The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, January 16, 1872, Image 1

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    ; M( v.ttHED ETBUY TrE9DAT. BY
t In Kiox's Build irg, Elrri Street
TERMS, t2,00 A YEAR.
No Subscription received for a shorter
'period tlifiu throe innntlm.
Correspondence solicited from aU parts
of the country. No notice will be Akeii of
munonyaoua communication.
Mfirriaj-ea and Death, notices Inserted
' x. o. gkt.
ft T sets every Wednesday evening, at 8
lA o'clock.
W. R. DUNN, W. C. T.
M. W. TATE, W. 8.
. wwto! rxms.
Uto tfrvtt, 770AXSZV4, PA.
Isaac Ash,
Will practice In the various Cnhrts of
Forest County. All business entrusted to
hit cars will receive psfimpt attend n.
... W. W. Mason,
ATTQlRNfeYATLAvr. Oflleeon Elm
Street atMVe Walrfut, Y.'pnesta, Pa.
C, W. Glirillan,
TTORNEY AT LAW, rranklla, Ve-
. nango (,, t'a. tf.
W. P. Mercllllott,
A 1 1 o nicy at Law.
THE UNDERSIGNED lievln associ
ated theirtsMives together In the prac
tice of law. nftVr their professional serv cos
to the public.
Business protnptl v a'tended to In all ho
eurt of arrcn, Forest and adjoining
: reinra i. clark,
; Warren, Pa.
D. D, riSSETT,
Tidioute, Pa.
4 Tioneeta House.
iVT 1TTEL. Proprietor, Elm St., Tlo-
lrl. neta. Pa., at the mouth ofihn creek,
Mr. Idle has thoroughly renovsted the
i Imostesta Mouse, and re-furnished It com
pletely. All hi patronize him will he
well eutertaliiMl at reasonable rates. 20 ly
Court House, Tiouesta, Fa. Just
-opened. Everything now and clean and
- fresh. The best of liquors kept eoustantlv
hand. A portion of the public patroii
se U respectfully solicited. 4-17-1 v
Holmes House,
"I'lONESTA, PA., opposite the Depot.
X C I). M utile. Proprietor. Uuod Hia
'VJIuit ranneotfd with the house. tf.
Syracuse Mouse,
Tl DIOUTf, Pa., J. 1 M or, Proplo
trs. The house has been thoroughly
.renuwl and is now ia the tirsr-elasa order,
with the bent of wooiine wla'ionx. Anv
ftriutiiou Roncernlnir Oil Territory at
Mkia point will be cbeerfullv fnriiiNhel.
-ly J. A II. M All EE,
Exchange Hotel,
J r.r.t. A Mow Prop's. This ,nr having;
Vr-n retited is now the most desirsMe stop-.
. place in Tidloute. A good Milliard
. Ko. attai'hed. 4 ly
National Hotel,
TRVINETOX, PA. W. A. ITallenbarlf,
Kroprietor. This hotel in Hkw, and Ih
.aw open as a first class limine, situate at
' re Junction of the Oil Creuk A Alleirhenv
A:erani I'hiludelphia Erie Kailroads,
pptwite the DejMit. Parties having to Inv
' ver trains will find thU Hie moot uunven
j ewt hotel in town, with Hrat-elaNS aucoin
odations and reasonable harures. tf.
Dr. J. L. Acortb,
liad tllteen years' experience in a Inrfro
md Biiii-eHHful prai'tice, will attend all
Professional Calls. Olllce in his Drug hiiiI
fJrooery Store, located in Tidioute, near
'Tidioute House.
A nill assortment of Medicines, Liquors
Tobacco, Cigars, Stationery, Olass, Paints,
HMIe, Cutlery, and tine Groceries, all of the
quality, and will be sold at reasonable
. R. liURGKSS, an experienced Druir
V 1st from New York, has charo of the
Xtore. All proscriptions put up accurately.
Corner of Church and Eluj Streets,
This firm is prepared to do all work In
iU line, and will warrant everything done
at their su ps to iiive satiufaction. l'ar
.ticular attention given to
ihBLO atrial, and you will not re
i gret it. -iy-
. Tioneeta, Forest Co., Pa.
This Bank transact a Oeneral Banking,
,.l!ollectlnH and Exchange Husiness.
