The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, January 17, 1871, Image 3

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    HLHIJ.I. Jl . .' '.V.1T.. " '
..&!ic forest 3ftcpMI(iw.
' Purjers. II. Mat.
CVmi ifthitrn laeoh Sh ri ver, .1. K. St roll p.
W. V. lliinond.S. II. Haslet. .1. Winnn.
JuAticmof the J'cacc W. 1'. Moroillintt,
11. S. Kivnx.
fyat stall ,T. X. Tel t wort li .
AVion IHrertnr .1. Winans, J. A. Tnlo,
J. A. Proper, Jacob Shriver, 1). S. Knox,
S. D. Irwin.
Jrident .JWr Jamts Camppkix.
.Cmoci.ic Juifscii. A. Pnortit, Ax-
Sheritrli. L. Davis.
jHntiict .1 ttnrnri- . W . M AffOn.
l'rotlior,t(iry, Heyistcr it iJrcordir, if c.--J.
n. Aon kv.
t"ommM,iOMrril N. P. W IIKIt.En, IJKNJ.
ICi.tlovr, r Kris n Mi:ncii.i.ioiT.
Vuiiri Superintendent H. 1'. Itoiiuim.
J it, ii 'Vommiionrra-Jas.,
Vm. Patterson.
C'jimfy .SMifcior S.D. Inwix.
f ..... . .. W.w . vu
TT , . T LM . V VI f'T.AIllv.
irmberut Cunnrts VMh DMricl-ii. W.
. ftiroFiELl),
- Slntc Senate W. A. W'AtLlts.
Aeaeu-blj Joust). Hall.
L'-'O p.m.
l.-"i p. in.
0.V) l. in.
1(1.07 . in.
3.-0 p. in.
' fcxpross
G.37p. in.
10.04 n. in.
3.10 p, in
1' press
. ' Nominations Air officers for the
-mailing torm, for tlio I. O. G. T., will
he made at their regular meeting to
"morrow (Wednesday), evening. A
j;ootl turn-out is desired.
On Wednesday last the County
Auditors adjourned to the 30tH inst.,
when they wi'.l again meet to finish
their report.
S. II. nnd Geo. Haslet and some
liny were out hunting small gnmo on
"Saturday, nnd bagged a nuinoer of
i-quirrels and a ely old coon. We be
lieve squirrels arc quite jdeiity iu this
, Wc havo received a very neatly
printed paper entitled Our Dumb Ani
malt, published nt Boston. Mass. Its
aim is a humane education of the peo
plo and to secure the passage of laws
to prevent cruelty to animals. It is a
jjood work, and wc wish the publishers
nieces. '
T. li. Cobb spent last Sunday in
town. He was down warming his house
to prepare for Mrs. Cobb and the rest
of the family who will move into town
this week, if the roads are not too bad.
Mrs. Cobb lias been ill for about a
month past, but her many friends will
be glad to know that her health is im
proving. Rev. A. Virtue, Presbyterian, of
Kmlenton, will occupy the pulpit of
.of the Presbyterian Church on the Erst
Sunday of February. We arc inform
ed by those who have heard him
preach, thut he is an excellent preach
er, and we have no doubt thai, he will
le greeted with a full house.
. I. Ilill'uronner, senior member of
the firm of I. Ililbronncr & Co., has
been in town for a week past, looking
after the business here. He seems well
satisfied with the amount of trade the
establishment lias been doing, and nl
, tributes it all to keeping up a good
dock, Belling low, and advertising in
the Republican.
Rev. Burton lias made arrange
ments with Revs. Roberts and Lloyd,
to have services every sabbath morning
and evening, hereafter. Such an ar
ragemcnt has been needed for some
time, and wc havo no doubt thut wc
.tl'.a'.l havo better attendance at church
, hereafter. Turn out all that can pos
sibly come.
We havo received a copy of the
New York Observer Year Book and
Almanac for 1871. It is printed on
good, clear type and tinted paper, and
contains besides the usual nslrouomi
cal calander a variety of valuable sta
tical iuformutiau. An entire imprint
.of the first directory of New York, pub
lished in 178(3, also apjears in this vol
ume, which until now was so rare that
a, tingle copy brought 100. All sub
scribers to the Observer for one year,
fash in advance, will receive the year
book free. Published by Sidney E.
Morse, Jr. & Co., 37 Park Row, N. Y.
