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    nriDlT MOBMH, AUGUST M, 1871.
JhH-0 H. It. Mat.
(Hnhfmm- J auob Shriver, J. R. Stroup,
W. W, rlm'nd. 8. H, Haslet, J. Winans.
Justices vf the Peara W. P. Morcilllott,
. a Knox.
f btMfaftr J. N.Teltsworth.
frAeoJ IwrcforJ. Winans. J. A. Tnlo,
t. A. Proper, Jacob Shriver, 1. H. Knux,
. t. Irwin.
;relf JudgtJ Km Camfbklu
oein( Judges 3. A. Proper, An
ita w Cook.
Wmy-K. L. Davis.
JHHriet Attorney W. W. Masod.
Treasurer 8. Nktlkt.
iVof Aonwfriry, Register A Recorder, tfe.
4. B. Aonkw.
twnmiiofir N.T. Whrklbr, Bkhj.
Slliott, Pbtkr Mkrcili.iott.
Omnfy .nertntendent 8. F. ROHRRR.
Jnrv Commissioner! Jab. Gilfilliak,
(fcwnry .Msrveyor H.D. Irw1!.
Coroner JosiaH Wiwaws.
(Jbimty J(i(or L. L. MacKCTT, Eli
Mt.RMA!i, Wat. Clark.
Member of Vongrtss 19th District Q. W.
Stat Aenute W. A. Waixacb.
Atseu-bhiJoim ii. Ham..
-'-There it a strange cow running
ith Win. Hood's. The owner can
ire her hj coming after her.
It ouly costs two dollars a year to
nd tht Republican to any given
John Dice is euttine some stone
for Capt Knox, with which be intends
to put a i ew foundation under part of
lis houfe.
W. P. Neill some time ago lent a
acrow-d river about 18 inches long, to
soma one. The person who has it will
confer a favor by bringing it home.
The Superior Lumber Co. Store
old three sewing machines one day
last wetk because they advertised that
branch of their business in the Replb-
Oa account of doing a large
mount of job work during the past
week we have not been able to look
bout town as much as usual, and pos
sibly may not Lave all the news in this
W. W. Dimond came to town on
Monday evening of last week, to make
Ilia friends hero a farewell call previous
to settling in the West. He goes alone,
laftving his wife in Mayville, N. Y.,
until be looks up a place to suit him.
We, and all of our readers who know
ain, wish Will, a prosperous future.
At the city election in Titusville
last Tuesday, li. D. Fletcher was elect
l City Auditor. He was a Republi
can, supjiorted by the Democracy of
that city. The Courier office and the
successful candidate were serenaded in
the evening, and the editors and Mr.
Fletcher responded with speeches.
Dr. F. Dally, Mechanical and
Surgical Dentist is at present stopping
t the Holmes House, Tionesta. All
parties desiring his services will please
cU upon him early, and they will be
skillfully and properly attended to.
Jininci! dentures on gold, silver, or
vulcanite base made to order, and war
(anted to give satisfaction. 20 tf.
Tlio Petroleum Monthly for August
haa arrived. It is a periodical worth
jsany timet the subscription price to
all who have any thing to do with the
greasy fluid. . It is growing stronger
very day, hat a good advertising pat
ronage and a large list of subscribers.
Terms of subscription $3.00 per year.
Address Publishers Petroleum Monthly,
Oil City, Fa.
Yesterday as Mr. Dithridge was
hauling load of household goods
from the cars, his team ran off and
forded the river at the ferry. One of
the hones fell in the water but got up
again all right. They were caught as
they came out of the river on this side.
There was nothing injured with the
exceptions of the wetting of a few
things in the boxes and a small break
in the harness.
A man named Fitzpatrick is now
in durance vile in the Forest Co. jail,
for exhibiting a tendency toward Mor
raonura, which tendency is not relished
by hit neighbors. It appears that the
woman he married the second time was
perfectly aware of the existence of No.
1, having been a servant in the employ
of the family. He was said to have
been highly respected previous to his
second marriage. We cannot get the
full particulars of the case.
On Monday "evening, 14th inst.,
one Hfatherton was stabbed and killed
by man named McDonald. There
bad been an old quarrel between them.
They had been parted once or twice
before the fatal blow was struck.
