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uiiiiiii Qui Mnetfui mi, ii i i iwww www.H iwiwi ! in ,wwiiiihiwiwii wftwwjuiu -riejaMa9a)Ml)iiMMnMfteaMAMwMairiMMMHMn
!. k 'I-. .- ' i I S I . J I , , , . . I ... .... .'HI I
Rate?? of A'ivtrtii'i'T.
One Srpiirotl'ioch,) ene iri- rtiio . .. II M
x.f .
One Siiiinr fi uiunui
-rne!stvlfir " tun e .month1-.. " '
t U IJ IT .
(Hiding, Street.
. nr t i.i t- - i
imif tt"
Two Hqu -,one yer
QunrU'r Col. '1,.
1", 00
:in t o
,;';::;":::jvi:.iK) on
' nuslnesa -T, tj'it.ijxcecdinii .
i. . ... -ii I
tone ImjJi
111 lentil, c.' i
I.ejjal notleCMttTr'tfiblished rnt".
Th"se rates-nr- 4ow,hn V an ..dVvinlion
i ill be tiui'le, r' diseriiiirtiaiion stnom?
i strons. The rat. rtlered are such, a
ill make it to the dvntitajteolj'vndpt f
bnsiiiuws in the bidit-! t tfiv(-"i"f!o"
the pniwr to advertise Iiberullv.
icelvod for a shorter
It lis.
"Let us have Faith that
ith that Ri3ht raakoa Might ; and iu that Faith lot us to the end, daro do our duty as wo understand it."--LINCOLN, . , . ,
cltpd from nil part
nice wilt bo taken of
VOL. IV. NO. 39.
notice Inserted
" " ll , 1
I. O. C3-. T.
Teu every Wednesday evening, at 8
n clock,
W. R. DCNN, W. C. T.
M. W. TATI5, VV. S.
tU Strut, TIOtfESTA, PA.
, . Isaao Ash,
ATTrvHSEY AT LAW. Oil City. Pa.
Wlil ir'-tioe In the various Courta of
'Tw iVnvity, Alt business entrusted to
"ra wil riv prompt attentl n,
W. W. Mason,
TT"HY AT LAW. nmon Rim
n. Ivtva Walnut
pove Walnut, Tlonesta, Pa.
W. Gllflllan,
A TTOltY At LAW, Franklin, Va-
.r'lv,, ra. M.
N. B. Smiley,
;Y T LAW. Petroleum Con
W.iH pntetice in ths several
resivounty. sa-iy
P, MercilUott,
.y at Ii w
JTTOltyjEl'S A T LA, IT,
filK rTEIWIONKT havlna assort-
i a'eol themwlvea toireiher -in the prae
t.. -of law, offer professional sery eea
nubile. '
, IPtsineaa nromptly amended tnlna'l'he
irt f Wurrest Forest and adjoining
tVwrnii, Pa..
Tidioute, Pa.
t i toneaia. nouw.
t ITT EL, Proprietor, Kim St., Tio-
, netiL fa., at tnemoutnnrtiieereeK,
- Mr. I'll liat thornnzhlv renovated the
,,J Tioat 'louse, and re-fum'shed tt fom.
, plet.v. All wlii pstmnir.e him will be
? wall entertained at retisorwibie rt. 20 ly
i , - FOREST KCT.Sk.,
xj t ourt Hon-. ruHiM'n, r ti
ot iw I. Hver.Tthinv nw muI pImi - Tbe lift of IJnuoni km t ! I.v
Oil Imnd. A 'w II , f Ui public irnn-.
w resicmiity , oiuukmi. -u-it
Hatme Mouse,
nIONESTA. PA., opn"t Tpnt.
t i. fc,,iH, uimji ma
kiui c.inie Hlwih tlit Irtune. tf.
Tiy racu3 . House,
Ml nioUT' . P.. J. l M.;a. Pronle-
i .r. TIia hntiw bH th-iil,lv
rvitimi nniti m now hi the nrnt-w ot.iit,
.Id Hie bent of Nrooinm mIw'Ioh. Anv
nf.rmt'ior iniTiiln oil T-rril,ry al
Uiip,iit will be -herrillT nirinlMX1.
iy? ; , J. MAUEK,
Exchange Hotel,
T OWHH TTDinUTK. Ta.. T. S. Wams-
Ji hkki. A Hos Hrp". Thileii"ehavinn
bf i reti tel la now the most i(ir:M lop
nml nlsee la Tktioute. A irood Milliard
. it-OT.ii attached. 4 ly
-'r. National Hotel,
. .HVINETON. PA. V. A. Hallenbaok.
Proprietor. This hotel is N aw, and is
,.iw nm asa ru-sl elass house, situate at
. i liuietion of tlie Oil i.'reek A Alleirheny
A v'crand Phllaiialuhia A Erie Kailroaxls,
wi-Utetlie I(,t. Pnrtle having to lay
Ver trains will Sn'l tWs the most conven
'. "ent hotel ill town. With rlrst-clasa afeom-
iststlons and ranibl '-harifea. tr.
