The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, September 17, 1913, Image 3

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    Have You Protection
You oannot a (lord to take your own
rl againat loaa by fire. Remember that
and will be glad to call on you when you
waut Are Insurance tbat really protects.
Drop un a card and we'll do the reat.
We are agents Id tbla county for the
nd can furnlnh security for County
olllolala, bank ofllclala, elo.
C. IJ. Mil k IE,
In a CiaMw Ry Oiirwelves.
Every graduate has been provided with
position. More than ever, employed in
Warren this year. Our practical methods
have made us leaders.
Warren IJualuess College,
Warren, Pa.-
Levi A Co, Ad.
Ijtmmers. Ad.
Penn'a Hv. Ad.
Hogg 4 Buhl. Ad.
Tbe Prints Co. Ad.
The Klnter Co. Ad.
Oil City Trust Co. Ad.
Smarti Sllberberg. Ad.
Forest Co. Nat. Uank. Ad.
Hlgwnrtb Hardware. Locals.
Tbe Diatlnotlve Uarment Store. Ad.
Oil market closed at $2 50.
Is your subscription paid?
You can get it at Hopkins' store. If
Pure drugs st Walker'a Pharmacy .-ad
P. R. Lanson sells oleomargerlne.
-Adv. tf
Everything In tbe drug line at
Walker's Pharmacy. adv
BA Horse blankets and robes at 8. S.
Blgwortb's. adv. .
Goods delivered to all parts of tbe
town. Walker'a Pharmacy. adv
- Let us till your prescriptions. Walk
er's Pharmacy. Botb phones. adv
Shot guns and rifles, ammunition and
banting costs at 8. 8. 8igwortb's. adv.
Uopkins bss made a big reduction on
all Oxfords. Tbat meana' something.
Everybody can bave new pair at tbla
prloe. dv
For Sale-Standard bred mare, "Bon.
nle," owned by Rev. W. S. Burton, Tlo
nests, Pa. On account ol moving, will
sell new piano at a bargain. ad v.
Wantkd. Railroad Cross Ties. We
buy all kluds and pay cash. The 'Berry
Co.. Oil City, Pa.
adv L. A. Davis, Agt., Tionests, Pa.
A. P. Anderson, of Brookston, as
administrator of tbe estate of the late N.
B. Swartsfager, tax collector of Howe
township, la collecting tbe taxes for that
Charles Harvey, who recently pur
chased the John H xd bouse on Vine
street, Is having It painted and repaired
and will soon have it ready for occupancy
by bis family.
Oleomargarine alwaya fresh, always
tbe same price and making new friends
each day, at 20c per pound In nine pound
lots, at the Salmon Creek Mercantile Co.,
Kellettvtlle, Pa. adv
Four oases are ret down for trial on
tbe civil list at court next week, and
tbe same number on tbe criminal docket,
two In the quarter sessions court, and
two in tbe Juvenile court.
John Rush la still doing piscatorial
stunts at tbe old stand. Monday be land
ed a 'lunge that measured three feet and
balanced the scales st thirteen pounds.
And yesterday be captured a 6 pouud
aalmon at tbe river bridge.. Respectfully
referred to tbe fish editor of the Oil City
Glenn Shirs, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Shirs, was operated on for appendlcilia
yesterday, Thursday, at his home by Drs.
Summerville snd Vogan, of Euilentoo,
and Dr. J. F. Summerville, of Monroe.
Tbe operation was successful. Einlenton
Herald. Tbe Sblra'a were former resi
dents of Tioneata.
Tbe Proper Oil Co, bas a rig up for a
well on a 400 sore tract owned by J. F,
Proper in Tlonesta township, which joins
the John Allio farm on the nortb. The
company bas drilled a well each on the
Joseph and John Allio farms, and while
there was a show oil and gas, neither was
a paying producer.
Rev. John Lusher, pastor of the
Methodist church, at Parker, who has
been In tbe ministery for over 40 years, Is
preparing to retire and bas resigned bis
pastorate. Rev. Mr. Lusher was at one
time pastor of the Tlonesta M. E. cburcb,
and Is still favorably remembered by the
older citlzeus of tbe town.