Ileatherton at length struck McDon
ald when his back was turned, knock
ing htni down, when McDonald arose,
drawing knife as he did so, and stab
Led neatherton in the left breast, from
the effects of which he died in a few
moments. McDonald is in jail in
Meadville, awaiting trial. The affray
ftViV r'-re ?n Tittisvi!!.
8. Clark it building an addition
to his house,' which gives him more
room, besides adding to the appear
ance of his residence.
We neglected to mention last
week that Jas. M. McKay of this
place bad received the appointment of
rust Master of Tiotienta,
Hackett & Proper are busily en
gaged in working at the old barrel fac
tory, rigging it up for a planing mill,
sash, blind and door factory.
There were no services in any of
the Churches iu this place on Sunday
morning last. Mr. Lloyd preached in
the M. E. Church in the evening.
W. H. May started fur Philadel
phia on Saturday last. Mr. and Mrs.
May, Miss Sue and Benuie started fur
the same place to-day. They will
be gone about two weeks.
J. A. Proper has moved into the
huuse recently occupied by A. 13. Kel
ly. Mr. Kelly's family will soon move
into their new house, which will be
finished in a week or two.
W. P. Neill, at the Post Office
keeps on hand a large amount of fresh
fruits, vegetables, confections, &c, for
sale. Give him a call, and you will
get good meusure and good fruits.
The dry weather is playing smash
with the water privileges uf our place.
Several wells which have never failed
since they were dug, have gone dry re
cently. If we do not soon have a wet
season we shall have to use river water.
Mr. Roberts is building a sort of
a tunnel over Council Run, and in
tends to fill over with dirt, and so im
prove his lot. If be carries out hit
theories he will have a nice place be
fore he gets through with it.
Mra. HuliDgs has finished the rais
ing of her house, aud has now room
for several more boaders than former
ly. She has expended quite a sum of
money on her property this summer,4
and a great improvement is the conse
quence. Some of our "ballists" went to
Oil City yesterday to witness a game
detweeo the Forest Citys of Cleveland
and the Seuecas of Oil City, and learn
a trick or two which might hereafter
be of service to the "Whooper-ups"
of this place. ,
M. Ittle, who has purchased the
Tionesta House, of J. A. Proper, took
possession last week. He has re-furnished
a large portion of the house,
and proposes to keep a first-class hotel,
lie comes among us highly recommend
ed as a whole-souled man, and will, iu
all probability, be weir patronized.
See his advertisement in another col
Win. Henry ,of Pituburgh.a broth-
of M. Henry of this place was in our
town and about the country ou a tour
of combined business and pleasure
He is a wholesale dealer iu Boo; 8 &
.Shoes, aud while iu the country attend
ed camp meeting one day, aud took
occasion to give his card to those whom
he thought likely to buy goods of him.
Some one who saw hiui at it, gave out
the story that he was a preacher dis
tributing tracts. Had he heard the
story before he got off the camp
ground he would have probably nave
convinced them that he wasn't that
kind of a man.
Last week we omitted one item in
the communication from Fort Pitt, be
cause we weie advised to do so by a
gentleman from that place, who said he
thought it was a mistake. Since our
we have recieved a letter from the par
ty who advised us not to publish the
article, saying that he was satisfied
that the article was correct, We there
from givo it a place in this issue:
"As Mr. Alex McFader was return
ing from church on Suuday evening,
accompanied by a lady, a man named
Wm. Ambrose stepped from behind a
tree and fired several shots from a re
volver at the gentleman, happily with
out effect."
We owe an apology to our Fort Pitt
correspondent, who has been of great
service to us in more ways than one,
for thus treating his communication,
aud hope he will not "weary in well
doing" because of a mistake on our
part. We will publish his communl
cations in full hereafter, provided he
deems the above apology sufficient,
and dosn't cut our acquaintance.
$50 it t:vAiiox
Stolen from the subscriber iu Worth
township, Mercer couuty, Pa., on Aug.
9th, a Sorrel Horse three years old,
white mane and tail, at ipe in forehead,
hind legs white to the gambrel juint,
fore legs white to above the pastern
joint, a small wart above the right eye.
