The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, October 10, 1871, Image 2

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    2tto -fowl gtpuMtatw.
3f!lce In Knox's Building, Kirn. Street
Ratcg of Advertising. '
One fqnare(l inch,) one Insertion. ...1 SO
OneSUnre " one month too
One Square " throe months... 0 00
One Square , " one year 10 00
Two Squares, one year 15 00
Quarter Col. H0 OS
Half ;60 00
One " " 100 00
Ituslnoss Cards, not exceeding one inch
In length, f 10 per year.
Legal notices at established rates.
These rates are low, and no deviation
will be made, or discrimination among
patrons. The rates ottered are such, ss
will make it to the advantage of men dolt g
business in the limits of the circulation of
the paper to advertise lilwrallv.
No Subscriptions received for a shorter
period than three months.
Correspondence solicited from H part
of the country. No notice will be taken of
anonymous communications. i
Marriagon and Death notices .inserted
gratis. - .
'Let ns have Faith that Right makes Might; and in that Faith, let us to the end, dare do our duty as we understand it"--LINCOLN.
VOL. IV. NO. 27.
I. O. Gh T.
' IV Tects every Wednesday evening, at 8
li L o'clock.
W. It DUNN, W. C. T.
M. W. TATE. W. K.
JU ttrorf, TIOSKSTA, TA.
Isaac Ash,
Will practice in the various Courts of
Forest County. All business entrusted to
&W cure will receive prompt attontkn.
18 ly
W. w7 Mason.,
ATTOTtNEY AT LAW. Office on Elm
Street, above Walnut, Tionoste, Pa.
C W. Gllfillan,
n:ui)fi Co., Pa. tf.
N. D. Smiley,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Petroleum Cen
tre, Pa. Will praetluo in the several
Courts of Forest County. 85-ly
W, P. Mercilllott,
Attorney at X w .
Jntt K. Hallock,
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor of
Fatonts.No. 805 French stroot(opposite
. Hoed House) Erie. Pa. Will practice in
thescverul Slate Courts and the United
State Courts. Special attention (riven to
olioitirg patents for Inventors ; infringe
wonts, ro-lssue and extension of patents
varefullv attended to. Kefcrenoes: Hon.
James Campbell, Clarion: Hon. John S.
McCalmont. Franklin) II. L. A A. B.
4ltk-hmond,Mcadvillo; W. E. Lathy. Ti
onesta. 2 7
' Tionesta House.
M'ITTET.-,' Proprietor, Elm St., TIo-
nosta, Pa., at the mouth of the creek,
;.. -Mr. Jllle has thoroughly renovated the
V , Tionesta House, and re-furnished it eom-'.-
jiletoly. - All who patronir-e him will be
well entertained at reasonable rates. 20 ly
' , . u. JFOrEST HOUSE,
Court Ii..;if3, Tionesta. Pa. Just
opened. Everything new and clenn and
fresh. The be Xt of liquors kept constantly
on hand. A portion of the publio patron
age is respectfully solicited, 4-17-1 V
Holmes House,
HMONESTA, PA., opposlto the Depot.
X C. D. Muuio. Proprietor. Good Sta
bling connected with the house. tf.
Syracuse House,
TIOIOUTF.Fa., J. A D Maoris, Prople
tors. The house bus been thoroughly
refitted andtsr.ow In the first-class order,
with the boot of accommodations. Any
nlbrniittion concerning Oil Territory at
this point will bo cheerfully furnished,
-ly J.iD. MAGEE,
Exchange Hotel,
dkkuAHom Prop's. This house having
4 been rented is now the most desirable stop
ping place in Tidioute. A j-osd Milliard
Jlooiii attached. 4-ly
National Hotel,
TRVINETON, PA. W. A. Hallenback,
, Proprietor. This hotel is Nnw, and is
,ow open as a first class house, situate at
' ne .(auction of the Oil Creek fc Allegheny
ttiver and Philadelphia A Erie Railroads,
pposite tho Depot. Parties having to lay
vcr trains will find tlilB the most conven
ent hotel lntown, with fl rut-class aoco in
itiations and reasonable charges. tf.
l A. 1" .1 n ' Tl ,1 I... IaabIa In
Tionesta, and is prepared to do all kinds of
work in the line oi repairing
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry;
In good stvle and warranted to give satis
faction. Watches, Jewelry, Ac, will be
ion in care or i. s. Knox, wno wm ue re
sponsible for tliuir sale return.
