The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, March 14, 1871, Image 1

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W. It. DUNN.
Xnom In Knox's Building, Eln Street.
TERMS, $2.00 A YEAR.
Ho Subscriptions received for shorter
period tlinii throe months.
Correspondence solicited from nil parts
of the country. No notice will ho taken of
anonymous communications.
Marrlagos and Death notices inserted
I. O. Gk T.
11 Teste every Wednesday evening;, at
11 o'clock.
W. R. DUNN, W. C. T.
M. W. TATE, W. 8.
a, ji a wto if rams, milks w. tatb.
A h Sir ft, TIOXESTA , PA .
Isaac Ash,
ATTORNEY AT I.. AW, Oil City, Pa.
Will practice In the various Courts of
Forest County. All business entrusted to
lt rare will receive prompt attention,
lo ly
W. K. Latly,
forest Co., Pa., will practice in Clarion,
Venango and Warren Counties. Ofllce on
Elm Htreet, two doors above Lawrence's
reeery store. tf.
W. W. Mason.
N(reet, above Walnut, Tlonesta, Pa.
C W. GUflllan,
nango Co., Pa. tf.
N. B, Smiley,
ATTORNEY aT LAW, Petroleum Cen
tre, l'a. Will practice in the several
Courts of Forest County. 85-ly
Holmes House,
qnONESTA, PA., opposite the Pepot.
1 C. I). Mahle, Proprietor. Good Sta
bling connected with the house. tf.
Jos. Y. Saul,
rRACTICAL Harness Maker and Sad
-I dler. Three doors north of Holmes
House, Tionesta, Pa. All work is war
ranted. tf.
Syracuse House,
T1DIOUTF, Pa., J. A I) Maoii, Trople
tors. The house has been thoroughly
refitted and Is now in the lirst-class order,
with the best of accomnnxla'ions. Any
ntbrmatlon concerning Oil Torritory at
this point will be choornuiv nirnisiioti.
-iy J. AD. MAO KB,
Exchange Hotel,
J Dim, A 8o! Prop's. This house having
been rented is now the most desirable stop
ping place in Tidioute. A good Billiard
Koona attached. 4-ly
National Hotel,
TRVINETON. PA. W. A. ITallenback.
. Proprietor. This hotel is Nw, and Is
,.9w open as a first class house, situate at
eejunction of the Oil Creek Allegheny
.liver and Philadelphia Erie Railroads,
eposite the Depot. Parties having to lay
ver trains will Und this the most conveu
nt hotel in town, with first-class aocom-
ciods lions and reasonable charges, tr.
TifTt Sons Sl Co.'
NEW ENGINES. The undersigned have
forsale and will receive orders for the
above Kmrlno. Mossrs. Tint sons x Co.
are now sending to this market their 12
Horse Power Kngine with 14-Horse Power
Boiler Deculiaiiv adapted to doep wells.
OrricKH at Duncan A Chalfanl's, dealers
In Well Fixtures, Hardware, Ac, MainSU
next door to Chase House, .Pleasautville,
and at Mansion House, Titusvilln.
tf. K. DUETT A SON, Agents.
Jolr K. Hal'.ock,
A TTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor of
A Pat itB.No. 505 t ronch streot(opposito
lteerl House), I a, win nnun in
the several Slide Courts and the United
States Courts. Special attention given to
soliciting patents ror inventors j lnirmgo
ments, re-issue and extension of patents
carefully attended to. References: Hon,
James Campboll, Clarion ; Hon. John H.
Met almont. Franklin; II. L. A A. H.
Richmond, MeadviUot W. E. Lathy. Ti
onesta. S 7
Dr. J. L. Acorrb,
had fifteen years' experience in a large
and suecossfuf practice, will attend all
Professional Calls. Otlice in his Drug and
Orocery tstoro, locatod ia Tidioute, noar
Tidioute House.
A full assortment of Medicines, Liquors
Tobacco, Cigars, Stationery, Gloss, Paints,
Oils, Cutlery, and fine Groceries, all of the
best quality, and will be sold at reasonable
11. It. BURGESS, an experienced Drug
gist from New York, has charge of the
Store. All prescriptions put up accurately.
W. PMercilliott,
Attorney at JL w .
Tionesta, Forest Co., Pa.
This Bank transact a General Banking,
I 'nlliwtlnir anrl KxchanirO ISusinOSS.
