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. i -V
"W. R. DUNN.
3rVee La Kjoji' Building. Eln Street.
TEIWS, $2.00 A 'YEAR. "
Ho Subscriptions rerolvod for shorter
period than throe mouth.
CofTesnondonoo solicited from nil parts
of tho country. No noilro will botukon of
nnonymous communications.
Marriages and Death notices inserted
I. O. Q-. T.
H feeta every Wednesday evening, at S
LVJ. o'clock.
W. R. DUNN, W. O. T.
V. W. TATE, W. S.
Isaac Ash,'
ATTOnWEY AT liATT, fWI City, Pa.
Will practice In tire vsrlons Ooiirts of
Forest County. All business entrusted to
tit care will receive prompt attenti' n.
. 18 ly
W. W. Mason,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office on F.lm
Street, above Walnut, Tiononta, I'a.
C W. Gllflllan,
TTORHKY AT LAW, Franklin, Ve
L nsnjro Co., Fa. tf.
N. B, Smiley,
ATTORNEY aT LAW, I'etrolenra Con
ire, Pa. Will practice in the several
' Courts of forest County. . 8S-ly
Holmes House
TIOWF.STA. PA., opposite the Depot.
C. P. Maine, Proprietor. Good Sta
bling connected with the house. tf.
. Jos: Y. Saul,
PRACTICAL Harness Maker and Sad
dler. Three doors north of llolinos
House, Tionesta, Pa. All work is war
ranted, tf.
. Syracuse House, .
TIDIOOTF, Pa., J. D Maofk, Propie
tors. The house has been thoroughly
rerYj-1 and is now la the tirst-Hass orflor,
with the best of accommodations. Any
Bfermation ooneerninir Oil Territory at
Ibis point will be chcorfullv furnished.
. -ly. t . . J. U. MAUEK,
Exchange Hotel,
"J dkk-AHon Prop's. This house having
been red ted is now the mostdeslrahlestop
plsf plane in Tldioute. A good Billiard
Kvorn attached. 4-ly
National Hotel,
".Proprietor. This hotel is Nkw, and is
ow open as a first olass houss, situate at
pc lunetion of the Oil Crook ii A llcirhony
diver and Philadelphia A Erie Itailroails,
pposite the Dopot. Parties having to lay
ver trains will nnd tins the most oonven
nt hotel in town, with tlrst-clasa aceonv
aodstlons and reasonable charpes. tf.
Tim Sons A Co.'s
NKW ENGINES. The undersigned have
for sale and will receive orders for the
hove Engine. Movers. Tllft Hons (fc Co.
are now sending to this market their 12-
Ilorse Power Kngine with U-IIorse Power
Boiler peculiarly adapted to deep wells.
Omen at Duncan A Chnlfant's, dealers
la Well Fixtures. Hardware. iVc.. Main St,
aext door to Chase House, I'loaaantville,
and at Mansion House, l ltusv-illo.
tf. K. lilt KIT SON, Agents.
John K. Hallock,
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor of
J-x rstents,;so. &n,r r rencn t recti opposite
ite.od House), I'a. Will practice in
the several State Courts and the United
Mtatcs Courts. Special attention given to
solioitiri patents for Inventors infrinuo
nents, re-issue and extension of patents
ea-etully attended to. .teicrences: lion
James Campbell, Clarion I Hon. John S
-f..f !....... la1 m ii b I i ii . If r. a it
Richmond, Meadville; v. E. Lathy.' Ti-
uesta.. t I
Dr. J. L. Acom.b,'
1 had tifteen years' experience in a lurro
ajia successrul nractlco. will attend an
Professional Calls. Olllce in his Drug and
Grocery Store, located iu i'iuioute, near
Tldioute itouHe.
' A full assortment of Medicines, Liquors
Tobacco. Cigars. Stationery. Glass. Paints,
Oils, Cutlery, and tine Groceries, all of the
best quality, and will be sold at reasonable
. rates.
' II. R. BURGESS, an experienced Drug.
