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    i The -Distinctive Garment Store I
Shirts made to order $3.00 and
Suits made to order $15.00 and
Centre Street at Elm, Oil City, Pa.
Oil City's Biggest Store
Bids You Welcome Next Week at
The Great Shopping Festival
The Greatest Shopping Carnival ever held in Northwestern
rennsylvama starts next Monday
To give you an added incentive to come to town, and to
make you better acquainted with the store where you "can
shop best and most economically,
This Store Wiil Hold, Commencing
Monday, December 1,
A Christmas Preparation Week.
A Great Sale to Adjust Our Stocks to
the Demands of the Christmas Season.
Dozens of small lots and broken assortments but seasona
ble, desirable, and stylish merchandise just the same will be
closed out at sacrifice prices far, tar below the regular values.
Every Department will contribute its full share ot values.
There will not be a day next week when anyone who
visits this store will not be impressed with the wonderlul op
portunities for saving presented on every side. Many of the
articles will be especially suitable for Christmas gifts all will
be very desirable,
This Underselling Event Commennes Monday,
December 1st, and Lasts the Entire Week.
Let nothing prevent
while the Christmas preparation sale is in progress.
Oil City merchants will
Oil City's Banking
Resources Aggregate
Of this total
With these resources, we invite your business.
Oil City Trust Company
Oil City, Pa.
Better Than Gold.
Gold Is generally looked on as the
Inst word In costliness, but, ns n mut
ter of fact, there lire more metal dear
er than gold than there are cheaper.
The number of known metnls Is above
seventy. Iridium, for instance. Is
three times ns expensive as gold. Os
mium Is another metal much dearer
than pold. It Is by far the heaviest of
nil known substances, being more than
twenty-two times as heavy ns water.
This metal has the peculiar property
of belni; able to stand without melting
the most intense heat known. Palladi
um, which Is twice ns costly ns gold.
Is Just the reverse. It Is quite eusy to
make palladium vanish In steam. Be
ing of n white, silvery color nnd un
tnrnishable. It is used for the divl-i$)
marks on scales nnd delicate scientific
Inst ru incuts. Loudon Answers.
When the Britiih Retreated.
One of the speakers before the ban
quet of the Massachusetts society of
the Sons of the American Revolution
told of nu experiment which he made
several yenrs ngo. He flrst consulted
historical records and ascertained the
exnet time of day that the British left
for Lexington. He then started to go
over the same ground. From a fast
walk he soon found It necessary to
break Into n run and then a sprint.
Then he found himself getting go far
behind time that he had to take a trol
ley cnr. lie left Lexington nt the time
of day that the British left, and. al
though they nre said to have renched
Charlestown nt 7 o'clock In the even
ing, he did not get there until nfter
7:30. thus proving that the British beat
the time of the modern trolley cars.
Boston Traveler.
Had to Think Quickly.
Maud What In the world made yon
buy more postage stamps? Kthel
Why. I went Into the drug store to get
pome face powder, and who should be
there but Jack. Boston Transcript.
Howard Why do you term your wife
on nngel? Coward Because she's nl
wnys ready to fly. she's continually
harping, and she hasn't nu earthly
thing to wear Life
Perseverance gains Its meet nnd pa
tience wlus Uie race. Bernard Burtou.
at Oil City.
you from coming to town t
pay your fare.
we have
Spending to merely putting out your
pctsonnlity. It Is like the trailing
fen tilers to a peacock like the long
tralu to a fashionable woman. Why
docs the barefoot negro boy acquire
four yellow dogs? They add to his
personality. Why do we nil shopgirls
nnd plumbers, 'fashionable literary
hacks and gentlemanly financial pi
ratesspend every cent we get. hon
estly nnd dishonestly, wisely nnd otb
erwlsely? We stretch out ns far ns we
can. nnd vnnlty, my friend, Is the only
balloon that never bursts. Why does
the stag grow horns until It can hard
ly make Its way through the forest7
And why did Absalom wear his locks
so long that they caught In nn oak
tree nnd held him until .lonb nnd his
men ciime up? Vanity! Vnnlty! In
some tribes they worship the fat man.
who has put much food under his glis
tening skin. Among other tribes they
worship yon for the servnnts you em
ploy without using, for. the food, you
purchase without eating. To spend to
use Is vulgar; to spend to waste Is the
only nil ml ruble nnd admired spending.