Drults on the Principal Cities of the
United Stutes and Europo bought and sold.
Gold and Silver Coin and Government
Securities bought and sold. 7-30 Bonds
converted on Hie most fuvoruble terms.
Interest allowed outline deposits.
Mar. 4, tf.
TAR. J. N. MOLARD, of Tidioute, has
XJ ruturnsd to his practice utlrr an ab
sence of four months, spent in the J lo.-pi-UlsofNew
York, whore will attend
calls in his profession.
Olliee in Eureka Drug Store, 3d door
abovo the hunk, Tidioute, Pa. 4'Jtf
50 G
Something urgently needod by everybody
Cull and examine, or Biin.ples fcont postage
pjid (or 50 els that retail easilv for $10. R.
1. WiVort, 11 CVithrm ;q., V, Y. IB ft
M Let us have Faith
VOL. III. NO. 48.
at thelStore of
D. S. KNOX, & CO.,
Elm St., ionesta P.
We are In dally receipt 01 the argestend
which we are determined to sell regardless
of prices.
House Furnishing Goods, Iron, Nails,
Machine tools, Agricultural Implements,
Ac, Ac,, Ac, which we offer at groatly re
duced prices.
of all kinds,
ES, Ac, Ac, Ac,
In ENDLESS VARIETY. Call and see,
7-tf D. 8. KNOX, A CO.
SONG. The handsomest and cheapest
work extent. It has something In it of the
best for everv one, for tlio old, tho middle-aged
and the young and must boenme
unlverKaily popular. Excepting the Bible
this will bo the book most loved and tho
nicst frequently referred to in the family
Every page has passod under tho critical
eye of the reat poet,
Rare chance for best agents. Tho onlv
book of its kind cvor sold by subscription.
Send at once for circulars, Ac, to
GEO. MACLEAN, Publisher.
S6-4t TlDSansom St., Piiiladelphia, Pa.
SEASON OF 1870-71.
Important Improvemens.
Patent June 21st and August 23d, 1S70.
The Mason A Hamlin Orran Co., have
the pleusure of announcing important im
provements in their Cabinet Organs, forT
which Putents were granted them in June
and August lust. These are not merely
meretricious attachments, butonhance the
substantial excellence of the instruments.
They are also enabled by increased facil
ities a largo new manufactory, they hopo
hereafter to supply all orders promptly.
The Cabinet Organs made hy tins Coin
pany are of such universal reputation, not
only throughout America, but also in Eu -
rope, that few will need assuranoe of thoir
ey nowoirer f our uciavo caninei ur-
esns, in quite plum eases.init equal accord
ing to thoircapaclty to au tiling they make
for $00 each.
The same, Doub'e Reed, Ifla. Five Oc
tave Double Reed Organs, Five Stops, with
Knee swell and Tremulant, in elegimt ease
with several of tho Mason and Hamlin
improvements, fli'i. The same Extra
with new Vox Humana, Automatic Kwdl
etc., $150. Five Octaves, three sets Heeds,
seven stops with Euphoue; a splendid in
struments, A now illustrated catalogue with full
Information, and repuced prices, is now
readv, and will be sent free, a testi
monial circular, presenting a great muss of
evidence as to the superiority of these in
struments, to any one sending his address
Tremout Street, Boston, os 5'jO liroadway,
N. Y. 30 -H
4.00 P. M. Freight and Accommodation
daily. -
Hy Kev. T. Dk Witt Talmaok,
The most Popular Preacher in Americn;
Agents wanted everywhere, mnle or fe
male, to sell this great work, is belter thau
Murk Twain, and no trouble to sell. Dig
I'rotits. Keud tor terms and illustrated i
fiago circular, Evans, Stod.lai t C'o.,l'ub
ishers, No. 710 tt;usrm St., Philadelphia.
that Right makos Might ; and
Love and a Farm.
Quito a number of odd and amus
ing scenes frequently occur with par
ties who visit the Clerk's office for the
purpose of securing the necessary doc
ument to legalize their marriage. Hut
the other day, a young man, about
twenty-one, accompanied by one ofi
the opposite sex, equally as young, as
cended the main steps of the court
house, and then, on being directed to
the Clerk's office, took up the line of
march for its hallowed precincts.
