The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, November 22, 1870, Image 1

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''' rUMrlffrlED KVKIlY. TtEADAY;BY
5fflc In Kno' Building. Kln Street.
TF.ltMS, 2.00 YKAlt.
No RuhicrliiUorvf Rfloived for a shorter
period tlmn three month,
i C irrespouiUiuca moHnJlinl from llrvj-ta
id'lhe eoinirf,.v:iWrtc'leHk"jur
t 'nnniiyinoii'o'nniiiuniitioiis.
M.rriiiii mt 'POflrHi'TmttcM Inserted
.Tl ON E ST A LODGE, NO. 477,
l Teet every We.lnosdaT evening, at 8
V1 ,"1"",k- W.-.AtfW.O.T..
M. W. TATK, W. rt.
. T O .i . . - -
' ATT0nnET3AT LAW. .
Xre't, riOXhXTA, PA.
Isaac Ash,
a irrrvivttY AT LAW. oil Cltr. V
VV Wi 1 tr t:ce ;-l"rln? Courts of
.rrr-l 'ftri'-l"" Alt nffR-m eiitrwtixl
lit ctre will recoivo i.riupt atteutl n.
.... niri . Lea ijava Faith tn'it iibtmakii Mfebtllnd in that Faith let us to the end, dare do our duty as wo understand
understand it."--L7NCOLW.
., J. W. HOWLAND & CO ,'.
. .-": "il- Jt. ' '
, , AMU OKAI-tll I
CJciiU' Furulalilug (aoodM.
Anil AjyMitu for tliil t:i-l(lirunt Orofor it
; riiikcf Siiw'in Mm iiliif. '
' ' FTlANitLlN.. PiHN'A.
,v 2 28 tf.. : . .
W. K. t.ay,
TOIl IN IWkNKItn'TCY, Tlono-tn,
Vorcst I'., will (iiiii'tico In ClarlDii,
' Vfinimr" :il rt'nrren (uinttp. DOW on
K'm s;re't, two ilo'iim eto'WOilwrvwii
, n i.ry more. - " tf.
VTTOltNKY H'f ii'XW. ' mc An Klin
Klroct, nl.vp Wnlniit, Tlonwtn, I'll.
V -
C. W. Gilflllap,
TroltNKY AT LAAV," Vranktin," Ve-
l ,Holinc Wousf,
'IIONT-STA, I'A., oi'V'wito tlie. PrfK.t.
1 t'. I. Miilii", l'rir'.i't'r. tiood Sl
tlhn itniin-if(1 wi'li ttiolrutw.-'.i " tf.
!( 1 .1
I-'- :
, , ; ' Rachel' Ordeal. r '
It'uliol Bower' whs fur' from he.'
ing liappy, nuil.yct was roislnsa of
one of the grandest ni(in!iori!, bihI one
of t!io liucPt iwtiiica, in Miilillcnox. As
far ns die could ic8 the lntid was hers,
wi'li tlio bi'aiit'iful alopes, tlio sliady
doll-s llie nuvnilinx m.t'ndows, and .the
distnnt liedgo of thn nUl .forest trees.
Mistre? of tlic ninnsiou, nrid mistrtps
of Uie hroml domain, oho, sat in her
chair mid wns HiiTiai'py. And she was
uuliuopy bevutiM r-.
In rh other yenn, ' when she was
oluiu IUdul StuvtiiH, ht-r father and
her mother had been tlio Ucr;r of
(Jakvfuoif, ns the f.Ht was oallt d.nnd
ulic lmd jdnyed, a happy child oo the
velvety laH. In those years Uukwood
H had bcloiigld to Cpt.iJai,mtby How
a era, who oviivd'sliii'and'H:u:!t'il t'J"!"'
J..:.. Y. &ul,
l)ItAf"n'L lliuiifsH MHkcr ami Srl
I illcr. Tluvi- (l 'rti noi-th of Holmes 'ihhumIil I'd. . All work, la 'r-
r-oi'f !.
j ; .
riMIUoUT ,P..J. l M aokk, Tropio-
I t.-r. Tli li'Mii lin'i lf"ii Hioroii'lilv
r!iti'l hiiiIiii w m Hi" lirit-rla onler,
Willi t!i lirst of m;pi)iini"iliiliiiM. Any
lf'ii-iii-nioii iic'riiiii4 Territory ul
TIiImi) iini will be cheerfully fiirniHliP'l.
