The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, January 14, 1914, Image 2

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One in natumlly mildly eurlona as tn
whDKilior Nwrntary Hryan awore off
grape juice on the Brut of I h year.
Renemh Free-trade. Hwnylnu fast
Induatrle are laid, an In the past.
When Free-Trade won and workers Inat,
They looked for sun and, and got a frnet.
Thk atatement by atate treasurer
You nit that the available funds In the
treasury are now lower than they have
been for some time, there being less than
six million left tn do business on, will be
le-a disquieting when it la rememtered
that a alx-ioillion balance la atill aotne
Secretary Rkdkikld aska Congress tn
give him an appropriation of f4 000.000 tn
pay the expense of finding out what alls
the country. An honest Investigation
and an honest answer to the question
might be worth the money. But there la
really no need of all that bother and cost.
Hnsinesa is suffering from an overdose of
tree trade policies. Tbat'a what aila tbfl
If it is true, as slated, that the free
listing of beef and olber food products,
under the new tariff law, la causing
enormous in. 'reuses In the Inv ortsllons
of foodstuffs Into the United States, It
would be Interesting tn know who Is de
riving the benefit therefrom. Can It be
the "beef barniia" and others of their Ilk
are the chief beneficiaries? The ultimate
consumers have not aa yet holed any re
duction In prices. Blizztrd. Kay,
brother, aren't you aware that aucb
blamed impertinent questions as that are
cilculated to kn.ick the beautiful theory
cf Iree trade, "once and for all, into a
cocked ba'f"
Dkan William Draper Lewis, of Phila
delphia, one of the founders of the Pro
gressive party In Pennsylvania, baa re
signed as president of the Progressive
Stale League. It Is said that Dean Lewis'
withdrawal was because bia candidacy
for United States Senator was fr iwned
upon by William Flinn and other, be
cause they want a man like Plnchot, who
Ins the ainews of war in the abape of
funds, saya the Punxy Spirit. Aa Plncbot
is a millionaire, and is expected to sacri
fice a good deal of coin for the benefit cf
the Washington party, be la -ery likely to
receive the indorsement of the State ex
ecutive committee, which meet in
Harris-burg this week.
'"Twas ever thus: I've aeen my fondeat
bopea decay," will many a four-flusher
lament when be reads tbat Congressman
Barlholdt of Missouri, who la also a
physician, surprised a Washington hos
tess at a fashionable luncheon Tuesday of
last wi ek by refusing grape juice and re
marking that be would prefer beer. "We
do not keep intoxicating beverages In the
house," said the lady. Whereupon Dr.
Bartholdt proceeded to elucidate. "Grape
) ii ice Is too stionge for me" be said, "es
pecially In Hie middle of the day when I
have work to do. Grape juice demands
alcohol to preserve It and conlaius 6 to 7
per cent, of it, while ordinary beer con
tains only 3 tn 4 per cent, of alcohol,
Bryan will have to get something other
than grape juice If be wauta to avoid al
cohol." Jctxiit Scott at Easton asked an ap
plicant for naturalization bow many Con
gressmen Pennsylvania baa and refused
bim, for the time, naturalization papers,
because the Hungarian aaid there was a
hundred and ninety-one tbonaand. He
probably meant that there were tbat many
who wanted to run for Congress. But,
was it not an unfair question? How
many Congressmen are there In tbia
Btatt? Do you, who was born here and
voted bere all your adult life know? And
If you don't know, why should the ap
plicant for naturalization be expected to
know? Franklin Newa. A little less at
tention given to men's mental qualifica
tions and a great deal more to the moral
rectitude ol the applicants for naturaliza
tion would Improve the citizenship of
tbia country. No foreigner abould be
allowed to land in tbia country who can
not bring with him a certificate of good
character from the mother country.
W. M. Lindsey of Uallton called at the
borne of James Slocum, Saturday.
We are having tine sleighing bere.
W. M. Sinclair is hauling atove wood
for Fred. Newark. Lawrence Slocum Is
driving team for Uncle Billy,
E. C. Swartz is ill with the grippe. We
hope be will soon be around again.
Jamea Slocum's young aon John la ill
with pneumonia.
W. M. Swartz of Oil City arrived at
Lynch Tuesday and is visiting relatives
bere for a few day.
Percy Bean is visitiug relatives bere
for a few days.
James Slocum and hia two frlenda are
hauling chemical wood for the Forest
Chemical Co. at Biujay.
Alex Shay and lady friend of Nansen,
Elk county, were calling on friends bere
the first of the new year.
Gazette Times Almanac for 1914.
