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t. C. WINK,
I913N0VEMBER 1913
1 I I j I Til
25gjffi6 7 8
1617 18192122
William Sulzkr mi fortunate
enough lo full from tbe executive cbalr
into tbe very maelstrom of local fight
with Tammany. While Tammany waa
bla undoing aa governor, It haa beeu bla
alvation from ooinpleto oblivion.
Last Sunday was the Plat birthday of
Henry Gasaaway Davis, of Elklna, W.
Va., who was the Democratic nominee for
Vice President In 1!X4, and la one of tbe
beat known polttloiana of the old acbool
in tbe United States. Mr. Da via baa beeo
in very poor health recently, therefore he
keeps aa much front publio affairs aa
poaaible. He la tbe grandfather of tbe
former Mlaa Kalberine Elklna, who re'
oently became Mrs. K. I. Ultt.
lif a recent speech before tbe New
England Textile club, Governor Potbler,
of Huode Inland, predicted a commercial
yellow peril aa a result of tbe recent tariff
legislation. "Tbe new tariff," said tbe
governor, "will result in tbe lowering of
wage of textile mill operatives and will
deprive American manufacturers of their
home market. Tbe races of tbe Orient
soon will enter the markela of tbe world
with products which will come Into com
petition with those of advanced nations."
Frkb trade England has enormous
truata. Tbe new tariff law will not dis
turb trust corporations and combinations.
It will strengthen tbem at the expense of
the Independents. Tbe big and powerful
organization can weatber a gale tbat
would wreck tbe little fellow. Meat will
still be in tbe bands of tbe meat combi
nation, augar in tbe banda of tbe sugar
trust. They will continue to tlx prices.
And aa for clothing made out of wool In
wbat particular la tbe purchaaer to benefit
by tbe great'.y reduced prioerf Some
thing over three yarda of cloth goea into
tbe an It of tbe average business man.
Even if tbe purchaser got tbe full benefit
of tbe reduction, bow mucb would be
ssvef Not over 60 oenta on a f 10 to $50
suit, experts figure.
Perhaps It needed the setback to unify
sentiment for good roads In this state.
Many of those who objected to tbe bond
issue are chronic or profeaalonat grum
blers and alwaya get in some work, bat
frequently without etriking results. It
now is up to tbe people wbo desire to bave
good roads in this state to express
themselves and see tbat tbe matter is
pushed through. The arguments for im
proved bighwaya are many and un
answerable. Oil City H.ixzard. Juat
wbat incentive the advocates of good
roads can bave for continuing the fight,
after ao excellent s proposition as tbe
bond issue got sucb a turning down, is
bard to imagine. But we hope there may
be a way out of it that will give tbe
present generation aome o tbe pleasure
and benefits to be derived from paved
country roads. We coo few it doesn't
look hopeful, bat let as hope.
Tbe enforcement of tbe new lsw regu
lating the employment of women in
Pennsylvania may reaalt in hundreds of
women losing their places in Philadel
phia botela this week. Tbe main feature
of tbe law ia tbat no wotnao can work
more than 54 boura a week or more than
ten boura a day; nor can they work more
than six days In one week. According to
Msblnn W. Newton, president of tbe
Philadelphia Hotel association, tbe num
ber of women thrown out of work will be
at least 500 and may be much greater.
Tbe hotel managers, he aaid, are willing
to retaia tbe women, but because of tbe
necessity of biitng extrs help, wages will
be reduced. In consequence, h said,
some of the women, nnable to live com
fortably on lesa money, will enter other
occupation. Men and boys will take the
places of tbe women. Wouldn't it be a
pity if it should happen that tbe very law
which sought to do s kindness to tbe wo
men workers should turn out to be tbeir
own worst enemy.
Tub Clsrion Democrat, which fougbt
tbe good roads bond is-ue mainly on the
ground tbst there might be "graft" In It,
now shouts aa follows:
"Now, then, let us all turn In to bave
the legislative and executive depart menta
make a standing appropriation of $.",000,
000 annually for tbe Improvement and
construction of tbe roads of tbe state."
