
post from Twin Falls, Ida., to Strat
ford. The postmaster was puzzled be
cause he could find nothing in the
regulations covering sucli a case uud
referred it to the department.
Second Assistant Postmaster Stew
art decided that all human beings uud
live animals are buried from the
mails. The one exception, however,
Is the (jiii-en bee, which Is the only
living creature that can enjoy the
privileges of the parcel post.
Green Pup With Yellow Spots.
A green pup arrived with a litter at
the home of Warren Bnrk in Union
town, Pa. The pup is a full blooded
bound and, although snmll spots of
yellow are on its body, the hair for
the most port is green.
Falle "rom Porch; Killed.
Chnb'8 Rldenour, sixty years old.
Of Martinsburg, W. Vd., fell from bis
porch and vus killed. Ilia neck was
f-W -y)sjsija5A" - ' "
y i.. - smi , t
J:ii,ison ol ths Monroe Jumped
Into Boat U I
Skipper Defends Hia Action at Govern
ment Inquiry Into Sea Disaster.
Only Two Boats and Raft Get Away.
What means Captain Edward K.
Johnson of the steamship Monroe took
lo avoid the collision with the steam
tliip Nantucket off the Virginia coast,
in which forty-one persons were lost,
and what efforts he made to save the
lives of passengers and crew were
among the things Inquired into ut the
trial in Philadelphia of Cuptuiu
Osmyn Berry, commander of the Nan
tucket, who is charged witli negli
gence. Captain Johnson said that because
of the heavy list to starboard after
the collision only two boats could be
launched. One was commanded by
hii.iself, Captain Johnson said, and
the other by the chief ofllcer. He
tesulied that his boat cleared the Mon
roe a little before the other boat. He
ad.iiitted he left the ship with
knowledge there were other persons
in tiie vessel, but that he wanted to
go around the stern to the port side,
where he could save them.
He took aboard a colored woman
passenger aud a white man, also a
passenger, and rowed away from the
In the meantime he admitted he
had ignored a big life raft, capable of
holding twenty-six persons. This wus
lashed to the deck within fifteen feet
cf the boat he was helping to launch.
"1 had no time to touch the raft,"
he said. The first mate cleared life
boat No. 7 later and also left the ship.
Some sailors, however, cut the lash
ings of the life raft, passed up by
Captain Johnson, and It. got away with
four persons clinging to It. Only those
two boats and that one life raft out
of eight boats and six rafts left the
Captain Johnson explained that it
was impossible to launch boats 2, 4, 6
and S, all located on the port or left
side, because the steamer was so
badly listed.
Captain Johnson surprised those at
the trial by declaring that "under the
circumstances" neither he nor Captain
Berry could have uvolded the col
lision. "I can figure no course of action
owing to the shortness of time and
my lack of the knowledge of the
course of the Nantucket thut could
have prevented the collision," said
Captain Johnson, "Nor do I see how
Captain Berry could have done any
thing to avoid the collision after he
realized the proximity of the Monroe."
To many questions why he did not
cut loose all the life rafts the witness
replied ho was verv busy trying to get
the boats away. Every person he saw
on the decks or In the water, Captain
Johnson said, had on a life preserver
with the exception of himself.
The Nantucket stood a quarter of a
mile astern of the Monroe, the witness
fluid, and did "remarkably well in
helping to save passengers and crew."
Captain Berry will testify probably
after all other witnesses have been
The inquiry will no doubt lend to
changes In the regulations for the nav
igation of coastwise vessels and also
to the adoption of rules Increasing
the elllcleiiey of the wireless opera
tors so as to assist vessel command
ers to nscr"-!"!!) the prox'mlty of other
ships during fogey weather.
carried p::o":y gin
Rosie Also Wore Men's Clothes.
La ids in Police Station.
Dressed in a man's trousers severnl
Blzes too s- all for her and carrying a
l'ss nist ; tilled with water, Rosie
Church, aged nineteen, was nrrestel
In ll'it'ieste-'d, Ph., along with Harry
Curr, aged twenty. Carr had a loaded
revolver and a b x of enrtridges.
The arrest of t1 e couple was made
after the polh e h; d received reports
that some person had been trying to
enter several houses in the borough.
Senator Bacon's Remains Placed In
Senate Chamber.
The fmie-al of Senator Augustus ().
Bacon of Georgia was held in the sen
ate chamber in Washington last Tues
day. on few occasions In recent years
liavo public funerals been held in the
senate, but Senator Bacon's distin
guished public career led his col
leagues unanimously to determine that
this extraordinary mark of respect
should be shown him.
Fear Man Is Frozen to Death.
E. M. Wright, sixty-five years old.
of Sugar Grove, near Corry Pa., has
been missing from home since Friday
and although a vigorous search has
been made no trace of him has been
found. It Is feared that he has
wandered away and was frozen to
Dr. Park Dies.
Pr floFwcll Park, one of the physi
cians wlu attended President McKin
lev when h' ws shot in 1 f0 1. died In
Buffalo, X Y., of heart disease Ii hit
tisfy-sccond year.