Last week wo published a pro
. portion of some of our tow nsmen to
give a premium of five dollars iu gold
to the person reading the best essay on
the subject of matrimony, to bo heard
during the Tl.eachcrs' Institute, to be
held in this place next week, com
mencing on Tuesday, 24th iust. We
are uow informed that three bachelors
x of this place will compete for the prize,
and if either nf them pulls iu the
prize, ho will divide it up into live pre
miums of one dollar each, to be given
to five persons reading the best essays
on any subject. Wo would, therefore
recommend tbut all our teachers let
themselves out l:vh' on c?"v diirhig
t': if t'i'Uf.
Tho danro which was to have
como off at Forest Hall on Friday oi
last week, diil not proceed on account
of the non-attendance of daneists.
Geo. Turner nnd Francis Brown,
who havo been on trial for the murder
of Rowland Hydetown,
in December last wcro acquitted.
Wc have received tho American
Newspaper Reporter and Advertiser's
Gazette, published by Geo. P. Rowel 1
& Co., New York. It is a valuable
paper for cither advertisers or publish
We learn that John T. Bolo, while
engaged iu rafting logs at tho month
of Mill Creek sn Monday last, had his
leg broken below tho kneo by a log
rolling on it. Clarion Republican.
J. P. Siggins, late county Treasur
er, informs us that ho is going to put
Uown somo wjalla niiposi to. this place,
about three miles back from the river,
We wish him as much success ns he
I anticipate?.
Mr. John Shrccve, formerly of
this place, but now living in liolvidere,
111., paid this placo a visit last week,
with his family. lie was enthusiasti
cally received by our citizens, and we
judge that ho must have been a popu
lar man iu the placo when ho lived
Our job office has taken so much
of our attention for the past week that
wc havo not had time to circulate
much iu search of locals. Wo are
turning out a vast amoutof job work
now and our customers seem pretty
well satisfied with our work. Bring i.
along. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Tho Conncautvillc Courier comes
to us enlarged and with a newheadin
and entire new dress. We wish the
proprietors that success in tho future
which tncy have been having iu the
past, which is wishing them wcl
enou'di. We should have noticed the
impiovmcut last week, only tho Cour
ier failed to put iu an appearance at
this ofiice.
Magu ire's Opera House in San
Francisco announces iu its advertise,
ments: "Perpjrmai'ccs every Sunday
ni;:ht." Sunday night seems to be a
favorite timo for performances here,
judging by the time some of our young
men put in an appearance at their
homes ou that evening, and the
amount of chttira that Parti idgc lias to
fix on Monday.
We have received IJuUvu's .Liga
sine for February. Itcontaius an in
structive illustrated article ou Russia,
treating that nation in a most compre
hensive manner, showing its manners
and customs, strength and weakness,
all of which is very interesting just at
this timo. The remainder of its con
tents consisting of poems, stories, Ac.,
all of which are very interesting.
Terms CI. 50 a year, or 13 cents a sin
gle copy. Address, Thomes it Talbot,
Boston, Mass.
The ico went out of the river on
Sunday morning last, commencing at
about 2 o'clock. It went out without
much fuss, but piled tho beach on both
sides of the river with large chunks of
ice, which were carried away by the
high water on Sunday night. The
creek broke up about 11 o'clock on
Sunday nitiht, and flooded tho shores
on both sides to a considerable extent.
To day, Monday, tho "Arubs"are reap
ing quito a rich harvest by pulling in
lumber which has escape, from the
mills above. The river is about bank
high, and is over tho roud in some
places. It requires quito an amount
nerve nnd sou.e muscle to cross it at
this state. We believo no damage has
been done along tho river. And now,
we feel tho want of a bridge again
Tidioi te R R. Com tan v. The
annual meeting for the election of ofii
cors of this company took place on
Tuesday with tha follow ing result :
President James Parshal.
Directors B. D. Benson, D. II
Mitchell, R. H. Ilopkius, Geo. W,
Secretary R. E. Hopkins.
Treasurer D. A. Mitchell.
Every &tlurJuy romc-s to us regu
larly. Wo consider it one of tho best
illustrated papers published. The last
number contains a portrait of F. Bret
Harte, author of the famous "Heath
en Chinee," who, besides being a very
interesting writer is about as good look
ing as men average. Wo believe that
James R. Osgood & Co., havo engaged
this gentleman to write for their pub
lications exclusively, which will be an
additional inducement to subscribers.
Tho paper also contains a minuter of
other superior engravings, and contains
21 pages of interesting reading matter
and line engravings. Mr. Fields has
retired from the firm. Terms of livery
Saturday, fco.OO per annum. Address
tho publishers, Boston, Mas.