13-ly. It. li MORRIS.
. Corner of Ch ircU and Elm Streets,
This firm ia prepared to do all work in
:ts line, and will warrant everything done
it their shops to give satlulacllou. 1 r
licular attention given to
live them a trial, and you will not re-
Ifrei n. i-iy.
' Tionesta, Forest Co., Pa.
This Bunk transact a General Banking,
'Jo'.lectinu ami KxcliuiiL'e Business.
Drains on the l'mnipal Cities of the
United States und Europe bouirht and sold.
Gold and Nilver Coin ami Uoverniuent
Sut.r.ritiea bought and sold. 7-M) Bunds
onvertetl on the moHt ruvorauie terms.
1 nteroHt allowed on time deposits..
Mar. 4, tf.
OiriiSCKIBK for the Forest KepublicrD
J II win pay.
Dr. J. L. Acorrb,
had fifteen Years' .tnrlimMlii inrn.
and sucesssfnf practlco, will attend all
Professional Calls. Oflhre In his Drag and
Grocery Store, located in Tidioute, near
Tldionte House.
A full assortment of Medicines. I.Innors
Tobacco. Ci(?rs, Stationery, Glass, Paints,
Oils, Cutlery, and fine Groceries, all of the
es. quality, and will be sold at reasonable
H. R. BURGESS, an experienced Drmr-
1st from New York, has charire of the
Store. All prescriptions put np accurately.
Tim Sons Co.'s
NEW ENGINES, the undersigned have
for sale and will receive orders for the
above Engine. Messrs. Tint Hons A Co.
are now sending to this market their 12
Horse Power Engine with 14-Horse Power
Bollor peculiarly adapted to deep wells.
Orrii'K at Duncan A Chalfant's, dealers
In Well Fixtures, Hardware, Ac, Main St
next door to Chase House, Pleasantvllle,
and at Mansion House, Titusville.
ir. K. jskutt S SOJN, Agents.
Jos. Y. Saul,
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and fiad
dlor. Three doors north of Holmes
House, Tionesta, Pa. All work is war
ranted, tf.
DR. J. N. BOLARD, of Tidioute, has
retnrnsd to his practice after an ab
sence of four months, spent in the Hospi
tals of New York, whore h will atbind
rails in his profession.
uinro in Ktireicn urng utore, ihl floor
tbove the bank, Tidioute, Pa. 49tf
t the Store of
D. S. KNOX, Sc CO.,
Elm St., ioncsta Pa.
We are in daily receipt ot the argest and
which we are determined to sell regardless
of prices.
Tlouse Furnishing Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implements,
fcc., Ac,, Ac., wbJch we offer at greatly re
duced prices.
of all kinds,
ES, Ac., Ac., Ao.,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and see,
T-tf D. S. KNOX, A CO.
Trttfntpfis of Eaterppts!
A New Book, 700 octavo pages, well
illustrated, intensely Interesting and very
instructive. Exclusive territory (riven.
Our Terms are the most Liberal. Apply
to us, and see il they are not. A. 8.
HALE A CO., Hartford, Conn.
. ' 12-4w.
NEW YORK STORE, Centre Street,
Whereas, in and by an act of the General
Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, entitled 'An Act to regulate the
General Elections within this Common
wealth,' it hi enjoined upon me to give
publio notice of aaid elections, and to
enumerate in said notice what otlioera are
to be elected, I, E. L. Davis, High Hherin
of the county of Forest, do hereby make
known and give this publio notice to the
electors of the oonntv of Forest, that a
General Election will be bold in said coun
ty, on the
at the several districts, vix:-
In liarnett township at Clarlngton school
In Green township at the house of L.
In Howe township at the house of C. F.
In Jenks township at the court house in
In Harmony to wnship at Allendor school
In Hickory township at Ball school
In Klngsley township at Wheeler, Du
Senbury ot Co's
In Tionesta township at school house in
Tionesta borough.
In Tionesta borough at school house in
said borough.
At which time and places the qualiiied
electors will elect by ballot:
One person lor Auditor General of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
One person tor Surveyor General of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. -
One person for President Judge of the
18th Judicial District.
One person for Assembly to represent
Forost and Clarion Counties.
One person for County Commissioner
One person for County Auditor.