.lv J. iV I). M AUKK,
' Vxiliu(te Hotc,
T mv.rn Tlhlol'TK. Vn.! t. R. ItAMs-
'I J num. A Sos I'ropV-. TliiHliouwImviiur
'v li.eiire!lte lNii'"V tlio ni.stileir:iM,'J"
n ; w'o In Tiaioute. A guuil '' 4 'X
vni iittnrlied. '. j 7 T- .
v N.itstr W. A. UallenlMiek,
XHVlVlVn"Nii hotel i Xkw, Hii'l W
I'ropritiloi tlrt i-Iush houHn, nituatc at
, i oien Coftiio tlil t'riH'k Allegheny
if hnie ihiU.lolilii, A. Ki ie Kailruwla,
"''Tie the leMil. I'arliPH liavlnjr to lay
' ' 'Ttrniim will tinil thin llm m-Mtl convon
flit liolel in t wn, Willi ilrM-eln.H mniim
; ,iiuliiii'Mi" ami rertoolile linrirw. tf.
W. II. rKUKJNS: CO,, Sule Propri
rtor. Fnuiklin. l'a.. .
' v t t ' " ' ;
S. S. JONES - - ? Prornetor.
Tifft Sons'A Co.'a . : , .
rTK.W KXHIXKS. Tliennil 'rxlirned liuve
S formile ami will piwvh onlent for tlie
liive Kiuine.;ll Son A I'o.
nrn now Miinliou to thin' nmrket their l'J
ll.i p Town- Kninn w.h I l-llorse Power
Huiier iMviiliniiv :iiiii)le(l to ileei wpIIh.
liKKlrKsat iniiii-iin . f'lmlfaut'a, dealer
In Well fixture, llurdwure.Ae., MainSU
next dMr ti t'lmso ll nise, I'leieiantvillo,
and at Mansion tl. ne. TitnSY'Ui v
Jotn K. H;illocU,
TT(iI!NKY AT l,AV anfl Solieltor of
l'aleiitM.No. Sll'i l-'rencli sireet'oiioKi'e
Iteed ll n-e4 I'.iiv. I'a. V'ill irni'0 in
tlieweveVB' Kin'e Court and the United
lhet I'onrtj'. Kpeeia' attention iriven to
aoii.-iti- .-natentH for Inventora ; infrlniro-lO'Mit-..
,-e-ix'ie and exteiiKion of patenta
. di-efully a'fc-oiled to.- lte'.eremtoh: ilini.
jaoiex t'Hinpliell, flni'lo.i; Hon. John S.
M.-C.llmi:t, VrHiiklin i II. lu A A. 1.
Hii hinonJ, Meadvillej; W. K. J-atliy. Ti
oneHta. i J "7
We want -rood rcllnlrtn a renf In every
piwi, il. Hi" eonntry. j nyt'injdoylmr your
tune to irtnn,i I:ihs iui-1 srndiii t lis onlors,
voit ran ota ii tliemut l.lierul HininiifK
ions either in i.'ah or JleVLljauJise.
all uikhIs M-nt by us will lie as run".' 0,sl
and we puaiantie r-ntNlwtln" ". ,
dealing witUonr hou"i ifnt from pv
. Aitentsl.oul.i- lorwnrd to u In nd
erv eusto-i'i"si-rltivo lists of tlio pmds
Tim holders -of the Cheeks, liavo the
eliivks.hivt tlH priv'ilPL'O of either iur
ehasina tin" (iTliee.i hereon die.rihd, or ol
exirliutiifinsr tor any urtielo mentioned on
oor ea'iiloMne. nuiiila-rin-i o'er Mdl diller
Pnt artfide.'. not rinrt of wlneh ean bo lnr
elnit.ed in the usual laumu r (Vir. tlio mime
money. '
Tl ,ndvn'aw if lirMt aendmtr the
MuN-k are thene: Wo are eonstantly buy.
iTWunuilllotsorvery vuiuuoiejsixi is.i iin-ii
are not on nnr eiitnlomi", au I for whieli we
IsNiie ehei ks uiilil all are Mild! be'ldes ill
evervelub wo nut ehe'-ks Ulr Watches,
q.uiiu. iWiuikuLiviJ' tihiiJ.'ttUema, or aonie
other urticle of "iual viilue.
; We do not olfer a wiiif-de article of mer
chandise that ean lie sold by reiruliir ileal
ersatour riee. ,Wo..b) not ask r roil to
l.nv.uiiixl-i of iis iinlesa we can iI. them
cheaper than voti obta:n tliem in any oth
er way-Twhili"tlie greater part oi our good
tire wild at ulxiut ;
One Half tit ICrgulnr Hates
! .Our stock coiiHlnts in part, of tuo lollow
Intr uoods : .
i -Shawls, lthinkMs, (JiiUts, Cottons. f.lnar
Iiaiiis, ItreKs tiiMids. Table l.ineu. Towels.
