The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, November 08, 1870, Image 1

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13 l'l'rl.imiUO EVERY TUESDAY, BT
w. hJdujtk,
DfTloo In Krox's Building, Elrry Street,
No S'ibsc-rlptlons roeolved for shorter
period limn tnroo intuitu.
Corrcspondomoo solicltod froni all parts
of Uio country. No nonce will bo token of
niioiiyiiious communications, i
Murriajos and Death notices insortod
X. o. a-. T. ' ' '
Tret every Wednesday evening, at 8
ll i llicit.
XV. R. LATIlV.W. C. T. i
M. W. TATK, W. S.
A I Xltvtt, TIOXESTA , PA.
Isaac Aah,
ATTORXF.Y AT T.AW, Oil City, Pa.
Will practlco In the various Courts of
Forest County. All business entrusted to
lii carp will recoivo prompt attoutb n.
W. K. Lntny,
Forest Co., I'll., will practice In Clarion,
Vciiumo mid vi'arTcn Counties. Ollleo on
F.lm Street, two Uxors -nljovo Laurence's
riH-ti v store, tf. '
W. V. M.ison-
TTORNI'Y AT T.AW. onicoon l'.lin
k Street, above Walnut, Tionestu, lu.
C. W. Giirillan, ..
TTORNF.Y AT LAW, Franklin, Ve-
iiiino Co., I'a. II.
r Holmes House,
TIONKSTA. PA., opposite the TVpot.
t'. I. J.lubic, Proprietor. Uood Sta
bling connected with the house, tf.,
Joa. Y. Saul,
nit A.TT'A f, Harm's Maker and Sad
i 1Iit. 'I'ii iff doors north of Holmes
House, Tiuiuwtii, Fa. All work la war
ranted, tf.
, Syracuso House,.
piIUOUT'-, P.., .T. ,V 1 Maokk, Tropin
.1 tor. -Tln house has boon thoroughly
rurtlled titnl is now in the tirst-cluss oritur,
with the best of iicromniodatUns. Any
in'ormaiinn cnnceruinir i 1 Territory lit
this point will lie cheerful) v furnished,
-ly J.A1). MAUKK,
Kxchnngo Ilote,
T OWF.R Ttniol TK, P:i., n.'S. Ramh-
J ti:t:t. A Son Prop's. This house having
li.'en retited lit now tlio most desirable stop-
iniir i in miiouio. A good Uilliunl
Room attached.
4 ly
National Hold,
JRVINF.TON, I'A. XV. A. Ilallonhnel;,
Proprietor. This hotel is Ni:w, unit is
. vv open usaYir.d class hnuso, Hitnato nt
nr Junction oftiie Oil Creek ; Allegheny
Itiveranil 1'liiliulelpliia V Krin Kailroails,
I'posite t!i li-pt. 1'iirties liuviiiR to lay
ver liviins will Unit tills the most conveii
Mit lintel in town, with Urst-eliisa iiceoiu-
iiiihlutions ami i t iusiiiiaiiln elinriieM. If.
Till't Sons & Cp.'s
,TKW KNtilNPS. Tlioiimlersl-nedlmve
i.1 1i i r ";ilo mid. will native orders for tlio
aliova l'irjiiie. Messrs. Tiilt Sons A, Vn.
are now M inlinir to this market their lli
I torso Power Kiiiino with H-ltorse I'ower
lloiler peeiiliiirly inlaitil to deep wells.
Opkii'Vh at liinenn A t'lmlliiiit's, dealors
In Well 1'ixtures, llHrdwarp, ., Slaiu St.
next dHvr to ('huso House, I'leasantville,
and at Mansion llmise, Titusvillo. ,
If. K. ItUirrr & SON, Agents.
JoVin K. Haliock,
A TTORNKY AT LAW and Solicitor of
A t'atents.Xo. ,rt) Kreneh slreettopposito
.ltood II onset Kiie, I'a. Will practice, in
tlieseveia! State Courts and tlio United
Htiites Courts. Special attention piven to
Kolieltl",: patents for Invenlora j infriniio
t'lent:.. r-issuo and extension of patenta
ifefullv attended to. ltet'erenees: lion.
James t'aiiijilicil. Clarion : Hon. John S.
McCalmimt, Franklin; II. L. tr A. H.