A beautiful pipe dream, surely. As
though tbe big delegations In tbe legisla
ture from Philadelphia, Pittsburg and tbe
large eastern counties were g"lng to be
"turned in" to cut out tbeir local appro
priations yearly for tbe benefit of good
roads in tbe country districts which
turned down tbe proposition! Very, very
likely these large centera of population
are now going to force a $.",000,000 appro
priation upon the very people wbo
slaughtered in cold blood tbe only sen
sible and feasible proposition ever pre
sented to tbe voters of s great state.
Thanks be It we can point with pride
to the manner in which little Forest tried
to pull out of tbe mud.
Michael D'Traoey, a Greek employed
as a clerk In an Oil OJJy confectionery
store, was arrested Friday afternoon by
County Detective Hiram Brown on a
charge of pandering He Is slleged to
hsve tried to induce a young girl to go to
Buffalo and enter sn Immoral house there.
At a besring before Alderman MoCready
Saturday D'Traoey was held In tbe aura
of $800 bail for bia appearance st oonrt on
tbe charge, tailing to secure which be was
remanded to Jail at Franklin. It was
brought out In tbe hearing that the man
bad purchased a ticket to Buffalo and
given il to tbe girl, wbo turned it over to
the cblel of police, together with an sd
dress csrd and i 60 in money.
Dee Almest Much Damarja During
Blaze at Warren, Pa.
Warren, Pa., was swept by on of
the most disastrous fires In a number
of years. The loss Is about $40,001.
Flames were discovered by Dr. H.
E. Harnhart, who has apartments over
the Reynolds drug store, in the Beaty
block. Originating from a furnace in
the basement of the Reynolds Drug
company, the fire ate Into the walls of
the building and into the Reynolds
store. This was wrecked by the fire
and water, with a loss of $20,000. The
dry goods store of Green & Davidson
was damaged by smoke and water and
their loss will be $5,000.
The high pressure system was
turned Into the mains and the auto
matic sprinkler system In the H. C.
Smith Co. department store was
turned on, doing damage which, as
yet, cannot be estimated, but which
will be heavy.
During the Are Chief Gordon was
overcome by smoke and several fire
men were slightly hurt by flying glass.
The damage to the Beaty block li
estimated at $10,00.
Condemned Murderer Makes Stiletto
and Hides It In Cot.
Hosarlo Glgliotti, who is to be
hanged at Smethport. Pa., Dec. 4 for
the murder of Anthony K. Kohnen aad
Grace Bigler in Bradford, In Decem
ber, 1911, was removed to another cell
after the death warrant was read to
blm. In the cot which he had occu
pied for months a file made into a
stiletto was found secreted.
James Snyder, another prisoner, had
trouble with Glgliotti over the owner
ship of a mouth organ. Glgliotti de
clared that he would "fix" Snyder, aad
when other prisoners tried to pacify
him they were driven from him oy
threats. Sheriff Bain believes Glg
liotti intended to kill Snyder.
Pittsburg and Clsveland Firms Cst
Telescope Contracts.
The John A. Brashear company of
Pittsburg has been awarded a contract
by the Canadian government for the
mirrors to be used In tlio largest tele
scope in the world.
A deviation of surface in the mirror
greater than 1-200,000 of an inch is not
permissible. The glass will be made
in France. When finished the mirror
will be 72 Inches in diameter, about
12 inches thick and will weigh two
tons. The Warner & Swasey Co. of
Cleveland, which has worked In con
Junction with the Brashear company
for several years, was awarded the
contract for mounting the instrument.
Relativs Dies in West Leaving For
tune of $100,000 to Heirs.
Some O'Conner family in this region
is heir to $100,000. left by John O'Con
ner of Hastings. Neb.
He was a recluse. Shortly before
his death he hsd stated tbst be h4
come from western Pennsylvania.