TbeGszette Times 1'JU Almanac baa
Just come to band. As a bonk of refer
ence on natlooal, state and local tnattera
His fully up to the standard of The
Oazette Times and la replete with inter
esting Information on thousands of vital
topics many of which are constantly com
ing up for dircussiou. The Almanac
covers the fields of politics, religion labor
and industrial affairs, sports and numer
ous other matters of interest. It contains
a splendid calendar and astronomical sec
tion, together with weather records for
this territory covering a long period of
years. Late and early frosts, floods, ex
tremes of wind and temperature are all
The sporting section of the book is
unusually fine and complete. Boxing,
horse racing, aviation, athletics, base
ball etc
The Alroanao will appeal to all who
value exact, concisely slated facta which
are of practical, everyday use. It la well
printed, handsomely bound, and Is
worth many times ita price which la 25
cents a copy; 35 cento when ordered by
Mrs. George Parker waa called to
Brook vllle Tuesday on account of the
Illness of her mother.
Alex. Hunter, the conductor on the 8.
A T. passenger train, met with an aooi
dent Wedi day which made him feel
somewhat uncomfortable for a few daya.
He bad a plank from the baggage car tn
the store porch over which be waa rolling
a barrel of pork. The plank slipped and
Mr. Hunter went down between the car
and the porch, where the plank, the
barrel of meat and a pail of lard landed
on top of blm, and In consequence the
conductor had a s ire head for a few daya.
The W. C. T. U. met at the borne ol
Mrs. Dotterrar Wednesday afternoon and
discussed the subject of "foreign speak
ing people." The next meeting will be
held at the borne of Mra. Ida "Nasb,
January 21.
Mra. Harry Sbaw died Weduesday
morning, 7lh Inat., from a stroke of apo
plexy. She bad not been in her usual
health for the paat year, but waa able to
be about the bouse and attend to her
work op to tbe time of ber death. Her
husband'a mother waa suffering from a
severe cold and she had stayed down
staira to look after ber. Some time after
four o'clock sbe went to the room and
asked if abe had taken ber medicine, then
aid abe would shut tbe door aa abe was
going to get breakfast. She turned and
went luto tbe other room aud tell, uncon
scious, upon tbe bed. Her husband
bearing the fall came down. Dr. Serrill
waa called, but she never regained con
sciousness and died about nine o'clock.
Her maiden name waa Margaret Ittle.
Sbe waa born near Tylersburg, and waa
thirty-four yeara old at tbe time of ber
death. Sbe baa been a resident of Kel
lettvllle ever since ber marriage, about
12 yeara ago. Besides ber husband she
leavea four children to mourn her lose,
tbe youngest not being yet oqe year old.
Funeral aervices were conducted by Rev.
Henry Smallenberger In the M. E
church, Friday, at 1 o'clock, and Inter
ment In tbe Whig Hill cemetery imme
diate followed. Sbe belonged to the
burial association at Tidinute, who sent
an undertaker to look alter tbe body.
Beautiful flowers adorned her casket, tbe
gift of friends. Mrs. Sbaw waa a very
quiet dispositioned woman, alwaya busy
about ber borne and seld oi seen far
away from It, but by ber unselfish devo
tion to the duties thrust upon ber she
w n the admiration of all who knew ber.
Frlenda from out of town who attended
the funeral weie, Mra. Frank Pequlgnot
Hickory, and U. 8. Ittle of Tylersburg,
sister and brother of tbe deceased, and
Calvin 8haw and Ronald Spangler of
Derry, Pa., and Bradner Sbaw of near
Misa Margaret Goodlellow baa moved
ber boarding place from Mra. Downlng'a
home to the borne of Prof, and Mra.
Simmons, and Prof. Titterlngton la at
borne with Mra. Mary Flynn.
Tbe concert given by the colored troupe
In tbe ball Monday night called a full
house and all were pleased with enter
tainment given.
Mr. and Mra. W. L. Watson were
Warren visitors Tuesday.
Tbe stork passed over our towo during
tbe week and left a thirteen-pound boy
at the borne of Mr. and Mra. John
Piersoo, Tbursdsy, and an equally fine
girl at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. Boy
Paul, Saturday.
Mrs. Edwards of Crown was the guest
of Misa Blanche Hendricka during the
Jobn Cook bad a portion of the third
linger of bis right band taken off Satur
day by the coming in contact with tbe
machinery at tbe planing mill.
A goodly number of tbe young people
attended tbe funeral of Leslie Grabam, at
Starr, Thursday.
