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of TnE 4th annual mektinu ok the
Forest Co. Teachers' Institute,
Held at Tioncsta, Jan. 24th, 2oth, '2G(h,
and 27th, 1871.
Meeting opentd at 11 o'clock A. M.
by the County SepeimteiiuYnt, Itolirer,
who occupied the chair. Prayer by
Key. S. S. Burton, of Tioncsta. Ad
dress by Supt. Kolirer to the Teachers,
reply by Kev. S. S. Burton. Ilenwrks
by J. M.Kirkhind, on the construction
of, aud proper ventilation, of School
Houses, Ac. Tlio president then made
the following appointments : Secretary,
Miss Alice O. Dimond, Assistant Sec
retary, J. M. Kirkland. Executive
Committee, A. C. Torter, Chairman,
Mita Emma E. Arner, Leslie M. Stew
Art The hours of meeting were 9 A.
M., 1:45 and 7 P. M. Institute ad
journed to meet at 1:4.5 P. M.,
Afternoon Slssion. Institute,
met according to adjournment 1:43
Roll call. Question for discussion,
"What are the prominent causes of
failure in teaching?" A motion to
limit the speakers' time to five minutes
was offered by Miss Anna D. Gibson.
Motion carried. Discussion opened
by A. C. Tortcr, followed by L. M.
Stewart, P. M. Clark, Anna Gibson, J.
M. Kirkland, Emma Arner, Rev. S. S,
Burton, S. D. Irwin and C. II. Dale.
The causes given by the discussionists
were as follows: 1st, Incompetency;
2d, want of government dislike for the
work and looking ahead for salary; 4th,
a want of co-operating with teachers
by parents; 5th, improper school
houses, &c, &c. Recess.
Class drill in orthography, by Prof.
C. II. Dale, after which various i
methods of teaching spelling were sug-
gested and corresponding examples
given. The following committee was
npponted to procure subscription to
Pennsylvania School Journal: P. M.
Clark, Miss M. II. McCurdy and Anna
Steele. The reading of the programme
for the evening, by the President. The
Institute adjourned.
Evening Session, 7 o'clock P. M.
Institute met at 7 o'clock. Meeting
called to order by President. Roll
call. Response by sentiment. Lec
t ure by Rev. S. S. Burton, Subject,
"Make Your Mark." Select reading
by Alice G. Dimond, Subject, "The
House by the liolling River." Select
eading by Anna D. Gibson, Subject,
'Darius Green and his Flying Ma
chine." Select reading by S. I). Irwin,
Subject, "Lochiel's Warning." Select
reading by J. M. Kirkland, Subject,
"Casabiauca," which wa3 lead in two
ways to demonstrate the common de
fects in reading. The decussiou for
the evening was upon the question,
' 'what are the best methods of securing
the co-operation of Parents and Direc
tors. A motion to limit the speakers
to five minutes was adopted. The dis
cussion was opened by J. M. Kirkland,
followed by is. D. Irwin, for whom the
time was extended, which was improv
ed by him in making some spicy re.
marks and reading and Essay on the
"Model Director." Remarks were
made by Rev. S. S. Burton, A. 0. Por
ter, D. Hays, W. P. Mercilliott, Miss
A. D. Gibson aud Miss M. II. McCur
dy. Discussion closed. The following
resolution was offered aud adopted:
Resolved, That as teachers of Forest
county, we feel the need of the hearty
Co operation of the Parents and Direc
tors. The minutes of day were read and
approved. Programme read by the
President, for Wednesday session. In
stitute adjourned to meet on WedneS'
Wednesday Session, Jan. 25. In
stitutc met at 9 o'clock A. M. Prayer
by Prof. C. Dale. Class drill on arith
metic by Prof. C. II. Dale. The fob
lowing committeon resolutions was op'
pointed : Leslie M. Stewart, Chair
man, Anna D. Gibson, Emma X. Ar
ncr. The following resolution ofl'ered
by Rev. S. S. Burton, was adopted :
Resolveb, That no persons except
members of the Institute, bo allowed
to speak in -our general discussions un
less culled upon ly the chair. Insti
tute adjourned.
Afternoon Session. Institute met
lit 1:45 P. M. Culled to order by the
President. A general discussion was
t-ugaged in by the teaeli&rs, opened by
J. W. Siggins, on tlio variaus methods
of teaching arithmetic. Discussion
closed by vote. Lessons on -com position
was conducted bv Prof. Dale. Rectus
of five minutes.