When it was discovered after hi deals
that he bad left an estate worth about
$100,000 this was taken in charge by
County Judge James Button of Hast
ings, who has written tbe New Castle
authorities, asking tbem to trace tie
Torture and Rob Aped Man, But Two
Are Captured.
Three ibafkfd nivn broke into the
residence of Philip Slokttly of West
Bridgewstr. Pa, and aJiw tying him
to a chair burned bis feet till be dis
closed tbe biding place of $?7.15.
Police tracked tbe robbers through
the snow to Fallston, where they cap
tured two of them, who gave their
names as Charles Tire of West Bridge
water and John Kohler, alias Sauers,
of Monaca.
Will Net Call Extra Session.
Governor Tener of Pennsylvania dis
posed of reports that there might be
an extra session of the legislature.
"There would have been no necessity
for an extra session had the loan car
ried and there Is none now," said ths
Women's Toil Curtailed.
Female cooks may not be employed
In restaurants more than six days in
a week, nor may women work more
than twelve hours on Saturday, ac
cording to an opinion from the Penn
sylvania attorney general's depart
ment. 4,315 Steel Coaches in State.
Figurej compiled by the Pennsyl
vania public service commission fro-.i
reports made by railroad companies
show that 4,315 steel passenger cars
are In service on the eighty-two rail
roads in Pennsylvania.
Fox Raids Hen Roosts.
People In the northern end of Wash
ington owning chickens are hunting a
fox which has been playing havoc
among the poultry. Two hencoops
were entered and 107 chickens and
three ducks slain.
Ceal Tracts Are Sold.
The H. C. Frlck Coke company has
purchased from the Pittsburg-Buffalo
Coal company 395 acres of coal land
located In Greene county, Pa., at a
consideration of $274,000.
Over 20,000 Hunting Deer In State.
More than 20,000 hunters are out
after deer In Pennsylvania. This Is
the estimate of Dr. Joseph Kalbfnss,
secretary of the state game commis
West Hickory people wbo bave atom
sch and bowel trouble should guard
agslnst appendicitis by taking simple
buckthorn bsrk, glycerine, etc., sa com
pounded In Adler-1-ka, tbe Geruisn
remedy which became famous by curing
append ioitis. JUST ONE DOSE re
lieves sour stomach, gas on the stomach
and constipation INSTANTLY because
this simple mixture drsws off such a
surprising amount of foul matter from tbe
body. Tbe Weat Hickory Drugstore, adv
Senator Bacon, Wiio Helps
Bear Burden ol Mexican Fuss
r. 5 M : - .
I ', , i
Statesmen Will Give Pendant to
White House Bride.
The committee of the house of rep
resentatives charged with the duty of
selecting a wedding gift for Miss Jea
sie Wilson, the White House bride,
has decided on a d'u.iiniul pendant.
Republican Floor Leader lun;i an
nounced the choice in a formal state
ment in which he said:
"As the love and respect of the
whole American people will go with
Miss Wilson through ber entire life
this unique reminder of that love will
always be with her, undiin.uc.t and
untarnished by the lapse of years."
The gift will be in a Jewelry box
with the following Inscription: "Pre
sented to Miss Jessie Woodrow Wil
son by the members of the Vnlted
States House of Representatives as a
token of their affectionate Interest
and regard, on her marriage, Novem
ber 25, 191 3."
Miss Wilson's wedding cake is four
inches thick and twenty-two inches
across. When ready for the knife the
cake will weigh 135 pounds and will
be two and one-half feet lull, if on
counts the vase of white orchids to
be placed on top. It will cost about
World Famous Jockey Crushed Under
Wheels of Elevated Train.
The mystery surrounding the death
of Tommy Hums, the famous Jockey,
under the wheels of an elevated train
In Brooklyn, has not yet been
cleared up.