Kiclimoud, Meudville; W.'K. Lulhy. Ti
enestiu .'2 7
Dr. J. L. Aconli,
I had t'.i'teen years' experience in larjro
and miccpssfuf irnetieu, will attend all
J'rofessionn! Calls. Ollleo in his lrun and
isroi-ory Store, located in Tidioute, near
, Tidiouto House.
A full assortment of Medicines, Liquors
Toliaeeu, Cinurs, Stationery, Olass, Tuints,
Oils, Cutlery, and lino Urocerics, all of tlio
l. st quality, and will ho aold ut rcasonal.lo
raU'K, , .
It. It. nrilOKSS, an oxperi'eneed Pm;
l ist from New York, has ehnro of t!io
store. All prescriptions put up aeeuratoly.
W. P, Mercilllott,
Attorney nt L a tv ,
Tiouevta, I'oi cnt Co., I'a.
""'is It'ink tr insit; i.. a Ceneral Hanking,
Ceili'i iiTi.' and Kxclmniro llusiness.
I'nilVs on the Principal Cities of the
V 'r.itei! States and l''.uroie I'Oinrht and sold.
(iohl nod Silver Ciiu and (iovernment
Heeurities Ixiuulit and sold. 7-:i0 IliilldB
i i'iiveited on liie mo:,t lavuntlile terms.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
' Mar. 4, tf.
No. 2:tU Walnut St I'hila.
Incorporated 179-1. Charter Perpetual
Assets Jan; 1, IifciO, 2,31.3 39
?n,u n.(K-o lossiw paid nince its oranizs
ti 'ii. W.M. Ill'HLi.H, CVntiul Afaeiit,
liii ri.slmrtr, I'a.
MILES V. TATE, Agent in Ti
r.neAta, Forest Counttr, Pa
' ' '.r--- ' " " ---- - i
i. " us avo Faitl1
J. W. ttavrtyr, AtM'MenowBLL
Clents' Furnishing ComIm,
And Agents for Uu Colebiated O rover A
Maker Sowintr Maebina.
2 2Rtr. - " '-
I - ; i
p - p
K It
v . - V
K . ,. , E
d ..... ... ; u
B Ji. Xj !
W. II. PERKINS it CO., Solo Propri
etors, l ranklin, l'u. . 44
Jones house:,-
Wo want irood reliahlo nirenta In every
part of the country. Hy employing your
timo to form clubs and scnilui'; us orders,
voll entl ohtain t he most lilieml eonmilsH..
!on elthprtn f nsh'wf nvhandis, ami
ull roods wnt liy us will he as represented
and we guarantee atisfaetioii to every one
dealing with our house.. .
Ar nts should roiioet ten pentii from ev
ery customer, and forward to tia in ad
vance, lor DescriiKiVO Iimm oi tlio jods
we sell. !
.' The hnlders of the Cheeks, liav the
ehetks have the privilece of either pur-ehasin-'
the article thot'oort flc?crll)ed, or ol
cxelmnsinaf for any artiela mentioned on
our catalogue, nuiiibcriin; over nOO dill'or
ent artii les, not one of which ran bo pur
chnsed in the usual manner for tlio mime
money.' - - - -.
. i lie auvnntJiBes of lirst Ronitinjr the
Phfli'ks are those t Wo are constantly huy
Imromall lot-sof very TalualileKools,wliie!i
lira not on our ratnloi;ur, and for which we
issue checks until all are sold ; besides in
every eluh wo put checks for Watches.
Quills ISiankei, Jtiess l'attevus, or fcome
oilier article oi equal vulue.
We do not oU'er a simile artielo of iner
eliandiso that ran lo sold liy roijular deal
or nt onr price. X'o do not ask von to
liu v iroods of us unless wo ran sell them
cheaper than you obtain them In any oth
er way while tha greater parlol our goods
are sold at about t
OucIIalftJie Itcular Iato
Our stork consists In nart. of tlio i'ollow-
ini; i;K)ds : j
Shawls, Blankets, Quilts Cottons, Oinn
hams, )ress Hoods, Table Linen, Towels,
Hosiery, iloves. Miirts. Corsets, flee., Ae.
Silver-l'Jaled Waro, Spoons Fluted on
Nickel Silver, Densert I-oiks, Kivo-Ilottlo
I'lated Castors, Itrittannla Warp, ulass
Wiuo, Table and J'ocket Cutlerj- in great
variety. " '; '" '
ICleant ' French Ami Oenimn Fancy
Ooods. Itcautil'ul I'liotouraph Albums,
Iho itpwout and ehoiecst styles in Morocco
and velvet Kindinir.