1st from New York, has charge of the
Store. All prescriptions put up accurately,
W, P. Mercilliott,
Attorney at Law
Tionesta, Forest Co., Pa.
This Bank transacu a General Banking,
Collection and Kxchaugu liusiuoss.
Drafts on the Principal Cities of the
United States and Europe bought and sold,
Gold and Silver Coin and Governnienl
Securities buuuht and sold. 7-UO liouds
convertd on the most favorublo terms.
ntereat allowed ou time deposits.
Mar. 4, tf.
TTVR. J. N. BOLARD, of Tidlouto, has
J returiiHd to Ins practice alter an ()
sence-of four months, spent in tho lio.pi
talsofNew York, whore l will uttmrd
calls iu his profession.
OUlue in Eureka Driif? Store, 3d door
above the sanK, Tiuioute, ra. 4uu
Something urpently needed by everybody
Call aud examine, or samples sent postaire
paid lor 60 els that retail easily fur IU. It.
I.- Wolcott, 1HI Chathrm H., N. Y. 4i-4t
DEAFNESS, Catarrh and Scrofula, A
lady who had suilercd for yours from
frames, Catarrh and Scrofula, was cured
b a siiuolo reined v. Her sympathy and
gratitude prompts her to at -nd the receipts
iree of charge Iv unv one siiiiilurly alllict
r i. Address Mrs. il. C. Dviftfutt, Jersey
" Lot us have Faith
VOL. IV. NO. 9.
t the Store of
D. S. KNOX, Sc CO.,
Elm St., ionesta Pa.
We are in daily receipt 01 tie argeataad
which we are determined to sell regardless
of prioes.
Ilouse Furnisldng Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implements,
Ac, Ac,, 4c, which we offer at greatly re
duced prices. t -
cfaljklads, :
ES, tc, o., c,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and see,
D. 8. KNOX, A CO.
SONG. Tho handsomest aiut cheapest
work extent. It ha so.ethinc In it of the
best for every one. for the old, the middle-aged
and thoyounjr and must become
universally popular. Kxceptimr the Bible
this will be the book most loved and the
most frecjuentiy rol'erred to in the family.
Every rage has paused under the critical
eye of the reat poet,
Bare chance for best atrouls. The only
book of its kind ever sold by subscription.
Send at once for circulars, Ac, to
GEO. MACLEAN, Publisher,
36-4t 7 IS) Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
SEASON OF 1870-71.
Important Improvemen s.
Patent June 21st and August 23d, 1870.
The Mason A Hamlin Orpsn Co., have
the pleasure of announcing important im
provements in their Cabinet Organs, for
which Patents were (framed them in June
and August last. Those are not merely
meretricious attachments, but enhance the
substantial excellence of the iustruments.
They are also enabled by increased facil
ities a large new manufactory, they hope
hereafter to supply all orders promptly.
The Cabinet Organs made by this Com
pany are of such universal reputation, not
only throughout America, but also in Eu
rope, that few will need assurance of their
They now offer Four Octave Cabinet Or
gans, In quite plain eases.but efpial accord
ing to theircapacity to anything iheyuiuke
for tM each.
The same, Doub'e Reed, ti5. Five Oc
tave Double Heed Organs, Five Stops.witu
Knee swell and rremulaut, in elegant ease
with several of tho Mason and Hamlin
improvements, li". The same Extra
with new Vox Humana, Automatic Swell
etc., tir). Five Octaves, three sets Heeds,
seven stops with Euphoue; a splendid in
struments, aj2o.
A now illustrated catalogue with full
information, and repuced prices, is now
ready, and will be sent free, Witti a testi
monial circular, present imr a great mass of
oviuouce as to me superiority ni tneso in
struments, to any oiie sending his address
Trcmout Street, tloslun, os ii'M Broadway,
N. Y. 30--K
by Hkv. T. Ok Witt Tai.maok,
e most Popular Preacher in Ainei
The most Poimlar Preacher in America.
Agents v. anted everywhere, male or fe- I
male, to sell this great work, is better than !