A card from Rev. A. II. M. Zshnlser
of Ridgway states that be is at Port Al
legheny, Pa, on account of the serious
Illness of bis niece; Grace Josephine, the
ll-year-old daughter of Kev. and Mrs. J,
J. Ziunlner, of Port Allegheny. She bad
Just been operated upon for appendicitis
at the McGraynor Hospital.
Mrs. II. A. Dotterrer of Musette, this
county is not complaining about tbe
failure of bet tomato crop this year, and
as sn evidence that there is something
doing in her garden Bbe sends us one tbat
meanures fourteen inches around (be
girth arid, tips tha scales st 21 ounces.
There isn't tWng Wong tbat we can. see
with a garden tbat turns out such tine
specimens of fruit, especially when the
samples are laid upon the editorial table.
A. P. flullinger, a roomer at tbe
Cooper rooming bouse, on Elm street,
was tbe subject of sn epileptic fit this
morning shortly after 7 o'clock when be
reeled and fell on tbe steps of tbe Oil City
National Bank building. Tbe Osenider
ambulance was summoned and witb tbe
assistance of Oflicera Russell and Kre
inskl be was moved to his rooming
bouse. Late today tbe father of the young
man waa notified at bis home in En
deavor of bis condition, which is really
pathetic. He will probably be removed
to the home of bis parents. Oil City
Dllzzard, Friday.
A small fire at John N. Oerow's res
taurant threatened lot of damage last
Wednesday afternoon, but John found It
first snd put It out without sn alarm be
ing turned in. Tbe fire caught under tbe
oounter In waste basket from sn un
known cause and had burned up to tbe
money drawer in which there was quite
a sum of psper money,
The fllty-first snnual convention ol
tbe Pennsylvania State Sabbath School
Association Is announced for WHIIama
port, October 8, 9 and 10. Tbla great an
nual meeting for 8unday-schnol workers
grows In Influence and power each year.
Pennsylvania still ooollnues to lead In
tbe number ofSunday-achools the mem
bership enrollment Is but a few thousand
less than 2,000,000.
Acknowledgment of subscription re
newals Is made as follows, with thanks;
Ralph E. Haines, Los Angeles, C'al ; F.
B. Kobblus. Kelletlvllle, Pa.j Cbas. Mo
Neal, Sbellleld, Pa. (new); D. W.Clark,
J. M. Morgan, H. M. Foreman, Tlonesta;
Orloo Allio, Deer Creek, W. Va.; H. A.
Dotterrer, Musette, Pa.; E. A. Weller,
Henry's Mills, Pa. (new); J. W. Thomp
son, Baltimore, Md.
Tbe cornet band will bold a market
Nn the Kreitler building beginning Sat
urday afternoon at lour o'clook. Ice
cream and cake will be aold In tbe eve
ning. Your patronage solicited. Give
the (toys a boost. They are at considera
ble personal expense and are liberal in
dispensing good muaio and good cheer nn
all occasions, snd your anoouragemeut
will be greatly appreciated.
A Sheffield dispatch sayat The Shef
field aud Tioneata railroad bas received
some new goudolss for use on thst rnsd.
Tbecsrs sre painted black and are of tbe
standard sixe. It is not knowu if tbey
will enter tbein In tbe regular Interchange
traffic or keep them exclusively for their
own use. When tbe road la tbrongh to
Tlonesta, they will require many cara to
take care of tbe Increased Irafllo wblcb
they expect through the laying in ol the
new extenalon.
One of tbe effeots of the remarkably
low water of the Allegheny river in tbe
vicinity of Irvioeton baa been to bring to
light a boiler and engine which for many
years baa been at the bottom of tbe river
at tbat point, and It Is puzsllngold timers
to give s theory for its presence. Accord
ing to copper pistes on tbe outfit It was
made at tbe Washington Iron worka, at
Newburgb. N. Y., In 1864. Tbe boiler Is
of 50 or 60 horse power snd tbe engine
about 12 horse power.