A Lecture on the method of teach
ini spelling was rend by A. C. Torter
u. pink - .
The Program mo was read by the Pres
dent, for the evening, and the Institute
adjoured at half past four P. M.
Evening Session. Institute met at
o clock. Roll call, response by
sentiment. Music. Iccture by Prof.
C. II. Dale, on recitations in the school
room. Essay by Miss M. 11. McCurdy,
Sllbiert. "Lfthnr." K.inn- hv XeMin
' . j
Hunter. Select reading, by P. M.
Clark, Subject, "Parhasius." Lecturo
on Elementary Orthocraphv. bv D.
Hays. Essay, by Miss Emma N. Ar
ner, Subject. "Cultivate Kindness." A
medley song, by J. I Siggins and
Prof. Weber. Essay by Mary Har
rington, Subject, "How should we
train our Scholars?" Relmersal by
Miss Anna Gibson, Subject, "The Irish
Woman's Letter." Music. Recitation
by L. M. Stewart, Subject, "Sheridan's
Ride." Select reading, by J. V. Sig
gins, Subject, "Bachelors' Soliloquies."
Music. Declamation by P. M. Clark,
Subject, "Rienzies address to the Ro
mans." Violin Solo, by Tiof. Weber.
Institute adjourned to meet on Thurs
day at y A. M.
Thursday Session. Institute met,
at 9 o'clock A. M. IYayer, by Prof.
C. II. Dale. Roll call. Instruction in
Elementary Reading, by Prof. C. H.
Dale. Lecture on Penmanship, by S.
D. Irwin. Recces. Astronomy explain
ed, by Supt. Rohrer and C. II. Dale.
Institute adjourned.
Afternoon Session Institute met
at l:4o r. m. Roll call, by assistant
Sec'y. Lesson in Astronomy continued
by Supt. Rohrer, to which remarks and
suggestions were made by Prof. C. II.
Dale. Lecture on Elocution by Rev.
S. S. Burton. Recess.
Instruction in giving Object lessons,
by Prof. Dale. Meeting adjourned at
5 o'clock.
Evening Session. Meeting con
vened at 7 o'clock, r. m. Roll call,
response by sentiment. Est-ay by A.
C. Porter, Subject, "Successful Medi
ocrity." Music, by Prof. Weber and
J. P. Siggins. Address, by Rev. R. R.
Roberts. Select reading, by ML b Ad-
aline Benoit, Subject, ' Maud Muller,
Essay, by Mies Lizzie Kerr, Subject
"Education." Song, by Miss Nettie
Hunter. Rehearsal, by Alico G.
Dimond, Subject,"Abou, Ben Adhem."
Song, by Mr. Wilkins, "Pat Maloy."
Select reading, by Miss M. II. McCur
dy, Subject, "Song of the Shirt." Mu
sic, by band. Select reading, by L.
M. Stewart, Subject, "Pyramus aud
Thisby. Song, by Alice and Minnie
Walcott, "The Golden Bowl." Comic
song, by J. P. Siggins. Instrumental
music. Meeting adjourned to meet on
Friday at 9 a. m.
Friday Session. Institute met at
9 A. m. Opeued with prayer by Rev.
S. S. Burton. Lecture on Geometry
as should be taught in Primary schools,
by Rev. S. S. Burton to which an illus
tration was added by S. D. Irwin, Esq.
Reading lesson, by Prof. C. II. Dale.
Closing address to the teachers by
Trof. C. II. Dale. A vote of thanks
was tendered to Trot'. C. II. Dale, in
consideration of Lis able services as
an instructor. Remarks by Rev. S.
S. Burton, on "Thorough Training."
Institute a'ljourued to meet at 1:45 P.
Afternoon Session. Institute met
at 1:45 v. m. Roll call by assistant
y., repouse by sentiments. Coiir
mittee on Resolutions reported, the
resolutions were read by Aesist, Sec'y.
aud adopted by the Institute. A lec
ture on Penmanship by J. M. Kirk
land. Lecture by Rev. S. S. Burton,
ou Schools, Recess.
A Lecturo on School Dicipiine, by
A. C. Porter. Select reading by Miss
Anna D. Gibson, Subject "The Raven."