Houcrv. ;loves. Skirts. Corsets, Vc Ac.
Sihir-rtate 1 Wave, Sjioous I'lateil on
yickel Silver. Dessert forks, Five-Botllc
fined 'Castors: liri'.tann.a Wans Uhiss
Ware, TabU nud l'ockot Cutloiy, in jsreal
I-'.leurunt . ..'French
lir. J I" iktnb i
"A M Y Kl " I A N A N H SI ' Hi I VK, who ha's
101,1 k;'''tl'co years- cxpcr-ciicein s
i vtr 'if prwiice, will !' tend mil
'M.i.'.iitp ll.nise. ,
. I N II Is s'i'i n 1.- in..' HI'- FOUND
A TmII aiNortiiioic
.f Medicines, IJqilor.
',.i,.. ...... Sta'i'Mierv. !ass. fitinta.
iTs 'Cnt'ii-.'' "nd line iirocei-ie;, all of the
best'iiiMiity, and will be solil at roasonabto
isles. . :i
it. K. Ul'HUKSS. an experienced Drii '
1 1st from New York, has ehai'ire. of tlio
store. All proscrii.tlOnK imt npa-curatrtiy.
tl. " " ' - -
fru'ueroRS tlio ocean.- . C' pt. Jjitrnahy"
owned the estate, and he hired Jusuii
Stevens and Lis wife JlutiUhi, to take
euro of it.
, JanoB and MaUllu . luid Jlot bcn
married untl well advanced inSit'e (they
had met first upon,, tin? estate, and
Kachel was their only child ; and ivhen
Kac-hd .catiie tojiei vunteen her pivr
en ts had pusaetl luto" the ".-'eiir and'yet-,
low leaf.", At th'.s time dipt. JJarna
by Bower? guve up the seit'I ul 'come
to nettle in Oakwo ul. lie had money
enough, and he had rcsolvi J that he
would fict himself with btijjjj j,ow.
more. An cxperictieed, tllat i,ia cll.
ever, cotjig out that be wasgrow
.V'i'old before his time cither from
some inherited dista?e,nr from come ail
ment incurred during bis years of la
bor and exposure.
But dipt. Bamaby Bower came
home. lie was fifty, nnd not ill-looking.
He wits very .kind to Jason Stev
en and his wile; und particularly was
he kind to Rachel. Sho was the sun
light of the mansion a bright eyed,
happy faced, beautiful girl, with the
parity of a soul that knew to guile
htamped in celestial brigl ttiess upon
every lineament of hei lovely feature.-.
A year passed, and during a part of
tho limo Cupt. Bower was sick, and
he would have no nurse but lUehel.
As for Jason and Matilda, they were
like two i'miijly relies, held for the as
sociations with the past, but of little
present value. They had become too
old to labor much, and the captain
gave tliem a home just as bo would
have given it to two little children.
All this mado Uuchel. very grateful.
The vear naised, and dipt. Barna-
tdr.; J.. ,Ol ." . . .
As she had lored icr enilor boy she
could never love nncther. But Could
sho lovoCVpt. I'armby nt nil." She
i-eiripnihered bbw 'nuCh tshe owed to
bun bow V e badleen tho creature
of hia bounty since JiA was botn-r-and
always been Terr pmil and klinl to her.
But, abdv'o all, 'was lie.duiy sho owed
to her piiient. T'i!V were ild utid
decrepit,, Sho now lad it in her pow
er to give them ft hone, and sho re
solved to do it! -'
1 So Undid itmfKei witb'Capt. Bar
naby Bowers. She jobt bint frankly
that she did rot Ioc hint ns a wife
should 1 love a busbmd, but tbat hhe
J'athor.ieft ifflbe ilitt) Xif nu-obodient
child.. People shoo! their Jic'ls, and
said it jWa wron, Cld, liamsby Bow7
ers to inavry. with It.cliel Stevens, ami
she only eighteen 1 jkime said it was
11 1' i' ... . 1 : 1
I i'neu aUi Jew mere were who
blaniL-vI KutiiC. ' l y tailed her mer
cenary, aiid-caiii shdittd siiij .herself
for Barnaby Bowes '.grent wealth.