Reaching, he refused to enter.
lhe rustic maiden, who was ex
tremely anxious to see the marriage
prolamine carried to a successful is
sue, looked upon him with pleading
eyes, and then taking him by the hand,
in the most tender manner, beseeched
him to go to the court and obtain the
"Oh ! came along, Jake ; what's the
use backin out?" l'cll in dulcet tones
up Jacob's ear.
".Melindv, 1 can t. lhe old man will
give mo fits if I marry you."
Have nt you tola mo a thousand
times that you would marry me in
spite of the old man ?"
"iesl yes! but there is
"Is what?"
"Why, the farm."
"Plague take the farm."
"Yes. but. Melindv." reasoned her
lover, "hadn't we better wait till the
old man dies, and then I'll have the
farm, sure?
"Dod rot his old sonl, he'll live fif
teen years yet; there's no die in him.
Come along now and git that ere H
ceuse; I ain't a-going to bo put CfT
any more."
"I'll tell ycu what I'll do, Melindy,
"Well, spit her out."
"If the old man holds out agin my
having you till Christmas I'll marry
you then, farm or no farm."
"As sure as my name is Jacob."
"Well, lt her go then till Christ
mas, but if you back out then, Jake,
look sharp.
"I'll toe the scratch then, by jingo,
if the old man turns me olf the iiirm
with a double-barrel shotgun.certaiu,"
and Jake looked as if he would.
"Well, let's bind the bargain with a
kiss or two and go home ; but look
mi if ynn nut it iH" any loncer thau
"I won't back out any more', darned
if I do."
Thus re-assurcd on being married by
Christmas, Meliudy drew off with her
Detecting Counterfeit Notes.
Many of the women engaged in the
redemption bureau, at Washington,
become exceedingly expert in detect
ing counterfeits, matching fragments
of notes, and counting currency. The
ends of their fingers are educated to
such a degree of sensitiveness that they
discover counterfeits by simply feeling.
A gentleman who, I think, must have
been slightly jealous of this competi
tion in the labor market, said: "JNo
wonder they count money rapidly.they
are so light-fingered." But their super
ior officers bear witness to the iiict, not
only that lightness of fingers enables
thein to count money rapidly, but that
they possess a quickness of preceptiou
by 'which they count with lewer mis
takes than men. It seems hard,though
no doubt necessary, that if, in spite of
their carefulness, a counterfeit docs es
cape their facile fingers, or an error
occur iu their reckoning, they are
obliged to make up the loss from their
own pockets. New clerks often lose
considerable sums in cousequenco of
such mistakes.
A Rockingham Girl.
The man who gets one of our best
Rockingham girls for a wife, savs the
Register of that place, does a splendid
business for himself. No portion of the
country that we have ever seen or
heard of can furnish more enterprising
womcn than ours A widower in Clark
I Ar . , .. ... .
county, a., liml the good fortune to
get one oi our uockingnam gins, who,
from hor poultry alone, t'ie past sea
son, made almost enough to support a
small family. This lady raised, from
five turkey hens, seventy-five turkeys.
In addition to these she raised between
300 and 400 chickens. She sent forly
niuo of her turkeys to Washington
the week before Christmas, and ob
tained tor them tweuty cents per
pound, the lot bringing C'Jl.10. Mie
has sold $111.10 worth of poultry this
fall and winter. In one month she
gathered and sold fifty-two dozen of
eggs, llns ludy is a young housekecp
er, too, and 1ms the care ot a growing
family upon her hands.
The Elmira Gazette is responsible
for the truth of tho following:
Young men who go to see girls have
adopted a new way of obtaining- k.sses.
They assert, on authority of scientific
writers that tho concussion produced
by a kiss will cause, the flame of a gas
jet to llicker, and easily luduce tno girl
to experiment in the interest of science.
The first kis or two the parties watch
the flame to sec it flicker it it wants to
in that Faith lot ua to tho end,
PA., TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 1871.
A Solemn Old Joke.
Judge Winans, who is ordinarily as
grave as a grave stone, kept the House
laughing, the other day, while attempt
ing to get the Speaker's eye, and so oh
tain the floor. "Mr. Speaker," f'
tho Judge to Mr. Dawes, who wa .
the chair.
Speaker The gentleman is not in
Winans I'd like to be told, Mr.
Speaker, how you know that before I
say what I want. Laughter.
fcpeaker llio gentleman will take
his neat.