9 I)rarts on the Princifial Cities of the
United States and Europe bought and sold.
i,.t.i a... l MiU'Aii 4'oin mil fiikvunillient
H.mrities bouuht and sold. 7-J0 lionds
fmverted on the most favorable torins.
1'iteretit alloweil on time deposits.
'.Mar. 4. tf.
t-b. J. N. BOLARD, of Tidioute, has
XJ roturnsd to hia prauce aucr an an
- ..r iiwiiitliu uiiitif infill) llo..oi
tal-sofNew York,, where wm atU.nd
calls in his protowion.
Otllce In Eureka Drug si to re, 8d door
'Letua have Faith
VOL. IV. NO. 40.
intr nrrnnTtws, trm.
a- a. eiiBniooi, w
6E0. V. DITIlRlltl'lff.
Sv4i.,. Mmmm
Pine Lumber, Lath, Shingles &c.
mill on Tionctta Creek, Forest Co., Pa.
Tarda k Offlti tor. IH k Rail toad Sti.
a. d. DiTHaiDos
Established A. D. 1827.
MAS cram; Runs or
Dithridge's xx Flint Glass
Silvered Glass Reflectors.
These chimneys do not break by heat.
Ask for Dithmdues. Take no other.
24-ly. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Sew Hoarding House.
MRS. fi. S. fl'.'UNfiS has built a larRe
addition to her h.,,sp. "d n,,w Pre
pared to a-ommods!eanu.'n,,'rof perma
nent boarders, and all transien "es who
may favor her with tholr pHtronaiti A
Rood stable has recently been built to ac
comniiHlate thirhorHes of (ruets. Charires
reaoiinlilo. Hesideuce on i'.liu St., oppo
site H. IlHslet's store. iU-ly
Jos. Y. Saul,
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and Sad
X dler. Three doors north of Holmes
House, Tioneeta, Pa. All work ia war
ranted, tf.
at the fetors af
D. S. KNOX, 4s CO.,
Elm St., toMta Pa.
We are la dally receipts Ike argMtand
which we are determined to sell regardless
of prices.
House Furnishing Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implements,
Ac, 4e Ac, which we offer at greatly re-
ducod pneee.
of all kinds.
ES, Ac, Ac., Ac,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and see,
7-tl D. 8. KNOX, A CO.
I Centre 8t., opposite Post Otllce,
that Right makes Might; and
Eccenlricltiei of California Hus
band. Every old Calil'ortiian, hnvinjr in
''49" lake) his own hreml snd boiled
his beans, deems himself a good fa mi
ly cook. He maintains even great
er conceit than thw; he deems himself
cook superior t ntiy woman in the
world, when he chooses to concentrate
his mind on culinary Affairs. On such
man, when : duly married, 'there
breaks out once or twice a year n culin
ary mania. He must cook) he will
cook. He watches "the onnortonitv
when his wife has prolonged her after-1
nfiml tiiif n lift1.. I. 1
...rvi. .It'll. iivv.c ii.iici IIIUII UOIIHI.
He itvades the kitchen. He kindles a
fire In the stove. Before kindling that
fire he leaves open every door iu the
house, from cellar to garret. lie
turns the damper the wrong way. He
draws water in the wrong bucket to
fill the tea-kettle. These things are
terrible to mention, but they are. often
done in California. He throws potato
and other vgetable pnrings ii, the
cleanest pail he can find. Wherever
he waikt' uud wherever lie touches he
leaves a "muss." He leaves kuives,
forks and spoons all over the house;
also, dish-rags; he ceases to be a
rational or accountable being. An
old male California cook, married and
iu his wife's kitchen, is not a well
spring of pleasure.
He brings all the frying-pam ho
can find into use. He sets their sooty
bottoms on the clean piue table. II
contemplates making tea. He reflects
as to the quantity he used in the mines
fur a "making." He cannot recollect
exact!. JJa crams several fwtfuls in
to the teapot. He will have enough,
any way. No one wlut drinks thereof
sleeps that night. Nervous. Heessavs
to make biscuit. He wonders how
much saleratus they used in the minti
to get a good rise on. He uses enough.