Mark Twain, aud no trouble to sell. Big
.... .!... - II..... .....1,.,1 w
1 rums, nnm mi hjiuid kihi iiiim'.."-
lingo circular, E mis, Sloddart A Co.,Pul
i Ii.hoiH, No. 740 feauiMiiu St., Pkiladelph:x
I Id- I
that Right makes Might ; and
ILY. A Curious History.
The New York Timet gives the fol
lowing curious history of the Wood-bull-Claflin
family, concerning which
there has been some scandal recently 1
"Bucktnan Clafiiu, the primogenitor,
lived in a village in Central Ohio,
where a portion, at least, of his talent
ed offspring came into the world. He
bore the reputation of a long-headed,
trickey man. Unfortunately, he was
blest with one eye, but could see more
with that one than most men with two.
When Tyler went back on the party
that elected him, Clallin succeeded, by
some ingenious wire-pulling, in obtain
ing the office of postmaster against the
wishes of a majoity of the citizens.
Home doubted his integrity and receiv
ed their mail matter at another office.
He owned a mill on a stream that fail
ed to run it a part of the year. The
profits were scarcely enough to support
the fast family and pay oil' old debts.
One night, when Claflin was staying
four miles from home, the mill unac
countably burned down. There had
been no fire near it for some time pre
vious. Possibly it was case of sponta
neous combustion. The loss to him
appeared great, but appearnres are de
ceptive. The mill was heavily insured.
The old lady, who was the author of
the recent sensation, was subject to re
ligions spells. When the spirit moved
her she wad in the habit of going into
an upper room, opening the windows
Ilk. the prophet, and praying in a very
loud toue. Whether the prayers were
effectual doth not yet appear. The
daughters all bore peculiar names,
such as Victoria Calfurny, Ten n esse
Celeste, Utica Vanticia, Odessa Melvi
da, Ac. Vic. and Tenn., when quite
young, are reported to have seen
strange beings dressed in white among
the stars, which they called sister an
gels. Thus their wonderful precocity
was broeght into notice at a very ear
ly age. " A few years later this gifted
family traveled from city to city, heal
ing all manner of diseases. - Tennessee
Celeste, by the aid of clairvoyance,
could reveal ths secrets of nature,
post, present aud future, whereabouts
of stolen property, tell one's fortune,
and even the success of a venture or
speculation. , During the practice of
their profession in Pittsburgh, Pa..
they were srrested for some fraudulent
transaction. After various peregrina
tions, in corobinatiou with Dr. Wood-
hull they opened a house in Chicago,
in a prnnd and peculiar stvle. Sue-
o i
cess ful lowed them bey end expecta
tion. Alter a time, however, they
played out, and removed to the sedate
city of St. Louis. Here they met
Blood, and Vic. aud he alfiuitised.
i Terrible Affair in Illinois.
terrible homicide was committed
about two and a half miles from New
ton, in Jasper couuty, 111. A young
man named Lafayette Shepherd, killed
' his mother aud sister in a most brutal
manner. The old woman aud the girl
went out to the stable iu the morning,
to milk theows, when they were set
upon by the son with an ax, and so
horribly mangled that the mother died
in a few minutes, and the girl linger
ing a few hours. Shepherd immediate
ly fled front the neighborhood, but was
pursued and caught the same evening
at Olney, where he was hiding. He
is said to be insane. His brothers and
sisters attempted to screen the act of
the brother, aud gave a false account
of the maonar in which the injuries to
their mother and sistar were inflicted,
and as to the whereabouts of Lafayette.
The whole family were promptly ar
rested and taken to Marshall, Lafay
ette charged with murder, and the
other members of the family as acces
sories on the fact. There was a hear
ing on habeas corpus, before Judge De
cius, at Marshall, for the purpose of
procuring the release of the brothers
and sisters, but had not been determin
ed, when our informant left. There
is great excitement in , the neighbor
boed where the act was committed,
aud the whole family are threat"
with "lynch law." Indiana Imprest.