(iold and I'lated Jewelry of the nowout
"We have also mado nrraiiTements. with
one of the lend in it publishimr houses that
will enable us to sell the latest and stand
ard works of popular authors at about one,
half the regular price ! aueh as llyron
Mooro, llurns, Milton, and Tennyson's
Works, in Full Oilt soil Cloth ltindinjs,
and hundreds of others. These and every
thing else lor i . .
- In every order amounting to over $.10,
accompanied by the cash, the aeut may
retain tt ; and in. overv order ovei f tOi,
-.! may bo reUUnod to I'A Y EXl'UKSS
For an order of $:;o tan a club of thirty
wo will -pay tlio Aijcnt us commission 3:1
yards bluuehed ot brown sheeting, good
dress pattern, all wool pants pattern, or
$3 M) in cash, ,r . ,
For an order of $00, from a club of sixty
wo will pay the Agent i5 yards, brown o'r
bleached sheetinjr, hunting caso watch, all
wool s.' all, or $7,00 in cash.
For an order of !K), from a club of 100
we will pay the agent 110 vard 11 ward
wldu, sheeting, splendid sowing mueliino
orll cash.
TISH. For further particulars send for
catalogues. Address.
Ceo. A. Plummcr & Co.,
(Suoccssor to Harris & I'lummer,)
80 and 40 Hanover SU. Boston, Mass'
2 33J.V. '
VrXF.U Alt made fr iu Cider. An., in 10
hous wi'hciut Daugs.- Send 10 rents
for Circular to l SAiJii Cromwell, Conn.
imt, i x "
. Nw liook of lOi pages, l'rico HO ets.
byuiail. American News Co;, N. Y.24-4t
IP YOU WANTHporfwtlit and a good
art.cluof Boots and 6Uoes, of Iho liucst
wuikmuiihhip, goto
13. -I ;i-t'.ti,'4'EM,
fr-Hatlsfaetlon guaranteed. 2-ti3 tf.
a the L iii verse. A $5
-.'riao to every subacid.
. Send bturup for
'rize Ciroulai- . .1
ii l.-iacn. j. rt. t'ntilli.her,
Rotm M. f-1t
XUglit inakoa Might ; and
How We Get the War News.
Tlio prcBS dipatthc from Europe
to New York during the last four
week numbered 100,000 words. New
York litis been better pouted on the
is,uo of the wuroncli duy, than Lon
don, Paris or Berlin. These dispatch
es have utmost wholly been sent by a
single . cable, full one-third ' of the
whole to a singlo daily popcr, and
with marvellous rapidity . and
accuracy. Familiar as we are with
the work of the telegraph, its has been
a marvel to us. To hundreds of thou
sands of minds, the-whole process is
and has been a deep enigma. Hero is
a man sitting in a dark room at
Heart's Content. The ocean cable ter
minutos here. A fine wire attached
thereto is made to surround two small
cores of soft iron. As the electric wave,
produced by a few pieces of copper
and zinc at Valentin, passed through
the wire, these cores became magnetic
enough to move the slightest object.
A-looking-glass, lialf an inch in diam
eter, is fixed on a bar of iron one-tenth
of tin inch square and a half an inch
long. On this tiny gluts a lamp is
made to glare so that its light is re
flected on a tablet on the wall. The
language of the cable is denoted Jy
the shifting of this reflected light from
side to side. Letter by ietter is thus
expressed in this flitting idoirn in ut
ter silence on the wall. There is no
rcccord made by the machine except as
tho patient watcher calls out to a com
rade the translated flashes as they come,
and which he records. It seems like
a miracle of patience. There is some
thing of awe erecps over us we see the
evidence of a human touch 3,000 miles
away swaying that tide of light.
By such a delicate process us this,
and after being repeated from lino to
line five times before its ultiraato copy
is in New York, have te late great
battles been recorded in daily papers
with great particularity, and sent
throughout tho Union. Nothing like
it has ever before been accomplished.
'Iho enterprise of tho New York Press
has eclipsed that of wealthiest and
ablest presses in Europe. It is charac
teristic of the nation to do iti work
frankly and well.
"Tho fiuling Pa3sion Strong in
- Death."
The New York Star,, in nn article
on betting, relates the following:
A distinguished physician was call
ed to attend an inveterate better, who
was attacked with a sudden and dan
gerous illness. After a careful diag
nosis, the doctor assured him thut his
his condition was extremely critical,
and his of recovery very doubtful.