He kneads his dough, and wondering
vacantly about the house, leaves tracks
of flour at every, step. It is in the
parlor, on the door knobs, on the ban
nisters. He cau cook. Hn says he
cau cook better than any wofnennthe
world it he "was only a-mind to give his
mind to it." This conceit is never to
be takeu out of him. It is peculiar
to all old Californiaus; for he made
bread in mines. It was gooj bread,
too good to kill. They say two
"parduers" who "eabincd'' with him
died of heavy bread digestion. He as
given twenty-four", hours to leave that
caaip.'-'Now we see him-ravishing hi
wile s kitchen. He has burned up all
the choice newspapers lying about,
which the folks wauted to read. He
is using table-butter to cook with, and
sets the cooking butter on the table.
Thiugs full into that dough buttons,
matches, and nits of coal.
Iu the midst of all t'lis culinary
riot, chaos, smoke, grease, soot, rags,
and flour, tho wife comes home She
opens the hall door, and is oppressed
by the cloud of 6inoke. She knows
then that the ctilinury fit is on her
husband; She steps into the kitchen.
There he stauds, red lieated, flustered,
caught in the act, with a big spoon in
one hanii; a tormentor iu the other,
spot of black on his nose. The frying
pan is full of hot, smoking lard. It
siziles and sputters all over him, as he
stauds there with buck to the stove,
aud all over everything for many feet
around. There comes from the oven
door a suspicious smell of smoke; his
biscuit are burning. All sorts of
things in pots are boiling over. She
rushes to hia assistance. Both burn
their fingers. He has mislaid half the
covers, and canuot find them. One is
discovered, a fortnight afterward, up
stairs under the bed. How did it git
there? lie says he didu't know he
was carrying it up at the time. Absent-minded.
He was looking for a
cleau towel at the time.
His wie, in despair, goes to her room,
aud trips; and thinks of her happy
girUiood days. She does not come to
sup'per. No one eats much that evening
lie has the table to himself. He hasn't
much of au uppetite, either. He gets
up every half minute for some forgot
ten article for the salt, for a cup, for
a saucer. When he has entirely finish
ed, he fiuds the potatoes forgotten;
the are still on the stove boiling
boiling piecemeal, boiling furioUbly,
liko the driving of Jehu, tho suu of
Nimalii, who drove rapidly.
Next day his wife comes down stairs,
and hires a womau to cleau up. Things
get settled in about a week. It is his
only fault. lie slicks to it that he
can cMik better thuu any woman in
tho world, if he chooses "to give his
mind to it." She says the mania nev
er broke out in him until they had
been two years married. T ice a year
it rages, and the kitchen smokes. All
1'alitoruia husbands have a touch of
this disease,. It was contracted in the
mines in the flush days of '49 Lip
pineolt'i Magazine.
Mark Twain promises to give every
consumptive who is not cured by cump
lite at Lake Taboo "a funeral which
will be a comfort to them as long as
thev live."
A Nebraskan thought he would un
der take to charm a suuke, but soon
resigned in favor of a professional undertaker.
in that Faith let us to the end,
A Murderer on Oratory.
We have received from a good friend
in Virginia the following farther illus
tration ot the extent to which the I
sensibility -of criminals is curried :
11M !t..MI
line sun a very young man, on
account of his uncommon ability and
legal acquirements, Mr. Kichard Cole
man was made judge of one of th
eastern circuits of Virginia in the
year 18. Having hitherto led the
life of a student aud scholar he had
no extended reputation except among
nis nreinren, and as counected with
the profession, and had never been in
politics. Shortly after he went upon
the bench a most cold-blooded and
cruel murder was perpetrated in his
district by a very notoriously bad
man. The murderer was apprehended,
tried, and convicted of murder in the
first degjoe. Judge C. proceeded to
pronounce sentence, the first he had
ever had to, which he had prepared
with great care, and, as he himself
said, the best of which he was capable,
and which he had afterward, in similar
sentences, been obliged to make the
basis of them all. Such was the sol
emnity of the occasiou and the fervid
eloquence of the judge, that all who
listened to the sentence passed were
moved to tears all except the prison
er at the'bar, who was observed to be
looking at the ceiling, and to pay no
attention whatever, appearing wholly
indifferent to what was going on.- Af
ter he had been remanded to jail, one
of the juuior members of the hur hav
ing hia curiosity excited, and Judge C.
alio" wishing to know what effect his
eloquence hud upon the criminal, went
itito the cell where the prisoner was
and inquired of him how he felt when
Judge C. was passing sentence on him.