Notice is hereby given, That any person
excepting Justices of the Peace who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or
trust under the United Htntes, or this State
or any city or oorporated district, whether
commissioned oilloer or otherwise, a
subordinate otneer or agent who is or shall
be employed under the legislature, execu
tive or Judiciary department of this State,
or of any city, or of any incorporated dis
trict, and also, that every member of Con
gress and of the State Legislature, or of
the select or common council of any city,
or commissioners of my incorporated dis
trict, is by law incapable of holding or ex
ercising at the time, the oltiee or appoint
ment of judge, inspector or clerk of any
election of this Commonwealth, and that
no inspector, i uage or otner omoer or such
election shall be elii
eligible to be then voted
And the said act of assembly entitle 1
"An Act relating to elections of this Com
monwealth passed July 2, 1819, further
provides as follows :
"That the Inspector and Judges shall
meet at the respective places appointed for
holding the election In the district at which
they respectively belong, before 7 o'clock
in the morning of the Second Tuesday of
October, and each said inspector shall ap
point one clerk, who shall be a qualified
voter of siioh district,
In case the person who shall have re
ceived the second highest number of votes
for inspector shall not attend on the day
of any election, then the person who shall
have received Uiosewnd highest number of
votes for J udge at the next prceding election
aliall act as an inspector in his place. And
in case the person who shall have received
the highest number of votes for inspector
shall uot attend, the person elected Judge
shall appoint an Inspector in his place
and in case the person elected a Judge
shall not attend, then the Inspector who
received the blithest number or votes shall
appoint a J udge In his place ; and if any
vacancy snail continue m me uoora lor
tho space of one hour after the time fixed
by law for the opening of the election, the
qsliliod voters of the township, ward or
district for wbioh such oilloer shall have
been elected present at the place of election
shall elect one of their number to nil such
"It shall be the duty of the several as
sessors respectively to attend at the place
of holding every general, special or town
ship election, durlug the whole time such
election la kept open, for the purpose uf
giving information to the Inspectors and
Judge when called on, in relation to 'he
right of any person assessed by them to
vote at sum election, and on such other
matters in relation to the assessment of
voters, as the Inspectors or either of them
shall from time to time recmire.
"No person shall be permitted to vote at
any election as aforesaid than a white citi
sen of the age of 21 or more, who shall
hav 3 rosided in this State at least one year,
and in the election district where he offers
to vote ten days immediately preceding
such election, and within two years paid a
State or county tax, which shall have been
assessed at least ten clays oeiore uie elec
tion. But a citizen of the United States
who has previously been a qualified voter
of this State and removed tberetbrm and 1
returned, and who shall have resided in
the election district and paid taxes afore
said, shall be entitled to vote after residing
In this State six months. IroviUetl, That
the white freeman, citizen of the United
States, between the age of 21 and 22 years
who have resided in the election district
ten days as aforesaid shall be entitlted U
vote, although they shall not have paid
lly the Act of Assembly of 1809, known
as the "Registry Law," it is provided as
follows :
1. "Election o (Doers are to open the polls
between the hours of 6 and 7 A. M., on the
day of election. Before tf o'clock In the
morning of Becond Tuesday of October
they are to receive from the County Com
missioners the Registered List of Voters
and all neoessary election blanks and they
are to permit no man to vote whoso name
is not on said list, unless he shall make
proof of his right to vote as follows :
2. The person wboMc"nin is not on the
list, claiming the right to vote, must pro
duce a qualified volar, Qf the district to
swear in a written or printed afhdavit to
tho residence of the claimant in the district
for at least ten daya next preceding aaid
eleutlun, dotiuing clearly where the resi
dence uf the person was.
a. The party claiming the right to vote
shall also make an anldavit staling to the
best of his knowledge and belief wheii
ami where he was born, that he is a citizen
of Pennsylvania and of the United States,
that he has resided in tho State one year,
or, if formerly a citizen therein and re
moved therefrom, that he lias resided
therein six mouths preceding sid election,
hat he baa not moved into the district for
tuu purpose of voting therein that he has
paid a Statu or county tax, within two
years, which was assessed at least ten days
before the election, aud the allldavit shall
state when and where the tax was assessed
and paiif, the tax receipt must be produced
unless the atllant shall state that it has
been lost or destroyed, or that he received
4. If the applicant be a naturalized citi
zen, be must, in addition to the. lorcKoing
proos, in his srtMsvlf hn, iri
and by What court he was naturalised, and
produce his certificate of naturalization.