First frosts ol tbe season fell Tuesday
and Wednesday nights of Isst week, sod
In many places back from the river con
siderable damage waa done to corn snd
vegetable vines. Sunday night of this
week was perhaps tbe coldest yet, and tbe
frost practically finished wbat waa left
from tbe previous freezings. In most
esses the corn waa sufficiently sdvanoed
to withstand tbe Irosta and tbe ears may
not bave been seriously affected, but the
fodder 1 practically done for. Buck
wheat, In most cases wss about matured,
but the crop Is likely to be less than the
When it Is known thst a killing frost
occurred on June 10 last, and tbat another
freeze that was blasting to crops fell Sept.
10, It will be realized tbat Ibis waa a. very
short summer, there only being ninety
growing days of tbe sesaon says tbe Ti
tuavllle Herald. The records on tbe Tl
tusville Light snd Power company's big
thermometer show tbst on June 10, st 4 s.
oi., It registered 29 degrees, and on Sept.
10 at tbe same hour 31 degrees was re
corded. Tbis wss tbe shortest season,
between killing frosts, known In a great
many years. For quite a long time there
bss not been a bad frost In September
and for two years there was not heavy
frost until late In October thus giving
orops a good chance to mature even
though there we're late springs.
A msn usmed Sisson whose borne for
tbe psst several yeara bas been at West
Hickory, Forest county, srrived In town
last night witb hla wile and five little
children aud as the furniture bad not
arrived and there waa no gaa In the h .use
they bad rented tbey were the care of tbe
Salvation Army, Adjutant Doucher and
bis wife. Mrs. Sisson aud the five child
ren sre all sufferers from tuberculosis
and tbey came to Warren so tbey could
receive treslment from the free tubercul
osis dispenssry in this oily. Sisson wss
without funds sud as a deposit of $10 Is
required by the gss company when a
meter Is put In tbe gss was not turned on
In tbe bouse until this morning after
Adjutant Doucber bad arranged for a
meter. Mra. Sisson's case Is very bad
and tbe children all bave well advanced
cases ol tuberculosis. The youngest
child Is sbont two yeara old and the oldest
Is twelve. There are thirteen children in
tbe family, but tbe five who were brought
to Warren are the only ones thst sre af
flicted witb tbe disease. One daughter,
aged about IS, died about two years ago
from the same disease. Warren Times,
Warren Carll Loses Part of Right Arm.
Warren Carll, employed on tbe mill of
the Watson Lands Lumber company at
May burg, met witb a sbocKlng sccident
Friday forenoon last about II o'clock. He
was eogsged at tbe time In oiling aome of
the machinery and was reaching over a
pair ol live rollers wben his foot slipped
and threw tbe oil can and bis right hand
between the rollers. Tbe bsnd and wrist
were badly mangled and crushed. Dr.
Serlll of Kellettville was summoned and
gave temporary relief to tbe unfortunate
man, and look him at once to tbe Emer
gency hospital at Warren, where be as
slated in tbe amputation of the arm about
three Inobea above tbe wrist, and at last
accounts the patient was doing well un
der tbe painful ciroumstances.
Mr. Carll bad been a resident of Ne
braska for a number of yeara, and about
a year ago moved to Mayburg and took
employment in the above mentioned
mill. He la aged about 30 yeara, la mar
ried and tbey bave one child.
Not An Accident.
The severe cut in tbe price of Oxfords
at Hopkins' Store was not an accident,
but was done on purpose. To reduce
tbe Block prices are badly cut. Come
and see. sdv
Is often caused by Indigestion and con
stipation, snd quickly disappears when
Chamberlain's Tablets sre taken. For
sale by all druggists. sdv,
Tbe purest drugs and best service at
tbe Walker Pharmacy. Adv.
Miss Norms Perrlne, of Oil City, was
a guest of Miss Hazel Fones last week.
A son wss born IsBt Saturday to Mr.
and Mrs. Guy MnCslmont, of President.