A vote of thanks was tendered by the
Institute to Supt. Rohrer, for the able
and scholarly manner in which ho has
Presided over the Institute, during its
sittings. The minutes of the Institute
were read and approved. Closing nd
drc-a by Supt. Rohrer. lustitute ud-
jourued at 4 o'clock p. m., sine die.
Alice G. Dimond, Se'cy.
J. M. Kirkland, Ass't. Sec'y
Resolutions passed and adopted at
the 4th annual Teachers' Institute,
held at Tiouesta, Jan. 24th, 1871.
v uereas, 1 lie 4th annual session
oi me leathers institute, lias now
been held in the County of rorest, it
seems proper that we recognize the
results of the former sessions as having
been highly bcucficiul to those con
cerued therein, as well to the teachers
present as to the Public.
Resolved, That the practice of teach
ers boarding, or being compelled to
bourd around with the scholars is in
direct opposition to the will, or wishes
of the people, and should be abolished
The same beiug injurious to the health
of the teachers, aud also to the b.'st in
terests of the school.
Resolved, I hut we hereby express
our thanks to lk-v. S. S. Burton, 8. D,
Irwin and other citizens of Tiouesta
as well as directors and friends of ed
ucation, who have manifested nn inter
est in our proceedings and wcllfure.
Resolved, That a voto of thanks be
tendered to Prof. Chas. II. Dale, Supt.
of Veuango county, for the nblo and
practical methods of teaching the Ele
mentary system of education ho litis
adopted and explained, and to which
wo havejistcued with pleasure and
Resolved, That toTrof. A. Weber,
J. P. Siggius, Esq'r., Miss Nettie Hun
tcr, and Miss Alice and Minnie Wol
cott, the thanks of this Institute arc
tendered, for the excellent music fur
nished by them during the session.
Resolved, That in our County Supt.
S. F. Rohror.wo recognize tlio untiring
educator, and consider the progressive
state in which our schools Maud, are
iu a great measure duo to his efforts.
Resolved, That we recommend in the
future, a still greater co-operation be
tween teachers and directors, and also
call the attention of directors to that
portion of the school laws which en
joins tlm frequent visiting of the
schools by them, believing that such
visits are highly beneficial.
Resolved, That we as teachers of
Forest county, in order that our labor
may be crowned with success, do rely
ou the Divino Being for aid and
Resolved, finally, That n full copy of
these resolutions be handed to the ed
itors of the Forest Republican and
Forest Press for publication.
L. M. Stewart, i
Miss Annie D. Girson, Committee.
Miss Emma E. Arner, )
List of actual members present at
the 4th annual Institute.
S. F. Rohrer, Co. Supt., Marion.
J. M. Kirklnnd, Neillsburg.
A. C. Torter, Tioncsta.
Jenuie Bixby, Newtown.
Anna D. Gibson, Panther Rock,
Emma Arner, Nebraska,
Sadie N. Arner, Nebraska,
Leslie M. Stewart, Clarington,
P. M. Clark, Tioncsta,
Adline Benoit, West Hickory,
Mary II. McCurdy, Stewart's Run,
Nannie Steele, Jamiesons,
Louisa Barns, Fagundns,
Alice Shriver, T.onesta,
W. Siggins, Washington,
Matilda Powncll, Hickory,
Jennie Knight, Jamiesons,
Emetine Jones, Tidioute,
Anna Trusall, Tioncsta,
Mary Herrington, Ross Run,
Anna Myers, Hickory,
Lissie Kerr, Newmanville,
Ruth Knowlton, Tioncsta,
Eva White, Newton,
Alice G. Dimond, Newtown,
Bill for a Constitutional Convention
Harrisburo, Pa., Jan. 20,
Mr. Mann, from the Committee on
Constitutional Reform repcrted a bill
....... 1 ..
ior a .onsiiiutioniii convention, pro
viding for an election on the second
Tuesday of June next for or against a
convention ; the people nt the time to
elect delegates. The convention is to
be held on the first Tuesday of Sep- j
tcmbcr, nt Hurrisburg. Forty dele
gates at large are to be chosen, each
elector to vote for twenty. One hun
dred and three ure to be chosen from
the Senatorial districts, each single
district to elect three ; and each voter
to vote for two. In doublo districts
each elector is to vote for four. The
six highest candidates ore to be de
clared elected. The w hole Convention
is to consist of 143 members. Their
pay is fixed at twelve dollars per day
day for two hundred days, and five
dollars for every day in excess. The
bill was ordered to be printed.