Tbe police suspected that Burns was
a fuicide but bis friends believe that
while waiting for the train he threw
off his oTt-rcoai, fell asleep on a
bfch on tbe station pluiitirm. started
sp KDdfienly us the train approached
and while thoroughly a sate.
teniti)ed off the platform
Burns was one of the world's lead
leg .Jockeys and was reputedly
wealthy. Hf rode for such owners as
W. C. Whitney. William C. Daly and
several years ago carried the colors
of the German emperor whose entries
raced under the name of Count Lehn
dorf. Burns was married and had two
Czarevitch Doomed, Doctors Fesr.
Consultation by eminent physicians
regarding the condition of the czare
vitch, beir to the throne of Russia,
has resulted In the conviction that the
boy cannot live many months more.
He is ten years old, and, according to
the surgeons. Is suffering from rapid
tuberculosis of the bones, for which
there is no cure.
Election Won by Dead Man.
Although dead, more votes were cast
for Squire Edmund Scott at Wheat
land, Pa., than for his opponent.
Charles Cole, a Socialist, and as a re
sult attorneys are trying to determine
whether a vacancy exists for the of
fice of Justice of the peace, for which
both men had been candidates.
Windfall of $100,000.
Herbert T. Herr. manager and rice
president of the Westinghouse Elec
tric and Manufacturing company of
Pittsburg, will receive the estate of
Harry M. Neff, who died at Pueblo
in September, 1912. Estimates place
the value of the estate at $100,000.
Hammers Hurled at Judge.
Women hurled hammers at ths
Judge In London when he sentenced
Miss Rachael Peace, a suffraget, lo
eighteen months' imprisonment for
having set fire to a mansion at Hamp-ton-on-Thames
Oct. 4.
Girl Kills Bear With Rifle.
Miss Mary Smith, sixteen years old,
of Glen Spey, near Montlcello, N. Y.,
shot a bear with a rifle on her
father's farm. Ilruln had been steal
ing corn.
Former Commissioner Dies.
G-eorge B. Luper, former insurance
cemmissloner of Pennsylvania, died at
his home at Meadville, Pa.
Dies In Dentist's Chair.
Mr. George G. IUnibo died In
dentist's chair at Easton, Pa., while
having a tooth treated.
Ormond Grove City Head.
Dr. Ormond was Installed head of
Drove City college.
Cause of Insomnia.
The most common cause of insomnia Is
disorders of the stomach and constipation.
Chatnberlain'a Tablets correct tliene dis
orders and enable you to aleep. For sale
by ail druggists, aiiv.
Committee No. 4 of the Ladies Aid of
ths Presbyterian churoh will give a pie
aocial and market In toe cnurch dlnina
hall Saturday evening next at 7:30
o'clock. All invited.
Tonight, If you feel dull and stupid, or
hlllonaand constipated, take a dnae of
Chamberlain's Tablets and you will feel
nil right tomorrow. For aale by all
druggists. sdv.
Nsrvsus Troubles.
Neurasthenia, or nervous prostra
tion, hns so mnny forms ami so many
causes that It Is one of the most pus
xllng diseases a physician can lie call
ed upon to treat. No general rules can
bo given, each case having to be hail
died on Its owu merits. It calls for s
psychologist rather than a physician,
Some of the many well defined forms
that neurasthenia takes have received
names of their own. Among these
are agoraphobia, which shows Itself In
fright when In crowded places; mono
phobia, or dread of being alone; clans
traphubla, or fear of confined places;
nnthropholiia, or horror of society;
bnlopholila, or dread of things falling
from nuove; siderodromophobia, or
fright ut traveling on a railroad train.
Then there are the forms of mental
rumination In which there Is a cease
less flow of Ideas. Tbe bra I a Is so ab
normally active that It produces In
somnia. Arlthiiiomanln Is the form In
which the sufferer counts Incessantly
nml cannot stop.
All are curable If taken In time).
Sew York World.
Fate of the Peanuts.
A popular author, who writes human
Interest stuff for several newspapers,
went to the department of agriculture
In Washington one day and secured a
peck of diseased peanuts. The scien
tists In the department were having a
hot argument as to whether or not the
pen nuts. If eaten, would kill n human
being, and the author took the edibles
to his otllce to have them photograph
ed. He saw n big story In the fact that
the high browed scientific men could
not tell when n peanut was fatal.