Mrs. Ksthleen Furmanof Lima, Ohio
Is a guest of ber cousin, Mra. G. F. Wat
eon. Misa Florence Dale, of West Hickory,
wasagueatof Miss Olive Lanson, Mon
day. Misa Edna Rod da spent Sundsy as
the guest of relatives and friends at Brad
ford. -Mr. J. J. Connelly of Pittsburg Is
visiting st tbe home of her father, G. W,
Harry L. Weston and aon Jay, of
Fostoria, Ohio, are here visiting relatives
and friends.
Miss Josephine Slggins of West Hick
ory bas gone to Boston to visit friends
for a mouth.
Mra. Emma Everett accompanied her
daughter, Mrs. George Hunter, to Shef
field last week fur au extended visit.
Misses Katharine Potter and Arlene
Thornton, of Sandy Lake, Pa., are
guests of Mrs. P. Moor for two weeks.
Mrs. Sallie Jsckson departed Friday
for Detroit, Mich., where she expects to
pend several weeka with hereon, Daniel.
Mr. and Mra. George Cos of Buffalo,
are visiting Tlonesta as guests of the lat
ter'a parents, Mr. snd Mrs. Thomas Mays-
James W. Bisker of Oil City and Miss
Bessie Alice Ledebur of Tlonesta town
ship were granted a license to wed by"
Clerk Maxwell, Monday.
Mra. Solomon Fitzgerald ia seriously
ill at ber home in tbe nortb ward.
Frlenda are much concerned aa to tbe
ultimate termination of ber illness.
Mr. snd Mrs. A. W. Richards snd
sons William aud Kenneth, or Warren,
motored down Sunday and were guests a
few houra at the G. F, Watson borne.
J, A. Adams spent Sunday at New
Castle, with bis mother, Mrs. Mary
Adams, and other relatives. His motbir
returned with blm for a few weeks' visit.
Mrs. C. M. Arner Is visiting friends
In Jamestown, N. Y. Mr. Arner went
up Saturday aud remained over Sunday,
and attended the funeral of the late Ru
dolph Swauson,
Thomas Ritcbey and Ralph Slggins
left Monday to enter as students at State
College. The former will take up tbe
study of agriculture and tbe latter tbat
of inecbaoical engineering.
Prothouotary Maxwell went to Clar
ion today on learning of the critical
Illness of ber mother, Mra. J. N. Max
well, wbo Is past 75 years of sge, and for
two yeara baa been an Invalid.
Many frlenda In tbis section of W.
L. Kllnesllver, of Sheffield, will be
pleased to learn tbat be la recovering
from a serious illness which baa had
him bedfast for a week or more.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Eisenmsn, of
Msrleovllle, spent lsst evening In town,
with friends, before leaving for Marlon,
N. C, where they will make their future
home. Kane Republican, 12th.
Judge Morgan, foreman for tbe Berry
Lumber company near Kennerdell, was
borne over 8unday. Floyd Stitzinger
and James Charleston, who are working
with him, also came borne to spend Sun
day. Mr. and Mra. William Dunlap, two
daughters and two sons, snd their friend
Mr. Glass, of Cbicors, Butler county,
motored op to Tionests Sunday and were
guests s few hours of Mr, snd Mrs. Urban
Miss Marie Smearbaugb lelt Monday
evening for New York City, where Bbe
will be joined by Dr. and Mrs. D. H.
Edwards, her sister, of Washington, Pa.,
In a oouple of weeks' sightseeing in the
Dr. F. J. Bovard leavea this evening
to attend a meeting of the Surgical So
ciety at Atlantlo City, N. J., Sept. 19th
and 20tb, and will return to Philadelphia
to attend a meeting of the Pennsylvania
Medical Society next week,
-W. W. Wulford Is at Falconer, N. Y.,
at tbe home of his daughter, Mrs. Bart
Wiles, wbo seems to be growing weaker
in health. Tbe family moved from bere
to Falconer two months ago In hope tbat
tbe change might be beneficial to Mrs,
E. S. Stahlman, a young man former
ly employed at the Coleman mill, Johns
ron, was here last week nursing a couple
of sore arms, sustained by an accidental
stroke from a heavy rod while employed
at the Oil Well Supply company's works
at Oil City.