Dr. J. U, Acoin.b,
I had tilt tn years' experience in larire
a.l suceessluf prantine, will attend all
-. W'r.iresKionnl Calls. Oillee in his Drud and
iW.M-ery Stira, loeatoii in l'idiiute, near
' Tidiouie House. . . . .
k full assortment of'Medhilnes, Liquors
.Tolianeo, Clf5t(.'StHiii'.erv, (ilass, I'aints,
" il Cutlery, and lin4 (inVerios, all of the
IticNl quality, and will)!) sold atreasmiatile
Irates. .V .'
II. R. IlL'RUESS. f s experienced Pruir-
jistl'roni NewYoik. has eharite of the
ilore. AH preseriLUioiKput upaiHmrately.
tf. j. I I
' Corner ofdiuriiJaud Kim Streets,
Tioisriisx A, -a-
-This Arm is prepared to do ell work in
a is line and will warrant overythin done
attli'jr ill ls to n've saUs04ction Par
ticul,;' attention g'VOU to
'(live them a trial, and you will
grot it. j
nm r-
JOHN . DM.E, PStt'T. J.
PKOPm.yi.iT- A.n.Tiiu,eHHl
" tiohestX
savings dank,
Tionesta, l'orest Co., Vh.
This llank transw u. a C-enAraJ RankiiiK,
...u.....;,. uml Exchange ltuinoss.
a,-. ..Iu
- i...;.,..l.,..l l iilM .f ll..
United StuiM and Europe bou lit and sold.
Gold and Wlver Coin an. t.oyerniuent
c-,,,!,) bouutifcnd sold. 7-JO Honda
tovfeiUnl-on Uie nioi -
i all eH allowea on isjiiw
Mar. Vl- .
Fob WORK neadv-aaventd ttiltomea
T. A- WHimtT. Ritt.
fy , , a I
rine Lumber, Lath, bhinglCS kC.
. Mills on TiurifiU Trrrk, Forcsl fo Pa.
Tardi k Office cor. iU 1 Rail Road Sis., .
Established A. I. 1827.
Dithridge's xx Flint Glass .
Silvered Glass Reflectors. '
Thene chimneys do not hrpk by heal. '
Ask for Dithkiimikm. Take no other.
J5-ly. Pittubiirnh.Pa.
MRS. R. S. HULINfIS hahuilt a large
a-ltlitionto her h'iiHe, and Is now pre-
reil to aixwmmodafea numlwr of perma
nent boanlern, ami all transient on" who
may lavor her wilh their pHtrnnairo. A
(fiKid atalile has recently be-n built to e
oommodate the hordes of (rnet tliar jes
reasonable. KcMidenre on Kim St., "io.
site 8. Halot's store. i-iy
Jos. Y. Saul, ' .
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and Sud
I dler. Three dtwini north of Holmes
House, Tlonesta, Pa. All work is war
ranted, tf.
DR. 4. N. 1WLAKI. of Tidioute, lias
returnsd to his praetiee after an ab
sence of four months, spent In the Ho. pl
talsnfSew York, where K" will attnnd
calls In his prtifexsion. . -
Oltloe in Eureka Drug Store, 8t door
ibove tlie lnk, Tldloute, Pa. ' 4!tf
(U taW ftlur of . - . ;
D. S. OOX, CO.,
Elm 9t., toaeeta Ta.
Wt ara in rUily reeeipto, t5a a-wfatend
- in
whiefc w ara determined to sell regardless
of prloea.
House Furnishing Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tMils, Agricultural Implements,
Ac, Ae Ac, which we otter at greatly re
duced prices.
of all kinds,
ES, Ac., Ac., Ac,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and seo,
7-tl D. S. KNOX, A CO.
WASTKI-Men and Women, seek
intr a Kood navini? business to sell our il
lustrated, liia'orii-al, Jio(jraphlitl, reli
gious ami agricultural works, f-eiul stamp
I to ItoO per month.
lor mil particulars how you can inHkeSlnO
IS. I. TREAT. Pub-
liklwir, SO Hraadway, K. Y.
Youthftl da) I of Dickens Hi. First
Love His Early Essays In Jour
nalism, .
Tlio contributions to Dickon's early
litstury arc ull llic more vuUmlilf, eiiict1
l. . I l ii' I..'. 1: 1 ...
lie ous lllllint'll It'll no oiiru. icmin "'
Umm days, save in Copnrnell and in
those' iiiiiutncrtibie ami inimitable
eketclics of legal life, winch prove Hint
lie did a good deal more limn keep
Mr. Ulackmore's petty cash. After
(jiiuilnjj the pieciiiets of the law,
struck by the example of his father,
who hud become a I'alinnientary' re
porter, Dickciii devoted liiuisdl'to the
sillily of shorthand ?. but Iw couhl not
uet into the irHlleiyat once, and , two
year wern SH'iit in ri'jiortiiig oeeed
iiil'8 in ihy law courts
tiii.riiie ot the
ohicersin Dou'tors'.fTtiMiions. But tlie
boy ot eevcntein wul nowtverved iq
patience and industry hy histirct love,
tor he had Jim ml mid V'jd lastly wor
shiped a Inra,.'ittief'ilir slvi-iH-n-ed
out to the idoluter.'bifrff in fact and
fiction, a highly un.sulwt:iiial, happy,
fool Mb time. Mr. iN.ster tMii ;vci.
in anv but the LW of ihewUt, until
in the J)oraff 1829 r&tlly reap
peared iu ' Dickens's life, J and then
Dickens wrote to his stijU.-keptical
iViend : .'. ' '
I don't quite apprehend flint you
menu by otMSfntinir thii streiitli of
by uttfftaling
feeling of five and-twenty year
i. ' V...