The above reward will be giveD lor
the recovery of the horse and the con
viction of the thief or $25 for the re
covery of the horse. Address,
Wm. T. Jack,
Hendersonville, Mercer Co., Pa.
cr D. Gillfspip, Tidkute, Fj,
''ii" 111 lii
Those who advertise in the Re
publican, say it is a paying invest
ment. '
The Elk Democrat gives the par
ticulars mf a bloody tragedy which oc
curred in Wilcox, Elk Co., on Thurs
day morning of last week. A man
named Thus. Richards shot his wife
iu the face, and himself through the
heart. Richards was subject to fits of
temporary insanity, aud hit wife was
afraid to live with him, and refused to
do so. He entered the house where
she was living by breaking out a pane
of glass, aud raising the window. She
was in bed, but got up aud commenced
dressing. He said he had come to get
her to live with him. She told him it
was no use, as she did not feel safe to
do so. He insisted that she must. She
told him to wait until she had dressed
herself, when she wold talk with him,
to which he made no reply. He then
said, "Ain't you going to speak to me?"
at the same time drawing a revolver,
with the further remark, "Here's some
thing that will make you speak." She
declined to answer and continued
dressing. While iu the act of stoop
ing to pick up her dress, he fired, the
ball entering on the left side of her
nose, aud lodging in the back part of
her head. He then shot himself
through the heart, producing instant
Mrs. Richards is lying in a very
critical condition, fears being entertain
ed that she will not recover.
Peterton't Magazine for Scptembrr
more than maintains its reputation as
the "best and cheapest" of the Lady's
Books, as well as the supreme authoi
ty in matters of fashion. The steel
engraving "The Miller's Granddaugh
ter," illustrating a charming story, is
one of the prettiest we have ever seen.
The double-sized colored steel fashion
plate is of rare beauty, and gives the
latest and most elegant Parisian styles.
In this number is begun a new copy
right novelet, "The Tragedy of a Quiet
Life," which is unusually good even
fur the magazine; and there are original
tales and novelets, by Mrs. Ann S.
Stephens, Frank Lee Benedict, Daisy
Veutuor, and other first class story
writers. V e do not see how anv lady
can do without "Peterson." . It is the
leading guide in fashion. The price
is but $2.00 a year ; with great reduc
tions to clubs. Address, Charles J.
Peterson, 300 Chestnut Street, Phila
delphia. The New Illustrated Edition of
Vebstjlb' Dictionary. This seem
ingly dry aud certainly ponderous
book has its peculiar charms. Here is
collected aud tersely set down, a vast
quantity of various aud useful knowl
edge, such as is indispensable to edu
cated men aud women. Here are an
hundred and fourteen, thousand words,
defined with a clearness, fullness, pre
cision, and wealth of illustration, that
denote the soundest scholarship, aud
the most entire fidelity to laborious de
tails. Altogether the work is a mar
velous specimen of learning, taste and
thorough labor. We praise it heartily,
because we believe it deserves the hear
tiest praise. New York Albion.
My hair ws lulling off, I used
two bottles of Nature's Hair Restora
tive and it checked it at once. It is
clean, safe and efficient. If your drug
gist boa not got it, send direct to Proc
ter Bros., Gloucester, Mass. See ad
Fresh arrival of Dress Silks,
Dress Goods, Trimmings, Notions,
and goods gonerally received this day
by Superior Lumber Co., Elm street.
Call aud see tliem. 19 2t
Williamsport Dickinson Semina
ry a first class school for both sexes,
Williamuport, Pa. Fall session opeus
Aug. 24, 1871. For catalogues ad
dress, W. Lee Spottswood, D. D.,
Where did you get your Sewing
Machine f
At the Superior Lumber Co. 'a Store,
Elm street. They sell the Singer Fam
ily Machiue for $65 in monthly pay
ments and it is the only machine we
would use. Call and examine the
machine for yourself and they will
give you full information in regard to
it. 18-3t
Book Binding.
We are agent for as good a book
bindery as there is anywhere. We are
prepared to do all the biudiug which
may be brought to us, at low rules,
and satisfaction guaranteed. Ssmplcs
can be seen at this olhV.
M. P. Jeuks, Jeweller, Meadville,
Pa., is selling Watches, Jewelry,
Chains, Diamonds &c, at 20 per cent,
below marked prices. Several of our
citizens hare patronized him, aud find
him "square." Give him a cull. His
establishment is on the comer of Wa
tvr strd Cbrrtrat in Oillgm Work.
Leaving the East and arriving at
Chicago or Indianapolis, how shall we
reach the West T The best Line is ac
knowledged to be the C, B. & Q.,
joined together with the B. & M. Rail
road by the Iron Bridge at Burlington,
and railed the Buhmnqton Route.