Mark Twain receives 82,100 a
year for bein:: i".-i-d?? foi."v iu
The Woman t Journal, edited by
Marv A. Livermore and somo other
masculine women, has reached us. It
is devoted to woman's rights, i. c. wo
men mid'. age. We havo circulated
somo little about this glorious Union,
and have interviewed a great many la
dies on the subject of woman sullVage
and have yet to fiod a real intelligent
woman w ho w ishes the ballot, and con
sequently don't feel like forcing it up
on them. Wc therefore are not what
you might call a woman's rights man.
Bret Hartc, according to a San
Francisco letter, is to take up hi? resi
dence in Boston, and write exclusively
for tho Atlantic Monthly.
1 he National Farmer and Horti
cultural J'cjiMr has been sent to us
from the publishers, Brinkloeit Marot,
Philadelphia. It is to bo published
weekly at $1.00 per annum.
To Contractors.
Proposals will bo received up to the
loth day of February, 1871, fi.r laying
1,500,000 brick on the Venango Poor
House, materials furnished on the
ground. For further information ad
dress Dkwkis & SlMMON'9,
Contractors, Franklin, Pa.,
P. O. Box 19. 40-tf.
Bcok Binding.
Wc arc ogent for as good a book
bindery as there is anywhere. We are
prepared to do all tho binding which
may be brought to us, at low rates,
and satisfaction guaranteed. Ssmplcs
oan bo seen at this office.
For Sale.
I havo for sale one yoke of working
oxen, weighing about 2.G00 or 2,700,
olio pair of 3 year old colts, will soil
one or the pair. II. L. IIogan,
39 Ct Stewart's Run P. O.
Teacher Annual Institute.
Tho fourth annual Institute of For
est county will bo held at Tionesta,
commgieing on Tuesday .January 24th,
at 10 o'clock A. M., and contiuuo in
session four full days.
T. achers are requested to make all
necessary arrangements to leavo their
schools at tho time, and give full and
prompt attendance. The law requires
you to do so, and it is hoped that every
teacher in tho county, and those intrud
ing to become teachers, will attend the
institute during its entire session.
Thursday tho 20:h will bo called
"Directors' Day," set apart for discus
sions and questions appertaining to
their interest.
Directors and friends of education,
wo cordially invite you to favor us
with your presenco and aid.
Instructors and lecturers will be em
ployed, and ncccessary apparatus pro
vided, to make the institute, it is hop
ed, both beneficial to teachers, and in
viting to the public.
S. F. Ronnrn,
Dee. 17, 1870. County Supt.
33-4 1.
A. II. Steele, Cashier Tionesta
Savings Bank, has been nppointcd
agent for tho celebrated " Inman Line
Ocean Steamers," at this place. Any
person desirous of going to Europe or
bringing friends to this country, will
do well to call on Mr. Steele, who will
furnish them w ith all tho information
Fon Sale. A superior Rifle, sliver
mounted, and well calculated for game
found in this county. The price of
this gun is 30. (.'all on, or address
P. D. Thomas,
Tionesta, Pa.
Furniture bought of me will bo do
livered, freight paid, to any station de
sired on tho O. C. & A. R, II,
Geo. II. Aiiittwa, Jn.,
4 tf Tidioute, Pa
M. K. Sabbath School every Sab
bath at 9 o'clock in the morning. All
aro invited. S. S. Euh'-on,
Foil Sale. The bouso and lauds
known as tho "Christie Propeny," lo
cated at Irvinton, Warren County Pa.,
aro for sale. Term cash or approved
security. Apply to
John A. Dale.
President Tionesta Savings Bank,
Tionesta, Pa.
A KI'LEXUID variety of Furniture
at Aherns' new Watcrooms, L'mpire
Hotel Building, Tidioute, Pa. 4 tl
FokSalk. At this office, a schol
arship iu tho Iron City Commercial
College. Must bo used by tin individ
ual livimr in Forest County. Will be
sold at a discount. 32 tf.
Yuu can buy your Furniture, clicaji
cr and better at Ahrciis' new Furui
turo Warerootu?, Tidioute, Pa., than
j uivv whrrr rl- in tliis ect'n. Try. it.
It cots nothing to try "SLKEP
MENT." If it does not benefit you
tho agent will refund your money. It
is the wonder of the nineteenth centu
ry, and when used for rheumatism,
neuralgia, lameness, and pain in any
part of tho body, its magical cficcts
astonishes everybody. Pain cannot
exist where it is lued. Ask for it, nnd
tako nothing else. Sold by all drug
gists. Price 50 cents and SI per bot
tle. D. S. KNOX, & CO., agent. E.
B. SLEEPER, Proprietor, Wuterford,
Eric Co., Pa.