- , -ii i .i'i i . .t j .
and wi vnly think what the desperate I
. .. ' . ii...
iiifun.i u itr mv imtiirn iu unit iIim, thin
11 ,'iu iiitnii i.l my unii id-n.vrLj', I
, , ' ... I .i . '
betrHii when I was Charley a age ; that
. . fc , , , ., -i F '
it excluded every other idea Irom my.
. , i. .. ' ... .. - .r
inuidor lour vesre, at a time ot lite
whenVoor yeaare equal to four times ;
1...I and lliat I went at it will, a de-
. ..: . ... . ii ,i . i ir
term OULIOU II, WVl'ICOlOb II I I Uin llllti.
... . . ,. .. . ,i. ..... i . ...
I's.ucs, n ii ic ir nil i;i y lincu o HI' sjiil
. -!; ' o .i.. f
Iiiiii, iien sun per uiv, K'l'l noiiic'i, in.,, i . i.. . . ,i
r 1 . !. , , V , ji ,Ja vrllis mind was always ou something
iiwiiv iiviii ,i hn nJreH 'rii.o lfiirtfiMv .... J.
' i ., - -
tK j.iu niciHiuiii:, .ic iiusc iiniiiii"
J , .1 . 1 1 1
CHI, CAM 'lid IUV lllUli. 1 llilt 1JIBI LI VCI '
... ' . ' ,
stood amazed at inyselt ever since. '
1 ... 1 1 .....1 i' i ...a . -
nnu 00 4 suiiuiro, nun dip worheo, nou
1 .... 1 , 1 ,'
so best and ha inner awni ut. I ho mail I
, . ... . .
dest romances that ever got into anv '
!... i ... i ...J .i.. .:. .
.. J c . ii . ... i
seo me inert) cuuse oi.u an, now, loos- i
ens mv hold tu.on mvself. Without for I
o . ....... . i "i i; ..;. ,i , :,
a moment Sincerelv lielievnur Hint it :
; 1 O '
would have beej better if we had nev
er got separated, I eon not see the no
fusion of so much emotion ns I should
see any one else. Mo one cur. imagine
in the most distant degree wliuf puiu
the re.'ollecliou gave uiu iu Copperm-ld.
And, just as 1 can "never open that
book it I open any other book, I ca ti
ll'. t see the face (even at fotir-and forty) j
or hear the voice without going won
dering away over the asties of all that
youth and lropu iu the wildest maimer.
Mr. Poster adds:
More and more plainly seen, howev
er, in the light of four and forty the
romance glided visibly uwtiy, its work
being fairly done; at the close of the
month following that iu which this
letter, was written, during which he
had ve.r. quietly made u formal call
with his wite at his youthful Dora's
i house, and contemplated with a 'calm
equanimity, in the hail, her. stuUed
tuvorile Jip, ho begun thq fiction in
which there wue a flora to set
its pitdecessor's Dura, both derived
i'ro'ii the saute origiual. The fancy
hail comic luiuVr in it he found it im
possible In resist, but it was kindly
and pleasant to the last; mid if the nii.ttirA ul. ...... I I..:-.. ..I... it.. I..
Jauyh at iu this retrospect; of his youth,
... 1 .. , y ... .
tUCIO HUB IIOIOIII lit! lyOOllgllb o, IJOI1
tciidci l v than the ea.iier, as long us he
was conscious of anything.
At Yd Dickens began bis manhood
bv entering the gallery on the staff of
5fAe True 6uii, with which Mr. Foster i-
was ttlitormliy and also iu other nays 4
I'lOiio'Cteil r muI lu, tollri linw Iih Hrst.
and he tells how he first'" , , i L"1" 4 "-
----- ,, -- - - - - - -
saw Dickens one day w'.ieu there Imef
beeu a general strike of the reporiersS
I well remember untieing at thk
Utile 1,1' LIIU BinilUIBV t.l 1111 lll.iyuur
inio,., y b -
.. .i i..J ... u:
cent ina.isioi, we were loujjcu in,
young man ,f mv inl'ti uge whose keen
animation of look would .;ive ariwt
el alteuliol) anywhere, and i thse
name, upon iuquiry, 1 then for the first
time heard. It wua coupled wijfi the
fact, which gave it interest eveit jheii,
that young Dickens had been spokes
man tor the recalcitrant reporters, and
conducted their case triuiuplmutfy.
There never was such a thnt-huud
writer, .-aid of him his friend Mr.