"What?" said the criminal, "what do
you mean?" "I mean when the judge
was telling you that you were to be
hung and urging you to prepare for
the awful doom that awaited )uti."
"Yotr moan when he was talking to
me?" "Yes." "Oh! I never paid no
'tention to Dick Colemau ; he sin't uo
public speaker nohow." Galaxy.
A aovel trial is reported to have
taken place in London. ' A ludy went
to a ball, and when preparing to re
turn to her home in the evening, before
going to her carriage, took off her
coiffure and tied it up in a handker
chief, to keep it fresh for a party she
was to attend the following' night, and
that she might the more conveniently
put' warmer wraps on her head, the
evening being cold. When she reach
ed her dwelling the coiffure was not in
tho carriage. She dispatched a tnes
seugcr for it, but it could not be found.
Some days after she met an acquaint
ance, whose hair was the same
color as her own rather a peculiar
hue and was satisfied slio wore her
coiffure. She taxed her with it. Of
course it wus indignantly deDied. So
certain wits the ludy that the hair the
other wus wearing was the article she
lost at the ball she sued !,er tor it.
When the tri;;', came on the defendant
strut.'!; ihe prosecutor dumb, and con
vinced the court by letting down her
tresses aud showing they were her own,
thereby procuring judgement in her
favor. Suhseqt i.tly she quarreled with
her hajr-dresser, when it came out that
the hair she had so dexterously exhib
ited as having grown on her own head,
had grown on some other head, but
had been artfully and artistically ar
ranged for the pulling down process
by the hair-dresser.
A Viennese chemist has succeeded
in making the flimsy material of bal
let dancers' dresses fire proof, and the
Prince of Lichteusein, taking a lively
interest in all that concerns the ballet,
has given the new invention a trial on
the stage of bis own palace. A nu
merous company was invited to wit
utss the experiment. Tho rise f the
curiaiu discovered two dolls dressed
as ballet girls, to both of whom a light
was applied. While one flared up iu
a second and was rapidly reduced to
ashes, the other, impregnated with the
talismanic cnniMieitioii, escaped with
a small hole in her dress. The experi
ment was considered satifactory; but
the prince, designing to turn the dis
covery to a wider use, is having a
wooden theatre erected outside of
Vienna for the purpose of testing once
more the Cre proul composition, with
which the boards are to be saturated.
An Irishman one morning went out
very early in search of game on tho es
tate where the game laws were strictly
enforced. Turning a sharp corner,
whom did he meet but tho gentleman
who owned tho estate. Paddy, seeing
the gufue was up, coolly advanced to
ward the gentleman etui said: 'The
top of the morning to j our honor ; and
what brought your honor out so early
this morning? The gentleman replied
by saying, 'Indeed, Paddy, I just stroll
ed out to see if I could find an appetite
for my breakfast ;' and then eyeing
Paddy rather suspiciously, said : 'And
now, Paddy what bronchi you out so
early this morning ?' Paddy replied,
'Indade, your honor, I just strolled out
to see if I could hud a breakfast for
my appetite.' (
A Prussian shell, recovered from
the Seine at Paris, was found to con
tain 1,300 francs in cold.
dare do our duty as we understand it,"--LINCOLN.
Is it Her Own.
A special policeman, at the recent
exhibition at the New York artists for
the benefit of their fellows in Chicago,
tells the following story:
When Miss Ream began to model
the bust of Mr. Cooper, there was such
a rush of people to see her work that
we found it necessary to obtain the
constant attendance of a pol iceman,
who was instructed to see that the
crowd kept moving, so that everybody
could get a sight of her. Of course
you know all about her good looks,
her bewitching curls, and so forth, so
that the attraction was twofold to
see the lady ando see the sculptress.
Well, anxious t() fcnow how this moving
on plan worlscd whether it was com
fortable to be in the tide or not and
perhaps a little bit curious to hear the
criticisms of the crowd, I pocketed mv
badge of office the other day and j. lin
ed it. I found myself immediately
behind two ladies who as we approach
ed more nearly opposite Miss Keatr, at
her work, launched immediately into
critioiKtn. Nor did they seem to care
who overheard them ; so, I couldn't
uelp but hear, even if I didn't want
to. But I told you already that I did.