Rnlsi-Wnlter E. Wegl In Saturday
Evening Post
Necessitiee of Life.
A merchant In the West Thirties
tnkes pride lu selling novelties, tricks
nnd puzzles things that wiggle or
waggle or wuggle or woggle. He buys
llistanter those clever mechanical In
ventions, toys and devices. They nre
originated dally nnd die. perhaps ns
quickly. You know the kind. When
you see them on the sldewnlks you
stop nnd look, then dig your hnnd In
your pocket and sny, "That's pretty
clever. I'll Just take one of those
home." Then you make It wiggle or
waggle or wuggle or woggle for the
family, nnd the next dny the spring Is
now to dlsplny these things nnd
mnke a depnrtment of novelties was a
poser. Finally, however, he lumped
them In one corner of his establish
ment and hung over them this descrip
tion: "These nre things you don't know
you nre obliged to have until you see
them." And standing room in thnt
corner Is nt a premium. New York;
57 l
You Always Find
Priced less than elsewhere, of course.
The woman who wants a waist who appre
ciates cleverness and originality who knows
values finds our Waist Department the most
interesting in the city our prices the lowest.
An Unsurpassed Sale
of Women's Coats and Suits.
There is no place like the Distinctive Gar-'
ment Store for value.
The Distinctive
Henry J.
Hopes to Ee First Man to
Swim Passf dial
IS! 3, by American Press Asaociatloa
Wilson Abandons Custom ot Giving
' New Year's Reception.
The Intention of President Wilson
to take a fortnight's holiday during
the Christmas recess of congress and
to give up the regular New Year's
reception at the White House Is gen
erally accepted in Washington as
marking the termination of the New
Year's handshaking which custom has
for more than a hundred years been
forced upon the president.
One objection to the New Year's re
ception has been the indiscriminate
handshaking. The secret service men
have advised against It. They think
the chances of some mishap are
greater at the receptions than at any
other time.
President Taft was once compelled
to have his hand bandaged In order
to allay the pain occasioned by the
gripping of 8,000 hands.
The president's plans for his Christ
mas holiday season are in an uncer
tain state. Secretary Garrison is very
anxious that the president make an
Informal visit to the Panama canal.
President Wilson, however, may de
cide to accept an Invitation from one
of his numerous southern friends to
occupy a country house In the gulf
section or in Florida.
The Parrot's Threat.
Among the countless presents sent to
Victoria by her subjects enrly In her
reign wns a parrot from n bird fnncler
at Bristol: ' 'Toll wns too shy on her
arrlvnl at court to spenk, but when
Victoria, struck with the beautiful
plumage and flue symmetry of the
newly arrived guest entered, with
great condescension, Into conversation
with her, Poll's shyness wore off, aud
she suddenly screamed. 'If you don't
send 20 I'll go bnck." The queen sent
the 20 'nn Inducement to nil teachers
to Impart profitable Instruction to their
pupil.' ""Married Life of Queen Victoria."
if qir
Y"l A $ Mr
Garment Store
Spoiled His Alibi.
A mnn enn't be too careful In the se
lection of his nllbls. Recently the
head of n family returned home early
In the morning. He had lioasted to his
wife that he would be home early nnd
wanted her to know thnt he bnd kept
his word, although he hnd not done
so. Very quietly he turned the hnnds
of his wntch bnck. then turned ' the
hnnds of the parlor clock nnd the clock
In the dining room. Then he threw his
shoes on the floor nnd awoke his wife.
"I.nte again, I suppose," she remarked.
"My watch says one minute to 12," he
replied. She hopped out of bed nnd
sun-eyed the dining room clock. Not
believing her sleepy eyes, she turned to
the timepiece In the parlor. "All right,
but how did yon do It?" she asked, ne
wns n bout to give her an explanation,
when the chimes of a nearby church
sounded two. and his alibi was shat
tered. An altogether different explana
tion was given, but he was too sur
prised to make It convincing. New
York Tribune.
Portland Cement.