Wholesale Aue.sts. Hall and
Warfel, Erie, Pa. Calender & Co..
Meadville, Pa. Spencer & Bnllymoie,
155 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
CaIU'ESTKIW, Blacksmiths, Saw mill
men, Oil men, and other citizens ot
Forest county, w ho nrc in want of any
thing in the Hardware line, should go
to Andrews & Co., Tidioutc. They
havo the largest stock iu this section
of the country. They are making and
repairing all kinds of Machinery nnd
Saw mill castings at short notice 4-lf.
Foil Sale. 150 acres of land No.
3142, in Kingsley township, Forest
county. Any person wishing to pur
chase, will plcaso address the under
signed, stipulating the price they will
give. James Bi.eaklev,
Franklin, Pa.
E. L. Davis will sell at private
sale, cheap, six good wo k horses.
They cau be seen at David Hay's
i was rrnnn ok dkafnkss and
C'ATAItUH by n simple rumcily nnd will
send the reeoipt free.
Mm. .1. '. l.liOUETT, Jersey City, N.J.
3 -hv
A WEEK imiil tt'jents, iimlo or fo
JiJwv mnlo, in a new inuiiufrcturina
diisincss at homo. No capital required.
Address Novki.ty Co., Siiso, Mo. ai(-4w
Wonderful developments among Hi"
nritttiM-nicy. Married Women exposed.
Ac, ('C, Trier !?!.i". Tiio best Hook to seil
published. The bet terms to audita ever
liivon. Address, N. Y. liook Co., 11!
Nuxsmi St.. N. Y. 3;-4t
llnntalniiiir Fleetwood's "Life of Christ,"
and Iivt,, of I tin A pontics, K.nvanfrelists
nnd Martyrs," Doddridnos "K idem es of
Christianity;" "History of the Jewa," by
Josephiis; '-Ili-ilory ol nil religious lo
iioniiiiiuions," willi'treatisp nnd lables re
lating to event connected with Iliblo His
tory, coiilniniiifr many lino ennrnvlnpa.
The whole 'i,riiiiii; u complete; treasury ol
Christian Knowledge. W, FLINT, S.
Hevonth St., I'hila. :i0-4t
KSouey Juilily Pintle
by Jnrtive men and women getting sub
scriptions for the great religious and Jil
rrnrv weekly Tho Christian I'nioii, ed
ited by
hlnuy waiid T!i:i:cni:n.
Having in its corps of Contributors tho
ablest laieiit of tlni land. A charming
serial story by tho world-famous author
ess of '-I'lido Tom's Cabin," just begun.
Kvcrysiibscriberfor 1S71 rceeives,lhe paper
for eight weeks, and tho people's tavorito,
Marsni'll s Waiiiupton, (alono worth f-'i,)
free. This new .and unequalled combina
tion is taking liko wild lire. All aro do
ing well, many making from $10 to f-10 a
dav. Now Is the harvest time: act wisolv
and quickly. Then. is positively nothing
that will pay you so well. Copy ol paper,
ghapter of storv and rare terms free, ud
drcNS A. II. II CinsAKD, -10U Chestnut St.,
Philadelphia. - 3i)-4w
7 ANTKL ACiKNTS To soil our now
V illustrated liook of Travulo
Ily d l. Thomas W. Knot. A conipro
liinsivo mid valunbh) exposition of the
countries f Alaski; Siberia. China nnd
Itussia as they nre to-dav. Natching our
lticlmrdson's ''lloyond tlio MisMissifipi,"
and Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad" in
slvle, Ac. Send for circular and seo our
extra terms. Address
3i-4w iiai tford, Conn.
No. 232 Walnut St I'hila.
Incorporated 1791. Charter Perpetual
Assets Jan; 1, 1S03. Zfi 1S.:123 Vi
$jo,0!)0 'oses paid since its organiza
lion. WM. liL'Ul.LH, Central A:,tn!,
llarrisburg, J'a.
MILE.5 W. TATE, Agent in Ti
onesta, Forest County, Pa.
An.d Dealer in
Repairing done in a workmanlike
manner and warranted to give satis
faction. 4-ly
Warranted heller and clu nper llian any
other. 1'or ISalo ill Philadelphia, I'iU.-i-biirgh
iVc, by
Jiinnev C Andrews, T. Conrowif' Co.
lloelli'chA' Molaii, llarl n it Son,
llurns if-Siniicker ltcill' ,t llarv v,
Wu ernian ,C Vouiil', W. L. lir.iver,
'rhoiiison di' Mortis, .1. 11, Krausc,
W'niiiM i il'IiI it Co. Koh'rt -i it Co.