Judge Crawford came borne Saturday
to spend Sunday witb bis family and sit
on tbe election board. He says the crew
which ia at work on cleaning out ti e river
channel between bere and slack-water
navigation below Kittanning, is getting
along swimmingly,
Charles Dotterrer of Muzette snd
Charles Flick cf the Township, bave re
turned to tbeir studies at Allegheny col
lege, Meadville, after tbe summer vaca
tion. Botb are Btudenls of which our
oounty la proud. Mr. Dotterrer enters
the senior class this year and will be
graduated in tbe spring,
Mr. Arthur J, Engdabl, of West
Hickory, Pa., and Miss Ruth A. Pslmiter
of tbe same place, were married at tbe
parsonage In Olean, N. Y., by tbe pastor
of the First Methodist Episcopal church,
Rev. Mark Kelley, at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday,
September 16, 1913. Tbey were unattend
ed and will reside In Salamanca, N. Y,
Rev. W. R. Wheeler entertained Rev.
Albert J. Thomas of Sidney, Australia,
on a ten day visit at bia home at Endeav
or, Tbe gentlemen, who are classmates
at Auburn, N. Y., Theological Seminary,
gave tbe Republican a pleasant call
Wednesday, and bave returned to Au
burn to pursue their studies fur tbe win
ter. In a uote enclosing a subscription re
newal, J. W. Thompson, of Baltimore,
Md., say a tbat he and bia wife recently
returned borne from a visit iu the Blue
Ridge Mountaina at Pen Mar, Pa., a
summer resort. The weather in Balti
more Is getting some cooler. Dr. Wilbur
Ledebur and M. E. Abbott made tbem
a very pleasant visit one evening. They
are getting along fine.
Rey, G. A, Garrett, wbo has laitblully
served this charge of tbe Free Methodist
church lor tbe past three years, will
preacb bis farewell sermon to tbe people
of Newmansvllle next Sabbath morning
at 11:00 o'clock, and to the Tioneata con'
gregatlon in tbe evening at 7:30 o'clock
Wednesdsy be will go to Port Allegheny,
Pa., where the conference begina its ses'
sionson tbe24tb inst. Rev. Mr. Garrett
will not be returned to this charge, bav
ing been bere three yeara, which Is tbe
time limit. Wherever be shall be sta
tloned he will take with blm tbe best
wishes of host of friends insde during
bis ministry in this community.
Thomas Pnrdy, of whose visit to the
scenes of his early childhood aud early
life we made mention a short time aiio,
waa caller at tbe Republican office
Monday and gave us a most pleasant and
Interesting houi's visit. Since coming
north-his borne Is now In Virginia-he
haa bad tbe sstlsfaotion of meeting a Iiohi
of former friends snd comrades, all of
whom, like himself bave taken on more
or less age. He was born on the old
Purdy farm, now gone to rack, locsted
just above the mouth of Rosa Run. There
be grew to young manhood, aud before
he bad reached bis majority he enlisted
In Co. G, 83d regiment, and went to tbe
front witb tbat famous organization, par
ticipating in all of Its engagements to tbe
end of bia tbree years' enlistment, and
having tbe good fortune to gel through
without so much aa a scratch. Leaviug
here In 1868, be migrated to Michigan,
from thence to Kansas, and two yeara ago
located In Virginia, not lar from Rich
mond, In the land where, fifty years ago,
be bad seen and taken part In many a
bard fought battle. Mr. Purdy went
yesterday to Tltusville to attend the an
nual reunion of bis old regiment, and
doubtless met many of bis old comrades.
Hood Family Reunion,
Tbe first annual reunion of the Hood
family was beld with Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Hood, in Tlonesta, Friday, September
12, 1913. Tbe following officers were
elected: President, W. H. Hood; secre
tary, Misa M. Hazel Fones. Tbe next
reunion will be held tbe first Wednesday
in September, 1914. Those of tbe family
conueoiion In attendance were as follows:
Mr. John Hood, Tionests; Mrs. W. E,
Hood, Stewsrt Run, Pa.j Mr. and Mrs.