President Correoro of PHama, has
raised a forced loan of &10.000 in a
rather novel manner. A invited a
uuniber of the wealibt native citi
zens to a meeting ostensibly to dis
cuss the best means of placing the
Government iu fsiids. Once met, he
piaced soldiers at the doors of the Ca
bildo, with oders to allow bo one out
of the building. He then iuformed
the gentlemen present that circum
stances over which he had no control
compiled him to adopt this extreme
step, and to retain them all under
guard until they made up fSO.UOO.
Jisgust was of course expressed at
this demand, aud soma suggested a
unanimous refusal to pay a cent, but
by evening Correoro held promissory
notes for t lie amount required, and the
lenders returued to their homes. Pres
ident Correoro intends with this money
to purchase arms and artillery iu the
Uuited Slates, and tha Governor of
Panama, Seuor Losa, will leave tor
New York by the Oceuu C;iiooii to
buy them.
in that Faith lot us to tho end,
PAM TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1871.
A Bloodthirsty Woman.
A woman named Agnes Norman,
as bad extensive but peculiar '
experience in various parts of London,
It appeared recently at a coroner's in-
quest that about a year aeo the child
of a lady visiting in the house where hundred thousand dollars. A small
Agnes was employed was found dead Hem for the owner, but a very comfur
inbed.under mysterious circumstances. : table consideration for a poor man.
In her next place. Acnes one dav The horse men are in rnnturvs nf d.
brought a child home insensible, say-
g that it had fallen from her arass.
lue infant recovered, and within three
w'ks she took it out acaiu and
brflught it back dead. In her third
BituMiion, a Doy oi-Beven awose witu
a cKoking sensation, and afterward
told Us father that Agnes had placed
her haid over his mouth and given j
hira mosey to say nothing about it. !
at anour lieuse where she was em-!
ployed, achild was found insensible in '
bed, and da recovering showed great i
tenor at ui sight ot the girl. At an-
umer, siw jocKea a cnua up in a ward-
rone, took it out and put it to bed,
where it ws feund dead shortly after-
waru. Dins and domestic animals
died suddenly and strangely as chil- j horse, and the latter is no longer the
dren in housta whore she lived. Final-! prince of horse-flesh. The following
ly she was employed by the family of particulars are taken from a Sacra
a Mr. Beet wso three day afterward, j mento paper:
returning with his wife from a dinner Yesterday morning, at the Park, the
yarty, heard violent screams in the ! mysterious "Stanford horse" was driv
nursery, and rsbed up stairs to find en around tha trick in a sulky, by
one child lying on the floor and anoth-1 "Yank Smith," who has the animal in
er between the Led and the wall, dead, Uharge. The first half mile was trot
with two compressed marks on its lips. ted at a moderate speed, but on
The verdict of the coroner's jury was j the last huir wie Smith let hira out
"Death from sufTocation, accidentally i and he crossed the at i.07. Keep
caused," with which, as we read in the j ing right on, at a slower trui,, Un tno
London rapcrs, "the father said he
was dissatisfied." The case is to be
further investigated. A mania for
mundcr in a recognized, though hap
pily not a common form of mental dis
ease. The case of a femalo nurse in
one of the continental hospitals, who
confessed that' she had beea in the
habit of killing her patients, with no
other motive than an insane eagerness
to see them die, is fresh in our recol
lection. We are uot prepared to say
that woman more fiequently give way
to such horrible impulses Than men ;
but we recall at this moment several
iustances giveu by the books, in each
of which it was a women who felt the
insane desire, and generally a child
that she wanted to kill.
A Catastrophe at Niagara Falls.