Waiermiio, Son it Co. H. .1. Hiniiihry,
lloi tsou, Hoar .v. Co. Ji. J. liutluer
M vers tie Co. '. S. Mni-jini
li.' liliv it Co. llou-h A Co,
T. lliirnes, W. J. K Irk,
H..V.I rt Co. igloo .V Co.
il J'rf.s1 in r-.-!
aiei liuinv
i oilier?
To tho Ncrveous
VtTIIOSr Min"iTiii2S liavo boon proirvt-
ed from hidden noses, nnd whose
rnso require prompt treatment to render
cxisleneo dosiraKo ;
If you nrc auffcrinf, or lmvo Buffered
from involuntary dis hnr;;es, what effect
does it produce on your gonernl health?
Do yon feel weak, debilitated, easily tired?
lloe a little extra exertion produeo pal
pitation of the heart? Does your liv r, or
urinary organ, or your kidneys, frequent
ly tfct out of order ? Is your urine some
times thick, milky or flock-, or Is 11 ropy
on nettling? Or does a thick sknm rise to
tho top? Or is a sediment at the bottom nf
ter it hns a!o id aw hile? Do yon have
spells of short breathing or di;;pcpsia? Are
your bowels constipated? Do you havo
spoils of friunting, or rushes of blood to
the head? Is your memory impnred? Is
your mind constantly dwelling on this
subject? Do you foci dull, listless, moping,
tired of company, or lile? Do you wish
to bo left alone, away from everybody ?
Does any little tliinir mi'ko you start or
jump? Is your Bleep broken or restless?
Is tho lustre of your eye na brilliant?
The bloom on your ehcek as bright? Do
you enjoy yourself in society as well ? Do
you pursue your business with tlie same
energy? Do you feel as much confidence
in yousclf ? Are your spirits dull and lla.
gitif?, given to tits of melancholy ? If no,
do not lay it to your liver or dyspepsia,
Have you restless nights? Your bark
weak, your knees weak, and have but lit
tie appetite, and you attribute this to dys
prpsia or liver-complaint ?
Now, reader, Bclf-abiisp, Tcnereal din
cases badly cured, nnd sexual excesses, aro
nil capable of tiroducinu a weakness of the
generative orgnns. The organs of genera-
tion.when in porfcet health, mako the man
Did you ever think that those bold, dc!l
nut. energetic, persevering, successful bus
iness-nicn arc always those whoso genera
tive orgnns are in perfect health? You
never hear such men complain of being
melancholy, of nervousness, of palpitation
of tho heart. They aro never afraid they
cannot succeed in business j they don't be
come sad nnd discouraged; they nrealways
polito and pleasant in the company of la
dies, and .look you nnd them right in the
face none of your downcast looks or any
meanness nboul. them. I do nat mean
thoso who keep tlio orgunn inflated by
running to cxcits. Those will not only
ruin their constitutions, but also thoso
they do business w iih or for.
How many men, from badiy cured dls
eases, from tho effects of BoH'-abuso nnd
excess, havo brought about that stato of
weakness in those organs that has reduced
tho gencal system so mnch as to produei
almost every other disease idiocy, lunacy,
paralysis, spinal ufuvtions, suicide, and al
most every other form of disease which
humanity is huir to, and the real cuuso of
tho troublo scarcely over suspected and
havo doetoied forull but tha right one.
Diseases of theso organs roquiro tho uso
F.XTIIAC'T liCCHU is the great Diuretic,
and Is a certain cure lor uiseases oi me j
Uladdor, Kidnoys, (Iravel, Dropsy, Or;;an- '
ic Weakmiss, Fuutula CvtiiVil'-ilnls, '.ioner
ul Debity, and a1', diseases H10 Urinary
V.'uniis. whi'ther elsliii' In Male or I'm.
Cl ,
mnlc, fioiu whutover cuusu origaiutinir,
and no matter of how long ktaudiug.
If no treatment Is submitted to, Con
sumption or Iicunity limy enuc Our
lleshaud blood aro supported from these
sour s-s, and the health anil happiness,
usd that of Posterity, depends upon
prompt uso of a reliable remedy.
Ilolinbol'i's Lxtract Iiueliu,
upward of 1! Ai ars, prepared
HLLMliOLIi, Druggist, O'M Droadway.
New York, and lol Ssiuli lot Ii Street,
Philadelphia, Pa. Piiu h- tl li-i per bottle
or B bottles lor ii.50, deliveied to uny ad
dress, hold by ult I lrn;r;ests every here.
