The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, December 03, 1913, Image 1

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scription at reasonable rates, but it's cash
on delivery. i
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J. E. WENK. 4
Offioe in Smearbaugh dc Wen Building,
Trrns, 1.00 A Year, Strictly IiAItum.
Entered as seoond-olass matter at the
poNt-olQue at Ttonesla.
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Correspondence solicited, but no notloe
will be taken of anonymous communica
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VOL. XLVI. NO. 41.
$1.00 PER ANNUM.
Burgess. H. D. Irwin.
Justices of the Peace G. A. Randall, D.
W. Clark.
Councitmen.J. W. Landors, J. T. Dule,
O, It. Robinson, Win. Suiearhaugh,
K. J. Hopkins, Q. F. Watson, J. D.
Constable T. I.. Zuver.
Collector W. II. Hood.
School Director! W. O. Imel, J. K.
Clark, 8. M. Henry, Q. Jatnleson, D. H.
Member of Congress V. J. Hillings.
If ember of Senate 3. It. P. Hall,
Assembly K. K. Mechllng.
President Judge W. D. Hinckley.
Associate Judges Samuel Aul, Joseph
M. Morgan.
Prothonotary, Register t Recorder, te.
-8. K. Maxwell.
Sheriff Wm. H. Hood.
Treasurer W. H.
Cbmmtirtonr-Wm. H. Harrison, J.
C. Hoowden, II. H. McClellan.
District AMorney-M. A. Carrlnger.
Jury Commissioners J. B. Eden, A.M.
Cbroner Dr. M. O Kerr.
Count) .Auditor -Qeorge H. Warden,
A. C. Uregg and 8. V. Shields.
County Surveyor Roy 8. Braden.
County Superintendent J . O. Carson.
Keaulnr Terns ef Curt.
Third Monday of February.
Third Monday of May.
Third Monday of September.
Third Monday of November.
Regular Meetings of County Commis
sioners 1st and 8d Tuesdays of month.
Charck Habbalh Meheel.
Presbyterian Sabbath School at 9:46 a.
m. ; M. E. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. in.
Preaching In M. E. Church every Sab
bath evening by Rev. U. L. Dunlavey.
Preaching in the F. M. Church every
Sabbath evening at the usual hour. Rev.
M. E. Woloott, Pastor.
Preaching in the Presbyterian chnroh
every Sabbath at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m. Rev. H. A. Bailey, Pastor.
The regular meetings of the W. C. T.
C. are held at the headquarters on the
second and fourth Tuesdays of each
'TM'.N KSTA LO DU E, No. S69, 1. 0. 0. F.
1 Meets every Tuesday evening, in Odd
Fellows' Hall, Partridge building.
G. A. K. Meets 1st Tuesday after
noon of each month at 3 o'clock,
137, W. K. C, meets first and third
Wednesday evening of each month.
Tionesta, Pa.
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
OlftVe over Forest County National
Bauk Building, TIONESTA, PA.
Warren, Pa.
Praotioe in Forest Co.
OtDoeln Arner Building, Cor. Elm
and Bridge Sts., Tionesta, Pa.
Rooms over Citizens Nat. Bank,
Physician A Surgeon,
Eyes Tested and Glasses b itted.
Phvsician and Surgeon.
8. E. PIERCE. Proprietor,
Modern and up-to-date in all its ap
pointments. Every convenience and
ooctfort provided for the traveling public
R. A. FULTON, Proprietor
Tlonseta, Pa. This is the most centrally
located hotel in the place, and has all the
modern Improvements. No paius will
be spared to make It a pleasant stopping
place for tne traveling puiuio.
Shop over R. L. Haslet's grocery store
on Kim street, is pre oarmi to no an
Kinds of custom work from the fiuest to
the coarsest and guarantees his work to
give perfect satislacUon. Prompt atten
tion giveu to mending, ana prices rea
Next to Sunlight
li. n flVno knnl, ft . le)
- r """-" " Zd
from the bete lriDl-Kefind 1
Pennsylvania Crude Oil
Family Favorite Oil
Your dealer gelt it in barrel direct
trom our refineries.
FREE-320 pw book-.t! .bout d.
Pittiburf h. Pa. X
- x
Holiday Goods on Display j
AT !
Walker's Drug Store j
Christmas stock replete with beautiful gifts.