The making of it barrel of Portland
cement will consume about 450 pounds
of limestone nnd "0 pounds of clay or
shale. A plant making 1,000 barrels
n day will therefore use lu the course
of an ordinary year about fifl.000 tons
of limestone and 22.000 tons ot clay
or shnle. Assuming average density
for these mnterlnls, n 1,000.000 barrel
plnnt will use up almorft 1,000,000 cu
bic feet of limestone a year, together
with 250,000 cubic feet of shale, the
United States geological survey points
"As the Investment In the plant Is
heavy It would be folly to locate a
cement plant under ordinary circum
stances at a point where less than
twenty years' supply of raw materials
Is In sight," the government scientists
suggest A 1,000 bnrrel plnnt, there
fore, should have 20,000,000 cubic feet
of limestone and 5.000,000 cubic feet
of clny or shnle on Its properties.
The Paper Mark Twain Liked.
An Interesting nnecdote about Edwin
Litchfield . Turnbull, an alumnus of
Johns Hopkins university. Is told In
the News-Letter, the weekly student
publication of his nlmn mnter. Mr.
Turnbull, when thirteen yenrs old, pub
lished for the benefit of a local chari
table organization nn amateur Journal
called the Acorn. He ran the pnper
entirely, doing the writing, typesetting
and subscription soliciting. Among his
subscribers were the late Mark Twuln.
the humorist, nnd Sidney Lnnler, the
"Hopkins poet."
One dny be received the following
letter from Mark Twain:
Dear Sir Youre la the kind of paper for
me one that comes but six times a year
and can be read In Ave minutes. Please
send It to me for ten years. Cheek In
closed. Yours truly, S. L. CLEMENS.
A 8ate Topic
In his book "The Balkan War" Mr.
Philip Gibbs, the wnr correspondent,
snys thnt the official regulntlons for
wnr correspondents who were spnt out
to the Balkans were nppnlllngly severe.
Mr. Ulbbs found that he wns forbid
den to describe the disposition of
troops, to give the nnmes of genernls,
the nnmes nnd numbers of the wound
ed, the success or failure of Bulgnrlnn
troops, the state of the soldiers' health,
the conditions of tbe climate, nnd so
on. When the censor hnd told hlra all
this Mr. Glbbs asked him politely:
"Will you tell me, sir, If there Is any
thing about which we shall be allowed
to write?"
The censor thought deeply for a mo
ment and then answered quite grnvely:
"There Is much interest In Bulgarian
"Perhaps," Mr. Glbbs suggested snr
cnstlcnlly, "I may also be permitted to
describe the song of the birds?"
"By nil means," said the censor cordially.
At the Corner f Seneca Street
and Center,
At the Union Station, at all the Churches, at the different Lodge
Rooms, at the various Hotels, at all places that men gather, you
will find
T. A. P. Suits and Overcoats.
The men who wear them are men qualified to enter anywhere
that good clothes are required. Our Suits and Overcoats sell at from
$10.00 to $35.00
and are worth every cent of it. New Shirts, New Gloves, New
Neckwear, New Hosiery, New Canes, New Hats and Caps, New
Collars, New Vests for the man who dresses correctly.
Oil Citj, !.
Enlivened the 8eene.
One night the father of Kitty Ste
phens, who nfterwnrd been me Countes
of Kssex. went on the stage bctweeh
the acts nnd was standing close to the
drop scene, with his buck to It. when
the stage manager gave the signal fot
the raising of the curtain Slowly tli
cloth went up, nnd ns It rose the coat
talis of Mr. Stephens became Involved
In the roller, nnd, feeling himself
cnught. he began to struggle for free
dom. His efforts were unavailing,
however, nnd when the roller renched
the top there wns he In full view ol
the audience, suspended by his cont
ains, his head and feet downwnrd. Ills
figure resembling a half open knife
Then the stnge hnnds became alive to
the situation nnd the drop scene wns
lowered ngnin ntnld the boisterous
merriment of the nudlence. the sounds
of hilarity Increasing as the victim, al
most black In the face. Innded on his
hanls and knees on the stnge aud crept
Into the wings. London Mall.
Queer Eskimo Customs.