Starved to Death. Tho Cou-
ncautville Courier of lust week iu
speaking of the death of Gilbert Cut
ler, proprietor of the Cutler House, at
Crossingville, Crawford county, says:
The particulars of bis death from a
case of particularity distressing inter
est, he having literally died of starva
tion. He had been ailing for several
months, from stricture of the a.-sopha-gus,
and was only to partake of liquid
food, the quantity growing smaller
with each succeeding day, until at
length ho was unable to swallow a sin
gle drop. For thirteen days previous
to his death not the slightest particle
of food or drink reached his stomach,
and death to him was a welcome vis
itor. The disease was simply the grad
ual closing of the tube through w hich
food is conveyed to the stomach, and
the best mcdicul skill failed in afford
ing relief.
Sad Accident. In Sharon a few
days ago a child aged about two years,
daughter of a Mr. Jones, who resides
near the E. & P. R. R. depot in that
place, was fatally scalded by pulling a
pitcher of boiling hot water from a
table standing near, the water coming
agaiust the child's face aud rushing
down its neck and breast. Medical
aid was not called until the next day,
which was too late to save its life,
Greenville A rgut
Peace in Europe.
Paris has capitulated ; just before
we go to press news conies to tn that
the war in Europe is over. This end
of tho war has been looked for ns cer
tain for somo time. All should rejoice
that tho flow of blood is stopped nt
last, and that peace is onco more prev
alent. Who have merely time to give
some of the morcjimportnnl dispatches :
eusaii.lks, January 27. Tim
capitulation of Taris has been signed.
'PI 1 A I. I .1
i ne terms are me surrender 01 llie
garrison and the summoning of a na
tional assembly.
lhe terms of capitulation of Paris
provide for tho possession of the lorts
around Paris by the Germnns, but no
occupation of the city by them. The
I mice imperial to be tuturo i.mperor,
with the Empress as Regent. A large
lorce will bo immediately dispatched
in pursuit of Chanzy., Jan. 25. Tho terms
of peueo offered by Kismuck to the
.trench nation are as follows:
First, tho cession of tho Province of
of Alsace and that part of tho Prov-
ince oi ijorraino Known as ucrman
Second, a money indemnity of !.
000,000,000 francs.
Third, forty war shins from the
French fleet.
Fourth, one of tho colonies now
held by France, which I cannot learn.
Tho money indemnity must be guar
anteed by municipalities. If this guar
antee is refused, the rronertv of rich
individuals will be held possession of
until ncquicsanco is obtained.
London, January 29. Bismarck.
alluding to the reported negotiations
between Napoleon and the Prussian
Government, says the Emperor refers
everything to the regency. Bismarck
denies that he has ever negotiated for
the restoration of the Bonapartes, or
that he intends to interfere in the do
mestic concerns of France.
Versailles, Sunday, Jan. 29. The
German troops occupied the forts
around Paris at ten o'clock this morn
ing, and the entire garrison of Paris,
except the National Guard, will sur
render their arms. The armistico ex
pires on the 19th of Februry.
Another Disaster X
Explosion of the W. R. Arthur !
Chicago, January 28. Intelligence
reached this city this afternoon that
the steamer W. R. Arthur, one of the
fitiest ou the Nississippi river, esploded
her boiler nt one o'clock this morning,
near Island No. 40. Sixty lives are
reported lost. The captain, his wifi
four engineers, the pilot, carpenter
aud steward, were all severely burned.
We clip the following items from
the Venango Ciliten :
Lecture on Thursday Evening.
On this evening, Hon. James Parton,
of New York, will lecture iu the Court
House, under the auspices of the
Franklin Lecture Association. Mr.
Parton has a national reputation as
lecturer he stands in the front ranks of
those appearing to American audi
ences. His subject, "One Hundred
Yeats Ago," is a pleasing one, and we
doubt not a rare treat is in store for
all attending.