But those that said t is were cruel and
wicked icdeed. Tie v only thotrght
whieli the girl had given to theweuhh
of Oak wood was of .ilw iHiu'ne whtcli
would be afforded her (aroits. In
marryiujj with the owner, tbc ijj'
rather with the obcdietie
th.Mi with ttti.Yjeh'el lived as the wi.
enough f but had he borne her ima only child ; and I know that she w iil
in his heart as she had borne his? lie be blessed, niJecil, when she ene me
said lie lmd, and believed him. lie settled down, peaceful and content, jui
lingered, and could not go nway with- . iliore. And now, I.ii hcl, if I promise
out telling his love. you that your father ami mother may
Rachel awoke as from n blissful 1 hohl tho home a daughter's love has
dream when Arthur told her t.' .he given them, may I not dare to hope?"
loved her that ha !ad loved her ever
since that bright childhood's time
and that ho should love her while ho
lived. And d hen he would havefpokeii
further ho put up her hands and mo
tioned for hitu to stop. She was pal 4
ami fniityivil.nd ho feared, he bad
uH'clidcd. o : ' f :
"-No, no," sj c said. " me go now.
Say no more., lift mo think." '!
And thus speaking' she uped awoy'to
her own chamber, where o!o sat d.iwn
ana reflet'lC:?; and'siio was n.St bnppy.
She loved Arthur! Leo, and she knew
fall well that he loved her. "Bui it hat
must be the result if they married?"
Arthur 'bad"coiil'es?cd that Tie bad no
hon e of his-.uwn. True, brave, gener
ous tid able to ;arve bis own way in
tho' face of' u?? 't(, yct lie m,! .u"
homo..: If sho jnariif J bim sho murf
. 1 ... .','. wi flC
ive up OuiwiMid give, un-
i! .,,Av ... 'V0 up alt tho
lioiuu Blic inir.-c. ,
;.ntl see another come 111 to
'.aia it. For licrc!f she w-onld not
liave hesitated an instant; but what
was to lieeome of her ngt tl jiaroiu.s?
1,i.1,l ct.o .1.. .
.,. - 1 , . .4 cm. j;ic i.iL-m us a earu upon
,-iirimiiv jiii'i. vu iu wvi3 o t 1P iimwU 11F Art
, . Ijv wii ketl out atrain : ami out in me
lina tieriiiuii rnnc i -
I'liotoirraph Alliums hKju one luv, in one of the grapery
TMllitU'l'll . ... .a
Is. Hl.lLUtilol
the newest an. cio.cesi uiyio in .Moiueeu, ... , , , ,. .
nrrtrrt H-wttwr.. bowers, he aked Lachel to be lii wife,
W. P, Mertillioft, , ry t
A I i o r u v y n( La w .
iSil r. 1 1. K STiT B I A 6 E'T.
Tl 0 X EST A, FA:':
27 -tf . . ' , v - .
jr. i i i ' ,
" Tr'oisrzfiiST-A. . . ,
SAVINGS tl A K" It ,
Tinucxli'i, Forest Co., Ta.
T'lls I!:inU"'tniiis,... a lenen l Banking,
(V! 'ectimr and I7xclminre ItiiKiucas.
Diatls on the l'iilKi).nl Cities of the
I'nited States ;oid l-'tiropc biiliulit and sold.
lioldiiitd Silver ( iin and (iovcriimcBt
Securiiies liiili'il.l and sold. 7-1)0 Honda
eonveriiMl on the n.ost t'avnr:i!j?e tcpus. j
IiiU'i'cst iilinwed tiu lima ik'ponits. -
Mar. 4, If.
tinldaiid I'lalcd Jtwclry of tliO newest
stvles. . . ,
'We liavf nJso pi i'' arranfem.Dt Yll'it
ontKif t!i) b-id'.n J HU.X-'i'a!cst mi l Ktand
wJl tni:ibbi-fK')iil.ii- authors at nbontou,
MAfi the i-oiMiiiir price : Vncli ni Jlvroii
.Vtoore, lliirns, MiIuhI. anil Tinnvsou's
WoiksJii J'nll ti.U .apil.Clotli .l.t.uJLinu-s,
anil iiH!iuitM'.s..oi owicrs. xiiCMsaiKi uvcjy
tlilnar eWe lor ; v
DliEnDLlft-i FtS E1CH fiRTICiE.
'-.In every v'd T ui:tnilntiilr . to ovor f."i(i.
aiMMinp niied by tlie.'caslt, the a-it-nt limy
retain f; aud ni evoiv nrder ovi i tfliM.
?l.oo nmv bo retained to l'AY FXt'lttSS
1 commission to ac;i:nts.
For an order of t; 0 from acluti of thirty
we .'ill pay the Afrent as commission
yarda bloiurheil or brown shiH'tiinr, tiood
dress pattern, nil wool pant.i liattorri, or
t3 Mi ib cash. "
For tin iwIit of fli:t. from a club of sixty
we will pav tlio Aent lift yards, brown o'r
bleached Hliectitcr, l.iiiitiiij case wurcli, all
wool h all. or $7 .no in eivh.
