The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, November 26, 1913, Image 2

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J. t. WINK, Coitor 4 PsoranTos.
nrnrfTTWTt if i s1
1 I I I I I Til
2 3.gj5l6 7.8.
A lot of unreasonable people Insist that
the game laws should afford better pro
taction In humsn beings.
Thkrk Is general astonishment that the
ladylike Senaior Marline of New Jersey
is opposed to woman etifTrage.
Thk Glass-Owen currency bill aeeins to
require a good deal of patching for
measure so widely heralded as ideal.
Gov. MiLLKRof Delaware defends the
whippingpost. The whipping post and
peaches constitute Delaware's chief claim
to fame.
All Hint Huerta has l at slake In bis
contest with President Wilson, while the
latter has plenty of other troubles of al
most equal importance.
Thk president and bis cabinet bae de
cided 00 a wailing policy toward Mexico.
Aa Mr. VV'llklos Mioawber would say,
something is likely to turn up any lime.
Thr great packing bouse of Morria A
Co. has just electt d president a man who
started working for the company as a boy
at $1 a week. There are thousands of
young men who have every advantage
over him in the matter of education and
opportunity, who are amounting to noth
ing because tbey rau not And a job good
enough for them.
New Presidential postmasters In Penn
sylvania have been nominated by tbe
President as follows within the past few
days: Edward J. Hutchinson, Polk,
Venango county; Leonard F, (Cellar,
YoungsviHe, Warren county; George B.
McRennlgb, Sykesville, Jeflersou coun
ty; Kraoi W. Klingensmitb, Dime, Arm
strong county; James C. Geist, Dora,
Jrll'ersou county.
An Inquiry Into tbe cost of living with
a view to demonstrating as far aa possible
tbat tbe Democrats are In no way respon
sible is being talked of by leaders io
Congress. The question of tbe rapid In
crease in tbe cost of living is sore sub
ject wilb Democrats these days. Tbey
promised 00 tbe stump tbat they would
pass a tariff bill tbat would reduce prices
to tbe housewife, but tbe prices are still
soaring and the people are beginning to
ask for explanations.
A decision of tbe United Slatea su
preme court banded down last week ia a
victory for women. Tn brief iho deoirlnn
Is that wives have an equal Interest with
their husbands In federal homesteads
after title baa passed from the govern
ment. This is simple Justice, for in
many casea the wife has a harder time to
comply with the conditions necesfary to
secures title uuder bomesteading than
the busbsnd bas. Tbe decision rather up
sets the old theory, however, that tbe
busbsnd and wife are one.
William F. McCombs, chairman of tbe
Democratic national committee, baa noti
fied the workers of bia party tbat they
will no longer be able to look to tbe Pro
gressive or bull uioose party for political
assistance. "Tbe Progressive party aa
working organization is a thing of tbe
past" Chairman McComba tells tbe Dem
ocrats. "The recent elections bave
atiengtbened my belief tbat tbe so-called
Progressive party baa been absorbed by
tbe Demooratio and Republican parties.
The next national political contest will
be between tbe Republicans and Demo
crats" Chairman McCombs concludes.
Tbe recent elections should bave also
convinced Chairman McCombs tbat tbe
Republican party ia by long odda the
majority political party in tbe nation aud
that Democratic supremacy will continue
only until the end of President Wilson's
The Official Vote In State.
Judge John J. Henderson led Jobn W,
Kephart by 9,398 votes in the balloting
for superior oourt judges at ibe recent
election. This is shown by tbe official re
turns received Monday from Harris
burg, which includes all countiea. Kep
hart led Webster Grim by more than
31,000 and James Alcorn was 32,800 be
hind Grim. Tbe vote was aa follows;
Henderson, 220,813.
Kephart, 211,445.
Grim, 180.174.
Alcorn, 147,373.
The total vote for superior court judges
was 758,835, which is falling off ol 4.17,
667 in tbe vote of Ibe Slate aa 00m pared
with tbe Presidential election last year
when the total vote waa 1,217,504. Tbe
vote at tbe last previous election for
superior court Judge, in 1908, was 1,035,
3:t8. Tbe fJO, 000,000 loan amendment waa
defeated by 41,393 votes. The vote was:
For tbe amendment, 259,042; against
One of the strangest happenings ever
seen in the Pennsylvania oil fields took
place Thursday when Bartholomew and
iiertznl sbot the well recently completed
by their company on tbe Irvine property
near Warren. Aa will be remembered
the discovery of a vein of salt water in
tbe top of the saad necessitates tbe use of
an unusually long string of casing.