Capt. W. C. Howe, formerly of Pit
hole, connected with the firm of Mc
Cullum & Wagner, coal dealers, has
purchased a lot opposite the Exchange
hotel and intends erecting thereon
residence in the spring. We welcome
the Captain to the "Nursery," and are
glad that ho is determined to make
this city bis home. He is known
throughout the oil regions as a first
class, go-anead business men, and we
hail the advent of such persons in our
midst ns indicative ot the luture pros
penty ot irnnklin,
An affair which came near resulting
seriously, is reported to have occurred
a few eveniiiiB since at the residence
of Mrs. Orton, near Parker's Landin
Our readers will remember tho receut
trial and conviction of Greenwood, at
the last terra of court in Kiltauuing,
it will be remembered, was tried for
the murder of Fleming, who rasalleg
ed to have been upon intimate terms
with Mrs. Orton, a sister of the mur
dcrcr. Since thut time it is alleged
that a young mag, residing iu the vi
ciuity of Parker's Landing, hns been
the habit of calling upon Mrs. Orton
trequcntly. Another man, who was
also upon very friendly terms with her
called a few evenings since, and a quar
rel sprang up between the two, when
one of them placed tho muzzle of a re
volver close to tho other's head un
pulled the trigger. Fortunately the
pistol missed fire, and the parties were
separated be fur anything more serious
resulted, An information for assault
with intent to kill was mudo before
'Squire Scott, but withdrawn before
the case came up for hearing.
We take the following from the
Oil City Times:
'lhe consecrution of Christ Church
Venango City, took place oi. Wednes
day. Bishop Kerfoot, of Pittsburgh
ofiieiated, assisted by ten clergymen.
The new Kpiscopal church at Rouse
vine was dedicated to divine service
on Sunduy hist.
CJen. Carey lectured at the Metlm
dist Church Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings, on "Temperance," wild the
"Dignity of Labor." The lectures
were able and intercst'n ', and call
forth the heartiest congratulations oi
all present.
An empty tank car, bekngin'' to
Messrs. Vnndcrprift it For.-Mnnn .. ...
destroyed by fire Thursday night
Tho steamboat Briliant arrived from
ttsburgh on tho 19lh, making tho
) in ii. nours.
Tr. W. J. Brundred.of this city bus
u i lied a Patent, no n ilevien ilia.
charging oil from tunks.
The rroRsinrr nf flin Tl . T TJ Tf 5
Titusvillc was practically effected on
no l "
UIU -Oil.
Mr. Wm. Hill, nssistnnt vard mnster
at the depot of tho Lake Shore and
Michigan .Southern Railroad slipped
and fell off tho platform of a carlues
day noon. Both his legs were crushed
in a horrid manner. Drs. Seys
nnd Arter attended the unfortunate
man, but ho was so seiously injured
that death ensued iu about nine hours.
Mr. Hill was unmarried and fronicrly
resided at Conn, Ohio.
A new well was struck on the
Fagundus Farm.opp .sito tho McKin
ney House, Fagundus City, on Smidny
last, and is now pumping nt the rate of
lou barrels daily. It is owned by the
Fagundus Farm Oil Company.
Well No. 8, on tho Baker Farm
ownCd by JC. K. Clnpp, was torpedoed
about il week since, and was increased
from nn eight barrel well to 175 barrels
lily. Conner.
Sew Artri'i-tlDemcnt,
Kebrunry Term, 1S71 t
Mrs. L. Wauiniman. IXotol. Ilurmonv
Fublic Notice Is heroliy trivpn thnt Nnn-
py Dawson, l'.xoeutrix of John I'iiwboii,
lUH-cttMod, 1mm tiled In the ltcuistf r' Ollleo
in nnd lor tho County of Forest, nt Tlonps
t, 1'n., her liiml account us Kxnvtitrix un
der the hvst w ill of the said John Dawson,
deceased, anil that tho mime will be pre
sented to tho Orphans' Court of said coun
ty iifi t-oiiiiriiimioii mm allowance on nip
th day ol 1-ebriiary next, nt tho Court
House ut Tioncsta in tho County nt'orcsuid.
4-4t, J. 11. AUNliW, Uegintor.
Jan 17, 1871.
Public Notice Is hereby iri von that Sam
uel 1). Irw in, Administrator ol the estate of
M. luilinirs. deceased. Iins tiled in tho
Hejrister'M tlnlce in and for tlio County of
orest nt I lonestn, I'a.. Ins final account ns
administrator ol tlio said S. H. tlulinirs,
deceased, nnd that tho same will ho pre
sented to the Orphans' t'ourt of said Coun
ty toreoiillriunlioii mm allowance on the
liTtli day ol February next ut tho Court
House nt lionesta in the county aforesaid.