"This Department contains everything for the Holiday Trade, t
among which might be mentioned :
Toilet Sets and Manicure Sets.. ... ... .all prices Cigars in Christmas boxes from $1.00 to $4.50
Pocket Books from 25c to $5.00 Fancy Box Papers from 25c. to $3.00
Fountain Pens from . $1.00 to $10.00 Christmas Seals, Christmas Post Cards, Paper, Gold
Safety Razors from ...$1.00 to .$15.00 and Silver Cord.
Perfumes in fancy Boxes from . 25c to $5.00 Christmas Books, all the latest, prices from. 25c to $1.50
Thermos Bottles, all sizes $1.50 and up
Watches from $1.00 to $50.00, special orders
Diamonds from $7.50 to $1,500.00, special orders
Special Prices
and a saving of 20 to 30 per cent.
Cut Glass.
Large assortment of best grade Cut Glass..$1.00 and up
Hand Painted China.
Mrs. Lewis' Hand Painted China, all , prices, very
Many other Christmas articles too numerous to mention
One lot Pocket Books, prices from 25c to $5.00
One lot Novelties, prices from 25c to $3.50
Including all the Latest Novelties. Special Prices on
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Rings.
Huyler's Candies
In boxes of 1 lb., 2 lbs., and 5 lbs. Orders must be in
early for this high grade candy.
1 price 59c
.sale price 43c
Many other bargains which are real bargains. All these goods will be sold regardless of cost.
Purchasers should not delay making their selection until the
last moment, but call and inspect goods while stock is complete.
Goods will be laid aside until called for, upon the deposit of a
small sum.
Ross A. Walker,
The Drug Store On the Corner,
V. iC Trade Marks
.V Designs
"MltO Copyrights An.
Anrone .ending a .Vftrh and description mnr
anlrklr MoerUIn tmr opinion free whether an
Invention U probably patentable, t nmnninlca.
tlnnaatrteUroonfldentlal. Handbook on HateuU
eiit free. OMmt alienor for nerurmii patent..
1'atpnta tnkn throush Miinn K Co. rucelre
(prta rwfl, without ehnrge, In tho
Scientific American.
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eiilntlon of any scli'iitiHo journal. Terina. .!
ymir: four motiths, L Sold by all newutralera,
llrauch Offli'e. 135 V Ht.. WaahiiiKlun. U. C.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cui ee Cold. Croup and Whooping Cougb.
101 liffl-TEIP
In the G react Holiday Shopping Festival Any
Dacy This Month.
Show Your Return Ticket
and ask for a Transportation Check at the first of
following merchants you visit :
Smart & Silberberg Co., Center and Elm Streets.
The Printz Company, 113 Center Street.
Carlon & Company, 116 Center Street.
The Kinter Company, 112 Center Street.
George J. Veach, Seneca Street.
Arthur V. Lammers, 45 Seneca Street.
Perry & Wurster, 219 Center Street.
Fred H. Lammers, 41-45 Seneca Street.
Stranburg Music House, 110 Center Street.
Harvev Fritz. 32-36 Seneca Street.
Welker & Maxwell Co., 2 East First Street.
Seep Brothers, 27-29 Seneca Street.
(Except on Oil Well Supplies.)
Levi & Company.
Moore & Stevenson, Center and Elm Streets.
R. G. Koch & Company, 9-13 East First Street.
Come To Busy Oil City At Our Expense
Commander o! Rebels Who
Hold Mexico Oil Districts
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Railroad Fare refunded
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purchases of any or all
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. sty,
' f
Freight and Automobile Meet on
Grade Crossing.
Three women wcro killed and n
man and woman were probably fatal
ly injured when a freight train on tin;
Pennsylvania railroad struck an auto
mobile at Canoo Creek crossing, be
tween liolKdayslmrg and IluntinK
don, i'a.
Tho dead urn:
jlrs. Mary liessell of Altoona.
Miss Ann.c Iiesseli, aged, Mrs.
Iksseli's d;(Ut;liter.
Aliss Frames Secrist of Altoona.
The injured are: Walter AziiiRer,
proprietor of the Franklin hotel, Al
toona, right leg broken, injured in
ternally, taken to Altoona hospital,
and Mrs. Walter Azinger, injured in
ternally, taken to the hospital.