The main line of the Route running
to Omnha. connects with the great Pa
cific Roads, and forms to-day the lead
ing route to California. The Middle
Branch, entering Nebraska at Platte
mouth, passes through Lincoln, the
State Capital, and will this year be
finished to Fort Kearney, forming the
shortest route across the Continent by
over 100 milct.
Another branch of the B. M., diverg
ing at Red Oak, falls inta a line run
ning down the Missouri through St.
Joe to Kansas City, and all Kansas.
Passengers by this route to Kansas,
see Illinois, Southern Iowa, and Mis
souri, and, by a slight divergence, can
see Nebraska also.
Lovers of fine views should remem
ber the Burlington Route, for its towns
"high-gleaming from afar" its tree
fringed steams Its rough bluffs and
quarries its corn-oceans stretching
over the prairies further than eye ran
Land-buyers will be sure to remem
ber it, for they have friends among
the two thousand who have already
bought farms from Geo. S. Harris, the
Land Commissioner of the B. & M.
R. R. at Burlington, Iowa, or among
the four thousand home steaders and
precmptors who last year filed claims
in the Lincoln land office, where "Un
cle Sam is rich enough to give us all
a farm."
Foil Sale. The house and lands
known at the "Christie Property," lo
cated at Irviaton, Warreu Couuty Pa.,
are for sale. Terms cash or approved
security. Apply to
John A. Dale,
President Tionesta Savings Bank,
Tionesta, Pa.
Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Saw mill
men, Oil tneti, and other citizens ot
Forest county, who are in want of any
thing in the Hardware line, should go
to Andrews & Co., Tidioute. They
have the largest stock in this section
of the country. They are making and
repairing all kinds of Machinery and
Saw mill castings at short notice 4-tf.
50,000 lbs Wool Wanted,
At Hilbronner & Co.'s, for which the
highest price in goods or cash will be
paid. They have just received the
agency for an Eastern House, and
want all the wool they can possibly
get. Take your wool there and get
good prices.
For Sale. One 20 Horse Power
Timber Engine and Boiler iu good
der. Inquire of D. 8. Knox, ..
1-tf. , Tionesta, P
A. 11. Steele, Cushier Tionesta
Savings Bank, has been appointed
agent for the celebrated " lumau Line
Ocean Steamers," at this place. Any
person desirous of .going to Europe or
bringing friends to this country, will
do well to call on Mr. Steele, who will
furnish them with all the information
Aeie Advertisements.
Tionesta House.
TIT ITTLE. Proprietor. Kim St.. Tio.
i'-l, nests. Pa., at the mouth of the creek,
Mr. Iltle lias thoroughly renovated the
Tionesta House, and re-furnished it com
pletely. All who patronize him will lie
wen enicrunnia at reasonable rate. 20 ly
Geo. K. Thayer vs. J. A. Nolan 4 Co.
Abial Irake tor use Vs. A. J. Maze.
F. II. Kllsworth et. al. vs. J no. Ji. Dilks
et. al.
Eliiabutb Goer vs. It. C. Soott et. al.
K. 1j. Jones vs. I'unicl Murphy.
Solomon Xenta v. John 11. Iegnard.
K. 1.. Itlood vs. Jaineg Painter.
Cha. Hinton va. Johu A. Proper and D,
Chaa. Looper vs. Warren & Franklin R.
it. to, r
ForeHt County vs. John O. Brandon.
KoreMt Count v va. Chaa. J. Vox.
Commonwealth for use v. John W. Mil
ler et. al.
Maufacturers of Hot Air Engines.
1, 2, and 4 Horse-Paw
er. Ho water uaedl
Cannot explode!
No iimuraaeedvinand
ed I
Not lialile to get out of
order I
Requires no Skilled
Knirineer !
Cools tu run 25 oeuta
per day per homo power, 20-H .
MARKET ST., west of J7th, PHILA,,
Re-npeua September 19th, 1871. Thorough
Collegiate training for the piardue of Mine
Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechani
cal Engineering, Analytical Industrial
Choi lihtry, Metallurgy a'id Architecture.
The liiploma of the Colluge W received aa
conclusive evidence of proliciuitcy by the
brat engineer and companies engaged in
works of improvement, r or H'th Annual
Announcement, address ALFRED E.
KKNNEL'Y, M. T., Pr-. ef Timttr. m
Proposing an amendment to the Constitu
tion of Pennsylvania.