John Knopp, Nebraska, Pa.; Mr. and
Mra. Ed, Baumgardner and family, Gla
dys, Guy, Neta and William, Tionesla;
Mr. and Mra. J. G. Carson, West Hick
ory, Pa.j W. W. Careon, Nelson, B. C;
Mrs. J. F. Sbeasley, Kittanning, Pa.j J.
H. Caraon, Okanagan Landing, B. C;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Caraon and family,
Goldie and Louis, West Hickory, Pa.;
Mr. and Mra. Wm, Nourse and aon
Guillen, Brownsville, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Carson and daughter Harriet, West
Hiokory, Pa.; Mr. and Mra. J. H. Fonea
and daughter Hazel, Mr. and Mrs. Chas,
Hood and family, Helen, Rachel, Eleanor,
Montrose and Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. R.
L. Haslet, Mr. and Mra. W. H. Hood,
Mr, and Mrs. S. T. Hood and family,
Myra, Harvey aud Martha, Tlonesta,
Guests present were: Misses Ruth Di
mond snd Norma Perrlne, Oil City, Pa.;
Mrs. Mclntyre, Meadville, Pa.; Mr. Jesse
Overlsnder snd grsndcbildren, Winifred
snd Josephine Walters, Tionests.
Death of Former Tionests Boy.
Rudolph H. Swanson, well remem
bered by most of our people as s former
Tlonesta resident for nearly tbree years
when bia parents resided bere, died sud
denly of spoplexy at his borne near Ful
ton, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1913. Tbe greater
portion of bis life bad been spent In
Jamestown, N. V., where his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Swanson reside.
He left there last spring and moved to
Fulton to engsge In farming. While out
with bis wife at tbe barn In the morning
he complained of not feeling well and
went to tbe house to lie down. Wben bia
wife came in she found him apparently
asleep on a couch, and she arranged aome
covers about him. In a short time when
she returned she was shocked to find bim
dead. Mr. Swanson was aged about 30
years, and ia survived by his wife snd
parents. His body was brought to
Jamestown where the funeral was beld
on Sunday afternoon, followed by Inter
ment In the cemetery in that city. He
was popular witb the young people while
be resided in Tioneata, and many friends
will Bincerely regret to learn of bis da
rn ise.
Death of Mrs. Bart Wiles.
Rachel Aon Wiles, wife of Bart Wiles,
died at tbeir borne at Falconer, N. Y., at
8:15 o'clock Monday evening, Sept. 16,
1913, aged 30 years, 8 months and 15 days.
The deceased waa a daughter of Walter
W. and Angellne (Wood) Watford and
was born at Glade Run, near Warren,
Pa. She came to Tlonesta with her par
euts wben a child, andaboultwelveyears
sgo she was united In marriage with Bart
Wiles, tbe greater part of their married
life being spent bere. For a yearor more
she had been a patient sufferer from tu
berculosis. She was a member of tbe
Tlonesta M. E. church, Besides tbe bus
band, she leavea five children, Carrie
Belle, Clara May, Mazie Helen, Louis and
Harold Edward, and to them tbe sym
pathy of tbis community will go out for
the loss of a loving wife and mother, Mrs
Wiles Is also survived by ber father, W.
W, Walford, ol Tioneata, and tbree sis
ters, Mrs. L. A. Wiles and Mrs. Frank
Robinson, of Falooner, N. Y., and Mrs.
George Collin wood, of Penn Yan, N. Y.
Tbe funeral will be beld at the family
borne io Falconer this afternoon at two
Temperance Lectures.
Rev. John A. Laveley, Erie conference
temperance evangelist, will lecture at the
following places on tbeClarlngton charge,
the meetings to be beld In tbe M. E.
churches at 7:30 p. m.:
Shippen's, Tuesday, Sept. 23d.
Pine Grove, Wednesday, Sept. 23d,
Clarington, Thursday, Sept. 24th.
Gilfoyle, Friday, Sept. 25tb.