The next morning, when he entered
his otllce, he found that the whole peck
was gone. He Instituted a search, and
filially discovered thnt the colored! Jnnl
tor had stolen and eaten the peanuts.
After keeping the Janitor tinder ob
servation for three days and seeing
thnt he neither peeked nor pined, the
author abandoned his story and wrote
to the department:
'Quit arguing. The peanuts are
harmless." Popular Magazine.
A Coaxar For Noyee.
Alfred Noyes after a lecture at Dart
mouth college received the following
dispatch from President Dr. Ernest
Fox Nichols:
Come buck to ua In winter time. In win
ter time. In winter time;
Come back to ua In winter time (It lan't
far from Hoston).
The colleKe hasn't hnil nearly enough
yet. ao won't you and Mrs. Noyee try to
return to us Inter for two or three dayat
Mr. Knnpp la tPlpRrapmna; your manager
for another longer engngement Pleas
Influence the tyrant to grant IL
The first part of this telegram Is a
pnrody of n refrnln In Mr. Noyes' "The
Barrel Organ. "
Come down to Kew In lilac time. In Iliac
time. In lilac time;
Come down to Kew In lllao time (It Isn't
far from t.omlon!)
And you shall wanuYr hand In hand with
lev In summer's wonderland;
Come down to Kew In lilac time (It tan't
far from London!)
New Tort Time.
Fourteen In a Bed.
Hospital re so plentiful and so
"fli(-i-tit nowadays thnt we nre jitrt to
forret bow we hnve nflvnncefl ulnee
tbe "bad old times" An occouut Is
Cl'vea tn Tiie London Hwpital of the
work d'uie by the Hotel Iieo In Psrls
a -jrory two ago
The berdinr tocvt bf of patients was
a marked feature, snd. though the
beds were Mg. It l startling to read
of twelve or even fourteen being placed
In one. I"p to the seventeenth cen
tury four posters were In common use.
and the brilliant Idea that the con
valescents might be provided for on
tbe solid canopies was duly carried
Into effect. The patients mounted by
ladders. It Is stated that In loft? no
fewer than (53.000 persons died of
plague In the Hotel Dleu alone.
Rodin's Test of Sculpture.
Rodin's favorite way of showing off
his sculpture Is by the light of a shad
ed lamp at night. In bis way. especial
ly when the light Is projected from be
low, every rugosity of the skin, every
subsurface muscle, every vein or wrin
kle is accentuated. The trouble wltb
this test when applied to statues not
by Rodin l thnt frequently the veins
and muscles and wrinkles hnve not
been chiseled Into the stone, and no
projected light, no mntter what Its In
tensity or angle of projection, can cast
shadows not raised by the Inequalities
of the sculptured surface. W. Franck
lyn Paris In International Studio.
Ths Difference.
Matrimonial Agent What kind of a
Vustiund do you want? Girl One who
doesn't smoke, drink or swear, who
brings me chocolates and takes me to
theaters and restaurants every day.
Matrimonial Agent You don't want a
huslmnd. What you want, young wo
man, Is n beau. Judge.
The Parting.
"I told htm that I would not see blm
again." said the fair girl.
"He evidently thinks yon meant
what you said."
"Well, that's no reason why he
shouldn't call me up by phone." Wash
ington Star.
Easy Work Too.
After i, woman hns spent twenty
years trying to make a man of her son
along comes another woman who pro
ceeds to make a fool of him In twenty
minutes. Chicago News.
Advance Information.
Sllllcus-rm In love with thnt Dn-h
nwny girl . Synicus How do you
know? Sllllctis She told me so her
sclf -Plilladi'lbhla Record.
Nothing Is sn hard but search will
find It out.-IIirrlt k
One of Boyls Roche's Qems.