Heard, whom ho first met in the gal
lery; and ii Min this pain incite his
success was tiuru. For two cessions,
after leaving The '1 rue Sun, lis work
ed for the Mirror of Parliament, and
in his twenty third year he jitfneil lhe
staff of T he Mumiii'j Chrouichi Mean
time, in January, 16o4, hi- first writ
ing saw the light the sketch of Mr A
Joseph Porter over the Way, which he
had dropped steallhly one evening at-
twilight, with tear and trembling, in
to a dark letter box ill a dark office up
a dark eotut in Fleet street. The letter-box
was that of the The Monthly
Magazine, and when some days after
he bought that Periodical in the
Strand strangely enough, from a
young man afterward the - Hall of
Chapman '& Hall, thus Icmiii.g new
illustration to his theory of the small
ness of the world he was seized with
no slight agitation ou sueiu himself
in print :
"Oj which occasion I walked down
ii WeHtmiiiivtcr Hall, and turned in
to it for half an hour, hecnusp. my eyes
were so diiumed with py an I pride
that they could noti bear the street,
and wen not fit to Iw "een there."
t'rnm Ihr Lmtrlon Tt'legrnph' I'prirw of
J'olef a JJfe of Charles Dlt-kem.
.A Murderer Hi
John Ware, win, was liunjr, in New
Jersey, for the murder :f his father,
seeing to liave posses.ied many brutal
ullriliutcs. The execution created no
small exi iionn iit, owing to thecelcbn
ty bestowed on the murderer, by the
local jolirualMid the fact that he
hud huh), Mahomet likMu$di Ht'e
and death in the argumentative coffin
of law fur montrtM past. Adjudged t"
die at last by the final fWwnlate ofajH
tine, he died to-day, fearing notlnng.
"udniittingjiothing, defying everjhing,
a blaHpheinourt wretch, cursing iiPVIV
verge of tTernily.' The ifcf Vie
linll'iler IS thus loM by )-n(Hg!pe
correspondent: Jenr the village ol
Ltig-n-ComlngjTived Ihe Ware family.
Hie old mat', John A. nre, his wile.
hi3 sou and niurdurer, Joln arr, nnd
his daughter, Patience' ' Wiire.'' The
family was not especially dUtingiiishcd
liY advanced intelligence or eievaled
character. llielnlKsjn the viciuitw
j and neighbors oi-e.t .tif.fcutliat theold
iiiiiii fisc'il to beat tHV'Vl'l woman uml
. . , ' .
tlie Olil WOIIIUII leiuiu IIIU coiopi iiueiH ,
. , . . - k..i, ... , u . Jl
both be luff- irruuk at siren time. arl
o .
the mi y decent ne ot the lot was t he
y , ' ,, . u i .
daughter I alienee Ware, married to
c . ' .......
a i eeent man nauieil tie.orau lv i nam
, . .., B . .
"n- 1 ' J.oh"f X.N r; a8 dogged,
B"t. ' l,ru,'- 1 ,le
trace ot rehneineiit was wanting in
. . .a .1." .. i .
him, and lie. was noted lor ins despicu
, . . . .. j i-
blu uiinnal propensities arid"?adsi(itis.
low uml iiihuniun,. and actions the. nut
, . t , 1-..1 r - 1
Ural result ol whatever little of iiiincl
, , , I,' ' . .. ,. - ., .
he had left IlimscU were ol a similai
, . ,
character. ''
, . ., , , . ,
1 Pat.ence Ware, the daughter, and
. . 1 e '
her husband, (jeorue Williamson, were
. . . . , ,1 . ,.
Irvina with the old man at his resi
neiice, near Ijoiisr-B-toininir. Oil The
. , , . . ,a-n t i y .1
lb,h.,,t, A"S" "' f,,!n. the
iniinlerer, had a quarrel with lus brnlh
' . . 1 . . .
er in-law. .lie sluppej his .ister in
the face, ami U'e orotlier-jn law inter
fercd. Willianison went out of tin
1 1 hue and up thev (Jrost' ICeys lload.
There Was' an old jrn. a broken-down
iiiu?ket, standing iiroue coiinx.of the.
kitcktti.J John Va re : c-anght if ri
uod hiefl nt his" brotlier-iu law. i no
shot missed, and John went on his way.
He pussed bw the elder Wure, the lat
ter troinir tuward the house. As he
passed ho said to him : "John is frau-
tic, lind riicrat me just now," and the
old iiiiiii Wiiii' said : "He's a damned
scoundrel." 1 Williamson went tin, and
in five minutes heard a '-hot. He could
see Doihine; but his' heart to'd him
there had'' been murder., lie wenl
back uud found that John Ware had
Luii tall v"inurdered his father.
Iu the Ware residence thero lived
also ft woman named Mary Ami Cham
pion oi White. She was the house
k eppf.-'aiiif her character was iimie ot
.t lid hest. IShe was - looking out of a
gji'oiiil storv . window. ' bhe saw the
old 'man Ware coininu nhmg in , the
middle of the road toward the house.
jsKdiu Ware was iu the front yard, the
gtin in his hand. The old man called
out, "tin into the house, .loliu, aiwi put
l"1'1' t"u. gul.' ,
'tfxeent to level
Hare made no reply.
incept to level the gun mid aim it at
. ! .1 'I'l 1 I :.l .- ..
tne laiuer. i ne oin man sum, ton
uibitildu't shoot your old father, John."