Greenwood, Saturday, Sept. 26th.
He will also preacb at Greeuwood, Sab
bath at 10:45 a. m Gilfoyle 3:00 p. m..
Kedcly fie 7:30 p. m. These sermons will
he aa purely temperance as lectures. Rev.
Mr. Laveley will vinit all tbe schools
within the district through the week. All
are cordially invited to attend these lec
tures, and a good time In promised to
all. D. O. May, Pastor.
Caught a Bad Cold.
"Last winter my son caught a very had
cold and tbe way be coughed was some
thing dreadful," writes Mrs. Sarah K.
Duncan, of Tipton, Iowa, "We thought
sure he was going Into consumption.
We bought Just one bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy and that one bottle
stopped his cough and cured bis cold
completely." For sale by all druggists.
Ministerial Appointments.
Among tbe ministerial appointments
snnounced at tbe close of tbe Erie M. E
conference at New Castle, Monday, tbe
following are noted for tbla section:
W, P. Murray goes to Oil City Trinity
church; C. U. Frampton la returned to
Bethel cburcb, Oil City, and W. S. Mitch
ell ia returned to Grace cburcb; Fraukiio,
H. A. Eilis; Rouseville, W. L. Framp
tou; Titusville, A. J. Rinker; Rev. W. O.
Calhoun returned to Llnesville and Har
monsburg; Erie, Wayne street, R. L.
Foulke; Ripley, O. H. Nickle; Stockton,
H. K.Steele; Cattaraugus, J. E. Hillard;
Sheffield, T. F. Phillips; Warren, First
cburcb, N. A. White; Warren, Epworth
church, J. A. Galbraitb; Warren, Grace
church, H. H. Barr; Pleasantville and
Knterpri-e, G. W. Cbapln; Union City,
II. B. Potter; Farrell, R. A. Buzza;
Wampum, H. S. Bates.
Rev. H. Li. Dunlavey, formerly of Ran
dolpb, N. Y.. takes the place of Rev. W
S. Burton in Tioneata, the latter being
assigned to Clarendon and Tiuna. Many
friends of Kev. and Mrs. Burton, both in
and out of tbe church, regret their de
parture from Tlonesta, and wih for them
a pleasant sojourn at tbeir new home.
Franklin District. Superintendent, A.
R. Rich; Cbioora, J. II. Jelbart; Clinton
ville, II. B. Davis; East Brady, VV. E.
Davis; Eau Claire, R. W, Skinner; Eui
lentoo and Foxburg, H. E. Pbipps; Fer
tigs, J. C. Hankey; Karns City and Kay
lor, Robert Summergill; Kellettville,
Henry Suiallenberger; Marlenville and
Knox, G. S. W. Phillips; Nansen and
Byromtown, to be supplied: Parkera
Landing, A. D. Stevens; Petrolla and
Bruin, Shile Miller; Polk and EastGiove,
J. R. Rich; Robinson Chapel. J, C. Whar
ton; Rockland, R. K.Rumbaugh; Rouse
ville and Plutuer, W, E. Frampton; St.
Petersburg, L. W. Magee; Seneca, G, D.
Walker; Sherrett and Rlmerton, C. E,
Arters; Shlppensville, L. J. Wallis; Tl
dioute, B. A. Borland; Tylersburg, G
W. Fuller; West Hickory, W. W. Dale;
West Monterey and Queenstown, Ralph
Johnson; West Sunbury and North
Washington, S. B. Bartlett.
Clarion District. Superintendent, J. B.
Neff; Arroyo, C. B. Marshall; Beech
Tree, I. G. Koonce; Bellview, A. B.
Young; Big Run, R. T. English; Brock-
port, C. E. Knott; Brockwayvllle, W. P.
Graham; Brook ville, G. M. Hughes; Cal
lensburg, W. P. Lothian; Clarington, D.
O. May; Corsica, F, E.Timinins; Clarion,
F. S. Neigh; DuBois, First cburcb, D. A.
Piatt; DuBola, Second church, R. J.