Thereat the patient rullied somewhat,
and the following colloquy ensued :
"I'll bet you tt hundred dollars, doc
tor, that I don't die.",
"My dear sir, you may not, but I
think it proper to advise you thut, iu
my opinion, you will."
"Well, doctor, if I die will I, 2 t0
heaven ?"
"I hope so, sir."
"Will I be an angel?"
"Yes, sir."
"Will I have wings?"
"I presume bo, sir."
"Well, now, doctor, when you die
will you go to heaven and be an an
gel ?"
"I trust so, sir."
"And will you have wings?"
"Yes, I suppose I will."
"Well, then, doctor, I'll bet you a
hundred dollars that I'll outfly you."
The man died ; but the doctor, who
has not taken the bet yet, is still liv
ing. If, os some thcroisu hold, wo
take with us into tho next world the
eaiuo propensities wo have in this, wo
have no doubt that all tho betting
young Amerieans.and old ones,too,who
read this, will, in duo time, be running
round making bets on the flying match
of our deceased sport, whoso ruling
possiou was strong in death.
A Juvenile Sharper.
A few days ago a well-dressed lad,
of pleasing address, and bearing sur
face indications, at least, of honesty,
went to the residences of many of our
proiuiueut citizens, and inquiring in
varibly for the lady of the houje, in a
susccptable manner would Ull how a
number of young men had earnestly
resolved on reforming had forwkn
in that Faitli let U3 to tlio end,
drinking and smoking r.nd other evil
practire making t;p their minds
jointly to Jivo ft'id endeavor, if possi
ble, to get to be somebody. To en
courage end strengthen this purposo,
the man suld they were trying to get a
little money to rent and l:rnUh a room
where they might meet nt tiijht and
read good books and study, instead ot
spending their timo idly and wickedly
in saloon!", billiard rooms nnd on the
street. Tlss story told in npppnreullv
honest, struight-mrward manner, which
appealed strongly to the heart and
purse of the lailie3--acqmiintaiices or
friends of the Indies approached as
having been called upon and giving
five or ten dollars in behalf of so good
and commendable an object. Severn!
ladies were thus interviewed by this
"modem Saul," of Eitiiini, and con
siderable money giveu him. All nt
once he suddenly disappeared. It
turns nut that intent on his pious work
of reformation he visted tho residence
of a citizeu in the Fourth Wnrd and
the lady not being nt home he "reform
ed" a gold watch from a table and
both he and it ore now missing. We
presume he. wanted that watch to get
iiim is eakly at night to tho.e nice
pleasant rooms which were being fitted
up (in a horn) to which he nnd U
dear compan'iuis, tired of other wick
ed way?, might qtiiet4y retire far from
the haunts of temptation to read and
to pray ! Elmira Gazelle.
Three Mokihs' Repentance.
Tho steamer S , cou .inamkd by
Captain S.j exploded several years ago
with a terrible cllect, and burned to
the Mater's edge.
Captain S. Was blown into the air
alighting near n flouting cotton bale
on which ho floated uninjured, but
was much blackened und mudilcd.
Arriving at h village several miles be
loVi to which' news tf the disaster had
preceded him, lie was accosted by the
editor of the village newspaper, with
whom he was well . acquainted, and
eager for an item of news.
"I sav, is the Ss blown up?" '
. "Yes." ,
"Wus Cuptain S. killed?' .
"Xo. I am Captain."
"The thunder ,you are! How high
were you blown ?"
"High enoug:i to think"of every
mean thing I ever did in my life before
I came d -wii."
Tho editor started on a run for his
office. The paper was about going to
press, aii'l, not wishing to omit the
item of intelligence for the next issue,
wrote as follows:
"The steamer S has burst her
boiler, in we learn from Captain H.,
who says ho . v.nfi up long enough to
think of every mean thing he ever did
in hid life before he lit. We suppose
he was tip about throe months."
There are many noble examples of
what girls often perform, when pover
ty holds its meagre mainle over them,
of which the following is an instance :
A Cincinnati press states that three
years ago u po:ir orphan girl applied
and was admitted to set typo for thut
paper. She worked two yours, during
which timo she eurued, besides her
board, about $'J00; and availing her
self of the facilities which tho print
ing office affords, acquiring a good ed
ucation. She is now an n-sociute ed
itress of a popular paper, and is en
gaged, to bo married to one of the
smartest lawyers .in Ohio. Such a
girl is bound to shine and celipso teus
ot thousands who arc educated iu tho
lap of luxury, aud taught all the 'ac
compliarin)ciiU"of the hnardingschool.