B it Resolved ty the Nrnnte and IToust
of Representatives of the Commonwealth of
Penmiytv)in.a in General Atnemhly met,
That the following amendment of the Con
stitution of this Commonwealth be nro-
pated to the people for their adoption or
rejection, pursuant to the provisions of the
tenth article thereof, to wit:
Strike ont the Sixth Section of the Sixth
Article of the Constitution, and insert in
lieu thereof the following :
"A State Treasurer shall be chosen by
the qualified electors of the State, at such
times and for such term of service as shall
be prescribed by law."
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Hpeaker of the Sonate.
Approved the tlflecnth day of June.
Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred
and Boventy-one.
Prepared and certified for publication
pursuant to the Tenth Article of the Con
stitution. V. JORDAN,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Offlce Secrctarvof the Commonwealth. I
Harrisburg, Jul v 5th, 1871. J
ON AND AFTER 11 P. P. Sunday May
1, 1870, Trains arrive at and leave the
Union Depot, cornor of Washinton and
Liioerty street, as loiiowa:
Mail Train. 1.30 a m : Fast Line. 1112 a
m ; Well's accommodation No. 1, 6.20 a ni
Hrlnton accommodation No 1, 7.50 a m ;
Wall's accommodation No 2. 8.65a rn :C'in-
cinnati express. 9.20 a m r Johnstown ac
commodation 10.50 a in ; Rraddock'a ac
commodation No 1, 7.00 p m j Pittsburgh
express 1.30 p m; Pacific express 1.50 p hi ;
nana accommoaation imo , p m;
Homewood accommodation No 1, 9.55 p m;
Wall's accommodation No 4, 5.50 p m ;
Rrinton accommodation No 2, 1.10 p m;
Way Passenger 10.0 p ni.
Southern express 6.20 'a m s Pacific ex-
f ress 2.40 a m s Wall's accommodation No
, 6.30a in f Mail Train 8.10 a in ; Urinton's
accommodation 1 1.20 a m ; Rraddock'a ac
commodation No 1,5.10 p m; Cincinnati
express 12.35 p in ; Wall's accommodation
N 2, 11.61 a m ; Johnstown accommodation
4.05 p ni ; Homewood accommodation No
l, 8.60 p m; i'hiiadcipiiia express 3.60 p m;
Wall accommodation No3,3.05p in; V all's
accommodation No 4, 6.05 p m ! Fast Line
i.w p in; wall's os, 11.00 p m.
The Church Trains leave Wall's Station
every Sunday at 9.05 a. in., reaching Pitta-
burgh at 10.05 a. in. Returning leave Pitts
burgh at 12.50 p. m., and arrivo at Wail's
Station at 2.10 p. m.
Cincinnati express loaves dully. South
ern express daily except Monday. All oth
er Trains daily, except Sunday.
For further information aply to
, W. II. BECKWITII, Agent.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
will not assume any Risk for Baggage ex
cept for Wearing Apparel, and limit their
rsponsibility to One Hundred Dollai "val
ue. All baggage exceeding that a onnt
in value will be at the risk of the mer,
unless taken by spocial contract.
General Superintendent, Altoona Pa.
uVDPsychomanCy. This word is
derived from the Greek, signifying the
power of the soul, spirit or mind, and is
the basis of all human knowledge.
Psychomancy is the title of a new' work of
40U pages, by Herbert Hamilton, B. A.,
giving full instructions in the science of
Soul Charming and Psychologic Fascina
tion ; how to exert this wonderful power
over men or animals instantaneously, at
will. It teaches Mesmerism, how to be
come Trance or Writing Mediums, Divina
tion, Spiritualism, Alchemy, Philosophy
of omens and Dreams, Brigham Young's
Harem, Guide to Marriage, etc. This is
the only book in tlio English language pro
fessing to teach this occult power, and is
of immense advantage to Merchants Law
yers, Physicians, and especially to Lovers
in securing the affections of the opposite
Tip mi vi nit tovaiiii riuiifs or uappiuesa.
Price by mail, in cloth, (1.25 ; paper cov
ers, ( 1, liar sale by J. B. Lippincolt A Co.,
and Claxan, Reiusen A Co., Philadelphia,
Agents wanted for this book. Medical
Works, Perfumery. Jewelry, arc. Sam
ples free to agents only. For single copiea
uy man, aim lerma vo Agonis, auaress i.