Mra. Parker is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mra. F. V. Hendrickaon and
son Roger -visited Rev, W. E. Framp
ton's family at Rouseville over Sunday.
Meetings began In tbe M. E. church
Sunday evening.
Lawrence Dunkle and Roy Harmon
visited tbe letter's home In Clarion
county, Sunday.
Mr. and Mra. R. W. Wliiteblil visited
tbe former's parents at Truemans, Sun
Mra. Sarah Sbaw Is suffering with a
very bad cold.
Cbarlea Daubenapeck waa a bnalnesa
visitor in Sheffield, Wednesday.
Emma and Arthur Jensen were Shef
field visitors Friday.
Ralph Daubenafeck la suffering with a
severe cold. Grandma Dotterrer baa al
so been confined to ber home for tbe past
week with a cold.
Alonzo Graham and family visited bia
mother and olber relatives over Sunday.
Ethel Rich Is viaiting friends at Starr.
Wolves Run Wild In Warren.
On tbe outskirts of tbe usually quiet
and peaceful town of Warren tbe blood
of tbe farinera residing in tbat vicinity
has become somewhat chilled by tbe
bow ling of a pack of wolves that bolde
ita serenades In the small bours of tbe
nlgbt and tbe farmers have started to or
ganize a party to exterminate the beasta
and put an end tn their depredations.
Tbe wolves have become bold since tbe
recent heavy fall of snow and several
limea numbers of Ibeiu have been aeen
on tbe public highways. Last week
while John Walker, Sr., a prosperous
farmer, waa journeying to Warren to pay
bia subscription to the editor of tbe Times
be was attacked by one of tbe nearly fam
ished brutes wbloh bad become separated
from tbe rest of the pack, and only escap
ed from what might have been a horrible
death by the Heetoess of bis borse which
waa not apared at all by the terrified
As soon as be arrived at Warren Mr.
Walker told ol bis encounter with the
wolf and a number of tbe village'a boldest
hunters started out for tbe place where
tbe wolf bad been seen. Tbe men were
unsuccessful In finding tbe wolf, butt bey
discovered a lot of tracks which would
tend to show that there bad been wolvea
In the vicinity.
Tbe origin of tbe pack la unknown hot
It la thought that they are survivors of
the large pack that crossed over Lake
Erie on tbe ice from Csnada several yeara
ago via tbe Warren lie factory. Tbe
wolves are of the grey timber variety and
are harmless unless driven out by hunger
when they become very vloioua and be
come so bold that they will even enter
towns In their search for food.
This is tbe best time possible to send
your subscription to tbe Republican.
Misa Davla Indicted.
Miss Kate Davis, social worker, was
Indicted by the Wllkes-Barre (Pa)
grand Jury for libel In "poison pen"
letters she Is alleged to have sent to
Mrs. J. C. Wallace, wife of a physi
cian there. Miss Davis was a delegate
to the National Purity congress this
year. She was appointed on the state
moving picture Investigating commit
tee by Governor Tener.
$15,000 In Jewels Stolen.
Jewels valued at $15,000 were stolen
from the apartments of Mr. and Mrs.
T. DeWitt Cuyler at the Bellevue
Stratford hotel in Philadelphia while
the Cuylors were absent attending a
dinner party. The robbery was a par
ticularly daring one. One of the
Jewels taken was a pearl necklace set
with sixty-nine graduated pearls and
valued at $10,000.
Priest Bars Flock From Tango.
Rev. Father James Kearns in his
sermon in St. Michael's church. Green
ville. Pa., forbade the members of his
congregation from dancing the tango,
hesitation waltz and other new dances
which lie branded as indecent. The
young people were also strictly for
hidden to associate with votaries ol
those dances.
Trsln Kills Car Inspector.
Wilford Wrljht. twenty years old. a
car inspector for the Pennsylvania
Railroad comnnny, was killed at Cone
mrurh. Pa., when lie was run down
by a presenter train. He was crossing
the tracks to inspect another train
when the accident occurred.
Dies in Sled.
Pobeit Monahan, aged seventy, a
Civil war veteran, dropped dead In his
slrd at I.'lly. near Jolinstown, Pa. His
wife, who wrs in a store, saw the team
withrut a dr'ver pass and going home
found her husband's body in the sled.
Christmas Bridegroom la Killed.
Arthur Jackson, twenty-five years
old, assistant section foreman of the
Pennsylvania railroad at Wilcox. Pa.,
was killed when he slipped and fell
under the wheels of an engine. Jack
son was m- ' ri'-'-"-a day.