Such a wife will be a jewel to her
husband, uu ornament to society and
an honor to her sex aud her country.
A Sihxkiso Dckl with Knive.4.
About sundown on Friday evening
two young men of Alexandria, in or
der to sctilua diiliculty that had aris
en between them, armed themselves
with knives, and accompanied by some
of their re.-speetive fiietnls, repaired to
the grounds around Lockaber, across
the canal locks, where having doffed
their coat-", they fought according to
the rules i:i force in Western Texa
previuii.1 to the war. After a prolong
ed conflict, during which both Were
! cut atid !-!:i-hcl to an extent that
islicd their frii.:i(is, they were separate d
and carried to surgeons to have their
Vi' dressed. Neither of thnni was
J mortal I j Siurt-.
daro do our dutz as wo understand it."--LINCOLN.
Circumstantial Evidence.
Reviewing the history of its State1, a
newspaper in Virginia recalls a case in
which that insiduoitB kind of evidence
which is slyled "circumstantial," 11 tiled
to rob it man of his life only to leave
the remaining years of that life a prey
to something more cruel than death. In
tho summer nf 1807, about four years
after her marriage, tho wife of John
Sigans, a young innn residing in Tay
lor county, was missing from her home
one morning; nor could nny trace of
her bt found, or any reasonable expla
nation of her absence devised. She had
retired to slumber, as usual, with her
husband nnd infant, on the preceding
night; and her husband, according to
his own steadfast HSsertion,awoke in the
morning to find himself and the babe
sole occupants of the couch. Being un
able to oiler any kind of help towards
the clearing up of the mystery,
presently become an object of ominous
snsp'c on, aud upon the testimony ofa
neighbor named Current, was taken be
fore a magistrate for examination.
The "witness" testifieit that on the night
of the alleged disappearance he had
been aroused from bis sleep by the fir
ing of a gun in or near Sigans' house,
followed by A sound like a female cry.
He also testified that ho "believed" a
murder" had been committed, and a
woman's body buried under a heap of
stones near his neighbor's hoiue 1 This
last piece of testimony went for noth
ing, ns the minutest search failed to re
veal nny hidden corpse ; but that about
the gun firing, though insufficient to
liuld the accused in any legal bond,
deepened tho suspicion of the public
agaiust him. .
The unhappy man, despite bis pro
test of innocence, was shunned from
that day forth by nil hi former friends
and neighliors; nnd even Lis relatives,
taking his child 1o their owncare,
trained tho little one to judge and des
pise V', father as his mother's murder
er. Tho boy, as ho grew up to man
hood, actually persecuted his parent
until the latter died ofa broken heart,
and then seemed to share the relief
avowed by hii other kindred at their
riddance from one who had been 4 hor
ror and to them. In fact, for
no less than forty jenrs, Current's tes
timony was accepted as establishing
the moral certainty of John Sigans'
guilt, really inconsequent as that testi
mony had been ; but at tho end of
nearly half a century from the night of
the w ife's disappearance, .after Sigans
tid Current had both passed away,
Mrs. Siguns herself re-appeared in her
old home! She confessed, says the
Grai'loti fieiilind, that she had never
bee a over, one hundred nii!esi away ;
had fled by night from the side of her
unsuspicious, sleeping husband, to the
protection of another; had changed
her name, andwi.ihed to be as one
dead to' tiiose she had deserted. The
"gun" .heard by Current must .have
been the noise she made in falling upon
tho stoop of her home as she fL'd; and
the "femalo cry" her involuntary ex
clamation of pain and terror. Thus,
upon tho strength of purely circutn
stiintlal ev'denee, and thut so trifling,
an innocent and cru-lly wronged mnn
had been placed umbra ban of excom
munication from ail that is merciful in
life, and executed into n dishonored
grave by the hatred of his own child.