Fornn orilor of $icO. from a club of loo
we will pay the. aticnt ltJ vaid .lward
wiHl. sheetiii.', Kplciidid sewing machine
orfcltravh. '" i
TFIf. For fur'.tier particulara bend lor
catalog uts." Address.
7 1 Geo. A,' I'lu mmcr & Co.,
k,i (Sticf-csSor to lluiria A riiiinuicr,)
80 and 40 Hanover St-ttosuin, Mass
i H 1 v. v
tious w rlioiit p.iois. Si ml 10 conta
forCireular to F. SAUK, Cromwell, LVnn.
--4t .
I' '
No. -Ml Waoitrt St 1'hila. '
Incorporateil 1704. Charter Perpetual
Assets Jan; I. 18.10, id.Hls.Si3.H0
.'o,(i 0JKI i.s-es i iiiil since its organiza
tion. W.M. Hl'lIM:it, Ccntiui .Aneoit,
llarrisliiirjr, I'a. . - I
MILKS TATi:, Agent in Ti
oucHta, i'oic.t fcVjuut;, "Til. ' ' J
I New Hook of l-.H pan
AIVi:!;TlSlNii. A
I'l ice !0 cts.
.Vmericao News Co., N. Y. -i U
uud he gave lier loor-aiid-tweiity hours
. . ...-ifLi' no mutter. , i .i.,,ivouki
uehis wile, Inr pi cuts should have a
homo while they livcu, bud Le Would
tieat her tenderly.
. At first Rachel was shocked ; but iu
timu sho was able to reuso'u calmly.
She knew that sho could never love
t'apt. Bowers. She could respect him,
but as for love, sho could not even give
him a brother's' place. ' Siio fancied
that she knew what luvo .was. Had
she told her fancy t another, she would
have been laughed at. It was siiuply
that of a child a fancy reaching back
into the years when sho had romped
and played upon tho lawn with Barna
by Bowers' cubin-boy, Arthur Lee. She
icmembered Arthur Lee very well a
strong, bold, venturesome lad her
a huhtuid proved not so kind asC'iipt
Bower as a bachelor friend and pat
ron. He became pe'tibint and exact
ing ; and moreover, in the end be be
came jealous. "At first be invited
young people to his mansion (o make
his wile happy ; mid when he saw- that
their presence gave her pleasure which
his companionship could not afford, bo
drove them away.
Thus for two years.and then, Barna
by Bowers died, and wafc'buiied. His,
will was read, mid it was found ta be
very simple. By it ho left everything
of which he might die possessed to his
'beloved wife lUehel," for her use
wile she remained sigle; und in the
eveutof her marrying again, the whole
property, without reservation of any
kind, was to go to his sister rruueuce,
and through her to her heirs.
At iirst Bachel cared not for this.
She did not think she would ever wish
to marry ugain. Sho was able now to
give her tged parents a home; uud
with the gieat wealth at her command
sho fe:t tiiat hhe cuuld employ herself
in doing good among tho poor and
needy around her. fche 'remembered
(Japt. Bariinhy'u sister, Mrs.l'rudetice
Marshall, lis a tall, gaunt woman, well
advanced in life, who had visited Oak
wood several times in the other years,
but wli" iiniiy-ouucs, iii'it ilistanl
state, hud prevented her presence
since her brother's marriage. - She
believed, however, that Mrs, i'rudenee
was now a v idow, with one or two
grown up daughters on hands.
Capt. Barnaby had been dead a
year, when one pleasant day in June,
a gentleman called at Oak wood to sec
him. The stranger was a young man
not more than Cve-and-twenty tall,
robust, and handsome his garb and
his bronzed features giving token ol
life upon the sen, though the quality ot
the gatb, us well us the bearing of the
wearer, bespoke the niati of command
rather than tho bearer of service, lie
had not heard of ('apt. Bowers' death.
He hud known h'rin in other limes, and
had come far out of his way to see
hur? She dared tint.
vhl she take from tliem the home
lit was- now ilicirj while-she had noi.e
to give them ?
v:s thus iliut T'lwdif.l oil i
'air, 1(j waj( uum,py( as wo sa-lt j(1
the begj,iUf J( wiw t,.H (.)Mit!i(;t ,)0.
iween b ",juty ,ie ,uurt,s ,, .
est, holiest . .. , .. , . . ,
' ,'e, and the deeiDion that
love must bi t ,
icritieed, that gave her
tiitrctt and tru, . t., , ,
' i 'utioHv Slie would ex-
plaiuail toAils , . .-. ,
. and he would uuder-
. . I'l be frank, and
tell hitu evcrythuiL , ,
, , . :id perhaps per
haps ho would wan 1
When evening eauit.
, .i . i ?y niet again.