4S--U. J. Is. AGNKYV, Register.
Jan. 19, 1871.
Public Notice is hereby iri veil that Invld
S. KUlridjro hi d William Wrny, adminis
trators of tlio pstato of James Kldridnc,
deeenspd, has tiled in tho Hefristor's Olliee
the final account as administrators of tho
estate of mud James Kldridjro, dee'd, au.l
mat tno snine will lie presented to tho Or-
iian w i ouri oi hiiki county tor conlirnia-
tion nnd allowance on tho -Ttli day of
February next, nt the Court House in
the borough of Tiouesta, in the county
uloresnid. J. U.AUNKW,
Jan. li, 1S71, 42-4t Jlegiter.
OV AND AFTKU Saturday January 28,
Trains will run ns follows :
No. '2.
2.50 p m "
8.17 " "
3.40 '
No. 4.
(Ml n m
tl.fill 1
10.3 J '
Frathers Mill
Fitholo City
STATIONS. No. 1. No. 3.
ritlnilo City, 8.00 a m 1.00 p m
i-rainers juiu fi.i.'i " 1.1.1
Woods 8.2:1 " l.'J.l '
ISennett 8.30 " 1.30
Oleopelis 8.40 " MO 1
An i-.xtra Tram leaves I'ltiiolo City on
saiiiruavs nt o.zup. 111. lunKing close eon
nectlon at Oleopolia villi Trains on tho Oil
Creek fe Allegheny River Railway forCor-
ry nnn inierinoiuato pniuis.
Jluturn Train leaves lileopons nt 7.2U p.
ni.. nrri vim? at l'ilholo Citv nt 7. .".".
A II other TraiiiH muko closo eoniipetioiiB
nt Oleopolis with trains 011 the Oil Creek A
Allegheny River Uailwny, North and
Train No. 2 makes close connection at
Oil Citv with Fast Line 011 Allegheny Val
ley itaiiway lor I'lilsuurgliauo. lnleriueul
ute points.
I wo Lines of stages run daily between
FitholoCity, Miller Fnrni nnd Pleasant-
villo, niakingeniiiicctiou wHliiirrivingand
departing 1 rains. J. 1. UIAIK,
I ID. lUSHOl', Sup t
Ticket Agent, Pithole City, Pa.
An unfailing remedy for nil Rrnnehial Dif
ficulties, loughs, cuius, Hoarseness.
Asthma, Dipthcritt, Dryness of tho Throat
or 11 nut ripe and nil (. auirrliul diseases,
I he woiidorlul modern discovery ot 1 ar
bolio Acid, is destined to becoiuo one of
tho greatest blessings to mankind 111 its
application to disease of the throat nnd Its
great curative qualities in all uHuutious of
tho Chest and LJings.
lr. Well' Cnrbolic Tablet
besides tho great remedial agent Carbolic
Acid contains other ingedients universally
recommended, which clieinicull.r oonmine
producing a Inblet more Invrhly mudiciii
al and I etter adapted for diseases of the
throat than any preparation ever beiore ot
tered to tho public.
Ro Hiiro that you
net Wells' t 'nrbol
ie Tablets ; don't let other goods be palmed
011 un you in incir piucc.
l'Olt COLlillrt AND COLDS,
WelUi' Dirbolic Tablets
nre a SURE CL'KE. Try Them
Sold by Druggists. 41-4t
Book Agents Wanted.
The Rihlo Read in the light of its own
Scenery, Rev. W, L. (iage's new Issik is
now ready. I'rtmed 011. tinted paper, is
sued in beautiful stvle. Contains 2iK) Su
perb Engravings, and is one of the most
valuable liiblical books ever issued. In
every family w herelho Hilile is to be found
and there arc millions of them, tiiure can
this work be sold. Agents will rpprociate
lam. u v want agents also lor
Prof. Stowe's 'Self-Irterpretiig Fam
ily Bible."
tho grandest book ovor Issued, being his
crowning 1110 work pronounced hycritio
the tinesl und moMt uomplele liiblu'exlaur
now having a larger salo ihun any othei
three llibles combined, Splendidly illus
trated contains a dictiouai v ot the Liblo-
with 200 engravings, a history ol cac
book, etc., aud enables any leader to fcriu
his own commentary 011 the Scriptures as
ho studies tlx m. Any ic-'cnt or person
who reads this this, and who desires the
most prohtahlo and honorable business
send lor circulars Willi lull liitcrnialion,
30-It Hartford, C'oiin,
Recommended and Endorsed by ovor
Seven Ilunilrcd Doctors.