6. 15 very person claiming to be a natur
alized citizen, whether on the registry list
or producing affidavits as aforesaid, shall
be required to produce his naturalization
certilWtate at the election liefore yotlnir, ex
ceptwhere behas Ixion forten vearscon seen
tivoly a voter in the district where he offers
to vote ; and on the vote of snch person
being received, the election officers are to
write or stamp the word 'voted' on his cer
tificate with the month and year, and no
other vote can be cast that day In virtue of
said certificate except where some are en
titled to vote upon the naturalization of
their father.
6. If the person claiming to vote who is
not registered shall make an affidavit that
ho is a native born citizen of tho United
States, or if born elsewhere, shal 1 produce
evidence of his naturalization, or that he
Is entitled to citizenship by the reason of
his father's naturalization, and further,
that he is between 21 and 22 years of aite.
and lias resided in the State one year, and
in the election district ten davs next pre
ceding tho election, he sluUl be entitled to
votethoiiKh he shall not have paid taxes."
"Every person qualified as aforesaid,
and who shall make due proof of his resi
dence and payment of taxes aforesaid,
shall bo admitted to vote in tho township,
ward or district in which he shall reside.
"If any person shall prevent or attempt
to prevent any ottioer of election under
this act from holding such election ; or
nse or threaten any violence to any such
officer and shall interrupt or improperly
interfere with him in the execution of his
duty, shall block up the window or ave
nue to any window where the same may
be holden, or shall riotously disturb the
Seace of such election, or shall use or prao
ce intimidation, threats, force or violence,
with the design to infiuonoo unduly or
overawe any elector, or prevent him 'from
voting, er restrain the freedom of ehoico,
such persons on conviction shall bo fined
in any sum not exceeding $."iU0, to be im
prisoned for any time not less than one
nor more than twelve months, and it it
shall be shown to tho court where the trial
of such otl'once shall be had, that the per
son so offending was not a resident of the
city, ward or district where the said offence
was committed, and not. entitled to vote
therein, on conviction, he shall be sen
tenced to pay a fine not leas than $100 nor
more than $ 1,000, and be imprisoned not
less than six months nor more than two
"If any porsan or persons shall make
any bet or waer upon the result of any
election within the Commonwealth, or
shall offer to make any auclt bet or wnirer
either by verbal proclamation thereof, or.
by any written or printed advertisement,
or Invite any person to make such bet or
wager, upon conviction thereof he or they
shall forfeit and pay three times the
amount so bet or offered to bet.
And the election laws of the Common
wealth further provide that "The Iuspeor
tors, Judges and clerks shal, before en
tering on the duties of their oflicos, sev
erally take and subscribe the oath or af
firmation hereinafter directed, which shall
be administered to theiu by any judge,
alderman or justice of the peace, but if no
such tuagistratate be present, one of the
inspectors of the election shall administer
the oath orathrmation to the other judge
and inspector, and then the Inspector so
aualifled shall administer the oath or af
rmalion to him.
"Tho inspectors, judges and clerks re
quired by law to hold townbhip and gen
eral elections, shall take and subscribe the
several oaths and affirmations required by
the ltfth, 20th and 21st sections of
the act of the 2d day of July 1839, entitled
'An act relating to the elections of this
Commonwealth which oaths or affirma
tions shall be prepared and adminstrated
in the manner prescrilsMl in the 18th and
22d sections of said act, and in addition to
the power conferred by the 18th section of
said act tho judge, or either of the inspec
tors, shall have power to administer the
oaths prescribed by said act, to any
olerk of a general, special or township
"The following shall be the form of the
oath or affirmation to bo taken by each in
spector, viz: 'I (A, B.) do that I
will attend to the ensuing election during
the continuance thereof, as an inspector,
and that I will not reuvlve any ticket or
vote from any personor other than such
as I shall firmly believe to be, accrding to
the provisions of the constitution and the
laws of this Commonwealth, entitled to
vote at such election, without requiring
such evidence of the right to vote as is di
rected by law, nor will vexatiously delay
or refuse to receive any vote from any per
son who 1 shall believe entitled to vote as
aforesaid, but that I will in all tilings truly,
impartially and faithfully perform my du
ty therein, to the best of my Judgement
and abilities, and that I am not directly
nor Indirectly interested in any bet or wa
ger on the result of this olection.'