W. Evans, Publisher, 41 So. 8th St.,
Phila., Pa. Mt
13, lO, 8 HOUSE rOWEIl,
21, 14, 12 aud lO II. P.
40, 20, 22, and 18 II. P.,
Room No. S, Chasa A Stewart's Block,
With its Special Attachments. th
Is celebrated for its Reliability, Simplic
ity, Economy and Convenience.
23S Water St., New York.
RUPTURE. "Sift? r.TOIt!.98-
SUPPORTER. Cool, comfortable, liirtit.
titan ly and durable. Never rust, break
nor soil (steel springs coated). Used in ;
naming, snapea to lorui. iwmi known.
Send tSUMiip for pamphlet, to J. fl. Scelcy's
Truss llaiulae Establishments, 1H47
Chestnut St., Phila., Pa., and No. H Ann
f. N..Y.J r V
Contains no LAC SULPHUR No
VER, and is entirely free from tht
Poisonous and Health-destroying
Drugs used in other Hair Prepara
tions. Transparent and clear as crystal, it will
not soil the finest fabric, perfect! v SAKK,
CLEAN and F.FKICIENT-dcsidcratums
It rwttores and prevents the Hair from
becoming Gray, iinjartM a soft, glossv ap
pearance, removes Dandruff, is cool and
refreshing to the head, checks the Hair
from falling off, and restores it to a great
extent when prematurely lost, prevent
Headaches, curea all humor, cutaneous
eruptions, and unnatural heat. AS A
DR. O. SMITH, Patentee, Aver, Mass.
Prepared only by PROCTER BROTH
ERS, Gloucester, Mass. The genuine is
put up in a panel bottle, mado expressly
for it, with the name of the article blown
in the glass. Ask your Druggist for
Nature's Hair Restorative, and take no
st-Send two three rent stamps to
Procter Brothers for a "Treatise on the
Human Hair." The information it con
tains is worth 50O,O0 to any person.
It contains over l.'iO fino engravings of
miuie ncenes ana incidents in tne war,
and is the only FULL, AUTHENTIC and
OFFICIAL history of that great conflict.
Agents are meeting with unprecedented
success selling from 20 to 40 copies per day
and it is published in both English and
P A 1 1 T I fl N Inferior histories are being
UHU I I Ullcirculated. Hoe that the book
you bur contains 150 fine engravings and
8011 pages. Send for circulars A see our
terms, and a full description of the work.
CO., Phila., Pa. 15-4t
-Ifc MAC'
This Machine lias never compoted at
any national or state f air, or great trial
without having received too f irst rremi
um, and baa been awarded a greater num
ber uf Medals than any other machiue now
bcrore the public.
S-Sm. Tioneata, Pa.
The Now X L Revolver, No. 1 22-100
Cal No. a 32-100 Cal., short, No-8 31M00
( al., long, No. 4 88-100 Cal., for Pocket
Revolvers, are unsurpassed. They use the
ordinary Copper Cartridge and are beauti
ful in shape and finish.
41-100 Cal., baa no equal as Derringer.
Full and complete stock of
Guns, Bifles, Pistols, Ammuni
tion and Sportsmen's Goods
Manufactured by
fflilHUVIX a nixnERT,
83 Chum Iters and 65 Reade Streets,
Send for Catalogues. .NEW YORK.
Ia a South American plant that has been
used tor many years by the medical
faculty of thone countries with wonderful
elttcacy, and is a Sure and Perfout Remedy
for all'Diseases of tbo
Liver and Spleen, Enlargement or Ob
struction of IntsHtiiivs, Urinary,
Uterine, or Abdominal Orirans,
Poverty or a w aat of lllisid, In
termittent or Remittent
Fevers, Intlamallon of
tlio Liver, Dropsy,
lalion of the
Blood, Abscesses, Tumors, Jaundice,
Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Ague and Fever, or
their Concomitant".
Dr. WELLS' Extract of JURUBEBA
is a moat perfect alterative, and is offered
to the public a a groat iuvigoratnr and
remedy for all impurities of the blood, or
for organic weakness with their attendant
evils. Fur the foregoing complaint
Dr. Wells' Extract of Jurubeba
ia confidently recommended to every
family us a household remedy, aud should
bo freely taken in all derangements uf the
' It is NOT A PtI YSIC It ia not what ia
opularly called a IMTTEKS, nor is it In
tended an sueli ; but is simply a powerful
alterative giving health, vigor and tune to
all the vital fore,, and animates ana) forti
fies all weak ami lymphatic loinperniueuta.