Arthur saw that llact . ,
una oeen
ml, an I
weeping, Ui.d he took hci
spoke to her tenderly.
"Rachel, I tueaut not to w,
Pardon rae if I allowed my gre- ' '
to lead me astray. I. had hopeif '
I nail 10UIKI 111 your licaii sonic iui
And Ilnehel's trial was over.
: What One Girl Did.
' About seven year ngo I became ac-
piainted In Ohio V.i'h a young (fill
whi possessed none of this world's
fcoods except the clothes she w.'-re.
She whs iirt strong in body, and y;t
she was obliged lo tarn her living In
"working Mil'' in kitvhciis.trlwre there
was always much haul work to be
done. " ; ; ' '
The ono great desire of her heart
was to ODiain an education, for one
..w ho was so poor.this seemed utterly im
possioie. --Her out-look in lue wus
dreary enough, but s'-e JiuJ tl brave
heart. . .' ' ,-
.incr earning clothing enough to
last her one term, the went to' O
u wcrk for her board uud go to school.
She soon began to show considerable
!:ill i: penmanship; Her teacher ob
serving tiiirJ, VSfy kiiidiy gave' her ex
tra lemons iu liiij bi.'K'h of bttidy.
.S::ruh began to hope that with o;.'.1' pen
she might yet earu muro than with i
a broom or a mop.
She left school in a few mouths end
went into a country fthool dif'trkt u
try am! get up a writing e!as3. It was
hard v.'oik enough, but she "still kept
up her courage. Finally, t;ho obtain
. i .. ,i . . .
a uo,;un pupils, aim turned more
thuu sho would have d..oo iu a kitchen.
Then nil' she went to another' district
visited from house to house, and she
had a dozen pupils fjr another course
of lessons. After a few months she
was able to return to school again.
About that time I bit Ohio, tind for
years I keardiu more of Surah. Tho
past summer I'A isited the town where
I became acquainted with her. Much
pleased was 1 to learn how succesful
she bud been.
She 1ms become an intelligent, use
ful woman. For several years she bus
been in the postoffice iu the city of
C . She does the writing for th
. Uitos of A IwiUiaing. ;
One Srpiare (I Inch,) one lnsortion $1
One H'ii;n ' one nt., 8 "
One S piaro " tiirro tu n'h--.. A CO
One Sq lure u "nc yea ....... 10 Ott
Two H year... I .lu.l-0
Hiar.erCol. " 30 r
Half " - " ,...v -rs-00
one ' .lOtf 00
. JluslnrM rttrtH not rxccodiiiK tne Inoli
in leiiKth, f 10 per year. :'
l.ciral notice established rit".' '
These rates afo low, and no rlcviatb a
vllf bo made, or diHeriinmation ainon
imtroti. The. rate olforod are .neh, i
will make It to tho advantage ot meiidoL
business in the limit of tho circulation of
tne paper to advertise liberally, . .'
A Rhenish Legend. ;
.A . Zurich corrtepoiidcut of tho Et)
fyouis li'uiiicm, writing of (tl.e towu
of SliMfT'luizeu, Sw'tzer'ni d, says :
. Tliere is a fine old cathedral there, .
dating f lllj; a castle, or -foxlresj
come ,ng the town . which, dote
from iiiu 1 4 i It century. It was renew
ed during the great famine of 15fi.l in
order to afford support to the indigent.
Like all old castles, it. litis its b-genda.
One of tiie moat interesting counectcil
with this old cathedral I will relate,
The legend Siiith, that during tho
Crusud.s the. lord of tU castle Wfnt
over. to the holy war, leaving behind
him a young wife lo whom 1 a fas but
recently wed. After a long tia:e ho
returned. He arrived ono very dark
night precisely at 0 oclock on tho
bank of tho Rhine opposite his cu;-t!e.
Impatient to behold tho wife from
whom he bad been so long absent, ,bo
could not brook the delay of the boat
or daylight, but plunged into the rap
id wrficr, attempted to swim avrou,
and was lost.'- . .' j
The diiconfolai'J-ai.'b had an im
mense bell of silver no etc, .li hf: " tb
c sum
wi Id
support ft perJi1;. na ir7
great tower, and.ect apart a bii-e
of nioniy, t hC-T, V.'rWlV-''- w:1'i''tl Wl
should be to riif'V
il fC V
for that alfectiou which I hud treasil t;,reign mail, for whiel. ' .
ed up for so many years." 'xty live dullars per nioiiendtrijue has
Sbeput p l.r ..and a, p?Wkr wlueh she
him. She had resolved that she
... . r ... ..... .. . a sir ..,, . live,
tell ibe whole truin, ami trust tne n.Mpe
suit to Frovideiice. A brief pause,
and she spoke. She told him frankly
of her love idio .told how she had
never forgotten him since first she knew
him. And tlion she told how she hud
married with Capt. Bowers how bhu
hud yiol-lci the obiMllelieo of it child,
and secured a home for her parents.