Winans Is there anything in the
rules that requires me to be seated be
fore I have said a word ?
Speaker The gentleman is not in
order, and the Speaker cannot proceed
with the business until order is restored.
Winans Would it be straining a
point of order for me to address the
Chair? Loud laughter. Voices from
over the House, "Mr. Speaker!" "Mr.
Speaker Gentlemen will resume
their scats.
Cox Does that include the gentle
man from Ohio?
Speaker The Speaker has not yet
recognized the gentleman from Ohio.
Winans I thought as much. I have
here, Mr. Speaker, a pair of spectacles
of great magnifying power. Shall I
show them to the Chair, so that I may
be seen? Roars of laughter all over
the House.
Speaker The gentleman is out of
Winans I rise to a point of order.
Speaker The gentleman from Ohio
will state his point.
Winans That a motion to adjourn
is always in order. Great laughter.
Speaker Does the gentleman from
Ohio move to adjourn ?
Winans That was my wish when
the Speaker invited me to be seated.
Speaker Does the gentleman from
Ohio move to adjourn ?
Winans No ; got over my hurry.
And so the Judge sat down with im
mense gravity, and the House fairly
What a Traveler Thinks of the Erie
To tne etraor vine aunr' "
Sir : The simple justice which ever
characterizes your straightforward pa
per i3 not more opparcnt in anything
than in its references to matters con
cerning the Erie Road. Ilaviucr passed
over a portion of its length recently,
I took particular care to notico the
manner iu which officials aud em
ployees discharged their duty, the con
dition of track and rolling stock, sys
tem of night signals, running recula
tious, tc, and I can only say, that all
that human loresight can accomplish
to attain absolute safety, is done.
I had no predilections for the road
or any of its officers ; but I was charm
ed, aud cannot now wonder that, with
Us broad gauge, quick tune, smooth
track, ana elegant coaches, it is rapid
ly becoming the favorite line, as the
increased facilities required for passen
ger traffic plainly show. It is time
that falsehood and misrepresentation
should be rebuked, ami the truth
knowu. Let the people know where
their wishes are consulted, and they
will nut be long in showing their ap
pieciation of it. Lever.
It is well known that, in different
parts of the world, there are people
who eat earth ; among them are some
of the natives of Java, who eat a red
kind of earth as a luxury. This earth,
which is soft and smooth to the touch,
has been analyzed hy a German chem
ist, who finds it very rich in iron, with
a small quantity of potassa and soda.
Some tribes cat eartlk to stay the pangs
of hunger by filling their stomachs,
and because at times they can get
nothicg better; but the people in Java
cut their earth baked iu thin cakes, as
an agreeable variety in their general
diet. Tho cakes, when slightly mois
tened, are rich and unctuous, and the
enjoyment in eating is supposed to
consist in the sensation produced by a
fatty substance. It is a curious fact
iu the history of human habits.
It is singular how the seemingly
most important things will slip a man's
mind unless he is constantly reminded
of them. A Minnesota man, after
living there a year or two and enjoying
himself, had got all ready to get mar
ried; when one day he received a let
ter from Maine, and on opening it
found it was from wife, asking for
money to support the children. All
that time the fact of his having a w ife
aud children had slipped his mind.
A team of reindeer is driven this
winter through tho streets of Copen
hagen by too Danish King. These
reindeer were presented to Christian
IV., of Denmark, by his bruther-in-law,
Churks XV., of Sweden.
A Philadelphia paper maliciously
accuses a cottiuporary ttf cutting off
the whiskers iu a picture which once
did service as a portrait of Dickens,
and publishing it as a true portrait
of Hanlon, the murderer.
dare do our duty as we understand it."-LINCOLN.
A Bitter Sarcasm.
In the Golden City, a gentleman by
the name of Jones recounts his experi
ence of juries, lie lived in the small
'own of Bloodandthundcrvillc, where
oo saw a man brought in "not guilty"
of murder because he had shot the se
ducer of his wife. This gave him an
idea. He remembered that in by-gone
days, one Mr. McMichael had horse
v hipped him with impunity. Thirst
ing for revenge, Jones went ofT and
shot McMi'jhnel ; he was brought to
trial, and told the iury that he once
had a wife who loved hi in till the
spoiler came, and that spoiler's name
was AIcMichacl. Instantly the jury
roared out "not guilty." Then he shot
a man who pulled his nose in days of
yore. When the twelve heard hira
sob, "I bad a sister once who ," they
mndly yelled "not guilty. lhen he
killed a man who had caned him.