Ni in i : a 1 1 1 :
PN-l'INi: I'NI.IisS
SILL LN'lilt.VVl.l)
Wrapper, I'a-'-.siuili of my Cheiul -at Warc
hoiis,.. -.iriic,l II. T. HI'l.MWuT.D
I v
Au i'J.-:lil;Tat!li::?.i
Trade! f:r 1 Jill" IImi -iT
Twelve Years ag
tiik I, h i: ok ;i-.ou.k v. hkldkn.
who lorm n love "1 won n .vcii'iir. no. h
thirst lor knowl :l :e n.' tin liil o.-. 1,,. ;
I'liNtntns, Kpor's, 'l'raKt i"iiJ, War, Ore.! !
Jiiillulo Hunts, Ac. l.-ft n Im mo '
plenty in Ohio, Jo'ned tli" Indians, mtnpi- ,
ed their m"1' of ii e, lnirr;el the li -.'.uii
fill Washieha, nu.-r a 'Ircat Wain r.
Hunter and hid' of pin Lodecs, , .: rp- I
pointed Lienti unnt in the t s, IV-gulur
Army, for meritorious service vi h ! s
braves airainst hostile In Huns. A b"i s f i
tlui most tluillinp: intort u reaiity well J
authenticated. Trntlist ranker Ihen t'. '.i u I
Noticriilv illil-itiHtod. i) liiionivHiv.. v. 1' h ti
portrait of tho author, in full frontier "-
tunic l'rice low. "should outveil iniv bo- k ; I
xtunt. f;' ml at once f,..- ilhtsLra' "1 crdi- !
l:ir, table nf i-'iTi'cn, '!n"o '...-s r-',l
terms. A. II. IllT.llA lt!," I'ubii; her. '. V
Chestnut St., riiiladel.ihin, Ta. is-it.
HATS, CAP, AM) ftllOE.i,
NEW YORK STORE, Ccntro .Street,
SI.G00 TO $2,000
BOOK AfiKXTS of exporience; or n
larurcr cominiHsion tliau is ollbrod b
nny other Publishers. Ahe its are makiii
SOli to IfJiOper week canvass m; for oar nev
lliusiriiioil O'lOit'i. iv o cu i oii,.o .e.Tin
sn arv or a lama eonrnnsion. wi ill i
choice of live now and po ir books an
exclusive terntorv. o llliiriirareehaii
to enorgotio men mid wo uen ti m.iU
inonev. Secure your a iic v direct lroi
the publishers. J. II. itUitU & CO.,
C li. fi l':,',-,.v. l.y
J )ut j:;u.t.
erJli l, arc merely i.-.'.'-'. ''.'. '(.',
..'; (is it bx rert'W J;
Bit Irrii are nut . ivc.-r in an
j .vi.i:c r.j 1,'ic word, i'td i''i.'i!.!i';i it
r.";- eir-lre ('ci'vi ..',"n I)
! o.-.VJi.V ..; (lie. ,-iii', -( r;:,-V rf
' Lidi'itMioH i:n( !:' ; , :rd
,: tt'l C.t'rj K'.'.i.'t if ! a".'i
hti nail'! hi nre ---
' rerjuirvd. Ti"t
restore t.'.e r ;'
'..'(. x in e
i.riii,V decree,
, mid yiee i.'ue Iv
t'.ie Wftleiti.
it i.-t note e'eren
(' ;' iV Vf.
7:-.i,(c., the eel-
ibrtdcd Swcdudi
ill: l, r.-'li',!, "'illll
S'.', '.t,tre
i.'i n, fiaii' Ij tli'm
!;nr.;l the iS'li-
Vi'.'.f'i ; blare
;y'-: 1 .
v i t k
- it:.-.: ,j
! coin. ley mid in'r
i d::t:ii o'li iiii) 'd
irhleJi tii:. f lOiiwrm.
luirc been
earn', trj i:x n.;e, oi
' oilier blond dixrase.
-i:jj'iu t a ltd
bexideii the Iodide of I'vUiumI and
Syeiijt of SHI! iff Ut, di ii'js import
! ed ji oiu Sieei'i ii for its express
I nut mi fuel art. uiibiowu tnut not
ill (lii')the-
nets in I lit
1 it ii .. A
.;. trial trit
tl of it
i (':(' xl;n:
lr. lu.back's
Hlvod 1'iHn are
unfit riwxed by
any I'lll uitnui
l';eliad for a
lit.tilttr nuniose.
J. t niva-
ritibhj rsltd,ii,',t'.i them a favorites
villi all who K.vf them.