At a quarter past four o'clock yes
terday 'afternoon three well dressed
young men, whose respective ages were
from about twenty to tewcty-five years,
E resented themselves at 'Walker's boat
ouse, half a mile above the Catarct
II use, at Niagara Fall, and asked
Mrs. Walker, who was in attendance,
te let them have a boat. She at first
refused, but upon their assurance that
they were only going to a small island
iu the river to take a swim, and they
would keep near the shore, they were
allowed to depart. . The boat was a
flat-bottom scow, and in it they rov
ed to the Isluud. Ffom there they
started straight across the river, with
the evident intention of roucliiug the
Canada shore, never once shewing any
disposition to head np the stream. 'The
current, as a matter ot course, swept
them toward the rapids of the horse
tall, aud soon after striking them the
boat capsized, and the three men were
carried over the catarct. They were
uot seen after the boat capsized. The
uamcs of the men are unknown. Ous
of the men wore a blue suit, with a
light colored soft hit ; the second had
on a brown suit, with a brown cap:
and the third wore an old overcoat,
had a respectable but under coat. One
of the party just beiore starling in the
doomed boat, said to a little bov. "If
. n.i mo kkkih loi) and asks if
put ra o
you nave ae-u auy wiug vi us, ten
It looks very much like as if the
young nen were escaping iutoCanana
to evde the vigilance of-the oilicers
of tne law on this side, and had neith
er the time or the courage to use the
ordinary means of transportation. A
few days will probalily clear up the
mystery. JSujfalo Courier.
Let parents talk much and talk well
at home. A fattier who is habitually
silent in his own house may be iu
many respects a wise man, but he is
i .... . .11
not wise iu his silence. We sometimes
see parents, who are the life of every
company they.are in.sileut, uuinterest -
ing at home among tia-ir cniiuren. ii
i -i i i i
they have not mental activity anu
mental stores sufhcieut for both, let
them first provide for their own house
hold, lrelaud exports bef and wheat,
and lives on potatoes, and they fare
as poorly wlio reserve their social
charms tor conn anions abroad, and
keen their dullness for heme cousunin-
tiou. It is better to instruct childreu
and make ihtui happy at home than
it is to charm strangers or amuse
friends. A silent house is a dull place
for young people a place from w hich
they will escape if they cau. They
will talk or think of being "shut up '
there ; and the youth whs does not
love his home is iu danger.
"There are tl.reo things," said a wit,
"which I have loved without under
standing them paiuting, music, aud
' women,"
dare do our duty as we understand if-LINCOLN.
A California Horse.
In Pan Francisco, a horse recent!
transferred fram a hnrnW. m,i
ready trots a mile a mile in 2:15.
This fact if it is a fact makes that
particular niece of hrrne-flesh wnrth a
light. But it turns out that the horre
is not a thoroughbred, but a hack of
doubtful lineage, which owes little to
cood breedinz. It would be a sintr.i.
far commentary on the training of
Dioodea horses if this unknown cob,
unharnessed from a butcher's cart,
beats them all. What are we to do
with the horse maxim "that blood
will tell" after this, seeing that it
signifies nothing after all 1 We believe
there is a scow somewhere about the
harbor of Sen Francisco that can beat
the fastest yacht that ever sailed in
those waters. And now we have the
next wonder; Stanford's horse, whilom
of butcher cart associations, can throw
dust at 21 in the eves of Itnnnpr'i
last nan mue was reached, tne .
derful horse was ntrain urtred la his ut
most speed, and made the lsst half
mile in 1.07t, His tune was noted by
several relinble and experienced par
ties. There is no doubt about this time
having been made, and it is the fastest
on vscord. A well-known sporting
geutleman offered a wager that he
could take the horse for a week, and
drive him a mile in 2.15. The horse
has a somewhat romantic history, am J,
like many bipeds in this coucry, his
elevation from hard work andohscuri
ty to fame and ease, has beer as rpfd
as remarkable. No many nonths ago
he did service in a butchef-csrt, and
was sold for the paltry suJn of 1G0.
Staudford paid $3,900 fit him, and
could probably get $39,W0 for his bar
gain. The pedigree of 'he horse is in
dispute, but those who have the best
reason to know, statf that he is a St.
A Drean'ul Cheat.