"Ah, gentlemen." said be to the quo
decemviri, "have you mothers-in-law?
1 had one once, but this viper, this asp,
this corba di capnlln, this anacondn,
this boa-constrictor, the deceased
"not guilty, they yelled in chorus.
Mr. Jones had another enemy who had
cowhided him. He murdered him also,
but by this time all his dssolute rela
tives had been used up, and when he
sobbed, "Ah, gentlemen, I had a cat,"
the jury absurdly refused to render a
verdict of "not guilty," and so his
lawyer had to get a new triul fi.r him,
which he did, and thus cleared him.
lie is now afraid to do bloody deeds.
Formation of Character.
If you ever watched an icicle as it
formed, you would have noticed how
it froze, or.e single drop at a time, un
til it was foot long or more. If the
water was clean, the icicle remained,
and sparkled iu the sun ; but if the
water was slightly muddy, the icicle
looked foul, and its rare beauty was
Juit so our characters are formed.
One little thought or feeling at a time
adds its influence. If every thoulit.
he pure and right, the soul will l e
bright and lovely, and will sparkle
with happiness; but if there be many
thoughts or feelings impure and wrong,
the mind will be soiled, the character
depraved and darkened, aud there will
be final deformity and wretchedness.
How important, fneu, inui, u eiiuum
be on our guard against every evil nil
pulse and desire, and hear not to the
voice ot the wicked.
The Dandy. The effeminate man
is a weak poultice. He is a cross be
tween root beer and ginger-pop, with
the cork left out; a fresh-water mer
maid found in a cow pasture with hands
filled with dandelions, lie is a teacup
full of syllabub; a kitten in panta
lettes; a sick monkey with a blondo
mustache. He is a vine without any
tendril ; a Hy drowned in oil ; a paper
kite in a dead calm, lie lives like
butterfly nobody can tell why. He
is as harmless as a cent's worth of
spruce gum, and as a shirt button with
out a hole. He is as lnzv as a bread
pill, and has no more hope than a lust
year grasshopper, lie goes through
life on' tiptoes, und dies like cologne
water spilt over tho ground.
Ohio is bragging over a man with a
wonderful memory. Ho is fifty-three
vears of age illiterate and nearly blind.
but he remembers the occurrences of
every day since January 1, 1828, when
he was tune years old. Mention any
date to him in the last forty-four years
and he tells instantly what day of the
week it was, what sort of weather pre
vailed, and whut he was working at
and conversed about. A gentleman
who proposed a test provided himself
with a journal for forty-fivo years, and
after several severe cross-examinations,
proved the Ohioan to be correct inva
An exchango gives the statistics of
tho Good lemplars. I heir lodges
number 5,480, with a membership very
nearly ot 33o,2o0. lhe Hntibh Amer
ican provinces have 4G7 lodges with
20,753 members, aud Scotland has 22
lodges ami 3,400 members. r.ew lork
leads the list with 914 lodges and 7.J,
000 members. The principles of lhe
Order are rigid, total abstinence lor
life, and no compromise in any respect
witli liquor selling or liquor using as a
On the occasion of the assumption
of the imperial dignity by the King,
tho Crown Prince wore the Order of
the Garter, which was not, however,
very conspicuous, being partially hid
den by the high boots forming part of
the military costume. Ho wore it not
merely for display, but (he said) in tho
hope that the insignia' of the highest
order of chivalry m l.ngland would
bring luck, peace and prosperity to
the future empire aud the ralheriaiid
A young lady explained to a prin
ter tne other day the distinction ue
tween printiug and publishing, and at
tho conclusion ot her remarks, by way
of illustration, she said: "lou may
print a kiss on my cheeks, but you
must uot publish it. lie took her at
her word, and then went immediately
and ordered a suit of clothing for hi
Bliss of Ignorance.