The re-uiuu why Dr. I'vlacVt
IXood J'dU uli'udd be kept in ev
'"'.' fi'iidy are: JiWttuse. they can
be employed it all ctrs ifher ,j
" family phyjij" is iet"-lred, and
hire pnft.Hy sjF: .',.,. aJMiH.
'ixfraiivi, ui ,y timci; y,vai(
L" y a-.e made
'.va'ft with and
. without m(;i tr
ie on tiny, thitf
adaptiiiy them to
the nee. of every
body; Jieeaiue
thry can be pur
ha.ted at any
deity store at the
extrenely low
price of twenty
tive cents v,r
box. -
J'oi Sale by J)rujjlstn
and Headers in, l'itent
' Metllelnen fvern-vher.
Issued Jan. 1st 1871.
-t nO Choice sd
lions No. 3." con
taining 1 1 in best now thm-j-s for Iieiliuna-
i i .
..i,.i,lisl,e,l I ''oil, ltocilaliim, etc. I i ii I limit Oratory,
tMa"n sm " Thrill,,,-sentiment, and Sparkling llu
by H. T. inor, l-supago., paper .in ets. clotli 7.' cents.
Ask vour books.illi r lor it, or send prico
lo P.'lJai relt it Co. i'hilu, i'n. It'.'- U
UJ A N T I-: D A( i 1-iN'l's, (-? 0 per dav) lo
sell the celebrated 1IO.M K SlIt'TTI.K
SI-iWINii MACIIIM:. Has tin under
Iced, luiikes tho ' lock stdch" tabko "li
both sales) and is fully lic' iisod. The
and chcaprnt family Sowing Machino in
tho marks".. A l.lii'ss Johnson, Clark it
Co.. llosU n, Mass., Pittsburgh, i'a., Chi
cago, III., in ii. Louis, Mo. :!:J-lt
100,000 Agonta Wantocl i'cr
nnd i-i!i'-r I
V..; V ,V
f: ! h'-', i.
.--t In h
i lilar'tot.
-I mil M re. t
ii II
l. 1 ,
I I,
' Ml ('I -J . I i 11
I . . v. I ?
Loral Acu',5 V.Tar.,i:.
T wnv.'. :i I.""1,! A .' n'. ;n oe-y
I'own air.l Vi!!a." 1:1 tbo C mn
rv, t. ratf.-as-i i'r S r.i
' tii -i -1 , n '.Vol;!.;. A
T ;i rn i '.- ). 01 Pri'iiii-im
lie.'1, lie: ii: t Hl'l.t 1 'Vf ' i "t t
very n:l .n!ier. Kr.nn S!.'r
ii'j.v ( e;.i bo casiiy ni-i hi in
r. A liberal oa-!i eonimis:iio'i i
Sen.l Ht.-inm f-r Speciiiio! no )
alar. A:!di -i.r:, J.'.:i.. m !!. Kliiotl,
IJ..:tcn, Mr
HAS been uel dilrinS tho last t'.f.c.-n
years by thousands of pcoplo for the
spoeilv cure of throat and lung disease.
It has been thoroinhly teste I tin voice ot
the press nnd tlio pi upto havo ivnd re I
tlieir verdict l-v H onoiiiicinr it a SAr'r",
Sl'lilillY. THbKOt't.H mi l I-:i riXTt'
AI. IILMI'.DY the best Modiitine known
for curing Lmv-' Compl lints, l .vei y per
son of everv mo aillieiv.l with eitlier ot lb
following diseases, should uso lliis pleas
ant reinii'ly without deiav, and their
voices will soon minirl' with los'.s of oth
ers in rz::: i:ii.i:ii".lin.4r its e!li-acy to their
allliu'.ed neiiihbors and friends.
H-U-c Jldi's Cuiiyh Jlc.nedit it caret
iuT da Hair s Covyh Remedy it curt
Cr:v:p or Jlattla. ' '
Cvot.sJ Hxliit t'uuah Ilc-.ncd'j it caret
Asthma and J'hthinic.
taT Uxs Hdl's Covjh Umeihj foe Ca
itrrh. (STL'; IItir Covjh liemedy it ttrtn;
Iticiii the lunys.
pyls? Ji.''o Comjh Remedy fr llrort-
(hit i.
t-SrUec Hdl's Cott'jh Remedy fir
tr,y L'ss Hall' Coiirh Remedy if ttrniy-
them thi vol".
t-3 Hdl's Cough Rcmchj for
Whooping covgh.
It will greatly modify tho violence of this
dis"a? and shorten its tedious one
half li'.mi its ordinary duration.
i:.w.iio of omn'cri'cits an I base imi'T
'.loli'; ci'l for Dr. P. Hall's Ce'iebrai" I
Con ;!i 'to'ii- I v an I si til l h's wri!ou
"ina'.ive li upon tho wrapper and dir
lion i.