Some years -go a book, by writers
of high reputf, was published in Lon
don, entitled "Seven Tales by Seven
Authors," And the leading point iu
nna nf thani waa that a mercenary
mother prsuaded her dying husband,
who is nearly bankrupt, to make a
will, whose contents are at his death
duly bruited abroud, leaving each of
his daughters $150,000, with the view,
of course, of their attracting attention
from men bent to matrimouy. A ruse
something resembling this has lately
been played at Nottingham, Englaud.
An eccentric old gentleman, unmar
ried, and reputed to be very rich, re
cently made his will. lie bequeathed
10,000 to the General H'.pital, aud
a like sum to the Society for the Pro-
fagation of the Gospel in Foreign
'arts. To one relative he left 1,000,
and legacies to the amount of 50
were numerous. The total amouut
bequeathed amounted to 45,000. The
expectant legatees we demonstrative
in their thauks. Presents ot wine,
! game, and other good things were sent
I m profusion. The old geutleman was
i courted by more than one lady whose
. early youth was passed. He died at
i r m m
the ace of eighty-four a few days since,
and the friend at whose house he
he breathod his last honored his re
mains with an expensive funeral. This
friend had also the melancholy satis
faction of paying the expense., for the
testator died considerably in debt.
The late James T. Brady was very
fond of the ready natural wit of his
countrymen. One day, shaking of
this to a friend, he said. "I'll just show
vou a samcle. I'll speak to any of
of these men at work ; and you'll see
that I w ill get my answer." Stepping
I up to the men who were at work on a
-mi i I . I . .1.
, cellar near by. he spoke t
spoke to them
y, good day to
! cheerfully. "Good day, good day to
n' l . i i. .
, you Doys.
That looks like hurd work
r you.
"Faix an it is," was the answer "or
we would'ut be bavin' the doiu' of it."
Pleased with this, he asked the man
what part of lrelaud he came from.
"Oh 1" said Brady ou hearing the
name, "I came from that rogieu my-
name. "I came from that
: "Yis," said tho niau, with another
blow of his pick, "there was many nice
neonle iu that place; but 1 uever
heard that auy of 'em left it."
Iu reply to a young friend leaving a
town becaue some things iu it were
not exactly te her taste or content, an
old lady of experience said, "My dear,
wliuu you have found a place where
every body and every thing are always
pleasant, an nothing whatever is dis
agreeable, let me kuow, and I'll move
there too,"
A Marvelous Story.
On the first of March last a young
man named Gilbert Heck left i'lano,
111., en route for Texas, via Denver.
He left a station near Denver, March
27, on horseback. He bad enly gone
twenty miles w'len he was attacked
and surrounded by Sioux Indians,
about fifty iu number. He shot two
of them before being taken. His horse
was shot down and he received a bul
let in his arm. The Indians then
threw a lasso over his neck and start
ed for their camp, leading him with
the lasso. After taking his revolver,
watch and $300 from him, they would
fall against the lasso, jerking him
down upon his face, aud otherwise
cruelly treating him by striking him
with their guns, etc He was also
struck in the face with a tomahawk,
cutting a gash three and a half inches
in length. He requested the chief to
put a stop to their cruelty. He re
plied that he could not. "Let me
loose," replied Gilbert, "and I will
stop them. On the might of April 1,
he was tied to a tree on which three
men were Lancing. The chief slap
ped him on the shoulder and said,
lou will hang there to-morrow.
Gilbert thought not. In the evening
they built a large fire close by' him,
and had a war dance. They placed
two of their cumber to guard him ;
but they fell asleep, when lie managed
to loosen the ropes and escaped by tak
ing one of their horses. As he was
leaving, the dogs were aroused, and
their barking awakened the Indians,
who chased him into a swamp, aud ran
nnst him. They discovered their mis-
tair, ..,rnej ,, ,lp the cj,age
unnl near,, y. hlIt he succeed
ed iu crossing i .:, and gaw
iiers on the opposite k He naJ,
his way to a small station ot Kan
sas Pacific Railroad, disposed lf his
horse, and started for Piano, sboiv u
arrived Weduesday, April 5.