Excellent for Stomach Trouble.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are just line for
stomach trouble," writes Mra. G. C.
Dunn. Arnold. Pa. "I was bothered
with tbia complaint for some time and
frequently bad bilious attacks. Cbatn
harlam'a Tablets afforded me great re
lief from tbe first, and since taking one
bottle of thetn I feel like a different per
son." For aale by all dealera. ad".
Local people are aurprlsed at tbe
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc, as mixed
in Adler-i-ka, the German remedy wbicb
became famous by curing appendicitis.
Tbe West Hickory Drug Store state tbat
tbia simple remedy drawa off sncb a
surprising amount of old foul matter
from tbe body tbat A SINGLE DOSE
relieves sour stomach, gas on tbe atom
acb and constipation INSTANTLY, adv
Cough Medicine for Children.
Never give a child a cough medicine
that contains opium in any form. When
opium is given other and more serious
diseases may follow. Long experience
baa demonstrated that there la no better
or safer medicine for coughs, colds and
croup In children than Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It Is equally valuable
for adults. Try It. It contains no opium
or other harmful drug. For sale by all
dealera. adv.
connta of Tiooesta Borough for the
year ending January 5tb, 1914:
J. C. Soowden. Borough Treaaurer.
To balance last settlement $ 748 69
W. H. Hood, 1009 tax W WI
" 1010 tsx 814 74
1H11 tax 5rt8 00
" 19.2 tax 650 00
" 1913 tax 1 900 00
Show Lloeoses IK 60
Ida Paup 400 00
Rent Borough Building 61 93
Liquor Licenses 240 00
R. A. Cook, Lot 150 00
State Treasurer 42 65
Rebate on Interest 2 50
William Street Sewer 20 46
$5,305 23
$3,966 18
79 32
1,259 73
By Orders Redeemed
Commission 2 per cent
Balance In Treasury
$5,305 23
W. H. Hood, Collector, 1913 Duplicate.
To 1913 Duplicate $2,933 02
6 per cent, added on $896 15 44 80
$2,977 82
By J. C. 8cowden, Treasurer $1,600 00
Commission 2 per cent 32 66
5 percent. Abatement on $1,718 68 85 93
Cards and Stain pa 2 50
J. C. Scowden, Treasurer 300 00
Commission 5 per cent 15 78
Balance uncollectod 940 95
$2,977 82
Financial Statement.
W. H. Hood, Collector, 1912 tax..$ 283 47
" " 1913 lax.. 940 95
Presbyterian Church 10 00
Rent Borough Building 90 60
M. A. Carriuger, Secretary 40 00
William HtieelHewer 83 88
Municipal Liens. 154 69
Balance In Treasury 1,269 73
Liabilities in excess 10,598 73
$13,463 65
Order No. 1,123 $ 1,300 00
Order No. 1,431 1,620 90
Olber Orders Outstanding 42 75
Bonds, 1st Series 3,000 00
Bonds, 2d Series 7.500 09
$13,463 65
8lreets $ hS3 45
Lights 78 45
Water 153 00
Engineer 11 60
Board of Healtb 69 00
Interest Floating Debt 314 31
Interest Bonds 420 no
Gaa 67 75
Printljg 14 50
Fire Depuitment 3 25
Paup Case 85 60
Insurance .6 77
Secretary and Attorney 50 59
Auditors 14 00
Payment on Floating Debt 2,188 91
Miscellaneous 6 00
Treasurer's Commission 79 32
$4,045 60
We, tbe undersigned Auditors of Tio
nesta Borough, hereby certify tbat we
have audited tbe foregoing accounts and
found tbem to lie correct as above atated.
J. G. Jamikson, I
J. N. Bankhkad, Auditors.
R. L. Hasi.kt, I
Attest: M. A. Cabkinqkr, Clerk.
January A, 1914.
Now ii the time to order
Ilosc Point
Rui ned Lump Lime J
Most economical lorm ot Agn-
cultural Lime. None better in T
results. Haul in winter when you I
nave most time. Place on farm
tin piles. Lime is ready for use J
Write for prices delivered at
T your btatton. Ask for booklet: T
, .via t v., I'uum.i
Rose Point Ground Burned Lime.
Rose Point Hydrated Lime.
New Castle, Pa.
That $500 of Yours
which is now earning you
nothing, will return you $10
every six months if you buy
one of our Certificates of
Interest begins as soon as
issued, and checks arc mailed
every six months.
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Pittsburgh Bank for Savings
Established in 1862
Made - To - Measure
Clothes of the
Highest Quality
may be purchased here at the
most modest prices in town.