Not a Secret Quack Medicine For
mula Around the Bottle.
Dr. J. J. LAWRENCE, Organic
n y
TKM. This is the Secretof its Wonderful
Success in Curing
Consumption in its early stages, Seroiu
ut, oyjmuis, Jjyjepsia. Liver
Complaint, Chronic
Neuralgia, Nervous Affection, Eruptions
oj oj me rktn, J minors, imss oj
Vigor, Diseases of the
and Bladder, and all Diseases caused by
a Had Mate oj Vie ISlood.
It thoroughly eradicates every kind nt
Humor nnd Had taint, nnd restores tho en
tire system to a healthy condition.
It is lievond question tho Finbst Toxic
is tiik Woni.n.
1 hoiiNiiuds Imvplioen chniljrpd by tlio uso
of this medicine from weak, sickly, siiffor-
mir creaiures, io wrong, lieullliy, mid liaji
py men nod women.
Invalids cannot hesibdo to givo It a trial.
No medicine has obtained such n irreat
reposition as tlus justly celebrated com
From rhysieinns. Kminent Divines. l-MI-
tors. Druggists, Mcrclinnts, ,Vc, hcq JCOH-
auu J A v lor tins ycur.
yon sai.k bt
The Principal Druggists of the United
. States and llriiish America.
Manufacturers of
EE J.JElilD "W" A H! ,
Ac, Ac, Ac,
12, IO, 8 HOUSE rOWI.St,
SI, 11, 12 and IO II. l
Ai 00 ici ir it
Room No. 2, Chase A Stewart's lilock,
TTORKIKT,!-:! I enflerred with
Catarrh thirty years, and was cured
in six weeks by a simple remedy, and will
send tho rebeipt , postage tree, hi all alllct
ed. T. J. Mkah, Draw er ITli, Syracuse, N.
Free to Ituolc Agent-1.
Wo will send a handsome prospectus of
our A w J lluxti ott il ViwiVy JUble. con
taining over 200 lino . Scripture illustra-
ons to uny book agent free of charge,
ddress National 1'iiblUlilng Co. l'hiltt.
f"- au-4t,
I urn now soliciting orders for tho celo .
Call at Knox A Co.'f Store, seo a Ma
chine and leave your order.
7 A. J. MARSH. Ag t.
:o: :oi
Is ths motto of
Tbo hare opsned a
m a;m m o t n stock
In the old Court House building, sdjolulof
tha Holmes House,
txohstesiuv :p.a..
where they will be happy; to supply Ui
wants of this community, with sd
Entire Fresh Assortment
ef all ths norslties in Ihs
1 ..
which have been selected with great cars.
As to prices, we challenge all couipsluorii.
It has long beeu ths deslr of ths people
of this community, to hare a stors in their
midst whore can be found everything gvn-
erally kept in a iimt-claas store, and wur
It could be purchasod at H?ing prices. To
satisfy this want, we bare come in vour
midst, aud hopo by propor attention to
business and to the wants of the people, to
socure their patronage.
Our stook ef
Is second to none in
Western Pennsylvania,
and we are determined not to be nuder
sold. These goods embrace all the
and we feel assured that the citizens of this
county will not have to go to adjoining
towns to purobase DKES3 GOOl'3 lu thu
Our stock of
is superior, both in fiuality and siyle to
any eTor before offered In this section, and
we trust that all will call and examine our
stock beforo purchasing elsewhere. 'We,
having an experienced cutter, we cr.a ta!-.
laty the most fastidious j7 and aswa have
our own munufautury In Philadelphia, we
thereby have the advantajfe'over all oi'utr
dealers iu this section.
lu endless variety, at prices to tuit the
of every stylo audi quality, which we are
prepared to sell at New York pri. c-i.
Call and.Exatnine our Sfct k.
sepii -2i-i) Mli,.un.oy vtch y c