"The following shall be the oath or af
firmation of each judge, viz: 'I (A. B.)
do that I will as judge duly attend
the ensuing election during tho continu
ance thereof, and faithfully assist the In
spectors in carrying on the same; that I
will not Rive my consent that any vote or
ticket shall be received from any person
other than such as I lirnily believe to be
according to to the provisions of the con
stitution and laws of thU Commonwealth
entitled to vote at such olection, without
requirliiir such evidence of the right to
vote as is directed by law, and I bat I will
use my liest endeavors to prevent any
fraud, deceit or abuse, in carrvinir on the
same by citizens qualified to vote, or oth
ers, and Uiat I will niako a sure and per
fect return of the suid el.'ctiou, aud will in
all tlungs truly, impartially and faithfully
perform my duty respecting tho same, to
the best of my Judgement and abilities,
and that I am not directly or iiulirectly in
terested in any bet or wager on the result
of this election.'
"The following shall be the form of the
oath or affirmation to be taken by each
clerk, viz t '1 (A. B.) do that I will
impartially ana truly writedown the name
of each elector who shall vote at the ensu
ing election, which shall be given mo in
charge, and also the name of the township,
ward or district wherein such elector re
sides, and carefully and truly write down
the number of votes Hint shall be given
for each candidate at the election, as often
as his name shall be read to me by the in
spectors thereof, and in all things truly
and lailhfully perform my duty respecting
the same to the best of uiy Judgement ami
ability, and tiiat I am no dirwily or indi
rectly lnterextod in any but or wager on
the result of litis election."
The qualified electors will take notice
of the following act of Assembly, aptirov-.
ed I2lh day of March, lbcH: An Act, Ulu
lating the mode of votiu,; at all elections
in the several eounliea cf Ibid Common
wealth. See. 1. Be It enacted by the Senate and
House of Representative-! of the Common
wealth of Peunsylvania iu Uent at Assem
bly met, and it la hereby enucted by the
authority of the same, 'J nut th qualified
voters of the several counties of this Com
monwealth, at all genera , township, bor
ough and sneoWl elections, ate hereby,
hereafter authorized and reouir.d to vot
by rt.fcH printed or wrifrcti, r psrlly
printed and partly written, severally class
ified as flil lows: One ticket shall embrace
the names of all judges of courts voted
for, and to be labelled outside 'Judiciary ;'
one ticket shall embrace tho hames of't.11
State officers voted for, anil be lalwlled
'State one ticket shall embrace the names
of all county officers voted for, including
office of senator, member and members of
assembly If votod for, and members of
congress tf voted for, and be labelled
'County;' one ticket shnll embrace the
names of all township officers voted for,
and bo labelled 'Township;' one ticket
shall embrace the names of all borough
officers voted for, and be labeled 'Borough;'
and each class shall be deposited in sepa
rate ballot-lioxes.
Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the
Sheriffs in- tiie several counties of this
Commonwealth, to insert in tboir election
proclamations hereafter issued . the first
section of this act.
JA M ESrC KELLY, -Speaker
of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved tho 30th day of March, A. D.,
ItWfl. - A. G. CUHTIN.
Election officers will take notice that the
act entitled "A Furthor Supplement to the
Election Laws of tliis Commonwealth,"
disqualifying deserters from the army of
the United States from voting, has recent
ly been declared unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, is now
null and void, and that all persons former
ly disqualified thereunder are now lawful
voters if otherwise qualified.
Executive Chambkk, If abrisiuiroh,
Pa., August 27, 1870 To the County Com
missioners snd Sheriff of the county of
Forest. ,, The Fifteenth Amendment
of the Constitution of the United States is
as follows :
Sec. 1. The right of citizens of the Unit
ed States to vote shall not lie denied or
abridged by the United States, or by any
State, on account of raoo, color, or pre
vious condition of servitude.