"It isn't hers ;" said the taller of the
"Ob, 1 think it is," said the other.
"Not an inch of it," returned the
first, with emphasis.
"Thunder, said I to myself, "Can't
people believe even their own eyes?
Here is Viunio modeling right befors
them and they won't believe in it.
Msserable prejudice. So much for
uewspuper talk. It's a shame, so it
"The more I look at it the more I'm
satisfied it isn't heis," repeated the la-
iy Hgam.
Now 1 couldu't stand any more, aa
I said to the lady, somewhat hotly:
i ncg your pardon, madam, but it
is her's."
"Indeed, sir." -
"Yes, maJam, I have watched her
put it up myself."
"Oh, you have seen her put it up?
"Yes, ma'am, from the very stick.
From the first hour which Mr Cooper
sat for her, 1 have watched lur build
it up piece by piece, until it is as you
see it now her own work, all her
owrt "
"Oh, sir," said the lady, smiling;
nay, positively griuning iu my face,
"Oh, sir, yon must have misunderstood
mo; I nuvcr thought of doubting that
the model was her own, certainly nut.
Anybody cau see that that is hers.
We were not talking of her bust at
"Of what then madam may I ask?"
"Of her back hair, sir.". I
Business in Alaska. Although
the settlement of Alaska proceeds
slowly, yet we may infer that it is pro
gressing steadily and surely, since we !
.a . n t. . nr.. ...I t It .1 , .... . U a ...In..., i ' I
niu iiiiiii mcu lum uu 1,11c icmuil o VU
alaoka then? are aiieady nine commer
cial and business houses. This island
is the headquarters for all the fishing
and whaling expeditions 'bound for
Plover Bay, 11 .is to 1 Bay, Behring Seu,
and the Arctic Ocean, as vessels can
be there refitted, obtain supplies, and
procure excellent fresh water in abund
ance. Iu further refutation of the un
founded impression that Alaska is a
bitterly cold region, we learn that the
ice crop of the past season was extreme
ly meagre, and not sufficient to meet
the wants of the Pacific Coast.
A dashing young foreigner, who
called himself Count Hamburger late
ly wooed and won a New York lady,
whose mother paid his wedding bills,
tinning up into the tall hundreds, be
cause a draft on Some great expecta
tion in the old country which he was
waiting for didn't arrive iu time.
Finally things were missing from the
house, which only he had access to.
Moneys intrusted to him were confis
cated, until his enraged mother-in-law
had him arrested and locked up, con
vinced that instead of Count Hambur
ger, be was a no-account humbugger.
The large manufacturing corpora
tions In Lawrence, Mass., have chang
ed their busis of wages, and each em
ployee will hereafter be paid for his
work by the hour instead of the day, re
ceiving jui y for each hour and part cf
an hour ot labor. It will be at the op
tion of the employe hs to tho number
of hours he shall work. This is intend
ed to settle the question of "short
time" between the corporations and
the men.
A gentleman was describing to
Douglass Jerrold the story of his
courtship and marriage how bis wife
had been brought up in a convent and
was t n the point of taking the veil
whn hia presence burst upon her en
raptured sight, and she accepted him
as her husband. Jerrold listened to
the end of the story, and then quietly
remarked ; "She simply thought you
better than nun."
A new building is erecting in Hart
ford for the Women's Christian Asso
ciation of that city. It is inieuded as
a home wher.i young women may be
provided with wholesome food aud
comfortable and pleasant lodgings at
such prices as may bo withiu their
To be an Editor.
Carlton, in his editorial poem, tells
of an old farmer who made bis way in
to his sanctum with a runt of a boy,
who being good for nothing else, the
farmer thought would do for an ed
itor. The poet tells the story:
The editor sat in his sanctum, and
looked the old man in the eye.
Then glanced at the grinning young
hopeful and mournfully made this re
ply: Is your son a small unbound edition
of se.a and Solomon both ?
CaiKjh compass his spirit with meek
ness, and strangle a natural oath ?
Can he compass bis'spirit with meek
ness, and strangle a natural oath?
Cau he leave-all his wrongs to the
future, and carry hia heart in his
Can he do an hour's work in a min
ute, and live on sixpence a week?
Can he courteously talk to an equal
and browbeat ai; impudent dunce?