"pive me some money quick," replied
jffiu son. The old mail laughed, Hinl
Vaid that when the si.n should have
finished chopping wood he would pay
I i.:... i... w .1..... ov. ..
shoot you," mid leaning the gun -on a
post, tired it. The buc!;shol entered
old Ware's brain, and he fell dead.
e..,. ... -.. i I . fB,.ilt
HI he liarricue rilled his pockets of gltiO
ini, i.. .,..... Tll ,.m,.,11i
uud officers put upon the track ot
Ware. That night he was seen in a
i store iu iiicmiuic, ami iruiu mere
tri,ced tuCumdcii. Just as he was en
lering the ferry-boat ut Caunleu ' for
Philadelphia he was arrested. On his
person was found $-2 in curreifV,
8140 in bills, uud n 55 cotiuterfeii
A young lady, with a number of oth
ers who well) injured by a railway c
t i .It-ii I , was carried to ii hospital. The
surgeon came liruni uml salil to tin
young and fashionublu Miss:"Weli,
madam, what can 1 do for ymi ?'' Said
she, "Doctor, one of my limbs is bio
ken.'' "One of your limbs?'' said he;
"well, which limb is il?" "Oh, I cau'l
tell you Doctor, but it's one of mv
liml.s. " "One tif your limbs," lliuti
deled the Doctor, out of patience,
"which is it, the limb you thread u
needle with)?" "No sir," she answered,
with u sign, "it's the limb 1 wear a
garter on." The Doctor attended t"
her, then said : "Young unman, never
gay limbs to me in a hospital; if you
do I shall puss you. for w hen a woman,
gels so fastidious us that, the quicker
she die the butter. "
A schoolboy defined a lady to be "a
growed-up girl, whu doscu't cue uui'
My Initiation. ;)
Mi-t a friend on the st.eet;a?ked
mi to join the Good Templars -have
;i first rate timv, get ncqiiainted with
lots of pretty girls and go home with
them , ask I me if he should lake my,
name, told him 'Don't care if you do.'
(i-itn letter snying I'd been elected,
thought I'd join ; started up Division
street , thought 1 would, drop n
Iloh's and jopk in the glass, saw sugar
rin the glass; went in fjjunker's, looked
iu glas" to fix ii'ktie; stiarted.trmgfind
halL asked
If was, said
go tip stairs
mace: went un two pair oiai
ktkiwiua'he.iloor , man in.idi put
Iiirt3t'i itiole, asked him what he
wauled, said he panted the Jiasswo'rd
told him I , didn't jsAnt- to pass anv
Words with .him, sanl I Couldn't ciun-1
in, told him I'd come ,ojbin? he Jet
me iu a iilrle room uud told me toTt
iowii.i Bimeby il C-Uti w ctime out and.
Hsked if there were Ajiy to be iniliated
and then went In ; then, two othertel-J
low Vith red collars on came out;
one itsiiOd me if I beleiveti it) the . ex
istence and power of ..AIniiifhtviMl.
the other asked . me for the- stat1ips,!
planked dowu the casa and they dc
p..rted Soon ."fellevY No. 1 re nnioil,
.-MiA they were ready.and to follow him.
lie knocked at the door, lellnw inside
wasn't going to. let us in changed his
miud and opened the door; boys ami
girls jumped up ami commenced sing.
ingSi.oii got done and sat down ; Hulk
ed tno iieiote an oiherr with it vnung
ludy on each side of him, tho't I'tl like
to change places with him ; next took
me iir.iiiiiii ami halted. , me, before a
young ludy on the opposite side of the
room don't know what she said, was
looking at her ull the time. ; Marched
me around again, heard the girls. whis
pering muI talking. "Wonder if lid's
married tic is pretty gid IiMijJing
perfectly lioriiil-r-splendi(l-i--rni' just
going for him, et'. yulteu oetoren
other ijfliccr,1ittanid down and shook
hands with' muI said, "How tin. you?
p-i)ow4tre-ulI the fiilks?" He kept on
talking tpav)tnld mo go sign tiu; con
stiiiiiion. Done so, and was marched
up before the first officer, w ho gave a
lot of vigils ion't know .what, they
werewas looking ut jhe girls nn each
side of', him. ,;bopu till .'tlie boys Snd
girls jumped upaijd joined hands; one
f the girls humlctl me a glass of wuh r;
it wasn't very, bad; hilt pretty, thin ;
the othvr girl put her uroiiml my
n. Li; a.:d put a white iOollur on- tne
thought .she was going .t. kiss me but
she didn't. The', they put tue in .the
circle, joined hands with the girls who
said I was 'splendid, ' , liau. they had
intermission, all came and shook hands
With ' me-r-called nitii brother; didn't
know I had so many brothers and sis
lets before. In. latter part id" the even
ing asked the girl 'who said -slifei was
'going for nie,' if I could see her home;
.lie said yes if her husband was willing.'