Sec. 2. That Congress shnll have power
to enfore this article by appropriate legis
lation." And whereas, The Congress of the
United States on the 8lst day or March,
1870, passed an act entitled "An act to en
force the rights of citizens of the United
States to vote in the several States of the
Union, and for other purposes; the first
and second sections of which are as follows:
Sec. 1. Bo it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled,
That all citizens of the United Suites that
are or shall be otherwise qualified to rote
at any election by the people in any state,
territory, district, county, city, parish,
township, school distirict. municipality, or
othei territorial subdivision, shall be en
titled and allowed to vote at all such elec
tions, without distinction of race, color, or
previous condition of servitude; any con
stitution, law, custom, usage, or regula
tion of auy State or territory, or by or un
der lis authority, to the contrary notwith
standing. See. 2. And be It further enacted, That
if by or under the authority of the const! -tiou
or laws of any State, or the laws of
any Territory, any act is or shall be re
quired to be done as a prerequisite or qual
ification for voting, and bv such constitu
tion or laws persons or officers are or shall
be charged with the performance of duties
in furnishing to citizens an opportunity
to perform such prereoiiisite or to become
qualified to vote, it shall be the duty of
every sucn person and omcer to give alt
citizens of the United Suites the same and
equal opportunity to perfoin such pre
requisite, and to become qualified to vote
without distinction of race, color, or pre
vious condition of servitude ; and if any
such person or officer shall refuse or
knowingly omit to give full effect to this
section, he shall, for every such offense,
forfeit and pay the sum of $500 to the per.
son aggrieved thereby, to bo recovered by
an action in the case, with full costs and
such allowance for counsel fees as the
court shall deem just, and shall also, for
every such otiense, be deemed guilty of
misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction
thereof, be fined not less than 500 or be
imprisoned not less than one mouth and
not more than one year, or both, at the
discretion of the court."
And wiiereas. It is doclaoed by tho 2d
section of the VI. article of the Constitu
tion of the United States, that 'This Con
stitation and the laws of the United States
which shall be made In pursuance thereof
shall be the supreme law oi the land 4
say thing in theConstitution of any State to
the contrary notwithstanding.'
And whereas. The Legislature of this
Commonwealth, on the 6th day of April,
A. D., 1870, passsd an act, 'A further sup
plement to the act relating to elections In
this Commonwealth,' the 10th section of
which provides as follows :
"Sec. 10. That so much of every act of
assembly as provides that only white free
men shall be entitled to vote or be regis
tered aa voters or as claiming to vote at
any general or special election of this Com
monwealth be and tho same Is hereby re
iiealed and that hereafter all freemen, with
out distinction of color, shall be enrolled
and i. t.'i lered according to the provisions
of the first section of the act approved the
17th day or April I8tu, entitled 'An aci
further supplemental to the act relative to
the elections of this Commonwealth :' and
shall, wheu otherwise qualified under ex
isting laws, be entitled to vote at alt gen
eral or special elections in this Couimon-
And wiiereas. It ia my constitutional
and official duty 'to take care that the lawa
be laiuilully exocuUHir ami n nasoomeio
my knowledge that sundry assessors and
registers of voters have refused and are re
fusing to assess and register divers colored
male citizeus of lawful age, and otherwise
qualified as electors.
Now, therefore, in consideration of the
premises, the county commissioner of
said county are hereby notified and direct
ed to instruct the several assessors and reg
isters of voters therein to obey and con
form to the requirements of said constitu
tional amendment and laws; and the
Sheriff of said wountv is hereby authorized
ami required to publish iu the election
proclamation for the next ensuing e ectioii
the herein recited constitutional amend
ment, act of Congress, and act of the legis
lature, to the end that the same may be
known, executed und oboyvd, by all as
aesom, registers of voters, electiou officers
and others, and that the rights and piiv
i leges guaranteed therein mav be secured
to all the citizens of this Commonwealth
entitled to the same.
l. s.l Given under my hand audthegTeat
seal oi Hie Pi la to, at uurrisuurg, uw uj
and year first above written.
Secretary of tbo Commonwealth.
Also, I hereby give notice of the follow
ing Joint Resolution promising an amend
ment to the Constitution of Fo:insylvauia:
lie it Resolved by the Senate ami House
of Representatives of the Commonwealth
of Psniisvlvaiiia,iu General Assembly met,
That the follow ing amendment of the Con
stitution of this Commonwealth lie pro
posed lot i6 people for their adoption or
rcjoctioi), pursuant to the provisions of the
'ewn artci rnurmi, m-ww :
Amespmpnt. Strike out the Sixth Sec
tion of the Sixth Article of theConstitution
and insert in lien thereof tho following :
"A St-te Treasurer shnll lie chosen by
tho qualified electors of the State, at such
times and for such term of service as shall
be prescribed by law.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Renste.
Approved tho 15th day of June A. I). lsl.