Tho party was in Azinger's. ear and
was motoring from Huntingdon to
Hollidaysburg. For a mile or more
the road runs parallel with the Penn
sylvania rall.-oad tracks from tho
Canoe Creek crossing. When Azinger
was about a half mile from the cross
ing lie saw the long freight train, a
short distance ahead.
Azinger wished to reach Hollidays
burg before dark and did not wish to
be delayed by tho long rreight train.
He threw on the highest speed and
the race for the crossing was on.
When the automobile was in the mid
dle of the crossing the train crashed
Into it. hurling all the occupants from
the machine.
nimnrnn afiftiii
Special Session Ends and Regu
lar Starts
Edfle" Taken Off Monday's Cere
monies Because of Long Protracted
Special Session Much Work Ahead.
For the first time in many years
congress on Monday stepped over
from one session into another with
out a break In the routine and in con
sequence the interest usually sur
rounding the opening of a new con
gress w;.s absent.
The sbLond or regular session ol
the sixiy-tliird congress was ushered
In bv formal oroclaination of the vice
president and speaker in the senate
and house
President Wilson aUDeared at 1
o'clock on Tuesday to read his annual
message at a Joint session in the house
chamber. Aside from this formality
the first days of the new session will
be scarcely distinguishable from the
closing days of the old.
The extra session just ended was
limited, by informal agreements with
President Wilson, to the considera
tion of tariff and currency reform, and
nothing that might interfere with
these issues was taken up. The cur
rency bill still dominates the sltua-
tlrm llin new session begins but the
administration program of anti-trust
and railroad legislation, wiucn is 10
follow, must share the field with a
Bcore or more of other Important sub-
It is the hope of the Democratic
leaders that the currency bill can be
riiuiinneri nf In the senate by tho end
of Ueceniher and can be completed
by both houses of congress and s:gnel
,v ti.e ni-esident in January. In an
ticipation of this the plans for anti
trust legislation will be taken up mm
wsek by President Wilson, in confer
ence with Representative Clayton,
Senator Newlands and other members
of the judiciary and Interstate com
merce committees of the two houses.
Other important projects include:
Further regulation of railroads as to
rates and stock issues, government
owned railroads for Alaska, regulation
of trading in cotton and grain futures,
federal aid for vocational education,
PRtahllshment of a system of rural
land banks, independence of the Phil
ippines, constitutional amendment foi
woman's suffrage, regulation 01 worn
ing conditions of merchant sailors
legislation to promote safety at sea:
two battleship naval program, estab
lishment of a federal armor-making
imod roads legislation, investi
gation of cost-of-living problems and
all the annual appropriation bins.
The hill to give San Francisco
water supply rights in Hetch-Hetchy
valley, over which a conservationists
fight has waged for more than a year,
is set for a vote in the senate Dec. 8.
Another agreement calls for consider
ation immediately afterward of the
bill to authorize construction of gov
ernment railroads in Alaska. A Blmllar
measure has been ravorauiy acieu
noon by a committee of the house.
These bills, with the "seaman's servi
tude" bill which recently passed the
senate, probably will be the first meas
ures of a general character considered
by congress.
Investigations to determine the
cause of increased prices in food prod
ucts are expected to begin soon.
Resolutions demanding such inquiries
are now before congress.
President Wilson lias indicated his
keen interest in the development of a
system of rural land hanks or credit
agencies that would meet the needs
nf f-mint.rv districts more adequately
than can existing commercial hanks.
Tim rwent recommendations of the
commission that studied rural credit
systems of other countries have em
n'hnslzed the need of such a system.
It is expected that soon after the pas
sage of the currency reroriu bill llio
work of devising an adequate system
of rural banks will be undertaken by
congress and an effort made to enact
legislation before adjournment next
Plans have not vet been matured by
ihe administration for tho handling of
the Philippine problem. It is expected
that renewed efforts will be made
early In the senate to pledge congress
to a measure giving early lime
nendenee to the islands. This light
will be led by Representative Jones
of Virginia, chairman of the house
filiimittee on Insular affairs.
Tlio new session probably will wit-
hess more activity prior to Christmas
than any session of recent years. Dein
ocrat'.' lenders propose to hold the
senate to thirteen-hour sesslpns, with
no Christmas vacation unless1 tlm cur
rency bill is passed before the time
set for the holiday. In the house
meantime an effort will be made to
dispose of several of the annual ap
propriation bills before Christmas so
that appropriation legislation will In
terfere as little as possible with til-'
consideration of other matters.