Through some mistake too much water
was left in tbe well and when tbe charge
of 80 quarts of nitro glycerine waa ex
ploded tbe entire string of casing waa
raised nearly a hundred feet. Tbe oil and
water which tbe abut burled from the
well was all ejected tbrougb the top of
tbe casing as It towered some seventy
feet above the ground, presenting a novel
Bight to tbe crowd of spectatora. After
tbe sbot tbe casing dropped again into Its
origlual position with scarcely any per
ceptable damage compared to what usu
ally ia the outcome ol such acoldenta.
West Virginia Couplea Not Sure.
Ministers Acted Without License.
Scores of couplea who In the last
few years were married at Charleston,
W. Va., by either Rev. J. II. Hill or
Rev. M. H. Lacy are concerned over
reports that their marriages may be
Both ministers competed for Cupid's
business, but have been prohibited
from officiating by the county court.
The two waited at the door of the
county clerk's office and sought to
marry couplea. Hill even offered a
wedding dinner free.
It was shown that an order revok
ing Hill's license to perform mar
riages has stood on the court books
since 1906. Lacy Is charged with hav
ing been expelled by the Baptists two
years ago and Is not empowered to
wed. The Charleston Ministerial as
sociation is prosecuting.
Writhing Rod of Red Hot Steal Em
braces Boy.
When a white-hot liar jumped the
"run" In the Gautier department of
the Cambria Steel company at Johns
town, Pa., It writhed like a snake,
entered the window of the weigh
maater's office and entwined itself
around the body of Herman Babner, a
fifteen-year-old messenger boy. The
boy tried to ward oft with his bare
hands the snake like attack of the bar.
Thomas R. Young, a foreman, seized
the boy and withdrew him from the
embrace of the steel band.
Young's hands were burned, for the
Yoy's clothing by this time was ablaze,
.'loth were taken to a hospital TlU
loy Is in a serious condition.
Communication by Wireleas Telephone
Across 4,000 Miles.
Communication by wireless tele
phone over the Atlantic was ac
complished en Oct. 27, according to
Rear Admiral Emsmann, director of
the Lorenze Engineering company of
Germany. He told the congreas of the
Society of Naval Architects In session
at Charolottenburg that a coherent
message was transmitted from the
company's station at Neustadt, In
Hanover, to the station on the roast
of New Jersey, a distance of nearly
4.000 miles.
The rear admiral said he believed
there will soon be a widespread de
velopment of the aerophone in com
munication with ships at sea.
Dr. Johnson la Dead.
Rev. Dr. Herrlck Johnson, moderator
of the Presbyterian general assembly
in 1S82. died at his home in Philadel
phia. He was aged eighty-one. Dr.
Johnson served churches In Troy, N.
Y Pittsburg, Chicago and Philadel
phia, and was a professor of the
ology at Auburn, N. Y., and at McCor
mlck Theological seminary, Chicago.
He was the author of several the
ological works.
Kills Deer, Paya $113 Fine.
W. G. Hillls of Youngwood, West
moreland county, Pa., paid Justice
Richey of Everett ,113 for killing a
doe while hunting on the Bedford
county end of the Martin Hill preserve
near Clianeysvllle. The hunters di
vided the meat and ate a portion of
it, it is said. Game Warden O'Shea
heard of the shooting and arrested
Negro Shot Up Town.
Charged with carrying concealed
weapons, pointing firearms and surety
of the peace, Frank Johnson, forty
years old, a negro, was lodged in jail
at Somerset, Pa., on charges made by
residents of Confluence, which town
he terrorized. Keeping up a steady
fire from his gun, the negro drove
every one from the streets of Con
fluence. Former Wife Awarded $2,500.
A jury in Pittsburg awarded Mrs.
Fanny Corbett, former wife of Harry
M. Corbett, a railroad man, $2,600 in
the suit of Mrs. Corbett against Mrs.
Dora Pollock Corbett, the present wife
of Corbett, whom she charged with
the alienation of Corbett's affections.
The plaintiff had sued for $25,000 dam
ages. Drills Private Gas Well.