And then she told of the will, und how
her niari'i.ige would turn her futber and
mother hoiueltss upmi the world.
"If your parents had the assurance
of tl comfortable, hnppy homo while
they lived, v -uld you be my wife?''":
"Ves. Arthur."
"And give up Oakwood V
"I would give "p all else for your
true love." j j
"Kachel," ho said, when jiehud tak
en a seul by her side, ''thus far I find
you huvo loved und trusttd me not
mowing who I am. I think Capt.
Barnaby never to.. t you?"
.'"J neveraoked him," replied Rachel,
looking up suriirisc. ' lu t lie oili
er lime he only spoke i f you us his
'Boy Arty,' whom lie seemed to love
uud cure for. In the latter time he
litis not iiicnlitdied your nume, SiVo on
the oceua ou nluu be told mo of your
supposed loss ut sea."
"And so, Ituciicl, y oil did hot know
that I wus C'a,ii. JJ.ii ini'iy's own
bcpliew the sou of Ins oivu sister?'
"Iluw? ' cried the Km lied wuiuaii.
"Ills sioter'f '
"iFs IVudcnce. II j has
other and never bad."
support her. a
-A Miss Session
beau ideal of the sailor bo-., am! of him.
. THE.
. ., -STOBB.
fFYOUWANTafiir'ectiit mid a imo.1
artiolo of Hoots and Shoes, o: the tiuosi
workuiaimhii, o Ui
. II. I Mvt'AXC irS,
Sr-Satisiaction uuaran ted. -.13 If. somv l'.vl'KK
lie I inverse. . A i ono ill ill
lie to every sulwiii. ) . .
Send fclajun liir , 'I
the hero. Sho remembered how she
hud cried -when he went awnv'; und sho
reiuemheted how tho chill ot a great
agony feh upon her heart when dipt.
Bowers came home during the follow
ing ycari and told how Anhur Lee hud
been lost ut sea.
This was Rachel's dream of love a
child's (Ileum ; but, ueverthe lcs:, one
from which till future tin lights of love
were to take direction.' The gleaming
of tho love light had been very brief.
The sailor boy hud flashed upon her,
coming, she knew not wtheiice, only uud in a very few days Rat In I knew
thut she was bound to Capt. Bowers that the love of other days had not
he hud mado bright and joyoos a few died out. If the bright eyed, laughter-1
brief weeks and then he had gone loving, sailor buy bad been dear to
from, and she 1 bad seen hitu no j hf r iu the day of childhood, how
more; out his iuutge had imt boeu ef
faced she fell lhal il never could be.
Her heart may have been a childish
e other veurs, biit impres-
niiide upon it were very ilecn,
tit V 0 duck, in c-
sad event which iS1"'
that hdbr, und liH it hiipp-.."eu
four or five or fix hundred years ago,
wo know the time to be exact. ' After1
this loud expression of her grief shu'
retired to a convent for life, thereby
seating widows u very exemplary el
ample. In the courso of time tho
French Jstormed the castle, and very
ungnliantly incited this bell for mer
cenary purposes. It was replaced by
one of baser metal, which is rung for
fifeen minutes, beginning at n.'n'o
o'clock every night, and will bobv '1.0
conscientious Shall' huusitca m
.1 tho '
a succssfiil
end of time. The pesent ,:U
U an old man, who to'-' e he 1"lJ
ocrlnrmed this duty lncte. n years.
Specimen of tho W Dono ''
Oqp f my fricnus ft very earnest,
lirewd man, w ho always seems to know
how to do the best, thing at the ribt
time. One day he w9 passing u giu
shop in Manchester, . when he saw a
drunken man lyin on tho ground.
-Vbtc icllow had evidently been
mi t nrove
will i. ii. .1. . i,.iit'l ever marry-, i-.w.
i ll 6iio u" : l , a .
r.. ,i... . ii f..r and dot was cone. In a moment my Inttnl
.... - - - - i. . i . -
, lofVed out of doors when ail his money
husband to
''iisvi'nc, is
a young lady of pluck
night she was awakened, near
o'clock, by a noiso as of some ouo at
work ut tho doors und windows. She
examined tho house, but finding noth
ing wrong returned to lieu. In u short
lime she heard some ono at her bed
room window. She raised the curtain
and confronted a heavy chested man,
with dark hair uud whiskers. Clup
ping her hands together, making tin
explosive nobe, she excluimed, "clear
out, you devil !" He left ; whether bo
c.iu.scshc culled him a tiauhty nume,
or because he did'ut like tho slap ol
her hands, he has nut yet returned to
liiiscivd ucross the street, and, entered
tt growv'4 smtp, tuldrcning tho masLcr,
said : ; .