JOHN U. KKl.l,(H,l(, Ph.H St., Nw
York. Sole Agent tor the United Stales.
Price Ouo Dollar per bolllu. Send tor
Circular. l&-4t
Look to your intciesr. Send name and
nrr ' vT, Flis ("-V, PMV. . fA w
To the Nerveoitt .
MX9 .
HOSK sufferings have been pretraaa-
d from hidden causes, ana wnosa
eases requir prompt treats ts rsaisas
existence desirable i
If yoa are suffering, r kave nfaresT
from Involuntary disrhargss, what ffe
does It produce oft your general heallkf
Do you feel weak, debilttated, easily tlr4T
Does a little extra exertion produce pal
pitation of thejicartf Does your liver, r
urinary organs, or your k idneys, frequent
ly get out of order T la your urine some
times thick, milky or flocky, or Is it ropy
on settling T Or does a thick aknm rlM
the top T Or is sediment at the bottom as
ter It lias stood awhile T Do you hurt
spells of short breathing or dispepalaf Are
your bowels constipated T Do you hava
spells of frainting, or rushes of blood la
the head? Is your memory imparedT la
your mind constantly dwelling on this
adbjectf Doyou feel dull, listless, moping,
tired of company, or Hie T Do you wina left alone, away from everybody?
Does any little thing make) you start r
Jump? Is your sleep broken or restless
Is the lustre of your eye aa brilliant f
The bloom on your chock aa bright T D
you enjoy yourself in society as well T Da
you pursue your business with the sain
energy T Do you feel as much conf.denea
In youself? Are your spirits dull and flag,
ging, given to fits of melancholy T If ),
do not lay it to your liver or dyspepsia.
Have you restless nights? Your baak
weak, your knees weak, and have bat lit
tie appetite, and you attribute Mtie t 4fm
pepsiaer liver-aeaaplaUtf
Now, readar, aalf-abmse, Tsmralac
easea badly cured, and sexual exraasaa, ar
all capable of producing a weakness of the
generative organs. The organa of generic
tion.whon in perfect health, make the rnaa
Did you ever think that those bold, daft-
ant, energetic, persevering, successful bue
iness-mon are always those whose genera
tive organs are In perfect health? To
never hear auch men complain of being
melancholy, of nervousness, of palpltatioa
of the heart. They are never afraid thay
cannot succeed In business j they don't be
come sad and discouraged ; they areal ways
polite and pleasant In the company of la
dles, andjook you and them right i the
face none of your downcast looks or any
meanness about them. I do nat meaa
tnose who keep the organa inflated by
running to excess. Those will not only
ruin tb air constitutions, but al
thy do business with ar tkar.
How many men, frem badlyrea!
eases, from the effects of self-abusa aa
excess, have brought about that state f
weukness In those organs that has reduc4
the geneol system so mnch as to prodaca
almost every other disease Idiocy, lunacy,
paralysis, spinal affoctions, auicide, and al
most every other form of disease which
humanity la hair to, and the real cause af
the trouble scarcely ever suspected aa
have doctored for all hat ta right i
Diaeases'of these organa rsqnirs the
of a Diuretic. HELM HOLD'S FLU IK
EXTRACT BUCHU is the great Diuretic,
and is a certain cure 'for diseaaea of the
Bladder, Kldnoys, Gravel, Dropsy, Orgaa
ic Weakness, Female Complaints, Gener
al Debity, and all diseases ot the Urinary
Organa, whether existing in Mais or Fa
mala, from whatever causa original ag,
and no matUrof bow loaf siaadlagv
If no treatment Is iabmitt4 si
sumption or Insanity tnsy ensue. Oar
flesh and blood are supported from those
oour.-es, and the health and happiness,
asd that of Posterity, dspsuds fm
preempt as of a rsllabls raaas4y.
Helmbeld's Extract Bueha, ataslik4
upward of ltAara, prepared by H. T.
II ELM BOLD, Drufgist, 604 Broadway.
New York, and 104 Ssuth 10th Streat,
Philadelphia, Pi I' par bottle
or 6 bottles for fA.Vi, delivered to any ad-
draw. bold by all DraggaslaeTsrywi
ton! ark orNrnrp; chems
Wrapper, fae-amlle of my Cbemlcal War
house. and signs U. T.HBLMBI..