Incensed through Borne slight mis
understanding with the St. Marys Gas
company, John Kaul, a millionaire
lumberman of St. Marys, Pa., has de
cided to produce his own natural gas
for domestic purposes and has begun
drilling a well on his grounds less
than fifty feet from his palatial home.
Aged Policeman Placed In Jail.
Joseph Fullum, oldest officer ot
Washington county, Pa., entered upon
a ninety-day sentence in jail last week,
having been convicted of violating the
liquor laws. Fullum was a policeman
in the employ of the Washington
County Coal company and is ageo
seventy-one years.
Child Drinka Washing Fluid.
While his mother was busily en
gaged in cleaning house Donald Tre
loar, the three- year-old son of Donald
Treloar, a contractor, of Whltaker,
near Pittsburg, drank part of the con
tents of a bottle of washing fluid. Ha
will recover.
Man Out of Work Drowns Self.
"Here's the baby's money," said
John Malluk of Monongaliela, Pa.,
to his wife as he handed her a bank
book showing deposits of $240. Malluk
walked to the Monongahela river
bridge and leaped into the stream. His
body has not been found.
Miner's Cap Light Blow Him Up.
Stephen Smaria, aged thirty-six, of
Greensburg, Pa., a miner, was burned
probably fatally when the open lamp
on his cap ignited powder he was
handling in his home. His clothing
was burned off and one end of the
house was blown out.
Child Dies of Poisoning.
Ptomaine poison, said to have been
caused by eating an ice cream sand
wich, caused the death In Philadelphia
of eight-year-old Lena Strauss. Five
of her sisters also became 111 after
tasting tbe ice cream but quickly recovered.
Delbert Kuosetman waa shaking
band wilb old friends In our town last
While loading loga with tbe loader tbe
wire cable broke lo se and bit Cbarl
Desbner in the forehead, outtlng a small
gash, but Inflicting no serious Injury,
Mrs. James Troutner was tbe guest of
Mrs. J. E. Paul one day last week.
. Mr. and Mra. Rolland II sight are re
joicing over the arrival of 10 pound
daughter, Sunday, Nov. 16th. A little
atranger also arrived at tbe borne of Mr,
and Mrs. McMartln.
W. G. Desbner and L. W. Ilendrlckaon
were Sheffield sboppera 8aturday.
Cbas, Durnell visited bis parenta at
Warren over tbe Sabbath,
Henry Sorenmm drove Into town wilb
some very nioe apples and potatoes. It
did not take blin long to dispose ol them,
as apples are adaroe In tbla place.
Miss Henrietta Kller visited old ac
quaintances here last weea, returning to
Kellettvllle Friday afternoon.
Miasee Cbloe Cook and Lottie Desbner
visited tbe latter'a grandparenta, Mr. and
Mra. Henry Desbner, at Cherry Grove,
over Sunday, a week ago.
E. E. Hendrlckson spent Sunday eve
ning wltb friend on Highland avenue.
Revival meetings began In Ibe M. E.
churcb, Sunday evening, with Rev. H.
Sinallenberger in oiiarge. Rev, Bryan
also went to Beaver Valley Saturday to
start a aeries of revival meetings at tbe
F. M. church.
Mra. Thomas Knight Is on tbe sick list.
Several victims of . tonallitia in this
place at present.
Mra. Frank Bundy and son are getting
along nicely.
Miss Grace Dillon la visiting relatives
In Warren.
Albert and Gordon Anthony and Elmer
Wood spent Ssturdsy evening at ML
Willie Dillon attended mass at ML
Jewell, Sunday.
Elmer Wansley waa vl-lting trienda in
Bradford a part of last week.
We are sorry to lose our neighbor, Mrs.
Bundy, who moved to ML Jewett last
week. We wish ber good luck In ber
new home.
Frank Dillon and Harry Hottel were
calling on frleode In Bradford Sunday.
Willie Kane was In ML Jewett on busi
ness Friday.
Miss Florence Wansley, wbo baa been
aick for some time, ia not improyiog, but
is still growing weaker.
Mra. Groscbupp, Mra. Wood, Mrs.
Kaneand Mra, Esbelman spent a very
pleasant afternoon Friday with Mra.
Mrs. Kane and Mrs. Wood called on
Mrs, Dixon, Friday evening.
Thirty-Two Years Ago.
Itema taken from the files of Ibe Rk
publican issue of Nov. 16, 1881:
GeorgeS. Hunter la building a com
modious barn on bia premises across tbe
Turkeys are roosting high, but tbere
are plenty of them.