Can he keep things in apple-pie or.
der and do half a dozen at once? '
Cau he Press all the springs of
knowledge, with quick and reliable
And be sure that he knows how
much to know, and how to not know
too much?
Does he know how to stir tip his vir
tue, and put a check rein on his pride?
Can he carry a gentleman's manners
within a rhinoceros' bidt?
Can he know all, and do all and be
all, with cheerfulness, courageaud vim?
If so, we cau perhaps, be making an
editor outen o' him.
The farmer stood curiously listening,
while wonder his vitage o'ersprcad.
And be said, 'Jim, guess we'll be
goin' ; he, probably tutof his head. "
The Size of the Union.
It has been said that there is only
one man w ho has a correct idea of the
size of the United States, he is the mau
who drove a yoke of oxen, in 1850.51,
from Maine to California. However
this may be, the newspuprr remark
that "few people realize the immensity
of our territorial area," is true. There
ate in the Great West eleven Territo
ries, two or three ofwhich are twice or
three times ns large as ail New Eng
land; and it is a small Territory that
that is not at least ten times as large
as Massachusetts. Colorado is thir
teen times as large as Massachusetts,
while Dakota and Arizona are half as
large again as Colorado. The eleven
Territories, as accurately as can at
present be ascertained, contained over
one billion and a quarter of acres (1,.
030,385,919), exceeding by nearly
two hundred thousand square miles
tho aggregate territory of ell the pres
ent admitted States of the Union. The
Territory of All. ska. containing 369,-
529,600 acres, is included in iheuuin
der of ttcrea 8Urtet
An old manuscript has recently been
discovered ia Westeru New York con
taining the following anecdote ot the
famous i Indian Chief, Red Jacket,
which is new : He was ou a visit to a
house in Canandaiguia, and not arriv
ing uulil after dinner, the girl was or
dered to make preparations for him.
She, through carelessuets, or thinking
it would do well enough forau Indian,
placed on tho table a dish of meat
that had been visited by the flies. Red
Jacket advanced to the table, and see
ing the insects busily engaged in the
meat, took the dish and placed it on
the sill of the door, stepped buck, took
his rifle, deliberately took aim aud dis
charged the contents through the meat.
The report of the gun alarmed all in
the bouse. They rau to inquire the
cause. Red Jacket replied that he
always killed his meat before he ate it.
The joko had its desirtd effect.
A correspondent of the Boston Trav
eller records tie following ; "A bright
little boy about four years of age, son
of a clergyman, was at your correspon
dent's house one evening with his pa
rent's and I gave him a cnupln of five
cent pieces, lie laid them on the ta
ble, and putting Ins firgeron one said:
'This one lam going to give to the
heathen, and (ho other Dim I um going
to keep myself. Ho playtd wiih iheM
a wl il !, till one ot them rol.ed avay.
and he could not find it. ', ell, said
I, 'my lad, which one have yci lost ?'
'Oli, 'said he, 'I have lost the one I
wus going to give to tho heathen. ' "
Chicago congratulates herself that
however much ruiu the lire has brought
upon the city the fire, breaking out
itist us it did. saved tho citv. from on
alllictiou haniiy less severe, as Victo.
ria oodhull was prevented from lec
turing there, as advertised. It is an
ill wind that blows nobody any good.
Talk about your "special Providen
ces." A man, of poor means but lofty
feelirgs, having expressed a wish to be
buried with pomp, his wcli meaning
but uiisguided relatives planted him
in a colored graveyard.
A Dubuque farmer put out a fire in
his barn with a deluge of milk. Du
buque is not the only plut e where milk
differs but little from water.
Georgie Briefs, of Salisbury, N. C,
i America's champion skateress.
Rates of Advertisiog.
One Sqnifrc ;1 Inch,) one Insertion. ...II W
OneS'jnnre " one monh 8 04
One Square. " . three months... 09
OneS'i'iare " one year 10 00
Two Squares, one year .....15 00
Quarter Col. ' ...7.'. 0
Half " " ' f.0 00
One 100 00
Business Cards, not exceeding One IticH
In length, tlo por year.
Legal notices at established rate.
These rates are low, and no devistioa
elll be made, or discrimination amend
patrons. The rates offered are such, s
will make It to the advantatfeofmondoi
business in the limits of the circulation of
tne paper to advertise liberally.
How fo Catch Wife.