In "The Lighter Side of Irish Life
there Is an extract from n speech of
Sir Boyle Roche, that famous maker
of "hulls," when be was denouncing
the French revolution In the Irish
house of commons. This Is one gem:
"There, Mr. Speaker. If these Galil
ean villains should Invade us. sir. 'tis
on that very table in ay lie thrso hon
orablo nieiiilMrs might see their own
destinies lying In heaps ou top of ono
another. Here perhaps, sir. the mur
derous marshal law men. Marseillols.
would break In. cut ns to mincemeat
mid throw our Heeding heads tion
Oat table, to stare us In flip face!"
"So warm
ao light
When you sleep every
muscle of your body should
be relaxed. Heavy covers
are a strain that makes it
impossible to get the full
benefit of your rest.
are very light and
luxuriously warm.
See the "Maish" at our store
New and attractive patterns
Buster Brown is Back.
Buster Brown smiles st us again In the
colored com in seotion of Tbe Plttaburg
Gaselte Times, and we laugh right back
at blm and wltb blm. Buster Is tbe
brightest snd moat amusing American
boy wbo ever plsyed bsrmleas pranks In
(be pages of a newspaper. We have
mlased bim for a long time. His return
to us Is one of the happiest events ol re-
oent journaliatio biatory. How we will
bave a good laugh every Sunday when
our Gazette Times arrives.
Buater rounds out lbs lot of good things
regulsrly to be found In Tbe Sunday
Gazette Times. There are Elsie Janis'
illustrated artioles telling bow to do the
new daocea, a page of real fashion and
home blnta by Aone Rlttenbnuae, a de
lightful aeries of drawing by Jamea Mont
gomery Flagg, "A Girl You Know")
much excellent Action, including "Pol.
lyanna," the "glad story") the Illustrated
Sunday Magasine, complete In Itself; a
big sporting section and all tbe newa. So
The Gazette Times will aatlafy all mem
bers of tbe family.
gr uccessfully used
r for a yean
Tbe beat remedy known for eexsms,
beals fever sores, rssb, sll kinds of akin
eruptions. Clears tbe skin overnight of
pimples. Acta Immediately on all itch
log diseases.
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cluding R. A. Walker, Trial package on
request Prodiuui Co., Plaintleld, N. J.
B & B
bbnket time comes
with nit warning
A sudden cold snap comes any
time, and it behooves every
housewife to see thst a" her
beds are furnished with suf
ficient covers.
Warm fleecy blankets and
fluffy comforts that insure the
utmost satisfaction are shown
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Blankets Country woven
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so vsaaa' ipiimci. ourOHaaoia aal
TNI LOWIST. Band modt'l, photo or IteU'h tor
itwrt Man-h and fire ruport on patentability.
INMINGIMINT aulta oowluotrd befora all
courtH. atfnta obtained thmnirh lift. SDVIS
TISIO and SOLD, frro. TRaDI-MasKS, FIS
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feu. ill
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may be purchased here at the
most modest prices in town.
See our marvels of beauty at
$15, $18 and $20
and our wonderful importa
tions at
$25, $30 and $35
Fit and finish guaranteed.
Blum & Anderson,
Fred. Grottonborger
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Machinery trivon anai'ial alUntlon enH
aatiafantion guaranteed.
Shop In rear of and (uat went of the
8bnw House, Tidioute, fa.
Your patronage solicited.
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for gas to blow out
solid itrcl brrcch
' U..:l. "
At the
Racket Store
Graniteware, Tinware,
Glassware, Chinaware,
Stationery, Hosiery,
Wall Paper, Window Shades
Elm Street, - Tionesta, Pt.
Furniture Dealer,
J. L. Hepler
Fine carriages for all occasion.,
with first class equipment. We can
fit you out at any time for either a
pleasure or busiuess trip, and always
at reasonable rates. Prompt service
and courteous treatmeut.
Conn and see us.
Hear of Hotel Weaver
Telephone No. 20.
"rescript Ion lens grinders
for the eyes, plus Collegi
ately trained and inter
nationally endorsed
Behind the Uuns.
Artificial Eyes in Ntock.
Both 'Phones.
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Pills in K, d im j;i4 mmik
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