Montgomery: DuBois, Mt. Zion church,
C. T. Greer; Einerick ville, S. L. Rich
srds; Falls Creek, C. J. Z-tler; Haw
thorn, W. H. Robinson; Hazelburst, C.
C. Mohney; Hazen, O. H. Sibley; Jobn
sonburg, J. G. Ginader; Lutbersburg, E.
D. Thompson; Mt. Jewett, Emerson
Jones; New Betblebem, R. F. Howe;
Punxsutawney, First cburcb, B. A. Gin
ader; Punxsutawney, Grace church, C.
H. Quick; Putney ville, John Walls; Rey-
noldsyllle, W. J. Small; Ridgway, H. M
Conaway; Rlmersbiirg, W. V. McLean;
Ringgold, H. A. Silvius; 8igel, G. W
Boyer; Sligo, C. C. Campbell; Summer
ville, J. A. Lyons; Hykesville, M. B.
Riley; Valler, S. H. Barlett.
Two Junkmen Arrested.
The following article from tbe Bradford
Star of Tuesday, Sept. 9th, Is of consid
erable local Interest, Contractor John
Reck being well known here as a former
operator, and Karl Kiser being a Forest
county boy:
"Bradford, for some time past bas been
tbe operating field for a gang of bold Junk
thieves and the theft of an 800-foot 24-lm-h
drilling cable, owned by Contractor John
Reck, of East Main street last Sunday
morning culm lusted lu tbe arrest tbis
morning of Theodore Goodmau snd Joe
Lovitz on a charge of laroeny and receiv
ing stolen goods. Tbe arrest was made
by County Detective Jones, assisted by
Officers Cline and Price, after the stolen
cable was found in their junk yard.
"Tbe return of the goods was due en
tirely to tbe cleverness of K, II. Kiser, a
driller In the employ of Mr. Reck. Re
cently the drilling rig was moved from
one location to another on the C. L
Douglass lease near the old mill dam and
tbe big cable was left at tbe first location.
One day last week while cutting brush,
Kiser noticed thst the cable had been cut
Into 100 foot lengths and bad been coiled
up ready for moving away. He imme
diately opened tbe bundles and inserted
slips of paper with his name written up
on them, realizing that If the cable was
carried off, it would be almost impossible
to Identify it unless It was marked, Mr,
Reck was notified of the discovery arid
Saturday nigbt be watched for the com
ing of thieves until 3 o'clock Sunday
morning. Owing to the heavy fog and
tbe latenesB of the hour, Mr. Reck gave It
up and went home to bod. Alter he left,
tbe thieves appeared snd not only made
sway with the mutilated cable but also
cut up a 600 foot cable, which they, no
doubt, intended to call for later.
"The police were notified and, yester
day afternoon, search warrants were got
ten out and every Junk yard in (own was
searched by the police aided by a mem
ber of tbe state constabulary, Tbe search
was fruitless and all of the dealers, in
cluding Goodman, denied all knowledge
of tbe lost cable. This morning County
Detective Jones arrived In the city and
with Mr. Kiser and Officers Cline and
Price made a return trip to Goodman's
place of business. The latter waxed very
Indignant over the fact that a second
search was being made. The searchers
moved several tons of cable which was
coiled up In big piles and, wben the bot
tom was reached, tbeir search was re
warded by the finding of the stolen goods.
"Goodman and hla employee, Lovitz,
were taken Into custody at once and
charged witb larceny and the receiving of
stolen goods. Tbe prisoners were taken
before Judge It ilklns and save bail io the
sum of $:i(K) for their appesrsnce next
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock."
State of Ohio City, ofTolkdo, I
j.ucus l-OUNTY, )
Frank J. Chknky innkeH oath Unit ho
is the senior partner ol the firm of K. J.
Chotioy A Co., doing holiness In tlio
City nl Toledo, County ami Ntato aforo
saiil, and tlmt said firm will pay tlio sum
each and every case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by the use of Hall's Ca
tarrh Cukk.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this Otli day of December,
A. D. IK'W.
notary I'ublic.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Send lor
testimonials, free. adv
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