Did tint unit to g e but took, my hat
and loft, , w histling "ohoo, fly, : tlou't
Ooddur me! ' '
i ., i. ,
Humming home late tlie other night,
i gentleman livingtm'' Mission street
savs ihe San Francisco AW Letter)
I disrobed himself wit limit lighting the
gas, uud lay peacefully down tiesnie
the partner of-his joys. ; Sinking back
upon his pillow, he siraightway raised
himself up again, and remarked : "I
say wife, how's your pillow ? warui 7"
"Why what a foolish questi.tnV' return
ed she; ''My pillow is all right." "Is
it real warm?" 'he asked. V "Certainly
it is: 1 have had' mv' head on it' for
three hours." Apparently satisfied, he
lay down and was ijliiet lor some lime,
when a vigorous nudging iu the 'side
if his wife proved that he )uid anotntr
Idea. 1 say wile for gooiine.-s sukc
what do you want petulantly asked t)ie
sleepy dame. "Psay you doii't' use
hair oil. do you?' "( )f course ' not.
You know that as well as any body.
l).i for mercy's sake go to sleep." An
other halt 'hour passed in silence,' bro
ken only by the ticking-of the clock
in the darknc-M. Then there was an
other spasmodic nudging. "I sav
wii'e, you didn't put i he calf mulct the
bed to-night, lid you?'' "tiracious
ne!" returned the matroii'what is the
mat ter with you? Of course the calf is
,:ot under the bed. Will you never go
sleep ''' ' "Well," continued her lord,
sliding his leys sideways out. ."of. tlm
bed. Tin blessed' f then! 'ain't some-
; iiiil'
live under lure, - there
ihe sound id' scrabbling round ; a par
tial up heaving :of lhe couch; t-'O
quick gleam of a coat-mil making fir
the open window, through which it dis
appeared; tt thrashing nund in the
rose hushes outside, and all again was
-till. Tlio care of the rhildi'eii bus
been awarded to the hushaiid.
"Mans, where you get that knife,"
"I finds him tuiler." , .
"No, Hans; 1 believes you tells voii
big falsehood."
"No, fader, dat '8 true. I is de luck
iest I'n y von never see."
"Veil, Hans. I has to vip you.
. "Not 'i-uiise I steals, fuller?" ' 1
"No, Hans, I vip you 'cause'you so
very lucky."
The place f..r a picuic TLe Saud-wicliIsiand".
a lellnw it hjtiew whrrjs I . J j..:,r.. i
h, , ., l Olio'i, ai"vrn,i'ai'.o null uviinir r..
e dull) l; saw some iiir Is . , . . . . w .!! i r i
... . . . nt ri k i.itrl v t run to list oew thai, bta till.
, thought that must he the , - . ... ...
A Story of an Actor.'! " ,
,. ..-.I ;
. Mackay, the actor, was once a gtin
maker in Hatfurd. One day, 'while
working at the bench vigorously shov
ing a twelve-inch bastard file, with no
one preseut but a single fellow-workman,
he suddenly dropped his filp,
sprang back a few feet, struck th atti
tude that Macbeth is supposed 1o
huvo assume 1 in the dagger scene, and
refloated the hlood-Hirdling Words in
the tSxt, in a voioe hollow, solemn
a..d iinircssivB, with feutures whercoti
fla was more than that. "114 was
throughly frigf.lwjed. He had never
.been to a theater in bis life, and conse.
rfiient ly was but I'ut le prepared for this
i ..i .i-.i ...... . ,i
suiliieil'iu, in vuunirujui iioiinier. ne
supsjsd that his cnmpaiiioti had been
striekeUf aihjnsanityi aid to his mind
it was mtl)leasiit thought o-be
rvmjnd u i in a room with a craey man.
But how'shotild he escape? That was
tlie''qfM, The object cf his dread
was betwi t l)iiii aod ihe door, and he
U.iV. not pass him. ;1 s ;, ; ') . t I. -'
' They were on the second floor and
ewcape by the way of a window was too
dangerous to affVmpt: 'All this passed
through hi mind so quickly that the
y ling tragedian bad ttulf got to the
words, "Come, let nie clintch thee,'"
when tlie frightened mechanic hastily
r -treated to a far comer of the room,
a here there was a stack of gun-burrels,
and. clutching one placed hinisulPin a
defensive postrtrt with a :lonk. so 'de
termined and vet so horror-stricken, it
seemed to say, ""Ifyou th 'cinch' me,
or attempt to do so, I will knock
yourbrains out with this gun-barrel.'.'
He kept' his eyes fastened on' the
speaker ami 'breathlessly watched cv-
Iciyonoi ion, ami maintained the strik-
T- i .ii, -i t . 11 ' I
ing miittiiie uuiiii tne ciosc. iiac kuv
bad been so wrapped up in 'the ret ita
I i'vu i hat he had not tnkfn'iti the scene
here described, but as he concluded he
embraced the situation of affairs 'at a
glance, and said, "Why, Jack, what's
the matter w ith you ? ""' 1 ' '
"The matter with me j'ntithing ! " ex
claimed Jack, indignantly ; "1ml I'd
like to: know what iu thunder is the
mutter with'yod' V li ' ;' ',' ' ' ',
" A mutual explanation " took place
and a hearty laugh tollowed.",V . ,
Golden Wordi.
' D hV smoko. -U. S. Grant; .: - '
Don't deceive. Darun Munchau
sen. .''',''' ' .,,.'.(
" Love 3'our country. JeHerson Du
vis.. :,'..: - j 1 ;'"' ,' : ' "
Miud your ow n .business.C'ata'ca-
zy-' . . ... t '' ..i ; 1 '
" D' n't read novels. Harper A
Bid's. ' '
We eoncnr in thenbove. T. B. Pe
tersoit & Co.; . -t. ' ' ' '
" ' Beware of, rs.'.LWerrooro.--Gen-cral
Hall.;, , h -,, .