.vrnoxir Ti:sri.vo.vy.
We tho uudorsigned citizens of HrioCitr
and vicinity, havo used Dr. P. Hall s Cut
.'braltid Coiinh Kcmedy with groat sueccs-,
in cii,-;tt' disea .eo of ttioTiiroa! and lamgs
iind tlko ploasurj ill rc'ioiniiieiubn j iu i n
ti the itlli"ted as a spooily and
remodv. fullv worthy "f tuililic coulido.icc
lainos Thomp.s ui
lohn M..'lh'irri Sr
.lohu A Tracy
It iborn Cochran
Daniel Hear"
J 11 ibisvinj
W I' Uimleniocat
P I: Pari on
Alan -ii in Shorwo il
W 11 Coopor
.l.wcjili Hi'cni".
li Mij 1 1 rant
Lucius A II ill
Til s M iv"t.i
V M ii iba,-lier
Chas W K 'Isj
D P l'.llsi,'!! ..'
li Shirk
Ki liar I lJi
.1 T ( ' is
bihn W .Mul.aua
lolm U
lohn K Immiis
lohu M W i ; u
lohn S lirov. a
S L 1'orster
I W Hull
i irvicu STn'i.h
' ' Puiu'irs
It O I'.DOt,
in ikiiu,
ii.miel M.ii;r,
11 Wri -!,t
d it!!i:iv Hamilton
D niel lluvur, '
.1 VV it,- :i ' '" '!-V.'i.
f l looey M Mayor
I W Cnlvr J L Loiu
A in II M-iV .1 llobinson 21
V M I'.n-ba'l Hilas II l-'
H U .mi, tt, V el Howell
.1 Salshnrv
Si 11.11 I'M F.KIK ONLY RY P. II A LL,
M iniilivtur ir and solo proprietor, 11 itl'
.Vow liailliii r. Slate St, PltlCKitri CIS.
i'i:it iioriL!-:. AiidiiyD.s. icnox 4
'O., Tioiieita, Pa., and by Hgeut'i g.nieial
lv. -13-3111
IS. JOXE3 - Proprietor.
CI M I, to tho promts s of iho nuliicrilicr,
'in li recti township, sir miles sunt boast,
M'Tioncsln, on Monday. Nov. Hist, a Dauk
ItatMU.i: liri.r. aboii1 two years old, with
1 s it hi tho liil ear. Tho (iwner is roquir
O I to ",),,., I ,r r-i'vrtv. n-iv
cliarges and tako biui iiiinv, or ho will b
disposed of uoesirding to law.
CI 31. NobruHku, Pa.
Sexual Scienc
inclui'.in - Maiih,).l, Womanhood and
their mound interrelations, Live, lis
laws, power, Ac, by Prof. O. S. 1 owlcr.
Send lor and apiimen a "s.
CO., I'hila I ' p i i. l'a- 1 1 "
BfCaJTC "anted for Hcaolcy's NeT,
ttUtil I O houK "acred Hero
and Mart vs." Wri'.U'ii In tlio Author'
haiM'icst stvlo, and surp issiiu.' h.s en on,
work, which havo sold by tho HM.UUO.
With Original Steci; l'.u-'iiviugi from di -si-us
bv our Ariisl woo I. is spent inro.i
vcar-i iu ISiblo I.a:i Is. In t 1
tho Press am loud in its pre-
are nei!citl,r in )'1'V r lt d V. K
c A i iits
II. T- .t
t.l i-e
Co., liulisOil ll'ilwic. N
Shows how todoubii) I he prjiiuui' tlio .'a.ui
an 1 how lUrm.'isu-td llie.i- -j:is cm t-.l
In winter. IW,U0J copies will ho mailed
li-co to farmers. Son I nam ' an I a I ir s
lodlliiLKUi McCt Dl) Y, Piul.i I '"'i a,
Pa. '"
MAiiU Filo.M
s-iiuiitliing urnoul'.y n 'o l.' 1 by evciyb-dv
Call i id it.uiiii!, or s I i.oioi seat p .i;J
(ia:d I i- :.o "N tin, rc'a.l -i nlv for il '. K.
L- W l '. t -l Ci, . iir n N ' ' "
A 'i ll' I l' l tiie l.M'orV ot
!tv I'l.n. liiii. h l'.,:it, I'. !'. Pi on All',
lo' the pi i -i in it-V 1 ...!'! b.i ii'). 10
1 SC 2
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