"Will All oblipe mi) with tho larg-
vst sheet oi.mpi;r yOU iiave
J i. r i . 4. . . .... . .
- u uui io.,v ij.,elui, Yliat s the
1 voush.
Rachel went down,- nnd met the
stranger in tho drawing-room; uud
she met cue raised from tho dead. It
wus Arthur Lee. He had not been
drowned, lie had caught u limiting
spar nud hud been pit ked - up by u
Dutch trader; and hud been taken in
Australia; uud bud goue thence to
Holland; and had .inully come to
command a ship in the employ of llns
Dutch Fast India Company.
And Anhur 10, finding Rachel "-5u ltl' baino i nt the sumo us
clad to sen him. Molined ut Iblcumul Votll.
c - ii I
"NuJ but it WiU o;i.e. ll.Cf fust
boshac.d was Harry Lee, u huid uud
tlmhing sudor, who vias lost .at mu,
wtlhiu two yeurs after their marriage.
I was ihcii- ouly child'. Al'lerward she
married with Mr; Marshall. So, you
sec,"1 am the sisier's heir ; uud when
A Francisco uinii saiuratcd
a rat with kerosene oil, und t lieu set
fire to him and let him loose, thinking
he would convey certain valuable in
formation to other rats, and thn they
would leave the premises. The lire
department were promptly on the
r .uud, but could not savu the house.
The limn says it occurred to him what
a mistake he had ma. e a soon as he
saw the fire coining up the
crack in the floor.
two. 1 ,
ere in a minuto or
-i i i
sheet you h.we. 0 uie vcr' ,ar1
"Now, will jou lei
ehul kT" eaid tny a I,,cca of
"Why, what arc you g
"You shall see presently.
to do?"
J ie i . ' u.x ""L" ' and some of thfiii were stumpod upeu .
-i-i-iwti, iuhb-her, , ,, ... , , . ' , I
...... I va UoleU which only death tuu 6bt-1
much more did her heart f o imt to
ward the bravo und gallant yot th wlni
bud now come to her- in the bright you loose Oak wood it must cuiue to inn.
niorning of his nianuoous healthful. Tlie two dutigliiers, of whom you have
flush and vigor! . : spukcti are not, my mother's children.
Aud how wus it with.' Arthur Lee ? They were lliv. chUdrcti of .U, - Mar
That hq loved BacLcl . ?tui evident I elutH'e first 'wfeT T -
--A yoiiu'j lady having called cut
an ug'y gciiilemiin to .lam e with her,
he wis astonished at the eond. secnlion,
inn! believed that she was in love with
him, desired to knnv. why she had .-c-b'clcd
him from the rest of the compa
ny. "B 'cuu.'i.', sir," replied the lady,
"my husband commanded me to s. led
such a aether us should not give bim
cause for jealousy." '
A young lady went to a music
store and a-ked tha clerk if he hud
"Ioving Kyes," (the song.) He re
plied, "I'm lold so by the girls." '
Tin then nuicklv minted ill .
, j t
tcrs, "Specimen of tho work do ,el"
side." '
He then fastened tho paper rig.
over the drunken man and retired a
short distance., Iua lew moments sev
eral pnsscrshy stopped uud read uloud,
"Specimen of tho work done inside."
In a very short time a crowd usicni
bled, and llie publican, hearing the
noisu and laughter uiit.ide, cumo out
to see what It was ull about. He ea
gerly bent down und r-ntd tho iturrip
lion on tho paper, and thou demuudei!,
in un uugry voice, "Who did that?"
''Which asked r.-y friend, ulinnw
joined the.erowd. 'Tf you mean whi.t
i on 'he piper, 1 did thai ; but if you
mean the in. in, you did that ! Thi.
morniifg when he urns, ho wu'i sober
wl on he will Led down the street on
Iim way to work he was sober when,
he weal into your gin-shop, ho was so
ber, and trow, ho is you mado
him. Is he not a 'rut specimeu rf tho
work donu inside?" 7iVi'. tVif. Cur-
John was thought to bo very atu.
pid. He wut" sent to a mill one day,
uud the miller suid : "John, sonu peo
ple say you are u tool !' Now' tell ine
what yot do know, aud wl at you don't
know. "Wei I," replied John,"! know
that the miller's hi i-s are fat." '"Yes,
1 that's well, John ! ,oW what don't yon
know?'' I Jju'i kuow whose coru iaia