"' Bead tne Bazar Gazette. gir.Wiu.
Temple.' ' ' ".. .
Make monev and do good with' it.
W. M.iTwecd. , -i.i '
. Don't, marry until you can support
a wife. (Nor then either,)Ti-Mrtl bus.
Wisdom is Iwiter than soup. Dan
iel Webster's reply to Gen .Scott. .
Ijct yonrltiolto le,
homsiy, and industry. James Fi-V,
Jr. ; ,.. i-J.:., v-.i!'- : '
' I attrybut.nii success inn life to- mi
fle'voshuii to srh-llyng. lJ-Ai liillin-.
' Ie' that in tlie world would, rise,
nnist take papers ami advcriise. Cou
fib.ius, .;.. ''
An honest' man gathers no m's. ' A
Kill ing stone' the iioble-t work of (Snd.
P. V. Nasby 7?o.iti B izor Odette.
, i
i ,, Escape From Wolves. ;
A Sunday School si'pertcndeni, nut
iu Alaska, -treated his entirs charge to
a sleigh ride. There were" just fortv
oiie of the cheriilw, and six Lors sleigh,
On the way home they were ht-st by a
pack of ferocious wolves. Cool, uud
collected in the hour of fearful trial,
the heroic Siiperintendentsaw instanily
that li-t must soon be overtaken, in an
instant histpiuk mind grasped the only
ehaiiee of escaH. . Seuilig the child
that ui ways sung' I want to he an Angel'
too notes too high, he flung it to the
rit'paeious horde, it slaved their on
ward rush for a moment. , Next came
lhe orcliiu who never brought any pen
nies to the heathen, And so mi swept
the, persiireis until! lhe, last was ex
hausted, lint the brave fellow had
I euonomized his iniiterisl nebly. 'And
beside a wIihIm Sunday School slow If
lit pack of wolves, preceptibly, , Wo
I lntv,e always noticed Ibis. Iu another
moment the eleigu dashed into lliuyil
! lagu.u'id the grand, noble, true-hearted
man knew lie was saved. utlilnq
ton CopiUtl. t. ... .. ' "
"Our major, says an old Mex'nun vol
unteer, hud very long feet, ami utso a
horse that threw every one but the ma
jor. One evening ihu major's servant
wus out on t lie uimio ground wilhthe
horse, and us usual, got thrown off,
wht n one of the boys t'pnko up mid
Slid: "I kuuw why the horse don't
throw ill niajir!" "Whv ?" was asked
by a dozen or more. "Well, you sec,
lhe minor s got such long tcet the hoitc
I thicks he is in cbsl'te "
i h'ii, rmtiitptl ull the atronv ot a tftrfureil
iiiiirs .w .-.i
, y The Secret, cf MascAr.'-
.' ;, ,., - ;. S'l-.i:5"?'"-''-"
Old Z.tcli Wht)cler'WiA quitoadr
netcrin his lime, belug a .clever, nsy
goihg,' fiitifidilig than, who managed to
let it-verybody eh.-at'liirn out of In es
tates, iust "as tlm isst. tartu wjafmt
to slip Hut of his :han.(Jf' he snc'cecded
in' raising tne lift the mOtt
gage. Aaron liohyTa jirotnineiit Ma
son, aceofnpam't tiim V tin rejrtsHA-Js
orlice, "wlncli Hvas iu' a ieif..l.l.riiii?
town. As the v . .
bor.-cliack, so Aaron s-.ij s, Zucli iu, a
confiding himtni r said : ,
, ".'Now, Aaron, we are here, all nloo,
uud Fwantyou td telfctut tho 'S-erets
of Masonry.",- . j I -. f r i -
' "I can't, Zach .1 fie v would kill 0M
"Why, no, they, woa't; ilie'jl; nev
er find it out." ' i v.l - -..
"Yes, they will, you'll tell of li..-
"Np, I swear 1 wont." '
""W eli, if vou'd ride close alongside
of ine,' and put yowr hand, tintler ty
thigh, Jiud take lhe, ith i ll 'iul in 5i la
ter, I'll teH'yoU thcsecrels ot Mason
ry."., -,, .. ;-it.s.-. .' ::.
Zaeirwas not slow to cnmply"sd a,.,
moxi powerful ""Iron-clad yatb'I.was'
adiivinisiered and taken. ' ...
i.:"Now .for the seert'Ts," ex.cleimea
the imps! lent and unsHeelit'g vici'im'.
"Wcll,';iiil Aaron, with mm k' slJ
e in n ty itiid secrecy, "in the first ace
we Masons coiiibiiie together to A:h'tn
every body as iwnch tie'' we ' ca n. ', .Tlos
ia the first grwiid t-reti The. Seloi.d
is lika unto it.- ',Wheu we eao'i 'isiof
anybody else to. cheat We cln at ( eaidi
olher, b it its lillle as we can." f
"Well," excluiiiied Zai" .
dent stn prise, 'I swear Til join. 1.
wished 1 hud tiooa it. twvmy J eiits i.jjo
I might have been, a. rich inao- ehire
now,'.' . , n . -P i ,, ' f
.... , i ' mai ..'-..,,0
--.a-:-A' V.flabond Sire. '
"'. ,- V?