Out on tho l'tiu'iflo Railroad, the
other day, a Kickapwo Indian saw a
locomotive coming down the truck to
ward him at the rate of forty miles an
hour. He thought it was an imported
breed of but!alo, and he was anxious to
secure it so as to tako the pri.o at the
annual exhibition of tho Kick n poo Ag
ricultural Society. So he fastened one
end of of his lasso to his waist belt, aud
w hen the engine got ucur enough, lie
threw tho utilise uieely over the smoke
stack. 1 'crimps it is not necessary,
hut wj may as well relato that the lo
comotive did not stop. Tho engineer
und fireman witnessed tho most suc
cessful attempt to do the flying tra
peze mutli! by tiny Kickapoo Iiuliuu
upon tho plains since the first of last
January. There was uu ubc.riiual fu
neral ul the next station, when the en
gine arrived. The grav was not large,
for they ( lily buried a finall piece of
copper-colored meat tied to a string
an J inclo.-t.'d in a sardine box.
Lawyers' mouths are like turnpike
gU nvr open except forpsyi
How it FeeJj to bo Shot in Bottle
Experiences of a Soldier.
"There! a blow in iho breast, a tear
ing in tho body, a fall with n loud cry
aud terrible pain ; there I lay, one of
the victims of tho bloody day. My
first sensation was anger at tho blow,
my second an expectation of seeing my
self explode, forjudging by tho sound
of the ball I believed I had a grenade
io-my body ; then came the pain, and
with it helplessness and falling. Oh,
how frightful are those first moments!
Where was I hit? how was I wounded?
I could not stir, saw the bnttalliou dis
appear front sight, and myself alone on
the ground amid the fearful howling
and whistling of balls, w hich were in
cessantly strikir g the earth around me.
With difficulty 1 could turn my head
a little, and saw behind me two soldiers
attending on a third, who was iying on
the ground.
"Of what happened I can give no
account, except that I called for help
several times as well as I could, for the
pain and burning thirst had the upper
hand. At last both of them ran up to
me, and with joy I recognized the doc
tor aud hospital attendant of my com
pany, 'Where are you wounded ?' is
the first question. I could only point.
My dress was quickly opened, and in
the middle of tho breast, a bloody
wound was found, which the doctor
hastily bound. The balls still con
stantly whizzed round us; one struck
the doctor's helmet, nnd immediately
I felt a violent blow in the left arm.
"Another wound 1 With difficulty I
was turned round, to look for tho out
let of the bullet, but it was still in the
body, near tho spine. At last it was
cutout. 'Is the wound-dangerous?' I
asked. 'I hope not.' 'Pray tell me the
truth.' 'Not'rery dangerous, it is to be
hoped,' anil as be emphasized 'very my
hopes melted. They were going away.
'The wound :n the nrm, doctor.' This,
fortunately, was looked for in vain ; the
ball had merely caused a blue spot and
had sunk into the ground harmlessly.
I extended my hand to the doctor nod
thanked him, ns also the attendant,
whom I commissioned to send word to
my fimily.
"Carelessly it whizzed hnd howled
around me. The doctor had carefully
laid mo on my cloak, with my helmet
firmly on my on my head, in order, in
some measure, to protect me from the
leaden bail. Thus I lay alone with
my own thoughts, amid'tho nios ter
rible! fire, perhaps for an hour and a
half. All my thoughts, as far ns pain
and increasing" weakness allowed, were
fixed on my family. Gradually I got
accustomed to tho danger which sur, and only when too much
sand Irom tho striking bullets was
thrown on niy body did I remember
my little enviable position,
At last, after long, long waiting, the
sanitary detatchment camo o me."
Xorth German Gazelle'.
A Polite Elephant.
A young Burmati Lord had married
a seeond.time. On tho morrow of the
wedding day in tho morning, the new
i bride surrounded by a swarm of fol
lowers, wished to take the air under
tho verandah, a kind of covered gal
lery which reaches around the.dtvel
lings of persons of rank. The favor
ite elephant of the master that
which tho young lord ussually rode
was walking ut this instant, under the
care of the kecjwr, in a palisaded en
closure, in the centre of which the
habitation was s:tuutcd. Having no
ticed the prjscnee of women, what did
the creature tie? He upproached the
verandah, leant delicately against a
barrier of bum boos which enclosed a
pleasure garden, picked tho most deli
eato notver with tno nii'-cr ot Ins
trunk, then shook bis ears, gave an
expressive cry, and showed significant
attention in his gentle eyes, after
which, ruising his head and trunk
gracefully, ho lifted the flower to the
level of the balustrade. One of the
women stretched out her bund ; the
elephant drew back bis trunk. Tho
same movement being renewed sever
al times, the master then wished to
lake the 11 iuir the elephant did not
draw back his trunk, but he did not
let the flower go. Upon this ihe
queen of the fete advanced her hand
tremblingly, und the extempore cour
tier theu gave her his offering gallaut
ly. -Jsdgo if bo worn not rprPrwl
Rates of Aclvortising.
fneflinitro(I inch,) ons lnarl!on....t W
OnaSiuaro " mm month 3 01
OneSpiaro " ' threo month.-.- S 0J
One Square " on j year in 00
Two S'p ares, on year I"1 eO
quarter Col. " 0 (4)
Haif " ' M 01
One " " 100 K
Business Cards, not exceeding one iucb
In length, f 10 per year.