A San Domin--' S-resp.-uent while
at Port an J"1"106 states a little inci
dent Jiat occurred while taking a
troll in the city with Messrs. Black-
well, Fulton aud Hart: We bad stop
ped to procure oranges, when a col
ored lady by the name of Hamilton,
formerly Sarah Jones, invited us to
come in aud take seats. She came
from the United States and had lived
in Cincinnati. I asked her whom she
knew in Cincinnati. She said she
knew a Utile woman by tho name of
Lucy Stone, who used to wear short
dresses, aud pants, and was for wo
man's rights. I pointed out to her ths
husband of Lucy Stone, when she fix
ed her quick, keen gaze upon him and
said : "Do you tell me you are Lucy
Stones husband? Said Black well,
am proud to have that honor." She
caught him in her arms, plced him in
a chair, kissed hira on oue cheek, then
on the other danced around him aud
screamed with delight. Such an over
whelming; demonstration we never saw,
It really looked encouraging for the
annexation of llayti
A California paper tells how the jury
in the case of Mrs. I' air made up iu
verdict, the statement being made, it
is claimed, in the words of one of the
iurv: "JJurinc the progress oi me
trial not one juror spoke to his fellow
jurors of the case, and when we retired
to make up a veruicino one anew any
thing of the opinion of bis fellows.
On entering the jury room the first
thing doue was to cut a piece of paper
into twelve pieces, and to number them
from one up to twelve. These were
put into a hat aud drawn, aud the slip
drawn was the number of the juror.
On the slips each juror wrote his fiad
iug in the the case, and when his num
ber was called put it into the hat.
When I wrote my finding, murder in
the first degree, hardly thought there
would be another such finding on any
of the slips, but when the slips were all
deposited aud taken out and read, to
my great astouishmeut it was found
that each juror ou the first and only
ballot, had voted just as I had, mur
der iu the first degree."
The Helena (Arkansas) Gazette tells
a story of a young man of that city
who spent a fcw.iuonths in St. Louis,
last winter. It says tnat one cold day
he walked iuto the Southern Hotel,
and looking in vaiu for a stove, asked
the clerk if there were no place to
warm himself. The clerk smiled ur
banely, escorted the Colonel to a reg
ister, aud Uld him to Btaud on the
grate and he weuld seen get warm.
The Colonel was much ph ased. Ijater
in the day, w hile perambulating about
the city, becoming rather chilly, he es
pied a coal grato in the sidewalk.
Here, he thought, was auother "heater"
and he would improve the opportuuity
by wurmiug his feet. A few minutes
later a passer-by heard him ejaculate:
"These things may do very well for a
hotel, but they aiu't worth a d u to
warm the city."
A passenuer on tho Grand Trunk
Railway, who had been shamefully
abused by a brakemau who demanded
his ticket after actually receiving it,
getting uo redress from the company
upon making coin piaint ui iua uuuu
brought a suit lor damages, aud alter
a fair trial, secured a virdict for live
thousand dollars.
Rates of Advertising.
One Square (1 Ineh,) ones Insertion 11 t9
One Square " ono month S 00
One Square " threo months... 1 09
One Square " ono year 10 00
Two Sqimrci,onn year 15 OS
Quarter Col. " .to M
Half " " W I
One " " 10U OS
Ruslncss Cards, not exceeding one In oh
In length, ?10 per year.
Legal notices nt estahlished ratos.
These rates are low, and no deviation
A'ill he inndn, or discrimination among
pntrons. The rntos oilerod are such,
will make it to the advantage of men dot. g
business in the limits of the circulation of
the paier to advertise liherallv.
A charming American widow, with
one child, residing in Paris, but who,
during the siege deemed it prudent to
leave, returned to her fine apartmeuts
soon after the armistice was signed.