Kery ten yenrs the Eskimos bold
the dnnce to the dend. when ghosts nre
supposed to come out of their cofllus
and visit the Kos-gn. where they are
given a fenst. nnd retire well filled for
another ten yenrs. Sometimes the food
Is taken to the burying ground to save
the spirits the trouble of moving.
When a child Is born among the Island
ers It tnkes the name of the lnst de
censed member of the family, and on
It devolves the duty of feeding Its fos
ter father's spirit. The Eskimos have
a horror of being childless becnuse
their spirits will languish nnd their
name be forgotten. As they any:
"S'pose no mlk-n-nlnn (children) ghost
plenty hungry." Often an Eskimo will
beggar himself, giving a great fenst In
honor of his illustrious ancestor, but
he gains great renown thereby nnd
places all his visitor under lifelong
obligations to him. AVIde World Maga
zine. The Poor Little Girl In the Story.
"Time wns." said Lucindu.."tbtit the
poor heroine in tbe story when she had
a bid to a pnrty got out her one poor
old white dress nnd wore that. It was
old. nnd It wns worn and shabby, but
she let out a tuck or two. cleaned it
and pressed It nnd put on n new bow.
and In thnt poor dress thus refurbish
ed she wns the belle of the bnll.
"But the poor girl couldn't do that
now. No, no. In these dnys she would
simply have to lie In the fashion, and
evcryliody nowadays, rich nnd poor,
seems to hnve good clothes, too good,
ns well ns In the style. I don't know
how they do It but they do. Oh. my.
no! The poor girl couldn't wenr thnt
old dress now. But I love to read
about her In the story." New York
Gasoline Evaporates Rapidly.
One pint of gasoline left In nn un
covered basin In n room nt n normnl or
average temperature will entirely
evaporate within twenty-four hours
As gasoline vapor is denser than the
surrounding nlr, unless disturbed by
nctlve air currents. Its presence In the
room mny be detected for many hours.
One pint of gasoline will mnke 200 cu
bic feet of explosive mixture, nnd this
mixture Is seven times more powerful
than gunpowder. Popular Mechanics
Yeast Did your wife rend the riot
act to yon last night?
Crl msonben k No.
"Why. you thought she would when
fon got In Inte. didn't you?"
"Oh. no. She doesn't hnve to rend It
to me now: she knows It by henrt."
Yonkers Statesman.
She Here's n story of a mnn who
bnrtered his wife for n horse. You
wouldn't swnp me for n horse, would
you. darling? He Of course not. But
I'd hnte to buve any one tempt me
with a good motorcar. London Tlt
Blts. Corrected.
Teacher If I should sny. "Your two
sisters nre coming." would thnt be cor
rect? .lohhny No, ma'am. I only hnve one
sister. Exchnnge.
Why They Fail.
It takes some people so long to be
sure they nre right that they never get
time to go ahend. St. Paul Pioneer
We must mnke our election between
economy nnd liberty or profusion and
servitude. Thomas Jefferson.
Appropriate Name.
Mr. McCorkle wns showing some vis
itors over the house. Arriving nt the
nursery he remarked. "This, gentle
men, is the buwl room."
Thanksgiving Thursday
The coming of this great national feast day with its round of pleasing
social events is an occasion for correct dressing.
"What shall I wear?" This question is uppermost in the minds of
many. Is it a Coat, a Suit, a Skirt, a Party Dress, a Wool Dress, a set of
Furs, a Lace or Chiffon Waist?
This Second Floor Garment Section just now is wonderfully well
equipped to satisfactorily supply the needed garment
IF A COAT Selection can be made here from a well nigh unlimited
assortment $6.60, $8.60, $10.00, $12-00, $14.60 to $160.00.
IF A PARTY DRESS There's exquisite gowns and dancing frocks
most moderately priced.
IF A SDIT This sale of high class Tailored Suits at $8.76, $12.76 'and
$17.76 will interest you.
IF FURS-You'U find every fur
Sweater Coats
There's scores of knitting mills in America trying to make Sweaters.
Trying, we say, for their product is a travesty. There's a mill In
Brooklyn makes Sweater Coats for this store garments that dignify the
name and become at once a standard of quality. This mtll uses a high
grade yarn, their garments are compactly knit, perfect fitting garments.