I.epal notices at ostiiUliVd rate.
These rates are low, and no dovlatlon
tvill be made, or discrimination amoiiK
patrons. Tho rates ottered ar mirh, i
will make It to the advmtateof men dot.
business in the limits of tlio circulation of
too ra:er lo advertise liborallv.
from that timo 1 "I can guarantee
the fact," said tho narrator, "be'eauso
I was there at the time." The person
in question was a Portuguese, the old
est sou of Camaratta, ex-cook, confi
dential steward aud factotum of the
Burman emperor, and dictator of tho
custom house of tho empire. The
son himself was chief of the custom
house at Mtindalny.
Great Men's Wives.
In one of the towns of Michigan re
sided a legal gentleman of fine abili
ties, an eloquent tolker, a thorough
lawyer, and a good fellow generally;
but ho tippleth too frequently, and this
habit has retarded his advancement.
His party had frequently promised hitn
position, but the poor man's failing lies
as frequently ronuered it inexpedient
just at that time. Finally the timo
came when the Congressional nomina
tion was within his grasp. He had a
wife. She, too, wished to go to Wash
ington. Other representatives took
their spouses to the capital. She men
tioned that fact to Robert.
"You expect tojgo, dear, don't you?"
"And do as other Congressmen do?"
"Yes," gruffly.
"Well, as other Congressmen tako
their wives, you'llitake me ?"
"I don't care ; you may go."
"But, dear, you know I've never
been there, nor never been out much.
How do you think I'll appear among
pther great men's wives?'
" 'Pear well enough ! 'pear well
enough 1" replied Robert, beginning to
get a little riled. "All great men have
confounded fools for wives.".
r Unfortunately for Robert, the people
did not see in Robert the representa
tive the exigencies of the time demand
ed, and elected tho other mau. But
what n:i atrocious sentiment Robert
uttered !
- " . ,
None or Your Business. ,
Two young ladies, very gracefully
drcesed, were lately riding in a 'bus.
Ono of them, whoso features were mora
remarkable for an excessive promi
nence of nose then anything else, ex
hibited lo the otho a likeness of her
self, which she said had just been tak
en, and they wefe engaged in discuss
ing its merits when an elderly lady got
iuto the 'bus. She was evidently one of
those inquisitive yet good-natured souls
who take a deal of innocent liberty iu
the world without thinking any harm.
A fie; riding a shorit distauccshe held
out her hand and said to the lady with
the picture.
"Pleaso let me look at it."
Her modest request wa3 met with an
indignant frown, aud the reply, as the
case was returned to the lady's pocket:
"It's none of your business!"
The oltl lay settled in her seat very
complacently, when the companion of
the one with tho picture, asked :
"What do you wish to do with it?"
"Oh, nothing," replied the old lady;
"I only wanted to see how successfully
tho artist has put such a nose on so
sinull a plate !"
The lady with likeness covered her
face with her veil, and dropped the
subject during tho remainder of the
A peddler walked into a New York
broker's office and offered pcus for sale.
"You've come to steal a coat, and
not to sell pens," said the broker, as
he thrust him out.
The following Saturday the peddler
appered iu all the glories of his Sab
bath clothes.
"Now, sir," he asked with an air of
triumph, "do I look us though I came
to steal a coat .'"
"No," replied the broker, "you look
as though you'd stolen one."
The peddler didn't wait. '
A genial rector of a village par
ish in Minnesota found it difficult to
get his salary promptly. Lately it was
much behind, fining to one of his lie
linquctit parishioners in tho hardwaro
trade, he looked over his stock of cork
si rews very fastidiously, seeking a largo
one of peculiar strength ami size. To
tl.u iuouiry, " What do yu want of such
j i thing, uny how ?" the answer i-R-iie,
"My dear sir, I want a cork-screw that
can atatv my salary:
The" payments are, now coming more