Mr. Charles Lnplace is old he is
verging on three score find ten ; but
he sometimes looks back along the
aisle of lime and sees dimly outlined
in the distance some beautiful flower
that he loved when passing that way,
and recalls the pleasure that it gave
him. Sitting by his lonely fireside, he
often indulges in these reflections, and
one night recently they came trooping
around him like old friends, and the
old man shut his eyes that his mental
vision might become more clear. Just
then soft warm lips were pressed lov
ingly on his brow. It sent a thrill
through him like fire. If it was a de
lusion, he throught it tho sweetest he
had ever known. For fear that the
Bensation would vanish if he opened
his eyes, he persistently closed them,
and ever and anon the soft warmth of
those fresh, sweet lips would caress his
face, brow and neck. It was electrical.
Surely, he had a fairy visitant, for he
heard no footstep, not even the rustle
of a tiress. But the tuspense at last
became intolerable, and he opened his
eyes to see the fair floffef that memo
ry and love had conjured up. it was
his Maltese cat ! N. 0. Pit.
A man has just been dismissed out
of the workhouse of Gratz, Austria,
who prides himself on having received
more lashes and blows with a cane
than any man living, lie has publicly
been whipped 20 times, both by civ
il and military authortics. lhe exact
number of blows that have come into
contact with the rear part of his body
can not be accurately given, but the
man hi nisei 1 states that he knows lor
certain that ho received, for deserting
from the army five times, twelve thous
and six hundred and twenty-one
stripes. As this number has been ap
plied to linn at five dillerci.t punish
ments, we can guess at the nuge num
ber he must have received at the other
twenty-ono occasions.
"It is said," reports the Boston Hct-
ahl, "that some four or five years ago
the clerks employed in one ot the
banks that has recently suffered from
lelalciition, applied to the directors
lor an increase ot salaries, ine re
quest was not granted, but the cleiks
were told if they needed more money
they must earn it outside.
acter iu Denver, read in the columns
.x -K Hutnliinfl an u-iwnrriArhar.
of a paper he detested that he could
not live, and, though expected to dio
every hour, he determined to recover
to spite the scoundrel of au editor.and
to prove him an infernal liar. And he
did. Anger iu many cases is better
than medicine.
A citizen of New Orleans w rites to
the papers au inquiry whether strych
nine given by tho police, to dogs is
"pizen," and if so whether "it won't
pizen the human being after sassengers
is made." This pertinent inquiry has
becun an interesting scieutinc discus'
siou iu the Crescent City.
A jeweller of Saest, in Prussia, as' a
New Year's present, sent to the Crown
Prince of Prussia a gold watcli-ciiain
in which portraits of the leaders of
the German armies and of the most
prominent battle-fields are worked in
a most ingenious manner.
In the election campaign now going
on iu Burlington. Vt., one candidate
charges another aspirant with buyin
soup bones at the market and sticking
a pair of turkeys' legs through the
top of the busket to "make a show in
the street."
A lady in London got the idea into
her heal that the devil was iu her, and
hung herself. If women go hanging
themselves for a little thing like that,
they are going to be mighty scarce,
that is all.
"Why," asks an enthusiastic gush
er, "why, oh, why is love like a can
al boat? ami knowing that conundrums
are not intended to be guetsed,he replies
to his owu question, "because it is an
internal tiauisport."
A San Francisco wife applied for a
divorce from her husband on the ground
that ho was a "confounded fool." As
the husband coutesled the suit, it is
generally believed the cbargo she
makes against him is well-founded.
If a citizen of Boston w ants a glass
of lager beer he cau go right down
stairs and get one, the whole city
beiug undermined by a continuous
succession of lager beer saloous.
A German iu Richmond, Ind., spoke
in German to a French lady who,
not understanding.thought his remark
insulting and went for him with a club.
Ho buy his arnica, by tho barrel.
Mrs. Field, of Fenton, Mich., lost
her power of speech, aud after remain
ing a mute four years, has suddeuly
recovered it. The best short hand re
porter can't keep up with her now.
Chicago enterprise i almost cijual
to that of New York iu every particu
lar. It has even its row of buildings
fulling and crushiug people to death
with metropolitan regularity.
Boston dances more than any other
city in tho country. It it also famous
for it tih ball.
Rateiof Advertising.
One Squared inch,) one Insertion $1
One Square " one month S 0
One Square " three months... fl 00
One Square " ono year .10 00
Two Squares, ono year 15 ''O
Quarter Col. " . (
Half " " 50 00
One " " r 100 110
Business Cards, not exceeding one Inch
in length, $10 per year.
Legal notices at established rates.