An old. of(active ,hriBiioiny,'
answering to the name -ol .1 'iri)
mot bronchi to the ,.oliv , H'A a
Clotuea ismei as ii irny ".o ;..e,
been bought second hninl h. i.i ..!
fill prime, lor they had mlleivd' oi-Ve
from the. rub of , lhe . world thm diB.?l
proprietor turnst-lf. . , .;.!. a,-';
,"Whal business?"'-. ' r' . j Trj,
".None? I'm1 iraveler." ' ', ' .
"A vagabond, perlm?!' '' " """"
1 "You are not far : 'iruv lif '"
amf, vaga b''ud are joi hk.-hI ti. '.!' '
thing., The. dittyit'tu!,- i' tilat i,l'':J
ter travel, without luohvi , j i l,o fi- ','1
iner witliuut bruius."i ,.i v!l-; t oi "
'.here have j'u travahd ?" ;: ,
"All over the continent" i.'r ' ''''
"For what purposo?" . , ', . -.vt: '
"Olwervatioii.' .' . ' '' '
"Wh. t have you -.observed ."
"A little, to colli in Wu.i,.JiiUb to i ii-.''
ture. mid a great deal to lai.:!, ui.'--'-
: -"Huiiiih.! what do joi. mjmi JJ"
"A handsotiie woimuii' ' -.'it ') 'J is
at liBiiie f an eioqut ui . '. '"
will 'preach aliort ii"i; i -'-d
writer who will Dot wine ' n'.w h i
and a fool that has sno euoob : tui.-.A-?
hold his tongue," . ' , .:, rf i
, "What do you censure?," , -,. , ,,;;
"A msMi that niarrie-'a g "rl'.licr
fine clothing; a: yotiiH'"'w nii '
medirine wild.: he has. the ' .-i
lands; and. people ,.! .lrt:-t!.,n
dru iksrd o dli; e. ? -: , t-.;:
: '.'What do y.,,i laugh at?", ... .
'.'I laogh at a man who Vx,'''vts.' IW
position-.' tu'. command, fliiif' r. ,','ct
which his personal qualification--muf
qualities d not menu -
1 a;?'3'jlt T'-f 3
A HoiiitiHi.KTtJitv JJ .Mu.ii. try
Creek.. Fiauklin xnuuiv. I A ." tw.
Voting wretclu s iiaminl J s.'p;. F,fc ,-j'X
and William Chi-iiowi th, aed sixi- u ..
ftul eighteen re.-.l tively, i'Ut'..."l
a id afjrraufrl iiiunlvred the i,r ,r
old. d.nighttT of Uo hard Aiu r
coiiimitiing ti e ticeci they threw tlio
ii'i'ly into the cri-i k, win re it .s lo..y,l,
th'iMsk belli.' br. ken tii.d the- body
h.rrilily munlaud.1 1 FmIii.-Ii' aid
CiivliOWelU were aireeled, Mild cooti-
ed their gtiil'. In tl-eir cnl'.-s-i ui ill. y
stated thai theV expected the K'liM-b of
lhe bills for the ii.',s.-n.'g' t hihl .wyiilii
cause the family to have their house,
w hich they I hen iinrpn'd 1 plunder.
While being taken to, jail, lhe two in
human wretches attempted fiVfc
ami both were killed by the .(!! r.-J7
Tim llangoc (Mv". ini'j tj il- M-v
fiillowing story ; "An Augev.e e .t . y
Mindeut w rites I hat!' I'i fij,. a.
imisit iaii rutidiiig in that it-, j I -
at a ball at Kendall's Mil is,,i.i.,r i. n r
the ball retired to (e.t as t:sj , , ,,, ,tt
was restless and iiiutb
lo sl.'l
sensation of dread of's' Un-t bin', 'i
tonic hold of his miud.1' lie sfrvA,
shake it. oy.and is'iirled-f t'c' in vr. !:'-.
Ko strong did this .n. a-iue.-t'liie
that he at length iiri oe ii.nd, loqk the
ffi-st train for .ti-n-l;i, uml iiu.iu ilmie
lv tveat to Ii'im lion'C'.M hctc' T.c li'umt
iii wife and Utiles' n four yen f ;;g7,
both neui ly autloi ati tt 'Ireui. eon! gt.s.
It was a long tin e before tln.-i r,n'lci .
be Tevive.l
an hour Inn " '. I
have b 'l i i 'Ci-n d
hi V
wen! I
ca.f '
. ..A lurlo-lntv w-a rt'ccni
', !'e' I,..?;
w ith a toy l : iiiiip, I, t v Ii
CilM4i "iVj.V ' i.i '! itl .Jl ti.
W hi ll "ne w a t" be ui il
tie bed," ulio V as r, inly lo
r,u it'v
li'-- "i t-
SUV t.:.S
piuyirs, be liamiitl tin
'llllllpl i I., 1 :
gramlniot In r sir. ut,
-it, tuu u.,
I u tdw wbile I pray V"
.1.. ,'i