For women, for misses, for girls, for boys and for infants priced less
than sweaters of inferior quality.
i -
Ousted Frcm Cabinet of
Prssiden! Hota
9 W. by American Prens Association.
Accepts Tender of Big League Base
ball Magnates.
Governor Tener, in Philadelphia,
said he had agreed to accept the pres
idency of the National league of base
ball clubs for a term of four years.
Governor Tener declined to discuss
any new policies he may inaugurate
when he assumes leadership of the
league, saying that probably he would
have a statement to make a"ftor his
The governor's salary will be $25,000
iccordlng to reports circulated, but
about which the governor and the
representatives would not make any
official statement.
Drunkard Prefers to Live in Dry State
of Kansas.
Given his choice between a thirty
year term to the penitentiary and ban
ishment to the dry state of Kansas,
William Hogan, a drunkard, In Frank
lin, Pa., choBe the latter.
Hogan had pleaded guilty to larceny
and because he had been In the peni
tentiary twice before he would have
gone buck for thirty years automat
ically If sentenced there by the Judge.
Hogan will be sent to Kansas by his
Oil City,
favored of fashion $6.60 to $187.60 set.
250 Pounds ' Dynamite Failed to Ex
r.oJ: In Wreck.
A car c:5ng twelve miners col
lided with a car hauling P50 pounds of
iynamlte 400 feet from the entranca
Df the Pultnry mine, near Beiiaire, O.
Both cars left the rails. All the men
were Injured, six fatally, It Is believed.
They were foreigners.
The dynamite did not explode. If it
had the twelve men would have been
Pittsburg. Nov. 26.
Cattle Choice, $3.40 8.66; prime,
$8 8.35; good, $7.50 7.90; belters. $o
(g 6.40; bulls, $4.B07.25;. cows, $3.50
7; fresh cows and springers, $60
Sheep and Lambs Prime wethers,
$4.60(54.65; good mixed, $4.10(4.40;
Talr mixed, $3.25 4; lambs, $57.25;
veal calves, $10.75 11.25; heavy and
thin calves, $7 8.
Hogs Prime heavy, $7.907.95;
heavy mixed, mediums and heavy
Yorkers, $7.90; light Yorkers, $7.50)
7.60; pigs, $77.15; roughs, $77.36;
stags, $6 6.50.
Cleveland, Nov. 25.
Cattle Cliche fat steers, $8 8.40;
good to choice, $7.508.26; choice
heifers, $7(7.60; mllchers and spring
ers, $60) 80.
Hogs Yorkers, $7.75; mixed, $7.75
7.80; heavies, $7.95; pigs and lights,
$7 7.25; stags, $6.75.
Lambs Good to choice, $8.75)
7.90; fair to good, $3.50 6.50; culls
to common, $4.50,5.fl.
Sheep Mixed, 1G4.35; bucks,
$33.50; culls, $3.75.
Calves Good to eUolco. $1111.25;
heavy and common, $5iff8.B0.
Chicago, Nov. 25.
Hogs Receipts, 35,000 head. Bulk
of sales, $7.55 7.85; light, $7.257.80;
mixed, $7.40 7.90; heavy, $7.357.90;
rough, $7.357.50; pigs, $5,7.
Cattle Receipts, 16,000 head.
Beeves, $6.709.65; Texas steers,
$6.60 7.75; stockers and feeders, $4.90
7.50; cows and heifers, $3.358.30;
calves, $6.50H0.
Sheep Receipts, 40,000 head.
Native, $3.!)0(ff5; yearlings, $5.15
J.36; lambs, native, $5.85)7.60.
East Buffalo, Nov. 26.
Cattle Prime steers, $8.60 8.75;
cows, $3.506.75; bulls, $57.23;
heifers, $6.507.50; stock heifers,
$4.75 5.25; stockers and feeders, $6.f0
7; fresh cows and springers, $40
Hogs Heavy, $8; mixed, $7.90 ;
Yorkers, $7.508; pigs, $7.26)7.f.O;
roughs, $7.15(7.35; stags, $6.60(fc7:
dairies, $7.758.
Sheep Lambs, $5.5017.50: year
lings, $4.50 6; wethers, $4.50)4.75;
wes. $3.604.26; sheep, mixed, $4.26