These rates are low, and no deviation
ill bo made, or discrimination anion
patrons. The rates offered are such,
will mnke it to the advantage of men dol. g
business in the limits of the circulation of
the paper to advertiso liberally.
. Cider Topers.
When the Massachusetts Legislature
under temperance pressure, passed a
stringent Anti-Liquor law, they, they
saved the cider of the good deacons,
and so kept their frcendship. The Ger
man was deprived of his beer, but tho
cider of the Deacon was sacred from
the unmannerly attack of the staute.
Already, the effect of general cider
drinking is showing itself in the rurnl
districts, and the lioston Iraveler, the
organ of the Temperance crusader?,
after confessing that the faces and the
manners ot the cider drinkers exhibit
the eflectof their free potations, quotes
medical paaiphlct, published nearly
a century ago m Lngland, in which
sickness in Uevonslure was charged to
the use of cider. Such person, it is
said, have the colic, and upon this gout
supervenes. They take in "such a
quantity of crudo gross tartar," that
the blood becomes acrid ; the bile is
rendered acid, and produces much mis-,
chief, bringing on pains, anxieties and
spasms. bach is the retribution
the Massachusetts deacons bring on
themselves for their unjust discrimina
tions'. As the Traveller very justly re
marks, "People who have lived in
places where cider is freely drank,
need not be told that the 'cider topers'
are tho most uniortunato class ot
There is a way to reach the heai t,
even of the most hardened. . A yourtg
widow in Berlin, returning home after
a short absence, found this note lay.
ing on her table:
"Madam: X came here with the inten
tion of robbing you,but the sight of tho
little room decorated with religous
pictures and two sweet little child rem
quietly sleeping in their bed, touched my
heart, lhe small amount ot money ly
ing in your drawer I leave untouched,
and take the liberty of leaving fifty
dollars besides.
A correspondent informs us that
Abington. Illinois, has a woman
kickist who could discount a mule.
The merchants in that town have a
fashion of filling the sidewalks with
their goods. The lady in question,
funding a barrel of salt in her way in'
front of a grocery store.promptly lifted
her No. 3 boot and kicked the bar
rel into the Btreets. It took two men to
put it back.
At ft gntnerrf
uecticut, a few days ago, a request was
made that the four front seats be va
cated by ladies over twenty, to make
room for those under that tender nge.
A malignant reporter says: "It is
unnecessary to add that there was some
rattling among tho false teeth after
the service was over."
A good old lady in Maine who oncd'
commissioned her grocer to buy for
her, among other things, a nutmeg iu
Boston, paid him the money before he
started. As it happened he forgot tho
nutmeg, and when he returned home
the old lady demanded interest on her
money, a demand which tho trader
satisfied by giving her a needle.
A Boston lady, 'who has been there,"
says that, in view of tho awkwardness
which men aid a lady iu rising from
the sidewalk, she would rather remain
in that position than have such assis
tance. The gallants must not be so
gingerly, but tuko hold with both arms
lift uea'tly and firmly, and not disen."
gage themselves too soon.
A St. Paul girl got a pistol in
a hotel and weut up stairs and drove
everybody out iuto the snow, aud then"
weut to an upper wiud jw and opened
it and nsked the crowd, "How is this
for high ?" They set a dog on her and
treed her up the chimney. Those
Western girls are full of humor.
A Bridegroom in Monroe, Wis., dis
charged a gun into a crowd of boys who
had come to serenade him and his bride,
and learned the next morning that htj
instantly killed one of his new brothers-in-law,
besides seriously wounding two
other persons.
An Irishman brought the following
advertisement into pilliffss(ssiSs
other day : "Lost, between this audi
don't know where, an empty sack with
a cheese in it; the letter G. P. were on
the outside, but so completely worn off
as uot to be readable. '
It is said that the height of ambition
with a Piuto Indian is to marry a wo
man who has laid in a good supply of
dried grasshoppers for tho winter.
A postmaster in Wieonsiu does not
know what to do with a letter addressed
to "tho most honest wheat buyer in Ber
lin." A paper has this advertisement:
"Two sisters want washing." We fear
that millions of brothers are in tho
same predicament.
About six thousand women so fur
signed the memorials toC'ongrcss,askinj
that suffrage should not be extended
to their sex.
A Western editor represents money
as"cloee," but uot close enough for him
to reach.
Soft soap, iu some Bha.plcases all ;
generally speaking, the more ly you'
put in the better