No Union of Brotherhoods.
F.mphiitlc deninl that the five rail
road brotherhoods are to he united
in one railroad organization was made
in Altoona. Pa., by W. H. Pierce,
president of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Firemen and Kngiiioinen.
"There is iitolutely no truth in such
a report," ht declared.
Secretary Daniels Submits First
Report to President
Uncle Sam Won't Be Rich Enoujh to
Go Too Far, Secretary Declares.
Naval , Holiday Idea Is Indorsed.
In his first annual report to tho
president Secretary of the Navy Dan
iels recommends a navy building pro
gram considerably less than that
recommended by the navy general
Two dreadnoughts, eight destroyers
and three submarines is as much as
Uncle Sam's pocketbook will stand ac
cording to the present estimate of
revenues, according to the secretary.
Despite tills curtailment the naval sec
retary believes the program he recom
mends Is a progressive one.
Regarding his building program Sec
retary Daniels says in part:
"With the authorization or two or.
th lareest battleshlDS ever construct
ed, before the close of the present
administration, the united btaies win
have enough ships to have always a
creditable and capable fleet In both
the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.
These, together with the smaller ships
under construction, will make the
American navy one of strength and
power, ready for the protection ot
American Bhores and American in
terests. "Those who bid us stand still in
construction will not approve this con-
servative program. Those who wish
to hasten more rapidly in construction
will not give it their approval. It has
been recommended, after mature con
sideration, as a middle course of wis
Second only in interest to the sec
retarv's building program is an In
dorsement of Winston Churchill's pro
posed "naval holiday," with a recom
mendation that the United Males
take the initiative snfcTthat President
Wilson ask congress to authorize him
to Invite all the powers to a confer
ence to disruss the project.
In Indorsing a naval holiday the
secretary says:
"The growing cost of dreadnoughts.
of powder and of everything that
makes an ellicient navy give reason
for pause. This heavy expense com
mands national and international con
sideration. The naval appropriation
has doubled in thirteen years and yet
this country haB not joined the ex
pensive competition and race for over
large navies to the same extent as
have some other great nations.
"I venture to recommend that tho
war and naval officials and other rep
resentatives of all the nations be in
vited to hold a conference to discuss
whether they cannot agree upon a
plan for lessening the cost of prepara
tion for war.
"I trust the tentative suggestion for
a naval holiday by the strongest of
the powers will be debated and the
matter seriously considered by an in
ternational conference looking to re
duction of the ambitious and costly
plans for navy Increase. I trust that
this country will take the Initiative
and that steps will bo taken by a
conference of all the powers to dis
cuss reduction of the heavy cost of
the army and navy."
Immediate acquirement and opera
tion of oil wells and refineries to fur
nish fuel for the navy, government
manufacture of armor, more naval
chaplains, better educational facilities
for enlisted men and a graduated re
tirement law are the other chief
The secretary thinks that tho time
has como when the navy should he
freed from excessive prices charged
by prlvato manufacturers of armor
plate, guns and gun forglngs, powder,
torpedoes and other supplies and
munitions, so ho recommends appro
priations for an armor plate factory
and an increase In the gun factory,
the powder factory and torpedo works.
Situation Is Flat Because of Prevail
ing Uncertainty.
Dun's Review of Trade says this
"Lessened activity In industrial
channels reflects prevailing uncertain
tv rcuardlne the future. The distribu
tion of merchandise for immediate re
quirements coptinues large, but re
trenchment rather than expansion
characterizes the situation. Caution
in entering upon forward commit
ments In general and new enterprises
are limited, while economy is prac
ticed in numerous quarters. Labor Is
not so well employed and more ma
chinery is idle in iron and steel, the
leading mills now running consider
ably below their full capacity.
"Curtailment of operations results
mainly from the restricted buying on
the part of the transporting com
panies, which experienced difficulty In
obtaining needed funds for equipment
and extensions. The opening of tho
eastern freight rate Inquiry and the
beginning of the currency debate In
the senate attracted attention."
Sayres Go Aoroad.
Mr. and Mrs. F. I!. Sayre, Whito
House bride and groom, sailed for F.ll
ropo on the George Washington to
spend their honey morn abroad.