Venison Is coming In some; but none
haa touched tbe editorial table as yet.
R. Z. Gillespie of Whig Hill reports a
yield of 646J bushels of oata from 1IX
acres on the Gillespie farm. If we mis
take not this gets tbem all down.
Mrs. S. D. Irwin sustained quite a se
vere burl Wednesday by falling on a
slippery board.
November 23, 1881:
Tbe funeral ol Mrs. Martha E. Haslet,
wife of George Haslet, and Miss Carrie,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Davia
were both held last Saturday.
Ab, Grove, Charlie Bonner and Ben
May went to Ball town last week to get
some venison. They got all tbey could
eat, because a man bad killed a nice deer
a day or two before tbe boys arrived.
Tioneata now boasts of aeveral tele
phones. Tbe May and Kelly homes bave
been connected, Dr. Morrow's office la
connected with Bovard 'a drug store, and
Smearbaugb A Co's store Is connected
wltb tbe railroad atatlon. L. Agnew la
tbe agent and Is installing tbe instru
ments. Jimmy Canfield, aon of S. 8. Canfield
cut bis left foot quite severely a day or
two ago.
Robert Graham, aged 80, dropped dead
while splitting wood at bis borne near
Fork Run, Thursday.
Zsch Shriver is drilling for Sharaburg
A Hulings at West Hickory. They find
oil at deptba all tbe way from 150 tn 800
reel, it la neavy oil ana sella at so to
7 a barrel.
Jilted, Girl Takes Poiaon.
After suffering from bichloride of
mercury poisoning for twelve days
Mrs. Mary Williams, aged twenty-five,
died at the hospital in Altoona, Pa.
She took several tablets, with suicidal
intent, believing her lover had Jilted
Life Paya For Morning Nap.
Stephen Loncar, living at Steeltou,
Pa., cut his wife's throat because she
would not get up and pack his lunch
basket. The woman died almost In
stantly. Loncar fled to the hills of the
Shoots Self When Suit Is Rejected.
His proposal of marriage rejected.
Joseph Klosky, aged twenty-three, of
New Derry, Pa., shot and probably
fatally injured himself in the presence
of his sweetheart, Mary Kublc, at At
lantic. He may die.
Glassworker Hangs Self.
Peter Yeager, aged thirty-five, a
glasB blower, hanged himself In a
building near his home in Washing
ton, Pa. He had been idle three
weeks and was despondent.
Former Legislator Dead.
Jerome T. Ailman, a former repre
sentative from Juniata county. Pa., is
dead. He was sixty-four years old.
Klskt Overwhelms Indiana.
Xlskl defeated Indiana Normal at
tadlana. Pa.. SI to 7.
Notice of Appeal.
Notice Is hereby given that the County
Commissioners of Forest County, Penn
sylvania, will meet at their OlBca In the
Court Hnnse, in Tionesta Borough, on
the 22d, 23d and SMth days of December,
1913, for ibe purpose of holding a court of
sppeala from the assessment for tbe year
11)14. W. II. Harkimon,
H. H. MoClkllan,
Attest, 8. M. Bekby. Clerk
Tionesta, Pa., Nov. 2dtb, 1913.
Declare War on Colds.
A crusade of education which alma
"tbat common colda may become un
common within tbe next generation" baa
been begun by prominent New York
physicians. Here Is a list of tbe "don 'la"
wblcb the doctors say will prevent Ibe
annual visitation of the cold:
"Don't sit in a draughty car."
"Don't sleep In hot rooms."
"Don't avoid the fresh air." .
"Don't st off yourself at meal time.
Overeating reduces your resistance,"
To which we would add -when yon
takea oold gel rid of It as quickly as
possible. To accomplish thai you will
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Write for booklet C. D.
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Tbose suffer lug from any ailment of
tbe skin will be interested to learn tbat a
new remedy bas been found for all skin
troubles hitherto declared Incurable.
Prod I u in la a new healing product
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ding the Isoi of pimples In twelve hours,
stopping itching io eczema and all Itch
ing diseases at once and curing them in a
fewdajs. It is a ssfe and sure remedy
for ring worms, barber's itch, cbapa,
burns, scalds and any ailments of tbe skin.
It sells at druggists for 25 cents, Includ
ing K. A. Walker. Trial package sent on
request tn Prodium Company, Plaintleld,
New Jersey.
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