Also, the fol'owing Act to authorize a
popular vote upon uie question of calling
a Convention to amend tho Constitution of
Sec.l. Be it Enacted, Ac., That tho
question of calling a convention to amend
tho Constitution of this Commonwealth be
submitted ton vote of the people at the gen
eral election to be held on the 2d Tuejday
of Octoler, 1871, the said question to be vo
ted upon In the manner following, to-wit:
In counties and cities in which slip ticket
Voting is authorized by law, votes for and
agninst a Convention may be expressed
and given upon the ticket headed or en
dorsed with the word "State," and not oth
erwise; and the words used shall be "Con
stitutional Convention," and underneath
"for a Convention," or "against a Conven
tion ;" and In counties or districts in which
slip tickets shall not lie authorized by law,
each elector voting upon said n.ieslion
shall cast a separate builo'., endorsed on the
outside "Constitutional Convention," and
containing on the inside the words "for a
Convention" or "against a Convention;"
and all votes cast as aforesaid shall be re
ceived, counted and returned by the prop
er eloction officers and return judges as
votes for governor are received, counted
and returned, under existing laws.
Sec; 2. That the election aforesaid shall
be held, and are subject to all the provis
ions of law which apply to general elec
tions ; the sheriffs of the several counties
shall give notice of this act In their elec
tion proclamation the presentyear.and the
governor shall cause all the returns of the
said election, as received by the secretary
of the commonwealth, to be laid before the
legislature at Its next annum session.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the 3d day of June, A. D. 1871.
And tho Judges of the respective dis
tricts aforesaid, are required to meet at Ti
onesta, on the Kri lay next following the
holding of the snld election, then and there
to perform those things required of them
by Jaw.
Given under mv hand at my office In Tio
nesta, this 11th dny ot September, in the
year of our Lord, one thousand eight hun
dred and seventy-ono, and in the ninety
sixth of tho Independence of the United
States. E. L. DAVIS, Sheriff.
Sh-rttt 's office, Tionesta, Sept. 11, 1871.
The following proclamation by a
committee of ladies who have suffered
from the evil complained of, we find
in the Gallion (O.) Review:
Wanted ! 150 Young men, more or
less, of all shapes and sizes, from the
tall and gracelul dandy, with hair suf
ficient on his upper lip to ntulT a bar
ber's cushion, down to the little, bow
legged, freckled-faced, carrot-headed
upstart. The object is to form acorns
to be in attendance at the close of di
vine service each Sabbath evening, to
stare at the ladies as they leave church,
and to make dolicate and gentlemanly
remarks on their persons ttnd dress.
All who wish to enter the above corps
will annear on the stens of the various
church doors next Sunday evening,
when they will be duly inspected, tbeir
names, personal appearance aud quali
ty of brains registered in a book kept
for that purpose. To prevent a gen
eral rush, we will state that no one
will be enlisted who pose eases any in
tellectual capacity above that of a
well-bred donkey.
Signed, Commettre of Ladies for
the suppression of an intolerable nui
sance in Gallion.
Very Little Difference. A
man u-a nnca trnvfeliner thrnitffh fhA
State of Illinois, and, earning to a ferry
and being out of money, tha following
colloquy took place between him aud
the ferryman :
Ferryman I say mister, have you
got any money ?
traveler iSo, sir.
Ferryman Have you gJt any at
Traveler No sir.
Ferryman Can you borrow any?
Traveler No.
Ferrvnian Do von eznect to set
any on the other siJeT
Traveler No sir.
Ferryman Well you had better
stay where you are, fur it makes little
difference which side you. are on.
A learned counsellor, in Uie middle
of an affecting appeal in court on a
blander suit, let fly tiie following flight
of genius: "Slauder, gentlemen, like
a boa constrictor ot gigantic sue ana
immeasurable proportions, t raps the
coil of its uuweildy body about iu
unfortunate victim, and, hied lens of
the shrieks of agony that come from
the inmost dej ths of his victim's soul,
loud and reverberating as U.o rn'ty
thunder that rolls iu tliu In nveuj, it
finally breaks its unlucky up u
the irou wheel of publio opil iou, furc
iug him to desperation, then to mad
ntss, and family crushing him in the
hideous jaws of moral deat'.i! Judge,
give us a chaw of tobucco!"