During her journey she had, at a cer
tain hotel, in company with her mother,
made the acquaintance of a French
gentleman, who seemed to take tho
greatest interest in both mother and
daughter ; and as the former, for cer
tain political reasons, did not deem it
prudent to enter Pans for a long sea
son, she trusted the very agreeable
gentleman ( wno declared himseirreaa
to aid and protect the young widow)
to accompany her daughter to their res
idence in the city, where they resided
for some few weeks. In the meanwhile
the neighbors supposed they were mar
ried. Adonis, owing (as he said) to
the war, &c, &c, ran short of money,
but ho had such pood prospects in view
that the kind-hearted widow gave him
nil that was necessary. He then per
suaded her to accompany him to her
dressmaker's, and insisted ou her or
dering several dresses. The dressma
ker required that, as she was not able
to wait the payment of the gentleman.
that madame must give the security,
which madame did without the least
hesitation. A day or two after the or
der for the dresses, Adonis called with
his mistress on the dressmaker, and
represented her as his sister, and took
the dresses intended for madame, and
several other articles of ladies' ward
robe, and left for parts unknown. lie
ran in debt at ail the places where the
widow was known, and she had to pay
niauy ot las bills. She wrote to her
mother, apprising herofher misfortune,
and the mother hastened at once to her.
All who knew the affair sympathized
with her. She is a good, kiud lady,
and her charajr is above reproach.
Georgia ivnuJ
mode of exDlainintr their testimony.
The plaintiff iu a case in one of the
courts there alteped, anienaeu, explain
ed and expounded, but all to no pur
pose, as the lawyer could not or weuia
not unuerstana mm. , wuui, ju,
he said, "to show me how tha assault
was committed, bo that 1 may have a
correct understanding of it." The
plaintiff spiang up instantly, ani seis
ing the legal gentlman by the threat
with btth hands, pressed him. back
across the bar, and shook him violent
ly, to the amusement of all present, .
-and the eutsre elightenment of the
A yonng gentleman's experience at
a charity fair: Young lady Sir
wouldn't you like to buy some tickets
for a punch bowl? Visitor No.thank
you, I never drink. Young lady (in
sinuatingly) Well, wouldn't you liko
to buy some cigars then? isitor
(with a very grave face) No, thank
you ; I never smoke. Young lady
(losing patiece) Well, I'd offer you
some soap if I thought you ever wash
ed. Here is evidence that tho wives in
1775 were uo better than those of tho
present day. It is an extract from the
will of a mariner of Bristol : "My ex
ecutors to pay, out of the first moneys
collected, to my beloved wife, if living,
one shilling, which I give as a token of
my love, that she may buy hazleuuts,,
as I know she is better pleased witk ,-,
cracking them than she is with nteud- ;
ing the holes in her Btoekings."
The ether day some ladies wore out
visitiug. There being a little.;tw
year old present, one oi uio iamea
asked him if he would not kiss her.
He answered, "No I
"What is the reason you will not
kiss me?"
"I'm too little to kiss you. papa will
kiss you ; papa kisses all the big girls."
A voune fellow had been married
said for a twelvemonth it was all sun
shine, ths next twelvemonth was all
moonshine, aud the latter period ot
his matrimonial career was without
thine at all, except when his better
half took it iuto her head to "kick up
shine 1"
At a California fair, reocntly, sever
al bottles of strained honey were put
on exhibition when a chap put a bot
tle of castor oil with the rest, the
epiuion of all who tiied it was that
the bee that laid it was a fraud.
The fallowing announcement lately
ippeared iu a paper : "Edward Kdon,
puiuter, is requested to communicate
with his brother, when ho will hear
something to his advantage his wifo
is dead."
A Bostoniau who did Mouut Wash
ington on foot last year has informed
the Tramcrijit that he got as raveuous
as a raven among the raviuei, and sat
down iu one of the gorgeous gorges
and gorged himself.
A Chicago paper thus notices one
of its contemporaries, who occasional
ly breaks out with boastful re fervneo
to its '"enormous circulation": "Yes
it has doubled its circulation. Anoth
er niau takes a copy now."
A neighbor fairly po?ed us the oth
er niht by asking "the simple question.
"When is a fish crazy ?" and assured
us it was when the n foresaid f.h
was in seine." We iumudiatelv U ft.