See our marvels of beauty at
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Machinery given special attention, and
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8hop In rear of and just west of the
haw House, Tidioute, Pa.
Tour patronage aolioited.
Cure Found for Eczema
Those Buffering from any ailment of
tbe skin will be interested to liarn tbat a
new remedy has been found for all akin
troubles hitherto declared Incurable.
Prod mm Is a new healing product
wbicb worka all kinds of wnndera, rid
dlnit tbe lno of pi ra pies in twelve hour,
stopping Itching in eczema and all itch
ing diseases at once and curing tbem In a
few daya. It is a sate and aure lemeoy
for ring worms, barber'a itch, cbap,
burns, acaldsand any ailmntnof Ibeskln.
It sella at druirgists for 25 cents, includ
ing K. A. Walker. Trial package sent on
request tn Prodi um Company, Plalntlsld,
New Jersey.
At the
Racket Store
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Tionesta, Pa.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cure Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough.
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Reduced 20 per cent.
Reduced 20 per cent.
Reduced 20 per cent.
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A few pairs of
Reduced 10 per cent.
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For Cash Only.
Legal Notice.
Forest Count v Common Pleaa, No. 2,
May Term. 1913. In Equity.
MAKION L. GEKOW, Plaintiff,
MAN ROSS, Intermarried with
MURDOCH, intermarried with WIL
li termarrled wfih VALENTINK SIG
LF.N MoCAFFRKY. Intermarried wltb
TIN AN, intermarried wilb G. H.
HANNAH FAHKY, Intermarried with
JOHN FA HEY, belra at-law of
JAMES FITZGERALD, deceased, the
following minora, children of ELLEN
MCCAFFREY, now deveened, THOM
AS McCaffrey, mary McCaf
frey, and tbe following minora,
cbllilren of MAGGIE! GILTINAN,
now deceaaed, AGNKS GILTINAN,
To Jobn C. Fitzgerald, Dora Rlginan,
Valentin Higman, Henry Fitzgerald,
John McCatlrey, Alice Fllsgerald, Han-
nub Fabey, Jobn Pahey, I nomas Mc
Caffrey. Mary McCntlrev. Airnea Gilti
nan and Thomaa William Uiltinan,
number of tbe defendants, take notice
tbat tbe bill of oomplaint ol Marion L.
Gerow, plaintlH, baa been tiled againm
you In aaid Court to the above term and
number, pray ing tbat the partition of a
oertain piece or parcel of land situate In
the Townblp of Tionesta, County of
Forest, Slate of Pennavlvania, and con
taining eighty-aeven (87) acre of land,
and known aa tbe niaiceraia rural, ana
if Mine cannot be divided without injury
to and apoiling tbe wbole, thentbeaame
may be aold and tbe partiea tn have di
vided among the aeveral partiea, etc., and
ihatnnleM you cauae an appearance In
be entered for and in aaid Court of Com
mon Pleaa on or before the aecond day
of February next, the aaid bill of oom
plaint may be taken airainat you pro
oonfesan. D. U. Arird,
Deo. 15, 1113. Solicitor for Plaintiff
d a d
January sale
household and
table linens
The one time of the year when
prices reach their lowest ebb.
The time economical housekeep
ers and loversof fine linen secure
their year's supply because of
the acknowledged buying; ad
vances. We are determined that this
should be the biggest linen sale
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Dnmask xtr heavy double
Damask Table Linen rose or tulip
pattern, full bleached, 71 Inches,
per yard, 81c.
Irish Cream Table Linen 70
Inches, per yard, lido.
Extra heavy Ttlcarlierl Table
Linen fl8 Inches wide yard, 73c.
Pattern Table Cloths Rlparhed
II linen, (IS by 72 inch, $1.7.1.
Rlcnchrd Pattern Table Cloth
double Dnmnsk, sntln finish 7
by 72 Inch si.e, $:l.0O.
Napkins -silver bleached, all
linen, SO inch, per dozen, $1.50.
Bleached Damask Napkins 21
inch, per dozen, $2.00.
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J. L. Hcpler
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pleasure or business trip, and alwaya
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Hear of Hotel Weaver
Telephone No. 20.
Year, ago
uwrw vni i
EARNING yfy'l;.
more ivs-
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less thing. Yes, money, regular money that would have
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Tioixr t, IM.
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quality and prices will be found right.
National Vacuum Cleaners.
Many thrifty housewives are showing that they appreciate the FOREST RE
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Special Offer.
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The REPUBLICAN for one year and one National Vacuum Cleaner, com
plete, 4.00.
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