A Nevada man, ai.ziousti marry a
young lady of his acquaintance, lorn
l that her siter was about w marry,
aud without her knowledge procured
a marriage liconso,. flittlerin ; himself
that iu the ex"Uemeot of lur sister's
marriage tbo w uld follow suit. The
idea was a bJiiftut cue, but tie attempt
to carry it into execution wai a woeful
A doctor's motto is supposed to be
"pHtiei! sn'l laiijr viflerins,' '
The best way to serve a dinner Eat
There are 908 agricultural societies
in Prussia.
A Humane society recently arrested
a young woman for beating an egg.
"How does your horse answer?" "I
really don't know I never question
Newsboys are never "broke" for
they always bays an "extra two
Id Vienna it is forbidden to publish
matrimonial advertisements in the
A girl may be sure a man loves her
unutterably when he sits in her pres
ence for an hour without speaking.
An IUinoisan recently kissed the
hired girl while his wife was looking.
He will be out again by Thanksgiving.
A physician has discovered that the
night mare, in nine cases out of ten, ia
produced from owing a bill to the prin
ter. "Pa, what can I do, unless you get
me a riding habit, up herein the conn
try 7" "Get into the habit ef walking
my dear."
A Savannah man was cured of
rheumatism by the active movements
he made to get out of the way of a
mad steer.
The Courant, a paper established in
1705, and edited until 1710 by Daniel
Defoe, is the oldest newspaper in Ed
inburgh. Chief Justice Chase is buying up
Rhode Island. lie has already , pur
chased five acres, and is keeping a
sharp eye on the other fifteen.
An Indianopolis policeman who In
terfered to prevent a boy from thrash
ing his mother, was set upon by both
parties and ignominously expelled.
Why do men not wear corsets? Be
cause Jonah, having surrounded him-
self hv whslehnnA for threa HavS-
found that he could not stay.
"Mr. Pnstnffica man. T want tn ni
the postage on this letter." "Single or
double, miss T" "Double, sir," (with a
courtesy ;) "I was married last week.""
At a circus in New Albany, some
mischievous scoundrel cut the guy ropes
and the tent collapsed on the crowd
They made a terrible muss of it.
It is said Rufus Cboate as once ap
plied to to defend a criminal, and de
clined flatly, exclaiming: "So steeped
in blood and no money? lie' a lost
man I"
A fashionable clergyman in Chicago
warns tho sinners of his congregation
that if they don't repent, they will go
to the place of eternal uneasiness."
Certainly, a mild way of putting it.
A far Western lady, who was not
posted in history, and who had forgot
ten her geography, asked a friend who
was going to Utah to bring her a cou
ple of Mormons for her aquarium.
A deserter from our army ia to be
branded on the hip with a letter D.
He has only to add another D of his
accord, and he will be a D D. But,
in any event, should we treat men like
dum cattle? Let the President revoke
the order.
One Sunday evening recently, a
Methodist preacher in Iowa advised
the sisters to mortify aatan by giving
their jewelry to the church on the
next Sabbath evening. The result
was a galvanized watch and three
brass finger-rings. 'They are a mean
set of sinners," said the parson.
A St. Paul carman, who recently
lost one of his horses, of which ha
was vory fond, hat been made insane
by the chaffing of his acquaintances,
who told him he had killed the animal
by over-driving him. He is continu
ally dreading that he Is to be hanged
for murdering his horse, and it has
been, found necessary to place him in
Will the newspapers persist in spell
ing Pittsburgh without an "h?" Ex.
Yes. we shall, and also spell travel
er with one "1." Cleveland Herald.
Yes, in that city "If ia generally
knocked out of travelers, but that ia
no good reason for robbing Pittsburgh
out of its last letter. Pitts. Gatette.
Yes it is ; they want the "h" to
make the "L" they knock out of trav
elers perfect Frie Republican.
Missouri scoundrels are ingenious in
their robberies. Two smooth-faced
youths near Greenville, wishing to
plunder an unfortunate Irishman who
had iust been paid about 8100 wagee
fir hard work, one of thera attired
himself as a woman, and the other put
ou a pair of whiskers, and claimed to
be a Justice of the Peace. The Hiber
nian was gotten drunk; the boy in
feiuiuiao attire made love to him ; the
Celt wan smitten, and aaked to be mar
ried. He gave all mouey lo bis bride
and eut to sleep. His wife changed
her costume, and so did the justice,
and both helped the sober Irishman to,
look for his nyoitfy. as may he supposed,
1! tn vain.