New York is really the city of de
ceptions. A man must not only look
sharp as to his company, but he can
hardly trust his own senses. The Well
formed man he meets in the street may
be indebted for hit elegant propotions
to the genius of his tailor, aud the
belle of beauty may be half padding.
A young mau of quite elegant exterior
passed at one of our fashionable water
ing places for a youug man of wealth.
He became greatly smitten wilh the
daughter of a wealthy merchant, who
besides what her father would leave
her, had a hand-ome fortune in her
own right. He referred to a well
known gentleman in New Yow, who
thought him rich, and who knew tbe
amount of his income tax. He was
accepted aud married. It was found
that he was a clerk in a dry goods
house on quite au ordinary salary. He
secured money enough te pay a good
sized income tax. Hi investment prov
ed more lucrative than a Wall street
speculation, aa it secured him a rich
Several instances have been known
in which parties have made a splurge
at the Springs and elsewhere, and have
got introductions to wealthy people,
and returned to New York, hired a
handsomely furnished house in a good
location for a or two; have re
ceived their stylish friends in style,
married their daughters, and then re'
tired to the buck street to which ther
really belonged. How many of such
marriages have terminated will be as
certained by examining the records of
courts in Indiana. Botton Journal
The editor of tho Chhago Tost
tells this: "What would you do if ma
ma should die?" asked a lady with
whom we have the honor of an intimate
acquaintance, of a little three-year-old
girl that we wouldn't take a hun
dred dollars for. "Well, mamma, "
was the melancholy response, "I a' pose
I should have to spank myself!" '
A landlord recently going round to
collect his rent sent a servant ahead
to prepare bis tenants for the visit.
On reaching the first house, and see
ing lis servant apparently endeavoring
to gain admittance, he inquired, 'What
is the matter, John? Is the door bolt
ed 'I don't know, sir,' replied John;
'but the tenant evidently has.'
Mother in-law suasion is the favor
ite modo of reclaiming New Albany
drunkards. If beingTed through the
street by the ear, being well shaken up
and violently seated in a chair by one's
inothe.r.iu-la'w, won't bring a man to
his sense of degradation, reformation
is hardly to be hoped for. .
A book publisher in Pesth, Hunga
ry, was recently sentenced to nine
mouths' imprisonment for forging a
letter in the name of Charles Dickens,
addressed to himself, and containing
praises of a Hungarian translation of
his works.
A falling sash caught a Charleston
burglar and held him until a police
man came. In the sume city a large
eagle was seen hovering over Broad
street, and a pigeon perched itself un
harmed on one of its pinions.
Block Island, R. I., has a Bupti t
church, organized iu 175t, which has
now about two hundred and sixty
members. The Baptist is the only de
nomination represented ou the island.
The Misses Tanner, residing in Lo
noke, Prairie county, Arkansas, took
the 1500 premium for the best bale" of
cotton raised in Arkansas, at the Fair,
which was recently held aTLittle Rock.
A go'den rule for a young lady is
always to converse wi;h her t'euiuld
friends as if n gentleman was one of
the p;trty, and with young nieu ar if
her female frieuds were present.-
A Tennessee girl broke art arm oil
the eve other wedding day, but pluck
ily weBt through the cereiiiony. with
her arm iu a sling, at the appointed
A young man generally givesa lock
of his" hair to his swerft heart before he
marries her. After marriage she some
times helps heibclf aud dou't use scis
sors. 'Ma, get down on your hands and
knots a minute, please.' 'What on
earth shall 1 do that for, pel?1 4'Cau.o
I want to draw an elepliot.'
"Sohs'and sighs, and gushing tears,"
is the distressing way.iu which the At.
laiita I.ra paints th? griet of a womau
bireit of her husband.
Mrs. Flags fluttered awav, fro n her
husband at Franklin, New Hampshire,
leaving him in signal distress for the
loss of his 8180O.
Hercules ia said to have been a
model husband ; rather than stay out
at night, ho invariably curried his club
home with him.'
What did that young lndy
when she sail! to her lover ' r
on may
be too late for the cars, but you' cau
i, . t
iu&o m uun. i
A contemporary says of a terf
prominent general, that 'his sword wm
never drawn but once and tbvu i'a
raffle.' . '
o-v tle beiik, Tl.liouto, fa. w